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The Evening Post from New York, New York · Page 2

New York, New York
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Thursday, May 14, 1818
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tm the Frank ha Gaaetle. ' r,. TRIAL OF TUK MAW ROBBERS costibvxd. , The United States. robbery of the mail, .1 by putting tb ltl e( . y. .. J.ibeceiTierinjuparuj by tbe IH or danger Jo. Thompson tlam. J I IKU WeapMS. Countel m belialfeilu Unittd Slain, 3b. Kell Mill, that It was sot hi wirb to pre lb Mattery but be thought it rijtil an proper, if tteiarr had uy dobli to tb nil), or dVrrei of guilt ofthe primer, to ask thi wwt to giro them mck tutrnctioa on the pom, of law, as would relieve the Jury, ami aid theatre) Umu deciatoo. H asked rthe court pm ay lowing imUnctioM to th Jury, which h presented it) writing. . It ia prayed eftbe court to give (be folbwing attraction to lb jury. - . That robbing (be carrier of the mail of the Unitad States, or other rrsoa aoUwtted there - ' with, ofraeh rniul, by Hopping bun oa tha high way, demanding tha Mirroadar of tha mail, aod , at lb same tisne shewing Weapon calculated to take hie life, ta h as pittals or dirk, patting him lafUr of hie life, and obtaining poejaeaioo of tha maU by the mean afotataid, against tha willof tha carrier, fa each a robbing of tha mall, and each a potting the lib of the carrier or panon entrusted therewith te jeopardy, by tha um of . tiangerouf weapeoe, at will bring tha offence WiUau) tha LUowiog term of the 19. h Mctioa of theactufcoogre,of the 30th April, 1810, entitled u Aa act regulating tha poet - offica esta - blieajwent, to wit, or if in fleeting such robbery of lb mail the first time, the offender shall wound tha person having tha cuatody thereof, or put hit ke in jeopardy by Iht uie of dangtroue weapon, rack offender or offender shall lufler . death." ' He did net mean to trouble tha jury with any remarks, a to w bather tha fact proved came within tha atatement ha presented, but merelv to ask the court for (hair direction t ha would. however, take ap a abort lima in enquiring what Wat meant by that part of tha act of congress which relate to tha " putting life in ieopardy ny tha UM af dan erou weapon." Ha preiu axed that the court in coming to a decision mutt view the ioetrument made me of, the manner ii which the men proceeded, and every dream static relating to the transaction. In the pre. sent inetance the mail carrier wa met at night. and accotted by the declaration. We are bird way robber, come to rob tha mail, armed with dirii and pistol." They were o armed, and the pistol were actoally cocked and it muit be coniKlered, that the presentation or weapon of this deacriptioo, and the qm that wa made of them ia obtaining; the mau I rem the earner, wa a complete jeopardixiag of the life of the carrier. Ha contended that it wa not neeemary to a conviction under thie law, that the mail carrier should bare thought iu life in Jeopardy, although ia thi caa he ba avowed it wa. , He left hit waggon, and went with the rubber, bocaute he did not know at what time they would take hi. life. But the life wa Jeopardized, whether the carrier ara conecious of it or not, and ba coon - dered (hat the prayer that be made for mttruc tion to the jury, give the greatett benefit to the prisoner (hat be can lay claim to. He rem irked that in thi cate inch insf ramenU were ufd as were rajculaled to Jeopardize life, aad although aa occasion did not offer (o use those weapons, yet they were prepared to ne Bade at - 1 eel a of if there had btea any resit - tanre. There was no mod of ascertaining the degree of danger t bat no one could deny that a aau't life wa ia jeopardy, to whoe bread a loaded pietol wa presented, and tliat the use oi each a weapon mentioned in the law, could D - d control plat Its actual diteharge Mr. Winder, arvpexred a amieut curia. II Wni true he had, but a lew hour beiore, with draw. - ' from the defence ; bat inch a strong im - prerstun had been made oa his mind, thM the pi i aunt r Lad no committed a cuoital tff'nce. in it be oeld not retrain, a ft read o tha court to give them bis impreioo. Tw acl l c .ogress says, uial to make tha onvnee oi roDrung m mail canitaL it t reoiiiMU that the life or tlie Carrier nhoold ba put in actual jcopard : it wa at ant aj)pretieaio of danger tnat w id con' titate tha r rim, but there null be actual iemnr dy t Kfa by some act of the prisoner, that enme DH - aH rear mav ba as great when ao dan ger etiated, aa other would i. were there wn the moat ammmant peril ; ttu crime, tnereiorc Was n t to depend mi the rear if any man. H contended that the foclt ia evilenre n bit ra.e. Were the oalv cireumfn nee from wi n h danai ' can lie inferred i and if tut re wa ao act dune tr put Ule ia jenpardyjtu re tould be mi je. purdj ; lAreaf could not create leopard V. of lire, or dan mi. and tha itrKtentation of a weapt. without aaiag it, is ao more thaa a threat there mut be aa actual attempt to take liie. tt I tell a man he ahadi bo (hot en lee be doe a particular thing, and ba doe that thing, hi litr 1 not in danger, sbr I nave onlr made a condition tl threat. If a reraon lifts up a weapon in a threaten frig atutude, a d says, I do not mean to use there a no offence. SuDDoee the pistol had remained in the pocket of the prisoner, and he ha I said to the came , iryou sur we wuisnooi you, wouia that amount to a capital offence t Wht n, I Would ask, did daiiirer exist f O'uld auch case brine; the primmer within die provision of j the act relating to jeopardy oi me, in sucn manner as to make his offence capital f And yet as much danger would ex st where the p atnl i kept in the no - lk t, as in the case now proved before the court. Will the stewing of a weapim calculated to Uke lite, endnge life i No it will put a man in far, but not in leoearaV - Agam. a weapon cannot be said to have been used, unless auch use is made of it as wasori - ranally intended f om it - structure, or tiniest th it use ia in the ordinary way in which it would be daneroui if itua sword, then blow m ist be struck with it t if a pistol, there must be a snnpp'njr of it, this i the only tur of either of lliee dangerous weapons that cou ieooardiie life. The jeopardy by dangerou we.' pons is considered by this law as a higher jrrade of offence than wounding i notiiing therere. can m: ka the party icuilty. but wounding the Carrier, or actually jeopardising hit life. Mr. Findley remarked, that he felt ao much resnonsibilitv n hartnr abondoned tni came, and on findinr that there wa a po nt in it, on which the life of the prisoner would be saved orF.ifti'ed. that he could not retrain irom aaukinr - ome observations. He contended, that wound in jr and jcipard xing the life of the rrui. driver were convert i - bii terms. I hat by the original Post OftVe law. the phraseology, wu " mu h wound tlie driver," wh.cli (a been a tered by the present law that in dmMnjr, Uws, thehigliest offence b put la t ; that of the kraallest degree is placed first That CoMtress did not intend that the puuLhtuent of death thou d be inflicted if a slight wuuiid were given, lie then proceeded te shew the different law re sting to rub - bery of mail in England and France, and re marked that in Engla - d. whe:ctlie robberx of th rniil i puiuihed by death, whether un iii - jun ia done to the mail carrer or not, tlie car rier is always murdered, uuu Uiere rny be in evid. - nce ar.iiit the culprit. In Fr if iht canicr h not murdered the null tobher onlv auffrn impriionmeiit and there the rruii r - fa tter a.wai escapes unhurt lie laerifuri uwcu uifct uie ptiicy oi uie law wmiu iei totacu a eonstructiiin ai would p. event mur iinjr the robbery of tne mailt aril i Was a eu - md princ pie of law tiiat the most fa arable construction should be given, in fatn - rem tdm. Me ured, that of danger aou'd tm. create auch j. uflen e unJer the a. t npcia to make it a capital crime. O .lier no : .. i wii. u,A AJA an the tlBud(tf.rrcff' fulness ot the person attacked, whether the crimmai would sunrr a wricim orwitrely imprisonment lathUMMthaauil carrier had not swum that thai pssaola were oreaented to Aim. Thev ware presented to Mr. Ludlow, but wnles the mail carrier was ;.. I.wi. ,1,. Annea waa not eommrtted. But the carrier never was in fear until one of the prisotiera said, - what shall we oo wiui them," and (lib wss whilst they wewetrmpmg ihe leU era t then the carrier felt alarmed but it was only his fear, for nothing was attempted to be done. .. - - .' Mr. Wirt, (Atioraey General U. 8.) The courted (ua preaented himself in a very imposing eharacter, Momirui euna. A few hour since he was counsel for the prisoner, and 1 doubt whether be could have thus soon dien gaged himself from the cause. He has shewn the seal of counsel and not that of anrifui curio. Mr. W. said ho could with aa aMtcb propnetT aa tha gentleman who bad spoken, call himself swmCu curio, tor, if he doubts the law, he should bare abandoned the cause. The gentlemen have not found the key which clocks the true construction of tha act of con gress now eoder discission. If aa act makes esa of terms kacwa to the common law, you must re. ier so ue common raw lor aa explanation or iboat terms. The first phrase need in the act was ' roboery," the definition of which ia to be found ia tha English common law, compare it with this act aaa you will nod that Uie provit.ocs or the act, aad (hose of the comotoa law ara precisely similar. Robbery by the common law may be efladed la three ways i i. ny the use or violence. . By the ae of threats. 3. 3v the asa of weanon. Robbery bv violence mav be committed with' outieopardy or danger of life, to Uie person rol - bed. bach at stealing an ear - ring from a lady ear. Robbery by threat is committed where the person make ate or such threats as produce an anprehention in the mind of tlie party threatened, that his character is ia danger unlets he gives up his property. Robbery by weapon!, i where auch instru muta are used by the robber as produce lear which instruments are calculated to endangej uie ; and this is such a robbery as places life in jeoparay. In England (be sole controversy is a to (he dangerou r baracter of the weapon used in ef fectinc a robbery. Putlinz life in ieopardv i milar (o the provisions of the common law, where the person robbed i pat in bodily fear: and we muu loox to tne common law lor a correct con traction. There are two distinct offence en acted by the act, tha disjunctive conjunction ii used, which make one offence by wounding) meomer oy jeoparuianf ulo. This law is stronger than the original act That wa MmurA wounding." This act create an offence, let the wnunu o ever so tiurtiL When tha burh - wav robber says (holding a pistol in his hand) give uie the mail or I will lake your life, ba certajalv seu mm auaii inroiurn jeouaruv oi uie. 11 a man surrenders hit parse to save hi life, hi life bar been put iq Jeopardy. Suppose tha driver had heen killed, there would have been no leonardv. that would h - v been an awful certainty. The construction, therefore, for which the counsel contend, could not, under aov circumstances, be jcoparuy oi uie. it would amount to this if pistol it fired off, aod the party killej, there is jeopardy t if it is not fired, there is nn t.v. pardr i and thus the law is to ba made a m.r. dead letter. Mr. Wirt asked what it to be tha avidenra nf actual jeopardy . Can we come to a juit con - elusion without referring to the common law , must there be a blow in a particular manner, to i'ruv - ui mere was jeopard ! If holding a weapon in the band, calculated to kill, and n. r . i . . J Si you uo not tnrrenuer the mail, I will ill you," is not jeopardising a man's life, it will e difficult to say what leopard, means. ne ooserveu, tnat the policy or the law vi lor congress to consider of, at the time of its passage j it was the doty of the court and jury to (mi uiat isw in execution. He then asked (he court to lost met the jury according to tha teruit of the paper presented b his colleague, which had been drawn up from the evidence of the mail oari ier, and from tht testimony of Mr. Ludlow, arbaibeentuggttled. i ne court wen delivered thr - ir opinion. They observed, that the jury had the privi lege and right, to Je ide at to the case and fact exhibited to them hathavint, been called up oo to deliver their opinion on the law, which wa. irerented in Ihe cause, they were b - mnd to com ly. They concurred in the coortruclion riven to th act of congress by the counsel concerned mr the united State, a d that the life of the mail mirier was put in jeopardy by the use of dan erous weapon. Verdict GUILTY. .rM' - r. iK KVKMM P - yr IHURSDAY, MAY 14. The case of 77k Peoylt vs. Htnry H. Higtr avin, which was assigned for trial by consent of he court, (his day at II o'clock, was, very nn 'X.iectedl v to the complainant, put off by the recordrr to (he first Monday in June. Hit ho ior the recorder assigned as his reasons for putting off (he cause, (bat be expected (he mayor would have presided to day ; thai he had ngaged to (ake some soldiers' depositions under the lste act of congress ; and that he was very much fatigued by having presided in court last evening till 10 o'clock. In vain th complain ant's counsel urged avtrtul, declaring they bad all their witnesses ready ; llagerman' reoogui xanre was continued, himself ia 1000, and two sureties in $2U00 each. It would teem by the following account, that the great leviathan of the deep has again made bit appearance in the water of Cape - Ana. From Iht Binlun Palladium. Ttie ota - terpt'il again, or anothrr .'Captain Woodward, and ibe mate and ivameu of the tchr Vlauattt, which arrived at Hineham on Sunday list, from Ppuobtcot, saw, in the afternoon of the day previous, about IS leagues C of Cap Ann, a sea - serpent, aprently upwards of 100 feet long, which rrequently raisej it head a cousi derabl height fiom the water. It wa very near be vessel loralwut five hour ; a full view wa had of it, and it appeared to be about at larsr round at a barrel, but no protuboraixes were noticed. It was once fired at, and appeared ir ritated by the explosion. Depositions were pre paring at Ilingham, to be tent to Boston for pub' bcatiott. To arthittett In our paper this evening will be found ao advertisement, signed by the cashier f the Bank of the United Slates at Philad. lphia, itTering a reward of 500 dollars for the first best di - sin of an rdiflce suitable for a banking - house, aod 200 dollars for the next best specimen. To cabinet and chair maktrt. Thomas Clax - oo, of Washington City, being duly authorised y lh sneaker of the bouse of representatives, will recrive proportH tn.til the 8th nf Jaue next or tuppljinr;, for the rcpreseUalire chamber, IS7 armed chairs, anil 51 tMet - to be made oi a:erialt nf the first quality, and th workman - hip of the best kind. They muf ell be deliver - nd at tlie ra:nt,i) in Uircity ct Wahing.oo,intbe rnonlh cf November next. A description ef Ihe BIOOH aumyum www., " ? wa ctbimhhu tuwuigwncvr. ,. , Oneida Counly.A letter to the adder of the Albany Daily Advertiser, dated Utica, May 8th, says" I end yon aa accoaat of (ha ratult of oaralectioo. Th boa. Eiekiel Bacon, Osorje Hontingtoo, and Tliomas If. Hamilton, of the onion ticket, and TWdore Woodruff aod Luther Goitteaa, of th republican ticket, ara elected fjtorrs is elected to congress : Ihtrt vat ne opposi - (ion. Io the eletiea of Bacon, we are all gra tified he will be the pride and ornament of. any legislature." John Alexander, another of the mail robherr, had bis trial at Baltimore last Monday, and was fJbuad guilty. It b stated lathe public prints, that th author ef Waverly, Guy Mannering, tic. has received at his moiety of the profits arising from the tale of hi works, 104,000 dollars. Wo hope there it some mistake in (Li. ' From Ihe Hartford Timti, of Mao 12 Oer. Putnam The Hccrunt of the Battle of Banker Hill, written by Gen. Dearborn, recently published io (lie Port Potto, and copied into many of ine ud;ic newspaper, ua excneo consioeraoie wurpnn in line sac, u ior rc IntM to Gen. f utnam. We publish in this na ler an article upon (hit tubject, addressed to Gen. Dearborn, by S. Putnam Waldo, - a descendant of Gen. I'utiiam. It will be pen.eiv ed that this article does not contradict, or in any wav examine the eorreelnru of the statement made by Gen. Dearborn, uut appeals with a spi rit becoming the descendant oi u - n. rutnara. to (he well known and well established reputati' n of hi venerated ancestor, whose cnumge, con duct and patriotism, until the appearance ol the account here reierred to. even the breath of suspicion bad never assailed. We cannot believe that Gen. Dearborn would intentionally misrepresent the conduct of Gen. Putnum, nor can wk conceive of any motive be can have to do so ; yet at the tame lime hit statement it so contrary to the general hitt'iry ol the time, to inroasittent with the personal character of Gen. Putnam, en repugnant to hit subsequent conduct, popularity and reputation, that wr cannot but doubt the correctness of it. Gen. Putnam was the most dis ringuished patriot and hero ia the held, wnirli hia state atfonled in (hat aver memorable con test between (he oppressor aod tlie oppressed, which resulted so gloriously for our country, and the sacred cause of civil liberty. His memory is uear to nit native tiaie, and ai misaay having become consecrated with hit mortal remains. can never ne impeached. To the Hon. Henry Dearborn. Sir My attention ha recently been directed to a publication in (be Port Folio, entitled. "An account or tne oattie oi u onaer inn." not hav - beea born until after the first war for Inde pendence, I of course know nothing of that un paralleled contest, excepting Irom reading the histories we have of it, and bearing; the eurvmiur veterans relate the tales of it. It is a subif 1 1 of au outers, most interesting to me. m y ancestor were amonc the first to " breast tlie (hock :" and those of them who did not fall upon the field of ; name, were me tan wno leu it. My venerated grandfather, Major General Is - irl PutiiAm, 'vas amonc the first who flew to arrnt aft - r the blood of Americans (tnined the fk - ldt of Lexington. He had fought the Frem h and the bavaze lit the rencli war. He had gone throueli scenes of sufferings, aod hosts of dangers, winch is probably without a parellel in the history of our country. In thnt war, sir, he necame a terror both ( a tivilm d and to a bar barous foe, and an object of admiration to hi count rj men, and with the British government. v heu that sancuiuary eoTcrnmeut commen ced the drendful trade of war upon their own subjects in America, it endeavoured with un ceasing assiduity, to detach him from the t0 ol th countrv, and to lean the British forces a gainst h countrymen. Yes, sir, the first bo nours of the British government were within his reach I and bad he been bate enough to bare desnrted ihe standard of his country, be might have been f stuck o'er 'with titles, and hung round with string ;" and lb stars and "orders" of nobility might have decorated hit body. But he became a champion in the cause of liberty i and without any respite from the tout and pnva tiontoi the camp, remained in the held until, by a paralytic thock, one half of bit body war rendered at liloleit at the whole of it ha been foe rnoro thau a quarter of a century I hope I shall escape the Imputation of vanity, a hen I say it was the dolifrnt or my inlaot year to hnr this hoary - headed patriot detail to hi listening descendants, the penis, the pains, and ne torture ne had endured; and, with thi rutrh that supported the living part of hi sys tem, to trace in the sand the plan of th battle in which he had fought. tin aid, ceo. Humphrey, became hi biojra pher; and he, with his own hand, presented sir itb the detail of his life. It was the first ofmv read ng I became familiar with the Ufa of Is rael Putnam, and felt an infint clow of pride thai he was the compatriot and favorite of Wash mfton. Humphrey has followed Putnam into eternity, and the hand of death ha d prived them iw'b oT deleoding that har4 earned finir hich was neier assailed or doubled until the phlegmatic cruelty ef Henry Dearborn com menced the attack.. I claim for my erandfather no advantage from '.he common sentiment, that we should (read lishtly upon the ashes of the dead. No, sir, wbeu (he tomb received his body, it did not close upon a single stain that had tarnished his eiculch - on. I o use the Ian 'uae of hi eulojnrt, pro nounced after the solemn peal of cannon, and the lamentations of au nueoibled multitude over hi tomb He pitied lilttenru He loi rd great - mm and ever oipxred to tttmd it$ glurismiiwn mil " His fame was the dearest legacy he left to hi descendants; and if one of them, however remote, will suffer it to be assailed with impuni ty, by any living man, be is guilty or pent trea - son. As to your description of the " battle of Bun ker Hill," it accuracy cannot be judged of bv me. I glory in the fame that any man, iu any ranx, acquired in the revolutionary ttrurrle. an - ' most sincerely hope that from time to time our country mm will acquire additional knowledge of (hat great contest. But, sir, could you not detail your conduct, and that of col. Precott, without assailing the reputation of ni. Ward and gen. Putuam You peak of the universal popularity of gen. Putnam," and add " no on can at this time offer any satisfactory reasons why he held in such high estimation" M universal popularity" iu the Amrkao republic, sir, cannot be acquired by any man, without a loor course of meritorious service. It was for this reason that pen. Putnam was 44 held in such birh esti maiion. He bad that " popularity thatoiosred aim ; not tnat winch ne run oner." The Ame rican people have awarded to him th mead of praise they hae enrolled his name with (he bright constellation of American worthies and you may as well change the course of th streams he encountered, and shake the foundation of (he mountains he defended, a to rob him of an fame. not ine impniniiiiy oi uotng this t no excuse for the futile attempt. Has it come to this, sir, that the glory of a Wa. - hioeton aad a Putnam i to be tarnished by a i ;uane ud a Dearborn - Oh ! shame, where thy blmh f You say that at th laMe M of his eaoellrncy Jame Bowdnin," it was declared, after the war, that rea. Putnam "oofht to h ve been shot." My blood congeals as I trrile ; ni declaration tortures my bosom more than oVd cold iron or molten lend. Israel Putnam, it e - jfared more from nvara aod christian foes iVn an b'mdred deaths could inflict, ia th cause of a country h lorJ belter than himself; and after retting u. his ctmelerj for a quarter cf I wuhrt A If feme UpOO Alt MAI r... liearborn. tha history of the ateod war for American independence, it yet to na wrmew. The part you took io A will be detailed. , If the impartial hutoriaa shall place yon iu Ihe torn pie of fame, and yoashouldba called totbacongre - gatioa of th dead, imagine to yourself now what would ba the foelinga of your grfnd Children hn Asir reoutatioa should be assailed, as you have assailed that of Israel Putnam. Excose me for th trouble, and from pursuing, at this time, a tubject which harrow my feeling Into tfnny. S. PUTNAM WALUO. Hartford, May 1,1818. Vans Ihe EUnabethtovn, (. .) Journal. F.ducattonTnera rs no section, perhaps, in the United .States, more favorable for opportuni ties ofacauiiins a good education, than tnis town, either for boyi or young ladies. The grammar school are not snriassed by any in our country rut i ha rnrluh chools are in bieb repute. We hare also three boanlinr chool for young la die, ris. Miss Hall's, Miss Gorham's and Mrs. BrowtT., where are taught tne amereni cranca nt eeanisite for a finished education. The tutoresses are in bish repute. Add to this, the salubrity of the town, and the state of society, so well calculated ior moral arm intellectual improvement, give it a preference to most places where such establuhmeuts are loca ted. From Ike Washington City Gaselte, Mav 1 1 Mr. De Forrest, consul tranerul, from Buenos Avres. left Washington on r'aturday evening last for the eastward. He appeared giatihi d with the friendly reception he received in this cry A circumstance of a inelanclioly nature oc - cured here on Thursday last p irticulars toi - low : A voune Entrlifcliman, employed as coach man io the Spanish minister, i - U'ered at the U. !. bank a thousand dollar note fur change : the Teller on eimininr it, enquired of the bearer if he knew the amount of the note he had handed him, who replied it was 100 dollars. He was then informed thai it value was 1000 lollars. and that such a note had been stolen from a Drrsoii who had lndfred information of his loss, with its iden locations, at tne Dana. and that it must be reiained for its proper owner. The young man I ankiy contcsseu tnat lie received it from a colored girl to get cashed. siiDDOsinir it to he a 100 dollar note. He then weni home, dfkired a boy, in pasting neai tlie stable, to feed tlie horses, ascended into the hay - loft, and hung himself. It has since appeared that the colored girl purloined the note that what he said was strictly true, ami that he - was perfectly innocent of having ob tained it improperly was a very honest servant, but stunif with tlie charge of theft, and overcome by sliame, rashly terminated his ex - istance. From the Troy Post, May i. Beware of Rouuu .' - On Saturday morniost last (wo men entered (tie grocery store of Mti. Freil ft Campbell, io thi city, and one of them offered eleven pair of elegant Wellington Boots iui aa uuiioii, yai umu uu ioii u aally offered to tell the eleven pair for 16 dollar cash. Mr. Freil called on a magistrate and tta led the circumstances a warrant was imme diately issued againt them on suspicion of having stolen Rood in their poitetiion. uo examining one of them who called his name Beniamm M'S icholi, the relatien he gave wa to improbable the justice had determined to commit him the other person, who called hit name Joseph oaniord, wa examined, and ni (tnry appearing probable, and it appearing that he had not airect - v onerea ine nroneriT. ne was iiitcnaniri: sun went off. On the iustice stating to M'Nichol that he must commit him. M'Nicbols replied. that be was not the nent cerson. tnat paniora nubt to be committed upon which M'Nicbols tendered himsell n a witness atfatnsr santoru, ana wore that Sanl'ord had (old him tha( morning th - .t he and one George Sullivaa had the niahi helora tioJea a frank coataiulng Ibe boots at a public house in Albany, and that he was employ ed bv Sanl'ord to sell the boots for the best price be could eet : and likewise that Panlord had counterfeit money about him, and that he had an accomplice at Albany by (be name or oeorsje Bullion. San ford wa immedixtelv SDDrehend rd, and on examination and searching him, 92 dollar, principally in five dollar bill or tne uo liirin Bank, were found on him, all coanterltit. Both M'icholandsanrord were lodged ingaoi. A inetseneer was immediately detiiatclied to Albany, and a warrant wat obtained from the police, und Sullivan alia Beverence. wa appre hended, and oo examination a girdle was lound about hi b. - .dv under hit shirt, containing some old and direr, and a quantity of counterfeit hill, on the Ontario Hank, Jacob uarxer's nana, and on some others. Severance wat committed t the eranl at Alhanv. The lame evening ban h.rd wa identified by the name ofJosiah Smith, by a person who had known him many yean, mil tinted lie had been in S'imbur Mines several yean, en a charge of poisoning his father, and pardoned a few years past, and hat liuce kepi a grocery in Mew York. Extract of a letter dated St. Thomas's, April 20th 1813. I wrote you sometime ago by way of New - York, since hatwe have had news here, that the Independents, are still in force t Calaboso, and near Carraccas It is even said that Mo rillo, a royalist genrral, was so very much wounded in the late engagement that he could not direct the movements of the Koyal troops, and had therefore withdrawn fiom Video Cura, and retreated upon Carraccas Another account says that Morales had defeated the Independent Gen. Paiz, but we know nothing certain, llrion, their Admiral is at St Bartholomews and in this neighborhood with two armed ships, two brigs, and three schooners. Yesterday a Danish man of war schr. brought into this port a pirate schooner, who has no papers. Extract of another letter, dated St Thomas's, April 20th. 1818 A schooner has just arrived here to day in 5 days from Porto Cavello, and brings the news that the Patriots under General Paiz were victorious in a late affair, and that they have already reached San Cai los, about 60 miles f om tlie city of Valencia, province of Carraccas." Extract of a letter from Dublin, 17th March. - The Typhus Fever is still prevalent here, carrying off both rich and poor. Business ex - trvmely languid. T le Duke of Leinster is going o be married to the daughter of Luke White, esq. with a fortune of IjO.OOO. Mr White was a Bookseller in Dublin. WASHINUTOI., May 12. Brigadier General Win. Gumming having declined the appointment of Quarter master. Gen eral Thomas S Jesup, Adiutant General of the North Division, tins been appointed to that office FROM OUR CORRKSPOXDEjrT. Steam Boat Hotel, Reading and News Room, ) Norfolk, May 119 A. M. S A privateer brig, deep laden, pierced for 16 guns, and carrying a Carthagcnian pendant, went op the Bay on Saturlay afternoon last. - CapU Thompson, of th sloop Jay, who arrived here that night, saw ber for the first time, oo Wednesday last off Great Eg Harbour, in the act of sending her boat alongside another brig, for, as be (opposed, supplies, conceiving her then to be ia duAresa, aot knowing her character. On Saturday morning he sw her again at anchor oo tha Middle Ground, and as h passed ber she got under weigh, stood into the Capes, and came to anchor in Lynnhaven bay. Shortly after be lowered dowa her boat and teat it aloni'le of a brig which was slandins down for INmnton Road ; alter the boa had remaincj some time, it returned, t ad (he brig got under weigh again and stool op die ban Captv fVlMok t was about an hour frcm the time she am to ancbor oatil she weighed it again. He represents ber aa Isermaphrouit brig, with a bright waisto, copper bottomed, and having bo jib - boom. . Arrived, (loop Driver, Wateitnan, 10 days from . York, bavli.g been blown off. Bloop Jay, Thompson, N. York, 5 days. 6loop Abo Johuioo, I root, do do Sloop Henry, Hand, W. York, 4 days. Below last evening, leveral schooner and sloop bound up. ' Ten schooners and two sloops came Into (ba Capesoa Saturday, and proceeded up the bay. frem awr Corrfpondeni. Office of Ibe Baltimore Patriot, I May lit noon. V Frem Porto Rieo. Capt. Isley, of th brig Kagle, arrived this morning in 17 days from Porto Kico, informs, that previous to his departure, the governor of that island received despatches from Madrid, which induced a belief that war was about to (ake place between Ppain and some other of the European powers, inconsequence of which (he inhabitants were heavily taxed for th purpose of placing the island in a suitable posture of defence. - Arrived, ship Star, Adams, 111 days from Canton. Sailed 19th Jan. io company with ship Trumbull, and brig Rambler, for Providence R. I. parted off Java Head, 4th Feb. Left at Canton, ships Uaicorn, of Baltimore ; Thomas .Scaltergood, and I'hmnix, for Philadelphia i Pa cific, do ; Zephyr aad Paragon, Boston ; Flying r i;h, of do for Lima, spoke in the r ver going up, ship Midat, of Salem. Spoke nothing on tbe irassage. Urie r.aglei Isier, 17 aay irom aiaya;uex, (Porto Rico.) Left brig Fair American, Dun - bam, from Portland, in 14 day t schr Serpent, Andrews, for Baltimore in 15. In lat SO ton bu 30, spoke a small privateer schr under Spanish colors. SChr Good Inleut, Fitch, 35 days from Aux Cayes. Left there 17th April, brig Lion, Chap - man, for NYsrk; rchr Fair Play, Clark, of and for do. Experienced severe gales from the W. Passenger, Mr. F.. Dupont, of NYork. Cleared, tchr Rebecca, Reed, NYork. MARRIED. Last eveninr. by the Kev. Wm. W. Phillips, Mr. Wm. Hogarth to Miss Jennet Anges, all of (bis city. Last evening, by the Rev. Mr. Matthews, Tnlman J. Waters, (o Mitt Eliza Gilford. 1 bit morning by (he llev. Mr. Parkinson, Mr - T. J. Blooinfwld, to Miss Sarah 8. Van Lew. DIEl Last evening, Mr. Francis Richards, of New - London. His friends, and those of George and Nathaniel Richards and Henry Coit, are re quested to attend hit funeral thit afternoon at 5 'clock, from the house of Mrs. Thompson, 125 Pearl - street. At Philadelphia, on tlie 6th inst Captain George Taylor, late of the brig Benjamin, of 1 obago, r ged 35 year. Capt. Taylor was a native of Scotland, and had endeared himself to all his friends, by the uniform correctness of his conduct. eynmjm post marine list. CLEARED. Brig Ann - Maria, Blanchard, Cape de Verds S It K Vlanchard. Morning - Star, Allen, Havre H Harbeik Boston Boston Norfolk Newport . - chr Mary, Nicholson, Reindeer. Jones, Allegro, Welsh, Sloop Halcyon, Gardner, Only uaugnter, Ireland, Norfolk jr at ft: i) mi tVRKyooA. Schr Bellona. Hieeins. 14 days from St An drews, with plaster, to Ward & Bishop. cbr Constitution, Sporting, 14 nays irom st Andrews, with clatter to theraDtain. Schr Argo, 1'liomas, IS dayt from St Andrewt, witn piaster, oounaio rteatun. Schr Three Sitters. Pratt, 32 day from St liewsego. via Newport 6 days, with mahogany dve woods, hides, and eaoiase. to J (I l.alnnta. The brig Vancouver, has arrived at Boston, with a very valuable cargo ot silts BELOW, Ship Chauocey, Dowdall, from Bristol ship William, Irom Liverpool 1 other snip, ina 1 brig. Ship Corsair, Sutton, 5 days from Charles ton, with rice, tobacco and molases, to Clark. Moore Co. owners, J W Schmidt & Co. E Matibran, N Whitmore, Bulkley St Butler, V Bolton, W Rroadfoot, J Harris, J L Tiffany, Mills, Purdy U Co. Lawrence, Kapehe Si Co H W Field, J B Ufonta, D Bethune'ft Co. H C Bull, and L Tomes. Sailed in co. ships Octa - via and Aristider, fhr Liverpool. Lef , ach South Carolina, Allen, for New York, 4 days. The sch Maria, Latham, arrived the day be fore, in II days from New York. Passengers. Mrs. Sutton. Mrs. Sbubrick, Mrs. Carson ai d two servants, Mrs. Ilrcvoort, Dr. Burgoine and family, Mr. and Mrs. Wiley, Mr. iiathews, col. t.ndman, U Unmet, j u Laurens, i w Toomer, Dr. Holbruok, V B Crosby and son. and J Nibbles. Brig Arethusa, Holmes, 6 dayt from Charles ton, with molasses, cotton, dry goods, tic. to Fitch. Goodwin KCo. owners, U L. Dodge, van - dewater. Wheeler & Co. L Brewster, Saltus, on Si Co. Wm Colles, and o ners. On Sunday. spoke brig (understood) Fanny. Passengers, Mrs. Dibuw, Mrs Hill, Mi a. Moore and child. Mr. flelden and niece, Mr. Colles, Messrs Her - ring. Pollock, llartlett. Teller. J Teller, Crom - well, Miklewortb, Davis, and Vaughan, and 4 in the steerage. Sch Belule, 15 dayt from Uibec, witb pias ter, to the captain. Sch Fair American, Wiley, 5 days from I'as - samaquoddy, with fish and plaster, to Blount .V Jcksnn. In lat 40. Ion 72 20, spoke brig Gen. Pike, of Kennebunk, 43 days from Amsterdam fir Virginij. Sch Ceres, Damerell, 16 days from Bermu da, with molasses, to Tucker Si Laurie. Sailed in co. sch Betsey, f r Plymouth, M. bloop Komen. Allen, 3 dais fiom N. ixndon. in bllat, to the master. Sloop Young Hornet, Lewis, II days from Marblehead, with duck and fish, to Peter Rem - ten Si Co. and the master. Sloop Viariha, Godfrey, 5 davs f ora Rich mond, witb coal, to Laing Ii Randolph. bloop 1 ravel'er, Corey, ( davs from Boa - ton, with plaster and fiafi, to J Tufts, of Albany Sloop Jefferson, Smith, 10 days fom St Andrews, and 5 from Portland, with plaster, to Ward Si Bishop. The biig Monmg Sta., "pear, sailed the day before for N York Sloop Geo. Washington. Brethoff, 14 days from, with sugar and molasses, to Goodhue A - Co. and tlie master. Left, ship Sterling, for N. York, u - .c t brigs Busy, and three Slaters ; Fanny, Driscoll ; Broirw rs, Smitli ; sclirs Jane, Hi!ls Fame, Simmons. Spoke May 8, lat 34 40, long 75 1 - 2, ship Lorenzo, f - on, NYork for Charleston. Next day, the ich Diamond, 8 days from Portland for Charleston. Slnop Mary, Bu'kU y, 3 days fom Boston, with tea, dry goods, fruit, c to Peter Remsen Si Co. Hyer ad Rankin, U e it Carroll, and outers, dime out of the inevard at 5, P. M on Tuesday, in co with a'ut 30. sail. ?ame time, vpoke sloop Comet, Bradley, from new. York fur Boston. CM A KLES I ON, Mny 6 Arrived, scbr Ma ria, Ln'lam. N York, II flat. t'l The copartner hip .between V, VER - M tZ i LAFORGL'E is thi diy dissolved. ly 13, 1818. HNTROUXVERMEZ., yl4 6tt ' - 'finxm A mr - ri ; a jx jej a j. rtjci, r ' u THURSDAY LVENI5G, May 14, Will be pretented, the comic opera of IK. ' MAID OF THIS MILL. " J. !LorduLBBTOTth'. . . . . M Mr.Pbilfpp, - ' In which character be will inlrodece tbe timrS. ballad of" Love' Young Dream." Eva - k - eo' Bower," My Patioa ia Vain." and " Shield' celebrated song, " Let Fame Sound the Trumpet," accompanied on (he trumpet . by Mr. Willis. And, with Mis Johnson Bishop' favourite duet, I Love Thee." ra"jT .1. m n . ..MiM JohntOn After the play, Mr. Parker will dance (he BROAD SWORD HORNPIPE. To which will be added, the farce of (he SLEEP WALE.ER. Somno, Mr. IIioB Perionnanca to commence at a quarter past teveu o'clock. LITERARY iVOIll k W FIELDISiO LUCAS, Jr. Baltimore, will publish oo Monday, the 1 8t h May, ' u " THE OLD BATCHLLOR," ' In t miniature volumes, pike, ia extra boards. $1 75 centt. This edition is printed uni'orm .h l.a u letter th. h.;,::i. u .. "!,u ..." - . - w.iuiM urj and is from the pen ofthesue nuthor. .V J . t . 1 1 . vraers ior tne auove win oe attended to airf forwarded by the same conveyance. my 14 .11 IN FORM A 1 ION WANTED" " $y If Mr. Lilias Robertson, formerly of rrince tdwarn island, wova bcolia, but now of this city, will be kind enough to lodge in the , Pott Cilice, a note addressed (o the subscriber informing him in what part of the city the ie sides, the will probably, soon afterwards tee a person, with whom, some years ago, the had" some acquaintance iu her native country i aD( the will moreover very much gratify and oblir P. 8. The on me of the tbove mentioned Mrs Robertson, nriorto her mnnin'o. ma. m;.. V - , , p., 1'IUI ,. hat Mcintosh. Bjit 14 i, OO" The new FEKR V BOATS Irom the iT. nf Vt'alnlll llrHnf. Naur Vnrlr In lk r... ... .. . .... ,1 w i'l D I.H - tie ttreet, Brooklyn, near the Navy Yard, will commence running 00 Sunday, the 17th inst. rersons crumug in Dronui) n irom the vpcer part of tbe city, will Gud the distance murh . ........... 1 l. b . . , : . mv 14 Literary and thitoiophUalSotttty, ofjftw fork, ftr Attaled meetiug of thi Society sin h held, attheNew - Yorklostilutina. thi evenimr nt 1 o'clock. J - VV, FRANCIS. my 1 - 1 NOTICE. . 07" The portnership heretofore existing nn der the firm of Kelly Si M'Bride, is tiii day dissolved by mutual consent. The basinets of said courern is handed oyer to John Kelly, who will continue (be business on his own account t he being fully authorised, will settle (he business of (lie late concern. May 7th, 181ft. JOU.X KELLY, GEO. M'BRIDE. my 14 3t American Jttademy of the Fine Am. rjjr The Board of Directors give notice, that the fourth exhibition of this academy, will be a - pened on Wednesday next, 20th instant, and continue open every day (Sunday excepted) ' from 9 io the morning till dusk. Admittance 25 ' centt. Cataloguet 12 1 - 2. By order. . ALEX. ROBERTSON, Sec'ry. Member and exhibiting artist are informed, that their cards of admission ara left with (he door keeper. my 14 8w NOTICE. rrj Those parents, whose children attended the Young Ladies' Hall, No. 20 Franklia - tt. will pi' as to meet at the school - room to - morrow afternoon at 5 o'clock, in order to select a respectable teacher for that seminary. WILLIAM MORRIS CARTER. , may 14 St GLOBE INSURANCE COMPANY, . THE Presided and Directors give notice, that a dividend of four per cent on (he capi - . ltd stock of tbe company for the last six mor(La will he paid to the Stockholder at their OtSc. No. 55 Wall - street, on and after the 1st day of Jane next The Transfer book wiH be closed on the lat instant. By order of the board of Direo ton. . RICHARD DUNN, Junr. my 14 dim Sec'rv. 'i REMOVAL. I IIP. lIKAITLlla Al.. I IT. VI I Ol J. .Tl II. - BERT, associate oft he Academy of Art t of New - kurk, author ufthe "Voyage PiUoresque a ITsle de France, Tenerine, et au Cande B'nnc - Esptr ance," is removed to No. 20 Maiden - Lane, cor. ner of Green - street, where he rerpet tiwllv tendere his services to the citizen of New - York, as Teacher in the Art of Drawing, and particular - . ly of Landscape Painting. His havirg been choteo and appointed bv the French government Io accompany the expedition of discovery round the world, under the command of capt. B audits, in the capacity of landscape painter his having been commissioned br the same government a profetsrr ia the school ior the minft, to take views in different parts ol the Alps and of the Pyrennees are the recoaa mendationt which he offer to the public. my 14 lw . ' ' . 'OT Ultttisi IjiAii St SMltWiJit w4& (will sail positively on the 20th instant,) VM V The fast sailing schr EXPRESS, comers, master, has 3 - 4th of ber cargo on board For freight of remainder, or passage, having good arrommodatiom, apply to the captain oa board at Agnew's wharf may 14 For SAFAJM.1U, The ship GLOBE, Devoll, matter, H.1II ivMil.velv anil on Hi 17th irMtant. p nr l'rpi,rhl. vhtrK mil h tftlren verv low. armlv on board at pier No. 10 East River, or (o run s nrivuviirj, my 14 No. 56 Soath street. For L1 YRE, The fast - sailing coppered ship ADO - MR. H. I.. Chaomlin. mister, intended to sad positively on the 23d iait. can yet accommodate 3 more passenger, and can take foaae more freight. Apply oo board, at Jones' wharf, or to POTT & M'KINNE, or mv 14 GRIS WOLDS St COATES. t'Lt a ii i rwTV.V '4I Th ele?ant packet ship CORSAIR, VSAlSutton, will tail on Sunday next For Ireigbt or passage, appty on ooaru, ai j - ier east side Old - slip, or to CLAKav, .viuuttr. w. may 14 3t 41 .South - st. PAINTS, OIL, Sic. tc 50 hhd. Pans While and Whiting 60 bhlt Spanih Brown SO do Yellow Ochre 16 catkt Venetian Red . ' 10 tons dry and ground White Ltsd t do Red Lead 500 lb. Prufifin Blue "... 2000 lb. Blue Vilriol j 3000 lb. Oil do 10 hlidt. Copperas ; 5 do Purnke Stone 1000 lbs. Gum Copal ; 1500 do do Shellac 100 bbls. Ground Carawo d SO do do Logwood and Nicaragan 600 do do Tumeric 5 tons St Domingo Logwood - , 2 do Large Nicaragaa j 2 do Red Wood . 30 boxes Eastern Mould Candle ' Linseed, spermaceti and oeatslootiw Black and Bright V arnish . 2500 feet 8 by 10 Glass 1500 do 7 b, WELD, my 14 19? Frn. mmeroi raiion - ' ssssassassssss. . - RUcrl K K. A V hN 3 UUC 14 CT quality Russia dock, - 5 bales reva dock, entitled to debauture, iU J mav 14 ' 26 Saotn - st. KENTUCKY PORK 200 bbls Keatocky. JNIkOOLLEY

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