The Mason City Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa on April 14, 1936 · Page 14
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The Mason City Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa · Page 14

Mason City, Iowa
Issue Date:
Tuesday, April 14, 1936
Page 14
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FOURTEEN MASON CITY GLOBE-GAZETTE, APRIL 14 · 1936 SWINE MARKET WEAK AT CHICAGO TOP PRICE DOWN DIME TO $10.90 Mild Strength Is Shown by Cattle and Sheep Markets. CHICAGO, W)--Despite the fact that wholesale meat prices have ns- .en rather sharply with the close of tent the livestock market got little ·stimulus for stronger quotations Tuesday. Hog prices were weak but cattle and sheep showed mild ·strength. . The "eneral hos: trade was weak lo 10 cents below Monday's average, top showing the full decline to ?10.90 The run of 12,000 was ahout m line with trade requirements but '.there was no spirited demand. Fed Steers Steady. ' The bulk of fed steers ruled steady partly because of the very plain killing quality. The tone of the market however, was strong to higher hut the early top was only S10 A few loads were held 50 cents higher than this figure. She stock ruled strong to a shade higher hut ..vealers were 25 to 50 cents lower at S9.50 down. . Lambs were strong to 2o cents higher and a new 1936 top lor choice wooled offerings was established at $11.60 which was paid for some 89 pound Colorado lamos This is the highest price since List December and the highest lamb quotation for any April in seven years. Veal Shows Gain. Wholesale beef has advanced as much as $1 a hundred pounds in the Chicago market since the close ot Lent and veal has gained 50 cents to SI. Some fresh pork cuts are up $1.30 while lamb meat has advanced as much as SI and is 50 cents to ^ above a week ago. · «,,, - Cold storage pork stocks in the ·United States on April 1 were the lowest on record for that dae, government figures disclosed. Holdings of pork totaled 450,431,000 pounds, compared with 451,418,000 March 1 ' -and 627,346,000 a year ago. Reserve ·pork stocks have often been near the billion mark at this time of year. Mason City Livestock S 9.90-10.20 $10.15-10.45 $10.15-10.45 S10.10-10.40 $ 9,90-10.20 S 9.80-10.10 S 9.60- 9.90 S 9.60- 9.90 S 9.50- 9.80 S 8.20- U.50 5 S.9J- »--5 S s.,j- S S.55- MASON CITY--For Tuesday-HOGS Steady to 5 -cents higher. , Good light lights · l40 " 1 ^ Good lights 180-180 Good ligiJt butchers . 1SO-200 Good light hutchcrs . 200-220 Good med. wt. Dutch's 220-250 Good med. wt. batch's 250-270 Good med. wt. hutch's 270-290 "Good heavy butchers .290-325 Good'Ueavy Butchers . 325-350 Good heavy butchers . 350-400 Good packing sows .. 2 7 ?-350 Good heavy sows J50-U., Good big hy. sows . . 423-550 Good big hy. sows 550 and up S S.Jo- s.bJ (This abovts is a 10:30 track hos martlet for sooi and choice hogs. The difference in nr ! c« is for short and long haul hogs.) i 7.50- 8.50 $ 6.00- 7.50 J .50- 6.00 S 5.50- 6.50 5 4.75- 5.50 S 4.00- 4.75 J 4.25- 5.00 S 3.75- 4-25 .5 3.25- 3.75 S 3.00- 3.25 S 4.50- 5.25 J 4.00- 4.50 S '6.50- 7.50 5 5.50- fi.50 $ 5.50 down Steers, good to choice Steers, medium to good .... Steers, fair to medium «... Heilers, good to choice Hellers, medium to good ... Heifers, common to fdcdimzi Cows, SJOd to ch5:ca Cows, fair to good -Cows, cutters . Cows, canners ...-- ---- -Bulls, heavy -Bulls, light Calves, med. to good Calves, med. to good Calves, infer, to com, 130-190 130-190 130-190 Hog Markets MUHVEST HOGS Hop prices at midwest markets Tuesday: CEDAR KAl'IDS--Hogs unchanged except 180-230 Ibs.. $10.25 to $10.50- WATERLOO--Hogs unchanged. OTTUMWA--Hoga unchanged. AUSTIN--Hogs steady; good to choke ISO to 220 Ibs. SlO.lStfElO.-JS; 220 to 250 Ibs. .10£'10.40; 230 to 290 Ibs. Sfl.SOfJvlO.IU; to 330 Itw. $9,50fr9.80; packing sows eood 275 to 550 Jjr. S8.809.S5. COMBINED HOG RECEIPTS. ES MQ1NES, (,1'J--U. S. department of agriculture-Combined hog receipts at 20 concentration yards and 9 packing plants located in interior [owa and southern Minnesota for the 24 hour period ended at 8 a. m. Tuesday were 10,400 ;ompared with 11,400 a week ago and 8,700 a jear ago. Fairly active, mostly steady, scattered bids 1c lower; loadinp continued slow but receipts ndlcated some heavier than currently. Quotations follow; Light lights 140 to 160 .bs. Eood and choice S9.3010; light weighLi 1GO to ISO Ibs. 59.95l-riO.45; ISO to 200 Ibs, S10.235710.70; medium ivelchts 200 to 220 bs. 510.25^10.70; 220 to 250 Iba. SlO.l.'*® 30.70; heavy weights 250 to 29Q Ibs. 59.85(Jj) 10.45; 290 to 3RD Ibs. J9.55fiilO.20; packing ows 275 to 3.10 Ihs. cood J9fiJ9.50; 350 to il2,' Ibs. ?8-S5^9.35; 425 to 550 Ibs.' SS.60® WHEAT ADVANCES N LATE TRADING Irops in Southwest Kansas Reported as Practically Complete Loss. CHICAGO, 7P--In abrupt right- bout-face action, wheat jumped iore than 2 c«nts late Tuesday, in- .uenced by reports southwest Kanis crops are practically a complete SS.15; common and medium stock steers 57 down. HUGS 3,000; mostly steady to 10e lower; top SlO-iO; bulk 170 to 200 lb. butchers $10.15()10.2S; 260 to 290 lb. heavies SIO® 30.15; 290 to 300 lb. weights $9.6!Jt?C10; few 1-10 to 170 lb. weignts $9.730:10.25; sows steady to nc higher at SS.SSS.-tO; teeder pigs up to $10.25. SHKEP 3.000; 1.200 held over from Monday; no early action tor killing vlas-ses; un ilcrtone steady; best wooled lambs held around SU; short double 67 lb. shearing limits S3.75; jntc Monday tvoolcrt lambs fully 2, r c hiKhcr; bullc SIO.SOH; fed c»ps 25-50c up at f9$-9.25. KANSAS CITV TJVERTOCK. ('.Tuesday Market) KANSAS CITY, /P»--U. S. department of agriculture-HOGS 2,500; no directs; fairly active to al interests; steady to 10c lower than Monday's average; decline on shipping trade 240 Ibs. down; top 510.40 freely; desirable 170 to 260 Ibs. $1Q,25(?10.40; lew 260 to 300 Ibs. $10f» 10.2,1; better grade 140 to IfiO Ibs. S10.15 10.35: sows S9ff(.9.40; stock pips 510 down. CATTLE 4,500; calves 1,200: fed steers opening slow, steady to easier; little done on strong weights; bulls in narrow demand weal;; other killing classes cf settle steady; vealers and calves strong; stbckers and feeders in Jicht supply, little change; choice 1021 lb. stccr-r S9.fiO; bulk fed steers of quality to sell from $7.75®9; scattering: plain ligh weights down to 57 and below; choice year- line heifers SS.50; most butcher cow.s 55^ 5.7S; odd beef cows 56.25 and above; selected vealers SO@9.50. SHKEf* 7.000; spring lambs 25-25c hfpher, early sales wool Iambs fully steady; sheep slronf- to 25c higher; two loads Arizona ing lambs 511.50; five decks at 511.40: early sales wool lambs S10.60®11; some held higher; top ewes $6. OMAHA LIVESTOCK. OMAHA. (.P)--U. S, department of agriculture-- HOGS 4.300; stenrty (o ]0c lower; 170 to 240 ]bs. 510.25^10.35; top $10.40; 220 lo 250 Ibs. 51fl.l5(ffilO.:iO; 250 to 290 Ibs. 59.S55J) 10.25- 290 to 325 Ihs. $9.753210; 325 to 360 Ibs. $9.65^9.8"'; 140 to 170 Ibs. 59.75® 10.30; pigs S9.5010; sows $9.2y@9,35. CATTLE 6.500; caJves 300; weak to 50c higher; steers and yearlings S7.5p@9.50; heifers $6.50SJ ; S-25; cows $5%G; cutters S3.75@ 5: bulls $5.50^5.90; vealers S8-50; odd head 59. SHEEP 7.000; Iambs weak to 2;ic lower, asking steady; jambs SlO.OO^i!10.S5: best hell above 511. LIVESTOCK FORECAST. CHICAGO, (.Ti--Official estimated receipts Wednesday: Cattle 9.000; hogs 11,000; sheep S.OOO. Representative Sales Lambs, good to choice . . 70-90 Lambs, medium to good .... Lambs fair to medium ...... Comrnoo to fair ................. Yearliogs. good to chrtf. 70-SO Yearlings, racd, to gooa 70-90 Yearlings, iair to medium .... Culls ............ - ........... Katlvft ewes, good to choics ... rnli ewea ......*...--*-· ...... $ 8.75- D.25 5 6-75- 7.75 5 5-00- ti.OO 55 00 down S 7.00- 9.00 5 5.00- 7.00 5 4.00- 5.ou 5 4.00 down S 2.75- 4.00 * 1.50- 2,.-'J s LOO- 2.50 J J-»o- TM » *-00- l.U" (Tuesday Market) CHICAGO, 1-TJ--U. S. department ot agri culture--Representative sales: HOGS. Heavy-- JJghis-- 62 337 10.40 U 367 10.70 .19- 16 10.50 29 178 10.75 52 2S2 10.50 34 190 10.SO 237 10.70 21 ISS 10.9C Mediums-- Light Lights-- 2S 239 30.75 22 132 10.-1 it 2M 10.80 38 ISO 10.61 12 224 10.SO 20 159 10.5 iO 23.7 10.90 CATTLE. jteers -- . Heifers-- wetbw.'a' years old - Wcthara, poor to best BUCK Jamba 51 te** No dock on Iambi. Quotations subject to market fluctuation!. CHICAGO LIVESTOCK. (Tuesday Jlnrket; CHICAGO, (-«-- U. S, department ot asn- .HOGS 12,000; including 3.000 direct: weak to lOc lower ttan Monday's average: top 51090- bulk 160 to: 250, Ibs. S10.60SB10.90; 350 to' 300 Ibs. 510.^3(910.70; 300 to 350 Ite. S10.10@10.5b; 140 to 160 IDE. $10.35©10.65; cam S9.10@9.75. ., CAW1.E .3,000; . calves 2.500; red steers steady; killing quality very plain and market, while slow, more -nearly strong to higher; early top S10; lew loads held around S10.50; bulk or crop !9 down, latter kinds getting more action than better grades; all she stock strong to shade higher, active; best fed hei£- ers 58.50 but some held above S9; cutter cows S5:25 down to 54.25; middle grade bce£ cows at S5.50@6.25 as much as 10-loc higher; bulls strong with S6.50 paid freely on weighty kinds; vealers 25-yOc lower at 59.50 down. SHEEP 7,000; uneven, strong to 2uc higher; all killing classes sharing upturn; early bulk choice wooled Jambs Sll.251fll.-10: lew $11.50 and 511.60; latter price paid for S9 lb. Colorado?; clippers S9®9.25; holding best sround 59.50; choice wooled yearlings 59.75; most woolcd ewes S5S6; clippers 546^0; lew native spring lambs Sll.50@12.50. lowing loi Baltlmori SOUTH ST. TAVt. LIVESTOCK. (Tuesday .Market) SOUTH ST. PAUL, (jv-U. S. department of 'agriculture-CATTLE 2.400; slaughter steers fully steady; early sales mostIy^s7@S: some held above S8-50: she stock strong: good to choice heifers S7.35fJS.50; most lower grades S5.50 5 7- bulk beer cows £55f6: few up to S6.50: low cullers and cullers S4S4.SS; bulls strong to slighlly higher: betler bolognas 55.7536; Etockers unchanged; inbetwecn steers S6.23 1 7.25: calves 1,800; fully steady: Rood to choice vealers S7.50@8.50; feu- selections 59; common and medium $5^7. HOGS 4,500; active to all interests; fully steady to strong wilb Monday: spots higher; better 140 to 220 Ids. S10.25SU0.50: top S10.50; 220 .to 260 Its. S9.90@10.35; 260 to 325 Ibs. S9.65^10; heavy weights down to $9.50 and below: sows 59.20 to mostly 59.25; pigs scarce; average cost Monday $10.03; 135 Ibs. SHEEP 1.000; supply largely tv-oolcd Iambs; practically no early action;, undertone steady to strong on most classes; sellers asking slrong lo higher; bulk fat lambs Monday 110.75^10.90; fat C.WCS S5.75 down. SIOUX CITY LIVESTOCK. (Tuesday Msrket) SIOUX cm", W~u. s. department of Bgriciillure-- . CATTLK 3.000: slaughter steers, yearlings anrf sh« Ktock active, largely strong; stockers a n d feeders little changed; numerous sales led steers anil yearlings S7.255rS.25: good 332.% lb. breves SP.JO; few lots good heifer: S7ff7.r,n : m a j o r i t y beef i-ows -W'fi; c i t t f f srades J41.7. 1 ; few choice stock steer calves 12S1 1536 323 1215 930 1230 9r,(l ET5 30-r.O 24 10.10 29 9.50 19 9.50 20 S.50 31 S;i5 Cow 7.S5 30 7.10 38 905 sin S40 1220 3395 1090 S95 6. 5.3 4.9 t, SHEEP. Old Crop Fall Wooled Yearlings-Lambs-- 3S i9 9.7 S3 11.60 42 105 9.51 9fi 11.40 Native Sprinc Lardbs- 100 91 123 11.00 10.75 Clipped Lambs-- 41 65 12.51 12.01 · 11.51 273 S5 61 94 92 90 Bond Market NEW YORK. i.T)--Higher prices for rail mad issues provided the feature of an othei wise mixed bond market Tuesday. Gains of fractions were scored by the fol : and medium priced carrier loans and Ohio *Ks, Erie St, Illinoi Central ·l^is, St. Louis San Francisco 4k and southern pacific 4',~s. Investment circles noted that the advanc in rail liens occurred In spite of a heavy ton for the carrier equities. The explanation of fererl in most quarters was that the enormou supply oc excess banking reserves was con tinuiris to afford strong technical support. In the U. S. government sector prices we up a little for treasury obligations and dov somewhat in the guaranteed group. Activit continued limited. The decision of the British government t avoid the application of sanction? to Hal was seen hy some as a factor in the stead' ness of foreign obligations. Curb Market NEW YORK. U'--A sliphtlj- easy ton predominated in the curb market Tuesdaj Utilities and Oils drew most ot the tradin activity. Shares unchanged or a trine lower In cliided American Gas. Creole Petroleum Electric Bond and Share. International PC troleum, Lake Shore Mines. Penn Roa Pittpburgh Plate Class, and Sherwin Wi liams. .A few firm spots among the speclaltie Included Montgomery Ward "A." 4 point higher. Central Hudson Gas and Elcctrli up %, and U. S. Foil "S," up '/i. GOVERNMENT BONDS. (Tuesday Mukrl) KKW YORK. UV-- U. S. hondl cte Treasury 4 ^ 5 17-52 llS.t. Treasury 4s -II-!H 112.2.'.. Treasury 3-%s 43-17 10R.1. Treasury ,V,« 1B-9 HVi.21. Treasury 3s 51-S5 101.8. OSS. An official statement said the ast three months in Kansas have een the driest in 55 years. Other dvices said that owing to heat and ·ought much wheat in southwest- rn states is near to the wilting tage. Wheat closed strong, (5%2 cents .bove Monday's finish, May 6%, July 89'i@89%, corn ,p, May 60%@60%, oats %S% ad- anced. and provisions unchanged to a rise of 20 cents. CHICAGO CASH GRAIN. (Tuesday .Market) CHICAGO, l,Pl--Cash wheat, No. 4 mixed 0',-'.c touch. Corn. No. 3 mixed 60US61C-. No. S yel- w SOViftelc; No. .) yellow MftOOc; No. 5 ellow HSc: No. 3 while 62%es3c; Ni. white S9(ji.60c; No. 5 white 5Sc; sample grade !fi:52c. Oats, No. 2 white 31c ; No. 3 white 2S'!;c: ·Co. 4 white 23"-l?J'2rc; sample Kradc isl 2 "1C. No rye. Soybeans. No. 2 yellow S3c: No. 4 yellow le: sample vsllow 75c. all track Chicaco. Barley, actual sales S6@S8c; trod 32S'45c ominal. mailing 00(cfS8c nominal. Timothy seed 52.50 cwt. Clover seed S14.50Sf21.75 cwt. Lard tierces $11.02; loose 510.45: bellies 15.10. Mason City Grain MASON CITY for Tuesday ^o. 3 yellow corn 45c Jo. i yellow corn 3ar corn 39c White oats, No. 3 .__ 19c deeding barley 25-35C No. 2 yellow soybeans 55c WHEAT-May ruiy ;ept CORN-May ·uly 3ept OATS-May uly Sept Jay" 'uly ..... iept BARLEY-- jAED-- Jay . -- . uly iept BELLIES-May TLESDAV GRAIN CLOSE. CHICAGO, (.TI- High Low Clu .97 .91% .96^ Stock List Air Reduction Al Chein Dye 201 Amn Can 121 Amn Sm Ref 83 l h Amn Sugar 0354 A T T Amn Tob B Amn Wat Wks Anaconda Atchlson \uburn Avlal Corp Warn Can Dry- Can Pac W C M S P i- P R 1 * P Chrysler Col G E Com Solv "omwllh Sou CODS Oil Contl Can Contl Oil Del Corn Prod Curt Wrlcbt Du Pont Gen Elcc r.en Foods Gen Mot Clllctlc Goodyear 111 Crnt Int Har Int NMck Can I T T Johns Man Kennecott Krcspc Llh 0 F Loews NEW YORK STOCKS. ('.Tuesday final ijuotatluiis) 189=i Maytag McKcsa t Rob Mid Cont Pet Mont Ward Murray Corp Nash Natl Bis Natl Cash Reg Natl Dairy Natl Dlst Natl Pow Lt N Y Cent Nor Pac Oliver Farm J c Penney Penn R R Phillips Pet R C A Rep Steel Key Tob B Scars Roc Shell Union Soc V3C Su Pac Stan Brands S 0 Cal 165',1 91K 38 ii 83 Vi 46 6(1 21'.i IS It 100 ^ 20 ISli, lU'.i 2 IVt 42% IS'i 20 Vi 34 U 30?; 11 Vi 40% 32% 3-11 46 12', 24? S2« f*t 17 11 37 1 Hi 43' 37': 62" 22V 195 19-14 S 0 Ind 3 S 0 N J 13 ?i Slew Warn 77~:i stone Web .14 Vi Studebaker 75 Swift Co 22 S'A* Tex Corp 38 147 Tex Gulf Sul .11" 3V Tim Roll Bear 6611 37 Un Carb S.1H 675k Un Pac 131 JO'S Unit Air 21% 30S Unit Corp 6Ti 2Ii Unit Drug 13 U Sfi!i U S Gypsum 101 ·18% U R Rubber IlS'.i l."i U S Steel H9=i 112 Warner Pix 11 lOVj West El Mrs US 22 T ; Woohvorth 4SV1 .1614 Wrigley 77 LATE TONE HEAVY IN STOCK MARKET Pressure Noted in Industrial Specialties, Motors and Alcohols. NEW YORK, OP)--The stock market leaned heavily to the offside Tuesday under considerable pressure against industrial specialties, motors and alcohols, many of · w h i c h were 1 to 3 points lower. At the beginning of the final hour, shares showing largest losses included Chrysler, Johns-Manville, Bethlehem Steel. IT. S, Steel, General Motors, J. L Case, Columbian Carbon, U. S. Industrial Alcohol, Westinghouse, Montgomery Ward, American Telephone, Delaware and Hudson, New York Central 'and Santa Fe. The late tone was heavy. Sales approximated 2,000,000 shares. In addition to a somewhat more confused outlook in the European situation, hanking quarters were watching Paris for signs that devaluation o£ the franc is contemplated. A cut in the French monetary unit, it was thought, might lead to large-scale repatriation of funds now in the American market and consequently affect securities prices. CHICAGO-STOCKS. (Tiienday Final Qimtntl(m5) Cities Service 4?i Northwest Bane 11 1 A Hcilraann B'r Co 1171 S\\1£t ft Co 22 Katz Drue 3?';1 Swift Intl 30% Libby McNeil S r ;i Utility Xnd I'/ii Null Leather ITS Zenith 18Vi Supplementary List of Stock Quotations Supplied by LAMSON BROTHERS AND CO. Mason City Office in Bagley- Bech Bldg. Telephone No. ^ Produce .87 !i ..11.00 ..10.97 ..11.00 .GO -59U .53';i .52 10.WO 10.S7 10.S7 .87 .591,1 · 53 » .51 11.00 10.97 11.00 GRAIN. (Tuesday Market) MINNEAPOLIS, (.T) -- Wheat 59 cars; ligher ,bs. :bs. , . ; No. 1 heavy dark northern spring 60 No. 1 dark northern 59 10^@1.25£; 5S Ibs. S1.0S%@1.214 ; So. 1 hard Montana 14 per cent protein to arrive S1.11VJ@1.13^; grade of No. 1 dark hard or No. 1 hard Montana winter 96^^5)51.02%; to arrive ; No. 1 hard amber durum 96c QISl.ll; No. 1 red durum 76c; May July 96"-.ic; September Com, No. 3 yellow 5 Oats, No. 3 white 24@26Vic. O1FAH.V GRAIN. tTuesday Market) OMAHA. I.I 1 !--Wheat, No. -1 hard 91c: No. 5 hard 87 Uc. Corn, No. 3 yellow sg^ffi'GOc; No. 4 yellow 535,'5Sc; No. 5 yellow 51S2Uc; sample yellow 13Sl:51c; No. 5 mixed 50c. Oats, No. 4 white 22 1 ^@-3Uc; No. 3 feed 22c. KANSAS CITY GBAIX. (Tuesday Market) KAKSAS CITi", (.Ti--Wheat 17 cars; le lower to Itec hiKncr; No. 2 dark hard nominally 97c©-Sl.ll: No. 3 nominally 95c5? S1.09; No. 2 hard gS'^cCSSl.O'l-'i: No. 3, ; rf£99c: No. 2 red nominally 9SVJ S1.0254; No. 3. 9S?ic. Corn 37 cars: unchanged to vie UP; No. 2 ·hite nominally 65@G6'^c: No. 3 nominally 1*i.65V-c; No. 2 yellow nominally 65^66 NoT 3. ~62 ; :ifi£6'i J ^c; No. 2 mixed nominally 62ffi63%c; No. 3 nominally 59',= (?61c. Oats 3 cars; unchanged to Me up; No. 2 white nominally 26%®28«c: No. 3, 2ac. Hides and Woo! Quotations Furnished by Well Bros.. Inc, 308 Fifth Street Southwest. HOBSEHTT1ES Clean bright 26c Rejects and western 22c Pulled wool and No. 2 rejects 18c Horsemdes 13 uo ·GREEN BEST BIDES Up W 25 Ibs. _ v _.64C 25 to 45 Ibs - - ·' More than 60 Ibs. : Bull hides '..._...._ ' ·Cured hides halt cent more a pound. (On above prices a cent higher to wboli sale dealers In wholesale iota.) WOOL MARKET. (TueiMlay .Marked BOSTON, (.11--U. S. department nf agriculture-- There was very little huPinrss that aac «d a basis for determining the t r u e market value of wool in B'oslon. Only urgent imrncd late requirement;; were reported being filled, and these appeared limited. One such purchase recently was a moderate sized lot ni f i n e Ohio Delaine on the basis of around 3' cents in the crease lor woo! shrinkage 60 per cent or around S8 cents scoured basis. DOW JONES AVERAGES Iiids. Kails t'tils. Close 103.41 49.05 32.38 Total Sales' 1,940.000 CHICAGO STOCKS \m Gas Elcc 3SS Marshall Field 17 Cyanamid B 36 U Walgreen Co 3-",i Am Su Pow 2 r ;s XEW YORK CURB Ark Natl Gas A i'A Ford o£ Eng 774 1% Hud B M S 261i 9Is Humble Oil Co 69!L- 2 Lockheed 7?i 3% Niag Hud Pow 9?1 2ilrt Niles-Bem-Lond ·UV-j MASON CITY for Tuesday Cash Quotations by E. G. Morse Eggs, current receipts '. 15c Heavy hens, 4 Ibs. and over 16c Under 4 Ibs : 13e Cocks 13c Merchants Quotations Eggs, in trade 15-16c Eggs, fresh 14-lSc' Butter, Iowa State Brand 39c Butter' Corn Country 38c Butter, Kenypn's 38c Butter, Very Best 39c Butter, BrooMield 38c Potatoes, peck 33c and 45c ·EDITOR'S NOTE--These repre- lentative quotations were obtained y calling several grocery stores. As G El Can Ind Alk Can Marconi Isler Etcc El Bd Share ·ord of. Can Butler Bros Cord Corp Kalamazoo Slov Std Oil Ky Un Gas Co Un Li Pow Uti! P L O SVi 69 SEW 10RK STOCKS Maska Juneal 14 Hudson Motor Allegheny · 3-% Hupp Motors Am For Pow 8 J ,! Am Cr Sugar 20 3 A, 36% 32 29 34 « 23 Vi 9 Hi 5% 15Ti 13 Am C i- Fy Pow LI Am Roll Kills Am Metal Co \m Ra S Amer Tob Co Armour Co As Dry Goods All Ref 3el Hemingway Baldwin Loco Briggs Mfg Co ;endix Budd Mfg Co Byers A M Co 21S Caterpillar Trac 77 Cer de Pasco ,«"'» Ches t Ohio 57=i Chi Gt W pf 6,i C M St P i P nf -! '.i Coca-Cola SSK Com Solvents 19% Coot Motor 3 Cudahy Packing 39 Vi Curt-Wri, Co A J6B Dist Corp seas ' 23 Douglas Airc Eastman Eaton Mrs Co Elec Auto Lile Elcc Pow Li 13 Erie P. E Co 11 Fire'ne Ti Ru 30 Foster-Wheeler 33 Freeport Tex 30 Gen Am Trans 47 Glidden Co Gobcl Gold Dust. IS Gt North'n Ore 17 Graham Paige 3 Gt No plil 3S Houston Oil 9 31 22-11 60% 166 35 S 51 * 6 Intl Carriers Indust Rayon Kelvinator Co Lambert Co 22 Lehigh Port Co 1S'~ Liquid Carb CP 39=i Loriliard -- Madt Truck 31 Vj Mathieson Alk 32V£ McK £ Rob pfd 43li HcLellan Stores 13 Ivljnn, Moline 1m Ifl'A M K T 9!i Mo Pac 3 ilotor Products 33 No Amer 28 ^s No Amer Avi 9% Otis Steel Co IS-)!; Owen 111 Glass 162 Vi Packard Motor 'HVi Park Utah Cop 4 ! .i Plymouth 15 % proc Gam 46V4 Pub Ser of N J 41 Vi Pullman 44 'A Pure Oil Co Purity Bakery R K 0 Reo Motors Simmons Co So Calif Edison 27% Sperry Corp 19-":i St G E "',; Tide Wa As Oil 17Vs U S Ind Alch B3S U S Smelter S)2 Util P Li A rV5 Vanadium 22 Vi Un Gas £ Imp I f i V i Warren Bros S"i Western Union S5V-: Worth'n Pump 30"I Yellow Truck 17-:s Youngs S fe T 59 CHICAGO rROIU'CE (Tuesday Market) CHICAGO, l.T)--Butter. 10.631, firm; Tcamery specials (93 score), 34Vi to 34 '.Uras (92). 33 a j: extra firsts (90-91). 3Vi; firsts (88-89), 33 to 33U; standards 10 centralized cartots), 33Vj. Eggs--27,599. f i r m ; extra firsts, local. 9-"l; cars. 20; fresh graded firsts, local, 9 cars 19V1: current receipts, IS 1 ;.! torage packed extras, 21. storage packed irsts. 20=1. Poultry--Live. 19 trucks, steady: hens. bs and less, 22. more than 5 Ibs., 20Vi; Leghorn hens, 18%; Plymouth and white Rock springs, 27%. colored, 25: Plymouth and White Rock fryers, 26, colored. 25; ft'hlte Rock broilers, 26, Plymouth and col- Ted, 25. barcbacks, 20 to 22; Leghorn, -2'A; roosters, 16Vj: hen turkeys, 26, young oms, 23. old, 21: No. 2 turkeys, 20; heavy id ducks. 19 V^: heavy young ducks, 23, mall, 17%; geese. 17; capons, 7 Ibs. up, 28, less than 7 Ibs., 27. 21_5i 30". INVESTMENT TRUSTS (By The Associated Press) Bid »nd Asked Tuesday. Corporate Tr. Sh, ... .. 2.75 Corp. Tr. Sh. AA Mod 3.38 Corp Tr. Sh. Ac. Ser. 2.65 Corp Tr. Sh. Ac. Ser. Xod. 3..1S Dividend Sh. Maryland Fund Nationwide Sec Nationwide Sec. vtc Nor. Amer. Tr. Sh Nor. Amer. Tr. Sh. 1955 . Quarterly Inc. Sh, Selected Am. Sh. Inc. .. Super Corp, Am Tr. A U. S El. L. P. A - -U. S El. L. t P. B U. S. El. L. P. vtc . . . . 3.7 19.75 4.47 1 ?'?? ! 3.36 . 1.64 1.60 , 3.75 19.125 , 2.96 1.15 No No , No 1.S3 21.35 J.f)7 1.9' No NO I S O 1.74 No 19.025 3.06 1.23 That's All. All the Black investigating committee expects--aye, even demands is that it be allowed to do as it pleases.--Indianapolis News. NEW YORK SUGAR. (Tuesday Market) NEW YOP.K, i.r--Raw sugar unchanged. Futures 1 to 5 higher. Refined unchanged. MXVEAPOLIS FLOUR. , (Tuesday Market) MINNEAPOLIS. \.P.'--Flour unchanged. Carload lots family patents S6.SO" 6.70 a barrel in 9S pound cotton sacks. Shipments 20.'139. Pure bran S1S.50S19. Standard middlings 518.50(519. CLARK GRANTS DIVORCE Judge Joseph J.. Clark granted a decree of divorce and custody of an 8 year old son, Allen, to Mrs. Mattie U. Bloomingdale on her charges of cruel and inhuman treatment against her husband, A. L. Bloomingdale. The couple was married Aug. 7. 1909, and lived together until about a year ago. AUNTHET By Robert Quiilen "I wish me and Pa could be sick at the same time. When just one is sick, the other pets so tired of heaVin* ahout it." 'E\V YORK PRODCCE (Tuesday Market) NKW YORK, (.ft--Eggs---37.032, firm mixed colors, special packs or selections rom fresh receipts, 22 to 23Vi: standards and commercial standards, 21V.; firsts 20'i: seconds. 19V- to 19-"i; mediums, 40 bs., 19U; dirties. No. 1, 42 Ibs., 19U small, 173« to 18%: average checks, 18Vi t( lS=!i; storage packed firsts, 21, Butter--17,156, nervous: creamery extra (92 score), 33% to 3-1; other prices UD changed. Cheese--337.778, firm: prices unchanged Live poultry, weak; by freight: Chickens d broilers unquoted; fowls, 20 to 22 roosters, 14; turkeys, 16 to 25; ducks (al sections), 14 to 16. PRODUCE ri.'l'CRKS. (Tncsilay Market) C H I C A G O , (-T--Butter futures closer Storape standards, November 26 Uc; fres standards, April 2S ! ,ic. EPS futures: Storage packed firsts. API 2 0 n i c ; M a y 2 0 ' i c ; refrigerator standards, O' tober 23'/i c. Public Utility and Industrial Stocks Quoted by A. 5L Schanke ana Company, Telephone 1300, Mason City. Bid and Asked Tuesday. Cent st El 6 pet pf (525 par) 12 Cent st El 7 pet pf S25 par) 13 Cent st P L pf 1.1 - 161 Champlin Ref Iowa 7 pet pf 75 Creamery Package com 25 26 liearst Cnos A 23 23 George A. Hormel A pf ..-- 98 100 George A. Hormel B PI ...... 9fl 98 George A. Hormel com ISVi 19 Interstate Power 6 pet pf ... 22 24 Interstate Power 7 pet pf ... 2S 29V- Iowa Electric Co 6V-i pet pf 82 61 Iowa Electric Co 7 pet pf 63 -i5 la Elec Lt Pow 6 pet pf 70 72 la Elcc Lt Pow 6^2 pet pf 71 73 la Elec Lt Pow 7 pet pf 73 75 Ja Poiver A- Light 6 pet pi .. 99 101 Ja Power A- Light 7 pet pf .. in:l(i 105 la Public Serv 6 pet PC .. 9114 93 la Public Serv 6Vi pet .pf .. 92 94 la Public Serv 7 pet p£ .. 1)6 95 la South util 6 pet pf ... -*)7 59 la South Ulil fi'A pet pf ... 59 61 la South Util 7 pet pf ... 6S t.s Minnesota P fe L 6 pet pf .. S2 St Minnesota P L 7 pet pf .. 32 94 Northern SI Power 6 pet pf SI S3 Northern St Power 7 pet pf Sii'i SS N W Bell Tel 6Vi pet pf US N w st Portland Cement 21 F.ath packing t; pet pf 199 Sioux City Gas El 7 r't Pf -S7',3 United Lt Rvs 6 pet pf 7SV4 United Lt Kys 6.36 pet pf SO United Lt ft Rys 7 pet pf S7 S'.| Western Grocer pf S3 S6 Western Grocer com 7 !4 Miscellaneous POTATO MARKET. (Tuesday Market) CHICAGO, t.l'l--V. S. department ol as culture-Potatoes 96: 'on track 334; total U. shipments 601; Idaho Russets slightly wca t-r. demand very slow, other stock bart steady, demand slow; supplies modcrat sacked per cwt. Idaho Russet Burbinks S No 1, $2.1og2.15; U. S. No. 2. 51.3 Wisconsin Round Whites U. S. No. 1. SI. 61.40; commercial SI.25: Colorado McClur U S No 1, S2.2582.47-i; Nebraska T umphs U. S. No. 3. 52.10; North Dako Cobblers U. S. No. 1. S1.308S1.10; Ea Ohios U. S. No. 1. SI.42',iQ 1.55; Minn sola P.ed river section Cobblers partly firad Sl.2.-jSil.35; Early Ohios partly graded SI. (;il,:t5; Karly Ohios unclassified St.05; n stock,'less t h a n eorlols ,"iO lb. packs; Tex bliss Triumphs U. S. No. 1 very few ·Mi 2.111; li. S. No. 2. SI. ton 1..Ml: ,-arlf r.ii It,. y.-ti:ks Texas Bliss Triumphs U. S. 1. $2 a sack- LEGAL NOTICE NOTICE OF SHERIFF'S SALE TATE OF IOWA, Ccrro Gordo County, ss. » rml Keelcr im.1 Nat al Clny Products ronmanv mid to whom U nmy corn-em. 5ou are'hereby nomictl that by virtue or special execution, to me dirccted^ami toed out of the office 01 the Clerk of the Istrlct Court of the State of Iowa, wit^n d for Ccrro Gordo County, upon a juat- ent rendered in said Court in favor of bert F Trettin. F. W. Glassel. Gerlle orso. Will Meyer, Jacob Nisscn, August anson. Fred Wagner, G. H. Overbet*. Dagons. Jan. E. Treston, W N. Williams, B. KcGaheran. BCD Hltzhusen, J. C. uel W. F Doderer. P. R. Engebretson, e Thompson. C. P. Luick, Fred Scim- acher. Mrs. G. A. Bower. H. Robcn. R. A. olman, Mary Elstoc. Edwin T. Gardner. Cullinan. J. A. Brown. Archie A. rvci. Jessie L. Blair. Otto J. Jobnsun, j Kllmesti, H. D. Paine. H. H, Heath, B Wilder. C. E. Waldron, and all otbcrs nllarly situated, plaintlfls and all other rtles to the judgment as follows, to-wit: ollie H. Atherton. Luke J. Acer. George Amindsen. Martha Anundscn Cnllton. fen ar Jeancette Brown. Maude BrowD*ElUen- rry. Eppie Btown, Agnes Brown. P. A. yant. Patrick Boyle. Henry C. Bluel. J. Brocrs. Nellie Barry Bock. Mary N. arry, George Brandt. C. S, Bcrryman R. Barclay. Lena Buckhouac. Nellie Caiia- C. arve; an O G. Gaspers, D. Carstens. .. a nk cooicman. F. G. Cocnran. Bunon J- J. Cluae. John W CarroH. SA Dent. W. T. Ponohue, Emil W. y A e n . . . , Lr. Daisy L. Erbe*. Peter J. Fox. Annie nn Kn. Minnie B. Friot, Fred Glbbs, C. Gaiser. Henry Glawc, Herman HU- lOtHU. electric motor; I electric motor; 1 cluck cuplxmrd; ~ time curd cabinets: 1 8-ft. Men Inddcr; 1 0" nlmft, H f l . lime: Z I'lutJies cupboards; 1 flat txilloni 4-wliefl truck; 1 3-M. motor: I o-H. motor; 4 Mnilltlit buck chairs; 1 roll toji cle«U: 1 fltlnj- cabinet; 1 kitchen cabinet: ] kitchen sink; 1 fair bun Its platform ncalc; 1 .1-11. electric motor; 4 gulloiiii Il»*"c cement: 1 1SU-11. electric motor; « plnUin jHKirv; y belt iuJ)e.vs; 1 roll of cubic; 1 Corliss steam eiiKhie; 1 ui»rlj:lil w««ileii water tank; J Insersul bond uir com- prt'HNor; I air tank: I hli;h voltime switch board; 1 electric conlrollfr: l electric controller: d whfcl burrows; 3 rtteutn boilers; 1 steam pump: ] water softener; 1 roll old bcltlnr: 1 pipe vice mid table: AT PLANT NO. 2: 3 steam boilers: 1 jrranulutor; 2 piiir mills; 2 CorllsH engine*: I lot of pulleys and shaftlnc (the ubove No. 2 property Is not «.-ompletc. and held there for repaint); All bells, shaftings and pulleys used to run plants. And that on the 4th day of May. 193C. tt I o'clock P. M., at the National C'ay Products Company, located on the East 00 acres of the NW'A ana the East 50 acres or the SW'i or Section 8 Township 90 North of Ranee 20. West of the 5th P. AI.. Cerro Gordo County, Iowa, l will proceed-to the same In satisfaction of said execution, together with ail legal costs aceru- np. Dated at the Sheriff's office In Mason City, Iowa, this 4th day of April, I93f. J. M. ROBERTSON, Sheriff Cerro Gordo County. Iowa. F, A- Ontjes. Plaintiff's Attorney. .cr." Jfc J. Ho S an. Mrs. Charles J. Hjjen, L. James. C. H. Johnson. John Jacoh- i Tohn janssen Frank Jansick. John A- «Ily Geo Karnatz. Peter Kelly. Mars. arie C. Kennedy. Miss Lizzie Lamm. Mary amm. Rev. P. Leahy. Mrs. Emma J. ellv J M Malloy, Fred Killer, J. P. ulroncy". John Merrltt. 0. P. Morton, Jas. cCormick. D.' L. McCarville, Ellen l.c- lan. John Ellen McMillan. Mrs. Mary VcCorvle, R B. Newcom. Pearl O'Har- w Mary O'Harrow, Anton Oclman. Betty pava. T 4 P. Ohlson. G. W. Peoples. Jrs, n:stce Guy F. Payne. Herbert D. Paine. D Paine. Florence A- Peoples. Henry eeves John Renstnke, J. E. Ecllly. Law- nee Reilly, D. P. Ryan. Rev. E, Slattery. A. Sorgdra K cr. W. H. Sheka. Fred E. heka, John W. Smith, G. Seeman, A. tark. C. F. W. - Stark, John C. Stuart, rs Lydla Stetner. A. J. Thompson. W. J- orpev Gco. Thompson. Harry Ullcrt, R. Zyl Sr E J. Weiser, C. ML Wilson, ' j Virk. Mrs. Harriet H. Zarbaugn, ' ? A Anundsen. E. Bock as Executor C the Estate of Thos. A. Berry, dec'd.. -m Walch, Mrs. Howard Brown. Mervyl rown Paul. F. A. Ontjes--A. G. Brenneck, A Oontjes, assignee. Madge L. Snipps s agent. B. H. Brown. Blrchard Brush, gtnt "Krs. John Cavanaugh, Mary Cook, Michael J. Conrin, Margaret Cahalan. James Conrin. Mrs. Mary Curley. Thos. F. onrin Acnes O'Lcary. Earl Crooks, Mrs. lice Coons. A. B. Coon. Lillian ProudUt. race Quade, Roman Catholic Diocese of es Molnes. G. L. BerRan, Bishop; Hattie Dwelle, dec'd., Martin Dwello Knecland nd Frank E. Kneeland, heirs and legatees, A. Ontjes, assignee" 0. Densmore. dec'd,. Ha Densmore, widow and Claire Densmore, ole heirs and" legatees, F. A. Ontjes, as- ignee; Margaret Ketchen, Mrs. Alta L z. trustee; F. A. Fox as executor of estate of Chris Fox, dec'd.; D. D. -uller, Lynn Fuller, Catherine Fuller Cashian, Geo. E. Fuller, A. C, Gustafson, Frant Hofler, E G. Dunn, assignee; E. Hoxic, ec'd., Mrs. E. Hoxle. dec'd., H. C. Gris- 'old. hefr. F. A. Ontjes, assignee; W. C. iofer, as administrator of the estate o£ Vm. Holer, dec'd.; Winnie A. Johnson Irs. Ralph 0. Bishel, Mrs. Geo. E. Pier- oil. Elvin G. Johnson, Emil Theilen as dministrator of the estate of Mcta Johnon, dec'd,; Hannah M. Schultz, Winnie A ohnson, Emma Fower, Rose Johnson a; uardian of David and Bob Johnson. Minors; ohn Johnson. Chas. B. Johnson, Wm. H, ohnson, L, A. Fritz, Kary Kirncr as ex- cutrix of the estate of Frank Kirncr, ec'd.; Elconora Klimesh, Mrs. Lizzie amm, L. C. Urlaub, Elizabeth Lukes, Carol t Mereuess, D. J. alertness, Mrs. C. G. cnerer, nee Mabel H.- M-ereness, A. G. KJereness, Mamie E. Middleton. Helen Esher Middleton. Myra Alice Middle ton, Tal- ord L. Middleton. Flora A. Warren, Maude ran patten, Elizabeth McManus, Thomas E. IcManus, D. J. McManus, R. J- McManus, :rs. Geo. Keh. Jas. McManus, Clyde Red- lond, Marvin H. Wiegman as adrainistra- jr of the estate of Rev. M. O'Callaghan, ec'd · Nellie Ohlson Dubes. Esther Ohlson 2oothby, Arthur Ohlson, Roy G. Ohlson, ··liflord Ohlson, C. S- Ricdesel as admim's- rator o( the estate of John C. Riedescl, ec'd.; F. E. Rlstrim, sole heir and Jegatec, Gayle Ristrim, -R. J. Wiegman, assignee: ate Reilly Hill, Lawrence Reilly, J- E. Reilly. Emily Hadley, Beezie M. Schweiger. W. F. Doderer, dec'd.. D. W. Kreider, assignee; Mrs. J. V. Stark, sometimes known s Mrs. Lilly Stark, Weldon Stark, Martha Jtark, Marion Stark. Glen Stark, Ernest Stark. Orlin Stark, Minnie Tillman, Kenneth ftllinan, Mrs. Vera Robinson, Minnie Tillman as guardian of Lola Tillman, a ijtinor; Estella Windecker. Mrs. Clara Harris, Arthur Windecker. H. W. Windecker, C. J. Weiser, Inc.: Johnson White, dec'd., sole icirs Lottie B. White, dec'd., Frank White ..nd Lulu White Galbreath, F. A. Ontjes, assignee: Sarah E. Malier, James, Wagner, Grace Wagner Patten, Eva E. Wagner, Leon Wagner. Glen J. Wagner, Feme E. Camp- ill, Florence M. Cook, Geo. F. Wagner, Frances Wagner Purcell, M-. Ruth Wagner. ;. aCary Boreson. Wilfred Wesley Pomp l u m . Hazel Bagwell, Effie Nitzel, Paul L. Tames, as guardian- of Dorothy May Porter, Lydia Irene Porter, Hazel Isabelle Porter, Lawrence Stevens Putter. Eugene Burton Hawkins, Rev a Leigh Hawkins; Eva E. Wagner, M. Ruth Wagner, Feme Wagner Campbell, Leon Wagner, Frances Wagner Purcell. Florence M. Cook, Gco, F. Wagner, Glen J. Wagner, Grace Wagner Patten, Mrs. Minnie Wagner, H. G. Wilber, dec'd.; sole heirs. Hattie Wilber. Mabel Wilber, Cora Groves and Gayle Ristrim, R. J. Wiegman, assignee; Geo. F. R. White, Earl JC. Dean and Fidelia A. Dean, as executors of the estate of A. H. Dean, dec'd.: D. McMillan and K. McMillan; plaintiffs, intervenors and parties entitled to participate in the benefits o£ the judgment rendered in this cause, and against F. E- Keeler and National Clay Products Company, defendants for the sum of Forty-five and 13-100 (S45.13) Dollars for each share of preferred stock of the National Clay Works owned by plaintiffs and intervenors and others similarly situated who filed intention to join herein on or before December 1, 1933, and on which there Is now due on said judgment the sum of Eighty-six thousand one hundred twenty and 17-100 ($36,120.17) Dollars, l- have levied upon the following described real and personal property as follows, to-wit: Eivst Fifty (50) Acres of (he Northwest Quarter (N\W'i) ami (he East Fifty (50) Acres of the Southwest Quarter f.SH'Vi) or Section Kteht (K) In Tounslilp Ninetysix (SR) North »f Range Twenty (20) \Vcsl of the Fifth T. M., Term Gordo County, lown. 1 steam shovel and drat line and flam shell: l pinner for machine »hni: 1 three t»n chain hnist: 1 ftiln Mock die: 1 itiKn- nuiilc brick cutting nmclilne: 1 electric m n l n r for silo c u t t i n g table: 1 tlnec tittft pitch f«rk; 2 5C»"P smivcN: J stove; 3 hriri(lle«i of old licUIng; 1 screw jack; 1 let or belt In?, liolt*. lirass, whWlr, chain* ntid Friacksmith toots ntiri key drifts; 1 »ll» Murk mnrliine: 1 hrlck machine: T mil nnd »hitft: l SAW o u t f i t : 2 brick fnchips machines: .i«(l drying rnrs; T lle heads for Works and tile: IS lilock rtles: 3 bri«-Ii die*: 12 tile dies: 4 hearts for blocks: l chain block: 1 grnnululor: 2 piic mlllt; 1 mill: t tile cutting table: 1 block ctit- Un~ tnblc; 1 Mock cutting; fable; 1 chimney block cutting table: 4 elevators; 1 set of rolls: 1 set ol disintegrator rolls; I common set of rolls: 1 elevator hoist; 1,0-00 ft. chain cable: 2 clay cars: I 30-11. cler- trie motor; 19 belts on machinery; 48 tiullty* on shafts; 2 elevators; 1 tool box: 2 cupboards; i stock room of did cast- Ins»: G rolls of old hcKins: 2 pulleys: I rope drive; 1 23-H. electric motor; 3 old radiators; 1 tank pomp; 5 pulleys; l steam shovel ensine, old, repaired; 2 steam shovel*;; 1 car pulley and motor; 3 dump carts; 1 model T Ford yard truck; I lumber wagon: 1 tank woKon; 1 old noser mill, outside; 1 old steam shovel I for repairs; 10 wheel barrows, outside; 1 40-horse motor; 2 transfers. Inside: fi transfers, outside; 2 blacksmith vices; J Blnlndale Co. turnins lathe and tools; 2 emery Rtnnds nnd grinder; 1 prtndstonr; 1 little Giant trip hanimrr; t power drill; 1 blacksmith forftc; I hentlnn stove; I tool cupboard: 1 rlectrir motor; 1 pair sterl shtnrs; l model T Korrt motor; I anvil; I power hark saw: J4 belt pullry*: 3.1 ft. »hAf|lng: * brlt*: t Hollies ciin- hnnrrl; 40 ft. rolrt rnllrd s h n f t l n s : ~ s 't. ens plpr; 1 pinion ernt for niiKPr mill; 1 10-lon J«ck; 1 sn-H. electric rotilnr; 1 XOXICE OF * In and for Ceno Gtinlo County. In the Matter of the Assignment for the Benefit of Creditors of Allied Dealers Company. Inc. TO i The Creditor! of the above named Assignor. You are hereby notified that on tbe 5th day of March, 1936. under the provisions of Title XXX11I. Chapter 550 of the 1B35 Code of Iowa, and acts amendatory thereto, Allied Dealers Company, Inc., a corporation doing business and havltig its main office at 24 Second Street, S. "E., Rloson City, Cerro Gordo County, Iowa, executed to the undersigned Assignee, a general assignment o; all of its property not exempt from execution, for tbe benefit of-all ol its crcaliors lor the purpose ot liquidates the assets and applying the proceeds therefrom on the payment of all valid claims, under the orders ot the District Court aforesaid and In the manner provided by law. You are further notified to tile with the Cleric of the above entitled Court at his office in Mason City. f .Cerro Gordo. County, Iowa, within three months from the date hereof, any claim that you may have against the said Assignor, clearly and distinctly stated, itemized and sworn to by claimant or by someone acquainted -with the facts and Unless such claims are so filed in the time and manner herein specified, they will be barred from participation in any dividend* received from said assets. Dated this 9th day of March. 1936. D. G, SWALE, Assignee. NOTICE OF PKOBATB OP WILL STATE OF IOWA, Ccrro Gordo County. 5S. In District Court.- No. 4S20. April Term, 193(i. IP All Whom It May Concern: You arc hereby notlllcd. itmt an Instruct of writing purporting' to be the last ill and Testament of Julia Rebecca Blrk- beck. Deceased, dated AuKUSt 30. J93U, having been this day filed, opened and ead. Monday Uw Hth day of Kay. iu;:6, » fixed for hearing proof of samo at the Court House in Mason City, Iowa, before the District Court of said County, or the Clerk 01 said Court; and at 2 o'clock p. m., ol the (Jay above mentioned all persons )n- ttrcsled are hereby notified and required to appear, ami show cause if any they have why said Instrument should not be probated and allowed as »mo tor the last Will and Testament of aaid deceased, Dated at Mason City, Iowa, April 13, 1936. S. H. MacPEAK. Clerk of District Court. By M'ARGARBT R1LEY, Deputy. Unemployment in New Zealand continues to decline this season. FINE FOR KIDNEY AND BLADDER WEAKNESS Stop Getting Up Nights Look and Feel Younger Keep your kidneys free from waste matter, poisons and acid, and put healthy activity into kidneys and bladder and you'll live a healthier, happier and longer life. One most efficient and harmless way to do this is to get from your druggist a 35-cent box of Gold Medal Haarlem Oil Capsules and take them as directed--the swift results will surprise you. Besides getting up nights, some symptoms of kidney trouble are backache, moist palms, !eg cramps, and puffy eyes. If you want real results, be sure to get GOLD MEDAI^-the original and genuine --a grand kidney stimulant and diuretic--right from Haarlem in Holland. Give your kidneys a good- cleaning once in a while. Horse Sale t have a load of good quality draft bred Canadian horses that will arrive April 15, that I will sell at private sale. Horses weigh from 1,300 to 1,600 pounds and are well broke. Oswald Strand MANLY, IOWA Special Sale on Used Tractors 10 used Farmall Tractors, all like new. $525 and up. 7 used 10-20 McCormick-Deering Tractors, all overhauled, like new. 3 15-30 McCormick-Deering Tractors, $275 and up. 15-27 John Deere, like a new one. 2 12-24 Hart-Parrs, like new, cheap. We will sell you any kind of used Tractors or Machinery you want. Remember when you buy a Used Tractor, we guarantee it to work in first class shape and you can try it out on your own farm before you take it. We take horses and cattle in trade. Terms to responsible parties. MASON CITY IMPLEMENT Go. 22 Sixth Street S- E. Phone 463 Clear Lake Grain Co. Phone 23 LIVESTOCK SALE SALES PAVILION -- HIGHWAYS 18 AND 69 BEGINS PROMPTLY AT 12:00 P. M. Thursday, Apffi! 25 HEAD OF GOOD WORK HORSES, MULES and COLTS C. E. Proctor of Garner will he here with several head of good horses. 300 HEAD OF CATTLE Thpv will consist of stockcr and feeder cattle, all ages, breeds and" weights, butcher stock, springer cows, lireerting hulls and calves: one load of fat cattle and one Angus bull calf. eligible to register. 100 HEAD OF HOGS We have consigiied a number of bred sows and some feeding pigs for this sale. 50 SHEEP Consisting- of breeding ewes and feeding Iambs. NOTE--Bring your livestock to these sales. You will receive full market value for anything you have to bring in. There is a BIG DEMAND for stocker and feeder cattle, also bred sows and feeder pigs. HARNESS--Several sets of new and rebuilt harness, also some farm machinery. CAFE IN CONNECTION WITH SALES PAVILION SALE EVERY THURSDAY KEN KEEMSTMA, Auctioneer GARHEH SALES CO., IH. ED C. BTJNTENB.U.'H, Owner (:rnor, lowii. Hione. 3' '"' Klnnimc, 1'liom- 73

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