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The Evening Post from New York, New York · Page 2

New York, New York
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Tuesday, May 12, 1818
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( 5 U v ? i i rum iVu aiioiui bilcliigencer of May 9. 7ae fae eKm V" gre fWKAMfrfw" vejotfa'f lr l - 1 he rtl"''.uf todigeut iwrn - J officer. od .oUier. of (he re - olmionary army, for which they ere indebted U the orgeat rccotnmeiidatioo of the executive, u irhih hat beets variously received. By - u t... called wasteful i by ether ttir isjiliicJ M peourioa. VVt regard tba ct at irrntaitoas, certainly, but orally remote irom watt and penary. We cannot k - oosider it wasteful to bestow from your uperlluiiy for Use support of the friend of your youth, by sjrhota aerty aid yon bar r tea to prosperity Brtrponuoout, into lining, to make ducrimioatiou between tra who stand in need of it. and bios who has no ecasioa for voor bounty; The act b of that h bond character, which ba distinguished awl of th acU of the government, hi relation to those who have Buffered ra it military (errico; Iflhe y item of pensions wereBot'ae jo illy odious, at fJonlior the meant of comipiiow, we coold almost vh to too tho tans lilrality ex (ended to tboee who bar devoted Ibetr live to the civil acrrice of government, on iwwnpetont alariet, mod are toft a destitute weM age M any soldier or tailor. If wo were to say, inai tucn ponow hai si just claims on lb public puna, wo should . broach a heresy, that would call down upon much reprobation but,i cannot be denied, that the rererdf of military and naval servic, io trsi agricultural end commercial republic, are ' ample, If aot profuse, hi comparison with those bestowed oa tho atoet Liliorioui esertioue in legit - .tative, ttecutive, or judk - iaUmploymeut under the government. Jf there bo any well, founded objection to the act of the last esion, it it, that it didftot comprehend a large date of man, the militia of the revolution t and another clue, those who loet their all by their generality to the country in time of need ; whom aaaoy considered to be equally eotitied to relief with the officer mm! toUher of the regular army. i But, eofarai tho act doat go, it hat our hearty approbation, and, we belle re, it calculated to exalt th do - racier of the oaHon. Speaking of auffaren in the revolutionary war, naturally lead ut to thoe in Ihe lastwar, whme .claims for property lat and dertroyed in the pub - tie tervlec, hare beca turned over, by an act nl the )Ml Mnon, to the third accountant ol tht treasury for tettlemeot, flr a construction civ e to the law of April, 1810, which rendert it ungatory at to building?1, &c. destroyed. All , hope, we fear, hat vanisheil, of I he relief of Uiom '; who were burnt out of boute and borne during Utoee iocaruoai, wiucbUie progreuor a war alternately iovitet and provoke. , After danciiig attendance oa congreta lor four yeart, in eipec. UtioBoftomo indenuity, an attempt at fraud, in one or two catee, hat been ducovered, and Uve whok o I heta are coodenned. It it true, a bill wat reported, la one botfe, for allowing lo a ewrttta dart of rufferert of thit deecriplioa, on the Hiagara, toaiewhero about half the aicertained mmoent of (heir loteet i but even that wat reject. ad. It will be recollected, that lite power of deciding tuch clniaw wat taken Irom tho com - wieiioaerof claim at the teeiion oflUIO - 17, or thegroand, tbatcongreeioaghttoactoatheca - eee witbeut any mediation, and decide them oa tbeiriodividual merit. la vain waj it Urged, a - gainit that deciiion, that the Iioum of reprefen. tativet wat iaooeapetent, from iU organisation, to enreite Judicial function. What it (ho con - equeace? Congree ha been in tenion five aaoQlMi oat of thirty claim from New - Orloaui, alone, for mperty thuidcttroyed, one only pan - e4 the houso of repreMDtatire, and that wa rejected by the eonate, becauae it did not comi op until the but day of tho tenion. In the integrity aad competency uf the third auditor, there it full confidence : the fault la in tho law, which wt hope yet to tee adopted mora liberally to th , dittrrn and rnin brought on a few individuals in , tho ceuntry by the operation of the late war, from which the nation generally ha lc;ieAlted to much. - betide k variety ol private act relating te the public land, there were leveral act of a general nature, among which may be meutiootd computed. Two additional U3Jig aro m - thoriaed for the arfrommeOiittoa of the pubDo office, of equal eice Wrth thoee wlOca already eiK which have been long wanted, and which will greatly facilitate tho paWic bunnon, the extemioa of which h required them. U thai rwamog our eyeoor the principal pub., lie art of the eion, wo have the tatitfaction of flodiog that, if eoeae good ha. been left undone, much hat been accoeaplithed, and very Utile hat been doo that doe aot coouaand general aiiprobatioa. . ' - . . . ''A ". what ha been left tmWbed at the lato aeetion, and of the meatoree which were propot - od,Kut did not part the ordeal, we propose to take a view at a future day. . JtEW - YoHK EfEJflJfp POST. TUESDAY, MAY 12. , Sn - tom. - On the I6lh and 17th April, the iohabiiaat of the western district, in thit state, witneteed th greatest fall of anow that ha fell at t time during th past winter. On the SOth of April, the mail - stage went into Geneva on ruanera, and a late at the 23d, the enow wss two feet deep at Moscow and the neighboring towntv co bad was th travelling, that no mail had arrived or departed from Moscow from the day th (torn set in to the 24lh April. The large and flonritliing Dour mill belong ing to F. Brown & Co at Rochester, in this date, were totally destroyed by fire on Friday night the lit of May, togethe'r with a bout 4.500 buihelt of wheal. The loss it estimated at 17,000 dollars. There had been no fire in the mill for two day previous to the accident , - .Tbe jewellery store No. 45 Chatham - street, wat broken open last eight, and robbed of a number of watches and other valuable article. t.. , .' A report wat put tn circulation yesterday that tho collector of thit port had been dismissed from office, aud another gentleman appoicted in hit place. On enquiry, however, it turn out lo have been a sheer fabrication. We are pleased lo tee that the corporation hat commenced opoa Ibeir now plan of keeping the city clean. But instead of an army of sweepers parading lbe street between 10 and 11 o'clock in th forenoon with dirt cart in their rear, dust - 1 ing and putting out the eye of the cititeot, they should have the work all doue aid the dirt re moved before 0 o'clock in the morning. Let ui hope thit will be the case when the system gett fairly into operation. A friend la Ihe improvement f Ihe eiAy," who tluokt that Trinity Church ought to procure clock lor the beneut of the merchant and other residing in that part of the city, had bettor apply rtenuually lo the vestry of that churoh. Oratorio. Thit evening an oratorio is to be given at the French church in rine - ttrcet, for the benefit of Mr. and I Mrt. Tardit and we bee permiuion to call the attention of the public to the occasion. The bill hold out a promise of very superior performance!, and we are assured by Judget who have Witneteed Ihe rehearsal, that expectation will be more than gratified. The audience may count upon hearing om of U Itneil (trams to sacreu muuc, ieriormed with luring and carrying off Ihn British vessel of war, weiroil aim cale iouia, irom unuerine suntof fort t' - rie, on the 19th of October, 1813, lnolwithsauding a heavy fire of cannon from the fort, and from the light artillery which lined tb hostile thore. The sword wat completed in the best possible manner by Ihe ablest artists in the Uwited States, Top of the hilt A dolphin, from the mouth of which lbe guard mues. . The guard it made of a tone of arabesqlte richly chafed. On the port it engraved America, represented by a female Aiiure with a helmet on her head, a shield on her left arm, retting with the risht on Rinnan fatces, tilting on a trophy of ancient aud modern int'rumentt of warfare, martial music, colour, and naval appendage, eocirciea ny wreath of lonrrK On the hilt it carved Jupiter Olympus silting on hit eacle, holdm; in the left band thunder - bolt ready to hurl, and in the right hand a seep, Ire of cypres. The blade, of the finest eteel, it exquisitely or namented with naval and military trophies and arabesques, of the most beautiful patterns, the " JJottium tub uiauibut nave inraut et patritr dedit." Under the batteries of the enemv he hoarded the veeselt. and presented them to hit country. 1 On the tcabbard, which it polished to imitate s' eel, made of silver and mounted with fine golt, are engraved tridents, crowns of laurel, Vc &c. On Ihe belt flats, made of fine foUL is au A - every description. . . : JWf Medal. In conformity with a resolu' tion ot congress oa the S3lh January. 1813, a - old medal hat been executed with suitable em. blemi and devices, aad presented by the secre tary of the navy, to capL HoU cf the frigate Constitution, in lestimor v of the hurh eeot en t.rtouied by ciagres of the gallantry and good cooUuct, Uuulayed in the capture at Use anion ship liurrierre: On one tide i, a bust. reDretenttn in profile lhe llken of ! Hull, with th. foUowing in. cviption Uac" "n.Pri.osArtesuperatJuL 1812 - Aug. Certamiue Kortet. t. ac HoU M ,m ,vrxtsft , tVttM Ju, My .1812" brn he tucceeded inescaostir from BriUah flee and Wa. highly roaii.litnented by inith friend and foe for hit skill en the oecasto "fa LaUle the Brave ia Augusl' ref.tring that for tho establishment or additional land offi - a tkiU and taste of the first order, aud perfectly cat in the MUeourl territory , and thhti rutpend - - Uiflory. Tha meriu ofMr a0( Mrl. V& in for twelve month the tale or forfeiture of ' , , . ' lands forfailnre te make the paymenti thereon. astnred, for we have not the pleasure ol . The irtt of these act wat railed for ly th their personal acquaintance, are equal, in pri - gTeat Mteut of emlgralina Ut that direction, and f aU lif , lheir Wt ,nown prorMsioual ami. , the latter by the lamentable Hat of the circulating ssedium in th new countries, which, it ocnc' - wat represented, absolutely deprived the pur - ,. . chaser r the meant of paying for their lands trom tht ltladrlphta Vnwn. t at the time itrpulated and requirwd by law. Deftriplion of the superb sword voted by con - Several othw laws relating to tho public lands ;rc and presented tn captaiu Jesse D. Elliott, ' do not reouire narticular aiention. ciccrt. iter - in testimony of hit undaunted bravery, in cap. . bap, thai continuing the art of last session which! fiOorui tome indulgence lo letllertou the public I lands, i , But tht mott important act of a domestic character, among those of the late session, was '.that for the ad istion of a new state into th Union, to be) formed out of the territory of I Hi - 1 feo'u. and which will probablv be nnmed Illinois. I The quantity of laud which the location of mili - lary patent in that territory has thrown into marktt, hat drawn thither a current of popula - tson. th stream of which daily increases, and promises to make it at populous a date as any io I the Union. ' ' I .The act for regulating our intercourse with the Indian tribes, exhibit Ihe attention of congress . to that object. Their purpose it to place that aahjtct more within the control of congrete, by I renuirinr Uie assent of the senate to the appoint - 1 menu of luperinteadanU, agents and factors ; I . and to Ax lheir compeatatson in a manner which si tome degree reduces the ex pentee of that branch of our expenditure. - We consider it for - tnnate. that the ditDosttioo to economise stopoed ' short of tht abolition of the trading bouses, which I would have left the Indians entirely at the mer - 1 . cy of Ihe cupidity and extortion of unprincipled whole, oo one aula, encircling, in a medallion, a I . hucksUrs, who would have taken every advau - repretentatioa of the towing otT, after capture, of tageof their appetites and necessities. the Detroit and Caledonia, cut out from ander We must not omit to notice the act for more the wallt of fort Erie, the American flag ditplayed aOectually prohibiting the importation of slaves, ever the British, during a heavy and tremend - - which it consistent with Ike character of the na - out fire from fort Erie, of which the fortifications tion, that first skewed the world the way to the ere in view, and from Ihe light artillery with abolition of that execrable traffic, and has most which the enemy's thore it teen lineJ, with this e sunnily endeavored to suppress It. Mad the inscription : eastern member joined with half the earn est - J. - e D. Elliott, Niagara Strait. nets,'in (aor of Ihe bill to prevent the harboriiHT On the rerrrre, and to assist the reclamation of runaways, thai ' Naval and military trophies and several other the representative! of the tlare holding ttatet ornaments encircling the iuitiali of lieut. Elli - tlid in 'be act we have iutl mentioned, anotbtr ott't name with this tuulto : evil would have been prevented, the magnitude of which, those who live on tho lines taparatinr the state well known how to appreciate, aud which common lustiro to the holdm of that sne - cies of property appeared to call on congrest lo remedy, since the constitution bat declared its inviolability. The abolUioa of the internal deties. was so con - fi.leally expected, that It produced scarcely tX - morican eagle, grasping iu ber talout a quiver of wttatioo or regret. If we are not aiittaken, torn arrows, aud olber ioiguia of the arms of the Uni - of those heretofore moat anxious for their repeal, ted State, and resting oa warlike implement of us uuimer particularly, bave found the effect of the repeal such, that they would lie g'.ad now te replace Ihem. There can be no doubt, how - aver, but the public voice demanded their repeal, ins acs lo esiabiuh the nag of the United States to continue the mint at I hiladelnlua, and to ax the compensation of the members of """VT"? " "teioer wiusom remark, ex - cept tnat us seat of goernmeot is unqneslioo ' r - - r - - wu muier nvt, ooe da, or oth.r, he traosfcrrca. The appropriation of congrest for eocUnuing iT . . , ,0 'nlinn to compUte thai noble ondrrtaktng, and has allsy - d.rl ie,jr Whid'?, b'1lfcUw0!,,ha, Vt .T t ""l at toe seat of povernij.nt has been very liberal. ..,.,,,.,,.. n ....r,KUHr ouuuaunn wr, aad commetui,,. the Central builoirg of - ptol, particularly tatufartory , and we begin 1 - nop are to see that magudlceut structure' to the capture of the Garrierra trigiU, captain Ihicre. I' n - Oa lhe reverse of the mcdaL the batUe be tweea the Constitution aad tbeCurritrr to ra - Dretentod in tlwt pariscalar stare of it - most m lerestiog, when the boarder from lbe Gurriere bave been repulsed aud.a laknir fire from the Constitution hat cut away the main aad fore masts of Ihe Garrierre, which are faihej leaving the Anwrtcan ship little injured. ' 1 he motto, wbirh we believe te be a quota. tioo from Horace, ia descriptive of thit state ol tbe action, and of the remarkably short time io wbicu the victory wat gained. , Horse Momento vic'jorU. . from (lie Lexington, (A'en.) lieporter, of tlu SUull. . - DatUinzWo bave Uofortuately to record the loss of a worthy cititen, by the prevalence of tins barbarout custom, un daturuay evening last. Mr. John Boswrll of place, U '.l in personal rencontre with a young man of the name of Llurond, from New - York. Mr. B. wat the ton of General llotwill of Harrison county, and had recently become a resident of our town - lilt inenut anu acquaintance wwwrur w rcfi. sentinr him to have been a most amiable and worthy voun? rentleman. We cannot regard thit affair in any other b'ht, than at reflectins? indelible disgrace on our ma - gislracy. The challenge had passed more than a week before the meeting occurred, aoJ had become the universal topic of conversation.. Eve ry man, woman and child in the place, fcnewuiai a duel wat intendeds - yet not one of our won by keepers of the peace moved a finger to prevent it. Fire - On Saturday last a lire broke out in the to wo of Winchester, and consumed two or three valuable buililiucrs, together with tbe out - houses attached thereto. The principal sufferers are Mesirs. Fritater, and Decret, (io who'e hatter's shop the fire originated,) Mr. E. Crosth wail, and Mr. J iojo Kitchie. f robable tote ol property, $20,000. From tht Richmond Enquirer, JVovS. Eatl India Trade. Tho Virginia banks io this city are curtailing transient paper 25 per cent. The eastern banks press upon Ihem ; and they press upon their customers The India merchant press upon the eastern banks, and they upon those of tht south. The merchant who deal lo the East Indies, require a considerable turn in specie, to carry on their operations. It it estimated by an intelli gent merchant, that from Salem, Boston, New - York, Philadelphia and Baltimore, about 1UO ships annually tail for the Indies. Each ship takes from 100,000 to 500.000 dollars in silver ; their outfit being principally Spanish milled dollars. Put down, then, 10,000,000 of dollars each year, and tbe amount of silver exported ajmojt exceeds credibility. A large portion of this sum necessarily drawn from the hanks During this East India season, silver bears a premium in the market of 1 or 2 per cent, above gold It wat but the other day that a principal New - York merchant, who deals largely in the East India trade, exchanged eight hundred thousand dollars in gold with Mr. Gi - rard, the banker of I'hilailelphia, fur silver coin, at 1 per cent discount. The eastern banks be ing called on for ipeae, are under the necessity of calling in their notes, as well at nearly con fining their payments to gold, instead of - silver. I ne Last India trade thus annually tends oul of the United Slatet a large turn of tilrer. The drain murt be made up from some other quarter. And our banks are thus put to the expense ol importing annually a quantity of specie to supply the vacuum. Is there no danger that this Last India itsell will be overdone ? that more goods will come to be imported than we can profitably dispose off Such it the enterprise of our merchants, and the general facilities of obtaining capital, furnished by our numerous banks, that we can engage in few branches of peculation which we da not carry into excess. Mr. Maclure used to amuse himself with an extravagant speculation, which wat once carried on in New - York in waterme lons. There are few cities in tbe Union, which have tuffeied more by over dealing than Rich. mood. The East India rage has not yet reached her ; but may not other towns yet sutler hy it r That the English traders view our trade with the East Indies with some jealousy, it no tecret io our merchants j but that they seriously meditate tome restriction upon our commerce, is ap parent from the following extract of a letter, put into our hands, dated Liverpool, 21st February last: " The house engaged in the East India trade are preparing to have a bill brought into parlia ment to limit the import of India cotton to Bn - tUh shin direct from India. If this succeeds, it will reduce that bianch of your carrying trade lo wlial can be uisposeil of on the continent. There it however no doubt that it will meet ith a strenuous opposition from the mauufar tu ring interests; but we think it may be impor tant to you to know of this intended proceeding early, 'l he American tra.leaio fully upon the watch to get as much time as possible (live to six months) to cover such shipments to tins country at may be now in operation or contemplated Thit they will endeavor to accomplish either by compromise with tho tiiptiortert of the bill, or by - actual opposition ; but in a questiou of Uritub interests it would appear invidious lo attempt any thing further ." Since writing; the above, the mail (of l;ist night) brinirt us an Ksv in the Boston Oa. cette, which expresses much alarm at tlie pre sent great and increasing trade to India The author makes the remark : " 1 would venture to hazard an opinion, that there is not as much specie in the b.infcs in Boston (exclusive of special deposits) a will be shipped from here to India in one month and what i to prevent all this f om rowr a way, h dollar can any win re be purchased with ii f from the Washinilon Cty Gazelle. Improvement in the loom for trron'ng Richard Ward and Thorn a Rogers, of fatorson, ."Sew Jersey, bave lately obtained a patent for this va luahle machine. It weaves wide ornarrot. plain and various kinds of twilled cloth, of cot ton, woollen, or flax, of auy texture, as it gives two blows of the laith to one shoot of the shuttle, when required, and with great speed, say 100 picks per aiiuute, and is withal very simple and ubstautial, to that it may be put in tbe handt of persons of lhe most ordinary caiacity. ft it op erated on by any kind of power ; tuch at water, steam, or bone, in any of which the weaving of cloth of the sample will not exceed t cents per yard. The tample is kit at tbe Gaxctle othce, and may be examined. , CHARLESTON, May 4. Tfatndenlorm. On Saturday evening last, a - bout 7 o'clock, we were visited by a severe storm of thunder, accompanied by vivid flashes of lipht - oiag, and heavy rain. Ve regie! to ttate Uiat Ihe ticuse nf Joshua Brown, Etq. in New - street, was stroc k by a abaft of electric fluid, a part ol it very much shattered, and one cf bit children erieutly burnts not o badly, however, a to endanger id life. Mr. Brown, damage i ery considerable, the shaft having tore off a large portion of th outer roreruig ol Uie tinute. Tracked mirror, split mahogany tables, doors, fee. and escaped at latt by one of the bell - wires, which served at a conductor. BALTIMORE. May 9. Tbilday at ten oVIock having been apptuted by the Circuit Court fr tbe trial of Ihe benoa charred with robbing the mail, Joseph T. Hare wa broeght into court, and at tn lime appoint ed placed at the bar. General Winder, oa behalf of Ihe prisoner, ha vine associated with the counsel earned yetter day, applied to tlie coert to postpone the trial till Monday. Tbe Attorney General represented tut a Bbcr of pertaut were etttading a wiweeee te whom the delay would ctegret inconvenieiice. Tbe roart .aid, that every rea - toosJ.le indulgence bad already been rwtel to Use prisoners and order. d that the trial ahoald proa - rtstw The counted for the primoer theo tto - tedthat they could not take oa Ihemeel the responsibility of conducting the defence of tlie prisoner wilhont more time tor preparation, anJ that thev declined fortlser wilerlertroce on hit behalf. The jary wat tworn by order of the court and II trial piogretsing at the lime cf writing tint article, " BOSTON. May 10. At lh Municipal Court yesterday came on the trial of John Lewit, charged wilD stealing uoi iu.r. in h tirfice of Messrs. Wvman ol Stone. After a full bearing tbe Jury Muntd a virdict of Guillt. and he wat sentenced to sixty dys solitary confinement, and to lour yenrs bard labour in the State - I'riton. - ;' lwis J ones t was alto sentenced for the crime of larceny for more than 100 dollars to 60 day" tolilary confinement and two years hard labour at the atata Prison ! also upon two Other indict - menu for chealinc. he was sentenced to two yeurs further confinement. Sylvia F. Traskt for larceny to a greater a - mount than 100 dollar sentence 60duys solitary confinement and two years bard labour at lhe Stale Prison. Benjamin Thompsoi.t for a similar larceny wat sent to Ihe Stale Triton for two year and solitary confinement 00 days. Upon leaving tbe bar he tro"' insulted the court. He hat been in the New - York and Philadelphia State Prisons before. ' t These fellows have been previously committed lo the State Prison before, which will bring Ihem bef re lhe Supreme Judical Court at their next session in Boston or Cambridge ; upon the report of tlie Warden to the Attorney or dnliritor Geneial, the sentence for whic h on two previous commitments will be a confinement F or Life to hard labour. Nobvolk, May 6. Capt. M'Ullin, of the ch Packet, from Port - au - Prince, state that Pretident Petion died on the 29th of March. It was said by tome people these that lie had taived liim.lfj to death, while other (perhaps wnn more rea - son) ascribed his exit to the physician who attended him. A General Boyer, a rnut e, wa appointed hi successor, and was regular ly installed in the Presidential office on tlie 1st Jay of April. The inhabitant!! of Port - au - Prince were rathe - - apprehensive that Christo - phe, on hearing nf the death of I'etion, would assemble his force and make a descent on them ; and, in the expectation of inch an event, all the provisions in I'ort au Prince were purchased by the government, and every person capable of bearing arms was enrolled for mi - lilai y service. Capt. L. was informed, however, by the ch. he spoke after he tailed from (onaives, that Chriitoplie had not heard of the death of I'etion, at the time the Packet left Port au Pnnce. at which period every thuig wa tranrjuil ; the government was satisfactorily administered, and all apprehension on the core of Christophe's visiting them had subsided. Coffee wa worth about 25 cents a pound on board and scarce. Death of Vhriitophe.K letter from an Amer ican gentleman, resident at Port - au - Prince, to hit friend in thit town, dated 13tli April, after speaking of the death of Pelion, says, in a postcript ' We bave just received authentic information of the death of Christophe." MAKR1E1). On Tuesday evening latt, by ll.e Revd. Mr. Parkinson, John S. Mitchell, Esq. to Mist Lyriia Witicocki. daughter of Col. William Willccck. both of thi city. Lat evening, by the Rev. Doct. Momn, the Rev. Mr. John Knox, one Of the minitter of the Reformed Dutch Church, to Mist Euphemia P. Mason, daughter of the Rev. Doct. Macon. On Sunday evening last, by the Kevd. Mr. Maclay, Mr. John G. Webb, to Mia Jane Ann Chadderdon, both of thit city. DIED. Last night, Joseph E. Henrique, esq. His friendt and acquaintance, at well at those of hit brother, L. B. Ilrnriqnrt, are requested lo at tend hit funeral, which will take place this af ternoon at 5 o'clock, from hit late residence, No. 84 Pearl - ttreet, without further invitation EVE.VIXQ POST M.I RWF. LIST. CLEARED. Pchr Milo, Beetle Savannah New - PacVet, Crosby Uosfon Reaper, Blanchard Portland Sloop James, Steel Hartford New - York, Drown, . rroviuence lady Washington, Gardiner, Newport AHIIIr KU HIS tOHK0')A, Shin Fox. Batiett, 15 dayt from Matanrat, with mnlaitet. to N I, ft G Griswold Left, sloop George Washington, forN York in 2 dayt; 1 a I . I 1 . 1) imp uen. jncsison, in sail tame uay , ung uru - ther, in 7 dayt, for Warren, (.R I ) ; brig Bui - y, 10 dayt tin r Wig J hree - Sisters, 1U dayt lor Savannah. The ship Sterling, of New York, uil arrived from Havana ; brig , At - hint, tailed same Hay for Boston. A tint had just arrived from Warren, (R. I ) 27th nf April, lat 24 50, long 80, spoke brig Be - liile, ol Boston, irom ivcw - urieans ni.unn loin - nenhngen. tut 6 days. Mav 1. lat 34 I 2. Ion 76 spoke bng Juno, from Havana hound lo Boston. Brig ueaiicr, Alien, irom n u, leans, x.iaayt from the Halize, with tobacco, cotton and pork, to Jones it Megrath, II Coit, Le Roy, Bayard & Co. J Scott, and Bogert k Knee' and. Sell Resolution, Marshall, 4 dav from Phil adelphia, with merchandize, to L Uommedieu ti llrown, and others. fell Ophite, Tabor, S dayt from Norfolk, with tobacco,corn and barley, to V& It Kiuc - ett, and R Spencer. Spoke going into Nor - fo'.k, sh ip William, of Richmond, from Belfast., 50 day out. Sch. Indian Hunter, Seaman, 5 days from Richmond, with flour and tobacco, to It Anderson & Co. T Irvine, G Shaw, W Itoss. and other. In the river, spoke schr. B illiant, Block, bound up. Sch Mary Ann, Hopkins, 4 days from Snow Hill, with staves ai:d shingles, to T Milburne, and tbe captain. Sloop Alaianta, Shalcr, 8 dayt from Edenton, (y. C.) with Bin to the master. Sloop Abigail, Fletcherv 5 days from Rich - mood, with flour aad tobacco, bound to New Haven. Sloop Venus, Alfi - eJ, 4 dayt from Norfolk, with bricks, to the master. Sloop Superior, Price, 2 dayt from Norfolk, with guns c to Capt. Murray. Off the Delaware, on the 1 1th, tpoke schr Fame, from Sa'.em for Baltimore. BELOW, I tchooner. jtRuli t it lHST F.VEXIXa, Sch Spartan, 38 days from Havre, with dry goods, specie and plaster, to 11 Gillies, owner, Thehnt Lannuj er, J B Durand, Benjamin Ue - sobry, Dedliom Si Dele.ert, and S Doulaml. Sailed in co. with b ig George, Smith, for N. York. Spoke, lat 39 46, long 72. briir Mariner, of and fur Philadelphia, from Lisbon, 65 days out. Left, ship Manchester Packet, llurk, fur N York, unc ; ship Belfast, do. in 6 or 7 days ; ship Favourite, do une i bri( Canada, Smith, tor Baltimore in 10 or 12 j brig Intelligence. Wilson, for Darien in 6 ; brig" Alfi - ed, kingsborouh, N. York unc brig Wm. and Henry, Stack pole, waiting freight and passen ger. Sch Clarendon, Frith. 21 day front Kings ton. Jam. with rum, cod ee, te. to Tucker and Laurie. - On Saturday, Sandy Hook bearing W. by S. distant 32 leagues, spoke brig Mary from N York for Bi iitol. Sloop Rover, Parks, 3 days from Philadelphia, with whitkey, dry goods, lie to P Grim and others. S poke in Cape May Road, sch Eliza. Warner, from Cuba, for Philadelphia. short of provisinn supplied her. I Sch Duck, Thurlow, S dayt from Xorfrlk, I in N A to with corn and the master. Sailed men with arts Tell - Tale. tor N York. : Scb Hero. Travera, 6 day from Fred erkka - burg, with flour and wheat, to oyrnes, jnnv k . a r. - i Sloop Atlantic, Weodwardi day from Baltimore, with tea, iron, Ice. to Smith Si Baj.ey, Mark V Unaley, U W J uauuey, vroe Inrk and others. Sloop Burdett, Gain, 3 aay irom nanioru. . . m r a WftiB rm - DrfMiyt kv. w - - vt i - nrrmnft Xr CO And OtlierS. WILMINGI O.'V, t - '. l ) may ms.u, brig Mason' Daughter, (of Wellington) I ree - inaa Mayberry, jr. 17dayfroni Jaiqueuiel, (St. h.minvi.. 'I ha tliiu (Joiu. Peirv, Kditoil, ol " d A ..I N York, arrived there ou the 30lh Man h, in 42 dayt from Bordeaux, and tailed on In llthrl April for Port au Prince. On the 12th of April, the Mexican privateer chr Florid Libra, was laying offend on, Letting provisi - n the captain of the privateer inlormed that Com - Aury wa then off Saraana, with 4aail heiik the Mexican Congres ; and that he wa lt,ert,ri;ajurtuit of the schr Brutus, caot. Jolly, to assist thling raid Island. The Florid Libra wns a tec Stir to Com. Aurv's fleet. The Brutus wa at thattime, at Anuain. with two Spanish prUe. The .Mason's Daughter tailed on ihe Ulh of April, and taw he Florid IJbra itanding to the north and exit, With nil tail set. Brig Decatur, Gardner, from Providence, (RI) Sell. Catharine llogers, Ketcnam, iu aay from iv vorg. un .lunnav. me isyui oi .pru, lat S5 3i. N. long. 74 43, W. at ineredian. . a y. I a " 1 discovered a wreck bearing 6' by E distance 1 mile bore away to ascertain who she wa ; and on coming up with her, found her to be a brig of about 180 tons, called the Edward, but of what place, where from or bound, could nsrt ascertain. She had a low deck, and short quarterdeck , lhe waist varnished two white streaks ana one bt&cc streak on ner quarter the quarter deck varnished; a lead colored streak for the waterways ; a wide moulding round the stern, wi h a star in it, all painted white i her bottom light varnish, or red. She lay on her aUrboard aide, with her head to the W j her foremast carried away about 4 feet above ilieeck, and the bowsprit within the cap i part of the rigging and sail were hang ing to her she appeared to be almost a new vessel. A'ent the boat to get something from her, but their being such a swell, it returned with some blocks and a few) aids of canvas, which they cut from the yards and rigging. young man on board the L. K. wtioapprumi know the vessel as soon a we came up with her, as he was on board of her in the Havana, ay she is the brig Kdward, of Warren, and was bound to N York with a cargo of sugar and molasses. Cleared, ship Brunswick, Sanders, for Liver pool ; brig America, Kennard, for Savannah, with sixty - nine trnuec siaiet iroopi. renr new Packet, Crotoy, for ft e w - 1 ork ; tioop exchange Foster, for Boston. " Botroir. May 9. Arrived, etup Homer, McKown, 17 day fiom Havana. Ship Ceres, Malcomo, y days trom sjnaries - ton. Spoke 1st inst. .South Shoal N. W. by W. 25 mile, sch Hazard, from Boston for Rich mond. The Cere has be n in the bay 9 days, but owinr to thick weather and gales, wa obliged twice to haul off to the eastward. Brig Olive, Lunt, li ora ui leans, ;a oays from the Balize. Brig Confidence, Jefferds, 23 days from Trinity. Mart. ling Caroline, frlupiey, trom turx iianu. - ..' . . . a 4 mmt a . 1 ecu uen vvnuon, oi nwiriiaiii, iruiu i uu delphia, 6 days. fch Lucy, Garrick, 23 days from fort Koy al. Mart Sch Three Brothers, Sears. 14 dayt Irom Philadelphia Sch Eliza & Nancy, 8oule, 3 day from New York. PoBTLtan, May 5 Arrived, sch William, York. 14 dav from St Croix. Came passe trer.cant J. Hunt, late of the brig Comet, of Bath his vessel went ashore, and with diffi culty the crew was saved from the wreck of vessel and cargo. 7th Arrived, brig Lion, Freeman, 21 day from from Saint Petre Left ch Wahin gton, M'Olathry, Canine i ch Richmond, of Uich - mond, just arnvetl witn flour, ana not permit, ted lo entry, the port being hut to that artl cle in American bottoms. PHILADELPHIA, May 11. Arrived, hip Jane. Bancroft. 40' dayt from Liverpool. Sailed 23th March with about 1UU sail, mu imp ne berca, iTims, for Philadelphia parted from her off the Tnscar Rock. April Ix, lat 41 son 4, spoke ship Pacific, Williams, 6 days from Nw - York for Liverpool. Ship Entcrpnze, Scott, flat captain Kuius Coffin,) fl day from Havana. The brig Perse verance Wilcox, arrived Z2d irom newport ; orig Mary, Brewster, 23d from IS York ; brig Charles & Ellen, Upton, do do Boston ; tchr Betsey, Grafton, 30th, do Providence; brig Gambier, Barr. 26th, do Boston. Left there, just arrived from Philadelphia, the Augustus, Perseverance and John Howe, brig Bowdoin, Staples, from Providence; Ann, De Wolf, from Boston, and several others before reported. British scbr Neptune, Llaywoou, 19 dayt irons Bermuda. i Schr Eliza, Warns r, 16 dayt from Baraccoa. Spoke off lhe Capes, thip Stag, from Boston for Baltimore; and sloop Rover, Parks, for NYork. 6chr Mnria, Briggs, 3 days from NYork. Sloop Scourge, De Groot, 5 days from New - York. Sloop Sally. Fox. 10 days from Newport. Sloop Union, Barnard, 13 days from Nantucket. Sloop Margaret Ann, Stratum, 7 day from Savannah. Cleired, thip London Trader, Shead, Canton, by W. Wain. Below, tchr Renown, from St. Thomas ; and a ship and a brig, name unknown. NoaroLK, May 6. Arrived ch. Packet, MTallin. 29 days from Port - au - Prince, put in in distress, sail much split, rigging damaged, and. on Sunday last while at anchor in Hamp ton Roads, had her bowsprit carried away by the sch Venusdrifting down against her The P. was bound to Newbern, N. C. Left April 3d, ship Hebrus, Peikins, of Kem ebunk, for Boston in 5 Liv ; brig Patriot, Rich, for Sa vannah in 18 j schrs Polly & Nancy, Lsa ton, of Newport, for NYork, in 10 ; Reindeer, Jonca, for do. in 3 i several others, name not recol lected Spoke, April 6th, on Cape Nichola Mole. ch Marv, (pilot boat built,) of No folk, from Conaives, bound to St. Jago de Cuba, 8 hours out. 8th, oil Cape Francois, ch Lady ot the Lake, Coil from Baltimore, bound lo St. Jam de Cuba. 13 day out. The sch. Pandora, Sweeny, ol Uaitimore, hence, for N York; was cast away on the morning of the i'h tilt. 15 mile S. of Cape llenlo - pen vettel and cargo entirely lost, crew with difficulty saved. ZERAH HAW LEY, DENTIST, (y Ha removed hi cltce from No. 321 Pearl street, to No - 91 Nassau street, where he will perform every operation in dentistry. whom it mav roncER: JTJ Thit certifies, that Doctor Zerah Haw - ley it a regular bred physician, and in good ttaodiug with bit brethren in thit place, that he hat paid particular attention to the art of DENTISTRY, bat studied Uie best European works on tbe subject, and bat given very good satisfaction in this braiith to bis customers, who are persons of the first respectability in thit city. We therefore, with entire confidence, recom mend Dr. Hawicy lo tbe citizens of New - York, as a Dentist. (nea Munson.) PruPtofthe New - Haven, J athao Smith, f medical iotti - Jin.22, IB18. ItJi Ives, riuliiu, Ikie f .lona. Knight, College. myUlwt THEATRE. TUI3 EVE.MSG.'May 12, Will be presented, the comic opera of BROTHER At SISTER, Don Sylvlo de Flow, Mr. rTiilipo. la which he will introduce Davy' celebrated rondo, " Just like love, and a new tporiing cavatina, composed by Mr. Philippe, called the huutei't horn in the morning,' accompanied oo the patent 6 key M ItuU btie, by Mr. Will.t. Donna Isidore, Mr. Darley Iu which character tbe will Ing Ihe favourite Echo Bong, accompanied on toe flule, by Mr. Meliue, and (for the tecond lime) the new ballad of Forget me not, (translated Irom tne French) composed by Mr. Philippt To which will be added, (he Melo Drains of ELLA ROSENBERG. Storm, , Mr. Roberttoa Ella Rotenberg, Mr. Barnes Tbe evening entertninmenft to conclude wi'lh HIGHLAND REEL. W Shelly, Mr. Hilton Pandy, Philippt In which characterbe will ting, 1 Oh, had I Alluaf Ramsay's art,' and introduce a Srotrh Air, arrunged expressly for him by Bishop ; and ' tne simple melody of Robin Adair. Performance to commence at a aiartir n. J even o'clock. AviErlfCAN iViUsltUM NEW - YORK l.VSi lTVTIOA - M v ' THIS EVENING, if the weather is taut, the MUSEUM. BAND wU perform a v. riety of pleasing and popular airs, 'l he M uttum will be handsomely lighted. ,iy 12 2t NOTICED - Vt - All persons indebted to Waters Fumnn and Charles Dobbs, (for street manure) are requested to call and settle their accounts wiiu either of them, or with D. V L. Mead, at the cor - nerof Pumpac E'llridge - streets, foriurtly called Third - ttreet, on or before the first dayoi juy next All peisons hating drmnodt against llvm will pleats to present their act ountt for tetOt. menl. WATERS FURMAN, and CHARLES DOBBS. rovl2dlclmt DOUR PLATES. Br rut and Silver Door Plates, ant! far Otfitet of every description and pattern, from S to 60 dollars, eleganUy engraved and tnarutlltd. Appiy si no oj r uuou tireet, sccouu Ooor. bove Pearl - ttreet. (IT3 Store aud visiting cards neatly engraved and printed, couuling seals, fcc. at short notice. may 12 It' . AVANA SUGAR, TALLOW, tc " 30 boxes drown (Iavaiia Sugar, entitled to drawback. 130 cemoni South American Tallow 4 boxet Roll Brimstone, and IU cases Tumblers. Landing and for tale by JAM 13 D'WOLF, Jnnr. my IT o4 sonin reet. CRAPE DRESSES. P1KRCE& MORSS have received, in addition to their former otsortment, aud are now offerinifor tale at their ttore, 179 Broadway, ... . - Col'd and black N:.nUm Crapes, tupeiior Do fis'd do do - , quality Do do Damask do very rich. Col'd and Black Canlm Crnpi t ' Elegant embroidered drrtte of Nankin tilk 4 4 . embroidered Crnpe Hdkft. . 8 - 4 and 9 - 4 do do rbawlt - White and black lAghnrn Flute, from No. 30 to 50. royi2lw C1HINA c - lLKS. 24 cuscs Cantou aud ian - J kin Crapes, assorted colors 2 do. do. alt scarlet ; 1 do. do. pink 9 do. changeable Sarsuett, just received and for sale by SAMUEL WILLIAMS, my 12 at f 123 Pearl - street IOWLINU Ple.CES. - C.ei I. D. WOLFE, f have jutt received, 6 cases fine Fowling Pie - cet, handsomely attorled for the touthern mar - , ket, which, with lheir usual assortment ol hardware, Cutlery, and Militaiy goods, they offer for sale on accommodating iernit, at 6T Maiden - , Lane. my 12at - QfcAl.cKlAS 21 t - dos. tanuedandboislied sj in the ttt manner, just received and for sale at 6? South - street. my 12 CAVIBRELENQ St PEARSON. IRON, STEEL', & HARDWARE. QKIt Tods English iron, assorted, io flat and Jl square burs, a part of which; ! entitled to debenture. ',., 100 toot round iron, attortcd, froml - 3 to 1 1 - 2 inch . 100 do Swede flat iron, from I to 5 incbe 60 do square, assorted trom 1 - 2 to 3 incher 6 do each flat and square Russia iroa 60 do country iron, assorted SO do ploughshare moulds 10 do axlelree and crowbar mould 10 do horse shoe moulds 20 do bra iet's rods, asserted, from 3 - 18 to 3 8 inch 30 do spike and nail rods, assorted 10 do sheet aud boiier plate iron 50 do Engbh and American Hoop 10 do English (L.V battered steel 10 do Swedes steel 10 dj Crawley do . 6 do German do , 5 do shear and cast steel r 20 do Bristol and Nova Scotia grind tooea anchor , 500 anchor, ataoried, from 0 to 20001b I do aliout 90001bt. , . 80 rolls sheet lead, ats'd 3 lo 6 lb per foot 100 cask tpiUn. att'd from 4 to 0 incbe 200 do cut nailt, from 2d to 20d 50 do wrought nail, attortcd 20 do tlate and horse nail 10 too iron pot and bake pans, ats'd from 1 to 10 gallons, entitled to debenture 5 ton English spelter ... 20 do American hollow ware, contiitiog or Pott, kettles, bake pans Skillets, spiders, tea kettle Audirons, tic. 10 casks trace, ox and boat chain Anvil, vice and beak iron Forge, ledge and hand hammer Mill, crots - cut and pit taws Carl, waggon and chair bole . Window gluts, of different ie Shovels, spades, boet, fcc. Together w ith a general attortment oT hardware and cutlery, for tale on ivatonahte terms, by ABEEI. A DUNSCOMB, No. 3C3 Water street, conxrof Jan.etshp. my ltlw - HYSON SKJN TEA At INDIA SUGaRS 50 chest Hyon Skin Tea, of a superior qu - lity, and 32 bag White Calcutta Sugars, Urnling from sloop Boston, at Burling - 1'P and for sale by G. G. Sz S. HOWLA.ND. may 12 77 Waahington - rtreet. BUENOS AY RES HIDES'. 6000 ox and cow hides, l a superior quality, well tnr - ed and free from worms, landing from lhe bng Charlolte, at pier No. 10 for sale in lots tosud PUmtyT2r,U PALMER ft U AM1LTQN. A.VKlMs. 2iJ0 pieces company toog yel - low Nankins, entitled to debenture, jutt received and (or aale at 67 South - ttreet. CAMBRELENG PEARSON, my 12 ( IO 1'TON i TOBACCO 4a bale ' KJ New - Orlean Cotton , ,h 41 hhd. do. Richmond Tobacco, fit for tne lrb market, for sale by w fc 4 CRAIG, . may 12 Iw M P treft - IRlall LINEN t boxe4 - 4 Irish Liuea will I .old low to close eatea. h. & g CRAr. . r . u . - i Hi dollar oa V" MlVr.V::, rth four times that . , pe"7 " - "'. ". - rr;nal amount. The punctual paym - ui - - r - and interest will DO guaraniccu ' nly al 131 Ful'no - etreet. T ' 1 - ANTED a second band Notary ' Screw. Anv rersoa havirg one ftr le may p - w rW at 41 Wall - rtrert. T " ,l V 5

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