The Mason City Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa on January 2, 1943 · Page 10
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The Mason City Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa · Page 10

Mason City, Iowa
Issue Date:
Saturday, January 2, 1943
Page 10
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Page 10 article text (OCR)

MASON CITY GLOBE-GAZETTE .. CHAPTER THIRTY-TWO . . DEN1SON WARE spared Paige's having to answer his unconventional talk of love. He pulled her to her feet and they started back to the party: But just as they reached the elevator the girl noticed the skirt of Abby's white dancing dress disappearing into it. The woman saw Paige and thrust back her head long enough to murmur some incoherence about Choppo. Paige said, "I hope he isn't in trouble." . "He will be," laughed Denison, "when Abby gets to him. if ever vengeance \vas written on u face it was on hers. But don't worry, dear. Choppo probably is making more trouble for someone else than he'll ever have for himself." "Go back to your guests, Dcni- son. I'll come soon." The girl stepped into the companion elevator and followed her old friend. When she reached the door of Restwick Carnes' suite she hesitated for two reasons. She know she was unwelcome there. Too, she did not wish to intrude on the scene between Abby and her problem child. He had not heard the woman enter. He still was leaning over the lanai parapet, utterly absorbed. When Abby thundered his name he must have been immediately jolted. But not a muscle stirred and he barely turned. "Hi, pardner," he conceded in that weary, husky voice she had longed to hear for days. Expevlly he pulled back on a strong rubber band. "I've been trying to hit Eugenia," he explained. "She makes me bilious." "Choppo," demanded Abby, "is that an ink. paper wad?" Her cantankerous voice, as she repeated the question, made the child decide that silent evasion was not the better idea. "Well--" he drawled, "yes. But I wouldn't hit Rusty, Abby. Gollv, I wouldn't ruin that white dinner coat." He turned clear around at that moment to wheedle, "Abby, when can I have u white coat?" The gray-haired woman was pushing up the tight sleeves of the Chantilly lace tunic. "We'll talk about a white coat after I've finished tannins your britches." Choppo was not actually intimidated, but any onlooker would have thought so. He began a series of premature yelps indicative of those into which he planned to crescendo. "Don't you touch him!" Those words brought Abby about as if buffeted by a strong wind. Restwick Carnes had pushed past his wife, who still was standing in the doorway waiting for Abby. "Don't you dare punish Choppo!" he said. Abby planted capable hands on her hips in what is known as the washwoman stance. "Then you do it! A fine thing anyway, arguing in front of the child. A new form ot child discipline, no doubt? Very remarkable." "Oh shut ui, Abby! What do you know about child discipline, anyway?" The rustiness of the man's freckles stood out on his flushed face. "What's he done?" A b b y suddenly grinned and walked to the mirror to straighten her hair. Her silence angered Restwick Carnes. He looked at Choppo, .who had sauntered into the bedroom to watch the argumentative pair with a little mischievous gleam lighting his gamin features. Quickly Rusty looked back at Abby. The same mischievous grin was on her pumpkin-plump face. "What's he done?" he asked again in an insistent roar. "Looking at it in the proper light, Rusty, he really hasn't done anything. That's the trouble. His idea was darn good. Maybe if he keeps trying he can work it out." Over chilly blue eyes Husty's auburn brows looked like one continuous line. "What's the big idea? Child discipline again, I suppose. You suddenly decide to okay the very thing you were going to punish him for. I don't understand you, Abby." "I'm not the only person you don't understand." Abby's head was shaking sorrowfully as she rolled down the lace sleeves with far more care than she had shown rolling them up. She joined Paige in the doorway. They moved away. "Paige!" In response to her hus- band's call, the girl turned back. Her gray eyes swept to his, hoping for, she knew not what, but certainly not lor the look of dirty hatred thut she received. "Don't forget Heno, Paige." The girl did not answer. There 'as scarcely a change in her face except a tightening of those muscles running from the eyes to Lhe jawline. Then she was gone, billowing yellow skirts high above angry heels. Abby stepped back and peered at the red haired man. "Rusty," she accused, "you're incredible." Then she, too, was gone. Choppo leaped across the room, knocked open the screen-doors, and gazed down the lengthy hall. "Boy, she's got a real dinger on. That's the way she looks just before she lets me have it with whatever she happens to have in her fist." When he walked back and faced his idol again he clucked like a little old professor. "I don't know when I've seen her madder. Ain't you scared, pal?" Rusty mumbled gruffly, "Try to stop saying 'ain't,' Choppo. And I'm not scared. Why should I be?" He looked into the mirror and straightened his tough red hair with fingertips that shook a bit. Unaccountably he was ashamed. And the shame was getting the better o£ the anger. He did not like it. His eyes dropped a bit and met Choppo's, as piercingly blue and almost as puzzled as his nwn. Choppo had not moved. "What did you mean when you told''Paige ^SATURDAY, JANUARY 2, 1943 SCOTT'S SCRAP BOOK By R.J.SCOTT DAILY CROSSWORD ACROSS 1. Fish 4. Polish river 7. From this time 9. Fold of cloth 12. Adjudge 13. Winged 14. Bird 15. Eminent 16. Like a marsh nlant 18. Cask * 21.1/1000 of an inch 22. Sphere 25. Tests 27, Anxious 29, To clock 30, Bestou- 31, Hold fast 33. Morning reception 34. Female fowl 35. Fetish 37. Old times 38. Mountain nymph 40. Mohammedan nymph ^3. Reptile 47. Pertaining to hearing 48. Summon forth r 49. Booth 50. Canonical hour 61. Meadow 62. Pig pen DOWJ? 1. Chew upon S.Lar.a measures 3. Regains possession 4. Sparkling ' bit 5. Combined metals 6. Tidy 7. Chance S. Female sheep 10. Goddess of mischief 11. Male name 17. Didymium (sym.) 18. Sailing vessel 19. Banishment 20. Street Arab 22. Pointed arch 23. Carouse 24. Race 26. Male adults 28. Become old 32. Large ape 33. Causes to Jerment 36. Exist 38. Eccl. scarf 3D. Piece of turf ·10. Owns 41. Not home 42. Russian river Ycaterdty'ii An«w«r 44. Smalt horse 45. Piece"out 46. Residence (abbr.) CRiTTOQt-OtE--A crjTtogram quotation S M W D W N O C J F B C J W D \V F N K N C J, S M C H K M S M W D W T D W T M H J P D W P G W D O N C J O C R N S -- K. L. O M T U. Yesterday's Cryploquotc: RING. HAPPY BELLS ACROSS THE SNOW; THE YEAR IS GOING; LET HIM GO--TENNY- not to forget Ileno?" Lordly intolerant or the man's hesitation, he pried further. "Isn't tiiat tlie town where someone goes to get rid o£ someone when they want someone else?" The youngster's bitter logic baffled Rusty. He explained, "It's a town where people who have made mistakes go to correct those mistakes." "What for?" demanded Choppo crudely. "So they can make more mistakes?" Again his amazing insight stopped Hestwick Carnes. The little boy crawled into an armchair and hung his feet over the headrest so that he was completely upside down, his head dangling almost to the floor. He was exceedingly careful to keep his ink- stained lingers hidden behind the small oE his back. Even from his drooping nose lie still could see Rusty's reflection in the looking glass. Restwick Carnes looked at his watch. "You'd better get to bed, Choppo. And put on your pajarou top," he added 'less curtly. He knew the little boy liked to leave his chest bare while doing the various exercises (aught him by both Rusty and Jiro, the Japanese. Choppo ignored the admonition of his idol. "You told me Paige had gone to visit Abby." "So she did." "But you let me think she was coming back." His hard blue eyes glared right into those of the roan. Jn fact, tiieir glacial momentary dislike forced Rusty to turn and look directly at the boy instead of BOARD AND ROOM By GENE AHERN IF \Ou SAY HE'S AM ENQLlSH LORD, WHY DO=S HE CALL HIMSELF COLONEL-?-- WHY DOESN'T HH GO BY THE TAG OF LORD RODNEY DRATHQSS? THERE'S HIGH-GEADH ORE IN THAT I THINK HE'S GOING INCOGNITO. BECAUSE OF SCVAE MISCHIEF THAT PUT HIM IN A BIT OF ·DISFAVOR.wrm HIS NOBLE FAWILY/ r--·'PROBABLY THE REASON HE WENT "ID INDIA/ WHAT GAVE'EM THE IDEA I'M AN ENGLISH LORD? I WON'T O3JECT,~wrrn AU-TOESPK ST'S PAYING DIVIDERS, EH, COLONEL.?' MODEST MAIDENS "A few minor alterations, and this -war is as good as icon!" "STRICTLY PRIVATE" Tr»de=»rlfi T.tsa'.i :ri V. S. F»te--;t 05ke WAT'S VI'K 3 ' isr OVER TH ; t COME. V£CM THE. SOKH PA3WG ALL ALOWE. L "BECOME KIUCA A ARMY TWE SiRGE. HERE SJ,YS HE WILL- Ger ME Vft WW SCME NBM COMW P.S.. t HOPE SHE IS A at his mirrored countenance. Choppo asked, almost in a whisper, -'She isn't coming back, is she?" "No. She won't be back." Resl- WR-JC Carnes felt his hands gripping the edge of the dresser. "I like Paige--" "Choppo--" Why did the insulting expression on the face of a lit- Jle street tike have to affect him? The man walked over and sat down beside the youngster's chair. He bent and scratched that rough thatch of red hair. "You can't always tell about a person by his appearance. Oh, Choppo, you're too young to understand." "Just a polite way of calling me dumb, I get it." His firating voice was huskier than usual. "Go on. Take that Tarzan-Dame tomato you're smoofching with and find out who's dumb." Restwick Carnes drew back. His hand stiffened in midair above the youngster's hair. The laugh he managed was a failure. "You mustn't be jealous of Eugenia because she can swim better than you." "Su'imming! Who's talking about swimming? Don't be a drip, Rusty." He gathered a p u f f y breath to Buy War Savings Bonds and continue berating Eugenia. "I'm Stamps from your Globe-Gazette talking about--" carrier boy. But Rusty cut in, "Where is Jiro? He's supposed to stay with you while I'm out." "I dismissed him," the youngster said with princely disdain. His blue eyes were hard as marbles. "He's nothing but a darned old spy!" (To Be Continued) SCORCHY SMITH AVJST BE. BUNNING INTO FOS.-CANT SEE...Kweu. GOT TO GET BACK... TO THE NICE COJ Nfl. K\ O ! MOW SET SET FOB THE LAST OCTH£VUL.TUCES MUGGS AND SKEETER By WALLY BISHOP LETS GO OVER AM' VISIT MY LJMCLE OAKEL.... ....HE'S JUST * GONE INTO BUSINESS!' NOPE, A FISH MARKET! C I'LL, BE BACK * IN A, OKA.V, LETS GO'.'. By LES FORGRAVE n _ 'THAT FELLOW f p l TO FOLLOW. BUSHES LIKE AN IND1ANX I N SIGHT ONE M1UUTE GONE THE NEXT . THERE.' NOW HE'S GONE BMTIRELf.' ME ACTS AS IF HE DOESNT W ANT TO BE ·WENT UNDER THKT CLUMP OP BUSHES AND NEVER DID COME OUT.' ' OAKY DOAKS By R .8. FULLER DEAR ME/ WHY ^~~\ DOKW'T MR.CRtWCH ) DO WHAT I TOLD -~^ HIM TO ?! IM A MIWUTE ITU BEtOO LATE/ FAT1MA TOLD ME HOW TO GET OUT OF THIS MESS/ 8UT I'M 50 D-DIZZY I'VE HOLD THE HOIST/ MAKE REApy TO WAWWJHJEE AS .AND HAP HOV2E HSHESSEf OVESffiE HOT POT CP OIL... HEflKTBEfflS By PAUL ROBINSON MAV5E" YOU\E BEEN ENGAGED TO SO NOT IF SHE HAD A NAME LIKE THAT-. TH5 NAMES FAMILIAR fi'SV SOAPS/- D'DYOU AND AM A GRADE A' SAP." (SUEE/THAT WAS EE HSAE OP SOPHIE HEAED IF U SOMEPLACE- EEMEM- ese THEM ALL.! BRICK BRADFORD BRICK EXPLAINS HIS PLAN TO THE WOMENFOLK OF THE CITY ADVENTURES OF PATSY By WILLIAM R1TT and CLARENCE GRAY t j,--'- - -- , i 'f *1i-. -JvfSSsj/-' WE CAMNofy^P^t = i53a=z_ FWL.HO'w.' rrhOl^ YOU ARE= "TOO , TA you EAT MORE AVI -I SEE--YOU WHAT CAN JUST BE TO f*. BIG FELLOW LIKE AA IT WOULD A WHOLfc Y'i MEAL. TO VOU» DICKIE DARE YOU'RE RISHT, \ AS USUAL.' By COULTON WAUGH r, sue UdN Gltfi/KE ME! rMr sootf SH= GOT £H£'£ (SETflH' A REAL. MAH IMSIEAD OF A PAfA CW77_. ·JiST SIGN MY DIARY, SPORTS M'WU Mff W/KAP HER UP AN' TAKE HER M/A.YI USTi. KID! Dor HERE HAD Tri

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