Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa on April 23, 1934 · Page 16
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Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa · Page 16

Mason City, Iowa
Issue Date:
Monday, April 23, 1934
Page 16
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SIXTEEN MASON CITY GLOBE-GAZETTE APRIL 23 1934 23 FELLOWSHIPS GIVEN TO IOWANS Lydia C. Roberts Traveling Award Goes to Wiringa of Buckeye. NEW YORK, April 23. C : P--Twenty-three lowans today were winners of Lydia C. Roberta fellowships and the Lydia C. Roberts traveling: fellowship, awarded . each year to graduates of Iowa institutions for advanced work at Columbia university, New York City, N. Y. Leon Otig Wiringa of Buckeye was awarded the traveling fellowship. Other awards went to: Edward P. Alexander, Centerville; Charles E. Baker, Iowa City; Weldon N. Baker. Lake View; Robert H. Bierstedt, Burlington; Evelyn Mae Boyd, Grinnell; Hele M. Carlson, Laurens; Jamea P. Outturn, Wapello; Alberta Curtis, Stuart; Olga A. Erbe, Boone; Clarence W. Failor, Fort Madison; George A. Fink, Burlington. Rudolph J. Hurka, Jr.. Cedar Rapids; Hary L. Kout, Nasua; Elwyn Arthur Mauck, Reinbeck; Lura L. McLennan, Des MoineS; Walter G. Meyer, Webster City; John W. Pooley, Grinnell; Hugh F. Seahury, Bloomfield; Katherine G. Simons, Shenandoah; Olive Sinclair, Waterloo; Lois E. Taylor, Cedar Rapids; and Richard W. Tims, Tama, ANNUITIES FOR AGED PROPOSED Zylstra, Demo Candidate for Governor, Gives His Platform. DES MOINES, April 21. (.T)--Annuities for persons over 50 years of age, certain tax exemptions on farms and homes and lower rates of interest on farm and home loans are advocated in the platform, announced today by State Representative Charles J. Zylstra of Hawarden, candidate for the democratic gubernatorial nomination. He advocates payment of 5100 monthly to persons over 50 years of age, the money to be raised by a small levy on all incomes. Payments would be first graduated until the fund would warrant full payment. Would Cut Production. ZIystra claims this would permit work years up to 50 and would reduce production by decreasing the working years. It also would increase consumption and eliminate poverty in old age. He would exempt farms and .iomes up to $2,000 actual valuation : from taxation. ,He said the loss_in_ PRESSBOX (Continued From Sptirtu 1'aje) was almost a total failure this last winter, but nevertheless one of the most highly prized gifts received by John Gravelie and his family in the last year is a pair of hand made skis, sent by his brother from Norway. There is superb workmanship evident in them. There has to be in Norway. Let John Gravelie tell about the Sunday sports of the country and that's evident. * 9 * Start at 9 o'clock on a Sunday morning, with the cold as much as 30 to 40 degrees below zero--it won't be felt in the dry air--to ski up . a mountain. Climb for four hours. Look far down into the valleys, see the houses, up to their roofs in snow. Farm houses and buildings are connected together into what amounts to one building. Perhaps a red flag on a housetop is the only indication of a building, the snow is so deep. Then home, when you're tired, winging down the mountain in 10 minutes. * » * The dry cold of Norway lets the uplanders go about in shirt sleeves with the mercury near zero. Near the waterfalls, it's a different matter. Humidity makes the chill biting. Then too, Norway is a great fishing country. For instance, the farmers set an alarm clock to light a fire by the bank of their fishing waters. The fish, feeling the heat, jump into a pan over the fire and are all fried by the time the farmers, awakened by the alarm, can dress and walk to the water's edge. That's a John Graveiie story · - a good story too! John, Truman, Lucille and Mary complete Mr. and Mrs. Gravelie's family of Mason City neighbors. . Maxey Rosehbioom Isn't Ready to Rest Just Now NEW YORK, April 23. iP--It's a dull week in the boxing- business when Maxey Rosenbloom doesn't fight at least once. And the world's light heavyweight champion isn't ready for a rest yet. .He will meet Al Gainer, clever Connecticut 175-pounder, in a 10 round non-title bout at New Haven. Otherwise the national boxing schedule for the week is almost a total .oss except for an attempted comeback by Pete Latzo, former welterweight champion. Now a middleweight, Pete will clash with Billy Evetchell of Millville, N. J.. in a 10- rounder at Philadelphia Friday. TRADING ACTIVE WITH HOGS DOWN 5 TO 10 WHEAT AND CORN LOWER AT CLOSE Selling on Part of Buyers of Last Week Helps Drag Prices Down. CHICAGO, April 23. CM--Selling out on the part of last week's buyers, together with lack of any broad new speculative demand, served today to drag wheat prices down. Lower quotations were in the face of reports showing increased need of rain in states that embrace about 50 per cent of the wheat producing area of the United States. Leading crop experts characterized the moisture situation in the northwest as about the poorest ever known. Wheat closed unsettled, % to 1 cent lower than Saturday's finish, May 76%-":;, July 76-76%; corn i% down, May 45%-y, July 47%*i; oats Vt-'/2 off, and provisions showing 5 to 15 cents decline. Produce MASON CITY, April 23 -Cash Quotations by E. G. Morse Eggs (current receipts) 12c Heavy hens, 4}S Ibs. and over . .lOc Light hens 6c Springs (heavy breeds) lOc Springs (Leghorn breeds) 6c Stags 6c Old cocks (heavyI 5° Merchants Quotations Eggs, cash 12-13c* 13-15c* 28c 26c 28C 28c 26c 26c 30c «EDITOR'S NOTE--These representative quotations were obtained by calling several downtown grocery stores. Eggs, in trade Butter, Plymouth ... Butter, Clear Lake .. Butter, State Brand . Butter, Very Best ... Butter, Dairy Maid Butter, Brookfield ..'. Potatoes, peck CHICAGO CASH GRAIN CHICAGO. April 23. (/PI--Cash wheat No. 2 hard 77 ] ,£®7SVic; No. 2 mixed 77 Corn. No. 2 mixed 46-lic; No. 3 yellow otd 4Sc: No. 3 yellow 47ttc: No. 4 yellow 45»4c: No. 2 white 50'.ic; No. 3 white (lake billing) 49c; No. 4 white 48«c. Oats, No. 2 white 32c: No. 3 white 30ic: No. 3 white (Jake billing) 29c. Hye. none. Barley 40SJ80C. Timothy seed $6.250?G.50 cwt. Clover seed S11ST11.25 cwt. Lard, tierces, 55.S7: loose lard 55,57; bellies S7.S7. MasonCityGrain MASON CITY, April 23.-Barley 30-45c No. 2 yellow old shelled corn . .32c No. 3 yellow new shelled corn ....Sic No. 3 yellow ear corn 29c White oats, No. 3, so IDS., or better 21c .MONDAY CHAIN CLOSE CHICAGO, April 23. Low July taxes by such exemption couETbe made by state ownership of services "which lend themselves to monopolistic control." Lower Interest Bates. . In advocating lower rates of interest on realty mortgages, he claims that nationalizing credit would inake loans available on farms and homes at 1 per cent per annum interest with 1 per cent annual payment on principal. Zylstra also advocates one chamber "of about 50 members to replace the present legislative setup claiming this would save $2,000 a day. He further advocates repeal of the sales tax. Teachers Are Elected for Leland Positions LELAKD, April 23.--Supt Robert 50th Anniversary of Emmetsburg Pair Is Observed With Dinner EMMETSBURG, -April 23.--Mr. §... WeJJLs_ ..o,t__ . . _ . . _ . . _ metsburg observed the fiftieth anniversary of their wedding here the past week-end, with members of their family present for the anniversary dinner. Mr. and Mrs. Wells were married at Sullivan, Wis., coming to Palo Alto county in the same year. Four children were born to them, Florence Wells, county superintendent, and Mrs. Henry Willingham, both of Emmetsburg, Addison Wells of Jackson. Minn., and Elmer Wells of Joliet, HI. -«ay ....... July ....... Sept, ....... BARLEY-May ....... July ......... Sept .......... ,ARD-May ....... July ....... Sept. ....... BELLIES-May ..-..-.-.-, July ......... LEGAL NOTICE NOTICE 10 PlttJUSHEBS OF TEXT BOOKS Notice is hereby given that. In accordance "with a resolution passed by the Cerro Gcrdo County Board of Education, and the School Law of Iowa, bids will be received up to, and including the 22nd day of May. 1934. by the Cerro Gordo County Board ot Education, at the Office of the County Superintendent of Schools, In the court house , --,. - . , in Mason City. Iowa, for the following test and Florence Rorvik, pnQ- -. bo^ks, and such supplies as may be needed cipal, who have taught in the local school for two years, were re-eni- ;rades 1 to 8 inclusive av,u\su.i. .twj- u." «J j j f jvc.*iiii:g . . , t.i-i.uca t t-u o -ployed for another year by tne Arftbaede " 2 to s l-JLi i^oW! ATM« rsri5*m ^v-EO Geography " 4 to 8 has taugnt tfce sixth, seventh and eighth grades was transferred to teach next year the third, fourth and fifth grades, and Glairs Kloster of Forest City, who will also assist as athletic coach, was hired^to ta^e the room formerly taught "by lUss Carlson. Hyla Berven of Story City. Waldorf college. ~"" 3 :o S ', M 7 a to S 1 to S 1 to 8 1 to S .7CS .76 -77 =J July Sept OATS-May July Sept .53=; -54TB , .39 ?; .44=; .46?; .48:., .53!* .55 h ..171.39 5.S7 5.97 6.17 .54 5 s .56% .38': .39=4 .41S 5.87 5.97 6.17 CHICAGO CHICAGO. April 23. (.Tl--Poultry, live, 1 car. 31 trucks, steady; hens over 5 Ibs 14^c. 5 Ibs. and under 16 J ,5c; Leghorn hens 14 ^;c: Rock fryers 23S'24c, colored 23c Rock springs 23®24c. colored 23c; Rocll broilers 22®23c, colored 22c, Leghorn 21c barebacks 18c; roosters 8c: hen turkeys 18c, young toms 16c, old toms 14c. No. 2 12c: spring ducks 13S16c, old Ilffll4c geese Sc. CHICAGO riMmucii CHICAGO. April 23. (/F)--Butter, 7.846, steady; creamery, specials (93 score) 23® 23%c: extras (92) 22^c; extra firsts (9091) 22SJI22UC; firsts (88-89)' 21@21%c; seconds (86-S7) 20-lic; standards (90 centralized carlots) 22',ic. Eggs, 48.S23, unsettled; extra firsts cars 16c, local IGc; fresh graded firsts cars IS'/ic, local iflfcc; current receipts 13c, PRODUCE FUTURES. CHICAGO, April 23. (.VI--Egg fut closed: Storage packed firsts April 17 storage packed firsts May 17VC; refrigerator standards October ISTic. Butter futures: Fresh extras April 22 Potato futures: Idaho russets May $1.60. NEW VOKR POULTKV. NEW YORK, April 23. LPk--Live poultry steady to weak. Chickens, freight SQJllc; express unquoted; broilers, freight 22c; express 12f24C; fowls, freight 16@17c; express 16ft'18c; roosters, freight and express Sc; turkeys, freight 10®lSc; express 14® 20c; ducks, freight lOc; express unquoted. 5,806. XEH' VOJKK PRODUCE. NEW YORK, April 23. (.I 1 ?,--Butter, iteady. Creamery, higher than extra X*'*LV 25c; extra (92 score) 24C; first {S7-91 scores) 22H®23 ; 7.Ic; seconds unquoted; centralized (90 score) 23l«c. Cheese, 74,553, steady. State, whole milk flats, fresh, fancy 13^13'ic; do. held, specially cured specials lSStl9c; regular cured |iiS ; 17c; average run 15©16c. Eggs, 20,894, frrepular; mixed colors, special packs or selections from fresh receipts LS ?I 20 *i c; standards and commercial standards ISf-idS'/ic; firsts 17c: seconds 16 16 U c; mediums, *0 Ibs. and dirties No. ", 42 Ibs., 16c; average checks 15«;c; storage packed firsts 17^c. Market Notes By TICKER TAPE MASON CIT5T, April 23,-HOGS Hogprlces 3 cents lower. est sorted lights 200-240 $3.33 Best medium weight touchers 240-260 $3.35 Best heavy butchers 260-300 $3.20 Best prime heavy butchers .. 300-325 $3.05 Best packing sows, Sfiiooth .. 300-350 $2.75 Best heavy sows, smooth .... 350-400 $2.65 Best big heavy sows, smooth 450-500 J2.50 Light lights, fair to goad, (140, 160, ISO) 52.20, 52.70, 52.80 CATTLE Choice young steers ., 900-1,000 J4.73-3.30 Medium to gool yearling steers 900-1,000 J3.75-4.50 Choice corn fed steers 1,000-1,200 Medium to good com fed oteera 1.000-1,200 xm grade steers .. fair tellers 60U-SOO Jood heifers 600-800 Choice to prime heifers 600-800 3IOXDAY GRAIN OPEN- CHICAGO. April 23. Open Today May July Sept, ... COBN-- Sept ........ OATS-May ....... July ....... Sept .......... RYE-May ...... . July ....... Sept. . . ..... BARLEY-May ....... July ........ Sept .......... LARD-May ....... July ....... Sept ....... BELLIES-May ...... July ...... Close Yesterday .76-i .78=i .45(4 -47=1 .49-i 27 ~" 12SV1 .29 .52 ii .53% 6.00 6.17 .28 "A .29?, .53% .54 »i .56% 6.02 6.10 6.30 Yr. Ago .69=1 .70'i .24% .25 .20 Vi .19 .50 3.47 5.60 0.72 6.25 6.47 MNXEAPOI-IS GRAIN. In Its weekly review of business and financial conditions the Wall street Journal says: "Shaking off the restraints ·which have held them for weeks m a narrow range, stocks staged a pronounced upward swing last week, a resurgence of inflation sentiment helping to bring about the advance. While the president haa reiterated his opposition to the demands of the silver bloc in congress, the feeling gained ground in the financial community 'that their strength would prevent the administration from ignoring their demands. Conferences with the silver advocates are in prospect, and thti move in slocks was attributed in part to the outlook that some major development might occur In the near future. "Preceding the genera! bulge in the market, numerous issues had pushed ahead independently of the general market. The performance oC special stocks had contributed to the general belief that trend of the market was upward, and that when the Washington skies were clearer, the forward swing would be communicated to the entire market. SHOULD BE ACTED ON SOON' "So far as securities market regulation is concerned, the revamped Fletcher-Rayburn bill is meeting direct attacks, now tiiat it Is up for final consideration. Changes In the measure have been made In committee, particularly In the margin requirements and in the setting up of an independent group to administer the measure. April 23. UP) -- Range of csriot grain saies: Wheat: No. 1 hard spring S0 7 ,sS82 ; ;ic; northern 79:-l,f: Sl^c: No. 3 No, 1 clark hard winte No. 1 hard white wheat SO^ic; No. 2 amber durum 97c; No. 1 mixed durum 75T4S97C. Corn; No. 1 yellow 43?ic, Oats: No. 3 white 3Sc. Within should fairly brief time the measure be acted on, one way or another, school north of Lelaud- Idz. Edresa t tt* Cv^'.r Ssp^r-jitesdeat; of Schools, o ^ho for two years was- teacher oi ga ^.7. at io:W o-ctoct A. M.. Tues third, fourth and fifth grades, win " ' · attend Augustana college at Falls, S. Dak., next year. Many North lowans Given Places on Honor Roll of Iowa U Frosh, Sophomores IOWA CITY, April 23.--Many Korth lowans were placed on the honor roll at the State University of Iowa for freshmen and sophomores who made a B average or tetter in their grades last semester. Earla Elaine o£ "Hampton and Janet Larrabee of Clermont were only slightly helow for sophomores. North lowans in the freshmen honor list were Lloyd Johnson of Dolliver, Gilbert McBwen of Mason City, Eleanor E. Seitz of Clarksville-and Gladys Straver of Cresco. Sophomores included Arthur M. Barnes of Eagle Grove, E. Marjorie Chamberlin of Humboldt, Charles A. Hastings of Garner, James F. Larrabee of Clermont, Edward Lundy of Clarion, Russell B. Ranney of Armstrong, C. Glenn Rye of Nortli- wood, -Wilbur Sharpe of Hampton and Lenore M. Snitkey of Humboldt. 1SJ4. Tie sa;d boar-: raserrcs the right to reject zzy or all bid£, ? any part thereof. April 23. 1E34. Pearl if. Tannar, Cfaaannan. CTP-P.O GOP.OO COUXTT BOARD OF EDUCATION. State Champion Honored. CRESCO, April 23.--Mr. and Mrs. E. J. Thomas entertained Friday evening in honor of their son, Earl, district and state champion 125 pound wrestler. . Miscellaneous TOTATO MARKET. CHICAGO, April 23. L-Pl--U. S. department of agriculture-Potatoes, 136, on track 389, total U. S. shipments Saturday 80S, Sunday 4S: old stock, steady, supplies liberal, demand and trading moderate; sacked per c^-t.: Idaho russets U. S. No. I, $1,50^1.60; combination grade $1.35; Washington russets sprouted S1.40; Red river section, Minnesota, North Dakota early Ohlos U. S. No. I. 51.20 ^T-1.25; Minnesota cobblers partly graded 51; Colorado McClures U. S. Ho. 1, fine quality $1.55. Now stock, firm; supplies moderate, demand and tradinc moderate; Texas sacked per cwt.: Bliss triumphs U. S. No. 1. 52.SO ffS.OS; fine quality higher roosUy around £3; U. S. No. 2. few sales $2: U. 3. No. 1, 115 inch minimum, $2.3052.55. MINNEAPOLIS FLOUR MINNEAPOLIS. April 23. (.1''--Flour 20 cents higher. Carload lots, family patents 56.50U6-60 a barrel 1 n 93 pound cotton sacks. Shipments, 21,805. Pure bran 5165? 16.50. Standard middlings $14.50315. NEW YORK SUGAR. NEW YORK. April 23. CIl--Raw Sugar . . unchanged. Futures unchanged. Kenned unchanged. TOf,Et0 SEEDS. TOLEDO. April 23, I.T!--Seeds in wareouse: Hed clover $5.25; alslke. S3.50. KANSAS CITV GRAIN. KANSAS CITY. April 23. GPJ--Wheat: 6G cars; i-^lvic lower. No. 2 dark hard 72® 1 ic; No. 3, 69 ft 74 lie nominal; No. 2 hard 70^fr72Uc: No. 3. 69^74^0 nominal; No. 2 red 7Q'573t~c nominal; No. 3, 69^@ 73c nominal. Corn: 22 cars: Ic lower to Uc higher: No. 2 white 46V1C; No. 3. 46c; No. 2 yellow 43V-c; No. 3. 424^43C nominal; No. 2 mixed 42-343c nominal; No. 3, 41^®42c nominal. Oats: 3 cars; unchanged to }=c lower. No. 2 white 29^-330^0 nominal; No. 3. 29@ 29;~c nominal. HIDES, WOOL Quotations Furnished by Wolf Bros., Inc., 308 Fifth Street Southwest. HIDES Horsehides Cured beef hides Green beef hides ... WOOL and hesitancy on this score removed. "The business horizon Is not devoid of clouds, but the major indices, continue to afford a fairly cheerful background for the market. Railroad traffic, in the latest week, scored a better than seasonal rise over the previous week; utility output figures gained, and operations In the steel industry are still ! rising. Some concern Is being felt about consumer goods buying, and grocery sales for March and sales by New York department stores in the first 12 days o f ' April were not encourasin g- There has been a let down in some of the. lighter industries, like the rayon industry and in cotton goods. Motor production, on the other hand, is holding up well and orders still are in good volume. STEEL IS I'CSHING AHEAD "Steel operations pushed ahead to trie highest levels since August, 1933, and were Averaging 50.3 per cent of capacity, against 47-4 per cent. With a strong backlog of unfilled orders on the books, steel men were looking forward to a good rate of operations through most of the present quarter. "Some steel plants reported bookings in the first half of April had run 25 per cent and more over the like period oE March and the Indications were that bookings for the entire month would be well above the total for the month of March. Much oC the tonnage placed, of course,, wa? for the P«*PJ* e of seeking protection against the higher prices Vhich TMt into effect in the second week of April." No. 1 clean bright 24c Ib. Seraibright 23c Ib. Rejects 19c Ib. Corn-Hog Allotment Committee Checking Cerro Gordo Contracts The county corn-hog allotment committee, composed of J. R. Richardson, Hugh Strain, Frank Guth, Paul Spotts and Harvey Wood, is checking corn-hog contracts preparatory to sending them to headquarters in Washington, according to an announcement from County Agent Marion E. Olson's office Saturday, and the first contract payments can be expected within a month. RECEIPTS MORE THAN EXPECTED Chicago Has Run of 35,000; Top $3.95 With Bulk $3.80 to $3.90. CHICAGO, April 23. UP)-- The hog market was active to 5 to 10 cents lower today. Receipts of 35,000 were heavier than had been expected and topped the offerings of a week ago and a year ago. The top was $3.95 with the bulk of 170 to 280 pound swine selling for $3.80 to $3.90. The demand for dressed pork ranged active but buyers were unwilling to offer asked prices which began steady with last week's close. Prices in most outside markets ruled lower with receipts about normal. The price trend was as high as 10 to 15 cents lower. Cattle were active with prices On medium weight and weighty steers a *aH» Wirhpr anrt olrnnp- Trip our w a snaae mgner ana strong, me ear- rts ly top for weighty steers was $8.10, and some held higher. Several loads sold at $7 to S8. Light offerings were weak, with most light cattle selling $5.25 to $6.50. Sheep receipts of 8,000 fell far Hog Markets MIDWKST HOGS Hog prices at midwest markets Monday: WATERLOO-- Prime hogs 180 to 260 Ibs. $2.85®3.25; 260 to 300 Ibs. J2.S5«/3.15; 300 to 325 IDs. J2.T35P3.05; 325 to 350 Ibs. ?2.70 @3; good packers $2.3532.75. CEDAR RAPIDS--Prime hogn 180 u 200 !ba. S3.15: 200 to 260 IbS. $3.25; 260 to 280 lb.i. $3.20; 280 to 300 Ibs. $3.19: 320 to 340 Ibs. $3.05; good pakers unchanged. Cum, No. 2 yellow 37c: No. 3 yellow 36c. OTTUMWA--All hogs lOc lower; HO to 160 Ibs. 51.93; 160 to ISO Ibs. J2.95: 180 to 200 Ibs. $3.40; 200 to 240 lb». 53.40; 240 to 260 Its. S3.35: 260 to 280 Ibs. J3.25; 280 to 310 Ibs. S3.15; 310 to 350 Ibs. S3: over 350 Ibs. S2.60S2.90; packers under 350 Ibs. J2.45O2.75: packers 350 to 450 Ibs. S2.35®2.65: packers over 500 Ibs.© 2.45; thin packers and pigs priced at killing values. DES MOINES--lOc lower; 120 lo 160 Ibs. $1.73Si2."3; 160 to 300 Ibs. $2.7593.10; 300 to 400 Ibs. 52.55^2,95; good packers 52.25 Q2.65. AUSTIN--Choice light llfihts, 140 to 100 Ibs.. 52.60; choice lights. 100 to ISO Ibs., S2.95; choice medium. 180 to 200 Ibs.. 53.25; 200 to 250 Ibs. 53.35; choice heavy butcher. 230 to 290 Ib?., 53,20; 290 lo 350 Ibs, 53.05; 350 Ib?. and up 52-85; choice packers, 275 to 350 Ibs., 52.70; 330 to 425 Ibs. 52.00; 125 to 350 Ibs. and up 52.50. COMBINED HOG RECEIPTS. DES MOINES, April 23. m--U. S. partmcnt of agriculture-- de- Combined hog receipts at 22 concentration " " " below Saturday's estimate of 15,000, Fat lambs were in broad demand with indications that the price trend was 15 to 25 cents higher. Asking prices were well above $10, with new nearly good lambs selling early at $9.85. The market was steady. Receipts a week ago and a year ago were 10,000. Mason City Livestock . ,, ack | nE located In Interior Iowa and southern Minnesota for the 4S hour period ended at 8 a. m. today wero G2.SOO compared with 52,600 a week ago and 57,400 a year ago. Slow, 5c to lOc. mostly lOc lower, than Saturday's average: apparently loading about normal for Monday. Quotations follow: Light lights 140 to 160 Ibs., good and choice, 52,60j£3.25; light weights 160 to ISO Ibs. $2.B5@3.45; 180 to 200 Ibs. 53.25^3.55; medium weights 200 to 220 Ibs. 53.255r3.55; 220 to 290 Ibs. S3.25ff) 3.53; heavy weights 250 to 290 Ibs. 53.05® 3.S5; 290 to 350 Ibs. 52.80^3.35; packing sows 275 to 350 Ibs., good. 52.65^2.95; 350 to 425 Ibs; S2.60®2.90; 425 to 550 Ibs. S2.43 (3*2-80. good 720 Ib. weights $5.13; mostly 54.25 down. HOGS 7,000: slow, mostly lOc to 15c lower than Friday; extreme top S3.50: early bulk belter grade ISO to 270 Ib. weights 53.25^3.40; medium grade butchers $3.15 down; bidding downward to 53 on big weight butchers; good 140 to 170 Ib. averages S2.75ft3.20; sows J2.SOJp2.90; feeder pigs up to 52.50. SHEEP. 2,000: run Includes two loads wooled lambs; three lads fresh clipped and about 200 truck-Ins: no early action; asking higher or above S9.50 on choice wooled Iambs; packers talking around steady: early; other classes scarce, Indications firm. 53.75-4.30 $2.50-3.50 J2.75-3.5U J3.SU-4.UO $4.00-4.50 Jutchers cows, fair to good: ....$2.00-2.50 Good to choice cowj Choice to prime cow* ... nferlor caoners ........ felr to good cannere ... Good cutter cows ,.,.... Common to fair bulls ... Fair to good heavy bulls Good to choice " bulls .,.$2.50-2-75 ,,..*2- 75-3.00 73-1.00 S1.2B-1.SO ....S1.50-2.UU ....$1.75-2.25 ....$2.00-2.25 S2.25-2.75 Good to choice calves, 130-190.. S4.00-5.00 Medium to good calves, 130-190 S3.00-4.00 .nferlor and common calves -. · 53-00 down LAMBS Choice lamba 70-90 $7.75-8.2,1 Hedlum to good lambs ... 70-90 $6-75-7.75 Suck lambs $1 under grade. Quotations subject to market fluctuations. CHICAGO LIVESTOCK CHICAGO, April 23. (^P--U. S. department of. agriculture-HOGS? 35,000, including 13,000 direct; market active, 5 to 10 cents lower than Friday; 170 to 280 Ibs. $3.80(S'3.9Q; top $3.9S; 290 to 325 Ibs. $3.65®3.SO: light lights $3.40 I SO; good pigs $2.25g3; packing sows largely $3@3.15; light light good and choice 140 to 160 Ibs. $3.40@3.80; light- weight 160 to 200 Ibs. §3.65@3.95; medium weight 200 to 250 Ib3. §3.75@3.95; heavy weight 250 to 350 Ibs. $3.60@3.90; packing sows medium and good 275 to 550 Ibs. $2.85@ 3-35; pigs good and choice 100 to 130 Ibs. $2.25 ® 3.40. CATTLE 16,000; calves 2,000; two way market on steers; medium weight and weighty kinds strong to shade higher on active market; light offerings weak to 25c, mostly 10-15c lower than on slow change; light steers and yearlings grading medium, to guod predominated In runs; early top weighty steers $8.10; some held higher; several loads S7@8; most light cattle steady to 15c lower. Slaughter cattle and vealers: Steers, good and choice, 550 to 900 Ibs. 55.75© 7.75; 900 to 1100 Ibs. S5.75@7.75; 1100 to 1300 Ibs. S6.50@8-I5; 1300 to 1500 Ibs. S" S.25; common and medium, 550 to 1300 IDS. S4.50S6.75; heifers, good and choice. 550 to 750 Ibs. S3.25@6.35; common and medium 53.50® 5.25; cows, good, $3.75@ 4-75: common and medium $2.85jz3.75; low cutter and cutter £2@2.85; bulls (yearlings excluded) good (beef) S3.35®3.75; cutter, common and medium $35?3.60; veal- ers. good and choice, S?@6.75; medium §4® 5; cull and common 53@4: stocker and feed, er cattle: Steers, good and choice, 500 to 1050 Ibs., §4.75(36; common and medium 53.50 as 5. SHEEP, 8,000; fat Iambs In broad demand; indications 15 to 25 cents or more higher; with asking prices well above $10; new nearly good lambs sold early at 59.85; best California on sale this season and several best fed clipped lambs as yet- unsold; * sheep steady;'Iambs 90 Ibs. down good and | choice $9.85@10.10; common and medium j S7.25S9.S5; 90 to 98 Ibs. good and choice 59.75@10; ewes 90 to 150 Ibs. good and j choice ?3.75@3.iiO: all weights common and j OMAHA LIVESTOCK, OMAHA. April 23. .V--U. S, department of agriculture-HOGS 10,000; quality plain, market moderately active, 5-15C Sower than Friday; good choice 180 to '280 Ibs. S3.30(S-'3.40; top S3.45 for odd lots choice 2io to 270 Ibs.; medium grades rather numerous at 53.25.^) 3.30; desirable 280 to 340 Ibs. S3.103.30: 340 to 180 Ibs, $2.75^3.30; feeder pigs 51.50 5?2; packing sows $2-75352.85; few light weights S3: stags $2®2,7S; average cost Saturday S3.2C. weight 239; for the week: 53.25, weight 250. CATTLE S.500; calves 300; weighty steers and medium weights and better grades light steer? and yearlings fully steady; short fed light steers and yearlings slow, weak; she stock and bulls steady to weak, except good to choice heavy heifers, active, strong; vealers 5Cc lower; stockers and feeders tn light supply, slow, weak; fed steers and yearlings $5.5Q@6.75; yearlings 1,000 Ibs. 57; weighty steers around 1460 Ibs. $7.25, and 1320 Ibs. $7.35; some held slightly higher; heifers S4-25@5-50; few lots 35.60® 6; beef cows $3©4; odd head $4.25@4.50; cutter grades $i.?S@2.60; medium bulls S2.75@2.90; odd head 53; practical top veal- ers S6; choice selects $S.50®7. SHEEP 3,000, including 450 through: lambs active, 25c to mostly 50c higher; other classes scarce; steady; fed.wooled lambs $9.25®9.85; top 59.85; paid by packers; early sales fresh shorn lambs S7.75SS; native spring lambs $10@10.25; shorn ewes down from 53.75. MARKET INFORMATION By Jno. F. Clark and Co., 325 I/O. F. Building Phone 845 Since the pre-war days the consumption of beer in Germany has dropped from 179 pints a head of the population to 90 pints. CLOSING PRODUCE LETTER. April 23--Butter--The spot market showed a firmer tone on extras which advanced Uc. Standards and lower grades were unchanged. The withdrawals in the four markets on Saturday were 166,727 pounds more than last year Futures were inactive with 23}ic bid on November butter and 22'ic bld'on June butter, the market showing a firmer tendency at the close- Eccs __All grades were quoted unchanged on the spot call except storage packed which were Uc lower. Storing figures in the four markets on Saturday were 2,305 cases more than last year. October egp^ opened firmer but eased off and closed Uc lower showing a weaker tendency at the close of the ses- 5 °potntor5--Market ^'as firmer with May 15 points hiehtr at $1.60. MINNEAPOLIS STOCKS MINNEAPOLIS, April 23- .Tj--Stocks closed: First Bank Stock 3N. Northwest Banco 1'j. KANSAS CITY LIVESTOCK. KANSAS CITY, April 23. JF)--U. S. de- jartment of agriculture-HOGS 7.000; 1,600 direct; slow, mostly lOc lower than Friday's average; top $3.50 on choice 190 to 250 Ibs.; good and choice, 140 to 160 Ibs. S2.75@3.30; 160 to 180 Ibs. 53.20^3.45; ISO to 200 Ibs. $3.30@3.50; 200 to 220 Ibs. 53.40?t3.50; 220 to 250 Ibs. S3.40 250 to 290 Ibs. S3.40@3.50; 290 to 350 Ibs. $3.25^3-45; packing sows, 275 to 550 Ibs.. S2.60i?i3, CATTLE 14,000; calves 2.000: fed steers in light supply; few early sales better grade light weights steady; heifers and mixed yearlings steady; lower grade cows steady to 15c higher; others unchanged: vealers weak; few sales lower priced stockers and feeders about steady; best steers held up to $7.50; steers, good and choice, 550 to 900 Ibs. S5.75y;7.35; 900 to 1100 Ibs. $5.75® 7.60: 1100 to 1300 Ibs. S6.15JJ7.60; 1300 to 1500 Ibs. 56(^7.60: common and medium 550 Ibs. up 53.S5@5.75; heifers, good and choice. 550 to 900 Ibs.. $4.753?6.15; common and medium, 550 to 900 Ibs. $3@4.75; cows, pood. S3.50@4; common and medium S2. 5?3.50; low cutter and cutter Sl.50ifr2.75; vealers {milk ted) medium to choice S3.r ~ 6.50; cuM and common S2.503.5G; stockers and feeder steers, good and choice (all weights) $4.5Qflr3.75: common and medium (all weights) S2.50£4.50. SHEEP S.OOO; fed Iambs 25-35c higher: sheep anrt spring lambs about steady; top wooled lambs to shippers $9.75: native springers $10.35; sprinp lambs, choice. $9."i ^10.35; good $9ti)9.75; medium $8@I lambs, good and cbcice (x) 90 Ibs. down $5 fi'-9.75* common and medium. 90 Ibs. down 57.25^9; cood and choice (x) 90 to 98 Ibs SS.75^9.75- yearling wethers, medium to choice" 90 to 110 Ibs. S65T8.30; ewes, good and choice. 90 to 150 Ibs. $4@5.25. (x) Quotations based on ewes and weth- STOCK MARKET IS IRREGULAR Specialties Higher as Some Motors, Alcohols and Rails Dip. NEW YORK. April 23. UPI--Irregularity prevailed in today's listless stock market. Selling occurred in some motors, rails and alcohols. A number of specialties were higher. U. S. Steel eased a shade while American Telephone was slightly better. Santa Fe, U. S. Industrial Alcohol and Chrysler were off a point or so but firmness was shown by Union Pacific, U. S. Smelting and Evans products. Transfers approximated 1,100,000 shares. ·Diffident financial markets were inclined to drift indecisively as traders and investors generally waited for news of a more stimulating character. Word that the treasury would export gold if necessary in order to maintain the new parity of the dollar brought a recovery of the American unit in foreign exchange centers. Wheat dropped more than a cent a bushel, but got back some of this loss. Cotton and silver drooped. Rubber futures, on the other hand, edged up to new tops since 1930 ag more reports were heard of imminent restrictive measures abroad. Bonds were irregular. Curb Market NEW YORK. April 23. (.TV--Curb stocks had a quiet market today. At times the tendency was toward easiness, but offerings were light and price changes were mostly narrow. Some specialties which recently had been going ahead appeared to encounter realli- ng that brought mild concessions. Trad- Ing, however, was too dull to give much ndication of trend. Pan American Airways and Mead Johnson each yielded a point under light selling. Hiram Walker also. softened. For a majority of leaders variations were n minor fractions. American Gas was teady while Niagara Hudson and Electric Bond and Share edged a bit lower after a dull opening. Metal Issues were inactive and teady. Distillers-Seagrams, American Cyanamid 'B," Swift and company, and Sherwin Wlliams eased slightly. The oils did little. Bond Market NEW YORK, April 23. f,^)--Bond prices hifted Irregularly in a hesitant and rather quiet market today. U. S. government and ifgh grade corporate issues were generally Irm. but many o£ the secondary loans, whether from anxiety caused by the recurrence of labor unsettlement, or internal mar- cet factors, were inclined to heaviness. In the treasury list gains ran irom 2-32s o S-32s for most of the treasury issues, and ;overnmeut specialists were of the opinloa hat the market had been helped a little by .he position taken by administration against egislativa action on silver and other infla- .ionary proposals. In the general corporate department a sagging trend marked loans of the Great Northern. Erie, Baltimore and Ohio, International Telephone, Columbia Gas and Electric, New York Central, St. Louis-San Francisco and Postal Telegraph. Among the small gainers were Missouri Pacific 5s, Allegheny corporation 5s o£ 1950, Canadian Pacific Debentures, Nickel Plate 4%s. Standard OU of New York 4£s and Western Union 5s. Foreign loans had no even trend and deai- jngs were light in most groups. Losses of around a point were shown by Brazil 6%a, French 7s r German Agricultural Bank 6s and Japan 6Vis. Austrian 7s and Poland 7s improved smaH fractions. C. S. BONO QUOTATIONS. NEW YORK, April 23. UPh-United States government bonds closed: Liberty 3%s 103.24. Liberty First 4V1S 103.26. Liberty Fourth 4'As 104. Treasury 4Ua 47-52 110.16. Treasury 4s -14-54 106.24. Treasury 3%s 40-43 June 102.30. Treasury 3#s 46-49 100.31. Treasury 3s 51-55 S9-2S. Lamson Brothers Market Letter Stock List yZ\Y YORK STOCKS. NEW YORK, April 23. WJ-- Ftiml .Quotations. Air Keduct 99 Vi 1 T T J*T» Alleghatty 3'.» Johns Manvllle 07 Al Cho Dye 148Hi Kennecott Am Can 103 Kresge Am For Pow 10% Kroger Am Pow Lt «'.i Llg My B Am Smelt * Re 44% Loews Am Steel Fdrs !£!*/, Loose Wiles Am Sugar 51 A T T 122 Am Tob B 72% Am Water Wits 21% Anaconda Atchlsoii All ReC Auburn Aviation Corp n vi 29^; 22% 21 33 31' 42 '.i 095s 28 «1 41 Baldwin Loco B . 0 B^rnsdall Beth SU Boritens Borg Warner Burr Add Canada Dry · Can Pac Case Cerro de Pasco 36 Cnca 0 Ches Corp Cui E U! C Ss N W Chic ct W · Chic Gt W p(d C M S P . P C M S P P pf 107k C R 1 P Chrysler Col G E Comwlth Sou Cons Gas Cons Oil ContI Can ContI Ins ContI Mot Corn Prod Curtlss Wright Deere pTd Du Pont Eastman F-l Pow Lt Fox Film A Freeport Tex Genl Am Trans Gen El Gen Foods Gen Motors Gillette Gobcl Gold Dust Goodrich Goodyear Graham Paige Gt Nor pfd Gt West Sup Hudson Mtrs 111 Cent Int Harv Int Nick Can Maytag ' ·* McKess Rob 8% Mid Cont Pet 13*i M K T W\i Mo Pac Mont Ward 31 Ib MorreU -18 H Nasn 23** Nat Blsc 43 Natl Cash Re A 181* 9li Nat Dairy 17b lS : ?i Natl Distill 30 42'A Natl Pow Lt 12 25 : !i N Y Cent . 3," 25% N Y N II H IB 13Ti No Amer IBVi 2S?i No Pac 3?* !(% Oliver Farm '· 70 !i Olver Farm pf 23 s * Packard 5!* 47 Pcnlck Ford 61 47 Penney 66 ... Penn 3-t 13U Phillips Pet 20U 4'4 Proc Gam. 36 ?i ... Pullman 58 U f i R C A S'/t R K 0 3% Rem Ranfl l"^ir Rep SU 22',* Key Tob H 44 Roy Dutch 35 Vr SearS Roeb 50% 12£ Shell U 9Vi S3 Skelly 10'i, 34 % Socony Vac 17^ So Pac 28-; Et Brands 22U St G E 12% St Oil Cal 36»r St Oil N J 46li Stew Warner 9 J ,i Stone Web 9;!. Studebaker 6 Tex Corp 27% Tex Gulf Sul 37 '-7'S.J 1 Hi 75'A 35 S 38 % 12 S3 22 -H 17 36 K 3-T4 29 li 30 1914 32 S 42 2SK Tim Roll Bear 3554 46 '.t 13354 2454 Un Carb tin Pac Unit Air United Corp U S Gypsum U S Indus Alch U S Rubber U S Steel Wabash Warner Plct West El Mfg 40 Tk Woolworth Wrlgley Tel Tr 43 54 Vj CHICAGO STOCKS CHICAGO. April 23. I.Tl-- Cities Sen-ice 2% N \v Bancorp . 4% Katz Drue 37 }i Quaker Oats liO'.~ Kellogs Switch 5vi Swift i Co IS Lttby-McNell 6=1 Swllt Intl 32-Ji M W Utilities M Utility and Ind !',« W Ut 6^0 pfd 1% Zenith -I INVESTMENT TJIIJSTS. (By the Associated Press) Bid and asked on April 23: lorporate Tr Sh 2.16 Corporate Tr Sh AA Mod . . 2.42 -orporate Tr Sh Ac Ser -- 2.0S Corporate Tr Ac Ser Mod .. 2.42 Dividend Sh 1.27 Nationwide Sec Nationwide Sec Vtc N'or Amer Tr Sh ... Nor Amer Tr Sh 1955 ... Quarterly Inc Sh Selected Am Sh Selected Cum Sh Selected Income Sh Super Corp Am Tr A ... U S El L Pow A U S El L t'Pow B '. U S El L Pow B Ytc 3.5S .. 3.36 .. 1.94 .. 2.51 .. 1.3S .. 2.79 .. 7.15 .. 3.72. .. 3.15 ... 13% .. 2.24 Supplementary List of Stock Quotations Supplied by LAMSON BROTHEKS AND CO. Mason. City Office in Bagley- Beck Building Telephone No. 7 CHICAGO STOCKS Bcndix Corp 19 Lions o R Co 4!V Borg-War Corp 25Va Marshall Fields IS Butler Bros 12 Quak Oats Co 110 Cities Serv Co Cord Corp Gt Lks Dredge Kala Stoves 6% ~5 "A Lib, McN L OX Swift ft Co IS Swift Inll Co 32'1 Walgreen Co 2"* Zenith ·! 12 28 « :t 23 15% TUi 37 *!i 37 S . medium $3@4.50. SOUTH ST. PAUL LIVESTOCK. SOUTH ST. PAUL, April 23. WJ--U. S. department of agriculture-CATTLE 4,700; generally slow, slaughter steers and yearlings mostly medium and lower grades; undertone weak with Friday's close; many suitable to sell around ?i.75@5.50; few good 56 or more; she stock ·weak, three cars choice "55 Jb, heifers $5.75; beef cows 52.85®*; low cutters and cutters 5*1.75^2.65; bulls easier; mostly ?2.S5 downward early; liberal supply common to medium, stocker steers and calves, scattered steers weak, around 53(34; calves ,1,300; weak to 50c lower; most desirable kinds $4.@5: few choice S5.50, HOGS 3,500; fairly active, around lOc lower than last week's close; bulk better grades 170 to 260 Ibs. 53.40^3.35; lop $3.55; heavyweights and medium grades down to 53.15 and below; bulk packing sows S2.?3^'2,90; smooth lights up to ?3; better light lights SS.SSQ'S.SS or above; slaughter pigs $2^2.25; or better; average cost Saturday 53.45; weight 197 IDE.; for the week: Cost S3-40; weight 21S ibs. SHEEP 2,200; run Includes six loads fed wooled lambs; small supply natives; no early sales slaughter lambs; packers bidding steady to 59-25 downward on wooled Iambs; sellers asking sharply higher or well above $9.50 on best kinds; indications steady on aged sheep. LIVESTOCK FORECAST. CHICAGO, April 23. (.p--Official estimit- j ed receipts tomorrow: Cattle. 0.000; bogs, i :4,000; sheep. S.OOO. SIOUX CITY LIVESTOCK. SIOUX CITY, April 23. LT--U. S. department of agriculture-CATTLE 5,500; little early action for slaughter steers and yearlings; some bids lower: fat she stock steady to easy; stockers and feeders steady to 25c o f f ; several loads steers and yearlings held around $6.75 Si 7. most grain feds salable S6.25 dmvn; small Fhowing good fed heifers S5'(?5.25; most beef cows $2,75114: all cutters S1.75S-2.50: desirable 530 Ib. stocks* S3.75: load '"is Representative Sales CHICAGO. April 23. (.Pi--U. S. department of agriculture--Representative sales: 81 326 304 253 260 HOGS. Light-- 3.W 03 Medium \Veight-0 246 ,5 227 16 211 i2 204 3.90 149 191 65 )S2 45 170 Light Lights-32 153 53 152 Steers. 22 20 40 20 25 17 24 1232 1318 1492 1108 19S4 934 1086 1015 3.S3 3.9S 3.97. 3.90 CATTM. Heifers-25 1036 13 761 15 642 21 730 Cows-3 1196 2 1015 7 S43 3.90 3.90 3.35 3.S3 3.75 3.50 S.15 S.10 7.85 7.60 7.10 6.50 6.00 5. BO SHGGr. Fefl West'n Lambs-- Wooled Lambs-220 SS 9-S5 3 12S 200 91 9.83 4 139 Fall Clipped Lambs-- Clipped Ewes- US 34 S.90 14 126 4 1-16 4.50 3.23 2.00 "JIor« candidates filing" is the headline carried by most papers these days. There are always patriots enough to save the country at a steady Times. salary.-- St. Cloud MARKET REVIEW. CHICAGO, April 23.-Wheat--There was sufficient news of a bullish character on the outlook for the new crop to give the market a good advance today but it was not followed by volume buy- inr owing likely to the uncertainty created by the confused state of legislation at Washington and particularly as to the silver legislation. However, there were enough buying orders to lift wheat about a cent from its early low. No support -was found In the action of stocks or cotton. Duststoms occurred over the week-end and were con- tlnulng in part, over a wide area from southern Kansas to Saskatchewan and were extending as far east as Iowa and central Illinois The territory in the states covered was estimated as embracing around 50 per cent of the producing area of, the country. Lower temperatures are predicted for the major portion of the grain belt but the forecast noes not indicate any rain. Minneapolis showed relative strength and gained somewhat on Chicago. Liverpool closed lower, with tears of larije tenders on May contracts having some effect. Winnipeg dropped around a cent from Saturday's close but recovered partially. Export demand was slow and consisted only of a few scattered lots of Maaitobas. Corn--Corn displayed more strength than wheat but was unable to maintain Its advantage and closed off fractionally. Cash demand was more active and sales aggregated 1SS.OOO bushels. Bookings were next to nothing and amounted to only 3.000 bushels. The decrease ot 1.SB3.000 bushels In the visible brings the total down to smallest since last October and compared with 30,392.000 bushels last year. There seemed to be a feeling that corn will be influenced for the present by clearing up of the open interest lu May but this should be largely out ot the way by the end of this week. Expect further damage reports on wheat tomorrow but In view of uncertainty over Washington developments but think a trading position logical for the time being. Butter--A fair demand brought about a firmer market today. Top grades were fractionally higher and met cood inquiry. 17 C(rs The cash market turned unsettled, resulting In an easier tone generally. Some classes meeting fair demand and It is a ralhcr general opinion that there is a market at or near the going quotations. Comment--Production conditions seem likely to Influence a temporary firmer market for butter. Egps are in line to work fractionally lower for the present. Lambert Co 2~V\ Liq Carb Corp 34 »i Loose-Wiles Bis 42 '.i Mack Truck 33'.i Hath Alkali McL Stores Mex Seab 011 Minn. Mol Imp s^i Motor Prod 35-i Ko Am Avl e^f, _..,,,, ,, ,, -.* Otis Steel Co 6Vi Budd Mfg Co 6% Park Utah Cop 4)i By A M £ Co 27 Ti. Peop G Lt 3SS Caterpillar Trac 33 Pillsbury Flour 25 Coca Cola Co 124Vs Plymouth Oil 13Ji Com Credit 34ii Prod fc Refln »i Com Solvents 27 K Pub Ser of N 3 39% Cont Oil 22S Pure Oil Co "" Cream of Wht 33 il Purity Bakery Cudahy' Packing 47% Reo Motors Curt-Wrl Co A 10',6 St Jos Lead Douglas Airc 24 Vi Eaton Mfg Co 21H Elec Auto Lite 27 Erie R R Co 22T'« Fires T R 221 'EW VOKK cnut - El 28V, Hir Walk Co Hud B M S Humb Oil Co Niag Hud Pow Pennroad Corp S O Ind Co S O Ky Co United Gas Co -13** 13ii 45 Vi Am Gas Am Cyan B .21% Am S Pow Co 3H Ark Natl Gas A IS Assoc G El A 1'A Can Marconi 2TJ Dist Corp Seag 20% _ _ . . El Bb Sh 17 S United Gas Co 3; Ford M of Can 23"i Un LI fc Pow A 3;: Ford M of Eng 7"i Util Pow !J Vo !»(, Llecia Mining G^ NEW VOKK STOCKS Alaska Juneau 20% Jewel Tea Co 51 Am Bank Note 22^i Kelvfnator Corp 19'.i Am Beet Sug Am C F Co Am Roll Mills Am iletal Co Am R S Co Am Tob Co Arm t Co A Assoc Dry GdS 16 ^ Bcld Hemlng 14 a Best Co 34 Briggs Mfg Co IS!! 124 17 ¥1 24 i 19 ia 10'i Simmons Co So Cal Edison Sperry Corp Telautograph *.-.» __.. Tt Wa Assd Oil 14 U Fst Natl Stores 6TA U S Smelter 127 Foster-Wheeler 20 U Util P L A Glidden Co 27-li Gt North Ore 14'.^ Halm Dept Sirs Hi Hers Choc Co 61'S Houston Oil . Hous Oil (new) 5 Hupp Motors 5 Indust Rayon 85^ Intl Carriers 10 VS Vanadium Union Oil Cal United G k I Warren Bros Western Myld western Union worth Pump Young S T ·114 27 17 VI 15T« 12 S 15'i Mil 23Ti DEAD Animals of All Kinds Removed Mason City Rendering Co We pay phone calls, Phone 1096 JNO. F. CLARK CO. Chicago - New York - New Orleans 323 I. O. F. Bldff. Phones 845-819 A. B, HENDHICKSON, Branch Mjr. MEMBERS Xcw York Stock Eichanfte New York Coffee Sucar Exchange New York Produce Exchange Jfew York Curb Exchnnue (Associate) New York Mercantile Exchange New \ork Cotton Exchange Chicago Stock Exchange Chlcauo Board of Trade CblcPKO Curb E*chnn?0 A j V n , Chicago Mercantile Exchange Commodity Exchanjie. Inr. 7Sw Orleans Cfttton Esrhnnsc ·n si *B» %l : . m i! | */** ! ' f a,, : l - it i n /LI

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