The Evening Post from New York, New York on May 18, 1818 · Page 3
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The Evening Post from New York, New York · Page 3

New York, New York
Issue Date:
Monday, May 18, 1818
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i Ait n mrTT.K. ' . OTANT1TY landirg Irons cbopMiClaren ,". ' 29 South street, I I u. ..TV, - U1RI.L8 veart ohl i l"""" r 1 1) i' o ...n nkl ; warranted A j . ..r rauect ! her aiU ere easy, and fJV'TJu. atT.fther for the laddie .hd ii to be seen at Mr. bLOWLEY'. i.S in John - .treet. ror "ruier P""''?' " is MM Pearl - street. - - my so . ifi - ij - - - - - - ' . rv . . cu'ill.h f If 1 1 . P. I I ll I . L tl IV . ...u U.. .nan - nan VHM 1 ASV COnilllH - ' nicate'br day wilh the common colours of the ; - XMatiSaM with fourlanthorns. 500 of the "Sow are now abroad in different vessel, ami ' proprietor is induced to put them thai low, in order tnal euey maygcuiuu 5 . ' ' nJ lint f very ship roas'er or owner may ;av.i, r - ir..t ,hr.H ( f rnmmiiniCtttlOn, WMcih 1 Copied, will save all the time unavoidably lost 77 V....i,;... .. fnttcmen are requested to call and examine tliemeiii,d themselves, at the .tore ai above (tated. - pry 13 lw tVK SALE, .,.,nrtr ii.!.t. ( riv owned by Mr. - n vvmih.j - - " , j - It Arifin. .1iit!illll!li BOOUl UIWCII ncic eronnd, sitimtcd on the List Kivtr. sncn 01 i.r. fnilei from the city. It remarkable for its tilcasant situation and U a very durable ' dencc either Minoicr or wmler ; the building ' are trood and comfortable ; the. ground 11 in bieb . - - - - - jv i i r r. urckr, ana bduhiihihi, "i'i" - 7 collection ortruit trues and shrubbery. ; there are f ..,rin.T nfeicellent water on the liremi - '.,l twn'nuarriei of building tone, which : mieht be worked to g;ieat Bdvanuue. I'srch .... . invited to iew thit (dilation, and up ni nt No. 13 Broadway for tunns, which will U'liberal.. ,, , T. LLl3(J ? ' CAUTtO.y. ' irP The nublic are cautioned, that the vali flity of the deed of the above mentioned country Kit, from R. !. Arden, to 'J'homa Kllion, esq. will be irmly disputed, on the erojuJ of it bu - iuj a frautluleot convtyaoce, made for the Jiur - poie of defeating ajudment entered atiostlbe aaid R.D. Arden, in January term laitoftlte lupreme court. The subscriber never law the advf rtisement of T. Ellison tilt .thii day, or he ' would bare given earlier notice. . J. W. fATTERSO.V. Ifew - Tork, May 16,1818. my 18 6t TtVA. i.e. 2W rliuts hymn tkin tea, i'aci tr.U carjo, entillod'tu debrnture 14.? chcsU hi sou skin tea, Louduu Trader't ' 10 whole, 15 half and HQ quarter chesU bo - biatea, i ruaibulrscarco ' 20 ripes and hluli Cranston's gin 4 do cvjnac biandy, Amiable Matilda's cargo C0boicastile fonp ' , t caes jislerjojs, 18 hhJs coppera 2 bales Calcutta niffs Marline. 'twine and mustarcl need, for sale by G.W. TALUOT, may 14 .' 55 l'ine - 4. OHUCKKlKii. TT'M. ONDKRPONK, juii. 191 Front.t. f conur of Fulton - streot, lias on bund Wines d Liquors, on dr.iu - ht and in nnuU s Fr - sli Tea, London and American I'orti r Spanish Scfars, hiiglih& Aiutrican Clieew C'oltee, 8uj;itr, Spices &:c. T't;ttlitr with a ftntrn assortment of Groceries, of the best quality. Kaioilus supjilwd, and SHIP STORES put up at the iWlisl notice. . Also for sale ai above, a constant supply of (ifNTOWlM - at, of unproved qualities. , myMlw , UKY UOOOS. FANCY plate Calicoes Superfine calicoes aud chintu ( 4 4, 9 H, 6 4 cambric ntuslius Cnnibric jiconeti Haiii tiuiib6r'd ie sewed mulls 1'Jtiin and tamhor'd btiok muslins 2r4, 4 - 4 anil cambric gingham Iilark and col'd cambrics VclvtU and cord, beaver gloves Fancy crarats, twilled Anil fl'in iMarseilles Quiltings, royal ribbs While and printed sateens ' Cotton brown hollandt tiwansdown, toiluuetts, silk tlris Cotton and wonted bo siery Irlfh l - .t.ens& shectiogs It ut tons, bed ticks Fine nnd superfine cas - si mores Yorksliire fine and su peidnecloilis London do do Superfine ladies cloths DoiuhaEftts, ratinetu Imperial curd, vigo. niit cassimeri'i Stnckinetis, plain and ribb'd Flannels, baizes Ferretts, worsted biud - ins Shirt buttons, cotton lace rari netts and souffle gauze Black and white thulle lace Leno snawls, Eitopil - las Sewing silk, assorted colors Linen cambrics Table cloths, 6 - 4, 7 - 4 tt 8 - 4 Diapers Furniture Dimities Fancy Leno, tc figured Muslins Cambric Trimmings Flounces . Fitrsmker Ginghams KomallHdkfs. i - ilk Check Ginghams 2 A; 3 col'd Cambric ernrmet.ts Oil Cloths Krnwn Linens .Merino Shawls Cotton hai.dannne 9 - 3 col'd slrip'd jaco - Detts Marirass hdkfs, piiiS Hair cord cambrics, cottc n balls White i col'd threads Silk, kid, and cotton f;loves U hose, silk flureo - tines Black bombaxeens Florence silk, ribbons, Walloons - Florences, plain and figured ' Vircinia satins, plaid luitrins Kiif'd black silk likfs Velvet bindings, tapes, bobbins Furniture calicoes, and diinttes 4 - 4, 9 , 6 - 4. 7 - 4 and il - 4 printed cambric shawls 7 - 4 Jt 8 - 4 imitation do. U - 4 cassimcre do. Bandanno, loneo and sutersoy lidkls. Pocket Fulkts. white and printed Hair cord and cambric dimities Jeans, cotton castimeie btriped Florentines Black do iMadapollum and steam . loom starlings India muslins, i c. &c Received by the late arrivals and for sale by (1AGULRTY AUSTEN, mhS4dc?m 167 IVarl - street, CALCUTTA GOODS 10 bales principal j kiw price'd, consisting of liaftas, Sauna, Ourraiis and Manioodies, just received and for sale by G. G. U a. HOW LAND, . - my II 67 n;.FT"n slret. HrS SKL TbA At IU1A btUAKS. . 50 chests Hyson 8km Tea, of a superior wiility, and 32 bag White Calcutta Sugars, landing from bloop Boston, at Burling - slip, ud for sale bv G. G. Ic S. HOW LAND, m.vl2 T! Washington - street NANKINS. tfuuu pivres cumpaiiy long yl low A'ankius, entitled to debenture, iul tceied and for sale at 67 South - street. CAMURELENG & FE ARSON, V 1! IKbtl LhE t boxes 4 4 InWi Luieu w be sold low to clot . - il - . h ill ay It W. tt S. CRAIG. J ROUGHT and CUT N AILS, lor sale by CEBRA K CUMING, J? 76 Fearl street. A OLD COFFER. BOUT 3500 lt. Old Copper, for sale by TUCKER U LAURIE3, H .No. 29 Smith - st. WjtALfKl.NS ai - idoz. tanned aud liuulitd llie best manner, lust leceived and for sale 'South - stre - t. - T1i CAMBRELENG S PEARSON. B A.LY !i0 pipes, lor sale ly J A 41 1.3 U" .'7 54 South - street. J Al;ls SMJ casks iresh Malaga tlaism, received and for sale bV IlURUIr 8EWALL, - JZJJ 65 South street ISLAND SALT. - 1800 bushels bright Coarm T..k. i - i j qi . ii i .u .... (.t.i - - tslKDU CUiU win ue M "ie, to close lae TUCKER LAURIES, S9 Sontb - street. TH A ARON SMITH has removed ro 219 Broad ZjL way, 2d door above Vesey street, and of fers lor aie oo reasonanie terms, Black, white apd col'd satins Green levantiae, louitine and flortnee silk Black, while, green al lieht blue una ' Superline wtrite chip flats, with bands and ex tracrowus. Elegant crape and fig. tafata ribbons White, black and pink tulle lace . Blark Italian lutestrings 1 Fluid, changeable and plain col'd do. Ptrip'd maneline silks, Fine black, white and cci'd bombazine Do. tabinels and pp.'in Black and col'd Canton craies (ig'd N'nnkio do - 7 - 4 and 8 - 4 Nankin crape shawls and scarfs Fig'd ani plain India mull muslin Do. mull ami cambric drtsses and shawls Incerting nnd flounce trimming Thread laces, edgings and footings French lawn, linn cambric and Iidkfi ' Fine 4 - 4 Irish linen Damask table cloths and napkins, all si Black, white nnd col'd English siik glov izes uves iusior, kiu ana t;eavcrn West fig'd and plaii pearl buttons Blue, L!n k. Eiei ii. - iii.t assorted sewins silk Black, white and col'd raw silk sliawls and scans :. - . Merino shawls and dresn - s Batin jane, black and col'd eilloons HatlmrHs, with a sx - neral assortment of fanrv unu iwom srmii. my IK "k J Pipe French brandy, just received aud for sale by , GEO. V. TALBO F, may 14 v 55 Pine - st 'PEA, TIN I'LATE, DI.OCK TIN. 45c. Ice, X 40 chests hvson skin tea 100 boxes Tin Plntc, assorted lOUUO.Ib. India block tin ' 8000 lbs. Spanish ' do hOOO lbs. iron wire' ' 100 tierces prime new rice 50 bbls. cider brandy. For sale by ANSON (1. PHELPS, my 16 1UJ Front street. case ot Knglishtilk hose' and gloves, just opened, and tor sale at 150 Broadway, by PII1LBKOUK 4: PL FKK3. may 16 St ' AMAiCA HUM. 24 I'lim henna high i.roi and tiue flavored Jauiait a Rum, landirur from schr Clarendon, Irom Jamaica, at pier Ho, I b. K. lor sale by TUCKER LAURIES, my 16 29 Snu'h street. RUM, cliei L'GAU 1 - MOLASSKS 100 pun eons Antigua Kim, 19 do. do. old and very superior. 5 hlicli. 1 tierce and 37 bbls. Muscovado sugar, UO hlids. bent quality Mo usscs lur retaining, lauding l. - om bri r rati' ecu, Irom Antigua, at pier An. I J, t. II. tor stleby COODtlUK : CO. may 16 44 Soiitlw treet, A RKOW ROOT. LiOl s. Arrow Root, just received and for - le bv GOODHUE k CO. may IB 41 ?0'Jtli - trect. N. E. It CM. 10 hluU. N. K. Uuiii, landing tram sluoi) Adeline, from iultni, at nnd' die pier of Coenlit'S slip, for sale by t,ooniiU &l co. mav 16 44 South - street. 1 OBACCO, LINSEED OIL, BOS I ON HUM, tic U74 ki ' first oiuhtv ninnu - factured Tobacco, now latnlii.g, ol the!',.vitig approvid brands ; "Ceo. Fletcher, D. R. Ross, Slirilton Ai Wiliiamson, Andersnn, Bl.iir, & Mr - neuire, i . .Tinieri. K.c r .u.eircnsiiaw, J t.i :.'., II. Starr, Jesse Hare & Co. F. Daoi'V 4i Co. P. Hollz 4i Co. and B. 11. Brady." .f ho ol Hurlirif tlip, 10 hhds. " Spears" Boston Rum 20 kegs colouring for liquor Jind in More. 300 kegs first quality pure Ginger 34 bbl mess and prime Pork 7 hhds pure Spirits, high 4th proof 20 pipes domestic Brandy, good quality li hhds Pennsylvania LuvctdOil 17 ktgs lot? priced shipping Butter 0 chests Hyson bkin Tea, Clothier's cargo, r sale by CORNS. DUBOIS, my i., pit 36 front - street llr. A i HI G l'At'Ktt. 2 tons ol a superior quuiiiy, jusi recti v en and lor sale oy llll l.f.Y K Wtl.lJ, my 13 192 Front corner of Fulton street. iVl", . IV 4 11 V I 1 ... ssrtmentot low No's, cotton vara, for sale by the Coiumisaioa Company, Mil Pearl - street. may li v,Vvvfand moriirnse of propertT in this city, either in one or several sums. Apply to JAS. & JNO. BLEF.CKF.R, mp15 3t 6i Wall street. "1 ANTON GOODS 40 cases Canton Goods KJ consisting of black Ai changeable Sinchc - ws reen and blus do. with wide borders: black and olored Cumblets, lor Kentleuian's wear : black and colored Satins, 18 and 30 yard pieces , black nd colored Levantines ; hiack rrihsed llilats.: igurtd pelune Satins ;tout Ponsees. suitable lor tailors ; ligured head Hdkls. plain do; Company yellow Nankins t white do ; Nankin Crapes, lilactt and assorted colors. 18, 20, and Tt yard pieces; cases ol ail scarlet no; best Canton Crapes uck and assorted colors ; rases ol all scarl - t and roedo; figured Nankin Crapes, black and nu assorted colors ; no canton do : coucan rapes ; ciezant embroidi red and damask Crape Dresses ; Nankin Gauze Crape, 5 4, 8 - 4. and 9 - , ; emuroKiereu Aanain crnpe &naw's, surwimr uahty and color, 4 - 4, 7 - 4, 8 - 4, and 9 4 t Dam ask do; Crape lonir Shawls, Kr. with a general assortment of FRENCH GOODS for sale al 150 Broadway, by tnyisiw ,r EW EaGLAND RUM. J4 hhds. Salem 1.1 Rum, landing at middle Pier, Coenties - up. anu lor sale uv JUiLi'ii usrjuKt my 15 58 South street, 200 Faxes fresh Messina Lemon, i prime order 50 boxes do do Oranges Now laodin? al L: m !v my 13 "PF.TKK KEMSEN K CO. LU. IO. LUAI9. TC'ST opened, and lor sale at 23 John - street, a if trunk of verv decant Dress and I rocu uoais, roonr which is one Extra Trimmed Blue Co - boor?, my 14 2w fJKAHK DKESSLS. PIERCE MORSS have received, in addition to their former assortment, and are now oifering for sale at their store, 179 Broad y. Col'd and black Nankin crapes, superior Do Dg'd do do quality Do do Damask do very rich. Col'd and Black Canton Crapes Elegant embroidered dresses of Nankin silk 4 4 Embroidered Crape Hdkfs. 8 - 4 and 9 - 4 do do Shawls White and black Leehorn Flat, from No. 30 to 50. myl2lw fLVLR. 1 i QbbU. superfine flour, and 40 do. fine lOO and X middlings landing" from sloop Ilctta, and for sals by BOOKMAN JOHNS I O, my 13 57 South - streeL iflHOPPA UOMAL3 5 cases red and ycl - W low Patterns 3 case Company do. for tale bv raav 1.1 P. KF.MSK.S it CO. 1 ICE. J. tierces and 2W hall tierces, lof XV sale by ROBT. GILLESPIE, jny o I ix r roni - sirrei. rHlNA GOODS. black Sinchews, cokrarcd KJ and black Crapes, Black and checked Sarsoets Fancy and black hdkls. Assorted sewing SilXs Bias Nankeens, lor sale by UUKU at er.tvAL.ij, say 8 ii outb - UeL liH For a voyage to Madeira, a good iiiuBRIG, that will carry 1500 barrels. Apply to TUCKER k LAURIES, ' my 16 t9 Pooth - street. W KtAUyiXJJ)', (Jam. The fine coppered schr. CLARENDON, J. G. tnth. master; will be despatched in a few day. For freight of a - ooui 1X1 Dan - els, or passage, apply to - . TUCKER (i LAURIE", may 16 ' 09 South - street. fur ittinuu or Havana, The good sloop GEORGE WASHINGTON. Cant. llothofV. havinir part of her cargo engaged, will sail in a few day, and will take freight for either of the above port, if ott ered immediately. Apply to the master on board, opposite No. 41 South - itict, or to GOODHUE Si CO. mav 15 tor The fast .ailing packetschr ARIAD NE, cant. PeudUtoo, uow loaJiuir. and wm sail on vtediiesday ueit, weather permit ting, t or freight or passage, havinz haudomc accommodatious, apply ou boai - u, at t'me - street wnari, or to GR1S WOLDS fc CO ATES, . mv 16 63 "outh - st. run o.ijr., burthen K12tons, will carry 8C0 bbls. years old, was coppered last summer with heavy copper, and has had $ 1000 expended on her sails ami rigging within the last two mouths, and is well sound m every respect t lies at pier No. 9, East River. Apply on hoard, or to D.I Vlf) G. GILLIES, my 16 2r 76 Brod - st. t - Oll S. ILV, 1 he staunrh schr 1 ANN Y,iU;t am cireJ from Havre, 1 - 15 tous burthen, will cairy 1100, built at Norfolk in 1815 for a packet between that port and this ; is well found and can be scut to sea al a tr.ll,ng expeuce ; lie at pier No. 8, East River. Apply on b wJ, or to V.I HQ G. GlhUt.ii, my 16 2w . 76 Broad - atrett. fur LiJjS IJU.Y, The regular tradiug coppered shir EN US, N. itoville, juo. maUr; will be roHily t receive cargo next wec't, anJ in tended to sail aliout the 5th June, haviua great part of her Cargo ready to go on board. For ireight of (he remainder, or passage, having superior accominiHlatioiis, apply on board, at Col - ice - house slip j orv to GRIiWOLDS Si COTES, 61! South - street, Consignees of good by the above ship are par ticularly requested to send their permits on board immediately. my 16 J M V J. It It J If f. The hi Ml l - M.'S u,11 tail . t!. sfiCllttli inn. can accommodate n few par - i.gers, and can take a few tou; light freight Apply at bi ouUi st. to Cf .l B 11 LLEN G S PEARSON. may 15 JLAJtv .:n .n:i ,..:t....i.. . a. ,u :.. , SSiiL The foil sailing chr KXF1 ESS, o - :,, matter, ha3 - 4lln ol hr carsrouu boainl For freight of remainder, or pashao, bavin? ood atcoiitiiod;,t:iiis, iapply to the captain on board at Agnc - w'a ftli irf. mav 14 for 11.1 y I lie Ia3l - sjuluig ropp. red ship ADO - lMNl", II. L. Chaiiipltu, mo - ttsr, inicnded i sail Ljosiiively ou tho 24 iust. can yet accom modate a more passongurr, aud au take oaie more freight. Apply on board, at Joucs' wharf, or to POTTK V.'KINNF., or my 14 G RIS W OLDS i. CO VTES. fur hil J - .HI'UUL, The ship MA RY - rt LM Y, Pele - gAl - .my, masicr i hei caio l; :ng nearly nil eiigai:i - u, will meet immediate di - palh. for ireight of 60 or 100 bales cotton, or parage, rutviuggond i conimodaiious, apply ou board at I owuseiuTi wharl, or to " GRIsWOLDS ti COATES, ' my 13 60 Sotuli - st, H .iATt.U 'JXJ LiJ.UU KH, A double decked vessel, of about 250 loJOOliHis. Apply to ISAAC F. ROE, my 1.1 tf 98 Murray's wharf. fHflGHfor LlMHLKSWJf. 200 tons beary Ireight for Charleston. ripply to ANSON G. PHELP5, my 11 183 Front - street. For jtNTrYZltf'i The good fast sailing ship WNGEL1 CA ; has 3 - 4ths of her cargo engaged, ud will be dispatched in a few days. For freighl or passage, having good accommodations, an ply to N. L. & G. GUIS WOLD, my II CGSouth - st. 9 A uew P'lot boal bu,lt SCHOONER, , l m ' ' - ' - "' - ' " ' .JsuL mj tons burlnen, built in a superior manner ol the best materials, sails fast, and may ne sent to sea with small ex pence. Wpply to A. L. k G. GUISIVOJ.V, my 1 1 G6 6outh - tt. for DL'BLLYf v&3 (Intended as a regular trader) isst - Tho substantial and fat sailing ship r.KI.N, kSewcomo, master, is uow loadingat Pine - strtct wharf and will sail, weather permitting, on the 17th inst a few tons of freight can betaken f applied for by the 12th iust. and a few more cabin and steerage passengers ran be comfortably accommodated. Apply to the captain on board, or to JAMES M'BRIDE, 82 Libcrty - st. Who has just received by the Dublin Packet and Isabella, Irom Dublin, 74 package, consist - in ! 4 - 4 and 7 - flblcachcd linen., 3 - 4 brown do. 7 - 8 droghedas, 3 4 diapers, 5 - 4 sheetings, 4 - 4 & j - 4 cotton checks, 7 - 8 shirtings, and 10 hhds su perior old claret wine ; which, with bis previous assortment of linen, lawn, Sic. ic. are offered for sale on moderate terms. may 9 Aor AMSTKHli.i.V, The ship SILENUS, O'Brien, mav ter, will be dispatched without delay i or freight of 50 tons apply at 67 .vouth - st. to my 8 CAMBRELENG tl PEtRSON. COTTuN. M bales of prime Upland Cotton, received per !iop Mercy, from Sat an - fian, anu lor saie oy JOHN KELLY, 149 Pearl street my 14 lw 50t TEA Si SVGA IIS. Chests hyson skin tea, of a superior qua lity, and 3t bags white Calcutta sugars, lauding from sloop Boston, at Burling - slip, and for sale al67 Washington - street. my 13 ti. ti. K S. HOWJAJJ. G. Sacbdbb' PATENT RAZOR bTROP. G SAUNDERS respectiully solicits tho . wbo have not got his Pateut Rixor Strop, to lurnisli ttiemselves with bis uew invented ILt - zor Strop, and .Metallic Cornpositi in. An grn tlcaan who once make trial of one of tl Strops no offered, will ever try any others : and such is their formation, that ever so much use will not give the razors that roundness vi - hirb renders the twit of them useless, and which is well known always to tollow the application of all those hitherto invented. The above strop are in general use in New York, and are (listing nuhed from all others. Barters who have ued tbena lay more in their praise than I do myself. i., SAUNDERS, r 18 Wall - streeL f. 8. The most liberal allowance made to dealers. my U ' RfEDIUM PRINTING PAPER. FIVEhuodred reams M - .iium rriuting Taper, manuiactured at Om Third River paper null. ALSO, . . , 100 reams coloured saedium ' - 20 do bloltiug . do , , V0 do writing demy. And 20 do writing medium. ; All Irons the same mill. For sale, at reduced prices, by T. tt J. SWORDS, j my li ir.O Pearl street. G LETTktt - l'Al't'.H. Cans low priced, for sale at 67 Washingtou - street. , , mv 1.1 G.G.kS. 1IOWLANI). UERCI I RON BAKk. 41 hhds Quercn - roil burn, lurrtinj, lor sale by GR1SWOLDS At GOATEP, fill Soulh - slreel. my 1.1 LONDON CLOI11S ti CASSIMEKES 5 ca - es west ol England extra super cloths It c; siimerrs. coi iri biuck, blues, bro us, bottle, mixed, drab, and white, just leceived 'per slap Aim, for sale - cheap by L. ii C. SUYD AM, - iny 1.1 1w CI Mhiiien - tane. I si HI I 1st ki'OLLAKs I'O L.OAN i. 1J,JJKJ MORTGAGE, of prorty in this city. Apply to ivMC V. CCD EX 1 - Co. '" mv 7 48 Wall - ntrerl. IN. 6 pipes Rhoue - lsUnd Uin, just rr - T ccived, and fur sale by GEO. W. TALBOT, mav 13 55 Pine - street. c MDER. BRANDY. - M barrels landinK and lorsaleliy , ANbON li. rHKLPs, my IK3 Frout street. I AiWAtCA COFFEE. 10 tierces real 6ivl I quality green Jamaica' Coffee, for retailing, landing from the srhr' C'laremlen, and for sale by TUCKER Ic LAURIES, my I J S(9 6oiiln - slieet. I K Y HIDES ti COFFEE. 600 dry hides, Mjr avei - age weight 171ds. each U00 do do , 19 'do 201) do do ' 24 do 2o,0tl0 wt. grceu coffee, for sale by II. HENDRICKF, mav 11 ' ' j7 ileavei - st.ri; IJAIMS, OIL, A:c. tc - iU hhds. Paris L . VMuleand whiting . .. , CO lbis. Simnish Brown 2(1 do Yellow Ochre . 1 Hi ck Venelmn Red 10 Ion dry and ground White Lead t do Red 500 Hi. I'iu - i;.ii Blue 2000 Hi. lliuo Vitriol ; MPO Ih. Oil do 10 lihds. Copperas ; 5 do Pumiie Stone liHl'J l,s. Guru Copal; 17,00 do do Sheila. - 100 bbls. (round Cauittoi d 20 dj iu Logivood und Nicaragua 500 (I j do Tuuit - iic 5 tons St. D( iiiii. 'o L'ewood 2 do Large Nicarneua ; 2 do Red Wood 30 boxes Eastern Mould Caudles l.iuHet', E einaceti and neats foot Oil Mai k and L.miil ariu - h 2'i00 feet II by 10 Gla - s 1500 do 7 by 9 ilo lor side by RIPLEY A: WELD, rrv 14 192 Fr.:nf. cun r of Fulton - !. U - SIA Jt HAVEN a DLCK 2"MiUi 1st ip'alii v Rusin dui k, 5 bales raven dm k, entitled to debenture, just n reived, for sale by P. REMSF.N AiCO. may l - l 26 South ft. I lOFFEE At RUiti 10 tierces green Jamni V. ' ca t I'll'ee i5 tn. (I - Ith proof Jamaica Ram, lamling from i hr. Clareiiih'n, at pier No. 8, and lor side bv TUCKER LAURIES, may II 10 Eouth - strret. w;C Y'l HES. dutcu, lurHiiiy O J. D'WOLF, Jr. my 14 54 South - street IN. 10 pipes Crnnston Gin, just received V i mA for sale by GEO. W. TALBO I , in v II 55 I ine street. rpnitr.i IL with E Gentlemen can be accommodated seperate ftiruW'ied loonis, break fast and tea, in a most delightful und healthy situation. I'icase to apply ut 200 Bowery, may 14 lw JEVVELiU. - iJ sale by my 14 - 2 cafes ol Fancy Jtme - lry, lor GEO. 'M. WILSON, 1,21 i liter (fleet, II ootliUirlc (ilocfAL'hlt, A;r. T" E sub( rilier has received per Venus, 10 trunks best Wood'ot k glove", aoi ted. 1 case Stierherd' brsl West ol England black and lit no hrnnd cloths and cassimcres 1 truuk cotton line 100 dozen Rowland's genuine .Vacassar oil, and A lot ol lead peucils. GEO. M. WILSON, my 14 128 Watcr - st, IRISH LINEN, &c. rpHE fiihsrriher offeri for rale, 43 packages 1 of Irish Linen Goods, imported per siup Dublin Packet, and other late arrivuls from Duhlin, comprising a good assortment of - 4 - 4 nnd 7 tl Lim ns, low priced Do Midling and Fine 9 - 0, 5 - 4, and 6 - 4 Sh - etings 6 4, 7 4,8 - 4, 10 - 4 Diaper andtDnmask 3 - 1 Brown llollaud anil 7 - 8 Droghedas 3 4 and 7 - 8 Linen Bed Tick 4 4 Cotton Check All of which he will dispose of on liberal terms JOHN KELLY, 149 Pearl street. m?14 2w I IAVANA SUGAR. TALLOW. Aic. XX 50 boxos brown Havana Sugar, entitled to drawback. 180 reroons south American Tallow 4 boxes Roll Brimstone, and 111 cases Tumblers. Landing and for sale by JAMLS D'WOLt, Junr. mv 12 54 South street. - 1AATON CRArES Ac NANKEENS J ca - ty s s high coi'd Canton Crapes 5 do Crimson do 3 do green Sinchews, 3 do black hdkfs. 1 do changeable Sarrui ts 1 do Cross Barred Hdkfs 2000 ps. blue Nankeens, with debenture, land Ing and for sai. iiy may 14 J. OSBORN, 20 South - street A NTIGU A MOLASSE3. - G0 hhds new crop Antigua ok lases, ol (he very best quality, landing from schr. Ceres, nt pier No. '.I, and lor sale by TUCKER A LAUKIE3, my 14 oouui - s reei, .(JA Bags bright yellow grained sugar 115 do superior double boiled do landing at Coenties slip for sale at 67 South - street, by y ii i - bAH3u., my 15 '' ' FEE BILL. . NEW sopply of tbe Fee Bill ba just been received and for (ale by & J. SWORDS, 160 Pearl (treet. mny 16 EAGLE TAVERN, No. 149 Witr street, near Fly Market GEORGE WOOLDREDGE, Off IK LAW TO HCHRT J. II ASSET, r Lbl'ECT ULLY announce, Rial be has o - l nened the Tavern formerly kept by Mr. Johs Mi.vcsc, with an excellent assortment of Mmleira. fori, uiarei. ami ouier wine, uiiiuor, Brer, and every other requisite in thatlioef uusirvess. A variety of Relishes will be always ready, Coffee, Soups, Oysters, Chickens, A:c. Ac ac cording to tho season. . ' a. ir..:it.ii aiXMitinii nH nvilitv. With BIO derate charges will procure the tavor oi ir rr lie, G. W. pledges tuoisell to eoaeavour ll - em. ... ...... ,k. I hnecrs, Suppers, Sic. provsnea "J Ame - ican, French, Uermaa, or !" H. jThaskt, solicits hi numcroti( fneods to visit the above establishment, . and convince ihemsflves that no more is promised than is i it tended to be ptrfonsed, jbjwm REMOVALS. : ' rXT J OH N Gil A II AM, attorney at law, has opened bis office at No. 43 Chamber, street, wear Broiidwty. . may It) 4r. CJ - JOIIN PVOC IOR, jun. bat reuovsd from No. 62 Beekman .to 106 Liberty - street, where he t711 nfleri In eral aiiticibalioui oa triv " party tousigurd to his trieuds in the Msditerra. For tWUier partw iilar, apply as above, orlo 'ABRAHAM BELL, my 7 Im comer of Cliff k Fultoo - fts. ft7 - NLV INS Al '1 OWNSENDhave imoov - e - d ir itu No. 50, to No. 40 Wull - street,iadjoiuiiig theCitv - Bank. mv 15 Iw UO N. KOlil .KS, .Vimatur gamier, hus ren.'.,ved to No. 14 Fulton street, west side ol Itrnndway. - may 5 2wJ a. A: T. W ill i 1 EMORE Uve removed t') No. 1 10 Ftont stru t, where they intend con - Cneirg tliernstKrs to rnuiuiiion Business, and will make liberal advances on goods consigned tin m, lor sale. my 5 2w nt PL ILK DF. WHT, hus removed his Office to No. 30 Liberty - street, a few door a - te.ive WilliriiHStnet, may 4 lot. 1t MAIKIE, .MILNE vod to No. 61 Pme - strei t. CO. have remo may 4 lO" JOHN R. SCOT 1, has removed his office, to 41 Ptne - srei't. uiny 4 2w "jJ - WM. G. BUCK NOR Us removed his office from No. 54 to 37 Wall - street, opposite the City Bank.' my 4 a PETfcK D. lUKouL.iniorius his Im - nds and the public in general that be has removed his Upholstery Waiy House from No. 85 to No. 63 Maiden Luiiev,iere he oilers for sale some rlegan patterns of paper llanvins, just received hy the latest arrivals from Fraue, on the moot reasonable term. - " mv2 tin ALCIIOX OF Lil.G.IAT FUli - ; ; , .vrtVJF. Om Morniv, 2.5th iMsr. . . 4 T 10 o'clock, 'at the ware renm of Chas il Christian, 53 l"iillon strcet, who is withdrawing bum the caliiwet business an t lcgaiit assortment of CABINET FURNITURE, the wholrof which, will be wan - anted by Mr. CbrW tian the same as it sold bv him at private salt! The lease of the above premises for sale or to let. - mav 15 Iw GLOBE INaURANt.'E CO.H'A, Y. JIK rreidef I ami Jineelors gae notice, that a dividend ol lour im r cent on I lie rupi tl slijt k of the t cinpuny l'r iho la l six mbuths, will he laid to tlic Mocklioldern nl lla u Jlhr, No, 55 W'ull strict, on ami .diet tint Irt lijy ol Jniu - next. The Transfer boi;k will he ! I on the Wist instant. Itv order of Die bonrdul Dine tors. RlLHAKD DUNN, Junr. . mv Mil "m Ser.'rv. WAN ( KD, A1 S Cook, either a white or colored sVmrihn, who perfectly limit islands In - r business, niul can produce an ' unexrepunnalile; cliaracter, Sui h a u rinn will he allowed good ivHges, r u a - jitying hi '. I 'nru - placc. my r, iw KOOAis I'O LET. 'pWO or three gnitlemtnand nKenllemnn and J. Ins wife i tin be accnmmodateit with bourd. where the ttpaituirtilo are largu nnd pleasant, b nppljing at .o. .0 vesey stioet, .fH'ilr the iliun U. mv 10 IwJ MAI'S. Jce. A M A P cil'lhe II. S. vilhabook riyigraiilii - cl and t' lioeraplm al, oil rollers, aud ulsn porlnlile lur travellers. I lie I raveller's Uitcctorv Ihrnugli ttie Umleii States; portable. An eleg int large map or Ohio ( Do Indiana, Teuneer, and Illinois ' Lav's Map of tbe state of New York, on rol lers and portable , Mellisb's Military Atlas of ilie U.S. Maps of the lour Quarter of the world Map of the world, on Mcrcutor's plan, very Inrire and el. cant. Map of Enlund, Wn'.e and Scotland, on a large scale, and very elegant. 14 and 12 inch Globes - For sale by . P. BURTrl' LL, my 16 3t Wall street, corner Broad MA.SllArif..X I VAT Eli H)hKs. f 1HK citizens who have removed in houses JL where the Manhattan water is supplied, and who arc not willing to receive the Water, are requested to send notico to tho W atrr ();fice, No. 7 Kecd - street, otherwise they wiJIbeiou - sidcrcd a subscribers, and charged accordingly. i. 15. WooI lor lateral piper is rerommnnded in prclercncc to lead, f r sTiluhrity, lead always giving atad taste to the water. may lb 3t 5H) DO 1.1.1 US. rflllF, holder of the first drawn number on JL Tuesday next, will be entitled to the a - bove prize, and the holder of the first drawn number on the next drawing day will be enti tled to 5000 dollar in the Mi ford und Ovtso llvaa IMlr.iy, now drawing in tin city, and the Capital Pri.e f 10,000 dollar; K4.OOO dollar 35,000 dollars ;. 70,000 dollar, are yet in the wheel and must conseeiuciitlv come out in a very few days, there beinr only 20 days drawing 111 the whole. It is recommend ed to those - that wish for a chance of these splendid prizes to apple soon at f ' WAITE'S Truly Fortunate Lottery and Exchange Of fice, No. 54 Maiden - lane. Where caidi is ad vanced for pries as soon as diawn my 16 UHASl) HO Alt 'tlVKKlS. SI.M E the commencement of the drawing of the Grand Road Lottery, the Sale of tickets has been unusually biisk, the GRADES 146 BROADWAY,. having within a few days supplied several large orders, as wss anticipated, from New - Jersey. Their sales to city adventurers, since the 1st drawing, have not been equalled in any former ,(nor is ilcxpeclcd they can be exceeded in any subsequent lottery in so short a period, und many who are not yet in possession of one or more of these valuable chances, have but a few days to procure them at the present price, as the next rise, in consequence of their recent sales, may be shortly expected The 4th aud next drawn number i entitled to 5000, and on every following drawing, the 1st number will be entitled to a capital prize Tickets at Jot, Halve 16, Quarters 8, be. for sale at 146 1 1 road way, where prizes at par and foreign bank notes will be received in payment. my IS VTCrillCH have hern attended with a mgree .. . I V V of success hiihlv K rateful to the in.eni or', feelings, in vernl part. 0 me vve ssskii is - ;. . - , . (.. and the boulriorn ana rsiiooie si - ".1 - - - ly in New York. Philadelphia,, . . rai.... ... 1. i,n nr rfect V mild. 1 neoperaiiuo r" r - - so as lobe uea oy persuu. j MTlSVr7exfeilent!y adapted to carry of su - irflou. bile, and prevent Us n to restore and am nu inspFi , - free perspiration, nd tt:erehy prevent colds svhicb are ottee ol fatal rooseqaeoce. A fios never fails to remove a coin, 11 mam 00 muni ap;arance. They are an infallible preventive ol Bilious and Malignant Feser, and should be procured for ue, by everyscamaa and traveller. I'eensred and sold at LEzTS Medicine Store, No. 46 Maiden Lane. Drvegists and coantry store keepers supplied on litvrul terms. ' my In lVENTUCKY PORK. 200 bbl Kentucky XV prime porn, lor snie oy my 14 LE ROY, BAYARD K CO. O UM. 30 bhd 1st proof new Ram, for sale XI by JACKSON K WOOLLEY. my 14 75 Wall - street as MARBLE rOtl UlLDISO, W - TU E prvpriaton of the sou then aurM qna' rics, sear King1 - Bridge, give bo Lite, that tiny have oa band, and are receiving, at tbe Ainjr - Bridge Aferlfn and Jam lard, foot of Beach - street, oa tbe HacLoo river, an extensive stock of marble tor building, of Uu fcllowiu - d. . sctippoDS, va ; Ashlar . Cojiing Foundation Stone CkuBnty - Piece Facmgs . Columns AVatertable i S'.is - Platforms ' Bills, Lintels . Arches Also Lime of the best Quality. 37 A Constant supply of u,o above materials may be calculated upon ; and tbote desirous 4", purcbaaiog, ot making engagemsnts, will apply to EZRA LUDLOW, Feb 11 Attn Yard. DISSOLUTION OF COl'AKTNEhSHlP. frt" Inconsequence of the death ol Captain Joho Snjith, the him of SmilK, BlmcKard At C. is dissolved. The concerns of the firm will be adjusted by the subscribers, and the business m future be conducted under the: Sim of if. and JL'. Blmuhaid, at No. 35 Burling slip. t Samuel Ulanrhard, my 5 tw Kluha BUttitKard. Merthardt Bank, May 6, 1UI8. fXr Tbe annual lection for Director of ibis Institution will be held on Tuesday (be 2J day of June next, at the Banking House, between, tbe hours of 10 and o'clock. . ' . ' By order of tbe Board of Directors, - G. P. VROOM, CaahV. mayS Ij2 .. . , MtTU.Il. 1fXUHsiffVK CiKMPMAY OF THK CITY OPXHV'YOKK. ' The President and Director jyve'no lire that a dividend of four and a hattutt cent. oh the capital stock of .this Company, ,for six monitu, will uemaueonuie um me. ana paid on demand to the stockholders or their attornies, at No. 54 Wall - street. - . i niy6 Im JOHN P1NTARD, Src'ry. 1 BTr Au Klixuou for Governors of the New - York Hospitnl, will be held at lb hospital, on the 19U. iiist(Tuesdny). The poll will be opened bt 10 o'clock, aud closed ut IP; M.., - ... Uy order oftlie board of Governors. , myjl 81 THOMAS BUCKi.t.Y, Bec'ry. Jt 1 he copartnen - biji between V. VER. M i.7. a LA r OIlGU K I' this day dissolvtrli - Muy la. Ii!l8. VLNTROUX VtRMEZ. Ill) 14 blj ' Tne uew I ERRY BOATS Irom tiie loot of W.dnul street, New York, to the loot of Little meet, Brooklyn, near the Navy Yard, will commence - running on Sunday, the 17th inst. 1 rrsoiis crossing to Brooklyn from the upper intl of the city, will find the distance much shorteiird by using this ferry, mv 11 ' ' ' LANDS. ItV STEPHEN B. MUNN, No. S26 Pearl sli... t, New - Vork, Purchases Lands in the Illinois Territory, wlncli has leen set apart for the l.iluArniv. i Letters (nun the country giving a desenptiuu of Hie patent and the price - asked for each il, will be attended to, il Post paid. my l i;ii . . Amrrtcaa Acadrmy the tmiArtt.i ft - The Board of Directors rive notice, that the Jourthi xhibition of this academy, Will be s prnrd n Wednssdwy next, 20th im'lant, and cotitiiuie open every day (Sunday excepted) from V in the morning till dusk. Admittance 25 cents. ' Catalogues 12 1 - 2. Uy order. ALEX. ROBERTSON, Sec'ry. Members and sxln biting artists are informed, thai their cards of admission are left wills the doorkeeper. - ... 14 2w - - , P ontine coffee house. The committee for managing the affair of the Tontinr CoflVe House, give notice, that a Dividend of Seventeen Dollars per share, for the ysar ending the 1st nt. wilt be paid the pro pri tors on or after the 19th inlt. at 24 Broad street. my 13 Hn y - C. t.. SMEDBERG Ai CO. have moved their counting house to No. 85 Washington - street, where they offer fur sale 114 hhds New. Orleans sugar ; superfine cloths, double milled kerseymere', plains and velveteen. J. tc li. JihiXlVILK, havo removed to .No. B5 WjiVliiiiyUvn - slrtet. may 15 JV THE PUBLIC. fT; - " Lottery Oflices, Broker and other are cautioned against receiving or paying tke half of J icket No. 59GU, drew a prize of $:00, in the Grand State Lottery on the 1 1th iust. to any person whatever but Uie subscriber, as it ha been stolen from him. 1 JOSEPH DELATLAINE, Chesnut - t. 1 may 15 3t Philadelphia, . - BKIU FRANCIS. ' 7 CCJ" All person are cautioned against' crediting any of the Crew of the British brig Francis, Capt. Tannant, a no debts oftbeir contracting will be paid by the master or consignees. ' . may 16 ft - The lady who took nu Indisprnsihle from Mrs. Miller Miliiimry Store, in William - street yesterday, containing money, several letters, and some other articles or no use to any' person but the owner, is advised to return it, with the contents immediately to No. 25 Ann street ' . my 16 t American imuranre Company. 1 MIE board of Directors hate tins day derlar ed a Dividend cf filtoen Per eeut on the ( npital Stock, lor the last six months, payable on or after the first Tiny of June next, between the hours of 10 and 12 o'clock. By order ot the President and Directors. ' my 16 P. II ATT, Sec'ry. NOTICE. (Kr All person indebted tit Water Farmao and Charles Doliln, (for street mannre) are requested to call and settle their accounts with either of them, or with I). 4 L. Mead, It (be corner of Pump ic Eklridge - atreets, lorsnerly called Third - street, on or before the first dnyofJuly nert All persons has ins demands against them will please to present their accounts lor settlement. WATF.K9 FUR. MAN, and CHARLES DOBBS. my Itdiclnit ZERAH HAWLEY, DENTIST. fy Has reirtovr his office Irom No. 321 Pearl street, to No. Nessaa street; wbere be will perform every orwraison in cWistry. wnov IT lit (OSCtRSf ' ' ltl Thiscerlioi - , ih'il Dor tor iieiah Haw le is a mular bred pbynrian, and la stood standing with Ins brethren in this place, that he hss nairl mrtirular attention to the art of DEN - TiiVHY, has started Die best European woik on the subjrc t, and has git en very good satisfaction in this branch to his customers, who are per sons of loe nrsi retiB.nimj la uiKeiiy, . , We thcrelure, with entire couGdeac. recoc meoa or. o.skj i ukt ci.i - ui news or, 1 I a..,...:,: . a Dentist. Enea Munson,J ProTsoftbe 1 Nathan smith, f tnedical iasti - New - Haven, Jan. 22, 1818. my 121wt a Eli Ives. r.tutmn, Yale ) College. Jooa. Knight, CHINESE IVORY - HANDLE PARASOLS. Si XV. ROE CO. rim - brella and parase - I ma - anfaclureni, No. - 163 Broadway, between CourtUad and i.ilerty - treet(, offer for sale an extensive assortmeut ef PA RASOLS and UMBRELLAS, of Ova best quality. and latest faihioo, aatoog which are pa rasolt wilh ivory haadlrs - graved Chinese fen's., sonor to s - j 'ever os - Ierd for saU in this uty. Orders sVobs rhs country forihe above article, will receive jrUcdar attrntion. , .,." rrj - CsBbrrni. andpararou sveauy uouoa ana MrvsnsfSssMl fBI T IV (VltVAIs - I - r i r - v . I ) si: t.i .! ' . - .!:; 7i:';'; r - .I' - , t . I;. " 'i 1 V r , ! . s - . "4 . 1 s

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