The Mason City Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa on March 6, 1937 · Page 10
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The Mason City Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa · Page 10

Mason City, Iowa
Issue Date:
Saturday, March 6, 1937
Page 10
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TEN ANNUAL SCHOOL ELECTION TO BE HELD ON MONDAY Four Candidates for Three Positions on Board; Four - Polling Places Named. '. A.quiet campaign was Hearing ;its close Saturday as final prepa- ' rations were being made for Mason City's annual school election .Monday. . ' · The following four candidates ' the field for three positions on the board: 'Howard L. Knesel, member of 'the insurance firm of A. W. Knesel and Son. Dr. R. F. Kunz, Mason City dentist. R. E. Robertson, county engi- " ne'er. : B. E. Wiley, assistant cashier o£ .the First National bank. Mr. Robertson and Mr. Wiley are running for re-election, while 'Dr. Kunz and Mr. Knesel are new candidates. Four ward voting places have been announced by the school board,. as* follows:. First ward; administration building. ·.': · ' · · ; , . Second ward, courthouse. Third ward, Lapiner's garage, Delaware avenue and Second street southeast. Fourth ward, Cady's .veterinary office,.'114 First street southwest. The. .polls will be .open at 7 o'clock in .the morning and close at 7 o'clock in the evening. Are Candidates HOWARD KNESEL FELLOWSHIP OF PRAYER Daily teuton Devotional Prepared by Dr. Willard L. Sperry for the Federal Council of Churches of Christ in America. Fourth Week--"The Greatest _ . Thing in the World" LOVE AS THE DIVINE . PERFECTION Saturday, M a r c h 6. "Be ye therefore perfect, even as your Father which is in heaven is perfect." Read Matthew 5:13-20. · The fifth chapter of Matthew, Iwhich gives us pictures of Christian love at work in the world, asks much of us. We are not prepared to say that Lit.asks too much. J B u t w h e n we [reach, t h e l a s t j v e r s e ,of the I chapter,'! with Its I counsel' ?of ·' ; p eiS- J Section,' AVG de- [spair. To be as Igood as God is-- JNo! t h a t ideal I merely mocks at jour poor powers. It is strange j h o w carelessly 'we read familiar DR. SFER10T words. The verse in question does not tell us that we are to Ije as srood as God is. Goodness is not a quantity which can be weighed and measured. . What the verse does say is this: Be perfect in the way in which God is perfect; be good as God is good, after His manner. The words are still high words, but they do not ask impossibilities. Countless obscure Christians in ''nameless little unremembered acts of kindness arid of love" are living up to, and living out; this command. The Christian counsel bf perfection is not, therefore, a counsel of moral despair. Prayer: O holy and righteous God, whose, goodness is manifest to us without measure and beyond bur desert, help us to understand more truly the manner of Thy perfection, that the leadings o£ Thy love, first felt in our natural affections, may also be known DU. R. F. KUNZ our souls as the.grace of Christ Am/in ' ' - . . Amen. At the Hospitals Jennie. Infante, 1729 Delaware avenue northeast, was admitted to the Park hospital Friday for treatment Mrs. Dan Pigman, 1702 Delaware avenue northeast, was admitted to the Park hospital Friday for a major operation. Mrs. W. J. Strong, 620 Fourth street southwest, was dissmissed from the Park hospital Friday following a minor operation. Mrs. Ben Hiemer, Garner, was dismissed from the Park hospital Friday^ following a minor operation. . Miss Nan Hewitt, Northwood, was dismissed from the Park hospital Friday following treatment. ; Mrs. Jennie Leach, 101 Fifth street northwest, was dismissed from the Park hospital Friday following treatment. A daughter weighing 8 pounds % ounces was born to Mr. and Mrs. L. O. Thomas, 531 Eleventh street northeast, at the Park hospital Friday. R. E. ROBERTSON R. E. WILEY Your Federal Income Tax ZG. Automobile Deductions. UNCANNY FACULTY The power of reason enables you to see the right and the wrong in everything that doesn't affect your pocketbook. -- Buffalo Evening News. ARTHRITIS! NEURITIS-RHEUMATISM Head the hook t i i a t Is hclpinc; thoiiFands: A postcard hringB you a F R K E rvpy latest edition "Tlie I n n e r Mysteries Rheamallim"' sealed and ' With the number of automobile owners'registering in the millions, the question of deductions for the cost of operation and maintenance of a motor car frequently arises. The purchase price of an. automobile, whether it is to be used for business or pleasure, cannot be deducted from gross income. If'used for business, it,is a capital expenditure; if used for pleasure, it is a personal expenditure--both deductions being expressly prohibited by the income-tax law. Several deductions, however, are allowable in connection with the cost of maintenance and operation of an automobile, used either for business or pleasure. If used exclusively for business deductions may be taken for the cost of gasoline, oil, repairs, garage rent, and other necessary operation and upkeep expenses. Depreciation, based on the cost of the car and its, estimated useful life, also is deductible. Other deductible ilems are as follows: Sums paid during the taxable year for registration fees, drivers' licenses, personal property tax, and municipal taxes; interest on money borrowed for the purchase of a motor car, either for business or for pleasure; loss sustained by reason of damage while car is being used for business, provided such loss is not covered by insurance or otherwise; damages paid for injury to another, provided that the ear was being used for business at'the time, and the damage was not covered by insurance or otherwise; and the amount paid for insurance on motor vehicles used for business purposes, Is Not Opposed. KANAWHA--The annual school election of thcKanawha Independent school will be held Monday. The term of E. B. Sheldahl, who has been a member of the school board foe many years, has expired and no one has entered to oppose him on the ticket. ; ' · . MASON CITY GLOBE-GAZETTE. MARCH 6 · 1937 A Line O'Pipe By T. PIPE .Stick to the Pipe--Let the smoke blow where it will: To the First Robin, If Any. . (N. B. 1(, the. first robin lias not yet arrived when this column is printed, our readers, it any, are asked to please refrain from reading these verses until it does arrive. Thanks.) Oh robin redbreast, gay and bright, Once more from out the south your flight Has brought you to the north land's chill, Our winter weary hearts to thrill. The days have oft been bleak and cold. And filled with blasts of blizzards bold. Since you did heed [he southlajid's call, When autumn leaves besaii to fall. colors. We are grateful to the friendly member of the t library staff who took time out from her other duties to show us the book. ' · - . ' -- '· -It would be great if tlie commonwealth of Iowa would publish such a book. Perhaps the people of the state would take more interest in their feather friends did they know more about them. -- ·-- Wonder why a church going audience usually fills the rear seats first. One woulfl think a church goer would like to get down front where he could absorb all that was good in the sermon. But instead, the sents back near the door arc usually preferred. But now song, again your gladsome Brings hope that it will not be long, 'Till winter days forgot will be, As we list' to your melody. Our friend Jimmy MacLaughlin, Mason City's handsome newsboy and Irishman de luxe, is considerably worked up over the first robin this year. Even to the extent of promising to make a robin trap and capturing the first one he sees to show as a proof that he is a teller of the truth of no mean ability. -- · -However .that may be, (he robins should be here by the lime, or shortly subsequently thereto, that this column appears in public print. -- ·-- At last the man, or men, of moderate means, as well as those of no means at all, are rising up on their hind legs and protesting the abominable sales tax in vigorous and descriptive language For which they can be blamed but little if at all. -- · -- ·Tlie sales tax is directly aimed at the pocketbook of the persons of moderate means. They pay a greater proportion of their earn- iags for a tax of this kind ihan do those with a more healthy income, fllany expenses run about the same for each class. But when the poor man has to pay a fax on his daily bread and other necessities of like, he has a holler coming. May his squawk increase. -- * -Angle worms live to be 10 years old.--News item. A fine comment on the agility of the early bird and the ability of the early angler. ' ' *~~ x - ' · · . ;-...'· But maybe.the'.'.: 10 year;,-..old ahffleworms are riot early risers. In which case the early bird would be fed and none and the early angler still sound asleep before the 10 year old worms arose for breakfast. ^-- A V --~ An angle worm may live to roar, A half a dozen broods or more If it escapes the early birds, And early anglers by the score -- · -And now that the merry month of March is here in all its glory rtn ««* r«:i i _ _. . ° n · " ' It would also preacher would audience down seem rather closer that the have' his to him. do not fail to remember taxes are just around the that well it is also of easy, payments; known corner waiting to be paid" « Also that a. certain prominent, popular, east side hardware merchant will soon be telling us whoppers about a brand of grass seed that has a heck of a iimo living up to its responsibilities. ^__ A So you see, something is always taking the joy out of iife and something is always putting it back in again. -- * -Persons living in the vicinity ol Dougherty need worry no longer about prompt medical attention when a physician is needed. Doctor Hale has purchased himself a new Phord V8 of latest design and structure. It is equipped with all modern appliances including a hot air heater and a revolving crank shaft. As to whether ' equipped with a flock convenient, monthly the good doctor sayeth not. « -The doctor now guarantees to BO from where he Is to where he is .needed in a minimum of time and at a high rate of speed. - A ___ V TM"~ At that, the fastest cars can scarcely overtake death. Although death can, and frequently does overtake the fastest cars. -- « -A' Suggestion Well Worthy of Consideration. T. Pipe: Did it ever occur to you what a nice thing a truck route through iMason City would be? It would keep the biir stock and freight trucks off of Federal avenue and help put a stop lo so much heavy traffic on that busy street. W. T. W. r _ A Tied to the inside handle of 'the main entrance door of the Yelland and-Hanes store are, or just recently were, two strings and one good, strong, substantial rope. The cause wherefore of this condition intrigued us hugely but Curtis was, so we are told, at Iowa City, Mr. Hanes was deeply engrossed at his desk, possibly wrestling with his income tax, if any, and the flock of good looking sales persons refused to be interested in our search for information. Therefore, the mystery of the two strings and one rope on the main entrance door remains unsolved. ® -One of the most beautiful hooks we have ever seen is a library books on (lie birds of New England. It Is published by the · commonwealth of Massachusetts " and is elaborately illustrated 'in . Perhaps if the rear seats were of a portable nature, they. could be removed and then supplied after the front ones were occupied. .- . _ $ -Of course many persons have their favorite seats in church and always sit in them If possible. Personally, we prefer an aisle seal near the rear. We like to get out as soon as possible when the services are over. _ A _ Our personal nomination for the most uncomfortable appearing seats in the whole world. Those back of the pulpits furnished by the churches for the preacher to sit in. Or on. No wonder the preachers give their audience the dickens sometimes. Who wouldn't after sitting a while in. such a chair. Simile: As independent us a milk wagon turning: around in the middle of a block. Back and forth and here and yonder, The milk wagon on it route, Turns and twists upon the high- way, 'Till the auto drivers shout, They will smack it in the middle, If il don't watch out. A Real Blow Out. Window Blown Out as Farewell Party Held --Heading REPORTFINDING DIAMOND Negro's 203 Gai-at "Discovery Starts Stampede of Fortune Seekers. GEORGETOWN, British Guiana, (/P)--A diamond reported to wcigli 203 carats, found by a Negro laborer 100 miles in the jungle, has precipitated a rush, said wireless advices received' here - · tune "Any Ice Today, Lady?" 'ni 1 ""' 1 ° r i" 1P ice .' iam " la( weilt ol!l " r Willow ci-celc Friday n ,/.i.,^,. '"'ler^ round three members of the U'.vnu family il: iglil the AV.vnns are Vcriic, Lorciic and Gladys. (Photo -om SUulio) in Eist Bil1 Hutchins or the Legal Notice NOTICE OF IN'COnrORATlO.V To Whom II May Concern NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that thi undersigned hove associated Ibi'mselvf together under and by virtue of Chap ter 381 and Chapter 385-C 1 Tille 13 o the 103o Code ol Iowa and laws amen datory thereto, ns a corporation, hnve adopted Articles' of Incorporation whicli provide as follows, to-wit: (1) The name of the corporation i "The Mason city Motor Coach Com pany" and its principal place ot busi ness is Mason City, Iowa. (2) The general nature of the busines to be transacted by suclL corporation i owning and operating motor busses, mo It ire Tor vehicles and automobiles for for the purpose of transporting pas sengcrs and · the public generally ovc antt through Uic streets ol Mason City Iowa and lo furnish individuals parties conveyances for business, pleas lire or trips in, through and about said city, and from city to other nearb' towns and cities, and to any and al places where an individual, person, party public di , or group of parties and the sire to go and to be transported to carry and transport mail, papers ant packages. To purchase, own or least. motor busses, and motor coaches, auto- Saturday. Stampeding for- seekers were said to have found one 18 carat stone and several smaller ones. Wealth came suddenly to an aged prospector three years ago near Pretoria, Union oE South Africa, when he discovered two large stones--one of 500 carats and the other of 726. The larger, which b e c a m e known as the "Jonkher diamond was brought to the United States and cut. Reputedly the fourth largest in the world, it was believed to be a long-fought part of the Cullinan diamond, the bulk o£ which was discovered 32 y.ears ago and given to King Edward VII by the trans- vaat government. The Cullinan diamond was the largest in the world, weighing 3,025% carats (19.97 ounces) before it was cut up to provide jewels for the British royal scepter and British crown. When it was found, it was noticed one side was jagged--evidence there had been a fracture. the a u t h o r today -- H.' P. Clear- Water, Ph. D., 3«-B St., HallovvcU, Maine. Western Union Boys at Des Moines Go Back to Their Jobs DES MOINES, (/P) -- All Des Moines Western Union messenger boys returned to work Saturday in spite of the fact a group ot them Friday night announced plans for a strike this morning, Kenneth E. C o 1 b u r n, delivery department manager said. Colburn said he was still negotiating with the boys who demanded pay increases of approximately 50 per cent. They picketed the Western Union's main office entrance here Friday night and threatened to stop all delivery service until Colburn agreed to telegraph their demands to his headquarters at Omaha, Nebr. mobiles and jnotor vehicles with noivei to sell, exchange or dispose of Ihe same and lo purchase or lease snow plows and operate the same in connection wilh the aforesaid business and to purchase, own, lease or otherwise acquire all necessary equipment and personal p-opcrty incident lo the aforesaid business. To purchase, own, improve, lease, sell, exchange, convey or transfer real eslatc. To purchase, erect or construct a garage or carages. To lease or own paragcs and to purchase, lease or olhcr- W1 5 C rM?. I "' lr: . O i l s' ati °«s, bulk stations and filling stations. To borrow money and to mortfagc or otherwise lien or pledge any or all ot Hie company's property; to acquire from the Slate of Iowa or from any town or municipality or iroTi any corporation or individual any concessions, i-ranls. rights, or franchises, poivers and privileges w i t h i n the State of Iowa which may seem lo the company capable of being turned into account in carrying out ils business and to exercise the same, and with power to. sell; or' dispose of the same. To borrow money and contract indebted- n ? s ? l . w ' lhout U m i t ** to "mount for any ot the purposes of the corporation. To draw or make, accept, endorse, discount execute; issue, sell or otherwise dispose of promissory notes, drafls and bills of exchange, warrants, bonds, debentures and negotiable or non-negotiable instru- -- -- ,--perty corporation al Ihe t i m e owned, or thcrcartpr acquired. To purchase, hold, 11 i 1 , lril " stcr ll e shares of Us capital slock. To give and to execute cither aS ii n i"r, Pal , ° r s u r c 'y. surety, indemnity or liability bonds in connection with the operation of the aforesaid business and to purchase and acquire. such surety indemnity and liability bonds and to' purchase, acuuire and contract tor insurance policies and indemnity policies TM S J" rln B osalntt any or all hazards connected with the aforesaid business To enter into and make nnd perform contracts of every kind for any lawful purpose with any person, firm, association or corporation, town city cotmty, body politic, state or Unitccj Slates Goi-ornmenf. To have one or more oltlee and to conduct any o? all ot its operations and business and pro- mole its business wilhin the state of Iowa. To buy, hold, sell and convey perjonal property and sucll real property ns may be necessary and conven- lenl for the proper conduct of the affairs of Ihe corporation. are common slock without par value and one hundred shares UOOl are prc^ ferrcd slock, of the par value of One dred Dollars (SIOO.OOI per share. All | . . '? lo b . c . without condition. . on date of Issue Said Preferred Stock , ., , - , , -- - - - - · -- --..... * . w . ^ . r f c u £[OCK shall entitle Ihe holders thereof lo re- ccivo Six ($8.001 Dollars per share per a n n u m from the surplus or net profits of the corporation payable at such times as the Board ot Directors may diitcr- mlne,- before any dividends..shall be ct apart for or paid on the Common Stock, i M n i , prcfcrr;d Slf* shall not pari ucipatc in nor receive any additional earnings, profits or dividends. * utml ° nal Iho said dividends on the Stock shall bo · cumulative, Preferred that if full dividends al the aforesaid rate for any past dividend period shaif not hare a no a been set apart for or paid on said Prc £"7J f ' tho .""ic'cncy shall b % , 1 i»S' d: _ 0r ., " ovi ^ d '°r bpforc an; paid Emmetsburg Residents Told to Boil Water EMMETSBURG, (/P)--Emmetsburg officials, after receiving a state health board report that the city water was unsafe for drinking purposes, Siiurday warned residents to boil all drinking water. The officials said they expected that state health officials will come here Monday to investigate the-source of the pollution. dividend is declared Common Stock. i,, T ''" "o'ders of Preferred Stock shall n case of liquidation or dissolution of t o be entitled to be paid In f u l l out o/ Ihe assets of the corporation including Us capital, the amount o ' their Preferred Stock at One Hundred ($100 OIH Dollars per share and an amount equal of all dividends unpaid thore- Mvcly ,n procorljon lo Iheir holding. Said Preferred Slock shall he Sllbjccl to redemplion in whole nr in part at One H u n d r e d (SlOO.OOi Dollars per fliarc- ·ml_ an amount lo the sum of all d i v i d e n d s unpaid thereon., and in lie of such dividends, at such l i m e nnd in such manner as the Beard of Directors s h a l l determine, after two years from the issue iiiercoi. That each stockholder, cither preferred or common, shall he entitled to one vole for each share held hy him or her. al a " s t o c k h o l d e r s ' meetings. That Ihc authorized capital stock of his corporation or any part thereof may lie Issued from time to time for such consideration, and upon such terms and comlllions as may be fixed by resolu- taor. passed by the stockholders of this fk"?°I? ' , at ony Annual meeting thereof, or at any special meeting there' of called for that purpose, or by the Board of Directors a c t i n g under authority of such stockholders given in like rnanner. The eapilal slock authorized may be increased hy a majority volt for twenty (20) years unless sooner dissolved, with the rieht of renewal. (ol The affairs of this corporation shall be managed by a Board of Directors of not less Ihan three, nor more than five directors, who shall elect a president vice-president, secretary and treasurer, and such other officers, including executive committee as they may see ill, or as may be provided by the bylaws of this corporation. Tlie annual election shall be hold on the second luCiMny of January of each year. Until t h e first election, which shall be held on January. II, 1038, the followin e named persons ;hall be directors: James E Osborne, Mason City, Iowa: Rose Os- banic, Masoti City. Iowa, and Dee Osburn. of Albert Lea, Minnesota. .And the follo.vinE named persons shall be officers: President. James E. Osbornc- Vice-Prcsident, Dee Osburn; Secreiary and Treasurer, Rose Osborne. All officers of this corporation shall hold office lor one year or until their successors elected and qualified. Ev cry director shall be a stockholder. The Board ot Directors may fill all vacancies occurrinr; in its membership between annual elections by appointment of qualified persons, who will bold office for the remainder of the term. Special mcetlnKS ol the stockholders may be called at any lime by Ihe President Riving ten (10) daj-s notice, in person or in wrilinp, to Hie stockholders, and shall be called by him at any time upon request of slock- holdcrs representing ;5Vo of the outstanding stock. And in case of his ncir- let-l or refusal (o call such meeting the parlies owninR slock lo Ihe amount of 2a r .o oulstanding may join in a call of t h e stockholders, whicli meeting shall be the same as if called hy the Presi- dcnl. At all Jiieelinfis of the stockholders each stockholder shall be entitled to one votu for each share of stock held by him. which vote may be cast in person or by proxy. (ARTICLE VIII) (6) The private property of the stockholders shall be exempt from Ihe dcbls of said corporation. This Arliele shall not be changed except by the unanimous consent of all stockholders in iniercsl. ,nnl the (7t The corporation may make aller by-laws and may authorize sard of Directors to do so. (B) Amendments to these Arlielc'i except Article VIII. may be made a't any annual meeting of the stockholders, or at a specia 1 meeting called for that nur- lOfc. two-thirds of all stock in interest voting for such amendments. Dated this 24th day OE February. 1937. INCORPORATORS '. - 'ADDRESS James E. Osborne. Mason City Iowa Dee Osburn, Albert Lea. Minnesota. Rose Orbome. Mason City. Iowa NOTICE OF SHERIFF'S SALE STATE OF IOWA. Cerro Gordo County, Ks. To i:v;i Laiita.'and to \ v h u n i il ccrn: You ,-ire hereby notified that by of a special execution, to me directed -uid issued out of the o f f i c e of the Clerk of t h e District Court dt the Stale ot Iowa, within and f o r - Cerro Gordo Counly, upon a judgment rendered in said Court in favor of Hattic B Irwin against Eva Laiilz for tlie sum of n hundred Thirty-five and 32-100 Dollars, debt, and Twenty-one and 27-100 Dollars, costs, nnd Forty-two and 03-100 Dollars, attorneys fee, I have levied doscri k^ ^^^^ ^^ m a y c o n * virtue , ipon Ihe following alo lo-ivit: u L ' Half ( S ' . i ) of Lots Nos, 1 ,,,,,! ;. ;,, £ .No. 2.1, i,, the Villacc of North I'lymoulli, Towa, acconHnr lo Ihe recorded plal (hereof. nnd that on t h e 23th day of March ID3T it 2 o clock P. M.. at the front door of the Court House in Mason City. Cerro G Gordo County, Iowa. I proceed to sell the same In satisfaction of said iccruYii 0 "' lOEClhcr with al lc eal costs .Dated al the Sheriffs office In Mason -it.v, Iowa, tins 26th day of February, ,,, . TIM R. PHALEN. Sheriff of Cerro Gordo County. Iowa M ? y ^ E 'S c """Wei'- Dcpuly Sheriff. Marly Butler, Attorneys. X O T I C E OF SHERIFF'S S A L E STATE OP IOWA* Cerro Gordo Counly. ss. Ti Ony V. Oneil, and L d l t l ] jr. Oneil j n r t la wllmn II may c o n c e r n : WALLACE ASKS GO-OPERATION Cautions Consumer Groups Against Working Solely for Lower Prices. NEW YORK, OT--Secretary of Agriculture Henry A. Wallace cautioned consumer organizations Saturday against working solely for lower prices and urged them to co-operate to the fullest extent with producing groups to achieve a balanced production. Addressing the c o n s u m e r s emergency council, the secretary formula "which set forth this seems to me to best express the united goal of producers and consumers:" "We want increased balanced production of those goods which we all need and want at prices low enough to pass such increased production into consumption, but at prices high enough to keep such production coining without destruction o£ our natural resources of our democratic processes. Part of Formula. "As a functional part of this formula, it is obviously necessary --either by inter-industrial planning by business itself, or by government pressure at key ports at the right time--to bring about a sufficient distribution in the national income so that consumer purchasing power will more continuously equal producing power. "The problem o£ increased production is one of continuous progressive balance, not only between such producing groups as business, labor and agriculture, but also between what we produce and what we consume " Will Not Benefit. Consumer groups, Ihe cabinet member said, must not lose sight oE the fact that "lower prices, of themselves alone,, unless other things ;ilso arc brought to pass, will not benefit consumer welfare, because sometimes lower prices mean lower wages and less income for farmers and reduced business profits. Envisioning a steady growth ol consumer organizations, Secretary Wallace said: "When the day finally arrives that consumer groups have bargaining power as effective as that of the producer groups, I trust the bargaining power will be used with the thought in mind that most consumers are either themselves producers or are closely affected by " ducers." those who arc pro- Boys Snatch Purse. DES MOINES, OT--Kaihryn Atkinson reported to police that two boys "in their early teens," snatched her purse containing $14 liter threatening her with table- tennis paddles. NO MORE SHOTS OF BRAKE CO-ED Former Rudy Vallee Revue Dancer Advised to Shie From Cameras. DES MOINES, (fP -- Heloise Martin, professional dancer arid Drake university's "affair of honor" coed, shied Saturday from "any more pictures" at the advice of university officials. But that didn't keep the campus from searching everywhere for copies of a college type magazine which appeared with .a series of pictures labeled a "typical day" in the life of the willowy, brunet dancer who left a Rudy Valee revue in New York City to get an education at Drake. The pictures showed Heloise getting up, taking a shower, rtross- ing, attending a class, practicing with a bow and arrow, dancing and finally kissing her boy friend good night. The "boy friend" was Ernest Bergmann of Chicago, a university football-playing pugilist who recently trounced Dan Anderson of Salt Lake City, student editor, to protect Heloise's "honor." Bergmann claimed Anderson inscribed a dancing picture, of Heloise "today's hot tip," and though Anderson denied it, the editor suffered a "black eye" arid other injuries. , ' Of the shower bath picture, Heloise hotly declared: "It was retouched and I don't like it a bit. They told me the picture would be used from: the shoulder up only. I was wearing a costume which was retouched out of the picture. I think everyone should know that." Of the entire series, E. C. Lytton, Drake university business manager, said: "I think Miss Martin probably got a raw deal from the magazine photographer." Messenger Boys at Sioux City Join in Higher Pay Demand SIOUX-CITY, (if)--Joining fellow messengers of the Postal Telegraph company here in a demand for higher wages, 20 Western Union messenger boys went on strike here Saturday. Five Postal Telegraph messengers struck Friday and were still out. Following a conference with F. !. SkMall. Western Union superintendent here, the Western Union boys returned to work pending an announcement, promised by Siddall, on the company's attitude toward fhe demand of a minimurii wage of 30 cents an hour for an'8 hour day. Postal Telegraph boys ask a mimum of 15 cents an hour for an 8 hour day and that the company pay the upkeep of their bicycles and cleaning costs of uniforms. Postal Telegraph enlisted the aid of volunteers for delivery o[ messages. Western Union delivery service was at a standstill for only 20 minutes. $3,000 Damage to Emmetsburg Church as Result of Fire EMMETSBURG--Fire originating in an attic caused $3,00 damage to the M. E. church at Emmetsburg Saturday noon. Local: iiremen fought the blaze two hours Before bringing it under control." The church auditorium, including a 53,000 pipe organ, was damaged. Buys Produce Station. RAKE--Carl Hauskins purchased the "Tommy's Cash Produce Station" formerly owned by Wayne O. Thomas and will lake' sossession Monday. Mr. Kauskins, who farmed near Rake for several years, recently had a sale and moved to town. Councilman Resigns Position. CLARKSVILLE--At the. Clarks- villc council meeting, F. E. Newberry, handed in his resignation, on account of poor health. out par value and may be cither common or preferred, with such privileges as may be dclerminert al s ,,eh nfeettnR When t h e oul.slnndln B capital | s i n - crer.scil. t h e a d d i t i o n a l shares shall f i r s t nc of/cred to cxfslinc slockholcjers pro- porlinnalely to t h e i r holtliriKs. Mi The business and corporate period of this .corporation shall bcpln on the S.vvi" 1 " rSc ! :rc l i ' r y "' Stale (Hues cer- UIicJlc ol incorporalion, and continue County, u p o n a judgment rendered I Court in favor of Vinnio Shanks and ist Guy V. Oncil and Editli M. Oneil or the sum of Ten thousand eight h u n - rcd forty-throe and .17-100 Dollars debt, and Twenty-four and 05-100 Dolars, costs, and One hundred fortv-cicht nd 36-100 Dollars, attorney's fee I have cvled upon the followirig described real state to-wit: South One-Half of the Northeast Quarter. Section 21, T o w n i h i p (17. Ran,,. M, «- B .st of t h e r.tli P. M., Cerro l . a r n n C o u n t y . Iowa, ndI that en tho 20th day of March.' 1337. t 2 o'clock P. M.. at the front door of lie Court House in Mason City. Cerro .u ?i I i U n ' y ''' 0 w a ' [ wiu Proceed to ell l i e same m satisfaclion ot said ccru'in 0 "' l ° eclh!r wlth a11 Ic sal "»s Dated at Ihe Sheriff's office In Mason 537 ~ lth " ay Ol F e D r U i ry. _. ,, TIM R. PHALEN. Sheriff of Cerro Gordo County. Iowa. v x w .V 1 !! mscy ' Dc P'" Sheriff, v. A. Westfall. Altorncy. Kraschel May Offer Scholes' Name Again DES MOINES, ((?}--Gov. Nelson G. Kraschel indicated he may resubmit to the senate his selection of Walter Scholes (D) of Council .Bluffs, as labor member of the state unemployment compensation commission. "I think the appointment was sound," Kraschel said. The senate rejected the appointment earlier this week. Asked whether he would resubmit Scholes 1 name to the senate, Kraschel said: "Perhaps." Takes California Position. K A N A W H A -- M r . ant) Mrs. Marvin Hcnch nnd twin sons, Tommy and Diivid left for Oali- land Ca!., where Mr. Hcnch has accepted a position as district manager of the Oakland Tribune. ioks Mean Checks MASON CITY GLOBE- GAZETTE A lot of smart people have found llicre's money In chickens. And they are turning chicks Into "checks." And how did they find . the chickens?--through the Want Ad columns of the Globe-Gazette. If you have a yen for chickens, find ways f turn them into money --with Globe-Gazette Want Ads. mm i!?i H § If s /a M i 1 l | m 9 il ;a ^'~-'^' v '^" T '^^ '" ' ^^SE'T^ ttWMIWSy^

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