The Mason City Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa on March 18, 1939 · Page 13
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The Mason City Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa · Page 13

Mason City, Iowa
Issue Date:
Saturday, March 18, 1939
Page 13
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Page 13 article text (OCR)

r ROOM AND BOARD By GENE AHERN iT fi.VlTr.VnC HOOO txMDVOUR 60DV COKVE.O LW. FWMT.S-OO YJIU. W.E.TW OF ' \ HWE.TUOUGHTC'F.-ro ^MKOOSlCfcVOU MASON CITY GLOBE-GAZETTE SATURDAY, MARCH 13, 1939 FOR RESULTS -- TRY A G-G WANT AD S A Little Saturday Talk · In a letter from Dorothy Farm, those words appear: "Will you send me the names of the Seven Wonders of tlie 'World?" ·I am glad to do more than that. I am sending Dorothy a leaflet telling about the "Seven Wonders." Lists of the Seven Wonders of the World do not all agree, but here is one I think rather good: The pyramid of Egypt, the Hanging Gardens of Babylon, the Colossus of Rhodes, the Lighthouse of Alexandria, the Temple of Artemis, the Tomb of Mausolus and the Great Wall of China. Quite often in the lists, the Statue of Zeus at Olympia is included instead of the Great Wall of China. To my mind, however, the Great Wall is a greater wonder. Here are n few paragraphs from the leaflet issued for readers of this column: "The Colossus of Rhodes, as it is commonly known, was a statue of the sun-xod Apollo which was reared to mark the defeat of enemies who tried to capture the seaport city of the Greek colonists. "An earthquake shook the statue down, and for centuries it was on the ground; but even as ii ]?.y there, a fallen giant, it was the wonder of all who came to the island, "Among the visitors was Pliny, the famed Roman writer, who said: "Xhis giant statue was once stendfnr at Rhodes. It was the work of Chares, and was no less than 70 cubits (105 feet) high. It was thrown, down by an earthquake. Few men can elasp the thumb in their arms. Where the legs are broken, sreat holes are to be seen. Inside are heavy rocks which Cha.ves used to steady the statue while he was setilnsr it up." "Ancient folk spoke of the Colossus of Rhodes as one of the Seven Wonders of the World. It stood for only 32 years before being cast to the ground by the quake. After lying on tlie ground for almost nine centuries, it was sold to a. jnnk dealer. No one knows what happened to the pieces, but they probably were melted down for other uses." Besides telling about other ancient wonders, the leaflet lists Seven Wonders ot iS'ature. and Seven Modern Wonders. If you would like a copy of the leaflet, write to me and ask for '-Seven Wonders of the World." There is no charge fov it. but you should enclose with your letter a stamped cnvelooe carefully addressed to yourself. Remember this is only a small leaflet containing four illustrations. It probably is worth writing for only if you have special use for it in your school work. (Cojirrirht IMf". P u b l i s h e r . S . m l i r a l i l Join the new 1939 Uncle Kay Scrapbook Club' To Uncle Ray, Care of Mason City Globe-Gazette, JIasan Cily, Iowa. Dear Uncle Ray: I want to join the 1D3D Uncle Ray Scraobook Club, and I inclose a stamped envelope carefully addressed to my- seJf. Please send me a Membership Certificate, a leaflet fcllinc how to make a Corner Scrapbook of my own, and a printed dcsijrn to paste on the cover of my Scrapbook. Name Street or R. F. D City . State or Province. IT WILL PAY YOU TO USE THE WANT ADS DAILY CROSSWORD PUZZLE 13 IM WO IS HI \k '37 iiiJ 3-I ACROSS I--Jauntily 29--Uncooked Indifferent 11--Kindle 12--A continent 13--Whether 17 30 3 31 DAUGHTER By RUTH RAY KANE CHAPTER TWENTY-NINE While Jim was entertaining the party with his cowboy songs, Lona stayed beside Dinah, content to look on rather than to be part of the fun. She and Dinah were whispering together, smiling at (he antics of Bobby Graves and the Jones boy, when the delin-I -- quent Pinky Malone appeared. i Pmky was a short, fat young man.with a neck that fell in folds over his collar, and a girl's complexion--probably the origin of his nickname. He struck an attitude at thc sigh of Jim lolling on the piano bench and strode across the room w i t h a scowl, bringing ' his light brows almost together. | "Ha! A rival!" he complained, i and then the humor died from his ! eyes and gave way to a puzzled look as Jim was introduced. 'Haven't I seen you before?" he asked, and a general laugh went up. "You're supposed to use that one on his wife," Alice Davis told him. "Come on over here and tell Lona y o u v e seen her somewhere before.' She dragged him over to Lonas chair, leaning her tall bulk on his chubby shoulder ludierous- "I meant what I said of your husband," he told Lona when he had greeted her. He was evidently still mulling something over in his mind, and pausing beside her his eyes went back to Jim speculatively. "There is something familiar- wait a minute! I've got it !Where does your husband work?" ."On the new bridge," Lona told him. We've only been in town a few days. Perhaps you've seen him-.',',', ic ' s a structural iron work"Yes. But why?" Lona stared at him curiously. Across !he room the rest of them were pressing Jj m for more songs, and Pinky leaned toward her and lowered his voice 'There was a fellow showed me a Picture of him today," he ^aid "A picture!" i " Vcs - " was cut from a ,,ews- ! Paper. No writing or nothing beneath it. j, lst a picture. Has he figured in the news lately' 1 " "No." An icy hand clutched at I Lona s hearl. as she recalled those ; damning headlines of--was it onlv a week ago? She couldn't have these people finding out about her. it would be too cruel. "ft must have been someone who looked Hire him," she offend 'A man came into the store- Main street, yoJ'k^o^'He^a'id he was looking lor a fellow. He'd clipped his picture out of a paper and he showed it io me. I could 'i. wnear .,'' was Mr. Bennett over mere. He was staring at Jim again, ' . ''He said the man he was hunting was liable to be working as an iron worker," he went on. "It's t e r - tamly a--coincidence " -I'll have 1o tell Jim he has a double." Lona tried to paf s " o t t hghtly. But beneath her smile her mine: was m a turmoil. A reporter' He had followed them here \ sudden weariness came over'her at the thought. Just when she was £fTM"£ '" Kve again. Jt wasn't iair. it wasn t just It \vn sccution. * pei- fiom tlie laughing crowd sho barf enjoyed so much only a few min- uies ago. But conscious of Pin.'iv's inquiring eyes still on her, she had to smile and play up ' - " e ' l a d Jim had left the piano now and they were calling for Pinkv Strutting importantly he ^t' down and began grinding out a dance tune. Couples be|an circling the f,oa, % nnd Jim came to i quiet 15 -- Near IS-- Page. 32--Sea-eagle 33--German river M--Symbol for ·odium 38--Man'* nick- 17--Jumbled type 18--Blowi upon JO-Charts 3S--Exist 22--Title of a monk 23--Particular 37--Symbol for . ,, , ... ,, . 39-- Lakcport ?Ky In Peniuyl- valUa 41-- Prior Jl--Angry growl 23--Have n general tendency , 25--Harmonized 27--Arranged Sn a line 28--Symbol for selenium 30--Warp-yarn 31--An abnoxl- ous plant 33--Spinlih river 35--Blue and yellow maca.w 37--Hawaiian food 40--Within ·il--Fluid (abbr.) 42--Type her and claimed her with happiness in his smile. She smiled back at him as they danced together, resolving lo tell him nothing of her new fears. He Vitl^T. s ,° c ° nU! nted, she didn't mu e the heart to upset him. She'd H untu tomorrow, she decided, and after bed gone to work she'd I P go down town herself and hunt S out this reporter if he was still' " F hanging around. She'd appeal t o ' mm and tell him her story. Surely 1 he d be kmd to her. She'd make ' i fVT', sc , me!low ' t h a t El 'e was! entitled to her privacy now, that ! I s l i e had suffered enough. *.= :·· ts ''Have a good time last ni'lif" ·Jim asked her. as he ki^ed her goodby be.-ide ihe breakfast table morning. ''You seem sm-i nf liet." "I'm tired." she laughed "Guc«s can t take il. l' m not used io irlic.s. you know." . ^, "We'll have that sang over here '· H EMU 24--Hlevator cage 29--Greek letter «--rellow J7--Liberal flowered fltt plant* DOWN t--Fnm s--A dram S--Be*ki fl--Appen- 4--Wwp dfl^cs *-FJfth letter 10 _ A blow or ine Hebrew alphabet 6--The wattle Answer to prericmt puzzle of » bird T--Uk« It--Dtalant 16--Blanches 19--Mother-of- pearl tO--Mother "Oh. could we, Jim? I'd love it:" ihe brightened. "Of course we can. What'* a home for if not for parties"" He indicated the three cozy rooms with a sweep of his arm. then laughed self-consciously -Home' Sounds sort of-- funny, "doesn't if For you and me. I mean." , ."H sounds grand." Lona t o l d ! ; , ' tii.m. as she kissed him again and started him for the door ' be late." she chided with OMV..OH!! IF I COULD CO-/E 'N' GET A-SEJ IT VJAS YOO To RELIEVJE BETVI E. HOUSV.OR1C. - MJVAV, rr'-s A. HOME SOMETHING I'VE VJA.MTEO FC*i · LAUGH HE WOULD.' C1KOUGHTHC *--) WEMfTO.THE BOATI2ACESAND OPEM 7WS DOOft." HEt EITA.'M/BOOMS THE SW1MM1NG^=00!.: LOOK/ HE5 MADE HIM5ELFA HOLD ^ . ---'T'lcur-.T GET A ROPE, AtJATHA WE'LLTIE HIM UP MORIJH AIMED THE SQUIRT GUN, OAKY LEAPED. BUT I CAN 5TILL FEEL HIM/ JUST THINK, BRICK/ THE COUNTESS, TOO (HOWS KAUA KOPAK .' YOU DON' SUPPOSE SHE WAS TRYIN'TOPUMPrtE -NO NOT AT ALL! KID, YOU CERTAIHW THE STATUE' Of LIBERTY- NEW YORK- HOME.' SOON BRICK] MJSTf * KALLAKOPAKS SECRET-^ AND THE ^ REASON! AWL BtUE's IS SO EAGER DISCOVER WKATrriSJ ~ ~ THE LINER, BRINGING RICK ANS BUCKO HOttE, NEMS PORT AjjALFjODg tATEE j^HE SHOULD MIDNIGHT.... A TAXI STOPS iw FRONT of PAISYS HOOSE -- A ,VWN ALIGHTS, HURRIES up TVIE ' PHI) i. U , °' l y m n c °' clock she turned the key in the hall door ; but she" tion to (he stranger she wanted meet by asliins about him ngu and carne back to kiss lit third time. When he had gone ?he o^i ^1 a moment at the disordered table She must get down town early, she thought, wearily, before that reporter had a chance to get to Jim at the bridge. He'd probably wsit for him at lunch time. i ^ ' -»-»· ~* ^ ----- ·"" ~" *·"·' ·"-"· "' vnon.uu ic | Dinah, but the girl was already » i HvInTroom 1 winZvf 3ir '' "" out?" she called had no other stared ;it her Pinky slared ;it her when she (old him w h a t she wanted. "Funny ..i ,!,,,· tlul 'g- that." he observed. ··The . more I think about il, thc more I'm 1 sure it was Mr. Bennett in that in her- picture. Do and should sec. That's why I'd like to know how to get in touch willi him." Her words came rushing . , · · · · ' -'··"* H..TIIIIJJ.C Kiuj learncct SUCH a ni-r-in of vp ho': W^ "I'" ±!\ l . ~ e i P°«««. «· -emcd odd to bet, 1 ,,'! jauntily, but her knees f r i t wobbly. In the last few weeks shn had learned sucl; a dread of re- shopping.- 1 She hurried on w i t h o u t going into the room to chat v.-itii lo Swiftly she bc^an cleaning up ' her.'somehow, shc^'diriir't wan the kitchen, end putting thc t i n y t a l k , even to Dinah Whcn^hVVariV 0 '', "^ "71 , D"*-"'TM.' she found Pmky M;,- jTM j u L "nishcd. she Hone arranginR a displav of crn- dressed herself m her _ wedding yats in thc front room of his cloth thing like that?" _ " A detective:' 1 Lonn laughed. "Of cour.-e not. lie's prnbablv .··oinc friend of our* from bad; in I.ic city. Jim's r a t h e r c;»-clc«.s about l e a v i n g a f o r w a r d i n g ;id- dros. He t-ccmf to think ins ' f r i e n d s should be able to find him icft town, do you?" ''He said yesterday he was going- over to the hotel." P i n k y was still eyeing her thougiilfully. "He may still be there." '-The hotel. Thank you so much. I'll go straight o\cr and try to him." ing up lo one v o l u n t a r i l y . There was a stranger by thc h o u r window shopping-. By the- time the q u a i n t town clock had pealed out two or its half-hourly warnings, sho had ralmed down » little. In this slow- moving. friendly town it wouldn't lie possible to bo really unhappy fell, with ,1 sudden glow of name of Jack Price registered in room 80. So the slow voiced clerk ' e-'J"" "" = LIVH._U siuw 01. told her. Ye. he had come in yes- n ?,^' dCnL ' c ' *? c ? a , P",istcnt rc- Icrday. Was he in now. Lona heard u", *TMfcd to bo a menace, herself asking, her heart beating '· ,,,,' C ",' Ilc u ' ellt bill-k to thc "°tcl '-- " - . - - . «· '"·,- ·.'·« ,,.. lr quicker, more a s - i ^ U J l l l l l , ^^^ ···'**· · · - * n- .11 I 'JlJcl t i l i y He insisted upon lls heri, ia her i fcrni^herf ffl^H^^,^ ceremoniously to thc door mid she could fee! his eyes on her curiously g down his no.-c her step sured. at her as if he disapproved of young women who i n q u i r e d ;,itcr 3? -i-eeT ^^Ue^HS* SJ?S:? (TO BK C'O.NTINL'KD) State? consumes ^ E . ,,, K . _ ^, ta i -TM,^sj; ^^ «». ^^^e«vis; 5^.^^ *TM ^ i ----- ^^%fx; iSaar ??^ v- «.^« v^ M -^ 7^==?=^===^^^ 15JS"H£3S! i ±!SS; K^'A^\ world's coffee, a third ot the

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