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The Evening Post from New York, New York · Page 1

New York, New York
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Monday, May 11, 1818
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T BE ME W - f &WK. W EIING POST. .NUMBER 49G3 MONDAY, MAY 11,1818. NO. 19 WILLIAM - STREET. iva r - rrn TO CHARTER. a .1 Hr.liih vetsel of 200 to ! 250 V71!T. iulr u nr - M from this tort to 1 1 KVW ilrT - .U3g W . - O v?uii. Jamaica, and from thence to London. Kff,u . , V,,vilii 17 U' .'IW " . . viiPKsnN & SHEARER. 131 Waters. Who have for 'alo a few puncheon ot' well old Jamaica Rom. may 5 1 J.'... I.IMIIOV. Tl, - b.trS M ARI A. Rriinev: will tail loo Wednesday next, aud cau accommo - jiwS or 4 passenge . A ppljr on board, at pier "wj w v j ? v ;... POOL. o: .k:r nloinr ran be nund - L U1& MUHl . . "j'1..JI - OIIH:iy B,iuini" - . - - - smr - - .:.:.i. I. - : IMMF.KE. capt. All - ..ea nuvi : e - is list ltumiu line COJipcrcti uniN . - - r - - . dre,P sail for Liverpool about the 15th :. tnnlv nn huurj. at picT f)0. 13, K. R - W ' CALDKR, MLKA & CO. mv 5 lw 57 Fine - street 'U S - 4l.IL. Tk. IIMPK. ira) tons: carries iinn hsrrala. 2 years old. a first rate Tifr . . . ..j. vessel of bcr class, and in complete u iur ceivoacargo; lyuigeastfiue rt - ca - uip , mu old reasonable .fppiy to A. ti C. W. DAVENPORT li CO. may 4 be for UkHHICE and DKMKRAliA, The British, urur r AVmiiK, J . . . 7 .Beeman, master, to tail 15th May. Iur passage, app'y l GEORGE LACY, No. 4 Fullon - slip. A few Horses will be taken on freight. ap 'ZS tf HUM, MOHSsES Ate i'Ut) puncheon! fine flavoured Tobago Rum 41 !o retailing Molasses, received per brig Benjamin 190 puueheons Rum, received per brig Ante - kne. from Tobago, and for tale by ' GOODHUE 8t Co. mv i 44 Soalh - street. b'WOLK. Junr. hat reutovt - 't mm 67 ) 1'ronMtrcet to 51 Sscuth - itre, and tffen lor ale 51 cerooni toutli American Tallow 85 tori clean St. Ptersburgh Hemp, few bold tint quality RustiaDurk; Cicr - ninn Steel in boset, entitled to drawback. 16000 Ibi. Grpen Offce do 25 boxet China taMeietti 172 pieceieach 10 bhd pure Spirits 1 cate l'latillai. ' my 5 KIChMO.VU FLOUR. BO hi la. variety Mills, ui(aule for bakert, lor tale by roy5 D1VIK BETllOK 4t CO. SIX casei of new and elegant laucy articles, such as LtdieV work boxes and dressing cases, very elegant Writing desks, elegantly gilt aud plain Gilt and painted card ia;ks, Fan racks Fire and caudle tcrecus, painted in a superior manner, witb gilt aud colored bandies Backgamon boards M aline and morocco work baskets Gentlemen's shaving apparatus Pouches and dressing caias, i - omplete Morocco and niahogjuy purtablfi desks . A few ftusdia leatbor Jo. very in per b ' . , ' Sen very elegant portfolios with, gilt locks and pockets - . - Ilegantly gtlt borders and plain Morocco. Rus - . ia and roan pocket books, of various descrip - Spring wallets, of Russia and ' Morocco, with many omer ar'jcies too numerous io wruuuu. For sale wholesalo and retail, by N. SMITH DAVIES, ap 23 No. 151 Broadway. OFI.ANU k ifcVV - ORLhAiS COT TOM. 54 bles prime Upland Cotton, landing from sloop Wave, from Savannah C3 bales New - Orleans Cotton, landing from ship Maria Caroline, for sale by run M'Mnisc, - , 6 South - stretL In Store. J 09 bales Upland Cotton 29 do New - Orleans do 34 cerooDS Cuba Tobacco 06 boxes Windoty. Ulaos 05 pipes Catalonia Wine 11 pipes O. L. f. Madeira Wine ; has been imported 5 years 9 qr. casks Malaga Wine I0(t0 Demijohns lit tons bwtdts Iron, assorted sizes. ap87 RO CAbLa C.VNTOM GOOUir, via: JO 12 cates colM Canton Crapes 4 do black do do 2 do coi'd Nankin do 1 do black do , do 3 do Cr;.pe Shawls 1 do black Camirfet' 1 do mix'd Silk do 2 do C'tmns'ble Sarsrts ' 2 do do Lcvantiue 1 do black do 4 do SilUHdkfs 1 do Birds Eye do 1 do ColM Concans SO do Sewing Silk, (Italian style) H do Siuc'iPirs 1 do ' SarsBfrts. ALSO. Company loos and short Yellow Nan - lun, frrsale by MARCH LOW, p30 210 Broadway. HOBACCO, COTTON k SUGAR. 150 X bhds. Virginia Tobacco 90 bales Jalloon Cotton, tiperior quality 50 bags double boiled Calcutta Sugar, for sale &t67S9uU) my 5 CAMBRKLENG& PEARSON. rIMN PLATE, icc - 173 boxes Tm i'late, i J sr.rtcd 10,000 lbs. India Block Tin t!,W0lb. Iron Wire, orted from No.lto iiS lor sale by AiNSO.N G. PHELPS, P30 103 Front street. J JH. A CRM. U ILLI.NK ii CO. otter for sale 15 cases superior Bengal Indigo Several casks smalts, particularly desirable for bleachers and paper makers 4 casks hardware A few bales cauimeres and shalloon's, shawls PSD vHOES. Jmt received 40 package. Those, JJ, together with a large and general assortment "we on hand, are offered fut sale by .the pack - t uozen, on reasonable terms, Dy THOS. WITT, J 1 lw No. 272 rearl - strecL UIRGIMIA TOBACCO. B0 hhds. good via luenmond ami Petersburg I ouacco do prime quality Richmond do , , do new do do bgs Manufactured do do of rarioni OTmds and qu ilitle. forsale br BOORMAN 6i JOHNSTON, 'EAL. 100 hhds. 1W barrels firs froi it 27 lulB dK, THow Cora Meal, fresh - - xwuis, lor sale ry TUCKER & LAURIES, 29 South slwef. T4 ilhii8ud P?l,ME PORK. - 24 and an half b mjj yi n,d to be a vnr tepenor lot, will Kir . . el at the lowest market " CORNELIUS DUBOIS.' IT'J W Tj OES. A few casks of Patent and Common XX Carolina aud Virginia Hoes, of the Bradts manufacture, just received and for sale by ANDERSON Ai SHEARER, ap30 2w At No. 131 Water - street. CANDLES. 50 boxes Eastern Mouid Canities, lor sale by ap 30 JOS. OS BORN, 28 South - stregt. llichinund and Lynchburg umnvfuclrcd TOD.iCCO. - t flChfi1 now landing frem sundry res - JL Vr c vF sels, of the following qualities and brands: (J3 kegs, Shelton i Williamson, 0 hands, 1,2,3 45 do P. Miller k Co. U 1,2,3 3!i do J. P. Ego, Q. 1,2 45 do Oorge Fletcher, ft 1 108 do John Eudcrr, C 1 144 do 1J. R. Ross, U 1,2 53 do V. Holtz k Co. U 61 do Anderson, tllair & M'Keage, C, 1, 2 122 do Jesse Hare U Co. it I'M do R. Hughes & Co. U 61 do R. Cantor, G 45 do K. G. Crcnfhaw, a 1, 1,2 1, 21 do R. Iultr.u, 12 2 U7 do J. Si P. Labby, 8, & laJj'ii twist 01 do H. Starr, . 8, k half lb.rolls Most of the above brands are well known and approved of in this market, on account of the quality, and uniformity of the difleretu u umbers by winch the qualities are Uesinated. r or sale by CORNELIUS DU B013, ap20 36 Front - street. lJOMESTIC K OTHER WARES. THE subscribers keep constantly on hand an extensive assortment of Uie following goods, viz Dutch and English Gunny Bags, Popes Heads Ciumb Crushes Bellows, fancy and common Do for E'arktmitLt Hall and Entry Mats Brooms Duster, or Counter Brushes Hearth Brushes, fan cy and common nean oo oo no Cloth do do do Weavers do White Wash do Shoe ic Scrubbing do Paint Brushes and raits and 1 uos Wheel - Harrows Fine Wire Sieves Do Hair do Whips of every de scription Seine, sewing, wrap. Sash Totils Clditips, 4, 7, 8 row Furnituie Brushes Horse do Bed Cords, Clothes ping, baleing aud ball Twme Fish Lines Lines Shoe k Sutlers Thread Sash Cords, Trace Rdprs Wrought and Cut Dearborn's Eallan ces, lie. Nails and Brails Whi n they v.ill sell wholesale or retail on h beral terms. CEBRA k CUMING, ap M 76 Peart strtet. 37 VlRlilMA JVBACCO li t'LOUH. lihds old Virginia tobacco 55 do new crop do do Co' bblt fino flour 15 do middling do. For tale by VASQUE.V, MF.imON k CLEEMAN, Feb 7 tf Nj. Tl Washiugton - st. HOSIERY ELaMKL. PINS. &e. EN'S and women's cotton stuckiuga IfX A few halts suucrfiue white ilannel, very wido da do red and yellow do Berlin ami military cords Green table cover, different sizes Best London pins, 3 1 - 2, 4, 4 5 mist pint, 1 - 4, 1 - 2 and lib Mourning pins and short white White chapel needles, ttwxted Brass svii'e No. 24 and 2 5 ' ' - ' ' ' Card wire No. S7 and 32 Hooks aud eyes, Thimbles Abo on hand, English looking glass plates, unsilverej For sale hv ATKINSONS Si FLEMING, np20 3w 167 Poarl - st. PLAaTER OF PARld MANUFACTORY, At the foot of Harrison - street, North - Rircr. I T 7HLRK manufactured Plaster, lorcorni - V V ces and other purposes, mar be had, war ranted ol die first quality, at one dollar and (teen - ly fire tent per Inuhel. The manufactory is conducted by Mr. John Tucker, who has served a regular apprenticeship to the mason busiucss. mh2l J0H3 BTERS. AMERICAN GOODS. ITCM. F. U 8AML. MOTT, No. 166 Pearl V street, offer forsale thafpllowinc Ameri can cotton and woollen goods : 5 cases Brown shirtings . 4 do bleached do 5 do 3 - 4 Checks ; 7 do 4 - 4 do 4 do Cotton Balls 2 do Sewing Thread 2 do Knitting Yarn 2 do Sattinetts 90 cases Plaids 5 tl ) Blue Stripes ; 5 do Bed Ticks 1 do Denims; I do Milinets 40 do Twist and Filling, assorted from No. 10 bales Caudkwick. 1,5 to 12 4th mo. 24 2w Mr. BALLET A Madame GOQUET, No. 7 NasHia - street. HAVE he honor to inform the public in general audlha ladies of New - York in par ticular, that tbey manufacture and have constantly on hand an assortment of artificial flower. At Uieir store are alo to be found, and to be disposed of by wholesale and retail. Perfumery of every dcjcnution, among wmcn are the cik - brated Lait I'ircinal, and the mot approved eircaces and pomatuus for the complexion. 1 ortoise hcll combe and thimbles A complete assortment of worked dresses, shawls, (Rhus and bands , Umbrellas aud parasols Merino, knit and velvet ridicules ; silk fichus Stockings and gloves for ladies and gentlemen Ladies' elastic girtcrs Spriogaod ball silk dresses B ill do. embroidered with chenille and orna mented with flowers : silk scarfs Prunelle and silk shoes Levantines, florence, mlins, taffetas, kc. And in short, every thing connected with the ladies' toilette. ap25 1m f WHITE LEAD, Sic. tic. J J J kegs London White Lead ia oil 30 barrels do Dry While Lead 8 toot Red Lead 30 barrels Bristol Red Ochre 20 do Venetian Red ; 2 tons fine Litharge StO hosghead Whiting 60 casks Paris V.'liite ; 2 hhds. Verdigris 60 tierce t rench Yellow Ochre 6 kegs Vermillion 4 casks Prussian Btne, 4001b. Crome Yellow; Patent Yellow Spanish Brown, Venetian Red. Yellow, UNCIL. Black, I V erdigris, y . Larupblack ; Ivory Blark ; Purple Brow Spirits Turpnctine ; Liutsced Oil 400 boxes Window Glass, arsorted Forsale on tbe lowest terms, for cask or at short credit, by DrTru crtitDurounov t. envo say 1 . 243 Water - street rpiX PLATE," TEA &c 150 boxes Tin J. plate, assorted 12,000 pooads India block Tia , - 8,000 do Iron Wire, snorted - ' 1,500 do old Coptr 40 chests Hvsosi hkin Tea, for sale by ANSON G. PHELPS. ay I 133 Front - street. MOLASSES. 60 hhds and 1 tierce retailing Havana .Molasses, landinsfrom scbr Un ion, capi. r.iu, irom tlav&na, ut Bufling - iui, West pier, for sale by N. & D. TALCOTT, " my 6 64 South - street. GO. Aia. HOvVLA.D, 77 Wusliington t. . offer for sale 60 boxes brown Havana Sugar. 40 bags Race Ginger 7 pipes old Sherry Wine 2 'do do Lisbon do, 12 boxes Claret 400 oval Demijohns, 5 casks Antimony 100 bbls ground Camwood - 10 tons LinuAvitae 3 casts Toy, 6 kegs Vermillion 400 India round door Mats 20 slabs India biock Tin 35 hhdshrsl quality Quercitron Bark Writing, Wrapping and Printing Paper A small invoice ut Calcutta goods, iust receiv ed, consisting of BaiUs, Sanuobs, Mamoodies, Gurrabs and Checks. my 6 rAGLISH Bfc - A VfcR H.MS. - 3 case Lon - xli dun Beaver Hats, iust received, and forsale by TUCKER St LAURIES, my S9 !?onU - street. bWEETMALAUA IAE,iiC. J J twenty gallon casks sweet Malaga wine 100 boxes Lloomi raUins 37 casks solt shelled almonds, landing this morning, from sclir. Ariauue, at Fly - market wharf for sale by G. i. !i S. HOWLAND, may 6 77 Washington - st. ALL ordeid ieeived aud attended to for laying and rtpaiririif Hie Manhattnn lead and wood pipes, and cist em or sink piPtfS, orlead pumps, ty SAMUtl. ol ArLKr.l, my t lw' no. IJ L.riaint)ci - street. iUG AR. 34 hhds. Sid qual. Muscovado, fo sale at 35 Peck - slip, by my 2 R. Hi C. W. DAVENPORT k CO. S'.ife of Vtv - Fori Comptroller's Office. UUBL1C .NO 1 let) is beiebv given, that sal X ed proposals will be received at this otlke uuiil M'Miuay tne jin ol May next, lor me purchase ol'ttie whole or of anv part of M0, 47 U 17 - 100 dollars of the three per cent. Stock of the funded debt of the United States, owned by this state, 'i be Stock, if sold, will be transferred on the first day of July next, at which tune, payment must be made by the purchaser or purchasers, at tlin Bank ol JNew - York in the city of New - York. The proposals will be opened on the sid 25th day of May next and the best offer or offers will be accepted provided Hie offers be such as shall, consisteut ruin tne interests ol Uie slate, warrant Hit acceptance of any of them. If any offer or offers shall be accented, in for nation thereof shall be immediately communi cated to tne person or persons so oDering ; and n is expected and required that such person or persons shall then give satisfactory security for the payment ai uie time supuiairu. tu,in ivi iiVri rvx., comptroller. Albany, April 27, 1818. ap30 tMs!5 FOll SALE or TO LET. And possession driven the 1st of May, a new and convenient House of the basement plan, finished in the best possible manoer, situated in Pearl - street, near the Battery, and adjoining Hit new house of Mr. Gracies. For particulars encraire of ROBERT R. HUNTER. No. 135 Greenwich, corner of Liberty - street. ap sri zw FOR SALE, A farm of between sixty and seventy acres, sit'isU on, tiia.yeit hank of Lake OUcgo, end one mile from thV village of Cooperstuwu. On it are anew stoue bouse 54 feet square ; a new farm house, barn, Sic. it inrms a desiraoie es. tablisbment for a gentleman wishing to retire into Uie country, as its situation, as to prospect, convenience to markei, Kc. is not surpassed uy any in the interior of the state. It will be sold low for, on a credit, or exchanged for pro. perty in this city, goods, tic. Apoiy to r 11. U L. SbUUnitA, my 7 tf . Law Buildings. REAL ESTATE. IN pursuance of an order ol the honorable the court of chancery, duVd the 24th day of April, 1818. we. tbe undermui.t'd. trul es of Uie estate of Henry Dover, deceased, will sell at public auction, on Tliir - c'ay, the 28 Hi day of May instant, Uie fblloviiif; real estitc : Lot No. 7 Doyi r street, nineteen feet front and eighteen feet rear, 56 feet deep on southeasterly and 47 leel on northwesterly sides, ue ine same more or less ; ami as now in possession of Mr. William Armstrong ; subject to a lease which will expire on the 1st May, 1826, at a ground rent of 50 dollars per annum. Lot Nn. 12 Dover street. 20 feet front. 22 rear. 46 fuet 4 inches deep on southerly and 51 feet on northerly side, be the same more or less, as now or late in possession ol Col. W m. Few, subject to a lease, which will expircon tbe 1st May, 1 624, at a ground rent o.' 40 dollars per annum. L"t ?lo. Yi Woyer street, ZU .eel iroul ami l rear, 51 feet diep on soutlierly and 54 feet 6 inch es on the northerly side, be the same more or less, s now lu tbe possession of Mr. Uavid Munsoa; su'nect to a lease which will expire on the 1st May, 1824, at a ground rent of thirty six dollars per annum. Lot No. 15 Doyer street, 25 feet front and 33 feet rear, 54 feet 6 inches deep on Southr rly and 68 feet 3 inches on Northerly side, bo the same mote or less, as now in pcsetsion ol mt. wnuain i: battel ; subject to a lease which will expire on the 1st May, 1824. at aground rent of forty dol lars per annum. LitiNo 16 uoyer street, so lect ironi arm J feet 6 inches rear, 21 feet deep on souU.erly aui' 21 fi - et on northerly sides, he ft.e same more or less, and as now or Inte in possession of Col. Wm. Few ; suhject to a k - aie which will expire on Uie istoi may, at aground rent oi looonurs per annum. Lot No. 13 Pell street, 29 feet front and 9 feet 6 inches rear, 50 feet deep, be the same more or les, as nnw inJposvMion ol the esluteol win Gray, deceased ; subject to a lease which will expire on the 1st .May, 1821, at a ground rent of thirty dollars per annum. Lot No. 21 Pell street, 21 f - et front and rear, 50 feet 8 incites deep on easterly, and 58 feel 4 inches on westerly tides, be the same mor or less, as nnw in possession ol Mr. Wm. I. Wal - dron ; subject to a lease, which will expire on the 1st day ol May, at a ground rent oi 4U dollars per annum. Lot io. 25 fell street, 31 reel front, 6 leet 3 inches rear. 60 feet deep on easterly, and 66 feet 5 iur lies on westerly sides, be the same more or less, as now ui possession of John Heyer;sub - iect to a tense which will expire on the 1st May, lli - i, at a ground rent of JO dollars. House and lot .No. 2 J Pell street, 21 feet froot and rear, and 58 feet 4 inches deep on easterly, and 60 feet oa westerly tides, he the same snore or less, as now in possession of Mr. Joseph Butler. The improvements oo the leased lots to be va lued and paid for by the purchaser, at tne expi ration ol tne lease. Terms ol sale, cash, oa the delivery of the deeds. Any further information which may be repaired will be given by either of the su'jscri - Deri. ISAAC S. DOUGLASS, ADRIAN H VAN BOKKELEN. The above proierty will be sold at Uie Tontine Coffee House, oa the above - mentioned day, by Messrs. I KAMLLLX ft all.Vl ljK., Auctioneers. , ' my 7 til WANT3 A blTUATlON, IN a wholesale and retail dry rood store, as a salesman, a yossng married nsaa, who has oven rrxBiwij ui w wiv ,uwivii - edertake tbe oat - door business of a wholesale house. The most respectable reference will be given as tocnaracier anu ammj. n uuc nucvi - i id to H I. H. and left at this once, will be im - l E. Shtpuwrl rei tit Eneland elolht. he. A FEW cases of extra superfine cloOis and single cassisneres ol Saxony wool Wlso, a few eases of superfine cloths of lower qualUy, calculated for the country trade, just received, from the maualactory at Uley in England. .. ' Likewise, I case of vrtt patterns, from Reste - viu& Bedford's manufactory, London. Orders will be received by the subscribers for goods from either of the above aiaoufuctorier. J. II. LAURENCE it CO. ny C 2w No. 55 Pine - street. COLUMBIAN PICTURE GALLERY, 146 rULTON - SrRF.ET, (Ross's Buildings, near Broadway.) To cnnnoieufs and amateurs of the Fine Arts, and to Uie esl ightened public of New - York. f" HE proprietor of an extensive collection of L pictures, the works of the most eminent painters, havsng just arrived from Europe, where bti has purchased them from the cabinets ol Rome, Naples, Florence. Paris, Amsterdam and J.ondon, at a very considerable cxpence, proposes to exhibit tbem to the Indies aud cenuemi'n of this' i and its vicinity. The exhibition will begin I'hursday, 18th of April. It will be far super' to any as yet offered ill the U. States, the pi' 1 trci being Undoubtedly origiouJs consisting oi' upwards of 200 pictures, by tbe best masters. Admission to cents eacb, or one dollar per month. Houfs from 10 in the morniu ; to seven in the evening. Catalogues may be had at the uallery. tm TO LET, The store 61 Fultoo - street. Enquire on ttiB premises. ap 4 aw HYDK - PAKK. INSU I UTION. A SELECT and private Classical School is established at Hyde Park, Dutchess coun ty, state of New - York, under the direction and instruction of BENJAMIN AIXEIV. L. L. D. The institution is designed to unite wiUi a clas sical and English Education, the modern language. The classical course will comprise tbe Latin and Greek Languages, Ancient History and Geography, MyUioiogy, Roman and Grecian Auti - quities. Tbe English course will comprise English urainmcr. Elocution, Elements of History, Khe torick. Geography, Penmanship, elementary and practical Mathemuucs, and the outlines ol Natural l'hilcsophy. Modern Languages will comprise the French, Spanish and Italian. Moral and religious Instruction will be at ten ded to, as youth is the most proper time to in culcatn t:id fix those principles of virtue and pie - iv, winrii ougm io uirect ami icuuence me conduct of future life. The pupils of the Institution will be members of the Principal's family, and under his immedi ate care and government, i articular attention will he paid to their morals and manners. The government will be strict, but mild and paren tal - its aim shall he to give imi.its ol order ana industiy, mid inspire a gene rous emulation. The institution will be furnished with a Library, Mns, Globes, and fell t I'hilosi.phicnl Ap - PcirMus, tliu use of whu.'h the puMls will he taught, and madu familiar with the most important aud striking emx - riuici.ts in Natural Philoso phy, i'litse will he considered as rewards of good conduct and atteutiun to study, anil con stitute one or the most interesting sources oi a musement and recreation. It is known from ex perience that " much (ireful knowledge may be thus incidentally communiraied. 1 lie terras are three Hundred dollars per an num, payable quarterly washing included. l.lamiijll iJinenti who stud me niouern ian Kungcs, will be charged 10 dollars per quarter easro trvHe some. The students find their beds and bedding. The number vt students is limited. Gentle men therefore who are de.irous of niacins their sons in tne tnsruuuon, will please to make on pony pipucauia. All letters relative to the institution, addressed to the subscriber, llvde Park Port Olfke, Dutchess County M. Y. will be promptly attended to. iiENJAMIN ALLEN. Tbe summer term wil1 commence on the 20th, of May, my5 5w CURLED HAIR MANUEAV'FORi, 76 Chatham - street. fflUE subscriber returns his thanks to Uie JL public for their former patronage in the line of his profession, and hopes for their future support. He likewise informs them that be has oa hand a couttant supply of curled hair, manufactured expressly for matrasses, on an improved principle ; aod likewise guarantees the hair sold by hiui to be free from any impure smell, being well scoured, boiled and baked, and being ma - uufucturedby machinery, bas an advantage over any other hair manufactured in America its very texture and elasticity making it a saving of tweuty - five per cent to the purchaser. WILLIAM JACKSON. N. B. Merchants and the trade in general will find it to their advantage to call as above. 30 bales ri hair in its rough state; 6 bales of long horse - tails ; 2000 lbs of long hair drawn 30 inches, c'ubhed ; 600 dozen hair sieve bottoms. For sale as above. my 5 2m ACADEMY OK LANGUAGES, AT 0. 36 VANPKWATKR, If SCAR T JC ARL - tT. BY F. bCMFFELY, Teacher and Tramlator of the prkncm, oca - mar, italiast and F.acLiSH languages. l ft. S. grateful for the patronagu be has re - . X ceived from bis friends aod the puhlicin general, takes this opportunity to return his sm - ceie thanks, and to inform them, thnt hn has commenced teaching the said languages at the atove pluce, where he is ready to receive Indies aid gentlemen, on Uie following days and Lours, viz: LADIES. TteSDAT'g )r o.,..,,,t, A x IHl'HSOAl SATCRPA1 a V "'sal v yj U (.PrVsls r nn GENTLEMEN. MOlf PAt'd i wed.ikkd at's At the same hours as above. FRIDAY'S .N. B. During the summer season a class ofi gentlemen is attended to every morning from 6 toil O'CIOCK. For terms, apply at the Academy. Mr. b. cau likewise accommodate with board a few gentlemen. ' my 6 lw SUM ItH 'II l.kll - AW A lar?e two story. House and about 10 acres of land, hetween the 0 and 7 mile stones. Bloomingdaie Road. For particulars enquire of iMCKS. UrrLIS I r,K, ap 1 1 1m Near the PreDiises, BtKGE. ORPHANS COURT, Of Uie Term of March. 1818. Catharine Pchuyler, Admiiiitratrix,"c. f oi John A. Schuyler Rule, under Statute. deceatcJ. rp HE court order and direct, That Catharine .X Schuyler administratrix of tbe goods, chattels and credits of John A. Schuyler, deceased, give public notice to the creditors of the decedent to bring in their claims and demands against the estate of the said decedent, 00 or before the first day of May, in the year of our Lord eighteen hundred and nineteen, by putting op notices to thateBft in five of the most public places in the county of Bergen, for the space of two months, tod advertising the same for the like space of time in a newspaper printed and published io the state of Nt w - Jersey, aodia a news - paper printed and pubHsDed ia the city vf New - York. . A true transcript from the record. ap 28 2m JOH.f A. BOyP, ggate. rnwnof TH REE rentlensesj can be hand - X somely aecomnsodatMl with board, io on of tbe pleasaotesta' parts ot oroiwaj, is small aod siteaUot deKghtfut. Apply at Ma. 239 Brwdwuy. mj 7 4lt A oir to Ttittrn Kerpen and Grocer.1 Qr Licenses to 'I'avera Keepers and Grocers Irom the Mayor and Commissioner ofEx - i ise, wil) le issued at the Mayor's Office, in Ue City Hall, between the hours of ten and one o'clock, on the several davs. and for the differ ent wards in succession, in the order followiflg, vis . 1st zd 3d 4th 5th 6ih 7th 8th 9th ward do do do do do do do ob the do 5th May 6U do 7th do 8th & 9th do litbft 12th do 13lh& 14th do 15Ui& 16th do imho(19llido 20lh do do do do do do do do do do 10th do 21st &22d do All persons who know of any obiectiont a - gainst the granting of licenses to any of those who now bold them, are respectfully requested to give information at the Mayor's Office, be fore Uie time for grnoUng thein as above - mentioned ; and those genUemeu who have taken pains to investigate this subject, and consider it of sufficient Mioineut, are particularly invited to assist in furnishing all the information in their power. By order. J. SIDELL, F. M. Ap27tl southern littTkicr oa sxw - iuax. si. BE it remembered. That oa the second day of April, in the forty second year of Uie Inde - endrnce of Uie United States of America. Wil liam Johnson, of the said district, hath deposited in this office the title of a book, Uie right whereol he claims as author, in Uie words and figures following, to wit : i 44 Reports of caet adjudged in tbe court of Chancery of New - York : by William Johnson, Counsellor at Law, vol. II ; containing Uie cases from January, 1816, to September, 1817, inclusive." In conformity to the act of the congress of the United States, entitled " An act for the encouragement of learning, by securing the copies of maps, charts and books, to the authors and proprietors of such copies during the times therein mciitioned ;" and also to an act, entitled, " An act, supplementary to ao act, eutitled, au act lor tne encouragement oi learning, oy securing the copies of maps, charts and books, to Uie authors and proprietors of such copies, during the times therein mentioned, and extending the henerlts thereof to the arts of desiuning, engraviiiz. and tu mug Historical ami omer prim. - .t: - . - .ft JA.Ur MILL, Clerk of the southern district of New - York, ap 13 4w IjMtA.NCn M'ltOWAN. tt. 126 rly Mai - X? ket, sensible of tle very liberal encouragement he has received since his comment ement in business, and let - ling confident that no exertions on his part shall be wanting to merit a conUu - uxuee, iiiiorius 111s inepus anu tne puouc mat no pains orrxpence has bten avoided to obtain a stock of the la st liquors of every description, which can he depended on for their purity. llavinu made nrraiiKemeiils, while at t.linrlcs - ton, lor a constant supply ol GREEN TURTLE 111 their season, he wil De enabled to luruisli soup of no excellent quality. A book will lie opened lor subscribers to an ORDINARY, to be 011 the table every day at a stated hour. 1 Rooms, lor private rmrjies, at a short notice. N. R. ttoun, H.ef Steak. Oysters. Mutton Chops aud Relishes at all times. up x.1 HORSES. Ay cry snug pair of Worses FOR 8 ALE, if applied for soon ; they can be seen at Mr. ELLIOTS stable, coruer of Garden and New - slreett. Also, a remarkable light family CARRIAGE, built by one of tne nest workmen. my 4 1 w" CHEAP CASH GROCERY STORE. Corner of Grand and Rynder - stn - ets, directly opposite Centre Market. JAMES P. ANDOK respectfully informs hi friends and the public in eeneral he lias re moved from corner ol Broadwav and Recd - st. to nis present stand, where lie solicits a contuiunnce ol public patronage, and hopes by Ins unremitted exertions to obtain the best of Liquors aud other articles in hit line of business, thereby to miner me most pencci satisiactiun. N. B. J. P. A. keens constantly for sale a general assortment of first rate Teas, Sugar, Cof lee, bpices, Liquors ol all Kinds, Sic tic. which will be all disposed 01 at u moderate advance. tnyz im WHEATOiM'S ITCH OINTMENT. rTMIE long and successful use of Uiis ointment J. is a sulScient recommendation, as it has been found to be a pleasant, safe aud certain le - medy for that disagreeable disease in all its sta - cs. it is lor sale in the city ol New - iorlt, by . A. A: W. R. Post, No. 41 William - street t I. U T. Clark, No. b5 Mnideo - Lane ; 11. 11. Schieflelin tl Co. No. 193 Pearl - street 1 Law rence & Keese, No. 195 Pearl - street 1 Hull k Bowne, 146 Pearl - street ; R. ft L. Murray, 313 Pearl - street 1 J. M. Bradhurst. 314 Pearl - street 1 John Peuford, No. 4 Fletcher - street ; Doryee Ai roe, 10 reari - sueett John C. Morrison, ittu Grveuwich - street; John P. Fisher, 106 broad - way t Walter Al Seaman, cornel of Chamber - st. nod Broadway, and also in Chatham - street ; end in short it may be procured at most of the Drug Mores in Uuscily Also in Philadelphia, of 8. Withered k Sons George Harivil , North ii Rogers, and almost all tlie druggists io Uie principal towns in the United State. LIKEVt'll, W11EA TON'S JAUNDICE BITTERS may be had at the above places. jun 22 6m IMPORTANT TO THE PUBLIC. aHE subscriber begs leave to inform tut friends and the public that he has takr a room at the corner of Fraoklort and Chauiam - tree t, near Tammany Hall, as an Irf'J'ELg LICENCE OFFICE." Where fawHes may be supplied with servants of every description ; tervams with places ; gentlemen wishing servants, for travelling, supplied at tbe shortest notice ; merchants with clerks, and clerks with employ wetuurses with places ; mechanic with journeymen. Every information given to strangers and others, iu hi line, who will favor him with a call. Families, becoming subscribers, supplied with servants at one dollar per annum. Also, Books posted. Accounts adjusted, Pa - pert of every description, copied with neatness, correctnea, and dispatch. Personal atteudtnee, from 5 to 2 o'clock A. M. and from 3 to 9 o'clock v. M. He flatters himself that lua assiduity and atten tion to business, will gain him a share of the pub lic puirooage. my 2 lm II. PA DEL FORD. G SAUNDERS respectfully informs his former . customers and ihe public, that he has at length, by the aniutance of some friends, so far recovered from his late mufortene by Ore, as to nave resomedhis business at No. 18 Wall - street ; where he cooliuees to manufacture razor strops on a principle invented by himself, and which is allowed by all who have tried tiiem, to excel any thing hitherto known; a they neter, by ever so long use, make Uie edge of the razor round, and therefore render Uie use of any boot unnecessary. The purchaser oeeds only a single lesson as to its ase. apzd MA Nil A TTAN SGH OOL. MANHATTAN Female School to at 194 Greenwich - street 1 Mala ochooL 143 Chsmber - strccL In these schools are taught all the branches srhtch constitute a useful arid finished euutaUoo We forbear to descend to particulars ; to offer recommeadalions, or to make great prouiuee. Our patrons are left to judge ot the modes of loatroctsoo coin mural and tcientifiei ej the lav prevemeal of the scholars. sTj JOHN ST. PICKET. I of PROPOSALS. Vr The agent of the r - tate - rrison. will re ceive proposals until! Uie 21st instant, for fiirohh - iag tor one year from the 1st of Jane next, liter convicts cootiued therein, with tbe following rw - iiorw, to ue aeuverco at tne siate - rrsson, at insj contractors expense daily, or at such timet a shaH be agreed upon. viz. 7 l a oz. tocoa shells, lor every 100 rations, 3 pecks Potatoes do do do do 4 quarts Sail, do do do do 12 do Beans or Peas, do do do 3 ot. IVpprr, do do do do 1 - 21 b salted Fish per mau, once a wek, 1 gallon Vinegar per 100 rati - ut, do dd do l - 2lb salted prime Pork per aian, do do do 1 lb. Rye flour do do per day 6 oz. Indian " do do do do" 1 - 2 gill Mel asses do do e)o do Tlie above to be of good quality and approved by the agent, when delivered. Beef it not mee - tienrd, the reason of which, tbe agent will itaut to whomsoever may contract. A 1.3 V, Proposalt will b received, until! the 21st iost. for furnishing the Hospital department of said; rruoo wun ivieaiciue, r ood, and Hospital nores, for one year Iron tbe 1st of June next, agreea bly to an act ol the legislature, concerning lb State Prisou, passed the 15th of April 1817. . ALSO, Proposals will be received, (or furnishing from two to three Thousand loads of stone, suitably tor building an additional v. all to the State Pria - nn AI VV fllt'CMM I - A - 4 New York State Prison Office, May 4, 18 18. my4dtm2t BANK OF NHy - l ORK. . f7 The iitockliolders are requested to meet at Uie bank on Tuesday the 12lh of Hay next, to choose thirteen directors for the ensuing year. The poll will be opened at eleven o'clock and close at three o'clock. By order of the board of directors, CllAS. WILKES, Cashr. ap 28 tMav f 2 1 (J3 N 'tice is hereby given to Uie stockholder of the West t 'busier 1 umpike Road Compa ny, that an tiertiou will fe held on the third ' uuj...riiu...i . ... .t..i.. - i. .. noon, at the house of David Wood, lua Keeper, at Mamaroneck, for the purpose of choosing thirteen Directors fur Uie said compaay. apau ' AO PICE is hrrehv civstii to the stock. borders of the Associates of the Jersey Oaraa ny. that a dividend bas been declared ol two. dollnis pur share on the capital stock of the.' company, whu h will be paid oa the 12Ui instant, at No. 181 Broadway. HARK V GA1.Dtv1.LL, Treasurer. my13w MARINE i.aURACE. Or The Office of the Union Insurance Com pany, is uow open, at nn. 50 Wall street,. sua applications for Marine Risks will be received) from 10 o'clock A. M. Io 3 P. M. my 1 2w ltT - Mercantile Insurance Cniupunv ol iSew - York, incorporated during the late session of Uk Legislature of this slate, being organised ami having commenced business, is ready te rweiv applications, on rnanot tusquus, at Ihelr ODice, no. 43 wall - sueel. may 4 2w Eogumer Depatlniaiit, AVashmrion. 8ih April, 16l8.r" fjy Proposal will be reciyed at this De - partment, anUl first August next, to furnish by contract From its to tit Billions of brick ' From oae to two millions of cubic feet of bull - - ' dine stone 1 rum ten thousand to fifty thousand buslieltof stone lime To be delivered in good order tt Mobile, Lake Pootr.hartraio, River Missisiip i, and LskeBa - ratana the lime when Uie nrsl delivery can be made, and theuunaUty which can be delivered) io eacb month succeeding the first delivery, must be stated with the terms. Proposals will also be received for from fifty to one hundred carpenters ; lor Irom one hundred to one hundred end (My masons; and from twa undred to three hundred laborers, to proceed to Mobile and Louisisns, to construct buildings of venous descnptioiis at the before mentioned pla ces. It would be preferable to have tlie masons. carpenters, and laborurs lurnishedand acomuaa - id by master workmen. Arrangements would be made to employ the persons engaged to execute tbe work, from July to November, at those positions e mbractd in lis before mentioned places, which border upon the Gall of Mexico. bngsgemehis would not ne msae jor a snorter - eriod than eight months. Satittactory security - would be reouired for the faithlul prujrmanre of any coiitract that may lie made. The terms up - v ... . 11 1.1 on wmcn woramausnip sou lauor wouio uc performed, must be st.ted io the proposals. ' i. u. Dwir i, f Brigadier General and Chief Engines. The Printers of the Portland Gazette. J). M. 1 the Ccn true I and Patriot, Boston ; th Evening . Post and tne Columbian, New - York; the Com - moBweullh, Pittsburgh, Penn. 1 the Reporter, . Lczinzton. Ken.: md the Gazetle, New - Or leans, will please to insert the lortgoirur for one month and forward their accounts to Uie Engi neer Department. ap 13 lm f.Oi ICE. (7 The ovtfers sad owners of vessels be - ' longing to (; cities of Albany and Troy, wish lo hire a lsin, for a number of years, oa tbe NorVi River tide of this city, for the accommodation of Uiese vessels exclusively, for width a liberal comptusation will be pven. The subscribers are a committee appointed for tbe Purpose of receiving proposal for Uie same. Aod tlie proprietors of the wharves oa the North River are requested to hand io their proposals to either of the subscribers, staling Uie situation and their terms, respectively. N. B. A note addressed to either of the tab - scribers, left at Joseph C, Cooper's, Lent's Basin, or at R. Si L. Reed', Coeotiel Slip, will ba attended to. New - York, 25th April, 1810. BARS'UM WHIPPLE, GEORGE MONTEATU, PETER DONNELLY, RICH I). H. FITCH, 11. KUbHNELLi OURDUN GRANT. sp?51m The American liuurantx CvmjMniy. The Stockholders are notibed. thst the srihual elertma for Directors will be held at the oflre. on Tuesday, Uie 12th day of May oext. . Hie poll win oen i hum c ai s o csuca Dy older of tbe President and Directors, p 27 . P. HOYT. Sec'ry. HEMQVAL. VOi - A. GUT I'WALDT.bsu removed frosa No. 44 In No. 75 Jbudo - laae, where he continues to manufacture ma PIANO - FORTES oa an . entire new aod improved contraction, Uae result many years close application and stody, for which ha now Ui outawea letters patent. Ua examiaatioo by ooonoisseart of music, be flatters bun self that they Will meet with their ap - probation, and merit pubbc patronage ; and be feels proud, that hit piano - fort bare met will the unanimous approval of Use mest eminent pro fessert of music 1 Use following toslimmital oi which they kindly have granted him, to taest the public eye : s We, the subecriberi, profaseors of aseaie, do certify, that we have carefuUy examined Mr. . A. GilUwaUt' piano - fortes, wbiea, lor iugeaa - ity and cxctUence of workmanship aod aiHform brilliaucv of loae, we deservedly issaessd to public patroage. - Me - rs. Gdis EUetme, Kd. MretiC. TbibsoICbarlosCdfort." . . O TO LET, on Use same prettvse, a Urge and commoiious store and back roes adding, wiuserwiuiouiairostciar. ajS5 lu Si. ' f t i '.I i V II. i

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