The Evening Post from New York, New York on May 16, 1818 · Page 1
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The Evening Post from New York, New York · Page 1

New York, New York
Issue Date:
Saturday, May 16, 1818
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IlftliKil arm NUMBER 4968 SATURDAY, MAY 16, 1818.. NO. 19 WILLIAM ,STR F.ET. FOR SALE, im.. unPFL i:tn ton: eamei O . . rw i,. ,. nn nlil. a Ant rate i 1 iw ' J r . r v.. mr1 in rnmnlpte order to re - ceireacargo; IriugeiistssdePeck - slipj will be old reasonable - - ppljr to R. ti C. It'. DA F EXPORT b CO. may 4 for REIiHICE mniDEMF - RAttA, ... . . a irAnlTO I muter, to sail I5th May. For passage, .PPly to .J No. 4 Fullon - slip. A few Horses will be taken on freight ap 2 VI . . .1 r,. - ;t JAMES D' WOLF, Juor.iiai nmnnn.. Front - street to 64 boulh - street, and offers lor MleS ceroon, south American Tallow - 15 tonTrlean St. Petersburgh Hemp, few ' 1J bcU. Equality ""V', man Slielui b - xe,, Dtllled to dw - back. . 16000 lb. Green toffee do 25 boxes China table setts 172 pie"1 each 10 lihds pure cpum I case Flatilim. roy 5 SIX cases of new and elegant fancy article?, tifcn as . Ladies' work boxet and dressing cases, very ele - Writing desks, lesntly gilt and fhm Cilt and painted card racks, Fan racks Fire and candle screens, painted in a superior manner, with gt and colored handles Backgamon boards . Malioe and morocco work baikets Gutleaien'i shaving apparatus, Poaches and dressing cases, complete Morocco and mahogany portable desks A few Rusia leather do. very superb .Some very elegant portfolios with gilt locks and ElcaoOy gilt borders and plain Morocco, Russia and roan pocket books, of various descriptions Spring wallets, of Russia and Morocco, with many other ar'iclos too numerous to mention. For sale wholesale and retail, by N. SMITH DA VIEd, ap23 No. 151 Broadway. rj u PLATE, etc. 1711 boxes Tin 1 late, as - J. sorted 000 lbs. India Block Tin 11,000 lbs. Iron Wire, assorted from No. 1 to JS, for sate by ANSON G. PHELPS, ap30 1B3 Front street. JOHN A 13 KM. WILL1NK. & CO. olfer for sale 1 35 caset superior Bengal Indigo Several casks imalts, particularly desirable for bleachers and paper makers 4 ?aks hardware A few bales caiiiuiercs and ihalloon't, shawls ap20 n,l ESS and FRIMr. ruHK - M nno an uan LVI barrels, said to be a very superior lot, w.ll be sold from the vciiel at the lowest market price. Appiy w CORNELIUS DUBOIS. my o D LYNCH, tm. (al i - o. 40 William siren,; . has on hand the following WINES and LIQUORS, selocled with judgment by himself, which he offers at wholesale and retail, war - anted pure, at imported 50 pipe ) Madeira, from 3 to 13 100 hhds earl in W00d. 40 qr casks ) ' Old Madeira, in bollles, from 3 to 20 years Champaigoe, Burgundy, Claret and Sautcrne, of very superior quality 1 dipos dr Jshon, 7 atari oM 7 do Sherry, niue years old, and free from Boracha title Tort, in pipes and bottles Table wine, for its quality, the cheapest in America Teneriflc, in hhJs. Old Brandy, do. Rum, do. Gin, not reduced 500 demijohn, containing five gallons each 50 groce wine bottles N. B. Those in the trade, 'and country dealers, will find it to their account, to supply themselves with wines and liquors at the above esta blishment, as they will be certain to obtain arti cles of Dm first quality, at the lowest prices, am! pure at imported. - my 9 2m , TO BE LEASED, ON favorable terms, for a long term of year, 4 lots of ground on Brosdway, 200 feet deep, extending to Crosby - street, between Hotter and Grand - streets. J lots in Water - street, near Catharine - market. 1 lot in Water - street, between Fulton and Burling slip. Also, several other lots in the 5th, Cth, 8'li and 10th wards. For particulars, enquire at .No. 30, Chatham street. may 0 Mr. BAJJAifii Madame f.OQ VE T, No. 7 Nassau - street, fJ" AVF. the honor to inform the public in ge - tieral and Uie ladies of New - Vork in particular, that they manufacture aud have constantly on hind an assortment of artificial flowers. At their store art alo to be found, and to be ui'poscu ol by wholesale ami retail, Perfumery of every de - cription, among which are the cilebrated Lait f'ireinnt, and the most approved essences auU pomatums lor the com. flexion. Tortoise shell combs and thimbles A complete assortment of worked dresses. shawls, fichus and bands Umbrellas and parasols Merino, knit and velvet ridicule, : silk fichus Stockings and jloves for ladies and gentlemen Ladies1 elastic garters Spring and ball silk dresses Ball do. embroidered with chenille and orna mcnted with flowers ; silk scarfs Prunelle and silk shoes ' Levantine, florences, satins, taffetas, &c. And in short, every thing connected with the IMies' toilette. ap.T Im" Riehmond and LynrKburg manufactured TOB - ICCO. "1 f O ken, now landing frem sundry ves - X F 7 LP sels, of the tbllowiug qualities and oraous: 63 keg, Shelton k Williamson, 8 hands, 1. 2, 3 45 do P. Miller Co. 8 1,4.3 38 do J. P. Ego, 8 1,S 4i do leorge Fletcher, 8 1 103 do John Enden, 8 1 144 doD. R. Rem, . 8 1,3 53 do P. Hollx St Co. 8 I 61 do Anderson, Blair te M'Keage, 8, 1, t 12i do Jes?e Hare Si Co. 8 1 do R. Hughes S: Co. 3 1,2 M do R. Centor. 8 1, t 45 ilo F. O. Cren. - haw. 8 1. 3 81 do R. Iuttoo. 12 7 do J . fc p. Labby, 8, k' t"t l do II. Starr, 8, k halflb.rolls Most of the above brands are well known and Tfeoved of in this market, on account of the Jii'v, ant tmiformitv of the different oumlee, J hich the qualities are dpsinated. For sale v CORNELIUS DU B019, jPW 36 Front - street. I jvi n O.N TOBACCO IS ba print V fw - iirieaa(:otf n ti hhds. do. i: ! m r - l Tobacco, fit fn tiie nhniatktt , for sale by W.hS - CRAlO, y Iw 84 front ttreeL DOMESTIC & OTHER WARES. THE subscribers keep constantly on band an extensive assortment of the following goods, Dutch and English Gunny Bags, l'ones Heads Crumb Brushes Bellows, fancy and common Do for Blacksmiths Hall and Entry Mats Pails and Tubs ' Wheel - Barrows Fine Wire Sieve! Do Hair do Whips of every description Seine, sewing, wrapping, buleiug and bull Twins i Fish Linet Shoe k sadlert Thrend Dearbora't Balances, &c. Brooms Duster, or Counler Brushes Hearth Brushes, las. cy and common Mean ao aa ao Cloth do do do Weavers do White Wash do Ehoe tl Scrubbing do Paint Brushes and Sash Tools Clamps, 4,7, 8 row Furniture Brushes Horse do Bed Cordt, Clothes Linet Sash Cords, Trace Ropes v ' Wrought and Cut Nails and Brads Which they will tell wholesale or retail on li beral terms. CEBRA & CUMING, ap 28 76 Pearl slrtet. 3 7 VIRG IJVI.1 TOR A CCU 6i FLOUR. O tf hhds old Virginia tobacco 55 do new crop do - do 66 bbU fine flour 15 do middling do. For sale by VASQUES, MEURON & CLEEMAN, Feb 7 tf No". 72 Washinzton - st. PLAsTEROK PARIS' MANUFACTORY, At the loot of Harrison - street, Norih - Kivrr. if ntrlr. manuiaclured Plaster, lor ccrni - V V tes and other ru iioh s, may be had. war ranted ol the first Quality, at one dollar and twen ty Jir cadtper bmhel. . . .. . j I T L i lie uianuiuciury is ronuucieo uy vir. ywnu Tucker, who has served a reevlar ar.iirenticb - ship to the mason business. mh2l JOHN lsYK.K3. AMERltJAN GOODS. WM. F. tt 8AML. MOTT, No. 166 Pearl street, offer lor tale the following Ameri can cotton and woollen goods : 5 cases Brown Shirtings 4 do bleached do 5 do 3 - 4 Checks ; 7 do 4 - 4 do 4 do Cotton Balls 2 do Sewing Thread 2 do Knitting Yarn ; t do Sattinettt 20 cases Plaids 5 do Blue Stripe ; 5 do Bed Ticks 1 do Denims ; I do Milinets 40 do Twist and Filling, assorted from No. 10 bales Candltwick. 5 to li 4th mo. 24 tw WHITE LEAD, ice. Kc. kept tendon W hile Lead in oil 30 harrelt rln Dry White Leac 8 tons Red lend M barrels Brittol Red Ochre 20 do Venetian Ked it tons ru:e Liliiirge Rt) hoshf .ids Whiting 60 cusks Paris While ; 2 IJid.v Verdigris 50 lierc r rcr.cli Yellow Ochre 5 kegs Vermillion 4 rasks PruttiHii Blue, 4KH! Cromc Ytliow, l'atml Yellow Spanih Brown, VeneliHn Red, Yllow, 1N OIL. Black, I Venligrip, J Lamptilack ; Ivorv Black ; Purple Brown Spirits Terpentine ; Liutseed til 4U0 boxes Wind w Gliss, assoited For sale on the lowest terms, for cash or at sliort credit, by nci'k'u Cf.LiPourDiiiiou t. envc my 1 24 1 Water - street. 'MIN PLATE, TEA &c. 10 boxes Tin J plate, assorted 12 (00 pounds India block Tin - 8.000 do Iron Wire, assorted 1,500 do old Copper 40 chests llvson s - kin Tea, for sale by AN SON . PHELPS. my 0 13 Front - street. H - AKDWARE, CUTLERY Htc.ii casks Scotch spring Locks 5 casks plate Lx k, 1 do Steelyards 1 do client handles. Kc. 1 do screw plates, scale beams, Ac. I do brass cocks, kc. 1 do bell metal kettles and skillets 2 do tiu'd pots and sauce pans 2 do fine padlocks 4 do Banbury locks, hinges, &c. 2 do hammers, pincers, locks, kc. 2 do HL hinges. Kc. 4 do anvils 1 do hammers and sleifges 2 do black & bright vices, 2 do files 4 do pocket, pen and double blade knives 4 do sham buck and bone table knives 3 do buttons 100 do cut nails and brads, from 3d. to C0d. Alro, a large and general assortment of goods open or the shelve., for sale at the must reduce J prices, by ADAMS & BLACKWELL, may 7 215 I'carl st. 'IMiOMAa DIAO.N, 77 I'ibe - sircet, utters for L sale on liberal terms, of recent importations, to close ii. voices 6 boles very low assorted clotds 2 cases Saxony Cloths and CaMimcrct 1 bale Venetian carpeting, 2 - 4 and 5 - 8 1 do Wilton rugs, shell, basket and assorted 2 cases supcrf. cloths, Hep.'rted 2 do Dowlas's 9 do extra Carlisle ginghams 4 do superfine, I do stripe, 1 do lustre ' I bale red and white ll uinel 3 do Bennet't patent drub rordt. 2 cases black and blue suerfioet 1 do blxck Bonihazcetis. And, vf former importations, 2 bales flannels, assorted ; I hale swan - skins 6 do Sngathy's. or blue aud white kerseys 2 do blue kerseys 6 do coatings C cases worsted hose 30 bales Gue assorted cloths 16 do low do do Bedstead,, with Reunit's joints. my 6 HJt HARD ARE a Cli I LKKY. rJ,HE ttihcribcrs hhve.Mi't received by the X tliiiit James Monroe. Magnet and nn, Irom Liverpool, ao extenive supply of Hardware and Cutlery, ot eve' j description, which theyofltr lor sale to the merchant, from tlm'cotmtry, by the Pnikage, or in such quantities from Ihe helves as may be wanted, at a low advance and libera! credit Ttvg hare alto in Store fit Coiuinmrnf, 100 caks b st Kjig'ish bottled Porter 30 do assorted Glattwar 10 cases Enj - h - h mens and boy, Hats 211 crate, oi Stone Soda Jut 100 warranted ilaltack German Steel 5 tons do Crawley Steel 10 tons U st hoop L English blistered Steel Tin plntet, block plates, K.c. B. W. ROGERS fc CO. my 1 1 3 - Pearl street. RUM, SUGAR fc MOLASSES. 62 puncheons Rum o5 hhds - MolaM - s 62 barrels and 6 stir's. Sugar, Will be landed on Monday trim Ihe brig Amelia from Antigua, (or le l.r roberT cn.LF.snr, 112 Front strtct o W'bo ha, aio for tale, Ilavaun, Porto Ric and Jamaica Coffee. toy 2 no SUGARS. Hhilt Muscora lorr, fi'st qtality 2 17. boxrs bruwa clayed W 1 of superior qua - I 45 do white dot 1y , Tor tale by if. L. G. G RtSWOLD, 1 my It CSSouth - st. . 44 MERINO SHAWLS and MUSLIN A BANDS, for tale bv my 5 MA RCH h LOW. 210 Broadway. MUSKETS. 1000 Muskets with Bayonets, entitled to debenture, for sale by HURDkSEWALL, my 6 ti Smith - street. CUTLERY At HARDH ARL U casks cast knves and lorks, assorted 4 casks wrought do do 5 do wrought knives and forks with pocket and penknives, scissors and razors 3 do assorted, of scissors, raxors, pen and pocket knives 2 trunks Spectacles 8 casks iron Spoon, 8 do trunk Locks 2 do thumb and Norfolk Latches 1 do Banbury and tine piste Locks 3 do plated Brackett ' 3 do cast Iron Butt, 3 do Kilts, assorted do Pad Locks 1 do round Bolts 1 1 do Iron Candlesticks 6 do TinedSadlery For sale at very reduced prices and a liberal credit, by RICHARDS & TAYLOR, may 5 2w 145 l'carl - street. 'I VISA COO MA A Vt.1 tTOF. Fli HE Subscribers beg leave to acquaint their JL friends and the public, that they have re moved their Tobacco Manufactory into their Dre - protf store, No. 62 Water - street, where they intend carrying on the business on an extensive scale they have on hand a large supply of Pigtail rolls, made of best Richmond tobacco Sweet ccuted N. Head Ladies' Uviit Long cut die wing, in 1, 4, 8, and 16 ouuee pa pers do imokinz do Macuba snuff, in jars and bottles, by wholesale and retail Scented Rappee, Straityursuull' French rappee do do do do do do do do Ham line do Scotch snuff iu bollles and bladders Spanish irgars, made of choice tobacco im ported 2 years ago,tiuU warranted genuine jNew - Orlc. - ina tlo. niencan uo. Orders from Uie country will be punctually and carefully attended to. may 9 Im I. NAAR&SON l,OtV WOO LI. 1S. I UST ree'd per Vcrcnry n.vl Atlantic, a lew ,1 trusses of law piio d Cloth,, Cnimer s, li.rsaifchy JOs. S. HARRISON, ap 27 67 Pine - 'trett. DKAKB'.iK.Va RAI.LA.NCLb, assort'd ti - ift, Willi and without appnrau, lor sale by CEBRA A C UMING, my 13 76 I't.irl - ttreet. c IDl.ti BRANDY. 40 ubls Cider ilraudy, jii'.ili, .ul Salt' by my II lilU Front - ticet. I 1 ICE. I'J Uticet ill,) '. hall Men es, jr ROCT.GILIl'iE, IV '.. by IP !t ! 1I rreril - slreer. . J (J l.hJ 5,'7l 11. a rttiifr'tt.l l cl..t - u l.,i NO. 7 II 11(1 - ji.fM ' ' " - - - . . mm. . t mat K - ..! . :t nlM:llt IIPK nf the l'nrk and river. Possesion may be had in a lew iinys. A!j lor tale, the furniture of said house. It is ..i ti.n liu.i ..u.iliv u. - Atlf - H. Mtiit iiiilnbli, tu a genteel family. Apply a above. III V I I II tUH HALE, A r - n..n. .. 1. 1 r..r.t.nriu nurncrt bv f F. I.. n'UIII) V"ll.umn K"i'H. Hi." .. - - - ground, situated on the fcnst River, short of four miles irom the city. It it remarkuMe for its pleasant situation aud is a vtry desirahle resi - dtnc. cither summer or winter the buildings n.,.1 . ttto tffnunrl im in l.iirli all. guuii uu wiu."...."" , .. - - ... . ord r, and abundantly supplied with a choke coiicriion oi iron irer, una i.nruii'ef j , tnic nir ..........I ....... r. . nl a. ,t - tif..r rn Ih. i.r.mi.1 .err. i ui Bj.iii.g. v, ....v... - ... .... , ....... i set, end two qunrries of buildire stone, wlmh i. - .i. . i r. - .... i. UUniflr wtkcii iu ic;h no, iimi - it. i'.i.iw - seis nre invited to new this situation, mid !p - ly at io. u uroauway lor terms, wim n win le liberal. T. ELLISON, my 12 3 id JmtT, A mri.M.I'I' li .. O WRll - .trret. ' - r tuilaole for a V iue. Cider ;iult, or l runkM.i - .er. jcniiunc uu iiiv 'it;iuii - a. mav 12 2 ft J J.Ki, tijjjt A ronver'ient Iwj story frame house, witu six lot, nl niiiiiil, well sdpled lor a board - in tchool, situcted in Broadway, between Blecckerand Prince - stn t ts. Inquire of KLB. ANDhRSO.V, my 13 121 No. 4 llrwltng Green. WANTED u si i oiid hand iSulai's screw. Anv i r'on having one h r sale may up - lily at 41 VVall - itreet. may 12 4l A,l K3 bPEiNCER rtspertfuHy iniorm, her LX friends, and the ladies in particular wb' recently called on her, thi.t her apart mints are now ready for the reception of pupils for the piano forte I also, that she is dt sinrut ol obtain lug two or three more pupils, who the would have no objection to wait upon nt their own houses, should It be preferred. I he most respectable rt lerenect can he given. A gentleman and bit wife may be accommodated with board, my 11 Im White - Mr. t. No. 3. TO SPORTSMEN. FOR SALE, an elegant Fowling Piece, stub and twitted barrel, together with a ride barrel, also stub and twisted, to fit In one stock ; Hold bushed and gold and silver mounted. The lock, roller, twivel aod freed ; the pan lined with gold, and finished in the het manner. 'I l.e a - bovc will be told low, if immediate application it made at No. 35 Walker - stre - t. my 9 tl T REMOVAL. HE DRAWING ACADEMY of J. Mil - ar.RT, associate of the Academy of Arts of New - York, author i.fthe "Voyage 1'itloresque a ITsle de France, Tenenffe, ef an Card Bonn; r jer - sw f," is removed to No. 20 Maiden - Lane, cor ner of Green - street, w here be respectfully tenders hi tervirei to the citizens of New - York, as Teacher in the Art of Drawing, aod particularly of Landscape Fainting. His bavii g been chosen and appointed by the French goveruinenl lo accompany theexefition of disci vers round the world, under tlie command of rapt. Hamlin, in the capacity of land scape painter his having been coinmtsioned by the same government as profc strr in the school lT the mioe,, to lake views in different parts oi he Alpt at:d of the Pyrenaees are the recom - t enrialinnt which he offers to Ihe public, romy 14 lw spa HAjrrrn, AkusJ Two or three looms, furnished, with the exception of bedn ic. or a small House, bf tween one and ten miltt of the ity. A line addretJ4d to W. mentioning situation and term, wh'rbmust be moileratc, wi.l be attended lo. my 1 tit NOTICE. (ffT" Steam Boat Olive lrsrch win sail every Sunday, at 1 1 o'clock roand ocian - n tsina, ana occasicn - i ally, il live iit and tide will permit, to the 1 hit tieantiful tail still tontniiute both to health and pltasure, and i at cheap a re - rreatii - a a, ran be found. Parties who mean to pirtake X this amusement will, if convenient,! ive in their D?aei Uie day preceding, al tnei .n - m MarketntM ttrttt, norUi side ol tne tiat tcry. 1 'inner and Tea on board, at the usual prices. i Pi...r. n children h.lf nrii e. m I3t . - - - - - - - - . v WELLS tt UPSdN, 155 Pearl - street, have received by late arrivals, . . Fine ivory, self - tip and real back - handle knives aud lurks Fine penknives, holster pistols, fini gun locks English silver watches, plated spoons, kc. tic. 0 SIAKD, Roman vitriol, card wire Cast, hoop L, and shear steel With a large and general assortment of hard ware, best bheflieU and Birmingham plated ware, for uie low. On consignment, received per Ann from Liver - pool, 150 boxes tin plates. my 6 MUHRIb'd BLOCK UN LKiUOR COCKS supply ofthealMive article, just received x x. irom the propnolor, lor sale iiy CEBRA & CUMING, my 13 76 Pt arl - street. PA i LA'T t'LUOR CLOi US. A CONSIGNMENT of first quality rateot 1 floorcloths, of various patterns, in sheets of 21 by 60 feet, without a seam, just received and for tale at r rnnt - street, ny CURTIS, C ROM. VI ELI N k. CO A person employed to fit the cloths to rojms and entries, if required. Any number of yards ) sold. may 6 3w BO.Y1UAZETT3, CLO 1 HS, H A TS, tic 10 bales black and coloured bonibazcttt 2 caset Sheppard's best London cloths 4 do pelisse cloths and cassimere shawls 10 do nieu't best Ixindon halt 8 do ladies' and children's black and drab fancies . t do bands, buckles and trimmings 10 do men's wool hats, suitable lor the southern market 3 rasks Ruvia hai os wool, first quality backs 10 hhds best London glue t or sale by D. OAKEY, William - st. may 11 Iw TSEER bKlNS. 16 bales shared - landing XJ and for tale al 67 bi.utli treet, by my 13 CAMBRELENG k PEARSON. M A KAcW Ji A Kl)l. 0 SCHOOL IT.lEARS. MWGREZ& CIl APERON.have the honour to inform the public, Iriat they have opened a French School at Bloomitigdale, (iite mile, from New - York) where they intend to teach the trench language perle:tly, mill ny principle to yuunz tenth men. I he improve. mcnt of tho pupils will not bo doubted when Ihe public is informed that every p iuis will tie taken with them, and llint nothiutr but French is spo ken by the family. We feel roiiiideut that lim e persons who honour os by intrusting their chil dreu to our care, will have no rea.on to repent their trust. For terms apply at No. 70 Chatham - street, where references as to character and capability will also be given. may 11 lw Male ol .Mew - York, i Comptrollers iJilice. ) Vi 'IlEREASbv an act of the Legislature V entitled " an act to improve the Kindt and to provide for Ihe redemption of the lundeel di htofthi. stale, pased i!lst A (nil I.S18, the C imptroller itouthmizi'd to burrow on the cred it ol this state, a turn or sums uot txcei dii g in Ihe whole, one million of dollars, ol a rate ol in terest not exceeding ix per centum per annum, tiavulile Quarter vrarlv. Now therefore, poljjc Notice it hereby given by the undersigned, Comptroller of laid State, in mirsuance of the net aloretuid. that he will re ceive scaled proposals at bis nflii e in the city of Albanv. until '1 u. sdsv the SGiti May instant, for the whole ornny part of a loan of one million of iloii.trs, o oc paid lino me i rtntury oy me ursi day of July next.' For the loan or lonnt which may be made to the State under the act nforcsaid, certificate ol slock will I c issued which will be transferal) a at the city or New - Yotk, end the interest on w hich will or paid quarter yearly lo the aiock holders residing in Urn Southern di - tiict and out of the Male nt some Unulc in trie riiy oi ii w York, and t.i oil others in the city of Albany. t he principal of laid Slock to be irredeemable until tne first nay or lanmry, liii.i; anil wiinii) five yoart there after the Government it bound to redeem it il the Stockholders rt quire thciaiuu to lie done. RCiri). MclNTYRE. Comptroller. Albanv, Mav 7, llilli, tnv ll I'iUtli MONl' - ALTA. For tain or to let, the beautiful place called Mont - Alla, seve.u mil"S from the City Hall, on the North River, ndjoinin; lord Cour tenay's. It rontaio 20 acre, ol land uodnr un - provement. with a large garden in good condition, a variety of fruit trees, anil every convenience a family may require. For term, which are reasonable, and if sold a long credit given il wished, apply to N. & D. TALCOTT, ap 20 64 Pouth - st. FRANCIS M'COVVAN. No. 126 Fly Mar - ket. sensible ol Ihe very liberal encouragement he hat received since hit romiiiencimeiit iu hii'inets, and feeling confident that nOexertiont oil hi part rhall be wanting lo merit a rnntin u - ince, informs his friends and the public that no piiiis o' ei pence has men avuiueiitn oituin a stock of the best liquort of every de scription, which can be depended on for their puri'y. Having ma le arr. neit'eiits, whiln at Charles ton, toracoiistint supply oi GRLI.N TURTLE in their season, he will I e enabled to fu.uish soup of aoxcelleot quality. A bonk will be opened for t'lbscrihers to an Ultl'IMltl, to be on the table every day at a staled hour. Rooms, lor pi irate parlies, at a short notice N. B. roiip, ll. - el - Meaks, Oysters, Mutton Chps aud Relishes at all time,. ap23 SALK, A farm of between sixty and seventy at its, situate on the west bank of Lake Otsegu, ami one mne irom ine VIM;. ce or conm riv. - vn. On it are a new stone house 54 fei t square ; a new arm nnuse, nam, tic. It l..rm a desirahlii es tahlnhmtnt Tor a gcntlcnir.n willing to rctiie into the country, as its situation, as l i prpect, convenience to market, Uc. it not surpassed bv any in the interior of tlie state. II will be told low forcath, on a credit, or exchanged for pro - Hi'iij in imitnj, gnous, w.c. Apply 10 ll. U h R. SEDGWICK, my 7 tf Law Buildirgs. TOLKT. na.l r or One or more lean. tha fnlnBtr, 1 - - hvu. ..It u.c win BlUlrC, DiuoniinKUdiQ rnaa. A nl' atantls llunlfvl KnA i - nnr.nunl u,n - ry House and Stable, with a Garden and four a - cres of land. Also A pleasantly situated and convenient twosmry tiouseanq otaoic, wittia large tiarden and three acres oi lan J, bulb of the above placet are well slot ked with different kinds olchnict Fruit trees. Also A pieasar.tly situated and conrenicnt two story Howie, with a Stable and two acres ol land, i or lurUier particular, enquire of JACOB HARDEN, ap23 Im Near the premises. ARABIAN HOK8E. . A 7 ILL be sold St ue - VV lion oo the 9Jdint. in front of E. Jcnos' thlt, ew strwt, an eintjanf Ara. lao r liun?r , iru - virted the last vear. Als , a let blood fjn;hh Mare. The horse is extremely lici t hft - i d ... - ii u - r 'Jie saddle 1 1 e sjiir w.t , no ohiectior, to .elhag tt.em at private tain, if at plied for in tin)'). Era;uirc ofMr. JONES, myisws I BOARDING FOUR or five gentlemen wiih their families, or, tea or hlieeo sincle Kfbtlrmn, cm be accommodated wuh booot and lodging at Mount emnn Hotel, about Use miles from the city of New York, oath bank of the East Rirer, and one of the most pleasant lituatioui on the island, i us ruuiui arc spacious ana airy, oavuif a tun view of the river coach bouse aod aables. Terms liberal, and everv attention oaid. bv the public's humble servant. my 4 im KZRA tOR HALE URTOLhAHtL, Lots in the 5. 6. It. and 10 Wards i man ol which are on regululed and peved streets. No money will be required under ten yean, if told, tuterett excepted. Several two and three storv hnutet. on which a great part of the money remain oa mortgage. LANDING AT RED HOOK An excellentttand for businet, with ten acrr.t of land, pleasantly situated, with a wharf, store house and barn. COTTON and WOOLEN MANUFACTORY, Near New - Haven, with 40 acres of land, and a never failing stream, upon which 20 mills mry be ici im, wun sumcirncy oi waier lor encn. App'y hi no. x street. Jus 13 tf BERGEN ORPHANS COURT, Of the Term of March. 1318. Catharine Schuyler, 1 Administratrix, kc. f ol John A. Schuyler Rule, under Statute. deceased. . rP HE court order and direct, That Catharine .1. bchuyler administratrix of the goods, chattels and credits o John A. Schuyler, deceased give public notice to Ihe creditors of the dece dent to bring in their claims and demands against Ihe estate ol the said dicedent, on or before the lir.t day of May, in the year of our Lord eigh teen hundred and nineteen, by putting op nulicr - i to that ellect in live of the most public places in the county oi ttergrn, tor the space oi two months, and advertising the same for the like spare ot tune in a newspaper printed and pub 1 1 sued in me state ol jew - Jersey, and in u nr - w t PHper printed and published in the city of IMuw tor a. A true transcript irom the menrc. ap8 2m JOHN A. BO YD, Sur'gato. REAL ESTATE. IN pursuance of an order of Ihe honorable the court ol chancery, daled the 8 1th day of April. 1818, we, the undersigned, trusties of the estate of Henry Dojer, deceased, will sell at public aucU'.n, on '1 hui day, the SDlhduy of May instant, the follow ing run I estate : Lot No. 7 Dovei tirttt. nineteen fret front and eighteen feet rear, 5ilei tdero oo southeast! riy ami qr li e; on noimwcsieriy tines, iw inv i.imr iii'irror h ps i anu y ini'v in poisesiion oi nr. VM illiain Arnistront; j'suliject to ft Icaso which will expire on Ihe 1st May, I8V6. ot a ground rent of 50 doilart per annum. Lot No. I a Doj er street, l!0 fret front, 8? rear, 4(i feel 4 inchei deeiioii southerly and 51 feet on (lortheily tiiU. - , (e (l.e san e inoiu or lesn, at now or late in rgt isifiol Col. Win. r ew, subject lo a lease, which will ix;nreon the 1st .lay, ltiT4, at a ground rKt ol dll dollars per aiiiiiim. Lot No. 13 Unsr.r street, tt) fi et front and ti reSr, 51 fuel th epon soutlu - rl and 5 1 led 6 inch - s on ti e northerly tide. I the samenior.'or Itts. at now in tlie otfK.sioiol fir. Unviil Munaoa t suliiecl o h loase wjllVti iie on thu 1st May, 1112 - 1, at a giound rtnt ol thirty six dollars per annum. - . . ,... i.oiNo. 15 uover itreeu aileti ironx ana 3 J feet rear, 54 Itt't U ittchri' dt rp oa SotlUit rty and 6U feet 3 inches on Nortlicrlv vide, be the same mote or leas, atuow lopctuisit nf Mr, William Shntzel ; subject to a lease, which lull expiui null the 1st May, Ilft4j nt n groiind".tejU oryory do! lars tK - r hiinum. - ' r. '. Lot No Id Ooyer si reel, 20 feet font ajifl M feet 6 inches rear, il feet deep oiiou1heily anil 31 f. - cl on northerly sidrs, be tl.e same more or less, and us now or lute in posftssion ol Col. Vin. Fw t - sobject toa lease which will expire on tin 1st nl May, 1224, at i ground rent of Id dollars per annum. Lot No. 13 Tell street, S3 feet front and 9 feel S inches rear, 50 feet deep, be the same morn or less, at now inIiHsi!Sicn "l tlie estate of in Gray, deceased ; subject to a lease which will expim on he 1,1 May, 1 Wl, at a ground rent ol thirty dollars per annum. Lot No. HI I'cll street, 21 feet front and rear, OC lettf! inches deep on eastnly, and 511 luet 4 inches on westerly si.ltt, be the n.inu more or less, at now in poesion of Mr. Win. I. Wal - dmn ; lut jeel toa lease, which will expire on the 1st day of May, ut a ground rrnt ol 4U dol lars p r annum. Lot io 2i re ii tirec.1, 31 n et irom, a teet J inches rear. CO lent deep .etiteily, and 66 feel 5 inihet on w esterly tides, be the tame more oi less, at ikivy i:i possi isioo oi John llcyer isub iect to a lcne which will t i.pirc on the lit May, IU44, al a ground rent cl 3iJ M'.fn. lloue and lot ,u. 21 I ell street, tl fret front and rear, and 53 :ett 4 inr'ict derp on aster y, and CU feet on westerly tide, be Hi'1 same moiu or Inn, as now in possesion of Mr. Jon - pti BlN ler. The improvements on the leaded lott to lie va lued and paid for by Ihe purchaser, at the expi ration ol tlie lease. Terms of sale, cash, on the dr'ivcry ofll.t deeds. Any further information which may hi required will be given by either of the euMiirri - bers. ISAAC S. DOUGLASS. ADRIAN II V AN BOKKF.LEV. The above proptrty will l.ctold ntliie Tontine Ceffre House, on the aliixe - ni otl'ioi d day, by Messrs. FRANKLIN ii MirsiUUM, An - lion. e r. my 7 ids Slntr. iij JYne lark - Vomiiirollr,l Jjirr.. 13UBLIC NOTICE it liu;etiy given, in.d s., - I ed proposals wiil ! receited al tins sffi - e until Monday the 2jUio' Mjv ei xt, f - r the pur i lne of the win If or of tiny partol it), 4?t 17 - ItXId'.ill trt olihe three peri cut. Mock ol the landed debt of the United Slates, owned ly (hit state, Th Stock, ifsrld, will l - e transferred first day of July rext. at which time, inu - t be made by th pun ha - er or purc - biuri, t the bank of New - York in the city of Ne v - Yori. The proposals wi.l I opened o i the s .id ?jl. day of May next and the best fcr or offers will be accepted ; provided the affin ! iu h as shall, consislcnt with Ihe interests ot the slate, warrant the accept tint of any of them. If any oner or i tier, snail ne arcepien, inior - million thereof shall he. iran ediitels roinninni - cated to Hie person or person, so ofl. - rinj ; and it is expected aru reqiiiien inai suci. pers - io nr person, shall then give satisfactory securi'y fur Urt painieut nt tiie time stipulated - ARCU'D M'lN I'YRE, Comptroller Albany, April g7, IfllH. npl" . - PHOSI'ECri'S. roa prBLitmsio ay tcascairriosj A MAP K MEXlt :o A N U LOLIMA V A. ' I MIE publication nl thit M .p h - s bs - esi uiid. r - J. taken with Ihe iini retiioo. that it v.ill tx hinitmioroiati.,hittiiioieretiiii.iiiser.. lul crisis . aod the vnluahle Mapt h ti the au - le,lC0, III fl I. , mi; mt and IU17. ini'aielniu tot.rU.ivi that the Map, witheven all it iii'l - ' li - n, arill be much the ibkI pi r.'ect whu h hat appeared be - (ijretlie ruNtc. ... . .... Tin .dap will contain me inrei ana nets in - r,,ri,, - iiifrn from the dicment and p.tseioBS of the American, Spanish, Russian, Ln'ish ! French travellers and uivigalors and rtpfi: - sine thet laimtol Ihtir reti.rrlive goveiDHMLls oa toe .'rinwe.iero coati oi America. , Tlie Map will include that porim nf N.irtl Amsrira, whiih lice m tweea Ihe Isthmus ef Dn inen, ants ir.enoin argrce o, norm umivKie, aon 'frous tlie hstistppt River westwardly to the Pactfc Ocean. In site the Map will he ab - vat tit by it fet. ana will be projected on. s ta ale of ir.'.h't the i.vh, to be delivered to the subtcri;rt at fif - teen dollars i sn h. ' atcnet, marcnr, wis, apiiABi icg to t n 'J k G n ti PROPS igALS. " OO The ageut of tl Mate - rrisor., Wit' it cent prrpoMisunrillUie tlst instant, for fi.mi'h - for one year front the 1st ol June mxi, 'he rouicts conhusd ihumn, with the lollowir.g ra tion,, to be delivered at the bUte - l'i jsoii, .it tlie CLiiai tors expense oaiiy, or at such tunes at shall U - tgietd upon. viz. , IK of. Cocoa shells, lor every 100 rations, 3 pecks Potatoes do do do do 4 quarts Salt, do do do do 1 do Beans or Pi as, do do do 3 ex. Pvppi - r, do do do do 1 - Slb tailed Ktth per man, once a wek, 1 gallon Vinrgar per lOlratirnt, do do do l - vlb tailed prime Pork per man, do do do 1 lb. Rye flour , do do er day 8 rt. Indian do do do do 1 - t gill Molasses, do do do do The above to be of good quality and approved by the ugent, when delivered. Brief is not men - liened, the reason ot which, the agent will tint whomsoever maj contract. AL.5U, ProDotall will be received, untill tlie Slst inst. for furnishing the Hospital dfjmrinient of taid rrison with .McUicine, roou, ana llopiu.i r.oret, lor one year irom Uie isi oi June rttit, agreeably to an act ol the Lrsritlkture. cooreriiicc the State Prison, patted tlie IStb ol April 18(7. AL.SU, Proposals will be received, lor fusnihinc from two to three Thousand loads of stone, suitable lor building un additional wall to Ihe stale frit - on. AlEX. COFr IN, jr. Agent. New York State Priioa Olhce, May 4, 11! 18. my 4dtrol ftT" Notice is hereby give to the iter hold er! of the West Chester Turnpike Road Cou pa - iv, iiiai an i lei turn w.ll ne neid on in U.nd Monday nl May nexl.ut ten o'clock in the (ore - noon, at the house of David Wood, lun Keeper, at Mnmnronet k, for Uie purpose of choosing thirteen Directors for the said company. ap30 tr NOTICE it hereby given to the stock - holderi of the Attociatcs of the Jersey Company, tliat a dividend hat been declared of 10 doilart perthaie on the capital stock of the company, which will be paid on the lftn in slant, at No. IHI Bmadwuy. HARRY CALDWELL, Treasurer. niy 1 3w fjr Mercantile Insurance Coitipan) ot New York, incorporated during the Uie icssioo of the Legislature of this slate,' being organised and having comment ed buriin - ss, it ready to receive applications, on Marine Ritquet, at Uieirolfite, No, 41 Wall - street. s - ' may 4 9w iMOllCE. 07" The niftiteil and owners of vessels be - loniig lo (he cities of Albany nnd Troy, wish to hi't - a busiu, for a number of years, i the North Riverside of this city, for bc atcommoJ (hi ion of these vessels exclusively, lor which a literal t omprns.iliou will be gives. The sul'Stri - bors are a coiunuttee pointed lor the purpoto of receiving proosuls lor tlie same. And Uie proprietors ol the wharves on J he North River ate requested to hard in (heir propotalt in either of ihe subscriber,, stating the situation and tlnir terms, respectively. ti. li. A ra (e addressed (o either ef (l.e sub. scribnre, left at Josf j4i C. Cooper's, Ler.t's Basin, or at R. tl L. Reed's, Coeutirs Llip, will be iiiie.nnfi in. New - York, SCth April, IftlO. ; IIaRSiM WHIPPLE, (iEORtiE MONTEATll, PETER UO.NNKLLY, . IUCHD. H.HTCI1. . B. bUhilNELL, GURDON GRANT. . se i K - p 41 I III 'removal. T" ; I J A.C.UTTWALDr.hiu removndlrom No. 44 to No. 75 .Vaidca - laae, where he continues to maniifacliite his l'l A No - FORTES on an entire new and improved ciimiruftiao. the n.mlk - nl many years caiac appbi wlion and study, for which ho now has ubtniued letters intent. On examination by counoUtoori of saita. he Cat - ten himself thaJ tin y will mart with their ap probation, and merit public patronage !nd ho feels proud, that hit pi.iiio - roite, haie met with (he uaai.imon approval of (hemont rioineiit pro le.wors of music; the following testimooiair of which they kiudjy have graiiUJ him, lo meet the public eye; " We, the sulrM - rila rs, proftsnnrs tl niuie, do certify, that we hive cmefully esaraiuod Mr. J, Cutlwaldt'i piauo - buirs. wh.'.b, tor inm du ty nnd cKcellfiicc of workiiaii'lilLi aud uioforos brilliancy of (one, we dui.i - .'fUy racnnuqs i.d ! put lie palroaagi', ,lt'. tulles, F.lnao"., Rd. Meetx, I.. (Uibault, I barb s t.ii:i it." , n TO LL I, on the same piriMMs, a ,1 large nnd coinmiiiiou store npl hck room adjoining, with or without a ft out cellar. ro It Im mft' lo lur'm Af ' and itrtirrit, (t7 Licenser) to Tavern Kreptrs aud Gro cer irom the Vleyor and O inn iwini er i.l r.x. n - e, will l.e issoi - d at llir o. - ' i .')., i , ii. lie Llty 1 1 ft ii, la twee n the Pf.'.rs , I, n urij nnl o'l hf k, no I' C Si - verii! J'.vs. and 'oi l! i! .!'f!i;r - jii. wnrdsio tsBrrssp - .n, in I'M' order fcdov.iii:;, vi: ' 1st ward on the 5'h f,hj I'd do do iu. do 3l do do 7ii i!o 4th ln ,: . do bin V '.'ih iio At, i do, da III:, v U'.lido Clli do do . l'.in V 1 i n tIJ ".III do do li'ih.. li.' uli tn di do liiili ti i:i - ., , 9th do do '.oti, ' i'o li'lit do Ai ?Ht s". i - .'.J lo All pr.rsont who know of i.i.y o. .i,tn' a - gsinst the granting of liien.e - Ioh1vi :' - . who noiv h'rld tlicui, are rraprctf'ii.v ncni - '.. to give i.'ifotmrilinn at the M.i) Or. , - , i. 'ore tlis1 lime for grrui'ingtlu m n n.,..v. - i..en li'.nt f ; and thoie jr, nilninM tl. iii .tr ".k:.i punt tn ir.vetigr.te tin, nih 1, ;. i . ...i..r i' of suHk ii at lin nie'it, are parln u'.m' 'y '1 assnt in furnishing ail (lie iuforma'iu' in 'I pi.wcr. By order, ' i. FID ELL. F. M. ipg7 tf AMI AM riaia .1 - Ihh.1 , rff fj. Greejsvich - stnet I .Male inUoI, l - W h iiibtr - Mreet. In these are taulit all the tvim - he iiii h cou. - 'itute a usefbl and fiiittl :U ei'.m ata.n. W liVbca' lo I'fKend lo pnriirul irs ti..rtr.r reoumueodalietir, vr to otHf grot proo.i hi. ')nr ris are I. f! to pije ot the niuvl oJ" iii.trocuri. ru th mornl aod trtenitjk, by the im - piovemeulof Ihetr bo'ais. .ll.Mr.HT KI T. pW j)hm u:.ptck:.T. M lir.ATN'a lit 11 ul M I siLNP. 'HE lorg m.1 ucci..ful uu or cijlniei - .t i as sjf!:i.:eii recurca.e - 'tnli'r., as it hat en found to be a pliu,t, .fi and rertain ro - iiicr'y ft thai (im - trscnlrti dis... - i io ul ite ti - et. It it - ;r taU in th crl of Neir - io.if. by . A. V W. R. I.. .No 41 IViin .m - itnet i t. T t l.'k. No. f - a M iii' - o - Leo, . II. 11. Scliieff - In: fc. Co. No. U.l larl frret: Law rence ii K - ese, N.. L'j l'ei' - r' t i llu: Bowns - , 14b pearl street ; It. v'L. v.r :iM Pearl - ' is el ; J M. tJradlignt, 514 Pi ar! s!".' t : J'.iiO Peftfi iii, No. 4 1 rttiX - trier : L'ori ,e ii Poe, in !Varl - ftee; J - irsi C. l w.'o., IHj re' r.w - U street; Juki P. Frarrr - , KJ I'.r'ri - m..r l tlrr - A.' - i im - Mi. r MM - ' M.Nnt. ao - i Br)de ay, aa.l also ra Clia'iJse - S" - ' - t : tJ abort it ma) be , med l tno - t t - 4 t. J 'ri.e; "ertsse thi i'v Aiv n. Pt.n sir - Ji.s., l . V i.UreU k Sens ; Georfe flaers ll , Noi'O ft H rs, nd alroirsl aN the .U jhiHm im theprtonpt) towns in the t.mted S'aars. i.tnan - ifir, WHEAION'S JAt NLICEriTIKP - n,tj be had. at the ahovt) places. - jx2.

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