Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa on April 10, 1936 · Page 9
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Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa · Page 9

Mason City, Iowa
Issue Date:
Friday, April 10, 1936
Page 9
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MASON CITY GLOBE-GAZETTE. APRIL 10 1936 201,000 WILL SEE MAJORS OPEN ON TUESDAY POLO GROUND TO SEE OLD BATTLE AND BEST CROWD Cincinnati, Cleveland Look for Sellouts as Leagues Open Summer Runs. NEW YORK, (.«--With capacity crowds anticipated at three oj the eight opening day games, major league club officials estimate that approximately 201,000 persons will see the games get away next Tuesday. The old feud between the Dodgers and the Giants in the Polo grounds will probably bring the largest crowd of the day. All reserved seats have been sold and it looks as if there will be 58,000 in the stands with any sort of break in the weather. The Reds-Pirates game in Cincinnati and the Tigers-Indians battle in Cleveland are the other probable sellouts. More than 25,000 reserved seats have already been sold in Cincinnati, leaving only 8,000 more to go. The capacity of the Cleveland park is 25,000. Being the nominal No. I ball tosser of the nation, President Roosevelt, after a short spring training trip in the south, will be on hand to help the Senators play host to the New York Yankees, But even this spectacle has given no evidence of a sellout. Only 20,000, or 12,000 less than capacity, are expected. One of the most interesting spectacles of the day, Connie Mack's visit with the Atliletics of the present to play against the Athletics of the past, now the Boston Red Sox figures to draw about 20,000, which is 5,000 more than the other Boston team is likely to play before in its game against the Phillies in Phila delphia. Upper Iowa to Open With Wartburg, Drop Cyclones FAYETTE--The Upper lowa-Iowi State baseball game, scheduled fo, Friday this week, has been can celed because of cold weather am the unsatisfactory condition of the "Upper Iowa diamond. Because of inability of Iowa Stat officials to arrange another date the game will not be played later The cancellation leaves the gam with Wartburg college of Waverly April' 2iy as^the first game on' th Peacock card. Games are sti pending with Columbia, Penn, Cen tral, Buena Vista and W«sterr Union. Eager Youngsters Ready to Start U. S. Davis Cup Campaign Chicago Clubs to Play Early-Season Contest CHICAGO, UP)--Taking up wher they left off in Los Angeles la; month, the Chicago Cubs, Nationa league champions, and the Chicag White Sox will open their thre game city series at Comiskey park weather permitting. The Cubs won two of the thre games played early in the sprin training season, but Manager Jim my Dykes was confident that Pitch er Johnny Whitehead would eve the series. Bill Lee will pitch for the Cubs E AZETTE RTS -OUT OF THE PRESSBOX Iowa Athlete Migrates to National Champions Odds and Ends . . . HOW MANY basketball fans rec- gnized Duane Swanson of the Uni- ersal Pictures basketball squad? He's the same Duane Swanson who ·nade the spoils pages a couple of year ago when he headed from the Jniversity of Iowa to Southern California . . . with Bud Froning, former Webster City high school star . and caused a few angry words o pass between coaches and author- ties of the two schools. Swanson stayed on the coast when the pair was refused admission at the Troan school, and joined the Universal squad . . . now he's headed to the Olympics, with the national cham- lionship safely tucked away by his .earn. Froning carne back to Iowa, and when last heard of was playing with the Center Point Merchants . one of those handy small-town outfits . . . of which Iowa has plenty- * # * Moundsman Ed Linke of the Senators carries in his hip pocket a chemically treated heating pad. Be- ;ween pitches he rubs it with his land. The gadget is devised as a remedy for numbness of the fingers which Linke has been suffering for several years. Great idea, if it works. Ed should patent his idea and sell it to ball clubs. Think how glad Casey Stengel, manager of the Dodgers, would be to get some of the little anti- numbness pads, to be placed under the caps of the Brooklyn athletes. * * # Of the 100 or more stars of the movies who followed the ponies north from Santa Anita to Tanforan. one of the most successful hunch players was Zazu Pitts.. . . but most of her profits went for "also-rans to which she was tipped by "smart money" people . . . From North Beach, the San Francisco ditrict which produced Joe Di Maggio, Frank Crosetti and Tony Lazzeri of the Yankees, comes Henry Ang-elo Luisetti, hailed as one of the greatest basketballers seen in years . . . a sophomore, he led the Pacific Coast conference in scoring with 172 points in 13 games. * * * Earl Sheely, former major league first baseman, is coaching baseball at St. Mary's college (California) which produced Duffy Lewis, Harry Hooper, etc. . . . and has a potential major leaguer in Fran Kelleher, third baseman . . . Kelleher would go to the Red Sox, since Sheely is scouting for the Boston now with the Giants . . . Whitchead and Dean were close friends while Cardinal teammates. * * * Cy -Perkins, coach of the Tigers, has been in five world series without having his name in a world series box score . . . but he received a player's full share each time . . . . Joe Lynch, former world's bantamweight champion, is a boxing judge in N'Yawk . . . The baseball spring training season begins April 10 in club. (Note to Jim Mulcahy now we know who Sheely isj. Johnny Layton, star cushion billiards, was of three blind for more than two years as a result of a powder explosion in St. Louis in 1905. . . . Bowling is not an Olympic sport, but Uncle Joe Thum of New York City is taking over a team of Americans to bowl against representatives of several European countries July 22 to 26 ~-~" Dizzy Dean has a coal-black Scotty dog he calls "Whitey" after Burgess Whitehead, former Cardinals' infielder, Elmira, N. Y. , under direction of ye olde rabbit, Maranville. * * * Joe Louis recently took a year's lease on an apartment in Chicago. . . . More than 1,500,000 balls are rolled during an American Bowling congress, such as that in progress in Indianapolis . . . Wayne Osborne, Dodger pitching rookie, may be another "Three-fingered" Brown . . . when he was a tot, he tossed a dynamite cap into the kitchen stove in his home in Watsonville, Cal. . . . the blast tore the first joint off the index finger of his right hand and flattened his thumb a natural "sailer" ball. he throws Andy Pilney of Notre Dame football fame, hopes to land a job with the Cubs . . . they say he hits from town to town ... Consider Carl Fischer, southpaw of the White Sox, who might have entered the Hall of Fame last year with a no-hit game but for one dinky single by Ossie Bluege of the Senators . . . now Carl is back in the minors, with the Kansas City Blues. Boston Clubs to Start Three-Game City Sera BOSTON, (JP--The "million dollar" Red Sox and the renovated Bees, formerly the Braves, attracted Boston's baseball fans to National league park here. The Hub's representatives in the American and National leagues were scheduled to meet in the first of a three game inter city series. Joe Cronin planned to start Wes Ferrell, Sox pitching ace, and Danny MacFayden won the Bees' pitching assignment from Bill McKechnie. Senators, Phils to Take . Field for Early Contest WASHINGTON, OP)--The Senators and Phillies meet. Manager Bucky Harris of the Nats has been complaining about the weather holding up batting practice, for a week, but laughed off other complaints. Ed Linke and Jimmy Deshong will pitch. George Watkins of the Phillies was celebrating his third homerun in three days. Night Game Voted Out as Forest City Squad Plans for New Season FOREST CITY--The Forest City ~.\ Collegian baseball team is being reorganized this week. There will be no night baseball this season, as the plan has been found to be too expensive. Many who played with the team last summer will join the club again this season. MAT STUNTS ARE OUT OF PROGRAM Wrestlers (Not Rasslers) See Action Here---Until Last Few Minutes of Bout. Olaf Gregerson's knee driven into Leo Alexander's stomach in the third fall of their match Thursday night spoiled the first wrestling (not 'rassling) exhibition to be seen at the armory in many a moon. Until Gregerson began roughing and resorting to Texas rule methods, the match had been a fine exhibition, wrestled at a furious pace. Alexander, former Notre Dame mat coach, won two out of three falls from the portly Dane. Through most of the match he was ahead, being too fast for Gregerson to catch. When the Dane got a hold on Alexander the Notre Dame man would break it with eel-like maneuvers, squirming and twisting himself free. Alex Plays Rough, Too. A tortuous body scissors clamped on by Alexander caused Gregerson to give up 20 minutes after the match started. Gregerson won the second fall with a headlock and body press, .the only time during the entire match that he looked impres- re. Ola$ began playing rough in the last part of the match but Alexander equaled him at that style of the mat game also, tossing the Dane out of the ring and winning after minutes with a figure four scissors. What practically amounted to an exhibition of the big man's strength saw the Cardiff Giant toy with Rollie Anderson and end the uneven match in 4 minutes. The massive Giant, appearing with a black foliage on his face, strongly resembled Man Mountain Dean in appearance. The end came in an unusual manner. Too Much to Handle. The Cardiff Giant had leaped at Anderson and missed, dazing himself as he shook the ring with his 365 pounds; Anderson quickly grasped the huge bulk and hoisted him up, apparently attempting an airplane spin, but the 365 pounds were too much for him to support and he fer to the canvas, with the pachyderm falling upon him to win by a body press. John Evko of Chicago won from John Podubny of Russia when Referee Walter Logan of Salt Lake City disqualified the Russian for continual use of the strangle hold in the opening match. The finish came in 25 minutes and the irate Podubny attacked Logan. The referee more than held his own, despite his street apparel, tossing the Russky out of the ring. Coaches Moan, Goose Bats Right-Handed in Ad Photo Sportswriter Picks* Winner, Forgets i to Make Bet. By EDDIE BRIETZ Associated Press Sports Writer NEY YORK, i.T)--Jeff Dickson, the American who made good as a sports promoter in Paris, wears the red ribbon of the French Legion of Honor. ... . The west coast is boom- ng Ray Daughters of the Washington A. C. at Seattle as coach of the women's Olympic swimming team. . He developed Jack Medica and the famous women's four--Mary Lou Petty, Doris Buckley, Olive McKean and Betty Lea. . . . Bob Quinn of Boston is the. latest baseball big shot to climb aboard the Cardinal bandwagon. * * * Those are football coaches you hear moaning. . . They have their troubles, what with their academic brethren busy throwing this star and that for losses. . . . Suppose you noticed that "Goose" Goslin, all his life a left hand hitter, bats right handed in those cigar ads. . . . Mike Jacobs says the seating- arrangements for the Louis-Schmeling fight will be the last word. . . . Schmelmg plans to see the Kentucky derby. . . . Looks like "Lefty" Gomez will miss pitching the opener for the Yanks for the first time since 1932. Trouble: control. * * * When graduate Manager Asa Eushnell announced the Princeton invitation track meet would be free, gratis, he got the razzberry from all sides . . . but the most elaborately conceived comment of all was a Santa Claus costume, complete with white wig and beard . . . "put this on and wear it," wrote an unidentified heckler . . . Joe Hauser's spring clouting has homerun hungry Minneapolis fans gaga . . . Jimmy McLarnin has met and defeated 11 ring champions . . . and will gun for his twelfth against Tony Canzoneri next month . . . Signer Robert J. Cavagnaro of this department picked Horton Smith to win the masters' tournament as far back HANSELLCAGERS HAVE GOOD TEAM Third Place in State Goes to Smallest School in Girls' Tournament. HANSELL -- The smallest Iowa school to send a team to the finals session of the girls' state basket ball tournament, Hansell, won thirc place in the meet, was voted the most popular team in Iowa, and placed four girls on all-state lists. Capt. Ardis Held was named all state forward on the first team while Mabel Dohlman was placed on the second all-state team at guard Hattie Van Wert and Toppy Wood ley were given honorable mention a forward. The Hansell team also won a sec tional and district title. SEASON'S RECORD Hansell Hansel! Hanfiell Hansel! Elansell Hansell Hansell Hansell Hansell Hnnsell Hnnsell Hansell Hansell Hansel! as a week ago Thursday forgot to bet on it ... ouch! but Spring Here, Squads Go Outside for Work Balmy weather brought M;ison City athletes outside in full force Thursday afternoon, as Clayton "Chick" Sutherland's baseball 1 squads reported for drill at East park. Both high school and junior college, candidates got into (he, hrowing and batting sessions, while infielders had an cx- N tra workout inside the gymnasium afler the outdoor practice. Volney Hanson's track candidates also went to East park for their trials, By THK ASSOflATKIl I'RESS NATIONAL LEAGUE rinal Series slanley Clip (.'layoff. Toronto 4. Detroit 3 (nvertltne). (Scrlc? s t a n d l n K : Detroit non 2: Toronto 1). George Varnell of the Seattle Times tells how speed cost Ernie Nevers, new Lafayette coach, a cool 1,500 smackers in salary . . . Tulsa was a bit slow in making up its mind, so Ernie wasted no time getting on the line at Lafayette . . . next day came an offer from Tulsa calling for 51.500 more a year than he was to receive at Lafayette. . . Ernie was pretty burned up ... but he felt a lot better when he reported at Easton and found the entire Lafayette student body at the train to meet him. .sell isell A|llin!;ton Allison . . . Dnmont - . Ale\af'der Geneva . . . Allison ... Sheffield . Chapln . . . J^ltimer . Geneva . . C'hnpin . . . .. M Sheffield . .. 34 nun-Hint .. . . .5.1 Lafimer . . . 45 . . 31 Alexander . 34 . 44 SECTIONAL TOURNAMENT ilansetl ......... i« 1'opeJw ..... Hansell ......... 31 Apllnelon ---Hansell Hansell 4 ell 42 Chapln DISTRICT TOURNAMENT ......... M Eldora 31 Wellsbnru GRANT, BODGE TO TAKE ON MEXICAN SINGLES EXPERTS Americans Confident m New Davis Cup Series; So Are Mexico's Aces. By FELIX K. McKNIGHT Associated press Sports Writer HOUSTON, Tex.. (.Tl--Two eager oungsters, Bryan (Bitsy) Grant nd Donald Budge, are ready to tart the United States Davis cup earn on a campaign to retrieve the oveted new trophy taken from American shores nine years ago by he French. Both in top form, Grant and .Budge were odds on favorites to opple the two ranking Mexican Davis cup stars in opening singles matches of inter-zone play at the River Oaks courts. Budge Draws No. 1. Grant, Atlanta's mighty mite who .anguished Capt. Wilraer Allison in the Houston invitation finals a few days ago, drew Daniel Hernandez, second ranking Mexican player, while Budge, the United States' second ranking player, was paired with Esteban Reyes, Mexico's No. 1 ncttcr. In the final warmup, the 20-year- old Budge showed he had reached .he form that enabled him to defeat Bunny Austin, Baron von Cramm and Adrian Quist last year, by defeating Grant in three out of four sets. Eomp Through Drills. John Van Ryn, the Philadelphia veteran who will team with Allison in the doubles match tomorrow against the Mexicans, then took Grant as a partner and romped on Budge and Gone Mako, Los Angeles youth, 7-5, in a single practice set The Americans left the courts confident they could sweep the Mexican series. The Mexicans, however, with Capt. Guillermo M. Arechiga, aa th spokesman, also pronounced them selves ready after a gruelling prac tice session and predicted th "Americans may be surprised." Hansell Has Great Season 36 Report for Track at Cresco, 7 Meets Carded CRESCO--Thirty-six boys havi reported to Coach Boyd A. Thomp son for track. Daughenbaugh, Her old, Culbert, and Kavam are lette winners from last year who will bi competing this spring. THE SCHEDULE April 75--Dfcoran nl Cresco. April 18--Teachers relays. April 24--Quadrangular at Deeorah. ' .May 1!--QimdranKillar at Cresco. Mny a--Open. -May Jfi--State district, meet. May 22--Northeast Iowa conference nice at Creseo. May 23--State meet. Cyclone Hurlers Spare Two Hits to Take Gam AMES, l.T)--The Iowa state col lege baseball team, with Captai Holmes and Hinz pitching two hi ball, defeated Simpson 8 to 0 her Thursday in the first game of th season for the Cyclones. Iowa State plays the Iowa Stat Teachers at Cedar Falls Saturday Score by innings: Simpson 000 000 000--0 2 Iowa State .000 030 Oiix--8 10 Goodwin. Wetter and French Holmes, Hinz and Warriugton. 28 ....... ......... Hansell ......... 37 Sheffield ........ 1 STATE TOURNAMENT ..... . . . 21 .Manilla ......... 1 Hunsell Harwell Hansell Hansell Ossie Sclem Is Guest of Dr. G. A. Bemis, Game GARNER--Coach Ossie Solera o the University of Iowa was th guest of Dr. G. A. Bemis and group of other professional and buf Solcm spoke a North Iowa tin ..... IT Cumberland . 38 Oilman COUNTY TOL-RNA.MENT U!).T! Sniiart) . 1!T Ilnmpf on ... 42 rhapi" 22 Alexander . . N-S Meet Sees Sections Opposed in Final Match PINEHURST, N. Car., (.T)--The North and South Women's Golf tournament became literally a battle between the two sections Friday as semifinal partings made it certain a southern and a New England player would enter the title round. Kathryn Hemphill, the young Columbia, S. Car., star who made an impressive showing in the Florida campaign, and Deborah Verry, Worcester, Mass., who won the recent Mid-South event at Southern Pines, were favored to go into the final round. inessmen. Coach several points week. in ROWDY CARDS TO COP FLAG, STATE SCRIBBLERS VOTE Good Many 'IPs' Connected With Victory by Frisch Club, Say lowans. NATIONAL LEAGUE 1935 1 Chicago 2. St. Louis 3. New York 4. Pittsburgh a. Brooklyn 6. Cincinnati 7. Philadelphia 8. Boston 1936 ( ? ) 1. St. Louis 2. Chicago 3. Pittsburgh A. New York 5. Cincinnati 6. Brooklyn 7. Philadelphia R. Boston Hansoll high school, smallest entry in the girls' stale basketball tournament, was third In this year's title race, won 23 games, lost 4 and (icd 2 this season. Tin; squad, pictured above: First row, Hattie Tan Werl, forward; Rosella Riclitsmeicr, guard; Myrna Jlissildine, guard; Toppy Wootlley, forward; Ardis Held, captain and forward; , Mabel Dohlnian, guard; second row, Wayne Shaw, assistant coach; Veneda renticnff, forward: Marjorie Hartgrave, forward; La Donna Oswood, guard; Nellie Merrill, guard; Evelyn Carbcrry, guard; Coach Mabel Kline. (Kayenay Engraving) Great American Derbies See Slick Entries Stan Cochrane Due to Ride Nominee Under Wire for Third Year; Cub Entry Slow, Strong at Finish. By FAUL MICKELSON Associated I'ress Sports Writer NEW YORK, (.'I')--They're nearing the post, fresh and as slick as the finest field that ever nudged the barrier in the Kentucky Derby. The season's morning line: Great American League Baseball Handicap 154 Games for 19 year olds and upwards: ENTRY Detroit , Boston JOCKEY G. S. Cochrane .. Joe Cronin · · ODDS COMMENT 4-1--The champs with Al Simmons. Must go to them for third in row. 6-1--Plenty of money riding. Gold plated shoes. May be oat burners. New York .. Joe McCarthy ., 7-1--Good chance but has couple bad hoofs reported cracking. May pull Cleveland · - Steve O'Neil .. Chicago .. Jimmy Dykes .. St. Louis . Rogers Hornsby.. Washington Stanley Harris up. S-l--New rider up. May forget to stop this time. Watch out 20-1--Ran good race before quitting last time. 17-year old maiden.. 20-1 Best of long shots. Will do a lot of bumping down stretch. 50-1--Young and frisky. May surprise or get left at the post. Philad. .. Connie Mack ... .1,000-1--Don't get confused. Not the same old horse. Great National League Baseball Handicap. 154 Games for 20 year olds and upwards: ENTRY JOCKEY Chicago .. Charles Grimm Philad. Boston ODDS COMMENT 6-1--Slow starter but pipe that finish. Route made to order last year. May repeat. 5-1--Always dangerous. Won five of last 10 starts. Rugged, tough and hard to trim. 7-1--Famous front runner but usually quits. Several spavins. Workouts too long. 10-1--Watch out for this one. A reputedly lazy hide but able. 15-1--Never can tell. May run wrong direction. 30-1--Doped up with Porta Rican cocoanuts. Likes night races. 50-1--Can't see this one. Too much weight up. Bill McKechnie ...1,000-1--Lost by 61'i lengths last time. Improved but hopeless now. St. Louis .. Frank Frisch .. New York ... Bill Terry ... Pittsburgh .. Pie Traynor .. Brooklyn ., Casey Stengel .. Cincinnati .. Charles Dressen By L. E. SKELLKY Associated Press Sports Writer. DBS MOINES, (.T)--Those rowdy young men of St. Louis, often called the "gas house" gang, will replace the Chicago Cubs as champions of the National league. That is the opinion of 70 per cent of the Iowa sports editors who disclosed their choices for the Associated Press in a statewide poll. There were a good many "if's" connected with the selection of Frank Frisch's rough and ready boys. There were such qualifications as "it is the Cards if the Deans behave" and "the Cards will win if Frisch and Charley Gelbert go tho full route and Roy Parmelee comes through." It was generally agreed that St. Louis has a better ball club than the Cubs when everything is going well with Frisch's temperamental troupe. Five writers, however, said they believed the Cubs would repeat. They argued that Charley Grimm has a young, hustling club with plenty of strength, both regular and reserve, to nip the Cards in a tight-battle The poll disclosed that the Iowa writers were definitely off the New York Giants whom they chose last year, only to see Bill Terry's club do another late season fadeout. So poorly did the writers think the Giants' chances they named them for fourth place. Variations from the fourth place consensus were one first vote, a few third place choices and one ballot for the Giants to drop into the second division. Most of the sports editors said the Giants were getting old in several vital positions and badly needed new blood. Pittsburgh was the popular third place selection. Most of the writers declared that if the Pirates got their right kind of pitching they were certain to make it hot for the Cubs and Cards. The youthful Cincinnati Reds were voted the team most likely to finish at the top of the second division, a notch higher than in 1935. One writer gave Charley Dressen's hustling Reds a good chance to finish in the first division. Brooklyn still will be the "Daffy Dodgers" in the opinion of most of the writers. Despite Casey Stengel's efforts to cure the Dodgers of their clownish performances, they're doomed to sixth place this year. Philadelphia was awarded the seventh spot for 1936. One writer thought the Phillies might creep into fifth place and two others saw a sixth position, but the majority agreed Philadelphia could do no better than seventh. Boston, by an overwhelming vote, was named the eighth place team. James Wilson Hank Greenberg Moves to Cleanup Post for Tiger CHARLESTON, W. Va.. l.T)-- Hank Greenberg probably will be i the clean-up slot when the Tigei resume their scries with the Cincin nati Reds here. Cochrane plans t shift Al Simmons from fourth to fifth. He may try Gerald Walker in Goose Goslin's left field post. Either Don Ross or Gil English. :n- fielders. will be sent to Toledo this week or next. Al Hollingsworlh was expected to pitch for the Reds and Tommy Bridges for the Tigers. The teams were due in Cincinnati at midnight. WRESTLING By TI1K ASS(I lA NORTH BKItfiKN. N. . 21.-!. rMtfiirnl.i. threw ;:0, Bussta. One fall. I'RESS .eorce Koverly, ei Kalniikt.ff. Bv THE A S M M I A T K D PRKSS NKW YORK--Tuny Canjonerl, 13B*i. Nfu- Yor!.-, o,,t|.o'ote,l Johnny .ladlck. I4CP-,. rhll- adelphia. ( I f " . HOLLYWOOD. Cal.--Art I.askv. inj. Minneapolis, outpointed .loe Bauer, I k . . ( leveland. f l o l . S A N I H K f l O . ( n l . -- K d d l e (Bahel Kislio. IB-;' 'sM-imue. X. Y., world n.lddlewelclit e l i i T i i p l n n . niitnnlrilril Mike Tayan, 161, San Ultso, (10). Non-title. Champion Not to Seek New Honors on Courts DBS MOINES. (.T 1 )--Twenty-four players were entered in the state open handball tournament which started Friday at the Health Farm here. Willis Patton of Mason City. 1035 champion, did not enter the meet this year. Pioneers to Go Outside for Intersquad Contest GRINNELL, (.T)--Members of the Grinnell track squad will engage in an intersquad meet here Saturday as the first outdoor competition of the season. G. Lester Duke, head coach, has divided his squad into two teams, one captained by Don Barnes, quarter milcr, and 'the other by Lynn Schlotterbeck, half milcr. The first real outdoor competition will be April IS when Grinnell GIVEN SWEATERS Wrestlers Also Get Awards for Past Season; Seven Cagers to Leave. CRESCO--At a special assembly held Friday Cresco high school basketball letters were awarded to members of the squad for the past season. Boys receiving awards included :apt. Dan Chehak. Donald Byrnes. Stanley Kvam, Allan Shackleton, Bob Layton, Mike Mohs, Bud Pollock and Francis Owens. The first seven boys are seniors and will be lost by graduation. The team won all but three of its scheduled games and lost to New Hampton in the sectional finals. Fourteen letters were awarded by Coach H. R. Schroder to members of the Cresco wrestling team. Three boys including Captain Salisbury. Jerry Kennelly and Edward Sobolik will be lost by graduation. The team won six dual meets and lost three during the season. Four members competed in the state finals at. Cedar Falls. ! The Icttermcn arc as follows: j Walker. Kakae, L. Batcman, Rout- j linger, Price. Salisbury, Moon. Xen- nelly. Acglcr. Connolly. Culbert, I Mason City Talent to Be Sought for League Clubs by Sports Desk Terry Cuts Squad Nearer to Season's Requirement WEIRTON, W. Va., (.T)--The Giants and Indians were here for an exhibition game. Manager Bill Terry of the New York team has cut his squad down to within one of the limit, John Leonardo, right handed pitcher having- been released to Richmond in the Piedmont league on option. He said he would retain the other 24 players now on the roster until May 15, when one more will have to go. Mason City's unattached baseball talent, ballplayers interested in joining one of the four or more city league clubs to be operated here this summer, may apply for a tryout through the Globe-Gaz.cttp, in accord with a plan announced Thursday by BHi Tyler, league secretary. An application blank, published on this page, may be either mailed or brought to the sports department. Secretary Tyler asked Friday that all applications be handed in before 6 o'clock the evening of Wednesday, April 15. Brooklyn, Yanks to Play Three Home-Town Battles NEW YORK, (.-T)--The Brooklyn Dodgers and the New York Yankees were in town Friday, having returned from their training tours for the first of a three game scries against each other. George Earnshaw was expected to start for the Dodgers and Lefty Gomez for the Yankees. RESULTS By THK ASSOriATKI) I'KKSS I'hliaflVlplila 'M ·: Norfolk (I'M 1. nnlnns. r u i n ) . Tnliii I T I , ) 10: St. I."""* '-V J- Hnatdn Al 2: Holy Crni* 1. St. i.fnil« (A) rt; Mrmphii ( S A ·(. MASON CITY BASEBALL LEAGUE PLAYER'S APPLICATION Name Addres Phone .\,r P How long have you played? What Experience".' (Chock one) High School Professional ( "llru'c Sr'imprn will send representatives to the I Miller. A. rcckhnm. and Snholik. Kansas relays at Lawrence and the This was the first award to all Teachers college relays at Cedar except Connolly and Miller who | Falls. I WC1 'C letter winners last year. \Vhaf position? M o u l d you care in change |iusiliuiis?

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