The Evening Post from New York, New York on May 14, 1818 · Page 3
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The Evening Post from New York, New York · Page 3

New York, New York
Issue Date:
Thursday, May 14, 1818
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.. . - jGOt - JI WW ud 't Wf cuo. M 1 1 cue bt, "JJZS0N & vfoOLLEY, . . . , - . 75 WaH - .treet. 14 i r M. - ,, ijaL3. 60 hbds irfolanies, for tale bT CLARK, MOORE CO. 7. . ,41 South - street. Jf..B . im Water - street. T ' , . itWihw - fr Ultma. Cloths, lie. mE subscriber Has receivea per I ' . i.. i sv i,. - ir rinru. assorted. IHE subscriber has received per Venus, n iMnk ht Wotock rloves, assort ed. ' A .irOM " - ' ... . 1 cat Shepherd' best YVwt ol England black and blue broad ciotni aua cassimerei 1 trunk Oottoo huee 100 docea Rowland' genuine Afacaisar oil, and A lot of lead pencils. CEO. M. WILSON, m,14 128 Wat - r - t. TO ior Wh.te India Sunn, lining W Z 'a ,;,ii . M - h - nfnre. IftiKiiiW (hit morning, from !nop Fulton, at Bailiag - lip, tun or eleven thousand square foe! in a rectangu - fbr lale b G. G M 6 HOWLAND, J lar figure of equal or unequal tides, a may be i.f I.: tn - mtrt . I i i .l.,l I...!.. a Vr - L . Of MIHJIfciwrw uoocn, ny "w oaif vouwiv v' Aleo. WritmK and WrkppinR PP'. ofJffer. cnt qualities euullea w may 14 ' f nSE .ahcribe,"6er. fur Uk; 43 patkap. l .j. mA ui I oflrishLinea Goods, imported per snip n..Kii. Pu - kuL mi other late arrivals irun Dublin, c mpriins; a good assortment of 4 - 4 and 7 8 Linens, low priced Do Mklltog and Fine 9 - 8, 5 - 4, and 8 - 4 Sheetings S 4, 7 - 4,8 - 4, MM Diaper anrTDamask 3 - 4 Bao Holland ap! 1 H Ort ghtdas 3.4 .nd7 8 l.inen Bed Tick 4 a r'.illno Check All ofwhwh he will dispose of on liberal terms. my 14 8w . T t Alt' A hU l 10 punclieons lauding a f Pier No. 8, for sale hy a, - 14 UIVIE BETHUNF. I CO. in ANTON CRAPES ti AiNKtEJtb Jca - s ms h!Kn co:'a oanioa vrspes 5 do Crunsosi do 3 do lire re Einchews, 3 do black hdkfs. 1 do changeable Snrsn.ts 1 H.. Cross Barred Ililkfs J000 ps. blue Noukeeos, with debenture, land ing and lor saie ny ma? 14 J. OBORN, 28 Smith - street. OTToN. - oO bales of prinie I'pUnd Col KJ ton on, received per sloop Mercy. fromSavau' nab, and for sa'e by JOILN KELLY, 149 Pearl streeL ' my 14 I w inCYTi.tS. - 33 dozea. lor sale hv C J. D'WOLF.Jr ny 14 54 South - street. fC JtRJXJJY. 3 Pipe French brandy, just received and tor ale by GEO. YV. TALBOT, may 14 55 Pine - tt. TEA, Jcc 200 chests hyson skin tea, Pacific' cargo, entitled to debenture 16 chtsts hyson skin tea, londoo 1 rader's 10 whole, 15 half and 30 quarter chests bo - bea tea, Trumbull's cargo SO WDs and hbds Cranston's tin 4 do cognac braudy, Amiable Matilda's cargo ,ifl boxes castile soap ... ' 3 cases sistersoys, 13 hbds copperas 1 Im Palr - ntta run n , Marline, twine and Bustard seed, for sale cy may 14 5 Pine - st. - . LOMJOM COA - S. JUST opened, and for le at S3 J ha - slreet, a trunk of very ek - ant Dress and frock Coat, among which if one Extra Trimmed Blue Co. boOTr. my 14 aw A M1GUA .iU(.Ao8L. - 611 lihds new crop X.a Antigua wiolasses, ol the iry hest qunlity, landing from scbr. Ores, at fir So P. and lor . - I.I T I If L' L' LI ... tl'ttir. aic uj I vvftEin it iv iitj. my 14 g9.rWh - reet. GR 'CKKlr. Wltrtn. 0XDK.KIKNK, jun. 191 Fi - nt - st V V corner of FiiHoa - etreet, has "n hand VVmes i Liquor , un draught and in tviitl, s Frtsh Teas, oi - df'i and American P.rtr Spanish 8 - gaia, ': ''shk American Cheese CoffiM. 4t)S. - t s tic. t Together with . assortment of G'e - ries. of the best ounn. - . Families supplied and SHIP STORES put up at the 'lortesl rit. Alw for .ale m' above, a constant npply cT GUMPOWDER, of.pproved qnil.ties. idt 14 lw t.i.Mi.ljVl (. (rLA S6 . T Jl C'C hJ - V. I a rflUEatlentiotrif the trade, as we aprirat,ouih forty four chain nnd ninety six links to (lie utaiuiee, nrc parutuiany 'nvn - u 10 it a 11 - 1 AG 6 k COOPER'S sale at Kirk k Merreiu's, vaii.trt, to - morrosr at 10 o'clock. They will positively sail 4 large amount of an entire iBvoire ol best London cut glass, counting of fS5 - 6 18 lv , , .Tr T"7,'rlTr?,."' - suoui'XLKji taUiUVI nUl tUl UCfJtUliar?. Win J I M 12 rows of diamonds; tumblers and wines - . 1 fOmatCtlt on Srt IU 1 rnlonr ami rraul, wr I best plated castor and candlesticks, all with ail - Ity Ver edges; French time pieces; China plates and tea set 1 2 elegant chandeliers, hall lamps, yiait a cooee nrns. &e .c . . ' Also, a variel nf n.U... r.. l I boards, dining and card tables, soflU, hncy and r - J - i'.iii.iu, maoogaay cnairs, carpeUng, 2 piioo lories, 40 framed prints, lie. Ire. Ice. Also, 1 fine gold chas'd work pattent lever waicn, van exira jeweit, warranted. N. B. The goods are now ready for examiua m,v '4 H jiS I t - . I J. Two of three rooms, furnished, with ih ncepuoQ 01 oed c. or a sm ilHlosnc, n. tweeu t a.d ten mile of tlie city. A line addressed jo W. mentioning situation and term, wh" li must e moderate, wiil be attended to. my 14 it . COPARTNERSHIP. AHTHONY W. TRAPPA.X, ofthe late firm of N. amirh Davies ft Co. having Ultra lh - SoP'fJneKl'ip hi brother NICHOLAS V. 1RAPPAN, will conduct tlie perfume aod fau - j nmn unueruie Drmol Anthony W. Trail JCo. at the (tore lately occupied by .X ftsiUi Oaviei&Co. No. 136 Broadway. Hew ork, May 1st, 1818. ANTHONY W. TRAPPAN, iu . 'CHOLASD.TRAPPAN. IT ANTItnit V W I'D . bill r - r .r Jtiale the following'iirticles t Perfumes and in great varieties ; reyloo, mtsk, aby "'i, almond, Rigges transparent, palm, verni alpine, violet aud other soaps ; Englis. - iwuen, nrusnes, a rompleat assortmeut n k;rf. ji. - J. 1 j - one box - a, dressing and ihavitif case, amu .. ..uub turn, vuimi. Hum innMy.i 1 . . I wnainents. pocket books, purse, siiavii.s kaives scissors and mors warnnt. J naicule clasp and bogs, boot hooks, net ""ases; 1 rice work box, pencil easel, sea :i. u!!,',or Wops pomaluai. opiate (for t. i ' bear' crease, sbavinsr bruthe. r n.T i representing Perry aad ltrati, mioia - te trame maltee bo t tons, tbimbres, po, kel 2.! - ?rabte "k, salts of lemon, Britaoiia tooth 1 motintea totn pick case aad trib. ""","Soe wrer 101 an excellent qua - l.fl' VentiJnc coral powder, aid a tk. 1. ZVT of other article, a!) of which are or fmw, 1 l0.00 hand aa assortiBMat of pef I SfbKA ' 01 weir owa R a! .Tofd eaom. owa Baaulacforc, an 01 Xio, ?' boo sold aod saade by us hav oi - r fT r.tPP plate A great di - dorboe . - - . . . I ted vl A ner jfour I is,c" I 01 lie one ned 1 tne 'be !o Y" V.J be 4WU llth, Ufy dnw 58 ' from e Purcbaaera, who will bod it k. wWerrttocaJlaabo. nrUt tf. JAMAICA COFFEE - :0 i - erc j real f.M quality grew Jamaica Cutf! - '.', f., r !.'.;, landing from the chr i;ir - m.Vn, ii,rj '.,r i - by TUCKER, c l.AL'KU.t, my M WSooii - KtHt. TRY HIDES & COFr EE. 600 dry, h..!., average weigne i ms. eaco 200 elo Jo 19 do 200 do do 24 do . Htf - Ml nmcK?, may 14 37 Baver - t. TJ ,o.o I May 12. 1JJI0. nrHITFCTS of scienc asi.1 XX arc inviteJ to exhibit to the Board of Di rector en, or Lcfore the 1 t day of August nut, appropriate dwigus and elevations Tor a Baukhg Home to be erected on the scite pcrcha;cd lor that purpose, bounded oo the north by Cbetnut, and on the south by Library - streets, containing I k ..( r'ltll and hl'V MIA lout ,.. M. . . I 1 . ....... .lh.I 7" i . Y h' "" Theground plan will include an area of about um Mldll'm w mo iilii'liul kf I awECUieill. inc building will be fa' ed with ninrble, and have a portico on each front, resting upon a ba count or plaUorm ol sucli altitude a wdl combine con venience ol ascent with due proportion and effect. In this edifice, the directors aredesiroui of ex hibiting H chaste imitation of Grecian architec tur it, iu , .u.plet and leart expensive form Five hundred dnllHn will be nniil fart ha Five hundred dollars wdl be paid for that de ira which rhall be approved, and two hundred dollar. lor the next bent specimen. Uj order of the board of director, JON A. SMITH, Cashier. may 14 SawtlA WAX It LI, sevt - rl young hi ap prentices to the' .MANTUA.VIAK1NG - UUslNESS. Enquire of ..1 MISS MARSHALL, my 14 tf No. 7 CVdar - ttreet HltKb Gemlemen can be accommodated with senerute furnished rooms, break - fait and tea, in a most delightful and healthy situation. Pc.ite to apply at 260 Bowery. mav 14 lw" BY recent arrivals, VV. B. GILLEY, No Si Broadway, oppuskte Trinity Church - yard, has received among other valuaiiie Bonks - Ainswotrb's Uicuouary, by Mornlii, 1 vol. 4to do do by Curey, 1 voi. 4to Hederico.sGretK Lexicon hchleii'U.T'i Lexicon iu .Novum Test amentum Parkburst's Greek Lexicon Do Hebrew do Frey's do do Cruden's Concordance Adam's Roman Antiquities Simpson's Fuclid, (Cu' edition) Ferguson's Lectures 3 vo! Ilistorv ol ai'tt. t.v flump, tmollet. and t - di'iptiell, 10 vols v. Kollin's Utile's l.r itres Keith's PhytioloKici BMany, 2 vols. Oro. Boston's Body of Divini'y, 3 vo'. M'l.ean'((of Kdin .rt) Vvorkr, 6 vols. Tyler's History - i Q.h. n 'lary. ? vols. Durham on the lUii - mlion, 2 tols. Romein's Works. 6 vt.'s. Trail's Works, 6 vo!. Bellamy's J rue lu lisi;n biuipsoii's Plea for Uelij;ion Hurd on the Prophtcics Shephrd on the parable ( the ten Virpins Th Marrow of Modern Diviuitv, by E. Fish' er, with PMuby Boston Kaynoi's lust. 01 me and w. indies, b vols, nay 14 IN CHANCEHY STATE OF Jf KW YORK. (S. IN pur 1 blect rsuanre of a decretal order of this honora - court, bearing date the sixteenth day ol October lnt,will be eld at public auction, - at the 1 online soiiee tinuie. in tne citv 01 ctew - vorii. under the diruetiou oi'thesuhscnlwr, as one oft tit masters c.f this curt, on Vi'tdnttdau the ttw.ntli any ff Jiinu.vy text, at twe've o'cioru, at noon II mat cortiin lot, tract or parcel or land, si ma ted in tie cuiitv of Delaware, in the state of New - YorH, - n in Evans' Patent, and known by rent lot thirty lour, and bounded as lolltiwa : lie ginniny t a stake und heap of stones near a beech ire., marked No. 34 and 01 twine the northeast comer ol lot thirty seven ; thence alone the nortli iiount tl. - reor south eietitr nine dturees, west tine hundred and twenty tight chains and ninety nx links to a ru - ech tree uiarKed .No. j.s and 34 'eine the southeast corner ol lot (No 33.) uum her id irty three : theoqe aroug the east bounds thereof, north three decrees, east eighty mie and twenty links to a bee h tree marked o.31 and 34 1 thence alotur the south Itounds or .ot 1 mo. an numher thirtv one. nrui eienty nine degrees, east tlie distance of one hundred and four 1'ns, to a Make and heap of ; ,0,h fveijiaiu. and twenty four I bech tree marktwi No. 6 ; tiieme nirth thence inks ti. eighty nine ilpmees - eat twenty chains to fh well hrn.nd i.f In thirty fie : tliem almur the mme place Ol ocginniui; ; coiiiuiuiiir nuic imuuicu uiio ortv iiine acres aud three fourth of an acre land, with the appurtenant e. And also, all that certain other lot. tract, or parcel of land, situa in the county of Delaware, in the state of L .ot thiiTy and is bounded a & loi i - Beginninsj at a Hemlock tree mark V SW'U v, i&Uta ltB avi iip si "wi V T7 Al h h nnrthoaaf fr. of lot No. (40) number forty ; thenr almtv the nnrlk IiaiiiuIi lhirnr. anulh. eiph nine decreet, west one hundred and thirty chains and ten links to a beech capling marked No. 36 & 37 ; thence north three ie - iij ngui uwh - vu i - ...... ...J . . . . I .... I I. L. 1. wini 'wri rouuu n . iiirw - c u un uwram lot thirty fnurnoitn eighty nii.e derren, east Tie condred and thirty chains to a Dirrn iree inirked tinny seven and thirl v - enrht ; thence on west bouuds ol lot thiity - eight, south seventr - tigni cnatns loine place 01 oeginning, coniaioing uiousand and twenty - lour acres and one iourui 01 an acre 01 1 ana wiui ine appunconacn. waiea, jvcemner x, iti7. JAMta A. HAMIL.1U, Dec 3 law4tdts Master in Chancery. Ity The sale ofthe above prot erty Is posipo to the eighteenth day of February next at the same oour aod place. Dated Jan. 7. 1010. JAAlt.3 A. HA.niMUi, Jsu 7 2awt .Master in Chancery. The sale of the above nroDertv is potponed to ixtD day or May next, at the same nour anu place, uaied r eh. ih, IHI'I. JAMES A. IIAMllrun, f'h 18 lawtds Master in Chancery. The sale of the aliove prnpertr is postponed to 23d dty ol June next, at tlie same hour and place. Dated May 12, 1818. jA.Mt? A run, my 14 lawtds Master in Chancery O.VE THOUSAND DOLLARS THE first drawn on the 31 drawing of the Gre - n I Slat - Lot'erv. tht alternoon, at 4o' lock, wili t entitled to 101) dollar ; and the - tune - id entnrer at GiltCIK'S, 146 Broad - war, wih tefetvf th amo'ntimmediHti. - lyon an - ph:tkn at Lieir office, where a lew of these wn, ,.ieir oiiM - e, wnere a ... "iu.'i re uianoes 1 are yet fo be obtained. my 14 RICH r PLKNDID PRIZES rtRASh ROAD LiTT!".RV. now drawinc, 'fhij aftcrno. rt. Bui drmvn mimher will entitled to 1000 Doilm. On l.e 5th dsv d"'ls. On ti 7th. I0"0 d'.I.s. Uo the 35000 Jolls. On li.? 15 h. 70000 dobs to obt uned at WAIT PS Trulv fortunate L01 and Exchr ag. - OnVe, No. 54 Maiden - lane. 7 sti - 'tinf , wiii ;ir - base a 16th. whirfc may 475 dollar. 34 w illing. 8750 dollnr shiilir.rt. 17S00 dollars 1 7 dollars. 35.U00 34ioi)it. 70000 dollar. Al! r. - ken told at Write' will be paid at may 14 COFFEE Ik RU.K - 10 tierce srreea Jamai 1 .t 41 1 proof Jamaica Rim. lanilimr achr. Clarendon, at pier Ho. 8. and for tale at my 11 TUCKER It LAL'RIFA l ir. For LIVERPOOL, v4lW The ship MART - ALMY, Pelf gM - iiiii my, matter ; her cargo bt ing nearl), all 'J' - wl, will meet unmtstiale dispatch. For i: - eij'jt of M) or I'iO bales cotton, or passage, t4vin; (food hi cnsiimodaliobs, apply on board at 'i'owiiwnd's whart, or to GRIaWOLDS L COATES, my 13 60 South - sU For. ISfTIGL A. The British brig AMELIA, captain Humphrevs. to rail about the I6tb wet. r ot passage ouly, apply to the master on board, at pier No. 13 east river, or to ROB T. GILLESPIE, 1 1t Front - street Who has for sale, Richmond tobacco, Caroline Rice Red aod white Port and Madeira wine St. Domingo, Havana and Jamaica coffee my 13 31 for K'SUtTlijY. (Jam) i 1 lie hne coppered British achooner (JL.AKKMXIN, J. G. Tuth. master ; will be despatched for Kingston, in 6 days. For freight or passage, apply on board at pier No. b, or to 1 LLKEK K. LAURIE - 1, may 13 29 South - street. The fast sailiogschi - ARIADiN'E, Pen dleton, master, now loading at t'me - st. whail, will sail tlie beginning of next week. For freight or passage, having handtome accommo - dalioiui, apply on board, or to GR1SWOLDS Si OATES, my 13 CG .Soutli - st. for HAVAXMH, The new substantial and fast sailing t - lonp uuiHiK I , U. U. Gtllett, maai ei ; hiving considerable freight engaged, wilt 'ail the 16th iitai For the remainder or passage, apply on board, at Ylurray s - wharf, or to 1HO. BARRON, my 13 4t 61 South - st. WuiNTtl) TO CUAK'ltH. A double - decked vessel, of about 2J0 ito 300 lous. Aprly to IjAAC F. ROE, mv'13 tf 98 Murmv'j wharf. FH h Hi H J 'for 1 1IA h LtSi OJV. 200 tons heavy freight for Charleston, .fpply to AXSOS G. FHELl i, . 183 Front - street. my 1 1 and fast sailii.g plefsure - bont is offered Im . - Kl upon reasonable terms, aj the preseut owner has 00 use lor her. She is a safe boat, be ing decked aud liavius two births in the cabin, Bud is about 26 feet lop?, and 81 - 2 feel wide. Any perron wishing to purchase a boat of this description, will please af ply to the subscriber, at tin. itone - yard, foot ol .Murray street, where uc mar De setn. ( my II lw ROBERT WILEY. For AXTH KUf The good fast sailing ship NGLLI - CA : has 3 - 4iiu of her cargo engaged. and will be dieiMtched in a few days. For freight or passage, havm; good accommodations, apply to N. L. &G. GRIVVOLI), my II 6 Aeuth - jt. tor Atte, ttitght or K - harlrr, A new pilot boat built 6CHOONFR, 150 loos burthen, built in a sum - rior manner of the be;t materials, sails fast, and may be sent to sea with small expence. Wpply to A". L. tc O. GtilSlVO D, my 1 1 8rJ .Soulh - st. VorVUBLLV, (lutendi 'I us a regular trader) - The substantial and fait sailing ship KlU., Nrwcomb, master, is now loading at Piue - treet wrmrf and will sail, weather permitting, on tbe I7lh insi - w tons of freight can be taken 'I applied lor by the Iz'h inst. and a tew more r&l.iii and steerage passeu.'ers ran be comfortably accommodated. Apply to the rapl'iiu on Hoard, or to J AVJh.S .M'tSRIDK, 82Liberty - st U ho has jut received by the Dublin Packet and Isabella, Irom Duhlui, 74 packages, cousin in - of 4 - 4 kuJ 7 - 8 bleached linens, 3 - 4 brown do 7 I! dioshoJas, 3 4 diapers, 5 - 4 Meeting. 4 - 4 & 5 - 4 cotton heckis 7 - 8 shirtingt, and 10 hhds su perior old clan t wine ; whi'.li, with his previous aworimtint of linens. lawns. Sic. Ice. are offered for sale on moderate termn. may 9 fur A' I VA yAlI, The stroll 'substantial ship GLOBE Devoll. master, will sail on Friday next, and take freight very low. pptv to 1'Ot I Si M'Kl E, may 9 56 South - hti eet. For AMSTL.'iD.iM, The ship SILENUS, O'Brien, master, will be di - patched delay for li eight of 50 tons apply at 67 oulh - sl. to my 8 OA li H ELE.NG & I E ItbON. sjAVASA SULK, i ALU , ti: - . LI 50 b ixe t.rown 50 baxe 'rown Havana Suar, entitled to drawback. 180 rercitis vuih American Tallow 54 box s Roll Brimstone, und 18 case 'I umhlen. - Landing and Or sale by JAM ts IP vtL.r , J onr. my 12 64 3. nth si reel. CRAfE llii.&.JLc. OIKRCEt MOK.SS have leceived, in addi I tioo to their former assortment, and are now offering for tale at their store, 179 Broud way. C'ol'd and black Nankio Crape, superior no pg'd ao ao luuaiiiy uo au uamassi ao very ricn, t ol'd and Black Canton Crape Elegant embroidered dresses ot Nankio lilk 4 4 Embroidered Crape Hdkfs. 8 - 4 and 9 4 do do bbawl Wt,ite aod black Leghorn Flats, from No. 30 11 au mymw llllNA sll.KS. 24 cases Canton and Man kin CruiHn, assorted colors 2 do. do. nil .scarlet ; 1 do. do. pink 9 da ctuuieeable bsr suets, iust received and for sale by 8AMUKL WILLIAMS, my 12 at IZ3 reari - street, MKD1UM PklNTl.VG PAPER. rlVEhundred reams Medium Printing Paper, JL manuiaciured at ihe 1 turd mverpapermiil Ai.SU, 100 ream coloured medium 20 do blotting dj 20 do writing demy. And 20 di wriiloc medium. All from the nunc mill - For sate, at reduced prices, by T.kJ.S ORDS, m" 13 I'M) rearl itreet. tlHOPHA ROMALS - i case red and yel low Pattern 3 cases Company do. for sale by may IS P. KKMSr.V k CO. 200 Boxes fresh Alediua Lemons, in prime order 50 boxes do do Orange Now landing sod for sale by my 13 f K'l ER KEV1SEN k CO.' t I.ULR. I bbls. luperiloe Hoar, aud 40 do. fin IOO auu X midUUoi;s laadiiisr from tloop neiu, anu lor uai oy BOOKMAN & JOHNSTON, my 13 67 Sooth - ktreet. 50. TLA U bUU.UtS Cheats hysoo skin tea, of a superior qun lity, and 32 bkg wai'.e Calcutta Mursrs, lart'littr Irom sloop rtuaijts, at Buriipg - slip, an J lor sale 67 WhiugUKi - str'.. oy 13 G. . ft S. HOWIwiND. UbKCti KU BAKK, bhds (iarrcit - ton Bark, landinr, for sale by GRISVN OLDS U COATZS, pUTLERY ft HARDWARE cask Call VS aave,i and lorks, assorted - 4 cks wrEht do do ' ' '6 do wrought knives and forks with pocket and penknives, scissors and rstors 3 do assea - trd, of scissors, rasors pea and pocket knivesr t trunks tspeetacta 8 cask irua Spoor a 8 do trunk lorks 2 tto thumb and .Nortelk Utt hea 1 do Banbury and tue plate shocks 3 do plated Brackets 3 do cast Ima Butt 3 do Fibs, artorted 2 do Pud Lock I 1I0 round Bolts 1 do Iroo Candlesticks do TinedSadlery t or sale at very reduced price and a liberal credit, by RICHARDS t TAYLOR, may 5 ?w 14" Pearl strict. J utiji CCU MA Ali t A C'lUi Y. TH E Subscribers beg leave to acquaint their friends and the public, that they have re moved their Tobacco Manufactory into their fire - proof store, Mo. 62 Water - street, where they inteud carrying 00 the busuiess oil an exten - siv scale they have on hand a large supply of Pigtail rolls, made of best Richmond tobacco Sweet scented N. Head Ladies' twUt Long cut chewing, in 1, 4, 8, and 16 ounce pa pers do smokins do Macubm soul!, iu jar and bottle, by wholesale and retail Scented Rappee, do do Istrasburg snuff do do French rapiice do do Plain Gue do do do Scotch snuff in bottles aud bladder Spanish seears, made of choice tobacco im lorted 2 years ago,and warranted genuine ew - Urleaoi do. American do. Orders fioin the couutry will be punctually and chi lully attended to. may 9 Im I. NAAK ti .SON tjftl.AT t LOOK CLOJilS. A CO.Ni'GNVlKNT of lint quality patent 1. fl mrrloth.', of variou patterns, in sheets ol 21 by t'O leel, without a seam, just received and for sale at Ii3 r rout - street, by t UR'IIS, CROMMF.I.IN & CO. A perwu emplovtd to fit (he cloths to room1 and e'.trits, if required. Any number of yard sold. may 6 3w L.UW VVOOLLIVS. I UST ree'ri tier Mercury and Atlantic, a few ,1 trsisses ol low pnted Cloths, and Gaiiimerti, lor sale by JU3. s. 11 AliKisii.n, ap z7 u'7 I'il.e - slreet. IIUi K UK.A.VUI . 40 bbls Cider Braudj, y landing, lor sale ny ANSON G. PHELPS, my 11 1HJ Front - street. Illllsf li kl - OI.LAIi.iTO I.OANO.N 1 XJjUXjyj MORTGAGE, of property in this city. Apply to ISAAV U. VUlit.JVIt ce. my 7 411 Wall - slreet. BO.'lUAZE I I CLO . Hi, II A I S, He 10 bale black and coloured bomb:ixetts 2 cases Sheppard's best I onclon cloths 4 do pelise cloths aod CMiimere shawls 10 do men's best London hats 8 do ladies' and children's black and drab fancies 1 do bands, buckles and trimmings 10 do men's wool hats, suitable for the southern market 3 casks Russia hares wool, first quality backs 10 hhds beat London glue For sale by D. OAKEY, WiUim - st may 11 Iw . ST. CROIXAUM k bUGAR 1 he cargo o - the ship 600th Carolina Packet, rapt. Cart - wright, irom St. Croix, will commence landing tomorrow at Perk - ittp For sat by , BEN J. DEFOREST ti CO. may 11 4t 172, iUUAH. hhds of New - Orleans susrsr, of a very puuio quality, landing from the brig Alert, wKt side ol tiurling - lip ; for sale by CALDER, M'l.EA k CO. may II Iw 59 1'ine - street. I 1 1 : ; Yt - . - , I 40 Iwles prune Upland Cotton, ust lauded and for sale by KKTCHUMfi WEED, may 8 Iw 61 South - st, J cases west ol England extra super cloths c .srimerrs, colors black, blues, hrowns, liottle, mixed, drab, and while, just received per ship Ann, lor sate cheap oy L. St C. SUYDAM, may 13 Iw 61 Mai'lm lane. I "LLIl iiKiiSS. 16 'iaies Hmved - andiug U ana 101 suie hi 0 south treei, rty my 13 CAMHRELENGir PEARSON. 1 IN. 6 pipes HluHle - Island Git), just re VH ceived, and tor nair by GEO. W. TALBOT, 55 l'ine - atreet. may 13 I"EAKBORN'S BALLANCKS. assort'd si f res, with and without apparatus, for sale by tjbDriA uu.'viirvti, my u o reari - sireei. UtiA.lS - 100 hhds Havana Muscovado Su O Cars, of icood uiiality, now on Piae street wbaif. and tor sale reasonably, if applied forth dsy before storing. Samples may be seeu and erms made Known, on application at 0 wain gf a street. u U. ti S. UUWLASU, my 13 TO PRINTERS. 4 HRAflAM PAUL, 182 Water - street, offers fx. for suie cheap, the following founts ol 1 me ton 1 01 nonpareil One rlo Long Primer, One do Small Pica One do Pica One do Great Primer my133t 6 isHTrcHl'Al'EH. Cases low priced, for sale at 67 Washington street. my 13 G. G. fc 5. IIOWLAND. SIX UIOUSAND DOLLARS may be had on mortgage on real estate in this city, on application to JUI1N U. WAllKr.ft AUiV, my 11 lw No. 46 WaU - sL IOWLI.NG PIECES. Cat I. D.' WOLFE have just received. 6 cases fine Fowling Pie it's, bandsoitiely assorted for the southern mar ke.L which, with their usual assortment ol hard ware. Cutler, and Military roods. th - v offer (or sale on accommodating terms, at Kl Maiden - ' ... - - . . Lsne. my IX Jt IU iniit Cranston I. in, just received VJf and lor sale hy ut.u. v. 1 Al.uui , my II 55 Pine - street I ! A V i A GRASS HATS. - Anrlt - cnnt at 11 sortment ol eentlemens summer Hat's, iust received and lor sale by juh .'v LtArlX. my 1 1 iw loo t root - streei UAHillV iX'Jf.1 CCO. P J kegs Harris' manufactured tobacco, of a oj luoenor quality, lauding from cbr la diau Huaicr, for sale by N. li D. TALCOTT. my 13 64 South - street. IA.VmEF.l OIL. hrul raodinr from sloop Rover, from Fhila - dJi hia, for sale by my 13 3t CORNELIUS UV Quia. H'UfK Afflt BUTTER. Or. cask I P. Madeira win I nine and I barf do P. Twonfl do - - ITfELLS k UPSON, 155 Peaitttmt, hav. I", received hr kUe arrivals, v f ine ivory, sell - tip aad: real bock - haoOU kaives and fork) ... Fine penknives, holster pistols, fine gon lock Eoglisli silver watches, plated spoons, Ac ftc 'T . cm MASTD, Romaa vitriol, card wire Cast, hoop L, aad (hear steel With a large aud general assortment of hard ware, best bhclbrld and Birmingham plated ware, for sal low. Ou ronssgnment, received per Asms Irom Liver pool, 150 boxe tin plates. my MORKIS'o fcLUCK '1IN.LIQUOK COCKS. Atupply of lite above article, ) received Irua the proprietor, lor sale by CEBRA CUMING, my 13 76 Pearl - ttreet REMOVALS. Jmt JOHN A. SI DELL. Attorney at Law and binary PuMic, has lemoved his office to No. to Nassau - street, i.txt to tlie corner or Maiskm Lane. my 7 Iw crT JOHN I'KOCIOK, itm. ha removed from No. 62 Beekmaa to 106 Liberty - street, where he still offers liberal aiiticipatioo on property consigned to bis frieuils in the M edit arm - ntao. r or further particulars, afily a above, or to ABRAHAM BELL. my 7 Im corner of Cliff k Fultou - st. removed to No 174 F - itoo street, west side ol ... , u ... ui hi u w.ri.w. UH Broadway may 6 twt 8 . T. VS til l 1 1. ilUHK have removed '1 .No. 110 Front tret t. where tnev intend con Cueing tliemsr.lve to 1 ouiuiisHoo business, aad will make liberal advances ou goods consigneil tnein, lor sale. my 5 Zw tt I t. I Kit Dr. VWIT, has removed bis Ollk e to No. 30 Liberty - street, a lew doors a bove William - street, may 4 HH. t1 MA MK, MIL.Nl. Vt - d to No. 61 Pine - street. v CO. Imve r a'. may 4 0X7 JOH.X K. bCUl 1 , has removed Ins 01 - lice, to43 Pint - srva - l. may 4 2w 1 1 WM. ti. nOicc irom No. & the City Bank. RlAk.NOR ha removed bit 4 to 37 Walt tlreet, opx.ili Lr - IjAHIi H.jun. ha removed fit :ouuting - room to Hit l earl - street my I aw 131. I KK D. I URuO T uiioriu his Iriendi 1 and the public in seneral that be ha remo ved bis Upholstery Ware House from No. 85 to :o. oj maiden Lane where be oners lor sale some elecan' patterns of Paper llarieiiies. Just received by tbe latest arrivals from France, tin the most reiioiiHtile terms. my Im ifu .AT. The eleeant 3 slorv liouse No. 7 Hud son street, which commands a pleasaut view 01 the Pnrk and river. Possession may be had in a tw days. Also lor sale, the furniture of said house. It is ofthe bet qualify 1 well Atb - d, ami suitable to a genteel family. Apply as above. my 1 1 11 tlr.ID To Let. a Pleasant Cnuntrt Seat, wi h 3 acres of lan I, on tlie 81I1 nvenue, 3 miles fn iu (lie City. Apply at 2k Snuth - itreil. roay Iw ' !H FOit SAI.K, jj A country (eat, formerly owned by Mr. I). Arden, ciiiitaininx about lifteen acre 01 ground, sitiiuled on tlie East Rivefi short of loui miles from the city. It is remarkable for it p easant situation and is a very desirable resi dence either summer or winter; the building are rood and cuml rf able 1 tlie around is in hiah order, and abundantly supplied with a choice collection o! (rait trees and shrubbery t titer are several snnnrs or excellent wate.r 011 tne premi se, and two quurrie of building stone, which might be worked to great advantage, rurch sri are invited to view this situation, and apply at No. 13 Broadway tor term, which will hi'iiDerm. T. ELLISON. my 12 3w u LtiT. ZjUi A spurious CELLA R,No. 9 Wall - street, ,iiiiuiue ior a wine, ciuer vault, or i runaM ker. Enquire uu Uie premises. may 12 2w Gf Jv i.t:i Xnsjj A convenient I wo slory fram housi . ... .1 I II ....ij,.. 1. . - .1 Willi lui" "I Kiiofiio, wen nuniiicu ! n mifi ( i(.,100, ,j,uu,er m Broadway, between Bleeckerunil Priute - slrrets. Knquirenf LLB. AIMDMiSON, my 13 121 No. 4 Bowling Green. I RS bPE.VCKR lespectlui y imorms her iVJ friends, and the ladies in particular who recently calk don her, that her apartments are now ready for the reception of pupils for tlie piano lorte 1 also, that she is deiioru of obtain ing two or three more pupils, who she would have no ohjection to wait upon al their owa house, should it be prefrrrrd. Tlie most resiecfv ble referenrt caa be given. A gentleman and hi wife mav be accommodated with board. my 12 Im' While - street, No. 3. TO SPUR ISM EN. 1,'OR SALE, an elegant Fowling Piece, stul I and twisted oar re I, together wih a nn har rel, also stub and twisted, to fit In one stock fold bushed and gold and silver mounted. The lock, roller, swivel and fn ed : the pan lined wit void, and fini'hed in Ihe best manner. The a hove will be sold low, if immediate application is made at No. U.j Walker - street. my 9 T UST published, a Discourse delivered at the tf consecration ol the bynagogu of the CI11 dren of Israel, in the city of Niw - York, 00 Fn dav. the 10th of N'ian. 5578. correpondinr with the I7lh ol April, 1818, by Mordecai M. Noab. lq Just received aud for tale by ELI AS V A LENTLVE, 104 Broadway, opposite Trinity Church yard, where also may be bad all lb new publication. my 12 A7 ANTED a second hand Notary's Screw v r Any person bavins one h Male may ap ply at 41 wan - srreet. may 1 41 A PARTNER WANTED, WITH a capital ol 3 to 6000 dollar. A gen tlemaa of Kood stuiidinc in ociety. dis posed lo invest the above sum in a safe respect aoie business, may t.enr 14 an opportunity oy at dressing G. W. at this office. my 9 Iw WANTED. MIDDLE asrd woman to take care of a l x. young rnitd ; good rccommendatioui win tie required. Apply at No. 6 Hudson - street. S - my 12 3t WA VI h A SITUATION. A 8 GARDENER, a middle aeed MAN dZX. who cau xie the best references, and wto has been regularly bred to tle iiuiinu : he Las neen employed in tbateapnt ity tor several years in uie vicinity 01 11.1s ciiy. ror lu'inrr inmi ination, addres J. 1. 0 this omre, wmrn win be immediately attended to. my lJJt - WAN I 6 A bi'lUAifUN, A YOUNG woman, who wishes to engage with a lamily going to any part ol Eng land. Hie will prodnce ibe liest - if reomincn - datioos, as tnber abilities, Ac. Address a line to A. B at tins office. my lw . HUAKD. - rivsorix genUeuM - u cao oe - accommodated wnh board and lalue sn reaeofMble terms, at No. 208 Brod ay, where smsil gtnteel family can have a nent fr - nl parlour, with lodging roon - s bJ board Fji - . ... t.. m quire e anove. 1 j m ARADIAX HORSE. WILL be. oM at a rr - Lrui on the 2'Minst. ir front of E. J,oe.'.iahk. New street, an U - ranl A n. ( 1'.; VLEI HORSE, im - rttvU tlie lt year. Also, 7 4 isii! blood Enelish Mare. - hers - wfV of l ' ft be lo r ? . tfQgsscseWMLxee! , , - u.v. 1, eut mriy uee, 10 qr. cask sherry . , ,? i mo .st - t die dJ:e. Tbe yro - r l.a 43 kg Iri hotter just reeeivrLar axle : ro jj Ul eLm at privet t'e,if by BOORMAN & JOHNsTQN. lappted for in time. Inquire ol Mr. 10SE5, ay 13 myUtdi . k'fV isextfc mel fleet JtfJRSLt FOR BUILDim, , THE proprietors of tbe eatbera marble qua' iea, near King's - Bridge, give notice, that they have an fcaad, and are receiving, at the A'titfrig JsferWs eistf Lxme - 1 erti, toot of B each - street, oa the Hodson river, au eitetirive stock of marble (of building, of the following de - KTipuen, va 1 Ashlar Coplcg Foundation Stone Chimney - Piece . Facings Column Watertable Step Platform SUls, Linteb Arrhe Also Lime ofthe best quality. r. 07 A constant supply of the above material may be calculated upon ; and tho deriroo "f , purchasing, or making engagements, will apply to EZRA LLDLOW, Feb It At the Yard. NOTICE. frt All person indebted to Water Furman and Charles Dol bs, (for street minus) are requested to call and settle their account with either of them, or with D. A L. Mead, it the corner of Pump k Eldridge - itreeti, formerly called Third - street, on or before the first day ol July next All persons having demands against then will please to present their account for settle meet. WATERS FURMAN, and CHARLES DOBB3. my 12 di e I nit DlabOLU IION CF COPAhT VturitllP. 0y In consequence of the rteaih ol Captain uhu Smith, tlie Arm of SimJi, Blantnr4 ti to. is dissolved. The concerns ol the firm will bt adjusted by tlie subscribers, and the husines ia future li conducted under the firm of 8. and X. lilanchttid, at No. 36 Uurlmij - slip. . oaunue. Hnncioro, my 6 tw F.Utha Blanehard. ORAIORIU, By the Handel mnd iioysfn Society. tt I he couioiiltee ol the ilaudVI and Hayda Society give outline, that the u. st riptioa fit 'or an oratorio this month, w ill be closed 141 the 16th tort 10 order to their forming an (pinion, tt he tiier the amount subscribed will defray thsi pr.ibahle exmbces. Until the 16th inst. the subscription lists will be left at Messrs. Sword', .Mo. 160 Pearl street) at Mr. Dubois' Music - Store, Briadway.and at Mr. Goodrich', comer of Bioadway and Cedar - street, Messrs. Kirk tt MERO.INS, 22 Wall atreet, East hum k Co, corner 01 fine and Broadway, aad Geib'i Music store, 23 Maiden - lane my At 16th my ' . Mertkatto Bonk, Aluy6,1818. Jj The annual loction for Dire, trs of this institution will be held on Tuesday the 2J day of June next, at the Banking House, between (he hour of 10 and 2 o'clock. By order of the Hoard of Director,' G. B. VROOM, Cahr. may S lj2 - MUTUAL - lAHLHAJtLK CAIMAY OF flit. (.I1YOFJWH1UHK. The President ami Director give no - tire that a dividend of fcur and a Adper cent, n the capital stock ot this Company, fur six month, will be made on the llth inst. and pud on demand to the stockholders or their attornie. at No. 5J Wall street. mv6 Im JOHN PI.NTARU, SecVy. f. "twfrru'f Mjctel. (T)" A quarterly meetine will be held at the (Jity - Hiitrt, on 'I huradajr even ng the 14 b inst. at 7 o'clock. The member are particularly requested to attend, as business interesting to the Society will be laid bctore mem. By order or the President, my 11 41 JOHN J P EM Kit, rtee'ry. OCj - Ao l.lecii'io lor ijovcmor uf die i w - York IlospilHl, will be held at the hospital, 00 tlie 19th iut( l uesilay) the poll will be opened at 10 o'clock, and closed at I P. M. By order ol the hoard ol' Governor. my 11 ttt THOMAs BUCKLEY, Sir.'ry. Mi ftCH BuAhUI U ai W.Of.. ESjiRS. .VMfsRFat CH PERO,hay tun honour to inform the potilic, that thuy b. ve opened a French .'hool at Blooaiitigdale, (li miles from New - Yoikj where thev muud to icach Ihn French language perfectly, and by priiiciilo to younir routlrmro 'I he improves ment ol tbe puiiils will rfot be doubted wheal the public is informed tha every pains ivill b taken with Ihein, anJ that ni tin. hut French is - io - i.'ii hy the family. We4. - ei cniindrot that those ,. rons who honour us by iiilru.liiig their chd - Ireu to our care, will have no reasoo lo repent their trust For term apply at No. 70 Chatham street, where reUrences u locharactor and capability will also be giten. may II tw TON HNE COFFEr HOUSE Ijy Tiie committee for manaxhig tlie affairs f the Tontu.e Coffee House, aivi: notice, that a Dividend of Seventeen Dollars tier share, lor tlie year ending the lsl inst will be id tU pro pristor on or after the 19th inst. at 24 Broad - ' trert. my 13 Im ' JfuTlCK. f7 An adjournal meeting of the AoxiUary N. Y. Rible and Commvn Prayer Book society will be held in the vestry room of Trioiiy Church to - morrow evening, the 14th inst. at 8 o'clock. The member of the society are particularly requested to attend, as a report of a new cod of By laws will be submitlod to them by Ihe board, may 13 2t EDW'IX N. COX, Pres't. 1000 DOLLARS. (t7 Tomorrow, at four P. M. tlie fortunate holder of the first drawn number in the Milford and Owed Rntd Lottery, will he entitled to stationary prite of $1000; tliere being a II i.itiog pnre ol J 10,000 which may also be dr.i - .sn I hose that wish for achance caa be suiplieil at (ILLKSPIE'S, 114 Broadway, opp - site ( ity H'xet. my 13 Tl btaie ol New York. . Comptrollers !:(? T HERE AS by an act of Uie Legislature V entitled " an act to improve the lund and to provide for tbe redemption of the fendod debt of this sUte. passed 21st April I81U. the Comptroller i auliiuruii'd to borrow on the .red - it of this state, a sum or sum vol rxrerdnig la Ihe whole, one milbon o( dollar, at rate of in terest oot exceeding six per centum per annua, lavnnie quarter yeany. Now tlie re lore, buhlic Notice is hereby eivea by the undersigned, Comptroller of s.iirt Stte, 11. nnruiaivi! .l ani SKires uo. inai w nuns - ceiv sealed proposals al his oflice iu Ihe 1 ity of Albany, until 1 sksday Ihe 26ib May instnrrl, for ih n,hnla r uiv m.rt of a loan of one million or dollars, to be paid iiitoUi Treasury by Uie llrrt day of July next. For the rose or foaoi which may be mad to ' Ox State onder tlie act aforesaid, tertifi' atel est , sinck will he issued which will be transferable al tbe city of New - Ymk, end tlie io eiest oa Third will be paid aunrter tcalv to the stock holder residinc i the South - rn distrk t and out tlit State at some Bin!' iu the rity of New - ira, sao 10 ail otner in ine tity 01 Ai'.aey. he principal of aid Stoeir to he irreaVeinaM til the first d - - v of lannsrv, I8f3i aod wnia five years tbere,i"t - r the GoveTn aeot fs hoandto "deeiB it ii Ur Stickbo.'dcr require tbe lame to done. ABCH'D. MelNTTRE. Cotoptroller. . Alrany, May 7, 1818, mv li HCth 01iCE 07 - Steim Boat Olivr Baauca wilt sad rvery . Sunday, at II o'clock rotuid - l atea Island, and occasion lly, il IV wu I aitd title will rjerrait. Co thso hook, liii teauliful sail will roitrihete both. be ,!:h and pleasure, aad 1 a cheap 1 re, treat' oa n caa be lonoil. - P'srtie whonaeaa la . twrtUie of tiii anew went wilL if eoavoient. ire 11 their acxijs Xia. dav Breredin. t trm odice ia Marketh - 'a tret, aorth tide M the Bat - ev - - Dianer and Ft on boned, at the issaal nrtree. P. - tegr ti - bildren bu price. mt 13X f tlilER bivANDKr J0 barrels iauhrez aod" W tor sale by ANSON G. PHEi.Pfe, 29 tBth - strect. my 13 8 Ssootintreet. ray im I root street. - ! Ir' ' - - ':.) ' 1 1 I i

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