The Evening Post from New York, New York on May 18, 1818 · Page 1
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The Evening Post from New York, New York · Page 1

New York, New York
Issue Date:
Monday, May 18, 1818
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IL JLlLJJLLd J - N dUA v NUMBER 4969 roR SALE, The brig HOPE, 130 ton.; carries i inn i.rrls. 2 rears old, a first nle "r i i .ml in rimole to order tore - may 4 ULKBICti ana v'"" - The British britf FAVOIUTK, J. fy ntenun. master, to aail Uth May. - lorpWplyto' CB0BCRtACV.; VA A Vitllon - fil'lD. 1 .. 1 a v rs . .' M J i J iwva A few Horses will be Uken on freight tpgnif ; . J" AMES D' WOLF. Jenr. iia removed hrcm 57 rmtrtncl lo 5J Soith - stref,aad offer, for saw . ..: - 'fallow II 2St P.Uurgh Hern p. .few boils firrt quality RnssmOuck; Gr - ES. sWui boxe., entitle! to draw back. . , ' aiAn II. r?rrn CoCOO (19 85 boxe Chins table setts 178 piece eaci 10 bods pure rpini I cm Plnttllay roy 5 C? IX cases of new and elegant laucy article, O tuck a ' " , Ladie work boxes and dresiing cases, very ele - ' gaol" Writing desks, elegantly gilt and plain sr.ii nainlsd curd rack. Fan racks Kr and candh tcreent, painted in a superior wanner, wilb gUt and colored hanJles .Backgamonboardi Maliue and morocco work basket Centlennen's shaving apparatus, Pouches and dressing cases, complete Morocco and mahogany portable desks a r..u Ruaaia lealiier do. very aupeib .Some very elegant portfolios with gilt locks and pocket ripranllv tilt bordor and plain Morocco, Rus ia and roan pocket books, of various descrip tion Spring wallets, of Runia and Morocco, with many other articles too numerous to oietilioo I'or tale wholesale and retail, by N. SMITH D.WIES, 4p23 No. 151 Broadway. riMN PLATE, ftc 17U boxe Tin flute, a - J. sorted 10,000 lbs. India Block Tin 8,000 lbs. Iron Wire, assorted from No. 1 to 18, for sale by ANSON G. PHELPS, mi J0 183 Front street. JOHN ABRM, WILLINK ft CO. oiler for tl sale 35 cum aenerior Bensral IndiifO Bereral casks smalts, particularly desirable tor bleachers and paper oaken 4 cask hardware A few bales cassinoeres and shalloon's, shawls. sp 20 M fcSSand PRIME fOKK. 34 and an nail It I barrels, said to oe a very ur:r:or ioi, win be told fiora the vessel at tba lowest market price. Apply to CORNKt.IUS PI.'B013. my o DL,ViCH, ua. (alo. W wuiiam - sircf - r,; . has on hand tba following WISES and LIQUORS, selected with j'tdgmeot by hinvclf, which he offers at wholesale and retail, war - anttd pure, at importui 60 pipf iiladuira, from 3 to 18 100 hhds yeaisinwood. 40 or cakt ) ' OH J! adcira, in bottles, from S to 50 year Champaigae, Burguudy, Claret and Sauterne, of my suprrior quality , 1 pipes dry Li - boo, 7 years old 7 do Sherry, uino years old, and free front . Boracha ratio Port, in pipes and bottles Table wine, for its quality, tbe cheapest iii America Teoeriffe, in hhds. Old Braiuly, do. Rum, d . Gin, not rr Jncuil 600 demijohns, containing live g iMom each SO toce wine bottles N. B. Those in the tnde, and conntiy dealers, will find it to their account, to supply thorn - scire with wines and liquors at th abote esta - bushment, as they will bt certain to obtain articles of tbe first quality, at the lowest prices, and pure as imported. my 9 Sm TO h LtJiSKU. ON favorable terms, for a l.wig term of years, 4 lots of gronrid on Broadway, SOO fee detp, estending to Crosby - street, between Ils tcr and Grand - streets. S lots in Water - street, ncarCatharint - marktt. 1 lot in Water - street, between Fulton and Burling slip Also, several other lot in th 5th, Clh, 8ih and 10th wards. For particulars, enquire at No. 30, Chatham - street. may t! Jlfn BALLET Madame UOULT, No. 7 Naau - strcet, TTAVE the honor to inform the public in ge XX neral aud the ladies of Nevr - Yors in par ticular, that they manufacture and have con slantlv on hand an assfrtncutof artifir iaJ flowers. At tneir store are his io oe lounu, anu to ue , disposed of by wholesale and retail, Perfumery of every description, among which are the celebrated Lait Vireinal, and the most approved essences and pomatums for the complexion. Tortoise shell combs and thimbles A complete assortment of worked dresses, ihawb, fichus and bands Umbrellas and fmrarols Merino, knit and velvet ridicules ; tilk fichus Stockings and gloves for ladies and gentlemen Ladies elastic garters Spring and ball silk dtes Ball do. embroidered with chenille and ornamented witb bowers t silk tcarfs fra - w.ll and silk shoes Ivantiae, Corences, satius, taffetas, fcc. And in short, every thing connected with the ladies' toilette. p2 lm Richmond and Lynchburg mtanuuttwtd TV OA CCO. 1Ann kcc, now landing from sundry res - X J aJ U sels, of the following qualities and brand ; 3 kegs, Shelton t WUliamson, 8 hands, 1. 2, 3 45 do P. Miller lc Go. . 38 do J. P.Ege. 45 do George Fletcher, 8 108 do John Fndert, - 8 144 do T). R. Ross, 8 &3 da P. f lalta ft Co. 8 l.t.3 1st 1,8 1,8 61 do Andcrsoo, Blair & MTCege, R, 123 do Jew Hare ft Co. 8 120 do R. Hughe ft Co. 8 1,8 61 do R. Cantor, 8 1,8 45 d. - F. G. Crenshaw, 8 1, 1 Ar.fl rintino. If 8 fl A. 1 . it P. Labbr. - 8. 1 My' twiit 81 d3 H. Starr, . 8, t halflb.rolls Most of the above brant!t are weU known and iwnrad d in thia market - oo account of the lualiiy, and traiforsnity of the diferrot number K kVi. it.. ...i;t;a m ilHimltil. Fir sale by CORNELIUS DU B013, ao0 M Front - strt - COTTON ft TOBACCO 45 bales prime a New - Orleans Cotton , 41 hhrh. do. Richmotd Tobacco, fit for the rish market, for sale ty W tkS CRAIG, T 1? tw ttl Front - street. fJOMESTIC ft OTHER. WARES. THE subscribers keep constantly on band an extensive assortmeutof the foifowing good, vif : Dutch acd English Brooms Ouster, or Counter Gunny bzft, Popes ritit:! Crunjlt Brushes 6!lum, f.incy Drvane and Hearth Brashes, fan - coninxKi ' Im rbr Blacksmiths Hal! and KntryMatt i'ai.'s and Tubs VrH - dl - Barrow Fine Wire Sieves Do liair do W hips cf every de - scrintirn tcitie, sewing, wrap - FtJgt baleicg and ball Twintj ... Fish Lints pl oe 3c Sadlert Thread Dearborn's Bulkui - cet, .c ey and coitmiio Head do do do Cloth do do do Weavers do White Wash do Mitc (i Ecrubbing do Paint Brushes and Susli Tools - t lamps, 4. 7, 8 row Furnituie Brushes Horse do Bed Cord, Clothes Li ots Sash Cords, Trace Ropes . Wrought and Cut Nails and brad Which they will sell wholesale or retail on literal terms. CEBRA A - CUMING, ap 98 73 Prarl - strret. 37 klliULXU 1X)BJiCCO ii FLOUR. hbdi old Viruinia tobacco 65 do new crop do Uo 68 bbls fine flour 15 do middling do. For sale by VASQUES, Mri'ttON ti CLEEMAN, Fob 7 tf Xo. Ti WashinKton - it. . I'LASTtUOK f AhlS: MAMUFACTOKY, At the foot of Harrison - street, North - River. (7 HERS manufactured Platter, forcorni - V V ces and other purros, mav be hud, wur - rar.tei of the first quality, at one tfuliarand twenty fire eenttper imthel. i'he manufactory is conducted by Mr. John Tucker, who has served rez - ilar apprentice ship to the mason boiiovts. nils XI JOHN BYERS. AMERICAN GOODS. w M. F. ft 8AM Li. MOTT, No. 166 Pearl street, offer (or sale the following Amen can cotton and woollen gxds : 5 crset drown blurting 4 do bleaclic.l do 5 no 3 - 4 Chech j 7 do 4 - 4 do 4 do Cotton Balls 5 do Sewing Thread 2 do Knitting Yarn ; t do Sattinetts CO casts I'Uids 5 do L'lue Stripe ;5 do Bed Ticks 1 do Denims; 1 do Milined 40 do Twist bud Filling, assorted frcm No, 10 bale Candlcwick. 5 to 15 4th mo. 24 Sv E f W vVIHTK LAD, ic. Ate. J J U kess Lnadon W bite Lead in oil 39 barrels do Dry White Leaa n tons Ke! l - cfld ' 30 harre's Red Orlne 90 do Venetian fieri tf tons fine Litharge 80 hoighead Whitm; 60 casts Paris Whiti t hhJs. Verdigris 60 tierces r rench Yullotv Ochre 5 keg Vermillion 4 csi ks Prm.i .n G tit, 400lh. . Crome Yell iv ; Patent Yellow Spanish. Brown, . Venetinn Red. Yellow, VlNOIL. Verdigiie, ) Lampoiack ; Ivory B'ao.k ; Purple Brown Spirits Turpentine I LintMtd Oil 400 ooxet Window U:ats, assorted FirtuU on the lowest terms, for rath or at shori credit, by PETER SCHERMERHORN H SONS, my 1 S Water street. 'I 'IN PLATE. TEA ftc. 150 boxes Tin .1 t'irite, assorted i'i,n) pounds India block Tia 8,(K0 do Iron Wire, assorted 1,500 do !d Cnpiier 40 rbesU Hyson Bkln Tea, for sale by ANSON ti. MIELPS, ny6 i:i3 Fwnt - street. 1 ARU'.VaRK, CLTLEUY tic i cask 1.X l.Votth spiing Lxk 5 cirks phite Locks, ldo Steelyard I ilo c.:t't. hundies. Kc. 1 do screw plates scale beams, &c 1 do brat cot ks, lie. 1 do bell mtt:d kettles and skillets 2 do tio'd pot and tnucs pan S do fine padljcks 4 do lUnbiiry lucks, hine, &c. 2 do hutnnicn, pincers, locks, &.c. 2 do HL hinca, :c. 4 do anvils 1 do hamme - s and pledges 2 do black ft bright vices, 2 do files 4 do jKickct, pen and double blade knives 4 do si'.arri buck snd bone table knives 3 do but'uos 100 do cut oi"i5 nnd hrtdx, from 3d. to SOd. Aim, a lar;e and jitrurM asortmcut of goods open on the siiclves, lor sule at the uinst reduced (.rices, by BLAL.K.WbL.L nay 7 X15 frarl - st. HARDWARE Jc CU I LEKV. HE suhocntiers have tust received by the shins James Monroe. Ma rnet and Ann, from 1 Livrptu I. an extensive supply of Hardware and Cutlery, ol every description, which they offer lor sale to the merchants from the country, by Die Package, or io such quantities from the shelves as may be wanted, at a low advance aud ibtral credit TAfv Aare alt in Stare on Consignment, 100 cat! - best English bottled Potter 30 do assorted Glassware 10 rase English mens and boy Hat 30 crates of Stone Soda Jug 100 bundles warranted Halback German Steel 5 tons do Crawley Stcl 10 tons best hoop L. English blistered Stctl Tin plates, block plates, Kc. B.W.ROGERS ft CO. my II 3a Pearl - street. RUM, SUGAR ft MOLASSES. 62 puncheons Rum 65 hhds. Molasses 6t barrel and 6 hhds. Sugar, Will be Ian led on Monday from the brig Ame lia from Antigua, tor Me by ROUbrvr biL.Lr.snr ' 112 Front street o Who has also for (ale. Havana, Porto Ric and Jamaica Coflen. my 2 Jl f - V SUCARS. I v Hhd Muscovado sogar, first quality 247 boxes brown clayed do ) of superior qua - 45 do whit do bty For sale by N. L. k G. GRISWOLP, ny an ooum - iu nUGAItS. 100 hhd Havana Muscovado Su. r nn. nt rantt onali'v. now on PLie street wbarf, and for tale reasouablv, if applied forth Aw hrm trrin Sni.nlf - mv be seen anu terms made known, ou appacaimo mi "" - ington - streel. U. U. K S. iiuvra.i my 13 A A MERINO SHAWLS and MUSLIN TC JrBAND?, for tale by my S M ARCH k LOVV. 210 Broadway, ft I USKL TS. 1000 Maikeis wim oayooexa, IVX entitled to debenture, for tale iry HURD as SEWALL, S5 South - treet. any 6 CIDER BRANDT. 40 bbl Cider Brandy, landing, for sale by ANSON G. PHELPS, ny 11 133 Front - streeL TVEARBORN'8 BALLANCES, assort'd si - XJ uh with and CTcIkG, W' my 13 JS Pearl - strett. MONDAY, CUTLERY ft HARDWARE casks cast V Kiiive and forks, astortad 4 casks wrcuzht do da 5 do wrought knives and forks with pocet and penknives, scissors and razors 3 do assorted, of scissors, rajors, pen and VWHI Koivr S trunks Spectacles . 8 casks iron Spoons M 8 do trunk Locks do do do do do do do do thumb and Norfolk Latches Banbury and fine platu Lock ' plated Bracket cast Iron Butts Fiks, assorted Pad Luiks rou.nj Holts Iron Conolestieks Tioed badlerv do For sale at verv reduced orice and a Kba ra! credit, by iUUHAKDS It TATL.OR. mar & Sw ' 145 Pearl - street iXJhji CCO MAJWtJi CTUH F. tF H E Subtcribrrs beg leave to acquaint their JL friends aud the public, that thev hava re moved tlieir Tobacco Manufactory into their fire - proof store, No. CS Water - street, where they lutenu carry ing on the on an exten sive scale they have oa hand a large supply of rigiau roiis, maue a nest luenmoaa tooacco Sweet scented N. Head Ladies' twist Long cnt 'chewing, in 1, 4, 8, and 16 ounce papers do smoVinrr ' do Macuba snuff, in jar and bottle, by wholesale ana retail Scented Rappee, Strasbur? muff French rappee Plain fine do do do do do do do do do Scotch snuff in bottles and bladder Spanish legart, made of choice tobacco im ported S year ago,and warranted genuine new - uneans do. American do. Orders from the country will be punctaally and carets Uy attended to. mays 1m I. NAAR ft SON. LOW WOOLLI.NS. JUST rec.'d pr Mercury and Atlantic, trusses of low prir, ) Cloti.s, and Cansi a few ansimeret for sale by JOS. rt. HARRISON, 67 Pii.e - strei.t. ap zi Mf AN'l r.D, ;veial vouu' LADitS as ap TT prentices to tho MANTUA MAKING - BUSINESS. Enquire of MISS MARSHALL, my 14 - tf No. 7 Ccd&r - ttret. U".t The elesant 3 storv house No. 7 Hud. K.u - strei I, which commandt o pleaaant view of (he t am uijd rivur. Possckiion may be bad iu a icw uxvs. b'.,i.r ti. - furniture of said house. It is 1 1 Hi: hist ,ti&liiy ; well ritted, and suitable to a enie.i taiiiiiy. Apply us above, rry 1 1 If PS oa a.ji.t:, A cnuutry tat. fouin iiv owned bv Mr. R. i). Arileo, oiit iiruni: ab.iut lifteen acies i.( gnrntid, situated on tbe Knit Kuer, short of lour nines irom i lie ciiy. it is reiuawauie lor us pleasant situation and is a vtry deirablit residence cither summer or wintrcj the buildings ari ooj and comfortable ; tbe i round it as, IkkIi ordr, aud ahumlaiitly sipiilie t with a (Iwii.e col iw uon oi iruu necs tiro tnmoucry ; (iiere arc several snrlnss o! esceHci.t watwr on the premi ses, Bno (wo qusrnes 01 iniiiaiiiK nune, mjn:D oiizhl be worked to rreat advanlaee. Purcha ses areiuviledto view this situation, and ap - ply at No. 13 Broadway for terms, which will ie liberal. T. ELLISON. my 12 3w JV LhT, & - : - ct I AU KJ.. A tA!t ... . suitable for a Wine, Cider Vault, or Trunk Ma ker, r.nouire ou uie premises. may It 3w TU Lt. T, Unlil A convenient two story frame douse, will, six lot of irrouud, well adapted for a board - in,; Khool, situated in Broadway, Del ween Bleaker and Prince - streets. Kmuiirenf LLtf. ANUr.KSU, ny 13 12t ' No. 4 Bowlins: Gr - n. MRS SPF.iNCLR respectliilly n.fnrms her friends. and the Indies in particular who rectiitly cui.ed n her, that ber apartments are now ready for Uie reception of pupils for the piunu forte i also, that she is desiorus of obtaining two or three more pupils, who she would havenc objection to wait upon at their own houses, should!! be preferred. The most respectable references can lie given. A gentleman and bis wile may be accommodated witb board. my H Ina" wnue - street. ixo. a. A VERT VALUABLE ESTA'i W FOR SALS, f2k late the property of Beimjah Strong, Etq. ekceated, i.1 the townuiip of itlip, lyiiii, on tlic gieal south road, about 4j miles Irom New York : containing by computations a - bout 2500 acrct of land, more or lets; nearly 1 000 acres cf whidiis under cultivation, inclu ding about i.iK acres of salt and fresh meadows, which is completely embanked, ditched and drained, for the purpose of being reclaiibed. 1 he remainder is in vamrtbic wiou ia.ui, on which lure quuntitiet muy lu cut aunually. On the pre:uises is a spacious and convenient Mansi'm House, with a large ham, hovels, crib, stable, carriage house, gardener's house, work shop, tnatli shop, tmoke house, ice uou - e, and ouiei out bui diinrs. rtnltte with every convenience. There it ais ou the' pru;..i.f f; about a mile from the mansion house, anew farm house, with a bum admining. Near the house is a large pond, with a privi lege of a ttreamof water, on which is agooe' saw mill, and water sufficient for a crist m.ll. T!ie garden and orchard are exttns.vr, in which there have been set out. within a f' w years, r great number of young trees, of every species of the beit graded irnit, mostly in bearn.g, and all inthc most fluunrliits coiK'ilnrfi. Also, a lurire nursery of fruit trees nud pi.' lit, suflicient to ex tend an orchard of I'M) acres. There ure few estates oflcred f .r salt, to desi rable for either an extensive fiumer, or tlie teii deuce of a gentlman. The farm is capable of opporting ln;e clock, and being bounded t y IIh: south cay, there is nn i. - iextiniilible sovceoi rnnnure from tea - weed. Boats p:v from the neigiibourhood, almoat daily, to and from the city. I'he bay also abounds with a treat Vdrii ly of game, Ctli. oyster and clams, and the poud and creek st ilb the finest tront. For terms and lurther particulars, npp'y to n. II. LAWRENCE, No. 2J Park f'lnu, or on the premises. my II likilt The subscriber offer for sate his resi - deuce in the town of Ka'rfitld. stale ofl rTnnlrut. it i i,lrat:.ntlv iituaiLd. r..i thtl road, about hall a nubs irom Long Inland ouad, 55 miles lr in New York, nod .V from New Haven. The houre and out - bouse are in excelleut repair. Tiie fruit yard i well itocaid with a vantty of n. V - s, apricot, chcrrin, pean and strawberries. There are in the vi - ini - ty academies lor uie eoacaiion oi youi:i oi oo'.n texes. KromoiiC tisil ncre ol excclltint l?nd, at the option of t'ie purchaser, can be hid with the bouse, and die pu:cbase money, if desired, ran remaiu on interest. For term apply to ISAAC M. ELY. Eiq. 76 John street, N. York, or to the Hon. JONATHAN SPURGES, Fair - field, ConneclictL my 6 d&ctl DAVID ELY. AJV ASSISTANT TUTOll WAtfTKD, IN an academy near the city of New - York A single gentleman, of good morals, and capable to leach the rudiments nf the Latin, with tbe higher Enlh branches usually taught u. academies. A graduate of a college the Uoi - tad SUtet will be prcfclTsd - Apply at Die office of this paper. DylS DiCtf ! POST. f ... eai IT - T - ' (jsaasaMsvajntjjtjtj,. 'sw' MAY 18, 1818. WELLS ft UPSON, I5S Pearl - street, have received by late arrivals, tine ivory, seir - Up ana real buck - handle knives and forks Fin penknives, holster pistol, fine gun locks English silver watches, plated ipoons, Lc. Sic. oar mavis, Roman vitriol, card wire Cast, hoop L, and shear steel With a targe and general assortment of hardware, best Sheffield aud Birmingham plated war, for sal low. On consignment, received per Ann from Liver pool, 150 boxes tin plates. my 6 MORRIS'S BLOCK. 1 IN ;LIQU0rl COCiTs! A supply of the almve article, just received from the proprietor, for sale by CEBRA ft CUMING, ry IS 76 Peart - street. PATEW t'LOOH CLOTHS. A CONSIGNMENT of first quality patent floorcloths, of various patterns, in sheets of 21 by 0 feet, without a seam, just received and for sale at R5 Front - street, by CURTIS, CROMMELIN ft CO. A peri oo employed to lit Ike cloths to rooms and entries, if required. Any number of yards sold. may 6 Uw KKR SKINS. 16 bales simved lauding and for sale at 67 South - trett, by rlJ CAMBRELENG - PEAKPON. Stule of New - York, Comptroller Office. $ TA7HEREAS by an act of the Legislature VV entitled an act to improve the funds and to provide for the redemption of the funded debt of this state, pasted Slit April IB IU, the Comptroller is authorised to borrow oo the cred it of this state, a sum or sum uot exceeding in Uie whole, one milhouof dollars, at a rate ol in terest not exceeding six per centum per annum, payable quarter yearly. Now therefore, public Notice it hereby given bv the undersigned. Comptroller of said State, in Dursuance of tlie act aforesaid, that he will re ceive sealed proposals at hit onVe iu the city of Albany, until '1 ti.sduy the SCih May instant, for the w hole or any part of a loao of one million of d iliars, to u paid uitotne J redsuiy ny tne nrsi iav of July next. For the loan or loam which mny be made to the State under the act, certificates ol stock will be issued which will be Irani It r able at tbe city ol New - York, and the iircrest on which will fiermiil ouiirttr rearir to tho ttork - holders residing in tbe Southern district and out of the Stiite at tome Bank in the city of Ne w - York, tnd to all o the is iu the city of Alhuov. The principal of said Stock to fie irrcdt ciunhle PitiHhe first day of lanuary, IUJ3; nnl wiibin hve years Uierealler the uovernment is nnunato redeem it if the Stockholder require the same to be done. ' ARCH'D. MclNTYRE. Comptroller. Albany, May 7, lblll, ruv 1 1 Wilb AIONT - ALTA. For tale or to let, the beautiful place called Mont - Alta, seven miles from tho City Hall, oo the North River, admitting lord Cour tcuay's. It contains 20 acrct ol land under improvement, with a large garden in good condition, a variety of fruit trees, and every e ouve - uienco a family may require. For term, which are reasonable, and if told a long credit givcu if wished, apply to N. ft U. TAMJO ri t up 20 64 Sonth - st. 1.11 AN CIS M'GOWAN, Nn. m fc'ly Mar - V ket. sonsiblo of the very liberal encourage ment lie tins received since his commencement in business, and feeling confident that no exertions on hi part shall be wanting to merit a contiu uancr, informt hi friend and the public that no pairm orrjpeuce iiat ncen avoiueu io ouiuin a tlorkof 11k best liquors of every detcription, wnicnjcan oe uepenueu on lor inrir purity. Having mails arrangenienln, while at Charleston, for acoi.kUut supply oi GREEN TURTLE in their season, be will be enabled to furnish soup of an excellent quality. a nook win be opened lor subscribers to an ORDINARY, to be ou the table every day at a stated hour. Rooms, for private pnrlies, at a short notice. N. U. Soup. Beef - Steak - . Oysters. Muttou Cbopt utid Relishes at all tiiues. I32?l ott w - k't ni!l A farm of helweeo ixl ixly and seventy ; of Lake Otseeo, acres, situate on the west bank bnd ane mile from the villaire of Cooiu - rstown. On it are anew stone house &4 reetsqunretanew farm house, bnro, tic. It forms a desirable es tablishiuent for a gentleman wishing to retire into the country, ax its situation, as to prospect. ccnvtni' - to market, ftc. is uot surpassed bv any in the interior of the state. It will be sold low for cah, on a credit, or exchanged for property in this city, goods, ftc. Apply to M. D K ft. BlMJUtVlUK, my 7 tf Law Building. NERVOUS DISEASES. fF all disease incident to mankind, those of KJ the nervous kind are the most complicated and difficult to cure. A volume wunid not lie sulTicient to point out tlieir various appearances, l'hcy imitate almost every disease ; sud ure seldom alike io two different persons, or even in ttiesame person at dinerent timet. I'roleus like, they arc cotitinurtlly cbnocinic shape, and noon every fresh attack, the patiout think t he fiels syui;tonis wr.icn be never experienced liefore. Nor do they only ufTect the body ; the mind likewise m fie is, una is often thereby rem1 1 red ex - trticiy weak and peevish. The liw spirit timoriusacs, melancholy nnd sickliness of bin - per, which geneially allend nervou disorders, induce many to believe that they are entirely ttkt'&cas of the mind : but this clause of temper ra'l.crn coiitoquence than thecausc of Nervous Ijist.iset. THE CORDIAL BALM OF (ULEAD. ! decidedly tiie most elegant and eHkacioot incdicioc ever yet discovered for nervous diseases and shattered comtituli'ins, consumptions, weakness of t'gl.t or memory, hopochoudria, In iiil.Un; of the minJ, sexual debility, stomach and bowel complaints, and all other disease a - riring from a relaxed !te of the nervous system, which ate too often brought on by e!itipiioii in you'h, nod the cross violation of those rules Mbirh prudence dictates for the preservation of lieiillii anu me laying the foundation ol a long and happy life, with a firm and strong roiiMilo - tion. Sold by HULL ft BOWNE, H6 Prarl - strett. New - York, and by one tender in every town in the Union. may 4 MlawlmC?t Tn nwmTuui'v T?OR SALE, an elegint Fowling Tieer, ttuh . ana twiiei imrrei, 1'icettier with a noc bar. . mto nun ma xwis - r.i u Dt In on sloci; Kr'"i anu gmo ana mer motuited. rue lock, roller, swivel and freed : tlx - nan lined with old, and finished in the bet manner. Tbe a. hove will be sold low, if immediate application ii II. sue at .10. J - vvaiuer - street. my V tl rn HKttoVAL. 1 IIH DRAWING ACAi EjIT of J. Mii, - lrt, ttor.ia'e of the Acadetr - of Artt of New - York, author if Uie "Voyage Pilioresqac a I'Mr de France, TtnenRie, etua Capde lonue - per - aLce," i removed to No. 20 Maiden - Lane, ror - n. - r of Green - street, where he repectfully lender hn service to the ci;ix?n of Nw - i or, as Teachr in Uie Art of Drawing, and particularly of Laodacape Painting. His having been chosen aad appointed by the Freuch government toaccocip'"'. Iheexpi. - h'so nf rfiar.ovair rutin 4 ihe world, aadef fie corn - mind of capt. Bandin, in Ihe rapacity orb'n.J - rm nainbtr hi baruL: been commnsioned br tha lam 7ovrrcment as raroaVasor in the scho'. - l tor the mine., to take views in different pari of rUj Al and of the Pyrenoees are the (ecom - mendatioos which be offers to tbe public. my i is I 1 NO. BOARDING. FOUR or five gee tie men with their families, or, ten or fifteen ainclef centlemes), can be accommodated with board and lodgine; at Mount vernon Hotel, about ove miles Irom the city oi New York, oo tht bank of the East River, and one of the most pleasant situations on the island. I he room are spacious and airy, bavins a full view of tbe river s coach bouse and (table term liberal, and every attention paid, by tbe puuiic - i numoie servant. WT4 1m EZRA CALDWELL tOR HALE OHlXiLLAUK, Lots in the 5. fi. H. and 10 Wards : rosrtf or Huscb are on regulated and paved strets. No oioory win oe reqwred under teu years, irsoui, interest excepted. Several two and three story houses, on which a Eicm j.arioi me money remain on morieuge. LANDING AT KKIl H(M)K. An excellent stand for business, with ten arret m ianu, pieasanuy situated, witb uliarl, storehouse and barn. COTTON and WOOLEN MANUFACTORY, near new - naveo, with 40 acres or land, and a never failing stream, upon which SO mills may be emieu, wiui a saiuciency oi water lorencn. Appiyax no. Z UreeuwKb street jan 13 tf ' BERGEN ORPHANS COURT, Of the Term of March, 1818. Catharine Schuyler, Administratrix, Ac. r ol John A. Schuyler Rule, under Statute, deceased. 'PRE court order and direct, That Catharine X ' Schuyler administratrix of the coods. chat tels and credits of John A. Schuyler, deceased, trive public notice to the creditors of the decedent to briog in tltcir claims and demand against the estate of the said decedent, on or before the first day of May. in the vear of our Lord eigh teen hundred and nineteen, by putting up notices to that effect in five of the most public places in the county of Hereon, for the space of two uiouuis, nnu nuveruiing (lie same lor me line space oi time in a newspaper printed and pun hsheil in the slate of New - Jersey, and in a news paper printed and published in the city of New. York. A true transcript from the record. np Sift Sin JOHN A. BO VI), Bur' ate. REAL Eh l'ATK. N pursuance of an order of the honorable the court ol chancery, dated the 21th day of April, 1811), we, the undersigned, trustees of the estate ol rienry I 'oyer, deceased, will Sell bl utilic auction, on I bundny, the Ztlthday ol 01 ay in. ttnnt, the following real estate : Lot No. 7 Dover (tree I, nine - tern feet front and eighteen Icet rear, ;o leet deep on lou'r.enitrrlt and 4 leet on norlbvtesterly side, be the same more or let ; and as now in possesion of Mr. William Ariuslronr : subject to a lease which will expire on tho lat May, lbi!6, at a (round rent of 50 dollars per nnnmn. Lot No. I Doitr street, 20 fit front, 22 rear, 16 feet 4 in lies Jeep on southerly and 61 feel on nortl.cily tule, be the tame more or less, at now . . i . . . . . . . . f ... i i . ue i.iu: in puiei7ivuui vui. ui. r ew, uujt. - ei in tt lease, which will eipireon the 1st May, I till, at n cround rent ol 40 dollars orr nnnum. Lot an, j j woyer street, TU feci front nnd 22 rear, 51 feet rteepon southerly and 54 leet f inch es oo ti e northerly side, be the tame morn or leu. a now in the possession ol Mr. Uavid ivi unson ; uhject to a lease hich will expiie on tba M may, IU24, at a ground rent oi unrty six aoiiar utr annum. no no. io uover street, zj leet iron anajj feet rear, 54 feet 6 Inches deep onSoUtbf rly and 68 feet 3 inches on Northerly side, bathe same mote or less, as now in txsession of Mr. William Shatcel ; subject to a lease which will txpiie on tne ist may, mz4, at a ground rentoi lorty ooi lars per annum. Lot No. l6Dojer street, 26 fret front and 29 leet it inches rear, zi left deep onsoutiieriy and XI feet on northerly sides, t a tbe t nine more or lew, and as now or late in poinision of Col. Win. Few I subject to a leiue which will expire on the ll oi iijay, itUM, at aground rentoi 10 dollars oer annum. Lot No. 13 Pell street, 29 feet front and 9 ferl 6 inches rear, 50 feet deep, be the same more or less, as now iii'possesilon or the estate or Win Uray. deceased i subject to a lease which will expire on the 1st May, 1821, at ground rent of, thirty dollars per annum. Lot No. 21 1'eilstieet, tl feet front and rear, 56 leet 8 inches deep on easterly, and 6U feet 4 inches on wcsteily sides, he the same more or less, as now in possession of Mr. Win, I. Wnl - dron ; subject to a lease, which will expire on the 1st day of May, 182 - 1, at a ground rent ol 40 dollars per annum. Lot no. Zj rell street, 91 feet front, & feet a inches rear, CO feet deep on easterly, and CO feet 6 inches on westerly sides, be the same more or lets, as now in possession of John Heyer ;suh feet to a lease which will expire on the Ist May, iu?, at a ground rent ol M dollars. House and lot No. 21 Pell street. 21 feet front and rear, aud 58 feet 4 inches deep on easterly, and 60 feel on westerly sides, be the same more or less, as now tn possession ol Mr. Joseph llut ler. The improvements on the lred lots to be va lued and paid for by Uie purchaser, at II cxpi ration of the lease. Tprms of inle, .ash, on the delivery of the deeds. Any further informal ion which may be required will be given by eiUier of the subscribers. . ISAAC 3. DOUGLASS, ADRIAN II VAN BOKKELEN. The above piopet'v will he told at the Tontine Coffee House, on the ahove - ineiilioned day, by Messrs. r llAiu.n ai mi i uukv, aik tion - errs. my 7 ids Utotenf jVrwMuikGvnptrolUr't i'JJict. PUBLIC NOTICE is hereby riven, that sealed prnxisals will be received nt this olli' e until Monday the 2 t!i of May ne xt, for the pur chase of Ihe wh - le or of any pnrtol U40, 4711 17 100 dollars of tlie three percent. Stoek ol the funded debt of the United States, owned by tins state. 'I'he Stor k, if sold, will be transferred on the first day of July next, at which time, payment must be made by Ihe purchaser or f urelmere, at the Uankof New - York in (lie city ol .ew - lork. 1 be nronosa. will be opened oil the said iio'h day of May next and tbe best oiler or oilers win be accepted ; provided the ofirrt te such a shall, consilient with Uie interests of the state, warrant Uie acceptance ofuny of them. If any oiler or oner sImII be accepted, intor - mation tiiereof shall be irun cdiutely communicated to the person or person so offering ; and it ia einected and rcouired that such itersoo or per sons shall tnen civ ulisfae.torv security fur Uie psyment at the time ttipulttrd. ARCH'D M'l.N't'YRE, Comptroller. - Albany, April tl. 1818. "p3 PKlJSi'EOJ'Oo for rrn.isnmo bv cc"1'! A MAP OF MEXICO A.VU LOUISIANA. rpjlK pnblichlion Of thii Map has been under - X taken with Ihe irriitsiie. that it wi.l ex information, highly ii.terr.ling t enl - i..l rriaia. :..! Uie valuable Mapa .tihirli ! a - Ibor ha. procured, during hiase.i r - I tours lUu - h ii.. ifejr, iim'v. ."' - - lie anif IHI7. IllCUie " ' tl.iap. wiihrten ell its imp - rferiions will h. imieh theu.'et perfei.t whlibhat uppereu U - fore the i uMic. .... M 'P trill contain the latest rod Lett ic - iormt.ti.,n Irem the due ovtnas and p"' .io.ia of Ihe American, Spanish, Rus', Br,tii and Freae h t'fcveller and navija'ta and r::;i.iMi - ! lint tb claims of their r!ex!.t! aoveiuiLUtt an Iii Northwestern coast cf America. Tiie Map will inc'o'te loat forti.Hi of n irtti America, nrhicn We, between toe l'j"U.s 'f Da - rten, and ihe4T;t. rgrt of Ncrlh L. t.iod - , ma f.ooi tba Mis.iuippt River wcstsvrrd'y pvifi' Ocean. VI (be lr tie the Mao will Le abo.t i bv five fttt .! .nd will be projected naaKataof M - vr - 'oi (.be it.'. to b dal:ve:eni lo tlx ruhasribers kt 5i - 1 le silnUaiSf - rch. Natcbts, Mrch7, ap7t.ul 49 WILLIAM - STREET. PROPOSALS. : QZT "he agsnt of the State - Prison, will re - ceivi! proporali anijll the 2 1st instant, for furnih - uig lor one year from the 1st of Jane next, the convicts conhoed therein, with tbe following rations, to be delivered at the State - Prison, at tiie contractors expense daily, or at stch time as shall tie sgreed upon, rir, JS ox. Coco then, for every 100 rations, 3 pecks Potatoes do do do .do 4 quarts Suit, do do do elo 12 do Beam or Peat, do do dj 3 ci. Pepierr do do do do l - 2ib sa'ted Fish pet man, . enc a week, 1 gallon Vinegar per 100 rations, do do do I - Sib salted prime Fork per man, do do do 1 lb. flour do do per day ( 6 ox. ludian do do do do 1 - 2 gill Mclossei do do do do 'I'he above to be of rood quality and approved by tl agent, when delivered. Beef is not men tiened, the reason of which, the agent will state to whomsoever may contract. v ALbU, Propria?! will be received, until the 21st Inst. for furnishing the Hospital department of said rrison with ftledicine, t ood, and lloipitat stores, tor one year irem tne 1st oi June Ltsr, egieea - bly to an act of the Lernlnture. concen int the State Prison, passed the 16tb oi April 1817 AL.SU, Proposals will be received, lor furaithins from two to three lliousand loads of oce, suitablo for building an additional wall to the auto I'm - on. ALEX. COFFIN, tr. Asent. , new loraetate i rison uuice, may 4, lulu. ' ' my 4 dtru2l . ftr Notice is hereby given io the stockhokl - ' era of the West Chester Turnuike Road Couma. ny, that an election will be held on the thud Monday ofMjy next, at tea o'clock in the forenoon, at the house of David Wood, hui - Keepcr, at Matnaroneck, for the pnrpose of choosing thirteen Directors for the said company. . . ap30 holders NOTICE is hereby given to the stock of the Associate of tho Jct.ey Corona - ny, that a dividiud bas been declared ol two doliais per share on Uie capital stock of the company, whhh will he paid on the Ivlb. ia - slant, at No. IK 1 Broadway. HARRY CALDWELL, my 1 3w Treasurer, (J Mercantile liKUinnee Company ol Aew - Yoru, incorporated during khe late tession of tho Iezisla!urc of this slute, belli;; urcnuized and having commenred business, is ready to reeeivii applicutiniif, on Marine Kiiyues, at tlieir olSce, .so. ti an - ireci. may 4 2w iMMItL. ffj The inciter und owner of vr.f,t!s he - longinf; to ihecitie of Albany nnd Tivy, v.ish Io hire a hjain, lor it ikui.'ht Oi veule, ci Ihu Noith Kiver side ofllii ulr, lor tbe oc niiiino - dationnf iheie vetw't eirluiively, for whulm liberal comprniition will he given. The subscribers are a ccn.mitteo appointed for the iiuruoso of receiving mpoali lor the same. And the pioprietoi of the whnrvet on the Norlb River are requested to bund in tlieir proposals to cither of the aiibucr.hers, tlntitg the situaLioo nd their termi, rctprctialy. N. B. A note audrett'd to either of the suh. scribers, led at Joseph C. Coe.pei'j, Lent's Ha in, or at K. ft L. rvcecs, VOcutic tup, wtu oo attended to. Nw - Xork,SSth April, 1818. . UAK.niii viiijrr - t , Gtismufc MONTEATIl, ' VlVl'KU DONNELLY. UAKninvi viiiri'i - j RlCHD.H.inCH. B. BUSH.NCLL, CUKDON GRANT. ap2?1tu HiJiOk.lL. IT'J.A.GUTrWALDT.hMrfinoved Irom No. 44 to No. 75 aideti - lana, where he continues to manufacture liL I'lANO - I'OR'I'ES oo mi entire new and improved construction, the result ofmauy year close applicnUon and study, for which he now has obtained letters patent. Ou examination by cotiuoisMur of music, he flat tcr himself that thry will meet wilb their ap probation, and merit public patronage aud he feel proud, that hi piano - fortes liave met with Ilia unanimous approval of the moat eminent pro fainAM jif mn.iil lh rllnMriltw liMtiiffl.,eilala nt which they kindly have giaiitcd him, to meet the public eyo : " We, the tubicnbtrs, proletsor of music, do certify, thatw have carefully examined Mr. J. A. Guttwaldt'i piano - lortet, which, lor iti'tmu - itv and excellence of workmanship and tj inform brilliancy of tone, we doservadly rerommend to public putroaage. Messrs. Gilles, Etieone, ltd. Meelx, C. Thibault, Cliailos Gd.rt." aTTi TO LET, on Hit same premies, Hjii l'af;e and commouious store and hack room adjoining, with or without a front cellar. p25 lm JV alter. Io Tuttrn Keif tit aiui (inetrt. (Jr Licenses to Tavern Keeper and Grocers fioru tbe .Mayor nnd Coruniittioncr ofFx - cisc, will heiieued at the Mayor's Cilice, in the City Hail, between the hour of ten and oni o'clock, oq the several d:.ys, and lor the diller - ent wards in tuceessico, iu Uie order loiionias, sis : 1st ward on ti.e 6h May 2d do do itlli 31 do do 7lh do 4lh do o Klhft P!h du 5th ill do lllhftl'JIhdo 6th do do Uthft 14th do 7th do do )5hft liithdJ ' Clh do do li!h ftl'Jihelo Uth da do SOth do VKii do do SlstftSii d - . All persons w!.o know of any ohieciioni gainst the granting of license lot'nyof those! who now hold them, are respectfully rec,iie?lt J Io give information at the Mayor' Office, be - foro the lime for granting theru as above - mentioned; and those gentlemen who have token ;)aim to investigate tins subject, o.kI consider it of uHii.ient i:aient. ire partiruiitrly iin ii. dlo assist ia furnishing all tie information io tUcir power. J. SIDELL, F. M. Ap57lf 1 if il 4 t .J.V . - ClbOL. Tt TAMIAnVfN Female Sciiool I At 194 - 1 fX Crcenwith - rtreet i MaJe dcbool, 143 Chaflilier - strect. In thr.e irhuuli are taogrit all me branrriel whi h (ooatitule a useful atal finuhe J education. We forbear to dcseenJ to particulur ; to offsr reeommooJatjoo', or to mike great promiae. Our oiroot art left to tuJr - e of the modes of in - uclmo both morof and uient'fit, by lb lot - iirovemculol inetuiomr. ALBERT PICKKT, mPr) JOkUftV. HIC Kk T. 'YHr - ATON'S ITCH OINTMEiir. 'filK I nig and luccctiful ae of tl.le oii.fmeat .1. is a si ili.itnt ,iecooin.eedatrt.n, as it ha heel f iun J lo he a plemant, sx'e ar.d :e - uieoy f T that d.sarreekkle 'jteai in a I its stages. 1 nfcr sale in t! city ol V - w - Vk, ty J. A. ft W. K. Port, No.4 Wi.:iarr, - itrf - - tj I. ft T. Ch.rk, T o. bi MaiiUo - La - e If. II. acSiefJr'ia ft Co. No. liT3 learl lrect; Law reoee ft Kea, No. 105 Pearl - rtreet ; lLrll Sown - . 146 Pearl Href! ; R. ft L.Muirny, 31 J Pe irl tr. - ;t ; J. M. BrxU. - rt, 314 I'ejrl - rt.ttl t Joljs Peaforrl, No. 4 l'Mrbc - tKl s Ourvee ft Pe. io Pcar! - r:et : Jrbii C. .ilomsm, ik Grft'tlh slrtit; Jol a P. Tiswr, letf L'rwil - way t W niter ft S. nsnt, eaei of Cl.aicUr - .'. od Lmadw - v, a..d n: n Cna Jsrsa - siretH at 1 in sh - .iti.Biaj oe procured r.t sswwt ftB Drug H .tt.rren t. Sms ; teon;efiftritil . Nor - i ft Ro - c - . - s, rnd almoat a4 the u't.U in 4bepriat.pI l.i.'.a L. l L'wilUl Ct - ti. i,ixwiir. 1 HFATOt'S JAUNDXE CITTERN tnsy ttUd at tbe alvvept - ! jaa236iA

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