The Mason City Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa on March 5, 1937 · Page 14
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The Mason City Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa · Page 14

Mason City, Iowa
Issue Date:
Friday, March 5, 1937
Page 14
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.L-ct^-'^^a^^^^t^jff'ras^^ FOURTEEN , MASON ; CITY. GLOBE-GAZETTE, MARCH 5 · 1937 LIVESTOCK PRICES ABOUT STEADY TOP ON HOGS AT CHICAGO SI 0.40 General Price Rise Trend Contributes to Market Strength. CHICAGO, .() -- L I v e s t a c k prices held to Thursday's level in a quiet trade Friday. Receipts contracted to the usual small volume for Friday although the hog run was a little larger than a week ago. Most sales in early rounds throughout the yards \veie on an unchanged basis. » Livestock men said the general trend of rising prices along with wage boosts contributed underlying strength in the live market that to a large extent prompted the rather sharp advance in hog, cattle and sheep prices this week. At the same time, it was reported, the slightest increase in meat prices caused consumers to back away. Reports from the east earlier in the week indicated that wholesale prices were raised slightly at some distributing points but later advices showed. the movement of meat in these regions has slowed to some extent. There'was little if any change in local wholesale pork and beef quotations. : Ordinarily, during the Iienten season, only unusual supply circumstances create active livestock buying like that .witnessed the latter part of this week on a rising: market. -Receipts have been decreased slightly and are running substantially below the volume marketed through much o£ the winter. Friday's hog market top was $10.40. The peak in cattle was $13.75, being the quotation on the best beef steers available. This compared with the week's top of $15, which . still is the nominal peak of the market. Some common and medium steers weighing less than 1,000 pounds tended lowe ·the bulk selling at ?8.50 down. Early top bids for lambs wer around $11.50. DOLLARS PER.SHARE 250 200 150 DOW-JONES MONTHLY STOCK AVERAGES 30 INDUSTRIALS- 20 RAILROADS-20'UTILITIES DOLLARS PER SHARE 250 200 ISO 100 I93O 1931 1932 1933 1934 1936 1937 Hog Markets MIDWEST H O G S Hog prices at midwest markets Friday: WATERLOO--Hogs 10 cents higher -nan Thursday's close. Good to choice 140-150 Ibs. 57.5567.85: 150-1CU Ibs _£8 05 Q8.35: 160-170 Ibs. 58.65IS0.35: 170-1BD Ibs ?9.20ii9.50; 1CO-200 Ibs. S9.50(fl9.60; 200290 Ibs. S3.60gO.90; 290-325 Ibs. S9.50© 9.60: 323-330 . Ibs. S9.40fii 9.70: packing lows 275-350 Ibs. -S9.10a9.10: 350-425 Ibs. ;8.95ft9.25; 425-550 Ibs. SB.80510.10. CEDAR JlAriDS--Ho»s unchanged. .OTTUMWA--Hogs steady to 10 cenls ov,-er. 140-150 Ibs. $7.6067.50; 150-160 Ibs $8.10»f.8.40; 160-170 Ibs. $8.00513 SO' 170- IB1 Ibs. $9:2069.50; 180-200 Ibs; S3 40® 9.70: 200-290 Ibs. S9.BOg3.90; 230-325 Ibs ?S.5MiS.eO: 323-330 Ibs. 59.40ft9.10; 330400 Ibs. $9.3089.60; Backers 275-350 Ibs S9.10TtU.40; 350-425 Ibs. $!Q9.:iO: 425-530 Ibs. Sa.83iftO.l5. AUSTIN--Hogs 5c lower: good to choice ISO (o 200 Ibs, 59.40518.70: 200 to 290 Ibs. SD.55SiO.85: 290 to 325 Ibs. S9 45W S.i5; 323 to 330 Ibs. $9.33«79.63: packinc sows good 275 to 550 Ibs. $3.85Q 9.45. Local Livestock MASON CITY--For Fridas HOGS Hogs 5 cents lower. Good light lights ... 140-130 S 7.30- 7 C . Good light lights ... 150-160 S 7,80- B.10 Good lights 160-170 $8.40-8.70 Good l i g h t s 170-180 5 8 . 9 5 - 9 2 5 Good light butchers 180-200 S 9.25- 9.55 Good light butchers 200-220 S 9.45- 9 75 Good me. wt. butch. 220-250 S 9,45- 3,75 Good me. Wt. butch. 250-270 S 9.45- 9.75 Good me. wt. butch. 270-290 S 9.45- 9 75 Good heavy butchers 290-323 s 9.35- 9.05 Good heavy r butchers 325-350 s 9.23-.9.55 Good heavy'butchers 330-400 $",9.10- 940 Good packlriR. sows-.1 275-350 ; '5'9;t}0- 930 Good heavy-sows'.;·'.-. 350-425' S"8.BO- B IB Good big heavy sows 425-500 s 8.60- 9.00 Good big- heavy sows 500-550 5 8.40- B.7i - (The above is a 10:30 truck hoe market for good and choice hogs. The difference in nnce is for short and long haul-hogs.] CATTLE Choice to prime steers S10.00-ll.50 Good lo choice steers s S.OQ-lO.Of Fair to good steers ........ s G.OO- a.Ot Low grade steers S 4.00-6.00 Choice to prime yearlings .. s 3.00-10 00 Good lo choice yearlings ... s 7.00- 900 Fair to good yearlings .... S 5.00- 7.00 Common to fair yearlings .. s 4,00- 5.01 Good to choice heifers S/7.00- 9.01 / Fair to good heifers s 5.00- 7.0 Common lo fair heifers .... s 3.50- S.OI Choice to prime cows s g.OO- C.OI Good - to choice cows s 4.50-5.01 Fair to ggod c o w s , . . . S 3.50- 4 2 5 Fair to good cutters S 3.50- 4.00 Common to fair cutters .... $ 3.00- 3.51 -Fair la good canncrs .' s 2.73- 3*0i imon to fair canners .... r s 2.50- 2.7a Good to choice bulls * s 4^0- 5~5' Light bulls :..-.:.... s 4.00 Calves, gd. to choice 130-130 s 6.00- 7.0. Calves, med. to gd. 130-190 53,50-6(1 Calves, Infer, lo gd. 130-190 $3.50d'wn LAMBS Lambs. g(I. to choice 70-90 $ 8.7S-IDOO Lambs, med. lo good 70-30 s 7.7;"i- a 7o Lambs, lr. to medium -'70-QO s 4.75- 7.75 Lambs, common 5 4 73 d'wi Yearlings, gd. to cli. 70-90 s s!oo- 6.00 Vearlings, medium to good S 4.00- 5 00 iearlmgs. fair to medium S 3.00- 4.00 VcarUnss, culls S 2.00. 2.50 Native ewes, good to choice s 2.DO- 4 on S££'. CWCI S 1.00- 1.50 JoUCKS J 1 (JO, ·» Q( Wclhers. 2 year olds ".. s 500- (Too Wethers, old S 3.00-5'o( Buck lambs 51 lows. ° No dock on Jambs. Quotations subject; to market fluctuations. CHICAGO LIVESTOCK CFriaay M a r k e t ) CHICAGO. Ml--U. S. department of agriculture-- ; HOGS 10,000: including 5000 d l r c t l - rnarkct generally slow bill steady willi Thursday's average: blilfc E ooil and choice. 180 to 320 Ibs. $10 -'OS-iO =-· top fi^n' m c d i u m to so "' lsn tc ISO. Ihs. $9.910; pigs largely S7ffl3; choice kinds "P ^°_59_and better; most pac'linK sov.'S CATTLE 1,500; calves 500; generally sleady trade on all slaughter classes excepting slight weakness on common and TTMTM" 1 ^ steers scallns downward from ?·"« Itos-S I'M" 1255 Ibs. $13.75: sptinl:!- jne J.50G1I: others mostly common and medium lishtwelehts downward from S8.50; she stock fully steady; few heifers 57.^60.50 but mostly SC.50S7.50 market; Beef cows and cutter erades f u l l y steady vcalers strong; bulk S7Ci8.50; few snipping weights $S; bulls quotably steady. S H E E P 7,000; Including 500 direct; fat lambs opening slow; early bids steady at around $11.50 for best kinds; asking unevenly Higher; fat sheep strong;. O M A H A LIVESTOCK ( F r i d a y M a r k e t ) OMAHA, KP,--U. S. d e p a r t m e n t of agrl- culture-- - . . . HOGS 2,200: sleady. lop S10; 1BO-350 Ins. 59.75S3.50l 16(1-190 Ibs. 50-iOru 9 75140-160 Ibs. $a.75jia.40; sows S0.35ia9.4o! 56.50610: heifers S6a8: cows^So^Sot cullers 53.25®4.50; bulls S5.25Q5.8o; cutlers down to $4.50; lop vcalcrs SO; birik 58 , up, , SHEEP 3.500; Iambs strong to 15 cenls higher; bulk flo.7SeH.25. SOUTH ST. PAUL LIVESTOCK {Friday M a r k e t ) SOUTH ST. PAUL, TO--U; S. detriment of agriculture-P CATTLE 2,600; slaughter steers fully steady, most medium grades $afi9- best steers held around $12; she stock steady to strong; medium and good heifers S7(r2 8.50;. plain grades down lo $3.50; common and medium cows $5(26; few good cows up to $7; low cullers and cutters S3.SOC4.75; bulls steady; weighty bolog- nas $o.50B6; slockcrs scaree, steady- calves 2.800; steady to weak; eood to choice S6.507.50; selects to $8; odd Head. $8.50. ,JI, OGS M' 0 ! opening fully steady, shipper demand Improved: cood and choice 210-300 Ibi. fO.73ISO.SO: top SS.SO; tome licld higher: 300-350 Ibs. $3 GOfflj 3.90: 170-220 Ibs. S9.63Q9.80; 150-170 Ibs .-.10; 140-150 Ibs. S8.85fiO.25: 120- i V 'it S8.25«8.90: good tows $9.30: some Jalc Thursday 59,35; average coat Thursday sn.fij); weight 211 Ibs. SHEEP 1,800;- nothing done on small · * . J - ' · . ' ' ' . - . , . - . ' COMIll.VEB HOG JRECEfPTS. DES M01NES, m--\j. S. department oj agriculture--Combined bog receipts at 22 concentration yards and 9 packing plants located in interior Iowa and southern Minnesola (o (he 24 h o u r period ended at 8 a m Fri day were 22,000 compared w i t h 9 7 0 0 week ago and 20.700 a. year afio. Unevenly steady to loc lower, most] steady to oc off. undertone slow; load' Ing indicated slightly lighter. Quotations follow: Light lights 140 t 1GO Ibs. good and choice $7.90^8.90- ligli weights ICO to 180 Ibs, S8.853JQ GO* 'l80 ti 200 Ibs. S9.iiOii9.85: medium weighls 20 -~ · -- j . v.uv i -.ih. i n u u i i m i IS eignis -IK 220 Ibs. Sa.70fj 10.10: 220 lo 250 Ibs . noft 10.111; heavy -weights 350 to 200 Ibs. S0.70C10.10: 290 to 330 Ibs. S9 55rj? 10; packing sows 275 to 350 His. cood S9.25rO:9.4S: 350 to 425 Ibs. 59.05^9.35; 425 to 530 Ibs. 38.90iiTD.20. supply here; indications around stcatli on all classes; good to.'choice lambs Thursday '.510.7SHJ.H: bulk $11; range feeding lambs Thursday $9.:iO down. KANSAS C1TV IJl'ESTOCK. ( F r i d a y »I.irkl!t KANSAS CITY, W--IJ. S. deparimen f aEricullurc-- HOGS 500; no directs; steady to 10c owcr than Thursday's avci-.ij'e: larcclv a oacker market; top $10.15; good to choice 100 Ibs. tip S1010.15; ICO to 133 Ibs. 50.40 rtlO; light lights scarce; odd sows S9.10SL 9.50; stock nigs dull. CATTLK 1.000: calves COO: r.ithor Ind i f f e r e n t demand far led slctrs and.yes'- ings; market steady to easier; othm- killing classes mostly slcaity in n cleanup :rade; stockers and feeders uncbangcd light to moderate supply held by dealers no strictly good or cl'r.ico fed itccrs f.ffered: several-loads medium lo good suor feds Sa.4flffito J 15: some of p l a i n q u a l i t j down lo S6.75; good mixed yearlings u'i lo S3; good lo choice vealers moslly S7fii 8.50. SHEEP 2.000; Iambs generally 25c high cr; sheep steady; top fed lambs Sll.25 most sales 510.00311.23; good ewes S5. LIVESTOCK FORECAST. CHICAGO, W)--Official estimated re ceipts for Saturday: Cattle 100; hogs 6 000; .sheep 5,000, : Representative Sales {Friday M a r k e t ) CfllCAGO. (jT)--U. S. deparlmcnl of agriculture--Representative sales: l i O G S . Heavy-- | Light?-9 · 34R I0.20JBS 13S 1040 3 321 in.30|94 187 J0..1 2 281 10.35| C4 .113 10.15 8 254 10.40| 3C 164 1000 Icdiums-- [Light Lights-1 24.1 10.40[}9 . 154 9 7S 3 23li 10.^5132 143 0,2 « 224 1(1.351 - 203 10.^01 CATTLE. itcers-- | Heifers-- D . 1251 13.75J.4 SIS 1D.O 1140 11.40J20 -,STM ' 360 907 11.00J13 S52 7.6.) « 1050 10.7f10 B3S 7.25 H 1034 9.50111 SOO 050 990 8.301 COWS-9711 8.00|2 1235 7 5 0 4 850 7.25; 4 1205 G 00 i5 1170 .' B.25 |0 1010 450 14 003 4.00 SHEEP. Colorado Lambs-- | Fed Western «0 89 11.751 Lambs- 11 5:! 11.75| 438 01 11.7:, " »·» 'I1.65I23B M 21 80 11.60,227 03 II.SO 18 102 11,501418 OS 11 40 M07 . 07 11.35 | No Ewes. DEAR NOAH= WOULD YOU CALL, ^ STRELE.T CLEANER. A CITY SLICKER.-? ULLI«M DEAE NOAH-1F A BACHELOR IS A AAAM WHO HAS BEEN CEossicE) IN LOVE:, WOULD A MAEEIED AV\N BE. A MAN WHO HAS BEE.N DOUBLE. CROSSED IN LOVE. 7 SYI.VIA Av-t-tNElR , _^M3c-rrH HMP, 1NP. ' GRAIN MARKET IN BROAD GAIN Wheat Up 2 or More Cent at Close, Corn Fraction to Over 1 Ahead. CHICAGO, W--A rapidly ad vancing trend that develope* most strongly during late dealing hoisted wheat here 2% , cents bushel maximum Friday. Unusual strength shown in for eign markets, with a decidedly better commercial demand lo wheat, did much to spur price up turns in Chicago. Houses will eastern connections wei'e con spicuous as buyers. At the close, wheat was 1% to 2 ] /4 cents above Thursday's fin ish, May $1.35/,-,·, July $1.171.17%, corn % lo 1% cents up May $1.07%-1.08, July 51.02%1.03, .oats % to % cent .advanced and provisions showing 2 cents to 20 cents gain. CHICAGO CASH CHAIN" Frinay M a r k e t ) CHICAGO. H'l--Cash whcal, No hard 31.41; No. :; hard $1.38!i Corn, i\ T o. 4 mixed SI.03'/ 4 ; Jvfo. 3 ycl- I.lO'.a; No. 5 yellow $1.06r,U.08i^. Oats. No. 1 while Sllic; No. 3 white 4S!=c: sample grade ·i7',ia4Hc No rye. Clover seed 523^35 cwI. $16.25. ' "· rces z - 6o Io ° sc Mason City Grain i «'"-'i i^j.4. x---For Friday No. 3 yellow shelled corn · . . . $1 04 No. 4 yellow shelled corn . SI 02 Ear corn 93c White oats, No. 3 .. 41,. Barley 60S5c Soybeans, No. 2 yellow"'.'.'.'.'..?£35 rmnAV GRAIN CI.OSK. CHICAGO, Low ^ A ^ »j|f. tM , A IL:: ::::::: l ^'° *:"» May new .... j'.us 1.00-5 IVIay otct July nc\v .... ].03 i n-i- July old " I^VTS- 951i ' 8 3 - ' May ,46^ ,,,. J«'i; -I2V, .'42-; Sepl to , f .,,,,? SOYBEANS-- «=y 1.53'i 1.53 . RYE-- ·'" 'May I.07H ] avi July i.nnvj UJsJ Scpl. '. w ·,,,,,, BABLEY-- T.fny LARD-- Miir 12,155 I a 6 0 Ma y ..13.02 12,11,-, July ..13.25 1.1 I D I^LLlES---"- 50 »' 35 Jif.iy . July (A*, -Close 1.35 1.17 1.13 . 1.03 i 1.02T1 . , 13.02 13.25 13.50 SILVNEATOLIS GItAl.V. ( F r W a y M a r k e t ) MINNEAPOLIS, (at--Wheat 3S cars' rn fi fL'J"/. 1 ,.?0 ; l nc:lvy d a r k northern 00 Ibs. Sl.4HiiSl.571l: No. 1 dark northern D9 Ibs. $1.47'i$l'1.56r«: 58 Ibs. SI IG'i,® I.55J1: fancy No. 1 hard Montana 14'ner cent prolcin ?l.42ritiJ1.44Ti; grade of No. 1 dark hard or No. 1 hard Montana w l n - ^r 51.3.v«ll.37T: hard amber durum: No. I red d u r u m changed. ""' ' ye "° W ?I ' 16 « J ' 18 : '"Oats: No. 3 while, 4G(,J'47!ic. KANSAS CITY GRAIN". (Friday M a r k e t ) KANSAS CITY. (PI--Wheat: 45 cars- e lower to 2',ic hlRher. No. 2 d a r k hard 1.3e'.«; No. 3 nominally S1.2R 1 ,* 1 ?'t 3C 3 V No. 2 hard nominally 51.32iAwi.39H'- ]·,,' 1 ' n o m i n a l l y Sl.2ini.fU.36?;: No. a red 1.3i;.No. 3 nominally S1.32H£ 1 37 1 ; Corn: 28 cars; le hleher to *'c lower; To. 2 w h i t e nomin.illv H\.20\\'n l.SHi* No nominally'.i: No. 2 yclimv ipmmally SI.2W«1.21'.b: No. 3 nominally ; .11 571.2r.; : Nt . 2 mixed nominally l.Jfl^liMS',^; J,o. 3 nominally S M S ^ i f f / ' .ItU-i. "" Oats: 12 cars; r,-'lc hlglier. No. 2 i-hjte n o m i n a l l y 50',iQ53t,ic; No. 3 nom- nally WAftSl'Ac. OMAHA GRAIN. (Frljiiy M a r k e t ) OMAltA. Wheat: Dark hard No 1 Jo^'Sf d N °- '· *»·»»·»: Com; Yellow No. 3, $Ufi@J.l(ii£; NO. $1.16',6 {7-1.19. . . . Mixed grain: No. 4, 47c. MINNEAPOLIS FLOUR. ( F r i d a y Market) MINNEAPOLIS. (ff -- Piour, carload ols, a barrel In 93 Ib. cotton sacks: Fam"y Patents. 15c hlcher; S7.50ti.7.70; stand- rd middlings. 5c higher, $7.35fi27.55. Shipments 22,514. Pure bran $30.50^31. Standard middlings Never mind the motive. Wheth- r he gives in charily or lo ad- ertise himself, his. money buys he same number of loaves.--Ke- vance Star-Courier. Stock List NKW \-oitjc STOCKS (Friday Final QuoUlions) Al CU Dye 250 ( luaytag 144. Am Can 108!'. McK Rob 15Vm Am S i; Ecf 95'A Mid-Cont Pet l!3'i Am Sug Kef SO'A MonlB Ward G3'A Am T T 117',:: Morrcll 4; Co 49'i Am Tob B 95 Nash Kelv Am W Wks 25 Nat Biscuit W, A n a c o n d a B5 3 .i Nat Cash R :t7'.a Atch T Si S F 84»i Nal Dairy Pr 23^ Auburn Alllo 31 Nat Dislill 30!i A v i a t Corp a?b Nat p ow u 131 Ball Ohio 34% N Y Central 49 Barnsdall _ 3IPi Northern Pae 3.'. Bendl.v? Aviat m; Oliver Farm 52 Bclh Stl lIB'.i Packard Mot ll'.i Border; 26'A param Pict Borg-Warner BO Pennev 102.k Can D G Ala w\ ronn ~ R R C a n a d Pac= 17', p h nilp s p ct 5 n',i TM-°* A, ,,' "i* R a d i o t-ni s* w fi Rev Tob H CMSPV^' %? S»TM H°'b °=-i rS! «i, A T= ii" shc " Unio " 33 '» i-ni nit . i .i 1 , .i K«i--Va(-niiTT» 19 Chrysler Col G El Com'tn Sz Sou Con Edison Con Oil Soc-Vacuum Cent Oil Del 41 1 ,'* Corn Prod 6fl Sou Pac fiQ;!B Sic! Brands 75 Kid Oil Cal 47 Std Oil Ind 47- r- - f -- Std Oil N J 74^ Con Can 62 Stewart-Warn 18' Studebakrr ia*i Curt-Wrl 8 Swi " * Co 2 ' Deere Co 130 Deere C pf ,Tl = i Du PC dc N 1765- Gen Elec G2 : un Foods 43'a -rr ·* * 7 ,- ·ft Mni K~- Unit Air Corp ^-.a A \i« $ tt5!!W' ,£· iliidson Mot 21'|i M § I n d . A I c o .1 Illinois Cent^ ^nt Harvest lo^a nt Nick Can 7'M al t tc T Texas Corp 54 Tex Gulf Sul 4Hi TImk Roll B 72!i Un Carbide 109=i Un Pac 135,i U S Rubber U S Steel 12-fli Warner Pict 15Vi West Un Tel 77V* Johns-Many 142!^ K c! \ El *= M 'I 0 ?? Krcsfce 27 Woolworth 56% Llb-O F Gl 71 Wrifiley Jr CHICAGO STOCKS (Friday. Final Quotation,} :»Ies S e r v i c e ' ' 4 % ' NnUonal Stan Dcxier 15 N W Bancorp fellmann Br 10 Quaker Oats atz D r u e ISVi Rath Packing \elloge S\vit I2?ii Swift Co Librjy-McNeil 14',', Swift Intl iltdwest Corp in'.'a Utility Ind National Loath l',i Zenith 3iy» 14 120 .. 2711, 31 Supplementary List of Stock Quotations Supplied by LAMSON BROTHERS AND CO., Mason City Office in Bagley-Beck Bldg. Telephone No. 7. BO1V JOXES AVERAGES Inds. Rails Utils. c l °=e 194.13 61,61 34.18 C H I C A G O STOCKS Bnllcr Bios ]7?1 .Marshall Fiel 29,i Cord Corp 4=i Walgreen Co 47 NEW YOIIK CURB Am 0 El -Mi/, f MO a i Ens -JT Am Cyana B 3.1'A Hud BM S; S :|-J; Am S Poiv Co 2?« Hlimb Oil Co a.1=i Ark N Gas A 10',! N i a B H Pow 14% Asoc C El A 3% Pennroad Cp 51, Can Ind Alk 7 S O Ky Co 10!n ?? nD ? l " rcml -'" Un Gas c ° 13 El Bd Sliiir 24^i Un Li it P Co !J F Mo of Can 2«!i Util P : L Co Hi NEW TOOK STOCKS Alas Jimeau 147« Hupp Molors 2\ \llied Stores 21?i Intl Carriers 8'i \m For Po 12»k I n d u s t Flayon 37!i C Sug Co 29 li Nosh Kelv Co 2.1= k C F Co GD'.i Lambert Co 23»k Am Poiv S: Li 13»i LchlRU P Cc 4714 ·m Boll Mills 40',:, LI« Carb Cp 5l*i .m El S Co 40'.i Lorillard 2SV, Amer Tob Co 95 Mack Truclt 591* rmoilr Co 12% Math Alk 38k As D Goods 24'.i McLclInn Sirs I B l i II P-ef 2,v.: 4 Minn, Mol Jm laldwin Loco 10U M K i T a»ii Irlgps Mf Co 53',a Mo Pac 4 ~ a 3cniJi.v 27?i Motor Prod .IS'i Budd Mf Co 13'.i No Amer 2DT. 3yers A M Co 3i»,i - NO Ahler Avi isfi. Caterpillar Tr as · Otis Sll Co 22Ti ""erro de P.TS S3',i Packard Mot' ll',i Cites Ohio OS'.i Par'/. Ul Cop 6=i ^hl Gt W pfd I6T1 Plymoulh 25Vb oca Cola Co 14S Proc Gain B'ZY, ,om Solvents 19% P s of N J 46'.i ont Motor ,l»k P u l l m a n 69V« C u d a h y Pack 42 · p,, ri . oil Co 22!i -llrt-Wr Co A SMI Purity Bali'y 2-'.V 5ist Cp Sea K 251 i R K O an JQiiElas Airc 07 Bern Hand 27', -astman 171 Jtco Motors W, ^»lon Mf Co nc Simmons Co ftZ^.a . Auto Lite -12% so Cal Edison aa^i -1 Poiv Li 23^ Sperry . Corp 22}; Tie R R Co lH!i SI G i E 13V. nc Ti Hit .IB'i Ti Wa As Oil 21 oster-Wricole 4B=i U s Ind Alch W\ reeport Tex 21',i U S Smeller 37^4 5f,", JAm _ Tr!l nn:| « Util P : Li A 3' ^llddcn Co w. Vanadium 3i'\ ,j « . "'·'* Un Gas Ini I4'i old Dust 14Tk Warren Bros «,; , ral ';" nl Pal 8o 4 Wcsfrn Union 77','. ^l Nor pltt 53% Wor'n Pump 4S loiislon Oil 15 YplJow Tr .14!i ludson Alolor 21',i Y'nc.-i S T 100'A Hides Qaolatlon» FDrnlibed br Wo!! Broj. Inc. 3U Fifth Street Sonthivtit. QORSEIJ1DE3 Horselildes . . . . . . S4.M 'GEEEN BEEP HIDES Op lo 25 Ibj. . I0 , i( , -5 Ibs. HP S o Bull hides .,...'.'.'.' Sf,C ·Cured nldej half ccnl more 'a' pound. (On above prices B cent higher to wholesale dealers In wnolesal* lot».t W O O L MARKET BOSTON, w,-I7. S. department of cncul lure- Some woolen manufacturers covered nmcdiate needs In original nan lines for nc western crown wools Friday. The ohirnc was not large but Included a umber of lines. Short French combine lenulh f i n e tcr. lory wools in orlcinal bags brought tout $1, scoured basis. Average to goort rcnch combing length fine terrilory and ox f'S xvools in original bags were ^1.03 11.05, scoured basil, when houcht hy nllls wllli iirucnt needs. Olhers were 01 attracted by prlccn in these ranscj. STOCKS RISE IN HEAVY BUYING Traders Seek Steels, Rails Rush Prices Up 1 lo 5 or More Points. NEW YORK, ()--Stocks wer whirled up 1 to 5 or more point: in Friday's market as trader scrambled for {he steels and rails A heavy buying wave in the livst hour swept many leaders to new recovery tops and, for a time the ticker tape was several minutes behind flood dealings. Led by U. S. Steel with a jump across 125 to a six year peak large. blocks of the favorite changed hands. Profit selling latei stemmed Ihe tide and extreme gains were reduced in many instances near the final period. General Electric picked up after early apathy. Transfers were around 2,700,000 shares. Spurring the upturn, brokers said, was "big steel's" announcement of a sharp increase in prices of its products, which was expected to more than overcome boosted payrolls, shorter hours and expanding material costs. Few repercussions were noted from the French decision to inaugurate a free gold market. Fresf labor difficulties and the pfesi- dent's victory dinner speech were also seen as negligible influences Curb Market -·-':,, YORK. (A 1 )--Some metal and specialties shares took f a i r l y w t d - »wmgs forward in the c u r b markel Fri day bill price changes as n whole were narrow and losses were about as ancar- :nl as gains. v " Advances of aboul a poinl or more were recorded for New Jersey Zinc Newmonl Mining. Schiff Co., Chitago h-i f S ^a " ? nd ""Williams Dredging while fractional gains were chalked up t"f ^S'Wc °"- American Gas fc Elee trie. Niagara Hudson Power and SI Regis Paper. Losers of fractions to more lhan f point included Slurwin Williams. Bab. £9"*TM Wllcox. Montgomery Word "B · Pittsburgh t Lake Erie. c u lf oil and American Light Traction. Bond Market NEW YORK. R,--Trading fell away to a siiadow of Its former self in the bond £ . , F " aay a " d I'rtre-'! "Tiggled inde- Jisively m narrow ranges. What_ Irading there was centered in the domestic corporate seclion where railroad ssues tended to improve a bit and u t i l i - .ics sagged a little. Baltimore and Ohio IKs, Great Northern -Is and Chesapciil-e corporation Ss improved a. point or so, w h i l e St. Paul 5s of 1975, Pennsylvania General 4s and Southern Railwav "4s gained fractionally. * International Paper and Power 5s and \mencan and Foreign Power 5s worked ower on light dealings. Abitibi 5s. however, j u m p e d up more t h a n Ha points. U. S. government loans \verc traded at owor prices with setbacks cxlcnding from l-32nd lo fi-32nds of a point. The foreign list attracted only spas- nodic bids but. in the absence of offer- ngs, prices trended a little higher. Reasons for Ihc Irading apathy were marled In inveslmenl circles, Ihe niost requenlly offered cxplanallon being that uHrn-cnullousness had resulted f r o m the ossibility of Ihe withdrawal of foreign unds from this country following the expected pegging of the French franc. Apprehension over such a contingency ailed to generate any appreciable amounl of selling orders, however, and Wall streel gradually inclined lo Ihe opinion that imporlant repalriation of 'orcign funds was something less than i'kely. Produce MASON CITY--For Friday Cash Quotations py E. G. Morse ^ggs, current receipts I7c rleavy hens, 5 Ibs. and over - .12c Jnder 5 Ibs Be Stags, 5 Ibs. and over l i e Stags, under 5 Ibs 7c Cocks Be AH No. 2 poultry 4 cents less merchants Quotations Sggs, in trade 17-18c* JSggs, cash 16-17c s Jutter, Iowa State Brand 40c Jutter, Corn Country . . . . . . . . 3 8 c Juttcr, Kenyon's 38c Sutler, Very Best 40c Jutter, Brookfield 3i;c D otatoes, russets, peck 75c ^otatces, cobblers, peck 57c ·EDITOR'S NOTE--These rep- esentative ciuotations were obtained by calling several grocery tores. CHICAGO (Friday Market) CHICAGO. «V- Butler 7.358. f i r m : reamery specials (93 score) rH'jffinSc- xlras (021 3-ic: exlrn firsts (30-311 a.T.i ·3.T,ic: first.-J (811-891 SMfSlc; standards fl ccntrnli'/ctl carlols] 3^c, Bggs H.303, xinsclllcd, prices un- hanged. Poultry, live. 20 Irucks. hens easier; bickens f i r m : hens over 5 Ibs. 17c. 5 Ibs. nd less I9c; Lechom hens IG'/ic: colored lycrs 2-lc; White Bock 24c; Plymouth :ock 26c; colored broilers 23c: White lock 23c: Plymouth Rock 24e; barebacks He: roosters 13c; Leghorn roosters 12c- urkeys. hens 21c: y o u n g lams 17c; old Bcp No. 2 t u r k e y s 15c: ducks 4Vi Ibs. P while and colored 20c: small -while nd colored 17c. gclese 14c; capons 7 Ibs P 24c; less tban 7 Ibs. 23c. Public Utility and Industrial Stocks Quoted by A.' M..SCHANKE fc CO. Telephone 1300, Mason City ( B i d and Asked F r i d a y ; Cent SI El (i pet pfd (S25 par) 10 Cent St El 7 pet pfd (:;25 par) 11 Cent St P L 7 pel pfd I6',j Cbamplin Hef la 7 pet pfd .. 100 Creamery Package com 24 Hearst Cons A , 221,3 Geo A Hor-mel A pfd 104 Geo A Hormel com 22 Interstate Power 6 pet pfd .. 15 Interstate Power 7 pet pfd .. 17 Iowa Electric Co 6V= pet pfd 53 Iowa Electric Co 7 pet pfd .. 54 la El Lt Pow 6 pet pfd .. 70 7a El Lt Pow 6',^ pet pfd 71 la El Lt Si Pow 7 pet pfd .. 74 la Power Llghl 6 pet pfd 102 la Power Liglil 7 pet pfd 103 la Public Serv 6 pel pfd 97 la Public Serv 6Vj pet pfd .. 98 la Public Serv 7 pet pfd ... loo la Soulh Util e pel pfd 72 la South Util B'/i pet pfd 73 la Soulh U t i l 7 pet pfcl 73 Minnesota P L 6 pel pfd .. 92 Minnesota P L 7 pet pfd .. 98 Northern St Power G pel pfd RS Northern St Power 7 pel pfd 5» B N W Bell Tel fi'.j pet pfd .. 105 N W St Portland Cement com 28 H a t h Packing com 33 Siou.v City G S: El 7 pet pfd 100 U n i t e d Lt Rys 6 pel pfd . 84 ' U n i t e d LI S: Rys S.3S pel pfd «5 U n i t e d Lt ; Rys 7 pel pfd .. 92 Western Grocer pfd gs Western Grocer com ', 15 · Called 4-15. . Miscellaneous CUICA'GO POTATOES. (Friday Markel) CHICAGO, (3-j--U. s. deparlment o agriculture-Potatoes 65; on track 282; total U S shipments 752; old stock supplies moderate, best Hussels f i r m , demand fairly good, other stock sleady. demand light sacked per cwt. Idaho Russet B u r b a n k s U. s. No. 1. S3.25^3.G5 according to size and quality: Colorado Red McClures U S. No. 1 few sales S3©3.05; Wisconsil Round Whites u. S. No. 1 sales repoiled U. S. commercial car $2.20; Wisconsin Cobblers U. s. No. 2, for seed car S2.25 ·ie\v v stock firm; supplies modernto, demand moderate; Irack sales Lnrlol 1 : bu*hy crates Florida Bliss Triumphs U. S. No. 1 $-·17^ a crate. GOVKKN.MENT BO.VDS. ( F r i d a y Quolaliou*)' NEW YORK, VP,--U. S. governmenl bonds closed: Treasury 4!',s 47-52 jis.s Treasury 4s 44-54 , 11330 Treasury 3=iis 40-43 June 106'6 Treasury a^is 43-47 108.18 Treasury 3^'as 4ff-43 .. ..... ,....107.23 Treasury 3s 51-55 "..'!l"!los!ie Lamson Brothers Market Letter J I A U K E T ItEVlEW. ,,,. , ^ CHICAGO--Friday I V n t n l -- T h e wheat market was again ndcr the influence of foreign purchases. "he Liverpool market was slrong and advances in our prices al one lime in Ihe cssion amounled to almost 2c a bushel gainst Thursday night's closing figures. L'hore were 750,000 bushels Manitobas otct abroad. A message' from New Yoik aid l h a t Argentine had cleared abpul 5,000.000 wheal lo date and Indications re l h a t this country will ship 22,000,000 'f W h e a t in Marcii which wilt bring lUcir xporls by Ihe end of the month up 7,000.000 or more. There were no rains vcrnlght in Ihe southwesl and f a i r veathcr Is indicated for the next 24 ours, A somewhat larger acreage than asl season is forecast for spring wheat ccordinp. to Ihc Modern flliller. The lour demand-continued d u l l at Wichita, -Cans., and Kansas City the f l o u r busies.-; and sales ot wheat out of store light. Although Ihe. influence of Ihc sizable cx- orls of Argentine, Australia and Caiia- ion wheat is an important one we ,'ould not care lo follow strong u p t u r n s i Ihc whcal market while news rcgartl- l? Ihc development of the winter wheat rop is on the whole generally satisfac- ory. Corn--The coin market exhibited a irmer tone Friday sympathizing w i t h lie u p t u r n in wheat and advances were naintaincd because of very light offer- ngs. Industries were Ihc best buyt-ts ash. Oats prices were better Friday, ommission houses being moderate buy- rs. A report from Tvllnneapolls said thai norc oats were working out ot that msr- ':ct. many of them going for seed. Im- orls of lard in tho United Kingdom rom Ihc U. S. during Ihe monlh of anuary was 45,149 cwts. compared lo 2,863 cwls. The same per a monlh ago. 'be United Kingdom imported more l a r d rnm Argenline than any c o u n t r y oul- idc of Ihe U. S. during February. INVESTMENT TRUSTS. ( H y The Associaled Press) Bid and asked Friday: -orporale Tr Sh 3.14 ... ^orporale Tr Sh A A "Mod 3.87 torporale Tr Sh Ac Ser 2.9!) Corporate Tr Ac Ser Mod 3.B7 Dividend Sh 2.15 2.30 tarylancl Fund 10.(T4 ll.G" V.itionwidc Sec . . ' . . . . 4.9.T s.frt N a t i o n w i d e Sec Vtc 2.32 2.48 'or Amer Tr Sh 2.94 .or Amer Tr Sh 1935 3.EK luartcrly Inc Sh 19.3R 2 1 . 2 3 "elected Am Sh Tnc H7.28 17.53 uper Corp Am Tr A .. 4.52 ... r S F.I L P A ..19.50 2 0 0 0 I S El L i; P B 3.10 :!.20 r S El L P Vic 1.15 1,23 Sit Down Strike in Shamrock Factory BELFAST, (/P)--There may not e enough shamrocks to go round for the St. Patrick's day avade down New York's Fifth venue. Firty girls started a sit o\yn strike Friday in a factory 'hicli makes shamrocks for the fnited States. They demanded igher pay. CHAPTER 37. Joel's company was on location in Death Valley for nearly thre weeks. As soon as Janet and Joel were alone on his return she said, "Darling, I have something to tell you and you are not to get angry." Joel ruffled her hair, hugged her shamelessly before the waitress and grinned. "My Scotel bride has overdrawn her allowance at last! Never mind, honey as long as you look as pretty as you do in that green thingamam- bob"--the green thingamabob was a slinky, silky negligee--"I don't mind." "No, it's not money, dear," Janet protested. "It's a man." Joel's arm tightened. So did his mouth. "You see how unreasonable you are?" she said lightly. "You haven't heard about it yet and you are angry already." "Well, let's hear about it." "It's nothing serious at all. Only, to quote you, I'd rather you heard about it from me instead of from someone else. Remember when you said that to me'.'" That was the only time that Janet was ever to remind him that she had done her part. "Go on, go on," he said impatiently and Janet wished that she had said nothing. "It's only that while you were away I've been playing a lot of tennis, gone lo some parties with our crowd and seen some movies. Since I was an extra girl and most of the parties were given by Caroline, I've been escorted by Russell." "Russell?" "Of course," she answered impatiently. "Russell Bede, Caroline's brother. You met him . the night . . . the night o£ herbig parly." "Oh," he said atler a minute, "1 remember him. Your beau." The way he said it made her [eel relieved. Joel had forgollen he was angry that night. She laughed. "My beau indeed! Did you forget that jeau?" you're my My, how the world improves! Tour thousand years ago, men vho butchered one another eould- 'l read or write.--Cedar Rapids Gazette. NEW YORK P R O D U C E ( F r i d a y M a r k e t ) NEW Y O R K . (/I'j--Ecgs 11.093, trrcR-.l- ar: mixed colors, standards (less t h a n arlotsl 24'.irr ( 24»ic; (carlots) 25c; firsts J«23!ie; mediums 22'.ia223,ic; other uxed. colors uncbantfcd. B u t t e r 7,041. firmer; crmmcry hichpr lan extra asfl.isuc: ex. - (92 scored 4^c; firsts (88-91 scores "l'bSi34,'3C- - ccondj (84-87 scores) _ _ , . . ._, ,,,,,_ rnllzcd (30 score) 34c. Cheese 02,088, firm and tine. nged Live poultry by freight firm; chickens cgborns lac; fowls colored 2Ic; Leghorn Sc; turkeys 18®26c; other freight prices nchangcd. PRODUCE FUTUHE3 (Friday Market) CHICAGO, Wj-- Butter futures closed: torage standards, March 31'Ac; Nov. EBB futures: storage packed firsts. larch 23!4c; refrigerator standards Oct. S^ac. Potato futures: Idaho Russets March ,,, "" " ' A $3.35; April If it's a profession, you practice . It it's a mere trade, you do your radioing while you're an ap- rcntice.--Lincoln Star. DEAIS HOAH = NOW THAT HIGH WAISTE.D TISQUSE-RS fttEi STYUE1, W1M- THEY EA1SE THE. BECT IN BOX I MS? P»T o-SElAM ·MINNEAPOLIS,, MINN. OEAE NOAH=1F THE. PANAMft LOCKS WOULO CLOSE. Uf THE OOLDEK SATES, WOU1-D THE · FLORIDA KEYS COME. TO THE: SESCUE.? f f P | P | P | P | | | P ^ "Not for a minute," he said and .nought of the nights lie had ool-ed at the stars with the slumberous-eyed Nina. He looked a trifle guiltily into he shining eyes of his wife and lad the grace to feel himself a ool. A lucky one lo have Janet for his own! Joel did not find vords easy. He had never been able lo say the things to Janet that ^e felt. He would have been em- larrassed to tell her that he not inly loved her but admired her as an individual. And , that he frequently had his moments when he vondered why she loved him or vhat he had ever deserved to have he one girl in the world for his vife. He tried to do it in another way. iis first thought was for her when he had money. His greatest pleas- Ji-e was to buy her luxurious gifts vhich he always felt were yet not nough, There was no question in is mind about being faithful to er. He was married to her--lie ad never wanted to be married-- nd she knew that. It was true lat he found other women at- ractive, that he fed upon their lattery and that he had no inten- ions of foregoing it. But it never ccurred to him that he might ause Janet any pain or that she night not be able to read his mind. Manlike, he gave no thought to le evenlual oulcome oJf their narriage. They were married and hat was that. They were happy, oved each other, lived without vorries and in harmony. They vere companions. They accepted ach other. He didn't know that vomen do not lake those things or granted and Janet didn't know hat he'did. If she had tried lo talk to him bout their tomorrows, he would ave laughed them off, been sur- rised and probably hurt by any lought she might have had thai le ties between them were not Irong enough. He bav- icrs against the future and nil angers in the present. His momentary anger had not een jealousy of a romantic nature le night that he had come upon anet and Russell Bede on the ter- ace. He had been angry because e had heard Russell Bede say. This will be a secret between us"" t didn't occur lo him for a mo- nent that it was anything but an nnocent secret. Yet he hadn't liked anet to give even that much of erself. And then he had forgollen all about the incident. Forgetting was easy to Joel. He had forgotten that Janet had been upset about Carol Griest and that red-headed girl. It didn't seem possible to him, or wouldn't if he had known that Janet was jealous oE Nina. All o£ Janet's talk on another occasion about jealousy, he had accepted as something she had heard about enced. His baby! "So what does all this confession lead up to?" he asked affeclion- ately. "Am I to be the irale husband and go out and beat up Ihe fellow?" "Oh, Joel, you're so cule! The whole thing is forgotten now but I wanted you to know about it because things get so distorted in telling out here. Someone is sure to tell you that your wife has been shamelessly flaunting a new man while you were away. As a matter of fact," she went on boldly, "I've been having a lovely time. No afternoon bridge sessions, no gab-fests with a lot of girls who never have anything new to say anyway. It's all been nice and healthy and ouldoorish and if you don't mind I'd ralher like to conlinue for Ihe next three days." "Why only the next three days?" Joel answered generously. "Russell is reluming east Sat- urday and we've some things planned. We're going fishing on. Hal's boat Friday. Do you think you can come?" "Not a chance," he said regretfully. "We're way behind shooting schedule now and we'll be working late for the rest of the week but we'll have a trip to Mexico as soon as we wind up." "Sure you don't mind if I go?" "I'm sure I don't," he answered readily. Janet was sincerely disappointed that Joel couldn't go on, the fishing party. She was correct m feeling that she needed hig moral support. The parly was given Ihe last day before Russell Bede's departure and Janet had. nn uncanny feeling that Russell was going lo break his silence. She didn't expect him to do it quite so abruplly or as surprisingly as he did. Hal Schirmer's boat was not (1 fishing smack. It was a sleek, white yacht, luxuriously appointed on ils spacious decks and its lounges and staterooms. It was big enough to make for) privacy for those who wanted it. There were 12 i n the parly and Janet clung lo the groups, avoiding Russell Bede without seeming to do so. He had been strangely quiet on the drive to the harbor- and more lhan once she saw him. looking at her in a queer, sleacly way that was disconcerting. Instinctively, she knew that he was going lo say something important lo her and she knew she was not prepared for it. He didn't speak, other than to Ipm the general conversation, until they were steaming back to port. Janet had been sitting with Hal and his wife. Russell joined them and Janet was left alone with him when Gertrude Schirmer followed ler husband forward to speak to the captain. "Janet," Russell said without preamble, "will you marry me?" "Russell! I am married!" "I know that, certainly. I'll ask you again: Will you marry me?" (To Be Continued) Real Estate Transfers and never experi- little Janet was really a Prudenlial Insurance Co., to Clyde Enfield and Anna Mary En- ield 514,000 NW»/ 4 35-96-21, 25-37. Lockwood, S. E., to Home Own- rs Loan Corp., ?1. L, 7 in sub oC IW'ASW'/, 18-96-21. 2-19-37. Bankers Life company to Carl . Holvik and May Holvik ( w f ) 22,400. S'/2 14-90-20. 1-26-37. McFarlane, William, Jr., et al to 1. W. Millinglon, ?1. W 1-3 o£ .ols 9 and 10, B'3, H. A. Dyer's Add to MC. 2-15-37. Tarr, Fred A. and wife to Harry R. Anderson and Mabel E. Anderson, SI. Lots 7 and 8 in B 10 in Oakwood Park. 2-24-37. Webb, H. P. and wife to Joseph A. Lemker, SI.00, L 7 B 8 H. E. Franclsco.'s Second Add to M. C 2-10-37. Wilhile, Blanche K., as Executrix of Estate of Walter G. Wilhile, dec'd. to Calvin Pippert, S13,- 200.00, same as above. 2-26-37. M. C. Loan and Securities Co. lo W. D. Kinney and Ida L. Kinney as joint tenants, $3,150, All that part of NW'/i 11-97-21 which, lies S and W of railroad r-w except L, 7 B 3 and L 11 B 4 and Lots 10 and 1G in B 8. 2-23-37. Eilers, Anna B. Smith and husband to Margaret Cahalan SI,500.00 L 3 and 4 in B 14, original town of Rockwell. 2-16-37. Bagley-Becfc Company to City of Clear Lake, $1.00. QCD. part oC B 28, Clear Lake Camp Meeting Assn. Grounds in City of Clear Lake, and part of Ihe former loop track right-of-way of Mason City and Clear Lake Railroad company, which encloses B 28. 12-30-36. Wilhite, Blanche K. to Calvin Pippevt, $1.00. E'/i SW'A and the SW'/i SE'/i, all in 6-96-13. 2-2X- 37. Potter, LoUa, to H. B. Fairer, $1, L 10 B 10 in Dodge's Point Park. 9-30-36. Larson, Christine M., to Emma L. Schepp, SI. S 7P ft of L 12 B 4, College Add to Mason City. 227-37. ' Christiansen, Fred and wife to Ervin F. Rosendahl and Alma Rosendahl, 516,000. NE'/t of 3296-22, 3-1-37. Ridgeway, Joy, county treasurer, ' lo First Nail. Bank of Mason City, SS.32. L 1 B 3, Colloton's Add to MC. 7-22-31. Ridgeway, Joy, county treasurer, to First National Bank of Masoa City, $H.G2, L 2 B 1, Colloton'i Add to MC. 7-22-31. Phalen, Tim R., sheriff, to Eva F. Kime, $2,396.18, L 1 in Sewell Simenson's sub of 33.9 acres in SW part of L 4 in NE%NW'A 1896-21. 2-25-37. Weston, Alfred M. and wife, to William Amendl, §1. N 20 acres of NE'/ 4 NW',i 25-9S-22. 3-2-37. Hyde, Doris and James, to Ventura State Bank 51. L 2 B 1 Nelson's "First Add to Ventura. 12, 29-36. Knop, Herman and wife, to ,T. Ray Smilh, $1,000. S % o£ NW J A' of Sec. 30 and the NEViSW'/iNW of Sec. 30, all in 96-22. 9-11-3G. Gets 10 Year Term. FORT MADISON, (ff)--Robert Schuctte, 20, West Point, Iowa, was sentenced to 10 years at Anam o s a reformatory. Schuette pleaded guilty to a charge ofl breaking and entering. WANTED HIDES and FURS Carl Stein 111 6rhS. W. Phone 470 (

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