The Evening Post from New York, New York on May 12, 1818 · Page 3
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The Evening Post from New York, New York · Page 3

New York, New York
Issue Date:
Tuesday, May 12, 1818
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r . 'WANTED - , . umni V aed womo to take care Of a b Kirta. Apply a IZ 12 31 ' , TTT. ..'..It.. i..j.rika l.r friends and the ladie. in particular who ...,iv called on her, that her apartment are ' ft r for 2" reception of pupil, for the ' ? 1 also, that the ii ttcworut of oblain - S.C P - P" ' would nartof.jcctk.rito wait upon at their own bmi - fri ""Id it be preferred. The mott re.prcU - hleVerence.c. .n. A g ;?nllean and nw wire i my If IW LOaT. 01 Friday, a bunch f KEYS. I.anein? on a rinff. onietmali and fme large. The find - . k. uri1U: iiia at this office, will receive a reward, if required. my 12 2t t :,S A coantry at, formerly owned by Mr. ?"TT !. rxnliinin? about fifteen at. ret of " .. .;ttH .n the East River, ihort of lour fnilct from be city. It ta remarkable for it. nkasaot situation and it a very desirable reti - ....,... or wintrrt Ilia huildroge are good and comfortable ; the g round i w bwh order, and abundantly supplied with a choice collection of fruit (rets and 'hr.tht.ery t there are several apringa of excellent water on Hi premises, ao.i two quarries of building stone, wh.rb ...1 M ;.uji.h in m this ailuation. and ap: ..i.. v i Rmmlivav for terras which will . Ill " 1 ."' m U: liberal. , kit 1 3w ' T. ELLISO.Y TO L, K T. mi. A ' 9 WalJ - .. auitame lor a vrine, intr mn, v. ker. Enquire oo the jiremieea. 1 nav n ' : ! U6 1 publishou, a UiCoure ueuvereu i uw NJ consecrntion of the 6yonogue of the Children of Urael, in the city ofNtw - York, on Fn - dav the 10th of Nian, 5S78, correipondin? with J Jue' - r:rived and for aale by ELIAS VA - I.fNTIVi'.. 101 Broadway,' opposite Triuity Clmrcb uil, where abx may be bad all ih ' new nubiicTilii;!)?. myH ("i'OLUE.V fKl2i'.s, which are to be drawn "I in Malileen dayi drwing ol Hie " Grand JIaiuinouth JVlilf .fd Owcs'i Koad L.ottery," now drawuin in.Um cy - J 1 priieof70,W)0 Unllnr 1 do. 35,01)0 L illara t do. 10.000 Dollar t dn. 6,000 Dollar Several of 1000. S00. 100, fcc. N. B. All Ticket soM at ALLEN'S Truly Ijitkv Olnre. Ko. 122 Hn)(Uv;.v, will have their name on thel. - .ck .utrh as have their en. tlornement will b? paitl - ty them wf.ere tin' f.illowinif rich I'rizei hic within h n!iri time been told, and the' cxh paid imiurdi ately to the fortunate lioKlei, beinf the biirhett priiej ever drown in the U. .Vtatrs'.'Viz : '&), a prir of 100,000 ( 1536, 50.000; 19SIIG, , ao,(wo ; laws, 30,000 12129, ; 19545, 5,000j SOeil.SO.OJO; 10053, 20:000 ; 8710, 15,000 1 and a number of 10.000, 5,000, 2,000. 1,000, tc. heiu more pritiee than were ever aold and paid by auy office hi the United State in the tame time. my 13 St itW DH.IVVI I.N I'iilaCl 1 Y. PHE Crand State Lottery commenred draw - ' X ine; lat Turla v, find will be nih?d in 20 drawing. The 3d drawing on Tuenday next, the U( (Irawn num wr on tht day will h entitled to $ 1 000, anl evrry followinz drawing the ! drawn numlier, will be eutitledto a capital prire. Warranted gtdrawn, Ticket nISjiaret, for, ale at GRACIE'S, '45 Broadway. Where two prize of $500 and oneofJlOOhave been told and paid linte tlie commencemeot of tbe drawing, ii No. 1501 and 1805 S'00 each 1301 S'OO And where prixe, at par, and foreign Bank JSote will be reeeived in payment. mv 1 1 fc.UAAiUJlOAUiJT'i'KRV. NOW drawing On Tuetdaf next, the firtt drawn number will bet - Mitlrd to $1000. And previoui to the 18th day of Drawing, all tbe following brilliant prize will be drawn, 1 prize of 70,000 ; 1 do 35,000 ; 2 do 10,000 ; 1 do 5 (100 1 9 do 1,000 1 28 do 500 dollars. KOBEK P WAITE, jun. take tlm liberty of reminding hi cuitotneri, that the firet drawn number ia thi Lottery entitled to f ,000. wai old and paid at his nlGce No. 136 Broadway, where tl.ote who feel dipoed to purchaae the a bnve prize are requrtted to apply. Whole Ticketi $34 I Quarter $8 50 Halve 17 Eighth 4 25 Sixteenth $2 12 12 Foreign bank note received in payment for Ticket, or exchanged on tlie hettteriu. my 12 f KOLGHT and CUT NAILS, iv.rale by f V lituKA KtyUIVll.lU, mv 9 76 Pearl atreet. DU.MUEE GOUDS. - 60 bale beat I 1 21b. Hemp Cotton Bagging 1 9 hale tin Slrelit Etna Oinaburg 5 do bett twilled Hemp Sacking 3 do Linen Bed - Tick 17 boxe 38 and 39 iw h Bleached Sheeting, 5 boxe of 25 in. Bleached Uowlaa 1 jatt received per brig 1'tjibe, from Dundee, and inr aie oy BOORMAN & JOHNSTON. Who have on band, of former importation, a quantity oi imp and isouee Bagging, common backing, and coarte Ornaburx. my 9 JC()TCII GOOD. - i. 4 case Imcy Muslina, r - r juai receivru ami lor aale by HENDERSON ft CAIRNS, may S 1 81 Pine - trect. I RON 120 tout old sable Uuttia iron, P.S.I. X for sale by I1UKD ft SEW ALL, y8 65Soulh - treet flHLMAGOOtJS. black. Sinchew. coloured ant niaca urapes, Black and checked Sannet , Fancy and hlackhdkl. Assorted sewing Silks Blue Nankeens, for sale by HURL) k 8F.WALL, ny 65 South - etreet. OrKlPLj)4c. 20 case American blue kJ inpe I do tuperCne bleached Shirtinst. for aale by CU.II II331U. t.UirAfX, my7DltC 148. Pearl - street. IJUV1. 25 Wrrit. N. E. Rum, lauding and j - a. ior aie at xa eootri street, by wy 7 JOcEPU OSBORN, )OMAN VI RIOI 1 ck Roman Vitriol, m - m, jun receiveu ana lor aie ny JOSEPH OSBORN, . To" S3 South rtreet OLIVES. Coostaatl o1 iiantl. a general ta J sortment of fine, extra line, and common uu - aua sure Selves, lor sale by CEURA It CUMING, y 7 76 Peari - ttreet 3 UiU 2j pipes, 'r sale by JA.Sl AMES D' WOLF, jr. 64 Po'h - lret. may 7 J llki, t case ol tancy Jewelry, lor talebv CM). M. WILSON. y 7 128 Water - treet. GCAI.CU1 IA GOODS. O. ft S. IIDWI.AND, 67, late 77, Wash ingtoo street, offer for tale by tbe Dale or Ttir, W bait Calcutta Good, just received, con - "tirg of . Battas, Gurrab, Sanaa, and Jamoodut, riiyip,y w ptv.r, ny 8 I - U1A . t:EBUA I CUMING, gy - v 76 Pearl - ftreeL ""RillS'SIILucK TIN LIQIOR COCKS, a - pply cf ihr ahuve article, tor ai whoie - - ! and MuiL by CEBRA ft CUMING, ; Pearl - street. IIDEB BRANDY. - 30 barrels landing tad V7 tor hk by ' nsun i. rtitcra, my & - 183 front ttrect It I AXANA MUoCUVAOO feUC - ARd 1 XI 100 hhd. Havana Mtncovado Sugars, of rood quality, new on fine atreel wbarr, and for tale reaton ahly, jl applied lor Out day before storing. Sample way be aeeo and term made known, oo appucauon w ' G. G. ft 8. HOWLANO. mb 5 W. 77 Washington street ntE. 19 lierct anil 20 hall' tierce,, lor XV tale hg wv U 112 Front - street. RUM, bUGAK MOLA.S&ES. 62 punchcooa Hum ' 55 hhdt - Molanei 62 barrel and 6 hh!. Sugar, Will be landed on Monday from the brie Ame - rp.t.. ntiii&. lor sale hv ROBERT GILLESPIE, 112 Front atrect o Who ha alo for ale. Havana, Porto Ric ami Jamaica Coffee. - my 2 LE ITER PAt'ER6 cast, low priced, for ale at 77 Wathiugton Mteet. by api?5 O. U. ft 9. HOWL - A XI). L.OW WOOLi.lS. JUST ree'd ie.r Merrury and Atlantic, a few trune of low prired ClnUi, and Cauiroeiti, fonalel.y ,J03. B. HARRISON, np 27 67 Hinn - atreet. WKLLA ft UPsO.N, 15a Pai i - .ueet, have received by late arrivals. Fine iwory, ftlf - tip and real back - bandle koivei and fork Fiue penknives hoLter pistol, fine gun locks Engtuh silver watclic, plated spoons, Ac. kc. OS HtUD, Roman vitriol, card wire Cast, hoop L, and thear steel W ith a large ami general assortment of hard ware, best Shelfield aud Birmingham plated ware, lor tale tow. On consignment, received per Ann from Liver pool, 150 boxes tin plitte. niy 6 ""1IN. Id pipe CfHini. u Gin, junt recvited VJi and lor sale ty UEO. W. TALBOT, my II 55 l ine street. ,t OLASSfca .V bUGAU. lti hlids. Hi at lv I quality molasses 247 Jo first quality hrown rlaved tusnr. land - katl'rom chr. A lit on a, eatt tide Burling slip, :or safe by N. L. ft G. GLIaWOI.I). my I6 Snnlli - tlrept. I7ILOUR. 200 bills. iNcw - Vtrk tuptiljur 2uO hoi. 15') d i 100 di 100 do 50 do Alexandria iuper6ne flour Kitliuiond do do Fine mid'ingt Philadelphia Kyefl ur,S. P Plug New - York do do For sale by HAY ft WOOD, l3South - treft. mv 7 1w 137 hhds. I fat ana uiolaaset of superior quality, lundin; at Piue - street ti hart 45 do En;;lili Island do, lauding at Whiti hall. from sloop Constellation, lor sale by WALSH ft UALLAtillLit, tn - y 6 66 outh - g Cuk nves and lorks, nsorted 4 casKt wrouiflit do do 5 do wrought hiiivct and forks with pocket and ptuBmves, s itsort and razor 3 do ewoiled, of scissor, ruzurt, lien and iiocKet Uni vet 2 trunks bpectacht B cask inn Spoons ii da trunk Locks 2 do ttiuiub and Norfolk LaMie 1 do lianl'Ury and fine plate Lock 3 do plated Bracket - ' U - do catt Iron Butt ' 3 do Kilt t, assorted 2 do Pad Lock 1 do round boll 1 do Iron Candletticka 6 do TinedSadlery For tale at very reduced Dricet and a libe ral credit, by K.II.IIAKUS J AIlAJIi. ry S tw 145 Pert - reet. HARDWARE, CUTLERY ftc t cask Scotch spring l.ocl.t 5 catkt plate Locks, I do Steelyard I do chest bandies, ftr. 1 do screw plates, Kale beams, Ac. 1 do brnstcoc k. ftc. 1 do bell metal kettle and skillet 2 do tin'd pot and sauce pant 2 do fine pudluck 4 do Banbury locks, hinge, &c. 2 do hammers, pincers, locks, &c. 2 do II L hinge, Ac. 4 do anvil 1 do hammer and tle.'ge 2 do black ft bright vicea, 2 do file 4 do pocket, pen and double blade knive 4 do kham buck and bone table knives 3 do button 100 do cut nailt aud brads, from 2d. to 20d. Abo, a large and general assortment of goods open oa the shelve, for sal at th most reduced prices, by ADAMS ft BLACK WELL, may i reart - si. KtSalA iliEEl LU. 50 pieres yard wide Russia Sheeting, of a line quality, for tale at 1R0 Front itreet, by mv 6 1w STEFHEN ALLEN. 'IMlOMAa D1XOM, 77 Pine - ttntet, offers for .L sale on lineral terms, of recent importations, to rlose invoice. - 6 bale very low assorted cloth 2 can Saxony Cloths and Cassimere 1 bale Venetian carpeting, 2 - 4 and 6 - J) 1 dq Wilton rugfnliell, basket and assorted 2 caw superl. cloths, assorted 2 do Dowlas's 9 do extra Carlisle gingham 4 do superfine, 1 do stripe, 1 do lustre - 1 bale red and white flannel 3 do Beonet't patent drab cordt. 2 caset bla k and blue superfine 1 do black Bnmhaieen. find, of furmtr imptrloiunt, t bale flannel, astoited ; I bale swan - skin 6 do SngaUiy1, or blue and white kerseys 2 do blue kertey 6 do coating . 2 case wonted hte 3 bales fin assorted cloth 16 do low do do Bedtteadt, with Benntt' joint. mv6 lot 10OO LCMHKH. Rough hickory bandscoke 30,000 feet wide boards 20.000 do yellow pine plank 10,000 do clear boards and plank 400 R. O. hhd shook 20,000 hoop With a general anortmect of lumber. For sale h) WILLIAM BRODIE, Comer ofBeaver - lane and Wadungtoo - st. N. B. AU kinds ol lumber yarded, and bought and sold on commission. may 9 3t i uHsi C CO .MM,.i CJVR i HE gubscriben beg leave to quaint their X friends and the public, that tb - y have removed their Tobacco Manufactory into their fire - proof s'ore. No. C2 Water - street, where 'hey intend carrying on the bntinet on an extao - iv scale they bare on ban J a large upr'y Pigtail rolls, mad of beit Ri hmond tobacco Sweet tceolrd N. Head Ladiet1 1 wist Long cut eh wing, in 1,4, 8, and 16 ounce paper do smoking dn Macul mufli ia jar and bottles, by wholes e and retail Scected Rapive, do do Stiasburg nudr do do French rappe do do Plain Cae do do do Scotch snuff in bottles and blaiUer Spanish (egara, mad of r.hnice toacro imported 2 year ago.and warranted genuine , New - Orlean do. Ameriraa do. Order from the country wdl be panctnally and carefully attended to. mays lot I. NAAR ft oU.i. . - . FREIGHT for CHARLESTON. .M 200 loos hary freight for Charleston. - - prvt" ANSON O. niELPS, 183 Front - treeb my 11 tOH ML:. - Sloop ADELIXE. This ubitat,:ia! and fast tailing pleasuro - buat it offered mr .a! upon reaaonatla terms, at the oreseni o vuicr bat no ate for her. fcha it a wf boat, being decked aud bavins two birthi ia the cabin, and it about 26 feat long, and 8 1 - 2 feet wide. Any litcou wishuut to purchase a boat of tbit datcriplioa, will please apply to the subscriber, at the stone - yard, foot ol Murray - street, where tne may mhos, myillW ROBERT WILEY. The gnod last tailing hip WNGEI.I uCA ; ha 3 - 4tht of her canro entoired. and will be ditualchedin a few days. For freight or passage, naving good aci - omm.nJuti.m", p ply to XV. L. ft ti. GRIsWOLD, my 11 H6 i'oulh - tt. . tor iwe, freight or i.harter. A new pilot boat built 6CHOON ER, 150 tous burthen, built in a superior mauut.rof the beat materials, oils fast, and may tio tent to tea with small ex pence. Wpply to jv. l. k a. uujsnoi.v, my 11 86 South - st. rarDVBLlA, rini.n.i..i . - i iailiThe tubttantial and fn:t tailing ship t ... ,.n, mm - ii:uia( uauiTI c.lil., Aewcomh, master, is now loadiugat t uie - street wharf and will tail, weather permitting, ou the 17th inst a few toot of freight can betaken f applied fur by the 12:h in it. and a few more cabin aud steerage passengers can be comfortably accommodated. Apply to the captain on board, or to J A VlEa M'fJUIDE, bi! Liberty - it. Who hat juft received by the Dubliu Packet and Isabella, from Dublin, 74 packages, concisl' ilia id 4 - 4 and 7 B blearhed liuen, 3 - 4 bruwu do 7 - lJ drogheilas, 3 4 diapers, 5 - 4 sheeting', 4 - 4 ft 5 - 4 collou t hecks, 7 - II diirtings, and 10 lib Is tu perior old claret wine ; which, with hit previous auorttiw nt of lim ns, lawns, ftc. Ac. are olf, red lor salx on moderate term. my 9 fur .i.WHit W. The Bri.i - h brig AMELI A, to tail a bout thp iC hio'L For p:uage only. ii t ii..' gnoj fic'commouations, apply on board ai pier I J tan river, or to , R. GII.LESPIR, my 9 1 12 Front - street. for H.iy.iM.111, Th e at ron iul si i ip G LO l!K, Devoll,, will tail on Fiidav next, uiul take freight very low. pplv to POIT ft M'Kl.NXE, mav9 5f South - street. for .i MS T EH DAM, XI:jiL.ter, will he dispatched without delay Th. h Sll k'US ri'Ki tn. mil. For irri - ht of 30 tons applv at 67 fruiith - st. to my 8 tJ I YlliKELEXO ft PERSON. torJUttiK, The fast - ailing coppered ship ADO - MS, II. L. C'haiiiplin, m.stcr, willcom - mvuee loading this day, and be ilupau lieu xbout 15th instant, her cargo lieing nearly all engaged. For f eiiiht of the remainder, or parage lor live abiii passengers, apply on board at Jones wharf, or to v : POTT & M'KINNE, or my 7 GKISWOLD ftCOATES. HARDWARE ft CUTLERY 'YHE subscriber have just rereived by the J. ntps J atuet Monroe, Magnet and Ann, Irom Liverpool, an exteusive supply of Hardware and Cutlery, of eveiy description, which they offer for sale to the merchant from the coantry, by the Package, cr in such quantities Irom the shelve as may be wanted, at a low advance and liberal credit 7Aey Acre be tn Slor on Cowignment, 100 cui - ks bett Enelish bottled Porter , . 30 do assorted Glassware 10 case English men and boy I Hat 20 crate of Stone Soda Juifi 1O0 bundle warranted lialback German Steel 5 ton do Crawley Steel 10 ton bett hoop L. English blistered Steel 1 in plaits, mock piutet, tic B. W. ROGERS ft CO. - my 1 1 35 Pearl - street. C1 LA RET, A few cask very tine Old Claret, (aid to be tbe growth of La rite, for sale by iAIULi. I'AI'IUI.U, 1 63 Front trcet. ALSO, A few pipet and half pipes tine quality rort wine. . my 1 1 at OLD COPPER. ABOUT 3500 Ins. Old Copper, for sale by TUCKER ft LAURIES, mv 1 1 No. 29 Sonth - st 1IO bUGAua. Hhds Mnscova.losugnr, first quality 247 boxe hrown clayed do ) of superior qua - 45 do white do lity For sale by N. L. ft O. G RISWOLP, my 1 1 86 Soutn - r - t. IJORK. 50 barrel prune west Pork, jutt re - a. ceived ami tor taie ny ANDERSON ft SHEARER, 131 Water - street. my 11 3t IIDlR BR AND V. 40 bbls Cider Brandy, V lauding, ior sale by ANSON G. PHELPS, my II 183 Front - street. 1 1 Albl.NS. bO cmkslresh Malaga Uaisins, li received and lor tale h HU It SEWALI, my II 65 South ttreet. I I AVA.N A ORASS HATS. - AsrleKant at X I tortroent ol gentlement tumroer Hat't, jutt received ami lor tale by. JUto CLAN. I, my 1 1 iw I5U r ront - ttreet. "1 0 VIUAZE ITS, CLOI Hb, HA1S, ftc JLP 10 bale black and coloured bombazett 2 case SheppanPt bett London cloth 4 do pelits cloths and cassimere shawl - 10 do men't bett London hat 8 do ladies and children's black and drab fancies 1 do bands, buckle and trimming - 10 do men't wool bats, tuitable for the southern market 3 catkt Russia hares wool, first quality backs 10 nhd best London glw lor sale by I). OA KEY, WiUiam - st may 11 Iw f nURKS IsLAX D SALT. - IUuObuaheli bright J. coarte Turks Island Salt, will be sold rea - otiauie, 10 close taie J UCKfcH. ft CAUHItS, my 11 29 Boath - atreet C1T. CROIX RUM t( SUGAR Tne cargo ol KJ tne tiiipoouth Carolina racket, capt. Cart wright, from Sc. Croix, will commence lauding to - morrow at reck - slip tor sale by BEN J. DEFOREST ft CO. may 1 1 4t 172, IsUtJAtt, hhds of New - Orleans sugar, of a very prime quality, landing from the brig Alert, west ride ol Burluig - lip 1 tor ale by C ALDER, M 'LEA ft CO. may II Iw 59 Pine - street. LtALCUl I A GOODS. 40 bales principally ' k,w prire'd. contittuur of Ualtat. Sauna. Gerrabt and lamiHNliet, jutt received and for sa'eny G. G. ft S. IIOWLAND, my II t7 Wnshington street. CLARET, L FEW boxe Cbateaa Margaux Claret, 3 i. dozen ia a box. of the crowth r.f 1811. lor ale by 1). bULLIVAN, my 11 3t 131 Waters' re. t. C0TTON - 4n bsle prime Upland Cot toe, jest lauded and for sale by KETCHUM ft WEED, say 8 Iw 01SuUi - t. D LYNCH, ion. (at No. 40 Wni;m - tret,) . ha on hand th following WINES and LIQUORS, selected with Judgment by himself, whi a he offer at wbolsiaU and retail, wor - erUfd furt, u importti ' ' '109 blub ''; i Wadeire, frwn 3 to 18 40qrcadr V ' ' ' Old Madeira, Ui bottles, from 3 to 20 year . Champaigue, Burgundy, Claret aud Santera, of vary superior quality 7 pipes dry Lubuo, 7 year old 7 do Sherry, nine year old, aud free from Boracha taste Tort, in pipes aud bottle Tunis wine, for it quality, the cheapest iu America Tennlfe, in hhjs. Old Brandy, do. Unm, in. Gin, not reduced 500 deniijuliiis, containing five gallons each 50 urin e wine bottles N. U. Those in the trade, and country deal - ert, will find it to their account, to supply themselves with wiuet and liquors at the above eata - h!ihmeut, as they will b certain to obtain arti. clesofhn first quality, at Oie lowest prices, hud pur at imported. my a xm PA If A J' fLOOH CLUJU&. A CONSIGNMENT of first quality patent fl.r cloths, of various patterns, in sheets ol 21 by CO feet, without a team, just received and for tale at 85 Front - street, by CURTIS, CROMMF.I.IN ft CO. A person employed to fit the cloths to room. and entries, if required. Any number of yards sold. may 6 3w il fk'd fc DOLL A Its TO LOAN l IV.UVU MORI GAGE, of pio,ier(y in this city. Apply to IHAm - lC G. OGDKXl Co. 411 Wall - street. my i t J Bug prime green Laguira coffee 4i kegs fieth Malaga Raisin 173 boxes tiu plate 1 - 3.1 1 X 84 bundles sugarlouf paper 60 reams bluo wrapping do A general awnrtuicut of cut nail Just received and lor sale by ROGERS ft POST, mv 7 Ct 51 Sonth - st. LIVr.tti'i.UL COAL, A (JUAN CITY of LiverjMiol new pit Coal, very large mid of a tupr.ri"r quality, jutt received by tlw J iiotnat ;ayir, tor ship ny LAlNGft RA.MJOLPI I'll. mv n 4t .1 Vesey street. IIU KV I Uftl.lCA IIO.. D1 E.VlETKIUs. a Kuoiuu tomanie, in two volt, uricn l 75. I lli.ial iliHUiiienti of the Pr thylery of Alba ny, exhibiting the trials ol the Kev. John CIh s terand .Mr. drk I'urker, together witli the whole cast of (be Rev. Hooper Ciiuimiiis, price view toi England, during a rrsiilc - nt'e oi ten years, six nt (In in a a prisoner ol war, ly AU' or Geuerul l'ilkt, knight ol St. Louit uud mem. Leroi tl e Leuiou ol Honor. Piitels:5. i he .New militia Caw lor st itc ul iNnw I oik, ti gi llier with all tne new and standard works. rocket books and wallet ol a superior ouaii ty, liniiy rtit let, ftc. ftc. Just received and lorsaie ny ELIAS VALENTINE, 104 Vroadway, opposite Trinity Chuich Yard my v Mi fif.Cll BOA H MM) AOOO.. ESSRS. M.4 GREZ& CHAPERON.hnve the honour tn inform the public, that tbey have opened a French School at Bloomiugdale, (fitr mile from New - York) where they iuleud to teach the French language perfectly, hod by principle to young gentlemen. The improvement of the pupils will not be doubted when th public is informed that erery pains will be takeu with them, and that nothing but French it spo ken by the family. We feel confidcut that those persons who honour os by intrusting their chit drn to our care, will have no reason to repent rheirtrutt. - - - - ' For term apply at No. 70 Chatham - street, where reference as to character and capability will alo be given. may 1 1 Iw Tbe tubscriber off er for tile hi rest f,il uence in the town 01 ra'inilil, state 01 Connecticut. It is pleasantly situated, on tlie tiosion road, about nan a mile irom iong isiuud aouud, 55 miles Imm new York, and zu irom New Haven. The house nnd out - houae are in excellent repair. The Iruit yard is well stocked with a variety of peaches, apricot, lu rries, icari and strawberries. There are in the vicinity academies for the education of youth of both scxet. From one totix acre of excellent land, at the option of tlie purchaser, can he had with the house, ai.dtlie purchase money, if desired, ran remain on interest. For term apply to ISAAC M. ELY. Ea. 76 John street. N. York. or tithe Hon. JONATHAN S PURGES, Fair - nuld, Connecticut. my 6 dftctl DAVID ELY. '' !PUH.THJi.ii ft MUHCilArns. JOSEPH FINCH, gun - maker, respectfully informs bit friends and the public, that he hat commenced business iu the store No. 3 Wall - strait, near Broadway, where he has for sale a very baadjome atsorlment of single. and double - barrelled guns, fine rifles, futoet, ftc. ; also, shooting tackl generally. J. F. (till retain bit old stand, No. 261 Greenwich - street, for tbe working department and shipping bu'inest. Order left at either place will b attended to with all possible expedition, my 7 PftClm VERT VALCAILE ESTATf FOR 1A.LE, Late the property of Beri .jah Strong, Etq. deceased, in the township of islip, lyuig on the great touth road, about 45 milet irom iew tors , containing ny computations bout 2500 acre of land, more nr let nearly 1000 acre of which it under cultivation, including about 200 acre of a 1 It and fresh meadows, which i completely embanked, ditched and drained, lor tlie purpose of being reclaimed. The rciaaioderia invaluable wood land, on which large quaotitie may be cut annually. On the, Kvinite it a tpaciou and convenient Mansion ouse, with a large barn, bovels, crib, (table, carriage house, gardener' bouse, work shop, smith shop, tmoke house, ice bouse, and other nut buildings replete with every convenience. There it also oa the premise; about a mile from tlie mansion house, a new farm house, with a barn adjoining. Near the house is a large pond, with a privilege of a stream of water, on which is a food saw mill, and water MuVdent for a grist mill The gardenand orchard are extensive, in which Iber bave ieen set out within a few years, a great number of voong tree, of every specie of die bett grafted fruit, mostly in bearing, and a'l In the most flourishing condition. Also, a large nu'aery of Iruit trees and plant, lufikienl to extend an orchard of 100 aero. There are few estates offered for sale, so desirable for either an extensive farmer, or tlie resi dence of a gentleman. Tbe farm it capable of supporting a large clock, and being hounded ny Uie south ty, there it aa inexhaustible toure ol manure from tea - weed. Boat pry from the neighbourhood, almost daily, to aad from theci tv. Tbe bay also alwundi with acreat variety of game, fish, o - . atert and clams, aad tbe pond and creek with tbe onsst trout. For terms and further particular, apply to A H. LA W RENCE, No. 23 Park Place, or on the premise. my 1 1 ua;cu A PARTNER WANTED. TXTITH a capital of 3 to 5000 dollar. A gen - V V tlemao of stood stsudinr in tociety, dis posed to invest tbe above turn in a safe respect - arie oestnes, may near in aa opportunity vj dreHing G. W. at thii oluce. mylw COOK WANTED A womn who caa bring uBcxcep' recommendation (rota tier last pUce, V. ho is a good plain or proiesaea coo , os other need apply. Should icecooa neve Shusbi.n l, a good house ervant. well reenm - nvmdMi. he wauld be employd aim. Apply at y II 3t) No. ItiBroadwny. REMOVALS. Jet JOHN A. fclUELL, Altoney ;'r. Law and iSiotary Public, bat iiuovd bis ooice to No. 26Nattatii - treet,aext to l)iconcT of Maiden cane. my 7 iw UjrJOHA fKOCIOR, jua. ha removed from No. 62 Peekiraa to 106 Ltberty - ttrect, where be ttul offen liberal anticipauou on pto - perty consigned to bis friends ia the Mediterra nean, j or runner pai ticimirs, apply at arve, or to ABRAHAM BELL, my 7 lirt corner of Cliff ft Foltoo - sts. 11KMOVED. tit JOHN KEYSEK. ha removed to No. 213 Front street my 6 6t (O - A. uoUr ll. Utuaure Painter, hat reiii.,vrd to o. l74Ful(on - street. west tide of Itrondwiiv. may 6 2w 9. ft T. Will 1 1 E.MORE have removed to No. 1 U Frnul - street, where they intend coo - fincii'g theinst lve to comuiisvion business, and will wake literal ttdvancci on good consigned thf - m, for tale. my 5 2w tt IfclEK Ur. WllT, bn removed bi Oflke t No. ao Lihtrty - treet, a few door a - b .ve Villinn - tret, may 4 I0t. tt MAC Klri, JILNE ft CO. Vi'd In N. 61 Pine - street. have renin - may 4 05 - JOHN R. SCOT 1 , hat removed hit of - nee, lo43 Pin! - sreet. niny 4 2w VM. G. liUCK.NOR lias removed bit cflice Irom No. 54 tu 37 Wall Mreet, opposite tin City liai.k. my 2 2w LT 1'. A. KM.viLT.ft EM.WE'l ft WHITE, have removed their olfice to No. 25 Pine - street. apU02w LtAltl) b.l7il,jun. h;s removed bis counting. ruom to il l Pearl - atriet. my 1 2w UC - ci. A UK HKlll KIIJC.C unve removed their i ffice from No. 4)1 Cherry, to No. 3JI l ean street, a lew doors atiove I eca slip, my 9 3t Qq - KLI.SII A AVERILL, Atlorti - y at Law ami Notary Public, baa removed his oiuce to the Uuihiin, tuuth entry, No. 5. my 9 jt lK'l f.R I). 'i'URCvl'l' iiilorins Ins Iriendt X and tlie public in general that be has reino vi d lit Uptiol'tery Wnre IIoiih from No. U5 Ii. No, 63 Maiden Lan where be offers for sale s.ime elegan' patterns ofl'nper llai.eii'gs, jutt received oy ilie luteal urrivals irom rihtiie, on tne most re iaoname terms. my 1111 (.. t - ACMIIR' PA TEXT RAZOR sTHOP. G. SAUNDERS rtspecltully (oik it those who hme not eot bis Patent Km r htron. to luruisb tlicnue Ives with hit new invented It.v z r ttr. p, and Metallic Coimnxiti n. No iron th man who mice makes trial of one ol the Strops no nne'cu, win eicriry any oinersiauu siicni iiicir inrmaitun, liat ever so much use will not give I lie riizon that roiindnett whii h rrndt rs tlie best of them useless, ami which i well known oh ways to lollow the application ol all thoe hi'ber totiivnitid. 1 be above (tront are in nenera use in New York, and are tli'tingtrslu d Irom all other. BailMirs Hbn have ued tht in ay more in ineir piaise man 1 oo u ywii G. SAUNDERS, 18 Wall - street. N. B. The most liberid allowance mado to dealers. my 1 1 VILVVS ol Lug and, dutinga resilience ol Irn year. ix ol Olenitis 11 prisoner ol war, by Miiinr General Fillet, Knight of St. Lnui. ftc translated from the French, price $1 25, lor tult at No. 3 Wall ttreet, by c .vv icr.i cu. Aim, lately received and for tale a alio.e. a valuable colitsction of Botanical, Mim rnlogtcal and Zoological Works, Voyajxi and Travelt, the llritisli Poets, lochbidd'i Theatre, with a ereat variety of other Eiurlith Book. vy. , il.cs k vu. nnis constantly un iiitnii. ' uii Ov , f i. . j I I 1 B acred Harmony by Smith anil Little, Song ol the Temple, the Uird'a Prayer set tomusk, Mu - ling the present week for tl.euipo of anangiog - lica) Hnrmony, Musical Grammar, Violin Pre - 1 the new exhibition, which will L opened ou ceinor, r luve nieiouie, musical c. . niy II aoits JO L.t.i. The fire proof store and cellar 13.1 Wa ter tlieet, corner of Pine street, Intrly o cupied by .nr. r. t. ingrabam, calcuuted lori'ie dry - good nr hardware butineti ) and the upper jmrt ol the ure proof tiore rvo. a rtne ttreel, consisr ingot a counting house and three floors, lo let, by my uat u.huci.l va., 131 TV I.KT. A dry Cellar, under the house No. 29 Pine - street. Enquire of MR. SMEDES, my II tf 134 P. - arl strrel. ' 't Lt.T, The elegtvnt 3 tlory house No. 7 Hud - ton rtreel, which commatidi a pleasant view ol tbe Park and river. Possession may be bad in a few days. Also for aale, the lurnitnre of snid house.. It it of the best quality ; well fitted, and tuitable to a genteel In roily. Apply a above. my 1 1 u LOUJVTIIVSLAT. i?:!l To Let. a Dlensant Country Seat, wi'b 3 aciet i f land, on the 8th avenue, 3 mile from the City. Apply at 28 South - ttreei. uayy iw WANTED, a whit woman servant, who understands cooking, washing and ironing such person may hear of permanent situation bv callins at no. 149 Spring - street, 6th door on the right hand tide, wsst from Broad way. Satisfactory reiereuce wui o requireu. my 9 3t TO SPORTSMEN. I70R SALE, an elegant Fowling Piece, tub V and twilled barrel, together witn a nae Dar rel, alto ttub and twitted, to lit in one stock 1 gold buhed and gold and ulver mounted. I lie lock, roller, twivtl ami freed : the pan tired with Sold, and finished in the bett manner. The a - ov will be told low, if immediate application f made at o. 35 Walker - street. my v 11 EXPEDITIOUS TitA VLLLIXQ. POSTCU.11SK It STEAM BOAT LIXLZ, re ratL - .Bii.raiA. Through in 00 day, and by day - light VN Monday the 1 1th of May instant, a line of V post - coaches and sttam - boatt between New - York and Pbibtdelphla will be commenced. The passengert will leave White - Hall in New. York every day (Sundays excepted) at 5 o'clock A. n. in bts excellency vice - preMdent li. II. Tompkins' commodious and speedy steam - boat NAUTILUS, proceed to Bristol by the iuten Island ami Woodbridg turnpike, and take the team - boat at Bristol at 2 o'clock, and arrive in Philadelphia at 4 o'clock the same day. The roads on the laud part of thi line are turnpiked and ia excellent order ; the country and villages through which they pais it elevated, pleasant and healthy, th route at th nearest at present travelled between the two cities ; the various and extensive views which it give of the ocean, lha bays oond ad river between New - Yotk and Nw - Brunswick, make thi th most pe - diliout comfortabl and pleasant toor now lifting btwB New - York and Pbihvdclpbia. . A ecoid post chain will lea New York ee ry diy (Sunday' excepted) at 10 o'clock, in tbetleam boat Atlanta, fmm While Hall, by way of Elizahethtown, Bridgetown, New Bran. . e. Princeton, lodre at Trentcn, take the (team boat at Bristol, and arrive ia Philadelphia stJOo'clock. Fare through $a. For seat in the above liuet apply at the office, No. 1 18 Brondty. All good and baggage at tbe ruK of the own ers. JOHN IV. C'UMMING, Newark. J. GUL1CK, SONS A CO. Princeton. oiovntw.s ssv Lbu, t nuaaeipnia. ft Eipresse, sent to any prt of U.e Uaited STOCKTON A HOWELL, Philadelphia SUtes l y L. my 11 MtMalsMaBWBBBBtBBBWeAar '1 1 I PUBLIC SALES. Pg MILLS, .VLY70.V CO. . Wednedy, At half past 1 1 o'clock, in fiont oF their iuc tion store. No. 143 I'rurl - street, 100 euk cut nail, assorted Irom 3d. to 2od. of the manufacture of . Colt & Co. 1 rrirt at sale. maublk ca bliujlvu; . - TH E proprietors of th southern warble qua rics, near Kuo's - Ilrue. :.vs notice, that they have 00 hand, add are uceivmr, atllt Aing' - infee JWerti aruf Lnnt laid, footoi tteach - rreet, on tbe Hudson river, an exlnav stock of marble lor buildiu , of the following de ICTllBUUS, Til 1 Ashlar Coping Fouud'ition Stort Chimney - Piece Facing, Columu Watertabl Step Platform Sills Lintel Arches Also Lime of the bett quality. fty' A constant supply of the above material may be calculated upon 1 and those deiront f purchasing, or making engagements, will apply to EZRA LUDLOW, Feb 11 At tbe Yard. DlPSOLD llON OK CoPAhl NEkHie. ft7" Inconseanence of the deith ol Cnptain Jbn Smith, the firm of A'miiA, Btanehard ft Co. is dissolved. I be concern ol the rum will d adjusted by the ubacriber, nd the business in future be conducted tinder th firm of S. ani . ulanthatd, at No. 35 Burling - lip. my 5 2w Klitha Blauchard. ORATORIO, Py the Handel and Haydn Society. T he comiuittee 01 the Handel and Havdlt t.t Society give notice, that the tulisrription fist for an oratorio thi month, will be closed on th 1 loth inst. in order to their forminf an opinion, whether the amount Mbscrihed will defray tbe probable expencea. Until the ISlh inst. th subscription list will be left at Messr. Sword', .No. 160 Pearl street: at Mr. Dubois' Mutic - Store, Broadway, anil at Mr. Goodrich', comer of Broadway and Cedar - ttrret, Messrs. Kirk It MERCKlNd, 22 Wall ttreet, Eastburnt Co. comer ol Pine and Broadway, and Gcib't Mu - - ic store, 2J Maiden - lane. my&tl6thmy ' Merchant! Bank, Mat, 5, 1818. fjy The anuual election for Director of this institution will be held on Tuesday th 2d day of Jnneuext, at th Banking Houte, btwa the hours of 10 and 2 e'clock. By order of the Board of Directors, G. B. VROO.M, Cashr. mav 5 tj2 MLTVAI. lASUHAJSC. CUJUPsiAk' OF 'I HK Cll. OPfi'tW - YOfiK. , The rreitt"m nml Director give nc - ti tint a diviilrnd of four and a Anf ner cent. on the capital stock of th'm Company, for six month, will be made on th I lilt intt. ana paid on Jciii.hkI to the stockholder or thcur uttornieit, at Nu. 52 Wall - street. mv6 Im JOHN PINTAIIII, Bec'ry. SECOND EDI I ION COKItECTED. fVV - Just ptil'lisUd by the auhtciiher, and lor sale at Uie principal Book Store in tbit city, and at tbe publithen olfiie, 93 liold stiett Tlie second edition of the New MilHin Law.cor reeled. WM. A. MEKCIEN. ALSO, The following Tyiw, which be ofTi'it for lalo on accrnioduliiig t. nut One Font Small I'm, 501IIU One do Pica, 4501b ' One tlo Long Primer, . bOutb, . One do Ureviur, . 2MH my 1 1 2t - . Kisrirnri jirademy of lln fin Art!. 7 - The public are respectfully informeil that Callwv of the Arad. uiv will hm rlosMt dur I .'tonuay neai. 10111 tnsi. y ernrr 1. ma It at ... . ALEX RQUEILTAOSaiv SI. .Ittdrctr,$ Doculi. OCj A quarterly meeting will be held at tba Ciiy - Hotrl, on 'I Inirstlay rvenin; the 14th inst. at 7 o'clock. The number are particularly requeued to attend, a btiiinesa interettinjr to the htM - iely will be laid befuro them, lly order of the I'retidrnt. my lift JOHN J. PALMER, SecVy. An Llccti'iii for Governor ol the S York Hoipital, will be lield at th hospilnr, on the lOliiiuil (Tuesday). I bt ofl will be orxneil at 10 o'clock, and closed at I P. M. By order of the hem id of uovernor. my II Ht THOMAS BUCKLEY, Scc'ry. (t7 - Th Second Anniversary ot the AMER ICAN BIBLE SOCIETY will be celebrated in tbe AueinMv Room oftbe City lintel, In Broadway, on Thursday the 14th iott. Tbe door will be opened at 10 o'clock,. A. M.eadtho Prctidant will take the cnair precisely ai 1 1 trcioc. my ll 3t ENGLISH CHINA AT AUCTION. ON Thursday next at 10 o'clock, will be old by Messrs. Franklin ft Mirrturo. at public auction in tront nf tlie stare of letr ballot. Son ft Co. No. 32 bouth - itreet. a largt sorl menl of very handsome Enxlish China, of the 6ei quality, in cask consisting of diuing and tea sett. tnayl3t CJIX THOUSAND DOLLAR1 may b had O on mortgag on real estate in this city, ,ot application to JOHN G. WARREN k SON, J my 11 lw No. 46 Wall - it, Money to Loan on Bond and Mortttatt. I FROM $4000 to I40U0, to Iumd on Bond and Mortgage, on unincumbered property ia tha city and couuty of New - York. Apply to A. ILLAWKEXt tffcCO' my 11 3t 28 William street. but of New - York, . Comptroller Dm. - . ( ;7HEREA9 by an act of tha legitUtnre ' VV entitled M an net to ieinrrrve the fund and to provide for the redemption of the fueded debt 04 Uii sute, passed Slt April ioio, tne Comptroller is authorized lo borrow on th credit of thi state, a sura or turot not exceediug ia the whole, on millioeof dolltrs at a rate ol ia - terest not exceeding six perccntuia per awuin, payuble quarter yearly. Now tftereiore, tul.hc Notice is hereby give, by tli undersigned. Comptroller of .id Slate, iu pursuance of the act aKre.iid, thai he will re ceive tealed proliosais at nis vnn w Albany, unli. I l - y he 6'b May instant, for , . i!i. - ,. mrt of a loan of ant million 01 dollars to be paid into Uie Treatury by th first d( of July next. - . . r ilu. loon or loan which mar be mad to tbe - SU ender Uie act aforesaid, certitkale of slock will be issued which a ill be - Uansftrabla at tbe city of !ew - loik, and uie 1 cretl na, ki. h anil he Datd Quarter tcarlv to Uie stock - - hnl.lrrs rrsHlinc in the Soutlieni district aad oat . rf the Stale at me Bank in 1 1 city of New - - York, end to all others in the city of Albany b neinc roil of (aid Stotk to fie irredeemabka . until tlie first tay of January, I83i ami withut five yer thereafter the Goteranvot i lousd to redeem it if the Stockholder require theiaa to be doo. AhCH'D. MclNTYRE. CotnptrolUr. Albany. May 7, 1818, ny il t26th 11 1 1LFORD ft Ort EGO ROAD LOT1 ERT if A scheme contain 1 iTtze of 7u,t J I of 35,000 1 S of 10,000 ( of 5,0110 1 9 ol 1,000. , Only 20 da) (drawing 2 day completed - " 3 day mora and the first drawn number will ba ntillej to $5,000. 7lh ibtyt' drawioi; 10,000 Ilth do do 35,000 15th do do 70.000 Floatlnr t.rlieol 10,OW , " ., , . - - Fct chance, for Us 1 above r GILLESPIE'S, eppof'ta C'ity - UetiL my 11

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