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The Evening Post from New York, New York · Page 4

New York, New York
Issue Date:
Monday, May 11, 1818
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5 ; i ) - JSf CHANCERY. t the hnnutable lbs iudrea and at - 1 ';' aiataot lurtices el the court of common pleas ia and for the coua - Thepetitioo of John Duer, of the town of Go - - thro, rn tht county of Orange respectfully THAT your petitioner if Mixed in fee simple, m tenant to common, together with Uie se - ,. Veral partie herein afUw named, of eijfht equal itttdiviiied forty eighth parti, the whole into fort ' , eight equal part to b diluted, of in and to all tUiUcertaio lot, tract, piece or parcel of Uod, ' ,. situate, lying and being ia the village of New - V tiurjrh, in tho sold county of Orange i bounded N" - v ' ' on t north by the street called Uie eight rod - street, on Uie eait by the Hudson river, on the south by lands lorineny oeionjisg w V Weller and George Monell, and on Unwettby lands formerly belonging to Thomat Coldeo ; ' '. .'. v containing, as is suppwd; two acret of limd. ' - . t JUlberlurd, of the atate of NeW - Jertey, also eeized m eforetairt, of four otiierequal undivided forty eighth Mrts of tlie same. . That iuaunah Robiaww, ntptesrnt, atyonr petitioner ieinforiMd and Diice. a rtiMimi. m . thntpartof the todom of Grt Britain called J&gUnd, i alto tuW as Afutetaid, of four oilier v coital ""divided forty eteMto part of Jhe mom. - That John Stevens, of the ttnte of New - Jersey, is also irired at aforesaid, of two olherequal un - ' .u..aa t..rtw M.tUib nur't of the tame. ' That Robert 1 Liviiigttpn, ol the couniy of Columbia, in lint ttate, aoa margarci, an wiie, t in the right of the (aid Margaret, are alto wired 1 . at aforesaid, of one other equal undivided forty k .iarMh narl tsTiC. , And that Edward P. Livingrton, of the said rrnuiii orColumbia. and Elizabeth, hit wife, in lha nrht of the taid Elizabeth, are alto wised ai forewid, of one otbar equal undivided forty L'htli trt thereof. ' And thtiCornnlia Livingttoo, of the city of New - York, Peter Van Bregh Ltvinetlon, at pre - tent, at your pttitioneria informed and believet, reiidfot in tome enrt of the kingdom of Ureal Britain, and Peter Kane, of the ttate rf .New - Jor - eey, by virtue of as act of the legiilfi'ure of the I . state, vetting in them, at traiteet, the ettate of reter Van brugn uivingimn, aeceairn, areaiHi cited b aforetaid, ofluur other equal undivided iariv ihth nartathereof. And tUt Alexander Robertton, of the city of New. York, ar.d t'rancel. hit wife, in the rirht ol . the said Krancet, are alto teired at aforesaid, of the temaimnx twtuty lour equal undivided lorty , eighth partt thereof. Ana your Petitioner farther aheweih, that be i detiroui to have rartition maiieoi a i ana aingulkr the laid above described premise. araonjf me lam icvcm oncr or jjrujutu. of the time. accord:nir to ineir tevcrai anu ' reiDeetiv riirhbi of. in am! to the tame, Wnenitbre your petitioner prayt that the taid premitei nay be divided among the taid tercral . ewHt - ri or proprir tort, acccrd'nj to ineir t .iu aevxral and respective rishlt, bv crmmittionert to be appointed by tbil honorable court, in pur - uanceofthdirec(iotii - f tlif net, entitled " Ar. act for the partition i - flamlt " And your petitioner, uin duty bound, hoiIjBvnrry.i Ai - ToJthn Jtulherford, 8utananh Rohimon, John fitevrni, Robert ti. I.ivingaion .wl Margurtt Mt wife.; Kdwsrd P.I.ivingtton and Kli7iv'l. bit wile, Cornell l.iv iusiton, Peter VanWiinjli Livingston, Peter Kanr, Aleiandcr Robtiiton and I'rwcet hit wife. . Yoaffillbepleucdto take notice that ft Petition rf ihich the pw.edi. - ig it ft copy, will be pro - tented to tV honorable t!.e Judgtt jdJ AsiiMjnt Justices of the Court of Coiinnoi flea, in an.! for the county of Orange, fn t!;t; li.t Monday ol Mny next, to beheM M Cm cc urt home in lio - tlieu, in and lor the taid rMinty of Orange, at ten o'clock in the fore.ioon oi that d..y, or ut toon thereafter ai cout.til cin he Iv - nr 1, and nn appli cation wi!l thereupon be mntli; lor the nppoint - ment of commininert to mske PattUiou of the Preinitri with the arDurteiiuiirc iu tbs mid l'cti - , tionmentirnit'd ami dftcribeil, uxording to the prayer of Uie wM Petition, ni.n tho direction! ol an actol'lhel.eiialiiluM of the Statu of New - York, tatitlcd " an act for the partition of laadr." ualeJ January iu. iuiu. JOIIXDUKR ' Alexander Ducr, attormy for petitioner. Feb If lawthnMay " . is chaci:ry. To the honorable (lie judges and attittant jiuticet of the court ol commoo pleas in and lor me couniy oi wranpo - rpHE petilion of George IT. Wickhurn of thr A. town of (Jotlien, in the comity of Orange, reiperllully thewcth - Tbat your petitioner it seized in Ice timplo at teneot In commoo n one rnual andividtsd mnietv or h.Of pait of ull thai certaiu tntt, piereor parcel of land, tituate, It - inr and bring in the town of Warwick, in the county of Orange, known and dittinguiihed at lot Dumber two, in the lubdivininn ot great moun tain lot number fourteen, in the patent ol Cbeete cot kt, containing two hundred und sixteen acres of land, nrthereabouf I. And vour oetitinner fur ther iheAeth, that he it seized at uforetald afone equal undivided muirty or nail part oi an uun oertam other lot, tract, piece or parcel of land situate, lying and he tng in tlie taid (own oi vv nr wick, mid known and dittinguiihed at lotnumlx. - tliree, in the taid lundiviMoo of great nountsin tut number fourteen, in the tnid patent ot Cheete - ' cocks, containing two hundred and thirty acres f laud or thereabouts. And your petitioner further theweth. that some person or person, to Your iit - titioner unknown, it or are seized afore said, oi the remaining euual undivided moiety or half part of each ol (be aDove - mfnuoiieu urn ai - acribed lott, piucet or parceltof land. And your petitioner further thewelh, that he is detirout to have partition made of Uie aioretaid landt tene mentt and lirreditameots, between your petition rr and the said person or persons unknow n at forniid, according to the teveral and retpectivt righU of thesevernl parties aforesaid, of, in, and to the tame. Wherefore your petitioner prayt, . that all and lingular, the taid landt, tcneinenti and hereditament!, togeiner wun ire rimt, memben, privilrgci and appurtenances thervuu tnlhf.looeine or in anv wise nDnertaioin", may ba divided itr committioncrt, to ba aniioiiited by thit honorable court, in pursuance of the pro - viiiontof theact entitled an net tor I he partition oflaadi. And your petitioner than ever pray, tic. Uated Ibit tilth day of February, one Utou and eubt hundred and eightpen. John and Alei'r Duer, Att'ies. R nlrated to take notice that a petition. whirr. II above is a cop V. will be preient ed to the judges and assistant justices of the - pleas in and for the county of Orange, at the court house in Uothrn, on the last Monday of May nest, at ten o'clock, in the forenoon of that day, or as soon thr re - after as counsel can be heard. And on application will thereupon lie made to the said court for the appointment of commissioners, to make partition of the Inodr, tenements and hereditaments abo described, with Uie appurtenancft. according to the prayer of the sold petition, and . in puimonre ot tlie art entitled an act for the partition of lands. . Dated 6th February, 181U. . We are. c. JNO. ft ALKX. DUER, Atfiet for the above named petitioner. To the person or persons unknown, interested in the above described lnndt, or whomsoever else it may concern. fob Mlaw tIM in My BY order of John Garretson, Esquire, first judge of the loart oi common pleas, in and fir tbe couiaty of Richmond and iiute of Nar. York, notice isherehv eiveu to all the creditor of Christian I. BedVU, ol the county and ttate a - foretsid. an insolvent debtor, to arawar hafnr me at my office, ia the towe of Souti.Oeld, in said j.iieia. in smq . " - v. w. .iitiuumi w, Miu.iai, u, NKWi ,i mj ,itcj i:,r, wnj an assiKTJieni Oil for Uie benefit of ail bis creditors, and be be dis - rharred, accord inr to an act of die Leeiilatur of the state of New - York, entitled M an art for civinrev!f ia cases of ins - hency" and tbe acta ame rfline the time. Dated Richmond county, uie .in oiy ni apni, a. u. 1013. ap 27 law5w CHRISTIAN I. BEDELL. HORSE FOR f ALE. A riX ASAST .a,' lle Horse win be sold XV cheap hy a gentleman about to leave town, sippiy attiusomwe. v . ' - my 4 ' .4nervn'jftiAin flf ttt fin Art. c hiLition of thit academy trUlbe6peie4toUevublicoii&liday"th 10th of May MXt. Artists are reqnetUd to Rod whatever articles they intend to off for ejdwbv turn, on or before Saturday, Olh May - r - aJUr wbJCb none can be receive", dj vruar. A LEX B - ROBEHTbUJ, sec - ry. - 13 ghlfclawtiaMay ; Undhern Dutnti tAsw - Fsrlt, . BKit remembered, that on the twenty fifth day of April, in the forty second year of the independence of the United Wales of America, EdmVM. Blunt, of the said district, bath - mA i il.i. nffira the till of chart, the right whereof he claims as author and proprietor, in the words andfitfures following, to wit j . A New Chart of tail FloVida and tlie Bahama Banks, extending from St. Simon's Island to Havana, exhibiting the tracks and soundings of the bin James and sloop lixa in loivs snip rran - cis, 18H ; ship Albion, 1816 j schooner Catharine. 1817 i and schooner Retrieve, in 1818 ; to - ntther with set of currents, tides, tc. and sailing directions for crossing the Bank, by Edmund 31. R hint, author or tlie American ioan mot. In conformity to the act of the congress of the United States, entitled" an act for the encour agement of learning, by securing tlie copies of maps,cbaru anil boons to tne authors anu proprietors of such copies, during (he time therein mentioned." And also to an art, entitled " an act, supplementary to an act, eniilled an act for the enccotiraremc.nt of learning, by securing the copies of Maps, Charts, and books to the authors i. J ! . L - dl ana propneinrs oi suco conies. During inn uurei therein mentioned, and extending the benefits thereof to the arts of designing, ei.zraviui, and etching historical and oilier prints." t . .... j I Ainr.3 iiLiu, Clerk of ti e southern district of New - York, mi SH Iaw6w IN CHANCERY. John B. Murray, i vs. VSuteof Ne w.York, ss Jamas T. Watson. IN pursuance of a decretal order of thit honourable court, made in the above cause, will be sold at publia auction, at the Toutine C'oliee Honse. In the city of New - Yoi - k, under the di rection of the subscriber, as one af the matters ot this court, on Tuesday the second dsy ot September nest, at twelv o'clock at noon, all that tract of land oining on the town of Ixwville, ana In il.a eountv of Lewis, in the state afore said, being part of great lot No. 4 of Macomb's purehsie, and compriiet all the lou known na a eerttln plan or map made by David Hronson and It. W Lite. in the vear 1 Son. from No. 1st to 313 Inclusive, containing together 15,000 acres of land, with the appurtenances thereto belonging or aay wise appertaining. Dated June SO, 1817. (Copv) JAMES A. HAMILTON, JvSl lawiwdtds .)!. r m Chancery. Th a!o of the above properly it pottpoced to the first day of May next, at the tame hour and place. Dated Jan Vi, 1818. n. uniiiuiw.i, JanSllawlMfl Matter in Chancery. The rnlo of the above property it postponed to the Uilth day id May, iimt. nt (be mine hour and Pino. uted wt r I'iio. JAMES A. HAMILTON, ! mySlawtdt Matlrr in Chancery. It' AN AWAY frout the subscriber on the l7ib hut. ilLACK HOY, namsd Pettr Kul - ens, aged I'J years, is anoui A irot, a incites h'jh, well made, and n ple.nnt good looUii.g black, tie wot dretted in a ihort olive colorcu velvet jacket and blue puntu!ront It supposed to ba working about some of the evharvts in this city, or harbored by soma few people of color. Whosoever will bring the said (errant to nn mailer, No. 59, Murray street, or will give into - matinn whre he may be fnum, i tin 11 be lihe mlly rewarded for their trouble. And nil persons are hereby cautioned ugai'wt harboring m rmplnyin said servant, as t.iey will, in tucb caso, 'subject themselves to the utmost rigor ol the law. II. WIULbY. ap Ull tf KAU Mr.DlClNALF. DHIUSSON. HE Ka - j Mtditinale is hr. limple txirar.t of . u nlsut whom uropertiet wtre twlore un known in medicine. It hat the most lingular and almost inlallihle ii flimoce over the gout, o which it relieves the severest pain m a few houM and commonly carnet oil tiio mot violent pa - roxyimi in two or three dayt.. The aitoniiiung relief obtained hy amultitiidq of sufl'urers in tin country and In F.urop? j and tho great reputa tion it tins rapidly acquired are proofs of its extraordinary efficacy in that dieenie. A small pr - el of Urn medicine jutt received and tor la.e uy HULL it URCOUISTS, Biy 5 lw I IB Pearl - street. BEAVER HATS. il oDnins a lanre assortment of London ar l Amrrican Beavers, Caitors, Roram", tnd Children's Hats : all ol which he is now offering lor sale at his wholtaiale and retail Hut Store, No. 17 .VJaiden - lnne. ap 14 lm WANTED, 1 A snug house at Brooklyn, or in the up - uated, commarKiing a one view oi me nunson, with convenient oul - buildniKt, well, Uc. Mcr chandiie. stockl. or a tl.iuiith vcnel, between 50 and 80 ton would not he objected to. Ap ply at 3.1 South - street. my t lw KKKiNCli TLITIOM. T B. DESEZE repectlully mlormt the pulv he. that he coutinuet to leach French, nc - cnrding to the principles of the French academy, at bit house No. 290 Greenwich street, between Reed and Duane, where scholars may, through nut Ihedav. be attended in c asset or individual ly. He also wives lessont in town to men tauiei or gentlemen at may find it more convenient to ho attended at U.eir own homes. Translations from dillereul languages done with accuracy and .1 . out the ptivilrgc of boarding with the apply as nlmvi mv 6 I w UiiUUiVlliMillL.r. i.i:i 1.13 CAL.C AT ASCriO - . r Wednc hiv next. I be I3lhimt. at twelve V7 o'clock, at the Tontine Coffee House, will he s.ild 30 acres ol valuable land, 7 miles Irom TUB EOUJVD STEAM B6A T LLyE l tie proprietor, wiu view of accorjuuodatiug the public, byextcadiug the line iioAorwicn. iniena Biaai'HS me tkucr.UKuii wiUithe Fulton, Capt Lw,aud thit route (il ftxsrid practicable) will oe continued during tbt season. ' ' , ' 1 tM line win in luiurv uv uuiu i,ow Norwich, as follows: 'Ibe Conuecticut, Capt. Hunker, will leave ew - x ora. every jumtauy, Htdtutdat and friduy, at B o'clock, in the moruing, lor new - naeo. sue runou, yo i. mm. will leava jvonritn ai o ociwn in uw morning of the same da s, touch at Sf tw - London and depart from lliem e for JYvu Havtn at o OTlOCk. i n DOaiS Will toeei ai ew - n aia, and depart from tiitnce every Monday, Wtdna - dau .nut at 7 o'clock in the evening the Uounecticut lor Jftv - X ork. and ibe Kultoo lor Xar - Loiulim. and A tmiek. mh 17 17ILLIAM HOOkfcR, f T No. uui of Fulton - street. New - York, hav - . . i.. ..r it... .i TiPiK mff receivea n large iuiiy u nr.4CKLG. of Dar ii Martiu, 97 II ch Ilol - born, London, offers tlie same, iu wholetaU or retail, for exiwrtauon, or nome cootumpuou, uu terms tha most liberal and advantageous to pur Thit inettimablo composition, with hlf the u - Uhnr. iM - oduoes a most brilliant jet black, r.iiiv .(.nil ta the highest iapau varnitli ; afTord peculiar nourihment to the leathers it will not toil the finest linen ; it trfectly free from any nnnlMtantimclI: and will retain its virtues in nnv climate. As an incontrovertible proof of tlie superior excellence of this blackiug, it has stood the test rnmirtnnded the most exten. - ive tale in nil .marten of the ffiobe. for upwards of balfa cen - tury. Feb 16 rfitlRTII STREF.T NOilCE. WTOTICE it hereby aiven to all persons inter IN estetl, that the Comroistioners ol estimate and miruiui nt. nDiiointed by the Supreme Court ni Jii.iii - nf if state of New - York, to per form certain duties relative to the opening oi Fourth - street from th Bowery roaa to ine sixui uvi'iiuc in tlie eirrnin war a oi ine saiu iiii.imie completed Iheir estimate and assessment as well of Uie lois and damage sustained over and above il. hum - fltand ativantase received bv the own ers of the land and premises required lor Uie said in.proieine. - it, as olio ol the ocuiui ana uu - vantasre rei - eived by the owners and iiarties in - terested ol and in the lands and premises not required for the taid improvement, and that we the laid Commitsioneis have ucpottieu a true copy or tucb estimate anu bi niuei.i in ine Clerkt office of the city of New - York, fol tbe in spection of whomsoever it may concern. And nolu - e fs liereny given 10 an persons mieietiea Hint tho renort of the Commissioners of estimate had at seivuent will be presented to the Siipr?nit - t.ourtof Judicature of the tlateof New - York, at the 15th day of May next, at tbe opuuing of the Crurt on tha' day, or ai toon thereafter at counsel can be beard thereon. Dated, this 29th day of April, tUtti. itiiwr.s, ; PETER ETACO, CommiJtioncrt. JOHN TAKUEE. ) p2!) I4t 7Y) l.f.T. SiS For one or more years, the following 1 1 uunes at tlarenvil!e,near the live mile stone, liloiiii.iiiirdule rond. NCWBCBLB and CAaAWDAICTlM AlHtA0 tasit nun wxek. - . - f EAVES Newburgh eve - , . JS?V"1 Ll rt Buadar. Tuesday, gCfcgathrM o'clock, runs through Montgomery, Bloouungburgn, wonuceiio, vj White Lake, Cuehecton, Mount Pleasant, Great Bend, Chenango Point, Owega, Ithica, andOe - aaik. InllafiAnfiaitfua. i Returning leaves Canamuigua every . - now - day, Wednewlay and Friday mornings at tliree o'clock, and arrives at Newburgh, the third day in time to take the Steam - boats wiiicu arrive m .New - xoiK me loiwwwg nmniuir. - rr Il may be emut'i that at all Iuium ttken 0i tltam - Ooati alter Iktir day of runmtig, thai Ihu lint ill alter sa at la meet litem. i Ttn whole route will be perfomed in three days, from Uie first of May, until the first of Jioveniuer ana trom tne nrsv ui nuinuu until Uie flfteenlh of December, and from tlie fifieen'di of March until the first of May, in four days and from the 15th December, until the fifteenth of March the same line will be Canandaigua, Niagara or Buflalo, can leave N York in the evening steam - Doau, anu CananiLiiL'ua m three days a uistanc hundred miles. The line is well owners,. David Godfrey, Bloominsburgh,' E. C. St. Jotm, Mount Pleasant, j L. it R. Manning, Chenango, I Proprie - Luther Gere, Ithica, ' tors. SHinud GreenliC, Genera, j Oliver Phelps, Loutiug, J mh 14d6ui VALUABLE REL ESTATE FOR SALE, IH THE tITV or new - ynRK. 7IVE lots of ground on the west sideofGrr en - wieh - itreet, between Vestry anu uesoros - ses - streets. 25 bv 110. f our do iu the rear oi ine aoove, fronting on Uieeastudeof Waihinstnn - ttreel, 25 by m. Eiehtdo in the block below, between Wash ington and Weit - atreett. the Mohawk. In Montgomery county. In Franklin County. 15,162 acres of LoLd, in the towns of Mount Morris and Dayton. ine cny iiiiii'ii ii ic tuj ui new - iuib. . u"j i I'ufthaic. in r.iBei county. 7833 acres of Land in the town of Barrymore. In the County ol Lewis. 101ft ...., nl l - .nfl i.t far.riniiil. i!riftitnnil In Saratoga County. St'iOO acreain Palmer's purchase. Liiquire ot the office of the subscriber, 34 Ce dar - street. mh 17 tf BEV. HOB 1 5 SON. iMHGEbTIO.V or &OIJK bTO.MACll, IS acknowledged by medical writers to be a complaint ol stubborn kind, and At oil times very diiticult ol cure. This is sutlieirniry illustrated in the disappointment of those who unfor tunately iiillrr under ii, Bsiney, lorine mosipari, A phttnantl) situated and convenient two slo - nild ,hat n - ter havinj; tried many thinss to little ry House and otable, with a Garden and four a - 1 or ,. Durt.oie. they are at Inst obliged to use (lor cretofland. 1 perhant the reuiainder of life) tucb articles at Alto A pleatant'v t.tuated and convenient rBn l hp.t hut tinlliatp lludieaie. Undertuch two story Houiei - nd blablfi, witholareGurdenL.jrcun(ltun(.eii any medicine capable of remo - anl rnree aciet oi rnvi, noui oi mo I vins tli complaint, mutt turelv De an article are well stocked with different kmd of choice I t.iKtilv deiervins tlie attention of all th ife who Fruit - trees. . I are alflir.teil with it ; such a combination ii to be Also A pleatantly tituated and convenient mft wjih in )R - - MKAb'S ANT1 - DY&EP - Iwo ttory i)oUe, with a Stable and two acres oi - rifj 0r STOMACH PILLS Uie succeit of land. For further particulars enquire of which hat never yet been equalled, for the cure JAi uu ii.iivcr.., 0f rivnensia in its rooit complicated form, tuch apCOlm Near the premises. a. 0 oiapfietite, nautea, heart burp, natulen - J D Jj, J, tr. auswiiig aiu muio .,vuioi.ii, w From the first of May next, the two tide, great eotUvenest, pnlenett in tne counte - "TST l,rl..k I1ik. N. 492 and 4'J4 Green - ?", anguor, lownets ol spinit, pa n in me ' . .. : " :.i.... head, virtnroor eiddiness. and diiturnea iicep. Hll - 31.. ill iMirai.r.. Whnnn.nn Y, iel n in the ahaV dlSHSe. stables in the rear, anu win Demon very rca - rr,jin ,iiri.'nll. M;i never he dltan. ap 29 for tale by ap 25 Jr lULSEY ii GOSMAN, 31 Old - sl.p, or to GEO. GOSMAN, 496 (.reenwicli - strect Lit K Ur' tA TlilLK tit Hi', By U m. Wirt, Fq. 4 00. milE Diiblisher deems it unnecessary to say A, any thing in favor of the merits of this nrlr .it in a - himfplf with mnntlnnin? that ROB. M'DERMUT, 222 Pearl - st. PROSPECTUS von rrni.isHixo nv scBsrnirrioir A M AP OF MEXICO AM) LOUISIANA. hihit inlormation. hichly irderebliug at this event !! tinH 11m. vhIiiaWIa Mniis Uie city, lyia? u the east side of Uie road, be - fure lhe . - .Mir, tween Munlialtun village and the new asylum 'phi. Map will contain the latest and l et in now building by Ibe corioration it joins ou form,.t:on rorn th di - rovcries a id povesionf both, is about 3 - 4 of a nuki along tlie road, divi - nf ite American, Spanish. Russian, Britwh nnd l.ul i.ilnlhr,i imrU or lut,. each with abundnnrel c i. n. ..,; .nM .M,l ..n..u.n. Terms of tale 1 - 4 cash, or approved indorsed! .,. .... Mn - .:ii k.. niMllt .:. k. f,r feet. nolet nt 3 montht with interest - oUier payments M(, w jj be nr ijecled on a scale of 40 n.ilet to at 2, 3, and 4 year, secured by bond and mort - U)e j,,,. to (j aalivered to tbe subscribers at fif - nip. interest semi - annually, " V ! S.I. - k. .r .Ilka, !. lion Room, of Aletirt. lloumao i uiast. i uie indisputable, CARPETING. my C lw SECOR k CO. 180 Broadway, have lust oen; no carpei uianiirgi. nn.i m.i.u, UfUnH.pleatanUj tituated, with a wharf, store . . , .. 1 - n , ! wiih a larce assortment on hand. i . . .v j - .. i .1 recently re - tlie most Aatulactory r:crences will be given rjiquire vreet. may 6 6! teen dolUrsra l,. Natrhes, Mar - ri7, 1818. nonce ami oam. ap7tAu1 yi? sjm' na ti i.fjisk. ;r.ll Lotsin Uie 5. 6. 8. and 10 Wsrds; many of which are on rguluted and paved ttreett. No . ii . j i. ... ; r .,J,I T"j k ak. I.I - .....1. linn, lvlnn. u,""rJ " J ' UGrVeTocTane a k t Se'1"' lwn nd Ibret ttory hnoses on which a - - w - , . i . - E iCsBl I ui uir inia j iciiinii si ts" mb ent widths, colors and Bgnrcs ; do Rues c - i " LANDING AT RED HOOE. Table Ckitiiiofdillercnl tilM, w - iin .inieu nor - . ,lcicntitaBri for ,klDe. wiJi ten acre.! a a a i a : - a l ..t h tmuthari . . COTTOM sod WOOLEN MANUFACTORY, Near New - Haven, with 40acreiof I ind. and a A t!U:NCH l.AUV. who soeani and writes never failing stream, upon which 20 mills may be ji ........ i . i u . i:..K nr ....... r... ..I, 1. euual v weU tho French and FJi'hsri laa - ieretscu, wiui pu.v..c rv, guaes, it expert with her needle and bat other ustlul acquirements, suhin a pUct as leather iu an estnblUhed academy, or at uutruclresa in a pnnu lamily uts latter would be prelerreJ . App'j at 13 u E No. 2 Greenwich - street. LEPHANTOJL.SEALSK1N3 k PEARL. The cargj of the ship tea - Fox, consisting atthi. o(Iici,or addmsU Mrs. E. L. Post Jtfice, K f ' lJSlS N.w - York? may 8 1W rT "H. ASHING and M ANGLEING, done with care, by Mrs. IRESON. No. 7t Crow - J. BYF.R3: or, E. FANNING, No, 59 Burtinj - tlip. dollar tier hoi. rortaiehy Ul.ri.n.rn. . ... I ;.!. - ...i.i: - . itkl.M.n k.. k.. liat gem lias N. H An elegant room to let, wun or wun - i r. i'miii " y " m0 . , ri mny j m wiui ,.re i.u,...iu... ....... w family tio. IHU Greeuwich - nlrect. Where may be had, wholesale and retail, a latge and RentrnJ anortment of genuine Drug and .vciiitmes : turscons insirumentt; Apoiue - cary't Glau - Ware ; English and American Patent Medicines. Alio, Oyer's and Fuller's arti cles, .Medicine tbeili, lie. Un liberal terms. uih?5 Sm 1 VR. DK AM.EUS, formerly practitioner oil YJ oiedicioe in lae military iiosiutaiiof np - th first editioo of 2500 tvuies were all disposed " and admitted a member of the Medical ho of in a few months. The 2d improved edition ciety cf .New - York, where he hat resided tince the yeur 1793, and hit reiiutatioa and turress in practice, is now established in the knowledge of tlie public by near 20 Tears experience, conthv uet lo be coniultcd at bit olliee, iMo. HZZ Water - street. o;rxmtc Crane wharf. In Rheumatic and Venereal cases. Dr. De An P03T COACH LINE ro PHIIADELPHIX ' A eUsesrsjtg pabir 'kcow fccw to ;nsttf.tkh V V WA OM rowtks - lioon. I V iween liungs that (liter. . . , mornin" A - tfffiiflttsislKarriiit'n - POS1 CIl AISt; will leave .Sew - i ork eve - of the city of linden, aar member oi the faculty of physii and surgery there. oWm. tliud. tr to repeat some rieerraUoo, e the abuse of M1JICUUY. rath; inditcriminat. 4 . tive of Infioite diiarhir riiT iibos are aruwajiy mercurialized out of eiTV ence. The disease sre have in view owes iliV' tal resulu chiefly to this source. "VVha? a r if' that a vonce man. the toru - s nr i.t. - I P'Vi ANEW Line of Post Coachf.s with every con - the darung of his parents, should be snitTfJj i venienr - e for imraeiiEers nr.d baggage, ou way from nil the prospect and Springs - THKOUGII IN ONE DAY. by the consequences (done fuwwMsTsiSi l tie roM uohcii win tiari irom me vou - " na ny a uittfcie not in its own nature iat.i j ke, old No, I Courilaud - street, N. York, every Uhich only proves to from nenlect or SmlL - lice, inui uvi t irn i'jui si uau .o v . iraiuicu,. - a etui ma. ictA ii it. ' o'clock, by way of Newark, New - Brunswick, lieat) now perfoctiy bearty and rveU VfJl VLT rriucettm, 1 ronton mid Uiutoi, aiui fcrnve under pnysutausot geueidl practice aiv. Philadelphia the Fare 5 dollars. inic afuriinim, a 5 o'ciocit. sxd reatdy aunvat, d ; wlien recoimendpr tar The new Steam Boet Line Industry will start Dr. U. (hy a gentleman of this city) hi, i l from New - York eveiy moruing, fcuudays ex - were carious, and hit llefh dropping from tl cepted, at lOVtlock in tlie Sleam Boat Ataldii - his friends declared be could not PMuWraur continued to the city of New - York and run a, lodge at Trenton, and from thence to Cauaiu!iga in tour aays. "i a oieam uoai, next morning I'usenirei - a iraveuinir nvni iic - iui I . . Passengers are rr rrive ai, tw0 Dionuix lougr.r. - iLousamls exiieriinrnV.iT. Jug at 10 o'dic. know widi what eaie ud safety JJr 11 i, . .. . catet the severest caer.widconliriiis"UieV!,n! quested to call and tution. Tlie lector's flm (udvertisine u " arrive at Pbiladelj hta, two months lougr.r. TLousantls exriennuu ' ui iw o i". - anow wiui wuai eaie ua s;ietvljr. m : . I lane their u - :ii ni iru cn:cn um io. i ioun - 1 ruiin in rnrn n, m.M.r .;.,. " ' n.. landt - street. New - York. mercurr. and other fnliJ delusion, i..u f.". eoillircc jiii ci.i.. t.:i r.rl. A., PhdoHnlnhiH. P - r..m; ,l......f,.. '. .7. onn.. ur",s"ta Baltimore and Waahineton Cilv. with every U:,1 ilicoidpr. nr rlinir i,., - . .T Pr - with cxid, new carriages i goou nurses, u coiivenieine lor patseogers ana baggage, ou admomthed not to tamper with their cciiiT cai cfui and experienced drivers Every atten - tpringt. The U. S. mail coach will ttart from tion, or conceal the disorder, till uust rm lion will be paid to render the passageofthe the coach oliice, old No. I Courtlandt - strett, New rr . othersbaying tlie remains of an old r Uaveller safe, easy and expeditious ; and it U York, every day at it o'clock, P. M. and arrive 0r oUier impurities of tbe blood, as well as nh i.i:.j .k... i. - rmmmn,lat;ona on this line at Philadelphia next morning at 6 o'clock. Only er complaints ol a delicate nature i .u?" o . . I i. i o im3euuui auuiiiieu. are rni ni in anv line in toe uiic i i. " .. a ,r sex. should remember posterity, and do hjit i, apply to t0 iheir conscieactt, by making - DnhVsfiI .ini.l,ihH t,.i. ii i,:. .1.1 ..... s "Fl'ncatioa audit m a ine - ,..,. . n r . seaitiiiine anovenamcn s.inrs. (TT FAREtromHewUiirgliiot.ananuaigua THS WHI1.rl,, nlrf fei' n i 1 1 ' i v nnll . 1c I . - " - .... . .. . .. . . I N. U. A branch of the same line runs 1 times a week from Ithaca to Auburn. Imi runs from Owciro Tiocra Point: ' wiu uuu retneciaLU. . Also, a Bn ndway. New - York ; or 'to A. T. GOOD - u e calculated to nrevcut ffisclnku. .r. Uience RICH & CO. No. 124 Broadway, corner of Cc - L n.e daiin voiir setioua aitrnfinr. " ""!'' Uirouffli Newtownand Painted Pot,to BaUi, dar - street, jvew - IorK. suptrucialiurew no cure at all ; unless tiriT c. L JAU?iL,ct,,S?,.ff V,01 ,!BU '"";"" yo wUI certiunirhat BAGGAGE. at usual, at the rink ot me v.. .v, - iv n. r im.ii.i a.i.ii in nnv nn n. in. .fin. ... v ....... 1" ... .......... .w .? . , rrtkt. it'll I'KLIk' I 1. uurm. oy iiiv.iia in i r ir.i.iv. ap XI fOaT CtlAlbL. usacn, Biage ana bceam Boat cuice, at me oin iishment, Wo. 04 Whter - strteL foar honi 1 . hree No i Courtlandt - stictt. the sec ond olliee fron. of Old - tlin. to obtain Unit .. 7:VW" I.l uirvi i ua..asi iHi tc.tsill VV II I Iffinim n.l . Ii - uty, at tome lutiire riol ; perliaos Uico will tic loo latr for remedy. Don't yo often lutel . '.lie street iniseraole, incfilatcd brin . U. - .T.. T even a bit of nose ou Iheir lace .' Tiiffe .:' I beseech yon. . ur. n's. character lor suu and stubborn iuts. - n!v boina lunvi r!:illv kDotrn in n,:. r;. ... l04, guarantee to patier.U that delicacy and ii. crery tntrirrto unknown, and bavini; conCaed bit practice lorieari past, exclusively to tiie cure u uisr asosol the Oloou system, tl.fy inaythfolyta). culute on the uiost decided udv.wiluirts iu cue uintiK Dr. H. Gleets eradicated m tw or Uire i.v. rv dav fSundav excepted) at half past5 in ISlricliires removcil withon boueies or t,,,. (i,. Uie rooniinx by way of Newark, nuly m passeo - er in?lrunieut ; and ull debilities; likewise all gen admitted, and arrive iu Philadelphia the - d uh - pralirms, fistula's a'i . tame eieniag. t are inrouzn, u i n ymmiujr iute are proyiocu, and to tita. .I'l.. Ql..... Um. 1 in. l'.n.,!manf ttill I liiffi I h I lint irn! K ft f o w n......l ..1. . . V . 6000 acres of Land in Lawrence's purchase, ,... Kr,nvn.i, j., ,in,i. ... - r.iorit L.tmprrntinn. Onpn lill imlfnB.t q ;.. i . : near East Canada Creek, on the north tide of ,h ,f . 20cjocv m the 6leam Boat Atalan - I AI! penons con;rued are invited to be free . , 1 . UL .J.. .J.:. II...... ... .1 1 r. ii.. nnil .n..hi... .r - Ik 11. 11 L - 1. . la. anu arrive Hi iiiimuci aim iiiniirii uaj ni, vniim... unu a n.aniu3 niui iuu. wmui 11 irva o'clock, by the Steam Boat jETNA from Bristol, of cost. And here Uie Doctor cannot avoid Uis For Seats in the above lines, apply nt the Post expulsion of gratitude for innumerable reeoin. ' Chaise Stage and Stram Boat Oliice, 118 Broad - menJations, and for the decided prelerence (it is way, opposite the City Hotel. presumeo wnnjujicause; long giveu mm by ftr All goods and baggage at the rUque of judicious puhlic. Uie owner. N. B. All letters must be port paid. JOHN N.t;UMMl?if, Newark. ut. uucimnan. JOHN GULICK & (SONS, Princeton. Auar 7 lv STOCKTON M HOWELL, Philadelphia. quACKKia A'Olt J.UloTh. JV. B. Exprtssei tent to any pari of the Union. art v JfOi.TU Jilk ZH SI MM - BOATS. the 'Aever; Kits will commence iii running four timet a week, 'J J"ii2la tnllows : - A Boat will leave New - ork on Tuesday, at 9 A. M 1 WedtK - sday, at F I. M. ; Friday, nt 9 A. and Saturday, at o I . 111. 01 each wieK u nd a boat w ill leave Albany on Monday, Wed nesdav. Ihurtdav, and bnturduy, at w A. M - The aUive arrangement will commence by tbe L hancellor's leaving Albany on Monday, the 11th May, at 9 A. M. and Uie Richmond leaving iVew York on Tuesday, tho I2tn at U A. JJ leisure, may engage the Coach on reasonable terms exclusively totliejniclvei. by applyicz one dav nreviooj to startifitr. r or teait appty nt unnnern noiei, eto. iv Courtlnndt - itreet, New - York. Ltw, tu. 5, a - ur I. np t ' Proprietors i Jfr UJflOff LlNt,, FUR PHILADELPHIA j weuiy - iiiB wun lauu ui i uil:c, Brunswick and Trenton. In new post coaches $5 via New - Do. good stages, 4 5tl Do. lorecastle or deck patsrnsrers U bO oren wonueriuiiy successiui ami tne rr.nM.,l h thntnm hntni.i vr. nilANCH nuie euecis oi iiiosc ui,orue - nuve ire - , ,,,,,, .,,., nm . n.i . . , - : quently been cured by hi in a short space of - ni"". i no aoj - ..i ? . . - ... . I D...n - k will t..r. AVAM lit. V V l n - ii ne vsiirimii ini - nnvpiunre ia ine naiienr. i ui m. ....... - . , s wii'.cniueau - . - i , ,.,. t r ,i ,u ,:,i. r ,h. c,, wliiehthe su. ii..k.r.rn....M..i rfnMncliiaavprnliniirattirnuL - h 'usirucuont, uicers in ine uiroai ana paiaie, a..a. u.o thor hat procured, dunny isevrrai to rs throut.n fl(r f .. T1 - ., in tl, hltlh. er5n,:: TJ t 1 1 oVlock A. M. PassMnrers will lodse Mexico, in tne years iw o, oui. low, io.o, - mu' ,T - .u i4: r L'.'t ,i ,h. .,...k,i Pk;tl.Tl. 11115, IBlo, and mi l. induce mm 10 ocieive mai . r , " . , . .... .. - uif ' ... I ...!. i. ... m i r... ... n a rr I tu , ... imnmnar tf I .... m. I . - 1)1.:! - .! 1. 1' - .a , A - , I 1. an. with even Ell it imtH - rlCCtlont. wi:l De V ". ? "i - .t.j "i".b pnia, aoasio nrrivoiu i iinauiiuiiia u iu o iiih.. much the mot perfect which has a; peored be - ' V ""omiuhuioui u.n.aMK .u.m.rn wii3r tnener.t morning, ui time to lake tbe L' : i iv ihk luiniD VI i cnim.iii aii nil huiiivi iin.rcuiiiir I :nA Line manner. His extraordinary Succijft is, in a Kiet ueaturf attributable to hit well known Anti - rb.'iimutic and Anli - Siphilic Syrups, which. liilt they eradicate every form of disease, ret - ol water. The lot next the asylum bos on R tine the claims of tlieir respective eoverno.cnU tore .he 'nwiated patient lo vigor, and bealth one of the fineit springs if water in the state, e I on the NorUiweslern coast of Ami rica. lo suptHMcd Dy many to oecapaiuen tuppiyuig ui - i tie nian wj ,nriuH that portion of north west tide of tint city, being ot high at the oouie America, whirli lie .ictwen the Uthmui of Da ol&tl'uuls. ineienire lot nut on u uie cuam fie(u n(1 ii,4ttth d eree ot Nr .rth Latitude, aim ofdefeoceputupinthe war, aiidtheonenearett froutne Musistippi River wettwardly to the the village a hne meadow. . . p. Oran. - t - iii( iLiVi rMrMinrf - lj?anaM.iiini ; trr I.EE7S ITCH OLTr.VE.S T. WARRANTED an infaiUblc remedy at one application, may le used with perfect! Baltimore steam - boats, ' This line has a connection with the best bottle on the Delaware and Chenpeake to Norfolk ; I a; also Uiosc of the North River and Sound ; nnd I their several arrivals are calculated to cause I little, if auy delay. 1 bit it a speedy and certainly the most con venient ro'it, as the panengcri will leave Now. I royv. Dill. EVANS' tuperiot jneUiod of curing a certain Disease, is now universally acknowledged in this city ; his mode of treatment is perfectly mild, safe. ei peaiuoui, ana 1111 chant, s reasonable. In every u - stance he warrants a cure, and will return tbe pay if be does not perform agreeable iu tuuiraci. The nr. litest secrecy alwava nhm. There are many penona in tlii, tiiy and ia yi cinity. . i"b - t - " - - r - - - " - i - - . . . j w. - !.:.' 2 . l. , . . rix,M in I'hiia.u n ii n.vt Ant hiir?eona ana rnviiciaiis 10 we woria. ana to dinner. I made Uinse ouciumc uinraiva uu tuDaiBiii siuay l'h nnhlirlf houses are pood, and reasonable Ifor 3U years. sli iz in tlieir charges, j nearuen, noriesanacoacn - sonable terms. pointed, at they have never been once known tol es are not interior to any others now running be - Also, to Let cir Lease, from 1st May next, a fHj in producing a railical nnd permanent cure.ltween Uiese twocitiet. Ibe r.eautiiui country, 1 .r, on . on r if f 1 1 inrr.i iniiKP. xitii litis tttr 1 it a ittanin ititrin nni it. 1 11 rnnvinri! iiih rntist 1 uuu ujc ri cuuut.v vi tut "n vu sm uu v s n TOHN FORD bat juit received and is now . n - i.r the 2 - raile stone, llowery. at unbelievicg of their effitticy. They will most nected with Uiesafuty, comfort, and reatonable It is etfcctually remove alliourneit of the stomach, expences, are beleiyed lo be stron? inducements I". "7. ' . , .... x.... Inni n. - rpfv hv nPi.trBliiinir the atid. but hv cor - to traveller! in civine thit line a decided preler wen ac apteu tor one rectiDg th'at morbid ttate ot tbe lecretion. which ence. 1 he ttricte.t attention will be observed two kitchens. 8 rooms, pan tries, vaunt, a siu - l4 . K. tl . .MAH i, Kt.rrti rnri in r,nn.r .nomJ ( Bfrtinn. mm 1 he Fire - r ly leave New - York on 1 ucaday, ,uch'M cancers, old inveterate ulcers, scrofula Thursday and Saturday, at 9 A. M. for New - or king evji D,tulas, diseases of tbe urethra, hurgh, and returns on Monday, Wednesday and bajHer and kidniet, old complicated complaints r nday, at o A. ivi. m 2 lof a certain nature, bilious and other obstruc SW1FT - SUKE MAIL COACH Eb, FOR TBILAPEbPR tions, rheumatism, c. which they consider men. ' 1 . . . . ,.:in lu.uuj I. l, I raoie, iney run t - criojin, uu Lwn 1 ui cmai j frr Leave New - York by appIvm?atJjr.r.vno o nieaicai store, nor 1 y morning (Suaday'sex , recx - snp, mm iiin.ueu u cxienaivs ii Knv nek - iu nr. kxniti. t in curope iz years, unaer some 01 uw ble and coach house, a well of good water, and J0 ,iejebiitll,e(l orgaa! of digestion, thit lone All baggage and packaget will go at the risk oi J - '"" two cisterns. The garden is very large, and vigour which is ahuolntely necessary to the Uie owner unless insured and receipted for by Uie ' . ' 6 well stijeked w.'h fruit Uees and shrubbery, we bejn, 0f the animal economy. Price one clerk of said office. tnofewnoai the artificial and may be taken possession of immediately per pant Ol Illlt c ny, in exi nanae ior a iim.r o. .. , . binnrnintnlo. contaifiina abiut five acret ol r terms, appiy io about five acres ol rround : ou which it a hou.e very pleasantly til' rtT" The subscriber having recently returned. troui ijilanu wun an important improvement on spring LEG, he takes thit method J an 22 his Inends and the public, that all are to unfortunate at to ba In want of Stage fare only J5, with a generous allowance a leg, or arm, they can be accommodated by ap - ol baggage, rarlict wurnnj to travel at ineir piymg ai o. 1 1 uariiay - sireri, mew - 1 or. WM. PURVIS. ftt - WHF.ATON 1 DA VIS, Fancy Chair Manufac i turers, No. 153 Fultoo - ftreet opposite St. PruI Church offer for tale, wholesale and retail, a large and elegant assortment of Curld Maple, plain painted and oruRiuent - ed in gold kiironze. I. uboe Plain and Gilt Balls, Rock f ing, Sewing, and Coarersa - tion Chain, bol'at. Settees, ' Lonngees, Mutic Stools, tic. Orders from any part ol tbecontinentexecutsd I with ueatness and uinpatch. Old Chairs repaired, painted and ornamented. mh 9 - & ,.iiii!ititrnd . . . AV. W DtlESSLVQ ROOM. v..i. .n.. ,k. k. - i,. . i u:i . 1 vs t uui u i t .at. I tvoil - sireet. ius tv I Vi . ,iici ma uaujii i.iiru, ,uu ai 1 i l c iu a ... - I i . .1 , . ir. .ui dclphia belbre the hour, ol bminea, wilheat fa - "'rDC0 ," u" ,ne,noPouL !' r i. r ...'... . lire irrntlpnin. that he ruts and dresses Miria tiguam iraveumgor want ol sleep, tne Ufce Utat .tyli, nd a a mar net so as to adopt carmee bemg much lcra than by any other ;, ,nlh.w,i; ',. H imsAir .nUaoianti - route between the twocitiet. v f raZOHM nlth first uuahtv. if they do For teats in the above line apply to r, ntr.iw on trial. hr imrrhiaN - ra ate at liberty u i, ii... 1, 1 . rTTr - c I . - .. . .. f..t. :r,.,.. . - .u .11 . , :.: . I " il.l.iahi i. hui,.., m0 return them, and receive themoceT. D u .u..uu. . w y. ., .va..,; . f. r. s.,.m fi... Offire. In Mar - 1.1.... : ' a :. k r,'4ret Crr - !? "B.7i V rh .W. f the Battery, b - - 0"o . , kcenedS - d .Tuld wiiAieirr, miu uov ...vumiiiimeu .un inuouco - twero Grecnwicb i Watiin;rtoo - ilrels, or to ik,.v nnf ,., 1.. niii rr - . - eiveuo recompence. ivetmell which attendi Uie apphcaliou or other The CAPTAIN no board. Those cenllemen who may pleate to hooorbim remedies. fS7 - All eoodt and btvarsEe at the risk of tbe - iik ih. ir mimr.,. denend oa the most Th aove medicines are prepared ami lo'dal owner. 6P 4 I particular and respertful attendance. ct - c - o . - eiucinf sioreio. o i.iaiueo - frrr To Ltt foront or mort venrt. ami soul oy a. s. AKi.r cornci w t uiwn uau I r The follnwui houset - houie No. 294 w ater - strett!. . Bridwav. two doort above Washineton Hall. Dru;riiU and country itore - keepers supplied I vrilh a coach hdute in tlie war if required Alto, on liberal terms. rTJft SAi.ti. Jan 29 lpssI A hnete and farm no. Throe's Neck, in the town and county of Westchester, fourteen mwi Irom iNew - York. TI.e farm contsiut a bjtit one hundred arret of excellent land in rood (tore, a large barn and other convenient outbuildings, a good linnte two ttoriet high. With lour room? on each Dmr, clrrirtiy situated ol a three story brick bouie No. 415, in said strati. Abo, a new and genteel two ttory brick bouse, comer of Lispenard and Chun h - ttreets, the lerm midtrale. t or further particulars, apply at 415 Broadway. mhS5 tt ffpL MONT - ALT A. iV Tor tale or to let, Uie beautiful place called Mont - Alt a, seven miles from toe City l:.1, onth North River, adjoining lord Cour th. h.nk, nf is V.i.t H.r - r ,,h, .ii.tinn ... teaiy's. It contains 20 acres of Jind under im commonly healthy : Um n,?hh.urrK,od tlie mo.ll prcvement. wi.h a largs gardeu in gocd Utdi respectalile; at.undrn ol i - itof th best lec - - ll,00 m variety oi i:mt tree, ana every coo ve - tio; ; scale and slrf - ll icll 6r f - re the no.e. fi - h le gre variety taken! nience a family ma re - vilre. For tuuis, - which I or fart'ier information apply are reasonable, and il sold a long credit givett if UUie subscriber m the p - rmis. I wohed. arrlv to aitnit.x a. uvttXAX. I v n th pott. "' .. - - ' 64Soutll - t. N. B. Gentlemen who subscribe bylbeeuar - ter will have Uieir ralor Ac. kept exclusively for theoiteives. ,' ' : ' f U Ll . I ...w. . . wanted. ADDIV' A gUUU JVHIIKJIHM " - - - . a above. ih 6 U - BOARDLU. FEW gcnUemen can be accomodated ;3l with Board, inapnvaU.&mily.inapleas. ant part of the city of Jersey. Enquire at this oHir.e "f ' COTTON. 35 bales New Orleent, for sale l. , . LE ROY, BAYARD CO. , ap30. . NEW - YORK ! PRJXTED Ah'D PlBLlSUXp' MICHAEL BURWHAM - ' CO.' ' No, 9 ViiLiAM - fXit orronrt rn i. bAK CorrKK - HocsK.

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