The Mason City Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa on March 6, 1937 · Page 11
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The Mason City Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa · Page 11

Mason City, Iowa
Issue Date:
Saturday, March 6, 1937
Page 11
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Page 11 article text (OCR)

MASON CITY GLOBE-GAZETTE, MARCH 6 · 1937 .ELEVEN TRIM COINCIDES WITH CHARACTER OF ENTIRE HOME Simple H o u s e Demands Trim of Plain Design and Unobtrusive. That pavt of the woodwork of the house that is known as the trim should be given careful study m designing and skilled workmanship in erecting. This includes Neiv Fairbanks-Morse W A S H E R S New type agilalor moves one- fourth more water per minute. Washes faster. Washes better. Yet saves wear on clolhes. Oversize porcelain tub, large heavy duty wringer. Operates so quietly you'd say it wasn't running. See this marvelous new washer (oday. CHAPIN-O'NEIL INCORPORATED 302 S. MONROE PHONE 1606 the finish pieces that make a frame around door and window openings, baseboards, wood cornices, cabinets, open shelves, etc. The simple house should have a simple trim--narrow, plain in design, and unobtrusive. Heavy trim with elaborate moldings in small rooms has an overpowering effect that makes the rooms seem even smaller and cramped and uncomfortable like a large person in too tight clothes. For some time past, good architects have been conscious of this fact, but. it is only recently that the contractor-builder who does not employ an architect has begun to Jeel it. To erect trim property and make a clean, true job of it, requires a skill beyond the capabilities of the so-called "hatchet-and-saw" carpenter, that is, the man who does the framing and the other rough carpentry in a perfectly capable manner. Too often this distinction is not recognized, and seemingly careless joints is the result. The workman is not at fault; it would be just as reasonable to expect a bricklayer to do a beautiful piece of fine mosaic work. See that the trim of your house is in keeping with ils style and character and that the workmen entrusted with its erection are skilled at the particular wo.-k. If you are building a new home the Federal Housing administration will insure a mortgage for up to 80 per cent ol its appraised value, if the property meets the Housing administration requirements. Majority rule: Rule by a majority of those who give a darn.-Davenport Times. THOMAS MACHINE CO. WE DO ALL KINDS OP MACHINE WORK ALL WORK GUARANTEED Phone 2503 303 2nd S. VV. Mason City, la. YEAR AROUND AIR CONDITIONING HOME OFFICE STORE Stoddard Appliance Co. NEXT TO WESTERN UNION PHONE 514 HOTWATEROUTLETl-j j-[COLD WATER INLET [TEMPERATURE OF WATER r (GOING TOTANK VARIES [ACCORDING TO AMOUNT OF FIRE HEATED WATER IN TANK COOLS QUICKLY AND MUST BE HEATED OVER AND OVER AGAIN (WATER ABSORBS (HEAT THUS ROBBING [THE HOUSE OF HEAT COLD WATER GDI NGlj WATER COI L INTERFERES WITHl INTO FURNACE COILf COMBUSTION -WASTES FUELJ Get Rid of Your Furnace Coil and SAVE CASH Get rid of rusty water, pipe hammering unregulated temperatures, danser of scaldinjr, uurncd- out faucet washers, bursted coils and cracked fire-pots; all are the penalties of he.itinu water with a furnace coil. Change to low-cost natural pas and pay less for fuc . Change lo Ruud De Soto, the modern automatic water heater specially l ) u ilt for hard water and enjoy perfect hoi water service. Try KijuJ p c S«lo for GO .lays. No red-tape. No obli^Hon to h,,y. Lc «rn for yourself how easy it is to bring- your hot water supply up-to-date P · G d E PEOPLES GAS AND ELECTRIC Prices are at rock-hotlom d u r i n g (his special sale. You can buy at low prices and on long- terms, and if you wish, try Kmid DC Soto in your home for 60 days. Phone us for details. 60 Days Free Trial NO MONEY DOWN $1.25 A MONTH LUMBER USED IN NEW HOME WILL DETERMINE LIFE Undried Material Sure to Shrink; This Affects Durability. The lumber that goes into th frame ot a house will determin largely the future durability 0 Ihe house itself. Undried lumber of inferio grades is sure to shrink and prob ably warp during the slow dryin process that will take place ove a long period. This shrinkage an warpage will affect all the rest o the house; plaster will cracl doors and windows will sticl trim joints will open, plumbin and heating pipes will be force out of line, forming pockets whic will prevent complete drainage i water pipes and steam traps i steam pipes with a eonsequen hammering in the pipes an blocking of circulation so tha some radiators will not heat. Use Graded Lumber. This can be avoided largely bj the use of grade marked lumbei -But grade marking is just a safe guard against material inferior t that specified. In each case th grade of the lumbei- to be use should be specifically noted. Grade marking does not guai antee moisture content, howevei as that is an element which cai be upset by exposing the lumbe during a long period of rain Lumber should have not over 1 per cent moisture content whei erected, and should be protectec while on the job during rains with tarpaulins or waterproo paper. Picks Up Moisture. Except in unusually dry weather, lumber that has been wcl dried before coming on the job will pick up some moisture even with the best of care, but if it it, well dried to start with, and is not subjected to actual soaking it will dry out rather quickly anc will not change in volume enougl to make an appreciable difference When the FHA insures a mortgage lor the construction of a new home the grade of lumber used i. Cheerful Living Room SHEPHERDS PAINT A WALLPAPFP IB FIRST STREET S , I U S E O U R L I B E R A L F I N A N C E P L A N Everything points to higlier jiricosv That's the" reason it's wise to mike all necessary liomc repairs at once. The nciv low.ratc \ V c y c r t i a c u s c r financing pbn makes the money mat. tcr simple. M O N T H L Y P A Y M E N T S W I T H A L L D E T A I L S A R R A N G E D F O R Y O U Webster Lumber Incorporated Phone 808 This living room was designed to meet the needs'of a small family. A graceful arched doorway leading from the hall increases fnr l* 6 '^., 0 r,,? I ' aCl0 V, SneSS iu thc l ' om and assures adecmate light for the hall. The walls arc finished in rough plaster, and thc fireplace is larffe enough to accommodate eood-sizc logs. Conferences with an architect may result in the home of your choice, and it may be financed under the Insured Moriirafre system of the Federal Housing administration. Monthly rent-like payments include amortization of the principal, taxes, interest, service charge, mortcace- insurance premium and fire insurance. Wide Doors Give Effect More Space Wall Framing Must be Amply Strong for Support. A wide doorway from hall to living room creates a feeling oE spaciousness. If a home owner contemplates widening ot a narrow doorway, however, he must first assure himself that wall framing which nets as support for the floor above is amply strong to do its duty after some of it has been removed to widen the doorway. It may be necessary to substitute two stouter timbers at the sides of the opening for the studding which now carries the weight of the second-story flooring and wall arid a heavier horizontal member to extend from the top of one ot the heavier uprights to that of the other. Certain types of modernization ·nay be carried out under the terms of the insured mortgage system of the federal housing administration. Electric Motor Repairing- By Experienced Men New and Used Motors Bought and Sold Zack Bros. ELECTRIC CO. 30G 2nd S. IV. Phone 977 Dry Cleaning Leaves NO Odor! Ideal American Laundry AND Zoric Dry Cleaners . IT'S PHONE 22 GOOD SERVICING Finest Fixtures Cannot Giv Adequate Service Unless Correctly Installed. The services of an experiencei plumber are essential in con slracting or modernizing a home The finest plumbing fixtures ca not give adequate service unlcs they are correctly installed an unless the supply, waste, and ven piping in thc walls and under th floor is correctly designed am pi-operJy installed. Heavy expense is avoided am the health of the family is pro tccted if p l u m b i n g fixtures valves, pipe, and fittings of goo quality arc installed under th supervision of a plumbing exper In. determining the eligibility o houses .for mortgage insurance the federal housing administrate e x a m i n e s the installation c plumbing and heating facilities. Humidifier Can Be Used With Boiler RecenlJy there bus been announced a special humidifier foi use in connection with steam and hot water boilers. The unit is attached directly to the boiler, and hot water is vaporized by th mechanism and delivered to tht rooms of the house in vapor form duct, through a single 3-inch di. ametcr duct, which is carried ui from the boiler location througl the walls, with openings ammgcc i n t o thc rooms where humidifica tion is desired. This may be included in a boiler system when a home is fi. nanced under the insured mortgage system of the federal nous ing administration. LET US ESTIMATE . ' . . . Any Plumbing, Heating, or Sheet Metal Improvements You Plan On. Kelroy Fuel 8 Furnace Co. 137 Fourth Street S. W. Phone 441 FOR NEW HOME OR R Pri R.P. OR REMODELING PHONK MM GENERAL CONTRACTOR Financial arrangements can he made for responsible parties. A Perfect Setting . . . f or Your Windows! How fine your Curtains and Drapes will look when we have skillfully Dry Cleaned them. H ouse clcan i n(r C arcs vanish when you let us take charge of them. LYONS LYONS PHONE 600 CLEANERS-- LAUNDERERS -- FURRIERS Buy Now and Save CLOSING OUT ALL ]n;u; PATTERNS AT HALF PRICE See our 1«»37 Papers hundreds to choose from ranging from 4c lo $1.90 per roll. Star Wallpaper and Paint Co. Opposite Post Office Plan Your Spring Remodeling DANGER OF FIRE IN HOMES CAUSE FOR PROTECTION Precautionary M e a s u r e s Are Taken to Safeguard Life, Property. In the United Slates there are now 523 municipalities containing ^7,534,000 people--representing 22 per cent of the national population--which demand protection from fire hazards. The ever present danger of fire in home dwellings has enforced this ruling as a precautionary measure and as a safeguard to lives and property. It is a reminder, too, to the American home owner of the advisability of utilizing every means available during the construction or modernization of his home to promote safety and to protect his family against fire hazards. Federal Housing administration inspected homes must meet definite requirements in this field. materials on Market. On the market today arc male- rials, machinery, and equipment designed and constructed to offset fire risk in the home. Their use may mean security from danger. Statistics indicate that the operators of manufacturing and mercantile establishments through constant vigilance and strict observance o£ fire ordinances have reduced the number of fires occurring in such places of business. Fires in home dwellings, however, have increased until now between 5n and GO per cent o£ all fires in the country occur in dwellings. Every Tivo minutes. It is estimated that a dwelling- liouse fire occurs every two minutes and that the total loss from liome fires alone amounts to more than S«5,000,000. According to Percy Bugbce, expert o[ the National Fire Protection association, much 6f (his vast sum might have Jcen saved, because the great majority of dwelling fires may be traced to causes easily corrected Careless disposal ot rubbish, combustible roofs, detective' or dirtj chimneys, thoughtless use o matches, and improper use of Iter- WHEN YOU Use · BUILD O REPAIR · REMODEL 'NORTHWESTERN" Portland Cement- · For Beauty O Permanence · Satisfaction Northwestern States Portland Cement Co. General Offices, Gth Floor First National Bank Bldg. ® RUGS © DRAPES « CURTAINS © FURNITURE Can Be Carefully Cleaned and Color Restored. SEND YOURS NOW PHONE 788 Act today--buy your Millwork products before prices increase further! MASON CITY MILLWORK CO. Phone 155 Our Craftsmen Are Skilled in Making "EVERYTHING OF WOOD" Corner 4th and Monroe S. W. osene and gasoline are responsible for many of these fires which sometimes cause serious disasters and always mean disturbing damage. The home owner makes the utmost effort to provide comfort and convenience for his home. To make his enjoyment of this home complete, if he will give the same consideration to its safety as lie docs to its pleasant living appointments he will add immeasurably to its protection and will greatly minimize ils fire risk. NEW HOT WATER HEATER IN USE Designed to Serve as Table in Modern Kitchen; Is Single Unit. Several manufacturers of automatic hot water heaters have developed units which may be placed in the kitchen and which serve as a utility table as well as a water heater. They arc so designed that they form a unit of PHONE 989 For Dependable Plumbing- and Heating-. Service J.C.Puth Company QZy, North Federal Avc. the same height as the counter shelf in the kitchen and are ot such dimension that they fit well into the general layout of the kitchen equipment. In this manner the hot watee heater is always available for inspection and adjustment and at the same time the well insulated enclosure of the lank serves a dual purpose. The unils may be obtained for cither gas or elec- Iricily, niid a considerable selection of sixes is available. New homes, financed under the insured mortgage system oC the federal housing administration, may include this feature. DO YOU WANT YOUR WIFE TO THINK THAT IT'S HER BIRTHDAY? Send her flowers Irom Kemble's Greenhouse Main Office, 1205 S. Federal Phone 55 Downtown Shop, 7 W. State St. Phone 416 TAXES sih, ntmtr ffjviar UBCBf ·9SSSi THIS MONTH IS TAX MONTH If you need funds for this purpose, call at the . . . First National Bank MASON CITY, IOWA MEMBER FEDERAL DEPOSIT INSURANCE CORPORATION GOING UP/ New homes are going up ... on'd so are home standards! Thanks io the low cost of building materials, better home designs -- and the FHA Plan of convenient monthly payments--the average family can now afford to build--and enjoy home comforts our grandfathers never dreamed of! Now's the time for you to build the home you want. We'll be glad to explain how you can pay most of its cost, by the month, out of your income. Let's talk it over. FULLERTON LUMBER Co. Frank Mclius, Manager 15 Fourth Sneer S. W. Rhone 3838

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