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The Evening Post from New York, New York · Page 2

New York, New York
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Wednesday, May 13, 1818
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.V 1 WEONESDAT, MAY 13 - - Taw day laiett from Literptol.Kj the arrival this forenoon of the packet ship' Amity, w bay received My ' Liverpool Mercantile Ad - vert'ner, of Mrch 30th. . The Courier, Gowoe, from thii port, arrived at Liverpool the dy be - fare the Amity tailed, the let of A.nL American fund at London, March 28. - 3 per cent 7! i old and new 6 per cent, none ; ne m loan 6 per cent, 104 to 104 11 7 percentt, 110 1 - 2 to lit, with dirideod from 1st January; Louisiana stock, and U. 8. bank share, oolhiur done. . .Average price of grain for the weekending: tW March, 84i. 2d. - laMyer' Weekly Price Cerreot, of March 30, Hi elated, the demand for cot ton it tteady, Without variation In price. The tale by private are about 5000 beg ; bowed 19 M to 19 3 - 4 j and good fair to good, SO to SO I f New Orleant K 1 2 to 13d ; Sea Ilnod St lOd to 3 Id. . American flaxseed 3 10 G rain generally it in better demand, and latt week't price! . are hilly tupported : considerable parcelt of American twei t fl"ur have been taken on pevu lation at a trifle ander our quotationi, and 3000 barrelt Orleant tour, at )! to 47. Pot and pearl ash - remain in very lioiiied demand flour 2 16a. to 2 17 ; ouri6 to 2 7t. LIVERPOOL, March 30 The American thipt Lirerpool Trader, and the Rathert, have been boarded by No. 3, pilot - boat, which came up this morning. Arrived yesterday, tbe thip Flora, Lynn, N Orleans.' ' Sailed yesterday, the Jus'lna, Tombt, for N ..York;. Lee, Palmer, Baltimore; Spartan, Cof . fin, Savannah; Howard, Levitt, do; Thomas, Oberry, NOrleaus; N Or lean Packet, Gray ton Danea; Falcon, l.rwv, rwwton. - VMNKLS ADVFHTlRKtV For Arte - lor Mount - Vninoti ; Hercules, to ail 10th April ; Ixireno ; Canton ; Edwin Bar ton, 10th April Ann - Mana, 20th April. t er Philadelphia kensiugton, and brig Hi - bernia. ' ' i for BaltimortYAmaTd, to toil 121b' April. For Chorletlon Ceret, , For Botton Abigail, early in April ; Hamilton, in a Jew dayt. Joseph Thompson Hare, one of the fellowi who robbed the U. 8. mail, a few weckt tince, near Havre - de - Grace, bad bit trial but Satur day at Baltimore, and wat found guilty. COMMUNICATION. Directory of faihum.W ear your hair thick, especially il if be gracefully curled over every part of your bead by a fathumable barber, and bathed in perfumed oil A the fbldiug and tying nack - handkercbiels are troublesome, put on but one, and let il be starched at stiff as tola - leather take this fashionable erarat, and ply it like cor - sets round your throat; when it will have the double effect of keeping your head up, and give yourcAcfcia coniUnt colour, by preventing a free ciiculatiou of blood. Pantaloon I being very inconvenient articles in summer time, you should have them to come about hhlf way between the knee and imtep at the tame time so large, that should you grow fleshy, at is very probable in this Insurious age, you need uot cast them off: or, at it to be feared, when timet change awl money becomes trarre, you can have two pair cut out of the tame pieco of cloth. Have a aurtoat with at math cloth over and above what it neceitary, or comfortable, at would ftniit'rt promotes tic manufactures, i e. if made ef American cloth in dry weather when the dust it blow in; about, it will keep yourboott clean, and it will drive the flics and moschcltot from your feet in dog days. You should also have a small b hiding of black telnet, itutead of a cellar. CIVId. To the Editor ofth Evening Pott SIR Of late I have observed great and jusl complaint, from various correspondents of different newspaper in this city, respecting the filthy appearance our streets preseut to tho ey and observation of every one, and cannot Kelp joining with them, in coudmniug those officers whose business it is to sea them properly attended to. . In no city in the union are llitre greater advantage in respect to procuring labourers ami capability of paying exiencf t than there are in this, and visitor and straogert on this account are the more surprised ; and I hare often wit - a nessed a blub, brought to the cheek of a citizen, " on account of the inactivity of our chief officers. Before the first of May, contractor wire engaged to hare the dirt taken up, after it h id bern wept into pile by tho citizens ; but even thir wat not attended to. The persons employed by tbe contractors to take np the dirt, after it had been so collected, refused and pasted tbe piles of straw, aod thute which might have been mixed with a fuw sticks or stones, and (I have it from their own mouths) were so directed by tho contractors, This is now put an end to, and tince that time no dirt hat been removed, to the great Injury of the health of our citizens. I ho for the take of our honour and good uame this mismanagement may not last long ; and if it conti Hues, ihe only resource left is for our citizens to elect to office those who will attend o their welfare, aod not tube continually intent on Huff n themselves with turtle soup for the bcunfit of the poor. UN US POPULORUM. From the Philadelphia Franklin Oaselle. TRIAL OK III - . MAIL ROBBr.RS. Taa vaiTaa statu "l Robbery of the Mail 1 by p ittimr the I fe of vs. . ' lhe ca rier in jeopardy j by the u of dangerous jos. rmrvrana haxi.J weapon. The District attorney having1 expressed hi intention of trying the tlree mail robbers e - para'ely, the shove indictment wat called up on be 9th of May. Gen. Winder, who for the first time appeared at counsel for the prioner, moved M ostpone - mem of the t.ial ui til onday next, when he would br prt pa ed to enter into tho defci ce, which from h having recently been called into the cause, he aa unable at that time to un - deriske ; he also promised, that should the trial be postponed, he would on that dav put in a plea for the prisoner, who, befoi e, had itood mute. Mr Wirt, (the Attorney General U .Mates,) tated the inconvenience .hat would arise lo the witnesses if the trial was postponed, many of horn were public cifn er, deuined from their duty and that tufficient t nte .iad already leen en to the prisoner. That u - . ocllitrt had b. en employed for a week pa t, a liirh was ample time 'for them to have Dre - l r . i , f iaic - ii ,or uic orience. The court ordered the trial to proceed. Aa the jury a about being worn, the coun sel were Ca led on to challenge. hcn - hcv puh'.icly declined taking any part in the trial, snu viuiarew irom the The prisoner wat then by the court, that if lie requested counsrl, they would appoint two gentlemen to assist in his .'.Vfe ce , no truest being made, the jury were worn, un iu waai proccoaco. "Somej' - The prosecution w conducted on beUaifof 1UC bUllW OliLTS, U .TICK!. " Sell. Mr. Glenn, (l)'uvrict attorney.) opened the case to the jury, by detailing tie fact, that would be proven, which could not leave a doubt on the mindsof the jury, a totheguiit of the prisoner, lie then read the law under which the prisoner wa indicted, which it in the following words ActoT April 30, 1810. faction 19 That if any person shall rob any carrier of the mad of the V. Mates, or other person entrusted therewith, of tucb mail, or oi part thereof, such offender or offenders shall on conviction, be imprivoued not exceeding ten years ; and if convicted a tecond lime of a like xffeoce. bu or they shall ttiffir death : er if in rffettmg nuh robber of the mail thefirti time, the offender ihatl wound the perton having custody thereof, or put ha life in jeopardy, by the ute if dangerous u - eapont, wuch off ender or offenders ihall suffer dealh.n' I be following witnesses were men examined. David Bover sworn. I wat driving tbe mail between 10 aud 11 o'clock, on the night of tbe 1 1th .March, Mr. LodJow was with me, a fence wat across the road, three men came from be hind it and raid "we are highway robbers arm cd with double barreled pitlolt and dirks," they took us into the woods and tied us to a tree, they then weiil to the mail wairion and drove it off the road, threw out tbe nnil and opened it. I hey opened letters for a long lime, and when dune they uutiod us, and directed ut to turn our backs to the tail of the waggon, whic h we did, and they tied as there. One of them said "an vrr I am sorry you have boeu kept so long, here it some mouoy for yeu to buy bitten," he pre tented me with ten dollars, and also remarked that the ,rson who wat aloug with me looked like a gentleman, and therefore did not want any money. Their ficet looked black, and they called each other by the namo of Gibson, Johniron and Smith. One of them said what ihall we do with these man, another replied, 1 have a plan for them, this alarmed me very much. I gave up the mail because I wat afraid they would take my luc, they did not lay they would kill ui I wat much alarmed lor I did uot know what mi note they would kill ns. Thomas Ludlow. I was in the mail waggon on the ni'ht of the robbery, when within two miles or IJavre - de - Grace, threo men came from behind a fence, built across the road, presented ixstou, and said tbey would blow our brains out if we resisted ; tbey tied ns about 60 yards in the wood?, one went to tlio fence and took it down ; the oilier led the horses and waggon off the road ; and took out the mail. They oceu pied three hours and a half in tearchiog the let ters. I taw the pistols and dirks, the pulolt were cockod. Tbe men searched us in the waggon, to ascertain whether we bad arms, then took us out of the waggon by the collar, and led ut to the trees where they tied us. v hen they had opened nil tbe letter they rode off at hard as they could. Court. Did you think your life in jeopardy .' Witness. I did think it wat had 1 made any resistance. I recollect the prisoner's voice and size, he wat the only one that talked much, his voice it the same as the one I heard in the woods ho has a peculiar voice. I taw that his face was black, aud his hands white. They used a phosphorus light to look at my watch, one remarked to the man who wat looking at my watch, that he wat a fool as I could tee his face ; but he put hit hat over his face, so that I could not distinguish it. Jacob Rogers The pnrnnr.rcame to my shop on the morning of the 13th of March, with ano ther person, and bought two hats ; ihey aked for ready made clothes, and I seut them to Uer - teau uuuiai' store. 1 hey had much money of every description; they turned it over, audi picked out the notes that paid for the hats. I kept them, at I was requested to do ; each man paid tor hit hat, and they then went to Berteau and uuniai', where they were detected. Peter ticrtenu The prisonor, with another nn alum nl tliis) set stf f,frifccw0 at Six! y'dollara") ihy"0rti" for nouy coai. rvi r. uiirnai came into the store, and I told him I believed these were the mail robbert. The prisoner taid be wanted a da - hing coat I showed him an uniform coat, price $75 1 he agreed to take it. The young man (Lewis II are j also wanted a uniform coat, but I had no other. A crson then came into the store, and taid to lhee men : " You are strangers in Baltimore perhapt you may hive heard of the robbery of the mail ; it is my duty to take you to court to be examined." The men then went into the back shop, and when they returned, they said they were ready to go with thii person, who wat a con - table. Peter Dumat Ou the 13th March last, at half prist 11 o'clock, I camo from breakfast, and saw two persons buy in buyiug goods in the More I had just read the advertisement of the mail robbery ; I went into the back shop, where my partner camp, and said he believed these were the mail robbers. I went into the front shop to detain them; I measured them, and then measured (he clo:hc they choee, to at to delay them, and ordered bills of what thny purchased to be made out. ' Til, ir pocket were full whru I measured them. Wflerthry had chosen many articles, two officer, came iu and said : " we are officers, the mail hat been robbed, and it it tbe July of the penulo to tako every person to be exauiiued." One of the men then called for the bill ; one bill wat re ady ; I took them into tbe hack shop and counted out the goods ; I placed myself opposite a mirror, and saw out step lt hind the curtain which hangs on one tide the hop ; he put hit hands into hit pocket, pulled out tho money, and placed it between some clotb that had been cut out, uud between some pantaloons that were lying on the counter ; the other thrn emptied hisjKx kets in the tame way. One ef thctn atked mo what they should do ; I told them to gn to court aud be examined. vVhen ihry had left the vhup, I went to the clothes mid took out the ninnry they had deposited there, and took it tip to court. When one of thein was emptying his pocket, I heard a pistol bull .nul a dagger full, which I found on the floor. Both men had mud on their pantaloons at liih at their knees, when they came into the to - e Alexander II Ruyil, Esq. 1 was in the room where the r ixjner was ttamined, IhU note (a ItV dullar note, uhich wut nfie'trarde yrond t hatr been rabbtd from the num.) feb from him at he was pulling oil bis pantaloons bit person wat much chafed. D. Bell, Jim. I put this note (the note above mttUtunel ) into the Post Office in Charleston, on the 4th March last, I also put into that of - ncerat the same time these notes, taking up tome of the nolu that trrre dntosued amoni tlit elothit in the 'hop of R'.r'ea Dumat.) T!iese note werediiccicd to Churchman Jc Thomas, Philadelphia. - everal witnesses were then called, to prove, that the note found ai Berteau and Dumm' tton , were the tame that were brought into court ndrew Khoadi I saw . the prisoner in Hav e - de - Grace on the 11th March last, at 12 o'clock at noon; in the high road, with two niH - r men. Tney asked me how tar it waa to B Jtimore. 1 told them. They the asked whether there were anv bridge walieda ay bevween there and Baltimore. Whether aU - K came that way I told them only the mail auge, travelled Uiat rod they asked n me ime mai n came, and I mid them. Here the testimony on pa. tof the U. State c Oied. "I he prisoner produced no witnesses. , From On .KilUdteriiL Journal. We have ju - t received LitorinaiiiHa ilui ik. two Chtna w Indian town on Flint - river war 1 a 'rlrrA tutt Thnn.U tv a detachment ol. Cieonria atilitia Commanded or lactam Wri'Jit - t he towns were nurut and a nunnr oi iuu:au ..." : 1.1 killed, ouriutormeut tavt about 60 4he detach ment did not lose a man and bad but one wouud td. The zeal, activity and courage displayed by M'lulojh and bis warriors in the preent ram - Dairn. entitle them to everr Draite. They have undergone errcat fatisue and privation, and hunted out the enemy Irom swamps and faslnest es, where be sought refuge and eipecled taA :y when vanquished. We have long been of opin ion, that the mo - t economical and expeditious mode of completing this war would be to keep M'lnlosh's command well supplied and in constant pursuit of the eue jy whom tbey would cut up in detail tbe hostile Iudiani caiifiod no shel ter where the fncodJy warriors will not follow them. M'lnlo,h, in the lata battle, killed with his own hand, three of the enemy this fact if communicated by Mr. William S. Mitchell (son of the agent) in a letter to his father. NEW.HAVEN, May 0. President Day having declined, the Rev. H Crotwel), of this city, will deliver the election sermon. at Hartford next week. This will be the first sermon preached before our legislature, by any other clergy man than one of tbe congre gational order. Mar 12. Daring robbery Last evening, about ten o'clock, soou after the stage left the stage house. ibr Hartford, the bagga?e wat tut from behiud and one trunk carried off into a grove of poplars, adjoitiiug the road. The robbery, however, was soon discovered, and the trunk was f und, broken open, kut the robbers made their escape, taking nothing. One person is taken up to - day on suspicion. CHARLESTON, May 5. A letter from Savannah, of tbe 2d inst. sayt " r'rcihtt are 1 1 2 J here ; cotton very plenty, but held at high prices, and the late newt from France makes holders more firm. But there is not murh encouragement tor purchaser - sowing to the high freights, muted I may tay the to til want of shipping, as there is not a vessel here disengaged. This place hat been much agitated for a week past, by alarmt of fire ; last night wat (he first that passed without one or more, perhaps owing to the great vigilance of the citizens. May it not be apprehended that the horde of desperadoes are bending their course north; if so, Charleston may not be pasted by unnoticed it therefore behoves vou to be on the alert." A Spanish schooner, prize to the Buenoi - Ay - rean thip La Union, Brown, with a cargo of su gar, cap'uredolTMataozaa, about 1 1 Jays ago, put into Ibis port on Saturday last, in distress, being in want of provisions and water. Another schr was captured at the tame time, and order ed for Savannah. We are un ble to give her name, at the bat nothing on her stern but the letter C. and no papers to shew. Tbe above schooner is commanded by capt Win. Jooet. we understand that the collector bat taken pos session of her. FITT9BURO, May 1. The bank robbert. Plavmart and Emmons, two of the persons tu.Miccted of havine been con cerned in tho robbery of the Farmers and Me - chinirt Bank of Pittsburg, havo been arrested, and are now in confinement at Cincinnati. None of the money hat been found ou them ; but there it a mats of circumstantial proof against them, which fully warrants the belief that they were parties in the atrocious act. t he necessary ttcpt have been taken for the removal of them to this city for tnal. It it generally believed that they are not the only persons concerned in the robbery. As it it probable that more persons than these were concerned in the act, some of whom may have passed eastward, the civil authority eastward as well as the citizens gene rally, would do well to be on tbe alert. PUN BURY. May?, cTMr. J.nnu Weaver, to thi rlnroEli.' au atred man. who reuuetted ihc land. lord to provide him with breakfast which wat accordingly doue. bo one but a servant girl remained in the room to wait ou him. When - he observed be had doue, and appeared to bave fallen asleep, the removed tbe table, and the mau ,vmained, apparently sleeping on his cnair. Altera lapse ol about SU miuutes, the woman requested a lodger to remove the old mau into tbe bar - room, who on tpeaking to him for that purose, discovered that he waitfrad.' lie appeared to have died without the least ttruggle, sitting cross - legged ou his chair, aud his hands crossed on hit lap and what is very singular, without evincing any tign of hit approaching end, sufficient to attract the attention of the young woman in the room. It has since been discovered that his name it Henry Cilfillao, a pauper, of Turbett township, who had com tu town for the purpose of haing the necessary writings drawn up to establish his claim on the United states as an old revolutionary soldier. NEW. ORLEANS, April 13. We learn with much pleasure (hat the brig Triton, from Hrwlon, has arrived at the liable, wilh a uumbcr of materials net estary for the lisht - hou.'e, which the general government have ordered to be erected on Frank's Island, situate uear the north east pass, at the mouth of the Mississippi, the jurisdiction over which was ceded to tho United Mates by virtue of a law pasted by the legislature of this tlatr, at ;Vt ir last session. DroirncdOn the 9th of April, at Madrid, St. Lawrence county, Mr. Leonard Reed, ton of captain Timothy Reed, aged 14, Mr. Ora Daggett, aged 23, .Mr. Joseph l.oomb, B?ed 24, Mr. Abraham Loomis, aged 34, Asa Lord, esq. aged 50, ai d Mr. Ezra Bigelow, aged 56. They had been floating timber which had lodged in capt. Reed's mill pond, in the river La Grass. They had finished their work, and were crossing the ond to return home, when in consequence of pasting too near the dam, were sn I - denly carried over it. The canoe falling upon a rock, split from one end to the other: Ihe water being very high, esquire Lord was immediately covered, aud wat not teen afterward. Four of the other were seen to hang upon the canoe until it was daied in piece against one of the stone pier of the briJge, which wat atout CO rods below that part of the dam over which they were carried, and the men sunk in the deep waters below. The boy wat teu to swim cn tbe water for about 70 or U0 rods, and then be suuk in deep water. A part of the way he swam by the tide of Mr. Seevie, who coaveried with him, and ro'nurared him not to be fright ened, and lo strive to laud on the bland abotc the bridge : but by a large twell they were suddenly separateJ, aud Mr. Aevillc was providen tially carricuiniotnoai water, and wat preserved unhurt. Two men in another canoe, on seeing their distress, descended tbe slide in the dam after them. but by the violence of tbe rapid stream, they were uaanie in grant tnrm any awtlance. Several hundred people assembled on Friday and bout rafts of timber, and by long poles with nooKtai tne end, sound the bodies ol Mr. Daggett, Mr. Joseph Loomis and esquire Lord Saturday tbey found the bodies of Leonard Reed aud Mr. Abraham Looniis. The funeral of these five wat attended on the sabbath. Never has there been a scene in this town to affecting. The men were some of oar mo - t industrious and respectable inhabitants. They hav supported good characters, aod their death b much lamented by all their acquaintance. Tbey were in the prime of life and in good health. Mr. Daggett hat left a wife and one child. Mr. Jo Loomit a wife aud three children. Etquira Lord seph Loomu a wife and oo child. Mr. A a wife and flv cMdrtnand Mr. Bigelow a wife aod one child - all to mourn their tutiden death. Nine parent, advauced with age, are toon to hear 111 mournful account of the decease of their """The body of Mr. Bigtlow wat found en Mon day. Mr. Joseph Loomis wat a member ofth church, aud ha lived according to hit profe - ioo. Hit brother Abraham Loomis wat a worthy member of tbe lodge of Free Masons, and was buried in masonic order. Eaquira Lord ...r,roriMl an unblemished character at a magis trate formerly, and bat ever bn esteemed for tut integrity and hospitality. fKOJlf OUR CORR KSPOJtD EXT. Office ol the Baltimore Patriot, ) May 11 - noon S Arrived, thip Hope, Hancock, 42 day from Amtttrdam. Left 89th March, tbip Monte ,.;.. M'lf.ven. of Fhllarlelohia. lor Lisbon and Canton i thiol Bnlab. Bowen, of do tor Lisbon and Lie of France ; Helvetius.Gertizer, of do for Litbon ; brig Tetel, Thaxt. r, of Bot - ton, to tail in 3dayt; brig Ohio, Carman, New York, ready for tea i hir Wm. & Jane, Miller, N York 10 day; bng Criterion, Sherburn, do one. ; ship Xenophon, Lord, of do for Philad. do; hip Potomac, Gowan, f r Boston, in 2 weeks, Patterson, from Batavia, dit. ; Augutta, of Boston for Russia in 10 day ; brig v ui. & Henry. West, of N York, for do in 2 weekt ; thip , .vlycrt,for Pbilad. in 3 day. Sailed in co. with ship Numa, Sherrington, for Baltimore, parted the tame night. April 24, lat 40 1 1, Ion &8 30, spoke thip Jonet, Godday, of N York, from N. Orleans for Liverpool. I he Hope expeneoced very disagreeable weather on the passage, out and home. ich .Vpry, Beardon, 13 dayt from St Tho - ma. Left there April 27th, tell Perry, Taylor, for Baltimore, in 3 day ; Mary. Prior, Alexan dria 5 day. The ich Columbia, Applewaith, fur Norfolk, tailed same day to toucu ana re main 3 dav at St Croix. The sch F.mily, Car - nes, of and from Savannah, thippeti a crew oi 30 or 40 men and tailed 7 dayt previous, det onation unknown The schooner Commerce Champlain, Bliss, of . - iavannak, sailed with the Emily. On the 24th April a Danish govern - ment tcli took a pirate off the harbor, a sch of 50 tons, brought her in, the capt. and crew put in prison. April 27, was boarded by the her maphrodite brig America Libre, Capt Morri, iiiuier Mexican color and treated politely May 6tli, spoke sch Decatur, from Baltimore lor Charleston, out 3 days. Sch Charles, . - mith. Salem 16 day experi enced much bad weather on the coast - passed a large taunt ship at the mouth of the river bound up. , Sch Mary Ann, from ew.York. British brie Henrietta. Douglas, from Lon don, 41 days from land's end sailed from London 15th March. The ship Slag, capt. Adam, from Canton, i coming up. The City Inspector report the death of 63 per toot from the fd to the 9th day ol May, of tbe following diseases : Burned 1; casualty 1 ; catarrh 1 ; consumption II; convulsions 2 ; dropty 1 ; dropsy in the head i ; drowoed 4 ; epilepsy 1 ; lever 1 ; lever, puer peral I ; fever, remittent 1 ; fever typhus 7 ; hives or croup 2 ; i .fianiination of the bowels 2 ; inflammation of the chest4;intemerance 1 ; ine - rnsmut I ; rheumatism 1 ; king's evil I ; spat mi I : ttili born 6 ; ttraoirurv 1 ; sudd .n death 1 ; syphilis 2; tabes mescntrrica 3; unknown 1 ; whooping cough ; worms 1. lif.u. iu.vilintj, tity inspertor. MARRIED, Last evening, by the Rev. Dr. Masoo, the Rev. William W. Phillips, to Miss Frances Paine Symington, daughter of Mr. John Sy mington, formerly of this city. On the 4th mat. m Georgetown, by the rlevd. Mr. Clarke, ol New - York, Mr. John K. Event, to Miss Mary Ann Brush, oldest daughter of Mr. John C. Brush. On the 6th inst. at Washington City, by the Revd. Mr. Hawlev. Wm. B. Micoll, Esq Aid de Campto Major General Rinlcy, to Mist Har - VitoiiitihatfifliyiyiirfiiiMtiV t v - Yesterduy morning, (suddenly) in the 77th year oinerage, airs, uauianne ugilvie, widow of the late Thnmai Online. The friends of the fanily, and those of A 8. Norwood, are reque ttd to attend the funeral this alternoon at N i. 304 Greenwich - ttreet at 6 o'clock, precisely. At Sackett't Harbour, on the 4th inst. of a consumption, in the 2lith year of hit age, Mr. Henry B. Sands, a mauler's mate in the U. & navy Hit remains wat attended to the grave by all the naval and military orucera ou that station. HFEJfUtQ POST VARIJfE LIST. CLEARED, Brig Antelope, Garrison, St. Johns (N B) 1 eleri. Neviut. Harmony, Forbes, Savannah Sloop Virginia Trader, Caswell, Charleston ARRIVEU ftlln HfHE.VDOA. Ship Amity, Sianton, 42 day f. om Liver. pool, with dry good, hardware &c. to Isaac Wright St Sun, F Thompson, J G Parsons, Ran kin Si Gallop, D Crowthtr. S Strong & Son, J loper &Co rellow 8c Young, Duryce Si H. er. Hick U Lord, Hicks, Lawrence k Co Os horn & Cornell, VV Gi'cler, Aiken Iz Goddard J Jenkins, J Large, R F Haddock, W Wcyman, ivcuy & . - Horns, Swedes tl Uamtield, B Mar shall, inthmn Si W lliams, C Denstoii. Robbins, E. W. King, G. Chance, Brooks, IL uiiiirland, n w Dolavan & la W W ti J Chester. A Van West, W C Holly, D S Dofre, P Ludlow, J Riglev, A Otrsbu. - y, C It Clarke. T Wright, J V ooclbre:.d, E DoKslmn, I) L Op; - uen, u uiiniiam, v Uaniet, II it J toiiies. G 1 IMewbold.KMoHt it Piatt, Fellows St Young, Wrap, Adcock S: Co. U Rainy 8c Co J Btet. J B (iascoign, T Dixon, J Fanshaw. J Civan. J 8i N Ilaiirht, Winthron St Roeer. Otis &. Lwan, l.ordon, 1 roket ic Co. Catilden k Co. S Reed, W. Rrice, Vv Manks, II. I'. Ganirer. J Gimson, Kip fc Ingraham, J .Uowatt, Hart Sc lUagro, J UiHlgsou, sands, tawiiT and Co, A Hewitt, G Bridgcly, II W Delaficld, W and ti Post, A Brown, Smith, M C.;ll 5tCo P Trip - lctt,A Corp, L Stanley, J Hacking - . Lawrence It .pelve & Co. J Hood, G BinHcy. J Wieham. and C W Stan on. I'assengei - , S lien ard and in, - lr. Aultijo, lady and servant, T Lord. J Wagner, A apuonrr, J Dobsou, T Neilson, H M'Cuthem, J M'Cuiliini, I) Duval. J It Mason. W Wagnall. W Budden, J Tiuc ock. and 16 in the teerage. April 20th, lat 41 15. Ion 74. spoke d ig ll.iuanii.a. irom !V Yo.k for Bri tol, 14 days out. 22d, lat 41 26. Ion 5J. brig wo iarys, irom urieans lor Urecnork. 26 day out. 24th. lat 41. Ion 56. slut) Remit tancr, Savannah for Havre, 4 dav out. Itobca - t l)onaldon, '2d mate of the Amitv, fell tiom tlie lore yard on the 26th April, and m - lanily expired he wat a native of .Scotland. Ahip Venus, rovill , 42 days from London, dry goods, cannon, thot, A:c. tn Gri wolds and Coatcs, R. P. anall, G. M. VN ilson, D Lonl, J iVIowalt, U Carey, KaioeyJeCo. tiaston, ICoi - ",Ji - wrigni, l noy, iiayard St Co., T A Ronalds, J Auderson, De Rham Si Defbre.t, L A Cami, Kirk & Mercein, 5 Gould, J Olmstead k Co, Collins tc Co, J Thompson It Son, S Daodo, H Van WagiDDio, J Fanshaw, I Wr.ght, ti Chance, R Kotaain, Chesterman I Bowen, C Babcock k Co. T Searth, S Strong it Son, A T Goodrich, N. Sbaw, D bajelgelle, R Pearsall, D BethaneftCo.D HadJen, .rndersonfeihear - er, J Godfrey, Prhice&Co, R Beach, J I Hubert, N Scoville.jun. P Remseo, J J Astor, U J. nes, J A ti W Gale, Rowland r Braioe, R Patton, M Galley, OI St Swan, T Manks, H Howe. R Raiocy, Shipmaa Si Lord, D Stone, Lawrence, Rapelye ti Co. Hard & wl, J last. bum k Co. D Banks A G Ingrahara, T Pearsall, J Creifc - tilon, J M'CaU, and to order. Pattengen, J Dyball aod lidv, and 2 children, J Searth, Esq W - ftyball. Miissarah Pointer, und 41 ta the itcuagu. April 1st, off the Lizard, patted a ship, toppotcd to be the William, Coffin, from l - nd forNYarki April 15, lat 42. Iff, long 4, Zl, W Ziarfie wanui ui c. "" 19, lat 42 5, Ion 61 38, spoke sbip Mohawk, from LivenKXil or Bubiu.oie. Alay 3, lat 41, 38, Ion 66 30, C Bower, teaman, fell from the topsail yard and wa arownea, noiwtuwiouuiu eutry exertion to lavehiu. BntUh brig Robeit Man, Scott, 90 dayt from Bristol, via Cux Haven 46 days, where the put in on account of ihe weather, with bottles, griud - ttooc, hardware, 1c. to H C Rossetter, V Con - lty, W Brown, LewUJcTomet, II Henricks, G Chance, and J Wilke. Passengers, J George - son, J Bird, J Easlerbrook and lady, and 13 in the steerage. May 8, lat 40, 39, Ion 68, 48, spoke brig John, from the .South Seas, with a full cargo of oil, bouud to Boston, out 20 months April 23, lat 41, 45, Ion 50, 30, thip Clio, from Savannah, 14 dayt out, bound to Liverpool. British brig Charles, Swanton, 32 dayt from Deroerara, with rum and mn atses, to Ward ti Bishop. On the 1 1th off the south shoal of Nun - tucket, saw a biig with her main mast gone, standing to the northward, moderate weather - Mar f, lat 34, long 67 31', tpoke a thip Irom Bordeaux, wi'b passengers bound to Baltimore, fiOday out, did not learn her name. Schr Favourite, Foter, 20 dayt from Lubec, with platter, to order, wat bound to Philadelphia put in here having tprung aleak. Schr Julia - Ann, Babton, 18 days from Pas - amaquocldy, with plaster, to Ward & Bishop. Sloop Mary - Ann, Crapo, 43 day from Jaque mel, via Newport, 4 dayt, with coffee and logwood, to Mr. Sage. Sloop Fulton, llobinton, 6 day! from Boston, wi'h merchandiie, to H W Field, P Reuiien Co. Geo. W Talbot, Sanil. Gilford & Son. Smith tt Nicoll and other. Sloop Satellite, Davis, 6 day from Boston, with merchandize. Sloop Active, Berry, 3 day from Philadelphia with flour, forHartlord. ARUIFED LAST F.FF.NiyC, Sch George, Wright, 3 day from S'.oning - ton, with salt, to the captain Sch Two .Sisters, Doan, 5 days from Plymouth, N. C. wiih lumber, to J. Johnson and Son. Sch Alexander, Bishop, 30 hours from Cur rituck. Willi staves, to Baker Si Robinson. Sch President, Bedell, 30 hours from Curri tuck, with staves and sbingbs, to the master. Sch Relief, Baxter, 16 days from Portland, with rum, &c. to Fish Si Gi iiinell, and others. Sloop Mercy, 11 days from tavannah, via L I. otind, with cotton, to J M'Bridr, and Kelly Si M'Bride. Sloop Mechanic, Smith, 6 days from Richmond, with coal, to A Fraser. Sloop Pilgrim, Cole, 5 days from Richmond, with coal, to the master. Passed in the river, schs Lady Tompkins, and Margaret Ann, from N York, bound up. Sloop Gen Jackson, Whitwell, 15 days from Edenton, with fish, to Patrick, Aymar it Co. Sch , Dnane, for N York, sailed in co. Sloop Lydiajl Vlary, Doughty, 5 days from Richmond, with coal, to Laing Si Randmph. Sloop Boston, Rogers, 12 days Boston, with sugar, tea, ilk goods, fixh, oil, rum, ic. to the master, Cambrelet g & Pearson, G G Ai S How land, J F Delaplaine, G Allen, and o - there Left Tarpaulin Cove on Saturday morning in co with sloop Fulton, for N York, Wanton, and John, for Hart foid, and sloop Romeo, for Bridgeport Sloop Tabitha, 3 days from Brandywine, with com meal, to W F Van Amringe. Brig American, Anner, from N York, ha arrived at Rio Grande. The bi ig Sterling, Gray, ofN. York, on her passugefiom Rio Grande, was cast away 7th Feb. about 150 mile from the latter place Vessel and all Ihe cargo lost except about 2700 dollars in specie. The crew, who were saved wiih difficulty, bad arrived at Rio Grande, and were to come home via Havana. Philadelphia. M; - y 12. Arrived, sbip Brandt, Steinhaur, 40 days from Rochelle. Left at Rochelle March 31. sch Madeira Pack et. Atkins, for Boston, 4 davs sch Zeno, of .,. ...... MwwHk, mtu auur artel corn, arrived with loss of foremast, main boom, and all her sail and rigging of the foremast, with every thing off" deck, in a gale in the Bay oi Biacay. Sloop Sarah Ann, Tice, from N Orleans. Ha vana and Charleston. NiwroBT, May 9. Arrived on Tuesday, in distress, bri' Patriut, Tatem, 27 days from St Croix, bound to ri York ; having expenen ced severe gales on the passage, and brig be' ing leaky, put into this port to repair. Ar on Thursday, sch Betsey, Briggs, 16 davs from Bermuda. ' Ar yesterday , sloop Mercy, Bowles, 6 day from Savannah bound to N York. New - Havxit, May 6. Arr.ved, brig Ann, Trowbridge, St. Croix, 22 day. 8th Ar. sch Nancy, Hill, Mogadore, 49 day, via N London, Savahrah, May 2. Arrived, sch Gen. A Jackson, Cbrislie, H York, 14 day. Sch Comet, Crowell, Havana, 10 days. THEATRE WEDNESDAY EVENING, May 13, Will be presented, the comic opera of BROTHER U SliiER, Don Sylvlo de Flores, Mr. Philippe lo which he will introduce Davy's celebrated rondo, " just like love,' and a new tortins cavatina, composed by Mr. Pbihpps, called " the huntei's horn in the morning,' accompanied on the patent 6 key'd keut busle, by Mr. Willi. Doona Isidore. Mr. Darlev In which character the will ting the favourite i.cho song, accompanied oo tne uute, by Mr. Mehne, und (for the second time) the new baliad of Forget me not, (translated from tiie French) counioted by Mr. Pbilmns To which will be added, the Melo Drama of ELLA ROSEA B bit G. Storm, Mr. Robertson r.lla Kotennere, Mrs. Barnes I he eveuiug's entertainments to conclude with Shelty, Mr. Hi! son - .aiiuy, Phi inns In which character he will sing, 1 Oh, had 1 Allan namtays an,' aim introduce (ny particular desire) ' Brute's Addrest to hit Army, or, Scolt wha' ha'e wi' allare bled j' and the timple melody of Robin Adair. Performance to commence at a Quarter duM seven oVIock. A VI ERIC A. XF.W YOliK LYS1 ITUTIOJY Mau 12. U THIS EVENING, if the weather is ulea - saut, the MUSEUM BAND will perform a va nety ol pleading and popular airs. The M useum will be handsomely lighted. my 13 lt; Cut FEE HOU&fc. fnr - The rommittre for manasiu the affair cf the Tontii e Colfi e Hou;e, give notice, that a Dividend of Setenleen Dollars ner shur. for the year ending live 1st int will be paid tbe pro prictors oo or al'tr the 19 - b lust, at 24 Broad - ttreet. niv 13 1m JYOTiVE. (XT Aa adjounicd meeting of the Auxiliary N. Y. Bible aod Comniwa Prayer Bouk Society will be held in the vestry room of Trinity Church to - morrow evening, tbe 14th inst. at 8 o'clock. 1 he member of the society arte narticularlv requested to attend, at a report of a new code of Uy laws will be tubmitted to them by the board may 13 2t t DW'D. N. COX, Pres't. llHW DOLLARS. ftfT" Tomorrow, at lour P. M. the for'nnnt hoMerof the first drawn number in the Milford and Oweg Road Lottery, will be enUtled to a stationary prise ol $1000; there being a floating pnse of l0,tu0 which may abo be drawn i n e mat w is n lor a chaoce can be supplied at 'ILLESPICS. 114 Broadwar. onnM.ite i:it io "my 132t ' (7 Fortune1! favorite. Yesterday, t Al - leii's lucky office, two gentlemen of this city one residing in Counland - streel, the other ut llarraan - slreet, were advited or their tickets having drawn prizes of One Thousand Dollar each ; another adventurer, residing in Hudson, street, received a prize of Five Hundred DoU lars and as tbe fortunate tickets were purchased at Allen ollice, the cash was. immediately paid for the prizes. I not Allen' the lucky office may 13 , HALL OF KLKGAJff GLASS IVARE7 ChLYA,Sic. fJT'G.JMAGEi COOl'KR will sell to morrow (if fair weather) at 10 o'clock, at Kii k Mercein's lutig room, Wall - street, 4 case London cut glass, consisting of 6 sett superb desert dishes, different patterns cream and tugar di?hes ; pitcher ; jelly glasses J. decanters in setts; tumblors, gobleti and wmos,' to match. Alto, an elegant chandelier, hall lamp, French time pieces, ludia and Liverpool dining setfe, mahogany sideboards, tofat, kuife - trays, dining and card tablet, pianofortes, Ur9 pier glass, fancy chairs, carpets. Sic. Sic. At 12 o'clock, ' 1 elegant patent lever watch, fine gold, extra jewel. may 13 It For LIVERPOOL. The thip MARY - ALMY, PelegAl - my, master ; her cargo being nearly all engaged, will meet immediate dispatch. For freight of 50 or 100 bales cotton, or passage, having good accommodation!, apply on boardV Towntend't wharf, or to GRISWOLDS & COATF.S, my 13 68 South - st. For AJVT1GUA7? The British brig AM f ILIA, captain Humphreys, to tail about the 16th inir For passage only, apply to the master oo board. at pier No. 13 east river, or to ROUT. GILLESPIE, 112 Front - ttreet Who hat for tale, Richmond tobacco, Caroline Rice Red and white Port aud Madeira wine St. Domiugo, Havana and Jamaica coffee my 13 3t Fur A'lAUS'lVA; (Jain) The fine copptred British schooner CLARENDON, J. G. Tuth. master s will be despatched for Kingston, in 6 days. r or ireigni or passage, appiy on board at pier No. 8, or to TL'CKER & LA CRIES, mav 13 29 South - street. For SAFAMAU, The fast sailing :hr ARIADNE. Pen dleton, master, now loading at Pme - tU wliart, will tail Uie beginning of next week. For freight or passage, having handsome accommodations, apply on board, or to G RIS WOLDS tl COATES, my 13 63 &oath - iL tor SAFAA.SAU, The new substantial and fast tailing sloop BUDGET, D. G. Gillett, master; having considerable freight engaged, will sail the 16th inst For the remainder or passage, apply on board, at Murray's - wharf, or to THO. BARRON, . my 13 4t 61 South - st. IVAJYTKD 70 CHARTER, A double - decked vessel, of about 250 .to 300 tout. Apply to Isaac f. nut, my 13 tf , 98 Murray't wharf. )ff LEMOJYS, tie. iJJ Boxet fresh Messina Lemons, in prime order 60 boxet do do Oranges Now landing and for sale by my 13 PETER REM SEN & CO. FLOUR. 1 Q Qbbb - soperfine flour, and 40 do. fioa ItjO and X middliugt landing front (loop Hntta - - 1 - tor BOORMAN ft JOHSSTOS. my 13 57 Sontn - streeL HA UiUS' TOU A (SCO. Mkegt Harris' manufactured tobacco, of ( ULerior quality, landing from chr la - dian Hunter, lor tale by N. ,Vt D. TALCOTT. my 13 64 South - street : 50, TEA tl SL'UARS. . Chests bysou skin tea, of a superior qua lity, and 32 bags white Calcutta sugars, landing from sloop lioston, at Burling - slip, and for tal at 67 Washiugton - ttreet. my 13 G. G. & 8. HOWI4ND. 0 LETJLK - FAFER. Caset low priced, fortale at 67 Washington - street. my 13 G.G.b S. IIOWLAND. . LLYmEED OIL. ' hhdt landing from sloop Rover, from Phila delphia, for tale by my 13 31 CORNELIUS DUBOIS. 47JVi AJtU B UTTER. Qr. caskt L. P. Madeira wine 3 pipes and 1 half do L. P. Teneriffe do 10 qr. ca ks sherry do 48 kegt Iriih butter jutt received, and for sale by BOORMAN & JOHNSTON. may 13 f UEKCII RO.S BARK 44 hhdt Quercit - K ron cars, landine, lor tale by GRISWOLDS & COATES, 68 South - itreet. my 13 LONDON CLOTHS & CASSIMERE3 5 cases west of England extra tuner cloth k CHSsimeret, colors black, bluet, browns, bottle, mixed, drab, and white, Just received per thip Ann, for ale cheap by L. it C. bUXUAIH, may 13 1w 61 Maiilen - larte. CI OFF EE K HUM 10 tiercel green i amai - ' ca Coffee 35 hhdt. 4lh nroof Jamaica Rum. laniKn? from tchr. Clarendon, at pier No. 8, and fortale by TUCKER LAURIE3, may 13 29 South - street EEK fcklNo. 16 EEK SKi.Nb. 18 bale shaved landing U and for sale at 67 South treet, by 'V my 13 CAMBRELENG PEARSON. C1 IN. 6 pipe Rhode - Island Gin, jiut re - W ceived, and for sale by GEO. W. TALBOT, may 13 55 Pine - street. MORRIS'S BLOCK TIN : LIQUOR COCKS. A supply of tbe above article, just received from the proprietor, for tale by ' CEBRA At CUMING, my 13 76 Peari - streeL D EARBORN'S BALLANCES, astort'd ti - zet, wilh and w ithout arverttus, tor tare by CEBRA CUMt.i, my 13 76 Fearl - street. cjL'OAUS. 100 hhds Havana aiuscotuu tart nf onnA mlulitv. nnw MI PiOO tlTeet wharf, aud for tale reaionably, if applied for this) day before storic;. Samples may be seen ana termt made known, on application at 67 ash - ingion - tireei. u. u. o. a. iv my 13 Tn PRITF.RS. ABRAHAM PAUL, 182 v aleMtrert, offeri for sale cheap, the following founttof Type, via. One font of Nonpareil One do Long Primer, One do Small Pica One do Pica One do Great Primer my 13 3t WANTS A SITUATION, AS GARDENER, a middle aged MAN, who caa give the belt references, and who hat been rvgularly bred lo the buiints : be ha bee employed in that capacity for several year the vicinity of this city. For further atof - . matioa, addrest J. P. at this office, which will be immediately attended to. my 133t

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