The Mason City Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa on March 20, 1939 · Page 12
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The Mason City Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa · Page 12

Mason City, Iowa
Issue Date:
Monday, March 20, 1939
Page 12
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MASON CITY GLOBE-GAZETTE A*' £V W ' ".? NEWSPAPER Entered as second-class matter ADTH i? ,OH1« at llason city. Iowa. Under thePact Foreign Affairs By Mark Byers Hitler Grab Without Shade of Justification MASON CITY GLOBE-GAZETTE DAILY SCRAP BOOK MONDAY, MARCH 20, 1939 .$ 2.73 .5 1.50 ..S .50 FULL LEASED WIHB SERVICE~BY UNITED PRESS Dr/S^' IOW A DAILV PJIESS ASSOOMT.S" ;,,, h who were D« Metrics ccws and business ctflccs at 405 Shops Building. reasons SUBSCRIPTION RATES ^ru^ nd . c !!*r.^c e d "STthSW cjcar *·* OUTSIDE MASON CITV AND CLEAR LAKE"* "° AND mTHLV JOO MILES OF MASON CIXX Per year by carrier ....s 7.00 By mall 0 months ... Per week by carrier...* .15 By mall 3 monlhj Per year by mall .. s 5.00 By mall 1 month i OUTSIDE 100 Mile ZONE IN IOWA AND MINNESOTA Par year...SS.OO Six months...S3.25 Three monthi SITS IN ALL STATES OTHER THAN JplVA AND MINNESOTA _Peryr...88.00 6 months..S4.5Q 3 months..S2.50 1 month..51.00 The Part of Confidence rrO A greater extent than most ot us realize, ·*· good business or bad business is a matter of confidence. It an overwhelming majority of our people get it into their heads that business is going to be bad. the chances are that it will be. Conversely, if an overwhelming majority becomes sold on the prospects of better business, the trend almost inevitably will be that way. At the present time--well, we'll let William Allen White oC The Emporia, Kans., Gazette take up the story at this point and tell you of a linotype that he has been planning to purchase: "Two years ago at this time the Gazette ordered a new fancy linotype with all sort of trimmings which ought to cost between 54,000 and 55,000. At the time, the boss had the money to pay for the linotype in the bank as a surplus. Business was .looking mp. We figured that with ^tempting to' unite an' peopled t ' kept apa ' a for P°Htica ,,, t r i , Hitter publicly declared not only- that he had no further territorial demands to make in Europe, but "we want no _ 3IARK BYERS The events of the past few days are sufficient commentary on the value of these Hitler promises-- and perhaps as a test of all Hitler promises. No wonder Prime Minister Chamberlain doubted the value of his appeasement policy, based on the theory that by giving Hit- :er a 'l I'c wants he can be per- COLO CUM.A.-TES. A.ND "fo/kOS HAV URIE.P I N - f f t E M U D , DEEP ENOUGH -to KTE.EP PR.OM. FR.EEZ.tKq -- W/VR.MINC of SOIL-WAKES-TrlEM UP Where to Next Time? ' * peaceful means, but where he wi no long- check by He to organize -, «u,. w.m me tide running so strongly mere agreement may not restrain him .parts of Poland are on the ,, . -. . ,, -- . - !ize an agitation for Ukrainian indenen the linotype we could get the first edition half den £ e as a pretext for invasion ot Russia an hour earlier and 30 per cent better, and there- .?"' '"ere may be more tempting fruit' h by attract a thousand more subscribers from the a },"'J e lower than the Ukraine--Danziff T farms and in the 31 little towns around Emporia. " nd the formerly German parts of Poland i ,We were also prepared to put in a photo-engraving Ir -S the Polish Corridor. It is tr- " · - - ' - plant, and we hired a good pair o£ legs and a " quick, keen brain to solicit the subscribers. Having hired him we kept him and he did a swell job. "But along in June the air was full of dusty hunches that business was not so good. "So we halted delivery on the machine until September. In September it was definitely bad so we extended the delivery time for six months, and again last year had the time of delivery of that linotype put off for another six months and' then another--and here it is 1933 and we haven't got the linotype yet. "Why? Because we are scared, just plain plumb ordinary scared. And then another thing we have had to use up that cash surplus to keep the front door open and the sheriff out of the 1 back door. "And now Harry Hopkins mounts the stage and tells the world, including the Gazette office that times are to be better in the sprin-* All right, prove it. The day you prove it that Mnotvpe will move. By Scott EYE Congressional Ability more interested than Ji impressed by the recent magazine poll a m o n 2 Washington news correspondents which placed senators in the following order on a basis of integrity, intelligence, industry and influence: t. George IV. Norrls, - Nebraska. 2. William E. Ilorah, Idaho S. Ilobert F. Wajurr. New York. J. Jamea I'. Byrne*, South Carolina. «. Pat Harrison, Mississippi. "'. drier Glass. Vtr t lnia. ". Charles L. IcNary, Orcjcn. ' «. Robert 5!. LaKollellc. Jr.. Wisconsin. U, A r t h u r U. Vnndenberi, Michigan JO. Burton K. IVJbeclcr, Montirja. I I . Bennett Champ Clark, MUsourl. 13. Itobcrl A. Tafl. Ohio. J3. U'allfrr F. George. GeorcU M. Harry K. Rrrd, Vlrjlnla. 13. Illrim W. Johnson, California. 16. Joseph C. O'Mahoaer, Ws-omJnr. 1.. Airier. W, Barklc)-, K e n t u c k y . · «. Elbert I). Tioznji, I'lai. OBSERVING a property of the season, just as th2 leaden and metallic scrape ot '.'ie snow shovel belongs to winter. Perhaps it is something in the atmosphere, or it may even be something in ourselves that lends ' its cheery plangency to familiar sounds at the birth of the vear I don't Unow--I only know "that I have noticed it every spring. When my cars begin to pick up that new tonal quality in the sounds of ei'ery day, I know in my heart spring is arrivinif regardless of the calendar. It may snow a regular blizzard the next day: that makes no difference Something deep and elemental, something beyond analysis, is perfectly certain spring is now just "-around the corner, and one accepts its conclusions instinctively PANCE oF-fE ALBATROSS, SEEK ONLY ON LlffiE. LySAN 1SLAMO 0^-fflE. H A W A I I A N ROUP. BEG - A FORMAL BOWINC^ 1 OLE. IN "THE. END OFA.SOLOM.ON ISLANDER'S NOSE IS HIS OF MER»-T* AYIN^ KILLED AHO EA.YEN MA.XY MEN 3-OO y, 10. 11. 7.7. Thunderbolt to Czechs Czechs came like a thunder- REMEMBER? From Globe-Gazette Files THIRTY YEARS AGO-- "And when that linotype moves, probably a thousand. other pieces o£ printing machinerv in exactly the same status will begin to move and a Hundred thousand men making linotypes and hauling them by freight and operating them when creased business 'that the linotype should stir up new presses will be necessary and--still other men !--·men by the million--will go to work. "The printing industry is just one of a thousand that is eagerly awaiting the day when that Jnotype can move to Zmporia. The trouble wifh that linotype is the trouble with fhe country. And when the millions of men who are idly waiting for that linotype and its kith and kind, go to work, happy days will be here again. For when workmen start eating real groceries and wearing Europe blandly looked t h e n t h y e " t h c oth - GOOD HEALTH By Logon Clendening, M. D. SPREAD OF INFECTIOUS TRICHINAE THE United States public health service made n astonishing statement when it said that v.-as the soundest moH e! es =-^^i^-^^- Ge°rr±? SSS.SJ^' -!"» J"TM ""of ,, fend itsef bv t r 1 ' "H° Wed "? entou raged to d icna itself by the "democracies'' of the west. c e m - n - , was sened a n d coipu of .he evening netted about $G. TWENTY YEARS AGO-- l I P.'. lda ?.l 1 . ne 'TM2" «' 3:40 p. m. Burl Beck S "*?;P.:° £ '¥ axis and,discover the to runaway. " " """ "'" not attem Pt The Paul Snyder residence, 304 North Mndimn ·"»"·- was the scene of a jolly party iuaaison The Tragedy of Benes AS CZECHOSLOVAKIA gasped its last'and gave way before nazi pressure, a'nervous distracted Man paced back and forth through a sleepless night in his Chicago hotel room. His eyes were bloodshot, but his spirit was not crushed. His hotel apartment was besieged by newspapermen and his telephone jangled constantly with long distance calls, cablegrams, and newspaper inter- Viewers. The man was Dr. Eduard Benes, to whom the Wasted Czechoslovakian republic had meant his lifes work as founder and second president To all alike he declined comment and frequently buned his face in his hands as news reporters toid of the takeover of Prague, Bohemia, and Moravia by Hitler. ^-^. ta M^SfS ^W-r'^^i^^^ Mr^nd ^s dS C £ L n V hat d: r, y - The S-sts Vere Many observers have'Teit That'Te"^ Mus Echternach't. Dr. 'and S.^ Kunz, ?,,A G ? sohms aggresswn was faltering was l a r ° e l v t h e ^.TM"- vman - Ml « Katherine Essex Dr M D Me Jukewaim nature of the supnort frnm R ^ i ^ T - i ? Michael and Ira. ' ' ' M ""'° Ugh f h e di g«tive canal t i e nclla enters imbedded in food. The food Aequentlj lespoivsible is fhe fiesh of p? g s out beef can also be responsible. In all animals, after the worm enters the intestine it makes its way through the blood stream to the muscles and there toils up. it is the presence o£ the worms in tiie musclles which C f U ^ s ? e princ 'P al symptoms of the disease--pain, muscular stiffness, etc. For a while they may move freely through the . j 1 ? dy '. but in thi = course of time they become encysted and lime salts are laid down around the cyst and further development This - Process takes ^l^tra^c SSST to 1 ^ 1 h3d P ^ maneuver. ... ""'I '· WaUh. ,,..,. ''-·· fcdu-ixl U. B u r k e . N e b r a s k a 21. Carl A. H a t c h . Nctt .Mexico. -X, Sherman a i t n t o u , Indiana. =a. Millard K. Tydio,t. .llarvlind. JD. Uamtr T, Bone, Waibinrtorj. Over on the house side the ranking as to general ability was as follows: ··' n 01 .^ 1 " 1 )?' JI * r ""' Jr - 'Ia«sa,-useUj. -. iiattojt U. Suaiiners. Teiaj. 3. Sam Bayburn. Texas. 4. William B. lunkhead, Alabama. ;. CUfton A. Woodrum. Virginia ·. James W. W^diworln. New York. .. Lindsay c. Warren. North Carolina. *. Carl E. Slapes. Mltbliai,. Koberl L. Douchton, North Carolina. Braeft Barton. New York Marvin Jones, Texas. Robert Rampseek. Georgia, i i? b *. "" JIe -'ormaclr, Massachusells. 11. II. Jerry Voorhla. C a l i f o r n i a , i-'. Carl Vinson. Gcorfia. Ifi. John Tabor. Neu- York, 17. Martin Dies. Texa-:. 1». I.Verett M. Dlrksen. I l l i n o i s . £ ^· Jcno ;a^. ; ^ nn - 1 v inil -1. Jesse p. IVlcoll. Slleftiraii -'i- K, K. Cm. UeorcU. 23. Jlober! Lure. -llassachUieUs J.M. A l l e n T. Treadivay. Massachusetts-. -,-· ", db "' '·· R"E°er/,' Pen"""!',.!,. -.. Clarenee r. Lea. California. ''«' ,?,*·!, C " n ". Tennessee. -!'. Clifford R. Hope. Kama* 50. Henry B, Stcjrill. Alabama. --O-The Sound of Spring ·*TM\ wonder if you too have · noticed how sweet and clear the sounds of out-of- doors are on the days when the TM1. afh of spring is in the air. This year the phenomenon I'm refening to seemed to put in its appearance on Sunday, two days before the calendar schedules the young lady's formal debut What. Tuesday may bring, I wouldn't venture to predict. But to get back to this spring sound matter--the .cheep of the dingy little sparrows, the bark ot 3 dog, a rooster's crow--yes, even the bounce of an automobile over a rut in the road--seems to carry farther, lo have even a sort c~£ musical ring, which is peculiarly BouQiiet To MASON CITY'S SCHOOL BASKETBALL --for proving that it's just about impossible to beat a team that wont be beaten. In stature and brute strength there were many teams in Iowa this year that surpassed the Mohawks. But that isn t where the story ends. To the contrary, that's where it begins. These youngsters recognized their handicap and accepted it as a challenge--something that could be overcome only by superior light and superior strategy No community ever had an athletic representative of which it couid be more justifiably proud. Only three higher ranking teams out of almost 900. That's no mean honor! --o-- Sofety Sonnets ARTISTS MAY GAZE LANDSCAPE A N O IT'J C Q U R T I H A S P I L L / I cocrle.j ,,, Sl.le and. Cerro fjord. Counlj- Safely Councils. ANSWERS to QUESTIONS By Frederic J. Haskin For at formation three (3) i Please send Can an owl move its eyes? J. S and it is solini was in connection , S D 0d k e p , nlandriPUtSCh - e5 - J " tll05e affairs''iTduce R up and promised Hitler his backing thaf tl r 'S re P°'^ d '" have warned Italv , .. me ^ a s not ripe to press France and TM ,. -V e wa s contriving his latest coups More!S^?'^^^^k uaiy loses relative importance in Km-n^ -,,,,! :_' the jixis the Hit lei- It wou TEN YEARS AGO-^! issI ? e "y Bl - vlhe - famous .screen star who will importance in Europe and now is a disconsolate tail to f'f.?!, 0 ! ^condescending tutor. furters o _. M Jcct'eN-nlaint 3 -" l \°'° il '°S'" : '» ^pei-t on the sub- ^^^^Wur^u^M^ ;',fny° ! pe,^^.'- are '«""bur 8 e« are prefer^by of vision. By what authority d o yachts fly the yacht ensiirn instead of thc stars and stripes? A. M. According to an act passed by the thirtieth congress, Aug. 7. 1848, all such licensed yachts shall use a signal o£ thc form, size and an address before "pupi'ls"oT"the' Monroe by accidents. The police" cleric'gave" called was a statesman; today I am a professor. I am now a simple guest in the United States," Benes said, but there was a touch of tragedy in his voice as he spoke The triumphal entry of Hitler and his bone- crushing battalions into Prague symbolize, the smashup of Czechoslovakia. Conceived in the SL hn ±^,^. e .yf" a!U !» *»« ««nte«ncc e lando . - - --·--J'vk and i, Pomcare, Lloyd Geornc and Or- carvcd Czechoslovakia out of Germanv ng lives taken ~K """-l "'" J - -*- llc Muuce cierK; gave figures to S^SSSsx*j£ ?i«=S» d rK-- · be sure; t accounts Spain- ever, though peace^ot MalliX * O * Japan Works With Berlin '-TO BE a good partner in the axis, apparentlv- *-Jhcfe must be some incentive beside the e to compete in sensationalism. Quite the contrary the opportunity to succeed with what might be termed strictly n newspaper was the more apparent Accordingly, on the dny that Mr Ochs took over he discontinued a serial story without even permitting it to finish, and from that over thi « e t , that lie department requires how- iliall be snbipnf»H ,' 'f usua!1 ^ "sed uncooked £lmv Sub j cct ^ f o a temperature of 5 degrees ±?,55 ro Ior 20 da -^. which kills most of «£ ABOUT BOOKS By John Selby made a careful examination of the muscles ofTM S sra-Ai5*2 The symptoms of the disease may vary One A ra ^u^r^ «^TMTM A \AGABOND," by Rachel I (Anplcton-Ccnlury: §2.50.) ' Powers and Russia. Now t h a t * i ussa. Now that wedge has been smashed to bits and the men """" tO ^ maki " a ' e powers to hold still while Hitlci t h a t they seem to need much pers e the western marched--not Spies in California Los two Rus- Franck E has been mi epidemic of "1 married something or other" books lately. The la One is called "I Married a Jew, ses much of its effectiveness- becau ten by our old and rather annoying fri S w, and this one oses much of its effectiveness- because it ("writ- QUESTIONS AND ANSWERS .S; ; ?-V,^ m .f. time a .e° :o" wrote r about a book w »viet bureau ; head, was f o u n d n o t i u ' 1h-i I-imnwV"«,li 1 i e f- T , 0l ii 0 fi° vc 'TM«nt announces u^hi^ 1 rys^ffi «n? ssss,^-. ^ ^'^^^^^^r-^ TM^££^£^;^ t American battleships while in harbor The cL° which convicted these_ communist s ptef s^ a locumcnts connected enemies.'' a " d reas "nabl nation against il _. -- - - -- --^.. u ^ m l l o t i Recently the department of justice down on March field--West Point of the imprisoned a young nazi offici onage. A request lor his was made. teS^^S^g.-js^; ones and has a reel canton where the yacht cnsi«n has one of blue. The yacht ensign is regarded as the full equivalent o£ the stars and stripes. Give t!ie names of some well known Negro choral organizations. The Hall Johnson choir, Frieta Shaw and her Ethiopian chorus, Carlyle Scott's chorus, Eva Jessye's choir, the Fisk Jubilee singers. Wliat was thc lirst scicntilic journal in ilie U. S.? A. B. "The American Journal of Sci- ivn means of'hilling the "parasites once^ihev fLTl", w " f U ch was cslab l^hed m - TM H . on - c "ie 1818 by Eanjamin Stilliman and is still published at New Haven Conn. » Is it true that Texas can subdivide into a number of slates? C. B. Texas, under the joint resolution of congress for its annexation approved March 1, ISiS, may subdivide its area into any number not exceeding four additional states of convenient size having sufficient population, which shall be entitled to admission to th- union. How many Catholics in the entire world? E. K. Kstimates vary from 330.000 000 to 360,000.000. When was the firsl census or direct Irrigation made? .1. S. In 1889. A special census of irrigation was taken in 1902 What is the law that provides for the retirement of justices of the supreme court at the age of Thc Sumners act, passed in 1937 nnd signed by March 1, provides for the retirement ot a justice of the supreme court at the age of '0 or over, with constitutionally lished a crossword puzzle, a serial story or comics, and the sole and determining reason for this is that they are not news. What was thc largest bell ever made? L. H. The 220-ton Tsar Kolokal o£ Moscow, which was never rune because before it was finished an 11-ton pjece fell from its side The largest bell in the U. S. is the the Rockefeller, Riverside church" i\e\v York City. The famous actress made her theater, Louisville, Ky., in 1575. A CONCISE ET1QUET BOOKLET What to do and when to do it --what to say and when to say it- comprises the contents ot our " a book store or li- '»g.'' "Infant Feedine: Treatment of Diabetes,- r e m m l , 'lhe Care of the Hair and Skin. £^TM« °1 P'^^/ : -'.'Feminine Hygiene" and ,-iti '' .... Nothing should be so much a matter of pride with us as doing the proper thing at the f. r °P e .i- time. We all want to make the right impression. That is why jt is important to give attention to courteous observances and social forma ilies. Our littie ctiquct booklet will tell you in a s jrnp] e direct way how ( o meet the everyday problems of social conduct--an authoritative guide to correct form for all occasion* Meadow Melodies By Ray Murray of Buffalo Center DO YOUR BIT Do your bill Yes, do your best And j£ you can, do it with zest; To meet life's tasks, t h a t much" I clain fao do your bit! And play lhe game! protected full pay (520,000 a year) for life, and with the proviso that the retiring Justice may be recalled for special service in the lower courts at the direction of the chief justice. What is the English equivalent of our Wall street? F. J. It corresponds to the London financial district in Threadnecdlc rhrogmorton, and L o m b a r d streets. Why is no comic gsncd with the'Xew t, W v C " A , In Ochs first l°* over the i\ew York Times in 1896 the --Use This Coupon-The Globe-Gazette, Information Bureau Frederic J. Haskin, Director, Washington, D. C. herewith T E N in c o i n (carefully wrapped 'n paper) for a copy of the booklet "MODERN MAN- Name Street or rural route City State (Mail to Washington, D. C.)

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