The Mason City Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa on April 23, 1934 · Page 3
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The Mason City Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa · Page 3

Mason City, Iowa
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Monday, April 23, 1934
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MASON CITY GLOBE-GAZETTE THU'^K MASON CITY GLOBE-GAZETTE A LEE SYNDICATE NEtt'Sl'AI'liK Issued Ever;- Wed! Day by Uu MASON CITY GLOBE-GAZBXTE COMPANY 21-123 Knst State Street Tcleuimne No. 3801) Publisher JLEK P. J L O O M 1 S W. EARL HALL ENOCH A. NOREM LLOxD L. GEER Managing Editor . - - City Editor Advertising Manager MEMBER OF THE ASSOCIATED PRESS--The Associated Press is exclusively entitled to the use for publication of all news dispatches credited to it or not otherwise credited in this paper, and also all local news published herein. SUBSCRIPTION KATES Mason city and Clear Lake. Mason City and - £ JX S SSSS :::·: I 7 :TM Per j-ear by mall . *4.0I) 5 by mail -- -- r year ...... 56.01) By moil 1 month , ULE ZONE S!.t months. .- .?3.00 Three . 52.00 . 51.25 . S -5U We have suffered lightly, if we have suffered what wo should weep for.--SENECA WHERE WOULD IT END? T HAT bill offered by an Ohio congressman to have the government take over the assets of banks in the federal reserve system and reimburse depositors in full for their deposits has an attractive sound on first reading. That's true of many another proposal made to solve what has come to be regarded as an insoluble problem, taxation notably. It isn't until one dips into the subject that one discovers some of the practical difficulties. Why, for example, in the case of the McLeod bill, should depositors of banks in the federal reserve system get their money while depositors in state and private banks are left out in the cold? There was presumably a govern mental regulation of all banking. Generally speaking, of course, institutions allied with the federal reserve system were the larger banks Me. McLeod is from Cleveland, where two large banks in the federal reserve system--the Guardian Trust anc the Union Trust--were ruthlessly wrecked by thi Van Sweringen operations on borrowed money in thi buying of railroads, the construction of unneeded busi ness buildings and numerous other enterprises. It wa a lien man's game and to a considerable extent a rich man's loss. For the second time Saturday, the measure, i amended form, was reported favorable by the hous committee on banking. A veto most likely awaits it ir the event of passage, Why should the government's Santa Claus role end with banks? Why shouldn't bond holders of enterprises in default have replacements from the government? If the United States is to shoulder the burden of refunding to all who have suffered through the financial losses of speculators, all should be treated on a common ground. The largess of the United States should not be limited to the depositors in banks that were members of the federal reserve system. The government outlay for making restitutions for the banks would run, it is estimated, to at least $2,500,000,000 and perhaps into larger figures. Refunds to losers in other forms of investments would carry the figure much higher. Government printing presses and fiat money wouid be necessary to meet the de. .mands. . ^.:,. ^.^^.·^·.. M -^. v ^ k ^^^^-^;-\-.~^.-.- f '^^-: President Roosevelt' is ·tapng a firm stand the McLeod bill. He is declaring the RFC loans to banks are as far as the government can venture in the aid of releases to depositors. He is asking the RFC be more liberal in the future than it has in the past in the credit it extends to banking institutions and that it make loans wherever there is a fair prospect that the collateral offered will when liquidated meet the government indebtedness. The nation will stand behind President Roosevelt in his decision. Relief to large depositors which would Pertinent or Impertinent It was probably that word "revolution" in D. A. R .hat led Comrade Troyanovsky to think he would be welcome at the Washington reception of that organization recently attended by soviet Russia's ambassador. jT-y Rex Tugwell has been signed for the Iowa state .air next summer. Better put it on a tentative basis, le may be just another Holey by that time. Dillinger's father left $10 with the sheriff for John .0 use as spending money. A part of it apparently was used to buy him a pocket knife. If Doctor Wirt was such a notorious bore, isn't it; strange that the brain-trusters gave that party fof him? OTHER VIEWPOINTS V BOOST FOR SENATOR MURPHY Webster City Freeman-Journal: Senator Louis Murphy has made many friends and won prestige since he entered the upper house of congress to represent Iowa. He is a man of ability and courage ant usually votes right. CODE FOR FAN DANCERS Wesley News-World: Now a code is to be adopted by the buresque shows and we presume that one provision will be that the fan dancers will,not be permitted to fold up while on the stage. WHAT IT WOULD MEAN IN IO«A Decorah Journal: $100,000,000 Iowa bank assets ·ould be released if the bill in congress to pay depositors in closed banks were enacted into law. ihis does not appear likely at present. A NATION ,OF HOME LOVERS Nora Springs Advertiser: What the ambitious American home owner most desires is a condition that will enable him not only to own a home but to pay for it by honest, profitable work. ,,__,, DEBUNKING THE STAMP HOBBY Cedar Falls Record: It's hard to understand how any fad could flourish under a name like 'P^atelJ- And as a matter of fact, it doesn't. In private they re u ,v*».»» -- HIS CHIEF JOB SO FAR Forest City Republican: But the outcome to date has teen that Mr. Brookhart has been very much n tht news limelights while the foreign markets are yet 'FARM HOPE LIES IN CO-OPERATION Sheffield Press: The co-operative movement is the farmer's insurance for the future. It ? es ?TM e * *? ek *"£ port of every citizen interested in bringing and keep- ing E °THE "DEMOCRATIC PRIMARY FIGHT Lake Mills Graphic: It's a smart move, we would prcmtr for certainly the future good of the democratic party in Iowa does not rest with the present administration. -rmi- ivrt?K' M\NY HANDS MEAN SLOW WOHH. Nashua Reporter: One good Active person can do ,re work than two or three committees H you don t believe it just ask the chairman of almost any local organization. FREE-FOR-ALL Estherville News: Candidates for governor are_getting thicker than flies. It's beginning to_ ook asChough each county will have a candidate, if the season lasts long £j£||gj UNDERSTANDING OF IOWA West Union Argo-Gazette: Doubtless he would be amazed to learn that a Saturday afternoon closing of theTostoffice in a country town causes any mcon- venience^ DEPRESSION TALK KEEP OUR POWDER Webster City It is be the major function of the McLeod bill would be but encouraged ^ Iowa democrats are scared, it ought to a raid for'the benefit of wealth upon the national - . . . . . .---.. ..,. ... «... TMnr treasury. THE PACK STILL PURSUES A LTHO JGH beaten at every turn in the court and possessed of the utter contempt of all close enough to the situation to know the facts, the democratic administration .at Des Moines is continuing its persecution of E. W. Clark, commissioner of insurance. On the pretext of preparing for a rehearing'of the, case before the supreme court--which probably will be held merely as a matter of obstructing the commissioner in his work and inconveniencing him personally --the statehouse crowd persists in refusing to issue salary Mr. Clark. Thirty days were allowed in which to file this petition. By the end of this time, members of the supreme court will be on their summer vacation. It is doubtful if there will be any full bench hearings before next September. The Clark rehearing can scarcely be held before next November. In short, the strategy is to hold up on the Clark pay as long- as possible. There is still the hope that the commissioner can be starved into submission, a piece of strategy loathsome in the case of a private employer and even more so in a state administration. Indications mount that Commissioner Clark will DAILY SCRAP BOOK ARMY OFFICER* WHO HOLD A RANK EQUAL "To ·THA"ToF A COLON EL IK ofriER WEAK CROWNS MADE FROM, LION'S MANES oi=-THE STONES 1ft A' oF 1HE 1EMPJ-E of- H . ANOENr SVRIA, ARE-THE LARGEST" EVER HANDLED BV MAN- MANY OF-THE BLOCKS ARE AS AS PULLMAN SLEEPING-CARS A--'' DIET and HEALTH Dr. denuding cannot dlacnosc or give personal answers to letters from readers. When questions arc of general Interest. however, they will bo taken up. In order, In tho dally c° lum °- AddrL you? queries to lr. J,o E nn clendenlne. care of The Ulobc-Uazette. Write legibly and not more than 200 vords. ,11. 1). By LOGAN CXENDKNINO. EARLIER DAYS OBSERVING came upon this little panel feature containing an abundance of information for jotorists with regard to gasoline ax and other facts about driving- the various states and it occurred me that many readers of this cpartment might wish to clip it or their billfolds or the catch-all ocket in their automobiles: ^ «CUlAnONJ rv* I-IEA3UM ~«Hl 47 45 ga · TMt STATE GAS TAX Uclnc .. "ally Conwltallon of I n t p r Twenty ami Thirty Vrnrs ABO" Hern, f or tlio Olo but "PRINTING PRESS" MONEY ,,,,,,,,, Advance: How lovely it would be if private debts could always be paid with "f e s bearing no interest Well governments are in no different cas. FOR INCOME TAX PUBLICITY Rlnsstea Dis'patflh: Dickinson was in favor of i and Murphy was against it and we believe Dickinson was rio-ht Income tax returns should be public. DEMOCRATS ARE SCARED Sioux City Journal: If Iowa republicans are as ouraged as Iowa democrats are scared, it ougr- 1 - f " be possible to have 'some "hoss races" this year. TRIO OF DISAPPOINTMENTS Davenport Democrat: Repeal has brought three disappointments. Neither the liquor nor the price is what it used to be. and the bootlegger remains. THE METHOD USED AGAINST WIRT Northwood Anchor: Ridiculing and belittling accusations and testimony is usually a^ clever way of turning attention away from the main point. WIRT SHOULD HAVE SEEN BROOKHART Allison Tribune: He should have had an interview with Smith William Brookhart, the 56,000 a year commissioner to promote trade with Russia. DEMOCRATS HAVE SMELLED BLOOD Iowa Falls Citizen: For the first time in many years there will be contests at the democratic primary in Iowa next June for the state offices. WHY THERE'S NO PEACE PRIZE Manly Signal: There will be no Nobel peace prize for 1933. Reason: In many parts of the world war is closer than at any time since 1913. SHORT A STORMY PETREL Eikader Register: Mr. Short is a stormy petrel, a disturber. He is of the reformer type, not always wrong, but rather impractical. THE GROSS INCOME TAX GOAL Garner i eader: The exponents of the gross income system claim that onehalf of 1 per cent will virtually wipe out all property tax. THE POISON GAS PERIL Emmctsburg Reporter: Quantities of carbon monoxide are present in three out of five motor vehicles now moving on highways. IOWA NUDIST CULT LAGS Osage Press: Seventeen states now have nudist Dr. Clendeninsr KNOWLEDGE OF FOOD VALUES THAT ARE we going to have for lunch?" , / You hold up the menu card and begin to read Soup? Grapefruit? Codfish? Oxjoints? Vegetable plate? Spinach? Cauliflower? Omelette? Salad: With French dressing? Ice cream? Apple pie? Milk Meanwhile bread and butter and water have been put on your table. And sugar and salt and pepper are already here. How do you visualize these things? Arc they just so many items of food? Or do you, as I usually do, analyze them in my mind's eye and break them up into so many different chemicals? I follow their fate in the body. I gauge how many calories they have, how many miles or hours I can go on them. They are very important to you, as you must realize. They are your only source of energy, except the oxygen you breathe. They arc important both from the standpoint of youd power, but also for your health, and your pocketbook. borne which may look cheap on the bill of fare arc really very expensive--expensive because they give you so little of that energy you should have in comparison to what you pay for. Perhaps my way is not really the best or sanest. It might even be distasteful to most of you to do a mental chemical analysis of what you are going to eat. But my training has almost compelled me to it whether I will or no. I know perfectly well--in fact, I have long advocated that the most normal and healthy meals are those dictated by appetite and taste. {Instinct, shall .we say? Although it is an unfashionable word just now.) Certainly there are plenty of people who never heard of calories or vitamins or UOOKING THROUGH AN EGG. ^/ntV ° whT'go" -- -- MINEGM-S I 0 / ,-^ i r-mi^cuftLj,, i ia .. ._, n ijt eatm^ (IKON, CALCIUM LU'U U 6" '"·" ^"-""d PHOSPHORUS, as they c h o o s e , "*.'., w i t h o u t having , more t h a n t h e i r ""share of illness and living to ripe old age. Of course, habit had much to do with what they selected to eat--the experience of the race set certain things before them. And it was this 50 UAXtMUV I.C6AL JPCSD OW TMt OPM WOAC. +CRCATCH SPtCD.rS^PRlUA fACIC tVlOCKCC OF CAHCLES3 DRIVING WITH 8USDCH V TO THE COMTRAAr JN THC DfllVCn.- *aAUE A3 ABWt EXCgPT -BUROCM Of F OW TMt PROSECUTION." I I THE UN1YERSAL SPEED LAW " CAREFUL DRIVING AT ALL Til RC.i I A3 UWC IH THAT STATE A3 TOUfl OWN 3TATE AU-O* UOTOfHZTS rBOM THERE TO U3C TMUR PLATE IM CALlr. VOO MO?T RtCISTEB wmw 5 DAT I D A H O - a DAYS: OIIE.-7 DAT3: U A 3 3 . - T O O MOST ru«NI3M PUBLIC LIABILITT IHiUflANCI WITHIN 30 DAYS. Ten Years Ago-The crop reports from the various townships in the country give no reason for discouragement, on the other hand look encouraging. In preparation for the Sunday revival services, Dr. Parsons of the Baptist church preached the first of a series of several sermons which have for then- central theme a revival of interest in church work 0 G Earrie of the Milwaukee railroad departed this morning for Los Angeles, Cal., where he will remain for some time in the interests of his business. Mrs Barrie accompanied her husband as far as Omaha, where she will make an extended visit with her sister. . , The recruiting station, which has been under the direction of Sergeant Kearney and Corporal Nye, will be closed the last of the week, the officers going to Fort Dodge for two months. Twenty Years Ago-WASHINGTON--Orders have been_s(;nt._to._aeai Admiral Fletcher to seize the customs house at Vera Cruz to prevent a large shipment of arms for Huerta about to be landed, from being transported into Mexico City. TRINIDAD, Colo.--Thirteen were known to be dead, and a number wounded, when day dawned on the Ludlow battlefield, where yesterday a hundred Colorado militiamen and sheriff's deputies fought a sanguinary engagement with strikers' from the coal districts. Ployd Carnes of Austin, Minn., returned to Ins home Monday spending two days in the city visiting friends and transacting business. E. H. McCoy, Waterloo, visited in the city yesterday. A. O. Lund, Lake Mills, was a visitor in the city Sunday. · Ten Years Ago--Claude Newman and his sister, Miss Hazel, spent the week-end visiting friends in Minneapolis. Fred H. Schwesr, 40 Fourth street southeast, left today for Ionia on a business trip. Miss Annette Kropman has returned to Minneapolis, where she is attending- the University of Minnesota, after spending the Easter holidays with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Frank Kropraan. Harry McKay of Minneapolis is in the city today visiting friends. Mason City students took most of the honors in the typewriting contest held Saturday afternoon. Glenn C. Hayncs, republican candidate for gov- j ernor. is the youngest of all the candidates, being | only 4S years old. : SIGHAL'YOUP. TUWC I BY FREDERIC-J. HASKIN,DIRECiOR GLOBE - G A Z E T T E INFORMATION DUREWJ IM WA'jHINu * ALL STATES j.-uom. -KM. OCLA. · lU'iC-WAH* WIS. · WTO. j YOU ^ST OW YOUrt LICHT3 WWI MEETING OTHEB CA«3 N ALA. · AW. - CAL · HA- U. · Cf, , SOLICITIMO RTOC3 rnOU TRAVELED POAP3IOC CO.**. KL..B.C.. M5.-M Mlt*t'NJ. · O R E - T A . . UIAH^A.. IN CAU · DO- 'WD. « HH. · K.J. · H.I. fA- LHC1AL BESPON ·MOt'MlSS. THIS DATA REFER: TO PLEASURE CAXS OH A«l IS CORRECTED TO iOTa UAWCH.ISJA, THROVCM THt COUPTCtVJi COOPERATION OF Of TMt SC^tflM. 3'ATEi. ; rather believe that the inadvisability of letting an outsider come into this community to promote and profit from a stage production has been brought: home. The arguments against the practice are numerous but most prominent among them are these: 1. The play is usually one which has been worn threadbare. ·2. The director, almost always young and inexperienced, has many superiors right here at home. 3. There is no reason for shariuji;- witii an outsider the profits derived almost entirely through the cfforta and prestige of a local organization. In the most recent example of what is contended here, the local players did an admirable job with the material at hand and there ia no thought of criticizing the sponsoring: organizations. The whole point is that the same effort ami talent could have been directed t" a better entertainment and a larger profit it there had been a home selection of play and home direction. -- o -noticed your suggestion." writes T. A., "that the cardinal replace the robin as most popular bird in this region. The cardinal is not ordinarily considered a northern bird, being prided by southerners as a bird of the south. I have observed him only a few times and most of my friends have never seen him. 'Cock Robin- should reign but I suggest the chicadee and goldfinch (with us the year around) as well as bluebirds, orioles and song sparrows, as possible rivals for the throne, far before the cardinal. "Let's help our feathered friemln this year by: "1. Providing water for d r i n k i n g and bathing. "2. Protecting them from English sparrows and cats. "3. Providing nesting boxes and shelters. "4. Preventing ruthless k i l l i n g f hawks." never knew until the other day that the skylark, su common in poetry, is m where to be found in the United States. Although a favorite songster in Great Britain, there is :i bar on its importation into this country. The reason is that it is a destroyer of wheat and spring vegetable. The New Zealand government lias had disastrous results from importations ot skylarks. Jn the earlier history of our country. a colony of skylarks was established on Long Island but there is no record of any of the birds at the present time. \Viicre arc answers obtained the questions submitted to your bureau? jr. i'. The staff of researchers visit libraries, various departments of the government, embassies and legations, or use the telephone when answers are not immediataely available. Write your questions plainly and enclose coin or stamp for return postage. Address this newspaper's Information bureau. Frederic J. Haskin, director, Washington, D. C. Is red the only color which aggravates a bull? A. A. As far as is known, bulls have no perception of color. The action of waving a cloth infuriates the bull. Many bulls are extremely vicious and will attack -any moving per- Ilas any writer of detective stories in England surpassed the late Edgar Wallace in popularity? G. M. Dorothy L. Sayers' book, The to J Ho\v lonx have engravers P" 1 ' their signatures on coin ilii-s'.' H. S. The custom dates from rcnioti; antiquity. On the coins of the United States but few appear. Tin- double eagle of 38*18^--- the first to bear the name of the engraver. When was Cumberland Highway built,? M. C. It is fairly well established that, the conception of the Cumberland Highway was due to George Washington. "On March 29, 1SOG, President Jefferson signed a bill appropriating $30,000 for a preliminary survey from Cumberland. The highway was transferred from federal to an independent state controlled highway 1831-1S32. Was President Lincoln's body carried from Washington to Springfield, 111., in the first Pullman car. the Pioneer? N.'S. The Pioneer was used to carry the Lincoln family and other members of the funeral party from Chi- TODAY IN HISTORY A,,8,4D SHELL -Vf. TOTAL WEIGHT - 6O SRAMS CALORIES -°Q CALORIES experience of the race which, when analyzed, taught the physiologists what Notables Born A PHIL This Date--James Buchanan, b. receive his back pay next January from a republican | camps, but Iowa is not in the list. lowans are about new deal at the statehouse. Then light may be turned two garments behind. 6 THE MARK OF THE SMALL TOWN on the motives back of this gang pursuit of an honest Kudd Review: A small to\vn is a place -where you and able official and a frustrated feast on the remains don't no ti c e any difference during the day if you for- of a defunct life insurance company. | get your pocketbook. ) · -^ ^M. IOWA'S SALES TAX j Algona Upper Des Moines: The state administration stepped into something when it lent its support they knew about the science of dietetics. That science of dietetics, at any rate, has come to be an extremely exact one. Our knowledge of the functions and nature of foods has reached appoint where it is off on tangents ,, --. senseless as people guiding their futures by consulting numerologists or astrologers. Dietetics certainly is far more of an exact science than, I gather from recent experiments in our fair land, is economics. unnecessary to engage in shoddy thinking and go m tangents of food faddism which are just as LOOKING TO MAY 1 M AY 1, the traditional day of European socialism and communism for demonstrations, will be of peculiar importance in France this year. Already plans are being laid to hold--and to suppress--extensive demonstrations against the Doumergue government. The left- wingers are seeking to capitalize upon the Doumergue ecoiiomy program, which hits heavily at the many government employes, by means of a general strike of civil servants. Of course the communist organizations of all sorts will join in--and of course the royalists, fascists, and other right wing groups will be out in force to attack the strike demonstrations. Doumergus received welcome support lately by the agreement of the war veterans to accept substantial pension cuts. If the veterans had deserted his program and "gone into the street"'' the first of. May. the continuation of the legime would W in serious danger. But as in the United States, the veterans are a force for conservatism. They are willing to forego some of their pension demands to stand off revolution. It may be touch-and-go on May day, but after the to the measure. IKSULL'S DEMOTION Dubuque Telegraph-Herald: Mary Garden calls Samuel Insull a great destroyer. Reduced from a dreadnaught. OUR FIRST INKLING Swea City Herald: At least we might thank Dr. Wirt for trying to tell us what the brain trust aims to do. QUIT THE REGIMENTATION flust settles the republic ought to remain right-side-up. | perance. Charles City Press: Give the Yeomanry of the nation sufficient "encouragement and prosperity will follow. "?HOOT DILLINGER ON SIGHT!" Forest City Summit: "Shoot him on sight"--should be the motto'of the men who are out after him. PALMER OUT IN FRONT Crcsco Times: Present indications are that King P.. Palmer of Fayette county is out in the lead. DEMOCRATIC GREETING Waukon Republican and Standard: Good morning, have you paid your sales tax today? IOWA'S NEW TAX DKAL Rolfc Arrow: A start of some kind along these lines had to be made. IT ISN'T P A N N I N G OUT Rockford Register: Repeal is not promoting tern- ONCE OVERS ' --By J. J. DON'T PLAY OF YOU CAN'T AFFORD TO LOSE That friend of yours whom you inveigle into little = arnes of cards, even though he demurs, probably cannot afford the losses ivhlch he suffers. Certainly, he should have backbone enough not to be induced to play if losing cramps him financially. But he wants to be a good fellow, to associate with you and other good fellows. ,,_,,,,,, He feels that if he refuses you he may be dropped from your crowd. He always hopes to break even. A fellow who has to be literally forced into games is not a true gambler and usually he is-a very poor one. The others in your crowd may lose one time and win another time, keeping about even with the game. 1791, fifteenth and only bachelor president. * * James Henry Froude, b. 1818, French historian. * " Stephan A. Douglas, b. 3813. Lincoln's opponent for the presidency in 1860. His previous debates with Lincoln had made the latter a national figure and nominee. « s Charles G. Norris, b. 1881, novelist--Salt, Bread, etc. "' " Edwin Markham. b. 1S52. poet--Man With a Hoc, etc. * * Leonor F. Loree, b. 1858, railroad magnate. "- '·'· Joseph Turner, b. 1775. classic English painter."'" Chauncey Depew, b. 1834, capitalist and statesman, j and * - Edmund. Viscount Allenby, b. 1861, who won J e r u - 1 salem and lost his son in the war. I Nine Tailors, sold 100.000 copies in seven weeks, thus eclipsing even the j record of Edgar Wallace. How is the French cabinet chosen ? H. L. It is not chosen by the president as is the cabinet of the United States If the French parliament fails to sustain a premier on a major issue, the cabinet resigns. The president then summons the premier who chooses a new cabinet. Since Jan. 3, 1933, there have been seven French cabinets. What is leonine verse? J. B. A medieval form of hexameter pentameter verse in which preceding the middle of the line rhymed with th-3 final cago to Springfield. The body of the president was conveyed from Washington to Sprinfield in a Baltimore and Ohio baggage car. suitably draped and guarded constantly by soldiers. Of what kind or wood should baseball bats be made? A. H. Usually from second growth white ash. The better grade hats are hand turned on a lathe, while the cheaper ones are machine turned. They are tempered with oil, but nor shellaced. Where is the national headquarters of the Ellis lodge? W. K. Elks National Memorial building. Chicago. ]5G't---The immortal whose name nobody knows was born. He is called variously William Shakespeare. Shakspere, Shaxper, Shakespear, Shakespere, etc. (In his marriage bond with Anne Hathaway, it is written Shagspere!) He died on his fifty-second birthday, and the same day the world lost another of its greatest writers, Miguel Cervantes, whose Don Quixote ranks with any Shakespeare's creations. Neither was regarded as a great man by his contemporaries. IG9G--Capt. William Kidd. Scotch minister's son, sailed from Plymouth. England, in the galley Adven- ancient to the modern form of verse and may be traced to the Roman poets, examples of leonine verse appearing in the Epistles of Ovid. What Is forged steel? 3. A. W. Steel that has been hammered and has greater strength than 'cast! steel. Cast steel is steel that has been poured into a mold and cooled. Was this year's celebration of the Mardi Oras in New Orleans a par- ture with a commission to prey on French vessels and combat pirates of all nations. Three years later he j ticularly colorful one? S. C. was to return in irons, charged with piracy .himself it is" said that this year is th and fated to be hanged. 1898- first year in many that the celebra- ... , ,, , , ,., r tion has lived up to its glamorous -President William McKmley called for Uo,-1 pagt Tnroughout tlle winter, the 000 volunteers, to fight Spain. « · 190S--Greatest automobile race in the history was on --from New York westward to Paris. There were three French, one Italian, one German and one Atncr- I New Orleans social season ascends to its climax which is reached in Mardi Gras with the tolling of the chimes in the 150 year old St. Louis lean cars at the start. Tliree finished at Paris in July, j cathedral at midnight. Tbc German entry got there first: but the American j Is Governors island a detention There arc many fellows who are not poor players j car won the race on points. because they lack "card sense." but who lose because they invariably have poor luck. : They would like to keep out of the games, but j they continue to play and make contributions to the j crowd. i They cannot afford the losses and should not be j urged to play. One Minuli- Pulpit -The Lord lifteth up the meek: He castcth the wicked down to the ground. -- Psalm 117:6. barracks or training post? N. 1). It is the headquarters of the Second Corps area oC the army. It is a i regular army post and has both I training facilities and disciplinary ! barracks. The Atlantic branch of j the disciplinary barracks is located j on Governors island. AUNT HET Bv Robert Quillcn "J k n e w it wouldn't, last. When they court in private, they never know w h e t i i e r they're goin' t" be ".shamed o" one another in public."

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