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The Evening Post from New York, New York · Page 1

New York, New York
Issue Date:
Thursday, May 14, 1818
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more ven'iers 10 every ciry or sown un. m7c'114tslcUyrtt K 'EWMNENQ POST. ' ' DUMBER 4966 THURSDAY, MAY 14, 1818. NO. 49 WILLIAM - STREET. - - - - - , , I . . LIFE IJVSL'KAXCF.. kr. ICPThs UNION INSURANCE COMPANY. incorporated by WoLegiilatwe of the Stale tf it, wim m cnarur ol unlimited duration, fof making LIFE INSURANCES and grauting ANNUITIES, will couunence business on the first day of Jtfaynaxt, at no. 56 Wall - street The more prominent objects embraced by this company, (although they are prepared to enter on favorable terms into. alt contracts in any shape connected with the views of their institution,) are as follows : To the laboring class of the community, to Xe chantrt, to Clerks in public andjirwateiJficttt to Clergymen, la fmfessors in Coll'gtn, to Military men, aud all others possessed of fixeAjnromer, which will terminate with their own lives, they offer a secure means of providing i'or thcifami - lies, by setting apart a small portion of thtir annual savings to that purpose. To cafiilalult, they offer the safe investment and certain improvement of their surplus iu - come to the hen e fit of their descendants. To married men, they offer a provision to their villous, by an appropriation to that purpose of small aunualtum?, during the continuancuof the marriage, and on ths same principle they offer to the assignees of bankrupt estates, and the purchasers of property, subject to the richt of dvu er. a mode of cxtinguhing that claim, by giving an equivalent for the surrender of the rights of the wife. To parents, they present a mode nf endowing their infant children, affording to them, if they rcacn a certain age, a much larger sum compar cd with the original premium, than tan be ac quired by any mode, of acc umulation at interest. I o tingle persons, who may have no heirs, they offer the means of greatly increasing their annual income through the purchase of life au nuities. To young nenple. of active employment, whnse exertions and earnings must diminish with their increasing years, they offer a support for the de clin of life, hy payment) of c omparatively small amount, while their season 01 industry ihallcon - Untie. The Company has provided Tables calcu lated upon true principles from the most correct data, which at the same timccooihiuo the safety of the othce, anct Inn interest of the customer Of the results of these Tal ks some specimens are sunjoincil, Irom which the advantages to the holders of Contracts with them may be estimated. A healthy person, of tlio age of tweuty - stven years, by an annual payment nf luo Ui - 100 dollars during his life, may secure to his heirs the sum of One Hundred UtMurt, or u larger amount by a proiorlioliate premium. A Husband, aged thirty, whose wife's age is twenty - five, may, by the annual payment of Tiro JO - 100 Dollars, while bolh live, secure lo his widow the sum of ' ne Hundred DaVars, which the company will exchange fur an equivalent annuity, if required. At the age of fifty an annuity for the remainder of the life may be bought for about ten and a quarttr year's purchase, or at the rate of nine and Li - 4 per cent on ihe sum invested. , A father way, by 'he payment of one nun - drtd dollars at the birth ol a child, secure to that child, when it shall reach the age nt twenty - one years, the sum of tlx hundred and forty - one dl - lurs. From the age of twenty - one, an annual pay ment of Eleven 10 - 100 Dollars till the a - of P'ftU, will secure toihe party an annuity ol One Hundred Dollars lor the residue of his or her If a peTson holding I'oliey of Life Insurance lor any period tieyonJ one year should Irel desi rout to relinquish it, the company will be ready at all tunes to treat for a repurchase. An adequate portion of the Capttulof this Cotn - puny u set opart by charter, andmuybe increased, if occasion itquire - Jo, - the purpose if Life, In. surance and Annuities, and scund upon reul e.stateu - ithin the slate jtw - lorle, of the value of at lex t fifty per cent above tit amount loaned. J lie Lapilul thus set apart and secured, tt - gclhrr with the accumulation if premium, can be made liable for no other loxxcs of the Institution than tht - se arising fnm its Lift Policies and atmuitus, thus 'iffaiding to the Customer the most substantial security. Written applications for insurance and annu ities stating the name, age and place of birth and residence of the party will be received and answers given preparatory to opening policies on toe day above named. SAViUKI. A. l.AWllKlsijE, President. JAMF - S REN WICK, Actuary, apll D&Cltn Lit EOrPA TRICK ULXH F, By Wm. Wirt, Esq. $4 00. THE publisher deems it unnecessary to say auy thing in favor of the mciits of this work, contenting himself with mentioning that the lirst edition of 2500 copies were all disposed of in a few months. Tho 2d improved editiou forsaloby ROB. M'DERMUT, np 25 3w 522 Pearl - st. BERGEN ORPHANS COURT, Of the Term of March, 181G. Catharine Schuyler, J Administratrix," ic. I ol John A. Schuyler Rule, under Statute, deceased. V 'I'M! E court older and direct, That Catharine X Schuyler administratrix cf the goods, ch.t - tels and credits o John A. Schujlcr, deceased, cive public notice to the crulitors of the decedent to bring in theirclaims and demands against ihe estate ol the said d cedent, on or before the fir,tdy of May, in the year of our Lord cigh - teen hun'lrtd and nineteen, by putting up notices to ttiut etlect in live of the most public places in the county of Bergen, for the space ol two months, and advertising the same lor the like space of time in a newspaper printed and published in the state of New - Jersey, nnd in a news - ?np - r printed and published in (he city uf Ntw - ork. A tnio transcript from the record. ap 2 2ia JOHN A. UOYD, Sur'gate. IRANCls MHiOWAN. No. 126 Fly Mar - jT ket, sensible of the vtrjr liberal encouragement he has received since his commencement in business, aud feelins confident that no exertions on his part shall be wanting to merit a contin 1. . L:. C - l I. J ,1 1.1: ...... . UHnce, llliorms 111 ilienuanu ine 'uuu. mat uu pains or expence has been avoided to obtain a slock of the best honors of every description, which can be riepeoded on for their purify. Having madenrrunsriuent, while at Charles - Ion, mr a constant supply of G REfcN TU K I LE in their season, he will he enabled to luruish soup of ao excellent quality. A book will be opened for subscribers to nn ORDINARY, to be on the table every day at staled hour. Rooms, for private parties, at a short notice. N. B. Soup, lieef - Steaks, Oysters, Mutton Chop and Kehshes at all times. ap23 To SPORTSMEN tz MERCHANTS. JO' - iEPH FINCH, fun - roalter, refpectfully informs his friends and the public, that he has commenced business in the store no. J u street, near Broadway, where he has for sal a very handsome assortment ol suigi anu uou. m - barrelled gunv fiue riflts, fusees, ax. ; auo, shooting tackle generally. J. F. still roUins his old stano, .so. - o . lA..s4rMAni 9ni wic h - street, lor me wor.. - hipping busines. Orders left at either place yrUl be atteodd to willi all posxible expedition, my 7 DSrClm DRY GOODS FANCY plate Calicoes - Marseilles Quillings, royal nhbs While and printed sateens Cotton browo hollanda Swansdown. toilanetls, silk stripes Cotton aud wonted ho siery Irish linens X - sheetings Buttons, lied ticks Fine and superfine cas - si meres Yorkshire fine and superfine cloths London do do Superfine ladies cloths. Borubaietts, ratiuetts lnierial cords, vigo - nia cassimeres . Stnckinetts, plhtu and rihb'd Flannels, baizes . Ferietts, worsted bindings Shitt buttons, cotton lace Paris nctts and souffle gauze Black and white thulle lace . Leno sua wis, Estopil - Ins Superfine calicoes and Chintzes 4 4, 9 - 8, 6 4 cambric Diuslins Cambric jaconets riain taoihor d ic sewed mulls Plain and tanrbor'd hook muslins 3 - 4, 4 - 4 and 6 - 4 cam - uric ginghams tilack and col'd cambrics t Velvets and cords bea - er gloves Fancy cravats, twilled and plain Madrass hdkfs, pins Hair cord cambrics, cotton balls White t col'd threads Silk, kid, and cotton cloves Silk hose, silk floren - lines Blf.rk; horoh&xeens Florence silk, ribbons, sralloons r'lorencei, plain and fi gured Virginia satins, plaid lustrines Fring'd Clark silk hkfs Velvet bindings, tapes, bobbins Furniture calicoes, and chintzes 4 - 4, 9 - 8, 6 - 4, 7 - 4 and 8 - 4 printed cambric shawis 7 4 & 8 - 4 imitation do, 8 - 4 cassiiurro do. Baiiilanno, loiMfee and sixtersoy hdkls. Pockc - t hdkfs. white and printed Hair cord and cambric dimities Jenns, cotton nassimere ftriped Florentines Black do MudHpollum and steum Sewing silk, assorted colors Linen cambrics Table cloths, 6 - 4, 7 - 4 & H - 4 Uinpers Furniture Dimities Fancy Leno, 4c figured musiins Cambric. Trimmings, I r lonnces - Seersucker Ginghams If omnll lldkls Silk Check (iinghnnis 2 Ai ;f cord Cambric garments Oil Cloths Brown Linens Merino Shawls Cotton haiidannnes H - 8 cnl'd strip'd jaconet ts loom shirting j India muslins, Ic sVc. Ueceivml hy the lale arrivals and for sale by HAGGERTY A AUSTEN, mh 24 dic?m 167 l enrl - slreet. J once lo Turem Keepers and (i racers. Li s to I avern Keier ai(il (Irn - cersiK'in (be .Viaycr and Commissioner ol Excise, will be issued nt Ihe Mayor's Office, in the City Hall, bet wren Ihe hours f ten and one o'clock, on Ihe s' - veral days, and for the differ - ein wardsin sun rssion, ia the order following, iz 1st ward on the fifh May ill do 1I0 nth do 3d do do 7th do 4th do do IIII1& filh do Mh do do llth&lithdo Ufh do do tilth K I4lh do 'th do do 15ih4i 6thdo fitti do do lillh U I Dili do Dili do do 201 h do 10th do do 2lst&22d do All persnns who know of any objections a - gaiiirt II granting nf licenses to any of those who now hold them, nre respectfully requested to give information at the Mayor's Office, be fore the time for srantine them as above - men tioned ; and those gentlemen who have taken pains to iuvesticnte this subiect, and consider it w, n,a ,,,. ii (it Ul",,lll, ntV l, Nl.l IJ Hllliru ,11 assist in furnishing all the information in their I'unco By order, J. SI DELL, F. M. Ap27 " SODTHKHI UIITHlcr Or MKW - TOHK, f - . I)E it resueinberi.d, Teat na ihe second day 1 01 April, in ine lorry second vear ot tlielmle pendence of Ihe United Stales of America. Wil liiim Jc'hnson. of Ihe said district, hnfli deposited in una ouiceme tine 01 a nook, llic nglil whereol he f'lmni AS nut hl.r In Ilia urnrl i.n.1 rii.ur. e..l lowiriK, lo wit : ' Kenorts nf cases adjudged in the court of 1 nancery 01 new - iork : nv wiuiam Johnson. Counsellor nt Law, vol. II ; containing the cases Irom January, Ibltf, to September, 1817, inclu sive." In conformity to (he act nf the consrts of (he United States, entitled A unci lor the encouragement nf learning, by securing the copies ol maps, charts and books, to the authors and pro prietors 01 sum copies ouring ine Times therein mentioned 1" and also to an act, entitled, "An act. supplementary to an act, entitled, an net for the encouragement of lea ruins, by securing the copies ol maps, charts and books, to the authors and proprietors ol such copies, during the limes therein mentioned, and extending the lieneht thereof to the arts of ihsienini;, engraving, and etching historical and other prints," J AMI.: IULU Clerk of the southern district of New - York, np 13 4 VKHV VALCAr.LB LkTAt foil SALE, l rn ,J,lc ,nc propenv m ucnajau nirong, :pss!Es. deceased, in tne lownhip of Islip, lyii'K on the great south road, about 45 miles from New inrk ; containing h) computations a bout 2500 acres of land, more nr less; nearly KKK acres of which is under cultivation, inclu ding about 2t,fl acres of Sal? and frush meadows, which is completely embanked, ditched and drained, for the purpostol being reclaimed. The rciuajii'leri in vaiunhie wood I an is, nn which large quantities may .he cut uur.11.dly. On the premise t, is a spacious and convenient Mansion lloiisr, with a large burn, hovels, crib, stable, carriage house, gardeners bouse, work shop, smith shop, sinoUe house, ice house, and other nut buildings, rc(let with every convenience. I tier Is also on Ihe prerni; annul a mile Irnni the ma vinn house, aa - jw farm house, withabnrn kiljoiriug. Aenrttie house 1 a large pond, with a privi lege ol a stream of water, on which is a good saw mill, and water suirHent lor a grist mill. I he garden and orchards are extensive, in which there have hern set out. within a tew year, a ire:it nuniher of young tress, of every fiiecies ol the best graded fruit, niestly in bearing, and M in Ihe most nourishing condition. Atari, a large nu - sery of fruit tree and plants, sufficient lo extend an orchard of 1'XI acres. There are few estates offered f.r sale, so desi rable br either an extensive farmer, or the rest dence ofa cer.tlenmii. The farm is capable cf supMirting alarce clock, and heinc hounded hy tiie south bay, there is nn inexhaustible ource of manure from sea - weed. Boats ply Irom Ihe neighbourhood, almost daily, to aud from Iheci - t. The hnv lsn nbounds willi aereet variety ol game, fitlu oyster nnd clams, sad the pond and creek with the line st trout. 1 For terms and further particulars, arp'y A. II. LA WRKSO No. 23 Park I'lsc, or on the nv 1 1 dVrtf premises. RAN AWAY fcom the suusenDtroo ine win . in.i . P.LACK HOY. numtJ Pefr Rut gers, aged 19 years, 1 al - out 5 (Vt, 5 inches hi'h, well made, ana a pien - aui K.u ioiikS black. He was dressi J in a short olive colored velvet jacket and bine pantaloons Is suppoeed to be working about pome of Ihe wharves in this citv. or liariwe'l riy smie iree pi npie 01 coior. YYbOfoevrr will imc; ine t - iu serving. 10 nis master. o. S3, Muri - v street, or will give in - IbnnaUon where he may be found, shall be Vilsk - rallr rewarded for their trouble. And all Ver - enos are hereby cautioned against harboring or employing said servant, a they will, in such case, subject themselves to the utmost rigor of th law. K. WHILEY. ap 30 tf . 4A Me.Kl.SO ClIArtLj awl MUbLIN iBAXDS.fersjkby mj 5 MARCH fc LOW, 210 Broadway. in v FOR S.1LK. rFT'. TK.I,r HOPE - 130 lODi: carries VtO i inn haml!. 1 rear old, a first rate JrtZ( her daw, aud in complete order ceiveacarjo; lying eaa side Feck - tlip ; ' to re - dl be old rcawnacie .ipKiy - : CO. mar 4 J, - . - t HHICK nnA HEME liAl JMy The British if rioiui Reeman. master, to sail 15th 3 "Mv The British briir FAV (J I ,..'.h..w - - OR1TE. E. J. i May. - gf.orgf. lacy, Nii. 4 Fulton A few Horses 'A ill be taken on frcigh an 28 tf I slip. lit. I A M fid D'WOLF, Junr. hat removed from 67 I Kront ttrtetto54bou.iJ i - strevt, and offei rr for ' 52 ceroons south American Tallow i. Tew Zj ions cienn oi. - - - belt first quality Russia Ouch I , roan Steel in boxes, entitled to back. Ger - draw - IGOW 10. uretn wmx . .25 boxes Chiua table setts 172 pieces in I.I..L mira Snirits each. 1 cute Flatilias. rny at iv k'AXCV UOuD. 5 tlX cases of new and elegant fancy articles, j sucn as . . . i Ladies' work boxes and dressing case?, very ele Wntoz desks elegantly gilt and plain j ;ntl card racks. Fau racks iiuiwr""" - ". .. Fire anJ candle screens, painted m a superior . manlier, witn gHi aim toiuieu uauu. Backgnmoo boards Maline and morocco work baskets Gentlemen's sharing apparatus Pouches and dressing cases, complete ' .Morocco and mahogany portable desks i r n;ri lhiiipnln. verv smirrb " Some very clcjant portfolios with gilt locks and pockets - ; Elegantly gilt borders and plain Morocco, Rus - ia and roan pocket books, of various descriptions Spring wallets, of Russia and Morocco, with many other articles too numerous to mention. Far stla wholesale and retail, by , . N.SY1ITH DA VIES, 4p53 No. 151 Broadway s . .. . ... . riMS PLATE, Jc iio ooxes l in riate, as - J. snrtedl , in two India Block Tin H,IKX lbsj Iron Wire, assorted from No. 1 to 18, for saley ASOv l. rnM.l - ji, ap30 18'J Front street. 1 OHN ABRM. WILLINK U CO. offer for si sale 35 cases superior Bengal Indigo Several casks smalts, particularly desirable for bleachers and paper makers 4 casks hnrdware A few Units cassimcrcs and shalloon's, shawls. p2d SHOK. J uit received 4o package. I hoe, together wiili a largK and general assortment before on hand, arvoircred fur sale by the package or doxen, on reasonable trnif, by ' THOS. WITT, mv 1 2w No. 72 Hearl - Mreet. 1VI jM OOtfnU m.Tir. ft VUftt T9 OlIU DU MUM be sold fmm the price. Apply to my 6 vessel ai ine lowest maraet CORNEUU8 DUBOIS." LVNC1I, un. (atio. 40 Willmoi - sirect.) M J. hMoaband the following WINES and LIQUOR8, selected with judgment by himself, . which he offers nt wholesale and retail, ' war - enttd pnrt, atjmporttd iSLi' i ( Madeira, from 3 to 10 . 1 ' itf IHIUI years in wood. 40 qr catks Old Madeira, iu bottles, from S to 20 years - Champaigne, Burgundy, Claret and Sauterne, ofveiy superior quality 7 pipes dry Litbon, 7 years old 7 do Sherry, nine years old, and free from , Boracha taste Tort, in pipes and bottles - Table wine, for its quality, the cheapest in ' America , ' Tenerifle, in hhds. Old Brandy, do. Rum, do. Gin, not . reduced r 00 demiji hns, containing five gallons each 50 rora wine bottles . N. B. Those in the trade, andcoantry dealers, will fiud it to their account, to supply themselves with wines and hquors at the above establishment, as they will be certain to obtain articles of the first qualify, at lite lowest prices, and pare as imported. J my 9 2m TU BU JLK.1SKO, ON favorable terms, lor a long term of years, 4 lots of ground on Broadway, 200 feet deep, extending to Crosby - street, between Hes - ter and Crand - streetJ. i 2 lots in Water - street, near Catharincmarkct. t lot in Water - street, between Fulton and Burling tlip. Also, several other lots in the 5th, Cth, 8th and )0Ui wards. For particulars, enquire at So. 30, Chatham - street. may 8 Jfr. BALLET ii Madame bOQUET, No. 7 Nastati - Mreet, HAVT. the honor to inform the public in general aud the ladies of Xew - York in particular, that they manmartnre and hare coo - slaullr on hand an assortment of artificial flowers. At their store ai e also to be found, and to be disposed of by wholesale and retail, Perfumery of every decriptiou, among which are the celebrated Lai I fireina!, anJ the most approved essences and pomatums for the complexion. ' Tortoise shell combs and thimbles A compete assortment of worked dresses, shawls, fichus and barks Umbrellas and parasols Merino, knit and velvet riJicnles t silk fichas Stockings and gloves for ladies and gentlemen Ladies' elastic garters , Springand ball silk dre'sei Ball do. embroidered n ith chenille and ornamented with flowers ; silk scarfs Trundle and silk shoes Levantines, fJorcuces, satins, talTetrw, Sic. And in thort, every thiog connected with the ladies' toilette - . - ' - ap?5 1m litchmond aiul Lynciburif tmuvactuttd TOBACCO. . "I f O C kegs, now landing frem sundry ves - - " J J sels, of the following qualities and brands: - . (3 keg, Ehelton t Williamson, 8 bands, 1 45 do P. Miller ic Co. 8 1,2, 38 do J. P. Fge, 8 1,2 do George Fi - Ichcr, 8 1 KUoJohnF.nJer, 8 1 144 do D. R. Ross, 8' 1,2 do P. Holts. Co. 8 1 l do Anderson, Blair & M'Keage, 8, 1,2 a do Je Hare ft Co. 8 ' do R. Hughes Si Co. 8 1,2 4oR.Cantor, 8 l,t J F, G. Crenshaw, 8 1, " 4R. Iutton. li 2 V J. & P. Latbv. 8. L ladv's twist U. Starr, 8, half Ib.rolls .Most of the above i rands are well known and Ppjoved of in this market, on account of the and uniformity of the different onmbers kichthtqBiiiUe, are designated. - For sale P10. - 38 Froot - rtrtct. DOMESTIC k OTHER WARES THE subacriliers keep constantly on hand an extensive assortment of the following goods, is i Dutch and English Gunny Bags, Popes Heads Crumb Brushes Bellows, fancy common Brooms Duster, or Counter Brushes Hearth Brushes, fancy and common Head do do do Cloth do do do Weavers do Whie Wash do Shoe 4; Scrubbing do Paint Brushes and Sash Tools Clamps, 4,7, 8 row Furniture Brushes Horse do Bed Cords, Clothes Lines Sash Cords, Trace Hopes Wrought and Cut Nails ami Brads and Do for Blacksmiths Hall ai d Entry Mats rails anil Tuba Wheel - Barrows Fine Wire Sieves Do Hair do Whips of every dC' scription Seine, sewine. wrap ping, baiting and ball Twine Fish Lines Shoe k Sadlert Thread Dearborn's Balan ces, fee. Which they will sell wholesale or retail on U beral terms. CEBRA it CUMING, np 23 76 Pearl - strtet. O m riHOIAJA TUBA CCO & FLOUH. J 9 hhds old Virginia tobacco 55 do new crop do do 6G bbls fine flour 15 dorniildlingdo. For sale by VASQUES, MEURON b CLEEMAN, Feb 7 .tf Ko. 7f Washinjton - st, OK PARIS MANUFAC I OHV, At the foot of Harrison - street, North - River. I A7 HERE manufactured Plaster, forcorni' V ces and other purposes, may be had, war. ranted of the lirst quality, at one dollar and turn - Iv lire rens wer buihel. The manufactory is conducted by Mr. John Tucker, who has served a regular apprentice sliip to the mason business, mh 21 JOHN BYERS. AMERICAN GOODS. WM. F. & SAML. MOT T, No. 166 Pearl street, offer forsalethe following Ameri can cotton niiu woollen goods : 5 cases Brown Sliirtiogs 4 do bleached do 6 do 3 - 4 Chec ks - ,7 do 4 - 4 do 4 do Cotton Balls 2 do Sewing Thread 2 do Knitting Yarn ; 2 do Sattinett 20 rases Plaids 6 do Blue Stripes ; 5 do Red Tick 1 do Dt - nims; I d Milinels 40 do Twist and Fiiliue. assorted from No 10 hairs Candltwick. 5 to 12 4th mo. tt ilw 3 J kfgs London White Lead iu oil 30 barrels do Dry W hile Lead 8 tons Ited Lead 30 barrels Bristol Ited Ochre 30 do Venetian Red ; 2 tons fine Litharge 80 hosghends Whiting 60 casks Paris White ; 2 hhds. Verdigris 50 tierc' - s r renrh Yellow Ochre 5 kegs Vermillion 4 casks Prussian Blue, 4001 b. Crouip Yellow; Patent Yellow , Spanish Brown, Venetian Red, Yellow, 1N OIL. Black, Verdigris, J I.ampnlack ; Ivory Black ; Purple Brown ' Spirits Turpentine ; Lintseed Oil 400 boxes Window Glass, assorted For sale on the lowest terms, for cash or at hrt credit, by PETER SCHERMERHORN Ic SONS, my 1 - . . 84.1 wntertnr. - TIN PLATE, TEA tic. 150 boats Tin plate, assorted 12, '.MX) pounds India block Tin 8.000 do Iron VVir, assorted 1,500 t'.o old Copper 40 chests Hyson Skin Tea, for sale by ANSON . PHELPS, my 6 UI3 Front - street. HARDWARE, CUTLERY tic 2 casks Scotch spring Locks 5 casks plate Locks, 1 do Steelyards 1 do chest handles, tic. 1 do screw plates, scale beams, Ic. 1 do brass cocks, c. ' 1 do bell mttal kettles and skillets 2 r"o tin'd pots and sauce pans 2 do fine padlocks 4 do Banbury locks, binges, Sic. 2 do hammers, pincers, locks, &c. 2 do ML hinges, tee 4 do anvila 1 do hammers and slelges 2 do black & bright vices, 2 do files 4 do pocket, pen and double blade knives 4 do sham buck and bone table knives 3 do buttons . . 100 do cut nails and brads, from 3d. to 20d, Also, a large and general assortment of goods open oa the shelves, lor sale ft the most reduced prices, by AUAiWS SI CULNVW.L, may 7 zii reari - si. 'IMlUMAa DIXO.N, 77 Pine - street, otters lor L sale on liberal terms, of recent importations, to close invoices. G billet very low assorted cloths 2 cass Sajony Cloths and Cassiweres 1 bale Venetian carpeting, 2 - 4 and 6 - tl 1 do Wilton ruga, shell, basket and assorted 2 cascs supefl. cloths, assorted 2 do Dowlas's 9 do extra Carlisle ginghams 4 do superfine, I do stupe, I do lustre 1 bale red and white flannel 3 do Bennel's patent drab cords. 2 cases black and blue supt - rfincs 1 do Mack Bnrobatrens. And,oJ 'former importatimi, 2 bales flannels, ass. 11 ted ; I bale swan - skins 6 do Sagattiy's, or blue and white kerseys 2 da blue kerseys - 6 do coatings ' 2 cases worsted hose 30 hales Hue assoited cloths 16 do low do do Bedsteads, with Bennet's joints, mv 6 lot' HAKDvYAKE AC CUTLERY. " HE subscribers havemst received hy the shim James Monroe. Maznet and Ann, from l.iveriKxi. nnextensure auniilr of Hardware and Cutlery, of tsveiy dcKnption, which they offer l'.r sale to tlte merchants from the country, by the P.ickasre. cr ir. such Quantities Iroin the shelves as may be wanted, at a low advance aun liberal credit They hare also in Store on Consignment, lX Casks best English bottled Potter 30 do assorted GlaMwans 10 rases En - lnh mens and boys Hals '2l) crates ol Stone tioda Jr 100 bundles warranted Ualback Gennan Steel H tons tin Crawler Sfpel 10 tons best horp L. English blistered Steel Tin plates, block plates, fce 6. W. ROtJERS Si CO. myll 3i Pearl - street. RUVI, SUGAR tt MOLASSES. N 6i puncheons Rum 55 hhds. - Molasses - 62 barrets and 6 hhds. Sngar, Will be landed on Monday Irons the brig Amelia from Antigua, lor - de by ROBERT GILLESPIE, 112 r routslreet o Who has also for sale, Havana, Porto Ric and Jamaica Coffee. my 2 1 1 sTA ... SUGARS. I I v IlhJs Muscovado sngar, first quality J7 W.. t,..' el, ml iL, fsnrriorcua - !D. IU do white do h'r J . i ' ... For sale by K. L. 1 G. GRI sVOLP, yll e6ontb - t. I u ivu. 1 uercci ana zu nail iirirei. lor ale br KOBT. GILLESPIE, my U Hi Front - street, rWI'TON K TOBACCO 45 hales ttrinie V - ew fc . . . . ew - vrieans Bolton 41 hhds. do. Kichuvwd Toharro. ft for the run luBmei, lor saw ny , W.k S.CRAIG, may 12 1w 84 r mnt street fKOoPECICS Of THI II E MPS TEA D ACADEMY. The Rev. timothv clows, a.m. Principal - 000O000 - HAVING purchased that large and comroo - dioos building in the village of Hempstead, vjtieens County, lately occupied by Mr. George Howe), the subscriber Drouusek tnouen an Aca demy tliereiu, on Monday, the 27 lh nxtat, lor boarding young gentlemen and instructing theui in any of those branches of science and litera lure usually comprehended m an academical course. That every scholarmay be under the constant arid immediate supenntendance ol the Principal, none will be admitted into this academy as students hut those who are also boarders. A very few students from the village, or its immediate vicinity, will lie the only exception to this rule. It. however, the number ol students should ex ceed the means ofaccominodatiou in the acadc my, board may be procured in private families in me neigriuouriKtod. should Ihe public patronage be extended to this institution sulliciently to warrant tltu mea sure, 'additional teachers will he procured. The year will be divided into two terms of tuition. The summer term will commence the Inst Monday iu April, and will continue twenty - three weeks. The winter terra will commence the last Monday in October, and will likewise continue twenty three weeks. This arrange ment will leave a vacatiou of about three weeks after each term. The piice of boarding, tuition, cnndles and fuel, both in school and rooms, will be 100 dollars each term. But, two or more scholars sent hy the same tx rson, the children of clergymen, or those who are intended for (lie ministry (ol any denomination) will be boarded nnd instructed for $00 each per term. In nil cases, a deduction of 5 per cent, will he made fur payment in advance. Bonks, washing, mending, and any necessary article of clothing, will be furnished by the subscriber at the most reduced prices. A cot, inattrass or bed, and bedding, to be lur - uished by each student. - 1 he pKtrons ol this institution mar be assured that its system of discipline will be mild, yet exact. The rules of (he academy must be strictly complied with, by every scholar. FOREIGNERS, desirous of acquiring a grammatical knowledge of Ihe English language. will dm admitted as hoarders into the: Hempstead Academy. Private apartments and separate ta hies will be furnished ou Ihe most reasonable terms, and every facility will be afforded to a speedy anu tuorougli acquaintance witu the Ian guage. r or the inlormation otstransrers it may besta ted, that Hempstead is a pleasant village and post town, remarkable lor its healthiness, only twen ty one miles oast of the city nt New - York ; that it enjoys the advantage of public worship in the Presbyterian, Episcopal, and Methodist onus : and that a stage runs I rim the city three times a weea, on one 01 me nesi roads in America. Parenis desirous of placing their children at school, or foreigners wishing lo be? instructed io the English language, are respectfully requested to visit the tqtiscriber, at Hempstead, where they will receive fuller information respecliug the pruiiosed institution. TIMOTHY CLOWES. Hempstead, April 3, 1818. 0O 1 he subscriber hereby declares his unqualified approbation of the establishment propo. sed by the llevd. Mr. Clowes. Convinced asfe i of Mr. Clowe - amiile Qualifications, both ol the head ai.d the heart, for superintending such an institution, he does not hesitate to recommend bini to public confidence, and his nrmlnny lo puonc patronage. tMiin.vr.i, Rector 01 St. Geo. Church. Hempstead. Hempstead, 3d April, 1)118. ' fCT - The above prospectus meets with my heal ty concurrence. CHARLES WEBSTEP, Pastor of the Presbyterian Church, Hempstead. A bag lettered " Hempstead Academy" will !.e left at G. C. LangiiWs Lnng - Isiand Steanv - Uoat lintel, lor communications with any iiersou at tached to the institution. A female department is connected with the Academy. Young Ladies to be boarded in (he village. ap7 raawcsawtr The subscriber offers for sale his resi - M2dcrce in the town 01 Fa'rfield, stale of Connecticut. It is pleasantly situated, on the Boston road, abouthalfa mile from Long Island Sound, 55 miles fmm New. York, and 'M from New Haven. The house and out - houses are in excellent repair. The fruit yard is well it' eked with a variety or peaches, apricots, cherries, pears and strawbtrrie. There are in Ihe vicinity ucadeniies for the education of youth nf both sexes. From one to six acres of excellent land, at the option of the purchaser, can be had with the house, and the purchase money, if desired, ran remain on interest, tor terms apply to ISAAC M. ELY, Esq. 76 John street, N. York, or to the Hon. JONATHAN ST URGES, Fair - Geld. Connecticut, my 6 d,vctl DAVID ELY. THE GREATEST DISCOVERY TN the memory of man, i universally allowed I to be the celebrated BALM OPGII.EAD. Which is a certain and effectual remedy for nervous disorders, juvenile indiscretions, low - nets of spirits, fcniale complaints, head - ache, debility, loss of appetite, relaxations, indigestion, - coughs and colds, hiilinus cnc, consumption, gout in the stomach, impurities of the blood, weakness. Sic '. prepared only by 8. SOLOMON, M. D. Author of the tlyide to Healtn, and other valuable works, Cilead House, near Lii rp'ol Mn A. Bradley, Middle ew St. Gough Sqe - iM, London, will satif the most scrupulous inquirer, as to the aullienlii Ity of a Irieiid of his deriving a great be c.eti t irom the Cordial Ba'.ii oftlilead, in a severe disorder of the nervous, bilious and flatulent kind, with which he had been long afflicted. Mr. E. Piercy, High strtet, vonchrs Trthc surprising cure ol a gentleman Ions; in a deep decline, having taken five hottles of the Coidial Bilns ofGilead. - The spirits, strength andappe - titeoflhe younz man were visibly and very ma terially improved ; aud by continuing the use nf it a ew weeks longer, he was. with tiod's blessing, and to the great comfort and astonishment ni lis family and friends, restored to perfect heslih. Mr. B. Bootliroyd, of Pontefraaf, reports of a man in that neighborhood about the age ol thirty, who had tiie appearance of laboring under that most dangerous disease the Phthii rulino - nnlis, or Consumption. He had a considerable desn - ee of hl - ctir fever, profuse nieht sweat, ex pectorated much, and was reduced to a state of extreme deDility iiavmg naa ti.e oei oiemrai advice he could procure, without obtaining relict, he had recourse to Hie Cordial Balm of Gil - ed , - persevering in the use of it, all the unfavorable symptom sradually abated, and he bas attained a vigorous state i.fhraHh. The virtues of the Cordial Blrn f Gilt fid, are daily demonstrated, ia eradicating the worst and most dangerous system nf nervous deti!ity ; and nothing has tended so much to establish the fame of this medicine, as its certain success in those complaints which strika their roots so deep in the constitution, and are so fatal to the happiness of mankind. For saw in bMi!es, price $3 each, by ITULL & BOWNE, 116 Pearl - street, New - York ; Samuel Dex'er, Arhsny : CVwIdc & Co. Tmy ; J. Hull il IX Harttnrd; Hall K We!:!, Boston; I MnP,t. JL - ! North A: Rogers. Philadelphia ; an1 ry on. - or I At PROPOSALS. " Q$r The agent of the bUte - Prison. will i - ceive proposals untill the 21st instaat, tor furaish - tag lor ojie year from the 1st ol June next, the convict couiiiM - d thertis, with the fcdlowing rations, to be delivered at the State - Prison, at tba contractors expense daily, or at such times as shall be agreed upon, viz, 1 10 ot. cocoa shells, mr every ioq rations, 3 perks Potatoes do do . do do 4 quarts Suit, do do do - do ' 12 do Beans or Peas, do do " do ' 3 oi. Pepper, do do do - do l - 2lb sailed Fish per wan, . once a week, 1 gallon Viargar per 100 rations, do do do 1 - Klb salted prime Pork per man, do do do , 1 lb. Rye flour , do do per day 6 nt. Indian do do do do . 1 - 2 gill Molasses do do do do The above to be of rood aualitv and approved by the scent, whea delivered. Beef is not men - liened, the reason of which, the agent will state to whomsoever may contract. AL.SLS. , Proposals will be received, nntill the 21st inst. for furnishing the Hosi ital department of said rrison with Medicine, food, aul Hospital stores, mr one year irons t!,e 1st oi June mat, grea bly to an act of the Legislature. Lonccrninctta State Prison, passed the 15th ol April J8J7. ,,. ., ; Proposals will be received, lor furnishing from two to three Thousand loads of stone, suitable lor building an addilionsl wall to the State Plis on. ALEX. COFFIN, ir. AcenL, New Yojk State Prison Olhce, May 4, 1U18. my 4 dt tut I , .. , , . HANK OF AFH' - YOHK. (Cy The Stockholders are requested to meet at the bank on Tuesday the 12th of May next, to choose thirteen directors for the ensuing year. The prill will be opened at eleven o'clock and close at three o'clock. Ry order of the lioard of directors, CHAS. WILKBH, Cashr. ap28 tMv!2 (Cr Notice, is heiehy eiven to the stuckhuld - ers ol the West Chester 1 urnpike Koad Coiupa - L. . . 1 .: ...:I 1... L. .1 a. ny, nine no rivriiun win ic iieiu on ine ihiru Monday of May uexl, a( ten o'clock in Ihe lore - nonn. at the house of David Wood. lun - Kei per, at iVIatiinrotieck, lor the purpose 01 ihoosius; thirteen Directors for the said company. (r7 - JVUl lth i heiehy civen lo the stock holders of the Associuhs of tiie Jersey Compa ny, that a divideod ha been declnied ol two dollins pi rsbaie on Ihe capital stock 01 (he - company, which will be paid on Ihe 12th 10 - stunt, at No. 181 IJ road" ay. HARRY CALUUEIJ., Treasurer, my 1 3w MAKIAiElVhURANCE. OT The Offn e ol the Union Insurance Com pany, is now optu, at IN11. 56 Wall utrrvt, n applications lor Marine Risks will be received from 10 o'clock A. M. to 3 P. M. inv I i!w (17 Mercantile liuuiains Couiuaiiv 01 .New - Yuik, in:or)Kirated during tiie late scssmi. of the Legislature of this state, heine organized and having cmuuienied business, is ready to receive applications, on Manue Risquel, at their office, no. 4Ll wail - street. may 4 2w .NOTICE. The masters and owntts of vessels be louging to the cities of Albany and Troy, wish - to hire a besin, fur a nurulMsr of years, on the North River side of this city, for the aecommo elation of these vessels exclusively, for which a liberal compensation will he stivers. The sulicri ' hers are a committee appointed lor the purpose of receiving proiosals for the same. And tba - , proprietors of the wharves on Ihe North River. - are requested to band in their proposslstn either of the subscribers, stating Ihe situatiou and their terms, respi;ciiveiy. IV. B. A note addressed to either of Ihe subscriber, left at Joseph C. Cooper's. Leal' Bh sin, or at It. At L. Reed's. Counties Sim. will br - attended lo. New - York, 2.'.l.i April, 1BI8. , t. BARNUAI WIJlfPLE, GKOIM.E MON'PEATH, . . PETER DONNELLY, RICH U. II. FITCH, B. IIUSH.NELL, H . GURDON GRANT. t ap 25 lui HKMOFAl,4 TTT i A. GUT TWALD P. has removed from. No. 41 to No. 75 Afaiden - lane, where he conliti - ues to manufacture his I I ANO - FOIH I S on aoT' entire new and Improved construction, the result" ol ui.viy years close application feud study, fer' , wnu n ne now nas untamed letters patent. V etaminatimi by rnunoirseurs of anisic, he flatters himself thai Ihey Will meet Willi their ap - probation, ami merit pubhe cisitrcuiace : and he j feels proud, that liis piano - fortm have met with ths; iinariiinoiM approval M the most eminent - ro fes'nr of music; (he following testimonials of which they kindly have granted hint, tu meet the public eye : " V c, Ihe subscribers, professors of musk - , An., that we have carefully examined Mr, , Ciitlwaldl's piano - fortes, which, tor ingenu ity anil eieellcutc. of wnrkaiaii - hip and uniform, . brilliancy of tone, we deservedly recnnimcnd to public patroaage. Messrs. Gilles, Elienue, Hd.,' Meetx, C. I hiliault, Charlca tiillcrt." . IO LEI, on the same premises, a lare and commnjious store and hack roym suijiMiiing, with or without a front cellar. ap25 lin . MAJSH.1 1 JA.V SCHOOL. ft1 ANHAfT.fN Fm:de fcrhool is at 101 U'i If A Greenwich - street Male school, Chauilier - strer!. In these scltnols are taiitht all the branches which constitute a useful and finished education. We lor bear ta descrc - I) particulars ; to fwr recomuiendutiais, or to uvske great promises. Our patrons are Icfi lo pnl;e of the modes of list ruction riotn mrral and sritmme, vr inn im iirovcneut of th scholars. ., .... ., r. rr" ft f - .11. 'ir.i r 1 - 1 nr. 1, ap 29 JtlH.Y W. PICKET,. WllfcA l O.V'o U'I II t'l.N lAltM . 'lflE lore r.nif sucrcn'ui uo nf Ibis ornlsneal , .L is a sudVieiit rei nnuiiciidation, as it ha , ieen found Iu be a plt - aanf, sale and certain fu - . , merty for th'vt disi - iteable dinease ra all its sta - . tel. It 1 lor saie in ine ciiv 01 .ew - iora, V J. A. w. n. i ost, .vs. 4i wimam - strett ; 1. V T. Clark, No, 1:5 Maidea - Laue 1 li. 11. scliieItlin ll Co. No. V3 Pearl - street 1 Law - reuce i Keesc, No. Ifrj Peari - stn - et J Hull at ' Bowue, 14i l earl - streel ilL.miL.. Murray. 31 i I'earl - itreet t J. BradbursC 314 Pearl - street t J'4in Penford. No. 4 Fletcher - street ; Duryec il Poe, in Pearl - street: John C. Morrison. 1811 Greenwich - street". John P. Fisher, 106 Broad - ' way ; Waiter Seaman, comes of Chamlier - st. ' and Broadway, and also in Oa ham - street : and ; short it may be procured at most cf the Drug Stores iir this city Also in Philadelphia, ef b. vnnereiioons;ijeorge Hanell ,orth k Ko - errs, and alnantt all the driurjists in the principal towns in the United States. WH EATON'S J AUNDkJb BITTER? may be had at the above places. n fiCm ROAHDI.vii. FOUR or five gentlemen with their families, or, ten or fifteen ssnete gentlemen, cn be accorpfrodated wilh board and lodging t Mosinf Vernon Hotel. aout (He mile from the city of New York, on ths b - n.k of the l - Ut River, and one of IU taost leant muatroa th urieod. The room ure spacious and airy, having a full view of the river ; coat h houee an 1 stables Terms hbaral. aod every stteaU'SB) paid, by the n - Mi.'i hninhle servxi.t. snv 4 Ins EZKk CALDWELL. I ; i it ' r i ' v. : . 1 I I f. ' i 1

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