The Mason City Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa on March 18, 1939 · Page 14
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The Mason City Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa · Page 14

Mason City, Iowa
Issue Date:
Saturday, March 18, 1939
Page 14
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u SATURDAY, MARCH 18, 1939 MASON CITY GLOBE-GAZETTE Stocks Off I to 5 Points From "War N erves RECEIPTS NOT MARKET TEST : 100 Head Received for Chicago Trade;' Week Showed Loss CHICAG9, (IP) -- Hog receipts Were insufficient to test the market Saturday but trade was nomi- «8.75; small lots 53.C53S.50; load 1 year service bred ewes S3 a head. KANSAS CITY LIVESTOCK (Saturday JJarktt) KANSAS CITY. W,--(U. S. department of agriculture)--HOOS: None: marl.-et nominally steady; for week 13323 cent*; lower; late top S7.-iO. | CATTLE: 100: calves none; for week. j beef steers and yearlings steady to j strong on good to choice heifers weak: other she stock steady; vealers weak lo 50 cents lower; killing calves firm; stocker and feeder classes steadv to 23 cents higher; good to choice steers Sll tlU.23; choice yearling heifers S10; veal- ers S 10.50; light stockers S10.50; heavy - nally steady and the quotable top Was $1.75. feeders $10; medium and good Jed steers S9t»10.75: stockers and feeders $8610. SHEEP: None; for week; Killin classes SO^iSo cents higher: closing salel at week's high level; top fed lambs 59.10(U. S. Dept. Ago-Salable hogs j EHST-M? Vefvef£ hfjIS"^ 1 ^! 100; receipts insufficient to lest i ·"" to da '«: oihci-s si.ioiM.8o; reedin s market: trade steady; quotable i a n d sl ' carlns lambs S7.aoaa.a3; top 53.30. I timated holdover 100; compared ' Sa.tira.iy j[arj!«i week ago. Good to choice barrows I ,, s ? ur " ST - PAUL - '^-IF. and gilts 25 lo 35 cents lower; ' -"-fLA"TM. SCI-VICCI-CATTLE: 27j : packing soivs 20 to 30 cenis off. WHEAT DOWN NEAR CLOSE European Situation Loses Much of Power in Trading in Pit [ Market JVev.'s _ _ I compared with Friday last week: Salable cattle 100; salable calves | none; compared Friday last week: ' Fed steers and yearlings 25 cents higher; more on good to near choice kinds; market a forced affair due to continued small re- ceips; cows higfier but lost part oC advance, cutter grades closin steady to strong; fat cows strong to 25 cents higher; bulls strong; veal- ers weak to 50 cents lower; largely steer run; half-fat kinds predominated: top S13.75: light yearlings S12.25; heifers Sll.50: fat cows to 59 but few above S7.50; average cost steers and yearlings for week around $10:50, highest since last . October and nearly S2 over a year t =nd chot; e slaughter iambs lat °°- a " d choico steers steady to 1'j cents higher; she stock strong to 23 cents up; bull about steady- stackers and feeders stranz to 23 cents higher; most medium lo good fed steers and yearlings S3.508io.33; bulk mediun to good heifers S7.50S9; Rood beef coivs. SJJ._/3ST.2j; Ion- culters and cutlers $4.25 eia.jO mainly; top weighty sausage bulls Si; eood to choice stock and feeding heifers S8.30g9.50: most plain to medium native stacker* S6.T5SS.2j; calves u: vealera about sleady; lale top Sll. HOGS: Salable. 500; lotal i.000; steadv lop S7.:40 on choice 210 Ibs. dowo: sowi $6.3526.40; compared with close of lajt week: Barrows and gills 1330 cents lower; largely 23 cents off; sows 33 cents lower. CHICAGO, (/P) -- The European political situation lost much of its power in the wheat pit here late Saturday and prices turned downward after advancing a cent a bushel. Reports of German demands on Rumania, to which was attributed '· the advance in thc Liverpool r ,_, F , det ,, =,,.. I wheat market, were denied by i ' -^ 1SI -- IC ! Berlin, Traders took increasing! notice ot favorable weather news i for the domestic winter wheat i crop. Contributing to the downturn here were Winnipeg prices. Wheat closed higher, May and lower to July 68-68is; corn unchanged to =s lower, May 47-js-n, July 49V 4 -' B , oats unchanged to i'i up, May 28%; soy beans ri-Us up, May 88V.; rye unchanged to ^ up, May 42J-'.- lard 5 to 8 cents up. '"' SHEEP: Salable. 600; lolaf l.w; com- I ' . . pared willi Friday last week: Fat lambs 40fejO cents higher: other classes strons to 10 cents or more lusher; fat lambs reached new high since Jan. 28; sood earlier. Salable sheep -4,000: late Fridav: Fat lambs 25 to 35 cents and more higher; top S9.0; weights under 100 pounds 59.25 to $9.50; bulk 59-50; 100 (o 109 pounds $9 to 59-50; sheep strong to 10 cents higher, top ewes 55.35. Compared Friday last week: Fat lambs and yearlings 50 to 75 cents higher: sheep 25 to 35 cents up; week"= Iamb top $9.60, equal to the highest paid locally this year: bulk- slaughter lambs $8.50 to $9.50; 100 to 109 pound averages closing at $9 .to 59.50; 90 to 92 pound fall clipped lambs 58.50, recently shprn offerings scaling 83 pounds S8 late; good to choice yearlings 115 pounds down S7.50 to S7.00: top slaughter ewes S5.35; highest at Chicago since last April; bulk slaughter ewes incX-ding few natives $4.75 to §5.25. 5: nntivc- S3.40. feeding lambs STftS: western:?, LIVESTOCK ESTIMATE CHICAGO, «·,_ Unofficial estimated livestock, receipts for Monday: Hogs 13 000; cattle. 11.000: sheep. 17,000: hoas for all next week. 70,000. fUICAGO CASH R B A 1 X /Saturday M a r k e t ) ClilCAGO. iVp--Wheat. No. 2 hard 71 1 *: com. Xo. 2 yellow. -lake's; No. :i white. 31U: oats. No. 2 white. 3'',- sanlp.'e erade white. 23'bji29 1 j; barley malting. 52 U 60 nom.: lllino'is Illinois /ced. . nom.; timothy seed. 3.1a nom.: red clover seed, S13Ttl6 nom red top SS.235S.73. The Pound Sterling Since the First of Last Year Price of Sterling Cables 4.70 4.50. J F M A M J J A S O H D J F M A M J l?36 1,39 Stock List NEW VOBK STOCKS IB;- The Associated Press) Saturday Final Quotations Lard-^Tierccs, SG.-iO; lias S9.25. Air Rcduct Al Ch Djc 170 Allied Stores 0'* Am Can SO Am i: For 2^ 8 Am Loco 22 1 ? Am Rad 4: S 14'« Am Roll Mill 16" loose S5.CO; bel- Livestock Markets MID-WEST HOGS Livestock prices at midwest market! ALBERT 140 to 130 LEA. Minn.--Hoes steady: IBS. S6.OOS6.I5; 150 Local Livestock _to 3oO Ibs. S6.20S6.35; 350 to 400 Jbs. 0 2 0 : 5 0 6 to 42o Ib?. $5.93ji6.10: 4^ ,,, 3$, Ih?. i5.S003.93: 500 to 530 Ibs. S3.lioBo.SO; -'" to GOO Ibs. S5.50'363 ,-»K? TI ,£- Minn---Hogs steady; 110 lo 1=01 ibs. 150 lo 1GO Ibs. 56.301* ff.SO; 160 to 170 Ibs. S6.6566.93; 170 lo 180 JJJJ- WOO T !7.20: ISO lo 220 Ibs. S7.0367.S3- 220 to 2,0 Ib,. SS.35U7.33; 250 10 270 Ibs ?M°J;i 0: 4TM. !°.=?° »;..56.60536.00: 230 ~5. 50. : MASON CITY--For Saturtiav I10GS Steads-. ' . Good light Ughls 140-150 \ Good light lights 150-160 Good lignt lights 160-no } Good light lights 170-180 ,, 3ood light butchers ., 180-200 , Good" ?/gh£ butciiers .. 200-220 Good rne. \vt. butciiers '220-250 Good me. u't. butchers 25C-2IG Good me. \vt. butchers 270-230 Good -me. wt. butchers 230-325 Good me. \vt. butchers 32o-35o Good heavy butchers .. 350-400 Good packing sows ... 275-35(] Good SOU'S , 350-425 Good sows 425-500 Good sows ' . . 500-550 $05-lii (The above is a 10:30 truck hog market for good and choice hogs.) CATTLE Choice to prime steers, heavy S10.00-1j.oo Good to choice steers, heavy S 850- 050 Medium lo good steers -, S 7 30- a 50 Fair la medium steers s 6.50- 7'at Flam to fair steers ..: ... s 4.00- e.oo Choice to'crime yearlings .... s 9.00- 9.aO Good to choice yearling* ... S C 0 0 - 9 00 Medium to pood yearlings ... S G50- 7~5Q Good to choice heifers 5 8 0 0 - 9 0 0 S3.55-5.95 SO.35-6.45 SG.85-6.93 S7.IO-7.20 S7.20-7.30 57.20-7.30 S7.10-7.20 SC.95-7.05 S6.75-S.83 S6.60-e.70 S6.43-6.5a Sfi.30-S.40 S6.25.6.33 SS.I5-6.25 £6.05-6.1.1 · · 4J6.60: 2jO to 400 Ihs. 50.2086.30- packinE f^",; 7 .: 1 '°_H° !?f- *S.M«?,«; 330 to 423 Mason City Groin MASON CITY--For Saturday No. 3 white oats 20V-c No. 3 yellow corn 33'ic New ear corn 3Q C No. 2 soybeans 7o c Bai'lej '.25-aoe SATURDAY CHAI.V CLOSE Ibs, 56.0071 G.3Q: , 530 Ifas. and up 55.90^520 CEDAR RAPIDS, unchanged. WHEAT-Mar. s May July Sep. CORN-Mar. . .. May Sep. v . . . . . . . . OATS-- July ./..'./.*'. Sep. SOY BEANS-- aiay July , Oct High I-OW .67'i .63 Close S .63 .63'-, Sin k Rof Am Stl Fdrs 297» Am Sug Rcf 20 Am Tel T 157 Am Toll B 84'-'. Am Wat \Vks 11 3 * Anaconda 26" j Armour 111 4', Al T «: S F 3^ Atl Reiin 21 Auburn Auto 3"a Bait i Ohio. u Barn=dali i j j Bendi.-: Aviat Beth Steel Eoeing Air pi Borden Borg-V/arncr Bridgpt Br Budd Mis Can D G Ale Can Pacific Case Cater Tract Ches i Ohio C N \V C C U" Chrysler Ccca-Cofa Col G jt E Com! Solv 24 63' 4= 33'. 74 U'O .32 .53 .-a-. Cm with :i i Con Edi _Ho» and cattle Ibs.. 56.93©7.25: ISO-220 Ibs.. y.03jJ7.3J: 220-2aO Ibs.. SC.90SJ7.20: 230-270 Ibs SG7 =i K7.0a; 270-200 Jbs.. SC.C055.SO- "30-3"3 Ibs.. SS.45aB.73: 325-330 Ibs.. SS.30fi6.60: ulV '" Sep. '.". LAUD-: Mar. . . . Mav . . . July ... Sep. . , . .4:1 .44 .45'» . 6.BQ 0.07 .1II.VXEAPOHS GBAI.V MINNEAPOLIS. : f, ~ \Vheat Saturday: 39 cars: tations 'i tent highe 10'-j L Sou 1 ' j Con Oil ., Con Can 39 Con Oil Del -J(l .42?a j Corn Prod g2 -A3' 3 | Curt-Wright ,v, .44^* · Dcerc : Co 21 I Deere pf ^ i = i G,r*5 j Douglas Air 6E 3 , 6.43 duPont np a.G2 I Eastman Hi*. 6.77 j El Pow : Lt fli, j Fairbanks Mo 35 f Firestone 23 receipui ] Gen Elcc year ago. Quo- I Gen Foods No. 1 ! Gen Mills Kresyc Lomberi 16 Lib O F GL 49 Loews -J6 Marsti Field 12 May lag 3 Midcont Pet 14 Mont Ward 45 Xash-KeJv " X'at Bifc 23 N'at Cash Reg ^2 N'at Dairy Pr 14 Nat Dilill 26-iJ Nat Lead Nat Pow : Lt 8i N Y Cent 17 ·* A'o Amer AVI Hif:: North. Amer 23 1 * Nor Pacific 10U Otis Elevator 20 Otis Steel I0' ? Owens 111 Gl 62 Packard :P« Param Pict 9 1 !; Pcnick . Fa 31 'Penney Z't Penn Rv Phillips Pct Prod . Gan: Pullman Pure Oil Radio Rom Eland Rcplb Slee! Hey Tob B Sears Roeb Shell Union Simmons .Socony Vr.c Sou Pacific Std Brands Sid Oil Cal Std Oil Ind Std Oil N J PRICES IMPROVE TOWARD CLOSE International Scene Holds Spotlight in Wall Street Activity NEW YOHK, OP}--Traders subject to "war nerves" dumped stocks in Saturday's market and leading issues, at the «-orsl, added 1 to 5 points to their sharp relapse of Ihe preceding session. Prices improved before the close, however, as thc opinion gained ground that j the sell-off ma done. Pressure of offerings was p; nounced at the opening, with blocks o£ 1,000 to G.OOO shares changing hands. Activity dwindled subsequently, but the turnover o£ approximately 1,000,000 shares was one of the largest for any Saturday since last Nov. 12. While virtually all departments suffered in the slump, aircrafts were resistant, apparently deriving support on the belief the latest, German march to (he east would i speed up rearmament programs of the democracies, even if general hostilities are avoided. Conspicuous shares on the slide include U. S. Steel, General Motors, Chrysler, duPont, U. S. Rub- sum. Sears. Roebuck, U. S. Rubber, Philip Morris, American Telephone, Sar?ta Fe, Standard Oil of N. J., and International Harvester. Bonds dipped with stocks, but 22'. ] selected loans also came back in late dealings. Grains painted upward as cotton futures slipped. Business news--some of it fairly encouraging--was all but ignored as the international scene held the market spot-light. 100 SENIORS AT AMES RECEIVE THEIR DEGREES Dr. Charles Friley of Iowa State Gives Awards at Exercises A M E S -- One hundred Iowa State college seniors received their bachelor ol science degrees Saturday at the winter quarter commencement exercises held in Memorial Union. The graduates included 38 agriculture students, 36 engineers, 18 home economics students and 8 science students. Dr. Charles E. Frile3', president LEGAL NOTICE NOTICE Or S H E R I F P ' S SALE STATE OF !O\VA, Cerro Gordo County. .*. To Helen M. Miller, Luke B. Miller »nd Charles M. Collins, and to whom Jt may concern: Vou are hereby notified that by virtue of a special execution, to me directed, and issued out of (lie oHice of the Clerfc of the District Court ol the State of loiva. within and for Cerro Gordo County, upon a judgment rendered in .'aid Court in favor of Delia Brennan and against Helen M. Miller, .Luke B. Miller and Charles M. Collins, for Ihe itim of Sixty-Nine Hundred Eighty-Five and 13100 Dollars, debt, and Fourteen and 10100 Dollars, costs, and One Hundred N'ine and 8G-100 Dollars;, attorney's fee. I have levied upon the following described real estate, to-wit: Lots Six (B). Seven (J) and Eight I8 in Block Twelve (121 South Mason City. Cerro Gordo County. Iou-a. and that on the 14th day o£ April, 1939 at 2 o'clock P. M.. at the front door of the Court House in Mason City. Cerro Gordo County. Iowa. I will proceed to sell' the same in satisfaction of said execution, together with all legal costs accruing. Dated at the Sheriff's office In MaEOn -- --. ------- and mas ter of science degrees upon 17 others. He presented certificates to 11 men who completed the 12- months non-collegiate course in dairy industry. Confer Philosophy Degrees Doctor wer Tuc X O T I C K Or SHERIFF'S S A L E STATE OF IOWA. Cerro Gordo County. ;·*. To Noriue O'Brien, and to nbom It maconcern: You are hereby notified lhat by virtue of a special execution, to me directed Issued out of the office of the clerk ·.n 39 Tempe, Ariz.; the sum of Nine *, Edear Lineken. Burlington,' S^i'^SSX^JSryf.Jg'SS-. Master's degrees were conferred upon Francis Bailey. Rochester N. Y.: Robert Baughman. Ames: Gertrude Berg, Sherman. S. Dak.; Robert Lindle Ralph Carter, Finch, Hughes, Gale City. Va.; Dallas Center; Boone: Norton Bond Market NEW YORK, l,r.,-- The bond market \vas plunged into further gloom Saturday when heavy offerings in all divisions carried leaders clown 1 lo 4. or more points. · [ The fresh flareup of European political t troubles \vas credited with bringing out I better than average Saturday interest. At the start of the final hour, U, .44' 6.43 6.62 5.77 WATERLOO, w,--Hogs steady. Cattle; tone steady'. Prices unchanged. Medium to good heiCcrs . S 7.003.00 Fair to medium heifers .'.'.'.'.I s c'.oo- 7^0 lars frc Ham to fair heifers s 4.00- G.OO the lati Good to clioice cows, heavy .. S 5.73- 6^0 V Old Violi at Thousands Ruined as Car Goes Over Bank TOHNSTOWN, Pa., (U.R)--Old i-iolins valued at thousands of dol- Medium to cood cou-s Fair to medium cows Cutlers .'] .s 5~23- 573 s 4 - 75- 5''^, S 4.KI- 4.73 C*nritrs ..... ............... s 3 . 00 . 4 OQ Good to choice heavy bulls . . s 5.73- 5 50 Light hulls ........ ........ S 475- 323 Calves, E ood to choice 130J90 S 7 00- a'oo Calves, rned. to good 130-130 S G.50- 7 00 calvci Iru'cr. to med. ISO-ISO S :.^0 d'lva SUEEP Genuine sprinj lambs, eood to choice ......... ... 10-90 s 7.30- 3.00 Spring lambs, sood lo choice "0-30 S 6.00- 6.50 , medium to Kood ........... ............. 10-90 S 5.QO- 5.50 Spring lambs, common ...... s 4 00- 5 00 Native cv:cs. eood lo choice £ 1.30- 2"3 SS !hcw P .................... 50=1051.00 _ ·· -".··-·· opting iambs, O M A H A L I V E S T O C K (Saturday 3!arke!) OMAHA. Wr-(U. S. dcparlmcnt of ag- E2i """'-CATTLE: 100: compared with ay last v.-cck: Fed steers and j-car- feeders slcatly; stcady; slockcrs and Ji UlkS co^,, Wcch: Fed Jmgs S9;; choice 1.113 it, v.-ciEhts SI* 1.0K Ibs.. 512.75: fed heifers. S8MW lv !ols 59.50aiO.oO: beef BradCS S4.50S4.75; (OP vcalcrs ch ° coxTM bulls suss · p ; '· 3 j° : no n'n"y steady with Friday: good and choice 200-330 Ib. butchers S5.SOa7.I5; top 57.13 on part tod around 223 Ib,..: mo=t B ood EOT" SS.Oj; average cost Friday $5,53. weight 2o9; compared with Fridav lat wcS- Barroivs and gills I3SJO · ccn u; towe--' ' ' . t vtim in^iicr. i^a^n: AO. i ! ucn flTills heavy dark northern. 74?. 77: dark north- i Gen Motors crn. Ii,o. 1. 74S76: No. 1 dark hard or ! Gilletle n.0. l aard .Itontana iviiucr. iyj(-;4; Hard Guodricli amber dwrum. No. I, SS^flBOn: No. 1 i Goodyear red durum. GHi. [ G t Nor Ry p{ Com: No. 3 yellow. 4l'-.!Ti«^.; quota- j Homcslako tions unchanged. Oats. No. 3 white, 2G»iS28V.. Barley, 30^63. 29 «'; 81 46' northe the famous collection of G. M. Francois were destroyed Saturday when thc automobile . of Philip Parker plunged over a 40 foot embankment and was burned. One of the violins destroyed w a s a Stvadivarius, said to be worth 510,000. Seven other vio-. 1ms and two cellos also were destroyed with automobiles valued i at thousands of dollars as they OMAHA G R A I N (Saturday Market) OMAHA. (.Pi--XVheat. hard hard. No. 5 hard. No. :. 671='870c: Mo. 3. 63':, c " e: Xn. 4. Sl?i;G4!ic: No. 5, SOftOlc' ;m spring. No. t. Toe. Com, yellou-, No. 2. 42c; No 3 4l'r.-,-( t!c. ' Oats, n-liile. .No. 3. 27=, 27'nc; mixed. No 4 ''5^c K.VC. No. 2. 40r. ^Uxed grain. 24!i:^ijOc. Barley, ncnc. Hudson Hupp TVIotors III Cent Int Harvest Int Nick Can Int Tel 4: T Johns-Manv Kennecolt 61 C'i H'i 63' i 43= i, 8 Stutlchaker Sv.-ift Co Tc:;as Corp Te.-; Gulf Sul Tiro Roll E Transamerica Un Carbide Union Pacific Unit Air Li Unit Air Cor Unit Corp Unit Drug U S Gvpsum U S Ind Ale U S Rubber U s Steel Walgreen 13 Warner Pjct .s West Un Tc! '21 West El 4: ,11 106 Wilson Co 4 VToolworlh 48 Wriglcy Jr 79' Vel Tr C 17 Ynsst Sh T ·;:: , - SO included j tcrnational Hydro Electric Gs American ,,.. ' aud F o r i?n Power 5s, Southern railway 2e-fa , 45. Perc ""* " ~- . - - - . - 46-i : ^ t ^ a~. i and Nickel Piato 7*'. 18-i 11! 37!, German dollar losses \vere held were ottered ] fairly free ly in the "tmcl-n"inw~*M i S?'" 1 .' L °J«-«lle; I\'es, Rolfe: Edwin Kirwin. Anies- Ai-thur Lees, Booiie; Marvin Lind! Monle2uma: Jessop Low Ames- Theodore Millon. Ames; Aaron Nelson. Montpelier. Idaho: Clark Paris, Manchester; Herbert Pike Whiting: Oscar Thorson, Fremont. Nebr., and Philip Waters, Helena Mont. The 38 agricultural students receiving bachelor of science de- j grees were: Alvin Countryman, Ames: Le- : land Bailey, Douds; Paul Borglum. ! Huiskamp. Ames; Wilbur Royer ! Dallas Center: Ivan Salmons. Emerson: Ernest Tigges, Nashua: Lloyd Tyler. Ames; John Henry Eberly, Lawton: Guy Henderson Clearfield: Lester D. McAIillen Ttuthven: Hugh Septer. Cumberland; James Wallace, Cleveland. Ohio: Kenneth Hyde, Ames: j\I a x Naylor. Stratford; Raymond Pil- gi'im, Grinnell. Forest Anderson. lars, costs, and Forty-Eight and 01-100 Dollars, attorney's fee, I have levied upon the following described real estate toivit: Thc East Sixty 1601 feet of Lots Fir. tccn (13) and Sixteen 110). except one rod ofi the South side of said Lot Fifteen i l j j all in Block "O" Mason Citv Iowa. " and tlial on Hie lOlh dav of April. 1330 ?,' - °' clock p - *'.. at the front door of the Court House in Mason City Cerro Gordo County. lows. I will proceed to £cii me same In satisfaction of "aid cve- cuuon. together with all legal costs accruing. Dated at the Sheriffs office in Ma^oii City, Iowa, this 3th day of March, 1939 ... . TIM R. PHALEN. Sheriff oi Cerro Gordo County. Iowa By--Elsie Ramsey. Deputy Sheriff. Dunn Si ftrason. Attorneys. 3 IN "WHITE FRONT" FINED Are Arrested After Participation in Fight in Barroom CORAL GABLES, Fla., ffl-- Municipal Judge Thomas C. Mayes fined three brown-uniformed members of an organization called the "white front and two companions Saturday night for their participation in a barroom fight. William Blanchard, Jr., 23, who said he was director of the group, Raymond Healey, 26, and William ONeill, 21, appeared in court wearing boots, brawn breeches and shirts and black ties. They were fined $25 and costs isorderly c o n d u c t two men listed as H. id John P. Holbrook, j 34, who said they were not niem- ' bers of the "white front. The judge dismissed two men who were on the other side in the altercation. Literature of the "white front" advocates segregation of Jews. Asked about the uniform, Blanchard said it was not the "official uniform" of the organization but was a "cheap garment suitable to our work." He did not explain the nature of the work. _ Cerro Gordo Conntj-. ss. o M. .-SI. aioeit C o m p a n y , it may concern: in by (,, , vh)m \ "' ol the District Court ot thc State of lou-a tt-uhfn and for Ccrro Gordo Countv, upou a judgment rendered in said Court in T ?r , «' , GcorEe s - Marty, substituted plaintiff, in thc case of Matthew McKcon vs. si. ar. ilocn Company et nl and against »j. SI. Moon Company for tlie sum of four Thousand Nine Hundred Meht anil ^3-101) Dollars, debt and Th:rtj- and 13-1CO Dollars, costs', and Eighty-Nine and -- ·-- - ney's fee, I have J ins described real Lot No. 3 of President "Court lion. I.lascn City. Iowa. Mrs, Opal Bentfield Files Divorce Suit Charging Cruelty Suit for divorce ^vas filed district com-t here Saturday ^ Opal Benlfield who charged E. J. Bentfield with cruel and inhuman treatment. Her petition alleged that he "struck and abused and threatened to kill her." The couple was married June 22, 1934, in Mason City, according to the petition, and lived together unlil Jan. 4, 1939, when Mr. Bentfield deserted her. She also asserted that she was without funds to prosecute her suit. Judge Henry N. Graven approved a writ of attachment for $300 to seture payment of such temporary and permanent alimony, suit money and attorney fees as the court may allow. Addi- Produce IUASON CITY--For Saturday (Quotations by Swift Co.) Heavy hens over 5 pounds 14c Chapin; Ray Gambell. Hedr Ei-nest Halvoi-son, Hartland. Minn.; Floyd Kreamev. Aldon: Seaman Knapp, Jr., Ames: Clayton Bjork Des Moines; Harold Bjornson Goldfield: Lauress Collister. Ce- Truman En^elking, ar Heavy hens over 4 pounds, in- ) Iowa Falls; Omar Gundersoii _. . eluding 5 pounds I3c l Eagle Grove: Allan Haukom. Cut- ins, j Light onc j Leghorns 10cM er . Wis.: John Hetseher. Sigour- 43-c Eggs, Specials is-j ney; Glen Jamison. Coin: Albert Eggs, No. I lac Mans. Louisville, Ky.: Charles Eggs, Under Grades lie Tice, ' - - -Merchants Quotations 'l 0 ^'; Eggs, in trade 12-He No. 4. KAN'S.VS CITV G R A I X (Saturday M a r k e t ) KANSAS CITY. ,.i_1Vhcat: 140 «r«. 3 . cent higher to n cent lo-.vcr: Ko dark hard nom.. 66=ifi81^; Nt. 3 nom Ejl.SBl'i; No. 2 hard, C8^S.71'i: No 3 ^ ^ ' ' cd nom " ETr ' 9R); ' : N °- ^ vm7i -K T mana l er of «« Francois | "^io^abr'noTM. V. -" E li. op an . d nephew o£ Mrs. '· ij nfir - nom.. 69tf73. r- W. Francois, -\vho has taken over her husband's violin business, was en route to i\'e\v York to market the violins when the Rye. nom.. . Barley, nom.. 34 Public Utility and Stocks Quoted by he \vas forced from by a car traveling in direction. the '!· Police highway opposite pct pf i Elcc pf ? com .. Embassy Constitutes Only Free Czech ' m SHEEP: None: compared with FriH last week: Fat lambs aujSp cents higher: SoKifSS-|il£:i .WASHINGTON. sood and choice slau e hter civcs S31 jj;,' j f ,.'' y stone b " -ia: good and choice shcarlnR lambs · t a l s embassy good , ols bre(J cwcj S j- S y ' p OSS l- 0 ly ( l i e ____ j Slovakian te: Cent SI P i _ Continental Gas | Creamery Packs Hearst Cons A Gcorgc^A Hormcl A r.E . '. .'.' George A Hormel coin . . . " | Interstate Po-.vcr G pel pf ... I Interstate Power 7 pct pf fou'a Electric Co 6!j pct pf lo\va Electric Co 7 pct pf '3 Elcc Lt ic Power G pct pf la Elcc Lt i Power C ' j pct pf Ja Elcc Lt Power 7 pel pf Iov,-a Po-.ver Light 6 pct pr 101 5.50. LIVESTOCK jiari,«i 10: »: calves, salable \-eck: Beef steers j__ 3fi23 cents highen" C Md""a'nd up most: fat she stock- stronc lo .-niHil ^."Vf^hiEher: slockers a n d f e e d e r ? 3 , , largcl chotcc Saturday. The Czech " urba "- s ; oo . " n thc le gal'on 63 CO 104 l("i S9 too Supplementary List of Stock Quotations Supplied by LAJISO\ EFvOTHEKS CO. Mason City Office in Baslcy- Beck Butldins. Telephone"\o. 7 DOIV JOXES A V E R A G E S I n d s . Rails nils. Close . . 141.63 28.38 23.0" Tolal Sales . 1.010.000 CHICAGO STOCKS Eullcr Eros T=, Marsh Field 12=i Cord Corp ;'., U'alBrcen Co !S-'* NEW Y O R K CL'nU Ain Gas i- El 2.1-i LochhcerJ 23 Am Cyan B 36% Kia e Hud Pow C^b Am Su Poiv 11.16 Pcnnroad Cp 1'i Eggs, cash Butter, lov.-a State Brand. Butter, Corn Country Butter. Plymouth Butter. Very Best ... Butter, Clear Lake Butter. Brookfield Russet Potatoes, peck Early Ohio Potatoes, peek "EDITOR'S resentative tained by stores. N E W VOUK P R O D U C E ^Saturday 12-1-ic ...28c . ..2Gc .. 28c . . , 2 G c . . , 2 6 c , . Ames: John Weber, Pome- Norman Bergsirom. Ogden- John Schlott. Council Bluffs, and Robert Sehmutzer, Cicero, 111. The 36 engineers were: Lester Kopp. Oehvein: Harnld AU-in Kramer. Ackley; Othie McMurray, Promise City: Alton Kaye Rollins. Prosper. Minn.: Geor?e jShiozwa. Pocatello. Idaho; Charles «c i Jacob Thomas, Mansoii; Howard J - c I Cashman. Sioux Falls. S Dak · SeToVl? fo a u"°v- i Cnicagoan Confesses Killing 2 Women, acks on 50 Others sell the same in satisfaction of said _^- cruin-' together with all legal costs ac- Dated at thp Sheriffs office in Mason City, Iowa, tlus 13th day of March. 1939. TIM B. PHALEN. Siieriif of Cerro Gordo County. Io\va . , By--Elstc Raniscy, Deputy Sheriff." -Marty i Butler. Attorneys. CHICAGO. Sergt. Bernard -- Detective Riley said a 19 Ihc bevt Geisler, Little Rock, Ark John Morton Ickis. Denver, Colo.; Charles Alfred Jones. Ames: Rob- Ark Xnl Gas A 2'i As G El A J3-IG Et Bd Sl\ 10 Ford of Caji 2o^i Y O R K STOCKS !*:· Std Oil Ky Un Gas Co ;» Un Li : Pow 2 Am Cry ! Am C Fy 2o"i Am Pow £; L j ' v As Drj- Goods ·· Baldwin Loco M Bycrs A M Co 9=a Cer uc Pasco 40', Clics Ohio 03N Shi Gt West =i Curt-\\-r A i Dist Corp Sea U ! Elec Awl Lite ir Eric R R j. Foster-Wheel =2 Freeport Tc?i 23 Gen Am Tr 3]: Gobcl 3 Houston Oil I Hou Oil n c \ v » G Inspiration 13 Kroner 23 Lclu'gh Por Cc 2i Lorillard Mack Truck 'JUj'a Minn Mol Im J'i Motor Prod 14*^ OJlio Oil 3« Packard Motor 3 7 « Park Utah Cop t~, Plymouth 20-« Pub Ecr N J 21*, Pullman 32'i Purity Bake 34Ti r. K o 2 Rco Motors 1 « 4 SI Jos Lead 39 1 *.: Simmons Corp 27'^ So Ca! Edison 25- Spcrr- Corp 41 1 , St G " F. I', Tid Wo As Oil 12'i U S Smelter ." aVriadium 23'.~ Union Oil Cal 10 Un Gas Im 12 Warren Bros 2- White Motors 10 Worth Pump 17'i Hides German embassy. Asked U he had made any fin- j uS pr pct pct pct Pct pf 71 :orn 23 ·' pct pf 101 is El 7 pct pf S! Pou-cr Class A 2', Pov.-e- Clars B 2', F l t l h Xlrtfi !Sotilbn H U P . S L I I J D L S - ( J R E E N R E t F f f r o m 13 Ibs.. 113 j From l.i IbsTM down ...!.* i BuU njdcs . . . " Che ere, changed. 36,191, _ steady. Prices nn- CillCAGO P R O D U C E ( S a t u r d a y M a r k e t ) CHICAGO, t.?,--Butter, 1.054,50-1, firm: creamery -specials 93 score 1 1 22'. i ^22^*; c::tras 192. 22!i: extra firsts IQD-31' 2^; firsls tSB-S9». 21U^21=i; seconds (34- O i ; = i unchanged at 20^; standards (90 centralized carlots) 221V, ESs. 20.CSO; steady: current receipts lo's: storage packed extras, n**-. storage Packed lirsts. 17Vi; other prices un- cnanscd. P R O D U C E (Satordir Market) CHICAGO, f.*--Butter Cutures. storag siand«ros. closc; Ncv., 22^i: Mar 0 *' e Kg futures, rctrigeralor standard^': ^cl 1 3 i « : storage packed firsts, Mar.. 17= Miscellaneous F O T V T O M A R K E T (S»turd»r -MirJiei) CHICAGO. M,_U. S. department oi asnculture--Potaloes 93: on track 227' total U. S. shipments 730: old stock supplies moderate: demand fair: good quality Bliss Triumplis firm: other varieties steady. Sacked per nvt.: Idaho Husict Burbanks U. S. No. 1.' sl.MTil.CO- Xc- braska " ' - - -- - Wesley Freis, Mori-ill: Murrey W Fuller. Cedar Falls: Dale E. Ginn Des Moines: Paul Hargrave. New Sharon: Robert Keeney. Wood- Bum; Jack Morrison, Peterson: Glen Tesciall, Huxley; Byrnard Smith. Okoboji. Arlington Richard Adams. Burlington: Clement Bunker Cochran. Lamoni; Everett Leroy Dixson^ Ogden: Samuel Francis Gray Melcher: Russell Eugene Kaufman. Giimdy Center. Sol Mann Omaha. Nebr.. and Glenn Truesdell. Arlington. Tile 18 home economics students were: Martha Hope Brcivbaker. Bushnell, 111.; Marjorie Ruth Campbell, St. Joseoh. Mich.: Velma Thea I Gygi. Gile. Wis.; Shirley Kathleen Bennett, Boone: Mary Ann Kellner, Muscatine; Lila Myrtle Nelson, Frost, Minn.: Berniece Northup, Hawarden: Luella Pctersor Canton, S. Dak.: Mary Pieracci. Ankeny: Elizabeth Rawson. MO- NOTICE OF THE EXPIRATION OF PERIOD O F REDEMPTION- F R O M TAX SALE A N D APPLICATION FOR To Samntl L. W i l c o x . Harry C. H»nscn and Frank Steines: r- H U ,i al i d , !;lcl1 ot you are hereby noti- tied that t,ie following described real estate sUuated in thc County o£ Cerro Gordo and Stale of Iowa, to-wit: Lots Fourteen and Fifteen 114 and lai in Block- Seven (7 in tlie Town ot Rockwell. Cerro Gordo Countv. i ov - ivns sold for delinquent taxes' for years 1531. 1332. 1933 and 1D3A by .... Treasurer of Cerro Gordo Countv at a scavanijor tax sale on the 2nd "day of Dec«!j73ber A. D.. 133.1, anc ; a certificate- of purchase was i.. s ucd by the saW County Treasurer and numbered Ko · I t ~ J ° Ccrro Gordo County. loiva. and that Cerro Gordo Count}-. lou-a is noi° Ihe lawful holder of said certificate of purchase at tax sale. .That [he right of redemption will c.\- Pirc: and a tax deed v.-jll be made I)j- ,he Treasurer n[ Cerro Gordo Countv. Iowa for the above described real estate miles redemption from such tax sale be made within ninety .Mi days from Ihe date oi the completion of service of this notice \m v.-ill 8 overn yourself accordingly Dated this 7th day of March A . D . CERKO GORDO COUNTY 1O\V \ By--Arthur Harris.' ' County Auditor. " THE E X P I R A T I O N OF OF REDE31PTIOX FROM To, A. norey. Jah,, E. Dover. Henry norry. Edward Dorty i E I'orcy. E. C. Ioi-cy. \\; Jr. Dover Mary A. Pethenm. Marvel Fhilpot't! Ruth Srrffr. and IdroM - Gcorsc Holt, a n d Irene Holt: year old youth, Sam Hvyciuk, Saturday confessed killing two Chicago women within the last 18 months and admitted about SO attacks or attempted attacks on other women. Hryciuk first admitted that, he attacked, robbed and strangled to death Mrs. Bertha De Meyer, G7, in her home last Nov. 11, Sergeant Riley said. Then he confessed that on t Oct. 9, 1937, he accosted Mrs. j Caroline Schenke in an alley, struck her on the head with a milk bottle, attacked her and le£t her dead. Hryciuk was arrested Tuesday after an attack on a woman. Seejer. n j .!_ . ? acl1 of y ° a " rc hereby noti- uca that tnc following described real estate situated in thc County of Ccrro Gordo and State of Iowa, to-i-it, : -°' six I S l In !hc Audiior's Plat or Lot Thirty .301 in the Auditor's Pint o the Southeast One-Quarter ISF.'I, of Section 10. Tov.-nshin So. North, Range 20 West of the 3th p. M Iowa was sold for delinquent tast ' " A son -sreiEhiner 5 pounds 11 ounces was born to Mr. and Mrs. George Neuman. Clear Lake, at the Mercy hospital Saturday afternoon. Key men in both branches of the Texas legislature are blind. They are Oian R. Vanzandt. state senator and Lonnie Alsup, house member. years 3KI. 193:!. 1333. and 1534 by the Treasurer of Ccrro Gordo County. "loiva. at a scavanpcr tax sale on the second-day of December A. D.. 1935. and a ccrtificale of purchase \vas if sued by Ihe County Treasurer of said County, and numbered Ko. 143fifi lo Cerro Gordo Counly. Iowa, and that Cerro Gordo County. Iowa, is now the lawiul holder of said certificate of purchase at ta:c sale. Tliat Ihe right of redemption will expire and a tax deed will be made by the Treasurer of Ccrro Gordo County. Iowa, for thc above described real estate unless redemption from sucn tax sale be made within ninety 1901 days from the date ot thc completion of service of this notice You will Govern yourselves accordingly. Dated this 7th day of March A. D 1539. CEtlRO GOHDO COUNTY. IOWA. By--Arthur Harris. County Auditor. 63 common to good cows R3.75j;(7' f-cvcral sales S7.23S7.30; most cutter grades S4 oO fJa.oO; choice stock steers. 630 Ibs d o v n S9.50S9.7S: choice 330 Ib. steer calves Sll: car lots medium to good 825-830 Ib ioeders 53.73. HOGS: Salable receipts 200: mostly jleady: small lots good and choice iic- 280 ib. butchers S6.80ft7.20; lighter v.-cights and sows nominal: quotable ton S..W; few 230-325 Ib. heavies S6.60fi680 P: None: for the . - - - 34 SI ft.": 91 £4 J .x,^ w ^»ss s M,,-! D ^?^i^7f^^ m lt jiam Luebkc. Mrs. Donald Kin-1 « ·Pl««««?«^c«.bi«ii h^SSSK BOSTON WOOL csalorday Market) 103 BOSTON. .4-.-.U. s. department of 9S agriculture'-- Outlets for domestic \vools i v.-cre rcstnclcd oil the Boston market 2»« | l«nng thc past wccS. Pressure lo tell SOaBO cents higher: closina at full ad- I \ancc: slaughter ewes steady to JO cents up; week's ton fed woolcd lambs S9 '· ' !Cft ! the United Brethern church at the church parlors Thursday afternoon. week aso There are 125 universities, cot- ' ges and academies in Texas and ( 125 ib. fed wwtcrri'cwrasi'osTsman'jou f by coincidence, about the same ( rr-csiuin to choice s3-g4.3o ; load lots 73-1 number of daily publications or S? ' «, Jb. /ceding and. shearing lambs S3.SO j newspapers, ^JV 500. compared \vith 19.300 and 22,100 a year ago. Moderately active to slow, rnostlv Ji ca °J": /'«'P's estimated some larger than 30.300 a week ago. u?^ 01 £? and Eills - K0xj a n d choice, i 140-160 Ib?.. unquoted: 160-180 Ib! =s DJ ; Z'S?/-^-- 0 lb -" s7 ^'-«: 220-KO Ibs.. icon*-..TM. 230-230 Ibs.. $6.63^7.13; IM- packing sows. good. caused some decline in prices. Purchases for vrgcr.t needs were made occasional!} »J p/icci about steady to only slightly iov;rr l.isn quotations; ot the previous wcc/i. Graded combine brisnt fleece wools \vcrc quoted slightly lower at around 27-,,30 ccntr. in the grease, for (me delaine. al 2SS.M cents lor h o lf Woods, at 30f,31 ccnt.i for Ihrcc-cighthj Woods and MS 31 cents for quarter bloods. S5.WS6.23. V ··· · " · · · -.- IIOVER.V.ME.NT BONDS ISEtt VORK. ,7,-u. S. sovcramcnt bonds closed Saturday; Treasury- 3'*?. 46-49. 11021 Treasury r,t. 31-;3, 103. Federal Farm Mts. S'.s. 6* 103 r Home Owners Loan ^3 4S . 43. 101.25. The largest Sxviss cheese factory V a ll«° W °/ 1 ?,- iS located '" ^0 Star ,.,,,,« o.a wl , =nares A ... vanes of Wyoming where 100- Trustee std Oil Shares B ... 000,000 pounds of Swiss cheese is I {j | E\K" " ~ ' better SI.3061.53- Cobblers car U. S. No. 1. S1.32b: 60-33 per cent t. S. -Vo. 1. M.:S: Early Chios car S3 per cent L. s. No. l. SIM: Minnesota Red River Valley section Early Ohlos late Friday car 83 per conl U. S. Ko 1 51.40: ne-,v stock supplies liberal; demand ligr.t: steady: Florida bushel crate Bliss Triumphs U. S. Ko. 1 early track sales recorded, asking S2.I Dallas Center, and Alice Walton-' peil, Rolla. Mo., and Maud Anderson. Ames. The eight science students u'ere: George Christenson. Webster City: Richard Stephen Underkorf- ler. Bancroft: Otto Bartz. Jr.. Shel- 1XVESTMENT TRUSTS (By The AuorJated Pre*j Bid ind Asked Satcrday Corporate Trusts Sh ---- - ^o Corp Tr Sh AA Mod ..... 173 Corp Tr Sh Ace Ser ...... 5.39 Corp Trusts Sh Ace Mod . . . 2.73 Dicidcnd Sharej ____ ... ... i ?5 Maryland Fund ............ 5.33 Mass Invest Tr .......... 20.SO Nationwide Sec ........... 3.63 Nationwide Sec voting ./... 1.29 New England Fund , _____ 12.65 Nor Am Tr Shares 1933 ____ 2.31 Xor Am Tr Shares 1935 Selected Am Sh Tne Super of Am Tr A Tnislec Eld Oil Shares 2.76 8.21 3,o3 5.56 3.14 A: Pow A jri.a'.'i don: Max Larson. Kirkman: Winifred Lyncli. Ames: Frederick Schneider, Ames: Mary Jane ! Gjellcfald. Forest City, and Rob| ert Mooi-man, Ames. Those who received non-collegi- 1 ate certificates in dairy industry i.:« i were: Lee Mason Baker, Everlv; Andy Blaskovich. Slater; Harold Howard Carlson. Marietta. IMinn James Cramer, DeLong, mi- George Duffner. DeSota.' Moi; 10 04 John Stanley Emerson. Fowleri | Colo.: John Hanigan. Scappoose | Ore.: Nelv-in Joberg, Eagle Grove- Virgil Johnson. Story City: Kegi- nald Mustain, Cameron, 111., and .! Willis Donald NieJer£rang, Ames Annual PUBLIC SALE AT SWALEDALE Wednesday, March 22 Commencing at 11:00 a. m. Horses, Cattle, New and Used Machinery 35 -- Head of Horses -- 35 Scvcra , 1 . ma S. hed lcams °f sorrels, roans and bays, cons of 30 -- Head of Cattle -- 30 Machinery: H. C. and several other tractors. Lunch Served on Grounds by Catholic Ladies Aid TERMS CASH OR ARRANGE WITH CLERK J. C. Jindrich, Owner Ora. Bayless, Auct. x atiorlal

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