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The Evening Post from New York, New York · Page 4

New York, New York
Issue Date:
Tuesday, May 12, 1818
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4 V iTvr.frnox or MR. Et 6PRANGII. Superior piano teaching trrttoA wiMauf paper, mi, tlait or ptnc'U. mACIITGHAPU X of the KUflNO PE.1, ' J. and ssercantjle hand writing, taught to six! lesson by a peculiar moseumit ol the pe. This m and approved method taught with treat mcccm in LixkJ - w, at the University of . Ctabridge, and receutly at t barlettoo, (3. c.) will enable aav Derm of what em ace, aad not withttaadiris: aav bad habit tbev but bare coa - tracted ta write well, aad with rapidity, after baring received mesa testooe. . - . . Mr. De 8. will receive nunil at bis appart taenia, No. 48 Broad - street, and will attend aay lady or gentleman at their house.. Academies and hoarding schools alto attended. ' .Tbe bett reference can be givea to most res - . pcUblcperonof U.hcity andCairlton,aiit will ne proved oy uie lol lowing :euers. ouiunr olid alility merit of the tystesn can be belt teen la Kt practical result in uwn ocauwui anu , rioM specimens it hat produced, and which may be teen at air. ue s. lescnias; rooms. . . FIRST LETTER. CHARiXSTON. 9th March, 1813. , .' " To tit the. Do Sprongh, 9rR I be leave to inform yoa. that a meeting efthe committee of the German Friendly Socie - tVt school, wat held on tbt 4th irot. to examine the prog rest of the tcholart in writing, who were r placed under your care. It aflbrdi me rent pleasure to eipreti to yon, the unanimous and . uneauivocal approbation of that committee, and , U& suholart committed toyourcharge. 1 here . .it not one who hat not made considerable im - prove events, and mott of whom hire far exceed ed out mott sanguine expectation!. I unite with (he committee in returning yon many thank fur . tli benefit which the tcholart have derived , from your system of writing, and the judicious manner in which they have been made acquaint - " ed with it. , ftetpectually youn, Ate. ' . JOHN BACHMAN, Chairman of the School Committee. ' ' ' 8ECOSDLETTER. New York, 18th April, 1818 ' - Tm OiA Che. De Sb ranch. ', ' S1K From the progress mad by your pupil , in thi city, and that in a very short tune, in the art of writing, I not only unite hi the approbation ' of your manner of teaching, which it expretsed 'lathe preceding letter, but entertain no doubt ' that it it much tuporior to any which hut yet - been introduced among at. It wa not without much hesitation that 1 ac ' ouired confidence enough in your proposal flattering they were, to commit to you the ' tuition uf two boy. My relunce on your pro fettions wa amply repaid by the rapid im - ' Drovement. wh'clu nlthoueh it had not exceed ed that of your other tcholart, mott surpatied my most anucipaiiuns. oh - cctxij, S therefore, do I wish you better nice est Iban you have yet had in New - York, not merely for your own auk , but from a persuasion, that the ..more, raimi, yuur juoae oi instruction tusn i become, the more it will be approved of, as it ' i cannot but greatly diminith Uiu labor and time .which have been heretofore cmpioycu in iuc ; ftcquiition of a jrood liatr.l. I am, air, with great retpect, your obedient oemnt , r U. livi.ngsto.v. ' my 9 6t - ' ' bluosUsuvam: lsd4 toa sals t - . AT AWCTIOK. Off Wadtiexly next, lli 13th intt. at twelve o'clock, t the Toutir Coffee lloute, will - be told 30 anet of valuable land, 7 milet frcru ' the city, lyias; on the eatt tide of tbe road, between Manhattan vilUge and the new mjIuiu now building by the cariomim l .joint on bot.t, it about 3 - 4 of a mile along the road, divided into thrre partt or ioti, eacli with abundnncel of water. The lot next the atylum ha on it one of the finest tprinei or water in the ttate, ' supposed by many to be capable of tupplying the , wett tide oilhit city, beini at hich at the dome of Ht pBu't. Tt.e centre lot hat on it the chain of def - ai - e put ur in tt.o war, und the oue neart! the vill.ii - t. a fii p nit ailow. Termt of tole 1 - 4 cah, or approved indortel notut st J niontha with iMetctt - other puymtnt vvt A, - 4 fM m.t - 1.04 bv Im1 Mltl mort. gac, ioturct tenii - anntially. A man of the uroof itv uinv be teen atthe Aue tion Room, of Wetsn. Hoflman li Clats. Title inditputable. . . my 6 Iw r UOAItWiNG. FOUR or five gent k men with their familict, r, ten or Aiieen tinxl gentlemen, ceo be accodunodated with board and lodging at Mount Vernon Hotel, about fire milet from the city of fiew York, on th iau or the uti Hirer, ami t on of the mot plcntaut tituntiont on the itland. - " The room ar: tpaciout and airy, having a full view of the rivtrtcodch house iind ttsblet Term liberal, and every attention paid, by the . public'! humble servant. - my4lnr ' EZRA CAKDWEIX. ' V Z'VRLED HAIR M.1 XV 'FA C WRY, to L.nauinm - Hirccu FY1HC subscriber . returns his thanks to the I JMm ' DUl'lU. HV UIW IVIUI.I m I rhi profession, and hopes for their future .nnmri. 11a likewise mlbrms them that he has k:. lacturaa xprevfiv kit nsinuir, ou in improro principle t and likewise guarantees the hair old by him to o ire irom any impure smeii, Deiug journeymen. Every inlorruaUon given to stran - wall scoured, boiled and baked, aod being ma - l r. mJ mimn. in linw. who will fxvnr him anv other hair manufactured in America its! Terr texture and elasticity mauor it a saving oi twenty - five per cent to ine purchaser. tviLLiA.u jAWivsuts. I N. B. Merchants and th trade in general will find it to their advantage to call as above. 30 bale of hair in its rough state ; 6 bale oil loni lwrs - tail t 2000 lbs of loos hair drawn 30 Inches clubbed t COO dozen hair siav bottoms, For salt as above. my 5 in RAN AWAY from the lubtcriberon the I7tli inst. a BLACK BOY. namd teler Rut - gen, aged 19 years, Is about 5 feet, 5 inches high, well made, and a pleasant good looking black. He was dressed in a short olive colored Velvet jacket and blue pautaloons Is supposed U o wortuna atmui tome oi ine wnarves in inis city, or harbored by t orn free people of color, Whosoever will bring the said servant to his master, No. 59, Murray street, or will give in - formation where he may be found, shall be liberally rewarded for their trouble. And all per sons are hereby cautioned against harboring or emolovintr said tervaul, a they will. In such case, turject themselves to the utmost rigor of Yorksannual hill ol mortalitv : rase of the l'rin - HauC R. WIIILEY. cess Charlotte of Wales; New - York drnf and apSOir TO BS LEASED, ON favorable terms, for a long term of years, 4 lout of around oa Broadwav. 200 feet t deep, extending to Crosby - street, between Hester and Grand - streets. t lots in Water - street, near Catharine - market 1 lot in Water - street, between Fultoa and Burlioc ilinf. Also, several other lot in the 5th, Ot n, Kin and 10th wards. For particulars, enquire at No. 30, Chatham - street may 8 XXkAaJfmJ B'W t V. W taak 1 JC7 DUBOI3. ir. t - .u TV. that hi llial rw - nUal n.. I : . ti "VTfiWsx m . n;l,,nl irfmomi, a general worm t. Lawrence, assortnvnl of arlii - w. n t'u. n. ....... 1 " .li i. . . - r .r - w . ... uue, aoiongst ad .Particularly eitsant roie - wood erand cabi - net Piano - Foiie. Also ttir new invented Mrronome or nnfwit self - tiii bcitter. with a laree assottmrnt or new wiucn i oners ior sail irholiale or re - .ih me most reasons Die terms, toy 8 Cm STOCK. Ill ponutnea of lh act eoUUed An ad to reeuUte and improve Us finance of the cilj of Albany,' passed March Ulh, 1818, tbe com - miaktrt f tbe Albany city rtocky give notica, that propotal will be received ia'the City of 5. York, by Mjnilert Van Schaick, E. and in th. city of Albany by the Mbtcriber trotil the 15th dav of May next, for tabtcription to stock, out exceeding two hundred nod five thousand dollars, bearing interest at seven per centum per annum, payable eemi - aannally, at oot ol tbe bank in th city of New - York, to nch of the tubscriben u reside south of the city of Albany ; and at one of tbe bankt in the city of Albany, to all other subscribers, on th fint days of May and November; the principal irredeemable no - til tea year niter the date of th certificate to be hereafter istued. The matt amnio fond, rotuutiar of the re ferred rtntt on landt heretofore sola by tbe cor poration: an annual tax of $8000, and all their unsold lands are pledged, until the stock created by the said law is redeemed and paid. The terms mott favorable for the corporation will be accepted, that is to say, the highest turn offered in money, for every one hundred dollars in itock, for tbe whole or inch part of th said ttork, at may not be applied for, by th holder of th securities of the corporation, a preference having boen - given to them by tbe act aJuresaid. 5ubscriptiont to tbe raid itock will be payable at follows : Twenty - five per cent on the first day of June, and th residue in three equal instalment! on the first day of July, Aogutl and Sep tember following, with intereit from the fint of vi ay at seven per cent. . Certificates of the Stock will be delivered on the payment of the intt instalment, bearing interest from the first of May. By order of the Board of Coinmittionert. JOHN BOO ART, Chamberlain. Albany, April S3d, Itilfi. 03 Application! for the above Stock will be received by the tubscriber nt the store of J. k. V. Hone ii Co. the renter of Wall and Tear! street. M. VAN 8CI1A1CK New - York. Ap. S8lh, 1818. p29d2todtMl5 ft ferj pruiiiuuid r nniiii A . v A U M of 1 10 acret, two ihinii under cultivation, the residue wood land, situ ite on the sea ihore, a quarter of a mile below the narrows, on the Statru hltiiid side and a ihort ride from the tleara boat ferry landing. It givet a very exienuve view oi the bay and environ! of New - York, within tbe Narrowi, and ol Sandy Hook and the ocean For roipect is erjUAiied y none, i he title li anquesnonamp. Two thirds of the purchase money may remain secured upon th land. Apply to A. V, O. Foun tain on lue premise!, or to W. A. 6EELY. 143 Grreowich - itreet. TO LET, a conveoiei.t nw t itory home, adjoining the above, with a garden and about an sere oi lanu. t or termi appiy ai aoove. mh 3 rodtf MONT - ALTA. Foriala or to let, the beautiful place failed Mont - Alta, seven miles from the City Hall, on the North fliver, adioiniue lord Cour tenay's. It contain! SO acres ol laud under improvement, wi b a large garden in good condition, a variety of fruit trees, and every conve nience a family may require. For terms, which are reasonable, and if sold a long credit given U wished, apply to ' N. oi V. TALCOTT, np 20 64 South - it. 'JVLKTOH LKsiSE, And pot;i:on riven immtdiatclv, a cuoiiundinus iind pleasantly f'tiiatcd Huure, nt iireenwtui, on tiie nanani me river, nooui i - z mile Irom the City Hall, and a short distance an' ve ti.e statu rnsnn, wim iinnie nnu out nouses There i' attached to it a fine garden with iruit trtt - s, r! rubbery, and pMture ground sufficient for a horse and cow. For particular, F,n - quire of v LOTT t KEAMAN, my 8 lw 6t Watr;r - tr - et. The houe and 5 lots ol eroutid, situate on the corner of Rrdford and Arden ttroets, in the villngeof Greenwich. Tho house n Imije and convenient and built of the best material!, and is every way ealcolMnd lor a genteel family. The lots are 25 leet front and rear, and 100 fret deep. Ir not told at private sale before Die 14th dny of May, they will on that (lay be mid at public auction, at the Tontine Coffee House r or terms enquire oi my 8 61 On the premises. WASHING and MANGLEING, don with care, by Mr. IRESON, No. 71 Cross - street, may 6 Ct IMI'OIITAN P TO THE PUBLIC THE tubscriber bees leave to inform hn friends and the rub ic that he has taken a room atthe corner of FranUlort and Chatham - ii. utui . ...... . . ... UlutiNcr. ur r it." wnere mmuies may ' upiueu wim eervam, y, r,. rjr ur ii.i. servants with places ; icntltinen wishina ser - . .... - . - ... , . . ,t. .;.i. en ( wet nurses with places mechanics with Families, becoming iubscribers, supplied with servants at one dollar ier annum, aim, books posted. Accounts aujuiteu, ra pers of every uescrrtiuon, cornea witn neatness, correctness, and dispatch. Personal attendance, from 5 to 2 o'clock A. M. aud from 3 to 9 o'clock i. M. II flatters himclf that his asridnity and a (ten uon to busuiciv will gain bun a hare ol the pub - lie patronage. my a Im II. I AUKLI tJltl '. M El HC A L REPOSITORY. NO 111 FOURTH VOLVNK ISCW SERIES. CXIX of the collection. 1 CONTENTS: OriirinJ Etwyt - Reflections j oa Fevers ; on the medical character ; on tiie ue 0( salivary Rlunrti ; on fasting. i nmiw. - niw ; oh.hciiuii , nyn,r ris mtof Hippocratts; dissertation on tnlanU Medifoi and Sursica Cnrrtipandave.t.rvt runenti on the liver : mahenunt sporadic lever in Maine; Erysipelas on theeenitals, paraplcgy cured by nun vomica : a vegetable remedy lor rnncer, rWifnre Atmospheric constitution of New dumb institution ; Ihrensic mtxlicine inthecaie ol Abraham Kester ; medical commencement obituarv. Appendix. Translation of Lancisi's work, on marsh emuvia continued. Sold atthe publnherV, 4RC Pearl street at T. J. Swords t C. Wiley it Co. nnd Kirk U Mercein, new iora. my 7 61 WANTED, A GOOD female servant, to do the Cooking and other work of a small family, where is to be no other help. None need apply unlei thev can bring a satisfactory recommendation from their last place ; to surli a one good wages will be paid. Apply at in f ranuim ttreet, my 5 rilHE FRANKLIN FIKE liVbLRANCK X COMPANY have their OOice at No. 41 V all - ttreet ; where thev are ready to receive tPDlicatkHM for Insorance. ine CAiiiAUOiuvaiii nan a piinion or Dollars, is all subscribed aud paid, or satufacto - ruytecBreu' DIRECTORS. Elisha Tihhits. Philip Brastr, Thomas Franklin, James Walsh, Stephen Whitney, Jos. P. M'Kinne, Peret Jones, John Adorns Thoreas Bncklry. 1 II ajr V.:". 1 JU ii . . I nra noorman, John I. Palmer. KLIS'H T1BBITS. PniHcnt. J. WOKTlilNGTON, tee'ry. may 6 ?m 4 - 4, ir - fcHAULS and MUsLIN :B.'US. for sale hr . my 5 MARCH k LOW, 210 Broadway. of TUB BOUJTD STEAM BOAT UXK. 1 be proprietor, with a view of actoiiodalift the public, by extending the line .jlo Norwich, intend making Uic ek:mutiM with the Fulton, Capt. Law, and thi route (if found practicable) will oecontiuued during the season. I be line will ia future be from New - York to Norwich, a follows : Tbe Connecticut, Capt Bunker, will leave New - lork every Mandav, tftdnttdav and fndiy. at 8 o'clock, in the morninr. lor New - Hacn. The Fulton. Capt. Law. will leave AVrtncA at 8 o'ctotk in the morning of the same days, touch at fem - Lndon and depart from thence for .V tte - Havtn at 8 o'clocit. Tbe boat will meet nt Acw iaten, and deuart from thence every Monday, fttdrut day and Friday, at 7 o'clock in the evening the Connecticut for Jftw York, and the Fultoa lor XHev - Liondun and A eimcft. mn 17 1riLLlAM HOOKEK, Ka. Wi Water - it, Y Y corner, of Fulton - street, New - York, bav - . it. i rtnsa? ing received a large tunpiy oi ine real j ii a.i BLACKING, of Day L Martin, 97 High Hoi - born, London, offer the same, in wholesale or retail, for eaportatioo, or home consumption, on termi the most liberal and advantageous to pur chasers. This ineitimahle composition, with half the u lual labor, produces a mct brilliant let black, fully equal to tho biglieit japan varnih ; affords peculiar noariihnient to the leather; it will not toil the Uncut linen ; is penecuy iree irom any unpleasant smell; aud will retain its virtues in any climate. As an incontrovertible proof of the superior excellence of thii blacking, it h'a stood the tert and commanded the most extensive sale in all quarters of the globe, for upwards of half a cen tury. Fehl6 FOURTH STREET NOTICE. NOTICE, i hereby given to all persons interested, that Die Coiniuiitinncrs of estimate and aiMWinrot, appointed by the Supreme Court of Jwlicatura of the state of New - V or k. to per form certain duties relative to the opening of Fourth - street from the liowery road to tiie sixth avenue, in the eighth ward of the said city, have completed theireitimata and assessment as well of the lots and damage sustained over end above the benefit aud advantage received rv the own ers of the land and premises required lor tbe laid iniprotement, si also of the benefit and advantage received by the owners and parties interested of and in the lands and premises not re - auired for the said improvement, and that we le laid Commiiiionert have deposited a true copy of tuch ettimate nnd niesment in the Clerks office of (he city of New - York, for the inspection of whomsoever it may concern. And notice Is hereby given to all persons interested that the report of the Commissioners of estimate aud assessment will be prerentcd to the Supreme Court of Judicature of the state of New - York, at the city hall of the city of New - York, on Friday the 15th day of May next, at the opening of the Court on that day, or as soon thereafter hi coun - lei can be beard thereon. Dated, this 29th day April, 1818. rfcil tK. IHVYtS, I PETER 8TAGG, V Commisiionert. JOHN TA KG EE. ap?9 14t JV LKT, , For one or more rears, Uie fnllowinx Houses at Hanenville, near the five mile stone, BloomiiiKUaic road. A iiUatautly situated and convenient two story Ilouse Hnd Stable, with a Garden and four a - cresofland. Also A pleasantly situated and convenient two utory Ilouse and btablc, with a large Garden nnd thri f acres of land, both of the above places are well stocked with different kinds of choice Fruit - trees. Also A nleaiantlv situated and convenient two story Houte, with a Stable and two acres of land. For further particulars enquire or JACOB HAR8E.V, ap28 Ira Near the premises, yA TO hk.T, sjyj From the first of May next, the two 3 story brick Houries, No. 492 and 494 Green - wit h - tt. in excellent repair, with or without stable in the rear, and will be let on very reasonable term. Alto, to Let or Lease, from lit May next, a very convenient Dwelling.IIoute, opposite Love lane, near the 2 - mile (tone, Bowery, at present occupied by Professor Adrain. It U well adapted for one or two families, having two kitchens, 8 rooms, pantries, vaults, a sta - Me and coach house, a well of good water, and two cisterns. Tbe garden is very large, and well stocked wHh fruit trees and shrubbery, and may be taken possession of immediately For termt, apply to HALsEY & COS MAN, 31 Old - slip, or to CEO. G OS MAN, np 20 496 Greenwich - street Lre. OftA'IRICK Ht - ARY, By Win. Wirt, Esu. 4 00. TIIE publisher deems it uunecetsary to say any thing in favor of the merit of this work, contenting himself with mentioning that the first edition of 2500 copies were all disposed of in a few months. The 2d imiroved edition for sale by ROB. M'DERMUT, ap 25 3w 222 Ptnrl - tL PROSPECTUS for rcti.isnmo viv ecBscRirTiotr A MAP OF MEXICO AND LOUISIANA. TMIE publication of this Map has been undertaken with the impression, that it will ex hibit information, highly interesting at this eventful crisis , and the valuable Maps which the author has procured, durinjt his Severn! tours throust aiexicn. in ine vear ihihi. ihiiy. ikiz. ihij. 1815, 1816, and 1817. induce bim to heleive that the Map, with even all its imperfection, will be murn tne most perfect wiucn nas appeared ne - lore ine punuc. I his Map will contain Uie latest and best in lorroalion Irom Uie ditcovenes and possessions of the American, Spanish, Rutiittn, British and r rench travellers and navieaton and repreten ting the claim of their respective governmentt on the Northwestern coatt of America. The Map will include that portion of North America, which liet bttwren Uie Isthmus of Da - rien, and the4llth derree of North Latitude, and iroru the Mismsiippi luver westwardly to tiie Pacific Ocean. In site the Map will he about six bv five feet. and will be projected on a seal of 40 milet to the inch, to t delivered to the iubscribers at til - teen dollars ach. Natches, March?, 1013. ap7tAul ftTEl t X)R SALE OR TO LEASE. r,L Lotsiothe5. 6. 8. and 10 Wards: many ol which are oa regulated and peved street. .No money win oe required under ten years, ir sold, uieresi excepted, HOUSES. Several two and three ttory houses, on which a great pari oi the money remain cn mortgage. LANDING AT RED HOOK. An excellent stand for basinets, with ten acres of land, pleasantly situated, with a wharf, storehouse and barn. COTTON nd WOOLEN MANUFACTORY, . Near New - Haven, with 40 acres cf land, nui a never failint; stresra. upon which 'it roillsmey be erected, with a sudicicncy of waterier. r!u A p ply at N o. 2 Greeow ich - slrct L jaa U tf ILEPHANTOIUSEALSWNS PEARL. - A The cargo of the ship Sea - Fox, consistm of tea elephant oil, fur and hair sal skin?, and motker of pearl, is now landing at TownsandS wharf, and for silt In lots to tnit purchastra, by J. BYERS; or, E. FANNING, my 1 tf No. 29 BarUnj - ilip. XXWBVAt ndcA - AimIf.CAaiAlHTOK' TBRCB TIMS A W.BKK. . - . - .v - r EAVES New - urgheva - 1L rr Sunday, Tuesday, . f and 1 bursday Mornings, at - r - . - , r mt tbif o'clock, runs through Montgoiacry, Bloominghurgh, Monticello, by While Lake, Coshecton, Mount Pleasant, Great Bend, Chenango Point, Owega, Ithica, and Geneva. tfCanandoigua. u Returning leave Canandaigua every Monday, Wednesday and Friday morning at three o'clock, and arrive at Newburgh, he third day in time to take the Steam - boaU which rrive in New - York, the following moniinf:. (? It may be trpttttd that at all timet when the ittam - beati alter their dayt of running, that Ihit line mil alter to at to meet litem. The whole route will be Dcrfomed in three day, from the first of May, until the first of November and from the first oi r,ovcmoer until the fifteenth of December, and from the fifteenth of March until the first of May, in four day and from the 15th December, un til the fifteenth of March the ame line will be continued to the city of New - York and run from thence to Cwianilaigna in four days. Passenger travelling from New - York to Canandaigua, Niagara or Buffalo, can leave N. York in tiie evening steam - boat, and arrive in Canandaigua in three day a distance of three hundred miles. The line ia well furnished with good, new carriages ; good horses, and careful and experienced driver ' Every attention will be paid to render the passage of th e traveller safe, easy and expeditious i and it is believed that the accommodations on this line are equal to any line in the state. ffj FAKE fitim Newburgh to Canandaigua FOURTEEN DOLLARS. N. U. A branch of the same line runt three times a week from Ithaca to Auburn. Alto, a line runs from Owego Tioga Point; thence through Newtown and Painted Post, to Balli, ke. V BAGGAGE, a usual, at tbe risk of the owners. David Godfrey, Bloomingburgh, J K. C SI. John. Mount 1'lL - asaut. I L. & R. Manning, Chenango, LProprie - Luther Gere, llhica, I tors. Painuel Greenlifl, Geneva, Oliver t'helps, Laming, mh 14 d6ui VALUABLE REHL ESTATE FOR SALE, IS THIS CITY Or MEW - YORK. tjMVE lots of ground on the west side nf Green - 1 wich - street, between Vestry aud Desbro - tes - streels, 25 by 80. f our do in the rear or Uie above, fronting on the east side or Washington - street, 25 by 80. Eight do in the block below, between Washington and VVeit - streets. In Montgomery County. 6000 acres of Land in Lawrence's purchase. near East Canada Crctk, on the north side oi tbe Mohawk. In Franklin County. 15.163 ft. - rei of Land, in the towns of Mount Morris and Dayton. in rtsex county. 7C32 acre of Land in the town of Barrymore. In the County of Lewis. 1250 acre of land in Castcrlaud, Chatsanis Purchase. In Saratoga County. 2600 acres in Palmer's purchase. Enquire at the office of Uie subscriber, 34 Ce dar - street. DEV. ROBINSON'. mh 17 tf INIJlGLSriON, on isUUR blO.WACH, S acknowledged by medical writer to be a complaint ol stubborn kind, and at all limes very difficult of cure. This it sufficiently illus trated in the disappointment of those who unfor tunately tuner under it, asuiey, lortne most pan, find that after having tried many things to little or no purpose, they are at last oulked to use (lor pernaps tne reniaui'ter oi niel sucn articles as can at best but palliate the disease. Under such circumstances, any medicine capable of removing the complaint, must surely be an article highly deserving the attention of all those who are afflicted with it ; inch a combination is to he met with in DR. MEAD'S ANTl - DYSEP - TIC or STOMACH PILLS the tucceti of which hat never vet been equalled, for the cure of dyspepsia ia it most complicated form, such as loss ol appetito, naujea, heart Durn, llatulen - cy. knawiog psin in tiie stomach, pain in the side, great costiveness, paleoett ia the counte nance, languor, lowneit Ol spirits, pain in tne head, virtigo or giddiness, and disturbed sleep. Whoever applies these pills in the a hove disease, according to the directions, will never be disappointed, a they have never been once known to rail in producing a radical nnd permanent cure. The use of single box will couvincc the most unbclievinc of their efficacy. They will most effectually remove all sourness of the stomach, not merely by neutralising the acid, but by cor recting tnui ruorind state ol tne secretions which gives rise to it, and at the tame time will restore to the debilitated organs of digestion, that tone and vigour which is absolutely necessary to the well being of the animal economy. Price one dollar per box. For sale by juuj u. muKi;isu., urugeist, No. 1UI1 Greenwich - street. Where may be had. wholesale and retail, a large and general assortment of genuine Drugs and Medicines ; Surgeons Instrument!: Apothe cary 'i G last - Ware ; English and American Pa - lent medicines. Also, Llyer's and r uller'i articles, Medicint Chests, fee. On liberal termt. mn ii vra i R. DE AiNGELlS, formerly practitioner of mr iticuiuiiic in ine miiiiarv unvmiaii in nun. let, and admitted a member of the Medical Society of New - York, where he hat resided since tne year 17UU, and hit reputation and tuccess in practice, is now established in the knowledge of the public by near 20 yean exierience, continues to be consulted at his office. No. 222 Water. street, opposite Crane wharf. ia ruieumatic and Venereal cases Dr. De An - gelis has been wonderfully successful ; and the most terrible effects of those disorders have lr. quently .been cured by him in a short space of ..... :.l a : T .i u jic milium lucouvenience 10 ine patient. Obstructions, ulcers in the throat aod palate, stiffness of tbe joints, pains in the limbs, eruptions oi uie ticin, torcther with a numerous train of evils, anting rrom neglect or improperly treatin - v. uiiiaiiuimiuiii ui luaiuuicB, uaie t;iven way to bit mode uf treatment in an almost incredible minner. Ili extraordinary success it. inmrrai measure attributable to hit well known Anti rheumatic and Anti - stphilic Syrups, which, whilst they eradicate every form of disease, rea - wit ...n c.nn. .ana, auL - ui iu vigor, and health, p IB I m LEE'S ITCI1 0AT.VAT. WARRANTED an infallible remedy atone application, may be used with 'perfect safety on infants a wetik old, not containing a particle ol mercury ,cr any dangerous ingredient whatever, and not accompanied wiUi that offensive smell whkh attends the application of other remedies. The above medicines are prepared an1 sold at I.EE'3 Medicine 8tore, No. 46 Maideo - Lane. vid sold by S. CARLE, cornet of Fultoa and Water - rt reels. Druggirts and Country store - keepers supplied on unera i icnni. jjm go, f5i frR SALE, JiU A hoore and farm on Throg's Neck, in the town and county of Westchester, fourteen nines irons isew - Yorlc. The rami contain a - hout one hundred acre of excellent land is good tciirn, a Iar,je bins and oilier convenient ot - lisiUl.ns. a good boase two dories high, with foor rooms on each tJoor, elegantly situated on the banks of the Eatt River ; the rituatioa uncommonly healthy j the neighbourliood Uit most respectable ; abundance of Iruit oi the best selection ; scale nnd stiei: 6h in g'.t variety taken before the Passe. Fur furtlicr inrormation aiiply tothe subsenbemn th premie. STEPHEN B. HOFFMAN, my 1 lot . . . LROOKLXJC, FLATBUSII, and BATH - 'STAGE. JOHN HUNTER, lias mmeuced running a stage between Brooklyn, Flatbuah ml bkiu, under the following regulations i Tbe Stage will leave the house uf Simon Voorhis, in Flatbusb, every morning precisely at 8 o'clock, and arrive at Brooklyn so a to start from Hunter's Hotel (neae the Steam - Boat Ferry) at 10 o'clock, for Flatbush and Bath i leave Bath at half past 3 o'clock for Flalbusb ; from whence it will depart at 5 o'clock for Brooklyn, and return to Flatbush at half past 6. The subscriber returns his thank to hit friends and tbe public for past favours, and solicits a continuance. He has provided an excellent and commodious stage, with good bones and careful driver ; and will use hii best endeavour! to satisfy those who may favour him with their cuMom. JOHN HUNTER. N. B. Horses for the saddle or harness will be furuithed at tbe shortest notice. Brooklyn, May 9, IHIil. may 9 Iw QPOR HALE, A very valuable FARM, near Eliza - bethtown, in New - Jersey, containing 109 acres, with every improvement necessary for a farm. Will be sold very reasonable, and the terms made accommodating; or will be exchanged for porperty in New - Toik. Possession may be had ut any time. J, H. LAWRENCE, ap 17 3tawlm . No. 55 Pine - street. HORSE FOR SALE. A PLEASANT saddle Horse will be sold cheap by a gentleman about to leave town. Apply at this office. ny 4 E. HheppurdU icett of Enigluttd elota, Kc. A FEW caset of extra superfine cloths and single catsimeres of Saxony wool Alto, a few cases of superfine cloths of lower quality, calculated for tbe country trade, just received from the manufactory at Uley in England. Likewise, 1 case of rest patterns, from Rest - vin Si Bedford'! manufactory, London. Orders will be received by the tubscriber for goodi from either of the above manufactories. J. li. LAURENCE K CO. my 6 2w No. 55 Pine - street. COLUMBIAN PICTURE GALLERY, 146 FCLTOK - STRKKT, (Ross's Buildings, near Broadway.) To connoisseurs nnd aniatiura of the Fine Artt, and to the enlightened public of Nt w - York. rnHE proprietor of an extensive collection of L pictures, the works of the most eminent painters, having just arrived from Kurope, where be has purchased them from the cabinets ol Rome, Naples, Florence, Paris, Amsterdam and London, at a very considerable, ex pence, proposes to exhibit Oiem to the ladies aod gentlemen of this city aod iu vicinity. The exhibition will begin on Thursday, 16th of April. It will he far superior to any at yet offered in the U. States, the picture! being undoubtedly original! consisting of upwards OI2U0 pictures, by the best mat - ten. Aiknitsion 50 ccntt each, or one dollar per month. Hours from lOiuthe morning to seven in the evening. Catalogue may be had at the Gallery. TO LET, The (tore CI Fultco - ttreet. Enquire on the premise. ap 4 5vv II V DE - PA Khl INa l'l l'U ITO.N. A SELECT and private Classical School it established at Hyde Park, Dutchess county, state ol'New - York, under tbe direction and iustructiou of BENJAMIN ALLEN, L. L. D. The institution is designed to uoitc with a classical and English Education, the modern languages. Tbe classical course will comprise Uie Latin and Greek Languages, Ancient History and Geography, Mythology, Koman and Grecian Antiquities. The English course will comprise F.nglith G rammer. Elocution, Elements of History, Rhe - torick. Geography, Penmanship, elementary and practical Mathematics, and tiie outline! of Natural Philosophy. Mcdtrn Language! will comprise the French, Spanish and Italian. Moral and relitrious instruction will be atten ded to, nt youth it the mott proper time to inculcate and fix those principles of virtue aud piety, which ought to direct and influence tbe conduct of future life. The pupils of the Institution will be member! of Uie Principal's family, and under his immedi ate care and covernmeut Particular attention will be paid to their moralt and manners. The gorenimtnt will be strict, but mild and parentalits aim shall be to give habits of order aud industry, and inspire a generous emulation. i ne institution w lis De lurmsnen wim a uiura - ry, Maps, Globes, and select Philosophical Apparatus, the nte of which the pupils will he taught, and made familiar with the most import ant and striking experiments in natural V hiloso - phy. These will be considered as rewards of good conduct and attention to study, and con stitute one oi tne most interesting sources oi a - museoient and recreation. It ii known from ex perience that much useful knowledge inav be thus incidentally communicated. Tbe termt are three hundred dollars per annum, payable quarterly washing included. Classical students who study the modern lan guages, will be charged 10 dollars per quarter extra for the same. The ttudeot find their beds and bedding. Tbe number of students is limited. Gentle men tlierctore who are desirous of niacins their tons in the institution, will please to make an early amplication. All letters relative to the institution, address - I,. . 1. - I : l LI a. Jm. I - - I - II... ... rU IV UIU BUUH.IIIIUI JJV'IC A HO Willi Dutchess County N. Y. will be promptly attend ed to. CKJAVll AUuKH. The summer term wil1 commence on the 20th, of May, my5 5w BE AVER HATS. JOHN FORD has just received and it now opening a large assortment of London and . - i, r . - r.i ! American neaven, vwnur., ivorems, ana vuii - dren't Hat ; nil of which he it now offering lor tale at hit wholesale and retail Hat Store, No. 17 Maiden - lane. an 14 1m WANTED, A snuf house at Brooklyn, or in the up per part of thii city, in exchange for a place at Bloominsrdale, containing about five acret of around : on which is a house very pleasantly til unted, commanding a line view oi tne Hudson, with convenient out - buildines, well, tic. Mer chandise, stocks, or a staunch vessel, between 50 and 80 ton would not be objected to. Ap - ply at 3J ftoutn - streei. my iw FKEftCH lOlilOiS. JB. DESEZE respectfully informs the pub . he. that he continue to teach French, ac cording to the principle! ol the r rench academy at hi house No. 290 Greenwich street, between Keedand Dnar.e, where scholars may, through out the day, be attended in classes or individual, y. lie mso Lives st ssons in sown so sucn laaies or gentlemen as may find it more convenient to be attended at their own house. Translations from different languages done with accuracy and oei!n. N. B An elegant room to let, with or with oat the privilegs ol boarding with the family apply as above. my a lw A FRENCH LADY, who speaks and writes equally well the French and English languages, is expert with her needle and hat other useful acquirements, wishes a place as teacher in an established academy, oral instructress in a private family tbe latter would be preferred SVisfarfocy reference! will be given Enquire at thii office, or address to Mn. E. B. Post - otfice, New - York. may 8 lw To lit! ftr one or more yeart, Tbe lollowine hoiivi bouse No. 994 Brutd sy, two doers above Wathington Hall, witii a coach boose in the rear if required Also, a three story brick hou - e No 4t5, in said street. Also, a new sud genteel two story brick house, corner Lispeoard and Church - i'reett, the t"rrt moderate. For furtlitr particulari, apply at4l5Lroadway. BibJS tf rr - re r - - i A ilsct.slrg pablie kaow ae - w to duttogau, twenhiiurthHiff.. i"el DOCTOR HORNE, former, of the city of Lrdot, m number of the faculty of Lhvsi. - andsorgeryadaeiwit& y to repeat some ooservatioo, rath, indiscriminate, u,d uaor.i Bed nu sharer k - . i Hla. tiverfinflai'TTr the darlina: of hi. iuiuZ7 .' 4.. VI way from all the p,ricud TajmSS by tte consequence, of one v - jU aud by a disease not in iU ownVure faW? which only proves so from reelect iT ' treaUncnt.'S A gJleSapfi Dr iKP't Uent) now perfectly hearty and well, hid k? under phytician of general practice. Mdrepeatedlyilivat,d; whwii lr. II. (by a gentleman of this city) hh ,hU were canous, and his tlcsh dtonuoKlrlmih his friends declared he roold noVpcibi rurf" t wo months longer. Thoutand. nmrfLSSW know with what ease and safety tf cates the severert case, and cocWi'lh.,'8' tution. The liter's i.lan (adJBc?", cewary to guard the public against the Vr l mercury, and otlw fatal delusions, el Persor.,, therefore, having c,CteV . h;7 vate disorder, or inspecting latent nois admonisliednot to tamper with theircnfjuV tion, or conceal the ditorder, td wut 2 ry ; others having the leuaint of i7oH'' or other impuntiu of the blood, at well ? er complaint of a delicate uatare. i. sex. should remember posterity. mA J?. ..'' to their conscieacts.'by miiJr.t to Dr. II. at hi. old ind K - dfc, lishment. No. 64 Water - street, fttus If.t of Old - jfip, to obtain that prompt UHitaace. lone calculated to prevent disclosure. And let me claim your suious attention RmenVhl! a superficial cure it no cure at all ; unless ihttZ sinensis radically 'done, you will certauil, hi the disorder break out again with redoubled ,? ignity, at some future period ; peihap, then wdl be loo late for remedy. Don't you often me u the ttrectt alterable, mutilated beints. wiiT even a bit of note oo their face .' Takevnl I beseech you. '""wanunj, Dr. IPs. character for skill and stubborn hit., grity being universalir known in thii city. iin I B04, guarantee to ptftient that delicacy and st. crecy hitherto unknowu, and having confined Lis practice for years past, exclusively to Uie cureol dist aset of Uie blood tyitem. they may laftlvcal. culate on tiie most decided aavaotaeet in cos lulting Dr. H. , Glectt eradicated in twe or three weeki Stricturet removed without hougiet or any oth er instrument ; and all debilities Jikenis U old ulcerations, fistula' tic. A plurality of offices are provided, and so sits, ated that patients sr not exposed toeach other1! observation. Open till hah" past 9 in the eveuin All persons concerned are invited to l r. ''. calling, and tpeakicg with Dr. H. whicli it tre. of cost. And here Uie IJoctor cannot avoid tbt spreision of gratitude for innumerable rerom - mtndulions, aud lor the decided prclcrears (it it presumed with just cause) long given him by a judicious public. . , N. B. All letters must he post paid. Dr. Buchanan. Aug 47 1v JVMTHER HVAt'K ERY JYUR tjdtOSl - - Tkll. EVANS' supiiof J. method ofcuring a certain Disease, i.nowHiiiver. sally acknowli dgd in this city ; his mode of treatment is perfectly mild, safe. ei peuuioui. and lui ciiargi a reasonable. In every u stance he warrant a cure, and will return the pay if lit (loet Dot perform mrri.iihla tto contract. lliere are many persons in this cilv and ita vl. cinity, laboring under variosit chronic diseates, tucn a ennren, uiu invcierauj uicers, scroiuia or Kings evil, niiuinti aiteases or uie uretnra, bladder and kidnies, old complicAted complaints of a certain nature, bilious and other obstructions, rlieumatism, vc. which they consider iatt - ruble, they can certainly be cured. fbi general) hyapplymgatr.c.vAi'ss'a meaicaj btore. No, 9. Peck - slip, having practised in extebsiva hospitals in Europe lit years, under some of the first Burgeon aod Physicians in tbe world, aid made those obstinate disease hi constant study for 30 years. Oct It rr7 Th ubscribcr bavins recently returned from England with an important improvement oa the artificial sprinz LEG, he taket thi method of informing hit friends and the public, that all those who are so unlortunate a to be in want of a leg, or arm, they can be accommodated by ap. plying at No. 77 Barclay - street, New - York. Jan 22 WM. PURVIS. fc7 - WHEATON DA VIS, Fancy Chair Manufac turers. No. 153 Fulton - street, opiiosile St. Psult Church offer for tale, wholesale and retail, a large and elegant at. soiiment of Curld Maplt, plain painted and ornamented in gold h bronze. Bamboo, Plain and Gilt Balls, Rocking, Sewing, and Con venation Chain. Sofas. Settee. Lriunsees, Music Stools, - tVc. uruers irom any pan ot tnecontinentexecaieo with neatness and dispatch. Old Chairs repaired, painted and ornamented. mh9 JVF.WDnESSLYaROOM. AFRUMEATO, No. I Wall - itreet, Just r - . turned frotnltalr. has the honour to inform the gentlemen, UiM he cut and dresses hair i tbe latest ttyle, and in a marner so as to adojit it to the phiiiognomy. lie has for isle acsanti - tyofKAZOKS efthe brtt quality, ii ""J"" not please on trial, the purchasers sie at TlJ to return tlit m, nnd receive the money. H ha likewise procured a very line iione, ano ens - 'sr; to restore razors to a very keen edge and tboe.d they not cut he will receive no recompence. Those gentlemen who rosy please to honor mm wilh their patrrngr, may depend oo the particular and respectful attendance. ' N. II. Gentlemen who tubscribe by the quarter will have their razors, ic. kept exclusively lor themselves. . P. S. A good journeyman wanted. APP.1 as ahnve. rnh 6 tf riii Til. .14 hslM iew Orleans, tor sale UhT - LE ROY, BAYARD it CO. , ap30 . , ;tS A three - story bnex home, oppowi" " park in Duaoe, snd next to tne corner n son - street. Enquire at No. t Green wick - ttreet. my 7 NEW - YORK : PRIXTED AtfD PUBLISHED MICHAEL BUPyHAM CO. No. 43 Wii.i.iAW - iTaiiT orrosiTB tb Bamk CorrBR - Hoota. enj - e. The disease we h.iurw sMaj BAjn auUIDlLIIY WWimVT H m SS I s smijI ..a ms as, iuww miui ii :t nnnsvsi r.i ...

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