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The Evening Post from New York, New York · Page 2

New York, New York
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Friday, May 15, 1818
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Aa act la addition to the act fcr U puaub - . Bmt ai certain crimes against the ( UniUd Elates, wxi w repeat w Bcu uiercia dw tinned. ' - .' B it enacted by tbe senate tod house of repre sentatives of the V oited Mate of A m erica in coo - ' grss assembled, That if any citizen of the Uni - - ted State sbalL wilhio tbe UmtoiT or Jarisdic - ' lion thereof, accept and exsreise a cosnaiissioo to ' acrra a foreign prince, lUtt, colony, district, or - pnopu, ta war, by laoa or by mm, gainst, any . prior, state, colony, district or people, with vbom Um Uaitad States are at peace, the person aa off sod log tnall be downed guilty of a toga am - demeanor, and tkall ba fined aot mora than two thousand dollars, and shall be imprisoned not seeding three years. Sect. And bH further enacted, That if any person shall, within the territory of jurisdiction of the United Stale, eolist or ruUr himself, or hire or retain another person to enlist or eater himself, or to go beyond (ha limits or jurisdiction of the United Stales, with intent to beeolistcd r entered in the serrice of any foreign prince, , state, colony, district or people, as a soldier, or . ' as a marine orseaman, on board of any vesseelof .,. ' war, Ultar OJ ajarqne or pnrsiieer, jy pwsou v . ,; Y aooffeodiog shall be deeaied gnilty ofa high mis - 'I demeanor, aod shall be fiiied not exceeding one - thousand dollars, and be Unprisoued not txceed - aay thrae years: Provided, that this act shall aot be cooitroed to attend to any wrject or citi - M of any fcraign prince, state, colony, district or people, who shall transiently be within the United States, and shall, on board of any vessel ' . Y of war, letter of marque or privateer, which, at t : Y the time of its arrival within the United States ' - . ... was fitted and equipped as such, enlist or enter ' . himself, or hire or retain another subject or citi - ' MB, of the same foreign prince, state, colony, ', district, or people, who is transiently within the United stales, to eolist or enter himself to serve each foreign prince, state, colony, district er peo - - - ; pie, on boarsi such vessel of war, letter of marque or privateer, If the United Mates shall then ba Y" at peace with such foreign prince, state, colony, Y district or people. ' Sac. 3. Aod ba it further enacted. That if any person shall, within the limits of the United States, fit oat and arm, or attempt to fit out and r ana, or procara to ba fitted out and armed, or . ' jr", i ' ) . eball knowingly be concerned in the furnishing, ' i. iitting oat or arming, of any ship or vessel, with "i - . - . , intent that soch ship or vessel shall be employed ' ' .. - 4 . in the service of any foreign pnace or stale, or ol any colony, district or people, to cruise or commit ' Hostilities, against the suojecu, ciuitni or pro TwrtTi of any foreixa prince or state, or of any co Y lony, district or people, with whom the United tatet are at peace, or shall issue or deliver a commission within the ten itory or Jurisdiction of I the United state, for any ship or vessel, to the intant that aha may ba employed as aforesaid, .... every person so odendwg shall be deemed guilty or a burn misdemeanor, aad snail m nneu not ' more than ten thousand dollars, and imprisoned ., sot more than three year and 'ery such ship or reteei, wiu Mr tackle, apparel and sural tare, torether with all materials, arms, ammuui tion and stores, wnkb may have been procured . lor too Dmidinf aad equipment thereof, shall be forfeited ooe half t the use of the informer, and too other half to the use of the United itatet. 8ec. 4. And be it further enacted, Tha if any Citizen, or citizens, of the United States shall, without the limits thereof, At out and arm, or attempt to fit out and arm, or procure to be fitted . out and armed, or shall knowingly aid or be concerned in the furnishing, fitting out or arm - lag, any private ship or vessel of war, or privateer, with intent that such ship or vessel shall be employed taeniae, or commit hostilities, upon the citiaeai of the United States or their property, or shall take the command of, or eoter on board of, any such (hip or vessel, for the mtent i aforesaid, or shall purchase any interest in any . i Such aUip ar vessel, with a vie w to share in the j profits thereof, such person, an offending, shall be deemed guilty of a high misdemeanor, and fined not more titan ten thousand dollars, and ioipritou - ! ed not more than ten years t and the trial for euro offence, if committed without the limits ol Y the United Mates, shall be in the district in ' Which the offender shall be apprehended, or first brought. Sec. 5. And be it further enactud, That if ' any person shall, withiu the territory or jurudic - tion of the United Slates, Increase or augmrn:, er procure to be increa - ed or aueineuled. or shall ' TfeioVinrly be concerned in increasing and aug - muiling, the force of any ship of war, cruiicr, or Other armed vessel, which, at the time of her ' arrival within the United Hater, was a ftaiu of - war, or cruder, or armed vessel in the service ol any foreign priuce or state, or of any colony, district or people, or belonging to the subjects or ciliaeos of any such prince or state, oolouy, dis trict, or people, the same being at war with any foreign prior or stale, or or any colony, district or people, with whom the United Slates are a peace, by addi.ig to the number of tho guns of such vessel, or oy chanin those on board o her for gnus of a larger caliber, or by the addi tion thereto of any equipment solely applicable to war, every perron, so offending, shall be deemed guilty of a high misdemeanor, shall be firn d not more than one thousand dollars, and be itn ' prisoned not more than one year - Sec. And be it further enacted. That if any person shall, within the territory or Jurisdiction of the United States, begin or set on foot, or pro Tide or prepare the means for, any military ea peditioo or eoterpriae, to be carried on from thence against the territory or dominions of any j . foreign prince, or state, or of ant colour, dis - ( ! trict, or people, with whom the United States ' are at peace, every person, to offending, shall be , ' ' deemed guilty of a high misdemeanor, and shall I ' be fined not exceeding three thousand dollars, and imprisooed aot more than three years. Sec. 7. Aad be it further enacted. That the district courts shall take cogniaance of complaints by whomsoever instituted, iu cases of capture - . made within the waters of the United Stales, or within a marine league of the coasts or shores thereof. - Sec 8. And be it further enacted. That in very case in which n vessel shall be fitted out and armed, er attempted to be fiUed out and armed, or in which the force of any vessel of war, cruiser, or other armed vessel, shall be increas ed or augmented; or in which any military ex peditioo or enterprise shall be begun or set on mot, contrary to the provisions and prohibitions of this act and in every case of the capture of a ship or vessel within the j urtsdictioa er protec tion of the United States as before defined, and a every case m which aay process tesuio out of any court of the United States shall be disobeyed or resisted by any person or persons having 1 the custody of any vessel of war, cruixer, or I other armed vessel of any foreign prince or state, r of any colony, district or people, or of any objects or cjtiaeu of any foreign priuce or state, r of any colony, district, or people, in every S U Uwful ( Present the United States, or such other person as be hell have empowered for that purpose, to em. r oy wch rf vh, Und or n.v.1 fo of ; ! Um ed Slate, or of the militia IW r. J purpose of Uking possewion of nd dcUiuini . I aucb ship or vessel, with her prise or pries, if j, "'ut to wo rx - cuuon of the prohibitions . andpenalbmoftbisact.andtotberesloruieth. P"r praet in tbecaes in whk h restoration ball have been adiadeed. and tk. . ' V f preventing the carrying on of any sorb 7 r. rut irwia in, lemiones or jamaiction the United Stales aain!t the ter "nsmrai" oi anv lorrijn priuce or ' te.erof any co, dUtrict.O' people, with - uw mw iuieo are at pence. , 8, - 9 - And be it further enacted. That it be l. wful for the P esident of the United thai en.. r einiwwcr ror Purpose, to employ such part of the land or suchperaon a he shall emnovee r. of naval forccl th Unitei Sutei, cr of tbe mOtia thereof, aa shall be neceatary to compel any fcreig ahrp or, veesel to depart the United states in all cases in which by the lawe of nations or the treaties of the United Statee the miirfct mt n remsln within the Uncled j r - - - RtatM M. io Aft tu it further enacted. That the owners or consignees of every armed ship or vessel ssilingout ofuie pons or me umiw States, belonging wholly or in oan.w e ci tizena thereof, shall enter into bond to the U - nited Stiles, with sufficient aureties, prior to clearing out the aame, in double the amount of the value of the vessel and cargo on board, including her armament, that the laid ship or vessel thall not be employed by such owners to cruise or commit hostilities against the subject, citizen, or property, of any foreign prince or state, or of any colony district, or people, with whom the United States are at peace. Sec. 1 L And be it further enacted, That th collectors of the custom be, and they are hereby, respectively, authorized and required to detain any vessel manifestly ount tor war like purposes, and about to depart the Unite 1 States, of which tbe cargo shall principally consist of arms mnnilkms of war, when the number of men shipped on board, or other circumstances, shall render it probable that such vessel is intended to be employed by the ow neror owners to crutxeor commit hostilities upon the subjects, citizens, or property, of any foreign prince or slate, or or any colony, district, or people, with whom the United States are at peace, until the decision ol th President be had thereon, or until the owner or owners shall cive such bond and security as is required of the owners of armed ships by tne preceeding section ot this act. Sec. 12 And be it hit tlier enacted, That the act passed on the fifth day of June, one thousand seven hundred and ninety - four, enti tied " An act in addition to the act for the pun ishment of certain crimes against the United States, continued in force, for a limited time, by the act of the 2d of March, one thousand even hundred and ninety - seven, and perpetu ated by tlif act passed on the twenty - fourth of J April, one thousand eight hundred, and tbe act, passed on the fourteenth day ot June, one thousand s ven hundred ami nmely - seven, en titled " An act to prevent the citizens of the United Stat' from privateering against nations in amity with, or again. t the citizens of, the United Statea," and the act, passed the third day of Mart h, one thousand eiifht hun dred and seventeen, entitled An act more effectually to preserve the neutral relations of the Uni ed States," be, and the same are here by, sever.. Ily, repealed : Provided, neverthe less, that persons having heretofore offended against any of the acts aforesaid, may be prosecuted, convicted, and punished, as if the same were not repealed i and no forfeiture heretofore incurred by a violation of any of the acts aforesaid shall be arterted bv such repeal. fee. 13. And be it further enacted. That nothing in the foregoing arte ahull be construed to prevent the prosecution or punishment o - treason; or any piracy defined by the laws of the United States. H. CLAY, , Speaker of the House of Representatives. JOHN GAILLAKD, President ol the ."enate, pro. tempore, April 20, 1813 Approved, JAMES MONROE. XiM' - XoRK EVENING PunT. FRIPAY, MAY 15. Laieitrm r ngajii By the arrival of the fttst - tailing ship Chauncey, capt. Dowdall, from Bristol, we have received Bristol and London papers to the 2d of April inclusive. They do not contain any news of importance ; we have select ed such few articles for this evening at our time would allow. LONDON, April I. The vetacli equipped for the northern expedi tion are, probably, by this time on their voyage, lot lowed by tbe ardent wishes ol their country. consols oticned on Tuesday at 73 5 - U, aud at 12 had advanced to 78 3 - 4 7 8 ; but th market was in some me:nue checked by one broker serving the commissioners for the reductiou ol debt at 7U5 - R consols (money price) which had previously been 7U J 4. At 1 o'clock, consol for tilt account were 79 ; and when stoc ks closed cousolt were 79 1 - 4; ditto for Mav 795 - 0. A favourable motion took place in the fundi yesterthiy. The 3 per cent consols after open mg at 78 3 R, rose, for a lew bargains, to 79 3 - 8, and closed at 79 I - ?. Very considerable purchases were made in the course of the day I ne tecrel ipriugs whirrioperato upon this grea'. machine, are, ii geuvral, unkuowu to plain honest men : they are frequently acted upon by hands, or respond to touches, which have but lit tie connexion wilh (he general interests of the nation. The cause aligned for the above - named rite, was a report that the alfiir of reclamations between the rrcnen government aud the allie had been satisfactorily terminated. bills I April 2. Our corn market has brtn well supplied thi week, and a irnod deal of business has beeu ef fected. Bailey continues to advance, but olhtr sorts of grain remain unaltered with respect to price. American flour, .12s a 58' per barrel. Carolina rice, 4Us a SOt per cwt. Bristol, April 3. Sailed, the Achilles, for Philadelphia. Livehmol, Ma c i 39. Arrived, the Flora, Lyon, from . Orleans Dot a a. March 29. The brijf William, of Newcastle, with coU, bound to Brest and America, went ashore near Calais on Thursday, and is totally lost , pai i ot tne crew saved. I'uaTinoi'TH, Varch 23. Yesterday arrived the Kerr Alunn, Foster, Uordeaux lor llremen, out four wtek, with sails split and upper works damaged On the llth iiut. when about eiht leagues to the North of Hi. Ji an de Lux picked up the Uiptuin and crew or the Aine icin bn l creue," bound to llilbo , - the Increase had been without a rudder ciclit dais in,coiv (filet of wind, and went on shore on tin. rocks lour hours atur the crew left her. Poa i sol - tb. March 30 Pasted up Channel, the American th p Clio, from Cape Henry, Hayli, bound to Bremen, out 4U days, all well. WidovPt ptniiimi. Tbe act granting the wi dows of navy officers, pensions, was about to ex pire on the 141b of July next, but on motion of gen. Talmadge, it bat been extended a number of years longer ; I do not recollect precisely bow many. This reminds me of a quere I once took occasion to make through the medium of this paper, but to which, no answer was ever given, though the honor and justice of the city, and particularly of the common council, was involved in it, and 1 therefore now repeat it : What hat been the fate of a resolution passed by the hoo. corporation during the late war, and Jirectly after the unfortunate death of captain Lawrence, granting the sum of two thousand mut ton ne left betuod him, or to hi, widow? H the mocev .v.r tw.. I'l , .u. .. i i - aay steps taken to pay provide for it? Tbt act was shewy, aad calculated to do credit to tbe authors of k t Has it been any thing mora than shewy 1 1 should ba glad to know, and so would tbe public. Sp etie.Tht ship Wdliam, Coffin, from London, has brought oat 470,000 dollars in specie, for the U. 8. Bank. for Uie Ettning Put. " liens, wilh their heads cnt off." This line occurring to me, bad a strong effect upon my risible muscles, as I was this morning fated by my stars to attend tree or our houri to have three or four tntnuM rrgulttr busmen transacted by 7io tit aulhvrtly, at the public store. I did lauzli and, I tbink, Mr. Coleman, (hat although you are yourself a gentleman of most becoming gravity, mat you won Id uavc laughed too and I think that he who never smiled over the pages of Don Quiiotte, would have lavglud alto at tbe scene of coofunion exhibited there. Here stood a merchant pecking away at the cover of his package, with a hammer be had been compelled to return to his store to procure there stood another reading or relating the new taut to Mr. Morton here wai Mr. Morton ordering a merchant to open hit package himirlf there was his anistanturoia1 - dwg him to d. so at his peril here was one, of tne two necro laborers, ordered to open this package at Ihu moment three different one at tbe nex, and, at least ten othtn bofore the could be possibly accomplished, t irst they were in this store, now in the next, without having any distinct object in view, but at the tame time fifty undigested ones up stairs, and down stairs in at this door, out at that heller skelter, big - glety - piglety, bead over heels Now was Mr. .VI. enquiring of one whether hit goods were tpe - a fie or not, and how many packages were to be opened ? My object, Mr. Coleman, in writing this, it toltly to enquire of the proper authorities, in what way an importer, who has gone through the regular routine oi eotcring his goods. Sic. can potsibly procure from the cuttom - bouse those imckaget sent to tbe public store. 1 knew several who were there the whole moruiner, with their invoices in their hands, and the goods open ed before tbe inspector, who, lY no possible nor pretended cause had to despair of procuring them till tome regular system should be adopted. I, myself, Dad two packages tent there the in spector refused to examine more than one, al leging mat he had no orders to inspect more Ibau one package in an invoice. I procured an order I tr luMpartcaxe only, with a "suppose so," that this ord r for one would deliver mo. With this agreeably to direction, I posted up to the store keeper's office, at the custom - house ; (instead of ii Deinraepi ai me public store) : be refers me It the deputy - collector, or the collector : Th former knows "nothing of the mefer." but points mo to the latter, and the latter sayt "p'shaw, that cant be," and directs me to call to - morrow, u and he unlit hink about it." Thi, sir, it no caricature, no fanciful picture, but things as they do actually exist, and are dailv ex hibited since the passage of the new law; and nniess mere it some lyntim contrived to affect the same, why then I say patience be pitiful to us poor im - f orteri. s Your?, AN IMPORTER. May 14, 1018. From the Lawingburgh Gatette, May 12. ' The election returns come in tlowlv. In con sequence of the division of the government par - 7, iuu vuuiuuiaui nnu anu - tsiiiiTonians, me " regularly nominated tickets." in manv of the democratic counties have been rather unsuc cessful. But the following is all the additional information we have received on the subject, since our last : In Dutchess and Columbia, federalists are e - lected to the assembly, by larse majorities. . In Westchester, two federalists and one demo crat. Io Schoharie, two federalists and on demo crat. In Orange, three Cliutonians and one anti Clinloman. In Otsero, two federalists and three demo cratt. In Greene, one federalist and one democrat. In Washington aud Warren, a part of each ticket, itiniouiao and anti - Clintouian, are tup - posed to be elected. I he result of the election in Saratoga i some what extraordinary. In thu county the demo cratt have for several years baen divided into two sections. This division, however, had un cterence to the question which at present divides the party iu the other parts of the state tudeed, wo have never beeu able to discover irom what cause it arose. Each section had it - leader?, and its newiqmper, and their abuse ol arn other, was as violent at it usual when de mocrats quarrel. Lat jear, each section hntl its assemlily - tickot ; both failed, and federal can iiniates were elected, rindin? such a content rathrr ' unprofitable," the hadtrt of the two sections, during the lat winter, suddenly became menus; one ol their newspapers was suppressed a county convention, composed of tilth ol their louawer at could be depended upou, was cal led; all the leaden were nominated, one for member of congress, the others for members of: assembly and harmony, at it was supposed, was completely restored to democratic intercourse. But, alas ! their prospects were toon blasted. I he people, indignant at to barefaced and mer cenary a coalition, immediately revolted. A no ther convention wai called; a second ticket, composed of two federalists and two democrats, lor the assembly, with another candidate for congress, was put in nomination, and a mixed committee was appointed in each town to sun port it. The election came ; the electors floek - d to the polls; and " the people's ticket" pre vailed by a majority of 1000 votes. From the Providence .American May 12. General election In our last we announced the incipient proceedings of the honourable general assembly at their session last week, in Newport, and published a tew of their most im portant, we cannot tay judietout, appointments, I ne account oi weir proceedings, 1c. is now continued. Immediately after the house was omnited. on Wednesday, a large committee was appointed to count the proxies for general officers, who reported towardt evening the re - election of the following gem lemen to tbe offices affixed to thiir names respectively : His excellency Nthemiah R. Knight, esquire, governour. His honor Edward Willcox, esq. lieutenant - govrrnour. SENATORS. Philip Martin, esq. of Providence Ebenexer Barney, esq. of Coventry Samuel Vinson, esq. of Newport Thomas BufTum, esq. of Smilhfitld Robert Hopkins, esq. i f Foster William I'earce, esq, of Bristol Benjamin Amith, esq. of North Kingstown John Watson, esq. of South - Kiotosvn William Willwur, 2d, e - q. of Little Comptoo Stephen B. Cornell, esq. of Portsmouth Samuel Eddy, esq. secretary; Henry Bowen, esq. attorney general ; Thomas Ci. Pitman, esq. geoerai - treasorer. On Thursday mornin?, both houses proceeded to the elecliM of oncers lor the year ensuing and it will be teen that with a few exceptions. every Icderaiist has been removed Irom office. From the Frank! tn 'Phitmd.) Gatette, Mav 14 Tbe intercourse between this city aid New - York is reduced to a few abort boars, by meant of tbe posWUiia and poei - coacb, which run daily between the two cities. The pott chaise, L... - iJl mhhJt left New - York yester day saoming at 6 o'clock, arrived in Philadelphia i .kii, l. ih tif man. bricfine the New - York papers of yesterday morning, by one of - s.:.k . hvriK that the DOt - Cbaise, Whwn WIUVH WW - 1.(1 ham mi Tue!dv morn in er at 5 o'clock, ar rived at New - York at 3, and the post - coach, on tbe old route, half an hour allerwardi. BALTIMORE. May 13. AH the prisoners indicted for the robbery of the mail, have been souud guilty. PHILADELPHIA, May 14. Tbe emperor of Austria has granted to Join. Allen, esq. of tint city, the exclusive privilege ot naviiratioff fleam - boats, between the city of Ve nice and Trieste, for twenty years. MONTREAL, April 25. Wiithfr... - A snow storm from the east ward began on Saturday morning last about five o'clock, which continued incessantly all that, and the following day, 'till after mid day. wiiei i re.isert. The (iiianlitv of snow which fell with in that maM ol time, it is believed, was greater than what has fallen within thu same period oi time this season. A rountrv clerzvrnan io a democratic parish lately animaverted withcontiderable severity on and infidelity; whereupon his coosreKttUon vo ih MiArminv nrevnieiicv ui iituwiiiy, iaiv.. ted hi dismissal for advocating federal polo'ics , . Phoenix. MAKIUE1), On Wednesday evening last, by the Revd. John Williams, Mr. Theodore Clark, (of the firm of Raymond & Clark.) to Miss Elizabeth Williams, daughter of Mr. William Williams, all of this city. t.ast evenine. br the Revd. Mr. Matthews, tlm Ravrf. Imiih Y. Johnson, of the village of Argyle, to the amiable Miss Maria Delamater, daughter of Samuel Delamater, eq. of this city. DIED, Vutordav afteruooD. ofa lineeringillnoft, Dr fchabid B. ilalsev. in bis 53d year. The friends and ncanaintance of the family eenerally are re quested to attend his funeral, without furlhtr invitation, to - morrow afternoon, precisely at 4 o'clock, from bis lato residence, No. IBChrystie, late First - street. At Oakham, April 2C, Mr. Aaron Hunt, aged 80 vear. At New Orleans on the J3d of March, Cuth - U - rt B. Garrard, late Post Surgeon in the U. S. Arniv. At Bordeaux, on the S5)h of February last, Capt. Morrit, of the ship Thalia, of Philadel phia. ItS'i CLEARED, Ship Atlantic, Matlack, Liverpool Micks, Lawrence klo. Alexander Mansfield, Barnes, Liverpool Jno Flack Globe, Dcvoll, Savannah Pott & M'Kinne Corsair, Sutton, Charleston Clark, Moore & Co. Annisquam, Inott, New - Orleans Bi ig Edward Byam, Leader, Antigua H jjicaty chr Aurora, Hull, Boston Ambuscade, Skidmore, Madeira Brooks & Hoyt Sloop Venus. Havens, Norwich, Con. Mercv. Boles. Rochester Elian, Davison, New - London George Ic Mary, Waldin, Providence Elixa. Lewis, Brandywine Omeza. Iluisev. Nantucket JKRIVt.l THIS FOJIKNOOA, Shin William. Coffin, from London, and 45 daws from the I. it ird. with drv Hoods, specie Sic. M iiuniap At i.rani, owners, jo.'' ji.mkiu, Kirk It Mcrcein, J Event, John Blogg, Richards, Taylor & Wilder, Tucker & Carter, Palmer .V Hamilton, I) Bethune Ic Co. John Fanshaw.Sal - tu. 3 n ti Co. Lambert & Brothers, J Jenkins, J Pardoe, A Rutt, D Smith, jun PBurttell, Co! - lint St Hannay, A L Norwood, S Campbell, J Allan, J Tavlor Si Son. D 3tone k Co. J Bower - hank, R Drspard, Vatqu Si Mewron, R Bach Si Co. T Dixon, II te W Delufield, AndcuonK Shearer. Penrtall Grellett, II Brevort, I Levi, J J Att r. Hvatt fc Vunhoesen. M Carter, U. S Bank, and tnordrr. Left Portsmouth 27th of Mnrch, and came out of the channel in cn. with 300 tail of vestels. The thipt (icorgc, and Ven us, of and for N York, aud Galen for Boston, were at the Down, 2d March; ships Solon, and Critr ri.m, for N York and t hr Leader, for Nantucket, were to leave London 25th of March.' April loth. Iat4030, Ion 45. patted a large Island of ire. I6(h, passed another Island Slst, lat 40, Ion 40, pnke the tihr. Bctfty, of Boston, 1 1 days from Baltimore for Bordeaux. 2 - lth, lat. 41, Ion 53, spoke ship Pallos, from Savannnh. hound to Euroi. Sith, lat 42. long 57, spoke schr Boxer, friim Boston for St. Michaels. 27th, int 41, lor.g 59, spoke hri Margaret, from Havre for fjo'ton. Passengers, Mr. T Elstno, A Bn ten, Mrt Herbert, and 4 children, and 9 in the steerage. Ship Chauncey, Doirdnl, 41 days from Brit to', with copper, iron, tin, glass, kc to Pott M'Kinne nnd B W Rogers Si Co oivnert, W W Woolsr - y ti Co H Hendrickt, King Si Hillhoute, Willis ti While, William Price, Thos. Dixon, G Chance, W W ft T L Chester, M Floy, F H Nicoll Si Co.C M'Even, E Wainwright, T. C. Murray. D Bi lhune Si Co. Sherman. Street ti Cn. of N llavrn. and to order. Sail.d inco with ship Andrew Jackt'n, April 21, and taw her off i;ape Lleur on the 4tn. im, lat 44 zi, ton zu, 6, pnUe the ship Kinma Matilda, S5 by frm fhiladelphia, f r Knlg - .nd 30th, in hit 41, 42, long 4 ll,iioke Bri'i'h brig Trial, Irom Wilmington, 21 (lays, for Loniinn, Imd thrown part of herrnrgn ovc board llth May, lut 41, 53. long 60, 6, f pke barque Leop.iril. 4 days from Bontnn for 1 01 h, lat 42, 29. L.fig 6240, tvke brig F.liza Ann, 2 dayt from Boston for St Petersburg l2(h, lat 41. 15, Nig G5 9, tpuke ship Sullolk. of and from Bostnn, 2 dsys out, for China. 13tfi, on St George's Bnnk, spoke British brig Swan, of and from Demnrara, 45 days out, hound to Boston. Left at Bristol, ship Bristol Trader, for Itotton in 10 dvt. Passengers, Mrs. MornVrai and thild. and 48 In theiteerage. .Ship Maria Duplex, 46 days from Liverpool with coals and dry goods, to A Cranston Si Co. owner - , K Hide, G flrinlev, G Dtimme Si Co J Wheelcy, P ltemsen. H Ik W Delufield, R Dickey, 1) Oakey, and to order. Sailed 30th March, in co. with the Margaret, of Portland M'Clenaghun, for Boston ; Howard, of Boston for Savannah ; Falcon, Lewis, for Boston ; Neptune, Field, of I York, for Dublin, after getting anchors, cables and repairs, and Ganges, l ow, fur Savannah. Passed at anchor near the rock, ship Robert, of N York, and Liverpool, of Boston, bound in. Spoke, May 2, lat 40 50. long 60, ship North America, of Baltimore for Rotterdam. Ship Lady Gallatin, Swain, 48 davs from Liverpool, with salt, to J Barker, and J ft C Bolton. Passengers, Messrs. Anderson, Berry, Wilson, Hiehfrd,and 23 in the steerage. Skip Colu mbia, Alien, 43 days from Liver pool, Willi coal, crates, to i Barker, II Hen dricks, Y James, T Anderson Si Co. S $ Ha zard. and P S Titus 20 passengers in the steerage April 6th, lat 42, Ion 44, spoke ship Draper, from Philad. bound to Liverpool. 28th, lat 41, long 62, spoke sch Independence, from Boston, bound to the banks Ship Courier, bound to Liverpool, returned leaky. Ship Dryad, , from Wiscasset, came in for orders. British brig Jane, Brown, 70 days from Dundee, and 42 from Barry Head, with dry goods, to D Betbune ti Co. boo man & Johnstou, D S Kennedy. Passengers, messrt Lawson, Petri, Bigby, and 3 in the steerage. Spoke nothing. Sloop Cynthia, Sprague. 18 hours from New port, & I Sloop Ljaa, Swift, 5 days Irom Tappaaaa - aock, with con aad ataVM bound to KowSed - ford. BELOW 2 brigs. A d Hit FO LAST EVENING, Ship tndependencn, Thomas, 44 day from Greenock, with dry goods, coal and iron, to H Cary Si Co. owners, Thompson St Steel, Boor - man Si Johnston, Lie CSii)dam, J t N Haiglit, I) Fish, D S Kennedy, A Campueii, i.ivan, it It Urobert, T Irvan, W Arrou, nuucriso.. W Whitehead. P Ilattrick, W Price, Cal - den, M'Lea ti W Totld & Co. H Peterson, A Thompson, W Wilson, and to orner. i as sengert, Mr. and Miss Bell, Mr. Kerr, Mr. Main, and 26 in the steeratrc. Sailed April 1. Brig Hope, of Newburportand brig Sarah, Badger, both for N York, sailed day before. shin Union. iorXYoik. 17lli April. The Hr. shin Roeer - Stewart. Cooper, had put back for Greenock, after having been a month at sea, and been driven a shore in Jiiimmore Hay, (Callaway) and would have to discharge her cargo. April 19 ami 20, in lat 42, long 8, saw several islands of ice, and with difficulty kepi the ship clear of ihcm in the calm. Spoke May 5, lat 40 57, long 63 SO, bi ig Trio, from N London, for West Indies, llth, lat39, bug 69, ship Albion, bound to AmsteftUm. Ship William, Hague, 45 dayt from Liverpool, with coal, salt and crates, to Jon. Ogden. One passenger. Spoke nothing. Shin Brunswick, Saunders, 10 days from Wilmington, NC. bound to Liverpool put in in consequence of having sprung aleak. Brir' Sarah & Louisa, Proctor, 61 days from Mogudore, with Hkius, almonds, fcc. to J O. Su'livan, and G G & S I lowland. Left schr Good - Hope, Clark, for N York in 8 days. May 1 1, lat 40 SO, long 71 20, spoke ship Caroline, 75 days from the Coast of Patagonia, for New - York. Brig Resign, S.nfird, 18 days fromDaricn, with timber, to the captain. 5 passengers. In a gale off Charleston, tot the fore topmast, and 15,000 feet of timber. Sloop Alert, f om Boston. Sloop Almira, Stevens, 17 days from Savan nah, via New - London, wilh cotton, to J Ma - gee Si t o. Uostov, May 12. Arrived, big Vancouver, Bacon, 124 days from Canton. In lut 28 37, long 59, was boarded by the Buenos Ayrean brig Grn. San Martin, bound to Margaretta, with the Venezuelian Vi' ister Don Pedro Gual on board treated politely. Bi - igThaddetis, Le Bosquet, from Madeira, last from the Isle of May. 31 days. Left n t Madeira, 21st March, sell Mary - Ann, for Bl timore, in 2 or 3 days, the onlv American ves tel in port No American vessels at the Isle of May. Ship Cnittendcn, Farmer, from N York. Sloop Victory, Hawlcy, from N York. Cleared, B iiish ship Hannah, Ross, for De - marara ; sloop Huron, 1 - impliear, New York; Visscher, Ingraham, Albany. PROVIDENCE, Mny 12 Arrived, schooner Sloop Catharine, tlarding, from New - York. Sloop Katr Carenter, ditto. , Hoop Juno, Tripp, ditto. Cleared, sloop Saily, Anthony, New - York. Arrived, yesterday, tloop Ann, Comstock, ! hours from New - York. PaiLaoxLTBu, May 14. Cleared, British brig Betty, Wedgewood, Liverpool brig Feliciana, Frank 'in, N Orleans. Uai. i imorx, May 13. Arrived ship JEa, Budd, 43 davs from Bordeaux. Left at Bor deaux, 29th March, ships Illinois, Funk, of and for NYork ; Thalia, Butler, (late Morris, dead) of and for Philadelphia i Gen Scott, Coffin, of NYnrk for the Capede Verd Islands ; Amiable Matilda, Meyers, of N. York for the West In - dies ; brigs . - outh America, Hewitt, ol rhilad for N Orleans i Christopher, Hayes, of Charleston, from Liverpool, put in in distress i Mr. Ingraham, owner of the Christopher, died the same day he arrived at Bordeaux Halcyon, Barnard, of and from N York, ar. at Poulliac 27th March, and proceeded for Bordeaux lame day. The ships Hunter, West, and Magnet, Garwood, of and for Philadelphia, sailed on the 20th of March: brig Rordeaux, of and for N York, sailed on the 27th. On the 8th April spoke in long 37 27, lat 41, ship William P. Johnson, of Philadelphia, bound to Liverpool, out 24 days. April 10th, in long 48 20, lat 38 20, spoke sch. Ariadne, of Saybrook, trom Gibraltar bound to N York, out 25 davs. April 2Sth, long 62 30, lat 37 30, spoke ship Manlius, of .New - York, from New Orleans, bound to - iverpool, out 17 days May 2d, lung 66 30, lat 34 53, spoke English brig John, from De - merara, hound to New - York, 20 days out. On t'te 29th March, an American ship New Yor model, with bright sides her figure head a bust with epatih - tts, passed up the Garonne river , being nearly dark could not make her nime out, but believe her to be the Jack son of Baltimore. The ship Moses Brown, of N York, was cast awav to the southward of the Cordovan, at it o'clock on the night of the 28ih Feb. in a violent gale from the northward and westward, the crew saved i part of them came in the Ea. The sch Ann Si Mary, of N York, from Rxhmond, was wrecked at the entrance of the Garonne 7th March crew saved, par. of them also came in tbe Ea. CHARLESTON, May 7. Cleared, brig Agenoria, Foster, Boston. Went to sea yesterday, brig Arethuta, Holmes, for NYork. Tho schr Harriet, 18 days from New - Haven, Coo. and a schr from Philadelphia, tiwkt pilots last evening. Yesterday morning, the pilot - boat New - Friends, fell in with, olf our bar, and lowed into port, a Spanish schr of about 60 or 70 tons, scuttled, and about 8 feet water in brr hold. From appearances, she b supposed to be the schr captured in company wilh tbe C. prize to the La Uuioo, Buenos Ayrean privateer, and which put iu here in distress on Saturday last, and was taken possession of by the collector of the customs. She hat 8 logs ol Spanish cedar, and a small quantity of corn on board. When fallen in with, she hsd a part of her fore - tail, main - tail and jib sixiilin;. THEATRE This evening, will he presented the play of the POINT OF HONOR, Or, The School for HolUieri. Alter which, the new hallt t of action of LITTLE RED RIDING HOOD, Or, A rut to my Grandmother. To conclude with the musical farce of THE SHIPWRECK. On Saturday, Lionel aad Clarissa, aad 'Tit all a Farce. Performance to commence at a quarter past teven o'clock. t"T - NhVliSdai TOWNsE.NDhave remov ed irom No f0, to No. 40 Wall - it reet&doiiiiug tle i;ity uana. mv is iw LA.NDs. ftT STEPHEN B. MUNN, No. 526 Pearl - itreL'l, New - York, purchases Landt in the Illin ois Territory, winch has been set apart lor the laie Army. ieuers irom ire country giving a description of the patent and the price asked for each lot, will be attended t o, if Post paid. mv ii is&i. ii y i lie Directors of the New Vora Institu tion for the instruction of the deaf and dumb, announce, that it is now open for (he reception ol pupils, at No. 56 Chatham, corner of Chamber street, ander the supennttodaDce of the Kev. A. O. Slansbary. Tbe terms of board are J 1 50 per annum, including washing St mending ; pupilt to find their own bedt. Tuition 40 per ann. including stationary. Those who are unable to pay for their tuition will make application to Uie stiperiiiteodant, that their case may be laid before tbe board of directors. JOHN B. SCOTT, pee'ry mj 15eod 2w c?w JC7 C. C. SMEDBERG ti CO. bate mov their counting bouse to No. 85 WashinrW tract, where they ofler for sale 114 hhds New. Orleans sugar ; superfine cloths, donbU mUlJ kerseymeres, plains and velveteens. J. ti R. REN W ICK, have removed to No tS Washington - street. nir ., 'I THU flint ii fET Lottery OlBces, Broken and others are cautioned againtt receiving or paying the halfof Ticket No. 5960, which drew a prue - of soo in the Grand State Lottery on the llth inst ti any person whatever but the subscriber, as it ha, bocn stolen from him. JOSEPH DELAPLAINE, Cfaemit - tf "'T 15 & Philadelphia. NOTICE. IT f All coods remaining - nn hnr1 is.. ..i . era r nny ti Spartan, from Havre, that w prrmiucuoQ monuay morning next, will be Mat to the public store. - may 15 gt OCEAN iN'Sl)RANt'Hi i. ioi." rrp ELISIIA TIB BETS. K.. hvm'..: - ed the presidency of this company ia cemeqoenc, of his appointment to the Franklin Fire ln .1. t . . - . vUr ance company, ine uoaru 01 airectors this dav unanimously elected Abraham Ogden, Eq. rrt. sidentof this comany. may 14 11 fjr - Surprising iiuianctf oj Lottery Luck It will be recollected, that a few days sirce il'tZ Aliens, announced that tl.ey had told a gcnl'lem - u! two nrizet of One Thousand Dollari. wiiu - h ' drawn Uie tame dayt drawiog. Yesteidr.y ja rs. Aliens had the pleasuraol iniormiug aM chant iu Soulh - ttreet, that hit two tickttt bait each drawn One Thousand Dollars, and ... I IU A..n Ik.,,.,, sorit. Wr uuui uianii vnj u, Aiawlllg, and thu numbers were nearly tuccesiiee. Another td venturer has drawn a prire 01 One Handred Dot lart, tl.o name not having been registered all who have tickets are requested lo examine tbim As tliese fortunate tickets were told at Alleu, Truly Lucky office, they will be paid io Gold IrCU 'lt.eciJUi lltT Is Th bhip SILENU8 will tail on the sengers, and can take a few torn light freight - ! Annlv at 87 .S'outh - st. to T CMBRELENG ti PEARS05. may 15 I OO CALCUTTA SUOjJ. IDA Bngs bright yellow grained sugar 115 do superior double boiled do Landing at Coeutiet slip for sale at 67 South. street, by CAMBRELENG & FEARSOJ. my 15 'TOBACCO, LINSEED OIL, BOSTON .L UUM, tic - 874 kt - gt first quality mani - factured Tobacco, now landing, of the following approved brands ; " Geo. Fletcher, D. R. Ross, Shelton Si Williamson, Anderson, Blair, I Mc - Keaee, P. Miller Co. F.tJ. Orenshaw, J Gihb, II. Starr, Jesse Hore & Co. F. Daney Ai Co. P. Iloltx Si Co. nnd B. II. Brady." Also at fiurling ilip, , 10 hhds " Spears " Boston Hum 20 kegt coh uring tor liquir And in Store. ' 300 k?g first quality pure Ginger 34 bids ioksi and prime Pork 7 hhds pure Spirits, high 4th proof SO jipei dooiettic Brandy, good quality 12 hlidt Pennsylvania Lintttd Oil 17 kegt low priced thipping Butter BO chestt Hyson Skin Tea, Clothier's cargo, for tale by CORN3 DUBOIS, my 15 lOt 36 Froit - ttreet. ylii t,A 1 HKG PAfEK. t tout ot a superior O quality, juit received and for sale by RIPLEY & WELD, my 13 19J Front corner of Fuiton street. COTTON YAhN low number. An steer ment of low No's, cotton yaru, for tale by the Commission Company, 14U Pcarl - ttreet. may 15 U U DOLLARd to loan, on bond ",vr VLfand mortgage of property in this city, either in one or seiural sums. Apply to JOS. A JNO. BLEECKER, mp 15 3t 61 Wall street. ANTON GOODS 40 cases Canton Goods consisting of black Si changeable Sim hews green and blue do. with wide borders; black and colored Camblets, tor gentleman's wear; bladr and colored Satins, 111 and 30 yard pieces , black and colored Levantinet ; black fringed Hdkfs figured pelong Salint ; ft out Pongees, suit note tot tailors figured head Hdkls. ; plain do; Company yi'llow Nankiot ; white do ; Nankin Crapes, black and assorted colors. 18, 20. and 22 yard pieces ; cases of all scarlet do ; best Canton Crapet lilack and assorted dors; cases of all scarlet and rose do; figured Nankin Crapet, black aod and assorted colors ; d Can too do 1 Concta Crapet ; elegant einhroioVred and damask Crap Drettet ; Nankin (iatize Crape, 5 4, 8 - 4, and 9 - 4, ; embroidered Nankin Crape Shaw't, superior quality and colors, 4 - 4, 7 - 4, 0 - 4, and 9 4 : Dam - a - k do ; Crape lone Shawls, Arc. with a general assortment 01 r Kfcuil ijUUUS for sale at 150 Broadway, by mylolw PHILBROOK & PETERS. NEW ENGLAND RUM 34 hhds. Salem Rum, landing at middle Pier. Coentiet - tlip, and for tale by JUStfH OSfJUKN, my 15 28 South street, AUCTION SAL K Of' KLt.GANT FUR NITURE. On Mosnav,' 25th isst. AT 10 o'clock, at the ware room of Chat. Christian, 58 Fulton - street, who is with drawing from tbe cabinet business, an elegant assortment of CABINET FURNITURE, th whole of which will be warranted by Mr. Christian the tame as it sold by him at private sale. I he lease of the above premises for sale or to let mav 15 lw EAGLE TAVERN, No. 149 Water street, near Fly Market GEORGE WOOLDREDCE, SOX lit LAW TO HK5ET I. HASSKT, O LbPECTFULLY announces, that be hat 0 - II fx - npd the Tavern formerly Vent bv Mr. Joan MisrsE, with nn excellent assort men t of Madeira, Port, Claret, and other wioet, L,iqoors, Beer, aod every other requisite in - that hoe of nusinest. A vanetv nf Relishes Will be always ready, Coffee, Soups, Oysters, Chickens, fcc. JfC. ac cording to the season. If unremitted attention and civility, with moderate charges will procure the favors of the pub lic, U. IV. pledget himseil to endeavour 10 mens them. . Dinners, Suppers, fcc. provided either in tlie ' American, French, German, or Italian ttyle Ot cookery. . He will te happy to tee nis r neoas, m ter twelve o'clock to morrow, to partake or a few of the good thingt ol thit life.' Y H.J. 11 assBT.solicita his imuierout trienus w kiait thn hnr uh Jiihnnl . and r - Oflu" - themselvet that no more H promised than is intended to be performed. ' y 15 M AlVANTS A SITVA TlOff, VflllVT, imnn who understands all kinds of sewing, aod it capable of teaching children ; she would have no objection to ast'ist io a school, or wait 00 a lady a few miles from the ci?y. Tbe most satisfactory references can oe g" A line addressed to A. D. at this office, willbe particularly attended to. may IS 2t t - 1 rr ii - T 1D1'CCVQ H Ladiet of New - York are respectfully formed Ihnt MRS. BENNETT has est ab - 1 Ii hed the DRE8S - MAKING and MILLlNtj - Y businest at No. 48 Faltoo - street, eM,ffr' - RY street, wlere they can have every kind ure - made up in the most rattiiooaDie siyie, tiw p. - shortest notice. She has just purchased for cj a choice assortment of Nankin and Canton Crapes 1 net and dresses, ojured ti pun w t'"' - lity, India and British Mull Mull, c. which qoal will e sold ai cosi io move uaun, " - - 1. . - u n ska will atwavs be ttiero in possession of the newest European fatluoas, tent 7 - Waated five or sis yoang wossetj M apprentice!. "J

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