The Mason City Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa on January 4, 1943 · Page 7
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The Mason City Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa · Page 7

Mason City, Iowa
Issue Date:
Monday, January 4, 1943
Page 7
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Page 7 article text (OCR)

MONDAY, JANUARY 4, 1943 MASON CITY GLOBE-GAZETTE Tragedy of Untouchables Is Stressed; Possible Solution Is Outlined to MacKenzie By DeWITT MACKENZIE Wide World News Analyst NEW DELHI--Histoiy provides few human tragedies so awful as that of India's 60,000,000 untouchables who are condemned by tradition to live ns pariahs just as their ancestors have done for hundreds o£ years. That world "pariah," says a lot, by the way. Here in this ancient land it is applied both to the person who is an outcast from society and to the gaunt wild dog which*by day skulks outside the cities f and towns and by night races wailing through the streets in ·"·I search of garbage and offal with which to fill his hungry belly. The untouchable will tell ·f 5 you that there isn't much to choose between the life of «he man and that the beast. MACKENZIE Many . w o u l d feel that the advantage rests with the dog. After all, he isn't condemned to such tasks as emptying night vessels lor his betters and he is not unlucky enough to live as long as the man. The story of these unfortunate folk is so fantastic in these days of alleged civilization that I'd likt you to get it straight from one who was born in this class. challenged the work of the Almighty. But let Dr. Ambedkai" take up he recital: "In order that you may understand our problem I must start at the beginning and give you some of the fundamental facts. One of these is that India is a land o£ villages. "Now the villages consist of two sections. There is the village proper and apart from it there is the settlement of the untouchables. This depressed class represents on an average perhaps one-tenth of the total population of the village. "The untouchables are not a part of the village but are wholly · I've just come from talking u-ith Dr. Bltimrao Rmaji Am- bedkar. champion of the un. touchables. and I want him to tell you what this .stiirma means and how he is working to dra^ his people up out of the slough of despond. You doubtless know Dr. Am- bedkar already is a leader who is trying to obtain a place in the sun for the untouchables under the new constitution which has been promised Indiu. The doctor himself has escaped from the horrors of his class by a queer twist o£ fate which I shall describe later. He is a lawyer by profession and is a member for labor in the viceroy's- council and from that post he is fighting the battle of the depressed classes. * * * He is a striking exemplification of the truth that God made the untouchable the same £s the other natives of India, but the religious caste system has outside its life, though for pur- pcises of taxation they are regarded as in tlie village!. "They have no land. In some places, like the Punjab, they are forbidden by law to own land. Their ancestors never had land and so there is none to inherit. "Thus the untouchable is helpless and dependent on the village for his livelihood. "Every village has its social code. Under this the untouchable is compelled to wear dirty clothing. He has no place lo wash and if he tries to use a village well the people rise up against him. '·The whole administration of tlie country -- the whole civil ervice, police, judiciary, etc.--is mainly in the hands of Hindus anil partly in the hands of Moslems. Untouchables have no place in it. "We tried to remedy this situation by claiming for the depressed classes seats in the provincial legislatures. The untouchables have 151 seats of a total of 1,558 and these were given to us by way ol safeguard. "The problems are, first, how to protect ourselves from local tyranny in the villages and, second, how to get justice at the hands of the - police and magistracy. "Our scats in tlie legislatures Sive us a -chance to protest against unjust laws, but this doesn't enable us to help the untouchables in the villages or to get justice. * * * "Here is my solution: "All these scattered settlements of untouchables should be removed and regrouped into villages of their own. The government should provide tlie monej and in 20. years the change could be made. "We want to escape from perpetual slavery to the Hindus. WL want to be free people in out own villages. "As regards the police and magistracy we should have a certain number of places reserved for us in those security services. "Thus we should have representatives of our own in these services to see that no harm was done to us. "This plan would abolish un- touchability. A man is an untouchable by inheritance. He can't escape identification. He is perpetually an untouchable. "But if we transfer the untouchables lo far-off settlements of their o\vii, then the means of identification will be gone. Ai untouchable looks like any other Indian of his race. This program would enable the untouchables to escape tyranny. It would do away with untouchabilily. It would destroy the inferiority complex of the depressed classes. * * * "The untouchables suffer terribly from an inferiority complex. They can't live respectably DECLARE WAR NOW ON Put "VfcfesPfon" To Work Results of medically-supervised test show followers of Vicks Plan had fewer colds... shorter colds...50% less sickness from colds! W ITH contagious colds spreading, you've got. to keep on your toes. So put Vicks Plan to work at once! Certified results of a winter-long test among 2650 children show that followers of Vicks Plan had Jeaer colds . . . shorter colds... 50% less sickness from colds! 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We look to America to come to our" rescue in the settlement ol the Indian question." "And how, Dr. Ambedkar, did you escape from the fate of your people?" * * * "I am a product of history," replied the doctor. "We must go back to the Napoleonic wars. India was conquered at that time by the East India, company with the help of Indian troops, not British. And it was the untouchables who fought for the company. * # * "This enlistment of the untouchables was a. godsend to them, as it opened up a career and provided high places in tlie army. My people were in the army and my father got an education and thought of giving me an education. "I had to fight all difficulties though. I couldn't sit with the other children in school but had a stool in the corner. '·In 1892 the. gove r n iri c n t stopped recruiting untouchables for the army because the Hindus wouldn't serve under or with them. This removed the only career open to an untouchable." The late Gaekwar o£ Baroda, whom America knew well as a great humanitarian. and worker for the good of his people, took an interest in Ambedkar and sent the young man to Columbia university where he obtained his Ph. D. Today the doctor is one of the outstanding personalities in India. I). S, COURT OF APPEALS RULES ON GO-OP CASE Sheldon Co-Operative Suing 12 Oil Companies for $100,000 Damages A decision by the U. S. circuit court of appeals which clears the way for trial of a $100,000 suit by the Farmers' Co-operative Oil company of Sheldon against the 12 major oil companies in the United States was announced here Monday by E. G. Dunn, attorney Cor the co-operative. The oil companies were con- t'iclcd several years ago, Mr. Dunn explained, of conspiracy lo fix tlie price of gasoline and after this successful prosecution of the criminal case, the civil suit was started by the Sheldon co-operative. ¥· * * The civil suit was dismissed by Judge George C. Scott in the U, S. district court for northern Iowa on the grounds that the individual members of the co-operative were the ones harmed and that they would have to sue as individuals. This was the question taken to the court of appeals by the Mason City attorney. The opinion announced Mon- Outstanding Savings For the Family and Home in Eaton's Slight Irregulars SHEER RAYON BARE-LEG HOSIERY 64c 2 Prs. for 1 . 1 9 DEFINITE SAVINGS ON SMART WINTER FASHIONS! PRICED TO CLEAR! Women's Gabardine SKI SUITS Genuine Lambskin Zip-Lined Jacket Regular 17.95 14' Blue, Wine, Rust, Green. Sizes 12 to 20 day was the first on the precise point involving the co-operatives, Mr. Dunn said, and held that since a common question o£ law and tact was involved, the 700 members of the co-operative could join in bringing the suit. * * * Filins of TOO suits would have involved approximately §15,000 in filing fees and marshal's fees, Mr. Dunn pointed out. and would thus automatically have precluded trial of the case. The 12 oil companies were convicted in the criminal case of going to independent refineries and agreeing to buy all their surplus gasoline on the understanding that any gas sold to others would be at the price stated by the representative o£ the big 12, Mr. Dunn explained. Following completion o£ these agreements, the 12 oil companies were in it position to dictate the price of gasoline and between March 7, 1935, and Dec. 12, 193G, the average raise in price was 2'/t cents a gallon, according to the attorney. %· %· f T h e Sheldon co-operative during that period bought approximately 1.300.000 gallons of gasoline. Under the Sherman anti-trust law, the increased price can be recovered in triple by anyone damaged, the attorney said. Successful prosecution of the Sheldon case, he suggested, would give rise to a mynbcr of like suits by others. 8 NOKTHEKN SEALS 1 CIVET CAT January Clearance FINE FURS $119 $195 . $169 $139 $159 . $149 .. $139 . $195 $159 $139 $195 ... $ 99 . $119 DEFINITE SAVINGS ON WINTER COATS FINE 100% WOOLS 1 SKUNK 2 SKUNK DYED OI'OSSIBI 3 BLACK PERSIAN PAWS 4 SILVERTONE KATS 1 NATURAL OPOSSUMS 1 CHINESE KID 3 CHEKIANG CARACULS 2- CARACUL PAW'S 4 SABLE BLENDED EATS 6 SABLE DYED CONEYS 5 BROWN 1HENDOZAS Here Is your chance to buy a fine coat at a real saving! Choose from sport coals, fur trimmed dress and sport coals. Tweeds, worsteds and camel's hair in black, brown and colors. Sizes tor Misses and Women. Girl Leader Directed Russian Troops Into Velikie Luki Stronghold LONDON, (U,P.)--Tamara Sum- chakova, girl leader of a guerilla band, led soviet troops into the German stronghold of Velikie Luki. on the central front, the Moscow raido said Monday. "Tamara brought the Russian army information regarding German positions and it was her detachment which led soviet unils into attacking broadcast said. "Later, tall, positions," the smiling Tamara stood in the doorway of the former German staff headquarters at Velikie Luki and greeted Russian soldiers as they passed in triumph." Eighty thousand miles, ot convoy routes are patrolled by the British navy. Ickes States Eastern Seaboard's Gas Is "on Hand to Mouth" Basis WASHINGTON, (#)--Petroleum Administrator Ickes loid a special senate committee Monday that the eastern seaboard's gasoline and fuel oil supplies were on a "hand to mouth basis" and were likely to continue in that status for months to come. Tlie first witness in an investigation of the petroleum shortage, the petroleum administrator said he had not felt justified in "holding out any hope in the relaxation of very necessary rationin of gasoline 1 ' only slight quotas. "When all is said and done.'' he testified, "we are living on a hand to mouth basis arid we are going to continue on a hand to mouth basis. 1 ' Ickes said the new pipe line from east Texas to Illinois, going into operation Feb. I, would help relieve the situation, brit petroleum demands for the American forces in North Africa were growing. Tailored and Dressy BLOUSES l/ 3 off T "S'° White, color* and print*, ull slies. Housecoats Regular f\ gg 3.85-4.35 ^^ Plain nnd floured rayon crept, seersucker, pique. All color* and and could hope for easing in fuel oil Clearance Hats Values to $10 $1 $2 $3 Dunlop Succeeds Barlow as 2nd Ward Air R^rl Warden Children's DRESSES Regular 1.49 to 3.95 1/3 off JANUARY CLEARANCE BETTER DRESSES $5 $7 $9 Better dresses, drastically reduced for immediate clearance! Crepes, velvets, wools and novelly fabrics. Black, brown and colors. Siies for Misses and Women. 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The schedule of the schools follows, the designation A being for. first ward: B, second ward; C, third ward, and D, fourth ward: Monday, Jan. 4 --Roosevelt junior high, sectors C-5-6-7-I2- 13-14-19 and D-4-5-6-9. Tuesday, Jan. 5 -- Harding school, sectors A-15-16-I7-10-20- 21-22 and Monroe school, sectors B-4-5-6-7-8-12-13-14-15-1617-18-21-22-23-24. Wednesday, Jan. 6 -- Wilson school, sectors B-19-20 and D-ll- 13. Thursday, Jan. 7--Jefferson school, sectors A-13-18 and C- SALE OF EDJIl/XI) DUXLOr 16-17-18-20-21-22; Grant school, s e c t o r s D-1-2-3-7-8-IO-12-14; Garfiekl school, sectors C-l-2-,1- 4-8-9-10-ll-:5 and Central high; school, sectors A-l-2-3-4-5-6-7-8- 1 9-10-11-12-14 and B-l-2-3-9-10-j 11. j Tlie Central Heights school session will be Wednesday, Jan. 6, for all air raid wardens in this district. All fire watchers arc welcomed and asked to take up First Aid' classes, Mr. Wagner stated. 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