Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa on February 17, 1944 · Page 12
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Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa · Page 12

Mason City, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, February 17, 1944
Page 12
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12 Thursday, Feb. W, 1944 MASON city GLOBE-GAZETTE KILLS MAN AT POLICE STATION Strikes Confessed Attacker of Daughter Shelbyville, I lid., U,PJ--Hoy Zeigler, 35, who struck and killed ·the confessed attacker of his 12 year old daughter in a, fit of rage at police headquarters Wednesday night, was held Thursday on charges of manslaughter. Police Chief Charles Goebel said Zeigler admitted striking his daughter's a s s a i l a n t , Charles Smith, in the temple with his fist , while officers grilled another suspect in an adjacent room. Smith, an odd-jobs man, was arrested and taken to police head- Quarters after the Zeigler girl ran crying to her home and said she had been raped by 2 men in Smith's shack while returning from school, Goehel said. Smith confessed his part in the crime, the police chief added, and implicated a younger man whose name was not revealed. While police were questioning him, Goebel said, they left Smith in an adjacent room alone with Zeigler, a bread truck driver. When they returned, Smith was dead on the floor. Goebel said Zeigler admitted striking Smith and offered no resistance when they arrested him. Gas Saves Safes Kansas City, Mo., (U.PJ--Dale C. Lucas recently went to work at his realty company office with tearf in his eyes--but he was happy When Lucas arrived at the office he found ( it filled with tear, gas He previously .had attached tear gas tubes to the combinations .on his two safes; and when thieves attempted to break the locks during the night, the gas was released The burglars fled without waiting to open the safe doors. ENDS S-YEAR SIEGE OF CONSTIPATION! "Now as Regular as Anyone!" Says H. C. Durand Here's a sincere, unsolicited letter every disappointed "doser" will ·want to read: "I'm 82 years old, and'tave been constipated over 5 years, going as much an 5 days without a · movement. Pills and laxatives would relieve me only for IJie day I took them. Next day I'd be as bad as c«r. TJirn I tried KEIXOGG'S ALL- BRAN. Am now on my second fcox, and as resnlar aa anyone could want, thanks to regular use of your tronderful ttoductl" Mr. H. C. Durand. 221 N. Columbus Ave tteeport. Lose Island. N. Y. Sounds like "magic," doesn't it? Yet KELLOGG'S ALL-BRAN really con; and does, get at a common cause of constipation--lack of certain dietary "cellulosic" elements! That's because it is brie of Nature's most effective sources of these elements--which help the friendly colome flora fluff up and prep are the eolojiic wastes for easy. natural elimination. KELLOGG'S ALL-BEAN is not a purgative! Doesn't -work by "sweeping out" I It is simply a gentle-acting, "regulating" food! If your constipation is of this type.eatKELLOGG'S ALL-BEAN or several ALL-BRAN muffins daily. Drink plenty of water. See if you don't find welcome relief! Insist on genuine ALL-BKAN,'mmle only by Kellogg's in Battle Creek. Airmen Edit Daily Paper n Solomons Headquarters, 13th Air Force, South Pacific, (U,R--The 13th AAF aily Beacon, .a 6-page mimeo- raphed newspaper distributed mong- 13th AAF p e r s o n n e l hroughout the Solomons, has be- ome one of the fastest growing ewspapers in the South Pacific. Restricted by lack of space, The eeon's editor, Sgt. M. H. Wilams, former white house corres- ondent in Washington, D. C., is onfined to 250 copies daily, but SERVICE WITH A SMILE--A dream? -No, it's real, a soldier's dream come true--breakfast in bed in the army. It all happened at Camp Campbell, Ky., when Capt. Kenneth F. Maxwell, Jr., CO of Company B, 20th Tank Battalion, Armored Division, decided that something special should be done as a result of the unit's fine showing in gunnery contests. So on-Sunday the entire company was served breakfast in bed. Above, Sgt. Charles Micklick, of Pittsburgh, Pa., gets the meal. Patting the pillow into place is S/Sgt. Michael Spinella, of Mt. Pleasant, Pa., and service with a smile is supplied by T/5 Arthur Lavoie, St. Albans, Vt. Milk Ration in England Is 2 Pints Weekly, Says Letter Woman in City of 9,000 Hasn't Had Shell Egg for-Months Even persons living outside the larger cities in England are rigidly rationed on food, according to a letter received by Mrs. F. A. Cahalan, Rockwell, from a woman in Lichfield, Staffordshire, England. Lichfield had a population of 9,000 before the war. The writer, Mrs. Irene F. Inge, got in touch with Mrs. Cahalan as the result of the radio program, "TransAtlantic Call," broadcast by the Columbia Broadcasting system by short wave to England last fall. Mr. Cahalan was one of those taking- part in the program. "I wonder what sort of Christmas you had," queried Mrs. Inge in her letter. "Ours was the quietest I have known but we had plenty to eat. We had turkey, plum pudding (not so rich as usual, of course) and mince pies. "I have to start from one Christmas to the next collecting a little dried fruit. We.bave to give up points for them and they aren't very plentiful. We have 20 points a month for each ration book, and, as dried fruits are 12 points a pound, you can see that they don't go far. ' : · "Apart from our dried fruit we have to give up points for tinned food, porridge oats, cereals. A tin of first grade salmon takes 32 points! 1 wonder how your rations compare with ours. We have each week with each ration book: Z ounces butter, 4 ounces margarine, 2 ounces lard, ] 4 pound bacon, 3 ounces cheese, Y- pound sugar. ·'Housekeeping h a s b e c o m e quite an art. In spite of this we all look pretty fit. I saved enough sugar out of our ration to make 45 pounds of jam last year (we Out of the bandbox come enchanting head fantasies--hats of saturn straw alive with youth and suggesting that spring is just »7 AO around the corner. ...... I .*fO *EXCLUSIVE WITH US have a lot of fruit) and I haven't used a single saccharine since war started] I weigh out our allowance of sugar each Saturday and that has to last the week am the same with butter and margarine. "I make a pudding for lunch each day so, .as you can imagine I have to be careful with the fats We killed a pig about a month ago so I have about 6 pounds o decent lard which will last for a while. I get thrilled to bits over a bit of extra fat or a tin o furniture polish. It's funny hov values change, isn't it? "The milk ration of 2 pints a week is really the worst privation I think. In the country we fare fare rather better but even then we are very short. 'f haven't had a shell egg for months. We haven't any hens o our own because the feed allowance is so .poor, but I think we shall try Uiis year for some pal- ets. The dried eggs we receive m lease-1 e n d are an absolute God-send. "The meat ration is 1 shilling (about 25 cents) a person. This is /cry little. Pre-war we were usec :o.having large joints. We are no! fond'Of mixed up dishes but we have learned to eat and like al kinds of "strange dishes. "It is fortunate that we have such a large garden. We have ulenty of vegetables and ample fruit so that is a great help. We" always have our meals at home (with the exception of occasions when we visit Birmingham) so we-really live on our-rations. "You are quite right when yon say there is and has been a lo of suffering--the days of the 1940 and 1941 blitzes were something never to be forgotten. But NEVEI ONCE did I hear anyone say tha they thought we should be beaten or talk of giving in. The spirit o our people has been something o which I think we can be jostl; proud. We felt that God would not let troth be utterly lost, al thoueh how near we came to i 1 don't think we really realized at the time; "My husband is head warden for this area and I am post war den (I receive the phone call from the report centre.) In 2 months in the autumn of 1940 w received and sent'out 720 calls in connection with raids! We wer worn out with being up all nigh and working in the daytime. It i pretty horrid to hear the dron of hundreds of enemy plane overhead and wonder if a stray bomb is coming your way. "We used to watch Birmingham (about 25 miles southeast) burn ing from our windows and th house shook with the concussion of the explosions. We had severa hundred bombs fall within th tachfield rural area but fortu nately no one was killed. Th nearest, a 500 pounder, fell abou a mile away--'that shook us,' a they say in the E. A. F." Woman, 76, Says She' Ready to Be President Los Angeles, (U.W--Mrs. Dora E Goner, who has spent all her 7 years preparing to be president o the United States, Thursday de cided she was ready. Mrs. Goner, a household domes tic, filed declaration of candidac. for the republican nomination. Her motive is simple. "I want the president's job bet ter done," she said. "I can do i better." Her lack ofprevious po litical experience is no handicap she added. Loses Eye Injured in Blast of Dynamite Cap Nashua--Edward K. Stille, wh has been at the University hospi tal in Iowa City for several week receiving treatment for an injur to his eye caused by the explosio o£ a dynamite cap, underwen an operation Tuesday for Ihe re moval of the eye. Buy War Savings Bonds an Stamps from your Globc-Gazctt carrier boy. expects to hit 600 or better soon. Copies of the Beacon-are flown to the various 13th bases. War, political and sports news is obtained from short-wave' broadcasts each night Williams and Sgt. Joe Henchel, New Haven, Conn., managing editor, edit it, write headlines and type out the (i stencils. Pvt. F. R. Olson, Grand Rapids, Minn., and M. P. Lee, Princess Ann, Md., turn out the paper on their "beaten old mimeograph." Henschel formerly worked for the New Haven Union. Williams covered the white house for 3 years for the Memphis, Tenn., "Democrat" and the "Daily Metal Trade" and the "Steel Magazine," published in Cleveland. The paper is supervised by Maj. J. L. Larson, Dubuque, Iowa, spe- cial" service officer for the 13th AAF. COLLIE BREEDER DIES New York, (/Pi-- Thomas F. Martin, 66, noted breeder of Collies and a former president of the Collie club of America, died Tuesday. A native of Council Bluffs, Iowa, he was a contractor and helped build a large part o£ New York's subway system. Active Octogenarian Newport Center, Vt., (UR--Establishing what is believed an all-time r e c o r d , octogenarian Wesley Regan cut by hand 50 140-pound ice cakes in an hour and three-quarters. After a hearty dinner, .he resumed his regular carpenter trade. Outdoors Writers to Discuss Conservation Columbus, Ohio, ( nation's most prominent outdoors writers and conservation officials will discuss America's ' postwar conservation-problems at the 15th annual meeting oE the Outdoors Writers Association of America here Feb. 21-23. The 3-day convention will consider the importance of conservation practices to the postwar period as well as the war effort, according to association president J. Hammand Brown, outdoor, editor of the Baltimore, Mdi, News Post. Convention speakers, he said, will include Gov. John \V. Bricker of Ohio and Louis B. Seltzer, ec tor of the Cleveland Press. Gc Ellis Arnail of Georgia also h been invited to attend in recogr tion of his; administration's pr gress in wildlife conservation. The Mohammedan people of Ii dia, numbering about 70,000,OC generally speak -one language- 1 Hindustani or Urdu.- 1 DONT JUST ASKS FOR ASPIRII --always ask by name for.St. Joae( Aspirin. You can't buy aspirin th! can do more fpr'ybu. There's no; faster, noae surer, none more depen able. And it's the world's largest Bell at tea cents. 36 tablets, 20?; 100 f 25f. Get genuine St. Joseph Aspiri The Tooth Brush Sealed in Glass 101 SOUTH FEDERAL AYE. QUANTITIES- ;··' Check Your Needs SALE! SHAVE CREAM Tube -rs) or Jar u WfllDORT TISSUE I0 c SWEETHEART HILL'S TABLETS MINERAL OIL Heavy, White -- Pint (Limit l) D CAMAY SOAP fi c Complexion Aid (Limit 2) ....... . . . , V MAR-O-OIL co r ess Sh *ft*V Sdap/ess Shampoo (Limit 1} D HINKLE PILLS Laxative--Bottle of WO (Limit 1). Modern, Clear Glass WHISTLING TEA KETTLE Whistles when "I 39 water boils.. . 1--. Twp-quart capacity. 20% tax Explained!. NEW INCOME TAX GUIDE Answers 750 JTA/i (ax questions. .Ov" With sample returns. D PEROXIDE fi c of Hydrogen--4-oz. (Limit 1) H 125SERUTAN 7Q C Vegetable Laxative (Limit 1) · V D BUBBLE BATH Q c 3 Fragrances-ll-oz. Pkg. (Limit 2) Victory Gardeners'. VEGETABLE SEED SALE So Simple You Do H Yourself.' "CHARM-HURL" PERMANENT KIT For beautiful, C f c * lasting curls. Complete kit.. solution, wave set, shampoo and 40 curlers. EPSOM SALT for Bathing -- Pound (Limit ;) All 22 "B" Factors D 152 ANUSOL 07 C V · BEZON B COMPLEX Suppositories-- Bo\of 12 (Limi VWtofe natural; |9g I-- - PAPER TOWELS Or ' 00 Sheet Roll (Limit 2) ......... . W v 30-day supply . STAMS Toblels 8 VITAMINS 9 MINERALS 1.35 PINKHAM Veq. Comp Diet supple- 1 CO 1-- nlnfsen F o f t * SB BABY PANTS Wet proof CARTOSE Liquid 108 Q-TIPS 100 A D TABLETS o;,,,^,, 79c ABDOL CAPSULES ABDC, 25 tor. 89c 100 AY-TOL CAPS x*t^ ABDG..II! UPJOHN UNICAPS ABCDG.W, 1» 50 Bi TABLETS oiaiscn--im...29c PENDRON CAPSULES £o«; e of so..$3 72 GROVFS ABD capsu/e, 1 mmmmmmm* D SO Book Matches Q c MIJ.brD.O.ini, I Son, Co. (Limit 2 carlonj) V Complete, Unabridged POCKET-BOOK BEST SELLERS Wide selection «r of new tHIes.. /,«|C It's thrifty reading! No Pins, Pods, Belts'. TAMPAX-NOW IN 3 SIZES New wmffary OQ* protection.... £w« Purse-size box of 10 D BORIC ACID Powder or Crystals--4-oz. (Limit ;) I HAND CKEAM-Half oPound.' DAGGETT AND RAMSDELL BUT New economical ^V giant-size for I A soothing cream that helps keep busy hands soft, smooth. Dent's HoldplateiQc Plus C/eanp/afe Free.' Both... «W [] 60c DRENE Shampoo SCHOOL PENCILS ISc TOOTH BRUSH 25c Glass Rolling Pin SANITARY SOAP BOX Fill w r » h . c e -- Keep Food Fresh . 125 FT. ROLL · WAXED PAPER · With coupon *M at Walgreen's. . f^C Cutter-box (Limit D I I r s3 S^ ; ^fe^!^^3i^^

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