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The Evening Post from New York, New York · Page 1

New York, New York
Issue Date:
Friday, May 15, 1818
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FOR SALE, Th - hris - HOKE. 130 tow; carries 'inn 9 nld. tint rate iSSelof her claw, and in complete order to re - - . . .. Ivins - east side Fcck - ilip; will be nld reasonable 'ipp'y to . A & C. IV. DA i'EttPORT Si CO. : may 4 , for HtLHHICt: andDEM KIM twit i Itv iviai 'j - kv.rteeman.. master, to tail 15th May. a.v Tl, a llHIa.h ririi KAl)nillJ v .. - nA art ft 1i (n . GEORGE LACY, . No. 4 Fulton - slip. A few Horses will be taken on freight ap 28 tf . JAMES l)' WULK, Junr. hm removed from 57 Front - trtet to 54 South - treet, and offer, for iate 52 rrroon to.ith American Tallow 25 torn clean St. I'ctertburgr, Hemp, , fevr belli first quality Ruaia Duck ; Ger - man Steel la boxes, entitled todraw - buck. . ' inOOO lb. Green Coneo no 25 hoxe China table etU 172 pieces each 10 bhd pure Spirits i Kitilifi. mT SIX case of bow aad elegant l".incy articles, such at . . . , Indies' work boxes and drosiing cases, very ele - Writing desS elegantly gilt and plain. .' Gilt and painted" card racks, an racks Fire and candle screen, painted m superior maimer, with gslt W J SfAtred' haudlet Bhckgamon boards . Maline and jeoroefco work rafkew GMt;eaien's shaving apparatus, Pouches and dreeing ease, complete Morocco and mnhog'iny portable desks A few A usia leather do. very supsrb Some very elegant portfolio with gilt locks and Dockets EliganOy Jilt borders and Jain Morocco, Rut - via and roan pocket books of various descriptions gprin" wallets of Russia and Morocco, with Bi wy other articles too numerous to mention. For sale wholesale and retail, by N. SMITH DAVIE3, np 23 No. 11 Broauway. fMN PkAl'E, 4tc l7H boxes Tin Plate, as - 10,000 lbs. India Block Tin 8.000 lbs. Iron Wire, aborted frr - m No. I to 13, lor tale by ANSON O. PHEW?, apjl 183 Front street. JOHNABRll. WILLINK ti . CO. offer for tale 35 cases tuperior Bengal Indigo . Several casks smalts, particularly desirable for b.'cachers and paper makers 4 catks hardware A few bales cassiineret and balloon', thaw la 20 ' ESS and l'RI VIti FORK. 34 and n half1 : IV 1 barrels, taid In le a very superior lot, will be sold from the vend at the lowest market prire. - Applyto CORXeuU3 DUB0,S; LYNCH, fun. (at No. 40 William street,) . hasonhand the following WINES and LIQUORS, selected with judgment by himself, Which he offere at - wholetale and retail, war - , anted pure, at imported 60 I'lff' I Madeira, from 3 to 18 ... - 100 hhdt V ytartinwood.. 40 qr cask ) , - . Old Madeira, In bottles, from 3 lo 20 yean r' Cbampaigne, Burgundy, Claret and SauUrne, of very superior quality U 7 pipe dry Lifbon, 7 yean old 7 do Sherry, nine years old, and free from Boracha taste . ; , Tort, in pipe and bottles Table wine, for its quality, the cheapest in America ' Teneriffe, in hhds. Old Brandy, do. Rum, do. Gin, not reduced 500 demiji hn, containing five gallons each 50 troce wine bottlet N. B. Those in the trade, and country deal - ers, will find it to their account, to supply themselves with wines and liquors at the above establishment, as they will be certain to obtain articles of the firtt quality, at the lowest prices, and pure at imported. my 9 2m Tfl UK f.JK.d.s - Kl. OM favorable terms, for a long term of years, 4 lots of ground on Broadway, 200 feet deep, extending to Crosby - street, between Hes - Urand Grand - streets. t lots in Water - street, near Catharine - market 1 lot in Water - street, between Fallon and Burling slip. Also, several other lott in the 5tb, Clh, 8th and I Oth wards. For particulars, enquiro at ' No. 30, Chatham street. may 8 Mr. liALLET ti Jfladamt OOQL'LT, No. 7 Nassau - street, HAVE tlie honor to inform the public in general and the ladies of New - York in particular, that they manufacture and have constantly en hand an assortment of artificial flowers, At their store are alst) to be found, and to be disposed of by wholesale and retail, Perfumery of every description, amoi.g which are the celebrated LaU V iretna, and the most approved essences and pomatums for the com plexion. Tortoise shell comb and thimbles A complete assortment of worked dresses, shawls, fichut and bands Umbrellas and parasols MerinA, knit and velvet ridicules; tilkfichn Stockings and gloves for ladies and gentlemen Lad in' elastic g - irten Spring and ball silk dresses Ball do. embroidered with chenille and ornamented with flowers ; silk scajl Prunella and tilk shoes . Levantines, florente?, satins, tniTotis, &c. And in short, every Ihiug connected with the bWW toilette. p2 1m" Huhmvnd and l.tnehtnir manufactured TOli.i CCO. 1 AOf? kess, now landing freni sundry ves - lUvU sels, of the followiug qualities and brands : 6.1 keg, Shelton k Williamson, 8 hands, 1,2; 3 45 do P. Miller Co. B - 1,2, 38 do J. P. Ege, 8 1,2 43 do George Fletcher, 8 1 101 do John Enders, 8 1 1 - 1 1 do I. R. Ross, 8 l,t i3 do P. Holtx k Co. 8 1 61 do Anderson, Blair & M'Kenge, 8, 1,2 m do Jesse Hare ft Co. 8 1W do R. Hughes Si Co. 8 1,2 61 do R. Cantor, . 8 1,2 45 do F. O. Crenshaw, 8 1, SI do R. Dotton. 12 do J. & P. Labbr. 8. 1 ladftwist lo II. Starr, 8, 1 half lb.rolls Most of the above brands are wtU known and WriTed of m this market, oi tcconnt of the "(aliiy. anj nniformity of the (liferent numbers !7 which the nualitie aro desinatrd. - Forsal T CORNELIUS DU B013, ?20 30 Front - street. nOJTON & TOBACCO 45 bale prime - ew - orlearrs Cotton . 41 hhds. do. Richmond Tobacco, fit for the nsh marketi for a!e by RIfiW - YORK EVENING POST. n n H H NUMBER 4967 FRIDAY, MAY 15, 1818. NO. t9 WILLIAM STREET, T DOMESTIC & OTHER WARES. rwiH K. subtcribert keen constantly on hand an JL extensive assortment of the following goods, vw Dutch and English Couatci Gunny Bagt, Pope Head Crumb Brushes Brooms Duster, or Brushes - Hearth Brtishes, fancy and common - Head do do do Cloth do do do Weavers do White Wash do Shoe & Scrubbing do Paint Brashct and Sash Tool Clamps, 4. 7, 8 row Furniture Brushes Horse do Bed Cords, Clothes Line Sash Cords, Trace Roue Bellow, fancy and common Do lor Blacksmiths Hall and Entry Mats rail and Tuns Wheel - Barrow Fine Wire Sievet Do Hair do Whip of every description Seine, tewing, wrap ping, Daieiog ana can J Wilis Fish Lives Shoe It Sadler Thread Dearborn's Ballun ces, fcv. Wrought and Cut Nails and Brad Which they will tell wholesale or retail on liberal terms. CEBRA A CU.MLG, ap 28 76 Pearl - street. Q r VIRU IAJ.1 TOIi.l CCO fc FLOUR O hhd3 old Virginia tobacco 55 do new crop do do 66 bblt fine flour 15' do middling do. For sale bv ' VASQUE6, M F.U RON Si CLEEMAN, Feb 7 tf No. ,2 Washin - ton - st. TLAaTEROF PARIS MANUFACTORY, At the foot of Harriton - street, North - River. l"7HERE manufactured Plaster, forcorni - V V ces and other purposes, may be had, war ranted ol Uic nri! quality, at one ayiar muiluxn - ly fire cent per bushel. The nfanufexrtory is condtu led by Mr. John Tucker, who hit served a reg'ilar apprenticeship to the mason business. mil 21 JOHN BYERS. AMERICAN GOODS. WM. V. ti bA.vlL. MOTT, No. 166 Pearl street, offer fr.rsale tha following American cotton and woollen goods : 5 cases Urotvn sinning 4 do bleached do 5 do 3 - 4 Checks ;7 do 4 - 4 do 4 do Cotton Balls 2 do Sewing Thread 2 do Kuiuing Yarn ; 2 do Sattioett 20 cas - t 1'Uidt . 5 do Blue Stripes ; a do Bed Ticks 1 do Denims ; I do Miliiieti 40 do Twist bmiI Fillinc. assorted from No. 10 halet CamllHwick. 5 to 12 4th mo. z t w POefl WHITE LEAD, Aic. lie. J J .J kegs London White Lead in oil , 30 barrels do Dry V bite Lead 8 tons Red Lead 30 barrels Bristol Red Ochre 20 do Venetian Red ; 2 tons tine Litharge 80 h'isheadn Whiting CO casks Pnri White ; 2 hhds. Verdigris SO tierces t rnnch Yellow Ochre 5 krgsVrr million 4 casks Prussian Blue, 400lh. Crome Yellow ; Patent Yellow Spanith Brown, VeoetmnRed, Yellow, IN OIL. Black, I Verdigris, ) I.nmpulack ; Ivory Black ; Purple Brown Spirits Turrx - ntine ; I.intseed Oil 400 boxes Window Glass, assorted For sale on the lowest terms, for cash or at hort - rredit, by PETER 3CHERMERHORN U SONS, my 1 24:1 Watgr - street. TIN PLATE, TEA kc. 150 boxtt Tin plate, assorted 12,000 pounds India block Tin 8,000 do Iron Wire, assorted 1,500 do old Copper 40 chest Hymn Skin Tea, for tale hy .3urs i. i rie.L,rs, my 6 183 Frnnt - ttrect. HARDWARE CUTLERY etc. 2 catkt Scotch spring Lorkt 5 casks plate Locks, 1 do Steely arils - 1 do chest handles. ic. 1 do screw plates, scale beams, 1c. 1 do brass cock, &c. 1 do bell metal kettles and skillets 2 do tiii'd pots ami sauce pant 2 do fine padlocks 4 do Banbury lock, hinges, kc. 2 do hammers, pincers, lock, &e. 2 do HL hinges, A. c. 4 do anvils 1 do hammer and sledges ' 3 do black & bright vices, 2 do files 4 do pocket, pen and double blade knives 4 do sham buck and bone table knives 3 do button 100 do cut sail and brads, from 3d. to 20d. Also, a larrre and general assortment of goods open on the shelves, for sale at the ni"'t reduced prices, by ADA.Y13 Si BLALKV lll, may 7 El.1 i ean - si. 'IM10MA6 DlXO, 77 Pine - streel, "ffers lor X tale on iiheral terms, ol recent importations, to close invoices. . 6 holes very low assorted clill.s 2 cases Saxony Cloths aih1 Cas - iireres 1 lule Venetian carp' - ting, 2 - 4 nud 5 - 8 1 do Wiliou rugs, shell, bt ket and assorted 2 case supe. f. clalhs, assorted 2 do Dowlas's 9 do cs'ra Carlisle ginghams 4 do superfine, t do 'tripe, 1 do lustre 1 ba'e red and white flannel 3 do Bcnnct's patent drab cords. 2 cases blark and blue superfinei 1 do black Boiiibezttiit. Wmf, of furnier importations, 2 bales tlnoneU, assoited ; I hale swan - skiu C doSagathy'i, or blue and white kerseys 2 do blue kersey fl do coatings 2 case worsted hose 30 biiks fine assorted cloth 16 do low do do Bedsteads, with Benntt's joints, my 6 10t tlAKl) vVAUK Ai CUTLERY. 'piIE siil'scrileM haejuit received by the 1 ships James Monroe, Ma?net nnd Ann, from LivernnuL an extensive timnlr of Hardware and Cutlery, of ey description, which they oBkt forealeto the merchant fnm the country, by the Package, er in tnch quanti'iet front Ihe hclvet as may he wanted, at a low advance aud lideral crsxut They hare aln in Store en Cnrnignnunt, 100 cask best English bodied Potter 30 do asorted Glassware 10 casrs English mens and bryt Hats 20 crates of Stone S.,di Jujs 100 bur die warranted iialback German Steel 5 tons rln Crxwlev Steel 10 ton beU hoop L. Enelish blistered Steel lin plates, rilocK plate, e,'C B. W. ROGERS Si CO. tny 1 1 3i Pearl - street. RUM, SUGAR Si MOLASSES. 6i puncheon Runt 55 bhds. Molasses 62 barrels and 6 htu's. Snear. Will be tan led on Midday from the brig Ame lia from Antigua, for sale by ROBERT GILLESPIE. i 112 Front street o Who hss also for tale. Havana. Porto Ric and Jamaica Coffee. ' my 2 iir SUGARS. I J V Hhds Muscovado sugar, firtt quality 247 boxes brovrn clayed do ) of tnpenor qua 45 do whit) do lity For sale by N. L. k C..GRISWOLP, pyll 86 5onth - st. A - A MERINO SHAWLS and MUSLIN Tt tBANDS,fortaleby my 5 MARCH h LOW. 210 Broadway. fl USKETS 1000 MutkeU with Bayonets, xv - a. eiiuueu 10 utoemure, lor tun ny HURD ti SEWALL, my 6 . 65 bouth - street - 1UTLERV ti HARDWARE 8 calks cast J knives and forks, assorted 4 casks wrouarht do do 5 do wrought knives and forkt with pocket and penkuives, scissors and itiott 3 do assorted, of scissors, razors, pen and Iiocaei Knives ls Spectacle 1 8 cask iron Spoon 8 do trunk Locks 2 do thuruh and Norfolk Lntrbe 1 do Bnnhorr and fine plate Lock 3 do plated Bracket 3 do cast Iron Butts 3 do Files, assorted , 2 do Pad Locks ' 1 do round Bolt 1 do Iron Candlesticks 6 do Tined fndlery For tale at very reduced prices and a liberal credit, by RICHARDS & TAYLOR, may 5 2w 145 Pearl - street. ivn.1 ceo .v.jaww cjxjji y. THE Subscribers beg leave to acquaint their frieudk and Ibo puhlic. that they have re moved their Tubaci. - o Manufactory into their fire - proof store, No. (12 Water - street, where they intend carrying ou the business on an extensive scale they have on haud a large supply of Pigtail rolls, made or best Richmond tobacco Sweet scented N. Head Ladies' twist Long cut chewing, in 1, 4, 8, and 16 ounce pa - pert do tmokinz do 1 Maruba snuff, in jar and bottles, by wholesale and retail Scented Rappee, do do Straaburg snuff do do French rappee do do Plain fine do do do Scotch snuff in bottles and bladders Spanish segsrs, :made of choice tobacco Im ported 2 years ago,and warranted genuine ftew - Orleans do. American do. Orders from Hie country will be punctually and carefully attended to. . mays Im I. iVAAtl K U., LOW VVOOLLl.'NS. I UST ree'd per Mercury and Atlantic, a few J trusses ol' low priced Cloth, and Cassimert s, lorsaieny jus. a. ji utusc., an o line - street, tAKbOKVB bALLA.NCbc, assorl'd si - by CLBHA if CUML, my 13 7i Parl - str"et. BRANDY. 40 ubls Cider Brandy, landing, lor tale hy ANSON G. PHELPS, my II 183 Front - - treet. - I'JtllM'Kll US I f TUB HEMPSTLAD ACADEMY. , The Rev. iimothv ci.ou kh, a. m. Principal. - ouoOnoo - HAVING purchased that large and comrao - diou buildin); in the vilhge f Henif Head, Quetss County, lately occupied hy Mr. George Dowel, the subscriber proposes to open an Academy therein, ou Monday, the 27lh instant, f - n hoarding young gentlemen and instructing thcui in any of those branches of science and litera ture usually comprehended in an academical course. 1 That every scholar may be under the constant nnd immediate tiipertnteiulaoce of tlie Principal, none will be admitted into Una academy at stu dents hut those who are also hoarders. A very few students Irom the village, or its immediate vicinity, will be Uie only exception to tins rule. IT. however, the number ol students should ex ceed Ihe means of accommodation iu the acadc my, board may be procured iu private families in Ihe neighbourhood. should the public PBtronncc be extended to tiiis institution sufficiently to warrant t Im mea sure, additinual teachers will lie procured. I he year will ne divided into two terms oi tuition. The summer term will commence Ihe last Monday in April, and will continue twenty - three weeks. The winter term will commence the last Monday in October, and wiU likewise continue twenty three weeks. This arrange ment will leavei vacation ol aDout three weeks after each term. The price of boardine;, tuition, randies and fuel, both in school nnd rooms, will be 100 dol lars each term. But, two or more scholars sent by (he same person, the children ol clergymen, or those who are intended lor the ministry (ol any denomination) will be boarded nnd intruit - ed for $90 each per terni. In all cases, a d' tltic - tion of 5 per cent, will be mdu for pauuent in advance. Bonks, washing, nieuiling, and any necessary article of clothing, will be furnished by tlie subscriber M the most reduced prices. A cot, raattrass or bed, and bedding, to be furnished by each student. 1 he patrons of tins institution may be assured (hat its system of discipline will be mild, yet ex act. The rules of the academy must bo strictly ccmpliert with, hy every scholar. ii - - L'llDL ItfVL L J .1 r. ! - 1L t vnuun r.iw, ill'firnus ill u - uiUlll a - ...I t.wl.,.. f i L - . , - ,. I ' q niiiiiiauuni Minn iciic ui iijc r.llll - ll laiigUugi - . will he admitted as boarders into the Hcnipsteid Academy, rrivate apartments and separate ta hies will he furnished on the most rensonablu terms, and every facility will be HlT Tiled ( a speeay ana ttioroun ac(uaiulancc Willi Hie language. t or the inlormatiou of stranirer it may betla - ted, that Hempstead is a pleasant village and post town, remarkable lor its healthiness, only twenty one mile east of the city ol Ni. w - Ynrk ; (hut it enjoy the advantage ol put. lie worliip in the l rcsnyierian, LpiscopM, and .Meuiodi.t mini ; Hnd that a stage runs from the city three times a wrcK, on one ot the twst roads n America. Parent desirous ol plat ing their children at scho 1, or foreigners wishing to ! eJ instructed in the English language, are re'iei tlully requested lo visit the subwribrr. at Htoinst'ead, where they will receive fuller information respecting the proposea insuiuuoa. I I. HU I (1 1 ULUWL3. Hempstead, Aprils, 1813. ft7" 1 hcsuhscnlier hereby declare hi n - qualified approbation of Ihe establishment proposed by the lu:vd. Mr. C'loivei. Convinced asbr is of Mr. Clowes ample qualilications. both of the head ar.d the heart, for superintending tnch an institution, he does not hesitate to recommend him to hiIiIic conCdence, ami hit academy to puone patronage. t - Ll H rlill J , liet tor oi St. l.eo. Church, lleoipsUad Ilempstcul, 3.1 April, lillli. fr7" 1 he above prospectus meet with my i - .euriy concurrtsni e. UIIAILLL VVt.Li.T I Llf, P.istorofU.e rie:yttrian Church, Hempstead A bag lettered 44 Hempstead Academy' will bt lelt at U. C. Langdon's Lnog - Islaud Steam - Boat Hotel, for communications with any person at tached to the institution. A Female department it connected wi'h the Academy. Young Laditt to be boarded in the village. ap7 P3wC2awtf MONT - ALTA. For tale or to let, the beautiful place called Mool - Alla, seven miles from toe City flail, on uie iortn Kiver, adjommg lord Cour tenay't. It contaiot 20 acres ol land under im prevement. with larre earden m rood condi tion, a variety of fruit treet, and every convenience a family may require. For termj, which are reasonable, and if told a long credit given if wished, apply lo S. Si D. TALCOTT, ap 50 .64 Soath - tt. Llf K LVSUKJlACE, &e. OyTh UNION INSURANCE COMPANY, incorporated by the Legulatw of the State s Aew Forthwith a charter of unlimited duration, for making LIFE INSURANCES and eraating ANNUITIES, will commence business on the first day of May next, at nrf. 56 WaU - ttrect. The more prominent objects embraced by this company, (although they are prepared to enter on favorable term into all contracts in auy shape connected with the yiew of their institution,) are as follows : To tie laboring elast of the eommwiity, to Me - ehanu - t, to L'ltrlu inpublie and private officet, to Clergy mttt, to PrnfcAorein Colirges, to Military Men, and all other possessed of fixed incomes, which will terminate with their own live, they offer a secure means of providing for their families, by telling apart n small portion of their an - uual laving to that nurinne. i To eapitalutr, thty offer the tale investment ami certain improvement of their surplus iu - cotje lo the benefit of their descendants. To KKhrUd men, they offer a provision to their viduui, by an appropriation to that purprwc of small annual sums, during the continuance of the marriage, and on the same principle they efTer lo Ue auineeiof batUrnipt etlalrt, and the purchasers of property, subject to tlie right of rfoirer, mode of extinguishing that claim, l y giviiig'an equivalent fur the surrender ol the rights of the wife. To parenlt, they present a mode ef endowing their infant children, affording to them, if Ihey roach a certain age, a much larger sum compar ed with the original premium, than can be acquired by any mode of accumulation at interest ,1 o single fertom, who may have no heirs, they offer the meant of greatly increasing their annual income through the purchase of life ao - ujitius. young people, of active employment, whose exertions and earnings must diminish with their increasing years, they offer a support for the Ue - clfne of life, y paymcnU of comparatively small amount, while their setuonof industry shall continue. The Company hat provided Tablet calcu lated upon true principle! from the most correct data, which at the tamo time combine the safety of the office, and the interest of the customer Of tho results of these Table some specimens are sahjoined, from which Hie advantages to the holders ol Contracts with thein may be estimated. A healtl.y perton, of the a:;e of twenty - seven years, by an annual payment of J'xco 07 - 100 dollars daring his life, may secure to his hcit sthe sum of Otic Hundred Dollm t, or a larger amount by a proportional premium. W IJvibatid, ngod thirty, a hose wife's age i twenty - rive, .may, by (he annual payment ol Two 30 - i00 Italian, while both live, c lire lo his widow the sum of ('ne Hundred tJohan, which the company will exchange for an equivalent annuity, if requited. Jit Uie age ufiftiau annuity Inr the remain der of the iilv may Iu bought for rilout tm and a quarter trarU pweftair, oral Ihr rite offline end T - 4 per etnl on tho turn inveued, .y father may, by the tiaymfnt of one Aim - dred dullan at the birth of a child, secure to that child, when it shall reach tho age of twenty one years, the sum of ni hundred and furty - one dollar t. .y From the atft of tuenty - one, an annual pay ment of JCleien ltt - 100 ltollan till tho age oi fifty, will suture lo ihe party an annuity ni Orie hundred Dollars kit (he residue of hit or her life - ' ' If a person holding a rolicu nf Life Insurance Upr any period beyond one year should feel ilesi rous to leuuquun it, the rpnieiiy wUt be ready at all timet to treat lor a re - purchase. An adequate portion of the Capital of this Com pany is set opart by charter, andmaybe inrrtititd, if occaswn rtijutre, fur the purvvie of l.tfe In surunce utul .innuttirs, nnd sinind vnim real F.ttate v tthin the tlnle ff A'ete - York, of the ralur nf at UOMlJiJIy per anil abure the amount Immrd. The Capital thus set apart and securtd, trgelher with the accumulation of premium, ran be wade liable for no oilier Uses of Ihe Institution than Unite arising from its Lite I'alicics and annuities, thus affording lo the CvsUmur the most substantial security. Written applications for insurance and annu ities, elating the name, age and 'place of birth and residence of the party will be received and answers given preparatory to openiug policies on the day abore. named. r - AMUKL A. LAWRENCE, President. JAMES REN WICK, Actuary, ap 11 D&Clm nil A NCI S M'GOWAN. No. 126 Fly Mar V ket. sensihlo of the very liberal enrouraee - men! he has received sinrn his commencement in biuiiK ts, and tel ling confident that no exertions on his part shnll tw wanting In merit a contin uance, liifoims his Iriendsaiul the public that no paint or cxpeiicn has been nvoiiled lo obtain a slock of the best liquors of every description, wnirii nn no tit penned on ior ineir puri'y. Having made arrangements, while at Charles ton, lor a constant supply of GREEN TU RTLE in tl.oir season, he will he enabled to furnish soup of an excellent Quality. book will be opened lor subscribers to nn ORDINARY, to be on the table every day t a st tieti nour. Room, for private parlies, at a short notice. V II. Soup, Btuf - Stenks, Oysters. Mutton I hp and Hi lubes atalltuucs. ap 23 flflfc, The NiihNcriber oilers for sialt - his resi - V!Li j: ilente in the town oi Ka'rfield, state of Connecticut. It i pleasantly situated, nn the Boston road, about half a mile from Island sound. 55 miles irom New York, and 20 from New Haven. The house aud out - houses arein excellent repair. The fruit yard it well storked tvitu a variety or peaches, apricots, cherries, pears and strawberries. There are in the vicinity academies (or the education of youth of' both rexes, r n in one to six acret of excellent land, at tlie option of tho purchaser, can he bad with the house, and the purchase money, if desired. can remain on interest. For terms apply to ISAAC M. ELY. E - q. 70 John street. N. York. or r to the Hon. JONATHAN STURGE3, Fair - field, Connecticut my C d&ctl DAVID ELY. tuti HALt, A farm of between tixtv and seventy nciea, sitinte on Ihe wt - t hank ol Lake Otsego, and one mile from the village of Coonerstown. On it are a new stone house 54 feet square - , a new farm bouso, barn, tie. It forms a desirable es taliliihment for a gentleman wishing to retire into the country, at its situation, as to prospect, convenience to market, tic. is not turpnteed bv any in the interior nf tlie state. It will be told low for cah, on a credit, or exchanged for pro perty in uasciry, gooas, tic Apply to U. D kit. SEDGWICK, my 7tf Law Buildings TO LET. For one or more rear, the following Houses at HarsenviUe,near the live mile stone, Bloomingdale road. A pleat an tl) situated and convenient two story I louse and Stable, with a Garden and four a - cres of land. Also A pleasantly situated and convenient two story House sod Stable, with a large Garde and three acre of Und, both of the above places are well stocked with different kinds of choice Fruit - tree. . , .1 Also - A pleasantly sifoated aad convenient two story Houe, with a Stable and two acret of land. For tardier paitir ulars enquire of JACOB IIARSEN. DRY GOODS. FANCY plate Call - . coea Superfine calicoes and chinlie 4 4, 9 - 8, 6 4 cambric muslint Cambric jaconet Plato tain hor'd r tewed mull Plain and tambor'd book muslin 3 - 4, 4 4 and 6 - 4 cambric gingham Black aud tol'd cambric Velvet and cord , bea - ver glove Fancy crnvati, twilled nod plain Maclrass hdkfs, pin Marseilles Quillings, royal ribb White and printed lateen Cotton brown tiollnnd Swansdown, toilanetu, ilk stripes Cotton and woisted ho iery Irish linen A sheetings Buttons, bed tick Fine and superfine cai - tiroere Yotkshir fine and u - perGne cloth , London do do Superfine Indie rlothl Bouihatrttt, ratinetts lmerial cords, vigo - nia rnssimere Hair cord cambric. Stockinet!, plain and ronon u.vis White col'd threads riou'd Flannels, baiiet Ferretli, worsted bind - it Shirt button, cotton I are Pari netta and souffle cause Silk, kid, nnd cotton gloves Silk hose, silk floren - tine . Black bnmhateen Florence silk, ribbons, Calloon , Florences, plnin and figured Virginia satins, plaid fastrings Kring'd black silk hkfs Velvet bindings, tapes, bobbins Furniture calicoes, and cliinlics Blark and white thulle lace Leno snawls, Fjtopil la Sewing silk, assorted color Linen cambric Table cloths, 6 - 4, 7 - 4 ti H - 4 Uiape r Furniture Dimities 4 - 4, 9 - 8, 6 - 4, 7 - 4 and 11 - 4 printed cambric Fancy Leno, k figured muslins Shawl 7 - 4 k H - 4 imitation do. 11 - 4 cassiuicre do, Cambric. Trimming, Ir f louiire Setrsurker Ginghams Roraall Hilkfs. Silk Check Ginghams Bandanno, hmgee and sistersoy hdkls. Pocket hUkls. white x ti J col'd cambnc and printed Hair cord and cambric dimities garments Oil Cloths Brown Linen Merino Shawl Cotton handnnnoea Jeans, cotton cnstiniere striped Morenlines Black do Madnpollum and steam 9 - 8 rol'd strfp'd jaconet t loom shirting India muslins, Ac. tic. Received by the lalrnrrivalt and for sale hy HAGGERTY AUSTEN, tnh 24 dr?ni 167 I'earl - ttreet. A'oice lo Tarern Keepers and Urvceri. fr7 License to l aieru Keepers and tro - cers from the .t.ayor and Coiuiuisf ioner ol K.X - i ise, will be issued at the Mayor's Office, in the Lity nan, netween the liours of ten and one o'chick. on the several day, and for tlie differ ml wards in tuvct ssiun, in tlte order following, fit : At Near the premiiea. By It 1w 84 Froat - ttreet pS8 las my 8 1st ward nn the filli May 2d do du 6th do 3d do do "Hi do 4lh do do ' tlthfc fith do Stli do du Dili if Isftbdo Clh do do l:JiliAi 14th do 7th do ' do 5hli 1 6th do (Ith do do tilth K I9th do tl do do 20th do lflth do do 2lstft22d do All P' - rsons who know of any ohiecHons a - gaiuft the granting of licenses to any of those who now hold them, are respei tfully requested to give information at the Mru)or't Odite, be lore the time for granting theni at nbovc men tioned : nnd those eeiitlen - ven who hove taken pain to investigate this subject, and consider it nf sntTi(frnt moment, ure particularly invited to assist in furnishing all the inlormation in their power. By order, J. SI DELL, F. M Ap27tf A VKHV VAI.UASL1. KSTATr ruH Ai.B, jjfjrj. Ijte the property of ftcn ij.ili btrong, Hns e.q. Ucreased, in the township of lhi, lying on the great inuth rontl, about 45 wiles 1 1 inn icw I oi k ; rnrituininz by coiiiputalionsa. hunt 2500 arret oi'liiml, mure rr less; nearly 1000 ncret nf whit h is under cultivation. Inclu ding vhniil 2iK acres uf suit and fresh meadows, which is completely embanked, ditched and drained, for the putposeof being reclaimed. The remainder it in valuable wood land, on which large quantitie may be rut annually. On the premise u a ipacious and convenient Mansion House, with a large barn, hovels, crib, stable, carringe house, gardener's house, work shop, smith shop, smoke house, ice home, nnd other out buildings, replete wifh every convenience - There is nli nn Ihe premises; about a mile from the mansion house, a new farm house, with a bam admitting. ' ' Near the house is a large pond, with a privilege of a stream of wAter, un which is a good saw mill, and water sufficient for a grist mill, - Tlie garden and orchards are, in which there have been set out. within a few year, a great number nf young trees, of every species of sue ueai grnuru irun, woauy in ucanrg, biiu an in the most flouridiing condition. Also, a large nursery of Iruit trees and plants, sufficient to extend an orchard of (00 aero. , Th:re are few estates offered for sale, so desi rable fur either an extensive farmer, or the residence of a gentle - ninn. 'I'Ih farm it capable of supporting a large stock, nnd being bounded by the south hay, there it an inexhnustihl source ol manure from sra - wted. Boats ply from thr neighbourhood, hlmost daily, to nnd from the city. Tlie bay also abounds with a great variety of game, fish, oysters and rlamt, aad the pond and creeK with Uie nnett trout. For terms arvf lurthsr purtu.tibw, nrp:y to A. II. LAURENCE, No. 23 Para. Place, or on the premises. my 11 d&cll . R AN AWAY from the subscriber nn the l7lh zers, nged 1!) years, Is aMul 5 feet, 5 inches high, well made, and a pleasant good looking black. He wat dressed in a short olivo colored velvet jacket and blue pantaloons It supposed to be working about soma of the whurvVs in (hit city, or harbored by some free people of color. Whosoever will tiring tne tarn servant is ins master, No. 59, Murray street, or will give in formation where he may be found, shall be libe. rally rewarded for their trouble. And all persons are hereby cautioned against harboring or employing ik1 servant, a thev will, in such case, subject thenudv to the utmost rigor of the law. K. VH1ILLI. ap30tf PROSPECTUS ron rcai - iinisjo ar tcascnirrms A MAP OF MEXICO AND LOUISIANA. ' I MIE publication ol (nis Map hos fxen "n'ler. I k.n oilh Ihe imnression. that it will ex hibit information, highly interesting at this event ful crisi. and the valuable M"P wniin n thor has procured, durinr hissei eral fours thr. wsh fe,ico, in tte vears 1806, 1807, 1812. 18.J, soir iififi 1ttl7. inilni m liim lo iM - lfclVC Hiat , Ihe Map. witheviro all its imperfccUont, wifl be much the most perfect which ha appeared before tlie public. ...... . , , , Thia Man will confam the fateet and best in - r.uti. irom the discoveries and potrion of the Aroeri. an, Spiniih, Rusaian. British and rriw h iravellrr and navigators and represen - rina - lb claims of their rrsiieciive cove rnrae nit th ortl,westem coast of America. 1'he Map will include that portion of North America, which lie Detween tne HinnM of Lsa - rien, and the4th degree of North Latitude, and from tha Mississippi River westward! to the Pacific Ocean. In size the Map will be a boat tix by live tret. and will be projected on a wale of 40 mile to the tnrh, to be delivered to the subscribers at ar - teen dollar earn. Natcbea, March 7, 1818. ap7tAl 13 ICE. 17 tierce and 20 half 20 half tierce, for ale by ROB I . GII.Lt.sriL, 112 Front - street. PROPOSALS. , (fc7 The agent of ihe fctatc - PriscB. will w - reia proposals wntil) tint IM instant, for furnish - . roc for one year from the 1st of June neat, the convicts cobfjued therein, with the following ra tions, to be delivered at the Statc - Prisca, at the contractors expense daily, or at such Usaes a shall be egieed epon. vis. in ox. socoa tneiis, tor every iuo rations, 3 pecks Potatoes do do do do - 4 quarts Salt, do do do do 12 - do Beans or Peas, do do do; 3 ox. Pepper, do do do do l - 2lii tailed Fish per man, - once a week, 1 gallon Vinegar per 100 ration, do do do 1 - vlb sailed prime Pork per man, do do do 1 lb. Rye flour do do per day 6 os. Indian do do do do 1 - 2 gill Molasses do do do do The above to be of good qualify end approved by tha agent, when delivered. Beef rs ant men - tuned, the reason of whih, the agent will (tale to whomsoever may contract. " Proposal will be received, untill the Sift inst. for fumiahiner Iba Hospital department of said rnson with ftiedii me, t nod, and riutpitai store, lor one year from tin in ot Jut.e next, agreeably to an act of the Lrntlature. cooctrnins the Stale Prison, passed the 15th ol April 1817. Proposals will be received, for furnishinc f rom two to three Thousand loads of stoMk suitable Icr building an additional wall to the Slate Prison. ALEX. COFFIN, jr. Agent. New Yerk State Prison Office, May 4, I alt. my 4 d trull ' fJP Notice is hereby given to the stockholders of the West Chester Turnpike Road Lot pany, that an election will le tieki en the. thud Monday of May next, at ten o'clock in the tore - noon, at the house of David Wood, Iuo. Keeper, at Mauiaronetk, for the purpose uf i boosing thirteen Director! for the said company. ap30 fr7 - NOTICE it hereby xiven to the slock. holders of the Associates of (he Jersey Compa - J ny. uiat a dividend naa urcn neciareH ot (wo dollars per share nn the capital stoi'k oi ihe company, which will be paid on the Itth instant, at No. IH I Broadway. HARRY CALDWELL, Treasurer, my 1 3 MerranUJti luturance (Joinaiiy ot (New. York, incorporated duriug the late session of Ue Legislature of this slate, heiruc oiganued aod having r.on.tiitui ed business, is ready to receive apiilicntiont, on Marine Risque, at their office, no, 43 waii - ireei. may 4 2w AOIICE. ft7 - The masters and owner .of vesie.'t he - lorufing to the cities of All any and Troy, wish lo hire enrsin, lor a numner oi years, op tn North River aide of this cily, for the trron.ino - daliun of these vessels exclusively, for whir ha liberal iviiiptusalinn will be j,iven. The stibfcri - ler ure a ct niuutlre a lo uie purpMse of receiving pro(.ili for the same. And the proprietor of the wliarve on tlie North Kiver are requested to hand in their proposals to either of Ihe subscribers, staling Ihe situation and their term, repectnely. N. B. A note Mlrtress - d to either rf the subscribers, left at Joseph C. CooH - r', Leaf Basin, or at li. ti L. Reed', Coeuties Slip, will be attended to. ' New - York, 25th April, 1810. BARNUM VWHPPLE. GEORGE MONTEATU, FE I KR DONNELLY, . , IUC1ID. II. FITCH, B. BUSH NELL. . GURDON GRANT. ' 1 ap 25 1m HEM0F.iL. ... ,.' - rry J. A. CUTTWALDT, ha rtmovtdfrom No. 44 to No. 75 .Maiden - lane, where becoiiUn. ue tn manufacture his PIANO - FORTES on, an entire new and improved construction, the result ofmauy year closn application and study, for which he now has obtained letters pateut. On examination by connoisseur of music, he bet ters himself that thrj will meet with their a p. prnlintinn, and merit public patronage t and be feels protnl, that his piano - fortes have met with the unanimous approval of Ihe most eminent pro fesrort of music j the following testimonial!, of which Ihey kindly have granted bun, tq meet the public rye : - , " We, the lubscnbert, professor of music, do certify, that we have carefully examined Mr. J. A. Gutlwaldt's piano - fortes, which, tor ingenu. ity and excellence of workmanship and uniform brilliancy of tone, we deiarvedly recommend to public patronage. Messrs. Gillesp Etlenne, Rd. Meetz, V. I hi hn oil, Charles UillurU" . el'O LEI', on the same prrmiset, t large and commouious store and back room adjoining, with or without a front cellar. apta Im .yUAllAI TAtf SCHOOL. MANHATTAN Female School it at 194 Greeowicb - itreet : Male eiehool, 148 Chamber - slrert. la these sc:hoolt are taught all the branches which constitute a useful and finished education. We forbear to descend to particulars l to oilier recommendations, or lo mike great promises. Our patrons are left to judge of the mode of instruction both morof and seunlijir, by Ihe la provement of the scholars. .' JILHERT PICKET, 729 JO lift W. VlCKE't. c WHJrM'JON'D ITCH OINTMENT. T lE long awl successful uie of this ointment . it a tulhcient recommendation, as it ha been found to be a pleasant, safe and certain remedy for that disagreeable disease i, - all it it - 5t:s. it it tor tale in uie city oi ,ew - iorB, or . A. ft W. R. Pott, No. 41 William - slrettj I. tvT. Clark, No. t)5 Maiden - Lane t ti - H. Srhieflilm Ac Co. No. 19.1 Pearl street: Lawrence ti Keet, No. 195 Pearl - trr - el : Hull Bowne, 146 Pearl - street ; R. tl I - Murray, 313 Pearl - street I J. M. Prarihurst, 914 Pearl - street i Joha Penford, No. 4 Flelcher - street t Duryee & Poe, in Pcarl - strretl John C. Morrison, 188 Greenwich - strnet j Joho P. Fisher, 106 broad - way ; Walter: Seaman, cornel of Chamber - at. antl Broadway, and also inl JisfJism - jtreet s and in short it may Uprocunrf elmostuf the Dree Stores in this city - Also in Philadelia, of b. vvifh.r.11 lr Sons : fJeorre Harrell . North at Ro gers, and almost t'l Ihe droggisto in the principal towns ia tiie United States. likiwiir, ' ' - WIJEA TON'S JAUNDICE BITTER? may he had al thr above place. . tan22 6ua HOARDING. trOL'R or five gentlemen with their, families, ' or. ten or fifteen tingle gentlemen, ran be arcominndatcd with hoard and kxiging at Mtistat Vi rnon Hotel, about fit miles from the city of New York, oa tin bauk of tha East River, aad one of the most pleasant situations on the islaod. I be room are par ions ann airy, naving a lull view of the river ; roach hoase and tables - Terms liberal, and every attention paid, by the peblrc's humble servant. my ins r,.MA ci.ii"i,i,o. f - t tVK HALE ORTO LEASE, 1 A' Lets in the 5. 6. 8. aad 10 Wards: many of wlucb ar oa regulated and peved streets. No naoney wUI be required nnder test yean, u toso, interest excepted. Scyaral two and three ttory bouse, oa what great part of Uie money remain oa ssKwtfc7a . . . ,M. - fr urn uriOK. Aa excellent ttnad for bntiaeaa, with ten acres of land, pleasantly situated, with a wharf, store - COTTONWOOLEN MANUFACTORT, i, - .Havesi. with 40 acre of land, and wild, with a sefunency ol water fin - tack. Apply li'' - k stmt JatVlStf - 1 , ! I i )', i i r. - ,v'i ;t': ' ' III; rf lit i 1 . It i ,' If V: I ', i :'

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