The Evening Post from New York, New York on May 19, 1818 · Page 3
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The Evening Post from New York, New York · Page 3

New York, New York
Issue Date:
Tuesday, May 19, 1818
Page 3
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taaicoastnt JSycRoESBEfXK,) 1 Li .11 1 v ' mV 13 I BANKOFUTICA. (me (tr , w,e capita! .toe of the Han A semi - annual oiymrnu uir .mr - ik, ha it liBf Im en d leciareu. - - ". :.. - .;; holders residing ..nine f J "V",. - " jjjaa receive their dividends si Bank , The members are requested to attend JSC - of the society, on Wednesday even; Bi"p .... Uif rmst 7 o'clock, at I 'Wins tlie Tf. B. Membert elect are requited to attend I (be fame time. - "VJfldjfLySURAXCE COMPANY, rir,... v t,rt Wall. street. fty Will recoive applications, for marine risks, mBd for ioamc; on Urn, wjU - h c. hr - (ween the hour ol 10 A. "V SAMUEL A. LAWRENCE, president. WM J. VAN WAGENEN, secretary. . DIBKCTCrBS John Oothoot I aacG. Pearson, jr. Henry Major Henry Thomas Samuel A. Lawrence Churl Kinjr Robert Benson, jao. James Boyd, jun. Jam Boonoan John Richaud Charles Rhiod James Keowick p. bchermerhoro, jun John Jonei Joseph Smith James Strong; my 19 In Batirmrr r. Meitcx ftahtlttlkd meet mid tiller .ilntonai and f XT F. PELL C0, Wlli ,e" to - morrow 8f V ,, 11 0'CIOCK ao croons iweet jj Almonds " i.i do hitter 6 casks frcso I ' ' mv 19 500 D0LL.IRS.. ti.". fint ti - .iwii number this afternoon at 4 o'clock, will be entitled to a prize of $SM, and oil Thursday J55,wu. mose i.a.t obtained chance, can oe hi (ilLCr.M lr. 3, U4 Broadway, opposite City Hotel. war 19 ' yarlh drawing. - firr. Hundred Hollar: riMiK first drawn umuber 'lln Afternoon, I liourthdrnwingot'the Grand Road Lot'y) will hi entitled W 4il; and a baling prise of itltHMlO may also be drawn. Whole I ickels, BioaJvTav, where another prize of $KJM was whrre Frizes at par and i oreign Bank les will he rcreivw! in pamwit. niy la AT AllC'IION. BY BLEbCKEIt t BIB BY, To morrow, at tbo T. C. Hotue, at 1 o'clock, The sloop MORNING - STAR, bor - . wMvthen 13 14 - 95 loot, as she nov lies at Jj - jtpier No. 8, Coentios - tlip. Irivnutory jnay'be seen at the clHcc of the auctioneers. .i .i nrrvTl) fCC l..tW4linn K.iot)!,,,,. im lirs at OKI - flip. Inven - torv ut theolbce ofllie auctioiioers, Tontiue Col - fee Housp. - r 10 lt Fit Kid H Tor ft 1.1 KL b.S OS. fl 2v0 tons heavy ireigm lor iiariesion. ..iiiplyto . , mv if) 133 Front - street. 'or .Vuf, Freight or Charter, vt? The brig HOl'E, rittslmry, master, one ,ewr ' 0l,a '"'rthen, will Mow 2S0O bbi. is in order, and will be ready receive carg in 3 tUyi. Apply at 67 Jwutfi street, to CAM BRFXKNG k PEARSON. . may 19 ii.Th.l TO CH.iiiTFt, A Ui iir or Sc!io.ncr, ol auoui uhj o X200 tons. Apply to irisy 19 6t No. 13 Greenwich - atreet. ' for I'UtiT - .i U FHl C,, At (To sail on Sunday, 24lh in.t. weather ' 3ata permitting) 'I b clejant enper fastened Kbooner J ACQUF - MtL PACKE T, D miuick, ma.ter Fr freight of 50 bids, or pa.a;c, apply to H. CAR TiVlKli, 34 South - stMit, or J AS. L. MONTAliDKVKRT, may 19 fit . 06 Wil - st. TlK PY - ONKcetooiis Indigo, J? 5Ji bngs Cnffee,. 102 do. Cocoa, Caracas. J UK) Hides, 1300 Horns. J l.'.uvli'ie nt pier - No. 11 East River, from brig Aluic, auj for lata b ' jdllN HEKFERNAN, 34 ioutli street. lit If tare, Lisbon Wine, in pipes and hlids. Maii:ira do in J. do a id qr catki Biy 19 w MADKillA WINK. 20 pipes, for sale at 67 South - street, by C.W1BRRLEXG & PEARSON. may 19 1 JKUVtbl.A cUUKo. I case superior I'm - Delia bhoi. ALSO. I case black Bombazine, for sale by MARCH & .LOW, my 19 310 ilmadway. BROWiN blllRMNUs 4 patkases containing about S'JOO yards, Brown Whirlings, for ale by, the COMMISSION COMPANY my 19 D&C 1 r.i Pearl - nret. Ci L'N POWDEK.. A constant supply, Irom 1 Hie u. Orange"" works, (and which in con - sidcrtd eqaal in rjuality, to any uaoafactured in this country) for sale bv h my 19 54 !?iirth. - t't. 7fl LIVERPOOL COAL. . ij Chaldrons froifl the coal pit, is now ready for dcliveiy on board the ship Juitlni, Andrew Tomb', master, from Liverpool, and will be sold ialuutotuk purchasers, at pier No. IOC. River, may 19 SAL TU, SON U CO. - A PATENTED IN VE.N I IUN, For the convenience and ccnifort of ladies. IT is in eli kuown by all ladies that their cloak Tins, (ai they are called) alias curtail! pins, particularly large ones, in a very short time. Iron the weight ol the curtain, nod from oth?r canics, wear so larg! a bole in the wood in . which they are inserted that they become loose, faomucb that tliey droop and losk ill, nd more rer oftentimes dropout. T prevent this ef - factusllv, a person has invented that wbicb will . Prevtnf the inconvenience alluded to ; nod any jjdy, t ertn a genlltman, can lie convinced ol fact by applying at No. t LVy street, wlier y invention i' to be seen : the ex pause is a merr fife, snd cloak pirn already in u'c can, and will , readily altered to the pro.iosed plan. yl9 3w F MR, LEE'S SELEC I' &CH OL, 01 Use instruction of a staci.E class or ios,in every department of ittrrature and . "jjaw (ceary to a lilrl ecucatiou, (the T langu igfis excepted) will be opened on 'r. the 1st day of June net, at No 8 Place. - eJl' " ''8 "rganization of the class will be ' Srrw th fir1 wetk ot (ke quae's nr jTa 00 new ni - moereiia be admitted. Those "lers'ore who intend to pa'rooite the institiition, "'ennestedtogiye Mr. LEE noUce thereof, u LldofMay, atNo. J Dey street, or, T"mon street. I? V? 12 ,oUar iw qaarter. JI9 Sw . fj MAGEEaho sow, O. opposite the Bank Coflee House, corner of dfine It WiiUani - streela, . r 1 - tyi rape a riitrt ai orimeni of aocuiM, (oo as reasons We terms ai any in Aew - York) among which are the folio wing : - ' C;nBC Rrandy ' Holland aud Am. Gin bntet Oil Jamaica Spiriti Imperial, . ' ) Hyson, f Young Hyson, aodr Souchons, J TEA, of the Hud - . treu' cargo. lxai and Lump, i Havana, . SUGAR, Muscovado, Mace, Cloves, Cinnamon, Nntmega, Alspice, Casiile and Brown Soaps, ice. Ac. my 19 Iw I I VERPOOL COAL 100 rhnldron of New lJ Pit Liverpool Coal, for sale in quantities to sun purchasers, imm on board the ship Maria, Capt. Duplex, at Rector - street wharf, where or ders may De leli, or at aU I'me - strcct. mv 19 4t IM)IASLTtiKrj 4i HYbON TK - .1U0 bajs White Calcutta Sugars, ami IS chests fresh Hyson Tea, said to be very superior, both of wiucn are entitled to debenture, and landing from sloep Huron, at lliirlinp slirt, and for suit oy u. ti. a: s. iiowland, may 19 77 Waliinjrton - street. iD Hit. FLhUC. S this is the e.von of tho year when the greater part of tlio.e who U:e bodcrs. Sic, can better diMrme wi'.li Uieir buiiut ss for a thort time thau in cold iveatlier, this u to iiitiraj llt ur who Uie boiler?, ordi. - tills, oriteam - eiiiiics, ire tlial they can bnve them re - set in brick work by a permit of experience and practice. He has received the aiip.mbatio.i of tho - e who employ eJ liim in liestou, New - York, and at the southward, fir h s great laving ol fuel, naatne? of the u orle, and dispatch in utmncsc. hat factory re ferences cau be (iven as to bii ability, to thou who will favor hrn with their com mm Js, by ap plying at o. US liroadwar, ol At.tlioy V l'raprao Si Co. 'Xj Any other liuincsa iu the line of hu profession, will be giatttully received my iu iw" , AN LF.CTUiil ( VILLAGE. 1 he itX Proprietor of au - plot of about on acres, lntlu'ln, h atef power as eitciiuve iiisd prinnniDi m rniieis ii, ni u possewuig ndvaulacef over that place for a Manul'ai luring il'age, is desirous or' disposing cf a piirtion oi if to cntlenien wh'i hav; the inear.i end dii:wi - sition to unite in such an oherf. The ptii'o will oe low, i Ifrnng an ol'jeet lor investment f mo - (icy wiucn runnot hut resale und will pioDablv result in sreat profit. The proprietor h never doubted the eventual establishment of a poweilut oaiinfactiiriii; interest in this trctiou ofllie country, ami the ierin.1 appears to have arnvud when these espoct:lioiK will be rapidly realized. Already the old cia - h ithmenti arc starting with runfiileiii - e ; nnd he i - pernui.ded that there h iio regular bmiuefs at this time olfniing so great an object for 111 profitable employment ef ranital. A man of the premises may be seen, and other particulars known, by .ipplyir, at Xo 65 Wat Intra t. mv 19 2w LOST. ON Friday afternoon, the I5thinst. between Washington 1 1 nil. Bro:.dvav. and the cor ner of Kultun and Front - ('reels, u snnll old t:d morocco Pocket Book. It contained forty tire Dollars in hank notes, a ticket in the last Med ical Srituce Lottery, and a Quarter in the Grunt Road Lottery, now drawing, with several other papers, of u w to no body hut the owner. Who soever may have found it will receive ten Dol lars reward, by leavinc it at the Bar or WhIi iiutt m - Hall. loy 19 ?tt KAN away Irom till subscriber ou Vdrcs - day, Utbiust. a colored aian, named Joe. is about thirty years of ue, of sniMl stature, lark color, and down look ; bad cm when he went awav, a blue jacket and corded velvet pan taloous VMioever will rert iro laid runaway, or lod e liim in jail, so that the owner may obtain him, (hall bo liberally rewarded. Aiibttri nl vessels and others are forbid harboring or eui - ployiogbim under the penalty of the law. ' FRANCIS &'KILLM AN, may 19 Wallabmit, l.on - Mand. SI1 CATION WANTED. 4 MIDDt.K aped woman wants a situation t as ChildVnut - se and ' Seamstrem. The best of reference can be given. A note ad - Oflicc, will meet dressed to A. W. ut thi with immediate attention. my 19 2t JV.F BOOKS. f EMOIR3 of Mrs. Elizabetli Hamilton and LTJ. Mi Hioirs of the Court of Queen Eliza beth, bv Iucy Ail in. Just rece.ved and put io press dv njustb i iiu.mas, my 19 3t Philadelphu. - The. Free JdaM'iCt Monitor. ILLUSTRATIONS of .Masonry, in two parts, by Thomas Webb. Past Grand Master of the Grand Lode of Rhode Island. lc. a new and im - protea edition, price 91 20, just rerrtveei ami tor late oy w. u. utl.EhY, my l! VZ U road way, tSSSSSSt' tP" wHEATON i DA I ' ( VIS, Fancy Chair Manul.u turers, .o. 10J t ulton - st opiiosite St. Funis Chun h oiler for sale, wholesale am! if tnil,a large and elegant as sortment of Curld Maple plain painted and oruameiit ed in gold t hronre,hanihoo, plain and Gilt Balls, Rock ing, Sewing, and Coavtrv,. tion Chairs, tolas, tettees. Louneecv. Music Stools.fcr . Orders irom any nart of the eemtinent ex .. - .i ... r ... . wiui neaiuesaua ntsnutcli. Old Lhairs repaired, painted and ornamented my 19 Vrx Fancy Goods, Jc. fW HE subscribers have - . - J u.. .1. - ps. a r y J jus rctvict it uic l uXA I latest arrivals Eng. J2f'siL, - l tjf land, a handsome assort - Tyi.'. mcnt of ladies' elressing cases with locks and keys, some of which are of an entire new pattern and tiie most fashionable colours, which are cream. blue, morocco and brown, also, ladies morocco and rose wood work boxes and pcntlcmens shavintr - cases, shavinc boxes and tmishes, 3mith i Nenhews Naiiles soap, lavetnler and honey waters, essences, tooth powder, soaps, Ridges soaps, real Windsor do. hair powuer, miniature. frames, maltrease buttons, pocket books, pen - knives, scusors, razors in cases, do. single, ridicule glasses and bags, cavelien, rus - penis. dentrificc. Lc. he Also, by the latest arrivals from France, three esses of genuine perfumery, from the tirst houses in Paris, consisting partly of esu de cspeban.ean de ninffi de etirlos, ean de mtil, eaa He Poleiski, eau Louis lilth, eau Napoleen, eats de emperor drs Russies, Ac. k. ; plain and aniber'd lavender wafets, soaps, tooth brushes cloth do (very elegant) floreatme, silk and kid Gsrttrs, purses, cloves, scent bottle in miniature, spooKe ladies TVi boxes, tortoise shell boxes, mounted fa silver ami gojd; thin bles, thread cases, fruit knives, tweezers, pencil cases, pocket books, pocket lights, needle cases, of all kinds, rice box. crumb, and all other kinds of brushes, pardons silver eye - needlev barrell elups, and a great variety of other articles in their line, which they will dispose of. on the rootl rea sonable terms, at the.r fancy and perfume ware house. No. 136 Broadwav, nearly opposite the City Hotel. I 1 IP mmm I ( . fefrr I It XX J. O VTA I - ! r - v 1 1 1 ANTHONT W. S t,w. tnsj 19 lr ' NEW TOEM. DEMETRIUS, the hero of the Don, ti El c .I'Aem, by AUxia Luslaphievejust rr wv ed and for sale by A. T. GOODRICH ft COr - - 124 Broadway, corner o(Cedax - t.. s my 19 v . - , S'tw Fubluralujiu cni Fancy A ttiaet. . rplIEAniericau Book Keeper, by B. Sheyt, J Accountant. . . , Bonaparte's Letters to Lord I jverpool Trials of the Re. JohtvChrster and Mr. Mark Tucker, together with the whole case of the Rev. Hooper lumanngs. The Einierant's Gnide to the western and southwestern state and territories, with a large inn p ol the United Stoics, by VV la. War by. rq uiuni'i btranger'i uuideto me city oi new York. The Economy of Human Life, by Robert Dodsley Demetrius, a Rutian Romance ; together with all Ihe new and interesting works, by - . ELMS VALENTINE, 104 Broadway, 3d door below Pioe strveL Pocket bxiks and waih tts of a luperi' r quali ty ; gold and silv.r cuihofsM pnpers; gilt daw leet ; halls ; tier lietult ; nrnimeiils; aud tvery article requisite for the cutuplcl'on of ladies fancy work boxes. Visitiiig Ciitils engraved and piitited iaaiuperiur style, ut 4 boors ootice. ' my 19 HI A TluMJll ki iUJvO i. BOOL'S, A:e. COLLINS 4c IUNNAY, No. e.IO l'earl - strcct, have ma'ocooid(:rul''u additionf to their stock of Erigli li slutiwiary by recmt arri - vals from London ; tud hav e on h.u.J and ate daily i oceiving larje mpplies of Ainciicmi arti - cles bi this line of their liu - ioe: - , which renders their assortnicnt of t:i!i.n:hry rny coi;. - y'ce It compri - ej, anion? n'hut:, tile fVilowiug, iz. American an I l.o!. - - li letter paj ers, of various qtialitiis ' . d.i do f.M.ts crp iio do do do eli - awinj papers, various s Folio and br - iilc poft rtrlol board - , tiiols cap aa ! demy, Parrbmctit 9, I'? and JSiiii h globes ' Quills, walers, hliiig wax and ink - powder 9c:.tcj mid dividers, Ui,lluuntk - d ihti'uuiciil Ludiei' pocket books and tlircad cases x Wedgwood's 3 glass ii;k stands i'orl.ible writing dcths, Travelling cases, rmtn KlackU a l pencil, Status and siute pencils llorinet and pi - i - f.i papers Kentish cap aod wrapping paper, fee. ic. C. k II. have vl. - o, cou't:.ot!y,oa hand a large and txtetiive assortment nt' ichoM, classical ati'l niiscelhiueous Lmvks ; ail of which they offer ai wholesale and retail, on bteral terms. ,. may 19 IMK.'vt " ' 530 DilLLAKS. T ''HE first drawn number this afternoon, (4 h days (liatvins) in t! Oivcuo l. Hcry, will be entitled to a'prizi: 'fJ.'iOO, and on tl 51 h tlr.y the liirl drawn i;umhtr v. ill be untitled to prize of 5,000. ' ' The Capital Prizes are " 70,000 ' j JlO.OOO J5,(j(.H " i.'rtt) ' 10JHUI I 3,0CMl Tickets Mid Shares fors Jr at tie Ltic kp IjoI - ttry wTice of . JUDAi! - .: L.tZARUrf, - '4 M:.iti:ik - lune. Foreign bank notes, prizes iu fojincr lottcfii", and approved pr.ifnisn rv notes, will be. taken iu payment for ticxe'a. Order!. from distance, cri - lOMti: theca. - h, post paid, will bo immediately attciididlo, and the tail. if I ndvire gucu id their ucces. A or.rrect check book u kept at the lucky nt lery olfice, diiriij the di awing, witich may be examined all times itee oi expense. my 19 It l or SAF.ijj'jtll, Tk. r. ir - L - i . hp An! an. 32i5lZNE, s - apt. Peu llclui!, now losding, atwl will sail oil Wednesday nevt wtatlier poroiil - Hog. - i or freight or parage, haviug haiidomr accommodalious, ajiply on board, ut tine - strcet wlian, orto GIU&WOLUbtej.'i.iThsv my 18 C!l .s'nuth - st. - t'ou.ii.iLr:, The f i t sailing hr SPARTAN', burthru I.i j tons, will carry b'00 bhh. 'J yeart vid, 9! cuiipet cil hut t iirftintr With 'leavy e - opper, and h - .n b.u. $ ItlOO expecded Oil her nils and rigging wiiliui l.ic l ist . wo uioeltu, and is well found 111 crery iciprti lies at pier No. !l, EaH River. Apf Iv onlHiinl, orto DAM) O. Utl.UES, my 16 2w 7fi Broad - st. ton s.n.i:, I'ho a'ttiinrh irhf liAVW. itl.t urii. L;?ii - .cd4'rom llavte, 141 tons burthen, will cany IIWi iu., I'liiil ti rtoi ioiic 111 tiito lor a packet between that port and (his ; is well found and can bo rent to sea ut a trilling cxpence ; lies at pier No. 8, East River. Apply on board, or to DAVID 11. GILLIES, my 16 2r . 76 Broad - titW. FiirLoXDOjV, y.$4fN Tne f - ?11'1"" trading j(ppercd ship AiLLdlVENUS. N. Arovillc, jun. masUr; will be ready U receive cargo next week, and intended to sail about tbo ath J une, haviug a great part of her cargo ready to ko on board. For freight of the remainder, or passage, huving sit perinr accommodations, aj ply on board, ut Cof fee - house siip ; or, tJ CR16 WOLDS &. COATES, 68 South - street. Consignees of goo. Is by the at - oveship are par ticularly n quested to send their permits on board immed.atcly. my 16 rr. i or GJBR.iLJ.1H &. SMYRNA v4ti (will .ail piilively ua the 20th inttant,) VJv,. 1 he fast sailuig schr EATRESS, mci's, matter, has 3 - 4!h of her cargo on board For freight of reniu.nder, or passage, havin giwd aceomms latioiis, apply to ihe captain on board at Aj. iew' wharf. mav 14 2 The fast - iaiiing coppered ship AUO - iL&iNIS, IL L. Cham oliu, muter, intended to sad positively on the 2m lu.'t. pun yet iicmu modatu 3 more passengers, and can take some more ficisbt. ' Apply ou board, at Jones1 wharf, or to POTTfcM'XIN - E,or , my 14 GRISWOLDS fc COATES. M' VW Ail r CJll WVlA Th shin M4RV.Af.MV. I'nWAl. T.S ' 1 ' . Pi - - my, master ; her cargo being nearly all engaged, will meet immediate duiatch. loi freight of 50 or ICO biles cotton, or patt. - .gc, haviug good accommodations, apply ou board at 1 ownseod's wharl, or to GRIS WOLDS U COATES, my 13 68Soa;h - st ' IV.i.VTEl) JO CUAUTEH. yti A double - decked vessel, of about 250 S!XHa 'JW tous. Apply to ISAAC F. ROE, my 13 tf 8 Murray's wharf. For jMVTirERF, Ihe good fast sailing ship WNGELI CA ; bus 3 - 4ths of her .cargo engaged. and will be dispatched in a few days.' For fieight or fiaoae, Having good accommodations, ap ply u r. Li. iUt. OKI3VVUL.U, say 1 1 86 f 'ulb sL . s V.. SV...11 Si A new pilot boat built 6C1100NFO, r uwv, l(l'i w IWIKr, 15(1 loos burthen, built ia a superior saanoer of Ue be si materials, sads last, and msy be sent te sea with small cxpence. 4pp!y to JY. L. 4c Q. URdSn OLU, my 1 1 , 86 5ooth - st. JAMAICA .UM. U puncleons Light proof and fine liavored Jamaica Runs, Unuing irom schr ClaruMion, frosa Jamaica, at pier No. 8 E. R. for lale by . XliaxK ft L.AUIUE.8, my 16 29 South suret. tr TV LlTEriPtlQL, ' y. ijifa ' Tlit fast (ailing' coppered nhipAVo, H. U. t'r.wker, master, will sU oi the 2ifli iiMt. weather perRiittlnsr. having alt her heavy freight engaged. For freight tf 1U0 bales of cotton, or passage ha,ving exten arv accommodations, apply to the captain on board, csst side Fly - nmi kct wharf, or to JAi. L IHCII'O lAHNKtf, ' ' Xo. t!47 Front - street. - : If. B. Passengers are furnished with teds and bedding at the ship's tp.iice - . m iy Id 6t . . iVauliditt HUH IKK, For a voyage lo Madeira, a god llUlG, thit wi.l carry 'lirtO ban - els. Api. - ly to TUCKER 4. l.f.URIErt, mv ia S3 vuth - stnrt. For Ki.(JblOS (Jam) V I l.f (in rm.n.1 as'lt. I'l 1.'I'X. MinON. J. O. I rdh, master ; will be despatched in a few days. Tor fi ciglil of a - boyt IJO barrels, or passage, ap;lv to TUCKER ii LAUKIKV mav 16 ' 29 Snuth - treet. , j Irvr .'lutxitizni ur iivranu, 4t The good !o.p CF.OUGK WASH - XtfJilXGTON, Cupt.". having part of iior cargo engitged, will Sail ill a few days, and will take ficij'ht for either f the above portn, if oll'creil imniodiutely. Apply to the master on bum J, opposite No". 44 South - stic t, or to GOODHUE & CO. nmv 16 tor jiMbTKHD.IM, Tbebi;i rlLENUir, O'lititn, mas - ic liKt lcr will ne Ul'p - .iu nuu wioinra utij lor Ii tight of 50l0!is npply at 07 oulh - tt. to nivt OAMIlltF.LENGfc I'litHON. ' Hill U CO, LlNiKl - .D OIL, HUSTON .1. l.UM, fcc li'i'4 keg' firt - t cpiality ma.iu - liicfuied 'luliucco. now i.uiili.i'r. ol the lolloivitie approved brands ; " Gen. Fletcher, D. R. Hems, Shellou Ai W iUi.Miiton, Anderson, Luir, A - IVi " - Keuw, P. MilU r A Co. F.G.Oreiislmw, J Gib!), II. Starr, Jesse Hare Ic Co. F. Daney ii Co. P. Hultz ii Vo. nnd It. II. llrndy." al Hurling ', 10 Mid". Spenrs" llo.'ton Kum 20 kes colourieg tor lirpitir J :td in Stat e. StlO liegi firt quality purs Uingcr til bhlj nie siftd prime 1'orli 7 blids wi Spirits, hijrh 4t!i proof CO i i (. doiui'siii: l.taiulv, good quality , I IiIhIi i'cihin Ir. - iiia l.iii'i i.d t)il - 17 hegs low priced fhirpiu? Butter CO ( iit:sS llvsou ijoin i , ;M C'lotbii i's. cargo, fir sale by ' CORA.S. LUBOli, try 15 lOf , :iC Fim.t.stivet 4 lOi'TON YAHN. A supply t Cotton Y.uu (VOai lH to 2?, twist nnl lilliiin; - f u ery stt - peiior i'ia:i:y, fud ihle for sattiiit t jvarp1, just received an! I'.' sa'e by the COiVlvlllJN - t',OV!rA.Y, fry 18 MA - C I l'i iV - .rl .trett. LONDON CO A Jl!3T ojvued, raid lor tale at vn John street, 11 linns' o) u r) 1 Ii g aid L'rer,atid Frock Cnt, a ruling v.hicu is oik; Extra blue Co - liur'. my 14 5!w HOSE ii LOVES. 1 case ol F.iij'.ish silk hose iitu! gloves, just opened, and tor sale at t.5(l Ilisiadwav, by PMLliUOOK ii I'EIEKS. may 16 Zt GROCERIES. W - M. ONDERDONK, jun. 191 Fmnt - sl. curlier uf Fulton street, has ou hand Wines A; Liquors, on draught and in hnttles Frtsh Teas, London und Amertcnn Porter ; Stiani'li Senrs, lieglislii American Cheese, Sugur, Spices a:c. Tog" ther witlia general assortment of Groceries, nf the best cjoality. Families supplied, and SHIP STORES put un :t tlw sSorlest notice. ' Also for sale as above, a constant supply cf uu.iooLitu, 01 approve", epiitiiucK my 14 Iw HKAilDx 20 pities, lor sab; t.y . JAMES D'Wol.F, jr. may 7 64 .iilh - slreet. VL)TII. 1 case superfine vvtst el England hliieC'oth, Slit t'lturd iuuiiii!ncturi il, for sale ut :it ont - t - p. my iu ;it 'pEA, Tl I LATE, BLOCK TIN, Hv. ecc, J. 4tl chests hvs in skin lea list) boxes Tin Plato, assorted lf'UnO Iris. India block tin , Uiiml U.S. Spanish do btlOO lbs. nun wire Kit) lietces prime new rice 50 bbls. cider brandy. - F.r sale by ANSON (J. PHELPS, niy 10 I8;l Front street. AilllE HAVANA cUGAll - CO boxes V entitled to debenture, for sale hv STEVENS & MAI 'TIER, H7 Srouth - slreet. mvlIUt I Jfc L.iLCLTJA SUUAK. . LUU Pags blight yeilow grained sugar 115 do superior double boiled do Larding al Coculics slip for sale al6 South - street, by CAMORELENG & PEARSON. my 15 . iiUoll LINEN, oio. r 1 1I1E subscriber offers for sale, 43 packages JL of Irish Lim n Gods, iniiMrteel per ship Dublin Packet, and other late arrivals lloen Dubiin, co mprising a good assortment of 4 - 4 and 7 8 Liti ns, low priced Do Midi ing and Fine 9 - 8, 5 - 4, mid 6 - 4 Mit - etingl 6 4, 7 4.8 - 4. 10 - 4 Diaper and Damask 3 - 4 Brown Holland and 7 8 Llroglicdas 3 - 4 and 7 - 8 Linen Bed Tick . 4 - 4 Cotton Check All ofwhivh be will dispose of on liberal termi JUIl - N Kr.l.Lii, WJ feurl street mv 14 2w 1 IAVaNA SUUAR. TALLOW, Cu. XJ. 5Q boxes liroivu Havana Sugar, eutitied to drawback. ICO ceroons outh American Tallow boxes Roll Briinitree. id Yd casei TumMers. Landing and for sale by JAMES D'WULF, Jiinr. my 12 51 fj iiiih street. OLD COPPER. AQTANTITY landing irom schooner Clareo dsn, from Jamaica, and for sale by t. TUCKER! LAUdlES. my IU 20 fouth street. IIIOPPA ROMALS. j cases red and ycl - W low Patterns 3 cases Company do. for sale hv mavlA P. REMSEN ft CO. TLY PLATF.S, FIRE tt HICK, fje B. W. KOtiERS & CO 235 Pearl - street, offer for sale, lauding from the ship Clumnf ey, from Bristol, Tin plates, assorted 1 blank do do. - SSmrbritlpe lire brick 5) cask best Bristol bottled porter Abo, 16 casks uf glassware, consisting' of tumblers, vines, decanters, white and . green phials 13 do. of Apothecaries pliLds of all sorts, my 18 '.'.''' rtNGAL INDIGO. 32 cases entitled lode J J hentu. - e, (most of which is ui quality very njwrior.) lor sale io lots lo suit puiciiaitrs and ou a haeral credit. oy JAWKMiafiWUt 1.1, my 18 ' 75 VVall - sfreet. GLOBC INSURANCE COMPANY. milK Cn - sirtifC and Directors .ive notice, X tlial a divide md of four per rent 00 the ca ps - ar stock of the co mnany for Uie lass nil be paid to clockbolders at (heir Otuce. o. 65 Wall - street, on and after the Ufcay 01 Jene neat. The T.raniJer book will '7 the tlsl instant. B T ordi - roi wd" tor. ,FJt;UAsUWV.i - '' inyHdlm fcc ry. KEMOVALS. sss(wasisssjsj ii JTT'JOIIN LOlthiElt UKAU.M,attoiey ut l iw, has rciud hiivif tal No. 43 Cl.auiLcr - streot, near I'.roijwev. Hiayt3 4w ;Lr C U. i;.ls.Dil - H(.i H i - O. have moved their Cuoutiog hoOo ia No. lii Washington - street, whera they offer lor tule tl4hhb) N'tw - or.taos Sugar; siiHtrori ttottif, double nulled kirscrinures, plains and velveteens.' J. ii U. Kt., u itsjv, hat ruiuoveu to o. m ,Aaliutuii - stict. , may l& (Xj lOitN I'HOCIUIl, juo. has removed from No. Gi Birkmnn to U d Liberty - street, where l.e:illnt!Vr lit eral anticipations on pro - pe - rty e oiuuticd to hislrictids in the Mediterranean. For lurtuar puiitrularf, npplf as above, orto ' " Al.'HAIIAM BELL, n.v7 tm corner of Cliff 4c Fultoo - sta.' IC NEV l.s. - j in 'I o . - r ND have icmov - l .Mm No. V), tn No. 40 W.i:istreet,!Hdjoini.ig lt'i'v loink. mv 15 Iw nt .WAi'KIE. iil.NE .V I U. trtit. have retuo may 4 vi! in .i. 61 Pine Jlilf.iL D. luiUut' iu, onus Ins triendi and ti e 1 uhliii in rent 1.1 1 lie has remo ved his I'phoUlery Wuiv House Irom No. t',5 to No. 6J Maiden l.ia'e wheie be oili rs for sale i - i 'in pM'err.s ofl'op r Haricirgs, just rueivi'd by ttic - l iVsl anivuls Irom France, 011 ttenio - t re soiiiitl! Ii r.ei. ' tuvi lm AVCilOS SALE Ot t.i...U.ij T FLU - MTLICF. Ox MoMUV, 2i1'U IXST. A T 10 o'clock', ut the ware juom of Ctiai. I k :tit iti:iii, FulUin - nVi eet, who is with. drawing; fmm the caMi.el Imsinrs, un elegant u - ;solmeiit uf l AUI.SET FUI.'NITEUR. the wluileof which v. iil be warranted by Mt - .LIiris liaii the same as il son! bv l.iio at private sale. The lease of the tnive premises fur sale tr to let . ma) 15 Jw ir OU.L - E I - Lilt. s?AI.E. A ( liiuiilsitiii ilarK bay M AIM , Simu old ; vvrirriinltd sound in ever) reaped 1 li - r fca.iu ar easy, and trots well. o'ie is sintat.le ci'"' r e r t.idnU. or giif, und is U In; seen ,t Mr. SLOWLEY's Staole, lit Jnhn - slieet. ror. Iint.'.er pnrlii ulars, Pjtly ut tfr: IVar' - strt ct. mv lit ::t. ROoM 'iU LEI. 'PWO or three f;ei,t!ciM u atid a;eiitl."innn and I. I:l Vile ran l't in t iiit.inoiiati d with li'iitd where the ap uttnent" are ! re nnd ptfti' int, by applying l No. M veity blrcft, i pp'Siie th tliiirtb. mv Id Iwt MAI; - , iVC 4 MAT of I he XL S. with .1 l.o k fro. - .gr. - .phi .. enl mid topographical, on n llcru, and also isirtal.lo fr travelieis. " The Traveller's IJiieetory tbrongh (lie U.iltcd Slates purl nlde; ; " An li gant large map of Ol.i , Do ludiaiia, 'I ctiiictiie,' Slid l.'bnoit . . - L)'s M:ii id tiie slate, ejl ,v'civ York, on ro lc ra and porfahlu m Mtllisii'i Military Atl.uofiti' U.S. Maps of the lour qiialb IS oi I lie ivolM M ifi of lie - v. u:d, on Metoatoi's pi.ui, - . very lan'e utiil i.lef nrtl. . , Nlnp of L'iijihiii.1, Wal.s ned t'col'an.l, on a scale, und very rletii.t. lis and 1 Itich CJul:(.i - For sale by V. I UR lFLL, mv 10 3t Whll s'uef. cower lirniol. ' to i:ik . INHAHITAN'1 OF NEW - YORK, ' ARD II S VKIttrV. 7"M. BR A.N, Dyer, e. from LondiUi, VV crate Hilly ai lc.iow leitces tlie bix rid en. ccurHgcment Im has rereiied, from I, is (iict.d ami Uie. public, smru Ins Irom r.tilauil. Anxious to merit a cuntinu vioii of u itinn. age aud support, be has 1a!en tlio.e cxtensivr rctiiiscs Nos.'37 find :!jSrucc - itri:ct, (lair Little Oeorge - itrcet,) where he hits nt considerable, uxiicnse ertctcd machinery and ctsiy counea - icnee to e nrurr tlieiT latuie lavouis. Piece Goods di'd any fancy ,i.Ur and llnMied in supciior style; Ludics drosses, silk. isltiii, velvet, damask, moreen, rrape, yeils, shawls, tiiantles, pelisses, boiuhazi ens, &u. 1 leaned and d'd any fancy putUrn, chip, straw, aim lenorn uonncts aya. Black, for mi.uiiiing, on shoitcsf notice ; mo recti furniture" c!caii'd,i!)'daiid u(o.' - f)iMked ; not - pressing, .V . mv lit I in FOH SsfLE, A country sent, fnrmnrly 01: ned bv Mr, It. I. Arden, r.iiitainttii' about lil'tcen acres of ground, sitiintcd on the Eaf Kik r, ihort of four imlgs iroiti Ihe city. It is remarkable for its pleasant silimtion and is ti very desirable rci - denes 1 ilher suiiinier or winter; (lie buildings nn good Aiidroiiilortnhle J the ground is ia liifch oio'ir, and nhiiinhuiliy supplied with a rl.eiie colleclioii ol lruii ' roes aiidshrubliery i (here are seveial springs ol exc llent water on the premises, and Iwo quariisi of l.mMing stone, which might lie worked to great iihatiin ;e. Ptirrh s - seis tire invited to vikw this situation, and apply at No. 13 Broadway fur terms, which will behbeul. T. ELLISON, my I i 3ir CAUTION. fr The public are cautioned, that the vale dilrnl tljt deed of the above monlrmd'l cotmft seat, froiu R. D. Ardrn, to Thomas Ellison, (istj, witi tie nrmty ui.miiiicu, on tlio ground cl its be in; a fraudulent conveyance, made for the pur post nl ueiuatmg a Judgment enlertd airamst tfi said R. 1J. Ardcn, in January term asl of the supreme court. Th tuhsrriber never saw the advertisCmeut of T. Ellison till this day, or he y.'ould uave given earlier notice. J. W. FATTERPO.V. isew - iorx, tiay 10, iiiitt. my 13 (it CTJINESi; IVORY - HANDLE PARASOLS G li w. itor; n CO. urn brella and parasol m:ie nnla'turer. No. 1 63 DroaM way, betweeu Courtland and Liberty - streets, oiler lor sale an extensive asrot'tment i4 PA R tSOLS and UMLRl' - LLAi' ol the best quality and latest fashion, among which are pa I raolt with ivory handles, en graved Cbinee figuros, superior to any ever of fered lor sale in this city. Unices Irom the coun try for the above articles will reesire particuiai attuntion. Xs Umbrellas and parasols oestly loun.l and repaired. my 16 DilC'Jt MEW nuESSLYO ROOM. FRU.VF.A TO, No. 1 Wall - street, Just re . tortir! iroiK llalv. has the honour lo inloria Ihe gentlem - n, that he cut and dresse hair in the latest style, Knd in a mai tier to a to adof il it to tlx phuioHiiomv. He Im for sale a qsautl iu ,1 u a ynns .f tljs first duality, if they do not please on trial, rl purchaser aie at lihertj lo return them, nd rciuve (fiemoney. lit has i,i,.uiiu - nn - ured a very fine bone, snderurieei to trstore raxir to a very keen edge and should tl.iy not eel he will receive no recompevce Those rri.firraen svho may please to boner bin with their p itronasre, may elepen J on tlie uses! psrticu'ar end respectful attendance. Frumetdo has iust received a few setts ol tlie celebrated Mangum raise Back Razor, warranted of Damascus steel of a superior quality. Amateurs may shave t'eupe'.ves luxuriously. N.. IL Geiuh meo who subscribe by t' qanr fer will have their razors, Ac. kept xclu;iveK ear thcrfuselves. P. 6. A XJed journrymin wxiltrl. Arnly ai above. - - mh 6 tf , MARBLE rOJt BL7LDIXO, te. , - On H E prtprii;teirs of the southern marble qua A - ries, ucar fciioiVbrklge, give ootice, that . they have oo had, and are receiving, at the : Kwgt - Hridzt Mmble mtsl Lune - i ari, foot of Beaitt street, m the Iiuden river, an eiteniiy stock oi marble lor buildinj, of the followiaj do. scnpitons, vu : Ashlar Coping , V Foundation Stone Cbimney - Pieces), . Facings Columns WaterUble Steps PUtbrms Sills, Laittsu) Arches , Also Lime of the best quality. fTy - A constant supuly of thenbov matsrkds may be calculated upon ; and these desirous of purchasing, or making eugageoients, will apply to EZRA LUDLOW, Feb It . At the Yard. MtnhmU Bank, Mag 5, IblbV rrv Tha annnal olecliun fur Directors of this institution will ha held 00 Tuesday td day of June next, al the Banking House, between the hoom of 10 and 4 o'clock. - By order of the Board of Directors, G. B. VROOM, CashV. mnt5 tj2 - : ;' ' ' ''' MUTUAL iJVSlHjiACt. CiMP.iJiX.Qf THE CITYOF.VEH'.YORIt: The lYcsidem ami Directors give no - tire that a dividend of four and 4 half per cent. in the capital stock of this Company, for six months, w ill be made on tue inn in 11. ana paid on demand to the stockholders or their attonncs, at No. Si Wall - street. my 6 lrn . JOHN rlNTARu, nee ry. X't 'Ihe copartnership between V. VER - MLS to LAFOU.GUF. is this day dissolved. ' May 13, 1IU. VINTROUX VERMsZ. my 14 0' . . ' Otr The new i F.KRY BOATS irom Uie foot of Walnut strset, New York, to the loot of Little (tract, Brooklyn, near the Navy Yard, will commence rutitiiug on Sunday, the 17th iesL I rrsotvs rrossinictu Brooklyn from the upper pail of Ihe city, will find the distance much shortened by uimg this terry, my 14 ' , LANDS. .. STEPHEN B. MUSI, No. 6 Pearl - tln - t, Ne w - York, nurchasei Lands in the Illinois Territory, which bai been let apart for tha I de Army, hellers from the country giving si de ripiiim of the patent and Ihe price asked for t .K Ii lot, will he attended lo, if Post paid. ' mv 1 DACtf s ' Jtnuriean Academy of the rvitArti. The lioard of Directors give notice, that die fouilh exhibition of this academy, will bea - penad on Wednesday next, 30th instant, and coiiiuiue oprn every day2Suuday excepted) from !) in the morning till dusk. Admittance 85 cents. Catalogues 14 By order. ' ALEX. ROBERTSON, Sec'ry. Memt riid exhibiting artist! are uafonnsd, th'st tb'ir rardi ol admirsion are left with tho door kes - pcr. . ' my 14 iw 1 ON I IN E COFFEE HOUSE. . fiC?', The I'oiiirnHtee for managing the aflairt .I too 1 online ( ofTee House, give notice, that a Diiidcnd of Fiientecn Dollar tier share, for tlit yi'tir ending the 1st int. will be paid thepro - .ri. tors in 01 uirer the IUIU inlt. at 24 n road - sire,:!, my 13 Im BRIG 'FRANCIS. . All rfi'ison are cautioned against cre - li'.iiig imv of the Crew of the British brie Francis. Cant. Tanmint. as no debts of their rottti acting u ill be paid by the master or consignee. : " may 16 ft' - RODNEY SMI i ll CHURCH. Allot7. ney ul Law, has Ida ofUc at.tbe lower village in KenimoK, wnictifss county, where all business, in tl.e linn of his protessioa will be faithtully and punctually attended !. my 18 21 UOAll ersoas having any claims aguinstthe) estate of the late John W illttust, - tnssRt, wrsj " rc,U. !ed to present the same to eitlier of I ha nil,:rii.eis, tit, No. 69 Eust - Ruljjers, or 270 Cherry street. JOHN II00KE, Executor, ELIZA HE 111 WILLIAMS, Executrix, niylillw 1 J'ur Frtfland, via Halifax (AVno Sroita.) txtr I. iters for his Brilanuic Miiiety's pock et Francis ricding, wilt he received at Ihe Post Office till WcdntKlnr nfienioon, the 3d day of Junu. T. W. MOORE, Agent. my 10 .imrruan litiurantt Company. 'lHE board of Directors have Ibis duy derlar - J. t d a Dividend i f fifteen per rsnt, 00 tba Capital Stex k, for the last six months, payable on or alter tlx first day of June next, between the hour of 10 and 12 o'clock. Uy order ol tba President aud Uirectors. May 12, itlitt. my 16 P. HAY I , I , Sec'ry. NOTICE.. - . O3 - All persons indebted t Waters Furnua ansicbarn. Dohhs, (for street manure) are requested to call sud settle their account with either of them, or with D. ft L. Mead, at the corner of Pump ft Eldridgevstreets, formerly called Third - street, on or before the first day uf July next All person having demands against them will please to prescot their account tor settlement. . WATERS FURMAN, and CHARLES DOBHS. , my 12 dftclmt EAGLE TAVEK.V, No. 149 Water ttreet, near Fly Market . GEORGE WOOLDREDGEV, loiy ii r.Aw to it k isay 1. rssskt, II! Lfcl'ECTfl'LLY announces, that ho has e - pened Ihe I averu lormerly kept by Air. Jtmn iVIinciB, with an excellent assortment of .Madeira, Port, Claret, and other wines, Liquors, Beer, and tvery other requisite in that line of dullness. ; A vanefy ef Relishes will be always ' ready, Codec, Soiir, Oysters, Chickens, lie. Ac. according lo llic season. If unremitted attention and civility, with moderate charges will procure the favor of the public, U. W. pledges himself to endeavour to merit them. ' Dinneis, Fupprr, &c. provided eitlier In (lie American, Fruch, German, or Italian style of rookery. 11. J. 11 AfsKT, solicits his nameroti friends to Ihe above establishment, and convince themselves that no more is promised than i in tended to be iierlormed. my 15 6t M.iA 11 A J 'i t.St it A i A Itt.'tiKS. - T' HE citizens who hat removed ut bouses where tlie Manhattan water Is supplied, aud wlio are uot wiliuig to recriv uie water, ace requested to send untie lo (he Vv ater OuVe, So. 7 ISeed stnet, ollierwise they Will be coo - siJered as subscribers, and cliargeu accorumgiy. v H. v ati'l for lateral pipes u recommenaea in prel - renc. lo lead, far salubrity, lead always giving a I al IIC 10 ine waier. . . may 10 :t WAN I ED. V8 Cook, either a white or colored Woman, who perfectly understand tier basinet, sad can produce an unexcepUoosble character. mha person win t e aimwe 1 goou waters, on ap - prying at ry rarit - place. rev i w GEN' RAL SIGNALS, PRICE 1 DOLLAR, HJRPAI..E, at Uie store or Messrs. TUCKER, it CARTER, No. 69 South street, general sign at, whereby merchant vessels rbay comma - nit ate by oay with 11 common colours or the ship, acd at niglit with four lai.thorns. 500 of Ibo above are bow abroad ia difTereut vessels, and Use proprietor is induced to put them thai low, in order that they may get into general circulation, and that every ship master or owner may avail , himself of a method ol commauicalion, which, is adopted, will save all tlie lime tmavosHshly sst in speaking at sea. Gentlemen are reqe'H call and examine the method ttptmeli.r at tba store as above staled. m18 Iw" COTTON. 50 bale of P'itrJ UHard Cotton, received per sloop Mycy, frosa Savac - nah, and for sal by . . . JOHN EL:t 149 Peail ittnt. . any 14 Iw '..; C ( . .v. , " '. , ' - , 4 , - '' ,'t . 1 . 1 - ' ! .. f '' ' i .: . I ; ' - r ,r t( .' - ;. ; c - . ; !. " ' '' - 3' ') i ' 1 V5 '.I ; 3 s Fi t - f t. i I 4 . ' t . t :

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