The Mason City Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa on January 9, 1945 · Page 7
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The Mason City Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa · Page 7

Mason City, Iowa
Issue Date:
Tuesday, January 9, 1945
Page 7
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MASON CITY GLOBE-GAZETTE TUESDAY, JANUARY 9, 1945 DETY- Projects Being ^Undertaken by U. S. W. United Service Women met _Monday at the Legion hall with ~}Mrs. H. L. Leake in charge of the isession which opened with the fjfpledge to the flag. J Mrs. E. W. Tiilley reported on a fj meeting which she attended in /Des Moines. New projects of the /United Service Women will be i making draperies for the Schick 1; hospital, clothing for Philippine " children, athletic wear for soldiers, bright colored yarn for the veterans at Knoxville. i|, One new member, Mrs. Floyd \j Mix, was taken into the group. f. Cards o£ thanks for the Christmas ! boxes were read and the meeting closed with prayer led by Mrs. Maude Radcliffe. OCCIDENT CLUB LUNCHEON GIVEN Mrs. Ira Stinson was hostess to the Occident club Monday at a 1 o'clock luncheon at her home, 122 1st N. W., with Mrs. F. F. Potter, Mrs. H. S. Beemer and Mrs. J. L. Pauley assisting hostesses. Atty. Bay CIcugh was the speaker, describing his experiences and work in Washington. Members bought 512 worth of war stamps bringing the total purchase to $334.55. ST. GERTRUDE'S CIKCLE ENTERTAINED St. Gertrude's circle met at the home of. Mrs. Henry Neibergall, 1303 2nd S. E., Monday for a busi- JOYCE KILMER CLUB MEETING CONDUCTED Joyce Kilmer club met Monday at the home of Mrs. Leon Green, 819 Virginia N. E., with Miss Vera Burns as assisting hostess. Miss Grace Moran spoke on the life of Leonardo da Vinci and Miss Loretta Carney was also a speaker. I ^V ness session, followed by games. Prize^s were awarded to Mrs. Ed Klang and Mrs. L. V. Fox and refreshments were served. The next meeting will be with Mrs.-Klang. ART CI/ASS IS POSTPONED The art class which was scheduled to begin its 2nd term Wednesday evening in the high school, has been postponed Until Feb. 7. The class is instructed by Warren Ruby under the sponsorship of the Woman's club. War Program Will Boosted to Nearly ialf a Trillion Washington, (/P)--The government's new budget will boost the. var program to nearly half a tril- ion dollars. President Roosevelt turned the '70-page document over to con- ;ress Tuesday with a $70,000,000,100 estimate for war expenditures icketed for the year starting next uly 1. By the end of that year, on June 50, 1946, he figures America will have spent $358,800,000,000 to rid he world of axis tyranny- That's cash actually counted out of the reasury till. If left-over appropriations, authorizations and commitments for war purposes are added, he said he war program for the fiscal i ' HOSTING-MJLLS New Hampton--Miss Rose Lenora Mills, · daughter of Mr. anc Mrs. Percy Mills, and Myrle William Hosting, son of Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Hostings, all of Wau- corria, were married here Saturday in the courthouse by John Tietjen justice o£ the peace. The couple will live near Waucoma on a farm Asthma Mucus Fought Easy Way 1C chcwg, gasping, wheezing, recurring ' ~ this! Astfcma rob you o! sleep Utacks ot Bronchi and energy, accept this liberal trial otter. Gel Mertrjaco, a doctor's prescription, from youi druggist: take exactly as directed and GCI for youraelt how qulcfcly it usually help; loosen and remore thick strangling mucus thus promoting ^reer breathing ana refresh inff sleep. You De the Judge. Unless ddlghtei and' entirely satisfied with results, sicnpl' mtum the empty package and jrour mone fiaelc Is guaranteed. Doa't suffer anotbe nlffht vltout trying guaranteed Mcndaeo-- only £0c At dzuggljts today. EXPRESS FIRM IN FATS DRIVE To Make Deliveries to Rendering Plants A 2 point'program to stimulate rural used fat collections was announced by war food administration in co-operation with Railway Express agency. War lood administration, in assuming complete responsibility for the fat salvage program, has put the full weight of its extension service nnd its county agents behind the drive, instructing them to work with meat dealers and Tenderers in straightening out collection problems. To facilitate the work of war ood administration, Railway Ex- ress agency has issued a stefe- ment instructing its 23,000,local Bents throughout the country to ick up used fats from meat deal- and deliver them to Tenderers This plan becomes operative at al ural points, with special erapha- Hiekenlooper Urges Term of Governor, Other Officials Be Lehgthened. to 4 Years * SHASTA POWER FOR WAR PLANTS--This new picture of the Shasta dam in northern California shows it complete except for the 3 drum gates and the bridge above them. Power plant below furnishes current for San Francisco area, war plants. years 1941 through 1946 "will total $450,000,000.000." Des Moines, (ff)--Amendment of the state constitution to lengthen Recruiter Reports * 3 Navy Enlistments The following north lowans recently chose the general service branch o£ the navy when they enlisted at Mason City, it was announced by W, G. Burris, recruiter in charge: Timothy Joseph Ries, son of Michael M. Hies, Charles City; Francis Joseph Oldham, son of Francis L. Oldham, Charles City; Cortland George Dorenkamp, son of Nellie Barkema, Garner.. the term of governor and other state officials from 2 to 4 years was recommended Tuesday by U. S. Sen. B. B. Hiekenlooper, who resigned last week as governor, in* his message to the 51st general assembly. At the same time, he suKgested that the $7,500 annual salary of the chief executive lie increased to a level "at least equal to that paid to any state employe," and that Iowa provide and maintain an official residence for its governor. The total weight of ration tokens, handled by the Railway Express Agency up to Nov. 1, 1944, was some 2,500,000 pounds, or 1,200 tons, forming more than 14,-' 000 individual bulk shipments and requiring the use of 20,000 trucks and hampers. You've Always Wanted a Fur Coat.... This-Year You ; Need One More Than in JANUARY, YOU IN OUR GREAT Ever.... (Seven other persons on the state payroll receive larger salaries than the governor, ranging up to the $12,000 paid annually to the presidents of Iowa university and Iowa State college.) The salaries of state officials are neither .adequate or commensurate with the responsibilities they are required to assume," Hiekenlooper asserted. In urging establishment of the residence, the former governor said: "Such a step is bound to be embarrassing to any incumbenl governor, but the matter shoulc be considered from the standpoint of the. pride and dignity of the ho completes his sentence with- ut violation. The senator also urged estab- shment of a board to review life ases and grant commutations-IB board to be composed of the card of parole, governor and wardens of the men's reformatory nd penitentiary. Creation of a more comprehen- ive aeronautic department and a regressive air code also was sug- HERE and THERE ested.. Concerning public health, he aid he was convinced that effi- ie-ncy and public health would be Better served by abolishing the ,GDO township boards of health . Chester--Mrs. Elmer Speer was taken to Mercy hospital in Cresco by ambulance Saturday and underwent an emergency major operation. St. Anssrar--Mr. and Mrs. Bernard Allstot and family moved from the William A. Fox tenant house to the farm o£ Axel Hansen, near St. Ansgar. Mr, Allstot will work for Mr. Hansen. Kensett--Clinton Bjorgo of Buffalo, W. Y., was in Kensett \vhere he visited for a week with his family. Ionia--Dora Kruger was taken ill at the home of Mrs. Stanley Edson and was taken to the St. Joseph's hospital at New Hampton nd establishing ounty boards. in their place Hiekenlooper paid tribute to the ate State Treasurer \V. G. C, Bagey, Mason City, and to State Senator B. C. Whitehill, Marshall- own, who died Monday as the ;enate, over which he was to preside . as president pro tempore, for medical care. Wesley--Mr. and Mrs. Julius This is o final clearance of our winter stock of fine fur coats. Don't rniss this opportunity to save many dollars and to obtain a very beautiful coat! Almost all the wanted furs are represented, but there are only a few coats in some furs. So come early! Every coat carries our guarantee. '.00 5 100°° to $ 595 20% Federal Tax Included Robert Hirsch NORTH FEDERAL Tina Martin Joel Hirsch state arid it is not a matter o: selfishness on the part of any official." Concerning lengthening t h e term of executive and administrative offices," Hickenlooper de dared that the disadvantages o a 2-ycar term far outnumber the advantages in the public interest A 4-year period, he said, woulc give greater time "for the uninterrupted carrying out of administration policies and pro grams." "I am sure that the experienci of other states who have adoptee similar provisions will justit: such a move," the senator added He asked the legislature to giv serious consideration to the con struction of a complete new men tal hospital that could be re equipped as a receiving an classifying hospital and offer ade quate scientific treatment to thos not permanently deranged. Hickenlooper suggested t h a such an institution, with com pletely modern and scientific in stallations, could be built at littl greater cost than the cost of addi tions to the older buildings a existing hospitals. The condition of the state sound, he told the legislators, c plaining that the total amount no needed immediately for currcn uses approximates S30.00fl.0no an that an additional 82,500,00 woulfl revert to the general fun next June 30. "A great portion of this money is not to be relied upon as annual income," Hickenlooper' cautioned. It is more on the nature of accumulated savings." Care should be exercised that any program of appropriation that will require annual support be financed from reliable and predetermined future revenues." Two recommendations w e r e made by the former governor concerning Iowa's projected state office building: That the increased cost of construction might mean funds now appropriated would not be sufficient to construct the building as planned, and that inquiry should be made to learn whether the structure as planned would be large enough to meet the needs of a few years hence. He recommended "thorough study" of the school code report and "the enactment of such legislation, there recommended, as may, in your judgment, be constructive nnd progressive." He said the postwar rehabilitation commission report "merits careful study and should be given great weight." A f u r t h e r recommendation called for permanent establish snent of the Iowa industrial and defense commission, which wil expire June 30, "to stimulate th future development of the vas resources and attractive condi tions of Io\va," Hickenlooper requested exten sive revision of parole laws t provide the authority granting th parole also could grant a final dis charge, and for the issuance ot a automatic discharge to a parolo convened. HIGH COURT FREES WILSON Reverses Ruling in Manslaughter Case Des Moines. (IP)--The state supreme court Tuesday reversed one of its previous rulings and freed Ciarence Wilson, 45, of Oskaloosa, who had been sentenced to 8 years on a charge of manslaughter growing out of the drinking bout slaying of Harry Bolden, Oskaloosa Negro, on June 15, 1942. Clarence is the second of three Wilson brothers freed by the courts after being convicted in the Bolden killing. In November, 1943, the high court reversed the first degree murder conviction of Glenn Wilson, 39, who had been sentenced to life. He was retried at Washington, Iowa, and found innocent last Dec. 7. The third brother, Albert, is serving an 8- year term in the state penitentiary on a manslaughter conviction. He has an. appeal before the high court. Clarence has been out on bond and at present is a patient in a veterans' hospital in Cleveland, Dhio, supreme court records show. Last April 4 the high court af- rzned the conviction of Clarence, olding that his indictment had een proper even though no worn- n were included on the grand ury list, and that other proced- res in his case had been legal. In reversing that opinion Tuesday, the high court held, among )ther things, that the indictment vas not effective because no vomen were on the grand jury list. Kunz left Sunday for Milwaukee where both are entering Sncrec Heart sanitarium for .severa" weeks' rest and vacation. Ionia--Gerald Huffman of the navy left for San Francisco, Cal. after a 30 day leave with his mother, Mrs. Fannie Huffman, also with relatives at Charles City anc Waterloo. Mclntire--Miss Le'ota Young o Washington, D. C., is visiting a the Clint Buttoph home. Bclmontl--Obert Thompson ! spending a 21 day furlough with his parents, Mr. and Mrs- Osca Thompson. He has been in th service almost 2 years, oversea most of that time. Joice--Members of the Ugo-Tgi club and their husbands held : surprise housewarming for Mr and Mrs. Alfred Brunsvold at thei new home Friday evening. Kensett--Mr. and Mrs. Levi Med ;aarden returned to their home ii is on those areas Dot now serv- ced by regular Tenderer pick-ups. It is believed there is an addi- ,ional 3 to 5 million pounds ot used at monthly in rural and small .own markets. A recent survey in the middle west placed rural fat salvage at approximately one- fifth of a pound a month per occupied dwelling. United States army and navy, on the other hand, are saving fat at a rate of more than 4 pounds a man a year, or almost 7 times as much as the rural survey figures. "Because war and home front need for used fat has skyrocketed recently, it is hoped that the 3,037 county seats in United States will become headquarters for a new intensified fat salvage drive," pointed out a spokesman for the American Fat Salvage committee. "Fat salvage .can no longer be regarded as a volunteer service. It is a serious wartime obligation that must not be neglected until every Jap is driven back to Tokyo, and the south Pacific islands again become exporters of commercial fats and oils," he said. The first recorded abdication of a sovereign was Sylla, the Roman dictator, in 79 B. C. CHECK THE INDEX It also ruled that "although the evidence was sufficient to sus- ain a conviction of manslaughter, admission of hearsay testimony of statements made by Glenn Wilson, vhom Clarence Wilson was alleged o have aided in the killing, constituted reversible error." Kensett after spending severa days in the home of a daughter Mrs. Gaylord Tenold, and famil at Scarville. Bassett--Mrs. Maud Beard has been admitted to the hospital at Charles City for treatment. Hntcbins--Mrs. David Lloyd left Tuesday for Monangg, N. Dak., in response to a message that her mother. Mrs. Rittmiller, was seriously ill. St. Ansgar--Mr. and Mrs. S. A- Kleinwort received word that their son, Cpl. Robtrt Kleinwort of the marines, has been promoted to platoon sergeant. He is stationed in the southwest Pacific. Ionia--Pvt. Louis Link lett for Fort Ord, Cal., after spending a 10 day furlough with his wife and family and his sister, Mrs. Charles Crooks and family. He also visited his parents at Charles City. Bode--At the annual meeting of the Humboldt County Medical association in Hurnboldt, Dr. Claycet Newman of Bode was elected president. Chester--Mr. and Mrs. Sammy Poppenga and baby of Lennox, S. Dak., were guests at the parental C u r t i s Tibbals, home the past week. St. Anssar -- Alice Wirth, Milwaukee, Wis., Mrs. James Reynolds of Waterbury, Conn., and Mrs. William Wirth and children of Elm Grove, 111., came to attend the funeral of their fattier, John or nearly 3 years. This is his firs isit home. Rockwell-~H. Africa, publishe f the Rockwell Tribune fell an adly injured his arm and elbow St. Ansgar--Arthur Ehlers of Montevideo, Minn., spent a few ays of his school vacation with iis grandparents, Mr. and Mrs. W. '. Mueller. Bassett--Mr. and Mrs. Glen Tolle vere called to Burlington by the llness of Mrs. Tolle's mother. Rockwell--John Hobner ar- ived Friday from a 0 months' visit vith relatives at Boise, Idaho. Bassett -- William Rodemaker, vho has been spending his fur- ough at the home of his parents, Mr. and Mrs. Harold Rodemaker, eft for duty in the army. Ackley--Cpl. Herman HuBrecht left after a 35 day furlough with iis parents, Mr. and Mrs. William rfuBrecht. He returned to a camp in North Carolina. Ru!d---Mrs. Florian Brandau, accompanied by Marilyn, Karen ^z Lee and Jimmy, enjoyed a 10-day = holiday visit with her brother, in -Rochester, Minn. Ackley--Cadet Frank Schoen ol West Point met his mother, Mrs. Kathryn Schoen of Rawlins, Wyo., and both were guests in the home of Mr. and Mrs. Ed McGough. Rockwell--Mrs. Bertha Moorehead fell Friday and fractured her right arm. Bassett -- Mr. and Mrs. Ray Duncan of Deerfield visited recently at the Mr. and Mrs. H. P. Boyd and Mrs. Ethel Duncan homes. Kudd--Mrs. Elsie Watschke re-p turned to her work at Cedar Valley hospital, Charles City, and Thaylia Watschke of Fort Des Moines returned to Des Moines. They have been visiting in the home of Mr. and Mrs. Herman Schrader. Waucoma --· The American Lc- gion Auxiliary met with Mrs. Phil S= U. Balk Thursday. One o'clock = luncheon was followed by making = bathrobes. The secretary reported ==: that candy and playing cards had -been sent to the Knoxville veter- =~ ans hospital. Ruiia--The Hev. and Mrs. Floyd Fisk left for Nebraska to hold missionary meetings for a week at Atkinson and Spencer. i Acklny -- Mr. and Mrs. N. M. Vietor had word that their grandson, Seaman Warren, son of Mr. and Mrs. Udde Victor, arrived at San Francisco, Cal., and soon will be on a leave. He has been in service over 3 years. Auto Supplies .... ................. 138 Goods ............... 52, 199, 2 Bedtllnc ......................... J, 15 Hoys' Clothes . nullclIr\K Malerlal .................. 37 Cb!c)« and Supplier .............. IfO Curtains and Accessories ...... .-23DC Cutltry ...................... 189, IS3B Domestics ............... . ....... 6. 193 Drugs. Sundries ....... ........ ....214 Farm Supplies ........... 151. 160, 1S3 Furniture ........................ 194 GlrdTrs, Itrassieres Girls' Clothes ---Gloves Hardware. Tools Hosiery, Socks -- 153 -2.. D1A 112, 131B 101 .....SI do GRAVEL CONTRACT LET Allison--The board of supervisors of Butler county let a con- Iract for crushed gravel to F. R. Everds of Estherville. Total bid was $22,640. JMcIntirD--Pfc. Dale Swilzer left [or a camp in Arkansas Saturday after a furlough with his wile and family, also .his parents, the Earl Switzers. Rock Falls -Earl Christiansen Extra Big Values In Jewelry, Watches . Fixtures Lingerie, Gowns . ?I»gaiints .Men's Clot lies . . . . Monuments , . . . . * » . . . . . . . « . . . . 1 Of) Notions, Needlework 229E TfovtWfS lti Nursery Slock--Cornplclt I*ino For Spring rUnUnc 118-130 Taint, Wallpaper SO, 102 riumblttg and llcalins Goods . . ; , . 1 0 l Religious Goods. HI bits 13:f, 137A Ilurs. Bath Mats 100. 131 Sh2dc5, niinds 14 Shoes S9 Stationery Goods 1S» Tablecloths, Linens ..,.,223F Toys.^Vagons 50. 6!i Undecvvtar 51, 82, 91C Valenfioes - S12 Women's Clothes 17 Yard Goods 240,214 %vho is with the navy is home on a lew days' leave. SON IS WOUNDED Bclmond--Mr. and Mrs. C. C. Dickenson received word from the war department their son, Donald, was seriously wounded somewhere in France. Army ordnance Io5-mm. howitzers were flown from India and Burma to help destroy the Japanese base of Myitkyina. Thirty new or improved weapons o£ war are being designed and produced each army ordnance. month by Wirth, and are visiting a few days with relatives. lUanly--A deal was closed recently when Lt. Robert C. Bride bought a residence of Mrs. Charlotte Bates, which has been rented to Verne Tucke of Mason City. Plymouth--After spending the holiday vacation with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Clint Morford, Miss Violet returned to her teaching position at Polk City. Mclntirc--Glendale Newhouse of the navy, wife and 2 children came Friday for a short leave at the parental Mayo Newhouse home. Ionia--Kenneth Wright of the navy left for Seattle, Wash., after I spending his leave with his parents, Mr. and Mrs. Ray Wright. St. Ansgar -- Sgt. Oscar J. Schroeder of Camp Barkeley, Tex., is spending a 15 day furlough with his parents, Mr. and Mrs. O. G. Schroeder. Bassett--Pvt. Ray Idler returned to Hot Springs, Ark., where he will be reassigned. He has visited at the home of his parents, Mr. and Mrs. Frank Idler. Ray has I been at Fort Richardson, Alaska, Two Cars Derailed at Woden Damage Tracks Woden--A carload of grain and one of livestock were derailed here at 5:30 p. m. Saturday causing considerable damage to the railroad tracks. A wrecker from Estherville and a crew of men worked all night nnd until 10 a. m. Sunday gc'ting the cars back on the track ai. repairing the damage. NEW MIDWINTER BOOK of BARGAINS ..TIMELY OFFERINGS AT UNUSUAL SAVINGS R E D U C T I O N S FROM O U R B I G C A T A L O G C L E A R A N C E ITEMS . . . B A R G A I N P R I C E S Daddy'fl Fix That Carlsbad, Now Mex., (U.R--Mrs. Don Johnson can't keep up with --army promotion. She had just | = taught the baby to say "Licuten- -ant" to Daddy Johnson when he walked in with a captain's insig- Count on Kids Seattle, (U.PJ -- The little red schoolhouses were bursting with patriotism when the 6th war loan drive rolled around. Students cracked open their piggy banks and shelled out $564.000 for war bonds on a designated school bond day. Approximntely 85 per cent of the steel produced in the United States is made by the basic open- hearth method. No doubt there ore many things in our "Midwinter Book of Bargains" that you have wanted but just didrvt' know where to buy them. Check this index for things you need, now! Then drop in ot our Catalog Sales Department and moke your selection. You'll get quality backed by Sears famous guarantee. In addition, you'll get Sears worthwhile savings! EASY TERMS. Purchases totaling S10 or more may be made on Scars Easy Payment Plan. Phone 803 - 804 - 845 23 E. State -- Mason City, Iowa

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