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The Evening Post from New York, New York · Page 2

New York, New York
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Monday, May 11, 1818
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' MONDAY, MAT It. . Tli official can vasi pf votet lor the county ol Albany b given in the Albany Gaxette of last Saturday. It appear, that Mr. Tate, who . ikmnmivn iiriret aV Mnblr. S a. . . ,. ... r ,. . u kcUd by a majority of 18 vote ore? Mr. Ho - ' gas, t sed.ralist, The highest of the other Jed. era! candidates is elected by majority over the highest of the remaining democratic candidate, 7V7 iT - . " .i ZZJl of 622. 1 hej it appears, ray. the editor of tb Gaaette, that Mr. Yates received 818 federal votes almost as many federal as democratic. - , , .. , . We hope he will bear thu circumstance fa Wbe become to legulate for nucoiuuiueois. . aveaaocracy nas completely gamau uw deacy in Rhode - Island. Some of its blessed fruits may be leea in what fellows. ' From At Protidence (?. ) American, May 8. OeneralAuimbly. We nave received no par ticular aecourUof the proceeding! of ue gene ral assembly, now in setsion at Newport Gorer nor KDisni - s mammy was oio aiuaoici na - . . j a 5 .1 r I I , 1 I . I f aard, Lr,. (democratK:) was choaai .aker of g the provilionf of which our rea - 0LlrZ Utrt Vre already icquaimed and of which, it ported. The last is con My important to the and wool, andpanstd by both house, of Concresa I earneit opposition from some time past presided over the deliberation! 61 .1 - . 1 mu. 1. r r . ,l: - ?JZrL':l. L.",T the duties of clerk of tha hnute. was re. - i. '1 ... . , r. terRandalLE. aid to the commander in chief. Tni result was rather surprising to all parties, ..ik. m,i..K. .r' - .iiJ 1 ; i ..h. . - preceding evening. , . ' 9. . rue raajerity nave rommenrei ir;e reform w the judiciary department, by refuiina to iele.1 the federal Judges 1 and snpplvit r their places with men on whose pretentions and qualification! we Ifnve the people to decide. The following leniierarn van oeiootraii; wrrr, yemeraay cno - sen juiUes of the supreme cjrt of the state : - . . I . t i J A. . I I Jth. (jury was not one of these appoint menu intended as a reward for political am - ttanry, and will there not in future be a pecu - liar propriety in the legal formulary, used in '.our Courts Goo lore the Stale of lOvuU - liland f At the date of our last accounts from New - a 41.. 1: 1 LIT 1 L. - .... r. . . . . .. .... . . I TK - f 1a?. .1 - . 1 r ihlLt nZ j L T? T! they experience no small difficulty in their dis - tribution It is presumed, however, that a :Wwflrbem:de.d fie,! ifLinthctivityofitaop - genera satishe,: if the beitm, in the activity erations. does not ttrten airair a crrwwtlv nnrtinn , I of the tranquillity and honor of the State. fiaUed yeiterday at o'clock, the ship James Jlfonroe, one of the of Liverpool packets. In her went cabin passengers, Mrs. Gilliat, son and I servant, Messrs. Isaac Governcur and John R. Lattimer, of Philadelphia ; Mr. Peter Kirby, of Richmond 1 Messrs. James and Gilbert Adams. of Pittsburg 5 Messrs. William Grey, Ferric, Joseph Wrigley, John 1. Jones, William Geldred, John I. Dixon, William Broome, and Mons. Dc Roclunont, sou and servant. Mr. Peonitaao, of Boston, an eminent artist, has painted an excellent likeness of Mr, rhilippi )n the character of Count Belino, in the opera of the Devil's Bridge, wheat sieging the beautiful air, Fancy's Sketch. - From Ihe National InltUigmctr, May 9. 77i late teuton of Congrtu. Harinz completed the publication of the laws, pawed at the late session of congren, it may not be amirs to take a brief review of the acts of .a public nature, for the purpose of emhrac'.ag, in one view, their general scope and teudcucy. A session of congress must bo barren, indeed, which does not produce uni measure, by whirl: It may be dUtinguithed from other. 01' thu acis of the late srsiUnn, if a diecrimiuatioo be made among several, that concerning naviaiion, ai it is entitled, but which might be more appropriately called an act to countervail the lelflth prin ciples of the British colonial policy, may be pr 1 - sounceu ue most important, it uoei not, it troe.inlerweave itself with the feeling) of evert portion of the community, by its application to their unctcaiaie interest! or concerns ; but it 11 a decided experiment to raise, from its present depression, that icterest of oar country, which, so long as we remain a commercial nation, it h important to cherub and support. It is in vain to look for universal and enduring peace on earth. Not tha alliance of European monarcbs can secure it, for their mutual jealouiies and rival - ships will burol the bonds in which they are now voluntarily united. Not Ihe spread af free principles, because revolutions, which the engender, are rarely bloodless. Not the multiplication of peace societies ; because the most jus, and peaceful have no true reliance for safety, but iu the principle of self defence. The lafe.t protection for a nation, is its ability to repel aggression ; and, where it is most vulnerable, it should be best guarded. It ii the policy of this nation, therefore, to protect its navigation, Uiat, if the occasion unfortunately recur, it may And, in the seamen reared in this nursery, the meaui of manmnr our ships of war. In this view, ab stractcd from its anticipated beneficial affect on tba commercial Intercourse between the two countries, the act concerning navigation, in con nection with the existing acts of the same ten dencv, is of rreal importance. There are those. we know, who are conscientiously prejudiced a - gaintt every thing which looks to an increase of our military, but, particularly, oar naval lorce, as not only the means, but the provocative of war. We are, with those who reason thus 00 equivocally the frieads of peace, with its train ol eomforts and of blessings , we are oppoted to war, with iti conr - omitsnt pageants, patronage and horrors. Rut the world was muds before s and we must adapt our measures, with a m proper forecast, uot to what we wiih, or fondly hope ; but to ht we cannot help, and of which, sooner or later occurring, there is a moral certainty. The acts of a nature calculated to strengthen the defences of the nation, are not as nume. roue aa at the other sessions which have intervened since we have gained wisdom by the experience of the l.te war. So liberal provi sions had been previously made, for a gradual increase ot the navy, lorMM.lniR fort ideations and other mean cf permanent defence, that little of that sort remained to be done. The geneYal appropriation bills, however, for the support of the military and nuval - menu, tr the present year, contain many pro - vision for building arsenals, for the navy - yvds, for the repairs of our national ves - aels, Ut. which shew, that Congress have, by no means, lost sight of the policy which has dictated firmer liberal appropriation, on that subject. The resolution directing the com - pie. ion nf the survey of tue waters of the Che .peake, fcc. is one of tWe measure which propose the establishmtct of permanent .anrsutai nanos niai isnnfi iviinnnr v.s Hai.vai rrr 11 1 'A , .T'Vrir'v"' "r."'r', JSEra. Ae V.' 1 ",,n J " Sl - lTaf . u'c" "ZJZZ" - V. 7 " '? !" ., t.J.t. J.i. '. av ii .111. juiiuii ww riu:i)iL. ai 11. jainnii nrw 1 defence, vlcrmr practicable. IUpectmf the Militia of the nation, though, wftrtuiute - effort ba yet .ucceeded to improve IU qrganixation, two act. were pawed at the We est on the one for ineasingihejrpay, whil.t in .ervice, Irom live u eigm month i the other to defray their expeneea whilst marching to and from the place ofren - dcZVOUS both as JWU M mcy wuuiu u Politic, if only liberal. Tne acU respecting: the orjraii'iMtwii of the army, to regulate bre - to rfguUte the .taff. were the ny tc1i pMM.j on the subject of our Military force, tlie effect of which are to reduce the number of the staff, to reduce the expenses " - eret psy. and to change tne mocie ot aup , t, ' from the system of contra tors to that of commissariat. How far the latter system win am. wcr ... ... .u..iry, as it is an experiment, is aim a niaucr u. uuuuc. Vhoae who affirm and deny its expediency, are about equally positive t and time, the test of jail predictions, can alone satisfy our minds on u,,t head. All ue acts respecting tne army, had for their object economy in the expendi lures 01 mai orancn 01 uur ci t ivc. Besides the act concerning navigation, the laws directly beat inron our relations with for eirn nations, passed at the late session, were lew ana noi imparuni, sji nils ucscnpiiun wa the art to amend the several acts Tor en ... .,i ..i.:. it;,.,i ""u" " who voted fur. orairainst it, were most indif - ferentastoitsfate: It had but few friends, " WSU " " chanee the pre - existing legal provisions. Awnn 1.h.e' 'Pfetiiw the revenue, s bswb swavai aarsisrii araraa inimiirii t is - inp iism. ,.i - " ' ent of the manufacturers of the United States, "f ""7 ""c ocf" "f" 1 aut nFir - i inn nnviarat inn art hit hv the , 0 . . h,P owners. 1 hee arc, the acts to increase the duty on imported iron of certain descr.p - tions 1 to increase the duties on certain manu factured articles imriorted 1 and to continue in I - . ' - . . torce, for eveil years from June 181, the 1U t - imposed on coarse woollens and cottons im sidercu as particular manufacturers of cotten large majorities, in , altlimiirli not without the interest, reiirmeniaiires proiesicu airainsi oeine - compelled lonrer to pav a tax on these arti cles of 100 per cent, on their value, in order to support the manufacturing interest. There were some iretitleinen who spoke of imposing st.11 higher duties at a future day 1 but the de bate left a general impression, that what was now conceded, a as in a spirit ot compromise Two "t the ctf whirl, come under the head f reveauelauaire the result of stipulations, Z;J.Z. 'l... . T I constructions of treaties the one, to author I'tT W',J aMiU' - Jj . eassta aaaon 1 lililsV4illj UHtlV9 111 certain cases, (or Dutch vessels.) The only remaining arts passed relative to the revenue. ? ;"PJl"Benl7 W, ,V'e. "ct S0l'c" deposite of wine and distilled spirit, in the public warchousm, embrice a syntcm of a menuments, whicti, it is lioped, will go far to put a ktop to the flagrant abuses of the revenue ijiltm, so fully di. cloned 111 the Treasury Ke - porta, and in ihe abie exposition of Mr. Ann - lord. We beliete these acts, whilst they pro tect the revenue from invasion, contain no provisions in the least objectionable to any fait merchant, but, on' the contrary, highly accep table to the mercantile community. , (To be concluded in uur next.) From the Bottom Cenlintl of May 9. From Jf ova - Scotia We have received Halifax papers to the 2Mh ult. It appears by I hem, that a bill had been before the British parlia ment, forirautine the Privilee - e of tree ports t ll ilifax and 81. J. hns ; but that it bad met with obstructions. This measure has octasioued aom excitement in Ilnlilax, and the people anticipa trd the lot ol many commercial advantage should the bill fail. On the 23lh A pril, a meetine of the citizer.i was held, and a polilion was unanimously agreed to, pray mi the lieute lant - eovernor to state to the king's government the very great advantage wnicn wouu remit to them, by permitting lo - reizn vesxib to freuueut their port. It is added, that a petition has also been sent I' om Campo Bcllo, (in the bay of I'asiamaquod - prajmg mat Uiat also might be made a free port. ' buch a measure," say the Halifax papers, " would be ruinous to this province, without producing any beneficial result to the mother country." But would it not be highly advan tageous to Campo Bello, and very conveuieut for - the ciliieos of the K. S. who may wish to trade with Ihe British colonies? The political writers in lh Canada have be come numerous and bold. One of them. w in. gives his name (Gourlay) with the same freedom as he noes ma revolutionary sentiments, has ex plicitlv recommended, and named Ihe dav lor the People to meet, to elect delegates to assemble in rroviociat congress, and the payment or a vol untarv poll tax of one dollar, to del'rav xpeoset Many will recollect that this recommendation i In exact imitation of the hold nieaiure adopted oy raasiachusetts in 1 . iA5, when our revolu - Monary I'rnvincinl Congress was called, and a tax recommended, which was paid to Col. Gard ner, innend of Mr. lray, the then J reasurer ol the Province. The Uritish Government, we think, are nnl unmindful of this state of ihinirs. In a late discussion of Ihe Army bill, Lord Palmrrttoa, Sec at war remarked, that Mini - ten wen able t reduce tl establishment in all parts but in the Canidas, where it n oi necessaiy to augment it ; and in answer In an inquiry on Ihe subject, hit (ordthip added, that the augmentation wns not on account of any measures or policy of Ihe Uni ted Slates. He declined further explanation Ihe rlahftix papers mention, that ll.eCVthre't had neeo ordered from KnRlund to Canada, and the Mtn ana a cor not sappers to riahlax. . From the Uliea ralriot. Lfe of Hamilton. ome weeks since we published a letter from Col. Troup, and an ar ticle from the Evening Post, on the subject of the lire of tin. illustrious and lamented states man. The public have undoubtedly long an tictpated its appearance, and will learn with recret.that it is not now likely soon to appear, thrreusnn whv it is not. That anv irenilcman. and especially a C.ergyman, should have tin dertaken to give tbi much desired work to the world, and then completely disappoint the expectations which Ins engagement had excit ed. is trulv matter of astonishment Power ful indeed must be reasons that ean jututy xne palpable and cruel neglect Hie publication oucrht not to be delayed. Many of the compan tons of Hamilton in deed, of greatness and glory, yet survive. Let them enjoy the consolation of knowing that justice is done to the memory of their friend. It ought to be pub lished while both friend, and ioes are living, that it may receive the stamp of authenticity fiom a general acquiescence in it. correctness ; or if it be defective or erroneous, that its faults may be pointed out by those who have a knowledge of f - cw which will enable tiiem to do so. The friends of Hamilton will rejoice that this subject has been brought before the public. Let it not again be forgotten. Posterity will do justice to his character but let his contemporaries take care tliat the same page which shall contain tiie record of fame, - - a be not also the recistry of their crtiil. neglect if . . . . . . - ana mgrauiuue, J - . from Ui Albany Argvt - ', ; - Tkt mihlimK the new snllitia law way Dot reach all loot concerned in due Mason, we deem it adi liable to publish the (ollowinz section, re the time of rendtxvous, kc. . It will be seen by this, that the new law does not coutem plate any training before the first Monday in bentetnber. Would it not be well tor printers generally to tire this an insertion f Ani be tl further enatttd. That all the militia ball rendezvous by companies in Iheir respective bcatr. on the Brit .Monday iu Beplember, in eve ry year, ut nine o'clock in the forenoon, for the purpose ol traiuuig, diicipluiiog, and improving in martial exercise 1 and alio, (except the arll lery and riflemen.) once in every year ty rcgi meat or separate battalion, at inch time and place within their respective beats, as the com saaudiog officer of the brigade shxll direct, Jur he purpoie of inspection, review and martini exercue : and at such other limes anu placet, ei ther by regiment, battalion or company, as the cotamanditir omcer of the brigade shall direct lor the poruose of carrying into eflcct any order ol the commander in chief, for calling into tne service of thu state, or of the United fctatei, the whole or any portion of tne militia, in obedience 10 any law ol the United states ; or for tne ue fence of this state, or to aid in the execution or maintenance of the la ws of Ihis state. From the Ktw - Orleant Gazelle. We are informed Uiat a gentleman who was ascendin; the river in a perorue on Monday eve ning, was followed by some persons iu a boat, ho, alter ovenakin hun and securing his ser vant", robbed him of upwards of three thou.sml dollars. Yesterday Ihe villains were discovered, and not only thi; money, but property to an immense amount, was fnuud stored in an enclo sure in the Fauxbourg St. Mary. Among other valuables, the plate which had been stolen from the farfaite Union Lodge some time aro, was found. F rom the quantity of plunder and the arms discovered on the premises, no doubt an be entertained that a regular and extensive gaug was organized, and that t hey had lor a Ion? pe riod carried on their nefarious practices with juc - cesi nod impunity. - ' BALTIMORE, May 8. The circuit court of the United Mates for .Maryland district, commenced its session in this city on the first lustaut, present, judges Duval and Houston. Indictments were found by the erand Jury a - jairut William Alexander, Lewis Hare, Joseph flare and 1 nomas ll:re, charein? Ihem with the robbery of the mail, on the I2lh Jlfarch lad. near Harre - de - Grace. These indictments, wc earn, charge the prisoners with thing weapons hirh endangered Ihe life of the carrier of the mail ; convictions ou them will therefore subject no pmoncrs to the sentence of death. 1 he three first named were arraigned on Sa turday last, and being railed on, in Ihe usual way, to answer the chanres. pleas were filed for each ; but, on the application of their counsel u;geting that more time was ne. essnry to do - iile on the proper pleas and prepare them, the oiirt permitted the pleas to bo withdrawn. Wednesday t.eioer Iho day appointed to receive the picas, the prisoners were brought into court and being ngain called on to answer, they re - maiued silent, or, in the law language, tlocd mule. The court, after some divcutsinn between 'he district attorney and the counsel for the pri soners, uirerica mat me plcaol not guilty should ue entered lor each of them, and appointed Saturday next for their trial. Lovisviiia. (Falls Ohio. Anril IT.. Remarkable pntiage. The steam - boat .Wash ington, capt. llodgei s, arr.ved at Shippingport, on Thursday the 15tli insr. In the unorcce. dented passage of 23 days from N'ew - Orlcana, with passengers, and a nil I canro of merchati dize, to kiinelry merchants in this place. Much praise is clue capt. ft. for hia active exertions, in proving to the merchants, that it will be sa ving time and money, to turn their attention to New - Orleans for their merchandize, instead r making a tedious and protracted journey iver the mountains once or twice every year. Left Shippingport for New - Orleans, yester day, the steam bvat Monroe, capt Palfry, w ith cargo ot produce. HERTFORD, (Conn.) May 11. Dulressinv; accident We are informed that. young man bv the name of Barrett, of Wethers - ir id, while engaged at work near the mast - head of a vessel, on Tuedayl ast, accidentally fell and struck opon one of the belaying cleats, (a few eei irom 111c uecK,) passed through the rihtside of his body between the ribi and came ut at the back, by which he was suspended, an - i at lucceeded in extricating himself, when he fell to the deck, iurtical aid was immediately called, and although the wound is severe, hopes are entertained of his recovery. mop tne Uueru Un Wednesday night lait, two of tha prisoners confinca1 in the prison in thi city, succeeded in making a hole through the chimney, which they ascended a few yards where 'hey made another hole, got out into the garret, ;ud came down the stairs, and passed through the back hall door and made thiir e - care. One is a white mau named George Wright; the other a oiaca, named Joseph V. Aicholt. 30 dollar are offerej for their apprr hension. B0ST0V,May9 ny leirers irom uarninernl theotn ir;t. we bear that the Kennebec k river had bfen ruied to an unusunl height by the late tains, aided by the meuiiis: ui ene snow in me nacK part ol the coun try. Two mills had l.en carried away in Wa terville and much other Ion incbrred. Great 'ean were entertained lor the mills and other works fn the Anrlmsi:ogirin River. At Gardi ner very little injur) had been received. The water hud not begun to fall 00 Tuesday evening FROM OUR CORRESPONDENT. Othce of the Federal Republican, Baltimore. Mai 9. 1 Arrived, the fast sailing ship Mohawk. Grav. 36 days fmm Liverpool. The Mohawk was on li.e Banks the 10th day after leaving Liverpool, sounded off N York when Si days out. Fell in fit1) larire quantities of ice on the passage ex Dcrir need heavv.hoiaterou weather on the coast Sctir Franklin, IIj - k - v. 14 days Irom N - ntuck - t. Passed the ship Hope, from Amsterdam, in the Bay. ting Federal George, Eells, 15 days from Bos - eon Below, S ships. Office of the Charleston Cool icr, Sundav. Mav 3. 1 Cleared, Hamburg ship Gallatea, Hamburg; British brig Atalanta, Thew, Port Maria, (Jam.) The ship Aristidrs, Carter, for Liverpool, and snip .tewnurvpon, ooouwicn, lor London, were at anchor in r.vr Fathom Hole during the gale of Friday night last The Aristides lost an anchor, and very narrowly escajted going ashore at the light house. Both ships returned into the roaus on saiuraay. lire at I tf Achtnl Sales for vtek pott. Cotton Pea Hand 70 a "t cents per lb i short staple, im cents. Rice Prime, (6 1 - 4 a 6 37 1 - 2. Dry Goods. We have veir little to add vari ant from our last weeks remarks oa this descrip - r 1: D : . lion 01 nrrcnimiiic ouiincw coounues unesu - ally dull for the season ; for although there are many country dealers in the market vet tbev purchase very sparingly ; and the retailer in town complain mat uiey can vend utile or nothing. There ts some demand for Cnttoa Bagging. Flour. Is plenty, and his declined a Little in price. Corn. Although the stock oa band i. large, holders are imwiiling to go aay lower thaa oar test weeata quotations, aod many are coaseqeent ly putting it in store. a Tobacco. Dull sale, and price, a shade lower Rice. - li Hill on the rise one or two parcel! of prime qualify bare been sola at $6 371 - t cts. Interior qutdilies, heavy sale. Cottnns. We quote Uplands ene cent per lb. hhther than last week, but believe the sales at that advance are few. Sea lilnnds have brought 7J cents. , The sale alluded to in our last at 75 cents, was very superior Florida Cotton, and en titled toaorawoaca 01 J cenei icr .u. IV. wl.ft A re more readilv obtained : 7 - n and Id per In for Cotton, are the going rates ; 31. pet ton for Rice, to Great Britain. Puks have been rather dull through the week, particularly 6 per cents, and U. b. Bank suares tha latter have declined to 142, and are hpavy at that price. MAKKIKU. On Sunday rooming, by the Rev. Mr. Scfaef - Icr, m me ueruan muicriis vuunii, m,. rv Stormi, to Miss Klixa Moore, second daugh lr r.r Mr. Rolti Moore, all ol'r. On the 26th u l. Mr. Koliert tieuson van Zaodt to Miss Mary Laurence Hicks. ZVLMMt FUST .VAfJA'K UVJ . CLKAREIJ. Sloop Hartford Packet, Francis Hartford Alien Clunn, Holt rvewoem Fame, Coleman, Nantucket Sophronia, Robinson, do ARM FED JUtS FORF.XOO. Schr Native, Cole, 5 days from Richmond, and 2 from the Capes, with flour and tobacco, to Si C Seguine, Boorman k Johnston, ritch, ;oodwin at C. Wilson Si Thompson, 1 Irvine, Townseod li Rogers, W Gallagher, C R Domo, Byrnes, Tnmhle & Co. Strong ii Havens, riush K Mulford, and C lJu Bou. Left, schr Indian Huuter, to sail next day for N York. On Friday ni' ruing, taw the schr Lady 1'ompkins goiug m - totheCapcs. Sloop Morning Star, Williamon, 1G days from Lcwittown, wi s bound to Savannah, put in here in distress, having lo't her tails in a gale on the 3d of Mav in lat 37 20 Ion 73. 8th inst. lat 39 50 loo 74 20, obtained assistance from the fishing scbr Lark, of Salem. AllRlVKO lAST F.rKJYIMi, Ship South Carolina racket, t'artwright, II day; from St. Croix, with suear and rum, to B. De t ore - si i; t o. fasteiigers, Doct. J. U. Jacques, Mr. J. K. Pitman, Messrs. U. Allen, L. Cole, J. Bums, V Leigh, K. Codnise, Mrs. Cotwie,eliild nd servnnl, Mrs. li. VVHtkins and servant, Airs. Mary Tboinns, Mrs. Bnilev, Mrs. R. Coelwise, 4 children and 3 servants. Lett, at West Lhd ; brigs U'm. Smith, M'lcllan, forM. lork, in 15: Mary Ann, Wulkrr, Providence, iinrer. ; ev - lioin, Cushing, Philad. l.r; barque Ossipe, of oi - ik, ust nr. Ironist, ll.on.ns; srhrs. I'liu.ter, ooUw.n, fji.iiton, ID; 1'ackrt, Wardle, lor elo. sailed iu co ; Mei maid, lying nil' nod on to try the mmket. At West Lod,brit Jane, M'Lrlian, for Portland, in 4 : Jane, Goodrich. Ilaion, 16; Coioi.icrce, Litirll, i. York, discharging ; Hammond, Fowler, do. do ; William - Henry, for do. in 10. ring Cornel, ol Until, was lost nl lt ol St. Tiiomas, alH.iit IMIi April crew saved vessel and cnigo totally lost. Brig Dav. Gale. 22 davs from Campcarhy, wilh logwood and specie, to J. B. Lafoiila, jr. The hng AleiHuder, Booth, sailed for the Laionia, on the 8th Anril 1 lirie Havana, Duulati, of Hall., sailed S days 'before for Pl.iladelphiH. Spoke, April ID, brig Speedwell, from Liverpool for Cam - peachy. May 7, lat. 37, .V, long. 74, 40, ship Cot - Ion Plant, 2 days from New - Vork lor Savannah. 9th, the Highlands of Nevcrsiuk bearing ft. V. by vt . 10 leagues distant , paired a large must thai hud been fi$l.ed in the Partners, with ihe heel uppermost, apparently last by the head below. A Mr. Robinson, belonging to Philadelphia, was brought to Campcachy mid confined in prison as spy. Brig Martha, Smith, 23 days from St. Croix, (Bnss End) with rum and sugar, to Gordon Buck. Sailed in ro. with biig Independence) lor Turks Ulaoii, and schr. Ann, for ,orfolk. The Martha wasbiHiml to Wilmkigton, N. C. put into thik port in cootei.ueix e of haling liecn blow 11 nil the coast in a gale. Passcngc - is, Mrs. Williflini and suit, of I liai lesion. Brig Alert, Frost, 2 - days from New Orleans, with mcar.lo CnlJcr. M'tea UCo. April '2i. lal. - 1, h.nL' UI, spoke bria William. uf Richmond, ! - tt days I rum Suviiiinah, lor ti. Orleans. . sehoone - r .Susniiunh. Joim - , 13 days from Pus tnniaqiiiHldy, with phiittrr, 10 Ward L Ki. - bop. I Alt sloop Jrllerson, ready lor !e xora. un Sunday - lib, spoke an English brig 28 days from Bristol for new 1 oik. Schr. Fannv, Barker, 43 days from Havre, With dry goods and specie, fo D. u. billies, l.ny L Thou'ron, J. B Maria, A. I.rlcv.e, De Klmm De Lessen, C. G. Fontaine, J. J. Boyd, l.afiie, Banhe k Co. R, Charreton, O. V. Hersan, F. it A. Brunei, Lalbrque it t o. Fricl.olyi f.acliaise, Che - riot, Wiikes 4i Co. F. Sifflet, F. Varet U Son, P. rteignefte H Jennv, J. B. Durand, G. ftevin, L. P. De Liit.c, C. Gamier, V. Krirre, A. Borel, M. Finchon, S. V. Bouland, B. Silliinan, L. Sollier J. Aspinwall, and P. l - oneer. Passenger, L. J. DegaJ. Ihe Fanny has illHX) dollars for the V. S. Bank. Schr. EliralK - tli, IMano, 7das from Savannah, with cotton, rice k tobacco, to .Mr. Thompson, on board. Schr Whv Not, Burrhninn, 4 days from Norfolk, ill. shinties, to ihe niaslrr. Schr. Sally Ann, llealli, "0 davs from New - Orleans, wiih tobacco, skins, and pork, to J. L. Bowne, I'al.nan k Torrey, Cainlirclinc k Pearson and .N. I!. Minium k Co. Brig Warbler, for Boston, sailed in ro. Spoke, Mav 5, Int. 39,29, long. 73, Co, ichr. Dispatch, 23 davs from Havana, for Bokton. 5lh, lat. 39, 30, long. 73, 40, sloop Mary Ann, i3 davs from JHcnuemt I, tor New - Vork. Schr. Alplia, L'pshai, 11 days from Richmond, witn coal, low. ivenioie. Packet sloop Paragon, 20 hours from New Ha ven, with concr, sucar, molasses and I. r. Hum, to Shipumn k Lord, Benj. Hustace, kthe master Sltwp Massachusetts, Dean, 5 davs from Wash ington, N. C. with staves, to C. Taylor. Sailed in co. with schr. Maria, of N. Vork,for Philad. Sloop Ventih, Comstnrk.3 days Irom Providrnc with silks 6wC to S. Williams and others. fiiloop Harmony, Wing, 6dnvs,6 davs from Sa vnniiafi, with cciton, sugar, hides and live oak, to the master, J.Hl'. Bolton, H. Thomas, I.udln.n k Johnson, ami U. Douplusv sloop lteper, Allen for i'rovidence, tailed in co. Sloop A.ite'lope, Mevens.7 dnvs from Savannah via New London, ith cotlou and rice, lo Charles .M'irgaii, J. Mngee u Co. and others. IJ p.sseu - g'ts. SI.Kip Venus, Csmstock, 3 days from Providence, with gin, lime and dry goods, to Hicks, Lawrence k Co Dunham k Auchincloss, Pliill - brooks i. Peters, Sainl. Williams, J. F. Walcott, L. C. Paivons, G. W. Tallinn, and the raplaio. Sloop Huntress, Beccher, 1 day from New Haven, with ruin, molasses kr. to the master. Sloop Packet, Daskoin, 12 hours from Norwalk with ki passengers. Moon Halrvon, Gardner, Jdnys from Newport with rum, te Burrill k Cahoone A brig 30 dai from the West Indies, bound to N. York, put into ieport un Wednesday, lesky. The sloop General Swill, from Georgetown, S. C. was cast away on Blue Point, on Wednesday morning last, about 2 o'clock the crew and passengers were all landed safe. NEW - BEDFORD, May 8 Arrived, brie Industry, Maj hew, from the coast of Alnca, witn 250 hhls. sperm oil ; sloop Atalanta, Wheldcn, Irom Martinique. Cleared, brigs Mary, Howland, Coast of Patagonia, whaling; William - Thacber, Howland, do; Minerva, Williams, do; schr Sophronia, Perry, St Andrews ; sloop Catharine, Goodrich, St. Thomas. rXT" The treasurer of the New. York Institution for the Education of Ihe Deaf and Dumb, acknowledge! the receipt of $200, a donation from Elbert Anderson, esquire, and $200, Hhe thank - offering of a parent whose cbdd is not deaf and dumb." The editors of other papers are requested to give the above an insertion. my 1 1 An Electma for Governors of the New - York Hospital, will be held at the hospital, on the 19th inst (Tuesday). The poll will be opened at 10 o'clock, acd closed at 1 P. M. By order of the board of Governors. nytl 8t THOMAS BUCKLEY, Sec'ry. fy - The cecond Anniversary of the AMERICAN BIBLE SOCIETY will he celebrated in the Assembly Room of the City Hotel, ia Broadway, on Thursday the 14th insL The doors will be opened at 10 o'clock, A. M. and the President will take the Chair precisely at 11 o'clock. ay Il3t THEATRE.? THIS EVEPtfNG, May U, ' Will be presented, tlw: coa.ic oisera of LOVE IN A VILLAGE. Toung Meadows, Mr. Fhihrps In which character he will sine the favorite sotigs of " Oh ! had I been by fate decreed,' Still in boe to get the better,' Oh ! how shall I in lantuage weak,' and introduce, in addition to tl sougs of die character, 4 J his Blooming Rose, and fi.e Rondo ' Sigh not for Love. comtosed for Mr. i'hilitips. Rosctfa, Miss Johnson Margery, Mrs. Grothon In act 3, the Duet I Invc Ihee,' by Mr. PhiTlpps and Miss Johnson. To which will be added, the melo dramaof the FALLSjOF CLYDE. Kenmure, Mr. Pritrhard F irmer Enfield. Rntrtson Edward fj.neld, llilion Elien Enfield. Mrs. Barnes Performance to commence at a quarter past seven o'clock. fcECOND EDIT IOAI CORK ECTED. Or Just published by the subscriber, and for sale at the principal Book Stores in this city, and at the publishers cilice, 03 GuM - stiect. I be second edition ol the New aliliiia Law, cor rected. WM. A. MERCIEN. ALSO. The following Type, which he offers for sale on acccmodatiog tei ma - One Foot Small Pica, 5001b One do Pica, 450lh One do Long Primer, 60tilh One do Brevier, 26011) my 1 1 5t t (rjr - 'J'hc Young Men's Missionary bocieiy of New - York will meet this evening at Mr. Ely's School Jloom, No. V r ranktorl - strcet, ot hall past 7 oclock. M. WILBUR, As. Clk. may 11 hi rrp BARTHELOMEW PROLI, from Flo rence, in Italy, offers for sale by auction on Tues day, 12th iost. a superb collection of alabaster urns aud vases ana time - piece cases, and a few elegant marble statues and busts, with a small collection of Italian paintings and engravings, wlnrb will be sold without reserve the sub scriber will continue selling at private rale till then. may 11 It American Academy of the Fine Arte. CtT The public are rnpectfully informed that the Gallery of the Academy will be closed during the present week for the purpose of arranging the new exhibition, which will be opened on .tionuay neii. 10111 inst. oy orner maytlZJt At.r.A KObr - K 1 suiv, rec. ffr The person who was seen to take away from the front of the store 129 Front street, near the Ely Market, two dozen ol liKOOtlii, with out k - ave, on Saturday last, is requested lo re turn the same immediately or .is name will be ex posed, be being well known to the owner of them. . WILLIAM TAYLOR. my 11 lt try Another p. ize of (ne Thuutand Dollart. The gentleman who purchased a Ticket at .LI EN' Trulv Lucky Ollice, No. 122fIroad - way. and gave a. the initial, of his name, M. O. is informed that the number drew on Saturday a prize of One Thousand Dollars. my 11 lit vicssrs, MILLS MINTON Ac CO will sell tomorrow, at the assembly room, city hotel, among other elegant articles, 3 very rich aod very good harps, by the first makers in Pans, lately imported, my II It St. Andrew's Society. fry A quarterly meetine will be held at the City - Hotel, on Thursday evening the 14th inst. at 7 o'clock. The members are particularly requested to attend, as business interesting to the society will be laid before them. Bv order of the rreshlent. myU4t JOHN J. PALMER, Sec'ry. LOTS IN CHKlsTE - ST REET. E7J J. te 1. HONE li CO. will selljto - roor - row, at It o'clock, at the Ton'.ine Coffee House, under an order of the court ot chancery, TWO LOTS, adjoining each other and pleasantly situated in Christie - street, near St. .Stephen's Church, each lot is 35 by 100 feet, may II It ENGLISH CHINA AT AUCTION. ON Thursday next at 10 o'clock, will he sold by Messrs. Franklin tt Minium, at public auction in front of the store of Messrs. fcallos. Son Si Co. No. 38 South - street, a large assortment of very handsome English China, of the best quality, in cask. consisting of dining and lea sets. may 10 3tt FHKlOU ffor LHA HLKMVJ. ifA 200 Ions heavy freight for Charleston. ANS0.H G. PHELPS, my 11 183 Front - street. FOR SALIC, Sloop ADELINE. This substantial and fast sailing pleasure - boat is offered lor sate upon reasonable terms, as the present owner has uo use for her. She is a safe boat, be ing decked and having two births in (he cabin, and 11 about sib feet long, and B 1 - 2 feet wide. Any perron wishing to purchase a boat of thU description, will please apply to the subscriber, at the stone - yard, foot of Murray - street, where she may be seen, mylllw ROBERT WILEY. For AffT'VKHt, The good last sailing thin AnuKlA CA ; has 3 - 4lhs ol Her cargo engaged, and will be dispatched in a few days. For freight or passage, having good accommodations, ap ply to N. L. & G. GRISWOLD, my 1 1 156 South - it. for Sate, freight or Charter, A new pilot boat built i'CHOONER, I.r0 tons burthen, built in a sunn - tor manner of the best materials, sails fast, and may be lent to lei with small expence. - tfpply to JV. L. k Q. GRISWOLD, my 1 1 86 South - st. HARDWARE CUTLERY. cj'HK subscribers have just received by the L ships James Monroe, Magnet and Ann, from Liverpool, an extensive supply of Hardware and Cutlery, of every description, which they offer for iae to, tlie merchants from thecoentry, by ne racaage, or ic sucn quantities irom me helves as may be wanted, at a low advance and liberal credit 7 hey hare also in Store on Consignment, 100 casks best English bottled Porter 30 do assorted Glassware 10 - cases English mens and boy Hats 20 crate of Stone Soda Jugs 100 bundle warranted Halback German Steel 5 ton do Crawley Steel 10 ton best hoop L. English blistered Steel Tin plates, block plates, fee. B. W. ROGERS & CO. my 1 1 35 Pearl - street. - CLARET, A few casks very fine Old Claret, laid to be the growth of Lafite, for sale by XSATHL. PAULDING, 162 Front street ALSO, A few pipe, and half pipes fine qualify Port Wine. my 1 1 3t OLD COPPER. ABOUT 3500 Irv. Old Copper, for sale by TUCitER Si LAURIES, my 11 No. 29Son'h - t. HO SUGARS. Hhds Muscovado sugar, first Quality 247 boxes brown clayed do I of superior qua - 45 do while do I lit For sale by my 11 N. L. 1 G. GRISWOLD, 86 Sonth - st. FORK. 50 barrels prime mess Pork, just re qeived and for sale by . ANDERSO.l 6 SHEARER, my H3t 131 Water - street. mOIDcR BRANDY bbls Cider Brandy. landing, for .ale by . AN SON vi. PHELPS, my 11 133 Froat - stretL RAISLNS. 90 cask freih Malaga Rai,la - received tad for .ale by 6 ""'uis, r - - , - I HURO It SEWALL, " wy" 5 Sooth street. ' HAVA.NA (jRA!8 HVIS. - Aeek - gant a, scrtmcnt ol gentlemens summer Hat's iut received and for sale Ly JOHN LEARY my I lis 168 Front - steel,. BO V1UAZE1 I A, CLOi lis, H 1 a kc. 10 bales black and coloured bembazetta ' - ,2 eases bbepparet'i best l.ondon cloths 4 do pclUse cloths aud cassiraere shawls - 10 do men's Lest londoo hats 8 do ladies' and children's black and drab fancies 1 10 do bands, buckles and trirr.min" do men's wool hats, suitable for the suuuiern maraei 3 casks Russia bares wool, first quality back. 10 hhds best London glue For sale by D. OAKEY, WiUiam - rt. may 11 lw ri UHKS INLAND H AL V. - lUOO bushels brieTt ' J. coarse Turks Island Salt, will be told reasonable, to close sale ' TUCKER It LAUR1ES my 1! 20 South street. St. CROIX RUM k SL'G AR - 1 he cargeTf tha ship Sonth Carolina racket, capt. Cart - ' wri'ht, from St. Croix, will commence Iann.. to - morrow at Perk - slip For sale by atij. de roKEAr & CO may 11 4t I l?) SL'UAH, m. ml hbds of New - Orleans sugar, 01 a very prime qualil' , landing from the brig Alert. w' side of Burling - tlip; for sale by CAL.DEK, nl'LEA SZ CO. may 11 1w 59 Pine - street. C CALCUTTA GOODS. - 40 bales prmeimulV low price'd. consrstiiis of Baftas. Gurrahs and Maiuoodies, just received and iti sale by G. G. K S. HOWLAND, my 1 1 17 Washington street CLARE T. " A FEW lioxes Chaleau Margaux Claret, 3 dozen in a box, ol the growth of I811 u. ale by D. SULLIVAN, my 1 1 l 131 Water street. C"JIN. It) pipes Craiistiai Gin, just received J and lor sale by GEO. W. TALBOT. my 1 1 55 Pine itreet. SIX THOUSAND DOLLARd may be had on mortgage on real estate iu this citv. application to ' JOHN my 11 lw WARREN" & .TON, No. 46 Wall - it. Moneu id loaiL on timid nnit inrt,..t C'ROM JJ4000 to I4U00, to loan on Bond and jl Mortgage, on tinincimilK red nmtx iiv 1 m the city and couuty of New - York. Apply to U.LAWRENlE&CO. 8 William - street. my I Ut Stale of New - York, ) Comptrollers Ofhce. X 7 HERE AS by an act of the Legislature V V entitled " an act to improve the funds and to provide for the redemption of Ihe funded debtof this state, passed list April 1818, the Comptroller is authorized to borrow on the credit ol this state, a sum or sums not exceeding in the whole, one million of dollars, at a rate of interest not exceeding six per centum per annum, payable quarter yearly. Now therefore, public Notice is hereby givea by the undersigned, Comptroller of said btate, in pursuance of the act atbresaid, that he will receive sealed proposals at his office iu the city of Albany, until Tuesday the 26tb May instant, for the whole or any part of a loan of one milhon of dollars, to be paid into the Treasury by the first day of July next. For the loan or loans which may be made to the State under the act aforesaid, certificates of stock will be issued which will be transferable at the city or New - Ym k, and tlie intereit oat which will lie paid quarter yearly to the stock holders residing in the Southern district and out of the State at some Bank in the cits - of New: York, and to all others io the city of Albany ' T he principal of said Stock to be irredeemable until the first day of January, 1823; and within five year thereafter the Government is boandto redeem it if the Stockholders require the same to be done. ABCH'D. MclNTYRE. Comptroller. Albany, May 7, 1C18, my 1 1 t26th PATENT. RAZOR STROP. SAUNDERS recpeetiuily solicits those who have not got his Patent Raior Strop. iu lurn.eii u.eaiwivei wnn mi new invented nn - tor Strop, and Metallic Composition. 1 No gentleman who once makes trial of one of the Strop, now offered, will ever try any others; and suchi. their formation, that ever so much use wilt not give the razors that roundness whicb render the best of them useless, and which is well known always to follow the application of all those hitherto invented. The above strop, are in general ue in New York, and are distinguished from all others. Barbers who have used them aav more in their praise than I do myself. ' G. SAUNDERS. 18 Wall - Hreet. N. B. The most liberal allowance made to dealers. - my II VIEWS of England, during a residence of ten years, six of them ai a prisoner of war, by Major General Pillet, Knight of St. Louis, iie. - translated from tl French, price jl 25, for salei j at No. 3 Wall street, by C. WILEY A CO. Alio, lately received and fur laic as above, a valuable collection of Botanical, Mineralogical and Zoological Works, Voyages and Travels, the British Poets, lochbald'a Theatre, with a great variety of other English Books. C. WILEY & CO. have constantly on hand. Sacred Harmony by Smith and Little, Songs of the Temple, the Lord's Prayer set to music, Musical Harmony, Musical Grammar, Violin Preceptor, Flute Melodies, Musical Reader, Sic. my II A VERT VALUABLE XSTATF TOR IALE, Late the property of Benajah Strong, Esq. deceased, in the township of Islip, lying 00 tlie great south road, about 45 mile. , Irom New York ; containing by computations a - bout 2500 acres of land, more or less; nearly 10U0 acre of which is under cultivation, inclu - ' ' ding about 200 acre of salt and fresh meadows. which is completely embanked, ditched and drained, for the purposeof being reclaimed. The remainder i in valuable wood land, on which large quantities may he cut annually. On the premises i. a spacious and convenient Mansion ; House, with a large bam, hovels, crib, stable, , carriage house, gardener's home, work shop, smith shop, smoke house, ice house, and other out buildings, replete with every convenience. There is also on the premises: ahoat a mile from the mansion bouse, a nEw farm house, with a bam adjoining. ' ' . . ! Near the house in a large pond, wiih a Pr,TI" lege of a stream of water, on which is a good saw mill, and water sufficient for a grist mill. - " The garden and orchards are exteniive, in which fhr hn hjn act ,miI within ft fpl veal.. A great number of young trees, of every species of tne oest graded trial, mostly in hearing, n in the most flourishing condition. Alio, a largo nursery of fruit trees and plants, sufficient to ex - - tend an orchard of 100 acres. There arc few estates offered for sale, so dew - , rable for either an extensive farmer, or the resi dence of a gentleman. Tbe farm is capable or supporting a large ctock, and being bounded by the south bay, there is an inexhaustible soorceof manure from ea - weed. Boat piy from the i - neighbourhood, almost daily, to and from tne city. Tbe bay also abounds with a great variety of game, Cb, oysters and clams, aad the pond . aod creek with the fined trout. For terms and further particulars, apply to a. II. LAWRENCE, No. S3 Park Place, or on the premise. any s 1 oo . . f - STURM IO Lr.f. S.l Thafint.nrvif ilnni and Cellar 133 Wa ter street, corner ot Pine street, lately occupied k. VI. IV R Ino - rahnm. i - alrul. - ited lor tbe dry - - good or hardware business and tbe upper pert of the fire proof stare No. 8i Pine - street, consist? i, inc of a counting house and three floors, to lei, by aj 1 1 u,iVbUian,ui .ii - "

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