The Mason City Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa on January 4, 1943 · Page 11
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The Mason City Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa · Page 11

Mason City, Iowa
Issue Date:
Monday, January 4, 1943
Page 11
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Page 11 article text (OCR)

MONDAY, JANUARY '4, 1943 Ejnbattled £QV 1 SfP^i^Vk. BY / /"O«"A/y-T f~ sTfr»f '^-T--*»» ^^^fcw-" :--^ MASON CITY GLOBE-GAZETTfc CHAPTER THIRTY-THREE "CHOPPO!" CRIED Restwick Carnes. "What an awful thing to say that Jiro is a spy! Especially after ho has done so much for you .there's nothing to this war scare, Choppo, Don't be melodramatic with talk about spies. It's silly." "He's a spy just the same--really he is, Rusty." "Nonsense! It couldn't possibly be true." "O, yeah? Then what's he got all that film down in his room for?" 'Haven't you heard of photography as a hobby?" Choppo looked sullen. "Sure. But if he wants a hobby he could pick up sea shells like X do." His sullenness became worse as Itestwick Carries grinned. "Well, he doesn't have to have a whole suitcase full of film and pictures!" Eusty's grin faded. Sternly he asked, "What were you doing in ·Tiro's room? What were you doing in his suitcases?" The little boy's flustered look was short lived. He pivoted to face the man. "Somebody lias to look after things," lie said through a tight mouth. "You're so busy with that blond buttercup, letting her give you the fringe with those big brown eyes, that you don't pay no attention to important things. I've tried to tell you about her. And I've tried to tell you about Jiro but phooey!" For emphasis he began pounding his bare knees. He got no farther.. Rusty grabbed the tell-tale hands. "I told you not .to play in the ink, didn't 11" His eyes tightened u n t i l they were almost invisible back of thick brown-red iash- es. "Just what have you been up "If you must know, I was trying to conk that Tarzan-Dame of yours with an ink-ball. If ever I saw a gal who needs to be batted down to her own size it's that blond." "Yes? Well, I know v^tiat you need, too. A good old-fashioned paddling, and I'm just the guy to give it to you." , · Choppo shrugged his thin shoulders wearily. "Someone always wants to paddle me. Abby was just getting ready to--" "When I walked in and stopped her. Am I a chump!" "Listen, Rusty. I like Paige and * like Abby and if Abby likes Paige, too, there's something wrong somewhere. And it's not in that direction." The little boy's yells were getting louder by the word. "Keep quiet!" Restwick Games spoke through closed teeth. After several seconds, during which Choppo seethed rebelliously, but very-silently, the man spoke. "If you're unhappy here, Choppo, perhaps you'd better go with Abby." Fear slapped the brazen child. Gosh, he loved Abby, but Rusty was so wonderful to be with. A guy wanted a man around, someone big like Rusty--or that Denison man. Rusty wasn't going to the mainland. Even with that awful Eugenia around, it was still fun to be with Rusty. But none of those emotions showed on Choppo's face He seemed to feel nothing but tolerance for the older man's misconceptions. u ''Thanks, pal," the child decreed, but I'm sticking around. If ever anybody needed a friend, it's you brother:" ' ¥ * * Instead of going back to Denison Ware's party, Paige had fled to the rooms she shared with Abby. She wandered on to the lanai and gazed across the court to the lights in Restwick Carnes' rooms. But she could see no one. As quickly she asked herself whom she wished to see. Choppo? Rusty? Not Choppo. Certainly not Rusty! Yet she kept starting until anger made her jerk her- eyes from that ·direction and slide them toward the dance floor directly below. Raindrops, barely visible in the air, were, nevertheless, dampening the floor. The orchestra leader was apologizing. From the microphone his words boomed un to Paige. "Sorry, folks, that our dancing under the stars has turned into dancing under the raindrops." Back of him the orchestra was swaying into "I'll See You in My Dreams." "So, what do you say that we play cur goodnight theme and, until day after tomorrow night, aloha from Giggie Royse and the boys?" Paige leaned against the railing then, not minding the occasional drops that slanted past protective eaves of the lanai. "To You, Sweetheart, Aloha;" "Song of the Islands;" "We're Dancing Under the Stars Tonight;" "Goodnight, Sweetheart;" "Sleep--all the songs that formed the good night chain, as spoken by the orchestra, were beautiful and sweet. Yet heartbreaking, mused the dark-haired "i'l, to a person in love. Then she knew why such a thought had impressed her. Above the sounds of soft clarinets and /axophonos she had heard a sob. It came from a woman on a lanai across and to the right of the one on which Paige stood. Odd, Paige had not noticed the woman and her escort so long as they were happy. It was that sob, uncontrollable, tortured, springing from the woman's lips in the midst of a festive supper. There were flowers on the small table, extra leis on the woman's shoulders, napkin-cuddled champagne in its ice-bucket. Words mingled with the sobs. A shaking statement. "I can't bear to see you leave! I can't bear it!" That was all. Trite statements that will never change for that situation. The man made comforting noises. He called her pet names. He put down his champagne glass and moved to the arm of her chair, patted her shouders, tanned and young looking beneath the Jlower leis, and then began kissing her. She wept on. "Okay," thought Paige. "That's love!" Vulgarly, she granted, 'They can have it." She wheeled away from the sight and rushed to rejoin her party. "I'm sorry," she said to Denison SCOH'S SCRAP BOOK By R.J.SCOTT KlU. Hous*.MD5 o EACH YEAR, e/ WAHOAR.IHS. OF AMMAM- -JtlE CftX MAHDA.ft.mS ANOCOUftf . KNOCK -fitElft. EAJS«K-ntE GROUND BEFORE DAILY ACROSS CROSSWORD 1 Coarse hominy 5. Fruit decay 9. One who lies 20. Subtle 10. Self: comb. emanations 21. Grasp 22. Cut into cubes 23. Marks of wounds 24. Obese 25. Exist 27. Swedish coin form 11. Means of communica/ tion 12. A disease 14. Occurrence 15. Fish bin 16. Telerium sym.) 17. Before 19. Hawaiian Islands cabbr.) 20. Agreements 24. Imperfect 26. Sacreti picture 29. Tapestry 30. Frighten 31. Parties 32. Looked 33. Bed covers 35. Depart 37. Sphere 38. Month labbr; 40. Bearded 13. Made of oak «6. Reptile 47. Type size «8. Level 19. Regulation 60. Pause 61. Antlered animal DOWX 'J. Vassal 2. Officer's assistant 3. Principal 4. Safeguards 5. Supporter 6. Entice ".Jacket \ 8. Feel 28. Male 11. Soah flax nickname 13. Greek letter 30. Seacoast 18. Male name 32. By means of 31. Gnawing mammal 35. Fuel 36. Possessor 38. Length measure 39. Undivided 41. Church aisle 42. Pieces out 14. Chills and fever CBYPTOQUOTE--A cryptogram quotation ' R L E T P O R C C H T G Q V J I I V J D T H . D Q V O R C C D P 2 V C E I J B A T P I S H P N S C V D -B T T I I R N CJ J I Y. Saturday's Cryptoquote: THERE IS ONLY ONE RELIGION. THOUGH THERE ARE A HUNDRED VERSIONS OF IT-G. B. SHAW.. Ware, "that I didn't get back for the last dance." "It doesn't matter so long as it actually wasn't a dance." He wa= smiling as he held her coat. "Put this on. We're all going -to Society Sal's." At that same moment Hestwick Carnes stepped up to Eugenia, who was angry at having been K e p t waiting. However, one glance at her escort's down- turned lips and rusty-toned lashes snapped over smouldering Blue eyes, made her decide against an explosion. She managed to smile as he put an abbreviated cape of green and bronze feathers about h'er bare shoulders. As it turned out, no one in the party went to Sal's except Denison, Paige and Abby. In his station wagon, Abby was saying, "I'm glad we're going to see Sal. I d not be able to sleep tomorrow night if I left Honolulu without saying goodby to her." "You're not going to be able to sleep tonight," Denison predicted, 'because you ARE going to say gcodby to her. Especially if she takes a notion to play that card game of hers Even if she doesn't, I'm going to keep you two out until sunrise. We'll have breakfast on the terrace at the Hale- kulani." "Then," planned Abby, "go finish our last-minute packing and get down to the boat before the crowd. I hate cro\S'ds." "Haw!" chided the man, "you mean crowds hate you. You get through crowds like a steam BOARD AND ROOM By GENE AHERN HM-A\--IT JUST TW.VUED ON ME \VHY THEY ALL HERE ·REFER. TO ME . "YOUR. c. LORDSHIP*/ THEY SAW THE LETTER. TO ME LAST WEEK FROM / N BERTY, WHICH V/AS ADDRESSED AS/YOUR. LORDSHIP, "RODNEY CHAUMCY T)RAYi-!OSS" A NICKNAME HE HAS USED OM ME FOB.YEAR.S / eytrr TXDNT TELL EM, COLOMEL- MODEST MAIDENS "/ wouldn't Kant you to catch my cold!" "STRICTLY PRIVATE" . s. Fittat O»o I 06AR MC*V.- SNCE MAKING GOOD ON WT MISSON 9CUJH #CIHC THE dPttlN VHPS SW I SUEE OEWEKD THE MESSAS TO Gtt£A..HJr MEB6E US 6OT Mfc MN6 U? WITH SOMEEODY ELSE VOOR SON . _ . _ Guy WTVYWU-WE 1-4- shovel through dirt." Abby's indignant reply never found voice. Paige was saying ·ilh the naivete of a child, "Sal 'ntors her drinks." "Yeli," put in Abby, "at 75 cents a dribble." Denison had turned to the girl and was crying in mock consternation, "You don't mean it!" Beneath his raillery she was thinking happily, "Now lie sounds exactly like Denison. Young Unworried. Teasing." "Dad said so," she offered. "I don't know Sal, but he used to get a tremendous kick out of her." "Sure," agreed Denison. "Most people do. She's been here for years. People don't go to Sal's for drinks. That would be like going to a Turkish bath for drink Actually, the more o[ Sal's drinks you have, the more sober you get. iCORCHY SMITH- I think I'll tell her she's running a Turkish bath," "And get thrown out," giggled Abby. "You're right, though. People go mainly for the incredible ·grand lady' show she puts on." "I'm eager to meet her," sait] the girl. And she was. "If my father liked this odd character, 5 ' she was thinking, "so will 1." Sal herself met them at the door. She WHS a one-woman pageant. She wore black luce, jewels and while orchids. "Mrs. Tyson--delighted. Denison, hello. And you, you gorgeous creature--" Interrupting Uonison Ware's u n f i n i s h e d introduction, P a i g e proffered, "Miss Slielton. MISS PAIGE SHEL.TON." (To 15c Continued) -By FRANK ROB3INS ©N HIS WAV TO MOSCOW.SCOGCUVS BOM8ER IS ATTACICE0 PLANES... IN A EUNNINC BATTLE TWO OFTHENAK ABE BROUGHT DOWN. y THAT ' WEB" AGAIN.' MUGGS AND SKEETER By WALLY BISHOP (SOME PLANEH..GOIW TO FLY IT AGAIMST THE-CTAPS....NO DOUBT? FIGURE ON BOMBIK TOKYO ....I SUPPOSE? WELL. WWATfe HOLDING T YOU BACK.? CONDlTIOMS! 'i^f^S^ By LES FORGRAVE BEGINNING TO TVilNK THAI MAN. IS GOlMG TO STAY UNDER THOSE BUSHES OH.OH! THERE HE 1S.COM1UG OUT THE SAME WAY WE \ IN. THW'S 8UT HE LEFT MY GLIDER ERE. OH,MAN, IF HE'LL JUST LEAVE AGA1N- OAKY DOAKS By R .B. FULLER CROWD 13 SILENT, TENSE, TAUT V/TIH KEEN .AND KQW THE MOGUL BARKS A SHASP COMMAND... GESTURE, HE SHUCKS -ANOIHEE PEAUOT., SIR OAKY, NOV/ 1 KEMEMBEf? WHAT FAT1MA TOLD THE MDGCZ. PAUSES A MQMEHt 8EPOBB By PAUL ROBINSON ALLVOU HA\C TO Do I5C5E ·YOIB2SELF HNO/1GSD TO U5U" K=WS~H=S PUSLIC (-ERO VOLl KNOW HS'SOrF H= · A'-! I TO CO - P.~0.=CS£ TOHIM AND _ GET TUi2,\'=D DOlV.vj.' TVIAr h'OULD 3£ I'VE eor IT.' iv=iL SIMPLY ANNOUNCE TP= ENO5E- A.\DKA\EH1M DENV I-. ·sou WIDE A WAi By WILLIAM RITT and CLARENCE'GRAY UNDER ARA'S ABIE LEADERSHIP AMD GUIDANCE, THE WOMEN ARE TAUGHT THE GRIM BUSINESS Or WARFARE ADVENTURES OF PATSY By CHARLES R A A B / T/XTTERS AHO I YOU AH TATTERS .' TO LUNCH WITH ME'.! VME'RE TO HAVE i DUMPLINGS' VJERE H/WIHS A SORR.Y I CANT ASK YOU To srr DICKIE DARE By COULTON WAUGH YA, DICKIE you MAKE our AT ZABfi/SK/ES PARTY* DID YOU PUT YOUR eaXAH'HCW I DID! 1 HAD AH_APPO/t/niEHT Ait RIGGED ZiC. SAY! HE POPPED QJ£SriOlt, AH'SKe HAD TA CHOSE! GUESS DID. i HOPS sue CHOSE MM! IfSO.TtilSIS ONE OF YOUR MAJOR WtTBKKTO ·WERE SHE waz TAN6L£O UP Wffi] A WORKER BOY FKIEHO! StVEU. GVy.TOO!

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