The Mason City Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa on February 17, 1944 · Page 14
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The Mason City Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa · Page 14

Mason City, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, February 17, 1944
Page 14
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E D I T O R 1 A L S -Bonds or Toxes? Which Shall It Be? AS this is written, the 4th war "· bond campaign has gone over the top nationally, fcwa is lagging a bit but there Is every good reason to believe that the quota -will be reached in a few days, certainly before the end of the month. In our hip-hip-hurraying, however, it might be well to take out enough time to consider one unfavorable aspect developed by the campaign. Not enough'bonds are being purchased by the individual citizen. Too much of the total is coming from banks, insurance companies and other "institutions." Authorities are agreed that a great part of the threat of inflation--about 4/5ths of it--is from the citizenry at large. With incomes greatly increased in the main, and with the extra money piling up, it is all but inevitable that there will be bidding for the limited supply of goods and services to be had. Institutions are buying bonds because they constitute just about the only available investment for their surpluses. Individual citizens are not doing this in the proper measure. And by their failure to do so, they are inviting higher taxation as the only remaining device for dealing w i t h the "dangerous money" problem if inflation is to be curbed. If it isn't bond purchase, which means adding to the national debt it will be higher taxation in the lower brackets, which means paying for the war as it's waged. Between now and the next bond 'campaign a few months from now individuals who haven't done their,part up to now should give some pretty serious consideration to this alternative. "YOUR MOVE.i" Look Out Below "Spoon River" Sequel PDGAR LEE MASTERS, autno: · *-· of "Spoon Hiver Anthology,' was found by friends recently, a lonely victim of "impoverishment.' Newspapers, including this one carried, a little story about it tucked away on an inside page The poet whose Anthology of the Lincoln country ran through 71 printings was a proud victim o poverty. He was nearly gone from malnutrition and pneumonia when fellow authors brought his pligh before the public. The tragic strain which r u n s through the "Spoon River" verses was a reflection of Masters' own lot in life. At the time he produced his widely acclaimed Anthology in 1915, Masters was u practicing attorney in Chicago where he had gone after a year ai Knox college, followed by a brie] period in his father's law office in Lewistown. By 1920 he had abandoned law altogether for literature, and in the years that followed he wrote prolifically and earnestly--more verse, novels, boys' stories, bio- .graphics, and- an autobiography, in which he complained openly oi his troubled personal affairs and his experiences with ingratitude and neglect. In 1937, when the world was more concerned with problems which were leading to this war than with poetry of the Civil war, Masters wrote witheringly thai America had treated its authors "like bootblacks," and said that poets could hardly earn postage. Fame is a fierce diet, and J t doesn't pay boardbills for poets. Today the royalties from Stephen Foster's "Jeannie" would have rescued him many times over from . the squalid lodgings in the Bowery of New York, where he spent his last lonely days, but they didn't come in time. It seems a bitter commentary on our better literature to find Edgar Lee Masters, at 74, a ward of charity. Nazi Kultur Again QNCE MIGHT have been an ac*-' cident, but when the Germans twice attack fully-lighted hospital ships, standing in harbor and stationed well away from military objectives, when they bomb and strafe / a field hospital plainly marked with a huge Red Cross, and when they follow that up with an artillery shelling of the hospital--well, that's not an allowable margin of error. It's just nazi "kultur" getting in its innings. It's just another evidence of the absurd German assumption that only Germans are brave, and that all other races o£ mankind can be scared into submission by terror. By shelling our helpless wounded they think they can prove their superiority and frighten us into submission. There's nothing to be done about it, except to advertise the facts to all the world and put them down in the record for future reference. If the nazis, when defeated, find the terms offered them harsher than they like, let them recall this .barbaric terrorism of which they think so highly. We're not whining now, and when their turn comes their whines will fall upon deaf ears. Cruelty and savagery are their line--but there will come a day of reckoning in which the murdered, wounded, nurses and doctors will rise up to accuse them and cite evidence in favor o£ remorseless punishment The state surplus we're piling up, thanks to the state income tax, may prove extremely helpful someday in providing a bonus for Iowa's fighting men. * # :S There still seem to be a few fellows who are looking for a job as assistant to somebody w i t h nothing to do. * An honest confession, is more than just good for the soul. Often it will save' you from hiring a lawyer. * * * On the underside of the spira, of inflation is a well-marked toboggan slide into a depression. Your Health . By Logan Clendening, M. D CIVILIAN FIRST-AID All the doctors we have left are busy. Civilian practice is crowdec and rushed. Therefore let's not pu any extra burden on the doctor bj calling him unnecessarily. How are you going to tell whether you really need a doctor or not? The following hints msy help. ' Temperature -- There is one sure-fire differentiating instrument for separating the sheep from the goats of symptoms anc that Is the thermometer. In less busy days it may not be advisable to have it around the house, or somebody will get the thermometer habit and create a neurosis But nowadays it has become a necessity. Learn to use it and reac it accurately. It is made in the shape of a triangle, so that looking' down on it directly at the apex of the triangle the column of mercury is magnified so that it can be read. The column of mercury is actually very small, hardly as wide as a fine hair, so this magnification becomes necessary. You may be feeling perfectly rotten. Or your husband may come home complaining of feeling perfectly rotten. Or better still, your wife may come home from the riveting works, and say she has an awful headache and thinks she Is going to die. Give 'em the acid test Take the temperature. If it's normal (98.4 where the arrow is) they are just pampering their nerves. If its's subnormalditto: it doesn't mean a thing. If it's a hundred and a half you don't need a doctor. Go to bed and take some hot lemonade. If it's a hundred and one, you ought to have a doctor but there's no rush if he's busy. !£ there should be another "flu" epidemic the time this article gets into press, remember all the doctor can do is decide wh'eth- er you have pneumonia or not. He can't do any more than you can for the flu. If your temperature is below 101 you do not have pneumonia. If it is above maybe you don't. Acute abdomen if it's real needs a doctor and constitutes an emergency. An acute abdomen is 5ain, vomiting, fever, and constipation. Don't say it's just a Bellyache, or just indigestion. And f there is any one thing not to do mtil the doctor comes, it is to ake a laxative or catharctic. Do not take a laxative. It never cured i case of indigestion yet, and it kills people with a real acute -abdomen. Thousands of lives have een saved because the medicine closet did not contain laxative. Earache in children, with fever, s always an emergency. Don't ut oft calling the doctor. Apply heat or cold externally until he gels there. Sudden eruptions on the skin, even in children, are not really emergencies. At least they can vait until the doctor gets there It is probably measles iri*a child, or hives on father and both can vait a few hours. Bleeding of any kind from any place--stomach, bowel, female or- Tans, even the nose if it is exces- ive and continuous, is an erher- jency. You have just so much blood. You can't afford to lo*e much of it. Poisoning f r o m swallowing ome household chemical or ex- ess ive amount of drug in the nedicine closet is an emergency Until the doctor gets there don't vasle time looking up the proper ntidofc. General measures of lirmnalion are more important *.mply the stomach and bowel, vlake the victim sweat. Give him Jenty of water, colfce, and emonade. Pros and Cons Interesting Viewpoints From Our Exchanges An Admirable Spirit Osage Press: Here is the attitude we should all possess: A farmer came to a local store to buy a shovel and when he was unable to obtain one he remarked: "If the boys need the 1 steel for shovels to dig fox holes or trenches to save their lives, I'll get along." We would need no arguing to buy bonds nor be warned about black markets if all of us used that example of reasoning in our war effort. Blue's Experience Eagle Grove Eagle: To deserve the governorship, Mr. Blue recognized the value of serving as floor leader, speaker and lieutenant governor. He has had all that experience, and "Experience does Count" when it comes to the successful administration of the office of governor of Iowa. life Is Cheap In Wai- Albert Lea Tribune: War makes life pretty cheap! Fifteen thousand Germans were killed as the red army swept in to capture the manganese mine center of Nikopol and wiped out the last nazi bridgehead across the Dnieper river. Against Federal Ballot Coon Rapids Enterprise: We agree with Gov. Hidtenlooper that the states should handle the soldier vote, that it would be a crime to deny servicemen the right to vote for any save federal officers. The Case of Bergdoll Mankato Free Press: How much easier it would have been to take his soldiering with the .rest of the boys and have it a'U over when it was over, over there! Also how much more self-respecting! No Front Paje Advertising De corah Public Opinion: Hating dissemination of news as the chief function of the newspaper, an editor must stretch his imagination to the cracking point to-consider ordinary advertising worthy of front-page position. Like Peas in a Pod Indianola Record: There are probably no 2 states in the union whose economic conditions, social customs, ideals and general attitude of looking at things are more nearly alike than in Kansas arid Iowa. Fewer Drunken Drivers Manly Signal: There is one :hing to be said of the shortage of whisky, gasoline, rubber, and automobiles. There aren't as many drunken drivers as there used to }C. A Name All 1 Picked Out Waterloo Courier: Improved apparatus has been developed for operating on stomach ulcers. Hospital helpers will doubtless chris- en this the tummy gun. Simple Ballot Recommended Marshalltoxvn Times-Hepiiblican: By all means make it less complicated for a soldier to vote than 't is for a civilian to make'his ncome tax return. From the Same Gallows Webster City Freeman Journal-. Wouldn't it be a glorious sight o see Mussolini and Hitler hang- ng from the same gallows? And hat might happen. eniility Defined Again Fairmont Sentinel: A real lady or gentleman is one who hurries up and gets through when there s reason to believe that some one else is waiting. Editorial of Day 'OSTWAK PLANS FOR JAPS JARRY Rasmussen in Austin ·I ·» Herald: A Chicagoan has sug- ;ested a postwar plan for Japan hat seems so simple and effective hat it is worth passing on. This ilizen recognizes the fact that he Japs have no rightful claim o a place on earth, but as the Hies are a civilized people, they vould not annihilate them, even t they could. Better yet, he argues dispose of the war lords and alro- ious officers, then place the Japa- icse empire under the Chinese, vho understand their oriental leighbors and arc better equipped o rule them than arc [he western owers. Humiliation might drive fie Japs to mass suicide, but that vould be their own doings and lot ours, the Chicagoan contends. Did You Know? By Frederic J. Raskin EDITOR'S NOTE _ Kodrri »v»IIJni IJirmselvcs of this service for question of fad--not counsel--should l|ri n e | full name and address and inclose ; cents for return- pojtajc. Addres (jlebe-Gizette Infer/nation B u r e a u Frederic J. H.jkln, Director, Washinr ton, D. c. Which Is the larger sea-coin force, the navy or the army? The United States army is th largest sea-going f o r c e in th world. Was the heart of the late Quce Marie of Rumania tlvrtt a sen* rate burial? * . Yes. Later it was interred wit her body at Curtea de Arges. What are the colors of the flat of Ethiopia? ' Green, golden orange, an blood red, What is the difference bttwee a, daily double and a quiniela at dor race? The daily double consists of th 'inner in 2 different races, whil the quiniela is the 1st and 2n dogs in any race, no matter whicl is 1st. How much territory would Po land lose if the Curzon Line wer adopted? Poland would lose about two fths of her pre-war territory and one-third of her population. How is it t h a t a vehicle a; leavy as a tank does not make ; deeper Impression on the iround Because of the wide treads, the weight is spread out so thinl- over the ground that the impression, is not very deep. If the World Calendar were adopted, what would be the firs day of the year? Every year would begin with lunday, Jan. I. Is the weight of Thackeray's jrain known? His brain weighed 5B',- ounces In what direction does the tower of Pisa lean? Toward the south. How many 1913 Liberty head nickels were coined? It is said that 5 pieces, in proof if the Liberty-head type, datec 1913, were struck early in tha 'ear. Where docs the Providence iver originate? At a point in the City of Providence, R. I. What is the usual size of a liter of silver foxes? , Four is considered average. Does the Red Cross bear the expense of the packages sent to American prisoners of war over- eas? The government pays for food packages, which include cigarets and all clothes sent to members of the armed forces who are prisoners of war overseas. Had George Washington a n y irothers and sisters? George Washington's father first named Jane Butler, by whom he jad 4 children; then Mary BalL y whom he had 6 children. How many English churches have been destroyed in the preseni war? . The number damaged or destroyed Is placed at 4,100. Who represented Poland in the ormulation of the peace after the irst World war? The late Ignace Paderewski. REMEMBER? From Globe-Gazette Files YEARS AGO Mrs. John Dunn, Mrs. Casey Mrs. .Kelley and Elmer O'Leary departed today for Grafton. They via be gone several days. Mr. and Mrs. James Daily of Ca- ore, S. Dak., are in the city en- oute home after a visit at the "iome of Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Dougherty. Mr. and Mrs. Daily vere residents of the community nany years ago and are well known to many people. THIRTY YEARS AGO Preparations on a scale of mas iveness completely eclipsing ev- rything in connection with the taging.of a play'in Mason City vcre arranged this morning for the resentation of Klaw and Erlang- r's stupendous international spec- acular production of Lew Wal- ac.e's "Ben Hur" at the Cecil the- ter March 9 to 12. A team of horses was taken rom the street yesterday by Off U er Randall and placed in a livery arn. The temperature was too low esterday to permit animals being eft out without protection. 'WENTY YEARS AGO Whether the bridge over Lime reek the city is planning to build n Fourth street southeast this ummer, which will link the two trefches of paving and take out le kink over Taylor bridge hould be 18 or 40 feet wide, is the uestion which is agitating the city ouncil as it will be practically ut of the city for many years to ome. Anton Jeppesen of the Globe- jazette left for DCS Moines today to attend a meeting of the Daily Press association of Iowa as a Globe-Gazette representative. TEN YEARS AGO Pupils of Mrs. Mrs. B. I. Bright are preparing for a piano recital to be given in March. Pointing out that national defense is necessary, that it is economically sound and that it will protect, not only the present generation but generations to come E. G. Dunn, attorney, addressed the local unit of the American Legion auxiliary at its meeting Thursday evening. Clover Couplets By Roy Murroy of Buffalo Center THE VALUE OF EDUCATION "Education" someone said. "Has one redeeming feature It teaches students how to earn More lhan is paid the teacher.' OBSERVING He Just Chugged Along bow my salute to Herman E. Hubbard of Meriden, Conn., who recently celebrated his 100th birthday. But age isn't the most remarkable thing about Mr. Hubbard, He's a safety exemplar who has practiced what he preached. This sprightly oldster has peeled off 300,000 miles' of travel in 37 years of automobile driving with- o u t ' a n accident and without "a single notation, not even a complaint by any other motorist." It never has been established definitely whether automobile accidents are more chargeable to youngsters than to drivers of advanced years whose failing eyesight or approaching deafness may unconsciously contribute to a crash. The main thing about Mr. Hubbard's unique record, it he were to open up his heart, probably would be that he never tried to go any place in a hurry, but once on his way, he just kept chugging along. New Slant on Russia have never heard whether , Francis Scott Key, author '·. of our national anthem, or his heirs ever realized anything in a material way for the achievement. It's been my impression that they didn't. In this there's an interesting contrast with what has just hap- pened in Russia; There within re- c e n t months, composers and lyric writers of a newly accepted national anthem have received the equivalent of $20,000 apiece lor their efforts. . But the story doesn't end there, i-ven those who tried in the competition and failed to make the grade received 4,000 rubles cash. It is this last item that proves especially intriguing. So many Americans enter prize contests and, after mailing their contributions, soon weary of watching the postman. Not so in communistic Russia. There the winners get $20,000, and the losers consolation prizes o£ 4 000 rubles. Russia's new national anthem cost in all $384,000, enough, to make even our Broadway sit up and take notice. And many thousands of Americans, on noting this intelligence, may come to the conclusion they do not know all about communism they should -V-How Smart Are You? view with just a little doubt the sanity of those who make a regular practice o£ playing the one-armed bandits known as slot machines. The odds against the sucker range up to 9 to 1. Every machine can be set at a certain ratio. Anybody who thinks that over the long haul he is going to make money out of a slot machine is maeed a good prospect for Independence Description of India am sure that those with sons or other relatives in India will find interesting this bit of rhyme from Cpl. John Hale of Madison, Wis., serving in the air force in that distant land: Here's to die Hit. In N e » Ouln t J , litre's In Ihc mud «u( (he murk, Here'* to the sleeping In pttu teiitk It » Itlltw !lke tk», he'» a jtik'. India, ioo, has climatic conditions Which I can do nolhlni about And I cm mure you it one thin,, This country »c»a't utfer from rou|hl. We, loo, hive nt flit, and memuiton, We, too, h»ve »«r mud ,at our r.!u, So I m praylai whin Ibis war 1» over I won't h,ve i. C.BC !,,,, .,»(,,. «*· "·»« Biltle. brother I I I eone.a. y.a've It h.rder thin I. "' l ,"'"" """ " "»"« "" WI.V OR LOSE, DO. OR Informotion, Please! 1. The Russian leader, condemned to a concentration camp but who .made friends with his guards to the extent that he went hunting with them, and eventually through their laxness escaped, was Lenin, Molitov, Trotsky, Stalin. 2. The puppet ruler of Norway is Mussert, Quisling, Laval, Filov. 3. The name given to a college where a student works part of the ime and goes to school part of the time is co-operative, occupational, practical, practice. ANSWERS: 1. Stalin. 2, Quis- jing. 3. Co-operative. The Day's Bouquet ·To ROTARY, KIWANIS, i B. P. W. and TEACHERS FED4 ERAT10N -- for arranging aitl other series of public forunl programs starling Friday night al the high school auditorium antl extending over 4 weeks. Througll such an approach in the past, J significant contribution has beeil made toward developing aji in telligent opinion in world affairJ locally. M Mason City Globe-Gazette AD A. W. LEE NEWSFAFEK . . Issued Even- Week Day ; £"! I "G » st Stale street by Thursday February 17, 1914 LEE P. LOOM1S . . . . publisirr W. EARL BALL - - il.natinr Fditor ENOCH A. NOKEM - - - city fjdilor LLOYD L. G E E R I - AdT.rtUini Mjr. Entered ns second-class matter Apr 17. 1830. at the postotilce at Mason Cit Iowa, under the act of March 3. 1879 MEMBER ASSOCIATED PRESS Tj Associated Press is exclusively enliU, to tlie use for r'epubHea'tion or ;t]l nev "siJi!hos credited to il cr nut olhcrwl: credited in this paper and aUo ihc loc news published herein. SUBSCRIPTION KATES Ma«.on City and Clear Luke by year s Mason City and clear Lake by week' ?' Outside 100 Milt Ztoe-Per year SI months So.oO; 3 months S3; 1 monih 'JillTM MIJWI CHy and Clear Lake ir nlthm 10*1 Miles of Mason city ai Outside of the Carrier Ohtrlcu , Mason Cily and Cltar Lake: Per year by carrier .. Per week by carrier Per sear by mail . .. By mail 6 months .. By mail 3 months . By mail l month COUIPVE BEEN WORSE.' \i WHAT MOSTLY SANSS) UP. A If ARE VOUR FEWSURMCF WXJWS.' \ FUNS THEVJ?EA6RANPBIINCH \THEN7 THOUGH...WRWENT,WANT TO GET MOVING A6AIN.' THEY CANT, Of COURSE I WELL, SINCE THIS AWFU.THING HAPPENED i VE BEEN THIN KING ANP I'VE DECIDED I'D LIKE TO HELP AROUNP THE HOSFITAL...BEA NURSES'AIDE.' THAT J5...UNTI(. THE TROUPE'S KEAPY TO LEAVE HE US / WONDERFUL.' WAV I PITT IN MY APPLICATION MOW TO RETAIN YOU AS M/ FAVORITE NURSE? WHY, DOCTOR, YOU'RE NOT AT ALL AS SICK AS VOU SEEM.' QUITE ATWIST, EH? THE POCK* BECOMES A PATIENT... DOESN1T MAKEAVERV6000 ONE EITHER..' HOW AKE YOUR FKJENPS.KATHT? VB KHOTHA10S MEAN YO HOCK A FUU. SUAQE OF VJUKT VJE GIT FD SUCVUIU' SMOW AN'HE'S JES IVE AN IDEA AU.-rUETHArKS SHE WANTS IS IN THE FUN SHE GOT FROM GIVING THAT. BUDDY, YOU ASP rwAve IT IP WE GOT TO EOTHIS MlMUTE .^B CAN PUT AND TELL. HER HON MUCH tW IT IN . S5£1^ ATE r--~J "OBDS.' ISWT If 5OW5E6US?AU.T.W f WS. MONEY IN WE BANK FOB OS.' THAT v*v rvitvi r v *---- x cjir'r ^ G000V/ WHERE 15 HE? 15 HE HAWDSOMEf HE'5 THE RUTHLESS MAW JTHE ALWAYS TALKIrJG 8USIWE55 WHEW HERE 5 THE StTUATlLH THERE'S LOVEI WANT TO WAKE A DEAL TO SUPPLV THE KINGDOM WITH BUTTER-- I'M GOING TO 51GW A CONTRACT WITH THE DUKE OP BOVIWA OR WITH YOU TOR THE Burree RUTHLESS .MEM// SUPPLY OF fUL CANEU3T sfSJS^TA?y5sa SURE. FOR YOURSELF/ 11 OKAV, PARK OUT soef IU. GIVE HIM THE BRUSH- S-H-H-M5-IU. FIX EVERrTHlrfeJ AND WHAT DO I FINO-^ YOU PITCHIH WOO WITH HIM/ TRUDY. DOE5NT KNOW HOW I'VE FALLEM TOR HM.' NO USE.' ICMFTBUDE C O M E B M X . - INEEbYOURHELP THE BIG BRUTE; ·J/STTUPNTH' d AROUND AV /?£/[/ Ttf lAK-fff Of TH' rti/o sers f/GGE/?S HERE'S A MARCHM' COMPASS - - -IF VOU HAD TA CO ON A 315" AZIMUTH. S/lfV 3/5f ALL IVE GOTTA DO LOOK UP THOOUGH S/GftT, A.'l' PICK SOME TREE TA MA3CH TO' WAHTA AH AZIMUTH TILL you COULD ScE 3/5 iJ FROHT OF EVE --

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