The Mason City Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa on March 19, 1931 · Page 22
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The Mason City Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa · Page 22

Mason City, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, March 19, 1931
Page 22
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22 MASON CITY GLOBE-GAZETTE =; »«j»*jyi.i y,n i talAJDn-ljrAEj 1TJS HOGS LEAD MARKET AT STEADY PRICES MARCH 19 1931 BUYERS THY TO REDUCE VALUES Slow Buying Results From Determination of Both Sides. CHICAGO, March 19. W)--Resentful at being forced to pay higher prices for their supplies yesterday, local livestock buyers came out resolved to reduce tie scale of values in each section of the trade. Slow buying was the result, as tha commission men held out for stability in prices. Hogs were the first to sell and in that market prices remained fully steady with the Wed- ·?!^f? " vera se- Light hogs scaling 170 to 200 Ibs;, sold at 58.25@8.33. while 220. to 240 lb. kinds of high finish went at S7.80@8.00. Chicago s run of 23,000 was 4,000 smaller than last Thursday's but it brot the total for the first four days of the week to 114,300, against 99,900 for the same time last week, Unsold lambs held over from the slow .of, the day before provided the only real menace to continued high prices in the market for fat lambs today. The run of 14,000 included "5,000 directs to packers and of the remaining 9,000 shippers were expected to take more than half. Since they bought practically no lambs yesterday, packers ·were expected to come but for supplies in order to continue operations. Selling was almost negligible in the opening rounds, however as all buyers, waited for word indicat jng a lower swing-. Best light west eras were held at 59.65, even wit the best time yesterday. Failure of the dressed beef marke to advance In accordance with th Higher prices established J n live cattle yesterday put a damper on an already gloomy outlook resulting from a run of 8.000 head at Chicago Light butcher stock and select neavy steers were in best demand but dealers -were oversupplied and cids were again waeker in the early trade in spite of recent sharp de- bulls 53.75@4; choice -vealenr J7.50; scattered sales stockers and feeders up to $7.50. HOOS 13,000, fairly active, mostly steady for butchers; packing sows steady to lOc lower; most 160-200 Ib. butchers J7.JO® 7.00; top $7.60; 210-270 lb. weights $7.I58 7,40; 280-330 Its. mostly $7@7.15; packing sows largely ?0.15®6.40; few smooth, 'lights $6.50. SHEEP 2,000, practically nothing done, asking stronger prices compared with Wednesday's low close; few good around 85 lb. woolcd lambs {8.50; holding best offerings above $8.85; other classes quoted unchanged. · · · . S. de- KANSAS CITT LIVESTOCK. KANSAS 'CITY, March 19. un-- U. partment of agriculture -HOGS 3,000; 70 direct; mraket uneven; 210 Ibs. and down 10-15C higher; heavier around steady; tup $5 on 180-220 Ibs. good and choice 110-160 Ibs. 57.25SJ7.90; ISO-ISO its.. S7.40@8; 180-200 Ibj. 37.SS8; 200220 Ibs. 57.60®S; 220-250 Ibs. 57.55®S; 250-290 Ibs. ?7.25®7.70; 290-350' Ibs, S7.10 ®7.40; packing sows 275-500 Ibs. 58.2: 6.85; stock pigs, good and choice, 70-130 Iba SB.DOrQi7.65. CATTLE 2,500; calves 500; fed steers slow, steady; other classes steady to strong: early top mixed yearlings $8.90. Steers, gooS and choice 600-900 Ibs. 58@10.25; 900-1190 Ibs. $8810.25; 1100-1300 Ibs. 58010.25; 1300-1500 Ibs. SSS'IO; -common and medium 600 Ibs. up S5.25@8; heifers, good anil choice 550-850 Ibs. 56.75 @0; common anri medium 550-850 Ibs. 34.25@6.75: cows, gotnl and choice 5{.75£p6.25; common and medium S4@4.75; low cutter and cutter 52.75® 4; venlers (milk fed) medium to choice $55 8; cult and common 33.10^5; stacker and feeder steers, goou and choice (all weights) ?6.755r9; common and medium (all weights) ?4.25©S.75. SHEEP 5,000; practically nothing eold early; best wooled lambs held around $8.7fi; Iambs, good nad choice 80 Ibs. down, SB^i 8.75; medium 90 Iba. down $7 iff 8; common, all .weights. 55.25597; medium to choice 01100 ID'S. S76PS.75; ewes, medium to choice 150 Ibs.' down S3.25@4.75. LIVESTOCK "FORECAST CHICAGO. March 19. -- Estimated receipts of hogs, 26.000; cattle, 2,000; sheep, 12,000. MVESTOCK FORECAST CHICAGO, March 19. 1.11--Official est mated receipts tomorrow: Cattle, 2,000; hog 21.000; sheep, 13,000. "^ Weah to 10c " steady to 23c lower Bheop active, mostly steady. Local Hogs Representative Sales CHICAGO, March 10. (.TO--Rcpresentativ sales as selected by the U. S. departmen of agriculture-- SHBEI'. Native Lambs-- . Fed western-142 500 750 900 ICO 178 225 110 217 75 5S 45 20 B a 2 Z S a 81 8 80 92 79 7S 05 74 70 113 71 98 105 65 . 61 9.30 0.2 5 U.l'J 9.00 8.85 8.7S 8.fin 8.50 8.35 8.25 7.7S 7.50 7.00 90 93 88 04 130 100 Fat Ewes-- 9.30 9.2a 9.10 D.OO 8.75 10 56 15 2 70 HE 127 144 165 180 5.00 4.8: 4.75 4.50 4.25 MASON CITL-, March 19.-- Best sorted lights, 180 to 230 Ibs., $7.40; best medium weight butchers 240 to 260 Ibs., 57.20; best heaw butchers, 270 to 300 Ibs., $7.00; best prime heavy butchers, 310 to 350 Ibs., $6.70; best packing sows, 300 '' ?3 ' 10: test heavy sows, Ibs., 55.90. "· SRA /S60 CHICAGO LIVESTOCK - . i , p* EVES? Jo'lVlr E TM 1 saiBooa- »n TM.;;.,:i :P?.-' m TM lum to choice eavy Weight-342 45 7.10 311 7.30 287 7.45 2T1 7.50 259 7.CII 51 252 7.70 I-fedlum Weights-- HOGS. Light Weights-- 1S7 8.30 85 53 54 59 55 87 Cows- a 14 ' II 9 Sleera- 18 18 27 24 28 20 45 11 21) 21 33 3t 30 10 Hilfers 240 233 225 217 200 202 1103 1222 1102 814 14 01 1262 1176 975 1028 1208 1048 1487 063 821 1113 827 915 658 67 54 77 35 74 Light 38 27 54 19 192 1S5 177 169 163 7.75 7.8:i 8.00 8.111 8.70 CATTLE. 36 7.00 30 E.Sa 68 ' 4.25 31 3.25 19 10.75 10.S5 10.10 10.00 0.50 0.00 8.60 S SO 8.It) 8. no 7.75 7.40 7.S5 6.00 155 149 142 135 676 BOO 720 777 747 8.35 8.211 8.2S 8.15 .8.25 8.15 8.10 8.00 7.90 9.25 9.10 . 7.50 6.05" REPORTED RAIN LOWERS GRAINS Rain and Snow Received in Kansas, Nebraska and Canada. CHICAGO, March 19. C3)-^An- nouncement .that predictions of widespread.beneficial moisture were beginning' to be fulfilled by rain in Kansas'" and snow" in Nebraska eased grain prices down late today. Rain and snow were also received to the Canadian northwest. Houses with export connections sold Chicago July delivery .of wheat and bought'September. Wheat closed, wavering, unchanged to %c lower; com W ® « e off; oats unchanged to a shade decline, and provisions 7c to 15c down. An official forecast Indicated that South Africa corn production tola year would be only 60.35TJ.OOO bushels, owing to 30 per cent reduction from early frost la serious. ClilCAOO CASH GRAIN CHICAGO, March 19. tm--Wheat--No 1 hard 79%c; No. 2 hard 79lsc;;No. 1 northern spring 79 ttc; No. 1 mixed 7714 Slie c °m--No. 2 mixed G214e; No. 3 mixed 60H®14c; No. 4 mixed 59«©60%c; No 6 mined 56c; No, .1-yellow (old) 6a@B6lic; No. 2 yellow 62Vi@63c: No. 2 yellow (old) CBSfeeVlc; No. 3 yellow 6014®62«c: No 4 yellow S9@60c; No. S yellow 58Hc- No : 6 yellow 56c; No. 3 white 61®61«c'*No' 4 white 59Mc; No. 6 white SScT ^?A l f~~ No ' l whlte 32 i' c ' No. 2 -watte 32 @32iic; No. 3 white 32c. Timothy-seed $S.55©8.75. ' Clover.seed 512.00^1950. I Lard 59.05; ribs 511.25; bellies $11.25 Market Notes · By TICKER .TAPE MASON CITY GRAIN MASON CITY, March 19 · · .....30 Oats 22 Shelled corn, No. 4 ! 43 Ear corn- , ^4 GrainFutures THURSDAY CHAIN CLOSE: · CHICAGO, March 19. iOW . May Hog Markets COMBINED HOG RECEIPTS. DES MOINES, March 10. (.n-U. S department or garlculture-- u "^"- °- "=Combined hoff receipts at 23 concentration J?" 1 " ? nd ^ packing plants located In In. 24 hLr°^ artn1 southern Minnesota, to? the To. ?n n P tioi ended at 10 a - m - today were 19,000, compared with 28,700 a week as". k, ,* My ^ acllve ' Btwrally steady to lie Fb'f", ,"£",,, ·Wednesdays averase; 1TO-S30 i^i' n * 7 - 25 ®'7-80;xren' .choice 180-210 lb. *"": most 210-270 ib. J8.85®7.40; 28U- 320 lb., largely- 56. 60©7. Quotations for good and choice: Lleht CORN-old., old. .. new., July Sept. VHEAT-- Mar. old. new.. May old... new.. uly ,,, opt 62;4 ATS-- lar. old... May old... new..' uly Sept RYE-May old 4014 new. .... .41 July 41% LARD-- ·795S .7954 .3151 .82% -62 ·32X ........ May ...... July ...... BELLIES -May ...... July ....... , 9.07 , 8.22 .62% .64 14 ·65K ·BSA .60% .79 « .79 M ·81 ',4 -82% .62 .3054 -32 VJ .32% ·32% .39% .40% ·41 'i 9.02 9.20 Giose .7914 .30% ·40% ·41S 9^05 9.07 P. 22 11.30 11.42 An order or 125,000 tons of structural steel, the largest contract of this type ever placed, has been awarded to the United States steel corporation for building the Rockefeller-Radio city In New York, U was announced Wednesday. The. Carnegie Steel company will roll a major part of the steel aid the America^ on age company, another Steel corporation subsidiary; wll! fabricate it, It Is estimated that the contract involves about 54,500 000 Construction of the 5250,000,000 "Radio City" development ny the Rockefeller Interests is expected to get under way by June 1. There will be nine buildings on three blocks bounded by Filth avenue and Sixth avenue from Forty-elghth street to Fifty- first street.-It will be the largest private development ever attempted in the United States and probably In the world. There will be 28,000 windows, and models of the city are now complete and on exhibiting EXPANSION OF STEEL DEUANU CONTINUES Expansion of steel demand, altho by no means spectacular, i, unchecked and f u r - ther gains are Indicated by the broadening requirements of the automobile and construction Industries, says tha Iron Aee. The report adds in part: "Steel, ingot output for the country at arge has risen from 55 to 57 per cent, with the greatest gains reported at Cleveland, where production is, now 70 per cent of capacity, and at Chicago, where the district average is 62 per cent, with the rate of one producer 75 per cent. Three.blast furnaces have been added to the list of active stacks, one each having been lighted In the trictsTM 8 ' YounE5towB ani . Chicago dis- REDUCES FLOATING . SOTFU! OF BLUE CHIPS .remaps the moat Important market Influence of Investment trusts has been to reduce the floating supply of so-called 1 blue chip Issues, according to the firm, which says this may explain In a measure some ot the newer characteristics. of the stock market "During the darker · days of the bear market,", tne review says, "the yleWs offered by the better stocks were not so attractive as those., available In previous crises at the same type and price-earnings ratios of the stocks most widely-held by In- ?hTM n, nt tru . 3ta "main considerably hlghe than the rank and file. The reduced noatlo supply of these stocks also appears to Bay cUnes 1 "* 1 Ule ' r re3 " il!ncy a "« abrupt de FOX FILM CAINS ON DIVIDEND NEWS Declaration of the regular tiuarterly dlvl dend by toe Fox Film corporation explalne ine strength In that Issue NothinB wa forthcoming as to the 'financing p lan Sor TM election of some new directors, which, it I ^?1 ' T 1 . 1 ,. lncluie Albert H. Wiggln, chair ^^^s'^n^^^Thls^l'postas"^ t ^S^ISS^S!S' iWIlh ment that the army' and nav^dtpaHmen or airplanes -ant 'e. Johns-Manvllle tTal c Sfi, ° LAMSON BROTHERS GRAIN LETTER GRAIN OPEN CHICAGO, March 10. UPI~ CORN-Mar. old... new.. May old new.. July Sept WHEAT-Mar. old... · new... May o l d . . . . new.. July Sept OATS-Mar. old... new.. May old... new.. July Sept EYE-- · Mori old... new.. M a y / o l d . . . new.. July Sept. .. LARD-Mar. May July BELLIES-May July Close Yr. Ago. .8211 .8514 -86% .87% Close Yes'd'y. .62% .62% .64% .85 »i .87 -.87 . Open Today. . 1.03% .' 1.08 ',4 . 1.10=4 .44 % .43-4 .43 . . .43% ..." .43 ...10.15 .. .10.32'i , . .10.52J4 ...12.83 ...13.10 .81% .82% · 6254 .62 ?i ·32% .3254 -40 U .40% .32% - 9.12 9.15 0.32 11.45 11.07 .64% -65 H. .67 .67 -81% .82% ,02V. .62 ?4 .32% .1014 .41 0.05 9.22 HOQ FDTUBES. S 0 ! M M w ««ma; early fat lambs " wouta TM OMAHA LIVESTOCK. CHICAGO, Marco 19. May m e d i u m , ho0s sold futures: at $8.50; bidding , . J8.25 for lights, medium $7.75 and S7.50 for heavies to arrive tomorrow; offering medium at f8. LIGHTS , - cB« lower, now. fully, steady; early 1 ? 22 ° ""· «"d y doTM' "· I'BhU; early sales * 7 -«07-65. undertonl " r' Ehu : Packing sows 16.15 r P J B "' raMUy©T: aver- dnesday -S7.12, weight 202 : 3,200; calves 200; fed steers and fearllnBs alow, weak; other classes steady ted steers and yearlings mostly J7a82' ne load 1,095 Ib. weight/ $0 ' a s hel pTMVVH Z5 ® 7 -5° ! - S nIIC b "' «TM ** i» S 2iJ ! ! ltter trades W3.75; medium bulls (3.7S©4: odd heM S4.1004.20; prncttca top vealera J57.50; few choice lots to Inde jendents »3a.50; few ]6ts stockers | B .7S® SHEEP 12,000; lambs around 35e lowe »an early Wednesday; fully steady wilh »· close; jihcep and fwrfen. unchanc I B M W .°° lea lanll)S W.«se«.T«; top hcluded"TM top '' 5; J rac ta"y TM feeders Sept MEDIUMS-Sept. HEAVIES-- « Sept. (first hall) ' Sept. (last half) ..... Offered 8.00- o.oo ...'.B.50 MTNNEAFOI.IS QRA1N. MINNEAPOLIS, March 10. (^j--Wheat-- 130 cars compared to 127 a yea* ago, unchanged; casS, No. 1 northern 73 Vi 07754 c- No; 1 dark northern 12, 13, 14 and 15 net cent prnteln 74M®77Hc; No. 1 dark hirt Montana 14 per cent protein 74yc- to arrive 73«ic; No. 1 maber durum 70«074!tc- No. 2 amber durum 68«@71'.4c; No. 1 reu ssss sai' May 7aKc; juiy ^ a ^- Corn--No. 3 yellow 53 (A tg 5 6c. Oats--No. 3 white *3®~2aHe. Barley--32®52c. Rye--No. 1, 34© 39 c Flax--No. 1, «.544gl.S9i,i. OSIAIIA GRAIN. OMAHA, March 10. (/f--White--Hard _ o . 1, 71@71«c; Mo. 2, 70@70%c; No. 4 63c; durum No. 2, 65c; mixed No 2 70e n ~ W1J " ! No - 2 ' 55 ' Ae '- reUow No.'2, 05c; mixed No, 4, 50c. Oats--None. 8.00 B.oo B O O MISCELLANEOUS DT/ , Tr ^. CITY LIVESTOCK. BIOUX CITY, March IB. (yp-- V. B de- artm«it ot agrtcuHure-- tSZT^ 3 ' 5 1? ; calvc " 100! " ow - *"' Mera and yearlings around 25c o f f ; most no, luiiy 25c lower; fat she stock weak to nS,^ 0 TM/ 1 '' oUwr C|I11!S « ""!« changed: good '·?J» b ;. ywrllng* J8.50; -good heavy bT al y 0t ? 8 '^ ; bulk 8slable i» ro "'"» , K W o 'i' d he " era *7.60'down; cows J4.250i5.25; majority medium POTATO MARKET CHICAGO,, March 10. {ai--United States department of RgriculturE-- Potatoes 171; on track 206; total U. a. shipments MO: itrong, trailing moderate, prices considerably higher; sacked per cwt., Wisconsin round whites »1.75OJ.90, moatl il.8fjttl.85; Idaho russets No. -1 most] $1.85®1.90: few J1.7S; few best J2.00; No 2, mostly S1.B091.6S; few $1 SS; Colorad ' beauties fl.K91.tlls «d McClure KANSAS CITY GRAIN. KANSAS CITY, March 19. i/n--Wheat-121 cars; unchanged; No. 2 darli hard nominally 70@73c: No. 3 nominally 69 M il}4e; No. 2 hard 70g7014c; No. 3, Boa 60Mc: No. 2 red nominally 72®73c: No "3 nominally 70©72c. Close: May 73c; July 55«c; September 5B5JC. Corn--84 .cars; unchanged to Ic lower-No. 2 white nominally 561@571ic; No 3 531i«fBOc; No. 2 yellow 57c; No. 3, 53M ©55';!:; No. 2 mixed 54c; No. 3, 51^T? 521ic. Close: May S9VSC; July 61Hc; v Sept. Oats--10 cam; up He; No. z white nominally 33@34c: No. 3 nominally 33@MHc. TOLEDO SEEDS. TOLEDO, March 19. tm--Clover seed cash October SI75 hid; December {14 bl GRAIN MARKET LETTER. CHICAGO, March 19 __ ^ rsa, ^r 5s GENERAL MOTORS LEADS UPSWING NEW YORK, March 19. (/B-Bulls opened their heavy artillery in today's stock market for the first time this month. After a vigorous drive against' the bears in the first hour, however, -the offensive was halted and bulls were-content to defend theiri new position. General Motors was brot forward as a leader, a role in which it has served infrequently since its violent rise of 1928. This issue sold up 2 points into nsw high ground for 1931 around 47. Other issues breaking into new high ground included McKeesport Tinplate, Johns Manville and du Pont, rising 2 to 4 points. Issues making like progress included American Can, American Water Works, Union Carbide, Electric Power and Light, Westingliouse Electric, Loews, American Tobacco and Case. Such stocks as U. S. Steel, Bethlehem, Radio, N o r t h American, United Corp., Nash, General Electric, Electric Autolit, Paramount, Fox and Woolworth were among a wide assortment of issues up a point or more. National Cash Register and U. S .Industrial Alcohol lost about 2. . The market failed to show signs of breaking out of its recent trading range. The movement in stocks was in contrast to the sluggish action of the bond market, which still seemed to be weighed down by uncertainty over further treasury financing to meet the larger than expected veterans loan demand. The move in General Motors was accompanied by brokerage house gossip to the effect that the corporation would not ( earn its dividend in the first quarter, but expected thp- momentum which has been developed in March to carry well into the second quarter. The veterans' loans are frequently indicated as a stimulus to motor car buying, and appear to be stimulating furniture sales. Credit conditions were about stationary, altho commercial paper rates were shaded a little STOCK LIST NEW YORK STOCKS ,J* EW YOSK. March 19. I/It-Quotations. ·Al Ch Dye Am Cotnl Al 12 ft Am For Pow 43 Am Intl 21 · Am Loco 28 Am POW. I, 58 la Am Rad St San 21 Am Hoi] Mill 331s Am Sm Hef 51K Am Steel Pdrs 2S1=. Am Sug Ref 5074 A T T Am" Tob -B Am Wat Wks Anaconda Arm ol-lll B Atcblson At] He! Auburn Aviation Coin B O Barnsdall A Bendiac Av Beth St Borden Borg Warn Brlggs Burr Add Cal ffi Hecla Can Dry Can Pac Loose Wiles Lorlllard Louis G t E A Legal Notices , ORIGINAL NOTICE SS 25 1631'. 2014 45 20 Curb Market . n h ^ ^ ?* oald *° lmvB o«ered 2 hard !£.?,·£ t qual to G8c " Baltimore. Kansas and Nebraska were having rain or snow nort 80 ,TM 6 K C °i lt l! aI Thc «cekly Kansas Ve- port \vas bearish as to, winter wheat. Chair ?t n to s'ablliiatlon plans for the coming kS: vS?M° We . eJtPect only a lr ="""K-mar? declines Pre " 8 anles ° l wh ° at on i , M h e r e was no Pressure o n corn, Dutv prices eased fractionally, larcelv to,. h S« «' '«"= «" « B gresslve y ' buying The basts ID the' cash market was ifteady to . c sL E( S e J- B °'5 1 " 1 to arrive ' ".000 bushe'ls? Shipping sales were disappointing at 12,000 maA^^n"? MWa °' ""«TMt. and the market drifted most of the day. We favor PRODUCE . .MASON CITY, March 19 -Cash Quotations tjy E. G. Horse. . EGGS Eggs (current receipts) POULTRY Stags Heavy hens, 4% Ibs; ".'.'.". Light hens ]. Old cocks, heavy ,.....].'.".' Ducks ...!'. Geese !!!!!' Merchants Quotations.' Eggs, in trade E £E S , cash . Butter, Plymouth . . . . . . ' ° Butter, Clear Lake ]'. Butter, 'State Brand ... Butter, dairy ....'.. Potatoes soc and 40c ..ISc ..lie ..lie .. 9c . .12c .. 7c . .20e ..ISc ..37c ..33c 30c a pecK · CHICAGO PRODUCE ,iTM CAG0 ' Uarcl V 19. WT--Butter 6,203firm: creamery eitras (82 score) 20c; slan- /fn o, (9 ° sc ° ro darlota ) 2Sc: extra finis (Ju-01 score) 28@281$c; firsts (88-89 score) 26w@27c; seconds (88-37 score) zuitfSfc! £.ggs 1B.725: easy; extra firsts 20c- fresh graded: ant,. ISSMOci ordinary firsts'l7TM lacked firsts 21c; storage paci NEW YORIC. March 19. (,W--AcUve buy- Ll," t n " raber ot specialty stocks eave a oday! back S roU! "i to trading on the curb Encouraged by favorable news from Indus- ry, speculators for the advance switched rom the utilities to shares of manufacturing companies., Otis were steady to firm AcUvlty in Noranda Mines quickened Bharply. Aluminum of America ran up briskly. Driver Harris, Dresser "B" and Zonite improved moderately. Stulz, soft ycs- -terday. recovered. Douglas Aircraft made a · n u*Li? S 2. f f r the year - Ford "raited brot sliBhtly higher prices. Cities Service encountered (rood demand and several large blocks changed hands, sending the shares to within about a. point of their 1031 top. Standard of Indiana cx- . tended recent gains by a small margin. Ouier. petroleum issues were dull. Electric Bond and Share was slueglsh after an early. rise of a point, other utilities were considerably leas active than usual and their advance was harrow. Call money renewed on the curb at 2 per cent. HIDES Quotations Furnished by-Wolf Bros. 808 Fifth Street Southwest. Horse hides .§1.50-$2.00 Cured beef hides .: 4%e Green beef hides 3%o ,,,,,,, CHICAGO FOUI.TRY C TM, IOA ,?°', ' "1 r f * ^ '^-foultry-AHve, Bond Market FXOUR. MINNEAPOLIS, March 10. tm-- Flour unchanged. Shipments 23,844. Bran 18.50. Standard middlings *17.50@18. HAY MARKET. CHICAGO, March 19. un--Hay. 10 care unchanged.- NEW YORK SCQAR. NEW YORK. March 19. ,T-Raw sugar shcr at 3.30c. Raw futures at mlddny ^4^0 t °'* P °' nLa blgh " - Reflaei ' 'Inner NEW YORK. March 19. (.TT--The 'bond market was spotty today. Industrial obll- gallons were lower, public uuiity, foreign and railroad liens were barely steady ant stock privilege Issues were -the only grou to show gains. A definite slackening In demand appeare. for all classes of bonds. Sales during. Ui first two hours on the New ¥ork stook'ex change totaled 14,317,000 compared to 55. 755.000 yesterday. Laularo Nitrate 63 showed more than i point gain at one time. Baltimore and Ohio 4%8 made a good gain on limited sales General Theaters 6s, Internatluna . Telephone 4!-is and Texas corporation 5s made gco* sains. Warner.Pictures 6s dropped almost 2 points on a few sales. United States governments snowed strength but their volume was limited, the Liberty flnit 1VS being the most active. Most foreign loans were dull, with pricV changes narrow and mixed. German SM» rose on a good demand anrt Sao Paulo 7fl of D10 were active and steady. VORK rout/ray. l ' ^" Ch 1B ' '-"-Poultry- steady, unchanged. · --EEES-- KANSAS CITY PRODUCE. .KANSAS CITY, March 19. 01 ?5.10. Hens, 15@18c. ii.?"i? r ~2 : .u* aniery 33c: m lar «e quantities 32c. other produce unchanged. NEW YORK PRODUCE. NEW YORK, March 18. (M--Eggs 37 542- imsetlled. Mixed colors, regular pa cKed! Siii e v1? ecl * 1 tl " lv y ""' Quoted, extras 211i©22VJc; extra first 21@2iy C ; first 20 io??.!»?/ " econd J8®l°!4c; medium fir»ts 19Jf2DUc; storage packer!, closely selected ofX'Xi.?,?.''® 230 ' * xtra "«' 22*22V4c; firm · i n t f f Z l ^ c ; medium firsts 191i^?19^1c' nearby hennery brown, regular packed, ex- Iran 23r; extra first 2I!4e22!4c. Nearby and nearby western hennery wffiTes, closely selected extras 25®2flWc; do, ... . ilra 24c . rei|rl)y W hlte mediums 14,582; steady. Cheese 105,403; Butler NE1V yOKK POULTRY. ,"^ -I 0 1 }?- March «· "V-Poultry- HARRY OLSON IS SPEAKER BEFORE LUNCHEON CLUB Chicago Judge Addresses Kiwanians at Noon : Meeting. Emotional and mental defects were attributed by Judge Harry Olson, judge of the Chicago municipal court, aa causes for crime in an address Thursday noon before the Kiwanis cluh in Hotel Hanford He spoke of the crime condition in Chicago and cited examples which had come before him. ·a Judge Olson declared in connection with the crime situation in Chicago .that .there were many things wrong with the government. Some of these,- which he said were often minimized, have great importance He said^that the quality of state's attorneys in large part had been responsible for ineffectiveness of law enforcement. Several instances of inefficient and corrupt prosecutors were cited by Judge Olson, showing how it had been possible in Chicago for these men to get into office. Caliber Is Ixnver. · .. Since the direct primary he said the quality of judges in courts had greatly suffered. He said that these men, on whom so much hinges, were not of the caliber of those formerlv placed in office. . Judge Olson pointed out how corruption had crept into the city elections. No longer are the party interests at the polls deepened. This is particularly true in the river wards Several cases were cited by Judge Olson to show how-emotional defects,-not understood until recently by scientists, were causes for criminate* actions. His statements carried truth which greatly, impressed members of the Kiwanis club. He said that he believed that eugenics is a vitally important study and that sterilization, already inaugurated in several states, would be a solution to eliminating the low mental types which breed and rebreed. Has Great Future. 3714 4214 11811 Cerro de Pasco 27!£ Ones O ,n i" Chic Ot W Chic Gt W pf C N W . C R 1 p Chrysler ·· Coca Cula Col Fuel a I Cot O 15 Col Grapho Co ml Solv Comwlth So Congoleum Con sol Gas Cont' Can Contl Ins Cohll Mot Corn Prod Cudahy curUss Wr Deere pf; Drug Inc r Du Pont ' Eastman El Pow I, Eng Pub Ser Erie Flsk ' Fox Film A Freeport Tex Genl El Gen Foods Gen Motors Geh Pub Ser Gillette Gob el Gold Dust Goodrich Goodyear IJrah Paige Granby Gr No Ry pf Gt No I ore ct Gt W Sugar Grig Grtm 3ahn rTartman B Houston ludsan lupp III Cent nd Jtef nt ' Comb Eng ntl Har Int Nick Can I T T Johns Manv K C So Kelvlnator 10 li 106% 59 tt 48 85 U 76 106;» 172 00 « 48 37 30 ft 53 5514 47!, 20% Mack Math Alkali May D S Maytag McK Rob Hex Sea OH Mid Cont Oil M K T Mo Pac Mont Ward Morrell' Mot Wheel Nash Nat Bis Nat C Reg A Nat Dairy Nat Pow I Nat Tea N Y Central NY NH t H Nor W No Am -No Pac Oliver F Otis St Pac G E Packard Para Pub Patho ';« PentcK Ford 6;V Penn ·i'A Phil Pet ' Pills Fi Proc Gam Pub Ser N J Pullman Radio Rad K O Reading ' Rem Rand Reo 195 121 vl 7314 2** ISO 206"* a 721» 12 24 ' 65 U 75 »i 2S-; zs v: Rep S(.l Key Tob B 4114 26V, ·37K 17 ·12*1 1914 32 27 W 5314 18 T' 4014 · 82% 30H 48% . 42 23% 10914 8314 200 8714 4% 15 M 5314 44 S 57% 12 H 35 70 04 y, 52 V4 25^ 23% 70 15 8-H 23 W Roy Dutch Et L. San I? · Sears R Shell U Simmons Sinclair Skclly So Pac So Pr Sug So Rail Stand BrUs St G E st on cai st on N j st on N y Stew Warn Stone Web Stude Superior Oil Tex Corp Tex Gulf Sul Tim Roll B Union Garb Un Pac Unit Alrc Unit Clg Unit Corp U S In* Ala U S Rub U S smelt U S steel Ut P 4 Lgt A S O W 55 H 23 12 75 4 30 57% 19',1 33 7914 3914 15 K Vanadium Ward Bi Warn Fix W Mary West Un West Air WesfE Willys Ov Woolworth Wriglcy Veil Tr Young S BST4 A 20 13% 33814 35 Mfg SOX 7% 65 It 14 20 W CHICAGO" STOCKS" CHICAGO, March 19. I By The Associated Press. Creamery 79% Midi Unit pfd Nat stand N W Bane Quaker Oats Std Dredging Stelnlte Swift Co Swift Intl Beat _.. Cen Pub Ser A 1914 Cities Service 10-}i Cont chic ctfs OH Gr Lakes Alrc 416 GrigBby-Grunow 5M Insull ut Inv 45 "A Kc!l Snitch 65i Llbby McNeil 12 4IEJ Household 5W M-W Utll 24 K M-W Ut 6 pfd 100 Unit Gas O S Gypsum Utll Ind Zenith 40 y. 34 32% 159 29 V4 39 SUPPLEMENTARY LIST OF STOCK QUOTATIONS Supplied by DAMSON BROTHERS AJO1 CO Mason City Office in Bagley- Beck Building. Telephone No 7 In the District Court of the State of Iowa In and for Cerro Gnrdo County, April Term 1931. Equity No Wesley A. Dullam and Wallace W. Kinyon, Administrators, with will annexed, of the Estate of George W, Dullam, Deceased, Plaintiffs, vs. Robert Hill and Jennie A. Hill, his wife, ---7 Storm, and Mrs. 5414 -: Storm, his wife, Storm Hill, a partnership, and the unknown heirs-at-law, devisees, grantees and surviving husbands and wives, if any, of 'each and all pf said flefendants who are deceased, including minor, insane and incompetent claimants, and unknown claimants of an interest in the West Half of the Southeast Quarter of Section 4, Township 95 North Range 21, West of the 5th P. M., Cerro Gordo County, Iowa, containing eighty acres more or less according to Government Survey, Defendants. To the Above Named Defendants: You and each of you are, hereby, notified that there is now on file in the office of the Clerk of the District Court of Cerro Gordo County, Iowa, the petition of plaintiffs, claiming and alleging that plaintiffs, as administrators, with will annexed, of the-Estate of George W. Dullam, deceased, ,are the absolute owners of the West Half of the Southeast Quarter of Section 4, Township- 95, North Range 21, West of the 5th P. M., Cerro Gordo County, Iowa, and praying that the title to said premises be quieted in them as against each and all of the defend ants .and unknown claimants an that you and each of you, the sai defendants and unknown claimant be barred and forever estoppe from having any claims, right o title to said premises, or any par thereof, adverse to the plaintiffs Tha.t said petition alleges tha any interest which the defendants Storm Hill, a partnership, -Storm and Mrs. Storm, hi wife, or, if deceased, their" assignees heirs-at-law, devisees, grantees an surviving husbands and wives, i any, claim to have in said abov described land, by virtue of th Sheriff's Deed, dated April 30, 1885 and on May 1, 1885 recorded in Book 33, page 210 of the deed re cords of Cerro Gordo County, Iowa was --.-veyed by Robert Hill ant Jennie A. Hill, his wife to George G. Woodford by quit claim deed dated January 11, 1887 and fitec for record February 4, 1887 in Book 3 *i page 159 of the deed of records of Cerro Gordo County, Iowa because all of the right, title and interest of the defendants. Storm Hill, a partnership, and -Storm and Mrs. Storm, his wife, had, prior to said April 30 1885, been conveyed and transferred to the said Robert Hill, and that Robert Hill, on said date, was the sole owner of- the partnership.^ Storm Hill; that the said George G. Woodford is one of the previous grantors in the chain of title down to these plaintiffs. For further particulars see petition now on file. And unless you appear thereto and defend before noon of the second day of the next term, being- the April Term, 1931, of said court, which commences at Mason City Iowa, . on the 13th day of April] 1931, default will be entered against you and judgment and decree rendered thereon. Dated this llth day of March A. D. 1931. RUSSELL E. OSTRUS, Attorney for Plaintiffs. 403 Equitable Bldg., Des Moines Iowa. 39% 3614 60 V, 7« 3814 13 9H, OS 13 52 K 20 U 8514 45 « 46 H 22% 20 « 4 7 M 24',; 52 li 5814 OS ISO 014 2411 ' trict Court of said County or the Clerk" of. said Court; and at 2 o'clock p. m. of the, day above mentioned, all persons Interested are hereby notified and^required to appear, and show cause, if any they have, why said instrument should not be pro- j bated and allowed as and for the last Will and Testament of said de- i Ceased. Dated at Mason City, lo'wa, March 10, 1931. S. H. MacPEAK, - Clerk of District Court. By--Margaret Rtley, Deputy. NOTICE OF THE APPOINTMENT OF EXECUTOR STATE OP IOWA, Cerro Gordo County, ss. No. 4057 NOTICE; is HEREBY GIVEN that the undersigned has been duly appointed and qualified as Executor of the estate of Jacob Nisaen, deceased, late of Cerro Gordo County. All persons indebted to said estate are requested to make immediate payment; and those having claims against the same will present them duly authenticated to tha undersigned for allowance, and file in the office of the Clerk o£ tbe-Dls- trict Court. · , FRANK NISSEN. Ralph S. Stanbery, Attorney. Dated March-10, - , ^ S. H. MacPeak, Clerk District Court By--Margaret Riley, Deputy. NOTICE OF THE APPOINTMENT OF EXECUTRIX AND EXECUTOR NEW YORK STOCKS P Co 11 Vi Indian Hef Ah P _ . Am Bank Note 58 Am Beet Sugar 4 Am Metal 21 TJ Am Ton lid Am Zc Ld Sm 7 Ar Co B ( H I ) ift Attsoc Dry Gda 28 !4 Baldwin Lo 27^4 BrlBsa M(g Co 22 ' B-B-collen Co 11 Best . Co 45% Burr Add Itach 2SK Butte Cop Zc 2 Calif Packing 44% Com Credit Coml Solvents Cont Motors Cont Oil Cream of Wht Cudnhy Pack Curtlss Wr pfd Davl Chemical 20 First Nail Sirs 54 Fislc Rubber General Mills 48 Hershey Ch Co 100 Hous Oil (new) 12 21 y t 20 4 i^ Q^ 33 48% 4 · Inland Steel 69 Kelvlnator Corp 151^ Lamhert Co 87 y. Liquid Carb Cp 53 £ Louisiana Oil 4 Mathleson Alk 2GV L McK Robb M?l Nev Cons Cop lu 14 N Y Air Brake 215, Otlg Steel 15 Pathe Exrhange 2i.Ji Plllsbury Flour 35% Pure Oil Co OVt Purity Bak Cp 53-ii Heading Co 76 Heo Grande Oil T Reo Motors 8 VL St Joseph Lead 26',j Schultc Re'Slrs 10 So Calif Edison S2V, Standard Brds 20^ Superior Oil 1$A Tobacco 'Prod 3 U S Real Im 3314 Vanadium G8":£ Western Union 138U Wrtgley Jr Co 7S-li NOTICE OF PROBATE OF WILL Corp NEW YORK CURD QUOTATIONS Am For P Co 29 H u d - B M 8 5^ Am Gas El 8114 Humble Oil 5014 Am Sup Paw 18% - Nat Pub Sor A 21% Ark Nat Grs A 574 Niag Hud Assoc G i B A 23 !4 No Am Avlat Can Marconi 314 ~ Cons Auto Mdse 3-16 Deforest Radio 6 Durant .Motor 2'/. Eislor El 5% El Bd ' Sh B914 Ford Mo of Can 28 Ford Mo of Eng 19 Fox Theaters A 5*i Hecla Mining ov t CHICAGO STOCKS Ml Mo Ind 2% Hor. O A Co 26 Se U n 3 d,* AU i°v, C co 2 2 0 4 8 -^ S t * Wire 13- Borg-War Corp 2911 Butler Bros 61i Cont Chic Corp B Cord Company 10% Ot I.aKes Alro 414 Grlgsby-Grunow 5=)4 Pennroad S O Ind S O Ky Trans Air T United Cas Un I, i P A Utll P 4 L Vacuum Oil 15. 7'A 33* 22'A S* 10 'A 32% '1314 55 'A In District Court, January Term, I93f. STATE OF IOWA, Cerro Gordo County, ss. No. 4071. To All Whom It May Concern: YOU ARE HEREBY NOTIFIED, That an instrument of writing purporting to be the last Will and Testament of » Joseph Hallock, deceased, dated Nov. 8, 1917, having been this day filed, opened and read, Monday, -the 13th . day of April, 1931, is fixed for hearing proof of same at the Court House in Mason City, Iowa, before the Dis- STATE OV IOWA, Cerro Gordo County,''ss. No. 4045 NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that the undersigned have been duly appointed and qualified as Executrix and Executor of the estate of Andrew Overbeck, deceased, late of Cerro Gordo County. All persons indebted to said estate are requested to make immediate payment; and those having claims against the same will present them duly authenticated to the undersigned for allowance, and file in the office of the Clerk of the District Court. ELLEN OVERBECK and OSCAR OVERBECK. Hugh H. Shepard, Attorney. Dated March 10, 1931. S. H. MacPeak, Clerk District Court By--Margaret Riiey, Deputy. CLOSING BOND QUOTATIONS NEW YORK. March IB. LI)--United States government bond's closed: Liberty 314s 101.25. First 4 K s 102.2G. -Fourth 4!4s 103.27. Treasury 4Vis 112.7. Comes From Ceylon. WODEN--Mr. and Mrs. Neal, Bode of Ceylon, Minn., visited- the home of Mr. B ode's brother, H. Bode and family. ****** Ni Konjola Wiite Real Victory. .. j matter how stubborn ehe ailment/ Koajola, the new medicine, continues to win amazing victoria. Read the eipcriencc of Mr. William A. Rich. Kds.ZO 0«lc. ley itreet, Eail Providence, R. I., · wKo saicf: . "ji^sras on the far moathi because ot s t o m a c h , trouble. N o mediciae help, ed me unrill I tried fCoDJolft, In juft four weelcs this medicine put me in excellent condition, gave n wonderful appetite and lolored my. health. I hope others hy Kenjola." Demand Konjola And. Gel It; Don't' Be Switched To A Subititute. Huxtable Drug Store 110 South Federal Ave. Walgreen Drug 26 li Nat Leather Nat Stand 3-1 ft Quaker Oats 159 U S Gypaum 47% Utll Ind Corp 814, U-S Rad Tele 31U MINNEAPOLIS STOCK "* MINNEAPOLIS CASH SALES Flax 15214 to 15814 IN THE MATTER OP JOINT DRAINAGE DISTRICT NO 6 FLOYD COUNTY, IOWA AND NO. 56, CERRO GORDO COUNTY, IOWA. NOTICE OF HEAIUNG ON RECHASSIFICATION FOB APPORTION \ MENT AND ASSESSMENT^ OF BENEFITS^ ' To the following named .persons, and to_all others whom it may concern, includinff the actual occupants of the following described lands- You are further .notified that the Boards of Supervisors of Floyd and Cerro Gordo Counttes, Iowa, have found and determined that the original assessment as levied in said Joint Drainage District No. 6 Floyd Countv Iowa, and No. 56 Cerro Gordo County, Iowa, was not sufficient^ pay the" ongnnal cost of construction of said Drainage Improvement anT rht ^ e f^L^ 0 f d3 j^ d r h -^ e %*!?-"* vsasfttit Gordo Iowa, did not designate separately the that there are many things wrong with the present law enforcement activities in Chicago, he said that the city has a great future and is destined to become one of the greatest and most beautiful cities in the world. Because of the large population, he stressed, It is impossible for tha citizens to know the type of men they are putting up for office. He said that it was essential for the highest type of man, with good mental, emotional and moral qualities, to hold the positions of leadership. Arlene Bentz played a bassoon' solo accompanied by Dorothy Bamber. Morgan McEnany was taken Engineer, and W. H. Skene of Cerro Gordo CoSSty and T G SEft i Mo»^^^ within said Drainage Improvement, and that said . Iowa, of said ^classification and additional additional as- ASSESSMENT . Sec. 12, Twp. 86, R ge . 19 $ 32 . 2l MoodV| C i if f ord D . Moody . and Luella A. Moody NWVi SE'^ Sec. 12, l\vp. 96, Rge. i8 scssment are shown by the following table- "WNEKS DESCRIPTION ,, A , MAIN NO. 1 C. A. Moody, Earl C. Moody, Clifford D. Moody and Luella A. Moody

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