Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa on April 23, 1934 · Page 4
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Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa · Page 4

Mason City, Iowa
Issue Date:
Monday, April 23, 1934
Page 4
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FOUR MASON CITY GLOBE-GAZETTE APRIL 23 mm 193* CLEANUP-PAINTUP OBSERVANCE STARTS IN MASON CITY JUNIOR CHAMBER SPONSORS EVENT OPENED MONDAY Campaign Being Pushed to All Sectors of Local Community. The annual spring cleanup, paint- up and repair project got under 'way in Mason City Monday morning; despite the handicap of a severe dust storm. Pointing out that the dust storms of the past several weeks will make cleanup efforts more necessary than ever, the committee made up of Bob Stoyles, Dean S. L. Rugland and Murray Goodman of the Junior division of the Chamber of Commerce, which is sponsoring' the project, made plans to push the campaign in all sectors. With a contest among school chi'- dren, a tin can movie at the Strand theater at 4 o'clock Monday afternoon, fire truck parades, distribution of cards and poster, a proclamation by Mayor J. J. Burns and other activities the junior chamber mem- .bers are planning a more thorough observance of the event than has been held in Mason City for some time. Mayor Burns informed the sponsors of the cleanup program that he was very much in favor of the project and that whatever facilities the city had to assist in the observance would be placed at the disposal of the committee. Cleanup observances of this type being planned to start this week are movements of the right kind, according to Mayor Burns. They tend to promote civic pride and stimulate a desire among the residents of the community to keep their premises clean and beautified. It is not the purpose of the members of the junior division to hold the campaign to any one week. Their hope is to start the cleanup effort this week and have it go on indefinitely. There is reason, they point out, why a cleanup campaign has to be confined to one week. Three Year Old Dies of Spinal Meningitis in Isolation Hospital Bonnie Pederson, 3 year old daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Ole Pederson, who reside on a farm north of Clear Lake, died at the Isolation hospital at Mason City about 2:40 o'clock Sunday afternoon from spinal meningitis. She had been ill about nine days and had been at the hospital five days. Two other children in the family showed no symptoms of the disease. The body was taken to Clear Lake. Funeral arrangements had not been made Monday. Spark in Washer Is Cause of Cleaning Establishment Fire A spark in the washer of ffie Marshall ' Swift, Inc., cleaners, 210 Delaware avenue northeast, started a sm.all fire about 9 o'clock Monday morning. Employes of the plant had the fire extinguished when members of the fire department arrived. "AINT IT A GRAND AND GLORIOUS FEELING" By BRIGGS. HCM YOU OIVC Vbul *ito oio o Mice COM" CF PA1HT! -AMB You .sweep OUT Pive OF ReFxre THAT ACCUMUIATCC IU YfcftO -AMD tu ClGAfJ OUT (.OT OF Ot-t RU8 SUM 3c.RB«.Gt THAT 3 r4iMG To QCT AMD You MAK£ THE LIFE OF 10,000,000, ooo.ow, BY CHASING THEM OPF r* TCXI JJCCLDP To CLEWS UP AMD PAINT of THIMG ifou OMIW - **» * GooO KXAMPLE To Ttoutt s-eiene QH-H M-M- Bot.V? «- r e .T lk A G*ftRAxO AMD THE TWO BY FOUR CLEAN UP FIX UP PAINT UP BUILD UP Mrs. D e a c o n Whitesides: "Ouah daughter, Da h 11 a, ·was s e b e n t e e n yeahs old today, so Ah had a frank re- cussion wid huh about de facts ob life." Deacon W h i t esides: "Well, sit down, Maudy, and tell me what yo' done learned." A litle "fixin" and then, is - Making some repairs out y o u r way? We .have the lumber. When you put Red Cedar shingles up there on your roof--they're hired for life. You've a real roof then! "Why did y o u quit teaching school Even in spring -- don't let your property look seedy. "I found - there was more money in showing figures to big boys." Tell your (build- Ing) troubles to your lumberman. He loves to hear them --and to help. L. A. PAGE LUMBER CO. "Oh, mama!" exclaimed a four year old from the city who had been visiting for the first time in the country., "I saw a cow!" "How do y o u know it wasn't a . horse, Mary?" "Because I saw its faucets." You can't get around it, Nu-Wood is the kind of insulation n o t h i n g can . g e t around. keeps heat in its place -- inside in the winter and outside in the summer. THe women are surely outstripping the men these days. O NE-DAY Painting at last it's a reality! When your rooms are painted with Wallhide, the new Vitolized Oil Paint, you can hang curtains and pictures the same day! Wallhide also saves you money. One coat is all that is usually required o v e r old paint. But even two coats can be put on Phone 874 15 2nd St. S. W. WdllhidG One-day painting saves you days of mass and disorder and still your rooms can be settled the same day! Come in today. See the 15 petal-hue Wallhide colors in. the modern satin finish for walls; in the new semi- gloss finish for woodwork, bathrooms and kitchens. Don't fail to come in for the FREE Wall- hide Color Card. Get yours now. FLAT WALL PAINT, gallon $2.50 OUTSIDE PAINT, gallon 82.35 AUTO GLASS WINDOW GLASS HUGH DAVEY SON THE CLEAN-UP, PAINT-UP AND FIX-UP CAMPAIGN IS SPONSORED BY THE JUNIOR CHASIBER OF COMMERCE BLUE EAGLE TO APPEAR IN NEW ROLE ON MAY 1 S i n g l e Word, "Code" to Take Place of "We Do Our Part." Individualized to distinguish em ployers operating under approved codes, NRA's blue eagle will appear fay 1 with a new significance, ac- ordingr to information received by ie local NRA compliance board. Starting that date the eagle, its amiliar legend, "We Do Our Part" will be replaced by the single word code" and will identify the employer who did his part and who now, nder an approved code, is co-oper- ting with, ottiers tails trade or-in- 7"~"t8rSc6Hplet6~the work^bf ecovery." Beneath the word "code" will appear the name of the trade or industry to which the employer belongs and his individual registration number. Mailed to Employer. Its display by you," declares-! National Recovery Administrator Hugh S. Johnson in a letter being mailed to every employer in the county, "will inform the public that you are co-operating with the vast majority in stamping out unfair practices and methods of competition, and in giving your employes a square deal by paying code wages." "Last year," the administrator's letter continued, "you were asked to display the blue eagle as evidence of your promise to do your part and as a symbol of your faith in the ability of American trade and industry to defeat depression by united effort. .This year you are asked to display this distinctive blue eagle as a symbol that you, together with other members of your particular trade or industry, have united to complete the work of recovery." To Extend Agreement. For that relatively small percentage of employers not yet under codes, an executive order, also announced, will permit their continued use of the standard eagle as a sign of acceptance of the president's offer to extend his re-employment agreement with them until their codes have been approved. Accompanying the administration's letter to employers is a simple application card, addressed for return to state NRA compliance directors and an instruction sheet outlining the procedure to obtain the individual eagle. Ample quantities of the insignia are being printed and will be in the hands of state directors in a few days for distribution as soon after May 1, as applications for them can be cleared, to employers in the so- called service groups including the general retail and retail food and grocery trades and the cleaning and dyeing, restaurant, construction and trucking, industries. Eagles for other industries and trades will be distributed by the NRA Insignia section to which state directors will forward employers' applications. Denial Possible. Display of the eagle will certify to the employers' strict compliance with his code and under regulations issued by the administrator "any person may be publicly deprived of the right to display any blue eagle if he violates any provisions or the spirit and intent of any code, presidential agreement, or regulation, duly prescribed or approved." The instructions for employers applying for the eagle emphasize that "it will not be issued to anyone who Is violating a code or agreement" and that "the right to continue to display it depends on continued compliance." Mrs. Lucy Pedelty Rites Held; Burial at Memorial Park Funeral services for Mrs. Lucy E Pedelty, 71, who died at Clear Lake Friday, were held at the Patterson funeral home Monday afternoon. D E. Avise, reader in the Christian Science church, was in charge of the services. Burial was in Memorial Park cemetery. Mrs. E. S. Selby was the soloist and Mrs. Sherman Yeliand accompanied her at the organ. Pallbearers were Leo Halpap, Sarfield Breese, Ed Norquist, New- ion Miler, Emery Ludwig and Herbert Hirsch. Will Rebuild Church. EMMETSBURG, April 23.--Plans o rebuild the Lost Island Lutheran hurch, destroyed by fire several 'eeks ago, are under way, with the ew structure to cost around 57,000, members of the congregation stated. was": the letter 'Trotters,'" Secfe- ary Perkins says, that gave the resident the idea of NRA. A hand, hen, to old Pro Bono Publico.--St. Louis Post-Dispatch, Pimples Relieved Skin made clearer, smoother, finer, the easy Resinol way. For free sample of Ointment and Soap write to Rejinol, Dcpt. 75, Bllto.,Md. Hard Wood Floors New Floors Laid and Sanded -- Old Floors Made Like New. If you want the BEST in workmanship, call Degen's Hard Wood Floor Service For free estimates and sen-ice dates ... in or out of town. 116 South Monroe Phone 1673 H. R. Howard Called to Washington for Meeting of Council H. R. Howard, inspector in the mechanical department of the Chicago, Milwaukee, St. Paul and Pacific railroad, who is running for state representative on the democratic ticket, is in Washington, D. C., where he was called for a meeting of the National Advisory council of the railroad employes and -tax payers association. The meeting of the council was scheduled to start Monday at Washington, D. C. Minnesota has 10,000 lakes--they *eep us cool. Minnesota has 10,000 :ax-levying boards--they keep us hot all the year round.--Fairfax Standard. AWNINGS Did the Trick! ESTIMATES GLADLY GIVEN MASON CITY CANVAS COMPANY Wonderful Curtain and Blanket Washing Service at Ideal American Marquisettes, grenadines, tuscan and fancy knits, theatrical gauze curtains . . . send yours to the Ideal American Laundry for perfect laundering service. All spots, dirt and dust are removed and your curtains, will be returned clean, fresh as spring, and beautiful, like the day you first hung them up. Blankets Washed Gently The Ideal American washes each Blanket so carefully . . . in water softer than rain. And the finishing process here makes Blankets soft and fleecy . - . just like when they were new. We guarantee not to shrink them, too ... not even a fraction of an inch. IT'S PHONE 33 IDEAL AMERICAN LAUNDRY "PERFECT LAUNDRY SERVICE" ALL DOOMED IN MINE EXPLOSION No Hope for 86 Trapped; 60 Bodies Found; 15 Men Rescued. SARAJEVO, Yugoslavia, April 23. (/P)--Rescue workers abandoned all hope today of finding any survivors in the depths of the blast wrecked Kakanj coal mines. Officials included in a death estimate of 146 the 86 men still unaccounted for. Sixty bodies had been recovered. Fifteen miners escaped or were rescued. It had been hoped some of the entombed men might be found in distant galleries, but when the bodies recovered last night were found to be charred and mutilated, rescue squads conceded the other miners trapped likewise died almost instantly. Gas Adds Hazard. Even the hope of recovering the remaining bodies faded as water welled up in the pit. Gas which overcame a number of diggers added to the hazards of rescue work. Many of those who had sought to reach the victims turned their efforts to building caskets. The droning of saws and the din of falling SAVE FROM 20 to 55% ON Your Next Winter's Fuel Supply ASK US HOW Consolidated Coal Co. Phone 1176 hammers sounded amid the cries of grieving relatives crowding around the mine entrance. Blamed on Gas. At Belgrade, an official invest!-^ gating commission laid the explosion to "unusual quantities of methane gas." So terrific was the explosion Sst- urday that peasants thought it was an earthquake. "There was a thunderous roar," one peasant, ploughing nearby at the time, related. "The earth heaved. I thought it was an earthquake. Then great ' sheets of flame and dense clouds of smoke poured out of the pit." A Boston man was a month learning to put 126 threads through the eye of a needle. He can now put 126 threads through the eye of a needle.--Detroit News. Fisher Body Strike Reported Complete CLEVELAND, April 23. OB-With all entrances to the Fisher body company plant here blocked by hundreds of pickets waving: banners, union officials said today they had succeeded in bringing- about a complete cessation of the activities of the plant. Zino pads Relieve pain in ONE minute; pre- Kvent oboe pressure; soothe, heal B,U N LOJV S Garden Flowers Rose Bushes These bushes produce 5 to 20 blooms and are just like those grown in a greenhouse. Any color. $2.00 A DOZEN Climbing Roses, choice - 49c Perennial Plants, 18 varieties, each .,,_ _..- 19c Grass Seed, Ib 35c Cactus Plants, for rock gardens - 15c up Vaughn's and Ferry's Garden Seeds 5-10c pkg. JOHNSTON'S FLOWERS I9c PHONE 333 10 FIRST ST. N. W. The Big Spring Clean-Up Drive Is On! Take off your coat . . . roll up your sleeves . . get up on a ladder or down on your knees and CLEAN-UP PAINT-UP FIX-UP Your Home, Lawn and Garden HERE ARE THE SUPPLIES YOU'LL NEED, PRICED RIGHT Flowers and Shrubs We have a complete stock of Roses, Shrubs and Perennials . . . hardy roses in several varieties that will bloom this year --fresh, growing stock. ROSES, 3 for Perennials, 20c each; 3 for 50 LEONARD'S BULK GARDEN SEEDS SAVE YOU HALF! Spading Fork 51.25 Steel Bow Rake ?1.00 Steel Hoes 59c to $1.15 Malleable Garden Eake ...69c 3 Prong Garden Cultivator o9c Steel Lawn Broom $1 Good Lawn Rake 7oc HOUSECLEANING HELPS 25c 30c 50c I'A, IDs. DIC-A-DOO GABDEN crri CLEANEK, qt. . T. C. CLEANEK, qt WYANDOTTE /? A ., DEXEKGENT, 5 Ib. bag OU L Climax WALL PAPER CLEANEK, 3 for S P E C I A L --Regular wedge shape Rubon Mop with can o£ JJ1 OQ polish sp Jl. J .7 Best-Ever BIOP, good size 69c WALL BRUSH, long no handle and soft bristle's «7OC METAL GLASS, |"A pkg DUC DRANO Z«)C STEEL KITCHEN STOOL Nicely enameled with dj 1 O C back and rubber f e e t « p A « « 3 SHOPPING BASKETS, new and snappy, bright colors 29c 59c 69c SCREENS REPAIRED We Call for and Deliver Shine Up the Car Sponges 40c to SI Chamois 50c to $2.35 Lowe Bros. Lacquer Polish . 35c, 55c and 95c Lowe Bros. Auto Top Dressing 40c and "O'J PAINT You'll find everything you need in the paint line in our complete paint department . . · and you're sure to have satisfactory results when you use LOWE BKOS. PAINTS! Free advice and help on your paint problems. VIGORO The Real Plant Food 4c per pound in 100 Ib. bags 53 Ibs ,.,.52.50 25 Ibs ?1.30 10 Ibs Sac 5 Ibs 50e 12 oz lOc Clean-Up-Paint-Up Week APRIL 23-28 HAVE BRIGHT NEW FLOORS THIS SPRING OUR ELECTRIC SANDER ELECTRIC FLOOR POLISHER Easy to Operate and Reasonable in Cost! CURRIE-VAN NESS CO. PHONE 17 FOR PROMPT DELIVERY

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