The Mason City Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa on March 19, 1931 · Page 18
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The Mason City Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa · Page 18

Mason City, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, March 19, 1931
Page 18
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Page 18 article text (OCR)

MASON CITY GLOUE-«A2KTrB Morris Forsees Curtailment. COUNCIL BLUFFS, March 19. (UPJ^-Curtailraent of railroad service unless some means la devised for overcoming "subsidized competition" was the picture of the railroad MARCH 19 1931 situation in the immediate future, as presented last night by C. D. Morris of the Western Railways committee on public relations, Chicago, before the annual meeting of the local chamber of commerce. SPECIAL FOR Friday Saturday WE DELIVER Sweet Pickles full qt. Olives, full quart Cocoa, 2 Ib. tube Peanut Butter, 2 Ib. jar Salt, 2 Ib. box Pumpkin, no. 2% can NO - 2 CAN SIFTED EARLY JUNE Tomatoes, no. 2 can Oranges, 2 doz. Grapefruit, 6 for Potatoes, peck 39c 39c 23c S9c 7c 15c 25c 9c 25c 25c SEl^ECT GROCERIES AND MEAT BAXTER PHONE 2402 GROCERY 403 SOUTH FEDEKAi II " How did you get breakfast so quickly? "Why, I'm serving Shredded Wheat, of course. I just. take -$he biscuits from the package 'anu serve them' with cream or 'milk; sometimes I add fresh or stewed fruits. If you'd like a hot breakfast I can prepare it in a jiffy: Shredded Wheat crispedin the oven while Iheat some milk to pour over it. Oh, I'm ·» friend of Shredded Wheat! It's ready cooked, ready to serve; and it's just as delicious and nourishing for lunch as for bre'akfast." NATIONAL BISCUIT 'COMPANY , "Urwcda Bakers" WITH ALL THE BRAN OF THE WHOLE WHEAT IOWA GILT EDGE BRAND FANCY CREAMERY BUTTER A Mason City Churned Butter for Particular People Churned every day from sweet pasteurized cream. Try it and you will agree with us that it surely is "GILT EDGE" Ask for it by name and help Mason City industries. // Your Grocer Does Not Have It Insist on It Don't trust Good Luck.. Don't fear Bad Luck.. once --takes all the luck out of baking! Even good luck is dangerous--for good luck today may be followed by bad luck tomorrow. In baking, "balance" is a better friend than luck. "Balance" in a recipe means every ingredient in just the right quantity. "Balance" in flour means an exclusive Pillsbury blend o£ finest wheats, which produce's a flour containing just the right amounts of protein, moisture and mineral, just the right color and absorption qualities, to work perfectly for all your baking. Pillsbuijy's Best is "balanced" for unfailing success in everything you bake. There's no other flour like it -- it's worth asking for! Best Flour 'Balanced" for Perfect Baking Grow Own \fegetables S ALAD vegetables, lettuce, radishes, beet, carrots, cucumbers, tomatoes and green onions are more crisp and full of flavor when freshly picked. The same is true of beans, peas and sweet corn. To make the most of your gardening effort, plant the first quality tested seed now available in the Northrup, King Co. seed box at a nearby dealer's. JU standard size vegetable packets BUY YOUR SEEDS FROM BOOMHO WER-STHEETER J S 3 N. l''UD3( lA^ AVii. for Nortlir:i[, PHONE 142 it Co. Products M A R S D E N ' S PHONE 2414 X G. A. Meat and Grocery 1452 NO. FEDERAL Roast Beef, young, tender, Ib. 9y 2 c Steak, Sirloin, T-Borie, tender, pound .. 15c Pork Roast--Steak, Ib 15c Spring Lamb Chops, leg, Ib. ... .25c Heart, Pork, freshi Ib. v . 4c Butter, Fresh Creamery, Ib. . . . 38c Prunes, fancy, 3 Ibs. 25c Oatmeal, 8 Ibs. ..... 25c Spaghetti, 3 Ibs. , . . . .25c Bread, dark or light 5c Flour, 49 Ib. sack ..$1.00 Cake Flour, 3'/ 2 Ibs...l9c Soap, Naptha, 10 bars 32c Cocoa, 2 Ibs 25c Brooms, Good Ones 39c Sat., Mar. 21 to Fri.. Mar, 27, inc. BROOMS Deluxe Quality S9c "1" Quality 69c "A" Quality 20-oz. Pkg. 18c MATCHES 16 cu. in. 6 Pkes. .L(5C Clothes Lines Clothes Pins IW 2...-- 15c 40 Pins to Package Bluing IGR fee 9c Ammonia KITCHEN KLEANZER 4 Cans 19C 2, r. r 17c PACKED Blend to Suit Your Taste and Pocketbook "I" Blend, per Ib., 35c "G" Blend, per Ib., 28c "A" Blend, p/r Ib., 2jc 67«i GOLD DUST Easily prepared meals for busy house-cleaning days: I.G.A. Pork and Beans--Relish Halved Peach and "Cream Cheese Salad Whole "Wheat or Brown Bread I.G.A. Coffee--Cookies I.Q.A. Prepared Spaghetti Head Lettuce with I.Q.A. Thousand iRlanil Dressing Sliced Pineapple--L G. A. Coffee--Sugar Wafers Soup--Cream of Corn (or Peas, Carrots. Asparagus) Toasted Crackers--Crisp Celery *Moeha Mallow *Mocha Mallow Cut 30 I.G.A. Marshmallowa In pieces and rinse In cold waler. Dissolve in 1 cup hot strong coffee (I.O.A.). Add 'XI cup I.G.A. Cocoanut (toasted in hot oven). When slightly thickened, (old In J ,i cup cream, whipped. Turn Into mold, and chill until firm. CUT RATE GROCERY SAVES YOy MONEY * BARGAINS Our Store is always-full of Bargains. We turn our stock so often it is always fresh. Every article in our stock is cut down to rock-bottom. . Prices Below Good For Friday, Saturday and .Monday. . Phone 112-113-114 3Q E. State Free Delivery CANE SUGAR---10 Ibs. 47c With $2 Order of Other Groceries--Butter Not Included 25a Sehrimp, wet or dry, per can 35c Butter, Creamery; O Q 1 1 Oc Camay Soap, 1ft« none better, per Ib.. . £«/C · j bars . IOC P. and Q. or Big 4 ·« r · Bread, light or dark, r Soap, 5 bars JLOC 1 16-oz. loaves . .... **** Crlseo, Q C _ 2 Ibs OOC Whole Wheat/ Rye or Graham Flour 10-lb. M Q sack ....... 45C Ripe Olives, per can 15c 23c Cocoa, best oj- grade. 2 Ibs. £OC Oleomargar- o jjj Ine, 2 Ibs «5D Red Pimentoes or Mar. Cher- -I A ries, bottle.. IvC Apricots, Grapes or flw TM' I f t r per can .... Z V Pears, Peaches, Jams or 1 A Jelly, per can -IvC 6 O'clock Coffee Per ?*?r pound u w v Pure Cider Vinegar Per Wr gallon tlul.. 35c Cut Kate Special Grcep on Tea, per pkg. «OC Prunes, 3 lbs...25o Prunes, 2 Ibs.. .25c Prunes, Z Ibs.. .35o Olives.t Plain or Stuffed, · -if* per bottle... 1UC Nut Meats, fO best DOC Decker's Sliced Bacon, 9Q*. Toilet Papej 3 rolls 25c 4 rolls 25c Olives or Sweet Pickles, full O C _ quart jars.. O D C 20o, Golden Bantam Corn ' 95f 2 cans t*Jt Grape Fruit · Small can .-. . r . .10o Large can 19c Pure Sorghum Per 1/2 gallon. ..65o Quart cans . . . -85c Brooms, Good 'Ones 49c 59c 69c 25c labby's Mixed F""t 01- Salad £ 1 C Uncolored Japan Green lea t Per Ib. 46o Per Vi lb...:...25o B U L K Pe aberry. best grade, per Ib. ,,.. .26c Cut Rate S P ecial » er lb '· · · - 29c N,ish, in bulk, per Ib 32c Spinach, No. 2 cans, O O _ ^ 15c, quart cans. ... ««J C 35c Flour, *)Q* 5-lb. sack " C Macaroni in bulk, 3 Ibs Campbell's Tomato Soup, S cans 25c 25c CRACKERS, 2-lb. caddy . . ..... 25e JOx *x«f C ORANGES, sweet 1 O OQ and juicy, per dozen ---- IOC fci«/C Cleanser, 1 cans Argo Corn or Gloss Starch, 3 Ibs 25c Oyster Shells ioo-ib. bag _ Per ponnd 19c Llbby's Beets No. 3 can lOe Quart cans lac sack Pancake Flour 23c ^ GlnEer_Sraai Fig Bars," 2 Ibs. Matches, 6 Ige. boxes. I9c Japan Green sittings 1 Ib. phg. . . T e a 19c lOc Jelly Pojvder- Jello, all flavors, 4 pkgs -use same as 25c JOo Spices, Pepper, Cinnamon, Sage, Nutmeg, Allspice, Cloves, Ginger and o Mustard, package OC VEGETABLES Pumpltin, No. · 2 cans.. lOc 15c I'umpldn, 2 qt. cans 25o Hominy, large cans... .100 18c Limn Ptpans, 2 cans 25c Kidney Beans, per can lOo lOc Bak. Beans, S cans Zoo 18c Succo'tash, per can I5c Gr. Str. Beans, 2 cans 25c Wax. Str. Beans, 2 cans 25c Svyeet Potatoes, can. ..15c Sauerkraut, No. 2 cans lOo Spaghetti, per can lOo tfio Sauerkraut, 2 cans 25c lOo Crescent Noodles Macaroni Spaghetti S pkgs. 2oc Brown or Powdered Sugar 3 Ibs. 25o Dry Lima Beans 2 Ibs. 25o Corn Peas Tomatoes 12o grade, per can lOc 15a grade, 2 cans 25c 18o grade, 2 cans SOo 20o grade, 2 cons 3io 25o grade, 2 cans 40c 15n Currants 2 pkgs ...... 15c Mince Meat, 2 pkgs. 25c| 15o Lye, 2 cans... 25c Pop Corn, Guaran- [ teed to Pop, 3 Ibs ....... Honey, largo cakes 15c! Date Nut i Coolties, " o p·" I 2 dozen... . /-JC CHEESE per Ib. 18c Kisses, 2 Ibs. Candy (Water Softener Salt 99c I Black Wai- nuts, 3 Ibs.. Vinegar Pint Jugs ..... lOc I Quart Jugs ---- 20c ' ! Pork or Beef Roasti Our Prices Are Bight English JVValnats I best grade, [per Ib 20c CATSUP, 2 large bottles..... .25c ORANGES SWEET and JUICY 2 dozen 25c Pears or Green Gage Plums Largo No. 2'/i 1 Q» cans JL«/C Peaches or Apricots, -I Q Crushed Pineapple, largo No. 10 cans. . Fancy .Rice, 5 Ibs ..89c 25c Plums Sure fine. No. 10 cans.. 39c I Salt, S Ib. sacks lOc I j Salt, 10 Ib. sacks 23o ] Milk 3 large or cans *»»*· Navy Beans [Best | grade, 4 Ibs. 25c Cocoanut Taffy Bar Cookies, nn per Ib £JC SOo Wright's Silver Cream, per jar LENTEN SUGGESTIONS Boneless Cod Fish, 1-lb. hox 28o( Minced Clams, per can 25e IRc Sardinesjn'Olivo Oil, · _. . -- ' v r oan. ...400 2 cans :Zoa\ 15o Mackerel, 2 cans. . . . .2. r o Fish Flakes, per can ...... 15o Pink Salmon, Ih. can ...... lOo Tuna Fish, per can 19c and 23cB Snacks, per can. Sardines In Oil, 2 cans ---- 15cl Kippered Herring ......... 15ej Red Boy Salmon, large ____ Sic Red Roso Salmon, 1 Ib. can 20o KAST STATE STRBET C. E. BUSH, Prop. / ,,_.. . A .' . ' '· · ·

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