The Mason City Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa on February 17, 1944 · Page 18
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The Mason City Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa · Page 18

Mason City, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, February 17, 1944
Page 18
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Page 18 article text (OCR)

18 Thursday, Feb. 17, 1944 MASON CITY GLOBE-GAZETTE Citation for Malta Made in Nine Days Washington. U.R--When President Roosevelt presented the Malta citation to the people of that island on Dec. 17, 1943, he gave them one of the most swiftly planned and executed historical documents in the history o£ printing. The Malta citation had been prepared in the United States by 10 employes of the government printing office less than 9 days under conditions ot the utmost secrecy. These 10 were the only people in the printing office who knew the itinerary of the president's trip and knew that this document must be rushed to him in record time 1 At the time Public Printer Augustus E. Giegengack was informed that he svould have to produce a copy of the Malta citation in 9 days, he and his staff had no idea of the design, style of colors to be used in printing the citation or the case that would enclose it. A number of suggestions were submitted, and 3 days later the 10 men began work on the chosen design. The work, requiring the utmost skill and craftsmanship, was accomplished entirely by hand. On Nov. 24, at 2:45 p. m., the citation was delivered to the white house, complete with a protective walnut case and the padded canvas bag in which it was to be shipped to Malta. Completing the citation 15 minutes before the white house deadline, the government printing office had accomplished a miracle of printing in record time. BOOK-OF-WEEK REVIEWS POSTED Youth Corner at Library Asks Reviews A book of the week review by a young person will be posted in the youth corner and in the children's room at the library each week for the rest of the winter beginning on Feb. 22, Washington's birthday,'and on each Tuesday thereafter. The review club which Mrs. George Ludeman inaugurated, is flourishing. Visitors stop and read the reviews on the bulletin boards, some 20 in number, and new notes by persons who are interested iri books are coming in. As those notes that have been up for some time are taken down they are Hied in a folder for reference use at the main desk. George Washington, in 1790, in a speech to both houses of congress pointed out that "kiiowledre is iu every country the surest basis of public happiness." At the public library in Mason City the young people's book re- view club will be set up to fit in with the comments by older library users for the sole purpose of the promulgation of knowledge and the promotion of public hao- piness. Many young people will enjoy joining in this program o f snai ._ ing ideas on books. The notes should be from 25 to 50 words in length and may be left at the main desk or in the children's room. It will be of interest to have young people sign whether they are in junior college, high school, junior high or grade school students and the name of school in addition to full name. Readers may submit as many reviews as they wish and as often as they wish but any one entry will be considered by the Book- of-the-Week sifting committee only once for first place. All reviews will be kept on file at the library, however, as possible material for a Book Pilot similar to the-one published last summer. Share-a-ride has become a familiar slogan. Sharing your enthusiasm for, a bok you like will add to the "public happiness" which Washington knew rested on knowledge. A hen is only an egg's way of making another egg.--Butter, 1877, In Package* and Tea Bag* at Your Groce SAVE at RAIZES! WE CLOTHE AND FEED THE ENTIRE FAMILY FOR LESS **TM'^··^^^^"·"·f**»»*«w««a^«»"aTMiB. B a l i Ration Free! Just Arrived Large Shipment- of LUGGAGE $1.60 to $12.95 Suitcases, Handbags Luggage for Ladies, Etc. NOTICE .1I*nr ileras h»v« jnit arrived due on old contracts 'for list fall delivery. Xow beinj closed out at Special Prices. It will nay jou ( o shoe at BaUes and Save S S S S Men's LEATHER JACKETS Now being closed out ond up Shoes for Men and Boys HIGH SHOES or OXFORDS and Boys' Winter Weight UNION SUITS Long Sleeves, Long ,Legs. All Size*.... 98c RUBBER FOOTWEAR Now in Stock For the Entire Family FRUITS £ VEC. ONIONS, Dry, Yellow Lb. 7c ORANGES, Med. 288 Size Doz. I9c RUTABAGAS, YAMS, DATES, FIGS Mitt's Old Fashioned APPLE CIDER. . . i/ 2 Gal. Jug 39c New Solid CABBAGE 3 Ibs. 19c Large 80 Size GRAPEFRUIT 5 for 27c LETTUCE, CELERY, PEPPERS, CARROTS CANNED FOOD SALE Our great canned food sale Is still on and we know that you will want to stop in and take advantage of the many money savin" items we have to offer. FRUIT COCKTAIL 2V 2 Can 34c CRANBERRY SAUCE Can 18c Hart Sujar Added APPLESAUCE N o . Z C o n l S c SLICED PEACHES No. 10 Con 78c BARTLETT PEARS No. 2Vz Con 23c SPINACH, No. 2 Con 2 Cons for 29c No. 2 Can 16c Celling JACK SPRAT PEAS 2 for 27c Jack Sprat Whole Kernel CORN, No. 2 Con, 16c Ceiling 13V 2 c Golden SYRUP, 5-lb. Jar FRESH MEATS Corn Country or Brookficld BUTTER Lb . 45c PORK LIVER, Fresh Sliced Lb. T6c Decker's Skinless W I E N E R S . . . . Lb. 29c Good MUTTON ROAST Lb. 19c Oysters, Pig Tails, Brains, Chickens BACON ENDS 1 i/ 2 -lb. Pkg. 25c Tender Sirloin or T-Bone STEAK - . . . . Lb . 31c Cut Up PICKLED HERRING, No Pts. Qf. Jar 35c Old Fashioned BRICK CHEESE. . . Lb. 38c Decker's LINK SAUSAGE Lb. 39c BUY THIS FOLGER'S COFFEE um Packtd b 29c 50-lb. B a g . . . $2.45 Del Monte, Lb. 29c Nash, Lb. 29c Quaker OATS, 3-lb. T u b e . . . 2}C S6c RAISINS, 4 Ib*. . . 55c KRAFT DINNER lOc DRIED PRUNES, 2 Ibt 29C MOTHER HUBBARD PANCAKE FLOUR, 5-Pound Box 29c FRUIT BALL ««._ CANDY, 8 oz Z5C Von Camp's TENDERONI, 3 for GRAPE-NUTS, -*p_ 2--15c Boxes *5C '^^^^^^^^^^··MMB^MBMB^BBM^ SALAD DRESSING, SANDWICH SPREAD. PUDDINGS Butterscotch, Lemon, Vanilla, Chocolate, « A^ V+-lb. Pkg., 4 for. . 13FC White, Yellow POPCORN, Ib.. 15c POST TOASTIES, 2--lOc Boxes. . . 4 lOc Jan 15c 25c BUY MORE WAR BONDS SAM RAIZES DEPT. STORE PIMM434 We Reserve Right to Limit ·· i; 301 So. Fed. FARMERS! WE PAY HIGHEST PRICES FOR,EGGS ACH! AN "ACHE?" --Accord, inr to one of Germany's lead- inr magazines, this photo show* Hauptmann Nowotny, ace uaii pilot, walkinr away from his plane after a skirmish with allied bombers and fighter*. "A headache" is the German explanation of the hand-on-head pose! No doubt! NAZI TROOPS ENTER TRAP 1.1 Yanks Take 80 Prisoners Easily By LYNN HE1NZERLING With the 5th Army at Cassino Feb. 16--(Delayed) -- /P)-!_ German after German would walk up to the door, click his heels and inquire: "1st der Herr Hauptmann da?" Second Lt. Paul M. Kroerner o Pontiac, 111., would reply; "J a der captain is here" (in German' and take another prisoner. Koerner and 3 othet Americans were sitting in a captured German command post on the edge of Cairo, north of Cassino. The German captain who was supposed to be in command was lying dead in a ravine outside. Koerner isn't sure how many Germans fell into his trap that day--the day he and 10 other Americans captured Cairo--but al told he picked up about 80 prisoners. ' Cairo had to be taken before the Americans could make their attack on Monastery hill above Cassino. By some freak tactics Koerner found himself headin" into town with 22 men and 4 tanks. The first thing that happened was that a German self-propelled gun and 2 tanks got between Koerner's platoon and the village The lieutenant and Pvt. Joseph J. Smith of Bockford, 111., were riding atop one of the American tanks and firing their carbines when the self-propelled gun came into' sight about 100 yards away With Koerner directing- the fire, the tank put the gun out of commission with one shell and, with 3 more wrecked one of the German tanks. The tank then began attacking various fortified houses on the edge of tiie village. "We picked up about 30 prisoners in 4 houses soon after we knocked off-the tank," Koerner said. "It got so crowded I finally had to send some men back with prisoners," Koerner said. "Almost ever}' · house in Cairo was fortified but we finally reached the center of town with everything clear out behind. "A c o u p l e of men were wounded, so I decided to sit there and hold the town for awhile. Just then an Italian came up and pointed out a house on the far side of town and said there were a lot of jerries there. "I had only 10 men then. We sot within 50 yards of the house and turned a bazooka on it A tank opened up with 3 rounds and we surrounded the house. Pretty soon out came 31 more prisoners, 4 of- licers and 27 men--a complete battalion staff. The captain decided not to surrender and he finally was killed." The Germans held all the peaks looking down on Cairo and Americans had been trying to get into the town for a week. Koerner and his platoon were the first to get in and, although 5 of his men were wounded, Koerner decided to hold the town He established outposts and with 3 of his men took over the battalion headquarters he had just cleared. "That's how we got the opportunity to spend a pleasant afternoon telling inquisitive Germans ·ja, der captain is here,' "--he said. Oregon Cars Scrapped at Rate of 60 Per Day Salem, Ore., (U.R)--Sixty Oregon automobiles go to the scrap heap every day, Flo'd Cook, executive secretary of the highway department's t r a f f i c advisory committee, revealed. "Approximately 4,160 cars are junked daily across the nation," Cook said. "And about 21,000 Oregon cars are scrapped every year. Junking has continued at this rate for the past 2 years, but the rate will increase as repairs and replacements become scarcer "Possibly 75,000 Oregon cars will have disappeared from the highways within the next 3 years And should t h e war end about that time, those cars won't be replaced immediately, for it would be about 6 months before manufacturers could retool for automobiles." Heat Control System Is Ready for Postwar Minneapolis, U,R--The Minneapolis-Honeywell Co. became one of the first companies in the country to tell about its postwar product with an announcement that it has perfected an automatic heat-control system which will eliminate drafts from the postwar home. .Charles B. Sweatt, Honeywell vice president, said the heating f? S ! em '! a low - cost adaptation of that used m schools and large office buildings to maintain constant room temperatures. "Basic principle of the system," he saia, "is to provide an exact ?r° U ^u. o£ heat in a continuous Jow. This differs widely from the present method where heat is supplied intermittently, causing house temperatures to fluctuate over a wide temperature range." He said the control system would be usable not only in the most modern of postwar homes, but also in prewar models. CHEAP AT THAT PRICE Boston, (U,R)--Every time she sings G above 'high-C, Virginia McWatters, who plays the maid in the musical hit "Rosalinda," is awarded a penny by the cast. The award goes into her bond savings. FINDS HOME TO RENT jJ Clovis, N. Mex., '(#)--Police! | Chief Leonard Pinnix who camei here recently from Albuquerque, I had been unable to find a housed to rent. Wednesday he answered) I y call to help extinguish a small' fire in a house, found it vacant-- F and rented it. -- MrsClarks r* * . . _ -»^. '.j^ * v JU tjtj 1JL1VJ DIAMOND BROS. 30 EAST STATE STREET -- ACROSS FROM SEARS, ROEBUCK LEf D'S SWEET VARIETY Small Sweet PEAS 2 No. 2 Con. 29. 10 Points Per Can LARGE BOX FLUFTEX PUDDING MIX 5 LB. PKG. MACARONI OR Spaghetti 35c Fancy Spanish Salted LB Peanuts . 29c SUGAR I Pound Pkg. Granulated 32 3 PKGS. MINUTE MAN Soup Mix 25c WHOLE WHEAT OR GRAHAM 5 LB. BAG Flour.... 22c 2 Large Boxes Kellogg's BRAN FLAKES LARGE BOX Georgie Porgie 21c TAFFY SHORTIES LB Cookies.. 19c 2 CANS CLEANER Bab-0 . . 21c 2 LB. PACKAGE BROWN SUGAR . 15c QT. JAR BRER RABBIT Molasses. 37c 6 LB. BOX Crackers. 36c 12-OZ. CAN LUNCHEON Meat.... 37c 5 POINTS Diamond's Best Cake BOX Flour ... 19c STRIKALITE 6 BOXES Matches. 21c Diamond's Best LG. BOX Oatmeal. 19c Burry's Cocktail BOX Crackers. 25c 3H Lb. Bag Reputation Pancake Flour 19c "JUNKET" BRAND Rennet Poxvder For Smooth Ice Cream and Custards Package 9c RAISINS, 2 Ibs 25c MEDIUM SIZE PRUNES, 2 Ibs. 1.. 27c GOLDEN SYRUP, 5 Ib. jar . 33c Hermox Bleach, qt. lOc ······I^H MARSH SEEDLESS Grapefruit 10 for NEW CABBAGE, 2 Ibs. . lie NO. i stock- Idaho Russets Northern Cobblers or Triumphs Peck ...,,._ i8c 100-lb. Bag §2.98 PARSNIPS, 3 lb« 25e CALIFORNIA Extra Fancy Asparagus No. 2 Con.. 15 Points VAN CAMP'S PRE-COOKED 2 BOXES Beans... 25c 2 POINTS PER BOX ',· Gallon Assorted Flavors Fruit Drinks 29c (Plus Bottle Charge) -GOIJJEN VALLEY _ No. 214 Can TOMATOES ,, 17c 12 POINT Corn Country BUTTER Ib. 45c 2 No. 2% Cans California Spinach . 33c 10 POINTS PER CAN Large Oval Can Tomato Sardines. 13c 12 POINTS GOLDEN VALLEY Catsup, large bottle 18c 18 POINTS Fancy Cream Style Golden Bantam 2Cans l9C 10 Points Per Can 3-lb. Con Diamond's Best £.*1n SHORTENING 0/C 15 POINTS Sauerkraut, qt. jar 20c PLAIN · 2 LBS Noodles.. 19c NO POINTS Rider's Tomato 5 CANS Soup . . . 25c 4 POINTS PER CAN COFFEE AT ATTRACTIVE PRICES Diamond's Best . 30c Moca Bean 21c | Brilliant 21c FANCY, IN HEAVY SYRUP PEACHES, 2 No. 2V 2 Cons... 30 POINTS PER CAN 3 GIANT BARS P G SOAP _ 13c Oxydol, 24 oz. pkg. 20c TWO V? LB. PKGS. Hershey's Cocoa . . 19c Block Salt, 50 Ibs. . 42c MODESS "56"--89c "12"--22c Golden Bake Mix . lac Cauliflower Each ; 25c DOZEN Lemons.. 35c APPLES 23c 19c Jonathan, 2 Pounds for HEAD LETTUCE, 2 for .......... RUTABAGAS or TURNIPS, 5 Ib*.... TWO-POUND JAR Lady Corinne CITRUS Marmalade £it/ c NO POINTS NEEDED 8-oz. Can French . « M_ MUSHROOMS ____ 17C NO POINTS G ROLLS HY-GENE Tissue . . . 25c 25-OZ. JAR K. C. Baking Powder . ..... 23c Durkee's Famous Bottle Dressing . 29c HURRY'S ORIGINAL BOX Butter Crackers ...... 14c French's Cream Style . Mustard . . 9c QUART JAR EATMOR Dills .... 21c Strictly Fresh EGGS d'oz. 32c Heinz Ejteak LG. BOTTLE Sauce...25c MORTON'S SAUSAGE 10-OZ. CAN SEASONING ___ 24c 3 CANS Lewis Lye 25c Large Box Water Soltener Sofwash. 22c Mom's Chocolate JAR Syrup .. 17c 2-Gal. Can Pennsylvania MOTOR OIL $1.39 KENTUCKY CLUB LB. Tobacco. 73c RAISIN BOX Bran.... lie 4-BAR DEAL FAIRY Soap . . . 20c GREEN OR WAX 2 NO. 2 CANS Beans... 25c Baking *£j« CHOCOLATE, Bar. . OC QUART JAR Peanut Butter _ 41c TALL CAN Pink Salmon , 25c TALL CAN Red Salmon _.. 40c Mulberry Bacon, Ib. 17c VITAMIN ENRICHED FLOUR ;:::- Diamond's Best §1.98 Reputation _.. $1.85 Chef Boy-ar-dee Spaghetti Sauce With or Without Meat Can--13c 6 POINTS VAN CAMP'S Complete Dinner. A Meal for 6 for only 6 meat points 2 Pkgs. Tcnderoni, 1 Jor Chili Con ' Mf -Come 45C

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