Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa on January 4, 1943 · Page 13
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Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa · Page 13

Mason City, Iowa
Issue Date:
Monday, January 4, 1943
Page 13
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MONDAY, JANUARY 4, 1943 MASON CITY GLOBE-GAZETTE · .\jit v^ll 1 V J I j V J D r j - V J / i / j E / l 11^ ,-.,, Hunting for a Warm Apartment? Here Is th^Happy Hunting Ground" Classified Advertisinq Money to Loon S Rooms for Rent 32 QTPT/^TT V T3TTCTXTT700 ! TT ! ! " : ~ Classified Advertising Information TABLE OF ECONOMY W A N T AD PRICES 109o discount if paid at time of insertion. 3% discount on al) classified ads paid within 10 day:: of last insertion. This Is 6 point type The rales ior this size type are-1 Day 3 Days 6 Days 2 Lines ... 3 Lines ... 4 Lines ... 5 Lines ... 6 Lines ... 7 Lines ... 8 Lines ... 9 Lines ... S .30 .45 .60 .75 .90 J.05 1.20 1.35 S .75 1.13 1.5" 1.88 2.25 2.U3 3.00 3.38 SI.32 1J3 2.64 3.30 3.96 4.62 5.28 5,1)4 This is 10 point type. The rates for this size type are-- 1 Day 3 Days G Days S .40 51.05 S1.92 .60 1.58 2.83 .80 2. i n 3.84 1.00 2.63 4.80 1.20 3.15 5.76 1.40 S.fiS 6.72 l.GO 4.20 7.118 1.80 4.73 8.64 WE SUPPLY THE CASH YOU NEED S30 to 3300 United Financial Service IS 1 ;' N. Federal Phone 57 REAL ESTATE LOANS F. H. A. AND OTHER TYPES E. W. CLARK CO. 205 Forcstej-5 Bldg. 2 Lines ..'. 3 Lines ... 4 Lines ... 5 Lines ... G, Lines -7 Lines ... 8 Lines ... 9 Lin s . . . CLASSrFIED DISPLAY 1 Day 3 Dnvs G Days 1 Inch $ .80 Ji.25 S4.35 JUST CALL 3800 AND ASK FOR AN AD-TAKER Index to Classified Classifications a r e numbered according to the position in which they op- pear in the section. 37 Instruction : IF YOU NEED TO BORROW $300 OR LESS to explain our many F ou REKT-MOCJ. . ·---- o-"« k" *-.V^F. . ^ loan plans anytime. Loans made anywhere in North Iowa on Personal Property. Installment loans and Term Loans to Fanners. See. Phone or Write us for FREE INFORMATION C. L. PINE LOAN CO. Second Floor - Stslc and Federal Phone 224 REKT-- Sleeping ~r pru-. if dbirccj. Close in. Phone STRICTLY BUSINESS by McF MNM . FOR KENT--a f u r n . tiskm:. TOD gas heal. Si3 mo, 1MQ Ninth s. E. . ms, bath, Apts. for Rent 33 FOR flEMT--3 room do l u x e apartment. ground floor. Phone 326-1, FOR RENT--Two room f u r n . f r o m apt., close in. ^0 Fourth St. N. E. FOR HENT-- 1 large unluni. rm, and kitchenette, 1st fir., pri. lavatory and stool. Reas. 321 N- Georgia, Phone 2017-J. FOR RENT--Ground floor, ' bedroom apt. New, gas lical, close in. Also 5 room apt,. S2G. Phone 1182 or 32IC, KENT-- Downtown outside I or li , apit.. furn., unfurn. I2ii'.j N. Fed. FOR DESlRABLT~APTS7~7e^ J. B. Youngblood. Phone 36. Optometrists 11 CARE o£ Hie eyes includes an cxarninn- tion once a year. See Dr. Knutson. Opt., Weir bldg. Chiropractors . Al 1 I HEALTH through Dr. R. J. Gar Garner, normal nerve fminloiT . rner and Dr. CU Nortli Federal M r flcnt S:i 7 G2 AUTO Aocr'eorles Autos fnr Sale A m o Truck* Brjuuv Shnns B/wrd, Rrtnm Bus. l.nenllons Cafes Card of Thanks Cemeteries Cleaners. Overs Death Notice* Dops. Birds. Pel.* Elec-trtcnl A Farms TOT Sale Farms fot Rent Florists Foods « ·Funeral Director* Garages 5i Gardens A4 Help W a n t e d , Male. Female 2 Help IVtd.. Malt 2 Help Wanted. Female 2 Help Win.. \V1Ui Investment Hous for Sale Houses tor Kent H'sehold Goods :iO i 13 H 2 Art 15 A 35 4D '9 54 Insurancr In Aim-in ria in L i v e s t ' k fnr Sale Loraiinn \ V a n f e d Lo«i. Foi.nd Lir^ fnr Sale M a c h i n e r y MJFC for Safe Misc for Rent Money lo Loan M u s i c a l l n ? t r Nurerv Smelt Onlometriil": OtfTces frr Henr O f f i c e Eauipl. Poultry. Ecya Radio Real Estate Kc.-il Est. Loans Rooms for Rent Sale or Trade Sale or Rent Salesladies Salesmen Seeds. Feeds Services Offered Situation \Vid, Swap Service \Vtd to Borrow \Vanied lo Buy Wcar'c A p p a r e J Wanted. Misc. Wanted to Rent Seeds, Feeds 17 FOR SALE--4{f0 bu. ear corn. I mile south Central Heights. Ralph Winner. H A Y W A N T E D -- A l f a l f a o r O'KeJff Dairy. Rockwell, Iowa. .?! Business Opportunities 11 43 50 5 IG ft] AB n2 ·A I B:TI I F O R SALE--Small grocery and service station nn Hiway 18, Abo '3*5 L. W B Chev. truck. A-l cond. Raclsbntk Grocery and Service, Garner. Death Notices 1 WILLIAMS, J: E., 6X Mason City attorney, died ut a ):D.ipila( in nochcsicr. Minn.. Saturday morning., f o l l o w i n g mi illnet?. Fu:icr;il .vjrv3t-fis wiJJ lj^ held st 2 o'clock Tut.-s(3tiy a f t e r n o o n at tlic Congregational church, w i t h tJie Rev. Rov C. HcLfcnMcin. p.nslor of the elinrL-h" iti cli»ri;c. Burial \vi31 he .it Park cemetery. The Meyer funeral home in charge. Card of Thanks WE \vi=h to express sincere t h a n k s to our friends for the many ;itij of kimlnevs shown .-inrt flowers t-cnt our beloved mother unc! grandmother. Itin L. Bahnscii durirti: her illness and to u:-, ilurin" our bereavement. " Mr. and Mrs. Albert Hunt. Mr. ;tnd Mrs. Will air. itnrl Mrs. Charles Klatt Funeral Directors 3 HIEVERS Funeral Home. A b e a u t i f u l service need noi be costly. A m b u l a n c e service. Flicmc 1305, MAJOR Funoml Home. 203 Second N*. E. E f f i c i e n t Service plus Reverence. Ambulance. Plicne 511. nrt SON Funeral Home. Complete tcrvicr. D.iy and niuht. U South Adams. PJioiic B5I. PATTERSON Home. Known for service. Ambulnncc. :C2 North \\ : aslJinston. Phone -1140. Personals DAY Nxirrcry, 101-t K. Phone 2331-W. ^^ Help Wfd., Male 20 1MNTED--Balser or IwUcr's helper at once. Wilson Bakery. WAKTED--Dri\ p ers. Vellou* Cab Co ply in ucrson. No phone calls. WANTED-4 pin setter- ,vrs. or older. Victory State. Apply allcrnoon. 113 SERVICEMAN Must know lires, batteries and auto accessories. Good hours, good pay. Apply in person. B. F. GOODRICH Silvertown Store 125 FIRST ST. S. E. WANTED _ Fillins stntion n t l c n c l n n l . ErcasL- ont! wash innn. Econonn IVcJd- mg and Machine Works. HejpJrVtd., Female 21 EXPERIENCED SODA FOUNTAIN ami Lost, Found LOST--Blue tmrsc. containing keys book. Finder may keep money. turn lo '^21 4lh S. U'. LOST-- While gold Bulnvn eve. Reward. Ph. i-JU7. watch, FOUND--Black leather pnrcc. 1WR \\ Fed, LOST--T\vo Sill hills in GIobe-Gazcne cn"- velopr. Reiwm). R e t u r n to litia ffficn. LOST--Lady's tan shoes. Thursday. Heward. Return to GJobc-GazcUc. Money to Loan 8 Meo! Women! Married or Single Quick Cash Loans S25 to S300 SECURITY LOAN CO. 321 First Nat'l Bank Phone 412 LUNCHEONETTE DISPENSERS · Excellent Salary Permanent Positions · HICKEY BROTHERS DAVENPORT, IOWA 4 room ant. and gar ^ North Federal. Photic I!GG7. FOR RENT--1 nn. motl. imfi aulo. hoi u'atur. Ph. 43CC-J. FOR RENT--I. : and :t TJII. f u r n Close in. Utilities Sum. Pli. '23*5. FOR KEKT--New 3 rm. and bath, u n f u n i . p!. 415 N. Pcnn. FOR RENT--5 room a p a r t m e n t , fia.s heat. £i3 No. Federal. Phone m. FOR HENT--3 23 S. Prcs. rni. tin furn. apt., PH. 1147-W. Houses for Rent . 34 FOR RENT--6 room hnnaalnw. ll'i'.* \V. Slate. Charles W, Barlow, Phone 207G. THE BOARD M E E T I N G Autos for Sole 60 G oo rTTssonTMEvT'oT'w'TTIitl^'iT) Mou "- Company. Auto Trucks 61 FOR'SALE '~ Chevrolet P/2-T. Truck vvitii enclosed weatherproof box Also Chevrolet Sedan Delivery very reasonable. Inquire L. E. ASHLAND. Basket Grocery Clear Lake, lo\vr. NEED A TRUCK 1933 STUDEBAKER LWB 10 PLY DUALS. NEW FINISH. CLEAN 1937 FORD SWB. DUALS ' HYDRAULIC DUMP BOx' UJ33 MODEL B FOmTT CYL SWB. DUALS. FARM BOX. A-l "And now, ;i report from our Director of Tests!" Tests of Globc-GazeJtc Want Ads show they sell baby goods anil furniture easily and profitably. Call 3800. Misc. for Sate 44 FOR RENT SiO.OO G rm. modem Jioti5e. N. £.. coal $40.00 9 rm. modern hoiuM!, clofi: ill. coal | FOI1 SALE--Suwin- machines, complcic shoe repair inaciiinery. Used car heat- inofLern liouse. N'. E.. coal beat -- "· '" - - - - · - _ . modem house, c-lote in, no-.v S30.C.O (i fill $3j.UG 7 rin. f u r n a c e . $32.30 (j rm. modern honj;e, cast, go.1) heat \V. L. PATTON, REALTOR 103 EAST STATE ST. FOH R E N T -- N e w l y dccoralert house, near Monroe acJlno). 52V.DO. Sam Raizci. FOU RENT--N'okv kiU-UenuUe a n t . Every- hiny furnished, $25 a nionili. Phone FOK R5CNT -- :t rni. house. l:i:i 51::. 50 mo. Ph. J913-LJ. 311 FOR RENT--Small Mouse. Phone :M£8-J. N T Conn. t!) S. E. S. Penn,, . . er.-. si.(10 uu. B. O. Exchang reflcj - aj Avenue. Musical Instruments 48 NEW SHIPMENT ol used 10 lor SI.5B. Lt's lieecj Norlti Delaware, Sluslc Co tOtl SALE--Special delivery 1.50(1 lb=. IJMt Franklin county. HI., lump cool. Low on tout. hoi. holds Hrc a l j ni^ht Has more heal and lasls longer man tern or many other coals. tax He. toial ronirt »u«iy uiimr coais. Si.l;. tax 3ara»? S7 '9 - p t l D I ] e 409, Louis Swchlo. Ort . SALE--Story and Clark Cliean. Pit. 304 a f t e r 5 p. m. piaiio. FOB SALE-- Tu-o lull size. Pli. violins-- r- FOR SALE--i _pr. men's chrome racing j Eiml f'h. 1*30. Office Equipment 50 SALES, Service anil Supplies on off ice of n i t kLnil = . Fisher Typu- «c hockey I wiiicr Co., 111'^ East Suite-. Foods 45 FOB RENT--: vm. house. Ras heal, auto hot waler. Foreit Park. Phone :!jo7-\V. FOR RENT--3 room hcatcci duple.v, SIO. J. B. Voungblood. Phone. ?.6. FOR REKT-- Two ·* rin. bungalows. 1 mod. and 1 partly mod. Phone 224 all FOR ElEXT--j rm. founc.alou- in Forc=t Park. - Insulated. 8 as heat .Ph. 150C. FOR RENT--3 loom, partly Ivtrn. basement house, 51--50 mo. 1529 N. I3cL FOR REKT--Feb. 1st. ·! rm. mod house, fireplace. 205 S. Louisiana. Ph. 3311. FOR RENT-- Duptes:. -In 2nd St. N. \V. Garayc. «as heat.* East side. 5 rms.. full basement. S37.33. Jlanlcy's. FOR REXT-- F»rn. 2 rms. 1 Fireplace. j;as heat. Ph. 'JG3 1 Hi. apt. FOR nEXT--Hoii;e n t 239 O'.h Place S. E. FOR KENT--Furn, apt 11' · S. Del. Ph ·1439. Houses for Safe 35 HOUSE FOR SALE EXTRA SPECIAL APPLES Frcsh Load 425 BUSHELS should arrive today Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday Only JONATHANS ...T SCHOOLBOY Size, Bushel U. S. NO. Bustiel . . BALDWINS 1 QUALITY, S-J3C NORTHERN SPY Wearing Apparel 53 FOB SAI.E--One fall ond one winter" liicl.Vs Princess cents; nlso Rothrnoor si:i!.^Eize 18-M. Dresses, litouses. 1125 1st Household Goods 54 V,"E pay fop UsecJ DeJt.T F'oivcr Tools- modern Table-Top jia.i raiiRc.s. uluctriii ·.ynshcrs nnd scwi«a inachjiiu-. Curric- Vnn Ness Co, LAPINER Watches Yanks Shoot Down 19 Nazi Planes in Battle Over Africa By WES GALLAGHER ABOARD AN AMBULANCE PLANE OVER NORTH AFRICA, Enroute to n Base Hospital, Jan. 3, (Delayed, (AP) --After watching ironi a grandstand seat the destruction of 19 crack German lighters in a violent air batlle, it seemed apparent to me that American engineering genius and the raw, pioneer courage oC American youth had forged into*--- -- -- · --. of the greatest air weapons T T _ . _ I Wish Id Been Tougher --Henderson Auto Accessories 62 Come Ie for Good News 011 'ins We'll help you prepare your application ·crvice 121 N. Delaware Phone 363 FOR SALE--Air-Wny cIc'L-. sweeper Per- icel condition, ir. M. Hlclicr. Ph. 1132. ATTENTION MR. FARMER: Y M . , ve !«,.: ·r a ,- t '' V (,.M% S ril "B C5 nnd » few MAY- FAG WASHERS (nr M lc. Bctlcr Jlurrv. CERIIO GOftDO MAYTAG CO 411 N Federal Avc.. Phone 20G7. PARTS rcr M.iytaB and other washers. Rcrairmi; and used washers. Marston 302 South .-Monrod. phone 1C2. We b u y . EC!] ant] rcn.iir all makes of v a c u u m tlrancrs. Hoover Department. Mcrkcl's basemen!. WASHER REPAIRS. :|!1 Qufc*. FOR SALE--Heaters, ran e e= ens or oil sloves. droplcol l.iblc. 211 ^,,'l s. W. Wanted U. S. NO. 1 QUALITY, Bushel . . . GANGS Bushel AT CLEAR LAKE , Due to gasoline rationing. I m u s t i move nearer to the center of my territory. I will sell our six roorii I house. Lnrge enclosed porch, four U. S. XO. 1 QUALITY, rooms, slool and lavatory clown- stairs. Two rooms and full bath up. All nswly decorated, new roof, new automatic hot water heater, gas furnace three years old. Q\K block from school, four blocks from bank corner. AUSTIN REYNOLDS 118 Bcnton Street--Clear Lake Phone 275-W ' WANTED TO BUY--Good Fri-iclnire a size. Reasonably priced. Plionc "tci-L i South Cnrolin.i. S 1 Sti S l HUBBARDSON T 1 Acreage 37 FOR SALE OR RENT--10 acre trnct w i t h iromplclc set of huiUiinps. etlpc of Mason Cily. Grant McGmvau, Photic SoG4 or .Vii. Farms for Sale 2 imp. 240V. SwjiLcdale ... 192 ;ILTC:S. one of tlic fhicjl. 1 Gralton. 320 acres, M=scrvcy I Po_«=e5sicii March 1. i-- Aflernoon C O O K . Must be ROOC!. Thes-e farms arc n i l class A WANTED -- MLdmcngcil woman for mvalici mc/thei. Phone isy $0«5 39 i Bag £ I FOR SALE 1 )'s. Cocci tot], Osa£c nnil Ma^on Cily, j miles out. S U R E POI 3 Pounds . U. S. NO. 1 QUALITY, Bushel JONATHANS UTILITY QUALITY, So37 Bushel GRAPEFRUIT TEXAS HARSH SEEDLESS 25° 10 for POP CORN WANTED TO BUY--3 or 10 room modem house, corner lot with f a i r siicil varij liroferrcii. Can be, Iiinii.-hed. parllv "f,ir- nlshoil or not Cash or m o n t h l y pnymciu Plan. Addrcii l- t . Gltjlje-Gjjzcjte. WANT TO BUY 25 USED TRUCKS and PICKUPS Will Pity Top Cash Prices. Sec Us NOU-. ner Motor Lapi any RELIABLE FOR OVER 2?, YEARS OU-. Compan USED WASHERS WANTED--Ph. r. Lodge Notices M A S O N CITV I.OnOK SO. 551 ). o. o. r. MccliiiB every Tucs. niglit VIRGIL. BURNS Noble Grand WAY31AX CLOSSON nccorlins Seerclary PI]one .liGT H A R D I N G LODGE SO. lilK A. r. A- .v .11. Work in Second Decree Wednesday, Jan. G 7:30 P. M. A. L. HOTCHK1N. \V. M. Phone yoei'-J C. C. IJALPIDE. Secretary Phone ICR5 Exci: LOUCII: NO. 14:, A. F. .V A. II. Installation of Officers Jan. 7. 13-1:; ":»IJ P. M. tJinnct. U::10 I 1 . M. Make Reservation D. G. SWALE. W M DON GII.IJERT. Secretary Photic i!090 AREDALE LOSES FIRST SOLDIER Dallas Scarrow Killed in Battle of New Guinea AREDALE -- Pvl. Dallas Scarrow, about 24, of Aredale. was; killed in action. Nov. 2C, on New Guinea, according to word received hero Sunday n i g h t by his parents, Mr. and Mrs. Eimo Scarrow. Private Scarrow was the first Aredale man lo lose his life in this war. . e K o c . » Sum!ays. Park-; Cafe. 1^ S. Delaware, 'v Ulile^ from . SGO an aciv. Terms. ·.oil. s:oocl lo WANTE'D--Girl fcr~houscwo"rV.~ph. 2G10W. [ A - T. CLOUSE, -517 Seventh N. \V U'AN'TED--Housekeeper mi [arm: r.o »b- iccUcm to one cliiltl. Near Clear Lake Wrile D-n, clobc-GnzcUt.'. WANTED--Silk f i n U l l u r . Stcuoy woTt Ex|. not necessary. Lyons Cleaners. \V.\XTr-D--Woman or pirl lo care for l)«y 3 yrs. old. Home r.iptits. Cat! at I-JL'G iV. Maclkon. Rear rioor. farms for Rsnt 40 FOIi HENT-- 320 ncrc form ;: mi. N. E. ,if Ricevillc. Good land ami buildings. Wrilc IS-1. Clobc-G.izettc. Machinery Services Offered 23 WANTED -- Exp. farm hand u-ants work by year. Good re/, \V. o. Ward, care noser Nelson. Home 2. Clear Lake. -- Place to .iF.cist in lady. P. o. Dox 134. Clear I^ MONEY MIRRORS rcsilvcrcd. Factory process. Guaranteed. Mackefs. Phone 782. Help Wtd^Male, Female 27 WAKTED-- Nigh: e.rok. man or woman. Sotla Grill. Mason Cilv. 41 KOR SALC-- F-3II Farmall traetor nn rulj- her a,,a cultivator. Alfrc ( l Meincjers. J mi. S. W. of Thornton. Iowa. 29 C RUTABAGAS NORTHERN WAXED. Fresh Load 5 l" a . , .. 2¥ WANT TO BUY-O.nT or write Kcilli JIoll. wheel WANTED~TO~BUY -- Fumi- ture, dishes, tools, ing. Phone 1822. .rniicv. P1 ;.J Mural Commemorating 7.(Marian Anderson's Concert to Be Dedicated one of Hie greatest air weapons or the war the combination ot flying fortresses and lightning fighters. This may seem lo be a quccv place to come to such a conclusion, with tour young wounded sergeant gunners strapped in the bomb bays u few feet awny in this Hying fortress "ambulance.'' But I liavc just returned from i\ flight over Tunis in a flyinS fortress where I watched fortresses and their fighter escorts rip through one of the hottest German air defenses in the world with every American bomlicr returning to base. * * * In the lead bomber in this second largest attack of the war on the axis-held port, staged Saturday, I watched the fortresses with their escorting fighters beat oii drive through swarms of Focke-Wulf 190s and Messei- schmitt 109s. For me it was an exciting day, expecting at any moment to liavc bursting anti-aircraft shell or flurry of ME-10!) cannon fire drill into our ship--but for the young American flyers who a few months ago worked in their home towns or attended colleges it was just another day's work. No air force in the world, even the German air force in its best clay, had an air weapon capable of such sustained daylight bomb- atlaclts as that of the Americans in what they call "the daisy chain'' run over Tunis and Bizcrtc, where the Germans have concentrated fighters and anti-aircraft defenses ot terrific fire power. * * * Day after day from a "Shaii- Sri-La" in north Africa, Hying fortresses with their twin-tailed escort lighters smash down on the axis-held ports with such regularity that the pilots jnkc that they "feel like a driver on a milk run." After Sunday's violent battle. every fortress returned to the base although one landed with only two engines. Some carried a cargo of wounded, including mine, in which a waist gunner was hit when a n t i - a i r c r a f t shells burst around us. This fortress in which I am flying now is carrying the day's casualties lo a iiospital where there are facilities for proper treatment. The losses in fortresses and escort planes shot down have been the lowest of Ihc war for the Jype of operation, being less than two per cent. This record lia.s been made against anti-aircraft barrages said to equal in intensity those thrown up at Brest when- two German battleships were sheltered there. Even with such air weapons as the Americans have the liamlJiiiR of Tunis was no picnic inunl. But the boys l.vins a few feet away as this fortress glides over rough mountain ranges have lost nothing of the Spartans in the American pioneers. ·£ ':· %· Every g u n n e r here lying wounded fought on after being hit --fought on until his ship was in the clear. When t aslicd our gunner why lie had kept on fighting with a leg wound several inches long he replied: "Why not?'' TV.-Q of (lie boy s had fought bc- fovc over Western Europe. One of the other two fought against Ihc Japanese in Australia and WASHINGTON, W--Price Ad- ·ninistrator Henderson, denouncing gasoline bootlegging and expressing regret that he had "not been tough enough" in enforcing ration- "ng, said Monday that people are more indifferent to the need for conserving motor fuel than lo anything else. Enforcement problems had been aggravated by reluctance lo accept gasoline rationing, and few persons would inform on violators of the regulations, Henderson told a senate committee investigating oil shortages. ¥ * W "My guess is that the full seriousness of it never lias permeated; that, together with the freedom that people attach to the/ir movements," he testified. "The English experience has been similar. "Some advise you to tell the people what is needed and they will clo it, "So far as gasoline rationing is concerned, that just ain't so'." Henderson recalled that not- only he, but Rear Admiral Emory Land of (he martime commission, war department and other officials had repeatedly told the people of the ''insistence" of gasoline and fuel oil rationing and of converting oil burners for the use of coal. As a result of the "carelessness and indifference" plus bootlegging, he declared, "we will have this winter people who scrupulously observed the rationing laws who will be inconvenienced." The retiring OPA chief said gasoline bootlegging reminded nmi of hquor bootlegging during prohibition. His only regret "as an outbound administrator." Henderson said was thai he had "not been tough enough.'' "If J had it to do over again-which God forbid--I'd be harder and tougher until they cut me down,' 1 ho said. clofh- CABBAGE NORTHERN-- Fresh 5-144 1 Load :l^ Somh Federal. \VV\;CTED TO nuy tocslcrt. Phone iraa. ftirniturt-, Tr.idc iiliirc. Juc Co 3 5. L- Japanese in /uisiralia anci Tt . .:, ;ainst the Germans and Italians Un c Vt\ nl · n i - i t t n :»1,1I^ I U I I l l L U O I I I I OS over the middle cast. oO Pounds PCI- Pound Autos for Sale FOR SALB-Il (not Vnn Br.m! train clrill. Mumble for hemp. Clans R a n d a l l . 1 Manly. Livestock for Sale 42 FOR SALE--2 Guernseys, t Uoltlcin. all forinecrs: I frali Sliotlliorn. ;OTK ,v Carolina. FOR SALK--Spollcrt Poland China Mrs. Hcnr.v Ilubcr. CJear Lal:c. . bull. 2 year., old. R i d i ' a n d Markwaui" miles sonih Clear Lair. COFFEE RADIATORS cleaned. , e.'ied. tvliccN balanced and | Biriun-OIson Conijjany. WASHINGTON. (U.R1--A m u r a l ctirrimcmorn) ing Marian Anderson's Lincoln memorial concert - TM : i here in 193!), \vill be dedicated buft orpmsionjy/edncsday in Ihc auditorium o f the south interior department] building. Secretary of Interior Harold L. Ickes announced Mon- dav. 60 FOLGERS. NASH. CHOCOLATE CREAM. BUTTERNUT--The Finest Coffee--, Per Pound 31 C 50 ONIONS one R i b . ; Ofc7 Bil' r POTATOES We Will Buy Your CAR 19 e Swop Service 29 ! - . .. , FOR MOST PURPOSES ,, ~ i r o n s AUK-TWO rc^icm! D,,ro c D M ,« ' COBBLKJI.S. 11O.ME This Old established homo owned i S1 *' vp --Equity m n rm. lioiur in M^ois ] Law Brolhcrt. Prior.c :.83-n-l]. i GROWN' tti« company makes cash loans up ,,,' o^cSouc"" ^TM M TM° TT 'M ^^7^-^^^,^-^ I KEU T R,UM°PHS S300 on Autos, Furniture. L i v e - ) - · -- -· ' -MICH* bi;ii. R. E. Frcoc Nora sprinciT- , i m u f t H H b . suAp--Aboni w pigeons. somc (ancv , 3 miica west onci i mile iontii. ' ' N o r t h Dakota Gro\vn for cllickcns. Wrilc JJ-2. Globc-Gazcn'i..: 1 i 57 .. - on _ _ stock or other Personal Property. Out of town loans also marie Home Loan Finance Co. 205 Foresters Bldg. Mason City $yC YOU CAN BORROW this * J amount from xis for 12 per week lo make the payments. Federal Discount Corp. EARL V. ZE.-YRLKY, Manager 1.1M, N. Federal Phone 516 Bag ·S * 5 -I 0(5 i SWAP--Cash for cedar clicsl. Write MilI-3 GIobc-Gazc:lc. SWAP--Model A 1530 Ford tor chickens or feed. Write GG-1. Globe-Ga*cl«. SWAP--Guernsey milk cow CoT^liickcns or feed. Write LL-I, GIobc-Gazcllc. Misc. for Sale 44 i FOR SALE--Royal port, typewriter, good cond. Phone Geneva Johnson at 570. Rooms for Rent 32 FOR SALE -- O N E 9.T HORSEPOWER V-E ENGINE Four pairs 600x15 chains, several good used batteries and anti-frccic SI.CO gallon. Bring your own container. TAG'S AUTO SERVICE S. W. Phone 80ii Ward. nca.-:. ]!5 ]i s. «·. i FOR SALE--Xcnr tenant lion t Krccsc. Nora Spring*, 3 in r. 13x21. R K. . W. 1 ml. S. SUGAR PER f-c POUND 0 BP.ING YOUR EGGS in Trade RESERVE RIGHT TO LIMIT EAKI/S FRUIT MARKET 1607-1609 South Federol Avc. ZENOR MOTOR CO. 21 Second S. \V. Winterized Used Cars Reasonable Prices HART MOTORS, inc. DODGE - PLYMOUTH Opposite the Post Office 20 N. Delaware Phone 380 TERMS - TRADES The program, which broadcast, will include n w i l l be talk by The crew of this "ambulance" fortress has just arrived from training. H'hilc ils mcinliws arc itching to KCt into the f i f h t . they feel a queer sort nf priilc Ihey arc f l y i n g these men tci ] .safety. | Siflins in the glass nose of the j.hip I pointed to (he lines shiiiin , Ickes and songs hy the Negro con- trnlto. Prominent "federal "officials. G. White. 25. of Louisville Kv" members of ;hc diplomatic corps "That is a .strange cargo in t h e and civic leaders will attend. bomb rack-" The mural, executed by Mitchell He replied' Jamiesoij. who was chosen after a "They are finest bombs we ever national competition, commcmo- carried.' 1 643 S. Federal '?.« !he """ion «" which Miss Among tlie men participating in nn taster concert I (he raid were: Lieut Williani C of the Lincoln me- i Rogers. Mount Vcrnon. Iowa: on the herc instrument board showing the stretchers were shini; and remarked lo Navigator Loui WHEAT SURPLUS MOUNTS HIGHER Shift in Overabundance From Corn Is Reported By FRANKLIN MULLIX CHICAGO. f/P)--Like n leetcr- totter. the nation's ever-normal granary, which may some day soon help feed a war stricken wcrld, is s h i f t i n g from an overabundance ot corn to an overabundance of wheat. Grain trade statistics Saturday showed the ever-normal granary, now ten years old. holds supplies of sufficient size at least lo make a good start on Ihc task of feeding Europe. However, the war has brought striking changes in its content. ,, of 1941. when the States began to take up the burden of supplying food first to Britain and later to others of. tnc united nations, stocks of corn in the granary were at a peak, totaling in excess of S00.000,00( bushels. Wheat slocks v.-crc about one-half that total. Lend Iciise demands, however, hare called for greatly increased livestock consumption of com, as well as industrial products made from corn such as starch, sugar, oil and alcohol, the granary's supply pf that cereal lias been reduced to less than ""OO (100.000 bushels, and a large portion was in position for immediate tarm consumption. Meanwhile, the granary supplv ot wheat has expanded more thai! three-fold. By t h e time farmers complete the scalins; of 1942 wheat WE STILL BUY GOOD USED CARS Peterson Car Exchange ° s n o - - n n n H c v o h l t i o - sanR ( o u.OOO persons. Thousands n( school children and others contributed to the cost of the painting. On Thursday night Miss Anderson will sing in the hall from which she once was barred. The occasion will be a benefit concert for the United China relief. You never realize the power of vanity tin you observe the kind of people who think nil foreign rior.--Cedar Rapids Ga- ·! 19 NORTH FEDERAL O I zcltc. KOR SALK--Lincoln Zeohyr -I door jecTan K.xc^llcnl cr.nrtillon. Karl F, Hass. Clea La'nc. Phnr.e 175. Tiie 8.000 circumference of China, miles, is approximately i r o.vuu iniic*. is approximately I equal to ihe dii:i«c!cr of the earth. Errand Boys? CINCINNATI, tff, -- Patrolmen shels. This amount of end above normal quire.nent;;. heat is over domestic rc- 20 Killed in Crash of Trains in Germany Dave Flach and Earl Soden. manning a rovvboat irucvacuation \vork d u r i n g the Ohio river i flood, were summoned by a worn- LONDON. f.-T'i--Twenty persons nn leaning Irom a second-story were killed and 20 seriously in- vnndow. . . . . . . . . . . As they edged t h e i r craft closer, jured when an express train trav- between Hanover and Wuns- r cra coser, uims oetwcen tiatiover ana wuns- she offered a quarter and asked:] torf. Prussia, crashed into another "On your way back would you ! express which had been held up brni" me a bottle of beef." | by a t r a f f i c signal. Reuters said I h c officers' reply was not : Monday, quoting a German broad- recorded. j cas , ot a rjfjg aispatch

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