The Evening Post from New York, New York on May 13, 1818 · Page 1
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The Evening Post from New York, New York · Page 1

New York, New York
Issue Date:
Wednesday, May 13, 1818
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; ' THE 1EW - IQ NUMBER 4965 ForLISBOX, The ketch MARIA, Rainey ; will nil Loo Wednesday next, aud can accommo - aie 3 or 4 paiiengers. A pply oa board, at pier "No. 5, N. R. or to O.G.SlS. ROWLAND, may 5 67 Washington - st. f'Oi S."L4i, Thebrisr HOPE. 13(1 tone; carries L1100 barreb. 2 years old. a first rate el of her class, and in complete order to re ceive a cargo; lyingeast tide Peck - slip ; will be iotd reasonable W pply to R. 6l C. IV. VAFEAPORTSc CO. may 4 UKMICE aniDEMKRAriA m i i. 1. t'lVnilU'C 1 lie uruiMi irijf - . i LBeeman, master, to Mil 151U May. For passage, apply to 6 GEORGE LACY, No. 4 Fulton - tlip. - A few Hortei will be taken on freight, ap 28 tf ' RUM, MOLASSES tic SiiO punchoont fine flavoured Tobago Rum 43 do retailing Molatiei, received ;ier bng Benjamin 190 poacheooi Rum, received per brig Ante fc,rml0D"B0,"a GOODIES. Co. my 1 44 South - street JAMES D WOLF, Junr. bai removed Iron 57 Front - street to 54 South - street, and effert for ale F.2 reroont toutb American Tallow 25 tons clean St. Petersburg! Hemp, few bolts nnl quality nusaia i hick ; iter man St'.el in boxes, entitled to draw lack. iGOOtl lbs. Green Coffee do 25 boxes China table letU 172 pieces each Vi niidi pore spiral I ease PiatiJias). my 5 OlCHMOND FLOUR W bl - ls. variety 11 Mills, suitable ior uaaers, mrsaieoy my 5 UIVIK BETIIUNE St CO, A'EIV FAACY UUuDl). OtX casei of new and elegant fancy article), KJ tucb as Ladies' workboies and Jiestiug cases, very elc - Writing desks, elegantly gilt and plain Gilt and painted card racks, Fan rsckt Fire and candle screeni, painted in a luperior manner, with frit ana colored handles Uackamon board Maline and morocco work baskets Gentlemen'! shaving apparatus, Pouches and dressing cases, complete Morocco and mahogany portable (leeks A few Russia leather do. very superb ' Somt very elegant portfolios with gilt locks and pocKeis Elegantly gilt bordors and plain Morocco, Rus na and roan pocket books, of various descrip tiont Spring wallets, of Russia and Morocco, with many other arUclet too numerous to mention. For sale wholesale and retail, by N. SMITH IHVIES, ap 23 No. 151 Broadway. UPLAND it NEW - ORLEANS COT I ON. 54 bates prime Upland Cottou, landing from sloop Wave, from savannah 63 hales New - Orleans Cotton, landing; from ship Maria Caroline, for sale by rOTT & M'RTNNE, J8 South - street. - . In Store, 109 bates Upland Cotton 29 do New - Orleans do .... 31 ceroun C'uhj. Tobacco Sd boxes Window Glass ti pipes Catalonia Wine 1 1 pipes O. L. P. Madeira VV me ; baa been imported 5 years 9 qr. casks Malaga V ine 2000 Demijohns . 113 tons Swedes Iron, assorted sites. ap27 fXQ CASES CANTON OO 12 cases colM Canton Crapes 4 do black do do 2 do col'd Nankin do 1 do black do do 3 do Crape Shawls 1 do black Camblets 1 do roix'd Silk do 2 do Chang'ble Sarsnets 2 do do Levantines I do black do 4 do SilkHdkfs I do Bird Eye do 1 do Col'd Conrnns 20 da Sewing Silk, (Italian style) 2 do Sinchews 1 do Sarsnets. Ai.KO. Company long and short Yellow Nan kins, for sale by maucii - w, go 30 2lOBroadwny. mOBACCO. COTTON & SUGAR. 150 I hliH Virginia Tobacco 90 bales Jallnon Cotton, superior quality 50 hags double boiled Calcutta Sugar, (or tale at 67 South street, bv . rev 5 CAMBRELEXGfc PEARSON. rpiN PLATE, a!c.' - 13 boxes Tiu Plate, as sorted 10.000 lbs. India Block Tin 8,000 lbs. Iron Wire, assorted from No. lto 18, for sale by ANSON (i. PHELPS, apSO 183 Front - street. J OHNABRM. W1LLINK & CO. offer for sale 35 cases superior Rengal Indizo Several catkt tmalu, particularly desirable for bleachers and paper makers 4 casks hardware A few bales cattimeret and shalloon's, thawlt ap 20 . CJHOES. Just received 40 p.ckaget. Those, tnsethcr with a lame and central assortment he. ore on hand, are ouered for sate oy ine pac tee or dozen, on reasonable terms, by THOS. WITT, my 1 2w No. 272 Psarl - ttreet. ITIRGINIA TOBACCO. 80 hhds. good V old Richmond and Petersburg I obacco 30 do prime quality Richmond do 1i0 do do new do do 1150 k'trs Manufactured do do of various brands and qualities, for sale by my 5 BOOKMAN H JOHNSTON, riOKN MEAL. 100 bhdt. 120 barrets firtl J quality kiln dried yellow Cora Meal, fresh iron IneUUIt, for sale ry TUCKER &LAUR1F, my 4 29 South ttrtet 1 TES3 and PRIME PORK. - 34 and an half ill barrels, said to be a very superior lot, will be told from the vessel at the lowest market pnee. Apply to my 6 CORNELIUS DUBOI3. E NGLISH RF.AVCR II ATS. - 3 catet Loo don Beaver Hats, msl received, and lor sale TUCKK tt L.AU JRIES, 29 Sonlh - ttreet fC MVEET MALAGA WLYJE, c " J twenty gallon casta twett Malaga wine 100 boxes blomn raiiini 37 cukt toft shelled almonds, landing this from schr. Ariadne, at Fly - market - wi - lorsaltby G. G. & 8. H0WLAND, ay 6 77 WahiDgtoo - tt 4 - 4, MERINO SHAWLS aad MUSUN :BANnsrfale hr J 5 MARCH k LOW. 210 Broadway. cy sale At V sr "ITOES. A few casks of Patent and Common J. J. Carolina aud virguua Hoes, of the Bradct manufacture, juti receiver and lr sale hy ANDERSON k SHEARER, ap30 2w At No. 131 Water - street fXANDLES. 50 boxet Eastern Mould ,Can - aies, lur un ij ap 30 JQ3. OSBORN, 28 South - street Kitlmond and Ltmckbur manufaclurtd TOBACCO. "I HO ft1"5' DowlandiDgfr sundry i M.XJ eels, of the luilo wing qualities i ves - qualilieeand brands 63 keg, Sholtoo tt Williamson, 8 hands, 1. 2, 3 46 do P. Miller & Co. 8 1.2,8 38 do J. P. Ege, 8 45 do George Fletcher, 8 1,2 1 1 1st 1 1,8 1,2 1,2 1, 108 do John Euders, 3 144 do D. R. Host, 8 53 do P. HolU t Co. 8 CI do Anderson, Blair ic M'Keape. C 122 do JeafeHaie & Co. 8 120 doR. Hushes S: Co. 8 63 do R. Cantor, 8 45 do F. G. Crenshaw, 8 21 do R. Putton, 12 2 87 do J. & 1'. Labby, 8, ic ladj's twist 8 1 do II. Starr, 8, ic half lb.rolls most 01 me above brands aro well known and approved of in this market, on account of the quality, and uniformity of the diicrcnt numbers by which the qualities are designated. For rale fy CORNELIUS DU E01S, P20 30 Front - street, DOMESTIC ii OTHER WARKs. THE subscribers keep constantly on hand an extensive assortment of the folio win? goods. vii : Dutch and Ensrlish Gunny Ba; Brooms J'opes Heads Crumb Brushes Eellows, fancy and common Do for Blacksmiths Hall and Entry Mats Pails and Tub Wheel - Barrows Fine Wire Sieves Do Hair do Whips of every description Seine, tewing, wrap. Duster, or Counter Brushes Hearth Brushes, fan nud common tiead do do do Cloth do do do Weavers do White Wash do Shoe & Scrubbing do l'aint Brushes and Sash Tools Clamps, 4,7, 8 row Furnituie Brushes Horse do tied Cords. Clothes ping, boiein and oali 1 wine Fi. - h Lines Lines Shoe ic Sadlers Thread Sash Cords. Trace Dearborn's Bullan ces. t:c. RoiH:s Wrought and Cut Nails and Brads 1 Which they will sell vr holcsaleor retail on li - beral terms. CEBKA ic CUMING. ap28 7ti Pearl - Street. 37 VIRUIXIA IOBACCO hi FLOUR. hhds old Virginia tobacco 55 do new crop do do 66 Lbls Sue Hour 15 do middling do. For sale by VASQIES, MEUitON ti CLEEMAN, Feb 7 If No. 72 Wahiuijton - st. HUMiCHr. FLAJtXEL. PLSS. MEN'i'and women's cotton stocking A fow bales suucrfiue white flannel, verv wide ' do do' red and yellow do Berlin and military cords Green table covers, different sizes Best London pins, 3 1 - 2, 4, 4 1 - 2, 5 m!t pint, 1 - 4, 1 - 2 and lib Mourtiinir pint and short whites White chapel oecdles. assorted Br vi wire No. 24 and 25 Itecis'aM fycsfYmmftfet .mo on nana, English looking glass plates, nnsilvered For by ATKINSONS K ao20 3w lb' rearl - st. "PLAST EROF PARIS MANUFACTORY, the loot of Harrison - street, Norin - mver. iirHKHE mauuiactured riasier, lorcorni - V . p onrf other miruofft. Div be had, war ranted of the first quality, at tme dollar and twenty fir cenlipcr biulieL . ffi in. u frrittf i. - A hv nir. John I irc WMNIW.IWIJ - j Tucltr, who hat served a regular apprentice ship to the mnton sonnets. AMERICAN GOODS. - TT M F. at SA.ML. MOTT, No. 166 Pearl VV street, offer for sale the followiug Ameri can cottoa and woollen good t 5 rases Brown blurtiugs 4 do bleached do 5 do 3 - 4 Checks ; 7 do 4 - 4 do 4 do Cotton Bnllt 2 do Sewing Thread 2 d3 Knitting Yarn; 2 do Sattioettt 20 cases Plaids 5 do Blue Stripet ; 5 do BedTickt 1 At. Ilotiinia. I An Milinett An An Tiiiii unit Filling, aiiorted from No - 10 bales Candltwick. 15 to 12 4th mo. 24 2w Mr. BALLET d Madame (iOqUET, No. 7 Naitau - ttreet, T T AVE the honor to inform the public in ge rM neral aud the ladiet of New - York in par tirular, that they manufacture and have con - atunilv tin Kami an hMrtiiical of artificial flower. . . . r .1 v.. At their store are also to te loauu, s w ipotdofby wholesale and retail, tVrfiiiiinrv of every description, among which are the celebrated Lait rireinal, and the most approved esscnect and pomatums wr we ten plexion. . . . . I 1.1 - V!. 1 Ul IW - B illCII wuv. A eninnlete aisoitment of worked dresses, shawls, fichus and bauds f TmhrsllAB ftml nnftlSoll Merino, knit and velvet rUlicule - j silk tubas Stockingt and glovct for ladiet and gentlemen Ladies' elastic garters Springand ball silk dretsct Ball do. embroidered witli chenille and orna mented with flowert ; silk tcarfi Prunella and silk shoes : - .. nAnnrM ntim. tailetat. KC. liVtWIUUVr,, ' I . . And in short, every ihiu? connecuu wiui ladies' toilette. ap25 lm K tT - r WHITE LKAD, c. fcc. OU J kegt London White Lend in oil 30 barrels do Dry W bile teao 8 tons Red lead 30 barrels Bristol Red Ochre 20 do Venetian Red ;2 tool fine Litharge 80 hoaghenda Whiting 60 casks Paris White ; 2 hhds. erdijnt 60 tierc - t r rench Yellow Ochre 5 kegt Vermillion 4 catkt Prussian Blue, 4601b. Crome Yellow; Patent Yellow Spanish Brown, VenetiaaRed, Yellow, WOIL. Black, i mptJhlck j Ivory Black ; Purple Brown Spiriti Turpeotioe I Linbseed Oil i . a. ;.m. aii.a. aaanrted For tale on the lowest terms, for cash or at sJwrt credit, , by m,l 243 Water - street fT'lN PLATE, TEA to. lou ooxes, i. - . a f J plate, attofted . 12,000 pounds India diock tin 8,000 do Iron Wire, assorted 1,540 chwUHjwtlTin Jea, for ealeby ANSON G. PHELPS. BTe i83Froattm . two and r. ol 5 of EKIVEMNiK POST. WEDNESDAY, MOLASSE8. - 60hhdsand 1 tierce retaitinc; Havana Molasses, landii - z from schr Un ion, capt. Llls, from Havana, at Burling - tlip, ' i D. TALCOTT. "yo 64 Snutb - strret. (i wUtm WVWM, 77 60 boxet brown Havana Sugar. 40 bags Race Ginger 7 pipe old Sherry Wine 2 do do Lisbon do, 1J boxes Clarst 400 oval Demijohns, 6 casks Antimony 100 bbla ground Camwood 10 tons Liguuinvitae 3 " TJ. Vermillion 400 India rouud floor Mats 20 slabs India block Tin 35 hhds first quality Quercitron Bark Writinr. WraDninc nud Printing Vnmr A small iuvoice of Calcutta goods, just receiv - ed, consisting of Baitas, Sannahs, Mamoodieh rear 5 ' feet deep on southerly and 54 feet 6 inch - Gurrahs and Checks. mT6 n on the aorlherry side, he the same more or less. T1 Iff. AK hh.u ,,,.1 iu i T - S ijS , Sir r 1? Mucova(lo teJ my 2 R. S C. w. DAVENPORT ic CO. LYNCH, inn (at n An v.u;,i.. .. . I I k. .. ,u. - .ii : ..r..,.w. luuuwmr tri,i,3 an j ZiZi Z.. ' . 1 ZTr " " relu' anted pure, at imported 100 hhdV ( MaJelra. from 3 to 18 40 qr casks ) years in wood. Old Madeira, in bottles, from 3 to 20 vears Champaigne, Burgundy, Claret and Sauttrne, 01 very superior quality 1 pipes dry LUbon. 7 years old 7 do Sherry, nino years old, and free from Boracna lasie Port, in pipes and bottles Table wine, for its quality, the cheapest in America Tenerilfe, iu hhds. Old Braudy, do. Rum, do. Gin, not reduced ouu demijohns, containing live gallons each 50 croce wine bottles N. B. Those in the trade, and country deal ers, will find it to their account, to suunlv tliem - bbivcs wiui wiues nnu liquors ai tne aoove esta - - i ; i - ... . onsnmcnt, as tliey will be certain to obtain arti cles of the first quality, at the lowest prices, aud pure as imponeu. my 9 2m 50 COFt'tE, RAIMA, Sic. , Bags prime green Laeruira coffee 45 kegs fresh Malaga Ilaioins 173 boxes tiu plate l - 3d I X 84 buudles sugarloaf paper 50 reams Lluo wrapping do A general assortment of cut nailt Just received and lor tale by ROGERS Si TOST, ny 7 6t si South - st. fSXk fXJK b.iLt., OR TO LET, Uiiiil A larce two sturv. House and nhnut If) acres oi lann, netween the 6 and 7 mi e iline. Bloominsduie lload. For particulars enoiiir ap 1 1 1rn Near the Premises, TO LET, For one or more vears. thn follnwinir Houses at Harsenville,near the five mile stone, Bloominedale road. A Pleasantly tituated and convenient two story House aad Stable, with a Garden and four a - cres of land. Also A pleasantly tituated and convenient ttory House and Stable, with a large Garden three acres of land, both of the above placet ... ....II I 1. . . .. '.i. ' 0 . 1 ' I r . iiuikcu wiiu uiuercni ainat oi cnoice ruit - trtet. Alto A pleatantly tituated and convenient tspitory House, with a Stable and two acres of apo i - ";",. - ,"".t"":7. - Q wliic FOR SALE OR TO LEA MS, tt. in th a. 6. ft. and 10 Wards: many .r. nn roirnlnted and naved streets. No money will be required under ten years, if sold, interest excepted. " Several two and Oine story houtet, on which a xreat part of the money remain on mortgage. LANDING AT RED HOOK. An excellent ttand tor butinets, wun un acres land, pleasantly tituated, with a wharf, store - ClVl - TON and' WOOLEN MAN U FACTORY, N.Hacii. with 40acresofland, and a never failing stream, upon which 20 mills may be erected, wilu a tumciemy oi wwnm cum. Apply at No. 2 Greenwich - street, jan 13 If vntiRTH STREET NOTICE. NOTICE it hereby given to all pertoot inier - Im.i. that the tJominiisinnert of estimate and assessment, appointed by the Supreme Court r i,(;.i.i,, rih state of New - York, to per form certain duties relative to tne opening oi Fourth - street from the Bowery load to the sixth hveui.e, in the eighth ward ol the tnid city, have completed their estimate and assessment as well of the loss and damage sustained over and above the benefit and advantage received ny me own - ers ol the land and premises required lor the said improvement, at also ol we ueneui aim u - vmitnire received bv the owners and parties in terested ol and in tho lands aad premises not re quited for the taid improvement, ana mat we the said Commissionut have deposited a true copy of tuch estimate and assessment in the fiL.L. nfthn i - itv nfNew - Yoik. for the in spection ol whomsoever it may etneem. ana ntire la hereby eiven to all persont interested that the report U the Commissioners of estimate nA aau aament will be nreFcuted to the Supreme Court of Judicature of Uie stateof Ncw - York,al the city hall of the city of New - York, on Friday ih. l - .ih da of Mavoext. at the opening of the Court on that day, or as toon thereafi?:ras coun sel can be heard tlieieon. Dated, this 2ath day of Anril. 1813 I'M r.n. nirt r.o, PETER STAGG, Commissioners. JOHN TARGEE. ap59 14t LltE OF PATRICK IIEARY, By Wm. Wirt. Em. 4 60. milE Dubl'iiher deems it unnecessary to lay M, any thing in favor of tha nieritt of this awnrk. coutenlinjr himself with mcntiooinr that the first edition of 2500 copiet were all dispottd of in a few tnoulbt. The 2d improved edition for tale by ROB. Ja'Dt - tVviur, ap 25 3w . 222 feari - tu PROSPECTUS yon rf M.itniJO it toaicRtrrinir A M AP OF MEXICO AND LOUISIANA 1 MlE publication of tbu Map bat been under - X taken with the impression, mat n win hi hit ininrmation. hiihl v interettintT at this event I'nt r naia - unrf the valuable Mapt which the au thor has procured, during his sere ml toons through .i ,oiwt iuii7 ini. mi:L pieaico, in urn wia auuv, ., - isil :Rlfi. and 1817. induce him to heleivr that Uie Mtp, with even au itt impenecuout, win w mach me moti prrieci wuk - u uu jiiij forethephlic. ' Tnia Man will contain uie laieis moo uoai m rn.i.iinH fmrn the discoveries aad poueation! ofthe Americaa. Spanish, Russian, British and rr.m I. travelarra and avixaiort ana reprraen - ting the claima of their reejwetive sroveromtnU iu Knrtkaa'tni rniaat of America. The Man will SBC ade t&at POTCIOO of isnrui a vi - li lia hvtweea tha lathmet of Da' riea, and the 48th degree of North Latitude, and from the Mittissippi River west w anil y to the Pacific Ocean, i - .;u iKa Man at ill be abosrt six by fir sect. ejast will be projectrd oa a scale of 40 miles to the inch, to be delivered to iu auoKi v teea dollar! aca. , . , aUBesMarTu's.al8 ap7Ual I on by to MAY 13, 1818 REALESTATK I N piirsnanre of an order of the honorable the foiiY ' "",ncrJt dated the 24th day 01 April, ? u we ""'tfsiKned, trustees of the estate v. urj unrer, flee e led. will ell at puhlii auction, on Thurtday, the 23th day of May in Staut, tiia following rpnl ' 1 Lot No. 7 Doyer street, nineteen feet front and ei rear, so leet deep on southeasterly and 47 feet on north eiti r'v ut. tm ti.,....i "Pr"0 Shnd as now in possession of Mr. VTiUiaai Armstrong ; subject to a lease which win aiiirson the lit Mc. IX?fi. rent of 50 dollar, per annum. . No - 1 2 Doycr street, 20 feet front, 22 rear, 46 feet 4 inches dee n on mutt.erlv surf "il f. t m. northerly side, he the same more or loss, as now r iuio iu potiessioooi uoi. wm. Few, subject to a lease, which will expireon the 1st May, 1824, 8T,1""1 nnt of 40 dollars per anuum. "V"? woyw sireet, vj leet Iront and Xi ".uw "e poucssionol Wlr. Davit "'J' - 'c toale.!wbich will expire per annum. . . uk possession 01 Mr. uavid Munsoa on the lit six dollars lallSQ. 15 Dover street. 25 feet front nt33 fret rear, 54 feet oinchei dern on Snutiirrlv anH o r. ; - ... ; r - , z "Mel; subject to a lease which will expire on the 1st Mt V. 1824. atnrround rent of fori w ftnl lars per annum. Lot io. 16 Doyer street, 26 feet front and 29 feet 6 inches rear, 21 feet deep on southerly and 21 feet on northerly sides, be the same iiiorn nr iein, hua as now or late iu posiession of Col. Win. Few ; subject to a leate which will expire on the 1st of May, 1U24, at aground rent of 16 dollars per annum. Lot No. 13 Tell street. 29 feet front and 1 f 6 inches rear, 50 feet deep, be the same more or rcn, mm now luipoosestion oi me estate ol Wm Gray, deceased ; subject to a lease which will expire on the 1st May, 1821, at a ground rent of unrijr uiwan per annum. Lot .). 21 fell street, 21 feet front and rear, 56 feet 8 inches deep oil casterlv. and fH fwtld inches en westerly tides, he the mine mors or lest, as now in possesion ol .Mr. Vtiu. I. Wal - dron ; subject to a lease, which will expire on the ii uuv oi mnv. iuzi. nr airrounri rent ol Jii iini lars per annum. l.ot o. 25 fell strset, 31 feet front, 5 feet 3 locoes rear, ou ie.l ucrn oneasterlv. and bo leet 5 in lies on westerly side, he the same more or less, at now potetion oi John llever :uh. icct to a lease wtuch will expire on Uie 1st May, ion, ai n urouna rem Ol . uonars. House and lot No. 23 fell street. 21 feet front ana rear, and 5.1 leet 4 inches deen on caster v. and 60 feet on westerly sides, lie the same more or less, at now in otstMionof Mr. Joseph Butler. The improvements on the hnf rl lota In he va. lued and paid tor by the purchaser, at the expi - uu'jiiui iuq lease. Terms of tale. rash, on the deliver nfltn - deeds. Any further information winch may he rtouired will be siven bv either of the mhirti. oers. ISAAC S. DOUGLAHS, ADRIAN H. VANliOKKELF.N. The above DrooertV will be sold nt tbe Tontine Coffee House, on the abovn - mentioued day, by Messrs. FRANKLIN ol MINTURN, Auction. eers. mv 7 tiU CURLED U.1IH MAAUrAUJORt, 70 Chalham - ttreet. fllHE subscriber returns his thanks to the JL public for their former patronaire in the line of hit profession, and hopet for their future support He likewise informs them that ho has baud a constant supply of curled hair, manu factured expressly lor matrasses, on au improved principle ; aud likewise guarantees the hair told him to be free from any impure smell, being well scoured, boiled and baked, and being ma - very tcldiV - iiatt U . n,lV!anla or twenty - five per ceut to the purchaser. N. B. Merchants and tho trado in geueral will find it to their advantage to cull as nliove. 30 bales ol hair in itt rough state $ 6 bales ol long horse - tails ; 2000 lbs of long hair cHa wn 30 inches, c'ubbed ; COO dozen hair sieve bottoms. For talc as above. my a m RAN AWAY ilie subscriber ou the 17th insL a BLACK IIOV, named Peter Rut - . .a .i .... p r. . r rerj, aged llf years, is aooui o iei, u uii high, well made, and a pleasant goou looKing black. He was dressed in a short olive colored velvet jacket and blue pautaloons Is supposed be working about some of the wharves in this city, or harbored by sonio free people of color. Whosoever will bring the said servant to hit ma.t.r. No. 59. Murray street, or will civo in formation where he may lie found, shall be libe rally rewarded for their trouble. And an per mna are hereby cautioned against harboring oi molovmr taid servant, at they will, in tucn case, tubject themselves to the utmost rigor of the law. u. vvniLir.1 ap30tf karlc CoHUilrollerU I'titce. - ttTKI.lO NOTICK it herehv eiveiu that teal I e,l proposals will be received at this office until Mondnv the 2jth of Mav next, for the imr chase of the whole or of any partol 840, 47U 17 lOOHo art ofthe three per cent. Moca or ine funded debtofihe United Slates, owned by this a,e r .1... The Mor, It sold, will ne iransierreo on uir first dv of July next, at which time, payment must tie made hy the purchaser or purchasers, at the Bank of New - York iu Uie city of New - York. The proposals will tie opened on me ina zo'n day of May next and the beat offer or offers will Ixj arcepted i provided the off - rs be such at tluill, cnosittcut with the interests of the state, warruul the icceptance of any of them. It any oner or oners man tie accepien, nmr mation thereof thai! be immediately coinmuni cateil to the person or H:rtons so offering ; and it ia eitwcted and rcouireil that such person oriier - inns shall tlien eive satisfactory security fur the payment at the tune stipulated. ARCH'I) M'INTYRE, Comptroller Albany, April 27, 181B. ap3U tMgft FOR HALE or TO LET. And possession Riven tlie 1st of May, ...u, convenient House of the b:iseniflit plan. CnisU d in the best possible manner, situated in f earl - street, near the Battery, ana aajoiuuiguic new house of Mr. l.racies. For particulars enquire or V ROBERT R. HUNTER, No. 135 Greenwich, corner of Liberty - street ap 2H 2w 1 7V LET. K? J A drv Cellar, under the houae No. 29 rWTstreet. Enquire of MR. SMEDES, ,y 1 1 tf 134 Pearl - street Ri.KCEN ORf HANS COURT. Ol the Term or March, 1818. Catharine Schuyler, Administratrix, Jrc. f - ol John A. Scheyler Rule, under Statute, deceased. rpHE court order and direct. That Catharine X Schuyler administratrix oi tne gooes, in - telt and credit! of John A. Schuyler, deeeated, give public notice to the creditor! ofthe decedent to bring in their claimi and demandt against the estate ol the laid decedent, oe or before the first day of May, in the year of our Lord eign - teen hundred aad nineteen, by putting P to that effect in live of the most pubhc pUet m the county of Bergen, for me tpao s oi two months, aad advertising space of time In a newspaper printed "d peb - hsbed ia the state of New - Jersty, andin a newt - per printed and publisbed in the city U New - A true taa scrip from the record. fp 2m ToHS A. BO ID, Pcr'gaU. t t I NO. - tfofar to Tmrem A'tepery and Groeert. OCT License! to Tavern Keepers and Grocers Ironi the Mayor and Commissioner of Excise, will I iued at the Mayor's Office, in the Vr Hall, between the bourt of ten and one o'clock, on the several iaa. tut far ih rfi(Tp. ent wards in succession, in Use order following, on the do do do do 5th May 6lh do 7lh do 8th & 9th do 11th & 12th do 1 - th ti 14th do 15ihfc loth do 18th ti 19tb do 20th do do do do do do 2 1st &22d do nn persons who know of inr nhi.ninn. I. Ktinst the trranlinir r li who now hold tUm, are retpettfully requested SO rive informal inn t flu. hi r: omthe time for grunting them at above - mentioned; aud those gentlemen who have taken pains to investigate this tubject, and consider it of sulhcieut niomeut. are particularly invited to assist in fuiuishiug all the information iu their power. By order, . J. SI DELL, F. M IKANUS M'tiOWAK. No. tt Hy Mar 1. ket. sensible of the verv literal nr..r.... iiient he bat received tinre Lit coimnenceioent in buiinett, and leeling confldeut that no exertions on bit part shall be wautiiur to inerif a enniin. uance, iuforwi his friends and tlie public that no uaiiia vr CilltUte lias DCeU aVOllle.l In nhfktn s stock of the best liquors of every description, i wtLucu on ior ineir purity. Having marie arrumrementi. wii nt rwi.. ton, lor a constant supply of GREKN TURTLE in uirir teason. lie Will be. e.nnhleil tn fnrn ah soup of an excellent quality. A book will he opened for tubscribers to an uaui.Miti, to be on the table every day at ta iiuilu uuuri Rooiut, for pnvnte parties, at a short notice. N. B. Soun. lirei'.Htinli.. llini.i. r )...... i d' i..i . .,r - ' J ' " a"u iicuiuet ai an nuies. ap T3 CHEAP L'A - H Ckof:i,'iiV s ifiur Corner of Grand and Rynder streets, directly . v'i'i: vemrc maraei. AMES P. ANDOf. respectfully informs hit friends and the public in nrJ K i,u. moved from corner ol Broadwav and in. prnenisiana, wnere he tolicilt a continuance of public patronage, and hopet by hit unremit ted exertion! to obtain the beat nf l.innnra :.A ..iI.ub . L - i' . , . .T . wici !. ica iii uia line oi nutiness, thereby to render tlie most perfoct satisfaction. N. B. J. P. A. keens coimtanllv for tala eueral astortineut of first rale Teat, Sugur, Cuf - cr, .jin:t - w, uiquori Ol Ull Kindt, tic UC. Wllicll iii or mi uispoieu oi at a moderate advance, my 2 Im W HEATON'a 1 11.11 iil v'l'lUl'.vi' THE long and successful use of thii ointment it a tutlitient recommendation, at it hat been found to he a nlcataut. sale mwl rxrinin r.. mely for that disogreeable iliteate ia all itt tta - r.m. it i, iur mm in ine cuv m netv - vnrit. iiv A. 44 W. R. Post, No. 41 William - ttreet , f. I.CIaik. No. b5 MaiiUn.l.nnit , II. II Schitfli lin U Co. No. 1J3 Paarl - tlreet i Law - rente Ai K. ese. No. 195 Pearl - ttreet i Hull i owne. 146 iVar I street iH.HI. Minna. Il l Peail - street ; J. M. Bradhurst, 314 Pearl - ttreet j John Penford, No. 4 Flth her - streut I Durvae V roe, in Pearl - streets John C. Morrison, 181) vaicennnii - iireci; joiin r. ruber, iuu llroad - way t Walter At Beainan. rortiei rif f and Broadway, and alto in Chatham - street ; and in short it may be procured ut most of the Drug Stores in lliii. city Also in Philadelphia, of S. Wilherell 4V Sous ; George Harrell , North 44 Ro tters, ana almost an the druggists iu the principal , u n . ii Ik. 1 1 : I . I ' MsrawiiK. i . cnitijnrsulVieV)ub'hc,Tiiare"n at leugth, by the oiuntnm'.o of some friends, so far recovered from his Inte uiislortune by fir, as to have resumed his buaines at No. 18 Wall - street j where he continues to manufacture rnxor siropt n principle invented by lumseii, ana wiucn allowed by all who havo tried tlicm, to excel any thing hitherto known i at they never, by ever so long use, make the edge of tbu raxor round, and the retore render tne use oi any none unnet esaary. The purchaser ueeas oniy a single lesson as to its use. npSil MA A II A TTAA" SCHOOL. MANHATTAN Ftaiale School it at 194 Greenwich - streot : Male cicuool, 14U Chamber - street. Iu theso schools are tauzht all tlie brancbes which constitute a useful and finished education. We forbear to descend to particulars ; to oiler rammmandalions. or to make crcat promises. Our patrons are ltft to judgo oi me moucs oi intlrucliou both moral ana cuiujic vj um ua - provemcut of the icholarv. ap29 JOHA W. PICKKT. miiTaiM disirict or isKW - toaa, St. HE it remembered, I Hal on me secuno nay .,f Anril. in Wm Ibrtv second year of the Inde - .....i. ..... ,.fih. i nitnl stntet ol America, vvu inm Johnson, ofthe taid dutrwit, Imth deKtited in this offi. e the title ol a book, Uie right whereol he cl.ims m author, in the word! ana ngurei ioi lAeteirisv 1n tuvrtf ' Retiorti of raaei adjudged in tlie court of ' av air l . I a.S.v!li. lAlinaAst Chancery ol Isew - 1 ora : ny iuii i Counsellor at Law, vol. II ( containing the cases from January, Ibid, to September, ion, incrav In conformity to the actot tne congress oi me tl.iitrd KL,iei. entitled." Auacl lor the encoa - ... ... ,i rugementcf learning, by tecuriug tlie copiet ol rhnrtt and hooks, to tlie author! ai.d pro prietor! oi tucn copies uuruig iiiciniifi iii and also to an act. entitled, " An act, luppleraeotaryto an act, entitled, an net for thcencnuraguucnioi learnnu;, y ; ..,.r..i - ni uinna. t'liarit ana nonss. mine ui... 7 ' . . - - J . L. n ....... and proptielon oi tucn copiet, uuin.s tm; therein mentiontd, awl extending the lienehls tliereof to the arts of designing, engraving, aud etching aud other print" ." af TV a a Clerk ofthe southern district of New - V ork. api:)4w " HOAR 1)1 a - snim .c.Mil.nM with their families, h VHI Vi M - fc . ......... .. ... I.. r fin - rn aim'le utnt If men, s an oe Hccomiumlated with board and lodjjirig at Mount Vernon Hotel, about five milet from the city ol New York, on tha bank of the East River, and one of the most pleatant utuaiioM ' "'"Jj The rooms are tpacioot and airy, basing a full view of the river; roach house '' Terms liberal, and every attention P'd. y tae p.hhc's humble tervant. DWELL. my 4 1m t.x.ii - a yfc rw VV DUUOIS, beg Imt toinlorui :h public that he has iutt received, per bruuBu: - rhus. and ahiu Georce. front London, a central assortment ol article in trie oinstcai nne, an,ont;t , wtihJi are tome very elegant small Piaao - Fortet, and a particularly eiegaat rote - wood grand cabinet Piano - Forte. Also tlie new invented Metrsnome or patent elf - time beater, with a force assortment of new Music, wbkh lie offen M sale wholesale w retail, oa the most reaiwat1 Urmt. my 8 1st ward 2d do 3d do 4th do 5th do tilts do 7 th do 8th do 9th do lith do in be 1 49 WILLIAM - STREET. PROPOSALS. The ageat of the claie - Primn, wifl receive pmposarsuntillUie 2lsl instant, lor furnishing for one year from the lit of Jeae next, the convicts conhued therein, with the follow ine rations, to be delivered at the 8iut.P rxartn tat Its Contractori cxpente daily, or at inch timet a) aiiaii ueeKreco upon. vu. . . , 18 oi. Cocoa shells, for every 100 rations, 3 pecks Potatoes do do do do 4 quarts Salt, do - do do do 12 do Beans or Peat, do do do 3 ox. Pepper, do do do do l - 21b tailed Fish per man, once a week. 1 gallon Vinegar per 100 rations, do do do 1 - tlb salted prime Pork per man, do do do I lb. Ryt flour do do per day . 6 os. Indian do do do do ' 1 - 2 gill Mclawet do do do do The above to be of food oualirv and annmre4 by the agent, when ikliverrd. Beef it not mee - tiened, the reason of wbkh. the acent will stalav to whumsoevtr may contract. ALibU, PropotaJl will berereiveit. nnti'll Ih Vial fn.l for furnishing the Hotlital department of utid I nton with Medicine, Food, aud Hospital stores, V?if 0ne w Uoai of Juue agr'ea - bly to an act of tlie legislature, concerning the SUte Prison, pasted the 15tk of April 1817. ALSO, Proposals will be received, tor furnishing from two to three Thousand loadt of ttone, suitable lor bwldmg an additional wall to the State Pris - 0B u ALEX. COFFIN, jr. Agent. New York State Prison Office, May 4, 1UI8. niy4dtiu21 BAAK OF AFiy.XORK. dj" The Stockholder! are requested to meet at the bank on TueUy the 12th of May next, to clioote Uiirlccn director for the cntuine; year. The poll will be opened at eleven aVhu - k and dote at three o'clock. By order of the board of directors, CIIAS. WILKES, Cashr. p 28 tMav 13 (rt - Notite it hereby given to tin rt of the West Chetter 1 urnpike lb iie ttoruhuld - ers of the Wett Chetter Turnpike Road Company, that an election will Ih held on the thud Monday of May next, at ten o'clock iu the toft - noon, at tlit house of David Wood, Inn - Keeper, at Mamaronei k, lor the purpose of choosing thirteen Directors for tlie taid company. f rT AOTICK ia hi - riiJiv ifii'Mii ai... . Itoidurt of the AttiH - iatet of the Jersey Coiupa - uj.uiai aiviuemi ubs been declared ol two dollars per shire on the capital stock of the - ...Uanj, aiumi Will Lf paiU Oil Ul Ultl 10 stant, at No. IK I Kroadwuv. HARRY CALDWELL, L, Treasurer. my l 3w MARINE LtbVitANCE. Of The Ollice d the Uniou luturunce Com pany, is now open, at No. 56 Wall sUtet, and applications for Murine Riskt will t. tiva,.l from 10 o'clock A. M. to 3 P. M. my I 2w (tr Meri aiitili - lnauri.iii'. ..i x.Iu. York, Incorporated duruu; dm ! nil fit thim legislature of thil State, hcirur oreanized nml having coiiimewed businesvt luady to rei eiva u'puennou, on marine iiwqsws, at Uiclr omce. No. 43 Wall - ttreet. ' may 4 2w Engineer Ijeii. rin.rui. j Washington, UUi April, lUlil.f fJT Proposals will be received at this IV parlment, until first August next, to furniih by contract From one to six millions of brick '' From one to two millions of cubic foet of bull'. ding stone ' r rom ten thousand to filly thousand bushels of ttone lime. To be delivered m good order at Mobile, Lake. OTtllctfWn. jyW.lUi;'i"'l''i. nd Lake lit - p....u..i. u.'li 1.1... he received for from fitly tn.m. lor I rom one hundred one hundred nud titty masons i and from tw hundred to three hundred lalioreri, to procicd to - Mobile and Louisiana, to r unit rue t buildingi of vnriout detcnptiontat the before mentioned placet. It would he prelerablv to have the masons, coriientert, and laliorert furnished and acompnn ied hy master workmen. Arrangemeuts would made to employ the rsoiit engaged to execute the work, Irure July to Noveuiher, at those positions embraced tn the before nicoiiom - a pit - ces, which bordir upon the Gull ol Mexico Kngsgemrlits would uoi be mnue ior a sooner pe.riod than eight mouths. Satisfactory security . . l . a r... .i.. r.:i.i..l ..r WOUIU oe rrquireu inr iuu taiuiiw - , iw,...,n w. uny contract that may be made. The teiroi tn,u oo which workmanship and labor would be per lormcd, must be il.ted in me P''V j. ii. omr i, Brigadier General and Chief Engineer. Tlie printer! of the Portland Colette, D. M. I the Centinel and Patriot, ItitUm the Evenioi; Post and the Columlnao, ew lora j tne com monwealth, Pittsburgh, lenn. , the reporter, Lexington, Ken.; and the Catctte, New - Orleans, will please to insert the foieguing lor one mouth ond forward tlieir accounts to Uie Engineer I leparliiien "P 1" iNOllCE. ft - r The maslers and nwnen of vessels be longing to the citiea of Albany and Troy, wblt to hire a basin, for a number of years, oa tlie North River tide of tint i itv, lor me accono - dation of IheK vettelt excfosively, for whab a lilierul compensation will be given. I he tunscri her! are a commune a poiuieu wi ua of receiving prt'(M' anie. Aud ine proprirtort ol ine wnaives on site norm jwii are requetieci to nunu sis im ir iromai.:t"i. of the inhtcrihert, slating tlie situation and tlieir teiiuvrcspectivily. , . . . . IS. U. A Bole niiciressrii igiiuiri ui niw srriberi, left at Jorph C. Cooer's, Uat's Be - . a ll .1 at li. a Uliti Belli am, or at it. ti u. iweu s, iwunn eun attended to. New - Yoik, 25th April, 1UJ. IURNUM vvmrri - E, OEOIIOEMOMEAIH, PETER I'ONNELLV. KICHD. H. FITCH, II. HUrH.ELL. GUHDoN GRANT. npl Im iV. Jniuiantt (Jamvanti. tr TheSlockh.ild' - rs are notibed, that tl annual elrs lion for Dire, lort will be held at Hat. Xe, on Tuesday, the Wth day of May next. The poll will on at 12 aad close at 2 o'clock. Iiv order of tha President and Director!, ap 27 P. HOYT, Bec'ry. HEMOVAL. rj7 J A. CUT r W A LDT, bat retaoved Irnea Vo. 4 1 to No. 75 Afaidtn - lant, where be coelm - u to manufacture hu PIANO - FORTES on an entire new and improved couairucUoo, the rctulr. of many yean close application aud study, for. which he now hat obUiotd leitcri patent. ia examinatioa by connoisteurs of umic. he flat ters himself thtil Uiey will meet wiin tneir ap - jirobalino, and writ public patronage and bo fecit proud, that bit piano - fortes have met withy the uuauiatoui approval el tne moti t auneui pro Mon of music v the loikiwin lestimonuus ot which they kindly Lave granted bun, to sweet the public eye : . ' We, the t ubscribers, proessort of an - if, o, that we have onfuily examined Mr. J. a s - :..llwvUl;'a ni - nn.for!et. whieh, iT iiifeaM - ,ty and excellence of workman - v and urufcrsa brilliancy ol looe, we ucrer.7 " , pubhc patro. - c. - ie - r; oiiio ' leta. C Th.Kv.tluCba.lesGdftrt.'' ' - raV TO LLT, on ih same fT'""' KU large and coiouioJu, flora and back rooaa adjmg, w,m or without a frtt cellar. I 2i 1 , . t ' i r r L I!; i U J. ' ' - ! V, " .V ti' t r i t' i v I 1 ft I , : i ,

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