The Evening Post from New York, New York on May 19, 1818 · Page 1
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The Evening Post from New York, New York · Page 1

New York, New York
Issue Date:
Tuesday, May 19, 1818
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fen y. - x mm TUESDAV, MAY .19, 1818.; NUMBER 4970 NO. 49 '. Wl LLI AM - STREET. FOR SALE, ifc The brig HOPE, 130 ton. , jme Kijui 9 wra dLL a first rate IK rLf her eras, ami m nrpieir . iIZ....taicck - iliDt will re - be ce, re cargo iltfrTJpEP0R7& CO. may siuBiri: and DEM MM HA, w - .:.u,k FAVORITE. J - tfBeeman. mttter. to il 15th May, JfTlrTT - . . - aatrrni ftl ' iwf 1'""6V,", rv - GEORGB LACY, , No. 4 Fulton - dip, A few Horn will be taken on freight n 28 tf J ! AMES D' WOLF, J. to d fr J Front - ttreei dowui - .' - sale tu iipii Tallow fix ceroom nn - - - , toe. clean S:.IW. "2?'V nrit Qtmiliy - t . man Steel be, entitled todaw bock. ' ' ' . ' 25 boxe China table iett I7S piece each 10 bhd pure opines 1 cute Platilla. wy ft d IX case of new and elegant fancy articlei, 3 iscb a . Ladle' work boxes aaJ dressing cat, very ele Wntinf desk, elegantly gilt and plain , - ,.. n(ifl card rackt. Fan rack! I J J III! S - - r r Fire and candle screens, painted in a tuperior manner, wiw gut anu coiureu mmura .Dackgonboardf . M aline aodmoroccd work batkeU GenUeaen' tbaviug apparatus, Pooches and dressing case, complete Morocco and mahogany portable desk . On.aia luather di. verv tut) TO . ' Some very elegant portfolio with gilt lock and pocxct ..... Eleotly gilt border and plain Morocco, Ru . a and roan pocket book, of variou descrip - Serin wallets, of Russia and Morocco, with any other article too numerous to mention, for sal wholeiale and retail, by N. SMITH DAVIES, ,p 53 No. 151 Broadway. f &MH PLATE, fcc 178 boxe Tin Plate, as - J. sorted . JO.000 lb. India Block Tin - 8.000 Hi. Iron Wire, assorted from No. 1 to 18, for nle by ANSON G. PHELPS, ,p30 103 Front - itreet. JOHN ABRM. WILLlNK fc CO. offer lor ale 35 caie superior Bengal ludigo Several cask tmalu, particularly deairable for bleacher and paper maker 4 caiki hardware ... A few bale canimcre and tlialloon'i, thawl. . p20 ill KSSand 1'KIMK f OHK. 34 and an ball IV I barrel, ad to lie a very uperwr lot, will be told nora the retiel at the lowett market prte.g.Apply to CORNELIUS DUBOIS. DtYNCtl, un. (atAio. 40 Williani - ttreet,) . haion band th following WINKS and LIQUORS, (ducted with jadgment by himself, which he offer at wolal wl mail, tror - onUd fitrt, i imported 60 pip ) Madeira, from 3 to 18 t0 bhd. - .ear, b wood. - 40 qrcatke , ) ' - Old Madeira, in bottles from 3 to 20 year Champaigne, Burguttdy, Claret and Sautcrne, ofvery wperior quality 7 pipwdry Lit bon, 7 year old 7 do Sherry, nina year old, and free from Bomha tatte Port, in pipe and bottle Table wine, for it quality, the cheapest in America Tenoriffe, m hhd. Old Brandy, do. Rooi, do. Gin, not reduced 500 demijohns, containing fire gallon each SO arocB wine bottle i u Tlu in th trails, anil countrv del H. I . nx" - 1 4 era, will tad it to thiracconnt, to upply them - eelre wim wine anu nquon i no i....k.a.i will ha certain to obtain arti - VUlllUicui, - j ' cles of the flrt quality, at the lowest pneef, and ... A a puro a unponsu. "7 " TO ML LKA&Ll), ON fsrorabla tsrms, tor a long term of yean, 4 tot of ground on Broadway, 300 feci ' deep, extending to Crotby - ttreet, between ties - ter and Grud - treU. 1 kU in Water - ttreet, near Catharine - market. 1 lot in Water - ftreet, between Fulton and Buriiogalipr ' ' ii ...rol lh InU 111 the 5tli. 6th. R'h and tn - h wird - For particular, enquire mt No. 30, Chatham - rtrect. may B Mr. UALLKTU Madoint bOQC7', No. 7 Natau - ttreet, HAT iie honor to inform the ptiblic in je - l tit th ladsM nf New - York in nar - Bcular, that they manufacture and have con - ilaruly en hand an Hunrtment of artificial Rower At thrir ilnrr are al to be fimuJ. anJ to be dirpoitd ot by wholeaal and retail, Perfumery of every decriplioo, amorg which C HID t rrcinaw. ' ' k '., n.. ' - ' approved eoence and pomatum for the com - . plertoo; . Tortoi ihell romn nna tnimoirs A coomlete axorUnent of worked dressei. thawl, fichul and band Umbrella and paraoI Merino, kuit and velvet ridicule : ilk fichul Stockings and glove for ladie and gentlemeu Ladies' elastic garter ' Spring and ball Qklree Rati iU. sjnbrnidorei! with chenille a&d orna mented with flower ; silk carui Prmella asd stlk fhoe Levantine, Horencea, satin?, taffe tai, Sc. And m short, e - renr thins coonectrd with the ladies' tnilette. a p 2 " 1 m hiehmand and LvncAonn? manvuclurtd TOBACCO. 1 flQPlte3, now landing from candry ret - lUiJO eels, of th tUowing qualities and Wiads: . 3 krgs,Shelton k Williamson, 8 hands, 1, 2, 3 45 do P. Miller at Co. 8 1,2,3 SBooJ.P.Ege, 8 1,2 : 45 do George Fletcher, 8 1 1 do John Endcr, 8 1 IU do D. R. Ross, 8 1,8 O do P. Holts 4 Co. 8 1 (1 do Atxleroa, Blair & M'Keage, 8, 1,2 (U Jesse Hare U Co. 8 l do R. Ha - ha Jr. Co. 8 1,2 w4oR. Cantor, 8 1,8 45 4 F.G.Crenshaw, 8 1, 3 ftfaaWtatton, li 8 17 t J. it P. Labbr, 3, lav't twist ' H. Starr, ft, k hat Ib.roUt Kof the above bramli are well kucwa and of in thit market, on account of the 2?. Jtd uniformity of the different numbers TthQur,Urearedfint'?d. Forttde CORNELIUS DU BOl PS 36 Fronf - trtL P0JT05 & TOBACCO 45 bale prime SfW - Orlean Cotton abdt. do. Ktchmnod Tobacco, fit for the ft"ket,forleby ,. W U. CRAIG, - ! Iw . 8 - t frwt - stmt DOMESTIC & OTHER WARES. THE subscriber keep constaotly on hand an extensive aitortment of the following good, VIS Dutch and Enslitb Gunny Bag, Pope Heads Crumb Brushes Bellow, fancy common Brooms Duster, or CoutVer Brushe Hearth Brushes, fancy and common Head do do do Cloth ' do do do Weaver do White Wash do' Shoe Si Scrubbing do Paint Brushes and Sash Tools Clamp, 4. 7, 8 row Furniture Brushe Hoise do Bed Cord, Clothe Liae Sash Cords, Trace Ropes Wrought and Cut Nail and Brad and Do for Blucksmith Hall and Entry Mats ran and Tub Wheel - Barrows Fine Wire Sieves . Do Hair do Wbip of every de scription. Seine. ewins. wrap ping, baleing and ball j wine Fish Line Shoe Ic Sadler Thread Dearborn' Ballan ces, Sic. Which they will sell wholesale or retail on II bcrul terms. CEBRA Ic CUMLNU, ap 28 76 l'eitrl - strtet tyn VIRGUfIA TOBACCO U FLOUR. O hhd old Virginia tobacco 55 do new crop do do 68 bbl line dour 15 do miI JlinL' do. For sale br VASQUES, MEURON Si CLEEMAN, Feb 7 tl No. 7.2 WaMiington - sf. PLASTER OF PARIS M ANtFACTORV, At the foot of Harrison - street, North - River. 4 THERE manufactured Plaster, forcorni V V ce and other purpose, may be had, war ranted ol the first quality, at ene dollar ana ticen tv fin ctutiver buthel. The manufactory it conducted by Mr. John 1 ucner, woo ha served a regular apprentice hip to the maion basinet, mh 81 JOHN BYER3. e - V WHITE LEAD, etc. fee. J V V ketr London White Lead in oil 30 barrel do Dry W hite Leac 8 ton Red lad SO barrel Bristol Red Ochre SO do Venetian Red ; t ton fine Litharge til) hotgheads Whiting 60 casks Paris White ; t hhrfs. Verdigris 50 tierce f rench Yellow Ochre 5 kegi Vermillion 4 cask Prussian Blue, 4001b. Crome Yellow; Patent Yellow Bnaoicli Brown, Venetian Red, Ytllow, UN OIL. Black, I Verdigris, J Lampblack Ivory Black ; Purple Brown Spirits Turpentine ; Lintsoed Oil 400 boxes Window Ulass, assorted For sale on the lowest terms, for cash or nt short credit, by my 1 g4J Water - street. rpiN PLATE, TEA &c. 150 boxc Tin Jl plate, assorted 12,000 pounds India block Tin 8,000 do Iron Wire, atiorted 1,500 do old Copper 40 chests Hyson Hkin Tea, fnriale by ANSON . PHELPS, my 6 183 Front - treet. HARDWARE, CUTLERY 4:c. 2 cask bcotr.rf spring Lock , 5 casks plate Locks, 1 do Steelyard I do dies' hHcdlet.&c. 1. do screw plntes, scale beam, 4c. . 1 ilo" brat co k, ic. 1 do bell metal kettle and skillet 2 do tin'd pot and (auce pan 2 do fine padlock 4 do Banbury lock, hinges, &c. 3 do hammers, pincers, locks, &c. 2 do IJL hinges, &c. 4 do anvils ' 1 do hammers and sleJes 2 do black Si bright vices, 2 do file 4 do pocket, pen and double blade knives 4 do sham buck and bone table knives 3 do buttout 100 Uo cut nails and brads, from 3d. to 20d. AIjo, a large and general assortment of goods openoa the shelve, for talc at the most reduced prices, by ADAMS Si BLACKWKLb, may 7 215 I'eaii - ft. HARDWARE ti CUTLERi . THE ubscriher have fust receivtd by the ship Janie Monroe. Mazoet and Ann. troin Liverpool, ao extensive supply of Hardware and Cutlery, of eveiy description, which they offer for sale to the mtrchintt from the coantry, by U11: Package, or in such quantities from ILe shelve a may be wanti - d, at a low advance and liberal credit Thrji hare alto in Store on Cohiignment, 100 cakt brtt English bottled Porter 30 do assorted Glassware 10 cose EiiKlikb im - o and hoy Hats 21 crates ol S(onc Sjila Jugs 100 but die warranted Halhack German Steel 5 ton do Crawley Steel 10 ton best hoop L. English blistered Steel Tiii plates, block platvt, Ice B. W. ROGF.RS&CO. my 1 1 35 Pearl - street. RUM, SUGAR Ai MOLASSES. 64 puncheon Rum 55 lilid. Mulaue 62 barrels and tf hhd. Sugar, Will bf Ian led on Monday from the brig Amelia from Antigua, Inr (tie bv ROBERT GILLKSPIE, 112 KrnnUtreet.o Who I as also (of tale, Havana, Porlo P. in and Jamaica Coffee. my 2 HO SUGARS. IlhJt Muscovailotugar. fint quali'y 27 boxes brown clayed rlo ol'tuperior qua - 45 do white d S lity For tale by my II N. L. k G. GRISWOLD, CO Snnth - tt. Wl Vj knives and forks, assorted 4 cak wrought do do & do wroaRht tnive and fork with pocket and peuknive. (t.issor and raxor 3 do assorted, of scissors, r&xori, pen and Iiorket knive it Spectacle 8 catk irca Snooti t 8 do trunk Lock 2 do thumb and Norfolk Ltche 1 do Banbury and fine plate Lock 3 do plated Bmcket 3 do cast Iron Butt 3 do Filet, aborted 2 d Fad iVck 1 do round Bolt 1 do 'Iron Candlestick 6 do TinedSadiery For tale at very reduced price aa J a liberal credit, by RICHARDS ic TAYLOR, may 5 tw ' 14i Pearl tlrfet. CIDtH. BRA.VDV. 40 bblt Cider Brandy, landing, lor (ale by ANSON G. PHELPS, my 11 133 Fronl - rtreet. DEARBORN'S BALLAXCES, atort'd i - le. with and without apparatus, for tale by CEBRA CUMING, mv IS 76 Pearl - ttiwt. COTTON - 35 hale Newr Orlni.t, for tale bv LE HOY, BAYARD k CO. ap30 f U3KETS. 100 Mutketsmilh Bayonets, LL enUUed to debenture, for til iy ; UDI?EWALi - , C5 SouUi - etreeL SUGARS. 100 hhds Havana Muscovado Sugars, of good (jfi - Uity, now on Pine street wharf, and for sale reatooiibly, if applied for this day before storing. Samples may be seen and term made known, on application at 81 Wasft - ington - streeL G. G. ti h. 110WLAND? my 13 4 A MERINO SHAWLS and MUaLIN fl:BANDS,fortalebv my 5 MARCH fc LOW, 210 Broadway. 'iOH A CCU MAAUPA CTURY. TH E Subscriber beg leave to acquaint their - friends and the public, Umt they have removed their Tobacco Manufactory into their firs - proof (tore, No. 62 Water - street, where they intend carrying on the butinett on an extensive scale they have on hand a large supply of Pigtail rolls, made of best Richmond tobacco Sweet icentod N. Head Ladies' twist Long cut chewing, in 1, 4, 8, and 16 ounce papers do sm iking do Macba inatf, in jar and bottles, by wholesale and retail Scented Rappee, do do Stratburg muff do do French rappee do do Plain fine do do do Scotch muff in bottles and bladder Spanish tegam, made of choice tobacco imported 2 year a;o,and warranted genuine New - Ot leant do. American do. Order from the country will be punctaally and carefully attended to. may 9 1 m I. NAAR & AON. LOW VOOLLl.S. JUST rre'd per Mercury and Atlantic, a few trusses of low priced Cloths, and Cnssimerti, for tale by JOS. S. HARRISON, ap ti . 07 fine - street. WANTED, several young LADIES as ap prentices to the - M ANTUAM AKIXG - BUSINESS. Eonuiro of MISS MARSHALL, my 14 - tf No. 7 Cedar - stre( t. A VKRV V AM'ABLK JUSTA.T FOH SALE, $G5J. Late the property of ileiuj.ih Strong, lI!jF.tq. deceased, in the township of Hip, lying on the great south road, about 45 miles Irom ew torn ; communis rty computations a bout 2500 arret of land, more or lest; nearly 1000 acre ol whirl! is under cultivation, uiciu dins about 200 acre of s ilt and fresh meadows which is comnietelv .embanked, di'ched aod drained, for the purpose of being reclaimed. The remainder is invaluable wood land, on which larxe quantities may he cut anuually. On the premise it n spacious and convenient IHhiimou House, with a larj;ii ba.n, hovels, crib, stable, carriage liouse, gardener' bouse, work ciiop, smith shop, tmuRe tKiiise, me bouse, una oilier out buildiiiet, reiileb; with every convenience. There it nlto on the prcmiset: anout a mile from the mansion house, a new liinu house, with a barn adiuin ins - Near the liouse 11 a large pond, with a privi lege of a ttream 01 wner, on whirli it a good i.i.v mill, and water tufliucnt lor a grist mill. The garden and orchards are extensive, in which tnrre have been set out, within a lew years, a great number of young trees, of every tjieciet of (he belt srntteel fruit, mcttly in bearing, and all in the niott nourishing condition. A ho, a large nursery of frost treet and plants, tufficienl to ex - lend an orchard of 100 acres. There are few estates offered for tale, to deti - ruble for eithor an extensive farmer, or the resi dence of a gentleman. The ftrm it capable of supporting alt.ri;e clock, and bjjnx bounded by the sooth bay, there is an inexhaustible source ol maim re from tea - Weed. Boats ply from tht neighhnurhood, aimnst daily, to mid from the ci - tr. The bar also abounds with azreat variety nf came, fish, oyster and clams, and tty; pond no cieek with the lint it trout. r or terms and further particulars, appiy to A. H. LA WHENCE, No. 23 Park Place, or on the premise. niy 1 1 d.vctl The subscriber offers for sale hit residence in thn town 01 Fa'rfield, state 01 Cinnectkut. It is pleaiaiitly tiluuted, on the Boston road, about hall a mile from Long Hand ouml, 55 milt troin N. - w York, and 30 from Now Haveu. The house and out - houtet are in excellent repair. The fruit yard it well it cko witn a variety 01 peaenrs, npnems, ciierric, pears and strawberries. There aro in the vicinity academies for the education of youth of both sexet. r rom one tomx acre 01 excellent lund. at the option of the purchaser, can be had with the house, arid the purchase money, if desired, ran remain on interest, ror it r mi appiy to ISAAC M. ELY. Kin. 76 John ttreet, N. York, or to the Hon. JONATHAN ST URGES, Fair field, Connecticut. my b dKctl WAVIIJ tL.1. As AASMTAJVr TUTOR H'AJtflhD, IN an academy near tho r.ily of New - York A linzle centlcmau, of cood morals, and cn - p - tble to leaeb tho rudiments ol the Latin, with the higher English brunches uu;Uly ta)ght in acalcinies. A graduate of a college in the Uli - ted State will be preferred. A).p1y at the rffici of this parwr. my 15 D&Ott JOSEPH n.VCH, (,un -, respci tlully iuforins his friends nu! tho public, that lie ha commenced business in the btnrc No. 3 Wall - street, near Broadw - .iy, where be lu for sale a very hand'ome artmrnt 01 single and uoublo - barrcllcd guns, fine rifles, flitter, Sic. also, shooting lachlo generally. J. F. ttill roUius hu cm tanJ, o. ai iirern - wich - strcet, for Ilia woiking doparlmrnl and shipping business. Order left at cither place will be attended to witn all poHiMe cxpctlitiun. my 7 DivClm TO Lr.T, A three - . tory brick hou?e, opposite the .ark in Dunne, and next to the coru - r of Hud - sou - strrel. Enquire al No. 2 Greenwich street. my7 ?T1 fVJt S.iL, A farm of between sixty and trventv acies. tituate on the we't bank ol Lake Oticz", and one mile from the village nf (Jiiotitrtbiwn. On it are anew tUme house 54 feet square ; a m - w farm house, barn, fcc. It lormt a oVaiialile es tabliihmeiit for a centleman viishuii; lo retire into the country, as its situation, a to prntiiei t to market. Sc. i not sur. asied bv any in Ibt interior of (lie slate. It will be to d low for cavh. on a credit, orexchanzed for pro perty in tluicity, giXMts, :c. Appv ti H. D b R. SKDGtVl'JK. ro7tf law fiui ili..e MO.YP - ALTA. For tale or to let, the beautiful place called Mont - Alta, seven miles from thn City Hall, on the North River, adioinins lord Cour teoay't. It contain 20 acre ol laud under im provement, with a Hrje garden in good con li. tion, a variety of fruit trees, and every conve nience a family may require. For terms, tthich art reasonable, and if told a Ions credit civen if wished, apply to N. fc D. TALCOTT, ap 20 . 64 Souta - st. le.'tl l. . a i. - nr i n i vTJU j iio ri - . - iiii j ,igf , ipi.ttc iiih , sjiiu toa - treet, w hub exjtnuandt a pleasant viev of .. . i . L. . - I) t. - L A '. me rara sail liver, srotseifiou mn) ucsu lii a few dayt. Also for aale. tlvsi furoi'ore nftai.f house. It it of the bett uualitv : well fitted, and suitable to a genteel family. Apply at above. mr n ii Q JV LET, A tpaciout CELLAR, No. 9 XVitl - ttrect, suitable for a Wine, Cider Vault, or Trafik ' - krr. Enqaire oa the preaute. nay li 2w ay 6 may 13 'ZX...'.DRt GOODS. FANCY Plata Calicoes f : . Soperhne calicoet and cbinties ' 4 4, 9 - 8, C 4 cambric musliat Cambric ja'cnoetj Plain taiuuox'd i sewed mulls Plain aud tambor'd book muslini, . 3 - 4, 4 - 4 and 6 - 4 cambric gingham Black and col'd cam - brict Velvets and card, bet - ver glove . Fancy craiaU, twilled aud plain Mndratt hdkft, pint Hair cord cambrict, cotton bulls While k col'd threadt Silk, kid, and cottou - gloves Silk bote, silk floren - tine . r Black bembateen , Florence ailk, ribbon, ualloom Florence, plain and figured . Virginia tatins, plaid luttriug Fring'd black silk hkft Velvet bindings, tapes, bohliim Furniture calicoet, and I'hinttet 4 - 4, 9 8, 0 4, 7 - 4 and 8 - 4 printed cambric shawls 7 4 ic 8 - 4 imitation do. 8 - 4 catsiuiere do. Bandunno, lungee and tistersoy hdkft. Pocket lulki. white and printed Marseille Quilting, royal rihli White and printed sateens Cotton brown hollanrfs Swansilown, toilanetls, tilkttripet Cotton aud wonted ho irry Irish liuens k sheetings Buttons bed tick Fine and tuperliue cat - timere Yolk shire fine and tu - peifino 1 loth London do do Superfine ludict rlotln Bomtiaiettt, ratiaetl iineriat cords, vigo - nia mninieres Etockiuettt, pluin and ribb'd Flannel, haite Ferretls, wonted binding Shirt buttons, cotton lac. Pari oettt and ouflle gnuze Black and uhite thulle lace Leno snawls, Ettopil - ia Sewing tilk, ntsortrd color Linen cambric 'I'nble cloth, 6 - 4, 7 - 4 Si H - 4 Dinprrt Furniture Dimiliet Fancy Leno, k figured Muslins Cambric Trimmings, k Flounces Seersucker Ginghhms Rom.ill Hrlkft. Silk Check ftinglinmt 21 3 col'd Cambric garment Oil Cloths Biown Linen Merino Shawl Cotton liamlaunort Hair cord and cambriej. din'itiet Jeans, cotton castiincre Stried Florentine Blurk Jo Madapollam and ttenm 9 - U col'd itrip'd jaco - uett India raiitlint, kc. Sic. loom thirling Received by the late arrivals and for sale by . 1iAuuE.11 i r Auai r,, mhS4dic2m 167 Penrl - ttreet, VlELLJi UPSON, 155 Pearl - street, have v v received by late arrivals, Fine ivory, self - tip nuj real burk - hwdlo knives and folks ' Fiue peukuivct, holster pistol", fine gun locks . Engli'h silver wutchet, plated ipootis, ic. &.C. OB HAND, Roman vitriol, card wire Cast, hoop L, and shear steel With a large and general nstnrtment of hardware, best thnTield and Birmiueham plated ware, for sale low. On consignment, received per Ann from Liver pool, lU) boxes tin plates. my 6 jdORRIS'a BLULK 1 IN LlQFOK COCKS. Aluppiy ofthoabnve article, just received from Uie proprietor, for t.tlo by CEBRA CUMING, my 13 - 76 Pearl - itreet. PA ticirr pluor Loms. A CONSIGNMENT of first uualitv natent floorcloths, of varlout patterns, in sheets of xi oy ov leei, wiinoueateam, juei rcceiviu auu for tale at 65 Front - ltreet, by CURTIS, CROM.VIELIN & CO A person employed to fit the cloths to rooms and entries, if required. Any number of yards sold. may 0 3w TEER SKINS. 16 bales thaved landini; ana lor smis niii oouin treer, iy my U CAMBRELENG A - PEARSON, 1) A I "(', OIL, iiv.. Vc 50 hhd. Paris I White 1 and Whitinr 60 bblt. Spanish Brown 20 do Yellow Ochre 16 catkt Venetian Red 10 torn dry tmd ground White Lead 2 do Red lnd 600 lb. Prutsian Blue ' 2000 lb. Blue Vitriol ; 3000 lb. Oil do 10 lilidt. Copperas ; 5 do Pumice Stone 1000 Ibt. Gum Cnpnl ; 1500 do do Shellac 100 hbls. Ground Camwood 2'Mo do liogwood and Nicaragua 500 (I J . do 'J'umeric 5 ton SL Dmnu go Logwood 2 do Large IWarn' - .n 1 2 do Red Wood 30 boxe Eastern Mould Candle Linseed, pt rnarrti and neat foot Oil Black and Bright Varnitli 2500 feet 8 by 10 Glass 1500 do. 9 by 9 do for tale by riplev fc Weld, my 14 192 Front, corner of K'lilton - tt. RUSSIA fc H.Vb.S DUCK. 20 ho its 1st nualitv Russia duck, 5 balut raven duck, entitled to debenture, just received, for tale by P. HLMSKN fc CO. any 14 26 Soiiih - st. CiHr.i, fc KU.'ri 10 liercct gnen Juiuni - ca Coffee 35 lilidt. 4Ui proof Jamaica R - jmv lanoins from schr. Clarendon, nt pier NoT 8, and lor luk by TUCKER LA Li Kir,?, mav ! X'J ?mulh - treel. e. 'CY 1 HLS. 33 duien, h.r sale by O J D'vvejLr, jr. 51 South - street. my U "1 IN. 10 pipe Cranston Gin, just received Kt and lor tale by UtU. W. 1 ALUUI , . my 1 1 55 Pine ttreet. Ilkltffr k DOLLARS TO LOAN ON a iwiu . - . . r. V f 1. MEHILM PRINTING PAPER. TCI VK hand red ream MUnm Printing Paper, X' manufactured at th 1 bird tuverpaj ernlill. . ALtO, . e 100 reams coloortdasedium 0 do blotting do 20 do writing ilfm.i And , SO do writing medium. All from the lame iiiill. For snle. at redured price, by T. k . 8 WORDS, mv 13 160 Pearl i reel. TMoMfiforfc Ulooes, Clulht, ke. HE subscriber hat received per Venus, 0 trunks best Woodcock glove, averted. ,1 case Shepherd' best Writ ol En - laud black and blue broad cloths and caasimeras 1 truuk cotton hose 100 doien Rowland's genuine JVacassar oil, aud A lot ol lead peucils. GEO. M. WILSON, y 14 un Water - st. F"MIREE Gentlemen can be" accommodated - I. wilb. (operate furnished rooms, break - fast and tea, in a most delightful and healthy situation. Please to apply at 260 Uowery. ' may U lw 1r.11c1.1v1. x cases 01 fancy Jewelry, lor L - U ' L l . 1 i . . . nlel.y GEO. M. W ILSON, my 14 121J Walr - lreet. tU J Sj Boxe fresh Aieuina Lemons', in prime prder CO boxes do do Oranges Now landing and for tale by my 13 " PETER REMSEN k CO. State ol ie - Voi le, Coniutrollere OAice. i . W UERF.AS by an act of the lnitlnture entitled " an act to improve the funds nnn 10 provido for the redemption nT the landed ilebtol this ttate, pasted VI - t April I8III, the ninpiroiier it uuuiunzed to borrow on tlie crcd it of this state, a sum or sums uot exceeding it, the whole, one million of dollars, et a rated in terest not excfjedini: six rer centum ier annum. payroin qunricr yrnriy. now iiiereiore, puhlic Notice is heieby nivcn oy mo undersigned, i;orap! roller ol tmd fct:ite, in piirtumce' ol the net aforesaid, that he will re - ceiie leuted pmKi:ils at his eflicc intliL' city of Aiiiany, until J u.sday (be SUtli VI ay Instant, Tor the whole or any part of a loan of one million of dollars, 10 be paid into the Treasury by the lint day of July next. For the loan or loans which mny be mndu to the State under the act aforesaid, certificates 01 lock will be issued which will be Iraiuft ruble at Hie rity of iNew - Voik, and the in'creit 1,0 whirh will he paid aun ter vejriv to tho ttock holdcrt residing in the Soulburn district and out of the Stale ut tome U.uik in the rity of New - Yoik, cud to ul ollu'tt in tho citv ol A I bun v. I'JJiu principal of mid Slot k to be irredeemable r.'.l il.kR..i.l r 1 - .. 1 11 1.1 . i ... .1 . uiiin 111s uipi ujjr 111 itumnrji, ium, ano wiiiuii live yeurt tl ercafler the Government it bound to redeem it il the Stockholder 1 require the tame to he done. ! ARCH'D. Mcl.NTYRE. ComplroIIer. Albanv, May 7, 1K1U, mv 1 1 t'iiib fftsV m , TO hf.l, A cnnvenicht two ttorv frame house. wilb six lots of(rouml, well adapted for a board ing school, itu:itei 111 uroadway, between b I tec Her and frmce - slrecti. tntiuireor . . i.LU. ANDERSON, my 13 ISt . No. 4 D - wlm Green. CURLHO ll.liu MaMjpALToHI, .70 Chatham - street. TflHE subscriber returns hit thank to the JL puhlic for their former patronage in th line of bit pi'Aietiiou, and lioix'i or their fulurt inpyort. Jld likewise informs thorn that ho has on hand a constant itrmily of curled hair, manu factursAl expressly for matrasses, on an improved principle ( and likewise eunranteet tha hair sold lj niiu 10 be ire from any impure toiell, bciug well tcotired, bulled and baked, and tainr ma nulacturedby machinery, hat an advantage over any other bair manufactured in America it very texture and elasticity makin? it a tavinzof twenty - ova per cent to the purchaser. WILLIAM JACKSON N. li. Merchants and the trade in reneral will find it to their aji autaiu to call as above. SJ bale ol hair in its rough ttate i 6 bale of long hone - tail ; 2000 lb of long hair drawn 30 inches, clubbed ; 600 doxen hair sieve bottom. ror salens above. my 5 2m WANTfcD. A GOOD female servant, to do the Cook ire, and other work of a email familv. where i to be no other help. None need apply unlesiitee can bring a atiifactory reconimendatioo SFnii tneir lad place ;lo tuc h a one good waget will oe pain. Apply al lo r ranklin ttreet. my 5 P.. Skeinara"l$ icetl nf t.itelcnA tlvtla, ic. A FEW cases of extra superfine lotht aud tinnle cassimeres ol Saonv wool AUot a few cases of superfine cloths of lower luahty, calculated for tho country trade, just rnretved Irom the manulactory at Lley iu Lnr - m. Likewire, 1 cau of vest ratteens, from ResU - vinfc Bedford's manutacloiv, London. Order will he received by the subscriber for ruodi from either ol lb above inuuuf ictoiies. J. II. LAURENCE fc CO. mvC 2w No. 55 Pino - streel. L'RANCI M'GOWAN. So. 126 Ely Mar - V ki t, tcntible nf the very liberal enrnurfte - ment he lial received mco hi romnieneemenlin business, and fueling conlident that 110 exertions on his part sliail be waotins to n erit n contin uance, iniorins his frirndi and the pubiic that M pain orexjience has Men arouieu 10 oiiinm a ifilr nf f tii tii'tl lit mi if a nt' v - rv iff irintion. ... ' . - i . . J I w ' ton, for a constant supply of CULL. I U II I l.r in their season, he will be enabled to luruith eoupof an excellent quality A book will be opened lor ivhtrriners lo an UiiuiNAivY, to ue on tr.c table every cuy li a tt alt d hour. Koomi. for private nnrtie. at a tliort notir. N. B. Soup, fleef - Sfeaks, Oyittrt, Muttou Chops rmd Iulitbc at all time. apU BO.R:I.NO. FOUR or five gentlemen with their familie or, ten or liileui tinzlu gentlemen, can be accommodated vith lrrd ftniMgicu at .Moon' Vernon Ho'el, Kbout fin - :nilet from the city of Nest York, on tin bank of the East River, ami one of the most pleasant itiiioni on the iiln. The roorot are spacious and airy, bavins a lull view of the riw rj coach l.uuie od ttibki - - 1'erms liberal, and evcy atleclioo pad, by public'. humb..e,vaRA r,MuVKf,,,. fXL 0i A.iLK OH IV 5?iia Lo'.i hi the 5. 6, . and 10 WrH. ; many uCt u h are 00 rrgii: - iet aed i - sstd stree t, - o money will Le re.uireJ nwfer lea )cr, 11 i.U, intereat excepted. ji()r;?j;9 Sever! Iwofnd hn e t.'ory house, on wl.K - b a ereal l - ert m If.e miey mnun nn nii.riBaCe. An r.ell' - nl stand for b'vnes rith t - . n acrtt of land, iileawntly situatfl, wilii a wWt, tore kniiw anil bxin. 1:01 TON r,d WOOLEN MANUFACTORY, Nenr New - Haveo, wiih 40Hcresofl toil, and a never failing slreani. upon whicrff! m - llf osay It erected, witn a tumcienry 01 sr.m rioreacn. Apply at No. S Greta wich - tlrctt. janUtf Q. TO t.BT. . A dry Cellar, onier the lioo" No. 20 Pia - t(res. Enqnirc of WU. SMEDEJy - v b' J. fc mua 1 unui, w wnjlilLli Mil lie on for tt.f ir dy to lx Having mar!e nrianze ineot. while nt CWlrs. in thit citv Apt ISAAC G OODEXkCo. my 7 4ft Wall - street. Ciin, ius re - Ul ceo ed, and lor sale by GEO. W. TALROT, nv;y 13 55 Pinc - slrect. MUL.H BKANUV 30 bnrreln, Inndiiit and j lor wit by ANSON i. I IILLP&. my 5 IK'J Front lire' t. 1 AMAlCA COFFEE. 10 tierces real fir - t el q'lali't green Jamaica Coffee, for retailio; lnndiiu fmm the tchr Clare mien, and for taic by TUCKER, at LA URIES, my 14 '29 South - ttrcrt. t il Y HIDES fc CC1 FEE. 600 dry bidet, M - J average Weigul I i.b. each U'O tlo do 19 do do do 11 Jj IS, 000 at. green coffee, for tain by II. IIENDRICK?, mav 14 '37 rtavw - t. LOMX'.N CLOI'HS M CASSIA! f.Rt, 5 cases west of 1 - ngland extra tujur cloths k ctsiiuf res. colon black, bluet, bromns, bottle, mi ml, drah, and white, just received per ship Ann, lor sa.e cheap oy L.&C SUYDAM, mny 13 Iw 61 Maiden - lane. t Lt:H't.tirlJAPtCH. I Cases low priced, for tale at 67 Washington - street. my 13 O. G. fc S. HOWLAND. L'ERCITRON BACK. 44 tindi Quercit - roa Bark, laodinr, fr tale by ' CRIS WOLDS r COATE3, toy 13 Cii South treeL COTTON YARN low numbers. An at - swnment of low No's. cotUm vans, for ! by th Commiufoo Company, 118 Pearl - streeL y Utf PROPOSALS. ' ' The agcot of Ihe fetale - Prison. will re - , - ceive, proposals unlill Hie 21st instant, for fvrnirh - ins for one year from the lit ofJmu, nei.ika coovieU cantoned therein, with the following rv utm, iu mjw ueuTerrg av mi eute - riitrn, at tuO coniiaitors expente daily, or at tack timsi a thall be agreed tpen. xix, ' in 01. eorna tl.tlls, lor every 100 ratioa, 3 peek I'ote.toes do do do do d quarts Salt, , do do do . do 12 do Bean or Pea, do do. do ; ' 3 ex. Pepper, do do do do - l - 2Ib tailed Fiih per a. an, once a week 1 gallon VilMgar per 100 ration, do do do 1 - vlh railed prim Pork per man, do do do I lb. Rye dour do do per day 6 ox. Indian do do do do 1 - 2 gill M classes do do, do do 'J he above to beofcood Quality and apt rovsJ by Ihe DRent, when delivered. Beef i hot ma - tienn:, the reusoB ol which, the agent Will ttate to whomsoever may contract. . Aiau. ' . ProDostli will br received, unlill the Slat insL for furnishing the Hoti'ital department of said rriton wnn ale uicme, 1 ooei, and Hospital itoret, for one jetir from the 1st ol June twl, greea bly 10 an act ol tlie lgiiluture. cvrKerning tbd State Piitou, piitsrd tt Iblh of April 1817. ALSO, Proposals will be received, lor furni'bing from two to three 'ihotm.nd loads of sni a, suitable lor bail bug an additional wall to the State Prison. ALEX. COFFIN, jr. Agent. . New York State Priton Office, May 4, IU18. toy 4dtml1 . . ...,.,, - 0y - Wotice it hereby given to the lockliold - er ol tlits West Chester Turnpike Road Coiepa - ny, that an election will I held un the third Monday of May te - n o'clock in the .ore - noon, at the house ol David Wood. Inn - Keeper, at Mamtronurk, ler the purpose of choosing thit teen Dircctoit'lor tlie aid cumi unv. np 30 JO tsOTICK it hureiiy give 1 10 tl 1 - stockholder of Ihtt Associate ul tlie Jersey i.'umpn - ny. that a dividend has bs - en di - rlur. d 01 two dollar p.Mhdia 0.1 the capital ttock ol the company, which nil) be paid ou the l'2th io slant, at No. 181 Broad way. .' HARRY CALDWELL, Treawrer. my 1 3iv fj - .Mercantile Insurance Couipany of Aew - Yoia, incorporated during tlie late n ssionol the Lraitlutura of thit stale, beinu oreaiiiztd unit having coinnn need busin it, it reaily to rei eive applications, on Marine Kiscjuei, at thiir oliice, . No, 4 1 Woll - ttreet. mav 4 Vw INOIICE. (fr Tbe matter and owner of vetteli ! lohiting toilie citiei of Albany aud 1'ioy, Willi toliire a btiin, for a number of years, na the North Kiver side of thit citv'. for the ace'emmo - rbition of these vessel exclusively, lor wliidi a ' liberal (Hupenallon Will be Kiveti; lhf lutseri - bei uru a cemmittre appoint td for the puraos ofrrceiMKg prnjiotali for Lie same. And (bo pioprieiors of tbeul.srvc t on ihe aottu mver are ri - eiuesteil to band in their uronosali to either of the subscribers, stating the uluutiou and lbir teimi, respectively. 1. II. A C"fe addressed to rither of the uh - scribcr, lell at Joseph C. toopci', l ent'i lla - sin, or M It, fc L. need', tvocuuc cup, wiu it I elide d to. . ',.... , . , Nw.Yoik,25tb April. 1018. it - un i Si wmrrLE, ' , OEOROE MONTE ATU, ' . PE1 ER DONNELLY, , . menu. 11. Fircu, , : n. HUSH NELL, . GUivDuN GRANT. . ' ' ap251m - Hf.MOVAlh ftP J A . G U T I VV A I D V, !a rtmoved from No. 44 to No. 75 .Vuiden - lune, w hore - he continues to manufacture hit PIANO - FORTES iu an entire new and improved coristruclioo, the result 01 many yesr close applicaliou and tludv, for which he now hat obtained letter ratfid. Oil examination by conuouseor of music, ha - tsrt bimtelf that they will meet with their ap probation, and merit public patronngo 1 and U feels p - oud, that his piano - fortes have mel with he iiiiiinniioiii approval of the most eminent pro feasors of muiicj (he following tettimMiialt of which they kindly have granted him,' to meet . the public eye : , We, the lumcribtrt, professor of music, do certify, that we hove tartlully eiamiueJ Mr. J. GiiIIwhMI'i piauo - fortei, whub, for mgenu - y ami e - xec lienor of workmaaihlp and uniform brilliancy of tone, We deservedly recommend to put 11c patroaapv. Messrs. Gdles, Eticnne, Rd. leetr, C. Ih.haull, Lhailet Oillcrt." TO LET, on ihe tame preniiset, a . 4uUa, l rS and eouimoiiiou time and back ruoui ' adjoining, with or wiUioul a front cellar. ap 25 I in A'olier lo 'Junrn hnitit ntiU droit n. ftT - LhenMttu l.'.vtrn Keeper and firo - :ert iroui the V1ay r and ( 'onni.iriorier of Ex - ie. will be iitutd at iho M.itoi's Uffce, in the City Hall, beta en Ihe liOurs of ten and one o'clock. o'i thr ee vral df vs. and for I Is difier - ent aardsiu tuLoetfion, in Ut order lollowing. vis : 1st wnrd on the 5tli May 2d do do ifh , d - 3.1 do do . 7th dJ 4th da do tithfc Pth do - 6fli ill . do llthfc IfhHo . liili ill do 13th & 141 b (Jo 7th do do IVhfc liithdo - Htli lit do ltftfi fc lOthdo 9:h do do VOih do lUlli tin do tlslfc?2i do All pi rsrm who know nf any obiectb - nt a - gain)t the (larfing of bcei.n - s lo auy o' thoM who now ho'd tl eiii. at respectfully rvque?'ed to give intol: illon at the Mayor' Office, bo - e - r the time lor gr.1nU11gll.e1n al a'le - VD - men - li'ined : and those ariitlemen who have lktn p - vin to investiyiite Uiii lutyect, and remsiiltr It el iL - Dii it ul ph a enf, art particularly invited to eitirt iu luioishina all tlie ioformalioo in power. . LJltU" J. Si DELL, F. M. - Ap97l . i.ii.i Y.I.V zCiJUvL. TlffAMlAT I'.IN Femala bciol 1 at 19 1 itJL Greeuwieh - tlreet ; Male ScbotL 14'J Chauibvr strr et. ' In Ihcso tr.ho.Jt are tanjni an me tnocoe hirli conititule a uk fill and fmithed education. VVe I irbpjr to J act nil In pariscoari ; to oner reemmci', or to nr.k: rt pietnl - e. Our natrons a - l('', to pidfe of ths niodetof in:tru'ti"!i ho h rcf aid iciittjit. by tlie ira - oroiemeuiof t!ie jeJiolvis. Ai,ny.r.T PICKFT, Jll.m W. i'l'JKr T. WULATOVS ITtH ,'I.Vf..lLNT. T 11 E lui u tnd itcTeinal ni o' ibie o'. - lmer.t 1 u!ii.ii - iit rxomri.!ri.lKtiin. a it ha - e 0 found to ! a pltas. - int, e - ifc and certnta re - me.iy (' r lr.l Hit;reeaiile dits in a'. 1. ftj - es. It i fit .i!e - in Itw ciy f ew - York, by fc X. II. t'ost, Si. 41 Wi!liam - ttrett I. T. Clarlt, No. W Maidstsj - Lane H. H. 3ciieP - !ofc Co. No. Iy3 IVe.ri - ttreet; Ln - renc l Keen No. J05 Pearl t?vet ; Hull k Uown, 14t Pearl Itn - .1 ; R. fc L. Murr.v, 311 Pearl slret;J.M. fimthunt, 314 Pearl "ct reel Jcha renford. No - 4 Fi.(e - irr - eeeei : Dutyee fc Pew, in P"arl -; Jolm C Morn - of., 153 Greenwirb iet; Jol.n P. Fi.her, 100 Erjl - way V"a tr Si Sewmen, corn' 01 Cha - alwr - si. and hr' ailtsav, ail i.:o ii.C'lilr.ii.u - tt!rt : and . in short it may be pf - wrd a no - 1 . Urn Dreg i;toset in Ih.sciil Also o Pt.;' - .!ii, of S. - Witb.rvll i - com I Georgr ilarre l . ni fc R j . . .s a... A. . - sffs1 lu i.kl lif - inrfo - xl r, aa - j aiTjo - . .7'' r - p001 , tativ. - ia. .. - a, TON'3 J.V. .UICE UTTERS t . . tqi II .. . I I I " - ' " . . . a - ' us easi - aerce. 11 'be had at C above piact. jaaZZSa .. - ) - . , - t . 'i ' , - I! , i 1 ; . 1 .r I ! ' 1! ..r - .. 'mi - j, - - V.' " . ' . J l i - , - - ' ' " M '.. - " - - s i ) 4 1 . t i ) ' - . i . i X , r f

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