The Mason City Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa on February 17, 1944 · Page 4
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The Mason City Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa · Page 4

Mason City, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, February 17, 1944
Page 4
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Page 4 article text (OCR)

v '4 Thursday, F«b. 17, 1944 MASON CITY GLOBE-GAZETTE HANGHER GUEST AT IOWA DINNER Alumni Will Rally to Mark 97th Birthday Iowa City--First and one o£ the largest of the dinner rallies commemorating the University of Iowa's 97th birthday occurs in New York City Friday night, 'with President Virgil M. Hancher 'and Lt. Gov. Joe R. Hanley of New York state as guests of honor. The dinner-reunion, expected to attract some 200 alumni and former students now in the metropolitan area, will be the first ; affair by lowans in recognition of Lt. Gov. Hanley, an 1899 graduate of the university. Some til the university's most prominent alumni will attend. They include A. N. Jorgensen, president of the University of Connecticut; Charles R. Brown, ·dean emeritus of Yale's divinity school; Wilhjalmur Stefansson, former Arctic explorer; George Gallup, director T5f the American Institute of Public Opinion; Lewis H. Brown, president of ,Johns- Man ville corporation; and Harold Gallagher, law partner of Wendell Willkie. Majority for Sending Food to Our Allies Denver--A strong majority of American women favor sending food from the United States to our Russian and British allies, according to results of a survey- completed by the National Research Center, University of Denver. Out of every 100 American women, 79 think we should send food supplies, to the Russians; and 73 favor helping the British. Trained NORC interviewers asked this, question of a nationwide cross-section of women civilians: "Do you think we should send food supplies to the British (Russians)'.'" British Russians ·Yes 73% 79% No . ; 16 8 Undecided 11 13 100% 100% 111 the case of both countries many women who answered in the affirmative added such remarks as,."if they need it," "they are helping us," "they need help," "they are our allies," "they are having a hard time," and similar comments. A very few believe we should, send supplies to Britain .only.-if "we are repaid. Several qualified their "Yes" to the Rus- sian-'questionby"adding, "if we can trust'.them."/ Of those women who oppose sending supplies to Britain and Russia the most common reasons given are "they should be able to take care oE themselves" and "we haven't enough ourselves." Women who are aware that lease-lend has a reciprocal aspect --that American forces abroad receive food from the Allies--indicate a greater degree of approval for the Umted States' sending the Allies food than do those who are uninformed regarding lend-lease. However only 45.per cent of the whole cross-section know that our armed forces are receiving food from the Allies and only 10 per cent realize that a considerable ; amount of food is involved. i VISITS HUSBAND ; Iowa Falls--Mrs. Berto Duck. worth left Tuesday evening for ; McKinney, Tex., to see her husband, Pvt. Berto Duckworth, who . has been transferred to the Ashburn General hospital. Recentlv Pvt. Duckworth was brought to a hospital in San Francisco after nearly 2 years in the Hawaiian Islands and the South Pacific. . .Enjoy the two " ^,; ' /, things that :ou re I \ ^-v, thirsty/ · i " V""* - f % - - ' , * 5 ; Delicious flavor ; Refreshing tang |, It Wll · «Ql'.r to supply y o u w i t h m o r . HIRES if you return your empfi.*. scarce. The gfa« industry it but/ w i t h wor pro- ductkin. ESCAPES NAZIS--Lt. Gertrude Davvson (above) of La Grauee, 111., told in Pittsburgh, Pa., of the escape of herself and 13 other army nurses, ]3 enlisted men and 4 crew members of a Plane farced down in the Balkans. Miss 'Dawson, a former United Airlines stewardess, said the parly was enroule to Italy but missed the air field at Bari. ASS AIL "PEACE NOW" MOVEMENT Sedition Investigation Asked by Committee ,, By FEED .MULLEN IV a s b i ri g t o 11, U.RI--The Dies committee, accusing the Peace Now movement of interfering with the war.effort with "clearly seditious" activities approaching treason, Thursday asked the justice department to invoke sedition investigations against leaders of the pacifist organization. Rep. Mai-tin D i e s , (D. Tex.) chairman of the special house c o nVm i 11 c e investigating un- American activities, said he was turning over to the department a voluminous report charging the Peace Now movement, with headquarters in New York, of under- mirmigi morale of the armed forces and playing into the hands of the nazi propaganda machine. Dies did not identify the leaders against whom sedition inquiries would be asked, but declared that he would request deportation proceedings a g a i n s t John Albert Collet, 32 year old Norwegian identified as a key figure Jn the movement. The Dies report -said the or- janizing committee o£ Peace Now which rejects the unconditional surrender aims of ,the allies and urges an immediate negotiated peace with the axis, was led also by George^W. Hartman, chairman; Dorothy Hutchinson, associate editor; Marjorie Ewfaank' treasurer; and Bessie Simon, secretary. In New York, Miss Simon said Peace Now leaders would wilh- lold comment until they examined the Dies report. She made the statement after communicating with Hartmann at Harvard university, where he is a faculty member. Promisine that his committee "will not relax its vigilance to make certain that it (Peace Now) cease its un-American activities," Dies included among his evidence a letter sent by the movement to many prominent religious figures throughout the country. "This is a direct invitation to ask you in your high office, and those in authority in your denomination, to publicly request all the followers of Christ under your banner at once to lay down their anus, and cease supporting this war." The D i e s report singled out Collett for special attention. It said he. came to this country on a passport issued by the nazi-con- trollcd Oslo police 3 weeks after the German occupation of the city and that he was now a field secretary of Peace Now. Chief of Military Mission to Albanian Partisans Captured Cairo, !--The capture of British Brigadier Edmund F. Davies chief of an allied military mission to the Albanian partisans was announced officially Tuesday. Davies was severely wounded oy Albanians who were fighting with the Germans during a sur- inse attack early in January and now is in y Tiarana hospital in a serious condition. Despite his capture, the announcement said, the allied military mission will carry on. "Albanian resistance still is continued, especially in the south in spite of brutal German reprisals " the announcement added. "Only recently some thousands of Germans descended upon the smiling valley of Gjinokaster burned the houses of those known as outstanding patriots and pillaged the remainder of everythin" they could carry away." Davies was living with a band of partisans when they were attacked by the Germans northeast of Tirana. With several staff officers and a number of partisans he retired, safely, only to be wounded during a surprise attack by Albanian quislings. NAME MANAGER N ""v Hampton--William Regan of Elma has been named act~in« manager of the Eclipse Lumber company, here, succeeding Clark Barteau. who purchased a yard at Hazelton. Final Buying Spurt Puts Loan Drive Over Iowa Falls--In a final buying spurt bond sales in the fourth war bond campaign in Iowa Falls went well over the quota. Richard Weiden, chairman, repnrted that sales of Series E, F, and G bonds was $175,000 up to Tuesday evening. The quota was reached about 2 weeks ago. No house to house canvass was made. Mrs. Julia Hagelie, 84, Dies at Home in Ossian Pecorah--Following an illness of several years Mrs. Julie Hagelie of Ossian died Feb. 9 at her home. She was borri in Dover township, Fayette county, Oct. 10. 1300, a daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Colben T. Saboc. Lauritz' H. Hagelie became her husband April 7, 1885, and they lived on a farm near Ossian until their retirement in 1921. At that time they moved to Ossian. Mr. and Mrs. Hagelie had no children April 7, 1935, Me. and Mrs' Hagelie celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary, and 2 years later, in February, Mr. Hagelie died. WAAF GETS WINGS Clarion--Miss Dorothy Hilton, WAAF, received, her wings Friday at Avenger. Field, Sweetwater, Tex. She is spending her leave at the home of her parents Mr. and Mrs. W, J. Henry, and will report lor duty Feb. 25 Name Home Economist in Extension Service Ames--Miss Claudia Weinman, of Deeatur, Ala., has been named county extension home economist- at-large for the agricultural extension service of Iowa State college. Director R. K. Bliss announced that Miss Weinman will begin work this week She is a graduate of Alabama Polytechnic Institute with a bachelor of science degree in home demonstration. She . was an outstanding student active in home economics club and other extracurricular activities. In addition to a year's experience as a vocational home economics teacher Miss Weinman was u 4-H girl for 4 years. She lived on a farm for 17 years. As county extension home economist-at-large. Miss Weinman will work with county extension directors and extension associates in youth activities in promoting home economics edu- cational work girls. for women Buy-War"Savings Bonds aiidA| Stamps from your Globe-Gitzetle' carrier boy. 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