The Mason City Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa on February 17, 1944 · Page 17
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The Mason City Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa · Page 17

Mason City, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, February 17, 1944
Page 17
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Page 17 article text (OCR)

Tiny House May Solve Farm Labor Phoenix, Ariz., (U.R)--A prefab. ricateci, portable house than can be telescoped into a package 8 »..-j feet wide and provide a comfortable home for married men working on farms will be put on the market for about $1,800. The house was exhibited at the Goodyear Farms, a 35-acre pro- 'jeet devoted to experimental , work on new inventions and I farming methods. It is 118 miles I west of Phoenix. The house measures 15 by 26 .feet and is in no sense a trailer .home, although a special trailer can transport it. Constructed o double layers of plywood will resinfoam insulating material be tween, it has 2 bedrooms (oni * double, the other a double-deckec i; single), a kitchen-living room shower and sanitation facilitie ; and space for a mechanical re if- frigerator. The bedrooms.telescop into the center to reduce it to an 8-foot width. The portable living quarters is the result of suggestions from farm editors that it would be th nswer to providing; a low-cost, omfortable home for married neu working on farms and solve he problem ot keeping good arm help. Other projects under way at he Goodyear farm include "igloo" lomes, made by inflating a half- jalloon of rubberized fabric, lay- ng chicken wire over it and applying 2 layers of plaster over the wire. After the material has hardened, the balloon is removed from the inside. The houses come in one or 2 domes, with connecting corridor. Each type "igloo" home contains kitchen, living room, 2 bedrooms and a bath. They are equipped with evaporation-type air conditioning. Tentative estimates place their cost at $2,800 to $3,200 for one dome and $3,300 for the double dome. Furlough Extended Golden City. Mo., (U.R)--When Ross Wadlow arrived here recently from Farragut, Idaho, for a furlough, he didn't expect his allotted time to be extended--and as a matter of fact--neither did the naval authorities. When Wadlow's ROY A, TAYLOR DIES SUDDENLY Funeral Rites to Be Saturday Afternoon Roy A. Taylor, 68, died suddenly at his home, 856 First N. W., Wednesday afternoon, following a heart attack. He was a retired chief clerk o£ the Chicago North Western railroad, having completed 40 years of service with that road. Mr. Taylor was born April 27 1875, at Kenosha, Wis. He started with the Chicago -North Western railroad in 1902. He was transferred to Eagle Grove in 1925 and retired in February, 1943. Surviving arc his wife, a son, Orville Taylor, Elmhurst, 111., and 2 grandchildren, and a half brother, Wallace Lome, Bayard, Nebr. Mr. .Taylor was a member of the Masonic lodge, Eagle Grove, the First Methodist church af Ma- wife became ill with scarlet fever, she was quarantined for 3 weeks and so was Wadlow. For VARIETY PUDDING MIX Foe a" diffwcnr dessert each day, just iiJd 'preserves, jim, fresh fruit -- or any other favorite flavor --to fLUF-TEX and milk. In less than * minutes you have a delicious, nourishing tfish to s« before your f a m i l y . Economical, .too. for a package of FUJF-TEX serves 16.. loofc far fb« n*w/ exciting, ·osy-j la-make reap** on* Yetir grtK»r has. fiuf-Ttx. son City, and the I. O. O, F. lodge of Mason City. Funeral services will be held at the Major Memorial chapel at 2 p. m. Saturday, with Doctor Marvin B. Kober, pastor of the First Methodist church, officiating. Burial will be at Elm wood cemetery. The Major funeral home in charge. Try Salt on Grapefruit as Taste Thrill With vitamin-rich grapefruit now in season, the nation's largest manufacturer of table salt has aunched a novel advertising idea aimed at promoting the use of this fruit as 1 of the 2 govern- m e n t nutrition experts s a y should be included in a balanced d a i l y war-time diet. T h e novelty lies in urging the use of good table salt on grapefruit a n d oranges and in c i t r u s juices, a 11 purchasable nov.' without handing over ration stamps to your grocer. Salt, admittedly indispensable to human life, never has been rationed. "Salt makes grapefruit taste sweeter," "salt on grapefruit brings out an entirely new flavor' and "a dash of pure salt on any citrus fruit or in a glass of juice 'does something" 1 are the main themes of the manufacturer's in-1| A ! T n f|of pr l tensive promotion effort which rur-HIUdieU wili run during the grapefruit season. Many persons who have used salt on citrus fruits and in juices say they experienced an entirely new and pleasantly palatable taste. Plants Set Record in Carbine Production Chicago, CU.R)--Brig. Gen. Thomas S..Hammond, chief o£ the Chicago ordnance district, has announced that 10 plants set a record in November by producing 200 per cen more 30-caliber carbines than the combined production of Springfield and Enfield rifles in any month of the World war I. The plants included, Quality Hardware and Machine Corp., anc Rock-Ola Manufacturing Corp both of Chicago; Underwood-El liot-Fishcr Co., Hartford, Conn, International Business Aluchin Corp., Poughkeepsie, N. V.; Na tional Postal Meter, Rochester. Y.: Standard Products Compam Clinton, O., and the 2 plants o the Saginaw Steering Gear Co one at Saginaw, Mich., and th other at Grand Rapids, Mich. ound Practicable New York, (U.R)--An "air-pres- uro roof," without framework or uppoi'ts, has been found praclica- 16 to build for use as a store- icuse, Prof. Joseph A. Wise of the few York university college of ingmeenng, lias announced. Invented by Herbert H. Stevens, Jr., a consulting engineer, the roof, made of thin, flatsheet steel soldered to a steel ring base, was inflated with air from a pressure pump, during tests, to form a dome-shaped building. The war production board gave the college of engineering a contract to investigate the possibilities of the roof and Wise reported that it was "considered feasible to erect an experimental building. :iOO feet in diameter . . . In one test, GOO pounds ot lead were placed on a ·ID-inch model and the roof withstood the weight with no mishap." . Tests indicate it could be constructed quicker and cheaper than a regular steel and wood warehouse, Wise said. Vote Baby Tin-Up G r e a t L a k e s , II!,, (U.P.)--The sailors of company 123 at the naval training station voted for some their "mighty cute" latest pin-up babies in photograph Thursday, Feb. 17, 1944 17 MASON CITY GLOBE-GAZETTE contest. "It all started willi a lot of bragging," Seaman Clarence Bui'gcr of Chicago explained. "We were all boasting about our children aud showing pictures, and so we started a contest." Buy War Savings Bonds and Stamps from your Globe-Gazette carrier boy. The Volga, largest river in Europe, is navigable for 1,800 miles. MrsClarks SALADDRESSING GPs Refuse to Divulge Names of Best Girls Fort Sheridan, 111., (U.R) -- T h e Personal Pin-up Oirl Contest was about to be a flop, because none of the post's soldiers had entered j a picture of his_best girl. I A private's complaint explained the hesitancy: "A rule says we have to put our honey's name and address on the photo, and a lot of guys around here are just itching for that information." The rule was changed to permit code numbers, and th'o winner was selected from a stack of pictures. I QUALITY FOODS-THRIFTY PRICES I POST BRAN 14 OZ. GRAPE-NUTS FLAKES 12 OZ. GRAPE-NUTS Your * Pkgs. Choice. .-. it for 25c POST TOASTIES 11 OZ. POST BRAN X OZ. GRAPE-NUTS FLAKES Your Choice.. . Pkgs. for 4 fl- 1 / V OCCIDENT FLOUR Costs MoreWorth If! 25-lb. Sock ..... $1.27 Fruit Cocktail 29c Tomato Juice N " 2 °""- ijc Quaker Oats a ° ld '" *"'° 1 "' Large Pkg.. 21c VAN CAMP BEANS In Tomato Sauce «% 20-oz. Cans, 1 8 Points 25c GRANULATED SUGAR Stamp No. 40 good for an additional 5 Ibs. Pounds 34c BORDEN'S MEMO The New Way (o Drink Your Vitamins and Like 'cm! Pound Jar 59c Burnett's Pure VANILLA EXTRACT 1 '/2-0*. Botrle 27c FESTAL FANCV WHOLE 8 Points Kernel Corn 2 x 2* 25c FUTURE SOLID PACK 10 1'oinls Tomatoes ^ He FESTAL BIG WONDER 10 Points Sweet Peos . . ,' 17c A R K O M A G Faints Spinach . 2 ·£« 29c SUXS1VEET X roiuls Prune Juice S 29c CAMPBELL'S .| r o j,,l s Tomato Soup 3 '££ 28c Pure Imported Paprika c", 12c FANCV PIECES AND STEMS No Points Mushrooms *£* 37c SWEETENED FLORIDA Co Toints Grapefruit Juice . 4 ck"'31e THE ORIGINAL Peanut Crunch "^ 30c FBESII, CBISP Premium C r a c k e r s . . . . riV \9c foil SALADS OK COOKING 5 Toiiils Marola Oil JIS 31c English Dry Mustard. . *c^ lOc Ground Black Pepper. J'ir-OI. C Can JC Fresh Texas Spinach Fresh Mustard Greens Fresh Turnips, Ib.. . . 10 JeU-O, Choice of Flavors... 8c Folger's Coffee Ib. 31 c Papershell Pecans Ib. 39c BLOOMING PLANTS, Your Choice.... 75c Fresh GREEN BEANS, Ib. Fresh PINEAPPLES, Each Fresh BEETS, Bunch 20c 59c lOc Lar 9 e AVOCADOS, Each. . Fresh Strawberries, Box. . POTATOES Red Triumphs, 100 Ibs Idaho Russets, 100 Ibs $2.95 California Sunkist ORANGES, Ib lie Texas Seedless Sweet GRAPEFRUIT, Full Box OUR QUALITY ITEM-LAMB LEGS .. Ib. 37c STEWS lb.17c CHOPS lh.39c ROASTS lb.34c One of the Most Delicious Meats Veal Shoulder Roasts, Ib Veal Breast, Ib. 19c FRESH DRESSED QUALITY CHICKENS Loin End Pork Roasts, 2Vz to 3 Ib. Average, Ib.. Pork Steaks, Young, Tender, I b . . . 28c BEEF CHUCK ROASTS Ib. 28c ROUND STEAKS Ib. 39c RIB ROASTS Ib. 30c COMPLETE LINE OF TABLE READY MEATS Allswcet Margarine 29C PHONE 542 FEDERAL · FRUIT SHOP HERE AND SAVE ' 2 2 2 N FEDERAL CMTT STOP 12-14 1st N. W. F R E E PARKING 613 SO. FEDERAL LEADER BRAND (Point Free)f\f SWT ORANGE MARMALADE 35C LADY CORRINfi (Point SWEET CITRUS MARMALADE 2 PANTRY PRIDE IMITATION MAPLE SYRUP 2 PANTRY PRIDE QUALITY PEANUT BUTTER 2 SWIFT AND CO. Lb. Jar Lb. Jar DEHYDRATED DOG FOOD 3 8 oz. Cans 29c 39c 25c FRESH EGGS DOZEN »_ 37c Plymouth Select ... F R E S H B U T T E R Com M PC Country POUND TCJ 15 Points OMAR FLOUR 50 25 '· B LB. BAG ^2.33 BAG I . I 8 PAN. FLOUR s ££ll c PAH. FLOUR J£ 23° ~[he Sao/ of beautiful IIVORYSOAP WHITE NAPHTHA S O A P 3 Giant DEL MONTE GOLDEN BAKTAM CORN No. 2 . Can 10 Pts. 13c DEI, MONTE No. 2 4 f| CWMIRY GENTl!MAN CORN ,.?," 13C 19c 17c DEL MONTE WHOLE GREEN BEANS DEL MONTE CUT GREEN BEANS No. 3 .. Can Xo I'ts. No. J .. Can No Pts. BROOKS TOMATO CATSUP SAUCE FOR ONLV 6 POINTS IX. GRAN BE No. 2 4 fk RUH-'O-fflE-POD PEAS YoST liC LE GRANDE No. 2 a m FANCY SPINACH ' « c ^ |4C I,E GRAXDE No. Z 4 » GOLDEN SWEET CORN 10C A" 11C IE GRANDE No. Z RED RIPE TOMATOES iSJ. IDc HY- POWER CHILI CON CARNE BRICK STYLE Per Can 4 Points ·* la'/,-oz. M. Cans LOOSE - WILES Krispy CRACKERS 2 -AND NOT RATIONED; SNOWBALL Cauliflower BOX ... WIN-YOU MARSHMALLOW CREAM PINT JARS-- ^ -j (While i t lasts!!!) | J C DROMEDARY GRAPEFRUIT JUICE FAULTLESS GRAPEFRUIT JUICE Can Point Free 16 oz. Can Point Free 33c 31c Large Heads, Each . CRISP RED Radishes 10 Large Bunches ICEBERG Lettuce Jumbo 4 Dor. Size, Each. 10 Beans T U N A F I S H BRAND Solid Pack Wliile Mrat (5 Pis.) "o. ','; Can RED S A L M O N DEL MON'ICO BKAXD Alaska 4I| 111 J'ts.) --- '.b- Can ^ a SCHILLING'S DELICIOUS COFFEE "'" Res. .. LB. JAR 57c QUICK OR REGULAR A A QUAKER OATS 3^20* GOLD MEDAL WHEATIES Iks 10° ENRIGHTS ' O*J^ ALL-'O-THE-WHEAT FLOUR 5 ^ioC Green, Pound 19 TEXAS SEEDLESS Grapefruit 19 Large 80 Size Cabbage New, Pound 5 GREEN TOP Carrots « Large Bunches 15 FRESH Broccoli Large Bunch 15 Oranges Sunkist, 220 Size, Doz.. . - FOR THE FARM - MORTON'S SMOKE SALT Sugar l A l.K. *JQC Care » V c A X ** Morton's TENDER-QUICK ·Meal ^i I.E. At\C Cure; ·* CAN ·" SAUSAGE SEASONING Morton's . -- 1A OZ. OOC Correct " U CAN ** TABLE SALT R. and R 1ft I.BS. 1QC Clnth Km; »V I T W I N D E X fi 07.. |^C 20 w- O^C · *t Bottle. . OO Hottlo. . H I - L E X Quart ^ QC Bottle. I T Gallon Jug. . SWIFTS SUM-BRITE The Perfect f Reg. 5c O Cleanser Cans BLOCI S A L T ALL WHITE 50 ««s. 39c STOCK SALT No. 4 COARSE 100^59° THE FINEST LUNCH MEAT ON THE MARKET TASTES LIKE CORNED BEEF -- NO POINTS CORNED MUTTON.. Ib. 59c WIENERS . . . . lb.29c MILK FED SHOULDER Veal Roasts, Ib. 26c RIB OR LOIN END Pork Roasts, Ib. 25c TENDER, DELICIOUS Beef Roasts, Ib. 26c ROAST OR STEW Chickens . . Ib. 35c FRESH MEATY -- 1 POINT Pork Hocks, Ib. 21c YOUNG, TENDER BEEF Short Ribs . Ib. l?c FIRST QUALITY Slab Bacon . Ib. 30c SUGAR CURED BACON Squares . . . Ib. 19c FRESH BULK Sauerkraut. Ib. 8c LEAN, MEATY Spare Ribs . Ib. 19c

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