The Evening Post from New York, New York on May 16, 1818 · Page 3
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The Evening Post from New York, New York · Page 3

New York, New York
Issue Date:
Saturday, May 16, 1818
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' .rtsrrvx WATER WORKS. mVitizen. whav. removed 1 in ; where the Manuaiusu - - i r and who are not willing U t.Ur' , ,ucsted to .end notice to the Water Office, iTfc oihcrwue they wdlbecon - ' r::r...,iH.. and charred acwdingly N?B Wood for lateral pipe i recommended to preference to lead, lor saiuoniy, icau giving UU w " " - may iu ffk ((ILL. NEW supply ofthe Fee Bill hajuit been mar 16 1 P"ri rriHESTRANGER'SCUlDE in toe Ctjf I aw IWfc. containing a complete desenp ', tioo of the city aod ita environs with a pan ol i ha eitr. and elegnnt views of various public buUdiogs, price SI 50, for tale by a t. GOODRICH & CO. 124 Broadway, rf.!'.. ut.f.t nniite the Citv Hotel VOnitr wi voww - ""i wi r , - . T t:a. tviii. iw itr sale or A. I "r. i 3 mar 18 nni,iu TH l.r'T. IWW'IW v - - - - - . mwo or three Rentlem. a and agenUeuiaa and I hi. .if., can be a - tomm - al .ted wtm - wifecao be H - xnum - Mi ""'i win. " ,e apaitments are large and pleasant, by at io 0 Ve.ey tlreet, opposite the where the applying churcb ' iu ttDLI - dliH. rr UR holder of tlie first drawn number on X Tuedy next, will be entitled to tne a - U, .rf the holder of ihe first drawn number on the next drawing day will be enti - tied to 5000 dollar in the Mi ford und Oirrrw R od Lotleru, now drawing in thia city, and the Capital Prixe of 10,00 dollar . 10.000 dollar 35,0 .0 dollars ; 70,000 dollars, are yet in the wheel and must consequently come out in a very few days, there being only 20 day drawing in the whole. It is recommended' to those that wish for a chance of thee splendid prizes to appl. soon at 1 VYAI I K'S Tmltf Fortunate Lottery and Exchange Of - n 4 Morten - lane. Where cash is ad - u.n - - . vanced for prize as aoon as d - - awn my 16 " (iRAaU H"AU TICK kM. fflNCE the commencement of the drawing - vJ if the Grand Uoad Lottery, the tlc of tickets h. b.'en unusuallv bi - istc. the C.RClES 146 BROADWAY, having wi'li.n a few days supplied several lurc - e orders, at was anticipated, from New - Jersey. Their talc to city adventurer, since the 1a drawing, have not been ecpiallcd m atiy fin iner,'ior is itexpected they can be exceeded in any subsequent lottery in sotliortapcriod, and inanj who are not yet in possesion of one or more ot Uiese vuiuaote cnunres, nave uui a few dais to procure them at the present prices, as the next rise, in consequence of theii recent sales, mi.y be shortly expected. The 4th' and next drawn number i entitled to $5000, and on every following drawing, the 1st number will be entitled to a c:.p:lal prize Tickets at f34, Halves lu, Q'lartcis 8, for sale at 146 Broadway, where prues at par and fore . - n bank notes will be received in payment. my 16 llfTHIt. l hvelm aitenrtM witft a aejcree VV of lucceashijshly grateful toll inventor's feelings, in several I rts ol the tVest IndifcS, nd the Southern and Middle States, particu ar - y in New York. Philadelphia, halliniore, 4.c. The operation of these pills are perfectly mild, o as to lie med by perons in every situali .n and of every ngb. .... , They are excellently adapted to carry ol tu - perflous hile, and prevent its morbid seoreluxu i to restore and sin. nd the appetite. ; to proJq :s a frM iKirapiralioo, and thereby prevent which are oiten of fatal cons - quence A close never fails to remove cold, u' taken on it" flrt api eranc.e. They are an infallible preventive ol Bilious nnt Malignant Fever, and slinul.l be frocuredforux, by every sesinan and travtller. rep ir. d and sold aJ LEE'3 Medirine Btoie, So. 46 Maiden Laae. DruRijists and country store kwmri snnnlied on liberal terms. my 16 foai coach Llc't. roR rtiiiAutiJiui BT WAY OF roVI,ES - HOoK A NEW I joe of Post Coaches witii every con - Xl venience mr passengers and baggage, on Springs THROUGH IN ONE DAY. The Post Coach will start from the Coach of fice, No. I Court land - street, N. York, every morning, (Sundays excepted) at 5 o'clock, ny way of Newark, EiizabethtowD, Brunswick, Princeton, Trenton and Bristol, and ariive at Philadelphia the same afternoon, at 4 o'clock. A second Line of new Post Coaches will start from flew - York every morning, (Sundays excepted,) at 10 o'clock in the Steam Boat Atalan - ta, lodge at T ronton, and arrive at Philndi Iphia, in a Steam Boat, next morning at 10 o'clock. Fare 5 dollars. . P. S. Passe nge rs are requested to call and take their seats at the olTice No. 1 Courtlandt - street. New - York. United States Mail Coach, f.r Philadelphia, Baltimorv and Washington City, with every convenience lor passengers and baggage, on springs. The U. a. mail coach will start irom 'the coach office, No. 1 Courtlandt - st. New - York, every day at t o'clock, P. M. and arrive at rlu. adelphia next owning at 6 o'clock Only 6 pas aeneert admitted. For seats inthe above named Line, apply to THOS. WHITFIELD, at the old estuoiished ioarn, and Steam Boat oruce, o. I Court Undt - street, near the corner nfBr' - a.lwav, New York ; or to A. T.GOODRICH & CO. No. 114 Broadwar. corner ol stret t. .New - Yi rk 00 All goods and baggage at the risk of the owner JUSt.rtl L,iOi, rJ. K IU N. B Expresses sent to any part ot tor Con THOMAS WUITHELD my 16 ZEKAH HALr.i. DEN l Is , - OT Has removed his offir irom No. 3;'l Pearl street, to No. 91 Nasan street, where be Will perform every operation in dentitry. WBoat it mai cohckrk: t This certifies, that D. lor Z"ah Haw - ,eJ is a regular bred physician, and in good taadiiig with his brethren id this p. ace, that hi Us paid particular attention to the art of DENTISTRY, has studied the best European works Ibe subject, and has given very good satisfaction in this branch to his customers, who are per nnj of the first respectability in this city. e therefore, with entire confidence, recommend Dr. Hawley to the citixent of New - York. Dentist. (iEneaa Muntoo A PmPsofthe few - Haveo, Vsathao Smith, f medical insti - Ja Si, 18 18. J Eli Ives. (tulfHi, Vale (Jooa. Kniht, ) College. OAMTON CRAl - ES ti NANKEENS 3 ca - c0,,1 - '"n'on Crapes do Crims.n do do ereen Sincliews . 3 do black hdkfs. no charypahle Santnets J 00 Cross Barred Hdkrs ps. ble Nankeens, with debenture, land and for sale by 1 14 J. OSBORN, 20 South - street. ANTIGUA MOLASSES tti: Ao!'Roa Mrlvsca, of tr 60 hhds new crop .imcs, ofthewy best quality, "point from vh. . - vl r. a uFu TUCKER I LAURIE, 89 Eoulit - sueet. a CALCUTTA SUGAR. . Bags bright yellow grained sugar 1 15 do suponor deubla boUoddo Landing at Counties tlip tur sale at 67 South - sireeu uj i . - CA.MBRELENG & PEARSON, my 13 - fluliCCU, LIVSKtU Oil., UOSICA' I tvUM. fcc 874 kess 6rst oualitr mnu - lacturad 'J'obarco, now lamliog, oftlie following approved brands ; " Geo. Fletcher, D. R. Koss, Nielton K Williamson, Anderson, Blair, Ic Mc - Keaee, I'. Miller Co. F.G.Orenthaw, J Cihh, H. btarr. Jesse Hare & Co. F. I 'aney k. Co. f. Uoltx & Co. and B. H. Brady" A ho al Burling slip, 10 hhds. " hpears ' BostJa Hum 20 kegs colouring lor liqu r Audm Mure. 300 kegs first quality pure Ginger 34 hols mess and prime Pork 1 hhds pure Spirits, hih 4th proof SO pipe domestic Brandy, good quality 12 hhds I'enniylv.tnia Linseed Oil 17 hess low priced shii.pinv Butter 80 chests Hyson Skin Tea, CMM' - r's cargo, lor sale i'y' cuiliS. UL'BUIS, my 15 lOt nC Kro ,t treet I HI.NG f Al'Kii. x Ions oi a superior kj quality, juai receiva ano mr s tie Dv RIPL.KY AI WKl.O, my 13' 192 Front corner of Ku'ton street. OI IO YARN low numbers. An as sarlmentof low No1!, cotton yarn, lor sale by the Uoiumissiou Company, 143 Pearl - street. mav la 10,000a DOLLARS to loan, on bond and mortgage of iroirtv this city, either in one or several sums. Apply to jas. S J.U. ril.rjr.LKr.K, mpl i3t 6 J W all nr. et CA.V I O.V GOODS. 40 cases Canton Good consis'ini! of black & changeable hiucbewi ;reen and blue do. with wide bonier ; black nnd colored Uuinblets, lor geiitlvmHirs wear ; hl.v k and colored Satins, 10 and JO yard pieces , black inn c.ilore.l l.evanlnies : lilai.K Irinaed MdKl : lisiired pejons Saiins ;tout fonees. suitable tor 'uiinrs ; rji.reil hiad tldkis. ; plain do; compi ny yellow Nankins ; wliite do : Nankin Crai e mck und ussurted colors. 18, vO. and 5!i yard pieces ; cases oi all sctrlet do ; best Can'on Crapes oiHCk and rsorled ct.lon: cases ol a'l srarlii ,r,d roie do: lu;ured Nankin Crapes, black am und assorted colors : do Canton do ; t'onenn r..i ; e es nt enil.rci It red and dairank Crai e urt.i;es ; Ahnkin aux - ; urxpe, 4, M - 4, and - 4, ; cmhroiilered .Vankiu Cr .Shaw's supeii.'r j'i:ility and color, 4 4, 7 - 4, b - 4 : Dam .ok do; Crape Ion; Shawls, c. with a general HMorim. nt ul BENCH t.OODS - for sale at loll Broadway, hy my ioiw i ,ii!,iiviHrv A I r.i r. us. lIE EGl.A.D HUM. .14 l.hil - SaUm J.l Bum, lundins s ip, aud lor sale by JOSEPH OSHORV, 28 Sou'h ttrret, ny 13 200 LKMO.VS, fcc. Rotes froh jMcana Leinouf, prime order 0 boxe do do' Onuigcs oiv lauding nnd fur fain by my 13 I'K.TKIi REVISE V k CO. LO l)i .S CO.A S. LfJ - T oprneil, nnd fcr sl at S3 J'lhn street, n trunk of very i h'S 'iit Dreand Krm k Oat", juionc Hhicti is one r.xira I rnuiuea uiue ,o tiourc mv 1 4 2w CRAr'E DRLSSfcS. PIERCE & MORSd hav received, in addition to their f.r:iier nstonniunt, and are now ofitriu lot sale at their ttoie, 179 Broad way, ioi'd and Dlnrit ivankin crapes, superior llo tig'd do do quality jo ao uiinav at very ncn, Col'd and Black Canton Crapes Elegant embroidered dresses of Nankin silk 4 - 4 Embroidered Crape Hdkfs. 8 - 4 and 9 - 4 do do Sbawls Wuite and black I y shorn Flats, from No. 30 to 50. my 121 w H.OVR. O Obbls. superfine flour, and 40 do. fine 1. O J anJ X Diiddliog - s laodioic feom iloor Holla, and for sale by BOOR MAN S JOHNSTON, my 13 57 South - street. 50. Chests hyson skin tea, of a superior qua - ly, and 32 bns. white Calcutta tutrars. landitiL' from sloop Boston, at Burliug - slip, and for sale at 07 Washington - street. mr 13 ti. Ci. K S. lion UfNU. CHIOPr'A HO.V1ALS. 5 cases red and yd low Patterns 3 curs Company do. for sale bv mav 1.1 P. RE MS EN" & CO. G. saumikk's PATENT RAZOR STROP. SAUNDERS renctfullf snlieifs thoe G J. Mho have not ant his Patent Knx.r Strop, to lurnirh llicmlves viih Ins new inrei.led nu - i r Str. p, and Metallic Composition. No pen tlcraan who once makes trial of one of the Strops now rifleied, will ever try any otticrsiand sur.bit Ineir lormation, tnat cyer so mucn use will noi give the razors that roundness which renders the hest or them useless, and which is well known always to lollow the application of all tliote hitherto invented. 1 he above strops are in gnern1 ue in New Yotk, and are distinguished lnin all others. Barbers who have ustd them say more id their praise than I uo uyseii. G. SAUNDERS, 18 Wall - street. N. B. ' The most liberal allowance made to dealers. my 1 1 . EXfLUtTlOVS JH.ik'ELLLW. POST - CHAISE & STEAM - BOATLIjYES, for ruiLiDEi.nii a. Tbrongh in one day, and by day - light. ON Monday the I Itli of Alar instant, a line ol post - coaches and steam - boats between N'ew - York and i'hil'ukJphla will be commenced. I ha passengers will leave White - Hall in New - York every day (Sundays excepted) at 5 o'clock 4. M. in his excellency vice - president D. V. I ompkimt commodious and speedy steam - boat U I ILUS, proceed to Bristol by the Slaten Island and Wondbridge turnpike, and tsVe the te..m - boat at Bristol at S o'cloek, and arrive in Philadelphia at 4 o'clock the same day. The on the laud part of this line ara turapiked and in excellent order ; the country and villages 'hrough which they pass is elevated, pleasant and healthy, the route is the nearest at present - ravelled between the two cities; the various and extensive views which it gives of the orea'i, the bays, sound and rivers between New - York nd New - Braoswk k, makes Out the most ex - litious comfortable and pleasant tour now exist nC between New - York and Philadelphia. A second prist chaise will leave Nw York e" ry day (Sunday's excepted) nt 10 o'clock, in ihe steam boat Atlanta. Ir in White tl .il, by way of Ehzahethtown, Briilfiturn, New Brunswick, Pnn eton. lo.'i;e ht I rent. ru take th ilrm boat at Bnit.1, and arrive in Pui'ad. - lphia at 10 o'clock. Fare through $ . For seats in t! above lines apply at the ffice, No. I IJ Brcadway. All goods and baggage at the risk of the own - era. JOHV N."UMMING, Newark. J GULTK. SONS CO. Princeton. S IOC KTON HOWELL, Philidrlphia tt Exniesw - s sent to any purt n tl United tales, hy L. BAKER, GULICK & CO mr II 132 t H 1 S A GOiH ' black Sinche ws. colour. d an t black Crapes, Blai k asd checked Sarsneta Ftncy aod Llaikh lkls - Assorludsewiag Stia Biae Naakeeas, lor nle hy hUEDkSF.WALU mj 8 j Scuth - street. r for AMSTERDAM, The sliio ilLENL'S wUl sail on Die t9lh last, can accommodate a Ciw pai - woers, and can takt a few tons light frci;bl Apply at 67 dontb - st. to " - . CWMURELENG it PEARSON. may 15 r aiBR.iLTAR M SJH IOfA, (will sail positively on the 20th io.lanl,) I be l:un sailiue hr LAl'RESa, o - mers, master, bat J - 4itis ufher cargooo board r or Ireigbt of reman,dcr. or passage, bavinar good accommodations apply to the captain on board at Agnew's wbsirf. mar 14 For SAfAJJfAII, I he shin GLOBE. Drvoll. master, Mi will iKieitiyelv sail on the 1'lb instant. Fur Height, which will betaken verv low. aiplt on board at pier No. 10 East River, or to 1'Ul 1 .i jvlN.Vr., my 14 No. 56 South street. fr tor J 1.1k at:, fk The fast - sailing coppered ship ADO - aSINIS, II. L. Champliu, master, intended to sad positively on the 2 id inst. can yet accommodate 3 more passengers, and can take some more freight. Apply ou board, al Joues' whaif, or to POTT&M'KINE,or mr 14 GUIS WOLDS COATES. ttrCHAHLksTOA", The clejant packet ship CORSAlll, Sutton, will sail on Sunday next For Ireiglilor passage, apply on board, at pitr No. Y2, east side Old - shp, or to CLARK, MOORE1 CO. may 14 3t 41 .Vouth - st. For UrhliHOUl - v4ii The ship MARY - ALMY, I'tlcgAl - '&jL uy, oiaster ; her cargo being nearly all en - Mid, will meet immodnte dipatth. For freight of 50 or KO bales cotton, or passage, leaving good stccon.mcdations, apply ou bard at i owuscnd'i wharf, or to GRISWOLDS k COATF.S, my 13 6! I Souih st. For SAF. - tA.V.III, The new substantial and fast sailing iiaisliM.p BUDGET, IX G. Gillelt, ruassei i ii.iinir considerable freight engaged, w ill sui the loth mst. For the remainder or passage, pply on board, at .Vurrav s - whart, or to illO. BAHIfOV, ruv 13 4t 61 Soutli - t. iv.iatkU ja kit, S .1... 1. 1 .In, ...l nfai.nttl O'.ll litfiTIi' - ' 30 - '" - Applv to ISAAC F. ROE. my 13 tf 08 Murray's wharf. Flir.Kilir r,,r i.HA HLKSHhY. 2X1 ton, heavy Ireilit for Charleston. II.' ANSON . PliELI'i, mvll 183 Fnmt - strcet. FUH SslLb, .loip ADELINE. Thi.1 subitsntial - tnd f st sailing plc:riire - l.o:t is ofTcrcl luc sale upo.i reasnnahle tcims, as the prc - rnt owmr has no lire lor her. Sim is a safe boat, tx - hig dir ked and haviug two biribs in the cabin, and is nlxiut "C feet hing, and H 1 - 2 lect wide. Any per. on wishing to pun base a boat of tlii' lecriptinn, will pli ae apply to the suDfcriber, it the stone - yard, tootol Murray - street, where lie may be seen, mvll lw ROBERT WILEY. f or . - uYTH kRf, 1 he f?ood list sailinrr shio .4NGEI.1 - LiiCA; has 3 - lihs other canro engaged, ud will be dispatchidia a few days. F or freight r passage, baving good accommodations, ap ViS to N. L. iiO. GRISWOLD, my II BS - Sonlh - st. tor bale, might or Charier, A new pilot boat built - SCHOONER, 150 tons burthen, built in aftipcrioi uiauuerof the best materials, sails fait, and may e seut to sea with small expciice. - vpi'ly to jv. L. it a. uuisirau), my II 80 SoiUh - ?t. For DIT. US, (li.leud..d as a regular trader) The substantial and fart sailing thip r.hlN, Nrwconib, master, is now loading at 1'ine - street wli".rf ami will sail, weather permitting, ou (ho 17th iust a few tons of freight c;.n betaken f applied fnrby the 12lu intt. and a few more raMii aud steerage passengers ran be comfortably accommodated. Apply to the captain on board, - r to JAMES M'liRIDE, Hi Lil.crty - st. Who has just received by tne Ddhliri Packet and haliella, from Dublin, 74 iiickagt, consist - ng of 4 - 4 and 7 - 8 bleached line u, 3 - 4 brown do. 7 - 8 droehedas, 3 4 diapers, 5 - 4 ("heeling - , 4 - 4 & i - 4 cotton checks, 7 - 8 shirtings, and 10 hhds superior old claret wine ; whirh, with his previoii.' - assortment of linens, lawns, kc. ic. are offered for sile on moderate terms. may 0 For AWrw.V.VW, Tlii Ktrnnt - cnhct - .iil.til .Innrtl 1M' S - i - evon, master, win sail on rriday next, and take freight very low. Apply to run a m'kinne, may 9 56 Soulli - strect. For AMSTERDAM, Jri The ship 8ILENUS, O'Brien, mas - JfcSrJiter, will be dispatched without delav - Eor ireigbt of 50 tons apply at 67 Soulh - st to my 0 (JAMHHELENG k PEARSON. CIOT ION M) bales ol prime Upland Cot ton, received per sloop Mercv. from Savan nah, and for snie by JOHN KLLLY , 149 Pearl - street. my 14 lw HIUXDY. Pipes French brandy, just received and for ale by OEO. W. TALBOT. may 14 55 Pjne - st. rriEA. ltC. - i.1KI cheats hyson skiu lea, 1'aci JL fir's cargo, entitled to debenture 145 chests hyson skin tea, London Trader's 10 whole, 15 half and 20 quarter chests bo - hea tea, I rumbull's cargo 20 pipes and hhds Cramlou's gin 4 do cognac brandy, Amiable Matilda's cargo 60 boxes castile soap X cases sistersoys, 1 8 hhds copperas 2 bales Calcutta rugs Marline, twine and mustard seed, for sale by G. W. TALBOT, mar 14 55 Pine - st. GKOCERIEs. I,'M. OvDERDONK, iun. Ul Front - st. 1 V com r of Fulton street, has on band 'V inrs A: Liquors, on dr night and in Imttlee Fri sh Teas, London end American Porter Spanish Segnrt, English! American Cheese Coffee, Sugar, Spices &c. Toglher with a general assortment of Groce ries, "I the nest qualify. Families supplied, and SHIP STORES nut ip a' thr sVutent notice. AIo lor sale at above, a constant sucnlv of in. 'riiniytn, oi arprovca qualities. my 14 I w ClOFFrE k KU.VI 10 tiercss green Jamai l caC'nffee 35 hl.ds 4llt proof Jamaica Rim, landing from acbr. Clarend'.n, at pier No. 8, and lor sale by TUCKER V LAURIE?, may 13 29 Nuth - street. ' t. Y i tlLS. J3 doaen, Kir sale by D'Woi.F, Jr. 54 Sotitb - street mv 14 'IN - 10 pipe Cranston Gin, just received J and for sale by GEO. W. TALBOT, as) 1 1 55 Pine street. SIX rilOUSYND DOLLYRs may be bud uu mortgage oa real ev.ate in Ulis city, on a, .plication to JOUN G. WABKF.N t SON, my 11 1st No. 46 Waii - sL MEDIUM PRINTING PAPER. FIVthuodred reams Mnlinm Printing Taper, banufaclured at IheTbird ttivtrpaperiuill. ALSO, r 100 reams coloured medium . .. ' 20 do blotting do VQ. do writing demy. Ai - d 0 do writing medium. All from tbe same mill. For sale, al reduced prices, hy T. k S. SWORDS, my 13 . 160 1 carl street. i A VAN A GRASS tiA'l S. An eleanl as - L I sort me nt ot eentlemens summer Hal's, jusl rtceiyed and for sale by JOHN LEAHY, wiT I i 168 Fnt - street. lt. J'J'e.h - I'A I'F. H. ases low priced, fur rale ut 47 Wa - hiugtou - street. mv 13 G. G. k S. IIOWLAND. QLEm. ll HON U.AKK. 44 im.l. (iJcrcl - rou Bark, inmlunr, lor sale by GRISWOLDS k COATES, my 13 68 Si ulh - street. I ON DON CLOTils Ai CASSIMERES 5 JLi cases west ol England extra super cloths h c Siimen s. colors black, blues, brostns. bottle. mixed, drah, and nhite, just received per ship Ann, lorsdiecnejpny L.&C. SUYDAM, may 13 lw 81 M.iiiltn - laru. - . lilllsf 1 DOLLARS TO LOAN o. 1 VjlViJ MORTGAGE, ol pi operty iu'this city. Apply to ISAAC G. OGDKtfl Co. my 7 4H Wall - street. 172, nL (i A R, l.hds of New - Orleans sugar, of a very liiuio ipiality, landing from tlio brig Alert, werl side of Bui ling - rlip; lor sale by CALDEIl, M'LEA k CO. may 1 1 1w 6t I'me street. G IN. 6 pipes Rhode - Island Gin, just re - I" ceived, and for sale bv GEO. V. TALBOT, rm.y 13 55 Pine - street. 1 MDER BRANDY. 30 barnl. k....A.. I for sale by ANSON ii. 183 PHELI'a, my 5 r rout street. I A.MAloA (.OKH'.E. 10 tieires real liivi I qtialily treeu Jainaira Coffen, for retnilnn;, l .ndnu from the s hr ('Iniendt n, and for sale by TUCKER LAUKIES, my 14 ' - !0 Ninth stn - i t. I)' RY HIDES Ai COEr EE. titW dry Indus, average wo"ht 1 iIIjs. each do do 19 do 200 do do S!4 d J."j,000 wt. green coffee, for sale by H. HENDRICKP, may 14 37 draver - st. 1JYIM, OIL, Sic. Kc. - - M hluls. Pun While and biting 60 l.'bl Spanish lirown SO do Yellnw Ochre Iri casks Venetian Red 10 toi.s dry and grouuJ While Lead 2 do Red I.e. id 500 lb. Prussian Dlue 2000 lb. Blue Vitiiol ; 3000 lb. Oil di 10 hhds Copperas; 5 do l imine Stonf KMX) ll.s. Gum Copal ; I.OOO do do Shellac 100 bbls. lir.undCiimwo' d ill) do do l.ngwnnd und Nicaragua 500 d do Tumeric 5 tons St. Domingo Logwood '2 do Large Nicaragua ; 2d Red Wood 30 boxes Eastern Mould Candles Linseed, spermaceti and neats foot Oil Black nnd Bright Varnish 2500 feet 0 hy 10 Glass 1600 do 7 by 9 do for side bv ' Ripley n Weld, my 14 192 Fr. nt, eorner of Eultnn - t. 1 fe Us&lA V 1.4 V I.N j DOCK. iiO ooitt I JLV oualitr Russia duck, 5 bales ravens duck, entitled to debeuture, just received, for sale by r. REMSEN & CO. may 14 SO Snutll - st. IAENTUCKY PORKiWU hhls Kentucky IV prune pork, lor snie ny my 14 LE ROY, HAY A RD k CO. I U VI - JO tilids hi prnol netv llnm, lor sale IV by JACKSON & WOOLLEY. 7i yn! - ltrert. ray 14 WANTED, several young LADIES ns apprentices to the M A N T U A M AKIN G - BUSIN'ESS. Enquire of MISS MA RSIf ALL, , my 14 tf No. 7 "eil ir - lre:t. ' T" with sepcrate fuiuislied rooms., break fast and tea, in a most and healthy situation. Please to apply at 260 Buttery.' may 14 lw MOLASSES. 60 hhds. Molasses, I - r sale hy CLARK, MOORE&CO my 14 3t 41 Smith - street. I KWELRY. - - il cases of Fancy Jewelry, lor GEO. M. WILSON, 1211 Water - street. J sale by mv 14 H ovdslmk (Voret, Violin, ke. rlIIE subscriber has received per Venus, M ,0 trunks best Wood - tock gloves, assorted. 1 case Shepherd's best West ol Englaud black and Hue broad clolhs and cassiniercj 1 trunk cotton hose 00 dozen Rowland's genuine .Macassar oil, and A lot of lead pencils. GEO. M. WILSON, my 14 128 Water st. IRlH LIN EM, U: 'piIE subscriber offers for sale, 43 packages L of Irish Linen Goods, imported per ship )uMin Packet, and other late arrivals Irom Dublin, c .mpriaing a good assortment of 4 - 4 and 7 - 8 Linens, low priced Do Midling and Fine 9 - 8, 5 4, and 6 4 Meetings 6 4,7 4,8 - 4. 10 - 4 Diaper and Unmask 3 - 4 Brown Holland and 7 8 Droghedas 3 4 and 7 - U Linen Bed Tick 4 4 Cotton Check All of whish he will (tit pose of on liberal term JOHN KELLY, 149 Pearl street, my 14 9w HAVANA SUGAR, 1 ALLOW, itc. 50 boxes brown Havana Sugar, entitled to ' drawback. 1!KI ceroons f - outh American Tallow 54 boxes Roll Brimstone, and 18 cases Tumblers. Landing and for tale by JAMES D'WOLF. Junr. mr 12 54 South street. AVCllOS SALk Of Ei.t.U.iXr FcR - XITVRE. Os Mohdsv, 25th IHtT. LT 10 o'clock, at the ware room of Chat. Christian, 53 Fulton - street, who is with drawing b om the cabinet business, an elegant assortment of CABINET FURNITURE, the u holeof which will be warranted by Mr. Chris tian the same at it sold by him at private tale. I'lte lease ot the above prem.sea for tale or to let mav 13 lw EAGLE T A VERV, No. 149 Water street, near Fly Market. GEORGE WOOLDREDGE, SOU Iff LAW TO HKXRY 1. R ASSET, HEePECTr ULLY announri a. that he ba o - peaed the Tavern lormerly kept ly Mr. Jons Misjcts, with ao excellent assortment ot Ma.leira. Port, Claret, and oilier wines. Liquors, Iv - er, and every other requisite in that Une of nusinet. A variety of Relishes will be alwayt ready, CofT'i, Sj.ips, Oysters, Cluckent, 6ic. .c. ac cording to the season. If inreuut'ed attention and civility, with mo derate charges nil. piocnre the favor of the pub lic, G. IV. pledges bimsell to endeavour 10 meru them. . Dinners, Peppers, kr. provided eillier in me American, r reach, German, or Italian style ot ockery. , He will be happy to see hit Friends at or a - ter lw. Ive o'clock 'c - morrow, t pariaie oi a few of iho good thisirs of this life. U.J. llAEt,S'.IICIISOISPUUlctuiJ (a iihoM 'shin imeni. ana . uui"vd Uiemseires that no more is promised than li intended to be performed. svy 15 6t REMOVALS. 1 (CJ JOHN PROCTOR, ji:n. has removed from No. Ci Beckman to 103 Libert j - itj set, where be stiil olT rs liberal autKipatiooj ou property roofigned to hit Irico Is to Uis Medi'arra - man. ( or lurlucr paniciiiars, apply as tioove, or to ABRAHAM HELL, my 7 Im corner of Cliff Fnlloo - sts. ft - - St. I.Na At ToVv ENDhave remov ed imm No. 60, to No. 40 YVall - itrect.ladioiniJg ii: citv Hsnlr. my ni tj - N. riUGl.K. - , - Viniotire j'atnlir, bus reiiijed to No 174 Pultun - street, west side of Broadway. may 5 Swf b. 1. lilT I EMOKE have removed to No. 1 10 Front - street, where ther intend con lineing tlK - mirhts to comu.isiioo buiiuess, and will niake ULeral uilvauces on goods consigned tin m, lor sale. my 5 8w ' tit 1'El r.U DE VSII'l, has rciuovcd his Olli e to No. UO Liberty - street, a few doors a - Willirtip - strtt l, . may 4 lOt. tt MACK IE, jVIILN E Vi'dloNo. tl J'liif - strel i CO. have remo mar 4 , CO" JOHN R. tCO l I , has rwnoved Ins ol lice, io4J Pine - srert. niay 4 5w M. U. HI.I.KMIH has removed his nflu i. irom No. 54 to U7 Wall street, nnnoiite th. City llniili. my 2 tw PH Dr. BaXI KR Im. removed to No. Mutt - slrtct. Wanted ns above, a quantity of Iecchcs. mv 6 end4l 1UU pEIER I and tin D. lUUcOf inlorms his itiends ie public in irem rnl thai tin has lenin - yd his l'phnllery Whre Hois from No. 85 to No. 63 Maiden Lou where he oilers for sale S"ine elegim' pnlterns of l'nK'r Hareins;, jusl received by the latest arrivals from prance, on thern'.sl re .siinwlile tonus. my J lia WANTS A bi 1 Li A I ION. A' luu.yu Woman, wnu wislies to enHKe wun a iitiimv cuini! lo hnv Dart ol I.nn. Ian;l. Shu will producu tlm best ol recommen diition. asloher.iiniities, itc. Addiess a line lo A. b. 4tt thisoiliLe. ny I J lw AjY A.IaI.IjYJ - 1LTOH UAj i t.l. I N an ;.' ademy near the city of New - Yok 1. A singlu geiitlemini, of :oid niornl, and capable lo teach the rudimrnt ot the Latin, with the higlic.' English brunches usually taught in aca.l. niif i. A graduate of a college in Ihe Uni ted Slates will be preferred. A;. ply at Ihe ollici of this paper. my 15 DiVC'tl notice! (tr - All persons indebted lo Waters Furman nnd T. 'buries, (i.m slrci t mnnnrr) are re - ijui.nIi!. to rail and set lie tin ir nccuunls Hitli ei ther ol thtui, or with I), i. L Mead, et the cor in rM l ump A - Eldrn'gf - street, innneily railed Third - .t o. t, i n or belbrc tl.e first day of July next All iMftsxifia h.ivirg demncds against iliein will pieuse to pitstnt their uccuiiiits for settle me - nt. WATERS FURMAN, end CHARLES DOBBS. mv 12 d&rtwt YYANTs A rlTUATION, S GARDENER, a n.i.l.lio n.d MAN, t. who can give the best rtlett nci I, mid who has been regularly bred lo the buiii.. s : he has been employed in (hat capacity lor sevi ral years in the vicinity of it. is city. For further iul..r - mation, address J. P. nt this ddicr, uhich will ie iinmedinlely ntlended to. my VKHT VAI.l'ABI.K USTS - TK I'OH 8AI.K, l.aie llie pepperty ol lleiinjah Mronrr, j'rii. (Ie eased, in the townsliin of Islm. lying on the great south road, about 45 miles Irom New York s containing bv computations a doiii ximju acres 01 land, luoro or less nearly 1IMJO acres of which is under cultivation, inclu - omn aixKii s iu acres 01 sail unu irtsn meauows, which it completely embanked, ditched and drained, forth purpose of being reclaimed. The roiuuirwter is invaluable wood land, on which largo quantities may he cut annually. On the premises is n p..ciua and convenient Mansion Mmisc, with a large ban, hovels, crib, stable carriage house, gardinrr't Iioii - h, work shop siimn snop, sjnnke nous.', ice House, ami oilier out buildings, replete with every convenience. There is also on the premises; nri.iut a mile from Ihe mansion house, anew farm', with a bam adjoining. Neurtlie house it a large pond, with a nrivi - lege of a stream of water, on which is a rood saw mill, and water souVient for n grist null I lie garden and ortiiaros are extensive', in win. h there have been set nut, within a few rears, a gieat number of young trees, of every species of uie oesi graiirniruii, ninsuy in ncarirg, nun al in the most (Ii 'jriihing condition. Also, a large uu - sery 01 Iruit trees and plants, lufuueiit to extend an orchard of 100 acres. Th' - re are few estates offered for sale, so desi rable fur either nn extensive farmer, or the resi dence of a gentleman. The fa no is capable of supporting a large clock, and being bounded by the touin bay, there is nn tnethnuslihle source 01 manure Iron, sea - weed. Boats mv from the neighbourhood, almost daily, to and from the ci ty. 1 be nay also abounds with a great variety of game, fish, oysters and chims, aud the pond auu r.rcen wiin me nnt si irnoi. ror terms and further particulars, nrntr to A II. LAWRENCE, No. S3 lurk Place, or on Ihe premises. my 1 1 d.Vctl The subscriber nfler for sale bis reti derice in the town nt Fa'rlield. state ot Connecticut, it it pleasantly situated, nn the Boston road, about half a mile from Long Island Sound. 65 miles from New York, and 20 from New Haven. The house nnd out - house s are in excellent repair. The Iruit yard is well st eke. I with a variety oi peacnes, upncois, enerrks, pears and strawberries. There are in the vicini ty academics for the edui ittion of youth of both sexes, r rout one to six acres ol excellent land at the option of the purchaser, can be had with the house, and the purchase money, if desired, ran remain on interest. Fur terms apply to ISAAC M ELY, Esq. 76 John street, ft. York, or to the Hon. JONATHAN STURGES, Fan - field, Connecticut, my 6 d&ctl DAVID ELT. " Hold up Uu Mirror to Aoiwrs." LET those who are afllicted in the following manner, reflect on the cause that piodnced such havoc upon the "wholesome appetite! and power of life ("disordered tto - mach, dry cough, weakness in the voice, liotrs - nest, shortness of breath upon the lesst exer - cie, and relaxation if the whole ly rem. - Those afflicted with palenest, languor of the eyes, weakness of sight or memory, should take time to consi.ier Linns - us't advice, that " youth it the important pcriotl for framing robust constition,' and tliat " nothing it to be J di ea t ed so much at premature excess." I he foundation ol a happy old age i a rood consti luti'in in youth ; temperance and mmliratior. at that age arc passports to happy gr y hairs. I beCoidihl Balm of Gitead, prepared by Dr. Solomon, Gdead - llouse, near Ijvei pool. . universally acknowledged to be ptvulisr.y et - ficacious iii all inwaid wasting, lote of appetite, indigettion, depression of spirits, trembling or shaking of the hand or limb, obstinate couirhs, shoitnes of breath, and consumptive habiia Sold by HULL & BOW NE, 146 Pearl - tti eet, Neiv - York, and by one vender in everv town in the Union. my a 4t LOST, th" morning, oear the CofiV - e House or in Wall - street, a fin GOLD SEAL, lasiencd by a Lla k ribbon. The finder will be liberally rewarded by leaving it at 158 Front - street, my 15 St M Fortune contemns the whining slave, And Invet to smile Un the brave." "i RAND Road Lottery Third day't draw ing Tbe first drawn a umber yesterday, entitled to flOOO, was ar.ld and paid, three minutes at'rr it was drawn, by ROBERT WAI I E, J no. 136 Uroadway. J he number was 3377, an4 w sold lo an ofiWr ol Ihe Navy. R. All E. iun. n.M and paid, the capital prize of 5,000, being the highest jet drawn id th Lottery. my 15 5f t. PUBLIC SALES. Dg MILLS, XIXTOJf & CO. Monday, At half past 9 o'ek - cv, hi l!icir uclim tlor'C, No. 143 I sail street, a a - ilaeot oi French and English DRY GOODS. MARBLE FOR Illll.hlAG, ie. TH E proprietors ol ibe southern marble qua ries, uear Kins's - Bridj, - , give notice, that they have ou hand, and ai rocttvin", at the Kmg't - Bridgt Marble and l.invl ard, toot of Beach - street, on the Hudson river, an extensive st.H k of marble lor building, ot the following J - SLTipUOI LT, T1S . Asldar Coping Eoui.....ti(m S'one (.'himnej - Pitcef Coluoins Vatrt&LU Steps Platforms SUls, Lmteli Arches Also Lime of the best quality. rr A constant supply of the atxivS material may be calculated upon ; and those dciirou of purchasing, or making etr?emT.t', wilt apply to EZRA LUDLOW, Feb II At the Yard. DISSOLUTION OF COi'ARTi" F.RrHIP. CO" Inconsequence jof the death of Captain John Smith, the urru oi Smillt, llumih'ira V Co. is dissolved. The eoncrrus ol the arm will ne adjusted by the subscribers, and (lit business in ... r t - . . . .10 . . . nnure conuucic.i uncer me r'ni oi o. ana c. lilanthaid, at No. Ui Burline - tlip. Samuel liiancnara, rny 5 Ehsha Dlanchard. Mrrclimit Rank, Mnu 3, 1818. n"7 The annual election for Dirii tors of this institution will bo held on Tuesday Cte 8J day of J une next, at the Banking House, between Uio itours of 10 and t o'clock: By order of the Board of Directors, - G. B. VROOM,Cwhr. mar 5 Ij2 ' JtTUiVAI. lASURAAVt. CUM PA M Of THE CITl'OFJfEW - YURK. The President ami Directors give notice that a dividend of four and a hidf per cent, on the capital stock of this Company, for six nnmtliN, will be made on the llih inst. and pa.d on demand to the stockholders or their attornica, al No. 52 Wall - street. mv6 lm JOHN PINT AIM), Rec'rv. (T An Eltclinn for liovernors of the New - Yoik llmpiinl, will he held at ihe hospital, on the ID I. insl(Tnrsday). 'Ihe kII will bit opened ut 10 oM m li, und closed at 1 P. M. By order of the huatd ol Governors. in 11 81 IHOMAS BUCKLEY, Etc'ry. ' f 'I lie topjilnerhip between V. VER - Ml V. k LAEOKGl'K is this dsy dissolved , May 13, Ihl.i. VINTROUX VERMEZ. my 14 tf LITER KY NO I ICE. ft MELDING LUCAS, Jr. Baltimore, will publish on Mouduy, Ihe Kith May, " THE OLD BATCHELOR," fn 2 miniature volumes, pike, ii, extra boards, fl 7o cents. This edition is printed uni.brm with the Letters ol Ihe British Spy," audit from the run ol Ihe snine nuthor. Older mr the above will be ntteiidrd lo and lortvanled hy Ihe saiueconuyaute. ni) - 14 3l OCT 'I 'be new EERIt V BOA 1 S irom the loot of v ttlnul stieet, New York, to the foot of Little street, Brooklyn, near the Navy Yard, will commence running on Sunday, the llihinst. 1 crsnns crossing lo lirouklyo Irom tne upper part of Ihe city, will find the distance tuuth shortened by using this letry. ny 14 . NO I ICE. Or The psrtnersliip exiiting under the ftimol Kelly sVM'Bride, isttiisday dissolved by mutual consent. Tim business of said concern is handed ovrr to John Kelly, who will continue Ihe bu im i on his own account Ire he - ii.R Hilly authorised, will settle tlie buiiurs of the lute connern. M 'j 7th, I8ltl. JOHN KELLY, GEO. M'BKIDE. my 14 31 LAN i"is". " fc5 - STEPHEN B. MUNN, No. KO Penrl - stie. t. New - fork, purt buses Lnnds in the l.'lm - 01s Territory, which has been sel anurtfor Ihm late Army. I alters from Ihe ronntrv tivinir description ol ihe patent aod the price asktd lor each lot, will he - allended to, if Post paid. my I S MAI. 11 Ami neon Academy of Ihe UntArti. I.r" The Hoard of liro tors give i.otw t. that the fourth exhibition of this academy, will bo pened on Wednesday next, 20lh instant, au.1 continua 0cn every day (Sunday excepted) from 0 in Ibe morning till du:k. Admittance 25 tents. Catalogqrs 1 If. Ky order. ALEX. ROBER1 SON. Sec'rr. Members and exhibiting artisls ara informed, that their, cards of aduuuion are left with th door keeper. mv 14 2w TONTINE COt FEE DOUsE. (j The committee for managing tne uiTain of ibe 'Pontile I offt e House, give notice, that m Dividend of Seventeen Dollars vrr share, for the year ending the 1st int wU! be paid the pro prietort on or after the 19th Intt. at 24 Uroad street. niy 13 Im i. - C. (i. SMEDUERG ii CO. have moved their counting house to No. 85 Washiurtoa - ' street, where they ooVr for tnle 1 14 hhds Nw - Orleant sugar) superfine cloths, double nilled kceseymeres, plains and relveteeiis. J. k H. REN WICK, hare removed to Xe. 85 VVshiiilon - trert. mAy 15 Jo nth tiiULK. nrr' Iotlery Offices, Broken and others are cautioned against receiving or paying the ball of Picket No. 6960, wbitb U.ew a prize of C 0U. n the Grand Stale Lottery on the I IU but. to any person whatever but the subscriber, as it bat been ttolen from him. JOSEI'H DELAPLAINE, Cbeuut - t. may 15 31 Philadelphia. NO I ICE. (7 All good remaining no board the booo - ers Enny Al Spartan, from Havre, that are oot permitted on Monday moruiog uext, will ht seat in the public store. m y 15 it j w Difrctors ol me New Yuik l uiilo - . tion for Ihe instruc tion of the deaf and d imb, an lounce. that it is bow open for the res 1 pi i oof pupils, at No. 66 Chatnam, corner or tnamner street, under the siiperintertdnrM of the Kev. A. n. feiuisburr. I be terms 01 oouru are stall per annum, inchidimt washing ti men.ting ; pnpila lo 6ud lh - ir wo beds. I uition J4U per ann. including slalii.nsry. Those who are unable to lsy for their tuition will make application to the superuitendant, that their case tay be laid before tU board ef dirertors JOHN 8. SCOTT, feee'ry. my 15eod w rtw ' . tiCOBE INSURANCE Cu.s.PA.nK. "HE Preside t and Diiectnrt give imtire, . that a ditidendof four tr ere oa the capi tal stock of the company for the lat six nmMha, wilt be paid to the Stockholder at their Orfe e. N.. 55 WaU - etrtet. oa and aOerthe lit oar of Jane text. Tn Transfer book will lia I ru ow the tlt lost in U Ry order nl Ihe hoard ot Direc - rs. RICHARD DUNN, Juor. mvl4dlm Sst'rr. AWAA1SA SUVA u.v, YOUNG woman who ondorstanJ all kind oi sewing, aod is capable of teaching children I she would bare uo otjeclioo to astit ui a staoni, or wail on a lady a lew Bsiles srora theoty. Tke my' satis rectory referrocet caa be given - - A Une adlreited to A. I), at this onVe, will I be particularly attended to. . y IS v rf t) AS Cook, either a white or colored Woajaa. who perfer liy brui.r. and can prdJce an ,o.ire4io - ol, character. iBcbi per will be allowed go wag ee, w.ap. rtig St ti Prr - plnce. ny 15 lw

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