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The Evening Post from New York, New York · Page 2

New York, New York
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Tuesday, May 19, 1818
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.XEtr - TQIlK 'F.VRffUfa POST. TUESDAY, MAT ttV W conclude this evening Mr. Dw'r. - ht't Me and g eoeroot Tindiitftioii of th character of gen. Putnam, from the malignant and uaitaruiy ai ".Trf J nearborn. to fix upon it the taio of 'cewardice. - We have read tereral well - meant aBort teveral of tb oawrpape rs, to th mat cause, bat have given th preference to thi being more taUhfaclory d wtUr written inmn any we tut v met with. ' Tm ihe Editor tftfiaErtninr Pott - ' Sir. Iwoald eiiuuire through our paper, , .why the monument m m !, . , vl.ich hai remaned .landing jo rn.t.y years. ; ahotild t thi bourne reirmvcu .u " - " - rial thrown into the ttreet 1 What wt there diou in this timple memorial of people li . rf.vnt.. Whv w it J eft. un - touched by hand, that dettroyed the WW of I king, under circumsvans" - breast of an American with the pnitidest emo - tion ? ' Association entwined about thi pillar a collection of event (hat no history could con. vey i Jtnd might not our heroic faiherf, here, have had in view, their children gratitude, excited by 44 no atoned urn f" Pcrhspt, in ouridert of the msgnifteent, it i intended to rear on the pot mt vst P,le P?1 pctuat to after lime the glorit ofthe revoln. lion and the acienre and wealth of the present dayf Whaiever be the nvolive, as a private I cuimut but lament toiec this Tea. lire, however obscure, thus removed forever from our view. And if it has been removed, merely from a thoughtless, but too prevalent. disposition eX" tearing Otwn, I cannoi luuy r nreu to ou. sir. the extent of my regret 11 appears like a criminal disregard of all those feeling or inenran, which, hi Kv, ctatesmen have aimed to keep alive, and which virtue, for once, sanctioned, although in unison v with policy. inn It boot trn a insinuated hy Mr. Cobhelt, in ' his advertisement In the I'ott of yetturday, thai I ever sold Russia turnip - wed, and said it wu raised b Mr. Cobbetti neither u a irue inai Mr. Cobbett introduced isiJ turnip to thiicouu try, as they have been a vegetable w uie riy market tor twenty years paei. ,. GRANT TflORDUR - V. txlrott of m hUa It gtnllcman of Ihit tily. " The brig Edward Foster,.Coatbooy, of Bos - too, arrived t Pernambuco en the SOtn March, ). in the short passage of 23 days from Gibraller." Latutfrom Ji Yesterday afteroon the fast lading ship Hercules, Macey, arrived at this port In 27 day from Liverpool, bring - ing papers from that place as late as the 18th, and London dates the 16th ult They contain no recent intelligence of any moment, but we have selected auch articles as may interest or amuse, and ahall continue to give tliem till they are exhausted. . . The average of Wheat by returns of tliesreond wetk, received at LKerpool ou the monnnjr nl the 1'Jth, was 83 lOd prr quarter one hilling higher .1,... ,K ras of III DrTfeCliiue UCK. I.nrd Palmmton. wn firrd at on Uie 8lh of April, as kewas ancendiiig the steps of the War Office, tva Lieut Davies of the C'it rcgimi - nl. Tlie hall only irraeed him ami proiiiicvu a ui!" contuww on the back. The a,ainaHS arieifd. r.r i, mli. iMit mi l.ivoi ooul on thf mcht of !! ICih olu in the larre bonded ware homes in Suf - The prices of bowed and Orleans cotton are now A.I higher, and those of prime ipiulilies ol K - a Maud IOd W Is Cl per lb higher. LLOYD'S LIST, JlnrilS. . . . .... II.......'... ll...... Vir.inli. At li.imfcgaie, me .ni..n.. - , . w., . At Bremen, the Independence, Wood, from f'VsnrIfitim. AtHambro, the Elbe, Patterson, Charleston; Recovery, do. , i .. i tUm nrion. Rurnn. Charleston. Tl . ri.. i,Af still occunieii with disrussinr lb articles of the Budget. - Tlie House of Rothschild, i London. , had contracted for tlie Prussian Loan ? sbi1Ios ster - ''".IW - re TawJ - Tbe Sjack E"""" btrnone c4Mrtmned sern of bustle with lhrM faprrulaliosi. Kaily ilus prevailed greal aid.r, to buy o(k ; and co.i. I. ifor the .i - i. kuiilM - xubscaucotlyidccUned t., at)Hl which ihey clo - . It aupears ihet very I.Z.I hu, babscr.bed alike office of M, Hut, 1km ho io the extnot reprrseniea, oi fro l io 17 millio.. - The total tmMM are al,;,4t)0X). It jcfterally undcr - U "rh.l llCh.cuor.fll orr UI not require more in this lorm lhao aboirt L0 millions. The new 34 per cent., are now offered at 52, but the lakers (as tb phrase is) would not give more than 60. ., . Mocks closed this eveinng follow .Red. Abo. SU. - Cousol,, D(i - Uo. (or Arcl. aJ . On Monday last, iathe Mouse oT Lords, Ihe Carl of Liveruool presented a messaRe from llie Pr,.. Rra,i.(iainir that treaties of mamaee ai iu twrotialiou between Ihe Duke of ClareiH - e aad a Priocrsi of Saxe MeininRen, daueliler of I.. Iirrririnnr Duke, and botween the Duke of Cambridge and a Princeisof lleske, daufchlerof Ihe Landgrave r reaerira, una niece for. The message desired Ihe concurrence of the lioiue iu makMif. a suitable provuiou tor the Kuy - al Brother. ' The tnwtion that tlie aiessajre should be taken into coniteration the nest day, was agreed lo. ' A similar mesnage was rommuuifairu lo me House of Commons, by Lord Castlert aeh. It differed from that to the Lords, chieUy in ihe stres laid on ihe loss luitxinol bv the nilion nnd the Ileeent, on Ihe death ol Ihe Princess t iniioiie. u on the consequent nceity loreniilihiiRllie I rmce Keent lu nrovulc tortiieiiiHrnnri's oi m lviym brothers. Loid Cutllcreiigh moved, thai the men - axeshouhl be referred to acoinmiltee ofthe whole tlou e ou the next day. mr.13r.iucii.iui, ,i Tavlor. and many others sjioke with rrprelieimion, of lliu ralluiif iijion mrliameiit m cue lare sums, wulicmll.ivinr ueiore ineui mm n nn - r - inaiun as wassuffient lo show the necciiiy oi liie V INu mini who h id theutlier mi(lt alien lear,coiild conscientioutly aurui lo ii - ; lius fur uch a on mono ai the present. The nie. age was ordered to e relerro d to a committee, Koid i:iHierc!(h niovea an naureft oi iuiik ii lhrnniiiitiiiu - iilioii. . Air. Urouehain moved ana - mendiuf'iK lo llie Idres, adiiioiiinhiiig Ihe Prince Kegenl of the stnte ol llie ieopie. . very spirited iliirii'sion emurd, tint the amendment was urgiitived bv a tuj"rity of IU lo 93. The Chamber of Peers derided, on Snturdny se'miL'tit. on llie Denied for the abolilinn of llie lavc trade, a liicli was agreed to by a majority ol on,j,A i April 8. Veslenlny evening tin - marriage oi Ihe riincess Klisaletli, third u.iupku - r ol tueir majrslio, with Philip Augustus rederick, lie redilary prime nl lirste iiomuerg, mm uui.c he queen's palace. . TV C,ml,n.nt The onlv arlules of any Interest from.the Continent, in tin - lata arrial, arc communicated tlirouch private ihanm - W. One of these is rather a cujiou, iliM'tnneiil. It is a copy, of a leile, from the Polio lo the French Deputy MnrCel - hu. who. it uonears. aildreMt - d bis 1 ioli,f on the subject ofthe law rclaliiif to the Concordat. There has been serious qmirrels bet wren" Ihe Preurh and Swins troons at Lyoni and .Strntburgh. Thcwits regiment, which iriu garrison at the latter cut, is on the very wont terms with the French rrrinirut of artillery. They have proceeded lo open violence with sabres and' buyonels. On lh;Hhand3ltof March, it was neccsary to confine the two regiments to their barracks. Several bwi - sand some French artillerymen bnve lieen severely wounded. It is believed that the Swis regiimut will be oliligetl Iu leave atraanui gn, to void mure rlungerous tirom. . It IsslHtrd. that the affair ofthe liquidatinu was to be concluded on Tueday se'iiuittht, vihen the Dune of tVellington was to proceed io L,onitou. o;xria - r.xtractol a titter, usieu mnuria, .umitii It; "All the exertions of Mr. Uwlediit, the Uavonne hanker, to neeociate a Paris, on behalf ofour Covernmenl, have proved of no avail ; nor have tlioc Rtli uipts, maile here, lo excite the avarice of meichunts, in Ihe same way, been more suceesful. MinUter tiaray 'stall is daily expwteu ; aiid,iin.eitM nlly, all bl chiineiii nl proje, is and plilllk Will gO IO tlie ground run nun. ino.t dari.ig part, by selling liiin - elf up, in oppnsi - iiui In Ihe noliles al cieruy. Ai me pn - srm mi folktrett, known by the nuineof farr s I nctoiy.l . , , wh.ih.ive anv inmiev left, bury it .1 MurUltll - MUIll It appear, that the Dry of Algiers died of the plague on llie 1st of March, lie was succeeded ' by Coigis - Cavalli, formerly his mini.ler, who dn. Tbclnew Dcv nnnin - diately ordered all the female christians and jew - es in confinement W be set at lilierty. Tl 1... ffiwM ,lim fiklloWill'! OIIOtAtllMIS Cotton. Unlands. U Ud a Is IOd ; Sea,, I - ni Ureal qiisntities of colonial produce was connim - (Ur riUIj . ,r wol,, Government bo nlilrto ed, sadrin fire was raging with Uie I ury l uU"5(ljl the bayouet, astt.e Treurli did during the late war. From the New - Votk Daily AdvertUer. CW, I'UT.WIM U 0K.. DEAUBOKJf. (Concluded.) After the tt,;iou of hostilities on the 5d of June, iTill eeti. Vhthlnsfoii wrote eeu. fulnam a I0to4s3: New Orleans, Is 9 a 2 tiJJ ; bensnis, n Ucr roul muc n,e julloMing passage are Itii a Hid. nice, mii o. rmwu, . - t.ltrcltd. Plus. Clover seed. 85 a J5. lotmcco, t. to ti'.in.i u , g. A.lH.s,poti,57a59.; WM'W""!,'"' Your tuvour of the 20th of Mnv 1 received C?S "iii; VC - V" do,, with much pleasure. For I n.u.e you, that a - 4'i. I Ver' little doing either in wneai or liour in I inong uio many wormy nimiumuu, consequence of large arrivnls at ionuon, inn t witn wiium l navu tr.ut inc nappmeu io no iou - na here ol loreign wneut. no v"'" v . I nectea hi servito uiioujii inc count oi uui wr, ever continue open till the 15th August. Ol this I WJj ,r(m wlloje checrlul asi.Uuce in the vari - there is no longer any oouut j rwrj , iu . , . , lrvi, virieiludos of a complic.ted con - ,,M, JUJU JL2I. Beeswax, .is ,"" - ... vMF 0l - I'lirssu JSNOT Kicehsd declined to 41 a 4, but ihe demand ' V.1 t... . .,ul flrnl nl busineit ueeu iuuuu i i r - .i , uur wi.i ti no, "'""i - - .... i ....... f u ..n i.i.. r, done. ! is probable tniu ineiuiy inrruir inni,iruAi ii inns movu nm.i uviumai. .u. M.j .lulv .'will lie oulv 10s. Since the .'ith inst. it Hf I ni.n.l the reinenihrnni - c il all those tnils and 1j - heeti S004per cwt. (lull. . i.ixsceu mr kwiuS j Uitiei lliiou"li which we nave sirutrzicu lor ine liescrv:ui'jii and cslubHihrneat ol tho rights, li berties ana iiiJepciiuence ol otir country. " Your congratulations nu the uippy pmi - pects of pe vi.e mid iudependeiit security, with their atteuiUmt hlessiugi ie the V. Stales, I receive with great MtUar lioti ; and beg that you will nrcept a return ol uiy gralulatious lo you ou Uui nuipxicus event uj event, iu which, great as it is iu ibetf, ai.J gtorio j, as it will pro bably be iu iti consequence", you have a right to Al Marseilles. Ihe Acorn, Itutsell ; and Caroline! participate largely, f.orn the dulinguishcd fin la uj. l,oili from Mew - OiKaus ; and Charles, vou hme tvnlnbulid toicurdi itt allauxmeit. I rum Alexinidria. I Uut, while I contemplate the grcatncit of Al tne i.tyae, me mouuic., m vunwn, ...... lhf 0i,icct rdr wm, h w b we tou'.cndeU, and le w.,."r ..on - . , i r.J n ..... licililevou on tho happy ixue ofour toil anJh llnr lianniion, irom j.iveriMiwi, inr iiofconi, w , - ,. , . . " . , . . . - ... t. .i. - i i.i, i L.i ..n - .1 M.,l.. ; i. bouif, which havo tcnm.nted with sach general hud fart of her copper stripped off. , iati. - !action, I lamout that you llmuld leel the uu - The Mount Vernon, Uawaiin, of New - YoJK,ha grateful returns ol a country, main si service arrived at Belfast from Liverpool. , I you have exhausted your strength, i - V, . t".Tt(, Wpni 1 1 Amveu, tu nunuiipiou txlK;uaeU the vigour ol a youtidui cotuiiiuiiou, and Liverpool raan, uiBiwug, .... h I wuh. however, llial vour rxprctations oi re ion j Watt hews, Steele, savaniian l no "' , ( liberality may bo VH'ificd. turuing liberality may bo verified. wold, flleaUer, e - Ui leans , utuj iimiuiti 4 - .in Ar. tVaNhincton. Kellernn. N.York. .V.,i',l, Cerri, tVebbcr, CUarl, .1011 ; Aiiiam e, Culver. New llrleaiw fNancy, ruiumeipiua. "i", Diadem, PnJd, I'hilnd ; Poacher, M.iIloIui, B.s - lou ; O'n. ti idmten, Fowler, Pelertb - aig. Cm, Kentingt - ut, Sill imin, Philadelphia. 1 Mcniml, For Boston, ship Waslilnpton. Kil - lermtin ; Lie. Trader. Fenno For ew i . k, Im - renro, Rurl, I'Jih April ; Riil, Thoinptm. For Philadelphia. H.b.Tnia, Uruwiij Icr - Uahi miKire, Caslalia, StUii April. Portjnotiti:, Mtn!i J7 Sailed, the Ceaser, Itiehartlion, trnin BiUtimore. ForttmMih, il I. Ar. Am. slue A ilfiam Bilker, Wetmore, fcun Batnvi.i, with sugar and cot - lee, lia exprrkneed very bad weather in the chop of Oi' Cliaunrl, and is much slruined, nud ottiera - i.e de.tnneil. Cuvj, Jim Ij Arrived, the American ship Ophnlu, Proctor, l.i days from Cuiiton, with lc, n, t.c. S'urifin - ru.'i, Wfri 1 1. Arrived, ihe Lady Hamilton, Y oiin?. troin l.i.n lon lor America. fjluui - '.i, Aprtt 1 2. Sailed, tlie Lady Mary FvUunn Packet, witli ia.nU t - ,r ew - Yuik' Ar rived, the Knima, I ..urtjiav, 47 il..v trout Mes sina, for reiei. - liiirr. Ittal. .litril 12 Cavie don n from the river nnd sailed, ihe l - da. Sunt'.. fir BjsIi ii ; ami llie E - tec.lra, I.Mld, .,r I' 'i lptn.i. Mnrcitt, .'litrU Pi. I f f mtn i.P tl. Solon, btnd.Uid, .ru n l. ,n.t,,n, fur ie - York, with toss of an nnrhor nnd C4' - le. . PttrumwMf'i, Jtril'.t Xrrivtil.tlie Amerirnn thin Integrity, Klilri hiu. froul Canton for Aimterd.un tesaileu on ti e I'th. m Dral .1,iritl. Arrived li llie Uinnr. li 'Trince M -, llut lmi, in W day f.oin CliHrW - A - ton. D"iwr Jtrii - i I'liwl b thi Purl, Ihe .1 nne. .'aanthe brig Boxer, Copeliind, fiom - Yois. sornsmiMirg. 7 - Lendtm, April IG.. Pa - is papers 10 the 15th' are rsceireo. xue t reuca k ends coututiujil to rise. I have a hope thrym iy but sboitlu they not, your caie will not be a singular one. Ingralihuir. hat Irrn ti - ptritnerd in all p, et ; ani ilKPLULI - hi, in particular, iiav been ti tr f.u ted for the iterate f that uHnalurut oia luiaiit rice." It urn! bo aivarcnt lo every person, th .t, ii a new,iiatrr article, lika this, it i impoille to do - .. ...... .. .......... r I.'. I.UI UIV VAIIUU ,UiW u.j ... u.w v. linjuifhed in every service in which its possetior wa, eigagcil, ana pani. - uiarty so in uio war oi indeiieudence. It wu lor tuo preiciit purpose to ay that the e'mru brought eiiaift get. rulanti l'j i'm. Uearbmn, ev alttigellttr upon nu oirn uju.iy m a nurr t'lent to persnaJa fh people of this voaotry, thai Gen. Waihinfta ertr placed Ait tevfidinct m twarilhat tie hrMtnrti kit fiiendJiif upon a pogrom Or did be iiuagioa that Um bps oi mora than lorty years oau uwroj mm mimw - ri, or swept into oblivion the whl generatioa of men who were on the staga of Ufa in 1775? If not, let him account lor a nuierani attempt, at tha end of near half a century, to despoil one of the moU virtuoue, high - minded, and patriotic friends of his country, cl bis naro - earneu, uuu'o unsullifd remiUtioo. t'tw persons will envy him Uie satutaction of traducing the man who rviMl. iu h smintut a decree, bis country's respect end gratitodo and eiw name tVatk inrlan OA nmt fnrttl. ' U gen. LW'mru flattered himself tbat tlia whole f jc of meo who were in their country's service in June, 1775, ti'fe himttlf, wort tinct. he is miitaken. . OnediftinsuiJied oflker, tbrn on service, not in action, but at a very stuirt dirfanra liom it. col. John Trumbull, af forwards aid do - camp to gen. VVaihiuL'ton, and tha nenoonl acquaintance and friend of grn l'uto:im - is well known to be a r'ulcnl of this city.. Irnoii dlatcly opon reaJinR the article in tha Port folio, which ibrnu tlie subject of these remarks, he wrote a letter to one of th sons ol zenrrnl I'olnam, an ei tract from whiih he h:u poliUly furnitieJ for the project octtuioa "OturSir. Mr. . has shown me the Port Folio, of l:i,t month. cotiUiuinr an accouut of the bat lie of Uunkrr'a Hill, written (it should seem) for the purpose of introdu - jig a most unjustinUli! attack upon the memory of jour excellent father. It i? stranjre that men cannot b contented with their own honest share of fame, without attempting lo detract from that of others. lint, alter the attempts that have been made to di niiiik - h the immortal reputatiou of Washington, eho shall ho surprised, or who repine, at this in - evitahl attendant on human greatness J In all rates like this, oerhaps the most un - drdtothe diwumioii on the leather tax, etreflrtl ,jUC,tionabl testimony it tint which is given b) til on ihr hurdmii the IK'Oiile wrrv couilieili'd to , an enemv. I became acquainted, in London, with col. Jolm Amall, of the Uritiiu army, whs was in the battle of Hunker's Hiii, and from him I had the fiiCnn - mx anecdotes. Col. fcnnli had served iu Canada, undor lord Amherit,tid had long known g?iu Putnam I iliail nearly repeat bit words - Looking at tlie picture of the battle of Bunker', Hill, which I had then almost completed, he said 1 do not like the eation of my old friend, geneml Putuam You have not doue him justice I wih von would niter it. and introduce a ci. - - cuio'tance which actually happened, and which I can never forget. Whan th British troops ad vanced tlie secor.u time lo me aiiaca oi me re - dduht, I, with the other officer, was in front ot the line, to encourage the men. We had advanced very near the ;vork undisturbed, when an irregular fire, like a feu - de - joie, was poure I in upon us. It was rruolly latal. j.netroov'i' f. II back ; and when I looked to the right and left I saw not au officer standing. I glanced my eye to tho enemy, and taw ecveral yonng men level their pieces at me 1 knew their excellence as maikinien, and considered mysrlf ar gone. At this moment my old friend Putnttm ruohed forward, and striking up the muzzles ol their pieces with his sword, cried out, ' For fiod's sake, my lads, do not tiro at that man I love him ai I do my brother.1 We were so near each other that I heird his words distinctly. I bowed thanked him and retired.' 'The other anecdote relates to Ihe dclh of general Warren. " At the moment we succeeded in rtirrjrwg the redoubt, nnd the Americans were iu full retreat, general Howe (who had been hurt bv a spent hall which bruised his ancle) was leaning on my arm. He called fudJenly to me' Do yon tee th'.t elegant young man who has just fallen do yott know him?' 1 looked toward the sol he poiutej to tiood tied, tir, I tielieve it is my friend Warren. Leave in mdnutly (aid he; r'tn keep ou th troops, and tuvehiDi if pusiiblc.' I Hew to the spot My dear Irieud, I said to him, I hop you are not badly hurt. He raised his h - iad - r - fmiled and expired. A muket ball had passed thro' the upper part oi' his head.' "Colonel Pmill hsd no conceivable motive for deviating from the truth, in rclatiu thew circumstance? and as he always held Uie character of an honorable and upright man, 1 believe them to be strictly true. 44 Tho character of your father for courage, humanity, and geneioii'y, is too firmly establish ed by the toetimony of those who did know him to be tarniihed by the breath of on who cotil. - i es he did notJ ' Accept, my dear sir, this feeble tribute to the memory of your father, from one who knew him, respected turn, and lovcJ him." . The foregoing anecdote, so honorable to the character of gen. Putnam, might probably hav never been drawn forth, had it not he n for thi? mott extraordinary and unfounded attack upon hj character. Few instances have ever cxi - leJ ol a military olHcer having been more cordia'.Iy and universally esteemed than gen. rnlnam He po'jefsed a kind nnd affectioaute disposition : an engaging timplicily of character, free from all o'tcnlJition and guile j was open, IrauK and in gnntions; uii'lpupj orted the moil ctrict and un sullied integrity, llm Mrange mut it appeal to Im countrymen, when they find the charact.T of so virtuous a man, n ibuiitere.'ted a patriot and so brave an olf.i er, allatW - sl l.y a ernn bearing u high military title, who hlled a dignified station in ihe governmrat of his country, claimia; to have bee au eye - willies ofthe Ira imv tious which he affects to rcl ite, and who a!), at Uie fanif tiuie, acuuourledcs " he had ie - er any iutcnniirst" wilh the man whom he tra.lncc". (leu. Dcailwm, however, should have recol - locted, that the people nl litis cojnlry litre had intercourse, and ol course are acquainted, Willi pen. Putnam, a one of the earlicat am! most relive defenders oftheir righl - s and a xooJous sup - pnrtor of thuir hbcrtivi and independence, and assurh, that they have, and will cr have, a li eii interest iu his reputatinn. Tlie reiavm - l.i anct of lUti fact, had il seaon;My occarrtd, mizht have imlin e bioi, at this late period, to pauie, and reth - ct on the probable roasejuenre, of atta. king, wi'duut any just or evea ;dauihle npnhigy, the chararter of a man to Tli - mlhr nation bis been so long and so deeply inJel t d, and that after he bad lieen nearly thiity vears iu his grave ! To ot erthrow, or even t shake, a reputation, so well enrncd, aud to nrmly ctjl. Iihed, a that of gen. Putnam, would require no h'jnever. be Sufficient ordinary lorce ol eiulecre. 1 hat gen. Wear for tho want of such evidence, no dou 't is entcr - ta'ned. One thing is bevo.i J ail que.titu : There . .1 . .i .. .,,ir,:irir.l hw thn imf.ino te. ! uever was a Diomctit of gen. I'uinaoi's militarv uourof 'en. futnatn's conduct, in tcuues ofthe ! Idv. when any action or ferics of actios of his greatest hardship, euttrpriie ami danger, not nuly in Ui war ol I . ij, uui inro - mo wuoia pe - ritd ol his Krvice iu Ihe war of ibdeprmtcure by the fact, thhis cuudurt iu the batUe of j liouter's Hill was hlwavs rpokLOol i;i Lien term. of unpr.ibation a;id applau e and ly Uie more doci. - ive fact, tnat, liouiine mnmcui gea. ivasn - mgton t.Kik die coaimaud of the army, to the year 7T9. wiicu gen. Putnam was rendered iu - iapable of service by Uic dlseate which eleven ytan aftor terminated his life, be enjoyed that gi eat mairs entire Ineudsnip a:la coanaeuce. u will reruir omr sirouger proof, than me naaeu .leclaraiiou of general Dearborn to support this loul slander against th' weight of evidence a - lio - utirut oucd. If tliera wa any one quality of .so. I'uiuaiu'i mind whi h was more conpicuous Jia.i all oUhis, it was COURAGE a firm, un haa. - n, undauuted spirit, that never shrunk or In i.ated, at the exii'enc ol danger, even ef the uiol tlu - jiieuuie and formidable kmd. u COU K U K, interp. - u", at Uvity. and perse re ranee," ay - mi DK.a)er, " were Uie tint character - Ulick ol' his mind." Did general Dearborn flat ter hiuuclf that his cttght of character was ion. vvoul 1 l ave called fjrth, f.oin the goverr.mnt 01 hu couulry, a letter of the following import " War Department, July Cllu 1813. Sir I have the president's orders to expres to you ins dc'.itioo, lht sou retire trooi llie com mand of district no. 'J, end of Uie troops within the same, until your htailli be re - establtihed and until further order. I have the lamor to he, sir, with very great respect, your moot obedient and very humble servant, . "JOHN ARMSTRONG. Major - general Henry Dearborn." Of one thing more, there is little room to doabL If in the course of events, gen. Putnam had been commander hi chief of the ant lies of the United State - , and for any nuimaginabl cause, bad re ceived such a letter from such a source, be wonld instanUy have thrown up hi commission with disdain, and retired, not only from the district, but Iron a. service in which be could not have continued without disrac ; - on high spirit would never have tubniUed qoieUy to rata an indignity. , From Oi XtSeJjnt&t eumal S. j ErptdUii against the CAtUtti In paper, we briefly noticed the Bene if the late expedition again the'Chehaw lodiane. Since ih. Ou, offKaal account of that tSL'f bas been received, and will be Siund bekw. Respecting tb policy of Uiis expedition, there are variou . ' ... . . . . , .. i . opiuiou ; and wun regaru io ns iragnau remv, many contradictory statamenti. It is asserted, that so far as we have heard it et pressed, public opinion favors the belief, that Uie town destroyed was frieodly ; and some of iU warriors are stated to be now wuh th army undor gen. Jackson On all subjects, but more particularly on one which bas eicited much interest and feeling through th country, it is cur duty, as, faithful p orveyors of intelligence, to collect Uj facts, so far as ire ar able, aod lay them before Uie public. With Uiat view, the annexed document are iu. - erted. We are authorised to state, that the execnUve has been long ince convinced, by information derived from respectable sources, of the hostile dispofitiouof the Indians living in the neighbor - lwod of Fort F.arly, on the Flint river - rticu larly those under tlie iufluetic of th thiels Fe - lemma and Hopaana. To quiet the apprehen - nmis of the fronUcr, and prevent dcpreilations in future, capt. Wright of the militia stationed at llartlord, with such volunteers as he could a ncmblo, was directed by the governor to chastise tlie towns aboveuamed. Unfortunately, the detainment being misled, either by the iiorauce jt doigii ol the guides, fell on th oldchehaw towo, (supposed h) be friendly,) which was laid io ashes, and many of its wretched iahabitantu nut to death. HARTFORD, (Ga.) April25. (lis excellency governor Rabun. Sir I have the honor to inform you, tbat a - greeable to your orders, 1 lookup the line of march Irom tins place on me itisi lntiam, wim captains Kobin'oo's and Rogers' companies of mounted gnn - mn, captain Dean's and Child's infantry, together with two detachments under lieuts. Cooper and Jencs, captain Tliomafon acting as adjutant, in all about 270 sffectiv men. On the night of th Std I crossed Flint river, an I at day - break advanced with caution agaiait the Chehaw town. The advance guard, when within half a mile of the town, took an Indian prisoner, who was attending a drove of cattle, and on examination, found some of them to be Im properly of a Mr. M'Duffy (whowasprcseut) ol leltatr couufy. The town was attacked, between 11 nnd 12 o'clock, with positive order not to injure the women, or children, and in the course ot two hours, the whole was it - , flames ; tlity made some little resistance, but to no purpose. From the m.nt accurate accounts, 24 war rior were killed, and owing to Uie doors of wine or the bouse being inaccessible to our men, ami numbers of guns being bred at us through the crevu - .es, they were seton fire - , iu consequence of which, numbers were burnt to death in the houses ; in all niobubilitt from V) to 50 was their total loss botne considerable number of warriors made their escape, by tak ing to a thick swamp t a very large pircrl of powder found in Uie town, was destroyed. It is supposed their duct among tlie slam. I he town is laid completely desolate, will, out the I of a man. We re - c. osed the Flint to Fm - i F.arly the tame evening, making a complete march of 31 miles (exclusive of destroying the Uiwn) in 34 hours. The conduct ofthe officers and soldier on this occasion, (as well as on all others) was highly characteristic of the patriotism and bravery of Uie Georgians in general. UliD WftluuT, Captain. K'a.) Dft. Militia C mid'g. Copy of a letter from Judge Strong to the Go - ' vernor, dated IUbtvobo, April 27. Sin On my route to Telfair and back, im mediately on the frontier, 1 took much pains lo ascertain the dmiosition ot ihe I owns below Cheiiaw, and from a varictv ol corroboralitiir tacts, I have no doubt but that a mam lty ot their warrior are hostile, and have done most. of the n cent mischief on our borders. A part, if not all. of the Ciiehaw Towns are aho hos tile some were painted aiid the cattle of different citizen found there, which had been driven off by the Indians. . The recent occur rence there, put then - Uisposi io.i question. There can be no doubt hut Uiey will do us all the miiny ihey can. as an m dividual I .herefore Met desirous, that ample means should be placed m I. apt. Wright's or some other officer's hands, to fight and beal the Indians be'ow Chehaw, and destroy then towna - In haste from the Hcnch, your re' pectfully, C. U biaoso. Late from tlie Armu. T'he armv under Gen JacUsin arrived at cuwanuev, 107 from St. Marks, on the I (it:, of last mouth. 1 he Intli un. Iikios apprised of llie epproach ofourlroop" had r .'moved their wo, m o and rhiidien, and tue nwt valuable pu:t of lhe'r'property,.to a .lace ai safety. The town waj dvlti.dtd nilh fame in.rit by about 3lXlnecrot and savast - s for U oi It) minutes, when they broke and lied fin: were left dead on the ridd, three were tak.n, tmd a numtr it is thought lost their lives in alt. ini'ticig to crrs Ihe river, which opiioiitc the town is a wide end beautiiul stream, navigable for v use Is of coni lerahle hurihen. Phey wt - re pursued, as tar a a want ol provisions wouni permit, wiuiini Him. Corn, skins, and other property m t iarsrt auioiiut was destroyer!, (.r.d the town hand soiucly situated and supposed to contain oik huls, r. dnctrl to athes. A schooner witk a vain shle civr;o of cooiiscons - .siied to Ar!uthii it, ivho had a store at suwnnncy, was meg a short ui tancc ue.oar a ns - rachiuent h..u iiei n ti - ni lo take nosesi'in oi, and li'tle donlit was - en aiiic.l of success, tlijU"ti llie lad liui n l iroiis irod wlu n our iiifntm tnt lt - 'l Camp. '1 he army oh its way down, lell in with n f.n.'ill Mnnnemi uirt of thernetny: one whs aiiiin. nnd iiiret made primmtn. During Ihe whole lime, the whiles :iutainen n os, uiiin.Uin tney stiiie.rii ireally from hurco, falr;ue and waut of dually ing, many ot them tiring liarei' 1 lie licoriria troops look up the line ol March for home on the20lli, and i is expect ed arrived at Hartford Yesterday, where they will be forthwith mustered and dr - xliai'L - id. The principal part of the frirmlli Indian war rior have also relumed, w ith positive orders from gen. Juckton to destroy llopuiiny a town on Flint Itivor, aain - l which the tiovernor authorised tlie attack hut by mistake was made on Chehaw. Gen Jackson, with the re - v s, Tennessee volunteers, and a few friend Iv lml ans, has gone to rensacola. of which placet it is understood immedia'.c rtossession will be taken. Strong garrisnru, ai e .til at St Murks, Fort Gjalsden nd lort Scott. I lie Indians, though roiitt - d and dispersed are not, we apprehend, cDlctuallv suiidued. We understand, owing to ihe unhealiuiness oil that part of Florida in the cummer, hostilities ill cease till fall when thev will prooablv be renewed. To ensure peace from these sa vages hereafter, a lasting impression must be made upon their fears, wh.cli can be accom plished only by severe chastisement The gentleman to whom e are mdebted tor the above information state, that on Ins re turn from the" army he pasted through a part of the Chehaw settlement lately destroyer! and saw and conversed wiui some f the Indians a ho had escaped. They were still much alarmed, and expressed rreat surprise at th aitack upon their town, having they sav, alway been friendly.. We are gratified to learn that Uiey estimate their loss in s led at onlv 10 12 and that they do not intend io ; eialiate but mean ti rely fnr reparation on the known generosity and magnanimity of our govern stent. , Extract of a letter from major reo. Jaclran, to gov. Kabnn, dated f Bowlegstowa, buwan bey, April 20. ' fiir 1 hav reached, and deslroysd th'u aod tli oUicr iow U its viandy, todlttwing captu d th principal exciter of the war, I Uuuk I aaay aafely say, that Indian war, for .the present is terminated. This happy eirenmstanc enables me to dispense with the further services i of the brirad ef Georgia militia, commanded by brig. r:iamrlr. nnd at their solicitation, have ... , . ... . 1 , , r.. 1 m Via hiu ordered tnem uirecuy io w - tered, paid, and discharged. .. . . nid movement and manoeuvTing; than of hard c j,i:.. Kn fmm aiver occurrence. I bave the utmost confidence, thai in the event of a hard Cvieht action. eerv officer and soldier under my command would have sustained the true Ameri can character, aud have realiied. tne oesi nopes of their country. 1 bave the honor to be, kc. ANDREW JACKSOr, Major Gen. Commanding. "BOSTON, May 16. Mr. PtntiimanU painting This, meritorious. artist, whose oencil is as active in doliueatm(', as his mind is brilliant in conceiving the happiest ot subjects, lm gratified himself and many lovers of the art, in Uie execution of a portrait painting of Mr. Philinps, Ihe vocalist, in the full costume of " Count Bclino" in th Devil's rlridgc, wjnie sinrinz the picture sod:. The attitude and icel ing given to the couutnnance of Mr. Philipp while pronouuein the words murderou wretch, are truly descriptive of tho original. We have understood the - artist' peoul was employe.) while sitting in Jie pit of the theajre ; and it way truly be said, lit but fannf! tkelclt.11 PHILADELPHIA, May IS. Snow in Philadelphia. During tho whole ol Saturday, the ItSthiust. as well us yesterday, a cold northeast wind prevailed, a part of Ihe time blowing a perfect ea!e, accompanied with much rain, it is remarkabln, considering the advanced slate ofthe season, that on Saturday the rain was occasionally intermixed with snow. Anout l7or 18 years since, we witnessed a fall of snow ii Ihis city on the 8th of May, which was cousi - d rod as very extraordinary. But snow on the ICth ol May, is, so far as our information extend, without example. rfecidcnt.Ua Saturday evening about eight u'clocK, a pairot hurres taking advantage ol Mu carelessness of Ihe driver, who it is supposed ha I left them standing in the street, ran away with the carriage, and in titniinj the corner of Arch and Front - street;, pa.sed over a little hoy of 1 1 years of ae, who instantly expired. We under stand he was the son of Air. Mo.'cs Clement?, of thisctty. I Tlitatrical. - Last evening a numerous aud fashionable house, notwithstanding the iuckinen cy of tho weather, once more greeted Mr. 1 hi lipps on his appearance for the twelfth lime in the favorite character of Belino. They listened with a delight, not lessened by repetition, to Wu hcart - fclt straius. and again gave an eager atten lion to his admirable personification of this deeply tercsUng character. His voice was in fiuc volume, and he exerted it to the utmost, an wenng ine encores in the most ohh"in manner, the extra song of William Tell, he gave th most satisfactory evidence of the aid to be dcri ed by the singer from a graceful attitude aud action. We, in common with the audience, return our demur thanks to Mr. I'ritch ard, for his endea vors to render the words of fancy's ikilrh, un eaning and ridiculous. To - morrow evening, Mr. T. takel his ben'fit aad his leave of the New - York audience, in Fontainbleau and Brnlfier and Sister; into each of which pieces, as will be seen by Uie bills, will be introduced several favorite snns. The son Let Fame toundthe Trumpet, announced for to - morrow, accompanied on the trumpet by Mr, Willi', was given last Thursday evening, and with electrical effect, ludced it Is a chef d'axre of itt kind, considering the trumpet a limited and im ertect instrument, and in common hands an un manageable one : but fhiclJ, the composer, has, m this instance, succeeded where the great Han el has, comparatively speakiiy, failed. The trumpet passages of the latter, in his celebrated ougs, 44 The trumpet thall found'1 aud "Letthe briiild Seraphim are evidently written out the power aud genius of the instrument, aud al ways excite a feeling of dissonance between Ihe parts, while Uie latter, performed in the master ly manner it is by Willis, is perfect in every pas sage. The double shake by the voice and trump et, which we hear in ouc of the caudoens, is one f the most pleasing, although the most difficult, races in music. The box book is, we unJer - tand, almost closed already. PLe City Inspector reports the death of 45 per tou, irom tne uin aay ol .May. to the lothduy ol Miy, IS i it, uf tl.0 following diseases. - Apoplexy ; caacer 1 ; cholera morbus 1 ; rofiruuip'ion i l convulsions I ; diarrhoea 1 ; Iropsy I i nropiy in the chests; lever typhui l'J; acinaptysae i j - mvesor croup i ; ini - tnticiue l; iiflimniiili'Mi ofthe chests 1 ; inriatumalion ol tlie hver 1 ; nervous disease I ; old age 1 ; pcr - poeum my z ; pleurisy a ; iclirotuia, or ktnt;,s vis I ; small iox i ; still norn l ; snuide "I ; sypliilu 1 ; talie meientcrtca I ; unknown 1. iiMitur. iiiHi.xu, ciy ine)cclor. Bv l.nudatiiim. MAKUIKI), At flriilB - eoan'iton, U Lou Wednesdav eve ning, Ijllt mil. tlie liev - James Hellills, ol Clarence, 'agara, to Miss Mary M. Wool worth, daughter ol the liev. Aaron Woolwortii, D. D. of the former place. D1LU. - On Saturday eveuing, the 16lh inst. after a short iliuess, at his residence in liedford. West che'.ti r couuty, Nicholas Haijht, iu the5tllh year ol his age. Yesterday, after a lingering illness, in the blstl year of his age, Mr. John Mc Queen, a native on Scotland, an old, and respectable inhabitant of Ins city. I he itinera! will take place tins ai - at 5 o'clock, from No. 6 Gret nwich - st. h.s friends, and those oi his son - in - law Joint lr. ham, nre reijiectfuliy invited to attend without lut Uier notice. E'SEXIXQ POST MARUfE LIST. CLEAtlLD, Shin Erin, Newcomb, Dublin . J M'ilnde Golconda, Smith, New - Bedford Briir Aiethusa, Holmes, Charleston Fitcb, Goodwin Co. Schr. Union. Eells, At. Barts Jno. Brandigee. Sloop F.liia, Coleman, Nantucket , L.ady Hamilton, rryer, uicnmouu Constitution, Lafo'j - - , Norfolk British brie Chance, fanning, 13 day from Antigua, with ru n and molasses, to Ward k Bishop. May 5, y io. Ion 64. spoke schr Kan dolph. Sawyer, 16 days from Boston for St. Do - BELOW, ! Brig Sea Island, 13 day from Havana, to Strong k Havens. Biitish schr Douglass, 8 day from Halifax, to Ward ft Bishop. And a fleet oi rquare rigged Teste! in tlie of - ARRIVED LAST EVEltlXGi Tb last ladiug ship llcrtulcs, Macey, 7 dy from Liverpool,' wiia'dry goods fee. to Brritri. Trimble fc Co. owners, Clark U reUetreaa, n Chance, II. W. Delavan fc Co. it Jtingtlaiu k Co. Kip Ii Ineraham, C. Sigourney, W. C. Ho. - v ty, Laiouen si iJroiaers.iirponrn at rnoce, Cta - hreleng U Pearson, T. Scarlh, Hicks ii Lord hicks, wwreuce i i - o. w. siyerttwo. K hC Murray, Hicks, Jeukius Ii Co. 8. Corp, . Bine. ley, P.ii J. 9. Crary, i. B. Murray k Son. f. Ibompsoo, vv. Wright, j. i,ivan, Hicl.anis, Tay. : lor ti Wilder, B. W. Roger k Co. W. Bryce, Sherman, Street LCo. J. Heard, J Bewen, Lorj 41 Olmsted, Hyde k ISevint, G. Copgill, a. V Sorgentry, F. C Dunning k Co. Major k Gilltv . pie, B. Marshall, S. Hay ward, Lewis k Tomes, J vviiiuiB su. it. a. miwwM,j. uixon, J lev. lor k Sons, J. k N. Height, W. k G. Post, Kinr k Hillhouse. J. B. Gascaiene, C. Poner. Bolnvr L Schmelsel, K. Morewood, J. Delafield, J. Est - burn k Co. U. Ilauoen, llarl si iMatro, B.Houns - W. Laincr, M. Carter, Lawrence, Ranelve k lield, ield, Co. J. Wit ham, A. Thompson, Mvllan, Kaukm k Gallop, Uorden, Trokrs, Lritch k Co. T. k W .. . o u..: ,. ii t - t .i. - rrocior, n. mine, t v. sa. a. soieru 10. J l.m. Si f - .. I. Stimulus. I. Hi I Henderson k Cairns, and lo order. Passengers, Messrs. ModdaM, Dauvers, ,. stantbie, Soreeu - frv k lady, M'tjillivary, Caldwell, Camerm. Frost, Drablile, Jackson k lady, W. G. Jackson, Mis. Goodw in, Miss Jackson, and 28 in the steer - ee. bailed, April lit, in co. witlt ship Abigail. Brown, for Boston. Lett ship Ann Maria, W eiie, for New Vork, 2.5th Courier, Bowne. do. In May ; tiances, Brown, do. 10th May ; Gov. Gris - wold, Meade, do. do. Spoke, roinp into Liver pool, ship Julius Caesar, Marshall, of New York . - i.ij. . r;.i M...u m . . roin nni iei"si , iviu..) munu, nuin sunanel - K hint Fiiilin,from Baltimore t Nestor, from N Vork. Off - Cork, same day, spoke briir M. from Baltimore, lor Liverpool. On the Banks saw large Islands of ire. The ship - Canton, Rogers, sailed for New York, 4th April ; Othello, 6iif, - do, I ith ; and the ship Mount Vernon, for Bellas, on ihe 6th. Ship Carolina - Ann, Reeves, 37 days from Lir - erpool, with conl, crates Ik dry poods, lo T. Mu. erove, owner, B. M. Biown, B, V. Rogers ite It. IV. Stafford, C. Dr - uMnii, La mhertk Brothers, .1. T. DoIiiii, G. Duminer k Co. Sands, ripoouer U Mantis, S. Rhodes, T. Gambling, G. To nsewl, S .. , c . D. t.':.. - . a.i .cm ..' . Iivoe, otpure u. oiiiiiuiiii, nuums ei ills. knell, J, Tiionipson, Major k Gillepie, Letlyard k Co IV '. Currnn, J. B. Gascoigue, A.k G. Sinedes, P. J,tn.' man, kipk lagrahnm, Kissnm k Wetmore, Mm liuiei k Hook, Austin, Andrew sk Co. tVinthrop, Itogers k Williams, T. k I. F. Lawrence & ('. Irvittg, smith u llyslnp, 1 - cliows u xonnr, J. S. Bailey, C. k J. D." Wolfe, Lawrence, Itapelyek Co. II. W. Adcock k Co. T. Porter, J. Unon, R. l. kTC. Hiiinniers'ev. Lord k(lli.iu.t l' k N. Hiiifrht, tl. Binfjlev, S. Rogers k Sens,' B. ' Corp, G. II. Newbold, J. k B. Dcmilt, Sturges k Miei inuu, a. isrowii, j. jr.merson, J. Cook, s. I. i'ol.ius k Co. Sinedes k Camfield, Aiidrnoa t Shearer. Kiiicr k Hillhouse, it. liainev k Co. S. James, Siicet k Co. T. Scarlh, and to order. I J passengers in the steerage, spoke, April ii, hit 4.1, !), Ion 3d, 42, ship Abruliam, from Savau - uah for Liverpool. Mop Lriieiiou, Avery, Irom Condon, Zdays from the land, w ith tlrv goods, iron, hemp, kc.'lo 1C. Moiewootl, owner, P. A. Mesier, Day, Downes &: Eastburu, Lawrenc e k Keese, J.8. Bnilev, P. BurtscU, Anderson k Shearer, J. k C. Bolton, F. '1 honiDson. . L. Norman, G. Thnrburn, March k ilrnsnn, Anderson k Mcgary, J. Fanshaw, Law - reice,UiiiehekCo.J.UIopg, Jacob kWilllains.lV rtemseii & Co II. uu. uarnay, Yvaixcraiin us - lespie, Woolcey k Co. C. Cotton, L. Stansbir, i. Kutburn it Co. Shipman k Lord, M. M Caulry, nud to order. Passengers, Messrs. Jackson, La Grange, Burrows, Miss Burrows, Mr. and Mrs. lhoiiipKon, Mrs. bvuus, und J in me steerage. Sailed Irom London on Ihe 'ah Apiil Left at the Dunns, ship Solon, Stoddard, for New - York, nest dav. Mnv 3. lat 43, 34, long, 40, 7, spoke ship Parlor, from Philadelphia for Liverpool. ship Sduiuel, Leger, 5b days irom ivewry, wnn ball.o.1 and i.a.senrers. lo J.' Flack, owner. Pas sengers, J. Nicholson, T. Nicholson, Mary Nichol son, Miss J. Keown, J. Uennet, anui in ine steerage. May 7th. lat. 43, 44, Ion. 4G,stoke ship Lancaster, from New - Yotk, bound to Liverpool, 7 ds. out. Mnv .id, lat. 41, lonp. 31, spoke ship Care - line, from Charleston, for Bordeaux. 5th, lat. 42, io, ion. ;i, snip aianuus,a.iinvs irom v. ivii,, for Liverpool. Th brig Wilson, Corrie, and ship Ontario, weie both to sail from Dublin on the Ih. Ship Einulntion, Jenkins, SO duvs from Newry, and 21 days fmtn lund tolaml, with liueus, pas sengers and tmiiast, to Lsuninp ei urani, owners. April - Sib oQ'Duliliii, spoke brig George, 33 dav rr.iin Htwtuti. lor Dublin. S70i, lat. 47, long. ', JO. spoke ship Strnflbrd, from Philad. for Liver - pool. Wiavo, iat.i, i i , ions. - kj, r lie, Merrihew, from Philad. for Liverpool dh, lat. 43, 38, long. 46, spoke ship America, of A lei - aiidria. 1'nssengcrs, Mr. and Mr, fay tor, Mr. and Mrs. Sands, and 5 children, Mr. M Kannsu, and 27 iu the steerage. . ' Ship Justina, Tombs, 50 day from Liverpool, with conl, dry goods, ti l, copper kc. to Salts,, Son kfo. owners, Crary k Babcock, Lmbtrt k Brothers, I lones iTown, Otis k Swan, A. Shaman, B. Lord, Anderson k Shearer, Al. Carter, D Wagniafr, J. Dixon, Marsh k Brooks, H. n. Adcock k Co. H. k G. Barclay, and to order. 6 passengers in the steerage. Spoke, May 13, hi. 10, 23, Ton" 61, ship Hannah, 4 linvs Irom he York for Liverpool. Same day, brig Sarah, 4 days from N.York for Bristol. . Bi iff Georgia, Smith, 44 days from Havre, witk plaster, dry goods, kc. to Bogcrt k Kneclund, r. Drpenu, T. Aim, C. Gainer, Mr. Michard, L. r. De Lure, F. k H. Sheldon k Co. G. G. k S. How - land, L De Blair, S. S. Goodyear, and I'eltier and Morel Passengers, B. Castaing k R. F.IUol. My in lat. 40, 68. longitude 411, spoke ship Marui - Th resa, lOdaysfrom NewYork, bound o Havre; vessels lull reiiorled by Ihe schr. Spartan. Tlw iU oi ia has giO,CU) specie on board for toe, U.S. Bank p. ....... Cl.lun P.ifTii,. from London. 47 day from the hind, with dry goods, Hie to M.kH.Smith, owner, T. Dixon, D. Belhunc k Co. and kirk nd Mercem. PBssciigcrs, John Landou, and Copt. Hays, late of the ship Brilliant, oi rniiau. ru Jnii. last in the mouth of the river Weser. " At quarantine, brig Antelope, of Philadelpbul, 77 davs from Genoa, to T. k P. Slaeg. t Jiu.v Villi uiiiiJLorusi uiii Gtftce ofthe Freeman' Journal, ' rillLADLLPHlA, May 13. - Arrived, abip Pros)erily, Barclay, from thr Isle of May. ShipMargartt, (late Bcuuer) 133 days from Gatavia. ' - ' ' '. Ship Rebecca Sim, Brewton, uom wverpw. Ship Nancy, Bray, from Liverpool. Ship James M. Firming, from Havre. Ship Fame, Diintecy, 3Jdays from Mayo. Schr Jessie, Williams, 58dayfrom Dumfries, with 160 passenger. ".. Schr Nymph, Bingham, 13 day from Trini dad (Cuba ) ... ' .u.M bchr industry, rray, suaays irom i' w"" Clearect,iloop Superiour, Storer, S Yqrk. 1ROVIDKNCE, May 15. Cleared, slooa Provideuce, Brown, NYork ' - THEATRE. - For Uie benefit of Mr. Philipp, end the last oigh of bit performance. - On Wednesday Evening, May 20, will be pre - tenieu, ine tavonie conui: oicrwu FO.1 TAI N BLE AU. Henry, Mr. Philipp In which character lie will ting, 4 The Soldier't Bride,' 4 Thine am I my blooming fair, 4 Love and Glory,' and 4 Let Fane Sound the TrampM," LRcklsnd, Mr. Hilton . Col. Epaulette, j4?"1"'1 Mist Dolly Bull, Mrt. Darley Rosa. . Mis. Johnson Mrs. Casey, Mr. Groilio In act 1, Mr. Philipp wfll ing with Mist Joh - ton, the duet " Whea all powerful Love. Aod at the end of tlie opera, Mr. PbiliPPJ wu accompany himself on the pianoforte mm cantanette of44 Flora's Wreath." To which will be added, thepetit opera 01 BROTHER H SISTER. . . Don Sylvia de Flores. Mr. Pbdipp In which character he will sing, 4' Robin Adair," aud 44 No more by sorrow chat'd. - . Don Christopher, Mt' Pacheeo, "'j - In which he will introduce the oog of . 4 What' a Woman Like.'' Donna l.idora, . "" - "S In which character he will ingthe fcvonu Fx ho Sou. accompanied on the flute try Mel ine i and Uie new ballad of 44 Forget me not." . Camifla, 2 Rosanthe, - Mw Johl Performance to commence at a qaartcf p terea o'clock.

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