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The Evening Post from New York, New York · Page 3

New York, New York
Issue Date:
Monday, May 11, 1818
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k I i i . n A drr Cellar, nder t.heho No. 29 iT.lrwf. Esq - iireof ayltlf MK. SMEDES, 134 P.arl - rtreet. LAX , .tnrv lions Wo. 7 nao "1 T FIB TICS."I w v , S - Lwllfcb MBlllllJl pteMMt vieu of ft and va. Possession may be had m a i he Also' - r sale, the furniture ofsaid bouse. It it Kmdy. Apply, above. mylHf - C - ToOrTvVAN I ED A woman who cn bring J oncicenliorable re commendations from her las( n! "ce, who ii a good plain or professid cook ; eoUimctd,,PP, - v - Sl:oM the cook have 2TuCnT a Boo.1 house icrvant, well recoin - he would be employed af.o. Apply at ""ff att No. 122 Broadway. T"a6('OUiiat aeiivereu anno Mjrc.i u If of the synagogue in the city of New - York, . Kri laj the lOtli of Niian, 6678, corresponding with the 17th of April, 1818, containing many highly interesting historical ftcts relative to the Jamah nation, by M - Noaii, price a - i ceuu for sale bv VV. U. UlLur.i, myll S2 BroaJway. "Suir Ai l llOAHULsQ SCHOOL IyIeSSRS. M.4GRE2& CHAPERON.hav the honour to inform the pabl.c, that they have opened a French School at Bloommgdale, (five miles Irom New - York) where they intend to teach the French language periecuy, anu uy principle to young gentlemen. The unprovc. Jnent of the pupil will not be doubted when the public ii informed that every pains win oe taken with them, and that nothing but French it sjio - v. br the family. We feel confident that those rnnn, who honour Of by intrusting their chil dreu to our care, will have no reason to repent thcirlnist. For terms apply a No. 70 Giiatham - stroet, where references :is to character and capability will alio be given. may 11 jw - FRENCH IN 48 LESSONS. IX) THE PUBLIC Of NEW - YORK. HAMILTON, teacher of the) French language, regrets that the arrangements he las made in Thiladelphia render it impossible kt him to visit their city this lummer. He has rt&aoo to believe his efforts to change the present mode of education are appreciated by its tnligbteoed inhabitant?, and that they will rejoice in the diffusion of a system by which a lan - giiage may be learned in the tenth part of the time umally bellowed on it ; thus making room lor the attainment of useful knowledge in other branches of science and literature, at the only period of our lives which we can devote to our iii'trnction, without sacrificing other interests. lie begs permission te inform them, that he has taken a spacious and convenient house, no. 52 South Fifth - street, where he will receive boys under I j as boarders, during the course at $24 per month, including washm;, &c. ic. In 4, o, or at farthest 6 months, according to their previous acquirements, they will be able to read and understand trench with as much facility as ring Vch, they will have actually read under the im mediate inspection of their instructor, a number the best works in the French language they mil write it and speak it : nor will their profi - orocy in the F.nglish language be less important. The translating into it from another language during 4 mouth the continual necessity of appreciating and discriminating the value of words and phrases, soon renders composition in both languages familiar, and gives thetn a knowledge of their structure and grammar, which it would he impossible to acquire by the exclusive study of either. This is indeed the must imiiortant advantage derived from the study of the latin language as it u usually taugni in irnoois ; nere ii is attaiued in a much higher degree, in a much shorter time, at a much less eipeoce, and with it the knowledge of a modern and practically Mieful language. The ezpence of the coarse, exclusive of board, wiO be 48 dollars, including books, paper, tic. 4"c. This ex pence will in no case be augmented; half the course 24 dollars, and two month's board, payable at entrance ; a like sum at the end of two monihs. Should he rcmau 2 months more, he pays lor his board only. At the end of the French course, say the 1st of October next, a course of latin will be commenced on Ute Hamilton system. The experiments already made prove that it may be taught on this plan with even greater elficacy and facility, (though from its peculiar construction and other causes, it is necessary to read a much greater somber of writers, and therefore a time rather longer ii necessary for iU attainment,) than the r rencn, Hamilton is assisted by Mrs. Hamilton, bom in America, and by his son and three daughters, born and educated in France, but who have put IS months in an English school of eminence to perfect them in the knowledge ef that lan gUHfe, provious to their arrival in America. Philadelphia, May 9, 1818. my 1 1 eod3w EXPEDITIOUS TRAVELLING. PQST - CW1ISE k STEAM - liOA T LINES, ton rntLADEirBiA. Through in one da v. and b dav.lirhf . ON Monday the 1 1th of May instant, a line of post - coaches and steam - boats between - iew - York and Philadelphia will bo commenced. The passengers will leave White - Hall in New - lort every aay (Sundays excepted) at 5 o'clock A. M. in bis excellency vice - president D. D. Tompkins1 commodious and speedy sleam - boat NAUTILUS, proceed to liristol by the Slaten - Warid and Wood bridge turnpike, an 1 take the ftcam - boat at Bristol atS o'ctok, aud arrive in Philadelphia at 4 o'clock the same day. The twds on the land part of this line are tum piked nd in excellent order ; the country and villages 'irouch which they pasl is elevated, nleasant wd healthy, the route is the nearest at present nvciicu ueiwecn uie iwo cities ; the various d extensive views which it gives of the ocean. bays, sound and rivers between New - York M ftew - Brunswiclt, makes this the most expe - fihoas comfortable and pleasant tour now existing between New - York and Philadelphia. A second post chaise will leave New York eve - Josy (Sunday's excepted) at 10 o'clock, in we steam boat Atlanta, (mm Whii, h ?y f EHrabethtown, Bridgetown, New Brunswick, Princeton, lodge at Trenton, take the tam hoat at Bristol, and arrive in Philadelphia lOo'clock. FsmthmnliC;. tf T.U in the bove PP'y t (he office, At Broadway. All good, and baggage at the risk of the own - J0HX N. CUMMING, Newark. iy.bK SONS i CO. Princeton. . . 'P'esses sent to any part of tl.e Uoitfd States, by L. BAKER, GlLlCK & CO. jlTlLFOUD t OWEGO ROAD LOTTERY , ."cneme contains 1 .fc' of 70 - 003 j 1 do 35,000 ; 2 do 10,000 s "WW, 9 do 1,000. 20 days drawing days cftmp'.etel 3 iZlT ,ht drawn number will be to $ 5,000. , uays'sdrawmj 10,000 35,000 70,000 10,000 - w u atwve apply at ' GILLESPIE'S, 114 Broadway, . opposite City - Hotel. Wrought aod cut nails, ai by j CEBRA fi CUMING, 75 Peart street. tO Lalf tierce, for XV sale by 1 nun i , tiiL - i.t,crit, 112 Front - street. toy 8 LIVERPOOL COAL. AQUA i 1TV ol Liverpool sew. fit Coal, very iarg and of a tuperior quality, jual received by the Thoma Nay lor, lor tali - by LAlNCi & RANDOLPH. my84t UH Vcsey street. 1 NRKNCH GOODS. Just receivtd by the Comet. from Havre, - ' Habit eloves, prunelle shoes . Rich figured sattin and tallcla ribbons Embroidered and plain fcilk hose, shawls Suspenders, fans, artificial flower S.Ik netls, colleretts, thread hose, and for sale at 140 Fearl - street, by ap 28 F. k H. SHELDON & CO. AW v'OOLU.VS. JUST ree'd per Mercnry and Atlantic, a few trusses of low priced Cloths, and Casimcres, e t - I... IflQ U A I, U ItnV p 27 67 fine - street, j ELLA H LfoOAi, 165 l'earl - street, have TV receivca cy uie arrivals, Fine ivory, self - tip and real buck - handle knives and larks Fine penknives, hoUter pislol, fine gun locks Engh. - h silver watches, plated tjioon, Ic. Sic. ON HAND, Roman vitriol, card wire Cast, hoop L, and shear steel With a large and general assortment of hardware, best Slielfitld and fiiruingham plated ware, for sale low. On consignment, received per Ann from Liverpool, 150 boxes tin plates. iny 6 UIUE. JAMAICA KLJVJ, iic.M) lierces prime new Kice 10 puncheons old Jamaica Hum 000 Uvmijolios, fur snip liy hALMEH U SAIOLER, my 8 fit IH4 Front - street. D LYNCH, un. (at No. 40 William - street,) . has on baud the following WINES aud LIQUORS, selected with jud 'uienl by himself. which he offers at wholesale aud retail, uar - anted pure, at imported 50 piiies J . . , 100 hhds '' - io 40 qr cask, ) y'""wood. Old Madeira, iu littles, from S to 'i0 years Champaignc, Burgundy, Claret and Sauterue, of very superior quality 7 pipes dry Lisbon, 7 years o'.. 7 do Sherry, nine years old, and free from Boracha taste Port, in pipes aud bottles Table wine, for its quality, the cheapest in America TeneriO'e, in hhds. Old Brandy, do. Rum, do. Gin, not reduced 500 demiji ; hns, containing Cve gallons each 60 Krorc wine bottles N. B. Those in the trade, and cotmtrv deal ers, will find it to tliurarcouut, to supply thcui - ielves with wines and liouoraat the above est a hlishmi nt, as they will be ccrUia to obtain articles of the first quality, at the lowest prices, aud pure as imported. uiy 9 'Jin I0OO LUMHKH. Rough hickory huiidirokes 30,000 feet wide board) 20.000 do yellow pine plank 10,000 do clear hoards anj plank 400 K. O. hhd shocks 20,000 hoops With a general assortment of lumber. For sale by WILLIAM liROIHF, Comer of Beaver - laue aud WabintoD - st. N. B. All kinds of I umber yarded, and bouirht and sold on commission. mav 9 3t r 1ALCUT 1 A OOOUd. - 2 bales superior L Comixmy Gurrahs 1 bale T'andah Cossas 1 do Rungpore Cossas S do Chaodellna Mamoodies '2 do Tiuidah do Landing and for sale hv my 9 J. OS BORN, 28 Sonth - st. I E A At A LM UN U.i. ONE whole, 8 half and 8 quarter chests Cohea 'Pea, superior quality and 84 teroons suit shelled Almonds, for sale by JOS. OSBORN, my 9 28 Smith - street. NANKIN CRAPt - S BLACK and colored Nankin Crapes, 19 ii 22 yds. long Also, inserting triminus and flounces, Iu'ia book and Mull Muslins, for sale by - MARCH SLOW, my 9 SI0 Bnmdway. gUG AK'8 100 hhds. Muscovado sugar, tirst 'dfwhTe'" For sale by N. L. 1 - G. GRISWOM), m 9 86 South - etrt. DUNDEE GOODS. 60 bales best 1 1 - 2 lb. Hemp Cotton Banging 9 bales fine Strelits t lax Osnaburgs 5 do best twilled Hemp Sacking 3 do Linen Bed - Ticks 17 boxes 3ti aod 39 im h Bleached Sheetings, 5 boxes of 25 in. Bleached Dowlas just received per brig Psyche, from Dundee, and lor saiu Dy ... EOORMAN & JOHNSTON. Who have on hand, of former importations, a quantity nl II.ip and Coffee Bagging, common sat King, anil coarse usnaourgs. my iXJHACVO MAJtlifAVTORY. THE Subscribers beg leave to acquaint their friends and the puhlie, that they have re - movnd their Tobacco Manufactory into their fire - proof store, No. C2 Water - street, where they intend carrying on the business on an extensive scale they have on hand a large supply of Pigtail rolls, made of best Richmond tobacco S weet scented N. Head Ladies' twist Long cut chewing, in 1,4, 8, and 16 ounce papers ' do smoking do Macuba snuff, in jars and bottles, by wholesale and retail Scented Rappee, do do Strasburg snuff do do French rappee do do Plain fine do do do Scotch snuff in bottle and bladders Spanish segars, made of choice tobacco imported 2 yean ago,and warranted genuine New - Orleans do. American do. Orders from the country will be. punctually id carefully attended to. may 9 lm I. NAAR SON. I ETTER PAPER. 6 cases, low priced, fur a - J sale at i7 Washington stieet, by p25 G. G. H 8. HOWLAND. 137 MOLASShS. hhds. Havana molasses nf superior quality, landing at Pine - street wharf 45 do Enrhsh Island do, lauding at Whitehall, from sloop Constellation, for sale by WALSH ll GALLAGHER, may 6 66 South - st. 50 COFFEE, R.1ISINS. &c. Bag prime rreeo Laroira coffee 45 kegs fresh Malaga Raisins 173 boxes tin plate l - 3d I X 84 bundles sugarloaf paper SO reams blue wrapping do A general assortment of cut nails Jost received and for sale by ROGERS fc POST, my 7 6t 51 South - st. RUM, 62 I SUOAR & MOLASSES. puncheons Rata 65 bhds. Molasses 62 barrels aod 6 hhds. Ssgar, Will be landed on Monday from Uie brie Ame lia from Antigoa, for sale by HUBERT CILLfcSt'lr, 112 Front streK.o Who bu also for sale. Havana. Porto Ric TlICE. 19 (ierCe and on I ii to and Jamaica CoWtt. say t ForbVBLl.Y, flu! ended as a rerular trJr ' The substantial and fast sailing ship newcouo, master, is now loadm'at Pine - street wharf and will tail, weather nannittin?. on in ma mn a irw ions oi irciglit can netaKco appiieu lorirv uie isoj mt. and a few more cabin and steerage passengers can comfurtaMy accommodated. Apply to the captain on board, orto JAMES M'lUllDE. li - 2 Lilwrtv - st. Who has just rfceivrd bv the Dublin Packet and Isabella, from Dublin, 74 packages, consist ing oi 4 - 4 ana 7 - rilearlicd linens, 3 4 brown do 7 - 8 dioghedas, 3 4 diapers, 5 - 4 sheetings, i 4 Ar 5 - 4 cottou chirks, 7 - 8 shirtings, and 10 bhd su - erior old claret wine; whic with his previous assortment of linens, lawns, Vc. Ic. are olkicd for sale on moderate terms. mv 9 tor WA VVut. - f. The British bris AMELIA, to sail a - .bout Uie iCtb iust. For passage on! v. hvuijr good accommodations, apply ou board at pier io easi river, or u v my 9 i R. GILLESP1K, 11? Front - street ror S.1 y.i.v.V.1 H. vii?N T'ie trnn substantial shipGLORE, lilAI)cvoll, mas er. w II sail on Fridav next, una lane freight very low. pplv to PU1T & M KIN XE, may 9 56 South - street. Fur HERMl lM, The substantial sloop W.VI. HENRY; will meet with di - spalch. l or freight oi zoo ttbls. or passage. Iiavuig good accommodations, lies at iS'tPphens' whnrf, apply to V.1. J. KCKM AN 4: Co. my 5 eod3t 230 Front - street. for A MS TERD.4 .W, The ship MLRNUS, O'Biicu, mas - tcr, will be dispatched without deiat Kor freight of 50 tons apply at C7 oulh - st to my U CAMKKEI.ENG &l PEARSON. rur WJlSHtJUTUStA C. The schr. EAGLE, Rossell, will rail on Saturday next. For freight or pas sage, apply on board, east side Peck - slip, or to II. K L. It . D.i I A'.N POR T & CO. mav 7 i For J Li VRE, The fa3t - sailing coppered ship ADO - Nli. II. L. Chaiiipliu, m tster, will coui - aiente loading this day, and be dispah - hed abntir 15th instant, hir cargo bfing nearly all engri?nd. For freight of the reuiaiudcr, or pa'sage for live cabin passengers, apply on board at Jones' wlr.u I, or to POTT k M'KINNE, or my 7 GRISWOLDS fc COATT.S tIDEK lRVD. - .!lt barrel, landing and V' lor sale Dy ANsU.X a. I'llfcl.Pa, inv 5 l!!3 Front strn t. H;t,i.iAA ill atuVAliU SLtiAKa . MK) hhds Havaiiit 'dusenvado Snsnrs, of Kood ipnlitv, now mi l inf street whan, mid for sale rcuson ahir, n jpiiu - (l lor this dn hi loie storing, ts.'iiiiiili - s may be seen and terms mailt known, on Hppliratinn to u. u as. muw;.anij, mh 5 No. 77 Washington street. 1 - 4 my 5 MLRINO SHAWJS m.d .MUbLIN BANDS, lor sale by . MARCH t LOW, 210 Broadway. PATENT t LOO It (LOTUS. CONSIGNMENT of fimt quality patent L floorcloth, of various patterns, in sheets ol 21 by to feet, without a i am, jutl received and for sale at 155 Fiont - ilreet, by CUR I I?, CROM.MELIN Si CO. A tierson eniployrd to fit the cloths to rooms and entries, if required. Any number of yards sold. may 6 3w IU 1'L.ERV H HARDWARE Bcaskseast nves mid inrks. assorted A n.isUa Ar r. .11 iw t . I it dA 5 do wrotit;?it knives and forks with pocket and penanives, scissors end razors 3 do assorted, of scissors, razors, pen and pocket knives 2 trunks Spectacles II casks iron Spoons 8 do trunk l.orks 2 do thumb and Norfolk Lafrhrs 1 do Buiihurv - und fine plate L.ocks 3 do plated Brae lifts 3 do cast Iron Butts 3 do Filis, assorted 2 do Pud l.ocks I do round Bolts 1 do Iron Candlesticks 6 do Twetl sadlery For sale at very reduced prices and a libe ral credit, by KlUllAKUd it TAYIAJK. may 5 2w 145 Pearl - street. HARDWARE, CU'lLERY Uc.i casks Scotch spur e Locks 5 casks plate Locks, 1 do Steelyards 1 do chest handles. 4:e. 1 do screw plates, settle beams, ic. 1 do brass cocks, 4;c. 1 do bell metal kettles and skillets 2 do tio'd pots and sauce pans 2 do Cue padlocks 4 do Banbury locks, lunges, &c. 2 do hammers, pincers, locks, &c. 2 do HL hinges, fcc 4 do anvils 1 do hammers and sledges 2 do black & bright vices, 2 do files 4 do pocket, pen and double blade knives 4 do sham buck and bone table knives 3 do buttons 100 do cut nails and brads, from 3d. to 2GVI. Also, a large and general assortment of goods open on the shelves, for sale at the most reduced prices, by ADAMS & BLACKWELL, may 7 215 Pearl - st. liRi i'lall DRY GOODS, OF TlIZ LATEST IMPORTATION. LONDON superfine cloths and cassimeres Yorkshire do do Fine and low priced flannels, assorted colon Bnmnazetti, lilac k and color'd - Black homhazeens Cotton cords and velvets 7 - 8 black sarsnetls Furniture dimities 6 - 4 cambric do Imitation Russia sheeting Brown linens Chiotx and plate furnitures ' Shawls and Britannia Hdkfs. Madrats and pocket do 9 - 8 Irish'd shirtings 7 - 8 and 9 - 8 steam loom do Cotton hosiery Common aod fine calicoes Ginghams Black cotton ferrets, tic. The above are offered for sale by the packtge, uoerai terms, ai iso. liw reari - street, ny my6tf JOHN TAYLOR it SONS. OUSSIA SI1EE1ING. 50 nieces vard wide Russia Sheeting, of a fine quality, for sale lour roai - sireec, uy mr 6 1 w STEPHEN ALLEN 'MHOM AS DIXON, 77 Pine - street, offers for X sale on liberal terms, of recent importations, rThse invoices. i is in in 6 bales very low assorted cloths 2 cases Sjxony Cloths and Cassimeres I bale Venetian carpeting, 2 - 4 and 5 - 8 1 do Wiltoo rugs, shell, basket and assorted 2 cases superf. cloths, assorted 2 do Dowlas's 9 do extra Carlisle ginghams 4 do sopernne, I do stupe. 1 do lustre 1 bale red and white flannel , . 3 do Beimel's patent drab cords. 2 cases black and blue supernoet 1 do black Rombaxeens. Ani,offorwttrimporte(iom, f bales flannels, assorted i 1 bale swan - skins 6 do Sagatby's, or blue and white kerseys 2 do blue kerseys . 6 do coatings . 2 cases worsted hose 30 bales fine assorted cloth 16 do low - do do Bedsteads, with Bensct'i joiot. my 6 10t BROOKLYN, FLA TBUSH, nj BATH STAGE J6HN HUNTER, ha 'ommeaced running a stngi ictwcea Rnoklvn. Flatbuh "uu ", unuir me iiiiiowing rrgulation : The Stage will leave the house of Simon Vixirhis, in flathiislt, nery morn ng precisely at 8 o'cl.xk, si.d arnve at P.ronklvn sn as to start from Hunter'k Hotel (near the Sream - Hoat Fein) at 10 o'clock, for Flat hush and Math; leae llxtlmt half past 3 i.Vlock for Flatbuih ; from 1 nee it will denart at 5 n oock for Brooklyn, and return to FUlbush at half past 6. 1 he suhscribsr returns his thaiiks to his friend. and the public lor paet favours, and solicits a continuance. He has prnvidrd an cKcellttit and comnindious stags, will, eo.iJ horses and carclul drivers ; and will use his l est endeavours tn tisfy those who may favour him with lli - ir custom JOHN HUNTER. N. B. Horwsfor the saddle or harness wiUbt furoihcd at Uie sbnrtest notice. . ItnKklyn. May 9. I!!l8. ronv 9 Iw t - 'OOA ir.iNt Kit. - A WHITE WO.MW, ulxi p. cfcetly under 1. stands her bui ncssiinil can bri ig gurxl proof of it, will get plenty to do, and gwd wagea civm. iiiijiiii e at this otticc. ma 9 2t LuUNTHY HK.i T, To Let, a plcasnlit Counlrv Seat, will 3 acres ! land, on the Cth nvrnue, 3 miles fn in the I i'v. Apjly at 28 South - sticet. may 9 Iw KF.t EVP PUBLICATIONS. I ar.AJ fc I UlUP. a Kusian miuaure, in two XJ dIs. rricf Jfl 75. i 'ffi i;d lirituiiit - iii of the Pr shytery of Albany, exhibiting the trials ol the Rev. Julm C'Iks - trrund Mr. .Mark Tucker, tocetht - r with the whole case of the Rev. Hooper Cuniunngs, price $ 1 O' Views of England, during a residence oftrn years, six - ( tin iu as a prisoner of w ar. bv Ma jor ucncrai i nn r, Kmgiii ol m. i.oiiis and uicm her nt the l.ejion uf Honor, prh:e 1 25. The New .Militia Law for st ile id New Yoik, logi'Uiur wiin an the m - w and slanriurd works PiK krt L'ookshnd wallets of a suptriur cjuali ly, I'uin y iirtii li s, lie. Jcc. just ittcived mid fir sale bv EI.IAS VALENTINE, 104 Broadway, opposite Trinity Church Yard my is A PARTNER W AN PH, 1 X7 I I'll arapitul of3 to 51 KMl dollars A pi n - tlrmaii ol aood staiidiiur in s - hihIv. .Ii Hisi - d to imesl the above sum in a sjfe respect alilt: business, may hear ifnu opportunity by ad - iii - eviii ,i . ai mis oim:e. In) 'J Iw 1.V AN I ED, a wliile wiui:in servmil, who v v umler - laiul - cooking, washing and ironing u( n a person uny near ol a permanent situ tiou by calling at uo. 149 Hpring street, 6lh inor on tne n - lit hand njP, w st Irnm Broad way. Satisfactory references will be requited my 9 3t TO el'OR I S.MEN. L'O.1 V and SALE, an elt - eunt Fowlirc I'iitr. stub I tiviled barrel, together whii a nnV bin - re!, also stub and twisted, to fit In out stock ; (. - old lui'bi d aiid eoid and silver mounted. The lock, roller, swivel und freed ; the pun lined with g'lld, Mid fmHii - d iu the best manner. The i, - bove will he sold low, if immediate application made nl ;Vo. 35 Waiki:r - strep. mv 9 tl CWPTON - 40 hales prune Upland Cotton, J just lauded and for sale by just KETCIIUM & WEED, 61 Soiith - t. may 8 Iw I RON. 120 ions old mule Russia Iron, P.S.I. I for sale by IIURD&PF.WAI.L, my 8 . i5Soiith - treet. I f ii i DOLLAR ! O LOAN ON MORTGAGE, of proper! j in mis city. Appiv to ISAAC O. OH DEN I Co. my 7 411 WalMi ret INVENTION jF MR. i E M'IIA'(,II Superior plan oj ttnehing trritie, without payer, in, timet vr ene. u 'PA( IIVUnAPHV or (lie FLYING PEN I mid mercantile hand writing, (aught in si lessons oy a ivciiiiiir movement ol Ihe lien. 1 bis new and approved method taught will great success in l,nml - n, nl (he University o camnriuge, anu recently at t nnrieslnn, (3. C , will enable any mrson of whatever age, and not withstanding any had bahit they ma) have con iracted to write wi ll, and with rapidity, afti ba inc received these lessons. i Mr. De S. will receive pupils at his apnnrt ments, No. 43 I! roucl street, and will attend anv ladv or eentltiuiitii at their houses. Academies and hoarding schools also attended I he best references can be eiven to most res pert able persons of Ibis city and Charleston, as it will be proved by the following fetters. But the solid utility merits of the system can be best seen in its practical result in those beautiful and various specimens it has produced, and which may ue seen ai :ur. ie 3. lenrnins noms FIRST LETTER. CHARLESTON, 9lh March, 1818. 7u iic Cic. De $ araneh. Sir I beg leave tn inform vou, thai a meetine of tue committee ol the German Friendly Society's school, was held on the 4th in't. to examine the progreis 01 me sc notars in writing, who were placed under yeur care. It affords me great pleasure to express to you, the unanimous and unequivocal approbation ol that committee, aud of 20 scholars committed to your charge. There not on who has not made considerable im provements, and most of whom hive far exceed ed our roost sanguine expm tatioiis. I unite will, Uie committee in returning you many (hanks for (he benefits which the scholars have derived from your sylem of writing, and Ihe judicious ninnaer in wiucn tney nave heen made acquaint - ea Willi ii ucspcciuany vours, &.C. JOHN BACHMAN, Chairman of (he School Committee. SKCONDL ETTER. New York, 10th April, 1818. To the C7ir. De Snraneh. SIR f rom the progress made by your pupils wis iij onii uiai in a very snort iimr, in in" art of writing, I not only unite in (he approbation of your manner of teaching;, which is expressed the preceding letter, but entertain no doubt that i( is much superior to any which ha yet been introduced among us. It was not without much hesitation that 1 sc ouired confidence cnouirli itv voitr nmnosals. flattering as they were, to commit to you the tuition it two boys. My reliance on your pro fessions was amply repaid by the rapid improvement, wh'ch, although it had not exceed ed that of your other scholars, most surpassed my most sanguine anticipations. Smcerciv therefore, do I wish you better success than you have yet had in New - York, not merely for your own sake, but from a persuasion, that the more general, your mode ol ruction shall become, the more it will be approved of, as it cannot but greatly diminish Uie labor and time which have been heretofore employed in the acquisition of a good hand 1 am, sir, with great respect, your obedient servant B LIVINGS I O.N. my 9 6t The subscriber ofiers for sale bis resi dence in the town Fairfield, state 01 Connecticut. It is pleasantly situated, on the Ibxtoo road, about half a mil from Long Island Sound. 55 miles from !ew Tork, and su from New Haven. The house and out - houses are id excellent repair. The fruit yard is well stacked with a variety of peaches, apricots, cherries. pears and strawberries, i rere are 10 ow " - ty academies for the education of youui of boili use. K rom one to si a acres ol excellent iana, it the option of the purchaser, cn be bad wrUi the bos, and the purchase money, u desintl, tvmiin on interest. For terms ppy V ISAAC M ELY. Esq. John 1 street, N. York, ortotheHoo JONATHAN STURGLS, Fair - field, ConoecticoC . . 3 I is ii has will if 9 dVctl vaiuiiiiiii REMOVALS. 1?r - E. M;llt.H has removed to No. $1 my 1 St ttt JulIN A, Attorney at Law mi I Nourt PuMiC, has removed his i - ffire tn No, Vb Nassau - street, rest to Uie comer of Maiden l.ane. my 7 1 w aj JUHN I'ROC 1 OK, jum. has removed fivm No. dt Beekman to 106 Liberty - street, where lie still offers liberal anticipations on pro perty consmied to his frauds m the Mediferra - otan Fur further particulars, apply as above, or 10 AUKAIIAjI bfcl.L., my 7 Im comer uf Cliff & Fultou - sts. IOIOVEU. tt JOHN KEYsEK has n moved to No i' 1 3 f rout si reel 'my 6 6t UO N. iloOi .Miniature Pamltr. has reiu - .ivi i! to No 174 Fulton - street, west side of lifo;u) u. nmy 5 t - 0O U'w. Ill ICIICuCKhuk removed 411 l - trry street lo 3U0 Greiiiwiih street, my 5 tit iroin . a ii. J . U nl 1 EVOKE have lemoved to No. I IU Kront - strrt - l, where they intend con - finring tbrmscUes In rum minion bustiu ss, and will inul.e liberal ulvanct s ou jwkIs consigned lii' In, lor sale. roySS tt PEIEU I if. WIIT, has removed bis 1'fli f to No. 30 Liherty - strect, al'ew doors a - Itnr VVilli:iin - - - tr. r I, nMV 4 0t. M AiACKiE, Alli.Nfc V.d tn No. til Pine - street v CO. nave reiao - muv 4 . OCT J"HN R. SCOT J , has removed his 01 - ti e, I" 4 1 Pini .sri'el. nmy 4 2w i tV Ai7T."fi I. rt' K.N Oil has removed his "flu e irom No. 54 to 37 Wuil street, opposite tin City Hnnk. mj 2 4 UJ - 1 Ht'.MAM IIOfcNlX l.asr. inotrdlns ollu e Irom io. II .Murray, to No. Ii',; Chatham - slrnef. H,,iu tot Uv' T.H EM1ET,& EMVIEI Jc WHITE, nave removed tlirir otlice to No. 25 t nie stiril. np 302w ll - 1 ll iMIH,juti. has lemovedl'ia nunting - rooui to jIi Peaii - ttreet. my I 2w (tlr CI.A - IK H KIT I IU iHiE have rt mo vtd their i Hire irom No. 4!IC'bi rry, lo o. 3JI rrnn street, n lew tlJiira uliove reck slip, mv 9 3t r"T - lll.lSHA At 'Kllll.l.. 4lln,. v nl l.iw and Notary Public, lias icinuvrd his cilice to tin Law Buildings, south tnlry, No. 5. r - s - - ' - - F ' - mv i .ii JE'IER D. Tl'RCoP inlorins bis iru - nds and the public in g"MTal that he has reiiio - vei! I. is Upholstery WHre House Irom No. f'5 lo No. CJ Maiden Lai" whnre be otiers for sale ruie i legan' patterns ol Paper Hangings, just received hy (ho latest airivuls Irom frame, on lh most re'isonabh1 terms. iiivt Im MEDICAL KEPl.rlPi:V, N'0 Ill - SOITRTII VOI.OS1K KIV St HU H (XIX of Ihe cuUmli. - n.) CONTEN PS : Onpinnl Fisint - Reftei liens on Fevers ; on the medical character ; on the use of salivary glands ; on tasting. Rtriew. Yellow fever of Charleston t rpl.o nuns ol ilinpoi rules ; dissertation on inl.oitl - 1 nle. .)fe.iiialandSuriu - a Corrnrondenrt Kxpe - riments ou itie liver : iimiiui.iiiit sporutiic Ii vri in Maine j Erysipelas on theccniluls , pnraj b - y cured by i.ux vomica : a vigttable rcinrdy icr nimer.. fatclliirnrr. Atinospheric con(itutinn of New Vorn ;iinnual bill ol mortality ica'i - 01 the Pri.i - cess Charlotte of. Wales; New - York (leaf mil diinih institution ; loreiisic meilicmu in the case ot Abraham Kesltr i medical commeuceuicut ; obituary. Appendix. l muslation of uancisps work, on aiaish elllnviacontinuid. feolit at Ihe publisher's. 4l;0 Pearl street 1 at T. 4 J.&words 1 C. Wiley k Co. s and Kirkii vien - em. rew x ora. my 7 (it PI LET, A three - story brick house, opposite the para in lluane, and next to the corner of Hud - (on silreel. Enquire nl No. 2 Green wich - slreet, my 7 BOARD. ,4 pleasant unfnrnubed room (0 let, with board it A gcuilenian and his wile may be well ac commodated in a family where but few boarders are taken, nt no. 18 Vesry - strcet. . loyUJC TV LET OH LEASE, And possession given immediately. commodious and pleasnntly situated liou' - e, at titi - enwich, on (tie tmnkoi (he river, ahnut 1 1 - 2 miles Irom (be City Hall, and a short distance shove the Stato Prison, with stable and out hou srs. There ii attached to it a fine gmden with truit trees, slirutibery, and pasture ground sulli cicnt for a horse and cow. For particulars, En quire of LOTT SEAMAN, my II IW 61 WHter - slieet. REAL r.SIATE tOli SAL". VtriAll 1 he house aad 5 lots nl ground, situate on (lie corner of Bedford and Arden str eta, in (he village of Greenwich. ' The bouse is large and convenient and huilt of the best materials. and is every way calculated lor a genteel Inmi Iv. I he tots are 25 Tcet (ront and rear, and 100 feet deep, 1 1 not sold nt private sale before the I4'h day of May, they will on that day be sold at public auction, at the 1 online Coffee House t or terms enquire ol A.XUIlIiW HhUKMA - M, my 8 fit' n (he premix s BOARDING. ITIOUR or five gentlemen with their families, ' or, (en or lilteen single gentkmen, rnn be at commiMlaled with board and lodging at Mount Vernon lloiel, about five miles from the 1 ity ol New York, on th' hank of the East River, and one of (he most pleasant situations on the isli.nd. The rooms arc spacious and airy, having a lull view nf the river ; roach house und stables - Terms liberal, and every attention paid, by the public's humble servant. my 4 lui r.nA Ai.lJwr.i.ii. NERVOUS DHEAfES ()' F all diseases incident to mankind, those of the nervous kind are the most complicated and dilhrult to cure. A volume would not be sufficient (o point out their various appearances. 1 hey imitate almost every disease ; cud are sci on alike in two dinereni person, or even 10 the same person at different limes Proteus like, hey lire continually changing shape, and upon very frerh altarK, the patient thinks he feels svmptom which be never experienced before. or do (hey only nllecl me body 1 tne mind like wise suffers, and is oRrn (hereby rendered ex tremely weak and peevish. The low spirits tunorousness, melancholy and sickliness of tem per, which generally attend nervous uitortets, induce many 10 believe thai they or entirely discasas of the mind : but thischanje of temper rather a consequence than the cause 01 Nervous Ulsease. THE CORDIAL BALM OF GILEAD. Is decidedly Hie most elegant aod elWrious medicine ever yel discovered lornervoui uw - es and shattered constitutions, consumr'"" - weakness of sight or memory. Impocliiodria, tremblings of the mind, sexual debility, stomach and bowel complaints, and all oUier diseases a - rmor irom a relaxed state 01 tne Hrruu whiili are too ofleo brought on by dissipation. 111 youth, and the gross violation of those rules which Drudence dictates for Ihe preservation of health and the laving the foundation of a long snd happy life, with a firm and strong constat. s,,idbvHULL BOWNE. 146 Pearl - rtrect, New - York, and by on vender in eveiy towa in the Union. may 4 MlawlmC2t 7 SPUR TSMKN U MERCHANT'S. fOSEPIi FINCH, gun - maktr, respectfully informs bis friends and the public, that he coamenced business in the store No. 3 Wall - street, near Broadway, wher be ha for sale a very handsome asaortmsnl of si ogle and double - barrelled runs, fine rifle, fusees, tie, t sJio, snooting tackle generally. i. T. still retain his old stand. No. SC I Green - kh - street, foe Use working department aod shipping business. Orders left at either place M aiteooed 10 Wiln all possible expedition. ing y i vKuim PUBLIC SALES Bg MILLS, MINTO.Y tl CO ' Wednesday, . At half pust 11 o'clock, in f ont of their auex t jon store, No. 148 Pearl - street, 100 casks cut nails, aasorted rom 3 J. to 20(1. of the mantt factuieofs ColtfcCo. Terms at tale. M.ih.tit,r, tun tiLU.IHJfi. a.. MH HE proprietors ol the southern marble qua M. lies, near King's - Brnige, give ooUce, that they have on hand, and are receiving, at th Ainr's - Bne forWe and Lme - lard, foot of Beach - street, on the Hudson river, an extensive stock of marble lor building, of the following d - lllfJUUUI, vis i Ashlar Coping Foundation Eton Cblmney - Piecee Facings Columns WatertaLlo Steps Platforms Sills, Lintels Arches Also Lime of Uie best quality. VCr" A constant supply of the above materials may be calculated upon ; and those desirous of purchasing, or making engagements, will apply to EZRA LUDLOW. Feb 11 At the Yard. DloSOI.U I ION OF CUPARTNERSIHP. (J Incnnsssqiience of the death of Cnplain J .ho Smith, I ! nrm of Smith, Blanthard U Co. is iiissuiveq l be concerns ol the brai will bis adjusted by the subscribers, and the business in future be conducted under (lit firm of S. and E. Ulanctiatd, at No. 35 Burling - shp. Samuel utanthard, my 5 2w Elaha Blanchard. ORAIORIO, Py the Handel and Haydn Satiety. t4t 'I he committee of the llaudt - l aail Haydn Society Kive notice, that the su' scription lists for an oratorio this month, will be closed An the I Cth inst. in order to their (ormimjc an opuiion, whether the amount subscribed will defray the probable cxixmces. Until the lGth iiut. (be subscription lisis will lie left at Messrs. Swords', No. Kin Pearl street; at Mr. Dubois' Mink. Store, Broai'.way.and at Mr. Goodrich's, corner of Broadway and Cedar - street. Messrs. Kirk k MERC'I.INS, 22 VVnll street, East burns i, Co. corner ol Pine and Broadway,' and Crib's .Music, store, 2.1 Maiden - lune. my !i tlotb my COLUMBIA COLLEGE, May 6. i t, Asa new cdtdloguo is nhout In be made of lit, - hook iieloiigini; to the Library of Columbia Colli gr, ersons having in their Kssessinn books li longing (osaid Library are requested to return the sntne without delay, to (lie subscriber, nt his chamber, No. 4 College Green. HiViM WILLIAM HARRIS. .Mniliau'l Rank. May 5, I81U. ty The nnnual election for Directors of this institution wsll be held oil Tuesday the 3d day of June next, nt the Banking House, between the hours of 10 and 2 o'clock. By order of the Board of Directors, G. B. V ROOM, CasU'r. may 5 tj2 . ML7U rivv"; COMPANY Of THE VI1Y Of NEW - YORK. The I'rrsident and Directors give no tice that a iliviilend of font and a lo.pcr cent, in the rapi'al ktnek ot Him Company, for six mon 1 1 is, will be made on the 1 1 lis iust. end' pan! on demand to the stockholders or their attoriiics, kt No. 52 Wall - street. my 6 Im JOHN P1NTARI). Sec'ry. MISSlU.AHY NOTICE, rjCr A stated meeting of the "New - York Et angelical Missionary Society of young tnsn," will lie held in the lecture room of th bric k church on Monday Eveoiug, the 11th inst, at 7 o'clock. As business of untuvaf interest will rome b. fore ihe society, nirmbcrs are requested to b punctual in tbair ailendanc. Mbnhert Elect, who have not signed the Con. st it ut ion, are requested lo attend curly for that purpose. R.J. HUTCHINSON, Clerk. may 9 SI 'I ID. I iv. - i.NKl.IN Mrtf. INSLKANCE J COMPANY liave (heir Office at No. 41 Wall - siire( . where thev are ready to receive applications for Insurance. The CAP! PAL STOCK" of Haifa Million of : Dollars, is nil subscribed and paid, or satisfactorily secured ' DIHKCTOn. Elisha Tilihits. Philip Brasher. Henry I Wyrkoff. 1 homns Franklin, James Wnlsh, Stephen VVhitner, Jos. P. M'Kionc, Pent Jones, John Adams, Thomas Hockley. (ieorge Griswold, Win. iiayard, Jr. John P. Lawrence, James Bnoriuiiii, Uenj. L. Rwnn, John I. Palmer, ru. - iiA I DIBITS, Prrsnkot. J. WORTIilNGTON, Sec'ry. may 6 lm WANTED. VGOOD female servant, to do the Cooking aod other work of a small family, where is to be 1111 other help. None need apply unless they run bring a satisfactory recommendation from their last place Mo such a one good wage will ' be paid. Apply at 18 Franklin street. my S WAN f ED I MM EDI.' I ELY, iJ White women cooks, 10 coloured and IS white girl for home - work Also, a few nurses, chamber maids, men and lad waiters. Apply at the City Register Office, No 5'i Maiden - Ian. may K 3t JO Ut LEASED. ON favorable Urms, for a long Una of years, 4 lots of ground on Broadway, 200 feet deep, extending to Crosby - street, between Hes ter aud tirand - street. 2 lots in Water - street, near Ctbarine - msrkt. 1 lot in Water - street, between Fulton and Burli: gilipr Also, several other lots in Uie 5th, Cin, UUi and lOlh wards. For particular, enquir at No. 30, Chalham - trL may 8 BItOAD - Tv2iS: 11; DUBOIS, hex leave loialona (he public . that he has iust received, per ling Bacchus, and ship Ororg. from London, a gartera! assortment of articksin Hie musical In, amongst which are some very elegant small Piano - Forte, , and particularly elcgint roe - wood (rand cabinet Piano - Porte. Also the new invented Metronome or isnient seli - dme tester, with a large assortment of new Music, which be offer lor salt wholesale or i (ail, on th most reasonable term. my 8 MOLASSES tl SUGAR. 100 hhds. first qui uiy molasses 247 do first naalitv browa clayed sas - ar. land from schr. Abtoea, east side Barling slip, for sale by : N. L. fc G. GR14WOI.D, my 7 86 Powth - street. FLOUR. 200 bbls. New - York superfine flour 200 bWs. Aletandria mpertine floor IMI do Kichmood ea do 100 do do do Fine Biidling , Philadelphia Rye tomr, ?. P. Plug New - York do do For sal liy . DAY WOOD, 13 Sosnb - street. 100 60 my 7 Iw SCOTCH GOOD - . i ease fancy Mtuiina, just received and for sale by - ........ n r - s V f. I1 Ifnt3 may 5 f Pret - tr i I. 1 : vii : 'I ; V t! - " IS 1 1 i ' - ' ;l i 1' 1

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