The Evening Post from New York, New York on May 18, 1818 · Page 2
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The Evening Post from New York, New York · Page 2

New York, New York
Issue Date:
Monday, May 18, 1818
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NErf - YOriK Zrf.MXQPOii:. MONDAY, MAY 13. if i , 'i vi - 1 m 1 " Governor tt'olcptts speuhW this evening present the rncccU of the - govaroor of CoonecU - ' - cut. Tba molt inberestitig top'en it contain U lhat of altering their state constitution ; the most democratic in tbeorjr of any one in Hie union Tbe governor could not well avoid touching the ' tuVjcct, for it'ii one on whkh the popular voice E. 1el Ami rhMAVAtlf. W hft AvideDllv does it 49 IVVU VIHUV a V ay - - with a trembling hand, anl Is venturei ai far ai ha ilar. In dlaanadm lb people from their Ce ssna. . He shudders at the consequences of any mlleraUoo in what he terms " lbs moat venerable and precn - us moeumrUof repullican govern - 'meat aaw..g men.?', , IU always used to maintain rioiliT opinions, when he lived in this city, and in opposition to men of ur mora enlightened i. views than we suppose Mr. Wolcolt to poe - . ; " NeUuoj but (he habits of that people, which de - ' sceoded quietly fiom generation to generation, could have kept society together; and continued it aloogia the cum channel from age to age Once llthee be broken Ui tipori, once dlfwlve, by whatever means, this ondedueable charm, and the fabric will be Men to toiler to its center. - TbecomlitutioaofCotinectit ot, if we can give it that name, U founded on this political solecism, that Uit toeerned art (uperior It the governori - r n, uiuf nf rvtmnellinr oliedimca lo the lawn , - t - - . 1 has no permanent retideuce any where. The three : branches of government, the executive, Uie le - gislative, k the judiciary, are each dependant on ' the fluctuating favor of the great body of the peo - .' pie, called into action, at abort periods. Their iteady habits, however, have done wondors, aud 1tave almost rendered it a matter of indifference whether they had lawi or not; but now those are discarded, and it will be lound that the ungra cioui forms of government can no more be dis I with mmnrtw im iau amon? anv other people. We consider it rendering a public benefit to direct the attention of our horticultural readers . to an advertisement in this evening's paper, from Mr. Cobbett, Ilyde Park, Long Wand, respect log the cultivation of that highly valuable, but hitherto little known, Tgitabl, the Russia tur nip. Oratorio. la consequence of the Inclemency of the weather on Saturday lait, Uie subscription for an Oratorio by the Hwdel and Haydn soci ety will remain open till this evening. See ad' vertisement . From the New - York Daily Advertiser. OETf. PUTS AM & GEN. DEARBORN. ' (Continued.) ' It is a little extraordinary, that such minute particularity should bo gravely indulged by ge - luuwl Dearborn, respecting this irregular battle, h; by his own account, ' nothing lika diiciplioc bad entered our army at that time," and where every thing niU't necessarily have been in coufu - stout and especially, as be states, that his "own potition, more the remit of accident than any regularity of formation, was on (he right of the liue." .It that time, this olhCf - r nan not n - fn, nnu probably never expected to he, eliivateJ to the lii;h and diguiflod station - which he has since filled, but was simply captain Demiurn, and, of course, can be supposed to have had no belter meats ol information, and no greater capacity lor noticiog or Judging of even!', than is coin in ta with officers of his rank, in similar situations. General Dearborn says, that "Col. Oerriib was arrested for cowardice, tried, cashiered, and universally exerratcd; while not a word teat laid against the conduct of gtncral Putnam, whose extraordinary jiopulatity taved him, not onlt fiotn a trial, but even from ccusure." This popularity ho afterwards calls ephemeral and unaeeountnblfS1 and speaks ol it as having " lubiidt - d or faded away." I This is probably th first instance that ever occurred in the history of military oprratinus, in wh'uh ai. olhcer of elevated rank, and poiSMsiti a high and important command, and in a tlata of thiuiM like tl.nt which existed in this couvitry in ' 1775, by the force of a mere ' tphtmcral and lilfiflcrcTumutir ijirif I'ffi in in? iuv, ui iiir most disgraceful cowanlice, aud tile frossest tie - gle:t of duty, was still able to retain his command, and the confidence of the army and the country. Such a thing, tinder tho circunvtnn - ces of this case, must have been absolutory iin - pouible aud if general I'utnam had behaved, on that avwt important occasion, in the monner that is staled by gen. Dearborn, he would have merited and met with no better (ate than that of col. Gtrrisli. Gen - Putnam was, iu truth, pop ular, anJju'Uy popular, with his countrymen And so fur from its being ephemeral" or " un - fact onutable," it was fouttded upon the strongett and nret basis that of long, hazardous, and highly .' meritorious service in the defence of his country, aud in die establishment of its rights and security. This remark will be justified by the following summary statement: In 1755, war broke out between G. Britain and Francs. I he operations of this war were carried on extensively in Oauada, then a province of France, and on the neighliourinz fron tier of the British colonies. Uikm the occur rence of this event, Putnam was appointed to the command o! a company i the Connecticut troops, d!?tint d to act - ajriinrt the French, uudn the coniinntl ofgeu. Lymau ; and suih was hi popularity," during that severe and dan;eron service, that he was successively appoiatrj to the rank ol major and licutenaut - colnocl. alter a lulQcicnt opportunity had beet, affo - ded to his superior! to ascertain his various qualifications for the places to which he was appoint! d. lie remained in the army till the peace, and li lt it wi;h the highlit repniation, particularly for undaunted courage - courage that hud beta dis played in thr hour of danger, and in the face of UeaUi, times almost witnout number, anil in situation the most appalling, from which many men of ordinary, and even o(boaUd fortitude, would have shrunk with dimav. W hen the intelligence of the battle of Lexington, which took place on the 19th of April, 1775, reached General Putnam, he was ei'gagrd in ploujb'iag ou his farm at Brnnkryo, in Connecticut. He inMantly unyoked his cattle, left his plough .tandine in the unfiabhed furrow in the uidU of the fitld, and without sloppir.c u chne his dress, immediately set off for Hie seme of military transactions in the vitiuity of Boston Upon entering the army he was appointed to the rank of major - general. On the 7t of June full - wing, the t attle of Bunker's I!iil lonk i,', - . "In this battle," says his bkmpher, Um U't general mvm Humphreys, Uie Vrtlmrr nnA is of W n4 txmnpU of Gen. CulHan, were not loss con - I '"' - " "y,c', op' - " spiruo... ,hao uful. U. did e,y Ihing ttatllV' til u murju maa expenenceu cnicer cowld ' - ctui - phsh. The enemy pursued to WinUrhill ruinain mane a stand, anj drove tbcin back under caver of their daps." ' We iuXmed our principal lose," says a newspnper account of the battle published at the time, "in pamig the causeway. The camy pursued our troops to Wmter - hill, where the prormciali brio rein - forced by gen. f utaim, reniwei the battle with treat ndrit. rennlieJ , the enestir wiUl great slaughter, and panned them till they got under cover ol tfteir cannon bom me snipping. - - sue number At killed ie then stated at between 40 and 7018 aftchich srere rs tho. Contuclieul troop$. " The action," layi Uie same aruiie, M continued abouttwo hours, when the regulars on the right wing were putmcooiusioo ana fare wayv - Ttte Connecticut troops closely pursued them, aud were on the point of pushing their bayoneUt when orders were received Croie gen. Pomeroy, for lltoee who had been in the action two hour le fall back, and their places to be supplied with fresh force. These orderi 'being mistaken for a direction to retreat, our troops on the right letng, began a general retreat, whict was handed to Hit lift, Uu principal place of action, where captains Knowlloo, Chester, Clark, and Putnam had forced the enemy to give way, aad retire before them for some considerable die - j tance, and being warmly pursuing the enemy, were with difficulty persuaded to retire, but the riirbt win?, br mistaking; the ordort. bavin? already retired, Use left to avoid being encircled, were obliged also to retreat with the main body." It will be recollected, that gen. Dearborn states that Aij outi eoft ion, more thtrtrull of accident, tnan any regular formation, icereon the rishl of lte line, " The principal place of action," u said, in the above quoted account, to have bceu on the lift, where general Putnam's Connecticut troopi srere petted, and where it appears, the greatest bravery aud even obstinacy was dis played. . it r somewhat tliihcuit to discover, bow a captain of a company placed on the right, could have found means and opportunity to make himself so intimately acquainted with the minute operations ou the lelt, especially if he was so much occupied, as seems to be intimated, in the appropriate business of the day, viz. hard fighting. Upon gen. Washington's taking tho comaiand of the army, such was his colI'i Jence in general Putnam that he placed him at Uie head i f the reserve. Iu March, 1770, he was despatched by the commander in chi f lo New - York, to oppose the lauding of tbe British trobns. At the close of the orders given to hiai on that occasion, it is said" Your long service and experience will, better than any particular directions at this distance, point out to you the worki to be nrst raised; and yoar nerseverauce, activity, and teal, will lead you, without my recommending it, to exert every nerre lo disapoint tbe enemy's designs." Iu .May following, after general Washington had arrived at New - York, he was sunimoued lo hold a consultation with con "reus, and for that purpose was absent at Philadelphia fur more than a fortnight. 1 he command of the army during that period, devolved on gen. Putnam, and such was the confidence reposed in him by gen. Washington, that he authorised him, during bis absence, lo open all letter on public lerttce. After the retreat ol our troops iroui Long Island, the army was organized, and Me command of the right grand ditition. comL - tine of lire brigades, teas given to gen. Putnam. On the retreat from the city, "I bad frequent opportunities, says gen. Humphreys, of beholdiuz him for tho purpose of issuiugorders, and encouraging the troops, flying on his horse covered with foam, wherever his presence was most ne cessary. Without his extraordinary exertions, the guards muit have been inevitably lost, and it probable the entire corps would have been cut lo pieces." Un. Putnam continued in the army until the year 1779, with ttmliuiiiiUlied reputation, enjoy - in' the confidence of gen. Washington, the cordial esteem of the officers) and soldiers with whom ie was ronuectrd, and tho respect and gratitude his couutry for his dUtinguMu d services. In winter of that year, whilst on a visit to hU family, he was seized with a paralytic stroke, w!ii h rendered him incapable of any future tnr - vif e, by entirely depriving him of tbe Use of bis limbs on one side of his body. Probably the general'! son. 'lobe continued) From the National Intcttigtnetr, Ma y5. A subscription has been opened at Savannah 'for a sleaia - ship packet, to run from that port to Livervml, under the siijierintendciu e, direction, and navigation of capt. Rogers, at present of the Charleston steam - boat." This is a bold enterprise; and, if it succeeds Atlantic steam boats ought to he called HatamuJis, in honor of the place whose public spirit introduced them ; as the generic nnme of steam - boats ou'jit to be Fulton. There is great doubt, however, wc tliiuk, whether steam - boats can safely te employed in crossing the ocran. There are some dan 'ers incident to sailing - vessels from which the former arc exempt; but there are others on the contrary, peculiar to them, such as frac. ture of the machinery, burstui; of boilers, diffi culty of nian;i'r2 fii e and maihiuery in a g:do ol wind, or roujth swell alter a storm, hazard of pa Idles breakup, ucd rendering the vessel un uKinn.'eab'e, and of the wheels themselves being swept (mm tho titt I We shall be happy to find all these liabilities counteracted by a construction of tho boat and machinery different irom any we nave yet seen. Lix;isi.ATtm: ok connrcticct. Mrrruni r, lhullnrJ,Maii !( I. o'rluck. Tills A.y u IU icl k, llu'Kicillgiiy Olirr Wult. ll ilf - live - Ml Iu bvtb lli - u.ta lA the LrHltlm the Miunutc. Sjrci.ii. d iillcmeit if the Council, .Mr. Spejikrr,ixnd Oeiitlemm ut Hit liw rt f Urnrt'a.tutirtf. Tltt l turn, d in - - u (jitiofi gf ihiMic i pri'ulinB,lir sihirh I Imv hrrn ilrsUDHiil Iu lurilJr lx Uu - cimfirlli tif Ihn Bichil in Willi inuluuii.1 iibtii - Mtv. mil slirnciti - vneil iIkt nhiufi - li ul sfli clicn and trad hU. svliKh 1 haw rtcr rhtiifbrj lor mv ivlli.w cit ario. Ilrli mu oti lh It niae Uliiimi y. aiMl in yuur IihIiiIkiiiI lavuui Iu rjiciri lnvulunlai nt'ifi aiial dittcirmri. I h.iac artciiirat lh trii - Lauil lumi 111 - sitr yuw cit - oiuialiuii m ctPtliott li ytom49 llir puM c Uutt, inipiiriii(i uie onptBi diipsj lu uii sua ducci tur cu - auiiatii 14 - Aa p - nlton uf the pwiilt tnvr ripirtril Jrsiie lliat III' fminul t:ill iivririnait ui lliu tsl.l ah bid Li rivuail.lLn bility iiitri,.ni uhel aaill pn hnhly rnuarv yuur drlilicia - tl Mi. 1 piuanr thai It mil wt W piim.d ty any urn - , In nufiiir uur ll - al Odi tti. i li. aliirir all) un. ul ihs ilt,h:a and pilviw - f - a ul ll.c yt ula - . liar Isa - e ul tj a.ilcu, av pirriil cHi uud, iatiai u y uimima). ibe niuat vruttalile and pmli'ti lainunHul ul uuuhliial: iittn unat - til riniliu aaanMi in - a. Vt rib thr tacrpl on t4 lr, Fiatt Imi yr.ia Iron ila nifl altlririiL cmhiaciiK a prrm - l ran y curv I with Ilia irsitl ul civil ana icliii - uj liiM - ily ta Luioiiv. all Ilia iiuaatia i - l risintiiil bare l - t - ru dnailly di - rivi J Iiihb ihr iienplr. 'II. r UiminulaaLd Ci4in a lura hava hia aiinu.llr, ami ihi: rr pteitnlaliTia ! Ina, a m - ariaually lriir! by Ilia firrni - n, who lu,r altvay. coi..iliile.l Ibe tirat bo - ly at the (even?. Nur baa lh aaauil - MalKm. I ihr a ! m, bo cut. thnrd lo lha icIiimu, Thr, b)4t tnr btm accm'i - md lu pul - tiC Cin l.ali..n and dilibriall a ut it tl icaf y aud iiui - ui lancr. Thi. rati una la l'B arni.i.illv cianlri trd wtti lha taaie t del and dtrutUttNa tliu - id Ibia aaaauinlv - N anaiancc is ka - .tau at ailiaib a aanli lite baa hern hrt, lu cou - ariirBca id auy Blub. liiBtult. a pnuUi c - maiula - ai. Thr auf.purf of Hia,lu. elt BB. maty hrn - . - ls P.nihI', putiln raliaiNlrMMlra, CA - rapa - in. .b - ul ri;hl - lt - nt)u ol Ibe puMai eipancas, hl brB ciuaiamly driiaad ttts lart, iaiiird by tha vulcs ol lb reuph, and Ilia ami talrtctuut, ir,ualnnta id aar ponce Suva aver urrn, ami aiill air, ai'tu - trd t - y ua - cera drrivw tbcar nuarrri lioia aliunal p - pular appvintmruU. Frau In Ibe catAUliabillatil id AisriKau IndrurndriMV, llir Chaltir ol Cbai Ira Ibu d ol Eolal, ataj arid albr pal - bdiaiaa uf lha libctlKa rd Conurrtirul. I surely aaeiatid all Ilia allarbitrrtat il rec - avrd. l - f nhiievrr bad leiu liar rUiais I Iba Btiliab Ciowb ur Jialaoaa, lu jutiadkiawM, or inikiay, Uwy an r all, vrnft as ere oaaioal cacrplittm, HHira - itrnl la uar auc - Cflrara. ry llial matnamrm ; oiHtialiy ihtt araa i - ptrwly c - atfadru to IbrM aad then o - alaiily. Ilia incalirjialdr Biiuri:t ut brina eoaernrd by pauBKiral Ufcttla - oa. Iiaaaeal ami netulfd t - r lulrf eL owe apuvuataacut Tbe raet - haanarv wai. A couiaa urcaiaaaeu amcuwiaa or uiaavtmi id t - araorialnaleaa. Coiuidrtrd aaeir ly aa au artamal da. 6ma - tbe ooanaand Dial lea rd JlatiUialia and HulelsUM Cbirleil Bt - V luatlr b cuaaniered aa amprvratioaul araf li - pril.cti l a ouht lo be rrcollrcita IHat vauai aaaa na itralm delett, ataa faratei ly a pre eaaiaeia aaleaaiia(e, k baiaaj utra lU(Bly Mup - alaBl lo Ibap - ople, to aroarrr iaa prair uiaaa at Mril.otay, wrth aa laiBaptiva lioaa nniaa BMCriaf eac and roaif U. II 1 Cornell, c.iptb - nd the staahu bark bare beea rl pirraadby a ptautaa ut out lell irr citneaaa, they air mom da - froai rmlciual cauaasaia (.(ttalairee, tsicaSrra deeweal aad liaauad. and Ik lukH ot Ibe snU de - ri aalal. aoav ba aa e aire - w" ' aad acaaouH - dteu. Il ia Toal: arar''ac lu drapuat af aeial aMaali a aud liaaaiailxy. Uk datrwdlorirrrue lias poleer r - frti. m lucu aaaaaar aa am he uraaanae re. , ,M deart, yuw .,.!,,, .belber a r,.M. 7areal Law II., becoase aaptdwal. AUhouib liaudulead Daak - ...... rm - mmm,,, yai ItM b. aie lUapareti laaaJr, ail Ike aanara aa aken paar. taled l - ye - p - y and pnaKiaw. T acraaaaaluJi aay Uaefuf .e, ol JraiKt, pictu auiasary t i, - , , l - ol il tu i kmtyVeVtV r.oat lavpnaoomreat, laeirt; ikeb tctfiuw - m babu so ""; sal, trnaat en far reader - Uieaa uaprera.k'e aaaaaliera aT eiaaiaaaaf caaanaj Ibeaa ia aaaaraCa iraa lralaOlalsraaaa amnuikMai 14 taduilaaaaia, myntul leaapuleaaa lue diaaVaMal curcaalaieaaia u yracartfy, arbicsi a - Tlie fnclkwM rtmarnn Arts of ereaa rhau. I a au lha railjaiioaa uf i wtj fault tt muted, at InurriaisiMe h ertrffmd T praftrlf, Mxl ItM mi KM Mies at IraaaKlany, buaua mean - cauuliyl aaHkjorujb railkil wcii.ruaracafl km been espetirsated, yat il is caataut ibal IkeituUaf ua.aapoiMioua ia lew rKata, h.a kilhetlu beeat beav rSiciat. - DeWf rrraTed by rkt Law, and fcio( acquhed Ifcr piamainaj U a craat aasiiuid at urosarly, Iba si aula led Lo aaipl pcotar - lio. Aa jarpetleid tirfMipieiicri ea resprcl lo ibe niccetaioa, atpena pua in uurnu, wBeuaoi mere. Ueoamc: luaisBce, I uri.uike and ointr ucaipaaies tnau ue couiJrird aairal or pna nial pnerly, alappaaia lu be aape - 1 dual that lha nuiot be eelllid by Lawi. Upoa Iba aol il I sk tale lb liner ly la add, Ibal litou.k au peri ecu ar imuuice ul sfcgee hie ram te my kBuaaledte, prndaMa leqairia Ihal tauiaury and rfflcieul n toWiona be - ptrdi y e lablukeal lor reuuerius ne raubaera anaee.eaia m cufpoipium rrywiw. lie the laitniui exicutiuaiii lueu uaau, aim i aar a uarirew,.. af (be Ada id tncurporaliua. 'f be act autboriaini tiia apauililrneal of Brpwler fn Ihe CuuM id Knerr. WMk a aalaiy, will espire, be ds ra liait ma, al Iba rbee ai the praaeal aetMoa - aa Uie anraia; vndoai. and eeea mar Ie uf nmIhcuI urciwoas era eeulullt prrmulrd; by iviaj publicity lo lli pi.Bciplerea tetucb Ihry ait fuaaiUd, 1 tecoujaieiNl a' further conunuatnei ot Ibal Act. Theaarueuiaeof iki hart seariea Cur encoate.ij ibeealiaiioa id aclirullureJ kliowlrdKe, appeal lo nave ntudured fety wue Iku (T. eican.e a wild uf rraulalk - a and eoquiiy. 1 auliatd lu your e ardcialiuai,hrlbef a raodtrele annual eppru - aria'o I11 be dulnliuld aria ilm. In aoaae rule to ha BteaClih - ed by Uar, iu aid of auch fundi aa ana V be raiaid by pi iratr di - astiieH, would sot probably render Uia spird eull aaura ecu.r and uuirSeaal. ' Thr Ulaleu cf Kmlli Caroliiuji'iirl Tenntawe bavins; prcpoaed anai - iidneiiri to Ihe t'Mialilalroii of Iba Untied Ulalaa, lleir pio - ceeduife trin be eubaiiiedi loyi ur cnmueieiniu. Il m, m my opiuaoutdeaerviuc um aiua laiieua conaMcivH, abahet tbe law ul etihrullr ailclatioa lo aala - hlnbifieaia ol a peioMBcrd nature. oucbl ad In be teeiteil k sc - cmuaiodati d lu the cmunieiSncis uf our ace and cnanSry. Aa lha leer euafa al preient. ao partoa caa advance av - ary la rierniptoyra in nuaiuear, uinlrr a rueiirari 111 receive a piur" - Ihw id Ilia profile, ia h.o uf irHiiul, withnul Ibeieby .ul.jrciii'C bawbofa pnaucityluraapieHdiilily. lutaOril ia, ibu oian 10 adaaiiced ai,or reti.ed Iruai hu - uiea,. are lertiained Iroaa snv - pi.yin uiau capital lu aria ur Brut vi.lriice ur nieuiiMiif, uailrll - ikinea eauubl be bialilv beurficiil lb liar cunniw - n4y. It it well kaowa Ibal private loani ere bow rarely to be allaiiicil, ae nba etew lit blur plohiaibjii Ilia rate ot imrteat, ihe ercaanileliocie 'which ai conalanlly ft - ruiinr,, sie employed lu rpecalaliuan iu tne publir lurad. or ia II jnkme. tB - atnutiuia, wheie ihe leipurtviniliiy and hasaid caa he hunted; id couree eurnrciing our active cilueaa, atnpUiycd ia at la, cota - aierra, auuiufaClurra, ur aKihullural nnptiivrnreiita. lu delays ua utcuniai e comaJBle - ne. eta Iheaa e.eunda, Iraiiucttwlly in auu luaerrupiioaa. ror waal ur aid. ur U) uarvnanic urwiwn... ane you to c.iiaider, wlietlirr d ia aol coniiary lo public pubt'v. 11 Bil JineNndKtaieol (rf piivale rillt, ut icsusiii ludivnlual. iruta futon if; partnc'ahipa with s lionled rripon - ib lily. Aa the ioraniuuily ai a irrtei Bated ia briny gutnltd ar,ital fraud at u - iflc. from .rcref cuuibiaetioni, it wdd be proper lo requm tot - liaclsof tola nature, lu be terotdf d in a public i.tSce,Milu?cl 10 eturrtl luapertit - n: Ui ectivv auuaerir. and itnoraUvall Ihoae who pet tuaallyf' eased coidiacu, uti.blrMf held reaiiiaua - Ule as at pr era - lit, and it would uot he ul - ciuilahle, if sli ruou wdhdiaWH Irnni a ioinl ceniial al ck. ahonid. fora uruilnl psiiod, be liiMe la lw recalled, endrendciedaudicrle In Ihr paynten'.ul prrlnerthip detva. tludar Ihrrr, and pt,K'rai;.air uunioi - ji irruieuuiu, 1 Dave n - . noun uiai ma rutiiic aecunlv. Ka'att art, ul iuaoUency, would he fifrally incieaard, and a sriicnciai aclirity nopal led 10 Ihr reeourceiol Iflecrlele. Tue ducuveiiee ami iinnrovruaeala in ihe ntaful aits aM acttnea,diuiii ibe laalAlly yrira, have eaenli.llyrhuictil me cenoiiiofl and telatioiu ul civilurd Bita iaruur,ttoul llir r.ldiv. N - w ate Iwciblv tiiliraliLina aie thriiToer iniunied on all tbuvewhn are eiilnwled with theaupeiiniend.inca of public eljiir, lu faulrtale In Ibeir I llir piaaeal ar. Pmim a eoruWenble, .'the enure weaan, itaptatarira aud uinuctKa ut cntl curumunitiea uwy be capecled tepidly to ilnpiove, or lo decline Initial foal inlellrclttal cnmprltliou which has cuoituenced am - fr. Mali ua, ihe Unrlrd, are will oranarail lo I Al the Irail : lw it ourht lu he itnpresaed ou Ih Blind of rviry fireman, Ihal it u aid in ibeir leriilurial wealth or p dilieal px wrr, Kail ia ihe fice toDjidiiiiuua nf our couutr r. Uiai I lit if reculiar adian - war.riniauii. H oiKleiful ate Ihe rnrana l.y which a irsrinui Provi lrnrr bea 1 onducled us In uur nresenl cundilion. We can nuw Dcr ceirr, why il wee nrce.i.iry thai our kihipiidrd anceakna ttmuiu ue esjiellrd Irorn their bomes hy neiaeculiori, and Cora - prlltd lu audtr esltenie, puvrrly.and Ihe retl ainlr inrnleal i aaihe;e wartaie. By no other coulee ul traiimiji, cuuld ikey hive acqui.a. thai hardihood,, dotililv sod per.a - leienrr, which are Ike Lean of the Amnkan character, by wturh our indenendeuiea waa arauiied. a oil be evhirh alone puhlic iihtity can he preeririd. Ar Ci(icrii it now one the ulde - l. ami in refill n lo Hi local linrlr, one of tha nioal inpol' us blalea, Ihe rtTt'ita cd our organization have ire btm rsoal I He divrl. inl. Happily (or ut. our trior utt can only count aa priuoiple, and bahila, wbirh ei - pniei.ra has recsraint udrd. Tbuuah hi nUnn to Ihi lit aril uueriiiOM - nt, and far many purp.ers of - r - f" Iu:r, we are but one Ulalr, yrt' for the moil 110 - finrtaul of all pinpo - ea, that uf prrrrrving Ihe chajarlar, lal'ila .ttid inlrlliKiBre uf Ua people, weaia a center lea ol duiiicl irput.lira. Il is Burnt ial there lo a, that nur pie - inl insmiritiuaahntildrrnteini that the peoplo ahould crtnliliue eiluc ,te, tneti n and euiui rl each ulhei 1 and nuulaiillv orr - enve inei wnne 11 ao euce wait taction .ue"itealioyine Ancil," mutual iuueur!, drpeudance and co - uier4luili, aia euuire ut uaoiiny, accui uy and napptuaae. WOUOTT. (I metal A reuilily. Miy btuuM, 1813 J From the Franklin Gi.iette. Miul Jtobberi. On 'I hitrsday l.iat, John Al exnnder, Joseph Thnmpaon Hare, and Lewis Hare, we. e brought to the bar of the court, to receive sentence. Jutle lluval, who premteil. first adilre - ised Lewis Hare, wIki was very much cfl'ecteil, anil drew ifreat sympathy from every hv - stamler. He remarked to him, that in con - secptence of hi youth, (he not having arrived at his tw ntieili year) the I'resiiknt of the United States had thought proper to pardon him oil the two first counts of his indictment, which released him from the punishment ufdi - ath ; the sentence would therefore be on the third count, which subjected him to imprisonment. That tliiriiiir lus imprisonment he would have ample time for reflection, and he Imped the mercy extended on him by the President would be Rr.ilcfnlly acknowledged, and that he woti'.d he able to fortify his mind atfainsl all evil temptations, when he should aaiti he restored to society. He was then sentenced to umlcrtro un imprisonment often ears. Judge Duval then asked John Alexander, and J. T. Hare, if they had any objection to make, why sentence aliotild not he pronounced uu them. Alexunder replied, that he requested his lite might be spared, and he hoped on 'y lo be sentenced to imp. iwnment. Hre made some incoherent and uniiiitUible re marks. Jude Duval then stated, that they had sealed thsir own fata by the cumniuina of a ci inie, wlui h the law Mewed as oue of the uio't hcinoii - nature, aud which aftixtcd society generally, mora than any olhcr that could be committed I'bat there could be no inducement in this coun try for the pcretratiiin of any crime, much lets 0110 ol to enormous a character. Here, any per on, with habits of industry, litis it in his power at all limes, to maintain himccll' aud family, fy tho honest labor ol hi liaids; and there could be no a.(nloe;y for any pernnl. forsake an ho'trst employment fur one replete with t ice undcriino j that they had but a short time to remain in this world, and he hoped they would employ those few preeinus mouieuls in obtaining ftirivcQc?s ol the Creator. He then pronounced the awful sentence of the law, and directed that Joseph Tlinup on Hare, and Jnhu Alixander, lie carried l.nui the courthouse to the prison, and from thciire to the place of execution, and that they severally be bunc; by the a ck until dead. Ai Joseph T. Hare was proceeding from the couit hon.e to prison, accompanied by the eon - table, they had to crass Jonea' Kails, over which the trunk of a tree wa laid for fmt passengers to walk on; whrn they arrived in Uie middle ot the creek, Hare made an attempt to release his hauls from his irons, and to knock the constable into the crtek : it pro red fruitless, hut in the cu:Ud Hare tme oil the lapelle of the constable's coat. After he reached prisnu, he made an attack on the turnkey, and nearly bit off his fiojer. ROCHESTER, (N. Y.) May 5. Fir. Oo Saturday morning last, the flouring null, in this til age, owned hy .V1errs. K. Urowa ex Co. toe. t titer with Ure quantities o! wheat and if iur, were rlretrnyetl by fare. Loss estimated at about JiO.OOO. a BALTIMORE, May 15. A black woman, named Charlotte, was this morn in" found bangine with her throat cut, in the upper story of a house near the corner of Willu - streel, r . r. blia is sua to nave been insane when she committed tbe act. FROM OUH COH KEiPQA'D E.VT. Office of the City Gasette, Charleston, Sunday. May 10 Noon. ) Extract of a letter from Havana, dated April . 2 S, 181B. ' I an happy to inform you tht we arrived here on the t4lh inst. after a iorjj pa; sae, which was owin; to the preyaleuce of westerly winds a were boarded wbilst u r;ht w the Mom V Carttigetiiaapiiv - aleer riiip. and had several Spanish prisoners put on board ol us, n.mtmA U nrareeJ without l0 - - - r - . . ...a . IflttkUOn. IDS TUOncn WCI a aauauana - arrival. . ... - - t . With respect to the markets, it u Impowi - ble to give you precise information, not haviug been permitted to go on shore until late yesterday. fUce, I think witl bring at least $9 60; Hour, hams, lard, and shoes, I think will pay something, but it is impossible to say what, until we have bad au opportunity to try the market - Pork ie very plenty, aud will not clear cost. Freights are yery low, and difficult to ob - tain. Molasses has been taken at $3 per bl.d to Boston. The produce or the Island, is ni;n, aau in all probability would not letch cost if shipped tAthe United Slates. " Bills of Exchange can hardly be obtained on any part ol the United State, at any rate and the little respect paid to neutral vessels by theCarthagenian privateers, renders remittance bomewhal unsafe. I yesterday saw the supercargo of a Hamburg ship which hail been captured by them, with a cargo of augar, and he landed at Matanzas. As yet I have n it heard of their molesting any Americana, and it ii to be hoped they will nut. Marks - CoiTee, 18 a 20 cents ( Molasses, 10 riala per keir : Suirar, white, 19 a 9 50 j do. brown. 7 a 7 50 do. muscovado, 6 50 a 7 25 ; Hide. 2 a 2 50 each t Beef, prime. No. 1. 14 a 15 i do. half bbla. mess, 9 a 10 ; Kice, 9 50 ; Flour : Flour. 19 a 20 ; Uutter. no sale . Cheese, do. Hams, 24 cents i tfperm. Candles, 62 a 67 ; Soap, castile, 56 a 28." Report of actual taletxn Charletton for trtekpatt. Uoltoii bea - lilund, IU a I scenes perpuunu Kice - 1'rime, $8 1 - 4 a 6 37 1 - t Second quality, $5 3 - 4 a 0 I )rv - G ooJs. - I'reitt v extensive sales have been made this werh, particularly a( private sale, and the stock oo hand of seasonable Sprir.z lioodi, has becc - me verr limited 50 percent oo the cost is readily obtained for Goods of this descrip tion, some sales ol I'lains nave oeen niaue irns week at a J 1 - 3 a 35 per cent advance. Groceries. Molasses has told nt both our quo tations, and was impiming at Die close of the week. - J - A. Hum has improved a little since our last. West - India Rum is scarce, except a quantity of Demararn, which is held at $1 6 - 4 dents. Coffee and Sugar have been in pretty xood refliie it Ihrnuch the week. Salt, in Store, is held and retails higher than our quotations : Ihe 'xa'uo of brig Margaret, from Liverpool, (coarse Salt) soid at oo cents. Cottons. Have been heasr. particularly the 'ait days of the week tho difficulty of procuring ireight has probably had some cited upon me Sftla - a. Rice. We continue the quotations in our last out the article has been heavy tins wee If, and very few at the highest quotation. i lour. Continues about the same as last week the demand at present very limited. Com. Is very plrnty, and dull. It is si 11 in L' out of the vessels at our quotation. Nnvul Stores Tar and Fitch plenty ; Turpentine scarce, none to be had our quotation could be readily realized. Tobacco Sales have been made this week at our quotations. Freights Vessels have become very scarce, and 1 1 - 4 a 1 l - '2d may now be readily bad lot Cctton to Great Britain. Arrived, brig Angelina, Sinclair, Puerto Ca - hello, (South America) Si) (lavs. Left, brig Ac. tivc. Boners, of and lor New York, unc. when to sail, the only American vessel in port. It Int 3d 51, ton 77, spoke brig Uhnrli s U r.iien, uptmi, 7 davs from Havana bound to Boston. Capt Sinclair returns his grateful acknowledgements lo capt Keunard, for politely supplying hint with articles which he stood in need of. Br. brig Liverpool, Wilkiu, St. Johns, (Anti - eua) 27 days. On the 7th intt. nt, Cape l.ook On',soke brig Amelia, from N York, and was informed that ilie had spoken the bri? William. Toinbinsoo, from this port, bound to the West - Intlies, in a leaky condition, aud intended to put into !Nnrloiii. & hr Fame. Shearman. Richmond, 97 davs and 17 from the capes. On tbe '2A inst. Kit 32 51. lone 7U 37. spoke a srtir from this port bound to New York, blowing fresb, could nut learn her name. Sloop Catharinr, Calder, IVYork ?1 dayi and last from Georgetown, I day - The C. v. as bound to Durien, (Geo.) but bavins; experienced much bad weather, and being short ol water, put into Georgetown to procure a supply. Char, d, ship JJima, Berry, Liverpool ; brig hmpcror Alexander, Watt, LuMrrpooi. FROM OUH COKItF.SPOJWF.yT. . Office of the Baltimore Patriot, May 16 noon. Latent from Harani Capt. If. Btnnfbury, wiio arrived Ibis morning in the bri Mary, in tt d ivs from tlatnua, stab s, that a heavy Mow was experienced I lure on the 2d May, by which the hipping in the harbor sustained considerable damage, ami from the drought and severity of the storm it Has feared the crops of e ffee had been much injured. It - vus on tl rise in consequence. It continued lietilll.y ut Havana, when he sailed. I he 1 .it riot prisoners v. no iiau um conniieu ai Havana, were conveyed on board lb fleet wbirh hitd sailed lor Cad:, lo be tried at that plat o Arrived, brig Mary, Staaiury, 8 dayi from Havana. Left, brig Kuoite, Baibus, for New - York in a few davs ; schr Mary Ann, Swain, do 1, arrived frcm Teneriffe. A Danish brigfruin Havana, itb suear, was captured oil Cape Florida, ahr.ut5lh April, - by a pirate ; the supercargo and crew were landed in Cuba, part tr - ivcn m Havana, i ney stated mat me crew i l tne piraie consistea oi negroes anu r.ngii - u men MARKIF.D, Last evening, by tha llev. James Smith, Mr, VICAJAII UKYNOLIJ3, to Miss CATHA RINE TAYLOR, both of this city. Last eveniiij, by the Rev. Mr. M'Clay, Mr. l'r. lr.ll rU.LSO., to Miu SALLY A. LU CiEit r, both of this city. CFKNiyfJ POST MARINE LIST. CLEARED, Brir Leader, Allen, Schr James, Crook, New - Bedford Harbadoes S it J Hilyer Blackwater, Vir. Alexander, Tiishop, Why Not, Burton, Sloop George, Rustel, Hero, Potter, Lyilii, Doughty, Aon bi Sarah, Howard, BELOW. Norfolk Haddam Ball Richmond. New - London. A fleet of sl.ipi ; one of them supposed to be the Criterion, A very, Irom laonuon. AKhlVKD L.I&T fcf.SW;, Ship Debbv i F.liza, Ropers, 46 davs from HaTC, with dry goods, ice. lo J II How land, owner, and othet s. In lat 42, long 67, spoke a lloston slut) bound to London, but could not learn Iter name. Saw large quantities of ice .o the eastward and westward of the Banks Brig Rising un. Whitehead, 32 days fiom Pernamhuco, with hides, horns, and sugar, to ierrill & Kearney, owners, J w i - chmidt h Co. Reade et Depeyster, F De Peyster, T Farmer, R Gillespie, G CopelandeV Son, and R Getlncy. Left brig Gen Ward, Sscket, for . York, in 8 or 10 days ; ship Sachem, for Philadelphia, loading; brig Aurora, Soule, of Dux - bury, for Boston, in 12; sch Louisa, M'Lcod, ot.V York, said d 5th April, destination un known. On Thursday, on the edee of the Gulph, spoke sch Andrew Jackson, 2 days from X. otk fur Bermuda. Markets dull. Two American seamen were put on board the Riiintr Sun by the American Consul. It was reported at Pernambtico that Ccn. Artig is had been attacked by the Kuenos Ayres troops, and that he had defeatetl them. The Kins; of Brazil had laid an embrngo in bis ports in consequence of tbe depredations of the patriot privateers. Brig Diamond, Meldnim, 23 days from Port Vtorant, Martinique, with molasses, surar, etc. to Gurdon Buck. Brig Hope, PilUbury, 45 days from Green ock, with pijj iron, to Cambrelcng lc Pearson. Ech William ti Henry, Baker, 16 davs from Port - au - rrince,' with eolTee, to II Harheclc. wasienfrers, Mr. Cooper, of Baltimore, and Mr. Coit, of N; York. Left ship Com. Perry, Russell, ol New - York for Bordeaux, unc I brifc Mercury, (Clapp, supercargo) for Boston, in 60 days ; Rising fcun, Pastorius, for Philadelphia 15th May sell Petion, Ashlry, for New - York, unc Jame, (late Dartlett) for do. in 4 days, Sallv, Mather, fordo unc; Lapwing;, Tubht. for IUltimore. do. April 30, off the Platform, spoke brig Favorite, 39 days fitm.j Kenncuunic, tor rori - au - rrmce, an ii. Markets for American produce dull coffee 39 sous , sugar 10 a 1 1 dollars. . Sth Marv Ann. Tobev. 5 days from Ceorjre town, 8. C. with staves,' rice, cotton, de er skin, etc. to B Chase, K Frisbie, S Albio, S Reed, JtJramas, W Tucker, A Uthrop, T Reckery, J I httrston, H Johnston, A Camp, 1 Hierman, C Reed, J Albro, and J Cimprdon, all passen gers on board. May 14, lat 37 30, long 7."JUi spoke sch Eliza Aancy, 5 days from Middle town, for Savannah. ' Sch Hazard, Iliggins, 18 days from l'assa - maqtioeldy, with plaster, bound lo Hudson. Packet sloop Paragon, in 7 hours from N'f w - Haven, with rum, to bhipman k Lord, Ucnja min Hustace. and the master. . Sloop Huntress, Keecher, in 6 hours and 30 minutes from INew - Haven, with rum and sugar to the master. Sloop Rapid, WalJron, 14 hours from Newport, K. I. with mm, to the master. Sloop Packet, Daskom, 5 bouts from Norwalk with 25 passengers. bOSTON, May 14. Arrived, brig Perseverance, Bacon, 60 days from t. Uhes. Erplish ship Venus, Little, from St. Lucia, via Liverpool, N.S. 41 days from the former, and 5 from the latter place. Schr Richmond, Lord, 84 days from Trinity, Martinique, via Salem. Schr Osprey, Newcomb, from NYork. Schr Rambler, Blaucnard, from do ' Cleared, brig Barbara, Nash, Calcutta ; ichr. Thornton, Norris, NVork ; sloops Caleb otrong, Staowood, Portland ; Juilana. Slurtevant, Ntw - York and Albany. PHILADELPHIA, May 10 Arrived, jhip Magnet, Garwood, 45 days from Bordeaux. Brig Mariner, Willis, 64 days from Lislron. Schr rJinily, Allen, Kdays from Principee. Ph tla delfhi a. Mav 16 Arrived sch Caro line, Scrrill, 13 days from New - Orlewis. Capt. Scn ill left at N. Orleans, 26th ult. brig Savannah Packet, N York 7 days ; sell Huntress, Mathews, sailed for N York, 23 tl, and about 150 others. . Passed in the river, bound up, briar Morp - iar.a, 23 days from New. York ; ship Mary, of N York, ashore on the south end of the N. t.. passage, bailed from the Uuiize the 1st inst. in co. witk ship Margaret, of Baltimore, and ship John Watson, Carmon, of Philadelphia, for Liverpool, saw two square rigged vessels standing in the N. R. passage ; also a brig ashore on the S. W. passag.1, hound out. Spoke nothing at sea. ' British brig Atalmlic.Duncom, 15 days from Bermuda. Sch William Pcnn, Foster, 4 days from Dos - ton. Sch Alert, Whitton, 6 davs from Boston. Sch Lydia & Mary. Juoubs, 5 days from N. York. - Sch Regulator, Norton. 5 days from Boston Below, ship Thomas Scaltergood, Warrington, days from Canton she is ordered round to New - York. Capt W. left Canton 24th January. Ship Fame, Dunlcvy, from Cork and Isle of May IUltimorb, May 14 Arrived, ship William, Taylor, 55 days from Belfast, via Nor - j folk. Left ships West Point, of and from N. Yotk ; Hibernia, Graham, of d: fordo, from Liverool, put in in distress ; ship Bristol, from Greenock, for do. put in in distress. BALTIMORE. Mav HI. Arrived, schr Ma - ria, Loosman, 44 days irom .Madeira. Left no Americans. Srhr Franklin, Russell, 19 days from St. Jago Cuha. Schr Arco, Walaturn,19 davs from St. Jago Cu IIW1 ) I . I. , IU. Ul. linn K... RtW.VU any produce Oil Weunestlay last.the Argo was I. tlan, ill t I 1). 1.1 l,u ..i.O.I. ..tittt toitfi struck by lightning which knickcd all hands down, forlunttely no damage was sustained. Briiish brig Nancy, lain:, 90 days frcm Lou don and 50 days from Lands End. Sl.iti llumfries. Millert, 60 days from St. I'bes. Sailed in co. with brig Perseverance, llucar, for uoston. Noriolk. May 13. Arrived, sch Nonsuch, Hill, 12 days from Bermuda. The schs Betsey, of Newport, and Ceres, of Bath, sailed the day btMore tor New York. 1 - lour ai Bermuda had been sold at $13 50. West India produce scarce. Cle tred, sch Brothers, Deli art, New York ; Hope. Itatbbuni, N York ; Coaster, Van Name, N York RICHMOND, May 13. - Arrived, .Lady l umpkin, Kuticr, I mm Aew - loik. Miain St Mary, Gray, do. Ballast Cleared, William ii Mary, Gray, New' York - Coal : sloop Polly and Rachel, ditto. CHARLESTON, May 9. Arrived, brig Martaret, (of Boston) Melius, Liverpool, 1 days and 4' from St. Michael's, where tlie put in tur provisions, Ac. Schr Eagle, Sutton, Havana, 8 days. Niw - Okleams, April 25. Arrived, ship U - nion, Fisher, Havre ; brig Fame, Eldrington, Havana. Cleared, ship Cairiha, Douville, Nantz ; Ma. ry. Shaw. N York ; britf Hector, Place, Liver pool ; Emclie, GoiUiey, Genoa ; sch Elizabeth, Crosby, New Y oik; brigs Lc Dcsiree, Naud, Vantz, schs Alexaader, Charters, Kingston, Jam ; sloop Kudoxia, Baker, New Y'ork ; brig Mexican, Yvah - s, Bremen sloop t enelon, iiiuy. hew, N York ; ship John Watson, Garvin, Li' vcrpool. Y'essels in port, April 18. llrig Fredoijia Meek, nearly loaded for N Y'ork; New Y'otk, Packet, loading Bordeaux ; Joseph, Morris, N York ; Fcnclon, Mayhew, loading for N York , Huntress, Mathews, do. tor New York i Lliza beth, Crosby, loaded for N Y'ot k. THEATRE. Last night of Mr. l'hilipp's engagement. This evening, will be presented, the opera of THE DEVIL'S BRIDGE. Count Belino, Mr. Philippe in wnicn character nc win introduce ihe lavonte cantata of William 1 ell, or, the Swiss Patriot, from the opera of the Lake oi Lausanne, composed by llrahum. Marcelli, Mr. Ililsan Pietro, Barnes Claudine, Jolmson. 1 o which win he ailded, THE PRISONER AT LARGE. Muns, Mr. Hilson Old Dowdle, Jack Connor, Barnes Pritchard Mrs. Groshon to commence at a quarter past Adelaide, Performance seven o'clock. On Wednesday, Mr. Philip's benefit. ft - 7 - RODNEY SMITH CHURCH. Altor oey at Law, has his orlice at the lower village in Red Hook, Dutchess county, where all business in the line of his profession will be faithfully antl punctually attended to. my 18 il ftiy AU irsons bavins anv claims asainsltbe estate of the late John Williams, deceased, are requested to present Uie same to either of the subscribers, at No. 69 East - Rutgers, or 70 Cherry street. jutm ttuuM, r.xecutor, ELIZABETH WILLIAMS, Executrix. myl8lw For England, via Halifax, ( A'ora Scotia.) Qp" Letters for his Britannic Majesty's packet Francis F reeling, will be received at the Post Office till Wcdoesday afternoon, the 3d day of June. T. W.MOORE, Agent, I s ay 18 ' ORATORIO, By Ih Handel mid Haydn Society. t,t '1 he committee of live Handel ami Hatr! Society give notice, that, tl subscription t, for au oratorio this month will be closed Tuia EVh.JMINO, i order to Iheir forming an whether tlie amount sttlrscrihed vsiil di - fn y 1 prob - sble ex pence s. Tt; snhscriplifa ruts wiil tie left at Messrs. Swords', No. ICO Pearl sis..! . at Mr. iiohots" Mttsfc - Stor - , BroadwavVanS l Mr. Goodricb'i, corner of Bioadwav una t erf .r street, .Messrs. KIRK k MERCLI.S, 82 VVat," street, Eastburns Co. corner of Pine add Broad, way, and Geib's Music store,' 23 MasuWiw Frier of I ickets to sulucrihers, , to ubsenbers $. ..T - t my 18 tt , . . r Cr For UVEHPOor J (A regular trader.) . TLiasw. The fast sailing coppered ship ANN K. R. Crocker, master, will positively sail or! the 25th inst. weather permitting, iaVu,K gji hee heavy freight engaged." For freight of 100 bales of cotton, or passsire hnvino. ... ' live accommodations, apply to the captain on board, cast side Fly - mai ket - wliarf, or to .. JAS. ii RICH'IJ iX)INEF, No. 247 Fiont - stre'et . N. II. Passenger are furnished with beds and bedding at the ship's expence msy 18 6t HARDWARE, CUTLERY. &r " " fRVlNG.SMITH & H YSLuP, No. 14.2 pe.r, I street, have received hy shins Importer, Jum,. Monroe, and oilier late arrivals from tAvernori 137 casks and cases Birminglmrj, Md Snefli - l i Hardware, which they offer for sale at low n i cev, for cash or approyed credit, consiafing J? Ivory full buck and Klftip table and desert knives and forks . oesert Fine pen, sportsman1! and pocket knives ' Do scissors and razors ; do on cards " Cast steel chitsels, gouges aud plane Irons handsomely assorted , ' Millington saws, steelyards, spectacles Iron post and hoi coffee mills - . . Drawing knives, lite anorled Fine plate and bsnbnry stock locks Iron and tutunnia table and tea spoor.i ' A variety ol biaai cabinet furniture . ; ' Tinned and plated saddlery v Needles and knitting pinsT pocket books ' Powder flasks and shot belts Rat and mouse traps H. H. L. and butthinger, wood fcreiri " lr n and brass wire. - ' - j .. Knob, closet and chest locks ' i - . Fine pad, cupboard and till do Iron and brass candlesticks, gimlilets i" Coat and vttt buttons, curry coiubi . - Pack and roix'd pirn, &c. Alio, a few cases steel mounted fowling guns 60 anvils and vices I cask brass battery kettles 30 tons English blistered and erowley steel 60 doz frying pam 40 tons Kng'iih bolt iron . , . - ' Together with a very extensive assortment of gootli open oo the shelves, well calculated for the southern tnde. . my 18 erx)2w B1 bent it re. (most of which is ol a quality vtrv superior.) for sale in lots to suit purchasers, and on a liberal credit, ry JACKSON & WOOLLFY, my 18 75 Wall - itreet. CLOTH. 1 case superfine west of England blue Cloth, Sheppard manufactured, for sala at 31 Old - slip. myl8 3t , WHITE HAVANA SUGAR. 60 boxes entitled to debenture, for sale hy STEVENS St MACTItR, myl8 3t 1 57 South - itre.t. COTTON YARN. A supply of Cotton Yarn KJ from 18 to ii, twist and tilling of a very su perior quality, suitable for sattiuet warps, just received and for sale hy Die COMMISSION COMPANY. my 13 D 1 C 141 Pearl - Street. T,V PLATES, FIRE hUICK, De. B W. ROLKKS & CO 235 Pearl - street, offer for sale, landing from the ship Chatincey, from Bristol, Tin plates, assorted ; blank do do. Stourbridge fire lu icks . - 30 caks best Bristol bottled porter Also, 16 casks of glassware, consisting of tumblers, wines, decanters, white and green phials 13 do. of Apothecaries phials of all softs. ' my 13 TO IRK INHABITANTS OF NEW - YORK, . AND ITS VICIa'ITT. TTM. BRYAN, Dyer. cVe. from Londwi, V gratefully nckiiiMvfetlges Ihe liberal encouragement he lias received, from his friends and the public, since his arrival, from England. Anxious to merit a continuation of their patronage aud support, he has taken those extensive premises Nos. 37 and 39 Spruce - street, (lale Little George - street,) where he has at considerable expense erected machinery and every eoaven - ienre to ensure their future favours. Piece Goods dy'd and fancy color and finished in supeiior style; Ladies dresses, silk, sattin, velvet, damask, moreen, crape, veils, shawls, mantles, peliisci, bombaseens, fcc cleaned and dv'd any fancy pattern, chip, straw, and leghorn Bonnets dy'd. Black, fur mourning, on shortest notice ; moreen furnitures clean'd, dy'd and water - marked I hot - pressing, Kc. my 18 1m '1U K A KM Ki(.S and GARDENERS. J II AVE received from my own larm in Hampshire, a quantity of the seed of Ruta Baga. or Huui i Turnip, of which I shall sell all that I do not want, at the price of a dollar for a pound iceLht. It will be put ud in pound parcels, and sold by my man from his waggon in the Fly Mar ket, dv ew 1 or, every Saturday, Between an eaHvhourinthe moraine and two o'clock in the .afternoon. I shall pot my name on the parcels. a siore - Keeper, wno nas oeen setting nmsin i - nip seed in New Yoik, naisng a fine large '"rmp a tpectmen, HUl'tiH I , I am intorroea, i nu mk;f. turnip ok my MAN. This may, probably, not be cognizable ina coart of law, but, it may be worth the consideration of this store - keeper, whether it he not cognisable in n court of conscience. Mr. THORBl'RN has advertised, that hia Russia Turnip Seed l U Ood ns mine. 1 am very glsd of it ; for, in that cuse, it is a great deal belter than teedt - men in England sell, except by mere accidcot. am exceedingly glad, that America contains a seedsman who is tcrupulout about uhat he stilt, - , though, in that respect, she possrsi vrtrat, I believe, my native country, dear Old England, never possessed. The time ol sowing the Russia Turnip is from the i6th of June to the 9th ot July. I sowed il, last year, every week from June to - me time in August. My main crop was sown on the 26th ol Juue. As to my mode of towing and of culture, they are fully stated in a httle volume, which 1 now have in the press, and which will be published in about ten nay's time. VV.Vl. I.UDDbl aa Hyde Park, (L. I.) 16th Miy, 1818. ray 13e4d3t . TO PM.Tt.KS. GEORGE FORM AN, printer and Bookseller, 201 Fulton - itreet, New - York, offers lor sale the printing office, and a considerable part of the books and stationary of Aaron Foreman, deceased (late of the firm of Smith Foruian, of this city.) - The printing offica consists of Brevier, Loof Primer. Pica. Great Primer, Double Pica, Dou ble English, Cannon, 6 lines Pica, 12 Idles do. aad 19 lines do. Also, the Pbeet Almanac, itt brevier, standing. FL.wers, tuoUtiooc, Cases, de. lc. The above articles ara in good order, and will bo sold low, and divided to sua pur chasers, G. F. continues the printing business m au m variety, performed at the shortest nottca, and or tha moat reasonable terms. - Tl. Iiku1 ail'ifinn nflha r formed Dutch Church Psalm Book and Ccustrtution of said Church, are also onereu lor sale as aoove, eiui in sheets or bound, by tho 100 or singls book the sixes are l3ao. 18ao. aad 24mp. may 18 eodlwCIw

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