The Evening Post from New York, New York on May 15, 1818 · Page 3
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The Evening Post from New York, New York · Page 3

New York, New York
Issue Date:
Friday, May 15, 1818
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! Or. a. ,. - v, "'" "" - w nfit Iki. mArninf. BOAT Die Cofles flouM I J j or, in Wall - rtreet,' fine GOLD EAL, fattened by a black ribbon. The finder will be liberally rewarded by loaviug it,ai 158 Front - - ' - "T15 gt - i kj - jtSSlSTAIfT TUTOR WAXTFD, - r v n academy near tbe city of New - York I a e - entleniau. of irood morals, and ca - toarh lha rudiments of tbe Latin, with the higher English branche usually taught in academies . A graduate of a college in the United Stale will be preferred. Apply at the office f this paper. my la XJ&LU READY MADELINES. , Tl If RS. C. B. HALL, inibroi her friend and XIX the public, that the ha opened asnopai No 5 William - street, next door to the residence of Hia Honor Uio Mayor of the city, and a few itepi above the Gazelle Office. She intends to jnnke up linen, &c. for gentlemen, and to keep on baad a variety or made up articles iogtier with eundry article of dry goods for family use. She intend to exert herself to give satisfaction, and hopes to succeed . my IS it VVAN1EU. A 8 Cook, either a white or colored Woman, IX can urod inira ijraninsr. Nna 3977 1000 1 t4261 R1000 i 16 - 106 8500 1812, 6916, and 1910, ea. h J100. First drawn number, t Floating. All ld at WAITE'S. Will draw again on Tuesday next may U "I RACIL'S LIST OF FRIZES, drawu in the VJT Milford and Uwego Koad lottery - Third day's ra i'.t "Nos. 3977, l00tl - 4;6l, $1 H.O - 6406, $500 8tt, 1497, 6910, 710, each itW. First drawn number. fjT" Draws un ri Tuesday ncx', when the Istdrawn namber will oe entitled to 00, ami every followios drawing the i:?t drawn nuuibi!i j will be entitled to a capital pnte. my 5 ' Fortune contemns the whining shiv's, And loves to smile upou tbe brave." GRAND Road Lottery Third day's drawing The first drawn number yesterday, entitled to J1000. was s ilil and naid, three minuter af'cr it was drawn, hy KOHr.RT WAI I rj, Jun. 136 Broadway. Tbe number was 3977, and wai sold to an offi. tr of the Navy . R. WAITK, iun. sold and paid, the capit - tl priie of 5,OO0, being the hiuht - sl vrt drawn in this Lottery. my B i.'t rilKKEAS James James, ul the town of v V bcutbfield, county ol Richmond, and state of New York, being indebted unto Henry Davis, of the same place, in and by a certain ' - ond or obligation, bearing date the tenth day of Decern ber, in the year ol our Lord, one thou'ar.d eight hundred and seventeen, in tbe penal sum of twelve, huodrrd and ninety one dollars lawful money of the United States, conditioned fur the payment of six hundred and forty rive dollars and titty cents, lawful money aforesaid, with lawful interest lor the same, on or before the tenth day of May, then nextensuine the date of said bond or obligation. for the better securing and mire sure payment o! the said ram of mney mentioned in the said bond or obligation, acemdiog to the tro intent and meaning thereof, did, together with Abigail iis wile, on tbe said tenth day of - December, m the year aforesaid, mortgbge to the laid Henry Davis, ail that mi - ssunge, farm, plantation, salt meadow and premises situate, lying and bem in the town of Southfieb!, couuty nnd state aforesaid, and is butted and bounded as follows : beginning by the eaitrmost corner of the Innd of Cornelius Van Buskirk, aad running from thence by bis line, nnrtb lorty seven nrees and thirty mmutes west thirty five chains nnd ixty Jin si thence by said highway, norm thirty - three degrees and twenty minutrs, ea - t fourteen chains, to the comer ol the laud of ls.iac :tnvsn - son (thence by tbe line of the said lac feimon - son and Ferine, 'outh forty seven degrees and thirty minutes, east forty one chains and sixty links, to the land of Jacob Vreeland ; tl.ence a - long said Vreeland's line, south fifty one decrees and forty five uinuler, w.'st twenty chains and sixty links the place of beginning ; containing within the boundf and limits theief cij,h ty ruht acres and one half aa acre or land ; - bounded southwesterly by the said Cornelius Van Bukirks land ; northwesterly by the highway ; northeast by the land of the s 'id Laac siiuonson and ferine, and southeast i v the land oi saia jacoo vreeland. Also, a certain ma or parcel of salt meadow, lying in snid aid near a place called Old Town ; beginning at or near uie owner ol Cornelius IMarlino's mead a, and ranninit Irons thence sotith twenty nine d Roes, east f urn en chains and Cfly links ;tl. nee Oflh seventy four degrees, east one chain lor'j three links ; thence north twenty nine degrees, east fourteen chain and lifty links ,0 ,lie ftoce j l tie nee south twenty lour degrees, wet oae chain and lorly three links to the place of beginning ; containing two acres of salt meadow ; bounded southwest by Con, eh us Martian's ; southeast hy the creek ; northeast by John Ki t tletas, and northwest hy meadow ol Stepnen Mrtino. Also, that certain piece or parcel of salt meadow, situate ami Ivi iiv in f ft, liiwi, n Northfield, connty and stale nfirr said, en the easterly tide of Tunison's crvk (o called) ami Cherry Tree Creek ; huadl weierly 'y the aid two creek ; northerly and easterly hy meadow of Captain Richard Courton, nnd southerlv by meadow of John Merrill ; containing two acre's and a half of salt in. adow. be the same rure " together with all singular, the edifices, buildings eight, members privilege and appur unaoces thereu'ito belonging or in any wise ap "r - . my 14 tw Cffef RUM - 10 "wce green Jamai - froa adJrY'f ,h PTor Jamaica Rim. landing t, Vlarentl, at pier No. 8. and for sale y 13 TUCKER. LAURIEX, 29 bovlh - trctt. TYUNTS, OIL, kc L W ho perfectly understands her business, and oduce an unexceptionable character. VC person will be allowe i good wages on ap - J - V pri who 14 rl vine at 25 Tark - pluce. ray 15lw aO ILLESHIE'S correct list of prizes in the - j Grand Rond l.otleir. 3d doy'sdi awing. No. 4J6I, 39767. IOt)0: 6406, 500 : 7910, 6916, 842, $100 each. Tlie first drawn No. on the 6tb day entitled to 5000 and r n the 7th JlO.OOO. For chances apply at C1LLESFI E'S 1 14 Broadway, opposite City Hotel. Draw a - 5 am on rueeaay iiu numm, uf me rawn number will be entitled to $500. Bf 15 hite and n biting 611 bbl. Spanii - h Brown UUSINESS. Enquire of M13S MARSHALL, my 14 - lf No. 7 Cedar - street f "IHOrTA KOMALb. 5 cujie red and yc V low I'attern 3 caes Company do. for ale by may IS P. REM SEN & CO. OKI tCKRlEs. ,rM. ONDKRIiONK, iun. 191 Front - st V V corner of Fu ton - street, ha on hand niece I NV ,n Liquors, on draught and in bottle town I 4 rresh'Ieas London and American Porter ' i i: . . . i u. . i i . . . . Spanish Si gars, English ic American Cheese . ' . u . t2 l' : unr, dUEnr, cdii:i l oc. Together with a general assortment of Grace rie, i f the best uualitr. I IN. - 1(1 pipes Cranston Gin, just received v ana lor saie hy utu. V. TAL.UO I , my 1 1 55 Fine street I 1 AV A.NA GRASS HA I S - - An elegant as Jl l sortmtnt ol geutlemens summer Hat's, just reccivra aua torsaie Dy juh.v btAKI, my II lw 158 Front - street X Ll.YKt.O oil J hhds landing from iloon Rover, frr.m I'hila .I a r,ei jnuia saia mortgage I acipiua, lor sale by contained, that if default ehould be made, in the Pvment of the (aid sum of money mentioned in Uie coaditioo of the said Imnd or obligation, and Hie interest which should accrue thereon, at Ihe time sp otied forOie payment thereoL Uiat then t shorn.; tie lawful for Om . - id Henry Davis, his n"' 'x"cuton' admmistrat .rs and Msigns, to ell and dispoM of tlie said premise at pubiir suction, acoM - ding t the act oi the legislature iasuch cases made and provided ; which should W a perpetual bar, both in law and equity, a - jaipsl . tlje laid James J une and Alxcail his their heir and assigns and all other per - ni claiming or to claim tbe s ,id premises by. .iivcr. uiem, or any oi them. And wherea default has been made in the piy ?' oftheaid principal turn of fix hundred On lorly Hie dnll.ri anH flftwr.fe. ,J ll.. ith the interest thereon remains due and unpaid: (iicn, uioi puMuuut xo ine act kr ,k. aoe and provided, all and sirgn 'oe Premises ahnn n - nir.,lrl ,rn,..n.l my 13 3t CORNELIUS DUBOIS. I I AVANA SUGAR - TALLOW, ac. XX 50 boxes brown Havana Sugar, entitled to drawhack. 130 ceroons South American Tallow 54 boxes Roll Brimstone, and 18 case Tumblers. Landing and far sale dj JAJirJS umol, juur. my It 54 Sout:i street CRATE bftESakS. 01ERCE& MORS have received, in adrii I tion to their f.mer asortmcnt, and are now onenog for sale at their store. Hi llroad way. Col'd and black Rankin Crapes superior io ng'u do do quality L'o ao o.HmasK do very ncn, Col'd and Black Canton Crape h'lrgant embroidered dresre of Nankin tilk 4 4 Embroidered Crape Hdkfs. - 4andV - 4do do Shawls ' hthe hereditamenU and appurtenances will Wiat and black Leghorn Flats ft r i POhliC 'ti' or 'taJae, at the Tt,n - to 50. Vkcd7 - ',.?ULinJ 'V'? - of Nrw Yof' " MEDIUM l Kl.MIC, PA rtaeiVs"" - 1 .V. 5uT??rr ,1CA': " I? VE hnnd.ed ream, Medium thf t;;T7 . 1. ,ne ,,.I".?T - Tv; l1 maoalacturej at the Third 1 TMmrA... .1 . . a t'i 5l51w6m' HENRY DAVIS. Bxes fresh Medina Lemons in prime order 5"xes do do Orange landing and f - r sale by - !L PV ' FR It EM g EN b CO. Tr?r LONDON :o ' tJ,""1' and r, t sate at S3 Jhn - ttreet, a iTii, ? k nt Dretsand Frock dts, I bn,n ,h,h is one Extra Trimmed Pin - ; Co - ALSO, 100 reams coloured medium 90 do blotting do 2(1 do writu.g demy And 20 do writic' meitium. from No. 30 my I2lw ffcR. Printing Paper, River puyer mill. All from the aiiie mill. For sale, at reduced prices "y T. k J . S v O R US, mv 13 160 Pearl street. flUL'R. I O Obbls. laperfiae flour, and 40 do. fine X oj J and X nudtlliiurs landinr from sloop lieita, iiuu lor sale by bookman it Johnston, . my 13 57 South - etreeL 50, at &04J.1K. ' Chests hysoo skin tea, of a superior qaa - Utv, and 32 bags while Cab. - utla uran, laodiug from iloop fto - tou, at Burliog - siip, and for sale at 67 Wajoioytoo - street. farisj ..' 20 do Yellow Ochw lb' caks Venetian Red 10 tous dry and ground White Lead 2 do Hed Lead 500 lb. frustum Blue 2000 lb. Slue Vitriol ; 3000 lb. Oil do 10 bhds Copperas; 5 do Puruiie Stone 100O lts. Cum Copal; 1500 do do SUcllac liw DDIs. I - round Laruwo d 23 do dj Logwood and Nicaragua 500 tii do Tumeric 5 tons St. Domingo Logwood S do Large Nicaragua ; do Red Wood 30 boxes Eastern Mould Candles - Linseed, spermaceti and neat foot OH ia k aua nrini Varuish 2500 feet 8 by 10 Glass 1500 do 7 by 9 iio for sMehy RH'LKY ii WELD, my 14 19? Front, turner of Fultnn - sf. J UcslA 6i. lUVt.Vt DLCK. - 2JUbolts 1st IX quabty tuis. - ia duck, 5 bales raven duck, entitled to debenture, just received, fur sale by r.BEJItKSSCO. may 14 26 - outhft. ITUCKY FORK 200 hhk Kentucky my LK ROY, HAYARD& CO. )UJ. JO lili.l lt proof new Kuiu. for sale - ax lAUlvaUtV & VVUULI.KV. mj 14 75 Wall - street. WANTED, several young LA bits as ap prentices to the MANTUAMAKlNG rflHREE Gentlemen can be accommodated WAITE'S list of Drizet drawn in I I - with sepcrate furnished rooms, break - the Grand Road Lottery now drawing I fast and tea, in a most delightful and healthy I iitimtion. Please to apply at 260 liowerv. mav 14 lw A T OLASsES. 1 VI b iy my 14 3 1 60 hbds. MohictKt, tor sale CLARK, MOOKK&IO. 41 South - street I I hWt.LUV. 2 cuaes of Fancy Jewelry, lor l saie oy Ur.U. W. wiLbUW. lilH Water - street. U oodstvek Ulneej, dot lit, &,c. rilFiK subn riber has received per Venus JL 10 trunks beat Woodtock gloves assorted. 1 cafe Micphei d's best VVrst ol Fngland black and blue broad cloths and casiimeres I trunk cotton hose 100 dozen Rowland's genuine .Vacaoar oil, and A lot ol lead pencils. CEO. M. WILSON, my 14 12 Watir - st. IRISH LIN KM, Jtc. r11 II E sulisohhtf offers lor sale, 4.1 packages .1 of Irish Linen (lourf. imported per ship iruDim racaei, and other la's arnihls iroui Dublin, comprising a good aisortmeiuof 4 - 4 ai d 7 8 Linens, low priced Do Alidling and Fiuc 9 - U, S - 4, find H - 4 sheetings ti 4, 7 4,8 - 4, 10 - 4 Diaper nnd Damask 3 - 4 Brown Holland aud 7 8 Droghedas 3 - 4 nnd 7 - 8 Linen Bed Tick 4 4 ColtiMi Cherk All of whih he will dipoe of on liberal terms. JUH Kt;i,I.V, 140 1'earl street, mv 14 Sw Clurio.N. jl) b.ilesol prime Upland Cot ton, received per sloop Mercv. from Savan nah, and for saie by JOHN KELLY, 149 Pearl - street, my 14 Iw SCY HIES. 33 dozen, for sale hy J. D'WOI.F, Jr. my 14 54 South - strert. 5hR.1ADy. Pipes French brandy, jut received and for sale by GEO. W. TALBOT, may 14 65 Pine - st. rjlEA, tc 200 chests hyson skin tea. Paci - JL tic's cargo, entitled to debeutore 145 chests hyson skiu tea, London Trader's 10 w hole, 15 hull and id quarter chests bo - bra tea, Tiumbull'scarro 20 pipes aud hhds Cranttou's gin 4 do coguac brandy, Amiable Matilda's cargo 60 buxet caslile soap 2 . asos sistcrsoys, 1 8 hhds copperas 2 bales Calcutta rug) Marline, twine and mustard seed, for sale by U. W. T A I. HOT, may 14 65 Pine - st. Families supplied, and SHIP STORES put up at the shortest notice. Also for sale a above, a constant supply of GUNPOWDER, of approved qualities. my 14 iw SIX rilOUdANU DOLLARS may be had on mortgage on real estate in this cilv. ou application to JOHN my II lw WARREN & SON, ' No. 46 Wall st. my 11 Far niBT) tT Ti O - CWTrfJ f Wltl kail hMlf;..!. M AAfk Infant The fast sailing schr EXPRESS, bo - uicr, uiamcr, nas 3 - 4ths ol her cargo on board For freight of remainder, or passage, having guuu eion,mouation8, apiy to the captain on worn hi ngoew's wnari. mav 14 t or b.iy.qjfx.iu. t the ship ULQUE, Devoll, master, wiii iraamveiv aail on ins 17lli imtanl. f or lleisht, wbirh will he taken vrv low. annlv 1, ..... .... .. .w - rw uu uvaiu ai pier io. iu v.nn Kiver, or to FOTT U M'KINNE, "y 14 No. 68 South street for H.1 t'HIC. Tbe f:4 - ailiii2 coppered ship A DO WftHliblS, H. L. Chamiilio, muter, intended loi.iii jwiuveiyon lhe22d inst can yet accommodate 3 more passengers and can take some more freight. Apply on board, at Jones' wharf, or 10 POTT & M'KINNE, or my 14 ORIS WOLDS ii C0ATE5. forjUAHLt:yiX)r. 1 he elegant packet shin COR - SAlR i'utton, will rail on Sunday next For rcifrtu or passage, aiiply oo board, at mer io. 12. east siue uiu - fiij), or to CLARK, MOORE i - CO. may 14 3t 41 Aouth - st, ..rf. For LiVtLUrOiilj, LAJtv ITL. .L' Mini, ...... .7. vv44 1 ""P wiini - iwiT, reiear ??A - y.m. master ; her careo beintr nearly all eugHged, will meet immediate dispatch. For Ireight of 50 or 100 bales cotton, or passase, having good accommodations, apply on board at (r l. L . i owoscou s wnari, or ro CR1SWOLDS L COATES, my 13 C8 South - st for .WfTlGl'Ji. The Briibhbiig AMELIA, captain Humphreys, to tail about the I6lh inst ror parage only, apply to the matter on board. ai pier no. u east river, or to ROB T. GILLESI'lE, 1 13 Front street Who has for sale, Richmond tobacco, Caroline Rice Red and white I'ortand Mndeira wine St. Domingo, Havana and Jamaica coffee my 13 3t fvr Kw.UM'OJi. (Jam 1 I he tine coppered British schooner LCLAUr.MMJN, J. G. Tilth, master will be despatched for Kingston, in 6 days. For freight or passage, apply on board at pier IMO. O, or 10 1 ivI.K ii LALUlb?. may 13 29 South - street. tor S.HlAXMAU, The fast sailing ,t hr ARI A DN E, I'co - dleton, master, now loading at hne - tt hail, will tail the beziunin? nf next week. For freight or pa. - iaje, ha ing haudfome actommo - uaiious, apply on board, or to lilUSW OLDS i: t'OATES, my 13 fin iouth - ft. . si The new substuntial and faM sailimr iij ..' i . . ... .. " JbmI Miwii) uuin.r.1 , it. u. till elt. mas'e, : h..vmg considerable freight eiiL'aired. will uil the 16th iiikt For the remainder or passage, apply on board, at viurray's - wharf, or to '1 IIO. BARRON, my 13 4t 71 CI South - st. HA.VTU) nt VlUliiEli, A double - decked vetel. of about 250 Lto 300 tous. Apply to ISAAC F. ROE, my 13 tf flu Murray's wharf. FH EIGHT for fUAULKHrOff. ZUU tons heavy freight for Charleston. Ayyj to ANSO.V G. PHELPS, 18.1 Front - street. bloop ADELINE. This substantial And last sailing pleasure - boat is ollared lor sale upon reasonable terms, as the Drasenf owner has no use lor her. She is a safe bout, be ing uecaca ana iiavmg two births m the cabin, and is about 26 feet long, and ii 12 feet wide. Auy perron wishing to purchare a boat of this description, will please apply to the subscriber, at the stone - yard, loot of Murray - street, where iwu uiay oe seen. my 11 lw ROBERT WILEY. siJVTtf hiif, The good last sailing shin 4NGELI k,CA ; has 3 - 4llu of her careo engaged. aiiU will be dispatched iu a lew days. For freight t iretMgc, uavmg gooti accommoiiations, apply to N . L. Si G. C RISWOLD, my H ll6Souib - st. for bate, freight or Utaiter. A new pilot boat built SCHOONER, 150 tons burthen, built in a superior maimer oi ine nest materials sails last, and may be sent to sea with small' ApyW to JV. L. k G. GttfslVOLD, ny M 86 South - st. for DVHLIj (Intendad as a regular trader) The substantial and fa&l sailui? shiD L - I I i t, l . . . .. r.itm, iiewcomo, matter, is now leadiuzat Pine - street wbarf and will sail, weather permitting, on the 17th inst a few tons of freight can betaken if applied for by the 12;h inst. and a few more cabiu and steerage passengers can be comfortablv accommodated. Apply to the captain on board. or to J AMES M'BRJDE. U2 Ub.rtv..t. Who has lost received by the Dublin Packet and Isabella, from Dublin, 74 packages consisting of 4 - 4 and 7 - 8 bleached linens, 3 - 4 brown do. 7 - 8 droghedas, 3 4 diapers, 5 - 4 sheetings, 4 - 4 ii 5 - 4 cotton checks 7 - 8 shirtings, and 10 hhds su perior old claret wine s which, with his previous assortment of linens lawns, lie. Ic. are offered for sale on moderate terms. may 0 for a.i y.i a:ah. The strong substantial shinGLOFIE. DevolL master, will sail on Fridav imi, aou iae ireigiii ery low. Apply to ru I I ii M'KINNE, may9 56 South - street for AMSTERDAM. i The ship SILENUS O'lirien, mas ter, will he dispatched without delav ror ireigni oi ou ions apply at 67 sootb - st. to mv o CAMKKELENG b. PEARSON. GIN. 6 pipes Rhode - Inland Gin, just re ceived, and for sale by GEO. W. TALUOT, mv 13 55 PinMtreet. TO PRINTERS. BRA1IAM PAUL, 181 Vv ater - street, offers for sale cheat), the follow in? fount rti type, six. one loot omnopareil One do Long Primer, One do Small Pica One do Pica One do Great Primer mv!3 3t HOtR BKAauy. - 3l barrels, landina and l i r .. ! e " - mi w ui aiioviii c. rtit,L.ra. my & 183 Front street A MAIL A VAJl t EE 10 tierce real firrl quality green Jamaica Coffee, lor retail.. landing from the scbr Clartuden, and for aJe oy llt&LKk LA U KIES, my 14 19 1 Kith - street. DRY HIDES COFFEE. 600 dry hides average weight 171b. each JUU do do 19 do 200 do do 24 do 25,000 wt. green cofice, for uie by H. II END RICK?, may 14 27 Biavsr - at. l.rTTk t..T prn KJ Case low priced, tor sale at 67 Wa4iington street. my 13 G. G. It S. H0WLA5D. WELLS & Uf SON, 155 Pearl - rtrtet, nay received by late arrivals. Fine ivory, self - tip aud real buck handle knives and lorks Fine peuknivee, bolster pistols fine gnn locks English sUver watches, plated spoons, Ac. fee. . oa HID, Roman vitriol, card wire Cast, hoop L, end shear steel With a large and general assortment of hard ware, best Sheffield and BinniDsfham elated ware, for sale low. On consignment, received Der Ann from I.lvur. pon, iwmtti tip plates. say 6 WOKKlS'a BLOCK UN LIQUOR COCKS. AsiipjUy of the above article, just received from the proprietor, lor sale hy CLURA taCUMINO, my 13 76 IVnrl street. f.i TUfT H.OOH iLOJHS. A CONSIGNMENT of first quality iatent IX. floorcloths of various patterns, in sheets of zi Dy t.u leet, without a scam, just received and for sale at 85 Front - street, by CURTIS, C IIO MM ELI N CO. A person employed to fit the tlotbi to roixin and entries, if reuuired. Any uuiuber nf yards sold. may fl 3w tiii it I sf DOLLA Rs 1 0 LOAN ON I J,J VJ J MORTCAGF,ofnrojertv in this city. Apply to . . ISAAC G. OGD&Yft Co. my 7 - 4!l Wnll - tiet. 0 1 UAZKT its, CLO riis, HA I s, ic MJ 10 bales black and coloured bomhazetts 'I cases Shcppard's best London i.lotlis 4 do pcli - se cloths and cassimere shawls 10 do men's best Ixmdon hats U do ladies and children's black aud drab fancies 1 do bands, buckles and trimmings 10 do nion's wool bats, suitable lor the southern market 3 ' H.skk Russia hares wool, first quality bark; 10 llbda best London glue For sale by D. OAKLY, Wiliiam - st may 1 1 lw . I Ii : l ! a iiutii.l. ii iv i i ivsito iiivi iiiiiiv iin,ana jiiuk.ivuui cu - O gais, of good timidly, now on I'inc street tvburl, ami fur sale reasonably, if aiiiilied lorth'i dny before st'irii - ;. t.a.nples may be seen and ctius m u.'e known, on aiiilica(ion at 67 v as!i ington street. G. G, K S. HOWLAND. my l:j 172, bbUAK, hhdscf New - Orleans suar, of a very prime iualily, lauding from the brig Alert, wcl iue ol Uurlinglip ; lur Kale by CALDLR, M'LEA & CO. may 11 lw 69 hue street. ON DO.V CLOTi ib CASSIMKKKS - JLi cases west ol Knglfind exlru super cloths h simeres, colors black, blues, brim in. bottle. nnxeu, uran, ami white, just received per ship Ann, for saie cheap by L. & C. SUVDAM, may 13 Iw 61 n lime. DKi - R oKl.No. Itt bales shaved - landing and foi SiiIk at 67 Smith (reel, hy my 13 CAVlURKLEMiO. PEARSON. Q UKRCH KO V BARK 41 hhds Querct - ruu Bark, landing, tor side by my 13 68 South - street. liAAK UITtl) MA Tt. H, May 1'.'. 1810. ARCHITECTS of science aud experience are Invited le exhibit to the Board of Di rectors on, or before the It day of August next, appropriate deiigns and elevations Air a Banking ouse to be erected on the scite purchased foi REMOVALS. d7 JOHN PROC IOR, joo. baa mnored from No. 62 Beekman to lu6 Liherty - et cet, wnere he slill oners liberal antsciiUoa a pio perty toniinied to bis Iriemls la the Mediten - u - oau. r or further particulars apply as above, or to AbKAHAM orXL. my 7 I m . corner of Cliff it Folton - st. VS - ..'J, W..MMMV Mil V.I 1 II.' removed to Mo 174 Fulton street, Hest side of broad way. may 5 twf, a. i. 1 . VV lU I i LMOKL have teiaoved io no. 1 10 roflt - atreet, win re they intend ton - fiiiung Ibemstlvet to commissioa Business, and "in niaae unerai advaueea on vnotia r.ontiirneii tin in, fur sale. my 6 2w tit I'KIrK III Ui'l'l' I.;. f ffii e to No. 30 Liberty - street, few doors a - "" n, may iw. tit MACKU1 Allli.NC Veil to No. CI Pine - street. 10 v 6 eod4t CO. "u,u, "l t - mrary - nreei,, conian,,.g reuB a j, btocUloUfari r, qiJlre one hundred and fifty one feel in width east and be done. west, aud two hundred and twenty five feet iu aeptn, norm and south. The ground plan will include an area of about tan or eleven thousaud square feci in a rectangu - 1 lar ngure oi equal or unequal sides as may be oeri uuapteu io ine interior arrangement. I he COPARTNERS!!!!' 4 NTHONY W. TRAPPAN, ofthe late firm cy uiulerthe tirmol Anthony W Trap t eu. ui toe siore laieiy occupied by N. Smith Davit; k Co. No. 136 Broadway. New York, May 1st, 1818. Ai I tlO.Y W. TRAITAN, NICHOLAS D. TRAPPAN. Er ANTHONY W. TRAPPAN b CO. of fer for sale the following: articles : Perfumes and essences in great varieties ; ceylon, musk, aby - siman, ainionu, nrgges transparent, puiin, verm - cuiar, alpine, violet and other soaps j English mum puwuers, prusne, a compieat assortment, com lis il all kinds ink stands ladies garter, worn ooai s, uressing and shaving cases, amu let ornanienls. pocket books, purses, shaving noxes. anives, scissor and razors, warranted good, ridicule clasps and bags, boot hooks, nee die casesj 1 rice work box, pencil cases, sealim wax, razor strops, pomatums, oniale ffor Ihe teeth,) real bear's grease, ihaving hrutliei, snuff noaci, reiieieriiiu. i trry and uecaiui, minia ture names, maliese buttons, thimbles, pocket hehts, durable ink. salts of lemon. Britannia shaving boxes, silver tweezers, gold mounted hell boxes, silver mounted tooth pick cases and dren of Israel, in the city of Niw.York, oo Fri day, the 10th of Nisan, 5578, corresponding with the of Apnl, 1818, by Mordecai M. Nwh, Esq. Just received and for sale by ELI AS VA LENTINE, 104 Broadway, opposite Trinitv A 8 GARDENER, a middle aged MAN, wno can cue me nest reierences. and who has brn regularly bred to the business : he baa been employed in that capacity for several vcan io the vicinity of this city. For further inlor nation, add ret J. f. at this olhce, which will oe immeamieiy auended to. my IJjl OOARD. Five or six eeatleroen can beac J enmmodated with board and fodeinc oo reasouaoie lerms, ai no. ZIM Broadway, wnere a small genteel family can have a neat front parlour, with lodging room and board. En quire as above. - my!33t ARABIAN HORSE. . A r ILL be sold at aec - VY tioe oe the SUd inst VI - "IK my I9U in front of E. Jones' stable, New etreet, an eterant Arabian bEED HORoE, im - oorted the last year. Also. full blood English Mere. - - - j neooTie ss siirearii u'Ti de'ieni.ui yJer C saddle. The owner hs ao ot - iecUoe to eelling tbens at private sale, if pplted for in use. Enquire m nr. JUN&9. have n.iuo may 4 (C7 - JHN R.SCOT1. has reiuuVKd Ida ol. nee, to43 fme. - sreet. niiv 4 2w lit WM. G. KLCK.NOit I. ...... ... i. ..fbee from No. 54 to 37 Wail street, opixisite the City Bank. ro. Vw II II Dr. BAXTER h. Motl - strect. reisiured to No. Iu9 Wanted as above, a ouantilv of LriM. 1)hihR I). lUlU.Wl H.,. and the I'Ublie in i'ih enl lht,i 1,1. l.t.. veil hit Uihotery Ware Uuiiru from No. 85 to No. ti.) Maiden Lane where he ull'eis lor sale ',me eiegau' patterns of Paper Hai sii gs, just received by tbe laiest arrivals fn,m France, on iw - iimai re nn;titir lerillS. niyz In iVI rtr.ACll JiUAhOI. G .Sim,OL iTJ.L3.skS. M.flGRKZAi Cil APERON.have the honour to inlbrm the public, that they hate opened a French School nt Ulnomiugdale, (lite miles fn.ui New - York) vrhcro they iutond u leach the rreiich langme pcriw tly, ui.d ly principle to young jjcutlt mi n. The iuiiuoe - uieut of Ihe pupils wiil uo' be doubted when the piil'iic is mfbrrued that evur y pains will bo taken a im mem, ana thai nothing but Flench is sik. ken by the family. We feci confident that those persous nho honour us by intruMiii' thnr rhil drrn to our care, will hat e uo reabon to reneul iiieirtrui. ror terms apply at No. 70 Chatham street. where lefernii es as to character uud capability in iiimmio t.'ivrn. mav 1 1 w fcl.ile nl ieiv - lorn, Cumptrollers illice. i IIEREAS by an ml ul 'the Legislature entitled " an act to the lunds uid to j)rivuie for liie redemption of the lund. it lehtof this stale, iwseil it,! Ai.iil lit II,. Ibe iiiliruiii riiniMiiorin u m rwri' w on the cred a in mis siaic, n sum or sums uol exceeding in lie whole, one million of dollars, nt a rate ol in ereat not exceedine SIX liereenluin ner niinuin. ,ay.ib!e quaiter yearly. Now tin relore, public Notice ! bembv eiven by the uiideisigm d, Comptroller of id Slate, in pursuance nf ihe art amresaid. that he will re - reive setilu! proNisnls at his 'ffiee in ihe city ni Albany, unlH I u sdny Ibe '.'Ctli May inslmii, for the whole or any part of a loan nf one million ol dollars, to be paid into the J'rcusury by tbe lirsl uav of July next. i For the loan or loans whirb mav lw mnitu i the Slate under tbe act aforesaid, certifirmes o: tork will Ik; issued which will be tranili ruble at the city of New - York, i.nd the in' e rest . n which will be paid quarter yearly to the stock hnliler residing in the Southern district end out of the State at some Bank in the city nf New - York, and to nil others in tile city of Albany i be principal of said Stock to be irredi cm able . t a I . . 11 A - M . . ... ihnii.nrrvt.. l..n.i..inii.. ii. a. r t, unui uo nr aay 01 January, mro; ami wiUun L i J, h. i ;i. ' J: ."1 2 "v wnw Ibe Government is Mund to ARCII'D. MclNTYRE.Comnlrol!r. Albany, May 7, 18I8, mv 1 1 l2f.Ui tiJ J he elegiint 3 storv house No. 7 Hud. son street. Which cnmrnniufa a tiluaanf nfi : l.. r. . - .. .. . . . I.. ,. . . . : - . " ouuuiui win uc mccu wnn maroic. nnu nave a I wie ritrst ana river. I'ossessioa mav ha hail in n lirueeua rai n ironi, resting upon a casement or I nj pl'ilfurm of such altilude as will combine con tniciice of ascent with due proportion and ! foct. In this edifice, the directors are desirous of ex hibiting a charte imitation of Grecian architec ture in its simplest and least exjien'ive form. tire numred dollars will he paid for that de sign which shall be approved, and two hundred dollars lor the next be. - t specimen. By order of the board o! directors, JONA. SMI 1 11, Cashier, mny 14 2awtlA Also or sale, Ihe furniture of said house. It it lol me lesl ilinlily 1 we filled, and suilahls, ti, geniei i lamiiy. Apply at above. my 1 1 ti tfl tJUl.MHY SKAT. tiljuil To Let, a pleasant Countr Seat, wiih 3 ucies of land, on the 8th avenue, 3 miles from the City. Apply at 28 South - street. may 0 Iw fOlt S.y.r., Hfltil coueiry seal, lormerly owned hy Mr. It. l. Arihn, coiitainins about fifteen aciea of ground, situated on Uie East River, sbnit of four miles irorn the city. It is remarkable for its pleasant situation and is a very desirable resi - XX ol N. emilli Davies 4. Co. having taken in - ilt nee cither summer or winter; the buildings 5r?is1urljn ,p brother NICHOLAS W. are good and comfortable j the ground is in hub i RAPI AN, will conduct the erfume and fan - .irder, and abundantly supplied with a choice bu.iness collet lion oflruit trees and shrubbery i there are rverai springs oreiceiiem water on the premises, and two quarries ol building stone, which night be worked to jrreat ndvamace. Porch i - seis are invited to view this situation, aud apply at No. 13 Broad wav for terms, which will reiioerai. r. KL.L1SO.N. my it aw JO l.r.V. A spaciousCELLAR.No. 0 Wall - street uitatiie lor a wine. Lider Vault, or Trunk M aer. r.nquire on use premises. may 12 S 'Jit l.r.J, A convenient two story frame home with six Ms nf ground, will adapted for a board ing school, situated in Broadway, between Llt - ecker and Timce - streeta. I nqmre of ELB. ANDERSON, my 13 121 No. 4 Howling Green. WANTED a second hand ."lotaij'a Screw Any ii rson bavins one ft r sale mav bo i . . . , i. 1 1 . . . . piTBits an - sireei. nifty 13 41 to their interest to call a aliove. myl litv my 12 lin US P published, fl Discourse delivered at tbe J consecration of the Synagogue of the Chil tly iniorm her nartii ular h great variety of other articles, all of which are of I recently calk don her, that her apartments are the latest importation and warranted good. 1 now ready for the reception of pupils for the i ney nave also on hand an assortment of per I piano lorte also, that she is desiorus of obtai turnery, kc. ol their own manufacture, all ol I "g (wo or three moie pupils who she would which arc warranted genuine. I have no onjectioa to wait upon at their own hoe iV a. All goods sold and made by ns have our I " h should it be preferred. The most respect name on in copper plate. A great deduction I ble references can lie given. A gentleman and inue io wnoieiaie purcriasers, who will lind it "is wire may oe accommodated with board. White - street, No. 3. Church yard, where also may be had all the I is made at No. 35 Walker - street. pnmitauons. my 12 WANTS A tlTUATIONT TO bl'OR I'biVIEN. FOR SALE, an elegant Fowling Piece, stub and twisted barrel, tmretlier wnliarid. hnr rei, niso siuo and twisted, to ill In one stuck ; scold buhrd aod gold and silver mounted. Toe ock, roller, snivel and freed I the pan lined with Cold, and finished in the best manner. 'I he a - bove will lie sold low, if immediate application WANTS A SITUATION, my fit A YOUNG woman, who wishe to engage XX with a family going to any part or - I ii nil. She will produce Uie best of recommen dations, a to her abilities, ic Address a line to A. B. at this office, mv 13 lw A PARTNER WAITED. ITU a capital of 3 to hOUO dollar. A gentleman of food standing in soriety, dis posed to invest the above sum in a sale reepect able business may hear of aa opportunity by ad dressing G. W. at this once. my V lw NOTICE ' OCT" 8 teem Boat Olive Bsisra .ll trr3f Sunday, at 1 1 o'clock round xsAiaCaAttn Island and rw raaim. any, si u wsnJ aod tide will permit, to the hook. This beautiful aail will!. ih, to health and pleasure, and is as cheap a recreate - a can be tosmd. Partie who aeaa to panaa oi uu ajaasensent will, if convenient, give in their names the day preceding, at tlie owe us marmeueia street, norui siUe of the Diaeer and Tea ot board, at the nsoal price. rJM( 8 children haif price. my I3tf PUBLIC SALES. Bf XlLLS, - V7A71D.V L CO. Monday, ' A general assortiruht seasonable dry good. T.iUBLK fOH ULILULSQ,' itt. 1 1 F. proprietors ol tbe southern marble qua ries, near KingV Bridge, give no'ace, that thryhavaon hand, and are rtcsiiing, at the hmgU Bndt Mttbtt eruf i.une - lurd, foot of Beach - street, on the Hudson river, an extensive stock of marble lor building, of Uit following de UliyiltfUl, TIS , Ahlar Watertable Steps Platforms Sdls l.iutels Arches Also I Jme of the Coinr Foundation Stone Chioinry - fiecea Facinp Columns best quality. fty A constant supply ol the above materials may be calculated upoot and those dcnious of purcbasiug, or making engagements, will apply to EZRA LUDLOW. . Feb II At the Yard. MJJiCE. OCjT All person indebted to Water Fermaa aud Chard Dobb, (fur street manure) uie re - guested to call and settle then account with ei - thr of tbrm, or iOi D 4 L. Mead, at the, cor - herof Pmupft Eldrulge - streets, lOiuierly cilled Third - stre - t, ra or Uton tlie first d i.i July ooxt All peisons having demands axaintt lliem will please to preseut their accounts lor etU - meut. WA1 ER8 FURMAN, aad . . CHARLES DOBUS. myltdclmt DlteOLU 1 ION OF COfA HT.VLKSHIP. . K7" Inconsequence of the tlealhol Captain John Smith, the tirm of Smith, B)mih - rd Ai te. is dissolved The concerns ol the Ii m will h aitjusted by the sohsenbers, and the business in Inline be conducted under th tinnofA'. mni K. ianriaitf, at No. 35 Burling bp. Samuel Htanthard, my 5 2h Eiuha lila .ttiard O R ATOKIO . . .; " Ity tilt H orirfef and H oyin Sneielu. t4t 'I lie committee ol the llandrl uud Haydn Pociety give notice, that the sui srriptinn bits lor an oratorio this nHUith, a ill be closed on the Itith inst. in order to their form ing an opinion, wlielln r the amount ulncribed will defray tlie pr ibabie enpentrs. Until tlie lUlh inst. the subscription lists will be left at Messrs. Swards', No 16 i Pearl street at Mi. Dubois' Munic - Slor , Broadway, nnd at Mr. Goodrich's, enrncr ol Broadway nid Cedar - street, Messis. Kirk It iMKRC't.lNs, 'U W all street. EaUhurns Co. corner oi fine and Broadway, and Gcib't Mu sic store, S.I Maiden Inn my b t loth my Mt rclmnf Hank, May j, 1818. (Hr" The annual let tiou lor DirecLirs of this in - titiitiuu wiil be held on Tuesday The gu day ol June ntxt, at the banting lloiue, betweea (ho hours nf 10 aud 2 o'c Iim Ii. By order of Ihe KoMtd of Directors, G. B. VROO.M, Ca.h'r. mivS tj2 r.LTVAL iASLt...Vt. CO.UP.iAF OF II(r.i;iJY(jfJrH - i()HK. The President an.l Director srive no - tire a di klciid of fvur and a haif per cent. on the cupilitl Mock ot this Company, for six moniiis, will ue made on the llih mat. and paid on demund to the stockholders or their altoriiics, at No. Ji Wall street. myb l.n JOHN PINTAHI), Sec'ry. ItT" All Election lor tiovernon of il. York llospilid, will be held at ii hosiilal, on the lOtt, iuit( Tuesday). The mi will be opened ai iu o'eioca, mid closed at 1 1' .Y. By order ofthe board of Governors myll HI IIIOMASBUt. KLKY, Sec'ry. X't Tbe copartnership btfitteen V V'ER - M r 'Z Ai I. A KORGU K. istbisrl.v (hssnlve;i , Mny 13, 1. 1 1 8, ni) 14 ut VINTROUX VERMEZ. . i.l J Ell. - itY Mil ICE. 11 HOLDING LUCAS. Jr. Hnllimor. will punlnh on Ajnndny, the IHIIi M.iy, "TiJEOi.D HAIi HllUK ir In 2 iriininture volume, price, u, extra boards l 75 cents. This edition is nrinlwl Ufll Ml with Ihe "Letters of Ihe Hriti.h Hot anrfi. from Uie pen ofthe ame author. Orders lor the uliova will forwhfffrd by lti tame conveyance. j if OO" ihemwIERItV Ut'A K - roiu tl.e loot of W.dnut street, New Ynrlc, to ibe loot of Little street, Urookljn, near ll.e Navy Yard, will cominence running on hundsy, the I7ilnnst. s orsons crossing m llrookiyo Iron ,e upper art of the city, will Ami the distance much iiorietied liy uimc this h.irv. mv 14 its lCE. ffcT" The osrtnershiii herrlni'ne tilnv der th fltla,, krlly eM'Bride, tslhisday dis - solved by mutual consefit. The business of taid concern is handed over to John KePy, who will Continue the husinr s on I. is'. wo account I he he ing fully authorised, w ill settle the buiinesa of Ike lote concern. May 7'h. 18 III. JOIlA KELLY, GEO. M'BhIDg. my 14 3t American Academy of the tint A rti. rjjr' The Hoard of D k Ion give notice, that the fourth exhibition of this academy, will be e peued oo Wednesday next, 2th mstint, and coritinut open every day fSundav exrntiTI from 9 in the morning till dusk. Admittance 25 rent. Catalogues 12 1 - 2. Rv order. ALEX. ROBERTSON, Sec'ry. Member and exhibitm? artist are Informed. that their cards of admission are left wi.h the door keer. . my 14 2w NOTICE. KXy Those parents, whose children attended Uie Young ladies' Hall, No. 20 Frankliu - st. will ph ase to meet at the school - room THIS A FTF.RNOON at 6 o'cloc k, io order to select a respectable teacher for that seminary. WILLIA M MORRIS CARTER, may 14 2t TONTINE COrFEK HOUnE. rT - Tlie committee for manwii r the affair ol ine 1 ootn e t cfli a Honor - , give ootire, that a Dividend of Seventeen iollars ier sham, for the year ndnj( the Isl int will be paid the proprietors on or aArr tbe itrth inst. at 24 Broad. street. my 13 la t.LOiir. liSotMANCE COMPAaY. rrsflE Presiileit and Di.ecters give notice, I that a dividend of four per cent m tbe capi tal stork ol Ihe uupany lor the last six montlia. will be paid to tie ftockLniders at their Office, &j wuii - sirrrr. oa ana aiierlhe 1st day of next The 1 rantfer Uvik will be closed on the fist instant. By order of ttie board ol Dirto RICHARD DUNN. Junr. my I4dlm Sec'rv. 1 IIF. REMOVAL. DRAWING ACADEMY of J. Mil. nT, associate of the Academv of Art of New. York, author t - flhe "Vvu Pillureanne a I'l.U le France, Traenffe, et au Cap de limine jp r - ut.r, iriutJveu io mi, u aiaiaen - Laor, cot. ner of Greea - street, where ! respectfully lender hi tervices to t tie rititen of New - York, a Teacher in the Art oi Drawing, aad iarncular - oi LiKuoKai rainting. His havirc beea cboaen and anncinted bv tbe French coiernment to accomnan peditioo of discovery round the world, under the command of rapt. Baudin. io the capacity ofhuaj - cape painter his baling Ux - a i ounuU - eel hy ine tame government aaprweseir u inrnns Inr Oi mines to take views in duX"rnt pahsot the Arp and ofthe Fyirmsrts - are ihe recoos - .... . . . . Rl... eaoaisuns wdjcb ne ocers io m mray 14 Iw Ohastti ' u, Twe or three room, famished, with the cicrptsoo ofbeds 4c. or a assail livese, h lw. en oac al le mile oi the ity. A line redressed to IV. saeuri minx utMuim aod teroa, ah h be sstnderate, will be tteei - 'l to. i,11" ,i

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