The Mason City Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa on April 10, 1936 · Page 12
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The Mason City Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa · Page 12

Mason City, Iowa
Issue Date:
Friday, April 10, 1936
Page 12
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Page 12 article text (OCR)

TWELVE MASON CITY GLOBE-GAZETTE, APRIL 10 1936 F R E E CARBURETOR and FUEL PUMP TEST Central Auto Electric Co. 23 First Street S. E. Next to Fire Station PHONE 494 Brookhart to Open ! His Campaign With i Emmetsburg Speech; WASHINGTON, Iowa, Iff)--Smith j W. Brookhart announced Friday that he has accepted an invitation to open his campaign for the republican nomination for the United i States senate with a speech arranged by the Emmetsburg Chamber of Commerce for April 23. Board Proceedings JANUARY SESSION. March 2, 193R SIXTH DAY The Board of Supervisors ot Cerro Ourdo County. Iowa, met in regular session pursuant to adjournment. There were present Supervisors C. R- Fatten, Chairman, F. G. Root and Harry Sondergaard. Absent: None. Minutes ol laat. meeting were read and approved. Motion wan made by Supervisor Root, seconded by Supervisor Sonderunard. that pursuant to the provisions oC Section 5318, Code of luwa, that. A. C. Fcfrs. Overseer of the Poor, be, and he la hereby instructed to 5Prv* notJcc or to cause notice to be served, pursuant to the provisions of Section 3315. Code of low*, on the following named persons to depart from Ctrro Qordo County, Iowa: John M. Kaster and family; James P. White and family; Joe Chavez and family. Motion carried, all members voting aye. Motion was made by Supervisor Root, seconded by Supervisor Soudergaard, that the assessed valuation of tots C and S. block 9. Paul Felts Plat-of Mason City. Iowa. b« apportioned according to the ownership at the present time, the said valuation to be as follows: Tlie East 68 feet of lots 6 and 8, J10.00; luts 3 and 8. except the East 60 feet. 510.500. The foregoing motion carried, all members vottns aye. Th* Board authorized the cancellation of the 1935 road poll tax assessed against Bert Closson, Portland Township, because of Physical dfoabflfty. On motion of Supervisor Root, seconded by Supervisor Sondergaard. the Board authorized the suspension of the 1835 regular taxes assessed against lots 1 and 4, block 68, Meaervey's Addition to Kaaon City. Iowa, owned by R. H. DeNeut. Motion carried, all members voting aye. The following official reports were approved by the Board ; County Engineer and Assistants. January, 1936. Simon Anderson. Constable, Annual. 1H35 S. H. MacPeak, Clerk of Court, Fines EVERYBODY READS EM! A Long List of Helpful Booklets SUPPLIED BY MASON CITY GLOBE-GAZETTE Washington Information Bureau FIRST AIDS AND SHORT CUTS TO USEFUL KNOWLEDGE BOOKLETS BOOKLETS BOOKLETS BOOKLETS the Home --for the School -for the Office -for the Farm You Cannot Read the List Without Finding Something You Need and Want CH£CK YOUR SELECTIONS CITIZENSHIP SOCIAL SECURITY ACT--Everyday fact* about unemployment insurance, old Age t»enalonc and federal aids to the handicapped 5 cent. CONSTITUTION OF U. S. A.--Three jrr-eat documents in oOe handy volume--Articles of Confederation, Declaration of Independence, and Constitution of the United States --all in the original text*..., 10 -cent* PRESIDENTS AND THEIR WIVES--A portrait of every President, including Franklin D. Roosevelt; a photograph and biographical ·ketch of every White House hostess; complete election data; major campaign, issues; popular and electoral vote for every election; official photograph* , ,10 cents PARLIAMENTARY LAV--An authoritative digest and guide to the mica of otder; how- to organize a new club; model constitutional by-laws; how to maintain order from the chair *0 cents NATURAL SCENES OF THE UNITED STATES --A famous natural view from every state, in beautiful roto-tinta; complete descrip-' ttonft and historic notes. An unusual geography.. lOcenU FAMOUS PLACES IN THE U. S.--Forty-nine beautiful photographs, each with a page of authentic text; a celebrated historical ·ihrine in every State and the District of Columbia. Printed in two colors.. .10 cents AMERICA'S FAVORITE POEMS--The mo»t popular native poems as selected by the vote* of newspaper readdani .10 cents THE LATEST CENSUS OF THE U. S.--He- vised official figures on the population of cities, town* and village* by states,. 10 cents GEORGE WASHINGTON--An ofBcJal biography of the first President. A complete and authoritative picture of the men and manners of the era m which the American, Republic was established; 48 page*; illustrated .10 cents STUDENT MAPS jfVtrte--All these maps are in uniform size and printed in cofors. The rever$e side of each plate is jwcTced with fjeograp/tic, commercial and social statistics, photo~ graphs, and interesting student data. MAP OF AFRICA--Printed from 1935 plates; special details on Ethiopia: pictures from entire continent on reverse aide... .10 cents MAP OF THE UNITED STATES--In full col- one on Heavy paper; 21 by 28 inches; include* all territories and pogceasianar, n necessity for every school child 10 cents MAP OF THE WORLD--A complete five-color map 21 by 28 inches; made from the latent plates 20 cents MAP OF NORTH AMERICA--The en tin cot*, linent in five colon, with complete commercial data , ..10 cents MAP OF SOUTH AMERICA--An -op-to-datc color map of the continent. Carries a special chart of Admiral Byrd'a Antarctic Expedition 10 cent* MAP OF EUROPE--Shows oW and new boundaries and new form* of government.10 centa MAP OF THE SOVIET -UNION--A modern ·map of Russia, 21 by 28 inches, in four colors; an authoritative statement of the Soviet System 10 centa EDUCATION XTNCLE SAM'S ALMANAC--Compiled from the records of the greatest practical scientist--your own Uncle Sam. A storehouse ol knowledge; useful every day in the year; 52 pages; durable coverin colors... .10 cents, MONEY AND ITS USES--A factual survey of money since the earliest civilizations; outlines all major eras of disastrous inflation in history; helpful to everybody who seeks to understand the n e w s . . . . . . . . . . . . 1 0 cents HOW TO GET A COLLEGE EDUCATION-Tells the prospective student exactly what he needs to know about college costs; self- help in college or high school . .'.10 cents HANDY LETTER WRITER--Correct forms for all correspondence, 10 cents WORD BOOKLET--Pointers on correct address; 2,500 words commonly misused, misspelled, or mispronounced. A guide to speaking ." 10 cents ASTRONOMY--Answers 500 everyday questions, about the. earth, sun, moon, stars, and planets. Illustrated with five astronomical photographs 10 cents EVERYBODY'S COIN BOOK--An outline of COIR history; dates of the richest treasures; dealers* index. , '. -10 cents EVERYBODY'S STAMP BOOK--Tells bow to start a collection; an index to dealers and rare jackets 10 cents FAMILIAR SAYINCS-Orisin of over 500 words, phrases, and expressions in common use; indexed for ready reference... .10 cents CURIOUS CUSTOMS--Strange belief* «nd intriguing social forms from alt lands. 6 centa FAMOUS LOVE AFFAIRS--The great romances of history; ageless stories of love from many Taring 10 ccnta CARE OF PETS--Feeding and care of household pets 6 cents AIDS TO THE HOUSEWIFE HOUSEHOLD BUDGET BOOKLET--How to plan a budget; ruled pages for daily accounting; pointers on saving, insurance, thrift habits. How to apportion income for the year's financial program.. 10 centa ANTS--Methods of control and extermination. 4 cents MODERN. INTERIOR DECORATING--Illustrated hints on curtains and hanging*, carpeting and furniture 10 cento WINDOW CURTAINING--Attractive designs, with suggestions for cutting and hanging , 10 cents STAINS--How to remove them'from fabrics; a puidc to undreamed economies. The booklet describes 180 methods for removing stains 5 cents FLOORS AND FLOOR COYERING-^-Advien on carpeting and linoleums; painting »nd waxing 4 cent* BREEDS OF DOGS--A guide for dog breeder**; origins of the various breeds and types; breed historic* S cent* MOTHS--How to keep moths out of clothes, draperies and ru-?B,.., . . . 4 cents, SLIP COVERS--How to protect upholstered furniture 4 cento BUILDING AND HEPAffiS FARMHOUSE PLANS--Modern types; 70 pages, iUufltratod with, drawings of new. type, low-cost farm and suburban dwell* ings , , ..10 cents MODERN HOMES--Floor plans of many sno- cewful homes 10 cent* P A I N T -- H o w to mix and use it at home 4 cent* PLUMBING--Home repairs made easy; government laboratory d«t«.,... * cent* ENTERTAINING EVERYBODY'S SONG BOOK -- More tnaa 200 of America's favorite song** complete with words and music. 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Includes artichokes, carrots, radishes, parsnips, melons, cabbages, and legumes. An official planting chart .10 cents GARDENS: NORTH--Special selections for gardens north of the Potomac and Ohio Kirera * eontt GARDENS! SOUTH--Gardens for the moderate Southland 4 cents POISON IVY--How to eradicate this noxious growth; the care of infections 4 cents GARDEN INSECTS--How to combat them - . 4 cents FRUIT AND VEGETABLE GARDENS--How to start and care for a garden; prepared from government source*.., - - 4 cents VEGETABLE GARDENS--The home parden plot for effective economy. 4 cents ASPARAGUS CULTURE--How to grow this profitable vegetable , 4 cents Check your selections. Add up the cost marked opposite each booklet desired* ond enclose coin,, carefully wrapped, to cover thebooklets ordered. 'A Special Home Service of Mason City Globe-Gazette Informatiorx Bureau Frefleric J. Haekln, Director "Washington, B.C. Enclosed find cents in coin, carefully wrapped, for which please send me the booklets marked on the attached list. Name Street or RJFJ)1 Ci*y : " Stale Mail to 'Washington, D. C fc and Forfeitures, Annual, 1935. · Steward, County Home. January. 1939. County Superintendent, February, 1636. On motion of Supervisor Rout, seconded iy Supervisor Sondergaurd, the following tills against the county were approved and Mowed, and tht County Auditor was In- tructed to draw warrants in payment there- f. Motion carried, .Ayes; Supervisors Root* 'atton, and Sondergaard. Nays: None. Anderson. Brail. O.A.P. Ass't Bd.....$ 3S.50 Avery, G. S. A Sons. Ins. ct. hoe. 1BO.W Alltz. H. R.. dom. animals 24.U) A 4 P Tea. Co., prov. poor ........ 1.07 A * P Tea Co.. prov. poor 71.53 Adams Drug Co.. med. aid pocr .. J.02 A 4 P Tea Co.. prov. poor -- 15.74 Alambis. Steve, rent poor 7-00 Alllflon Coal Co.. fuel poor .- 7.14 Atlas Grocery, prov. poor 30.43 Borger, J. W., rent 18.00 Booth Ol«on, Ic. rd. «on*., Sp. FWA 1041 SW-72 Billert, Gordon, Imtit, fund .T5 Brown. Lola M.. salary ERA ....... 110.00 Barrett Bros., prov. poor .... S.8B Big Three Market * Groc., prov. poor · s 10 Bryion Dairy, prov. det hosp 8.30 Belolt Children's Home, care Juve- BlackwcM. Mrs. Edith, rent poor-,., 'lurch Corp.. road malnt ler. W. P.. A?t.. rent poor.... z, E- E., prov. poor Mock Coal Co.. fuel, CO. hosp Eurrotish? Add Mach. Co. rep. trtaa. machine Burke. Hollis, ml$. ERA Bcemer. Dr. Horace, dent, poor .... Block COR! Co.. tuel poor Butler. Flotilla, care poor BuehlerrBlahop Groc.. pro\-. poor .. 'arlo*A', J, D. mlg«. prot). of fleer .. Jerg. Florence, help treas Jlock Coal Co.. road malnt. ........ Britven Gro.. prov. poor Bruchner's Garage, road raaint. .. Burmeister'Gro-. prov. poor Baxter Grocery, prov. poor , Brown. H. L.. assessor 4 OAP -.-·« Burns, Vera, OAP -'... EVunson, J. G., luuessor 4 OAP .. C. M. * St. P. Ry-. trans, poor.. Cha^e, H. O.. reg, vit. lUt. . . Clerk or Dist. Court, court coats .. C. L. Jnd. Tele. Co., road maint. .. Clark. C. T., bailiff O. C. . Convent of Good: Shepherd, car* juv. Callapnan fe Co.. supplies - . , Cahalan, Mrs. H. G.. rent poor ..... Carver, Bell, care poor anaugh. Mrs. C.. allow, poor .. Cerro Goido Bakery, prov. poor .... Chapln o'Nefl Coal, fuel poor .... 2. W. Clark Co., rent poor .... Colloton, Margaret, rent poor Convent of Good Shepherd, 'care juv. Crystal Lake Ice ft Fuel, fuel, poor, ERA Cut Rate Grocery, prov, poor ..... .sey Drug Co., drugs poor Callahan, Ed., rotfl maJnt Central Soap Co., sup. eo. hosp. .. Chi. Meat Hfkt.. prov. poor .... Crane Co., rep.-co. hosp * Clear Lake Mirror, publications.,.. Calvert, Mm. Chaster, care poor .. Cook. Berths, help recorder Cooper-KeUey Furn. Co., burial poor Crescent Printing: Co., sup. Co. ... Crescent Printing Co. sup. co. SupU Central Auto Elec. Co., road mUnt. Currle-Van Nefls Co., «*. ERA. poor Currle-Van Ness Co., sup- co. hosp. county Cut Rate Grocery, prov. poor CaUln. Rochel D., rent poor Cramer. F. £.. tax acct Claua, E. E.. bailiff, D- C- Co-Mo Photo Co., supplies Crystal Lake Ice £ Fuel, fuel poor Co. Treas., witnesses, petit Jurors.. Co. Treas., to DCS Molnes Co. Aud;, to Des Molnea C. R. I. 4 P. R. R., trans, poor.... Carroll, M. M., assessor, OAF .... Junlap, Fjay, assessor Dunlap, Ray, assessor Daniels, Joe, road mafnt. engr. dr. sew. 31xl« Block Coal Co.. fuel poor taugheny, -lohn I*., rent poor Diamond Bros., prov. poor Diets, Chas. V. Dr., med. aid poor.. Dixie Block Coal Co., fuel poor 3ougberty, John. L., Rec., rent poor Diamond Groc.. pt-ot. poor ........ Damon's Inc. sup. co. hosp Donnelly Service Co., ERA car .;.. G. A. Eddy Lumber Co., fuel poor .. Elder, H. S. f rent poor glotf, Wm. C-, Agt. for C. G. Co. Med. Soc Evia. Market, prov. poor Eggers, Printing Co., office sup Furleigh, Robert, grain co. hosp... Farmers Co-op. Soc., Rw. fuel poor Farmers Co-op. Soc., Dough, fuel poor · farmers Elevator, Vent, fue! poor.. Farmers Inc. Co-op. Dough., fuel poor Farmers Co-op. Soc., Rs. fuel poor Fekkers, Nellie, allow, poor ...... Fireside Fuel Co., fuel poor Forehand, Reda, allow, poor ...... Fullerton Lbr. Co., fuel poor Farmers Co-op. Co. C. L. fuel poor Farmers Co-op. Soc. Rw. road maint. Firestone Auto Supply, road maint.. Funk, Edna, we A rent poor Franchere, C. M., rent Poor Ford Hopkins Co., drugs poor .... Farm. Elev. Co., Kurdi. fuel poor .. Farm. Co-op. Soc,, Rw. road maint. Farm. Tele. Co., phone tolls .-... Gibbs-Cook Tract. A Equip., road maint Grupp, Carl, prov. det, hosp Grippen, D. W, A Co., Sup. ERA Garvey, J. F. Co., rep. ct. hse, .. Govig Grocery, prov. poor Grippen D. W. Co., sup. ct. hae. Carver, D. W-, rent poor Garfin Grocery, prov. poor Grippen, D. W. £ Co., Sup. ERA ,, Grupp, Carl, prov. poor Gardner Fura, Co., aup. co. hosp.. Gehler, Florentine, rent poor Gibbs-Cook Tract. 4 Equip., road maint. Goldthorpc, Bertha, rent poor Ginn Co., school books ..:... Gieaaon, W. H., assessor . . Granrud, Mrs. Amelia, care juv. .. Oreen Coal Co., fuel poor Gustavesen, Emll, rent poor Hanson, M. A., Reg. V. S. Hermanson Bros., prov. poor ...,. Hauver, Mri. 0. P., rent poor Holcomb, Mrs. TV, s., rent poor ... Huff. Mrs. James, rent poor ....*. Hugh, Mrs. Go., rent poor Kuiamann's Mkt., prov. poor ....-- . Hart, Mrs. Sara, rent poor Humphrey, Ethel, rent poor Haptnson, Mrs. Nick, care poor .. Hathorn, Motor Parts Co., road maint Helgen, Ida 0., rent poor Henkel Con. Sup. Co., road maint. Hasserty. Mrs. D. E. care Juv Hermanson Bros., prov. poor ...... Hansen, O. T., prov. poor Hughes, p. H.. assessor, OAP .... Hoveland, Mrs. Anna, care juv. .... House of Good Shepherd, care juv.,, I. G- A. Store; C. L., prov. poor ., Ideal Amer. Plant, jaund. det. hosp. la. Emerg. Keller Adm., poor relief Iowa Tea. Co., pror. hosp Ideal Sand Gravel, road maint,.. Int.-Harvester Co.. road mairtt. .... ta. Shoe Brkg. Co.. cloth, jail co. hosp I . G. A. Store, prov. poor la. Public Serv. Co.. phones malnt. Jindnch, John J., reg. V. S. Johnscn. Henry L,, weed,Jefferson Bus Lines, trans, poor ,. Jones, -Dr. H. K., dentist, poor .... Johnson-Geer, prov. poor Jindrich, J. C.. fuel poor, road malnt Jamison Sen-. Sta, ( maint Jensen, Walter L., mint Kllpto Loose Leaf., Sup. co. ERA, hosp Kenison, Helen, salary ERA Kemmerer, Wayne, def. pris K. L. M. Process Co. Inc. sup. .. Klnney Shoe Co., cloth, poor , Knight, Dr. R. A., mea. aid poor ., Kmitson, Grocery, prov. poor Kropraan Grocery, prov. poor . . . . A. W. Kn«el SOP, Inc., rend maint F. Kropman Auto Sup. Co. ro«4 malnt Kllpto Loose Leaf Co.. Sup. co... Klipto Loose Leaf Co,, supl. ERA .. Klipto Loose Leaf Co., sup. co Kroprnan Grocery, prov. poor Knutson, John E., prov. poor Kehm, K A., assessor, OAP .... LoHng Farmer Co.. sup. , - - Lscore, A nna. rent poor Lehman A Stock Cft.. cloth, juv. ., Lsntz. Mrs. Alt* L., rent iwor .. Lighttody. Mrs. Mary, rent poor.. D.OO 67.23 6.00 11.20 338.39 13 Jl *.70 2,00 60.69 12.00 14.90 1«.10 60.00 11.73 5.32 113.32 9.47 10.81 100.00 100.00 92.00 1.69 2.50 15.66 5.53 21.00 20.00 10.00 6.00 16.00 45.00 fi.23 714 7.00 7.00 20.00 368,73 34-32 27.25 25-82 39,44 34.83 13.87 10fi.ll 16.00 50.00 30.00 96.14 6-12 47.95 8.96 29.25 26,59 6.00 45.00 72.00 5.39 1«UO 7.30 21.70 10.32 3S.OO 40,00 112.00 9.61 3.57 7.00 S.15 15-00 7.14 7.00 6.93 27-85 12.25 7.14 7.00 1650.75 80.25 21,68 117.69 2499 12.76 3.56 10.61 24.99 5.00 10.71 20.00 10.71 18.21 159,64 69.35 42.00 7.00 36-61 3.55 65.95 3.00 3782.00 79.42 S3 11.18 7.6S 14.08 7.00 38.39 3.47 12.84 1.35 7.00 150.38 7.00 22.70 125.00 7-0 1 66.83 7.00 .50 5.39 7.00 T.OO 7.00 7.00 5.10 7.00 5.00 115.00 fi.3'J 5.00 16.83 169,00 7.6' 100.00 16.00 25..00 33.60 67.65 2826.55 35.25 1.32 23. 15.70 11.61 $.12 10.60 4.40 10.00 23.58 5.51 3.13 19.1 20.00 5.70 1.98 29. 12.5' 14.30 1-02 43.1' 25.23 790.0: 11.4 lO.Ou 100.0' 12.*: 7.00 Luring Farmer Co.. *up. hoop .61 I Deader Grocery, prov. poor 21.60 j Larson, Bertha, auto help ........ R0.00 lacPcak. S. H.. re*. V. 3. ...... 20.75 UcMullen. Myrtle, rent poor 6.00 JcOowan yherldan, sup. co. hosp. 31.01 rtcAulcy Funeral Horn*, trans, puor V.W IcAuley. David, rent poor 7.00 [tfcGowan Sheridan, road maint. 5,83 i, C. Oscar, prov. poor .. 10.47 Murphy. James F.. reg, V. S 5.00 Michaels. A fireman OPO 14.00 Michaels. A. N., fireman OPO .. 14. W) Morriasey. Thomas F.. refund OAP 2.00 M. C. Waterworks, water poor 7.31 u C. Na.t'1. Farm Loan Ass'n R. N. Furleigh, rd. cons 100.00 Moore, Vera, salary RA 83.00 Michaels, A. N., fireman OAP 14.00 Mason Publishing Co., HUP 8.00 Midland Chemical Lab., sup. jail.. 30.00 M. C. Tent Awning Co.. rep. jail 12.S5 M, C. Cl'n Towel Serv., towels ERA 2.50 Merkel Co.. sewing S.82 Marston Motor Parts, road malnt.. 57.49 Mid-Continent Putr. Co., fuel poor .. .51 Mitchell Grocery, prov. poor 9.17 Moore, A. T-, rent poor 14.00 ilorrls, Roy E., prov. poor ..,....'.-. 3.20 ilott, O. J., rent poor 14.00 Mullen, A. H.. prov. poor 5.65 Mullen, J. ft Sons. prov. poor .... K.3S Monroe Cal. M a c h , much, malnt. .. 1S.OO I. C. Cemetery Assn.. burial poor .. 12,00 Mack int. Truc'.t Corp.. road m*int. 118.5(1 M. C, Sport, Goods Co.. sup. ci». hosp, 1.20 Minott, Max., road m n t n ( 3.00 Moo. L. A., ally., rent poor 5.00 Maplethorpe, Dr. C, W., med. care poor 35.00 M. C. Hdv. Co.. *UP. co. tiortp. .. 7.21 A. C. Loan fc Inv., rent poor ..... 45.50 Michael Drug Co.. drugs, poor, co., hosp., jail 3.(,71 agnani. Ella, help Trea* 60.00 Maroney, Ed., prov. poor 6.92 daroney, John, sup. co. hosp 14.69 M. C. Bldy. * Loan, rent poor 12.50 M. C. Globe-Gazette, pub 175.80 *. C. Hdw. Co., road malnt 15.09 Mitchell Grocery, prov. poor ....... 9.17 Marsden Grocery, prov. poor ..--. 10.70 Merkei Co., sew. proj 3^.33 Noble, F. E., Sup. County 13,60 N. W, Fell Tele. Co., maint.. hosp. ERA. Co 213.23 «Jorth Iowa Fair Assn., fair grounds 52.03 yoser, A., prov. poor -5.-13 Jorth, Lnibr. Co.. rep. htg. pit 33."J!o ^egomier, Amelia, rent poor ...... 7.00 "fora Spga. Cream., prov. poor . . . - · 2.53 .*uma Coal Co., fuel poor 7.14 Nettlcton, Dr, Thos. A., dent, poor 3.00 North. Lbr. Co., road malnL ....... 30.14 O'Brien, W. J.. par. sal. ERA ... 65.00 O'Hcarn, Frank C., sal. mlg., ERA- O'Brien. W. J., sa!.. mlg. ERA Jshkosh Motor Truck Inc.. road malnt · O'Donnell, James, rent poor 7.0U Peterson. Winnifred, sal. adv. ERA 15.00 Peering Sales Corp., road malnt... P. G. E. Co., Hghte Peters, A. C.. sal. ERA adlv 25.00 Sales Corp., road maint... 136.17 Price, Dorothy, sal. ERA 62.00 Peters, A. C.. saL, miff., ERA .... 180.00 Peterson. Winnifred, aal. ERA 60.00 Peters 4 Mulkey, Dr., med. care poor 10.00 Preecott, W. 0., prov. poor ....... Putn. J. C. Co.. r*p. ct. hse.... Plymouth Cash Groc.. prov. poor.. 2.14 Porter, Mrs. Orren, rent poor 9.00 -. A. Page Lbr. Ply., fuel poor .... 2S.58 Penney, j. C. Co., cloth, poor ...... 16.88 ?eshak. F. A., prov. poor 6.40 Peterson, Mrs. John, rent poor .... 9.00 PifJEly Wlfigly. prov. poor 10.38 'urJty Bakery, prov. co. hosp 80.52 Parker, Grace, care poor 25.00 Patterson, L. W.. burial poor 139.35 Description Shop, drugs co. hosp. .. 7.54 'rcscriptfon Shop, drugs poor .... 65.72 'enncy. J. C. Co., cloth. Juv 18.44 Pool, Frank, prov. poor 13.04 'merlptlon Shop, drugs jail 7.93 'atton, C- R-, Supervisor ....... 127.50 PlODSky, Freda, rent poor 9.00 'rescott, M p . O.. prov. poor 15.30 L. A. Page Lbr. Ply 28.56 C. C. Palnieter, Referee, Ira Jones, Atty., rent poor 24.50 Patterson, Ethel, aew, proj. .... 4.14 Park Hospital, med. care poor ..... 476.2D Prescription Shop, drugs poor 1-02 Prescott. Mildred, assessor OAP .... 100.CO Qulnn, j. F-, rent poor 14.00 Railway Express, roaQ maint. ,.,.» .76 Ryan, T.. reg. V. S 1.00 Railway Express Agency, express .. 6.41 Robertson, J. M., Sheriff, to Cttero. S3 53 Robertson, J. M.. Sheriff, pris. to inst. 35.50 Sam Raizes Dept. Store, prov. poor rent 72.15 Reuber, Dr., R. N. Dr*.. med 1.30 Rockwell Hospital, care hosp. dr. med 12.50 Riehm, Laura, rent poor S-00 Raw, Mrs. Cora A., rant poor 7.00 Robertson, J, M-. Sheriff, to Chero. 23,15 Rockwell Hospital, hasp, poor 37.35 Royal Lbr. Co., fuel poor ,. 6.49 9am Raizes Dept. Store, cloth, co. . hosp 4(i.01 Reg. Trlb. Co., sup. co. hosp .. 6.80 Rockwell Auto Co.. road maint,.... 7.23 Reubfer. Dr. R. N.. med '.,. 3.00 Hose. Irene, care poor 55.00 Reliable Imp. Co., road maint. .... 40,00 Reliable Imp. Co., fuel poor 37.50 Royal "400" Oil Co.. road malnt. ., 660.00 Robertson, J. M., Sheriff, board pria,, invet 777,70 Root, F. G., Supervisor 178.90 Royal "400" Oil Co., sup. ct. hse., ;, A. M., Postmaster, pstg. 249.57 Sweetser, Irvin J-, sup 1.00 Salaries,-Court House · · 4,769.64 St. Mary's Orphan Home, care juv. 50.00 Salaries, county home .'. ····· 415.00 Smith, Rita, allow, poor 16-00 Shaffer, Frank, rent poor .... 5.00 South Side Grocery, prov. poor .. 13.; Shepard, Frank Co., sup. .-. 10-00 Sinclair Refining Co., fuel poor.... 2.55 Shapiro Grocery, prov. poor 3.4 Schanke, A. M., rent poor · · 6.0° Bondi-ol Co.. prov. co. hosp 12.58 Stand, Oil Co.. fuel poor, sup. co. hosp. rd. maint Stenby, S. M., rent poor Smith, Maude Dexter, rent poor .... Sondrol Co., prov. poor 2U.3; Severson, Glenn, road maint. 1.2; Stsg-Mason City Co., sup. co. hosp. 1Q.SO Snyder. J. B. Cd.. road maint. .. 12.75 Shannon Grocery, prov. poor Shipley, c. P., Sup. Co Skens, Charlotte, help Supt, ....... Smith, airs. B., rent poor Smith, L. C. Type. Co., rent mach. ERA Sodft Grill, jury meals Sterling Goal Co., fuel poor 32.13 SterllnB Grocery, No. i, prov. poor Stewart, Mrs. Leora, care poor Story Hospital, care poor · v; r '-f!«*Ty, *rov. poor taffer, F. -B., phone',, elec., rent, ...... 63.22 South Side Grocery, prov. poor .... 13.88 Sterling Groc.. No. 2, prov. poor.. Sterling Groc., No. 3, prov. poor .. Sterling Groc.. No. 4, prov. poor .. t. Joseph's Mercy Hosp.. med care poor - 881.88 Sweeney, Mrs., rent poor SchJfcks Trans,, freight, sup. Jai'-,- -SO Sondergaard, Harry, Supervisor 1«.3. SIcs-Mason City Co.. road .maint. A: eng. car ..... Tail, Lloyd B. D.. C. Reporter 170.0 Thompson-Dean Co.. prov. det. hosp. 33.1 Timmons. A, E., rent poor ".0 Tatum. Frances, rent poor 9.0 Tatum Hdw. Co.. road maint 31.32 Thomas Machine Co.. road maint... 201.0; Thornton Aiito Co., road maint 8.0! Taylor, A. B'., rent poor 7,00 Tice, -Dr. C. B.. drs. med li-u Trevett, C. A., rent poor 7.0C Thomson, A. J.. sal. ERA. mlge. -. 120.7( Thomas, B. R., assessor, OAP 100-00 U. S. Automobile Truck Guide, supplies · - · Valentine, J. C., fireman OFO .Van Every, Geo., rent poor Woodford-Whteier Lbr. Co.. road malnt Waterloo construct. Co., malnt. .. 79.07 Wallace. C, W.. Reg. V. St. .. Western Union Tel. Co., tele. Widow* Pension Waterloo Const. Co., inalnt. .. Wallace. C. W.. Reg. V. s. .. Motor Cv., ?"£· i-ars Wausau Iron Works, maint. Wilkinson, R. V.. luei pwr Wasner Coal Co., tucl poor Wltwer CJroccry. sup, Co. hysp. · · Wood ford-Wheeler Lor, Co.. fuel poor Woydfvrtl-Wliecler Lbr.. Iuc( pwr .. WlsharJ, Mildred, help and. off. .. Yelland Hanes. library books .. YanKovlch. Sam., rent poor , Youngblood, J. B., rent poor .. Yelland Hanes, sup. ERA. co... Zebker. Harry, rent poor - 5.39 149.45 7.11 51.25 41.25 392.9.! 7.00 6.00 102.92 7.00 Board adjourned to meet March 9. 1938. C. R. PATTON. Chairman. Attest: Arthur Harris, Auditor. REG TLA H JANUARY SESSION March 9. 1936 SEVENTH DAT The Board of Supervisors of Cerro Gordo County, Iowa, met m regular session pursuant to adjournment. There were present Supervisors C. R. Patton, chairman, F. G. Root and Harry Sondergaard. Minutes of last meeting read and approved. Motion was made by Supervisor Bonder- d, seconded by Supervisor Root, thai the application or 1- Springer for the remission of the follow! OK taxes be Krantert and that the said U.\e? are hereby remitted and cancelled: Personal property nssessnd in the year 133^ in 4th Ward. Mason City. Road poll tax a.vessed for year 2932. Dog tax assessed CT th* year i»32. Personal property «nrt roarf poll tax assessed lor the year 1934. nil assessments having been made i" the 4th Ward. Mason City. The foregoing motion carried, all members V O t i n R pyc. Motion was made by Supervisor Rool, aur- ondcd by Supervisor Sondergaard, that the petition of Mr?. W. J. Dodd for the remission of the 1928. 1929, and 1930 taxes assessed against lots 2 and 3, block 27, Swale- \ dale, · Iowa, which taxes were heretofore suspended, be granted and that said taxes are hereby ordered remitted and cancelled, Motion carried, all members voting aye. The Board of Supervisors entered Into ft contract with the St; Joseph's Mercy Hospital. Mason City. Iowa, for the hospltaliza- tions of such indingent persons as the Board may commit to the hospital for the year beginning January 23. 1936. Th» B'oard of Supervisors entered into a contract u-fth the Park Hospital, Mason City, Iowa, for the hospitalizatlon of such indin- gent persona as the Board may commit to the hospital f o r . the year beginning January , . .. . . . Waterloo Const, Co., mftlnt Widows Pensions Webster Lbr. Co.. fue] poor Wood ford-Wheeler Lbr,, fuel poor .. Wright, Dr. C. E., rent poor Western Grocer Co.. sup. county ., Watts, Phoebe, rent poor W h i t e , Wm.. rent poor , . . , Wapner Motor Co.. ERA car Wilkinson, R. V., fuel poor ...... Woodford-Wheeier Lbr. Co.. fuel poor Williams, Robert, burial, rpnt poor Wagner Motor Co., sup. co. hosp. .. 8.50 1,84 465.00 21.14 16.50 101.59 427,92 7.00 7.1 9.00 5,90 9.00 7.0U ·I.Or S.V 10.71 36.10 Motion was msUc by Supervisor Root, seconded by Supervisor Sandercaurd, that pursuant to the provisions of Section 53i6. Code of Iowa, thnt A. C. Peters, Overseer of the Poor, be, and he is hereby instructed to .serve, notice or to cause notice to be served, pursuant to the provisions of Section 5315. Code of Iowa, on the following named persons to depart from Cerro Gordo County, Iowa: Lena Calkins and -family, Plmenlo Marline;; and family. James straw, Joan Bonner and family. The forcgoinc motion carried, all members voting aye. On afiirtavlt or the City Assessor that Ihe assessment made asalnst Ida G. Dull ffir rooming house furniture on roll No. 1195. 4th Ward. Mason City, for the yeaf 193,1 was an error, the Board authorized the can- celJatlon. upon motion made by Supervisor dtrgaard, seconded by Supervisor Root'. Motion carried, all members voting aye. Motion was made by Supervisor Root, seconded by Supervisor Sondergaard, that, as :he Assessor has made an affidavit that the building situated on lot 10 and the east five feet of lot 11. block 9, and the plat opposite lot 10 and the east five feet of lot 11, block 9, Camp Meeting Grounds, clear Lake, Iowa. has been removed from the said property, and further that as the assessor has recommended a reduction In value for the year 1935, the value of tht; said property be reduced from $274.00 assessed value to $150.00 assessed value. Motion carried, all members voting aye. Board of Supervisors adjourned to meet March 16, 1938. C. R. PATTON, Chairman, Attest: Arthur Harris, Auditor. REGULAR JANUARY SESSIOX . March 16, 1936 -. , .; EIGHTH DAT The Board of Supervisors of Cerro Gordo County, Iowa, met in regular session pursuant to adjournment. There were present Supervisors C. R. Patton, Chairman, F. G. Root and Harry Sondergaard. Absent: None. Minutes oC last meeting read and approved. This being the day and hour heretofore set for the consideration of bids submitted for the furnishing of gasoline in whatever amount Its ne^dd may bo for the year beginning April 1, 1936, and ending April 1, J937, the Board proceeded to consider the bids subraittco, and after due consideration a motion was made by Supervisor Root, seconded by Supervisor Sondcrpaard that three separate bids be accepted, and the Chairman of the Board of Supervisors be and he is hereby authorized to enter into contracts, for and. on bu- f of the Board of Supervisors, with The Standard Oil Company for the furnishing of the County's requirements in Supervisor District No. 1, at a price of l.Sc below tank wagon price; with the Fanners Co-operative Gas Oil Co., for the requirements in Supervisor District No, 3, at a price of 2.2c below tank wagon price; and with the Hofer Oil Company for the requirements in Supervisor -District No. 3. at a price of 2.32c below tank wagon price. Motion carried, all members voting aye. On motion of Supervisor s^nclergaard, seconded by Supervisor Root, all bids submitted for the furnishing of the County with its needs for lubricating oil for the year beginning April 1, 1936, wore rejected. Motion carried, an members voting aye. Board authorized the cancellation of the road po' 1 tax assessed against Herbert Fuller, Mt Vernon Township on roll No, S3. 1935, as the roll shows the assessed to be over a p;e and therefore not subject to the tax. Motion was made by Supervisor Sondergaard, seconded by Supervisor Root, that pursuant to the. provisions of Section 3316, Code of Iowa, that A. C, Peters, Overseer of the Poor, be. and he is hereby Instructed to serve notice or to cause notice to be served, pursuant to the provisions of Section 5315 of the Code on tbe following named persons to depart from Ccrro Gordo County, Iowa: Mrs. Vioi a Costella and son; Bastian Mun- Ick and family; Aurelio Sllna; Wm. Butterfield and family; Guadalupe Garcia and family; Vern west. The foregoing motion carried, all members voting aye. Board' approved the application of Dora A nn Soiassa, Oakwood Park, Clear Lake Township. Cerro Gordo County, Iowa, for a Cigarette Permit, and authorized the Issuance of the permit to expire June 30. 1938; the Board also approved the Bond for the sale of cigarettes accompanying the said application. : Resolution. B'e It resolved by the Board of Supervisors' of Cerro Gordo County. Iowa, that to nil .those who shoveled snow for sixteen hours in opening roads during the winter of 19351936. which roads are under the supervision and control of said Board, shall be granted a cancellation of. their 1936 road poll tax, provided, however, that the applicant for such cancellation of said road poll tax shall. on or before July 15, 1936. file with the County Auditor, on forms to be furnished by the County, a sworn affidavit that the work was so performed. Motion was made by Supervisor Sondftr- Kaard, seconded by Supervisor Root, that the forcRoini; resolution as read be adopted. Motion carried, .ill members voting aye. Whereas, the County of Cerro Gordo, State of Iowa, did, pursuant to the provisions if Section 7255-bl. Code of Iowa, bid on certain paresis of real estate offered at the la* sale held in said county on December 2. 1935. and Whereas, as a result of such bids did become the holder of certaio tax safe certificates. Now, Therefore be it resolved by the Board of Supervisors of Cerro Gordo County, Iowa, that none of the abore referred to tax sale certificates shall be assigned to anyone, except to him who shall have a right of assignment under the provisions of Section 6041, Cod* of Iowa. On motion of Supervisor Root, seconded by Supervisor Sondergaard, the foregolnp resolution was adopted this 16th day of March. 1936. All members votinc aye. Board authorized the cancellation of the 1935 road poll tax assessed against H. M. Salisr. Portland Township, because ot physical disability. Board authorized the cancellation nf the 1P31 anij 1P31 heM tax of Frank BrlRC-t. 4 t h Ward. Mason City. Iowa, (or the reason that he is Minfl. BoHnj sdjournM !ft meet April R. 1MH. C. R. PATTON. Chairman. Attest: A r t h u r Harris. Auditor.

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