The Evening Post from New York, New York on May 13, 1818 · Page 3
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The Evening Post from New York, New York · Page 3

New York, New York
Issue Date:
Wednesday, May 13, 1818
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MFllIUM PRINTING PAPER. TIVEhuudred ream. Medium Printing P". F InSurea at 0 Third rUverpapernuil. 100 rfawcloured medium 0 do Woitiiijf io i do writing demy. Ana prices by ie0 peari street. WT i J ' 7 - lHOFPA UO.VIALSv 5 cases red and ytl - J low Patterns - i!nmnuiiv do. tor sle by :;i3 P. REVISr'.N It CO. WA.slo A ailUAllON, a YOUNG woman, who wishe to engage A u. ith a family coins to any part of Lug and. She will pioduc. the belt of recomnien dauon, as to her abilities, AX. Auartss a to A. B. at this offiee. liue my 13 w .i.ltl) live or six eeutieineu can be ac rj coromodated whh b ard and lodging on reasonable terms, at No 2W Broadway, wtiere a small gsuteel family can have a neat nr with lcal' - in room! and board, r.n - quire at above. mv 13 3t 'in t.t.T. . : i. inm frame. house. .T?rr: ..f.o.,.. well adapted fur a board 1 .i....i .itiiMwl in Broadway, between - ""'"""aSkso.v, - 13 Jin. 4 B"whng Green. TToTAAICAl 1 'Erl.MIKOI.tH. . or a poeii ' 1J et companion for students of Botany, ui received and for .ale at No. 4 Waib'tre by V UJi. a v - e Aln for tale at above, a great variety anical, Minerulogicid and Scientific ho ci - enl variety ot do - IOIUVtB'1 ' my M AiUlit tK HOUSE. .a ILL be sold at auc y V t ion 011 the 2JJ inst in front 01 E. Jones' stable New trrel, an el cunt Arp hian SEED HOK. - E, im ported the last year. Also, a full blood English Mrn. tThehoite if ex (rem)!) Awt and tieligutu iuiiucr the saddle. The owner ha nool.jiciioB to filing them at private sale, if applied lor in nuiu. jjijuhc ui v,.,u.j my urns NOiTCE (Cr Ste - un float t'l.ivr fihAsca will sail ever undaj, at 1 I o'clock round S;aun ;ir.d. aod oicaii'n - al In. 11 Uil u:J ana liu" ucimi', i" ui i. v.." . 1 1 . :n : hook. This beautiful tail ill i.ontnoute both to health and pleasure, and is at iheap a re - ' creati. n utt aii be found, r. rtiet wbomi - an to nHrtakeoi'tljs amutemrnt will, if convenient, cive io Iheir n unes the clay preceding, ut ttie 1.1 t Hn.i. . i ik. onice 10 TlUriieiUCIfl licvi, nui in wuc vi uic uni tery. Dinner and Tta oq board, at the usual prices Pat - . pf8 children h; It' prii e my I3tf I r.. I t lZt.5. rIVKpructoi'&OO dollar. Nos. 1560, 7027, r I5i)l. IWI5 and 9i'77 ; and 1592, 1717, 1386V, 14647, IJOI.iinic. of 1(N. The above priZ' shave In en sold t Gil( IK'S 146 (iroad way, witlun a few days ; and the folloVing pri zpi were told bv them a short tune im e, viz. $iiA0, 2000, 10OO, IUKI, 500, 500, 500, 500, and uinnv ol 200. A few tickets and siisres for sale in the rich Miliord and Owgo Kf ud L' ttery. nowdrawing in this city, for which yi m t cktttand foreign OauK nod 1 will ne rcc - itea ai par. The first drawn number tomorrow will be entitled to a prize of $1000. pavatile iu V. a. Bank notet, by 6. C. GKAf. IK 4i C O. at the fortunate number, 146 Broadway, two doors below Liberty - street. my 13 YV ELL & UPSON, 155 Pearl - street, hava T T received by lata arrivals, Fine ivory, self - tip and real buck - handle knives and forks Fin penknives, holster pirtol, fine gun lock Ebgluh silver watches, plated spoons, 1c. Lc. on HAND, 'Roman vitriol, card wire Cait, hoop L, and' shear steel With a large and general asmrlment of hardware, best Sheffield and Birmingham plated ware, lor sale low. On consignment, r: cr ive4 per Ann from Liverpool, 150 hosts tin plates. my 6 ' IN. - 10 pipes Crm. - toQ Gin, ju.t rtie VJ and lor sul by GEO. W. TA LUO f, eived my 1 1 55 Pine - street. 137 hhdt. Havarja molasses of superior quality, landing at Pine - street wharf , 45 do English Island do, lauding at Whitehall, from sloop Constellation, for sale by WALSH & GALLAGHER, may 6 66 South - st ftUl'LEHY HARDWARE U calks cast J knives and torks, assorted 4 caiks wrmi - rht do du 5 do wrought knives and forks with pocket and penknives, scissors and ruiort 3 do assorted, of scissors, rasortj pea and IKttket knives tfptctaclfS 8 casks iron Spoom ' 8 do trunk Locks , 2 do thumb and Norfolk Lab lies 1 do Hunhury and tine plate Locks 3 do plated Brackets 3 do cat! Iron Butts 3 do Kiln, assailed ' ' do Pad Locks I do riund Bolts ' ' 1 do Iron Candlesticks ' . 6 do Tuied Sadlery ('or sale at very reduced prictt and a liberal credit, by RICHARDS & TAYLOR. may 5 tw 143 Pearl strel. oH.i ceo vtA ci on r. rrHE Subset ibert beg leave to acquaint their JL Inends and the public, that they have removed their Tobncco Manufactory into their fire - proof rtore, No. C2 Waler - strvet, whrr - they intend carrying on the 'business 00 an ikd Jive ;cj1 they hive on band a targe sqpply of Pigtail rolls, made of but locbmond lobatcti Sweet scented N. Head Ladies1 twist Long cutdiawiog, in 1, 4, 8, and IS ounce pa - pert do smokln; do Macul.a .muff, in jart and bottles, by wholeta e and retail Scented Rappee, Strasbarginuff French rappee Plain fiae do do do do do ' do do do do Scotch snuff in bottles and bladders pani:h segart, made o( choice tobacco im - jKTtt J 2 5 cars ago,aod warranted geu'uiue New - Oi leans do. American do. Orders from Urn couutry will be punctually ad carefu lly attended to. y9 Im I V A AR $ SON. ' WX. THOUdA.ND DOLL V It r may be ban U oq mjrigaga ou real estate in this city, 00 'ftlM - ation to JOHN G. WARREN h SON, Jgyll Iw No. 4fi Wall - st. FMuneg tv Iaiuh on Hand mnd Morteait. . W'I finoo to I4'X, to loan oi Bord and '"tege, on unincuikbered property in the '1 will county of New Yf" k. Apply to A. 11. LAWKFN' E& CO. T11 31 23 Wjlhaj. nrKet. 'ten I NlJU UUA DS.Kor fc,ly CEbllA li'UVlNG, T8 . - e p, jr.trert. PHIN GOO ) black Sincbe wt. coloured V?AW Crapes "rkkiKichrcked!Mirtneti ' ynd black h.kft. - 0r.rdwingS,: . ' 8eNaakeeoS fof.Meb - UURD h SEW ALL, y w 65"8wU - ttrct . ENGLISH CHINA - AT AUCTION. OA i nursoay nexi at iuo'ciock, kii: ne torn by Messrs. Franklin & Miuturn, at public auction in front of the store' of Messr. Salles, con ii Co. No. 32 South - street, a large assort meut of very handsome English China, of th bat quality, in, cask consisting, of dining and lea sets. uiaii ji 11 XI 50 boset brown Havana Sugar, entitled to drawback. 1P0 ceroont south American Tallow , h4 boxes Koil Brimstone, and la easel Taml'lcrs. Landing a ad for tale by JA.vir.3 jj'wni.r, junr. ,r v 54 South street. CKAFE UKEsoLti. fTilERCEir MOKSd have rcneived, in add L tion to their farmer atsoriiueiit, and are now tiltcrin for tale at their ttore, 179 Broad uia. Ccl'd and black. Nankin Crapes, tuerior Do ng'd uo do quality Jn do u.tiuasK uo very ncli. Cdl'd and Black Canton Craptt Elegiint embmidtrcd dresrt - s of Nankin silk 4 4 Embroidered Crape lldkfs. !i 4 and 9 4 do do htiawlt VVi itt and black Leghorn Flab, from No. 30 to 50. my t2 ! t 1 11 IN A cILkb. 1!4 lums Lauton aud Nan Vy kin Crapes, assoited colors i do. do. all scarlet ; 1 do. do. pink 9 do. changeable Snroets, juat received and fir tale by . . bAMl EL WILLI AMj, my 12 : 12a Fearl - ttrttt. O in 1 he 1 1 at manner, just received and lor sale it 0 onutn - street. m M CAMBRELENG & PEARSON. I I AKUWaHE, CU1LEKY Ate i tanks Ll Scotch sprii.g Ijockt 5 casks plate Locks, 1 do Steelyards 1 do cbtst h.indiis. Kk. 1 do scrtw plhtes, scale bfaiui", ic. 1 do brass co kt, iic. 1 il'i bell metal k. tiles and skillets 1 do tin'd puts and tauce pant 2 do fine pjdluckt 4 du Uanbuiy locks, hinges, &c. 2 do hummers, pincers, locki, Stc. 2 du HL liinges, Kc 4 do anvils 1 do hammers and sledges 2 do buck 6i bright vices, 2 do files 4 do pocket, pen and double blade knive 4 do blium buck and bone table knives 3 do buttons SCO di cut nails and brad, from 3d. to 20d. Ai.o, a lan;c auJ guuerd aortuicut ol oodi open oa !hu ilulvcs, lir sal at the most 1 educed w - ccf, by AUA..J ULA',R Kl.l,, liiuv 7 - 15 Ftarl - at. 'liU.MAa IJIXO:., 77 Fiiic - siici t, fillers lor L sale on liberal term?, 01 recent importations to lu.e invoices. ti bales very low assorted rloths 2 ca.: Sjxony Clotln anr (.'isiiincrct 1 bale Venetian carptin, 21 and 5 - 8 1 do Wilton rujis, ilit!l, iiuskc - t and assorted Senses suti. cijths, assorted 2 do Dowlas's 9 do extra Carlisle ci'.gliains ' 4 do supeiOue, I do tnpe, I do lustre 1 bale ml and white flannel 3 do llrnnct's patent diab cords. 2 cases black aud blue superfiiiei 1 do black Bomiitizoctis. And, nj t farmer importation, 2 bales tlainiels, asittd ; I bale sivan - skins 6 do Santhy's, or blue and whilu kerseyt 2 do oliic kerseys 6 do coalings 2 caes woitted hose 30 hales Due assorted cloths 16 do low do do Bed'teedt, with Bennet't joints, my 6 lot IKUN. el' EEL. ti HARDWARE. O ri Toot English iron, assorted, in Hat and MlViguare bars, apartol wliicu 11 euu lied to debenture. 100 tons round iron, assorted, from 1 - 3 to 1 1 - 2 incb 100 do Swedes flat iron, from I to 5 in' bet 50 do square, assorted from 1 - 2 to 3 inches 5 do tdih flat and square Ku.sia iron 50 do coui.try iron, assorted 20 do ploughshare moulds lo do axietree andcrowbur moulds 10 do boife ihoe moulds 20 du hiazicr's rods, asserted, from 3 - 16 to 3 U inch 30 do spike and nail rod, assorted 10 do slieel and boiler plate iron 50 do Eiy Kill mid American lloopt 10 do Eiyli - h (L.) blistered steel 10 do Swedes rteel . 10 do Crawley do 5 do Geimuu do 5 du sbear and cast steel 20 do Bristol and Nova dcotia grind stones anchors 500 anchon, aborted, from 50 to 20001 lis . 1 do about 000!bs. 60 rolls sheet lead. assM 3 to 6 lbs per foot 100 cntks spiUis, asa'd from 4 to 9 inches 200 do ( ut nails, Irom 2d to 20d AO do w rought nails, imorted ?() da slate and horse nulls 10 tons iron pots and bake pant, assM from I to ll nation, entitled to debenture 5 torn r.ngUsli speller 20 do American boilow woro, consisting of Pols, kettles, bake pans Skillets, spiders, tea kettles Andirons, iic. 10 casks trace, ox and bout chains Anvil, vices and beak irons Forge, tledge and hand hammers Milt, cross - cut and pit sawt Cart, waggon and chair boxes Window gln, of different sizes Shovel, soades. hoes. lie. Together with a general assortment of hard - are aud cutlery, lor sale on reasonable terms, i.y AEr.r.J, & JJU.Cu.wi, No. 363 Water street, corntrof James slip, my 12lw HY. - ON SKIN TEA &Il)IA tUGltS. 50 chests Hvson Skin Tea, of a miperiur qu. litv, ami 3.' bags White Calcutta Sugar, landing fioin sloop Boston, at Burling - slip, and for tale by G. G. t S. HOWLAND. may 12 77 Washington - street. "VTAiSKlNs. 2000 pieces company long y el - ASS low iN an kins, entitled to dehenturr, Juat rtceived and for sale at 67 South street. CAM B KLLLJi G PEARSON, ny 12 j IO If O.N it iOBACCO 45 baiet prime V. New - Orleans Cotton 41 hhds. do. Ku hmocd Tobacco, Ct for the Irish market, for tale by W. Is . CRAIG, may 12 Iw 84 Front street. IM - MI I.INEN i noxet4 - 4 Iruh Liuea will I be sold low to close tales, by mirlt vv. & S. CRAIG. i ROUGHT an - i CLT N AILS, lor sate by V CEBKA K CUMING, my 9 76 Pearl timet. 1I.OUR. 'MO bbls. New - Yoik tuperfine l? fliur 200 libit. Alexin Iria superCne floor 15") do Ki - hmm.d do do 101) MJ 50 Fine midlirgs PhJadelpltia,S. P. Flog New - Yoik do do For sale by HAY & WOOO, 13 South strrcL do do my 7 lw Mr 4 .'.VC Ho.i HDI U m:HUOL. ESARS. MWGREZ& CH ,pERON,have the Imiour to iriorns the public, that they bare n;ned a Freoch S boot at Blootmugdalr, (five mile from New - York) where they intend to levrh the French language perfecily, ard by orinciple to young gentlemen. The impeove - nent ol the pupils will not be dojbted when the juliiic it inlortnej tint every pains will be taken wi'h thetn, and ihatoothmg but French u spo ken by tbe famdy. We feel coufiuW ihat Uwe ,1. rsoos who honour us by imru.lior Uer cail tren to oar care, will have no ream to rejieut hiriret. For terms apply at No. 70 Cbalhajsv - strotl, wnrre leferrncee at to character sod capability will alto be pTeo. nay 11 lw FREIGHT for CHARLESTON. 200 Ions heavy freight for Charleston kfppiyu ANSON G, THELF5, my 11 1C3 Front - street toil S.tLt;, Sloop ADELINE. Tins substantial and fast ruling pleasure - boat is oflereJ lor .ue. upon reasonable terms, at the present owner nas uo ue lor uer. fche it a safe boat, be. iog decked and having two births in the cabiu and is about 26 feet loug, aud 8 1 - 2 feet wide. Auy penon wishing to purchase a boat of this descnptiou, wdl please apply to the subicribor, at the stouo yard, foot of Murray street, where sue may i.e teen, mylllw ROBERT WILEY, fy. tor . - iJfTit hHI The good fast sailing ship WNGELI Mr - '' - has 3 - 4ths of her cargo engaged aua win De uuuatrnedio a lew days. For lrei hi or passage, having ply to N. my II good accoramoJatiou?, ap L.. a:u. ukiwoli, l!6 OUlh - Kt tor bate, treiiitit or Charter, A new pilot boat built 4CHOONER, iou ions nurttien, Lnnlt in a superior manner ol llic best materials, sails tast, and may pe scut to sea Willi small expeuce. Wp,.lv to jv. l. k a. Guisn oLi), my 1 1 CO i'outh - st. forJJLMLlA, (Intended as a regular trader) The substantial and fast sailing ship tlll.v, ;ewroinb, master, is now loaJinzat run street wharf and will sail, weather permitting, ou the 1 7t!l lost - a few tons of freight can be taken I applied lor by the 12th nn - t. and a few more cabiu and steerage passeugert can be comfortably acconimodulcd. Apply to the captain oti board, or to JAMES M'iSiUDE. U2 Librrty - st W ho has just received by the Dublin Packet and Labella, from Dublin, 74 packages, consist ing ol 4 - 4 aud 1 II lileac hed lineu', 3 - 4 brown do 7 - ii droshC'lan, 3 4 diaper?, 5 - 4 theetiugs, 4 - 4 & o - 4 cotton ( hec ks, 1 - 8 rhii'ttngs, and 1(1 hmls su periur old claret wine ; which, with his previous assor tment of linen, lawns, Sic. ic. are otfi re.l lor i - alH ou moderate terms. m v 9 ror H.i I '.isVA .IH, The .tniu'kubbtantial ship GLOFIE, Devoll, ina.'.fr, will sail 011 Friday next, mid lake friight very low. Apply to POi 1 ii M KIN.NE, may 9 56 South - street. f or AMUTEUn.lM, TI,. .1,:., cni'viru oiu,: LU.J 1 11, BU'y k,, U..., J . V tit - tl, HIM - ViiJ,nl,ri will be dc - patchcd vvilhniit delay ror lrri;;!it ol 50 tons apply at 07 outh - st. to my o GA M li KEi.E.X G it FE RSON. JL - Av Tli. rnii.n::;.... .1.:.. inn Afejf N I If. L. Chauiplin, mister, will com. ni m o loading this day, and bo cli?'it hn about ltll instant, bur cargo being nearly all cusaed For freight of tho remainder, or panixge for live cabin passengurs, apply 011 board at Jones' wharf, or to POTT & M'KINNE, or my 7 GR liWOLIJS k COATES. il ARDW ARE a CUTLERY. HE suhcrrihers have jiut 1 rireived by the ships James Monroe Mnunet and Ann. from Liverpool, an extensive supply 01' Hardw are nrtd Cutlery, of every description, which they cffi r I or sale to the merchants from the country, bv the Package, or in such quantities Irom the helves as mnv be wanted, at a low advance and liberal credit Titty hare aim in Store on Consignment, 100 catks best English bottled 1'orlcr 30 do assorted Glassware 10 cases English mens and bnys Halt 20 crates of Stone Soda Jugs 100 bundles warranted llalback German Steel 5 tont do Crawley Steel 10 tout best honp L. English blistered Steel 1 in plates, block plntet, Sic B. W. ROGERS & CO. my 11 35 I'earl - streef 1 LA RET. A lew casks verv fine Old Claret. V said to be the growth o! Entile, for sale by rVAlML.. r - AUUUI.Mji, 162 Front street. ALSO, A few tines and ball' ripes tine ciualitr r . , , ' ' " " " . .... - rori vine. niv 1 1 M OLD COPPER. A BOUT 3500 los. Old Copper, for sale by XJl 1 UtKt.K K l.JURItS, inv 11 No. 29 South - st. no eUG AR5. Hhds Muscovado sugrir, Cist quality 247 boxes brown clayed do I of superior qua 45 do wnite do btv For sale by N. L. 4 G. GRISWOLD, my 1 1 IS6 ioulh - st. ijORhft. M barrels prime mess Pork, just re j. ceiveu aim mr sale ny ANDERSON kt SHEARER, my 1 1 3t 131 Water - street. "lin.l4 kUlVllV in KKI. ',.!. V lanaing, lor sate ny ANSON G. PHELPS, my II 183 Front - street. I 1 AltlNS. bO casks iresh Malaga Raisins, Xi received and for snip by HLRDtV SEWALL, my 11 65 South street. I IAV A.SA GRASS HA I S. - An elegant as XL torlment ot gentlement tummer Hat's, just received nuu lor saie ny jum.s l.r.Atvi, my 11 iw 15H f ront street 10 MBAJ5ETT3, CLO I HS, HA I S, eic MJ 10 bales clack and coloured bombazeltt 2 ca - es Sheppard's best London cloths 4 do pelisse cloths and c&ssimere shawls 10 do men's best London hats tt do ladies' aud children! black and drab fviciet 1 do bands, buckles and trimmings 10 do men's wool hats, suitable for the southern market 3 casks Russia hares wool, first quality backs 10 tindt best London gle r or sale by D. OAKEY, William - it. may It Iw 'nURKS ISLAND SALT. - ltMiO bushels bright X course Turks island Salt, will be told reas onable, to close tale TUCKER at LALT.IES, ray Jl 29 South - tlreet JT. CROIX RUM Ic SUGAR The cargo of j me snip aoutn Carolina racket, capt. Cart - wright, from St. Croix, will commence landing to - morrow at recB - siip r or sale by BEN J. DEFOREST 4: CO, may II 4t 72, ALGWi, bbds of New - Orleans sugar, of a Tery urine quality, Uodiug from the brig Alert, west side ot burlioj - lip ; lor tale by C ALDER, W'LEA 4: CO. may 11 lw 59 Pine street CALCUTTA GOODS. 40 balet principally LV low price'd, coati - tiug of Btftas, Saunas. Gurraht and Mamoorties, just received aud for sale by U. li. : S. MOW LAN D, ny 1 1 67 W - .ishingtoa - ttreeL CLARE I . A FEW boxet Chateau Margaui Claret, 3 dozen in a box, 01 the growth of 181 1, for tale by U. SULLIVAN, my 11 3t 131 Water tlreet COTTON 40 bales prime Upland Cot toe, V jost landed and lor sale by KETChUMt WEED, may 8 lw 01 &oquVvL FowLi'.u r:ECM. - c.aci.D. wolfe, have jurt received, 6 cases fiue Fowling Pie - res ban t e!y assorted for thp southrrn market, which, with lirir otual ajsorlmeat of hard - wtre, Cutiery, and ViiUtary goods, ilpy pffpr for tidr oti tKXomosodaUiit; teruo, at bTAJaideo - L th my l M P.1TR.YT FLOOR CLOTHS. ' 4 CONSIGNMENT cf fir.t quality patent XJL floorcloth., of various patterns, iu sheets of 2 1 by CO feet, v'.ithoutaseam, jutttecvived and for sale at t Front - street, bv CURTIS - , C ROM MEL IV t CO. A person employed to fit the cloths to routn. and eulrici, if required. Any number of yards ?old. may 6 3w 1 til fin i UOLLARS TO LOAN ON lJ,JJKJ MORTGAGE, of property in lliis city. Apply to IS.1AC C. OGJ'Wi Co. my 7 4i Wall - .treet. i 1 USdlA HI r.F. I l. ti. 5U pines ard wide t Kuiiia Sheeting, of a Cne quality, for sale at ISO Frout - ttrtet, by my6lw STEPHEN ALLEN. 11 ANAA MUSCOVADO sLGAKs 100 l.hili. Havana Muscovado buars, of od quality, now nu Fine street whnrl, and fur sale rertou ably, if applied for this day U lore storing. Samples may be seen and terms made known, on application to G. G. &S. HOWLAND, mh 5 No. 77 Washington street. 1CE. VJ tierces and 20 hall tierees, tor 11 tale by ROB'l , GILLESPIE, my H 112 Fmn - tirei t. E ITER PAPER. 6 cases, low priced, for J sale at 77 Washington street, by ap 95 G. G. ii 9. HOWLAND. LOW VAOOLLlNS. I UST re 'd per Mercury ami Atlantic, a few if trusses of low priced Cloths, and Cassimertt, r. 1.. 1 I . u 11 1 UIMiiu lurvaicii uj. o. 11111 ui.;,!.,, ap 7 67 I'ine - strent. cUG.AR t MOLASSES. puncheons Rum u.) Iiluls. .Vlolasses 62 barreis and 6 hhilt. Suzar. Will be landed on Monday from the brig Ame lia Irom Audgua, lor tile hy ROBERT GILLLSI IE, 112 Front strut. c Who his also for sale, Havann, Porto Kii and Jamaica CVfiVc. my 2 CO( 'K WANTED A woman who can bring unexceptionable, recommendations from her hut ui. ice, who is a good pluinnr proiersedconk ; none others need npp!y. Should the cook haic a husbnnd. n cnod house servant, well recoui mended, he would be employed nlo. Apply at my II .HI i. 12 urooilwr.y Wl ANTED, Irom 3 to 40H0 dollar on pro 7 f perty in the country worth lour times that amount. I ha punctual payment ol principal arid interest w ill be guaranteed in the city. Ap lilyat Ml Fullnn.jtreet. my 12 Iw ANTi.D a seconu hand Notary 'i Screw. Anv 11 rrn having one ft rsnie may ap ply at 41 V all - st reel, may 12 4t wanted, MIDDLE ajrd woman to take care of a i. young child ; good rerommendatiuus will he required. Apply at No. 6 Hudson - street. my 12 Jt 11 RS SPENCER respectfully iuluiins her lVI. friends, and the Indies in particular who recently culled on her, tnnt her apartments are now ready lor the. rtreplion ol puplis lor the piano iorle ; also, that she is desbTus of obtaining two or three moie pupils, who she would have no nliii.ction to wait upou at their own hou ses, eh'iuld it heprcfeired. The most reiiecta - hie references mil be given. A geiiliciniiii and his wife in - iv be accommodated with board. inv 12 Im While - street, No. 3. JUS 1' pubh. -, a Di'Cour. - t delivered at Hie conecialinii of the Synagogue of the Chil dren of Israel, in the city of N tw - York, on Friday, the 10th of Nbnn, 5573, corresponding with the 17th of April, I3IU, by Mordccai M. ISoah, Esq. Jurt received and fur sale by El. IAS VA LENTINE, 104 Broadway, opposite Trinity Church yard, where also may be had all the uew publications. my 12 FRENCH IN 48 LESSONS. TO THR PUBLIC Of JYUff. YUJIK. TTAMILTON, tearher of the Freudi lan 11 guage, regrets that the arrangements he has made in Philadelphia render it ioqiossible for him to visit Iheircitv this summer. He hat reason lo believe his efforts to change the present mode of education are appreciated by its enlightened inhabitants, and that they will re joice in the diffusion of a ytcin by which a lan guage may be learneJ 111 tiie tenth part of the Unit usually helowed on it ; thus making room for the attainment of ureful knowledge in other branches of science and literature, at the only period of our lives which we can devote to our instruction, without sacrificing other interests. He begs permission to inform them, that be hns taken a spacious aud convenient houe, no. 52 South Fiflh street, where he will receive boys under 15 as boarders, during the course at $24 per month, including washiug, lie. 4c. In 4, 5, or at larthe.t 6 month', according to their nrevi ous acquirements, they will bo able to read and understand r rench with as much facility as Eng lish, they will have actually read tindcr'the im mediate inspection of their instructor, a number of the beit works in the t rench language they will write it and speak it: nor will their profi cieucy in the English language be less important Tbe translating into it from another language during 4 months, the continual necessity of ap preciating and discriminating the value of words and phrases, toon reudcrs composition in both languages familiar, and gives them a knowledge of their structure aud grammar, which it would bo imposfible to acquire by the exclutivc study of either. This it indeed tho must important d vantage derived from the study of the latin language at it it usually taujht in schools; here it it attained in a much higher degree, in a much shorter time, at a much less expeuce, and with it the knowledge of a modern and practically useful language. The expence of the coarse, exclusive of board, ill be 48 dollars, including books, paper, 4:c Sic. Thit expence will in no case be augment ed ; half the course 24 dollars, and two month's board, payable at entrance ; a like turn at the end of two months. Should be rcina.u 2 months more, he pays for hit board only. At the end ol trie r rench course, say the 1st of October nest, a course of latin will be commenc ed on the Hamilton system. The experiments already made prove that it may be taught 00 this plan with even greater efficacy and facility, flhoiigh Irom its peculiar construction and other caufps, it 1 necessary to rraa a much greater number of writers, and therefore a time raihrr longer It necessary lor ill attainment,) than the t renrb. Hamilton it assisted by Mrs. Hamilton, born in America, aud by hit son and three daughters, born aud educated in France, but who have past 13 months in an Enclith school ol eminence, lo peiicct Uiem iu ine knowledge of mat lan - guage, previous to their arri' al in America. Pbi'adelnb.a, May v, iui. my 1 1 eodjw - GOLDEN FI'.IZES, win h are to bedrawa VJ iu eighteen day 1 drawing of the "Grand Mauimcutb liliord K Owego Road Lottery." uow drawing in Tim rtry vk: 1 puze of .0,0i0 Dollars 1 do. 35.000 Dollar 3 di. 10.000 l)jllrt t do. 5.000 Dollars Several of K). fiOO. It"). C. N. B. All Tickete sold at ALLEN'S Truly - jckv Offire. No. 122 Hmadwi.y, will hve eir name on the back such as luve their en dortement will b - paid by them - where the fi.llnwinir rirh Prizes bave w it lull a slion time heen alil. and the cash bald innnedi ilv t th friptnmte liolile t. bring nc higliest prirea everdraw n in tbe V. .Vtatee, vix : 33f0, apiizei ff '00,0001 153 5i000; 1J5, 30,fW I0:I2J. :X).000 ; 12 29 2 - VUK'i 19t - ' - 25.000 1081 1, 20.000 t - 0033, 20 000 ; r7 PI. er. 5,000 s and a o jasber of !0.ui. .""'. mm tu: iuii more pnert wo were uer told aud paid Ky a office in toe United Matet I 01 it I A. I and and and ibe and ing r. the way wiek. steam at r .o. sjUiHt, in lb tame Urn. m 11 REMOVALS. Ut JOHN A. IMDEIX, Attorney nt Law and Notary Pulilic, bat removed his otbee to No. 26 Nassau - street, bcxl to the corner of Maideu Lane. my 7 Iw iXj SOliN i'riOCJ'Gii, juu. hat removed from No. Ci beekmaii to 1(1(5 liberty - street, where he still othm ltberid r.nticip;itions on pro - lcrty conri;ued to his ihemls in the Mediterra - mail. For further particulars, apply as alove, or to ABRAHAM BELL, my 7 Im corner of Cliff A; Fultou - rlt. (Tr - N. RiHil - .lt. Miniature i'amtcr, bat reu.'.yt d to io 174 Fultou .treet, west tide of liror.itnT. niay 5 twj s t I . V in I I r.MORE have removed to No. 1 10 Front - street, wh - ie they intend cbu - tiiieiiig liieiutrlvet t cmLnmnoo business, and will n.ake liheral ,idv uuces on goods conigued tie m, lor sale. my 5 2w U1 Pi7iLli DE Wil l', ha, removed his i ia e 10 .in. - JJ l.itieily - tlteet, u few iloort a - bne Willi in - itrret. inav 4 lilt. tt M.U Kir:, .MILNE .v CO. Veil to .No. 61 I ilie. - ti - eet. have leino - nmv 4 , 17" Jtll' R. SCOT I, lice, to4:J I'inr - steet. has removed bis of - may 4 2w Ft C. BLLKiSOR bus removed bis otiKe irom Ao. ji to 37 Wail sttecL opposite the City Bank. my 2 2 iv lly' P. A EMME l .i. EM VIE I' A; W lit I'E, have removed their office to No. 23 Pine - street, ap 30 2w 3V DAI It) a.tllJU,juu. h reumvedbis eountii g - iooui to 312 Pcai l - r v I 2w Il'i I'r. UAX1ER lias remned to .No. Moit - strcct. W aiiteii as above, a quantity of Lee lies, my 6 eoil4t 109 DE'I I R D. TURCOT ini(riii ins Iriendi J. ami tiie 1 uiiiic 111 , ... . enernl that he has rrino ved bi l;ptiot!cry Wur.t HoiKe' troin No. Ui to No. bJ Maiden Lun where he olleis for tali tome eligani putli ius of Paper HnnKiiigs, just receiv - d ny the la'csl arrivals from Fram e, on turmoil reasonahle leruis, iny 2 1m MDER BRANDY. - 30 butri Is, landing and lor sale by AN SON 1. PHELPS, mr : II.. I Front stiii t. Saimikr's PATENT KAi.OR S I'ltOP. SAI NDER."? ipspci - ii'ully si.ii. its tlmse v - . who ban; not gut hi Pali nt Rnf r Strep, 10 lurnisii inenisi IVis Willi 1.1s hew invented K.i - tor Strop, nod Metallic ConKiili u. No gen ueiuan w no nunc maues trial ol one ol the Miop now oiie'eu, win ever try any otnerr; and such i tbeir lormation, (bat ever so nl in h use w ill not give the ri.zors that rour.(!ne wlui b reinli rs the licit ol them useless, and which is well Lumen al ways to lollow the upplicntion ol nil those hither toinvuittd. 'I he tibovc strops nre in eeneral use 111 rtfw Tor 11, nml aie (IMii'iruisliri Irom n! nlhirs. Bar In rr who bnve used them tay more u mcir prniso inun 1 uo Riyneii O.!, Ill Wall vlie.t. N. II. The most liberal u luwam e madu to dealeis. my 1 1 A'JXUit.ts JO t.t.T. Tli: fire - proof ttore and cellar 13J Wa - ter slieet, coiner of I 'me .licet, lately lacupied by Mr. N. G. Iiigruhain, culcul.ited ,'d lor t'a! gry good or hard ware business ; mid the nppirpmt me lire prool store .o, H l ine street, consisting of a count inn house ami three floors, to let, b my 1 1 3t D. bul.l.l V AN, Ml Water st. TO l.t.T, The elegant 3 story bouse No. 7 Hud tou street, which commands a pleasant view ot tbe Park and river. 1 ossesnun may be bad 111 a few davs. Also for sale, the furniture ofsaid house. It is of the best quality ; well lilted, and suitable to a genteel Inmily. Apply at above. my 1 1 tf COUJSTIl I Ar.WV, tlhss To Let, a pleasant Country Seat, vvi'l 3 acres of land, ou the Hth avenue, 3 milt frui the City. Apply ut 2U Souih stretl. may !) I w H)H iS'W.iV, A country set, foiturriy ovvmd by Mr. It. D. A nlen, root. lining nhmt lil r 1 - 11 m res ol ground, situated on the East River, short of lour miles from the city. 11 11 reoinrkaiile lor il pleasant situation and is a vrry desirable residence cither summer or winter 1 the buildings arc good andeoinf irtable t the ground it in Inch order, and abundantly supplied with n chohe collection nf fruit frees mid shrubbery ; there tire several springs of excellent w ater 011 the premises, and two quarries of building stone, wludi might be worked to (Treat advantage. Purcha sers are invited 10 view mis summon, nnu ap ply at No. 13 Broadway for terms, which will be liberal. T. ELLISON. my 12 3w IX) l.r.T, A spacious CELL A II, No. 9 Well - street, suitable for a Wine, Cider Vault, or Trunk Ma ker. Enquire on tbe may Iz tw A PARTNER WANTED, WITH a capital of 3 to 5000 dollar. A gen tleinan of good standing in society, ilis posed to invest the above sum in a safe respect able business, may hear of an opportunity by ad dressing j. w. at tint ullice. my 9 lw LOST. ON Friday, a hunch of KEYS, lian - ing on a riiic. tome small and tome lone. 1'he find er, by leaving tl.rru at this effiee, will receive a reward, if rewired. . my lifsi - TO bPORlS.VIEN. 'OR SALE, an elegant Fowling Piece, stub 1 and twisted barrel, together with a rifle bar ret. also tlun ana iwitieo, 10 111 in one mock Bold bushed and cold and silver mounted. The lock, roller, swivel and treed Ihe pan Hi ed Willi gold, and finished in the best manner. I be a - bove will be sold low, 11 immeaiaie application made at No. 35 Walker - tlreel. my 9 tl KXfLUmOLiU THAV'.t. IMJ. mi3 fOUT - CUAIHK ic STEsiX - BUAl ' . ton raiusoKLfHiA. Through in one day, and b dy - lizhL VN Monday the I Ills of May iu.lant, a hue ol post - coaches and steam - boats between New - York and Phibidelphla w, be commenced. be passengers will leave White - Hall iu New - Yoik every day (Sundays excepted) at & o'clock l. in his excellency vuo - prr.idrnt D. D. ompkins' commodious aud speeds ltam - Uwl NAU I ILL'., proceed to Briitol by tbe nlateu Island and Woodbridge turnpike, and take the steam - boat al Bristol alt o'cluek, ami arrive iu Philadelphia at 4 o'clock the same day. lb roads on tbe land part of this line are furnpiked 10 excellent order ; tbe country aud village. through whk h they pass is elevated, pleasant healthy, the route is the nearest at present travelled between the two cities ; the various extensive views which it gives of the ocean, bavs. sound and river between New - York New - Brun - wick, makes this the most expe ditious comfortable and pleasant tour now txisl - between New - York and Philadelphia. A second post rhaite will leave New York eve friundav't excepted) at 10 o'clock, in iti bo;,( Atlanta, from White Hall, by of Ehabelhtown, Bridgetown, New Brunt - Princeton, lodge at Trenton, take tho hoat at Brisb I, and hrrive in Philadelphia IO o'clock. Fare thrnctfh r,r seats in tbe above hues apply al Ihe office. I IK Broadway. All goods and baggage at 11 risk of the own JOHV.V. CUMVMVO, Newark. J GULICK. SONS CO. Prin. - t,i. 6I1 KTON A HOWELL, Philadelphia. 1t Expresses tent to any pa rt of lb United by L. BAJvXR, tiULiCK ft CO. on flv be 1 dj my 11 - ; PTJBLIC SALES. N By MILLS, MlXJVJf St CO. ' - To - morrow, At half past 11 o'clock, in fiont of their auction store, No. 148 I'eorl - street, a jfsne - ai a - tortmeut of French and English dry (rood. .WW HULK tOU HLUJJl.a,'lc. TH E ptoprielor of the southern marbl qua ries, near King1. - Bridge, give notice, that - thry have ou baud, ii,d ro reccivipg, at the h'it.gU - JlriJgt Jtarble and 7.iiw. - le.rf,.kt of Beach - street, on the Hoijou riv.jr, an txansive stock of niarbls lor builtliug,oi tl.c foduwmg ilo - sci ij uoo", vis : Ashlar Coping Foundation Slotut Cmmnsy - Piecet Facin ColUBl'lS Walertable Stept Platformi Sill Liutelt Art hot Also Lime of tho best quality. Or - A coustant supply of the above materLits may be calculated upon; and those desirous if purchasing, or making erghgemenls, will apply lo EZRA LUDLOW, Frh 11 At the Yard. NO 1 ICE. frr All pers his indebted to Water Fur man and Charles Doiihs, (for street in inure) aie requested to call and settle their accounts with ei ther ol them, ot with V. V L. Mrad, M the corner ol Pump Eldridgc - ttreets, formerly called Third - street, on or b fore the flrt day ol July uext All peraoni having demauds against theua will please Iu present their accvuutt lor settle - Olt'Dt. WATERS FURMAN, and - CHARLES DOBBS. my 12 dtcluit DlftBOl.UIION OFlOfAltTNEivbiaP.. CC7" In consequence of the OcMh 01 Cnptain John Smith, the him of Smith, Blunchntd K Co. is dissulveu The concerns of Die lirm will be adjusted by the subscripts, and Uie businrst in fntiiiu be conducted uuder the firm of S. and Blanchaid, at No. 3.3 Burling - tlip. Samuel Ulanchard, my 5 2n - Multa Blancliard. ORATORIO, Itjf the Handel and Haydn ittiily. t,t '1 he coiniiiitiee ol the Handel and Haydn fut ility give notice, that the tui seriptioii list nu im ornloiio this month, will he closed on tbe 16th inst. in order to their forming an opinion, whether the amount tubsenhtd will defray the probable expeliril. Until the I bill inst. tiie aubst rirniou lisit will I e led at Messrs. Swords', io I (io Pearl street 1 at Mr. Dubois' Music n'nre, Croadway.and at Mr. Goodrich'!, corner of Hioadwnv nod Cedar - street, Messrs. Kirk St, MERCf.lNS, Hi Wall street, Eatlburm 4 Co. coriirr ol Pine and Broadway, and Gcib't Mu - ic ilore, 2.1 MuideO - lrilie. my 5 tlhth my .Vrrehautt Hank, .Vuy 5, llilb. Ty" The annual elecliou for Directors of thit inntittition will be hi Id nu Turrduy the 2d day of June nrxt, ut the Bunking J lou. - c, between the hours ol 10 and 2 o'clock. By order of (he Board nf Director, G. B. VROOM, CashV. miv5 tj2 a?lV.iL tXSlHA.CK Of THH CITY UF.VMV.YOIIK. . The President and Directors rive no - t it c that a dividend of four und a half per cent. on the capital stock of thit Company, for tix months, will be made on the lull sunt, and, paid on Jemaml to the itockboldcrt or their attomiei. al No. S'i Wall - street. my 6 Im JOHN P1NTARD, Scc'ry. Wftitrirun .iiudtinu of the r'ine Writ, 05" The pulilic are ri spectlully informed that the Gallery ol the Academy will be closed dur ing the preseut week lor theputpose of arranging the new exhibition, which will be opined on Monday next, llttb inst. By order may II 31 ALEX ROBERTfON, Bee. ' .if .1 rid rnr't tSoriry. ,03 A quai terly meeting will be held at the Cilv - llotel, on 'I hursduy evening the Nth inst. at 7 o'clock The numbers are particularly requciud to attend, at business interesting to Hit .Niciety will he laid before llicm. L order of the President. my 11 4t JOHN J. PALMER, Sec'ry. IO An Election lor Covernnrs of Ilia New - York Hospital, will ha held at the hospital, on the I'JIh unt( I uesilav). The poll will be opened at 10 u'cloi k, and closed at 1 P, M. By order nl the board ol Governors. n.yll Kt IliOM AS BUCKLEY, Scc'ry. 'W The . - econd Anniversury ol Ihe AMERICAN BIBLE SOCIETY will be celebrated in be Asiemlilv Kooui ol tbe City Hotel, in Broad way, on Thursday the Nth inst. The doors will tie opened at 10 o'clock, A. M. and the President will take the Chair precisely at 11 o'clock. my 1 1 31 ZE11AH HAW LEV. DEN I IS I, Hat removed bit office from No. 321 Pearl street, to No. 91 Nntiau street, where be will periorru every nperatmn in dentistry. WHOM IT MAT COBCERS: JTJ This eerlifies, that Doctor Zerah Haw - ley is a ngular bred physician, and in good stauding with hit brethren in tint place, that he hat paid particular attention to the art of DENTISTRY, has studied tbe best European worki n the euhject, and hat given very good satisfaction in tnis branch to his cuitomurt, who are persons of the first respectability iu this city. - We therefore, with entire confidence, recommend Dr. llawley to the citizen of New - York, as a Dcntitt. Synra Munsnn, ProPs of the V nthan Smith, f medical insti - Eli I vps, (tiitioo, Yale Jona. Kuiht, 1 College. my 121wt Stale of .ew fork, Comptrollers Office. ) VVHEREASby an act of tbe Legislature V V eutitliil " an act to iniurove tiie fund aud to provide for Use redemption of the funded debt of this sta'e, passed fist April IUIK, 0 Comptroller is authorized to borrow on tiie credit ol this state, a turn or sums oot en ceding it) the whole, one million of dollars, at a rate 01 interest not exceeding six perrentuin per annum. payable quarter yearly. xvnw IIm reiore, puMir .vouce it oerenj gives brtlie undcriixned. Comptroller of .,id State. in run su.. nee ol Ihe net aiorttaid. thai he will re ceive sealed proK,sal at his 1 aYe ia 'fie cily of Albany, untsl Iu srlay me zom wtjinnsoi, lor Dm mliile oraav Part ol a lou ol one million of dollars, lo be paid into tiie Treasury by tiie first day of July next. For the loa or loans which may be made to tbe Stale under the act alorciaid, certificate! of lock will be issued which will be transferable - al Hie city ot New - Yoik, and the in crest oti ' whit h will hr paid quarter jearly lo the stock - lodiers residing iu Hip foutliem district ?n l out ftbe Sta'e al sonii Bank in Ihe cil - 01 New - ' rk, and to all oiiitrs in tiie city of Albany. - hpprimipel of taid Stock to be irrediemabkt until the first day of lanuary. 18a. an 1 w ithin ypart thereafter the Uovernment it bound to ledeem it if the Stockholders require the tame to done. ARCH'D. Mc INTYRE. CotnptroUer. AD any, May 7, 1318, mi 1 1 i26li MILFOUD O ECO KOAU tATi rcheme conuinn ERY 1 i rize t, "iiO)' j" I of 35,000 1 t of 10,000 J ot 5.000 t 9 ci 1,000. Otdy 20 day drawing 2 dart completed 3 tnore and th first drawn number will be entitled to S.000. 7lh days'! drawin 10,000 llth do do 35,000 I'th do do 70.000 Floating prize o . . 13,000 For chances for the tdoe apply at GILLESPIE'S, 114 Broadway, bit 1 1 oj.potit t iiy - HoteL R A.Ijy 20 Muesi. tot .' hr li 'Jam AJdEa D'WOLF, jr. my 1 04 rosrui - sTrwct.

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