The Mason City Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa on January 4, 1943 · Page 10
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The Mason City Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa · Page 10

Mason City, Iowa
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Monday, January 4, 1943
Page 10
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MONDAY, JANUARY 4, 1943 MASON CITY GLOBE-GAZETTE Every Week Day by the GLOBE-GAZETTE COMPANY r«t Telephone No. 3800 LOOK OUT BELOW . Wonder What Life Guard Thinks About? £Y£®, Entered as second-class matter Apill 17. 1930. at the post. cilice at Mason City. Iowa, under the act of March :i. Ui7U. LEE P. LOOMIS Publisher W. EARL HALL Managing Editor ENOCH A. NOREM City Editor LLOVD L. GEER - Advertising Manager MEMBER ASSOCIATED PHESS-The Associated Press Is exclusively entitled lo the use for republlcation of all news dispatches credited to it or not otherwise credited in this paper and also the local news published herein. FULL LEASED WiKt StRVICE BV UNITED FHESS MEMBER JO1VA DAJLV PRESS ASSOCIATION, with I3es Moines news and business offices at 405 Shoos Building. SUBSCRIPTION RATES Uason City and Clear Lake. Mason Cily and Cleat Lake. b y l h e y e a r . , $10.00 by the week s JO , OUTSIDE MASON CITS A.VO CLEAB LAKE AND WITUIN 100 MILES OF MASON CITY Per year by carrier . S10.UO By mall 6 months. .33.25 Per week by carrier. .5 .20 By mall 3 months- S1.75 Per year by mailv . . s 6.on BV raall 1 month . s 60 ot/rsiut 100 MILE ZONK Per yr. SM.OO C monllis £5.50 3 months S3.00 I montU Sl.OO Economy Is in Order PRESIDENT ROOSEVELT'S statement that it is ·*· "up to congress" to trim government expenses, and that hard to distinguish between war and non-war expenditures, is somewhat less than frank. But leaders of the senate and house have accepted the challenge. Hereafter the appropriations committees and the two houses will, they say, scrupulously investigate appropriations item by item. And -they, promise, also, to investigate the sprawling war agencies which have been piling thousands upon thousands on the already overcrowded payrolls. It is to be hoped that in inviting congress to lake hold ot the situation, Mr. Roosevelt means what he says and will not use the powers of the administration to obstruct economies which he · says he welcomes. One gathers that Mr. Roosevelt doesn't intend lo help congress trim government costs. But he will help considerably it he just doesn't obstruct it. Responsibility for the reckless extravagance of the past ten years lies directly on the white house doorstep. In all that time expenses have gone steadily upward, alter the first brief flurry when in the bank-closing era, the president cut ail government costs 10 per cent. That was soon over as the "spend and spend, tax and tax, elect and elect" philosophy, so bluntly stated by Harry Hopkins, came into full flower. .And it never ceased, even when the nation went to war with all its enormous costs. But three to four billion dollars a year .can be saved if congress will earnestly attack the bureaucratic set-up, and make every bureau head justify .his payroll by his contribution to the war effort and the bed-rock necessities of government. The time is here when Washington must apply to itself the same rigid sacrifices imposed upon the ordinary citizen as a part of the all-important job of winning the war. As Herring Retires TN RELINQUISHING his seat in the upper house *· of congress, Iowa's Senator Clyde L. Herring can look back on a good voting record so far as the major questions facing the nation are concerned. Without exception he has been right on thc one most vital matter before the senate, namely, national security. He is one Iowa member of the congress who hasn't been required either to apologize or explain since Dec. 7, 1941. To the "rubber stamp" charge sometimes directed at him, it can be recalled that the lowan did not hesitate to break with thc administration when the occasion seemed to call lor it. This was notably true with respect to the so-called court- packing bill. The importance of his influence and his vote in the defeat of thai evil measure can scarcely be over-estimated. What lies ahead for the senator remains to be seen. It is doubtful whether he will seek elective office again. He may be placed in a government position calling for such a business background as he has or he may re-enter the business field on his own account. Whatever his future, fair-minded lowans will always have a sense of gratefulness that in a period when the inevitability of war should have been--but wasn'W-apparent to all, our state was represented in the senate by one possessed of a clear vision of what lay ahead. And for Senator Herring there should be a lasting satisfaction in the knowledge that to the fullest extent of thc opportunity presented to him, he helped make America strong for its present leading role in a world threatened by inhumanity and brute lorce. Newspapers which give ten times as much space to the criticism of President Roosevelt as to the criticism of Hitler just naturally invite a little suspicion from readers. O * 3 Principal argument against rationing on a voluntary basis is that the vast number of patriotic conformcrs are penalized by the relative y small number of cheaters. V *f *f In the capture of the Touhy gang without death or injury to an agent or civilian, the FBI has lived up to its finest tradition of efficient and courageous service. * # $ At any rate Hitler coji't say this time that he was surprised by the Russian winter; he received ample notice last year. * * * Hitler's hordes are finding no shortage of fresh s'e a "s Ventliation as they ret reat on the Russian ' 3 V S Slicing one's own bread really shouldn't be too much of u war sacrifice for anybodv. ·* *. i* That snapping sound you hear may be from broken new year resolutions. '"* """" ·"" ''" PROS and CONS Some Interesting Viewpoints Gleaned from Our Exchanges Better "Bone Up'' on Math Allison Tribune: Thoso boys down at the University of Iowa navy pre-flight school and throughout the country the youths who are training: for various fields of specialized military action wish they had "boned up" on their mathematics when they were in school. It might be wise for Allison high school "students to live a II- ^ m 1 r - E . consid eration to mathematics and allied subjects while they have the opportunity than to wait until afterward and wish they had studied when they were in high school. Drunk With Power -th e «h ° ak Ex P'' ess: Bureaucrats, becoming drunk with their powers, are fast becoming our masters They now tell us what to grow, what to eat what to wear, where to trade, where to go to church where we can work, how long we shall work what to pay, how much we can have of this or that' confine us to our own blocks, assess our income*! to teu us how OBSERVING Nazi Propaganda i,, ^ir IOWan: Nazi P ris °ners of war interned in Baltimore were questioned by a German speaking American. They were wary and sUent refusing to answer any of the American's queries However, they did volunteer one of theh own" Where are we?" one asked. "Baltimore," came the answer, "There! Now we know you're lyin» Baltimore was destroyed two months ago" Union for Economy Approved Marshatttown Times-Republican: Senator McNary of Oregon believes republicans and ecohomv minded democrats will unite in the next cone's to fight waste and bureaucracy. They should Efficiency ,n government and elimination of wnr T a , c . 0 . nfu ? lon will make us stronger Cor party ' ' S W01 ' thy ° £ a PlaCC ab ° VC No Corner on Patriotism Osage News: It is hoped that the next congress will bear in mind a pledge made back in Septet her by certain politicians in Washington that "no party, class or section of the country has a corner 2?H P I?,,"?TM ° r abijit *-" The main thins* for ? *£ 9W 1S lo get on with the war. to get Ft out of the way at the earliest date possible. Sweden's Army of 1,000,000 -, V^T* Sent!n ? 1: Sweden, with only six and a half million people, claims to be able to put a million armed soldiers into action at the drop of the hat. On that population basis the United could raise an army of twenty million soldiers if it came right down to scratch lmulon Economy Coalition Can Be Helpful canf",n X .h City J ° urnal: " democrats join repubii- npnrt,-}, « nCXt con £ res3 in holding down e.x- pendituies to a common sense plan of payin" government costs, the coalition will merit the All Hait Those Brave Russians Moville Mail: The Russians, more than any other people, know what they 'are fighthig loi Their sacrifices are self imposed because love of country is a religion. It can be said that the Rus- Father of Appeasement? *T»HE DEATH of Sir Revile Henderson, former ·*· British ambassador to Berlin, raises the question of the extent to which he was responsible for the Chamberlain policy of appeasement of Hitler. He was in Berlin in the months preceding and following the Munich crisis up until the outbreak of war between Britain and Germany. In the role which he occupied he was literally the eyes and ears of the British government. Upon his return to London he wrote a book: "Failure of a Mission." Probably the real explanation of Chamberlain's policy of appeasement is to be found in the fact that Britain was caught with its guard down. It was wholly unprepared to defend itself while sitting on the edge of a volcano. But the partition of Czechoslovakia under that appeasement policy constitutes one of history's real tragedies, and the genuine mistake of those earlier days of warfare. Hitler has made good use for the nazi regime of the munition plants built at Pilsen. In other ways he has drawn heavily upon thc Czechs, and his measures of brutality there have been rivaled only in Poland. * * * Young Man's War POR TWO YEARS the army has'been trying to train older men for active service, but it has only produced a high rate of physical breakdowns Battle experience has proved that modern' war demands younger men in every category and that men in their late 30's and 40's can't take the punishment required. This is a young man's war. And the armed services from this time on will be on a par-without competition between services on the matter of personnel. Athletics for AH Sucgestcd Fairmont Sentinel: Noticing, as everyone the unbelievable physical improvement in our young men home on furlough from military service, the reaction is "It's too bad we do not have fJF-ft, e d u =ation in our schools, rather than \vhat we call athletics. Turn the Clocks Back icil Bluffs One of the first . t to do is to put , u Sllly altei "l* to save davlight by starting the day when it is pitch dark, 'in REMEMBER? From Globe-Gazette Files FORTY YEARS AGO The Elks open house of the first day of the y pS'f,)f' aS °"f ° f the most bl-il "ant and most suc- "^-" ^ S - UVer '° mark the ^Shining of the jeai in thc history ot the city Charles B. Higgins is taking a ten strike on the west end with the men under his supervision. The west end boys demonstrated this to him on Smf ,? S? y r b ? giving him a finc rocking chair with their affections attached. Hig a i, v ay s was the best fellow in the world anyway and the west end boys of the Milwaukee are good and ability lscernei ' s £ gootl eamcraderie and genuine THIRTY YEARS AGO The annual church business meeting and basket supper of the Congregational church will · , i a , 1 , lho churei on Friday evening at G o clock. Members are requested to fill their baskets according to the following menu: Bread and butter sandwiches, meat loaf, scalloped potatoes, baked beans, pickles, doughnuts and cof- W. L. Durr, superintendent on thc Great Western, and W. C. Groth. engineer of maintenance of way, were in the city yesterday on a short business trip. Thc two officials arrived on the motor at noon and in company with F. C. Eslick ran a special to Manly and return. TWENTY YEARS AGO The Misses Elizabeth Martin and Bonnie Feldman. Northwestern university students, have gone back to Evanston, 111, following a holiday visit at their homes here. I I C r a | il ", ( f, peck Kc "y. fo 'TMcr sports editor of the Globe-Gazette, returned Tuesday evening to Minneapolis after spending the holidays at home with Ins parents. Mr. and Mrs. Matt Kelly. Speck writes for thc Gibbons-Collins boxing stable in the Twin Cities and expects to attend the University of Minnesota for thc remainder of the TEN YEARS AGO Wilbur I. Cassidy, son of Mr. and Mrs C C Lassidy, 70o North Carolina avenue returned Tuesday to Apple-ton. Wis, where he is engaged in research work in thc Institute of Paper Chem- iSrenls here 0 " 1 '^ Cnristmas 'w'^ays with his i,-,^' 11 ', «"r M fu . Da " !cl J - Bl ' c n f t Minneapolis ,,, -M· l ^° l '-,} h T homc a f t c r a visit with Mr. and Mrs. Orvilic A. George, 19 Sixth street north- GOOD HEALTH By Logon Clendening, M. D. TREATMENT OF FATIGUE TT MAY BE OF interest to those who are work- ·*· ng hard in the present all-out war effort to know that fatigue, according to the famous study of Mosso. depends to a certain extent on the size Mosso also said that the effect of hard" study and hard work were similar to those of falling in . love--stimulation of the circulation ol the blood and increased perspiration. During both the period of hard study and the process of being bitten by the love bug the blood vessels contract and the blood pressure goes up; the temperature first falls, then rises: there is a common and annoying palpitation of I tne heart and some irregularity I of the heart. Digestion is often impaired and if either of these activities I is carried to an extreme, vertigo Kevcrsinsr the Tables SUZR^U Hannibal Courier-Post: Poetic justice would be to mandate Italy to Ethiopia. Editorial of the Day THE LAME DUCK RULE Dave Dentan in Waterloo Courier SENATOR PRBNTISS W. BROWN of aiichlgan, « defeated for re-election in the November elec- uon^is said to be slated for appointment to Leon rieiK.erson s post as price administrator. Some commentators have objected lo the proposed appointment on thc basis that Brown · ' MAIL BAG tion of national responsibility, ' =. v d · iosi- -Vr.|T^ C1C ^""''"^'onnkl.v a'sound basis for ob- jEMi" prS r awaS r do'S'Uriy- members lush appointive jobs is a bad one GVJ *r,, must afncl should bc exceptions.' how- Willkie "or"? ° tf Pe ° PlC Who voled for Wendell t a k i n r i \ n m In 5 ta ? ce ' woulc not object to his taking some administrative post in ar. Yet Interesting Letters Up to 250 Words Are Welcome I AM THE NEW YEAR No! No! It isn't the truth. \Vo are not all born free and equal, said 1943. I am born under the most ab.icct circumstances wS^ v,° m ! 1 t0 Sin ' hatc ' degradation, chaos, 7 TM ,, C M? nC 1 1havc r to be userul to mankind? I am without love, without mercy, without peace I am strangled in the clutches of war I must have much nursing, much coddlin- much support of right living, right thinking, right a c t n g to bring me to a strong, happy healthy maturity. I must be supported by that which brings courage, self rcliunce, noble purpose great stature tnav I m;,y carry the blood-stained cross under which I am this day born To administer to my fjllost the duties and ob- ugations to a war-torn world-- Father of all good, help me to Thy way of life, help me to cultivate thc heart, keep the mind spiritual y tnc ful. may my hands be useful to all men my feet swift to my country's call, and mav I bring ' " D r . crendenm, d o J w ^ e e y agree with this comparison, but I am not in a very good position to judge because it has been a long time since I have observed closelv anyone either falling in love or studying hard enough "o acquire vertigo and difficult respiration. How- u£\ h' Sf V PUreb ' a " aSi(ie in Mosso's argument and what he says about the treatment of fatigue and its prevention se«ms very reasonable " V In . the flr *t Place, as far as the size 'of the brain is concerned, he believes that by and lai-ac people with heavy brains do not show faUgi e as nfvV a V h ,? Se r^,,"' Sht brains ' Sucl1 P«P»e M Cuyier. Volta. Schiller and Byron, all of whom had brains weighing between 1,600 and 1800 grams seldom showed fatigue in any of their many activities. A microcephalous patient, who has a brain weighing only about 600 to 900 grams on the contrary, tires very easily and wants to sleep an abnormal amount of the time Mosso thought that people who fatigued easily could not be rested by changing occupations- that a change of occupation helps fatigue only if the fatigue is strictly limited to a very small area o^ he brain He argued that people with a large brain could use a small part of it and then by centers" 2 OCCUpatlons could rest ". "sing different Extreme fatigue entirely changes a person's empcramcnt. The unhappy, nervous patient who is chronically tired is almost ahvavs contTmio US ly short tempered and impatient. In this way he ere ou C s1v a eitnn°h S CirC l e 3nd tires himsel£ contin "- ously either by work or by emotional outbursts Taking a group ot college professors and another group of intellectually inferior people thev were tested as to what amount of weight lining would bring on fatigue. It was found that " wtVT, 0 ? P3b1 ^ °- C c!oing whined TMntal were able to sustain the strain of weight Both mental work and physical work therefore causo fa ti guc . Thc teacher wh wtre andl^Th --^ h e wi " dows In ("e school room to the?,- f 6 , C . m!dre " excrdsc is rally only adding nh,.J . /?. t '8 uc fae cause she is superimposing Physical fatigue on mental fatigue. Questions and Answers Mrs - J- J, L.: Will lemon juice and baking soda ' Answer: Alkalis which include lemon juice hpfn h g SOC ' a - h:lvc ahvays llati a reputation or helping rheumalism. but not with anv very Eootl scientific foundation. At least, they do no harm and are not constipating. dent dent rVCS °J con S res *. Senator Brown is iflf f c " plable a n =PPointce as the presi- likely to name. Considering his other t.ons. we do not feel that his defeat lit hi J? M " J'? CCSEaril - v a convincing reason why no should not be appointed. P I must control the strong. The giants who s l o w up the common folks, who make worlds produce consume and drives the wheels ot industry My task is colossal, none but Your hand, oh God i» mighty enough to bring me through victorious id ,° mC ' ho!d mc " in thc hollow I am yours, New Year 1943 KELLIE DAN! ^S HALL Lantern Light Lyrics Garbage Nuisance {MNt Presume that one ol the ing will be the discouraging of those midguided persons who have made a practice of using the public highways f o r g a r b a g e dumps. Side roads, particularly between Mason City and Clear Lake, in recent years have been Jittered with garbage hauled out by persons living in one of the two cities. Police, employes of the county highway department and others involved have attempted to discourage the practice by requiring anyone caught to pick up the garbage again and haul it to a dump Most of those apprehended have admitted that they were not aware there are dumps close to either city. The public dump for Mason City is situated at the south end of Monroe avenue southwest To reach it. turn south on Monroe avenue at Sixfli street southwest and continue southward across the railroad tracks. Garbage which can be uurned also will be accepted at the city incinerator, 1100 Second street northeast. Tin cans should not be hauled there, of course; they should be cleaned and processed for the salvage drive. To^Save Gasoline along these sugges- for cutting down on gasoline consumption in these days of severe rationing; 1. Avoid racing engine, excessive choke. Racing a cold engine burns .gasoline just as though the car were speeding. Close choke as soon as engine runs evenly. Cars with automatic choke should be driven slowly until engine is warm. 2. Start, drive, stop smoothly. Before starting, be sure.the handbrake is off. Shift gears at proper time. Driving too long in low or second gear, or sudden accele/a- tion. wastes fuel. Hold a steady pace; don't be a "pedal pumper." Watch for stops; anticipate signals. _ o. Stop engine on long waifs. An idling engine may use as much as a quart of fuel in two 10-minute stops. 4. Watch tire inflation. An under-inflated tire makes it harder for thc engine to roll the car along and so wastes fuel. Carry 2 to G pounds over manufacturer's prewar pressure recommendation. 5. Keep brakes adjusted. Dragging brakes increase the engine load, requiring more gasoline. 6. Keep carburetor in order. A too rich fuel mixture wastes gas- oline. Have carburetor, fuel pump, and air cleaner checked and serviced at least twice a year. A fuej filter adds to motor efficiency. 7. Maintain proper engine heat. If the engine runs below normal heat, replace t h e 1 thermostat. A "cold" engine needs a richer mixture and more fuel is consumed. Overheating also wastes fuel. 8. Have a "hot" spark always. Gasoline does not give full power with a weak spark. Fouled or improperly adjusted spark plugs and worn distributor points are common causes of a weak spark. 9. Keep ignition timed. Check timing twice a year, or oftener i'c engine indicates the need. Incorrect timing means loss of power. 10 Avoid heavy oils. Follow car manufacturer's lubricant recommendations. Heavy oils cause extra fuel use. Lubricate every 30 to 60 days, regardless of mileage especially in winter. 11. Check valves and rings. Have valves ground and carbon removed; replace worn piston rings i a u l t y valves reduce engine efficiency. Excessive carbon causes loss of power. Worn rings allbw gasoline to escape unburncd. ' Y I Some Day b like the prophetic qualities - in this verse contribution from Daniel B. Straley of Chicago: Though t h e world be in a turmoil. r h o u j h the skies ivllh war are ret. And the soil of earlh Is crimson ^ ttllli Ihc life blood or thc dead. Some day. some day. 'ere the sunset The r u n s or M-ar' will eease ' And Ihc liounds of loot and conqueit Will tame crovelinr. ror peace. --V-.-The -- IDAVS BOUOUE To THE SOCIAL WELFARE- LEAGUE AND ITS DIRECTOR MISS DORIS BRUCE--for another fine and efficient job of converting the Christmas Cheer Fund into Christmas cheer for (he unfortunate p e o p l e , particularly children, of this community. The Globe-Gazette counts itself fortunate to have had such an agency as this to turn to for the administration of this fund which was established sixteen years ago J.he generous people of Mason City have never fallen down- neither has the Social Welfare league. DID YOU KNOW? By Frederic J. Haskin CDITOR-S NOTE: For .n »,,,,,(, If. »nj ( t u t s t i o n of tact wr 5I», OB Clly ('Iflbe-^aceUe I n f o r m a t i o n B u r e a u Frederic J. U u k l n . O i r t c l o r . Kajhin,: Ion. 0. c." rie»« cnd 3 c e n t s coilaf. [or reply. Jersey and the Crestmore area near Los Angeles, California. What is the birthstoiie for December? E. W. The turquoise. What railroad in this country was built, to a large extent, by Chinese laborers? E. P. The Union Pacific. Was Cruden, the author of thc ivcll-kiion-n Bible concordance, insane? F. T. He was three times confined for insanity. What is meant by ihe "white man's burden?" G. F. U refers to the self-imposed duty of the so called enlightened nations to regulate the affairs of the backward peoples. How larcc is Sable Island, which Is known as thc Graveyard of thc Atlantic? W. C. It is sinking and its length has been reduced from 40 to a present 18 miles. How many pages arc (here in cotisrcss? R. p. There are 21 in thc senate and 47 in thc house. What presidents besides Lincoln were Lorn in log cabins? t, " nf T i w of Thy na Clear Lake. By Roy Murray of Buffalo Center SOUNDS WINDY TO ME Out in Kansas, in early days, Where Die wind so seldom blew, A farmer took one windmilj down. lliorc was not cnuff wind for two. ^Presidents Jefferson, Jackson. Fillmore, Buchanan, Oarfield and Arthur. How much silk, is obtained from a single cocoon? Pf. E. Each yields from 500 to 1,200 yards in a continuous thread. Why arc Dalmatian dogs known as coach docs? F. B. They have a habit of following horses and of running underneath the axles of moving carriages or coaches. What is the source of thc [inc. "I love thcc to the level of cvdry day's most quiet need?" E. E. It is from Elizabeth Browning's '·Sonnets From the Portuguese." Is thc wafer of thc Gulf Stream fresh or salty? F. G. The waters arc salty. What is thc capital of Newfoundland? H. g. St. John's is the capital. Were any of our Presidents left-handed? N. M. President Garfield was the only left-handed Chief Executive. Will you give thc author of «hc fnllou-ins lines: "I expect (o pass through this world but once. Any sood. therefore, that I show to my felloiv creature, let me do it now. I-cl me not defer or ncslcct it. 'or I shall not pass this \vay ag.iiit"? T. O. Stephen Grellot is said to be the author. When ivas brass first made in this country? A. V. A. It was attempted by John Winthrop, Jr., in his iron foundry at Lynn. Mass.. in 16M. Was Dolly Varden a real person? E. B. Dolly Varden was the coquette l n Dickon's b o o k "Barnaby Rudgc." In what localities docs the srcatcsl variety of minerals occur? V. L. Primbram in Czechoslovakia. thc Franklin ' area in northern |i racs fat .[ !lcr dn British bombers have to fly to oomb Germany than German flyers ' t o bomb England? K. T. They fly one-ninth the" distance Brtiisli bombers must fly. Was Herbert Hoover ever n democratic candidate for thc Presidency? p. G. His name was mentioned. «sh?C L ir1 Ca " bC trai " Cd lo In China and Japan cormorants are used tor this purpose Hoiv much space is taken up oy a ton of hard coal? C. II. Forty cubic feet. How many times docs "and" occur in the Bible? w. E. It occurs 46,227 times. Can you give me a list of some rlcd-Mr mC " "*" " CrC " CVCr ular " Petrarch. Michelangelo Sir Isaac Newton. Rafael, Chopin Liszt. Niccolo Paganini, Schopen- hauer Charles Lamb. John Greenleaf Wluttier, Swinburne, Lord Kitchener. Cecil Rhodes, Phillips Brooks. Alfred dc Musset VoU taire. Lord Leighton, Walt Whitman. Lewis Carroll, and Henry James. What will keep brass fauccls from looking v.-atcr spotted" L B After cleaning tlicm, apply a little furniture polish, May house plants be put on ra- niBhts? £ T.T rCKI " Slers on cold Plants should never be placed oil radiators or registers. JUST OFF THE PRESS THE WEDDING BOOK · A brand new book -- dedicated lo the prospective bride. It describes briefly, yet in sufficient detail, the necessary preparations and the etiquette of modern weddings whether they be formal or informal. in church, home, or club In keeping with the times, the military wedding has been included. This little publication also covers thc guest list, invitations rehearsal, duties of the best man the reception, showers, trousseaux,' gifts, customs ancl superstitions' anniversaries, marriage licenses! Sciid for your copy of this booklet today. Only ten cents postpaid. Use This Coupon The Mason City Globc-Gazcttc Information Bureau. Frederic J. Haskin, Director Washington, D. C. ' T inclose herewith T E N CENTS in coin (carefully wrapped in paper) for a copy of the WEDDING BOOK. Name Street or Rural Route City Stale (Mail lo Washington, D. C.

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