The Mason City Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa on February 17, 1944 · Page 19
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The Mason City Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa · Page 19

Mason City, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, February 17, 1944
Page 19
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Page 19 article text (OCR)

Daring Rescue of Yank Flyers at Kavieng Related (EDITOR'S NOTE: Gen. Douglas MteArthur gave official rec- ofnition Thursday in hi* south- West Pacific communique to the duinc {eat of a navy Catalina pUne which lauded under the very mnzzlei of Japanese shore batteries at Kavieng, New Ireland, to pick up downed American flyer*. Here is the gripplnr ·torjr of that exploit.) By OLEN CLEMENTS Somewhere In New Guinea-The navy Catalina, "Arkansas Traveler," weathered stiff lire from shore batteries of the Japanese at Kavieng, New Ireland, Tuesday--also 15-foot swells on the water that burst some of her rivets--to make the most spectacular rescue of downed American airmen of the southwest Pacific: war. Members of that crew, led by Lt. (JG) Nathon G. Gordon, 27, of Morriltpn, Ark.^a former end on the University of Arkansas football team, told Thursday of res- . cuing 15 flyers. That entailed , -making 4 landings in -the lace of ; shore gunfire. ' The rescues came during .the height of a massive air strike by Gen. Douglas MacArthur's Milch- ells on Kavleng Tuesday before noon. Bombs slill were falling on the flaming townsite as the Catilina made the hazardous landings. NEED FLOUR? ASK FOR MISS MINNEAPOLIS IT'S DISTINCTLY BETTER 5ev*r*l of the rescued Americans had bc«n injured seriously. "We wei-e circling a small island not far from Kavieng, when a Mitchell cume up and, radioed that it had spotted a crew on the water," Lt. Gordon relaled. Six men were sighted on a life raft 2 miles off shore. Gordon and his crew circled for the dangerous landing in 15-foot swells. When (he ('Arkansas Traveler," a pig painted on her sides, hit the surface some ot l\er rivets broke and. she began to take water. The plane taxied to the raft which contained several injured men. Life preservers on lines were tossed to them. "We had to hurt a few of the injured to get them aboard," Gordon said in an apologetic tone. After being 20 minutes under fire of shore batteries, the Catalina took o f f . , Then a Mitchell piloted by Major Cheater A. Coltharp, of Arkansas radioed that another crew was spatted on the water. A Mitchell piloted by Capt. Anthony IN. Chiappe, of New York City. i led the way. Closer in iu shore, 3 men were seen floating in the water. Ten minutes later, they had been taken aboard. One walked into the navigator's compartment uncl shook hands with one of the first rescued flyers. "Imagine meeting you here," he said. They had been classmates a1 a flying school and this was then first meeting since their graduation. The big Catalina got off again. "I was happy as hell it was over," Gordon sighed. "I at first had been nervous; then I was so busy that I forgol that: But when we got the second batch aboard I began to have nervous indigestion." But Major Clotharp's Mitchell radioed it had spotted more men oh the water. This time the flyers were so near Kavieng that the Catalina had to overshoot the landing by 200 yards to keep from hitting land. "I thought it a foolish stunt,'' Gordon said, "for 1 thought we wouldn't get out with the 9 we First Talk of International Understanding Series Friday UNITED FRUIT Co. 33 East State Street Phone 748-749 Delivery Service Buy War Bonds -- We Are Still Selling 'Em APPLES ., .......... ..... Ib . l2c POTATOES 62c GRAPEFRUIT ORANGES £S , N :;t icy .. ...... lb . lie Fresh Radishes, Young Onions, Mushrooms, Endive, Brussel Sprouts, Celery Cabbage, Spinach, Tomatoes, Cucumbers, Pascal Celery, Head Lettuce, Parsley, __ _ Green Peppers. Fresh Rhubarb. Pillsbury's Sake Mix 20% SOY FLOUR, fl p. 20 ox 15C SALMON, Pink, Lb. Tall Can. . . 25c HI HO CRACKERS, Sunshine, Lb. Box. . TUNA, Bonito, Yacht Club, Light Meqt, ox %A M Z9C Swift's Blend LARD, 2 Pts., lb. SYRUP, Golden Penick, 5 Ibs.. . 36c RED BEANS, Yacht Club, For Chili, 4 1** 20-ai. Can 1ZC APPLE BUTTER, No. 10 Jar $1.09 GREEN TEA, Imitation, Vi lb. . SYRUP, Maple and Cane, Yacht Club, 16 01 ....... 23c No. 10 Sizes Minced Meat, Plum Butter, Sweet Relish, Fig Jam, Etc. Monarch Pure Jellies and Jams Monarch Finer Fruit in Heavy Syrup CHIA-I CHENG iiad rescued and it was a terrible hance to take to rescue one man --lor \ve had seen only one head raft that had been strafed from shore. When we taxied up, they were really pouring 75 mm. shells Contributions of Orient to Be Topic of Cheng Address , Mason Cilyaiis Friday evening ;] at 8 o'clock will attend the first ' of a series of 4 addresses at the high school auditorium by speakers provided by the Institute of International Understanding. Others will follow on 3 successive Friday evenings. The first speaker will be C. Chia-I Cheng, who will speak on "Oriental Nations as Contributors." The Kiwanis club will be in charge of the program, 'with William Huffman, president oj the club, introducing Hie speaker. Something on the life and work of Doctor Cheng will bo of interest to those who will hear his talk. t Doctor Cheng was bum in Fou- Fukien Province, the birth- $5,867 JANUARY BUILDING TOTAL 7 Permits Issued for Repairs on Dwellings Permits Tor S5,8l7.«4 were issued in Mason City during January for construction, according to Eai'l E. Killers, building inspector, in his monthly report to City Manager Herbert T. Barclay. Seven permits were issued lot repairs on homes amounting to $1,925.64. Seven permits also were issued for repairs on commercial buildings amounting to $2,512 mid one permit was issued for a ga^o- line slot-aye lank amounting to 5G5. One purihil for vepuirs on a garage was Issued for 575. Six permits for moving and one healing permit also were issued. Man is lh« hunter; woman is his game: We hunt them for the beauty of their s k i n s . -- Teunyson 1817. . Tie* With Ace Mitchell, S. Dak., (U.R) ~ Maj. Joe Koss of Sioux Falls is s t r l u t l v u South Dakota product, But (111 1 state also claimed a measure of recognition when Miij. Gregory Boyington shot down his 2fllh Japanese plane to tie the American record held jointly by foss and Ciipt. Eddie Rickenbuckcr. Boyington, who now is reported missing, is the grandson of the late Mrs. Ellen Gregory ot Mitchell. His mother is Mrs, Grace iluce of the late President of ;hina, I.iti gen. He was educated *w ..t. ..«u JUKU uLu} uitc ueua n the Chinese classics attd in a. ·obbing near the partly capsized national competition in 1923 won der heavy fire before \vc got off again." Once back in the air. the plane heard Major Colthrap radio again that he had spotted G more men on the water. The Cafalina crew sroaned. Her popped rivets caused lier to ship much water every time she hit the heavy sea. But back down she went, plowed through the water and picked up the 6--2 .from one raft, 4 from another. Heavily laden, and with the Japs pouring more shots at her, the "Arkansas Traveler" rose for the last time and headed for home. the Mitchell raid, said Thursday "we are going to try to get every one of those members of that Catalina crew every medal in the book." Names o[ the crew, in addition to Lieutenant Gordon, sign W. L. Patric Iowa. 'rom Swarthmore college in 1931, summa cum laude, and was elected to Phi Beta Kappa. He hen attended Yale university Law School and school of graduate studies: In 1938, Doctor Cheng joined he American Bureau for Medical ' id to China, becoming co-tlirec- r of publicity and later head of he Chinese participation department. With the formation of Jnited China Relief, he became lead of Chinese publicity and or- anized the national committee for hinese participation under the direction of Dr. T. V. Soong. Chi- Minisler of Foreign Affairs. Lt Col B W FricW of Ritnn nese Minister of Foreign Affairs ouge L wL parlfcipat^d in J" 1942 he left United China Re ic Mitchell raid, said Tlim-srtav l l? 1 . to become secretary of tlv !hinese Consulate General at New York. In 1943 he became editor o£ the nidwest bureau of the Chinese crew, m aacmion News Service, an official agency rdon, include: Enol the Chinese Ministry of Infor- ·ick, DCS Moines, mation, located i n ' Chicago, and is, thus, in daily contact with news GIVE AWARDS AT COURT OF HONOR . Regional Executive Speaks at Gathering SUceville--The Mitchell district court of honor was held at the school house at Riceville Wednesday evening at which Sam \v. Waymer, deputy, regional executive .from Kansas City, Mo., spoke to the scouts and their parents. Awards were made as- follows: First Class -- Eugene Farus, Riceville; Don Hendrickson. St. Ansgar. * V. F. V. Award--James Heiui- ricks, Riceville; Raymond Rosel, St. Ansgar. OWI dispatch bearer certificates --Richard Burke. Harold Buttolph. Paul Duffy, Eugene Farus. James Hentlricks, Louis Krall, Roswell Lively, L. Richard Shaw, Wa3-ne Swancutt, Francis Tonn, all ot Riceville. Merit Badges--Richard Burke, Louis Krall of Riceville; Edson Dockstader. Joe Groth, Lawrence Koball, John Langehough, Raymond Rosel, Bob Thorson of St. Ansgar. The court of honor was in charge of the Rev. O. A. Langehough of St. AnsTMar. chairman of advancement for the district. Entertainment numbers on the program consisted of a piano solo by a scout of Troop 31 of Riceville and a vocal quartet by girl scouts of the Riceville troop. Preceding the court of honor, the regular monthly meeting of the district committee was held under the direction of Gerhard Goplerud of Osage, chairman of the district. The tallest smokestack in the world--585 feet high--is located at Anaconda, Mont. Buy War Savings Bonds and Stamps from your Globe-Gazette carrier boy. YOU get CHOICE QUALITY MEAT and YOU WHEN YOU BUY IOWANA PURE PORK SAUSAGE LINKS scholarship to Tslng Ilua col- ege In Peipine. Being graduated from Tsing Hua -- _. _ ,,_, is, thus, in daily contact with news sources in Chungking and other Tar Eastern centers. Doctor Cheng brings to the lec- .ure platform a dynamic personality backed by sound scholarship and a penetrating insight into world affairs. GAVE WRONG ADDRESS Elccio Perez, who gave police his address at 724 President S. W., when arrested, gave the wrong address, according to police. He does not live there. WATCH RAIDS ON MONASTERY How Soldiers Observed Assaults, Is Described By .TAMES E. ROPER Advanced Observation O v e r- lookinc Cassiiio, Italy, Feb. 16. U.R--It was almost like a Fourth ot July double-header on the American side of the Rapido river when allied planes bombed Monte Cassina monastery lor the 2nd consecutive day. American officers and soldiers drove up dusty highway "G" until they came to a big sign: "Front Lines--Stop." It was 10 miles from Cassino, and the men piled out of jeeps and command cars, spreading along -the hillsides, impatiently fingering their field glasses. ' When the first drone of motors was heard, an excited murmur went up, just like tliat u-hich fills the grandstands back home when the home team trots on to the field. When each fighter-bomber began a dive on the ancient abbey, the spectators raised their field glasses to their dyes in comic unison. Then you would hear someone whisper: "There she goes." Through your own field glasses you saw a black pellet split away from the raider's belly and swoop toward the abbey. As a big bomb neared the target, soldiers involuntarily would twist their bodies, trying to give the bomb an extra shove or extra braking which would put it squarely into the al-' ready tumbled-clown masonry. If the bomb made a direct hit, there would be a satisfied sish. But threw up a great amount of debris, a burst of exclamations would ripple through the crowd. It was as if they had seen (heir favorite shortstop pick up a hot one and nail his man at first base. A miss, however, brought "a disappointed moan. Between the first and second waves. 2 generals walked among the soldiers sharing their impatience for the beginning of the next inning. It was a long wait, though, but the few that stayed until 5 p. ro. were rewarded with another wave of raiders hitting the abbey. These 2 attacks, following the already devastating assaults of Wednesday, left the ancient structure a smoking ruin. After the bombing, the Americans stopped their artillery fire on the monostery, apparently believing it was unnecessary. WONT LIFT BAN Ames, (/P)--The Iowa State college administrative board, rejecting a request by the campus student g o v e r n m e n t association. Wednesday declined to lift the ban on Sunday dancing in Memorial Union. Buy War Savings Bonds ana Stamps from your Globe-Gazette carrier boy. Thursday, Feb. IT, 19i* ig MASON CITY CLOBE-GAZETTE Gregory Ihillenback of Okanogan, Wii-h., who formerly liveci with her parents in Mitchell. Father Tomas de Beilunga, a Spanish Dominican, carried the banana plant with him when he sailed to Santo Domingo as a missionary in loll!. DISTRIBUTED BY Iowa State Brand Creameries, Inc. POINT VALUES REDUCED GREEN RATION STAMPS G-H-J EXPIRE FEB. 20 SO-1M SIZE--Point Value i PRUNES KIKFKER--Point Vftlur 30 PEARS IXIKU MOTT--No Polnl. GREEK BEANS .. ';';',,'· 16c* IMCK--mint Value ID TOMATOES . . . . '£;- I2c POINT VAI.UK IK TOMATO PASTE SWEET r;iKI. SALAD DRESSING BEETS SPINACH FRESH--Point Value 41 ^^ ^^^ PRUNES 49 A L I C E -- P o i n t Value 10 Pork Beans 'U. S. CHOICE--NONE HIGHER RENNET POWDER ,., c NATIONAL tlltA.M* TEA ;-· U P T O N ' S TEA -· 27 c · O.4STEU I.V THE SUM.I. PEANUT^..... ,, 25c COFFEE* 1 !?!'!...3 ,'.£. 59c QUALITY MEATS BEEF ROASTS Lb. (!. S. CHOICE ROUND STEAK 35c »· FKESH PORK CUTLETS RATH'S MULBERRY SLICED BACON . ROSEFISH FISH FILLETS . FRENCHED--PORK Lb. Lli. 33c 19c 43c W A L L E Y E WINTER CAUGHT PIKE Lb. TENDERLOINS * 39 . . SUHBR1TE ;I.KAXS URAtN 1'irr-s LEWIS LYE ....... nouseuoi.n ri.K.fssi. u ROYAL LEMON . . . . 3 liL'" 13c raDE AMERICA* S«TMS,? S ...... JSJS5J TOILET TISSUE . . 4 H ,:;,C 18c 5c -- 24c Cabbage C A M A Y TOILET SOAf 3 c.,., 20c

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